Spoiler 이 3세는 악역입니다-This 3 Year Old Is A Villainess

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    eryllot and alexis are so cute, pls- <333
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    Today's chapter was made more me mad at Celine :blobpopcorn_two:
    When the substitution was announced, the audience was very excited.

    “Finally, it’s a battle between the commander. I wanted to see it this year, haha!”

    “It’s a battle between the central commander and the rising western military commander, so it’s worth watching.”

    In the midst of the explosion, the soldiers of the Central Army and the Western Army began to stomp their feet.

    thud! thud! thud!

    “Raise the torch!”

    “Raise the torch! Our mother guards the night road!”

    “Raise the torch!”

    The voices of the soldiers spread widely in the Imperial Palace, and the referee announced permission to change players.

    I went to the arena before Celine.

    Meanwhile, Celine was talking to the 4th of the Central Army.

    “sje can’t use monsters over there, but… … So for commander.”

    It looked like he was getting advice from the 4th.

    Celine, who was staring at me, nodded his head.

    Either way, I looked around the arena.

    Soon after, Celine came up to the arena.

    Referee Wolfgang looked around us and asked.

    “Are you ready?”

    I glanced at him.

    'what. Your attitude suddenly became polite.’

    He only cared about the spectators throughout the game, but now he has a very friendly expression.

    Celine nodded and she said, "Yes."

    He said and raised his arms.

    “The match resumes!”

    Dung-, Dung-, Dung-!

    The drum cried.

    Even after the match started, I did not move easily.

    Celine smiled and pulled the necklace out of his clothes.

    It was a luxurious necklace with three white crystals, much larger than the white crystal I gave Alexis.

    'That's a white crystal with a copy of the family name in it.'

    Shilin touched the crystal and asked.

    “It’s unfortunate.”

    “… … .”

    “If I could deal with the protection of commander of the West, it would have helped my development.”

    The central army laughed out loud.

    It was an absurd laugh.

    That's a joke that I can't use the protection of <Training Demons> in this match.

    My family name known to the public is two.

    <Training Demons>.

    <Reading Ancient Languages>.

    Nothing helps in this match.

    Celine and the Central Army were laughing at that.

    But it was funny to me.

    ‘Isn’t there such a blessing anyway? It’s all lies.’

    I have come this far without that ability.

    It was then.


    There was a noise nearby and a circle of flames around me.

    “Chlorine… … .”

    Blessings and protections were clear.

    As she murmured, the corners of Celine's lips rose sharply.

    “Is there no ability more suitable for you, meaning the source of the flame?”

    The moment she spoke, the fire grew in an instant.

    I covered my mouth with my arms and looked around hastily.

    ‘If your clothes catch on fire… … !’

    Celine walked towards me.

    She had a barrier wrapped around her body.

    ‘The three white crystals each contain different blessings.’

    In other words, there are three characters that can be written.

    I asked with a hardened face.

    “Did you raise the level of protection? I know that the 1st stage <cloning> can only replicate one household at a time.”

    "I do not know. I am under no obligation to answer.”

    Celine grinned.

    She leaned on her back and leaned slightly towards me.

    “Um, can I give you a hint? A one-sided confrontation is pitiful.”

    “… … .”

    “It’s not nice to see a leader being treated poorly in front of soldiers. How about you, would you surrender now?”

    “… … .”

    I glanced behind Celine's back.

    The western soldiers were looking at this with stiff faces.

    On the other hand, the central army was excited with a chuckle.

    I bowed my head and muttered.

    “… … Idiot.”

    "I beg your pardon?"

    It was when Shilin came a little closer to me, presuming to declare surrender.

    I pop out of the fire! I reached out and grabbed her by the hair.


    “You can’t declare surrender, you idiot.”

    As soon as she heard that commander could participate in person, she had in mind a confrontation with Celine.

    It was also within the expected range that she would use fire.

    ‘Because she likes to show off, she must have prepared a blessing that suits the saying that she is the source of the flames.’

    Last year's match also used the protection of fire for that reason.


    “Aren’t you ready for a fire attack?”

    You already have a barrier stone that specializes in fire attacks, you idiot.

    “Can’t you let this go?!”

    Celine grabbed her hair and let out her scream.

    Either way, I never let go.

    Until you get out of the fire.

    Celine was too busy scratching my hands.

    ‘Even in the midst of this, you can’t even think of using protection.’

    After all, it can only be used when the skin is in direct contact with the crystal, which contains protection.

    Then it's easy.


    I quickly broke Celine's shoulder and slammed her head to the floor. (GO ERILOT, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING TO HER!!!)

    Then she quickly got on her back and pressed it down to prevent him from moving.

    It was only natural that Celine, which had been completely pressed against me, was wriggling like worm.

    Whoops in the audience! Heh-! There was a sound of swallowing breath.

    “th, that… … .”

    “Oh my God, your body is flying like an eagle.”

    It was central army who turned face blue this time.

    Because the shape of the central original was so ugly.

    On the other hand, western army was excited and pounded drums and cymbals.

    “Erilot Astra!”

    “Whoaaah!! Erylot Astra! The strongest in the West!”

    From afar, the Duke of Germo could be seen bowing his head slightly.

    His shoulders trembled slightly, as if he was smiling secretly.

    When Duke Chateaubriand stared at him, he coughed and cleared his expression.

    Celine Chateaubriand let out her shout.

    “let go of this!”

    I walked gracefully give her arms, and wrapped her hair in my fingers.

    And bang!

    She banged her head on the floor once more.

    "What do you think? Will you surrender now?”

    ─she said.

    I'm the strongest in Astra's dogfight, man.

    * * *

    The Duke of Germo tried to contain his laughter.

    As Erilot Astra gracefully wrapped Celine's hair around her fingers,

    "What do you think? Will you surrender now?”

    -Until you ask.


    Unbearable, as he burst into laughter, the Duke of Chateaubriand stared at him terribly.

    The Duke of Germo coughed once more.

    Just by looking at his face, it looked like he was going to kill three or four people in no time.

    He avoided Duke Chateaubriand's gaze and asked Duke of Astra.

    “western commandee is used to using her body. Special users are a bit sluggish, aren't they?"

    Duke of Astra's lips rose sharply.

    “Ever since I was much younger, I never lost to my cousin, who was ten years older than me.”

    Even to Adam, the largest of Astra's three-year-old boys.

    Even Adam didn't want to do hand-to-hand combat training with her.

    “Erilot is a real villain… … .”

    Joffrey also cried with his twin nosebleeds every time he trained for hand-to-hand combat.

