Spoiler 이 3세는 악역입니다-This 3 Year Old Is A Villainess

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    I knew it.

    Thank you:blobicecreamlove:
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    This story is getting weirder and weirder with every passing episode.:rolleyes::cautious:
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    I think the story become more complicated, but it's getting more interesting :blobmelt:
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    woah it's getting more complicated now, and what is that pattern her mother gave her. What is her mother real identity :sweating_profusely:

    It's getting more and more similar to TBRAD, especially with all the conspiracy and betray blobmelt_thumbsblobmelt_thumbs. I hope her mother will come back to life. It would be great to see her interaction with the family :bloblove::bloblove:
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    Thank you for the update!!!
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    Thank you so muchh!!!:aww:

    As I thought the wizard case won't end that fast!!!!
    But woah! Uncle Grimmie's blessing 'too power up others blessing up to 2 stage' is too OP! And he's so sus.... :blobscream::blobcat_rawr:
    But it definitely explained how Dahlia could perform her blessings normally (like its stated if the blessings are human made just like Ereka's, then the power wouldn't be as great as the original one).:blobthinkingsmirk::blobsleepless:
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    I was thinking the same thing. After all, Dahlia's body doesn't actually have the blessing:hmm:
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    I will MTL ch 145 later, it's Friday. So I can get a little break ehehe :blobowoevil_horns:
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    Okayy.. I'll mtl 146 hehhe
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    Ch 145

    The person Ayla is talking about.

    I need to know who that person is.

    'It's not Hernan.’

    Hernan has already lost the right to become a successor.

    He may not be able to survive in prison.

    Above all else, Hernan got annoyed by the words of his young nephew, and tried to curse his nephew in public.

    Such a person would not have been able to hold Ayla to that point.

    'There is someone above Hernan’

    I heard all kinds of screams from the hallway where Isla was running.

    "Mo, monster!"

    "Shut up, guard! Guard, here!“

    I hurriedly shouted.

    ”Don’t touch Ayla ! I'll tell you later!"

    "Yes? Is that Miss Ayla?“

    While the soldiers hesitated, Ayla was getting farther and farther away.

    She had thorns all over her body, she had a tail, and was jumping on all fours.

    She runs as fast as an animal.

    'Did this happen as an experiment? What the hell?'

    If Ayla was blocked by the barrier when she tried to leave the castle, she would be completely destroyed.

    If Astra's barrier is forcibly broken, it will burn and kill the attacker.

    'I can't let Ayla die.'

    I still need to ask a lot of thing…..!

    I hurriedly rummaged through my pockets and took the communication tool.

    It was to contact the Ygritz military in the castle


    I stopped and touched my collarbone.

    This is it.

    It always comes before the heroines pass out.

    What I experienced when the curse was lifted when I was three years old... !


    Han Ji-hyeok paused, stunned, and Alexis looked at me hastily.

    I quickly waved my hand.


    "How can I leave you……!"

    “-- sounds like...nonsense "


    Han Ji-hyuk flinched in embarrassment.

    ”I….Ugh, know everything that happened."

    "What do you mean?"

    "The main character collapses….. and opens the eyes a few days later….while all the enemies run away…The main character sees the past…. and everything turns black.“

    As I recite the contents of the novel, Han Ji-hyuk’s eyes become cloudy.

    ”Even if you have the point.”

    "Hurry up!! Catch that…. and find out everything"


    "I…will pass out now."

    I’ll be right back.

    As she spoke, Han Ji-hyuk's expression turned into a bewildered expression.

    But soon, "Mr...." he gritted his teeth and told Alexis.

    “Catch it!"

    “.... Damn it.“

    Alexis ran towards Ayla, who had become a monster.

    When I collapsed, everything then went black.


    How long has it been.

    My consciousness returned, but I did not open my eyes.

    'Oh, this feels so familiar.'

    When I open my eyes, another woman I don't know appears and I have a strong feeling that she will say something beautiful like, 'I've been waiting for you'.

    'When I open my eyes, the spirit world event will start, so before that, I have to organize the question I want to ask in my head……'

    It was when I was thinking like that.

    I felt someone tap me.

    [Stand up.]

    'Once I ask who you are, and I'm going to say something important, I will tell you not to rush it before the mental world event is over…’

    [Get up when I still say it nicely.]

    'The identity of that person, then the pattern of my mother, and again…..

    [Stand up !!]

    Sensitive anyway.

    I slowly opened my eyes.

    The woman I saw when I was three, when I lost consciousness, was looking at me with pitiful eyes.

    [It’s my first time seeing a spirit (soul) like you.]

    "Are you alive? Oh, this is not a question. If you only answer three questions, please leave this one out."


    The woman grabbed her waist and lowered her head, and then sighed deeply.

    "Wait. Because I'm picking some important questions right now – "

    [Stop it! I'm going to tell you if you don't ask!]

    I looked at the woman with a questionable expression on my face.

    Then she shook her head and muttered.

