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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by countblackula, Apr 20, 2021.

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    Mar 2, 2021
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    hey guys. i just opened Steam briefly before bed and I just saw the deal of my life flash before my eyes.

    idk about you but im in love with 11 bit studios, especially when they made This War of Mine. i could not stop the feels playing that game. im also currently into playing frostpunk as well and man, this game makes you play on hard choices, think about the efficiency of certain actions, etc and i love it. if you don't have Frostpunk yet or This War of Mine, I highly recommend this bundle.


    the whole bundle costs about 1k PHP to me ( which is about $20?) and Frostpunk and This War of Mine can basically pay themselves off of that amount, theyre just that good. this means that the rest you'll be getting out of that bundle like their DLCs (which may cost the same amount if not higher than the games themselves) is practically free. add to that Moonlighter is a very nice RPG and Children of Morta has a cool story progression as you play through. both of them and their dlcs are in the same bundle as well which is such a deal. so if you have the spare funds, go buy this bundle.

    sale is only for 2 days btw.