    “that, she, that stinky bitch… Whoa, whoa, father... … !”

    It was not uncommon to hold her by the hair.

    You couldn't do it by force, so you tried everything.

    Die, avoid, sand, scratch, and bite.

    There were several times when Joffrey, who had been kicked out of his heart, bubbled and passed out.

    The flagship Viscount Debussy once asked.

    “No, it’s not even a back alley fight, how could it be… … .”

    [ “Because I hawte of lwosing. (Because I hate of losing.)” ]

    Her hair is sparse, and her eyes are bruised, but she's excited! snorted her nose.

    The Duke of Astra picked up and burst into laughter.

    She has been such a child since childhood.

    If it was a hand-to-hand battle, it was natural that the well-bred Chateaubriand was no match for her.

    “Uh, look over there!”

    One of the spectators shouted.

    People's eyes were focused on Erylot Astra for a moment.

    Erillot swung and ripped off the white crystal necklace that was loaded.

    “… … !”

    The faces of the Duke of Chateaubriand, the number 4 of the Central Army, and Shilin turned blue.

    “You, you… … .”

    As Celine mumbled, Erilot smiled broadly.

    Then I threw it away.

    A white crystal necklace was hung at the end of the stadium.

    “Aww, I’m sorry. I need to build some strength.”


    Celine screamed and struggled loudly.

    But it was strange.

    Suddenly, Erilot's movements became dull.

    To others, it looked like they were making fun of Celine.


    “Why all of a sudden… … ?”

    Erilot did not move until Celine escaped.

    Celine escaped by kicking Erylot in the gap.

    “It’s stupid… ! What are you going to do if you get pushed out of there?”

    "this. If the central commander finds the crystal again... … .”

    “Erilot Astra took the match very lightly. You're being fooled around here."

    The participants in the West Army who watched the match were also bewildered.

    "what… … .”

    As Liam muttered in bewilderment, Kajin narrowed his brow.

    ‘Something is strange.’

    Erilot was a nimble child.

    But, you're being hurt like that by Celine's blunt kick?

    Obviously something was odd. (YES THATS RIGHT!)

    Erilot was groaning while holding onto the stomach that Celine had hit.

    Celime got up hastily and ran towards the white crystal necklace.



    "commander! Wake up!”

    … … The white crystal necklace came into Celine's hand again.

    An arrogant smile appeared on Celine's lips.

    * * *

    I grabbed my stomach and moaned, he moaned.

    I felt like my stomach was being ripped open by the force I was kicking.

    ‘Someone just use protection to me.’

    Before Celinr kicked me, someone 'constrained' me.

    His body became numb, and he was unable to move until the end of the encilin.

    'The other person was far away so I couldn't see it, but the referee saw it... … !’

    I looked at referee Wolfgang and clenched my teeth.

    As soon as Wolfgang made eye contact with me, he looked away.

    ‘You pretended not to know even though you knew someone else was involved in the match.’

    Somehow he was overly kind.

    That judge was one of the goldfish poops attached to the Duke of Chateaubriand.

    ‘Wait, what was that judge’s blessing?’

    I was startled.

    ‘That trash … .' (THEY ARE TRASH! HA!)

    Wolfgang's blessing is <control of the body>.

    It was a protection that restricted the movement of the opponent.

    'You didn't just pretend didn't know, but you wrote put blessing on me!'

    While I was figuring out the situation, Celine walked over holding her necklace.

    Then she looked at me with fierce eyes.

    “It’s the first time I’ve seen such an insult, Western Commander.”

    “… … .”

    “And I never let someone insult me.”

    Celine held the blue-colored white crystal in her hand.

    The ground in the stadium shattered and pieces floated up.

    And countless pieces were flying towards me.

    My body don't want to dodge.

    “That… ! That would be dangerous!”

    “com, commander .”

    Celine was standing tall and smiling as she watched me dodge the mess.

    I wasn't completely avoiding the pieces.

    Because a few of the myriad things have been hit in the arms, legs, face, etc.

    gradually moved out of the way.

    “How much more ugly can you endure, western commander?”

    “… … .”

    “Without protection.”

    no protection?


    At that moment, I released the magical energy I had accumulated at once.

    ‘Show me, Ceylon.’

    As the little captain of the Knights Templar, the story of the world changed, so I was able to use the higher level of protection.

    My eyes became cloudy and the letters began to gather.

    [‘You are going to die that way.’]

    ['commander… !’]

    ['I'd rather declare defeat. A child the size of duke's antelope is ugly.']

    ['you can't use the protection of training monsters, so you are not an opponent.']

    [‘As expected, the chateaubriand published in the original currency is of higher quality.’]

    [‘After all, if you don’t use your blessing, you can handle it easily.’]



    ['You can cast the cloned Blessing on another person for only 5 minutes. After that, there is a gap... … .’]

    That's it.

    '5 minutes.'

    Four minutes have already passed, so there will be a gap in the attack.

    I measured the time and looked around Celine and its surroundings.

    “Only surrender—”

    I quickly ran towards Celine.

    Avoiding the shards didn't matter anymore.

    Her whole body trembled, but she never slowed down.


    "uh? Uh huh, huh?!”

    “What, you mean to attack?!”

    The audience widened their eyes.

    I ran past Celine.

    “What, are you crazy?”

    It was when someone mumbled something like that.

    Just 5 minutes.

    A gigantic shard from Celine's control hit the rising pillar behind Celine.

    It was a pillar that Alexis had transformed using Kazin's protection.


    The pillar collapsed and hit Celine's body directly.


    Shilin fell on a pole and collapsed.

    “… … !”

    “… … !!”

    Some people jumped up.

    Among them was the Duke of Chateaubriand. And one more... … .

    “that right, Erilot!”

    Dad grabbed the railing and yelled at me.

    Celine struggled like worms.

    “Ugh, keukh...”

    I sighed and shook my head.

    “I made a decision when I came up.”

    “… … .”

    “I will kill you.”
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    Omg omg it's getting interesting. I need 2 chaps per day. Pls authooor :blobsob:
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    Celine getting more annoying.:blobpopcorn_two:
    Celine missed the amethyst necklace due to the impact on the pillar.

    When she reached out her hand with all her might to get the kid to pick up her amethyst necklace.


    I kicked the necklace with a cool sound.

    And shrugged her shoulders.

    “What? The necklace is now completely out of the arena.”


    Celine's eyes were full of life.

    I smiled and said it like that kid did to me.

    “Are you going to surrender now?”

    Her proud amethyst necklace cannot be used.