    [Oh my God. Why did I become her guardian…..]

    "The Guardian? Isn’t this constellation?!"

    Why, isn't it common in fantasy novels?

    Constellation ! → (I don’t know the english, but I tried to search it and it’s kind of genre, where transcendent beings select and support humans on earth . At this time, the transcendents express their intentions directly or indirectly through the system including the status window.)

    The woman frowned.

    [Now did you realize that, too. This world is not a novel, but a place where you turned your first life back to the past.]

    “Was my previous life a child of fate who was particularly loved by people?”

    It is difficult.

    Isn't that plagiarism of 'The Baby Raises the Devil'! → One of my fav novel ehehehe

    The woman looked at me with a look of what it was all about.

    Then she grabbed her forehead as if she had a headache.


    She seemed to be holding on to speak one word at a time, so I took a sneak peek.

    "Then that's…."

    [Where do you think protection came from?]


    I….. never thought of that.

    The woman said [Get up].

    Until then, she had been sitting on the floor, and as soon as she spoke, her body floated.

    I tapped and put my feet on the ground, and the woman started walking.

    [Let's go for a walk.]


    I started walking after the woman, and the scenery around me changed.

    Light seeped into the dark space, and flowers and grass began to sprout around it.

    Before long, the place was completely transformed into a field on a spring day.

    Renaissance-style temples began to appear everywhere.

    [In the beginning, God created human beings.]

    'Well, is it a myth? Everyone said that.'


    "Thinking is unavoidable….. It's something that comes to mind unconsciously."

    'Don't read my mind.'

    The woman glanced at me and then took a deep breath.

    [God loved them so much that He bestowed His powers for them.]

    [He didn't make life finite so that they could live an infinite life–]

    'You could live indefinitely, regardless of age.'

    [He gave them vegetation, fire and wisdom, and gave them 'blessings' to rule over all living things.]


    [Blessings that divided the earth, blessings that sprouted, and blessings that made rain, each person was a different blessing]

    It is the same as the 'protection' possessed by the nobles.

    [However, arrogant human beings start questioning as the years pass by, which may be thousands or even tens of thousands of years.]

    “A question?"

    [How come we, who have the same power as God, is not categorized as God]


    [So they started to create life. With a gift from God and the power of technology they have developed over the course of tens of thousands of years.]

    "No way….."

    The woman chuckled.

    [You’re a smart kid anyway.]

    "Tell me."

    [Yeah. Those who created life are what you call the 'Ancients'. And the life artificially created by the ancients is the present 'man'.]


    The woman started explaining again.

    [The arrogance of the ancients has gone beyond the limit.]


    [Humans were treated like slaves. Among them, they share their preferences to a particularly smart ones.]


    [In your world, it was called a steward.]

    I understand, then humans today do not have the same strength as the ancients.

    [Because they created life, the ancients casually killed and persecuted those that they create.]


    [They killed their children in front of their parents and in front of their siblings and drank the blood of those that they killed.]


    [God was greatly angry. And what happened then was a 'storm'.]

    I took a deep breath.

    The 'storm' that is said to have destroyed all of the ancient cities of the world.

    'Why did they perish in the storm, they have technology and knowledge superior to modern humans'

    As soon as the woman finished her words a storm raged around them.
    Incredibly strong winds.

    A storm that really reminds me of the wrath of God.

    However, the strange thing was that I and the woman were not affected as if it was a holographic image.

    The woman gazed at the storm with indifferent eyes and spoke.

    [God gave the land of rest to those who were created before the storm.]

    "Land of rest...?"

    [It is the beginning where they can start to live as a life, and not as a created human being.]


    [100 days of terrible storms swept the world. The ancients repented and begged God, but… The rage of God never stopped.]


    [After 100 days of destroying the civilization of the ancients, when the sun finally rose, the 'created world of man' had arrived.]

    The storm subsided.

    The dark clouds that had covered the sky were lifted.

    Then, the skinny ones who had been crouching under the huge World Tree raised their heads. [Humans began to live a life without persecution.]


    [Those who shared wisdom and blessings with the ancients were wise. Also, a temple was built so as not to be swept away by the storm again.]


    [That is the beginning of the dynasty that you know.]


    [Those who received wisdom and blessings protected the humans around them in the name of 'nobles', and God is satisfied.]


    [.....Until you become corrupt.]

    The woman pressed the center of my collarbone.

    [You are corrupt just like the ancients. They differentiate themselves in life and take away form those who are inferior to them, and commit murder and robbery.]

    “....Will the storm begin soon?"

    The woman grinned.

    [You're smart, kid.]

    "But what does that have to do with me?"

    What I want to know is why ‘that person’' cursed me.

    "It's a bit weird to say this to a Guardian, but I'm not interested in the destruction of the whole world.“


    ”Because living is the most important thing for me.”


    "All I want to know is why I was cursed right after I was born. Who's after me, and what I must do to survive!"

    The woman chuckled.