    Everyone knows that the girl's strength cannot lift her poles. So you won't be able to get help from the referee.

    It was a completely benign situation.

    Celine clenched her teeth.

    I said raising one eyebrow.

    “You can’t even use the family name you were proud of, right?”

    “… … .”

    “You know that there is no answer but surrender, right?”

    Celine stared at me with poison in her eyes.

    The audience looked excited.

    In front of the nobility, the public battle training to discriminate between the male and female member of Army, but in fact, the winner from generation to generation was the Central Army.

    That's right, Western Army is a place where especially talented people are selected from among the 5 counties of Army.

    Likewise, the central commander was the most outstanding of the commander.

    There is no way that the Central Army, which has the most outstanding members of the Army, will be defeated by another army.

    ‘But if I win here, Celine will be recorded in history and will be disgraced even in death.’

    So, from Celine's point of view, she could never admit defeat.

    “Quickly clear this thing holding me down! Are you going to kill me?!”

    “Is there anyone who helps the enemy by joining forces for fear of dying during the war?”

    "this… !”

    “Then surrender. I will clean it up.”

    But Celine was only dragging time.

    ‘It’s stupid.’

    If it were me, the moment the white crystal necklace fell off the market, I would immediately admit defeat.

    If you're going to lose anyway, you have to get a rating that says, 'It's quick to grasp the situation, so the damage in case of defeat is reduced to the minimum'.

    ‘But she can’t do that.’

    To Celine, I am a ‘dirty blood’.

    She would hate it more than death to admit defeat to a dirty blood that was far less noble than herself.

    It is also a declaration of surrender in front of so many people.

    I am going to shiver because I think you will be a laughing stock to people all over the world.

    ‘I don’t know what to say, so I hope it ends sooner.’

    Her head was already starting to hurt.

    My protection, <Reading>, consumes a huge amount of magic power.

    In addition, the power of the second stage, which was not originally mine, was given out with the help of the story, so I was completely exhausted.

    ‘Looking at the condition, I think I’m going to pass out as soon as I get off the stadium… … .'

    That's why I didn't write well.

    My legs were already trembling.

    But for a moment, I was barely holding on, pretending to smile round and round.


    Celine grabbed my ankle.

    There's nothing she can do to see it, but she felt weird.

    ‘What are you going to do when you are lying on such a large pole? … .'

    Celine raised the corners of her lips and smiled.

    “You know it will end like this?”


    “What happened to this match… I'm never abandoned nothing can leave me Never, never... … .”

    Celine continued to mumble.

    she has a bad feeling

    I hurriedly removed Celine's hand.

    But it was then.

    * * *


    A golden light like a firefly swarmed between Celine and Erillot, and eventually became a single line.

    A golden line connecting Celine and Erillot.

    The Duke of Chateaubriand looked at Celine with a bewildered look.

    'a copy… … !’

    It is replicating Erillot's protection.

    There were three conditions for the <replication>.

    1. Be in contact with the owner of the household to be copied.

    2. The owner's level of protection must be the same as or lower than the one shown.

    3. Not defending the body (with barriers or magic shields).

    Celine's lips twisted arrogantly.

    her father said

    He said, ‘If I lose the match, I will throw you away’.

    Perhaps it was the emperor's will.

    ‘Who knows how easy it is to be abandoned?’

    If you lose in a match, you just have to create a condition where you can't give up on yourself.

    By stealing the dragon from Erylot Astra—!

    ‘That dirty blood is also attached to Astra because of the dragon.’

    But think about it.

    What if you had a dragon who was far superior to Erylot Astra?

    Neither the emperor nor her father could ever forsake him.

    On the contrary, I would get a praise for doing a good job.

    Because you stole great power from that evil Astra.

    What if Astra protests that she stole the dragon from Erillot?

    ‘It must have been after I tamed the dragon.’

    If there was no dragon, that dirty blood was an ordinary girl after all.

    So, if you own the dragon and deal with it, then stop.

    At that time, even Astra will be afraid of her strength, so she will throw away the useless dirty blood without any regrets.

    “Shilin Sha, ter, briand!”

    Erilot grabbed her chest and stepped back.

    A person caught on this “line of replication” loses even her magical powers to her opponent.

    She's probably in excruciating pain as she's probably running out of magic right now.

    However, the line of replication could not be avoided.

    Celine raised the corners of her lips.

    “now you lose your flamboyant power!”

    Now, even the mask that was visible externally was taken off.

    If only the dragon came into my hand, everyone would bow their heads, and there was no need to think about the image any more.

    The crowd began to clamor.

    “What, what?”

    “What the hell are you two doing all of a sudden?”

    “The line of replication… … . It is the line of replication—!”

    "a copy? Maybe you're duplicating the family name? So you're saying you're replicating the protection of <Training Demons>?!"

    Duke Astra's expression hardened. His nobility also turned blue.

    ‘If the dragon is really taken away… … .'

    However, the expression on the face of the nobility of the Chateaubriand faction was bright.

    ‘If only dragons can be obtained, this empire is our world.’

    The partisan nobles of the Duke of Astra shouted.

    “You must stop the match! What the hell are you doing in a match that's already over! Bring out the central commander-!”

    The partisan nobility of the Duke of Chateaubriand also raised his voice without losing.

    “There is a match!”

    “Defeat is already destined! It looks like we're going to lose the match, so you're going to plunder even our blessings—!"

    “We don't know what tactics the central commander has! The rule is that you can never interrupt during a match!”

    The Duke of Chateaubriand clenched his fists.


    Rather, if I could steal the dragon like this, there would be a hole for me to live.

    Erilot couldn't stop the escape, and eventually fell to the floor.

    “Ugh… … .”


    Daymond called her daughter's name with a pale face.

    Celine had an ecstatic expression on her face.

    ‘It’s dirty blood, but it’s half the blood of Daymond Astra.’

    The pouring power is enormous.

    It seems like you used up quite a bit of energy during the match, but it's such a huge amount.

    ‘I feel like I’m going to get drunk of magic.’

    Just as life can be converted into magic, magic can also be converted into other powers.

    It was not for nothing that there were not many people with superpowers in the military.

    Celine pushed some of the magical power she had stolen from Erilot into her muscles.

    The pillars she had crushed upon herself were as light as her feathers.

    Celine who shakes her pole and raises her body, walked softly towards her kneeling Erillot.

    “If we’re going to lose anyway, we should give the audience a good spectacle, right?”

    It was better for me to be eliminated due to violating the rules than to declare surrender with my mouth.

    Celine said, stroking her hair.

    “Um, what was the name of ‘that kid’?”

    "you… stop, uh.. stop… … .”

    “Ah, I remembered.”

    “This is really, I was thinking of you… hey Stop here—!”

    “Yeah, right. That was the name.”

    Celine chuckled and shouted.

    For the first time in history, the dragon's name was tamed by a human.


    The tamer has called, so now it will come with its gigantic wings slicing through the sky.

    ‘Ah, my dragon… … .'

    my dragon,

    It was an enchanting word just thinking about it.

    But it was that moment.

    "uh… … ?”

    Shilin stopped and looked up and she blinked her eyes into the air.
    She got up halfway from her chair up to the Duke of Chateaubriand and looked over her daughter.

    “Why did Celine stop suddenly?”

    The partisan nobles of the Duke of Chateaubriand, who were very excited, haha! said with a smile.

    "Isn't it because it's too much power to put a strain on your body?"

    “It could be something that happens when a dragon responds to a call.”

    “But, may she bring a dragon into the Imperial Palace? If your Majesty gets angry... … .”

    When someone spoke with a worried tone, the other nobleman chuckled.

    “What are you going to do with it? Your Majesty also needs to see with your own eyes. … … that the world is now in our hands.”

    Besides, there was nothing I couldn't do to make an excuse.

    I was trying to frighten them and make him surrender, but I made a mistake because it was the first time I cloned the ability... … What an excuse like that.

    The audience was also very nervous.

    “What if a dragon really comes to the Imperial Palace?”

    “Would you ever invite a dragon to the Imperial Palace where your Majesty is staying? It would be bullshit... … .”

    Either way, Erillot Astra had lost the battle that she had won because of her complacency.

    ‘How can you not even open a barrier while dealing with a child who has the protection of reproduction?’

    But it was getting weirder.

    Celine's mouth, which had squeaked like a goldfish, opened wide in the end.

    “What, what, what, what the hell… … .”


    It was when people focused on Shilin with a puzzled expression.

    “A monster, a monster… … . monster… … monster… Arghh-!!!”

    Celine let out her screams and started to backtrack.

    Erilot panted, clutching her chest.

    ‘That’s why I told you not to duplicate it, you idiot.’

    There is no such thing as the protection of <Training Demons> for Erillot.

    I mean, it's all bullshit!

    I just luckily got a dragon with the power of the story.

    'My real blessing is <Reading>... … !’

    Besides, as luckily as when I got Ragon, the power of the story moved me to the second stage of protection.

    I thought there would be nothing wrong with the higher level of protection because it would not be able to be duplicated.

    ‘But if you look at the line of replication… … .'

    It's not a natural force, but a force that was forced to pull up with the power of the story, so something went wrong.

    In such a state, I used it without knowing what my strength was... … .

    Erilot stared at Celine with her pale blue face.

    Celine had an expression on her face as if she had seen a real monster.

    Why I really saw a monster?

    'How the hell did it happen?

    what's this.

    I used <Training Demons>, but why... … !’

    At first, I could see a lot of black smoke around Erilot.

    While I was looking at him doing something, a few smokes gathered together.

    And when he became a monster-like form, the swarms of monsters began to approach him.

    [Ugh... … That, uh..… .]

    “Oh, don’t come. Do not come… … Do not come… … !”


    “Erilot Astra, you! This dirty blood! You broke the rules and took the monsters! Right?!"

    [Ahhh... … .]

    “Don’t come, don’t come. Erylot Astra! Dirty blood, the, monsters.. a monster... … !”

    It wasn't a monster he could face.

    Even when she saw Crimson Ghoul or even an ancient monster, her body was shaking like an aspen tree.

    The moment Celine was rushing out of the store, monsters attacked her at once.


    Shilin's scream echoed sharply.




    Let's play, sister.


    Jamie, did you go into the chicken coop again?






    Mom, save me.




    God has forsaken us.


    on the subject of things made.




    Please save me, God.

    Help me.



    I hate it, I hate humans.

    Why do we have to suffer even when we become souls?




    The real creation of God is us.



    They are just made by our hands.



    Give me another chance, God.

    Never be arrogant again, and, and.


    Horrible sounds rushed through my mind.

    The peaceful faces of humans with white hair that can be seen through them.

    A face that was swallowed by a typhoon and cried out to God as if in pain.

    A terrible scream echoes through the faces begging for help.

    Celine's throat clenched and cracked with a loud sound.

    As she looked up at the sky, blood vessels burst in her eyes, and her pupils turned bright red.

    The blood vessels were all burning sensations.

    Tears of her blood run down the corners of her eyes, dripping, dripping down.

    That moment.

    [You deserve punishment for coveting my child, child of slavery.]

    A voice was heard from somewhere.

    Then a long-haired man in a white robe appeared from among the shadows.

    The man with his eyes as cold as a glacier was so beautiful that his snow seemed to melt.

    “sa, save me… … . save… … .”

    This was the first time I had such a fear.

    Inferiority, jealousy, resentment, malice… … It felt like all the terrible emotions had been dumped into a puddle of water.

    At that moment, a skinny man with a bent back appeared from Celine's shadow.

    Unlike the man in the white coat, he was dressed extremely ugly.

    To that nobleman, to the other nobles, and to the other nobles all had shadows attached to them.

    The man in white was emitting the most powerful and beautiful light among them.

    An ugly man appeared from Celine's shadow and fell to his knees and began to pray.

    [p, priest! It's not my fault.]


    [It wasn't me, not me, not me who dared to covet your child's power... … !]


    [just kill this kid. I will give all of this child's body and soul, please!]

    [what a shame. How can you abandoned the guardian castle so easily.]

    The white-haired man shook his head lightly, and looked at Erillot.

    [What should I do?]

    When asked, Erilot frowned.

    "What you looking at… …'m dying too... … !”

    The white-haired man grinned at Celine who was terrified.

    [There is no way, then, child of slavery.]

    Celine looked at Erylot with a smirk.

    “Sa, save me.”

    “That sounds funny.”

    “Sa, save me! I will confess everything! All! I was the one who drew the veil! I bought it!”
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    Is it just me or the chapters are getting shorter:blobdrool:
    Thank you:blobicecreamlove:
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    That bitch really has no Shame to the point i am speechless, of i were erylot i would kill her already. Where is the victory. I want to Shame all of the people involved, and kill Celine the white Lotus. I hope she die with the blood explode from all the pore existed in her body since she obsessed with calung erylot "dirty blood".
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    Veil was the organization Celine hired to harm Erylot
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    The first to react to that sound was the Duke of Chateaubriand.