    [You’re an honest spirit.]

    "It's important to be able to protect my reality rather than saying dream like protecting the world."
    I don't need a calling from God.

    Am I Kid X Man, Sat X?

    It's not that I struggled until now because I want to be a hero!

    [Well then, I will ask you again. What happened to the ancients?]

    "Aren't they all dead?"

    [They lead infinite lives. Even Though the body disappeared, the soul did not.]


    [Yes, God gave the ancient people who were reflecting on their mistakes, and gave that 'calling' you speak of.]

    My eyes become lit up in an instant.

    [You must protect those you’ve created.]

    “Are the ancients protecting humans as a guardian ?”

    [Really, you are a smart child.]

    The scenery around us began to change again.

    You can see the light of the soul moving next to the human.

    It seems that the light of that soul is an ancient person who protects humans.

    [Even the ancients have different strengths, so the weak can't protect themselves from the strong, right?]

    "Then….. who are you?"

    My guardian means the ancient who protect me.

    'Are you a strong person?'

    The woman's mouth drew a friendly line.



    The woman began to dazzle.

    I covered my eyes with my arm from the sharp light.

    And after a while, the light faded, and when I lowered my arm slowly, what I saw was,


    – A pretty boy with dazzling silver hair hanging down to his waist.

    I think the age is around early 20s

    Close to 190 centimeters tall.

    Brilliant, sharp eyes.

    A blunt nose.

    And sharp jawline like a knife.

    He was truly a beautiful man as if he had been made by God himself.

    "Finally I’m meeting you, Erylliot."

    Now the voice doesn't come directly into my head.

    I opened my eyes wide. And without realizing it, I pointed at the man.

    "A man?! Oh, I'm sorry."

    Pointing is rude.

    I grabbed my finger with my other hand and pulled it down, then the man grinned.

    "Anyway, it’s fun. You've been funny since you were born."

    “.....Have you been with me since I was born?"

    Then why didn't you help me when I was cursed!

    'You said you’re a guardian!

    When I frowned, the man shrugged.

    "A guardian can't engage directly with humans.“

    Then we start walking again.

    I asked him what was really important.

    ”So who are you uncle? Are you an ancient person with power?"

    "Ah… Mr... ?“

    He stopped walking and looked at me with fearful eyes. → (lmao maybe he is too young to be called like that)

    It's a face that seems to have received a huge shock, but it was really scary because a strange energy came out of his body.

    The man corrected it.

    "Call me Seylon."

    “....Yes, Sir Seylon. That’s how I call you…..Yes?! You’re called Seylon?!"

    I opened my mouth in amazement.

    I have been reading ancient history books since I was three years old.

    I've been doing it for a few hours every day.
    That’s why I know that name.
    Priests of the ancient people.
    In other words, Seylon has the same role as the Emperor……!!

    Seylon shrugged.

    "You know my name. Yeah, I'm better than any other ancient man."

    His arrogant expression looked like a real corrupt king.

    Let's think like that.

    Seylon put on a terrifying expression again.

    "I'm just handsome. Got it?"

    Seuk, he looked away.

    I grew up watching my dad and Alexis, so I got bored with being good-looking.

    So, rather than looking good, maybe he just looked corrupt...

    “You look good.”


    I turned around, startled.

    “Hey, so why did ‘this man’ cursed me?”
    Sorry because I'm late, I overslept ehehe. And this chapter is nightmare it has a lot new word and also related to history which make it even harder :blobxd:
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    Seylon stared at me and said in a serious tone.
    “Did you say Guardianship is governed by the divine causality rule. You cannot directly engage with humans.”


    I narrowed my brow.

    ‘When you look at it that way, trusts are vague.’

    Since there was no direct involvement, they seemed to be giving out words like ‘Let there be light in the west’.

    They give hints, but the only way to tell for sure is because they are directly involved.


    ‘If that’s the case, why did you talk about the ancients and the present humans?’

    As he grumbled, Seylon grinned.

    “Yeah, why could you?” strange tone.
    And smiling roundly and roundly, I stared at Seylon.

    “Even if you tell me, it doesn’t affect others… …?”

    “Is that so?”

    “Some of you already know! There are people controlling the information that humans were created by the ancients!”

    “You are smart.”

    Saleon is constantly giving me hints.

    If so, it must have given me a hint as to why 'that person' cursed me right after I was born.

    The Pope.

    That there is a difference in power between the guardians. I muttered blankly.

    “…‘That person’ was afraid of Ceylon-sama.”

    I said hot, inhaling.

    “Because you can recognize my guardian castle, 'he' cursed me because were afraid of Seylon!”

    Ceylon placed her hand lightly on top of my head.

    ‘That’s right.’

    “Hey. If you violate the causality rule set by God, you will be severely punished.”


    “So I also had to focus on recovery for quite some time.”

    “… … Was it Seylon who brought me back?”

    "He's a really smart kid."

    ‘That’s why it was difficult to meet Ceylon even after I returned.’