    ‘What are you talking about… … !’

    In a match she had won, she suddenly went crazy, and then she vomited her sins like crazy.

    The stadium and spectators were loud as if they were going to explode.


    There was such a rumor. Some even predicted that it was indeed Celine's work.

    But do you admit it in this place?

    While the crowd was murmuring, the partisan nobles of the Duke of Chateaubriand looked at each other with bewildered faces.

    “What happened?”

    "I do not know… Maybe there is some kind of tactic.”

    “Yeah, otherwise it’s just too weird—”

    Those who were chatting looked at the Duke of Chateaubriand and were startled.

    His face was pale blue.

    'What is that expression... … !’

    ‘Is this something that was not agreed upon?’

    ‘What are you thinking at this time when you can take over the dragon? … .'

    Although the Chateaubriand faction was trying to figure out the situation, Celime did not stop talking.

    "please. huh? Please, Lady Count Astra... … .”

    It was the first time Celine had such a fear.

    She was born noble to be born.

    She is the youngest daughter of the Duke of Chateaubriand.

    Her father had been trusted as an entourage to the emperor since her youth, so she even delivered her birth gift directly from the emperor.

    She had everything she wanted.

    Jewelry, mystic animals, beautiful dresses, people, and…

    ‘Even the blessings.’

    Because she had the protection of a clone herself.

    She was never afraid of any monsters.

    When she became commander, she faced an ancient monster, and when she was possessed by an ancient monster-class Crimson Ghoul.

    ‘But this is… this is…'

    Her hands and feet are trembling.

    Her calves were trembling, as if she was about to collapse at any moment.

    Shadow monsters are scary too, but the man I feared the most was that man.

    The dazzlingly beautiful long-haired man.

    It was as beautiful as the beautiful Daymond Astra, the pride of the continent, but I felt it instinctively.

    ‘I can’t deal with it.’

    That was the abyss.

    No, it was like a crystal of some powerful power.

    "save me. I will tell you everything. I will tell–!”

    “it's...funny, you were trying to kill me”

    Erilot groaned and moaned and managed to get up.

    * * *

    Her head spins.

    I squeezed my temples and managed to concentrate.

    ‘Ah, I thought all the magic power was gone.’

    It felt like all the joints in my body were cut off, and I even thought I was going to die from being kicked so hard.

    ‘By the way, isn’t that what you’re looking at is Ceylon?’

    I thought it was because you had copied my protection even slightly.

    My blessing <Reading> is because you can know all the information in this world.

    It was also a blessing to see Ceylon, so the kid who copied my blessing will see everything.

    ‘But why were you so scared?’

    Not only looking at Ceylon, but looking around, trembling, trembling.

    “ple, please, please take care of that man and these shadows… … .”

    What the hell is a shadow?

    At that moment, Ceylon's voice was heard.

    [You can't see it yet.]


    [well. Maybe if you train your strength a little more, you will know.]

    Anyway, there is no way to tell properly.

    ‘I understand that Ceylon is scary.’

    Even I, who had gone through all the antenatal and antenatal care, shuddered.

    'But you're so scared?'

    I understand that your mind is going back and forth due to the damage of your protection... .

    [The guardian castle is not just a lender of protection. And that child was abandoned by the guardian castle.]

    Ah, I see.

    It is said that rational thinking is impossible because of the damage of the protection and not being protected by the guardian castle.

    'Wait a minute… … So is this my chance?’

    It felt like it was going to fall any moment, but it wasn't the time.

    “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

    "lie! you know! Ah, save me. father… dad!"

    Celine burst into tears as she looked at my father.

    From afar, the father looks so blue, so far from helping, he looks like he needs it.

    'Wait a minute, please walk forward.'

    As it is the guardian castle, it seems that I can hear the words in my heart, so I thought to myself, and Ceylon made an absurd expression on her face.

    [looks like you think I look funny.]

    ‘What makes walking so difficult?’

    [I am not a person who listens to orders. It is a falling being.]

    Ceylon frowned and said.

    So I…

    'Then I'll keep holding on like this!'

    […] … !]

    Judging by the fact that <Reading> has never been a blessing, I was a 'special child' to Ceylon.

    It means that if I die, that man will be in a lot of trouble.

    'uh? I think I’m going to die right now, but if I hold out any longer, I could really die.’

    As I said intimidatingly, Ceylon frowned as if in shock.

    ‘I’m really just holding out?!’

    Ceylon [that clever thing... … .] murmured and clenched his teeth.

    But he began to approach Celine step by step.

    I laughed and said, 'Huh.'

    ‘This works.’

    If so, you might be able to get help from time to time in the future.

    Ceylon's face distorted as he thought about it.

    [Something like that was born as a vessel that can withstand me... … .]

    ‘Am I still important?’

    [Damn it.]

    As Ceylon drew closer, Celine became more and more blue.

    Hmph– shudder, she backs away and mumbles squeezing.

    “don, don’t come… don't come! dad! Dad, help me!”

    The partisan nobles of Chateaubriand seemed to realize that the situation was serious now.

    They quacked.

    “You must stop the match!”

    “The state of the central commander is strange. It is as if we have already declared surrender!”

    "your Majesty!"

    “What does the immediate military do? Check the condition of the participants!”

    They are really funny

    When you thought that Celine had copied the blessing of <Training Demons>, you cried out to continue the match even if my condition was strange.

    Celine now sat down, clutching her head, and screaming.

    “Ahhh-!! Don't come!! Daddy, save me! Help me…! What are you doing, Dad-!!”

    Contemplative, the factions of Chateaubriand were poised to move their feet.

    “I am not ready to compete! You must end the match quickly—”

    I shouted.

    “The central commander can be moved—!!”

    “… … !”

    “… … !”

    She's already in bad shape, but her skull looks like she's about to break.

    I frowned and looked up at the crowd.

    “The match is not over. No one can intervene in the Imperial Army.”

    “Oh, that filthy…! There is no such thing as recognition for commander in the West!”

    “Is there any mercy in war?”

    “That, that…”

    “Is recognition important to His Majesty’s safety?”

    “… … .”

    “We are in the Imperial Palace. She is also the mother of those who keep His Majesty's safety. How can a weak parent persuade their child to be strong?”

    “… … .”

    “The commander is an example of soldiers and a lamp that illuminates the way. We show how to get up when we fall in front of those who look on our backs.”

    “… … .”

    “This is the teaching of Kronos Astra, and allegiance to His Majesty, Duke!”


    Ceylon chuckled.