    Because I had to recover.

    “Is that why you were in the shape of a woman?”

    "That's not right."

    ‘Is this a hobby?’

    I looked at Ceylon with a curious expression and then nodded his head.

    ‘Well, everyone has different tastes. I understand.'

    Then, Seylon's face turned harsh.

    "hobby… you really....”

    “I understand everything.”

    “This is really… … . What the heck, God gave me a guy called you.”

    Tug, he pinched my cheek.

    When he shouted, he answered in a gloomy voice.

    “In this space, I see the other person as the person I can feel most at ease with. So it is your will that you see me as a woman!”

    "AHA. Then my grandmother appeared in my dream and told me what to watch out for... … .”

    “Yeah, I met Suho-seong in this space. He must have had a pretty strong guardian spirit.”

    I nodded.
    ‘By the way, are you the person I can be most reassured of?’
    He's not a father, not a brother, but she's the first woman you see?
    ‘Why is it that I am the most reassuring person? no way… … !’
    “Is that what my mother looked like?”
    Ceylon knelt in front of me and made eye contact with me.
    “Hey. In the future, I will have to go through another recovery.”
    "I'll probably have to recover for quite some time because of what's going to happen."
    “Are you going to break the causal rule again?”
    People often do not meet the guardian castle.
    Judging from that, even meeting with Suho-seong would be a violation of causality.
    ‘But what more are you going to break?’
    Saleon smiled brightly.
    Immediately after that, the space began to shatter significantly.
    Ceylon glanced around and then turned his head back to me.
    His eyes shone bright red.
    An expression of unusual prestige.
    I stiffened his body, startled by the fearful expression on his face that the hairs all over his body stood up.
    “I can’t protect you for a while, so you have to protect yourself.”
    His figure gradually became transparent, and eventually became petals and fluttered.
    After he disappeared, his voice resounded in the space where the flower trees were in full bloom.
    [You are my first and last child. Your existence is more important than anything else.]
    It was Saleon's voice.
    It was the moment his words were finished.
    Break up!
    There was the sound of something breaking inside me.
    Not long after that, the terrible chains around me appeared.
    The chain was broken everywhere, and I could feel it as soon as I saw it.
    ‘It’s a curse!’
    The curse that I was given right after I was born has appeared in the form.
    ‘The curse didn’t completely go away when I was three years old.’
    That's why I couldn't see the face of the person who cursed me and my mother!
    'Ceylon removed my curse.'
    It was a reminder in advance that this would violate the causal rule.
    The chains soon turned to dust and began to scatter.
    Immediately, my eyes clouded and I felt my body floating.
    and blackout again.
    … … I have yet another glimpse of the memories of my first life.
    * * *
    Looking around, he saw Astra's tapestry.
    And hydrangea patterned curtains.
    ‘The hydrangea pattern curtain changed when I was 3 years old.’
    Then again, this seems to be the memory of the first life.
    I cautiously stepped forward.
    After all, people walked past me, probably because they couldn't see me.
    “Hurry up. Has the doctor from Perco Village arrived?”
    “Yes, I have brought you here in secret, as you commanded.”
    Walking along the servant was a man in a very old hoodie.
    The man entered the room and slowly took off his hood.
    At that moment, the door swung open and his grandfather and Viscount Debussy entered.
    “Come here, Philip.”
    “It’s not even a war, but why did you need this old man’s strength?”
    Grandpa called the old man in the old hood Philip.
    Philippe smiled mischievously.
    Then the Viscount Debussy, who had followed his grandfather, sighed.
    “Help me without saying anything. There’s something about being good friends.”
    “Does it seem plausible that a relationship that has been around for decades is called ‘comrades’?”
    “Anyway, there is still no fear. get inside There are patients.”
    “For what reason did you even call me… … .”
    “The Duke’s granddaughter was born. However, her mother's protection caused an abnormality, and the poison around her was enormous. You can't even come close."
    “… … .”
    “If we leave it like this, both the mother and the duke’s granddaughter will die.”
    “Ah, so that’s what I needed as the chief healer of the Imperial Palace.”
    Outside the door that Viscount Debussy was pointing at, there was a huge divine barrier.
    The faces of the wizards who put a barrier on whether it was difficult to maintain were pure blue.
    Philip was bitten by the wizards and went inside.
    ‘Ah, I’ll have to chase after him too!’
    I quickly followed Philip and went inside.
    “Oh my gosh, that’s a more powerful poison than I thought.”
    A black mist filled the room.
    Philip, twitching his tongue, went closer to the bed.
    "Do not come!"
    A sharp voice resounded through the room.
    A woman who was holding a baby wrapped in her blanket shrieked her.
    Philip said, “Come on, come on.” and raised his hand lightly.
    “Really. I don't mean to hurt the child."
    The woman groaned and shook her neck.
    ‘Is it hand-drawn?’
    It turned out that there was hair growing on her arm that was holding her blanket.
    'no. Something for hand prints... … The magic wave is strange.’
    It was like Isla.
    ‘I feel like I became a monster regardless of my will.’
    In addition, the poison is so great that the child's face and the woman's face are not visible at all.
    "go away. I can't give my child!”
    “Are you going to kill me if I do that?”
    “… … !”
    “It’s a poison you made, so you might be able to withstand it. But not a child.”
    “… … .”
    “If left alone, the child will surely die.”
    The woman hugged her blanket tightly without saying a word.
    “Newborns are sensitive. I am easily assimilated into the feelings of others.”
    “… … .”
    “But he never cried. Isn't it supposed to comfort your mother?"
    “… … .”
    “Are you going to let such a good child go in vain?”
    The woman looked down at her blanket and stroked her baby with her trembling hands.
    Then she slowly offered the child to Philip.
    “The child… … Please save her.”
    Philip took the child and shook it lightly.
    “Right, right. You have withstood this poison wonderfully. Yes, her hair and eyes are exactly like the duke when he was young.”
    “… … .”
    "ruler… … .”
    Philippo tapped the child's forehead with his fingertips.
    A light emanated from his forehead, and a mysterious pattern appeared.
    As soon as she did, her child's breathing eased.
    She exhaled her breath before, as if it were about to break, shuddering.
    ‘You are indeed the chief healer of the Imperial Palace.’
    “Then you too—”
    When Philip looked at the woman, she shook her head.
    “I am done.”
    “Look at the child.”
    “… … .”
    Philip sighed and turned his back.

    “Were you protecting her mother and daughter? She must have suffered.”
    “Would this be difficult for her nephew?”
    Philipbo said with a smile.
    “The first priority is to keep the child away from the mother.”
    “I will look after the mother, so give the Duke her granddaughter.”
    “I will.”
    It was when the man holding the child grabbed the doorknob.
    “The child’s name is—!”
    The woman hurriedly shouted.
    She said earnestly as the woman gasped for her breath, and she gave strength one word at a time.
    “The only thing a mother can give is a name, so please let me give her the name of the child.”
    The woman muttered as she covered her eyes with one of her hands.
    “… … .”
    “Tell me this child’s name is Erilot. Tell your mother that you are sorry, that you are very sorry.”
    ‘It’s me.’
    it was me
    This was the day I was born.
    Leaving behind the crying woman, the man walked.
    And let's put her hand on her child's shoulder... … .
    A chain-like pattern unfolds from the part she touched.
    And the man's lips twisted.
    I stared blankly into the air until the man passed by and left the door.
    Behind me, I hear a man and grandfather having a conversation.
    “The mother gave the child a name.”
    “… … .”
    “Erilot. It is the child’s name.”
    Then her grandfather sighed deeply and said,
    "Well done. … … Grimmy.”
    ─ do.
    I laughed out loud.
    She collapsed as soon as she had a child.
    So looking at my mom.
    Watching Philip run to her mother.
    Even the moment she closes her eyes, looking at her mother looking endlessly at the places where I, who was her infant, have passed.
    ‘It was Grimmie.’
    The starting point of all my misery.
    That terrible liar has deceived my life and my father.
    My eyes began to blur again.
    ‘Sailon wanted to inform my enemies.’
    Also, how much her mother loved me.
    * * *
    and how much time has passed
    Even after I regained consciousness, I did not open my eyes.
    It wasn't like he was tidying up his hair like he did when he was in Saleon.
    Because it was so clear that my head was cold.
    “… … go?”
    A voice came from the side.
    Slowly opening their eyes, the maids of Daymond's jurisdiction embraced each other and shouted.
    “Wake up!”
    “You woke up… … !”
    Heidi and Betty grabbed me and wept.
    "Are you okay?"
    “… … How long have I been down?”
    The last time I met Ceylon, I had been asleep for several months.
    ‘Perhaps the cost of breaking the law of causality was crazy for me too.’
    So it's not painful, but it's clear that he hasn't been awake for so long.
    Heidi said, wiping my forehead with a wet towel.
    “It’s a month.”
    ‘It’s not even half a year though.’
    Should I be thankful that I wasn't asleep on a yearly basis?
    Suho Sung violated the law of causality, and it is thankful that it happened within a month.
    I got up slowly from my seat.
    It felt like his whole body was screaming and screaming.
    “You can’t get up right away!”
    ‘Other places are fine.’
    It wasn't that he collapsed because of pain, it was just that he couldn't keep his eyes open because of causality.
    Still, since I haven't moved for a month, my muscles must have been in a commotion.
    ‘But there are things I need to check.’
    How much has that child deceived others with a kind face until now?
    I was going to kill him because of Ceylon, but I don't know why he even killed my father.
    ‘The curse my father received was a wave similar to mine.’
    It must have been Grimmie's.
    I forcefully reached out to Heidi and Betty.
    “Will you help me?”
    My head is ringing, but that doesn't mean I can't lie down.
    "Yes? Stay until the master returns. You'll be here soon... … !”
    “I want to go to the castle.”
    have to see
    Grimmy, that motherfucker.
    Oh My! This chapter will answer our curiosity about "that man" :blobamused:

    Note: the mtls might a bit weird, but the content is still understandable:blobtired:
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    finally the true face of that uncle is revealed :blobunamused::blobunamused:He is to sus and quiet anyway :blob_thor:. I hope it won't finish soon... I still 14 coupons to use for this story :facepalm:
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    Finally my confusion is solved.:cookie: Although some said Erilot went back to the past because of her blessing it didn't made sense to me no matter how many times I re-read that chapter as it was never specifically mentioned her blessing was the cause. But now it makes sense.