    ‘I’ve survived that tearful life with just one tooth.’

    The crowd went silent.

    Ultimately, the decision is made by the emperor.

    The emperor stared at me.

    Then the corners of his lips rose.

    “Continue the match.”

    “Your Majesty—!”

    The Duke of Chateaubriand cried out to the emperor with a face that looked like he was about to faint.

    Either way, I looked at Celine.

    “I told you. I'm going to kill you. I'm going into a match with the determination to kill you."

    "ugh.. heuk..”

    “Astra doesn’t lie.”

    “Why are you doing this to me—!”

    Celine screamed and screamed.

    “Jus, just because I went a little too far doesn’t mean you have to go this far.”

    “just a little? what?"

    “You, you are dirty blood. You took what I should have for you, the dirty blood.”

    “What is that?”

    “Envy, gaze, longing… All of that!”

    “… … .”

    “it's your fault! I was just trying to scare you. Let you know your place and Go away… To let you know that this Imperial doesn't welcome you!”

    “… … So, on the eve of the year-end festival, you bring in a monster to the palace?”

    “Because you keep ignoring me. It's your fault... … !”

    “It was a foreign palace. Where His Majesty and the Imperial Family reside.”

    “How much does your majesty care for me? How cute he loves me! There's no match for someone like you – kyaaaaah!”

    Celine looked around and screamed again.

    People burst out laughing.

    “Isn’t it a blessing in disguise?”

    “Yes, it seems that the level of protection of the Western Army Commander was higher than the Central Army Commander.”

    “So you ar out of my mind and I’m vomiting… Awesome.”

    “She’s still a little girl.”

    “Does a little girl try to kill someone so easily?”

    “… … It was also because her thoughts were short.”

    “All I know is that your Majesty has treated that child wrong.”

    “Yeah, I couldn’t tell you the difference because of your majesty’s kind gaze.”

    “I also know how much the Duke of Chateaubriand has intervened in the Imperial Army. So, the Southern Army Commander must have been so frightened and swayed by the Central Commander.”

    People's eyes grew cold, and the Duke of Chateaubriand became white and swallowed his dry saliva.

    I approached Celime, who had been pushed to the outskirts of the arena.

    Celine asked, trembling.

    “you, you are going to save me. Right?"


    "Ah… !”

    Celine's face brightened.

    Then, I kicked Celine and dropped it off her shelf.

    “Because I heard everything I wanted to hear.”

    ─As I said.

    I looked back at the referee.

    "what are you doing?"

    "Yes? Oh no, what do you mean?”

    “Outside. Is the match over?”

    “… Ah."

    Referee Wolfgang looked at Celine and me with a puzzled expression.


    “The match is over! Western victory!”

    shouted the winner.

    With this, I won another championship following the year-end festival.

    While raising her name with the commander of the West Army, who won the first championship in public combat training.

    * * *

    After the match, when I returned home, the participants of the West Army greeted me.

    Then there were my father and grandfather.

    Dad was almost running.

    The western participants shouted excitedly.

    “It’s a win. Commander, it’s a win!”

    “she was unable to move for a while during the match. Is it because you were constrained by someone?”

    “It’s a win in the West. This is a story that will be praised from generation to generation.”

    Everyone liked it, and while I was not sure what to do, my dad pushed the participants and came over to me.



    “Are you okay? blood...”

    “… … dad."

    "Yes. First you must see a doctor and a healer—”

    “I meant to tell you after the end of the year festival… That, now... Ah, now...”

    Her voice began to stretch like a broken tape.

    And as my knees stumbled, my vision gradually narrowed.



    "doctor…! No, healer! Anyone come on!”

    The last thing I heard was shouts from the men.

    * * *

    That evening.

    Celine woke up from the bed.

    The bed is hard and the duvet is stiff.

    I frowned at the unpleasant touch and looked around.

    The smell of disinfectant.

    dim lighting.

    small bed.

    'Ward… … ?'

    As soon as Erylot fell off the field after being kicked, she seemed to faint.

    I can remember even fainting, but I can't remember what happened before that.

    ‘How did the match go?’

    I was trying to duplicate the protection of Erylot Astra... … .

    “Don’t be fussy. You can't sleep."

    An eerie voice was heard next to her.

    Celine stared to the side in surprise.

    She had a thin curtain so she couldn't see the seat next to her, but a closer look reveals her silhouette.

    skinny body.

    curly curly hair.

    Even a bad voice... … .

    “Erilot Astra? Why are you….”

    “Why? You thought I were a clone, and you drained all my magic and passed out.”


    “It is nonetheless. How could you and me be in the same room?”

    “What does that mean… … .”

    Celine, who had been muttering, looked up and raised her head.

    Now she was slowly getting her memories back.

    shadows approaching.

    A dazzlingly beautiful long-haired man.

    The fear of squeezing her neck.


    “you, what are you saying?”

    The curtain was pulled.

    Erilott looked at Celine, who was holding her book.

    "therefore? Who are the monsters you brought in?”

    “wha, what are you talking about… what are you talking about!”

    “You vomited. You were the one who brought the monster into the palace.”

    “Hey, don’t be silly! I fell for your tricks back then. Oh, yes. What trick did you do?!”

    “say nonsense again. Did you take damage because you failed to duplicate it?”

    “No, what kind of trick are you doing? That's why I said nonsense like that... … !”

    Celine jumped up.

    She said, glaring at Erilot in the contemplative Celine.

    “I don’t want to spend time with you. I'm going back to the mansion."

    “That’s good, because you tell me before you go. Who are those monsters?”

    “I have nothing to talk to you!”

    Celine screamed and ran out of the hospital room.

    Erilot's voice followed behind her back.

    “You should tell me. Well, fine.”

    It was a really bad voice.

    Celine walked down the hallway.

    ‘I need to go to the mansion quickly and discuss this with my dad… … .'

    But it was strange.

    Every courtier she encountered was murmuring.

    “Not even feel shameful.”

    “Your Majesty angry at Duke Chateaubriand. Yes, it was great.”

    It was the first glance at her that was ignored.
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    Shilin stared at the courtiers.

    The gossiping people averted their eyes and hurried their steps.

    If they had seen this kind of thing normally, they would have fallen flat and trembled.

    Things I couldn't even see...

    ‘What the hell is this?’

    Is it because of what happened during the 5v5 open battle?

    So are you ignoring me like that?

    Celine clenched her teeth.

    ‘I won’t let it go.’

    Celine moved quickly.

    She had to meet her father in a hurry to get things done today.

    She felt the gaze wherever she walked.