    Also, damn Grimmie :blobangery: I had a tiny little bit hope he could be good. Well, hope dashed. :blobpensive:
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    He was too sus even before he was spotted in th dungeons, too quiet and too out of the picture for someone who is the father of ogFL. He is someone Erillot is wary of but he's not mentioned often enough.
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    so its really him. that why i have a trust issue
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    I won’t be surprised if the twin’s father is alive
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    maybe MC mother too :blobsmirk:
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    But there was a commotion outside the door.

    Thump, Thump, Thump!

    I thought I could hear the urgent footsteps, then bang! A harsh knock followed.

    “I heard there is a lot of noise, did she wake up?”

    ‘It’s Han Ji-hyuk’s voice.’

    Heidi and Betty looked at me.

    I nodded and they opened the door.

    Han Ji-hyeok, who entered the door, looked at me and stopped.

    Then he took a deep breath and grabbed his forehead.

    Seeing that his hands were trembling, it seemed that he was very worried about me, not like that scoundrel.

    I chuckled and said.

    "it's okay."

    “You was asleep for a month, what are you talk–?”

    “Because it’s really good. It’s incredibly fine.”

    I tried to speak confidently and get up... … .

    He sat down on the rug like a newborn chick.

    “… … .”

    “… … .”

    “Are you okay?”

    “… … Can you help me?”

    There is no pain, but it seems that all the muscles are gone.

    ‘I was lying in bed for a month.’

    Come to think of it, I'm glad I didn't have bedsores.

    ‘At times like this, I’m really lucky to be a young lady from the family of authority.’

    How special were the servants?

    Rolling it here and there to prevent crumbling and massage diligently.

    So, I could have moved this much.

    Heidi and Betty said weeping.

    “Look, miss. You need rehabilitation.”

    "Yes! How are you going to go to the castle with a body like this?”
    Han Ji-hyuk frowned at those words.

    “Absolutely a bunch. It must be difficult for you to sit in the carriage, huh?”

    After saying that, Jihyuk Han hugged me and laid me back on the bed.

    Then he turned to his maids and said,

    "I'll take care of her, so you two let them know that she's awake. He also sends telegrams to the master and master.”



    Heidi and Betty walked out with a look of good luck.


    As soon as I hear the door close... … .

    “This idiot—!!”

    Han Ji-hyuk's nagging bombardment began.

    “With what spirit did you go to see Ayla alone! uh?"

    “No, I had monsters… … I didn't know that Ayla would have extracted the blessing... … In addition… … .”

    “As a result, I don't know what you'd be like if Alexis and I had gone! But are you still making excuses by living your mouth?!”

    “I think I wasn’t careful either… … .”

    There will come a day when I have nothing to say to Han Ji-hyuk's nagging.

    it's a disgrace

    But he certainly wasn't careful.

    ‘You must have underestimated the power of the enemy.’

    I was negligent because everything went the way I thought it before.

    ‘Let’s think of it as a good experience.’

    In this life I have not experienced failure.

    It was thanks to the knowledge I had gained in my past life.

    'But now things have definitely changed from the first life.'

    He pointed out the fact that more thorough preparation was necessary.

    “I am reflecting.”

    “It’s the Duchy, it’s Daymond’s jurisdiction, and it’s all overturned even to the zodiac.”

    I nodded my head as Jihyuk Han took a deep breath and said.

    "therefore? What happened to Ayla? What is the feudal status?”

    “Ayla broke her barrier and escaped.”

    “She broke the barrier… … .”

    The ‘that person’ Ayla spoke of wasn’t Hernan either.

    'Grimie, that bastard must be the worst.'

    If I was cultivating my strength in the sun, I was cultivating my strength in the shade in Grimmie.

    'It is also quite powerful.'

    If Ayla broke the barriers created by Duke Astra, she was an incredibly powerful force.

    "Ayla's father, Sylvain, was dismissed on behalf of her daughter."

    “Uncle Sylvain?”

    "Yes. All offices in the Astra Manor were removed, and the budget of the Sylvain Territory was drastically cut. It was almost like the Daymond jurisdiction before you came.”

    I opened my eyes wide.

    If so, it would have been cut to a tenth level.

    “The worst thing about Sylvain is… … .”


    “He lost my right to attend the convention.”

    I was flagged.

    Not even the right to vote, take the right to attend!

    ‘You mean he won’t be treat like a second-generation!’

    I sighed and muttered.

    “Since the daughter was the traitor, it must have been considered that he had the greatest chance of being a leader… … .”

    “They say that everyone in Sylvain’s jurisdiction was tortured and left to pieces.”

    “Oh, yes. How about the wizards and the Gilard women?”

    “… … .”

    Han Ji-hyuk kept his mouth shut.

    They didn't seem to know what had happened.

    He's a smart guy even if he complains, so he must have been keeping an eye on the situation while I was unconscious.

    It was a face that could not speak at all.

    “Han Ji-hyuk.”

    When I called, Jihyuk Han sighed.

    “Ereka has lost her mind.”


    “The magicians said that it was natural because they moved an artificial ancient monster.”

    It's strange that the Grimmie side doesn't take any action while Ereka is still under arrest.

    ‘I knew it was going to be like this.’

    There was no need to take action, so I was pretending not to know.

    "I see… … . Anyone else?”

    “It’s dead.”

    “… … what?"

    “There was a fire in the underground prison and everyone died. The night Ayla broke her barrier.”

    I clenched my teeth.

    'Grimie, that's why that bastard came to the dungeon.'

    To kill everyone with information.
    I burst out laughing.


    "Pardon? Dare to kill so many people.”

    “Not that.”


    “It must have been unexpected for Ayla to become a monster and break her barriers.”

    It happened ‘because I happened to find out that Ayla was killing Milan’.

    So, even if it was a Grimmie, I wouldn't have expected it.

    “But instead of being embarrassed by the unexpected situation, he used that as an opportunity to set off a fire in the basement of the prison.”

    “… … That’s great.”

    Indeed, he was the man who had stored up this much power behind grandfather's back.

    ‘It’s not that hard.’

    I clicked my tongue.

    “Ah, what about Milan?”

    “You owe Alexis a debt, you.”

    "What are you talking about?"

    “As soon as Ayla broke the barrier and ran away, she went to the dungeon and got the Milan hat. … … You have to protect one thing before you wake up.”

    “… … .”

    “He jumped into the fire and came out with Madame Canary and Milan.”

    Han Ji-hyuk looked at me, who couldn't say anything, and smiled.

    Then, with the palm of his hand, he pressed the top of my head.

    “Alexis was your escort.”


    “Since you were attacked by Ayla, who became a monster, and you fell, of course, the escort was questioned.”

    “… … .”

    “Even though he was punished severely enough to stick his tongue out, he didn’t make a single excuse.”

    “… … .”

    “Even to your father and brothers and sisters who run rampant on the road.”

    “… … why?"

    You could have told her dad and brothers.

    It's not his fault.

    It was all my fault for moving alone, you could have blamed me.

    Han Ji-hyuk continued speaking in a low-pitched voice.

    “Because he himself couldn’t forgive him self for not protecting you.”

    “… … .”


    “… … Call Alexis.”


    Han Ji-hyuk hurried out the door.

    A silence fell in the room.

    I leaned against the head of the bed and listened to the movement of the second hand.

    It felt like something heavy was being put on my chest.

    It was a strange feeling, both guilty and sad.

    and how long has it been

    A knock was heard, followed by Han Ji-hyuk's voice.

    “Coming in”


    The door opened and Alexis entered the room alone.

    It seemed that Han Ji-hyuk was trying to avoid the seat.

    And seeing Alexis a month later... … .

    “Why are you so skinny!”

    I screamed.

    It seems that it is difficult to shout. A thump and shock hit my body, and I narrowed my forehead.

    Alexis rushed to me.

    "it's okay?"

    “… … .”

    “Shall I call the doctor?”

    “… … Not me, you.”


    “Why are you so skinny?”

    “… … .”

    Alexis stared at me.

    I was reflected in the clear blue eyes, biting his lips tightly.

    “Why do you have to suffer? … ! Ugh.”

    “Don’t shout. Because it's my fault, everything is my fault... … Don’t shout.”

    “What did you do wrong… … .”

    “… … .”

    “Whatever you did wrong, take the full punishment without any excuses. Why are you being unreasonable?”

    “… … .”

    I remember the moment I gave her a violet hairpin.

    The truth is, I knew you would be hurt.

    I did it knowingly.

    Because I don't want to get hurt in the distant future.

    ‘I made you hurt because I was afraid of getting hurt.’

    I know the gaze that always followed my back.

    Even though I knew the deep, deep, pathetic gaze, I turned my back on it.

    Because I was young, I didn’t know what to do when I was young, so I thought that it was because you came to like me, your ‘first’, just like a chick is imprinted on a mother chicken.

    'You thought your heart was so insignificant.'

    “I know you like me.”

    “… … .”

    Alexis's eyes twinkled.

    I grabbed the blanket tightly and muttered.

    “I knew it, but I pretended not to know. meanly.”