    “That is. Your Majesty in his palace – huh.”

    “The fact that the commander of the Western Army was hastily retired before being checked against other commaders.”

    “Even before it became the commander. Yes, it's amazing.”

    In front of the Imperial Palace, it was blocked by the guards.

    “You cannot enter.”

    “I don’t mean to see your Majesty. I want to see my father—”

    “I’m sorry.”

    Even as she quarreled with the guards, those around her looked at her with ambitious eyes.

    Even the squeaking noise doesn't stop.

    “The southern commander was ordered.”

    “Oh my God.”

    “we sad for The commander of western. Yes, she intercepted the gaze of longing, and it's ridiculous that she doesn't like it."

    Celime screamed impatiently.

    “can't you stop talking-!!”

    As soon as they shouted, the courtiers of the Imperial Palace came out.

    A middle-aged servant came forward and frowned.

    “It is difficult to make a commotion in front of the Imperial Palace, commander.”


    “The sun has set. Please leave.”

    “I’m going to meet my father and go out together! Why are you interrupting me without letting me saying a word?!”


    “Shut their mouths—!! How dare you talk like that in front of me!!”

    Celine clasped the hem of her robe and screamed as she screamed.

    “What a mess!”

    Others were coming out of the palace.

    They were the reapers of the central tower.

    It was Noklang's Marquis who shouted.

    Behind them were the nobles who had been waiting for them.

    “What the hell is going on?”

    “Who dares to make a fuss in front of the Imperial Palace?”

    All of them had unpleasant expressions.

    Celime shuddered and narrowed her shoulders.

    “No, it was because the courtiers were rude.”

    “No matter how rude you are, how dare you speak evil in front of the Imperial Palace?”

    “S, Sir.”

    After becoming the commander, Noklang, who always treated her with a kind smile, was looking at herself with his anger-filled face.

    The people who rubbed their palms while calling them ‘commander’ or ‘young lady’ changed in an instant.

    The underage nobles who hid behind my mother's skirt were twisting their mouths.


    Celine clenched her teeth and bowed her head.

    “I, I’m sorry if I offended you. However, I was just trying to crack down on the indulgences of the royals with commander.”

    It was then.

    Someone said with a smirk.

    “Excuses are always plausible.”

    Then the noble children behind them giggled.

    “you will make excuses for bringing in a monster to the palace as it is for the safety of His Majesty.”

    “You don’t know. It may be said that it is to crack down on the indulgence of other commander.”

    “Even an excuse is not sincere.”

    “Do you want to know what kindness is? Someone who used to play princess games in central army.”

    Celine's face turned red as if it was about to explode.

    The child with her trembling lips glared at the noble children.

    “I will not tolerate any further disrespect, young lady.”

    “I think it is rude to tell the truth. Oh, I'm going to ask you. Why did you bring a monster into the palace?”

    “I was confused by the damage of protection. So, it seems like I were talking about delusions, so don’t get me wrong.”

    Others burst into laughter as she said that.

    The ladies covered their mouths and laughed, and the men twisted their lips as if it was ridiculous.

    The children giggled and looked at each other.

    said the noble boy.

    “western commander is right.”


    “I thought you were going to make excuses like this.”

    “… … !”

    The nobles laughed and whispered.

    “Anyway, western commander is clever.”

    “So, the central commander must have gone mad with jealousy and dared to bring a man into the palace.”

    “What about trying to isolate her from the social world using other commanders?”

    Celine took a deep breath.

    'Erilot Astra. This wicked thing!’

    Celine shot the noble children.

    “Do you believe that? You've seen me longer."

    “It’s even more disappointing because I’ve seen you for a long time.”

    "do not misunderstand. I.."

    At that moment, the eyes of the nobles turned to the Imperial Palace at once.

    The hardened Duke of Chateaubriand was coming out through the door.

    At that moment, Celine's expression softened.

    The child who stared at the children once more approached my father about a month later.

    “Father, I need to talk. Western commander did something strange to me.”

    “Shut up that mouth.”


    The Duke of Chateau Briand passed by without even looking at his daughter.

    The Marquis Noklang shouted at the duke walking silently.

    “Don’t even think about letting your Majesty’s generosity lead you again this time.”

    “… … .”

    “I will never forgive the Duke for touching the Emperor. you know my temper It will bite and droop until the moment this old body breaks.”

    “… … .”

    Celine looked at the cold nobles, and then, nervously, turned to my father.


    “didn’t I tell you to shut up—!”

    “… … !”

    “You come alone.”

    “b, but.”

    The Duke of Chateaubriand left first, and the nobles dispersed.

    Three or five people talked about today's events until they disappeared.

    “What will happen, Dad?”

    “It must be a big deal for Chateaubriand. His Majesty to help turned his back on him, and the Duke of Astra was very angry with his granddaughter’s work.”

    “Father, calm down.”

    "Calm?! How can you calm yourself down when the Emperor is returning from time to time? Convene your comrades-in-law!”


    “What will happen to Chateaubriand now?”

    “That's not the problem. If the children who were deceived by that girl's blatant lies, even made a mistake with other commanders, we are the same.”

    Celine was like a seagull completely left out of the pack.

    Seeing her alone, her royal courtiers shed her smile, her pick.

    ‘I, I need to fix things.’

    If you fix it, you can go back to where it was before.

    ‘Didn’t the Marquis of Noklang say that the comrade is convening?’

    The Former Generals Meeting is a gathering of former generals.

    The imperial army still had great influence.

    In particular, the current general is trusted by the comrades-in-arms, so she will not be able to go beyond their words.

    ‘If, if you are going to investigate the Imperial Palace.’

    If you are kicked out of the original position in this state, it's over.

    They had to hurriedly crack down on the commander and the soldiers.

    Celine hurriedly ran to the Torch Palace.

    She was going to check the papers in my office when she heard voices coming from the greenhouse.

    ‘The other commander are still there.’


    I thought what would happen if we didn't meet, but we can talk about it now.

    Celine entered the greenhouse.

    Sebastia, Commander of Eastern, Southern and Northern Commander were sitting around the table.

    Southern Commander jumped up as soon as she saw Shilin.

    “I’m going to go.”


    Celine quickly grabbed Rika’s arm.

    “Don’t do that, let’s talk.”

    “Do you have something to tell?”

    “It is said that the Marquis Noklang has convened a fellowship. Looking at the situation, I think Imperial Military will be investigated. They are trying to push me away.”


    “I’m not the only one having trouble, right?”

    Celime looked at Rika with an awkward expression.

    “Rika, you got my help too. isn't it? The same goes for the North Commander.”


    “Who was the person who made you win the Southern Commander Army? It would be a big deal if this became known.”


    “So everyone, please crack down on the military. Let me tell you I didn't have any problems. The strange thing was that it was a western commander, so I couldn't trust it. Rika, Benja, and Sebastia.”

    “… … .”

    “We, we had a good time. Think about it. You forgot how friendly I was until wesrern commander arrived. Isn't it?"


    Rika burst out laughing.

    Then she roughly removed the cylinder and shouted.

    “Enforcement? The soldiers have already entered the investigation room—!”

    “What, what?”

    “Since you vomited with your mouth, the investigation must be quick! Did you think Astra would give you time to crack down?!”

    “That’s absurd.”

    “As soon as Lady Astra woke up, he immediately blocked commander’s entrance and started the investigation—!!”

    Celine's face turned blue.

    ‘So people.’

    Now I understand why she looked at me with such ambitious eyes.

    They already knew that I would be kicked out of the commander position.

    Rika stared at Celine with tears streaming down her face.

    “What are you going to do now?”


    “The Southern Army and the Central Army were in charge of guarding the outer palace that day! Because of you, I even helped attract the monster! Even though I didn’t know—!!”

    Rika wept and shook Celine's shoulder.

    “Now what are you going to do? If I get kicked out of the commander, then I will–!”

    “It’s not my fault. It's all, it's all Erilot Astra's fault."

    “It’s you—!”

    This time, Benja, the North Commande shouted.

    The Benja was also crying.

    “No, I got what you gave me because there were no problems, but I thought it was just for the Nothern Army.”

    “… … .”

    “My father said she was very angry. If this got into my sister's ear, I'm dead. Huh..!”

    Rika kept screaming.

    “Take responsibility! Even if I tell my father, I will take responsibility!”

    “Now what? ahh.. ! My sister is going to kill me!!”

    Sebastia, who had her arms crossed, sighed.

    Then she got up.

    Celine looked at Sebastia with a puzzled look.

    “Ugh, where are you going?”

    “I have no affair with the three of them. If you want to discuss it, there are three of you.”

    “But where are you going like this?! Do you have no loyalty?”

    “Do I have to be loyal to the offender?”

    Sebastia looked at Celine with her absurd face and moved her steps.

    As she was about to leave her door, she looked behind her.

    “There is no duty to protect the offender, but if the Southern and Northen are missing, it will be difficult to lead the Army.”

    "then… !”

    “can, can you help me?”

    The faces of Southern and Northern Commander Army brightened.

    Sebastia said.

    “What the hell are you ignoring about the subject you want to live on?”


    "what… .”

    “Who holds the key to this now?”

    Rika and Benja looked at each other.
    The two inhaled hot and breathed at the same time.

    Then she started running away.

    “Eh, where did you say Miss Erylot was?”

    “That’s it. The Duke of Astra and the Count are in private talks with His Majesty the Emperor, so you probably haven't been there yet... .”

    "Ward! It’s a ward!”

    "Oh! let's go together!"

    Celine shouted at the two men running frantically behind me.

    “You’re leaving me?! How could that be! What we've been together so far... !”

    The two ran to Erillot without even hearing Celine's story.

    Sebastia said with a smirk.

    “I don’t think I’ll ever see you in the future, so I’ll give you a piece of advice.”

    “… I do not need."

    "why? I like advice.”

    "you… .”

    “Tomorrow, the world will be turned upside down. Wouldn't it be better to leave before then?"


    “If only ypu could leave.”

    Sebastia stepped out of her door.

    Eastern's general who was waiting, bowed his head.

    he asked as he looked inside the door.

    “What are you going to do now?”

    "well. Just watching”


    “Because it looks like Erilot will get Imperial Military now.”

    “Didn’t you already think her as your sister?”

    Sebastia laughed softly. Then she hummed.

    “Prepare a gift for visiting Erilot. I wish it was a rose.”

    “she is the rose of Astra.”

    “It would be better if the rose was dark black.”


    Sebastia let out a laugh.

    ‘It turned out to be fun.’

    Jowwick Chateaubriand is in her hand.

    Perhaps, with Military's investigation in mind from the beginning, Jowick, who had a significant influence on the Central Army, was brought into the Western Army.

    ‘Because he’s smart.’

    He's so clever, he'll never get past this.

    The world will change.

    And Sebastia's thoughts were right.

    The next day, the world turned upside down.

    * * *

    I entered the palace early and headed to the Imperial Palace.

    Jihyuk Han looked at me with a worried expression.

    “you are not feeling well yet, so why do you have to do it today?”

    “Quick speed. The point is not to give the opponent time to prepare.”

    “Awesome, really.”

    Han Ji-hyuk shook his head sharply.

    I smiled once in a while and knelt in front of the Imperial Palace.

    "your Majesty! Astra’s 23rd-generation grandson and Daymond Astra’s eldest daughter, Erylot Astra, asks—!”

    When I shouted, the royals ran away in panic.

    “How are you doing, commander? Get up.”

    No, I shouldn't wake up like this.

    She always sang like this in Korean historical dramas.

    I closed my eyes and shook my head with a determined expression.

    “It’s what I have to do.”

    "But… … .”

    “I apologize for the fuss. But will you give me a chance to speak to your Majesty?”


    I carefully removed the palace servant's hand and shouted again.

    “Give the Central Commander a chance!”

    It was natural for people to be shocked.

    Giving someone a chance to someone who was want to kill me.

    It was absurd even I thought.

    “Uh, what… !”

    People were bewildered and did not know what to do, and I bowed my head again and said.

    “she made a mistake, but I think her loyalty to His Majesty will be sincere. Your Majesty, please forgive Celine!”

    “… … .”

    “Your Majesty, please forgive the central commander for the Chateaubriand that has been released!”

    “… … .”

    “Give them a chance to prove their loyalty!”

    When I shouted like that, everyone was looking at me with thrilled faces.

    Even though I was having some clever thoughts inside.

    ‘I’ll make sure I don’t have to fight the pro-emperor. So I know whose hand I should hold?'

    Daymond Astra.

    I have my dad.

    ‘But if you forgive the real Shilin, you will die.’

    It's all acting.

    You guessed it too?

    It's just giving the pro-emperor a chance to get out. huh?

    "your Majesty… !”

    “A child like you.”

    The emperor muttered and walked out.

    The Empress Dowager was also there.

    She said as the Empress Dowager took my hand and lifted me up.

    “How can you get through this rough world with such a good heart?”
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