    “… … .”

    “I kept pretending not to know and used you. I was relieved as I thought that if you liked me, you wouldn’t be able to betray me.”

    “… … .”

    “Why do you like a bad girl like me?”

    a good boy like you

    Why does such a strong and dazzling kid like a kid like me?

    ‘That’s why I’m scared.’

    I contorted my face in a mess and cried.

    Alexis was the kid who made me look back on my wounds.

    It made me look back on the scars of my first life and Yoo Hye-min that I barely covered.

    me with nothing

    The me who was flirting because I wanted to be loved.

    I was thirsty for love.

    I'm dying, I'm so hurt and depressed by people I never looked back on even though I tried my best.

    So you will come to realize it.

    ‘Oh, I haven’t gotten over my first life yet.’
    ─ do.

    Alexis looked at me quietly.

    “You are not wrong.”

    “… … what?"

    “Just because I like you, you don’t have to reciprocate.”

    “It’s wrong to give room without being sure to say no.”

    “Who says it?”

    “Everyone else does!”

    “Will you die if others tell you to die?”
    Alexis frowned and said.
    I stopped crying in a mess.

    “… … no?"

    "Right. What do other people say when I say I'm fine? Only those who think like that, tell them not to give them room.”

    “… … .”

    “I like waiting for you. It’s also pretty fun to think about what else you’re going to say about your outfit.”

    “… … Are you a pervert?”

    “Let's say it is.”

    He laughed mischievously and said.

    “My heart is taken care of by myself, I don’t need you to take care of me. But you-”


    “—That expression is ugly. Can you give me a handkerchief?”

    “Oh no.”

    I looked at the mirror hanging on the wall.

    She is frowned upon and crying, so she looks really ugly.

    Other boys liked me because I was pretty,
    Come to think of it, he's only seen my ugly faces all along.

    An excited, smirk on the face of scheming.

    A crying face in a mess.

    An unlucky expression of pretentiousness trying to be ambitious.

    Alexis handed me the handkerchief that was lying on the side table.

    I said as I wiped the runny nose under my nose.

    “Why do you like me?”

    “It’s kind of fun when you’re ugly.”

    “tsk… … .”

    Glancing at him, she blew her nose.

    Then her back hurt, though she had to bend over.


    “You cry as soon as you get up. I'll call the doctor."

    He got up quickly and headed for the door.

    I yelled at him to leave the room.

    “Eat! You’re too dry to come again!”

    “Anyway, that nagging.”

    “You must eat… … Ouch.”

    “Don’t shout because you understand.”

    So Alexis went out.

    And after a while.

    bang bang!

    A number of extremely urgent footsteps were heard.


    The door opened like it was about to fly, and it was my father and my brothers who appeared.

    “… … .”

    “Erilot… … .”


    “… … .”

    It was the second reunion of tears.

    This is how you will realize it.

    That there is a stupid boy in this life who says I can be any bad kid.

    The fact that there are family members whose hearts shrink even with a single cough.

    The fact that there are people who stay up all night worrying about me.

    So naturally you find out.

    I've changed my bad luck for the better, and I don't have to be afraid of anything anymore.

    After 10 years of my third life, the old wounds have finally healed.

    * * *

    Rehabilitation took more than two weeks.

    I had only been lying in bed for a month, but it took so long for the muscles to return.

    ‘I was even aided by magic… … .'

    It was only 17 days after waking up when I entered the Duke's Castle.


    “Ugh, Erylot… … .”

    Upon hearing the news that I had arrived, Liantine and Dionera ran out.

    As soon as Dionera saw me, she cried and gave her something beautiful.

    “Ugh! What is all this?”

    “Muscle supplements and nutritional supplements. This is good for your eyes, this is good for your back, and... … !”

    "it's okay."

    “No, I think you are very weak. How many times have you lost consciousness like this?”

    Once when I was 3 years old, once this year?

    But Dionera looked at me like a weakling who could fly even when the wind blows.

    “You are weak… … very weak... … .”

    “Are you really okay?”

    Even Liantine started helping out.

    “Take it when you give it. It was stolen by Dionera before it was even released in the tower.”

    “Are you releasing something like this?”

    “After the Gillard incident, I searched the tower a lot. and right He developed great magic, and there are many things in nature that he hasn't seen."

    "I see."

    It was when we were talking like that.


    A familiar voice came from behind her.

    Now that voice is creepy.

    but I also like Alexis-Erilot :blobupset:
    Okay, Erilot can do harem too hahaha:blobmelt:

    Wow... Plot twist:hmm:
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    Yes she with one of the two and I will be happy!
    I just wonder how many chapters we have left, in the author's other works, it would have taken a little longer to discover the enemy. Or does that mean there's something more about the enemy?:hmm:
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    Probably, the real end villain is the Guardian of Grimmie who used Grimmie to hurt Erilot, and in turn Seylon who will protect her as her Guardian. :blobexpressionless: