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    Artist: Yenko
    Artist: Yenko[​IMG]
    Whole cover
    Title: Wishing for salvation
    KR Title: 구원을 바라는 건
    Links: Kakaopage
    NU Link: None
    “Answer the question. Adela. Did you seduce the Crown Prince?”

    She was possessed in a novel but nothing had changed. Hannah was still looked down on by her family, despised, and only a supporting role.

    Even if she was possess, she is Adela Blanche. A character who dies without receiving a single love from her parents. She can't change it.

    The even more absurd part, was that Hannah still wanted to be loved and she still wanted to live.

    What's bad is that she only wants someone to save her from this cruel world.



    The whispering voice was low. The sound of my heart seemed to travel through the veins and reach Valerie's palm.

    “You choose.”

    Valerie gently stroked Hannah's face.

    “Choose me.”

    His eyes were deep and dark as he drew closer and closer. In the distance so close that our breath were entwined, the heat engulfed all of Hannah's nerves.

    “Make a family with your own hands.”
    "What should I do for you?" Do you want me to be your family?"

    Oh, Hannah has never tasted her sweetness more than she did.

    Instead of worrying, joy filled her mind. Valerie and family, the ecstasy of two words engulfed and devoured Hannah.

    Artist: Yenko
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I can't find the artist for this but maybe Yenko too TT
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    Spoilers please !:blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone:
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    Lmao I forgot to add spoilers.

    • MC's real name is Hanna/Hannah (Haena/해나) but I'll use Hanna/Hannah as MTL says or I'll get confused lol.
    • She was an orphan. She was abused by the director so she has a habit to keep quite when eating and shut her mouth.
    • After in orphanage, she was adopted to a wealthy family but her family treated her as their biological daughter's toy. Their daughter wants a sibling but they're infertile and can't produce more lmao.
    • She was abused more after Anna (the evil daughter) got bored to MC because she is not funny to be with. She only knows how to cook rice and just quiet.
    • The novel was written by Anna but it was edited by MC because Anna's writting is terrible. MC was also prohibited to write because their parents don't want Anna to get hurt if MC's writing is much better.
    • She became a daughter of a count. All character's names are so long so I only remembered Adela Blanche (her name)
    • She was possessed in a novel right before she was accused of attempt murder of imperial family. She doesn't have time to avoid it.
    • Her character was originally written as a villain. OG!Adela has a crush on the crown prince (OG!ML) but the crown prince already have fiancee (OG!FL). The OG!story was about to end tho.
    • There was Esper, physic, guide in this novel (connected to magic). I think it should be 4 or only 3. idk too TT
    • OG!Adela also have fiancee. The strongest Esper in the world. Grand Duke Valerie Lorenzo(i forgot the other because it was really long)
    • MC was still abused by her family (in this novel) They were ashamed that Adela is their daughter.
    • She was trained to hide her expressions because they don't want her to express her love to crown prince to avoid the grand duke from breaking the engagement.

    Going back when she transmigrated right before she was accused of attempt murder.
    • The crown prince's magic was releasing againts his will and he will explode but he won't die since he is OG!ML.
    • In the original novel, Adela was dizzy so she wants to rest a bit so she go out of the banquet but she saw OG!ML and tried to 'guide' him so he won't explode but crown prince hated it since he know Adela likes him. Adela was pushed by the crown prince and collapsed and crown prince explode. Adela was accused of attempt murder since she was the only one there aside from the crown prince. She was put in the trial but she was released. But she still died in the original because a monster/demon was about to kill OG!ML and OG!FL in their wedding day so Adela sacrificed herself. OG!ML pity her but still proceed to the wedding.
    • Now, she realize the situation and forced herself to touch OG!ML's hand to 'guide' him. And it was successful.
    I'll organize the important events first before giving another spoiler.
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    Is the ML the fiancee or the crown prince?
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    MC's fiancee. I was confused at first too XD
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    Y'll should really read this so here's an MTL. I'm still at chapter 11 but I only ocr until 5 but I'll ocr more! Also, MC's name is Adela Blanche, i thought her name was also long but it's notXD

    Tell me if you can't understand some sentence and I'll try to explain it.
    Hannah looked around the room with perplexed eyes.

    The prince, whose magic was running wild, was glaring at him fiercely, and the objects in the room were flying all over the air.

    She is now the villain in the novel, Adela Blanche.

    “How, what should I do… ."

    Seeing my body thrown on the floor, it must have been the scene where the Crown Prince pushed Adela away, who was forcibly coveting him.

    If she was originally she should have been knocked out as she was shoved. And later on, he will be arrested for attempted murder of the imperial family.

    But why did she wake up possessed by this body?

    The prince's fierce eyes were ready to kill her at any moment if she touched her hand again.

    That said, it is obvious that he will be arrested for murdering the imperial family even if he loses his mind like this.

    Young-ae, who is shaking hands in the same room, and the prince who died due to a runaway of magic! It was a perfect fit for being accused of a murderer and sentenced to death.

    It was a bleak future whether you were standing still or not standing still.

    Hannah bit her nails and stood in front of the Crown Prince.

    'How do you do it? What should I do… … .'

    But, how can I just watch people dying in front of my eyes? It was unimaginable for Hannah's disposition.

    Whether it was her luck or her misfortune, she even had the power to stop her magical runaway.

    Hannah closed her eyes tightly and slowly crawled towards the prince.

    She then reached out to the Crown Prince, who was about to fall, and held out her hand.

    “I, my lord. I'm really, really sorry. I'll only guide you. I'm not doing anything... .”

    But the prince slapped Hannah's hand roughly. Her body had lost all her strength, but it seemed as if she had pushed it away with her last strength.

    Eugene took a breath in the heat that seemed to melt her brain. In his lifetime he had never released such a vast amount of magic until he did.

    Eugène's magic was only enough to secretly adjust the hem of my fiancee, Charlotte's dress, or pour tea into a teacup.

    Like his half-brother, he was unable to use high-ranking magic such as killing beasts or creating barriers.

    However, even with such magical power, there was no way to do it all at once.

    His body didn't listen. His eyes seemed to turn red. I wondered if this was real death.

    So Eugene was even more angry. He wanted to see the face of his beloved fiancée before his death. Not the face of that damn Count Young Ae!

    She didn't know his pace, and Hannah desperately excused himself.

    "I… … I also found it by accident, and it was a real mistake, so if you could just let me guide you... … .”

    Of course it was true. When I opened my eyes only from Hannah's point of view, it was just this situation.

    Eugene did not believe it at all.

    "I'm sorry. I'm sorry... I'll do it soon."

    Hannah looked as pitiful and pitiful as possible, and she stretched out her hand to the Crown Prince.

    As soon as he touched his hand, he knew intuitively that the severity was serious. If he endured any longer, he would really run out and die.

    Hannah forcibly grabbed Eugene's gripping hand. It seemed that Hannah's voice could not be heard well because she was drunk anyway.

    “I only see it in writing. I don’t know if it will work out.”

    To understand this absurd situation, we first had to look back at Hannah's childhood.

    Hannah was abandoned when she was five and she was raised in an orphanage.

    The manager was a bad person. She often picked up her rod, saying that she would get into her habit, and would often get angry by grabbing her pods over her petty things.

    She was always hungry because she gave her only a small amount of food. But even at her dine-in-place, which was the size of a tiny little one, she was one of the most terrifying times for Hannah.

    These ugly things! How many times have I told you not to eat while making a dirty whip!

    Her intense screams were etched in her mind for a long time. She kept her mouth shut even when Hanna was all grown up, and she couldn't get rid of the habit of chewing as quietly as possible.

    Hannah prayed every day that her first parents would reappear and that anyone of her older age would rescue her from there.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, when she turned twelve, Hannah was adopted by a wealthy couple.

    It wasn't her adoption to be her real daughter. Her husband and wife, who were infertile, only needed a doll to listen to her 'I want her sister.'

    She happened to have a similar name to her Anna, and Hannah, who she had no likes or dislikes, was a good fit for the role despite her age.

    i hate him now She only cooks rice, it's no fun, she's useless.

    But, just like her ordinary child, she was fed up with her toy, her new sister, for a short time.

    It was an instant when Hannah became her Anna's punching bag, gradually becoming her whole family's punching bag.

    It was normal for her to do all Anna's homework, and it was Hanna's responsibility to answer her sensitive anger.

    Sometimes she had to be a housekeeper, sometimes a janitor, sometimes a carnivore, sometimes a food waste.

    She thought she liked Hannah though.

    When she went out she thought she was lucky to have something she could call 'her family'.

    She sometimes thought of the word independence when she was too tired and struggling, but if she did, they would be happy and would treat her Hannah as a 'man'.

    In the end, she chose Hannah to stay with her. Even if she was used as a maid, it would have been better for her to have her family.

    Instead, she started begging again.

    She said, 'I hope anyone likes me.'

    Even though she had no one to listen to, she wished Hannah so.

    Her misery of Hannah, her small wishes, and her vain hopes were piled up in such a small notebook.

    So writing her about herself was my only refuge.

    But it wasn't long before the notebook was discovered by Anna who had searched Hannah's room.

    Did even that small wish seem worthwhile?

    'Look, Hannah was writing? That's why I'm trying to write something!'

    After that, Anna started writing. The genre was romance fantasy.

    When Anna decided on her pen name and began to publish her articles, her parents forbade Hannah from writing her articles.

    It was to prevent Anna, whom she cherished, from ever hurting her by comparing her writing skills with hers.

    Instead, Hannah was tasked with correcting her grotesque spellings, odd grammars, inscriptions and typos before Anna posted her post.

    As usual, she wanted Hannah to read her book somewhere, as she had never properly owned a single one of her books.

    She was so so she worked really hard. She read the sloppy writing into her eyes.

    So, Anna's writing was something that Hannah knew all too well.

    She probably knows more about Hannah than she does Anna. Because she had seen it many times.

    She said, "Even the prince wants to have love!"

    Like the childish title, the novel is a simple love story.

    There were three types of people in the novel's worldview: a Psychic who can use magic but receives a reaction, a guide who calms the reaction, and an ordinary person.

    Although Eugene was of a low rank, he was a Psychic capable of using magical powers.

    However, even though he was a Psychic, he did not bring a guide. It was because she thought her heroine was her own 'true love'.

    Eugène fell in love at first sight with Charlotte Pelape, the daughter of the Duke of Pelape, and persistently courted her, but she was bitterly rejected.

    However, he did not give up, and the two have a happy ending just like the main characters in the novel.

    The scene that unfolds in front of Hannah now is the point at which the villain, one of the obstacles between the protagonists in such a novel, is dealt with.

    During a banquet celebrating the subjugation of the West, Eugene drank a drink filled with drugs and was on the verge of a runaway.

    Coincidentally, it was not the female protagonist who discovered such a prince.

    Adela Scott Merlien Blanche. She was an extra who had a crush on him.

    Her salary She was the countess's wife and first-class guide, and she tried to force her nephew to guide her. It was clearly coercive.

    Oh my God, if Hannah's adoptive parents had known, they would have grabbed her by the neck and passed.

    The fact that Anna Baek writes a novel for fun is a violent and dirty 19-gold novel.

    Adela Blanche's guiding in her novel, of course, ends in an attempt when her prince pushes her away with her own magic and bangs her head against her wall.

    Instead, she meets the wrath of the Crown Prince and is completely portrayed as a villain.

    The funny thing was that this Adela Blanche was already in the body with her fiance as well.

    Even his fiancé was Valery Lorenzo, the Archduke of the Valdemar Empire and the most powerful Esper.

    What on earth would you love to leave behind and love a prince who already has a crush on him?

    Of course, it wasn't that she couldn't understand Anna's thoughts. Because he had a strong attachment to the male protagonist I made.

    It must have been that he wanted to appeal as a male protagonist who can attract even a woman with a great fiance.

    and Hannah.

    Even if she was possessed, she possessed a character like this.

    When Hannah opened her eyes, she was met with a man who was collapsing, panting for her breath.

    "What is this..."

    The man was breathing out and barely supporting his body with the straw hand on the bed. His legs were already trembling, and his entire face was damp with cold sweat.

    The man's hands and arms holding the sheet were also trembling. He looked like he was going to go down at any moment.

    Hannah unconsciously raised her body to support him.

    But Hannah was immediately startled and had to bite her body. There was a reason his body was aching strangely, but it was because the situation was even more bizarre than that.

    Because she was lying on the side of her wall, she could look around her room with just a slight turn of her eyes.

    But, except for the man's bed, all the objects in the room are floating in the air.

    A small round table, a chair, a teacup, curtains on the window sill, sofa, chest of drawers, a vase presumably lying on it, and even sparkling water and tea. All of them were flying in the air.

    Even Hannah herself felt strangely light when her body touched the floor.

    “Wow, what’s the matter, this… … .”

    It wasn't just that.

    Hannah raised her own hand to her face.

    Her puffy, frilled sleeves swayed with each movement of Hannah's hand.

    She was splendid embroidery, not seen in expensive dresses that were sometimes worn in formal occasions.

    It wasn't the clothes I was wearing. She was wearing plain plain clothes until she opened her eyes.

    It wasn't like I was in such an old-fashioned room. She was in Anna's room, her sister.

    Obviously it was... … .

    Where the hell is this place, who is that man, and why are you in this place and in this state?

    “Ugh… ."

    The man's mournful groan could be heard in her confused Hannah's ears. She quickly raised her head and looked at the man.

    He couldn't breathe properly, and his body was shaking, but his eyes were glaringly wide.

    "Why are you still holding out your shameless face? I mean, are you kidding me? If it doesn't go off right now... I'll really, kill, throw it away."

    His voice was already resting, but the content was terrifying.

    When she met the bright red eyes of his brilliantly shining red eyes, Hanna's unfamiliar memories flooded her mind.

    Oh, this body is not Baek Hae-na's body. This is not the world I used to live in.

    This man, now on his knees before her, is dying, Diego Eugène Stuart von Waldemar.

    He was the Crown Prince of the House of Valdemar.

    In this absurd situation, Hannah had to somehow guide him in order to survive immediately.
    Fortunately, unlike Hanna's Ki-woo, as soon as he held the foreign-made's hand, he could feel the energy flowing through his body.

    It was like her rippling waves, filling Hannah's body.

    Concentrating her senses on her interlaced hands and imagining passing her aura, she really felt them slip away.

    “Ugh, hey, damn it, a woman…!”

    On the other hand, Eugène felt nauseated by the energy of Adela Blanche circling in her body.

    To be more specific, she felt disgusted by the fact that the energy of Adela Blanche circling within his body was soothing her.

    The pain that felt like being stabbed in the body with a needle has subsided and a pleasant refreshing feeling is filled.

    The fact that it wasn't from Charlotte made him very uncomfortable.

    He looked at Adela Blanche with a keen eye, who was looking at him passionately even when the banquet celebrating the return of the Western subjugation began.

    However, she frowned slightly and held his hand dry, but she did nothing else.

    Adela Blanche's eyes were full of madness as they followed him into the room, and he couldn't help but wonder how he acted as if he were someone else in an instant.

    He thought that Adela Blanchie, who entered the room, would either take off her own clothes, or take her own clothes off, or one of the two.

    In the worst case, the car was even thinking of killing him under the pretext of murdering the royal family. But such a peaceful guiding.

    Whether Eugène is offended or she is suspicious of her, Hannah looked at her clasped hands, feeling her a little bit of her novelty.

    It felt very strange to see what she had only read in writing in action.

    The furniture in the room gradually descended from the air and settled into place. However, she could not pick up the spilled water and tea, so she wet her carpet.

    As her gasping breath calmed a little, Eugene asked in a sharp voice.

    "What kind of trick is this? Young Count Blanche. My question, I must give a proper answer."

    Hannah looked embarrassed at his question.

    “I too, Ooh, I accidentally found Your Majesty, and I thought you were ill, so I was guiding you.”

    It was clearly written in the original story that Adela discovered the Crown Prince by accident. Hannah trusted my memories and went out a little more brazen. Eugene's eyebrows rose slightly.

    “Are you going to believe that now?”

    “Yeah, but I saved you…”

    Hannah replied timidly. But even her seeds were not eaten. Eugene looked at Hannah with a more suspicious look.

    "If you can't fulfill your duty to save the Crown Prince of Valdemar, do you want a reward?"


    It wasn't exactly wrong. How can he now know that she is Hannah and not Adela Blanche?

    And she knew that Adela Blanche had a bad heart.

    To say it was a coincidence was the best excuse and immunity Hannah could have, but he was literally the Crown Prince.

    If he's wrong, he's always the Earl's daughter.

    Adela Blanche was, of course, the fiancee of the Archduke, but she was not yet married, so she was a meaningless modifier.

    Hannah was accustomed to not draining energy in useless places, and to bow down and look.

    So she simply bowed her head and apologized.

    However, Eugène further raised doubts about Adela Blanche's behavior.

    She had only calmed herself down before the runaway, but she was fortunate to Hannah that she was still unable to properly control her body in the aftermath of her boiling magic.

    Hannah let go of her hand as Eugène seemed to have calmed down. He irritably shook her shaky hands.

    “I think it’s over… … . then… … I, I'll go."

    Hannah flinched and got her body up.

    Seeing her not break her doesn't seem to have quelled her suspicions about Hannah, but she didn't want to kill or imprison her.

    She asks, 'Did she avoid the accident of breaking her head while forcibly taking her body?'

    Then she was lucky out of misery.

    Hanna, relieved at the thought that she had passed her difficulties, quickly left her seat.

    As she walks to her door, almost running away, without looking behind her, Eugène again panics a little.

    Her intuition was warning her that she was clearly the culprit of this situation, but reason was calmly examining her reality.

    Her head started to hurt halfway through the banquet, and she begged Charlotte to forgive her, and she briefly visited her break room.

    But then she suddenly felt her vomiting, and her body started to feel hot.

    So she hurriedly went into any empty room she could see. It wasn't the lounge for the royal family she was originally going to go to.

    Nevertheless, he was educated from birth to thoroughly manage his facial expressions. There was no way that pain or impatience could have been shown openly on his face.

    If so, Adela Blanche's arrival in his room must have been either a thorough plan or a coincidence.

    But if it was the Blanche's plan, why didn't Adela Blanche carry it out with a face that looked like she was going to touch his body?

    Why did you just hold her hand and walk away?

    Where did the difference between that maddening face and the expressionless face that changed in an instant come from?

    Contemplating with a serious expression, he flashed his head at the hypothesis that flashed through his mind.

    No, actually, if only the fact that I was in the same room with him mattered?

    If it was all acting, even the sad expression that seemed to go back to the beginning and fall in love, if it was a plan to damage the public image of the Crown Prince.

    It was somewhat lax, but it was the most sensible hypothesis that foreigner could think of.

    He licked his lips, kicked his seat, and ran to the door.

    As he slammed the already closed door open, at the end of the hallway, someone grabbed his hand and dragged him with dark hair.

    "Damn it, you're late."

    He staggered, holding his still dazed head.

    * * *

    He somehow quickly escaped from the situation and Hannah, who opened the door to sleep, had to face an unexpected figure.

    He was a middle-aged man with obsessively neatly tucked his hair back.

    The moment the bitter scent of Rabdanum passed through her nose, she could tell.

    He was the father of Adela Blanche.

    father. A real father with a blood line that Hannah did not have.

    Hannah looked up at him blankly in an unfamiliar feeling.

    But Adela's father, Douglas Blanche, crumpled her face as she was, pulling Hannah's arm strong.

    How fast her gait was, she thought, as Hannah felt like she was being dragged around like a dog rather than walking herself.

    He was wearing high-heeled shoes, and trying to follow his footsteps, his toes hurt as if they were stabbed.

    Hannah spoke cautiously to her Count Blanche, who was pulling her with her terrifying expression.

    “Oh, Dad, take it slow…”

    "Shut up, Adela. I can't stand the shame that you're my daughter. Follow me quietly."

    Hannah reflexively shut her mouth and held her breath in response to her cold whispers.

    Her wrist hurt so much. She must have been bruised blue. There was no blood flowing through her hands.

    Still, this was a bit of a drug. She knew Hannah well with people who spoke those kinds of things.

    He told me not to crawl out of the room when I was a guest. Don't give me the damn thing,

    You should know her shame.

    It was her foster parents.

    They could wield her violence against Hannah at any time. In that case, keeping your mouth shut unconditionally and obeying was the least appropriate method.

    Count Blanche hurriedly crossed the filthy large imperial palace and headed for the carriage at the entrance to the imperial castle.

    He revealed his temper and slashed the servant's back, crouching under the carriage, strong enough to leave footprints.

    Hannah, not accustomed to this kind of thing, stopped her steps in front of her attendant.

    Then, a bitter hand sword flew over Hannah's cheek.

    “Don’t be slow.”

    Her face turned completely to the right, and Hannah gasped her breath she had held back.

    Her body began to tremble. Her fear, even worse than before, began to dominate Hanna's body.

    With a creaking gesture, she stepped on the servant's back, and as soon as she got into her carriage, the door slammed shut.


    Inside the ice-cold carriage, the Count lifted his staff from the floor and touched the floor. Hannah's body stiffened.

    On top of her black wand made of hazel, a crocodile, meaning Blanchi, opened her mouth as if to devour Hannah.


    Sweat dripped from her hands on Hannah's lap.

    It was instinctive.

    Hannah didn't do anything, but her lips didn't open because of her long-trained habits that had penetrated her soul.

    Hannah's hair turned white and she was confused about what to say.

    "Adela Scott Merlien Blanche. I asked you to explain. Are you kidding me?"

    "Oh, no. That's not it..."

    Again her hand came down. Hannah was desperately trying to get rid of her thoughts. Otherwise, she was about to cry.

    She knew it would make it harder for her to show her tears.

    Asking what she was good at crying, she would use even more violence. So did the head of her orphanage, her adoptive parents, and Anna. she did it all

    So you should never think about it. Just clearing her head and accepting was the only solution to her violence she knew.

    Her hand, Hannah's, pressed against the hem of her dress.

    However, the word 'father' kept floating around in Hannah's head.

    "You lost your mind because you wanted to die. You couldn't even manage your facial expressions, so it wasn't enough to paint the family, did you want to get hung up outside the gates of the Imperial Palace!"

    Hannah searched Adela's memory of her.

    The fact that she was not able to manage her facial expressions and ruined the family probably meant that the rumor that Adela was in love with the Crown Prince had spread to the Imperial Palace.

    As the rumors about her began to circulate, she remembered her being beaten by the Count, and her body stiffened even more.

    "Oh, Dad, not what you think-."

    “Did you sleep?”


    “Answer the question. Adela. Did you seduce the Crown Prince?"

    "No, no, no."

    Her pain was not acclimatized to her third blow. Hannah was the perfect fit for her to hold her breath and make it as small as possible.

    Her thick, curly black hair, fortunately, obscured her breath.

    “It’s of no use whatsoever. If you've been walking around like that, there should be some news."

    Perhaps he had already reached the tip of his head, and he was shooting raw words.

    Hannah's fear and humiliation seemed to drive her away from her mind.

    She said, "When you're naked in thunder, you drool and drool for four months. Come out of that room with a normal face?"

    The Count tapped Hannah in the leg with a hard stick.

    “If you’re going to have an accident, you should have had success, or the family, even a little, if you wanted to help, even if you had a weakness. If you wouldn't do this or that, go to that room! You shouldn't have gone in."

    The sound of her muffled words cut through Hannah's stomach as if it were a knife. Even the blunt stick piercing her knee felt sharp.

    Still, there was nothing she could say.

    Count Blanche swung her wand between Hannah's trembling legs.

    Hannah understood what it meant and wanted to close her legs, but she had no choice but to close her eyes tightly to the Count's gaze.

    She said, 'You should have seduced the prince, if you're going to have an accident, you should have succeeded... … .'

    Hannah regretted her first moment when she felt her liberation that she had escaped her fucking her house even for a moment. She was here or there, and she was no different.

    The salvation she had hoped for was nowhere in the end.
    When Hannah arrived at Count Blanche, she was pulled out of the wagon and crawled into the house.

    Adela's mother, Countess Mac Burnett, looked at her cold Hannah with her cold face, then turned her head away without a word.

    “Stop showing her face outside for the time being,” she said. Take care of her until a wedding date is set.”

    The Count took off her coat and handed it to her wife.

    Hannah followed her mother's gaze and gave up. She never gave Hannah a glance.

    “Mental illness is also a disease, so the assortment is correct. Repent for what you did wrong in the room!”

    As he raised her large hand, Hannah reflexively shrugged her body. Fortunately, he only brushed her hair away from her fever.

    “It is a sin to be old and not know what is good for the family or what is an overkill.”

    “Did Adela do anything else?”

    Countess Mac Burnett asked, gently grabbing her husband's arm.

    "There must have been a rumor that he had an affair with the Crown Prince. Adela, don't you know what your father is like now? It's too stupid to pass up on. How much that blue-eyed kid ignores me at every meeting!"

    Count Blanche sharpened his teeth, remembering the faces of the emperors, princes, and imperial nobles who looked down at him at every banquet.

    If he gets involved in an unsavory thing in the midst of a fierce battle with the nobles, the Crown Prince is right and he will be thrown away.

    "It's a shame. It's a good thing because it's a corner where people don't go. If anyone could take a look..."

    He stared at her as if to kill her right away, then turned her head away, kicking her tongue.

    "done! lock in the room I don’t even want to see it.”

    Still unsatisfied, she untied the cravat and threw it to the ground.

    “Stay like a dead mouse. And there.”


    The Count snapped her fingers at the two of her maids who were standing behind Hannah.

    "Take him and check it out."

    “Yes, my lord.”

    Ronya and Anne exchanged glances and nodded her head, then picked up Hannah, who was still moving, and led her into her room.

    * * *

    Hannah was locked up in my little room with a bathroom.

    Her modest meal came with every meal, but her Hannah's mouth was all torn apart and it didn't go well. It was even more so because Hannah chewed it up in her weight loss challenge.

    "Lady, hold on to this."

    Ronya placed a towel soaked in her cold water against Hannah's cheek.

    It was the kindness of others that she had felt for a long time. Hannah smiled slightly, she replied.


    “Eat this too. It is a good medicine for swelling. Ugh, what do I do when my wrists are like this?”

    Anne held out a green pill in a white bowl. Just looking at it, I vibrated bitterly, but Hannah took her pills and ate it without a fuss.

    Ronya and Anne were the only ones in the callous countess who cared about Adela. Although she had to hide even her worries.

    If there are people like this, should I consider myself lucky again?

    Hannah sat back on her bed and sighed in frustration.

    She said, 'This cadet is skinny.'

    The prince of the original story was found wandering in the crossroads of life and death, and was found by the Imperial Palace Guards, and he was dramatically guided and survived.

    It may have taken her a little longer compared to Adela Ingira, the guide to the Imperial Palace, but it might have been better for her Crown Prince.

    She is later found with Adela banged on her head, which she uses as an excuse to keep her out of sight.

    Judging by the count's personality, she must have been imprisoned under the guise of recuperating her.

    She tells Adela that she pretended not to know the runaway prince and she is accused of aiding the murder.

    However, she is spared from prison thanks to the objection of Count Blanche that the prince did not die, was fainted at the time of discovery, and that Adela had a high guiding figure to be used.

    However, the situation at that time spread widely throughout the social circle, and she has been imprisoned ever since.

    Afterwards, Adela dies in vain.

    She threw her body on behalf of the Crown Prince at the magician who appeared at the wedding of the protagonists who secretly attended.

    The Crown Prince feels a little bit of pity to see such Adela, but he thinks of her causality and vindictiveness as he recalls what she did to her.

    She then gets married again, after she takes care of her work casually.

    That was Adela's bitter end.

    She says now that although it seems unlikely she will go to trial like in the original, she couldn't do anything else about it.

    Count Blanche had escorts throughout his house, including outside his door.

    Occasionally, according to a story told by Ronya, he said that the socialites and the imperial palace were still quiet.

    It means that no one has ever seen or had her father's hand. That could be said to be fortunate.

    After all, the Crown Prince has not officially stepped forward.

    Of course, it is full of doubts, but without accurate evidence, even the Crown Prince would not have been able to move hastily.

    “Maybe, she can live her life quietly like this?”

    "What are you talking about, lady! No. The Count is very angry right now, but you will soon be relieved."

    "That's right. I told you that rumors are quiet. Wait a little bit and you'll be fine."

    Ronya and Anne, startled, grabbed Adela's hand.

    Sadly, that didn't comfort Hannah at all.

    Hannah gently removed their hands and covered her blanket over her head.

    “I’m going to sleep a little.”

    Ronya and Anne, unable to add anything to the helpless voices, wrinkled the hem of their clothes.

    The door swung open as Hannah tried to close her eyes and try to get the sleep that didn't come.

    "Adela Blanche!"

    It was Count Blanche.

    Hannah was startled at the sound of her anger-filled voice, so she took off the blanket and raised her upper body.

    Count Blanche walked up to her bed with great strides, squeezing his anger with one step at a time.

    Ronya and Anne shook their heads and stepped back.

    Still, he glanced at Hannah with a squint to see if she was worried about her.

    As soon as Hannah got out of her bed and put her feet on her floor, Earl Blanche tossed her stationery onto her bed.

    The envelope made of high-quality paper with a soft blue tint had ripped marks.

    And that seems to be the reason Count Blanche has now invaded her room.

    “Are you going to sleep peacefully after ruining everything?”

    The staff that Count Blanche was holding was struck so hard that it smashed the floor.

    A thump, the sound of metal hitting the marble pierced Hannah's ears. It was so loud that her body trembled.

    Hannah glanced at Count Blanche and picked up her letter.

    “To her dear fiancée Adela Scott Merlion Blanche.

    I heard that she is not feeling well. The air is cold. Have you caught a cold? I hope to see you soon, so I wish you a speedy recovery. I will enclose medicines that are good for the body.

    -Your fiance Valerie Sylvestian Bernadotte Lorenzo."

    It was a letter from Archduke Lorenzo. It seemed to represent his character, with no rhetoric and concise handwriting.

    “You want to meet me… … ."

    “Did anyone else see you entering the room?”

    "I don't know, I don't know."

    "Adela! This useless thing!"

    The Count slapped Adela's white flank with his staff. Hannah could not focus on her in the pain of her flesh being torn apart and she fell to the floor.

    On Hannah's back, his staff flew without mercy.

    "Yeah, I thought that these ungodly deeds would pay off these four months someday. Adela, Adela, you bastard! Wasn't your engagement to Grand Duke Lorenzo like a promise made with a little finger to a poor man?"

    “Still, the Archduke did not mention that, uh, no… … … .”

    "Shut up! Can't you feel anything after reading that letter? It's over!"

    The bitter pain that flew back again interrupted Hannah's words, terrified.

    Hannah bent over her body and rubbed her palms until they were worn out.

    “Oh, Dad. I’m sorry, Dad. I’m sorry……”

    My back hurt so much. She wanted Hannah to end her beating, even if she had grabbed his pants crotch and prayed.

    But Count Blanche's shoes were gleaming, and the hem of his trousers was ironed crisply.

    If Hannah had caught her, she would have been even more terrified.

    Ronya shut her mouth as she was about to scream. Through the gap in the open door, the Countess was staring coldly at Hannah, who was struggling.

    When the Countess saw Hannah's messy posture, she narrowed her brow slightly, and then she turned her back and looked away.


    “Yes, yes, father.”

    "Go and pray to Prince Lorenzo. Get down on your knees. Crawl like you do now."


    He glanced at Ronya and Anne and then bowed his back slightly. The low-pitched voice was hoarse.

    “The only dowry that was pulled was 3,000 gold coins. No matter what happens, you can't break up. go. Go and do some temptation that you are good at.”


    Hannah couldn't believe what she had heard, so she forgot her pain and lifted her head.

    But the countenance of Blanche, who straightened her back again and looked down at her Hannah, was dull. No, he pretended to be indifferent, pressing down on his boiling stomach.

    Hannah made a stupid expression as she pondered what the Count had said to herself.

    What did he say now... … .

    Hannah's face grew increasingly colored with shock and horror. But Count Blanche continued to speak without hesitation.

    "Catch the Grand Duke no matter what you do. Even if you fail for the Crown Prince, the Grand Duke succeeds."


    "to you!"

    Hannah exclaimed desperately, but the Count shouted louder.


    The hazel wand pounded the floor once more. Hannah groaned a little and rolled her body.

    "Who gave you that bloodline. Think again, Adela Blanche. Resolve this somehow, so as not to harm the Blanche family."

    Hannah finally bowed her head and wiped her tears away.

    Adela, I felt sorry for Adela Blanche, who originally had this body.

    She knew that her relationship with blood would be a little different.

    She thought that Hannah and that she had a hard time because she didn't have that bloodline.

    But the truth is, she was, in fact, she was just terribly unlucky for herself and Adela Blanche, didn't she?

    A child who had left her orphanage earlier than Hannah had occasionally sent her pictures and letters.

    She said that it was the first time she had taken a picture of her family, and she seemed to be able to see the excitement of a child through the pen marks she wrote.

    The child in her picture was smiling happily as she was hugged by two adults with her benevolent faces.

    She lived a different life than before, not only for him, but for her other children as well.

    Seeing them like that, Hannah also dreamed of her. very vain.

    None of the prayers she had prayed for every day were fulfilled.

    Her biological parents did not return, nor did she meet her warm adoptive parents.

    She seems to have met another parent while she was doing it, but the situation here is also the same as before.

    However, nevertheless.

    Hannah got her body up. The Count chewed a curse with his teeth and left the room.

    Ronya rushed over and grabbed Hannah's arm. Hannah brushed her skirt with her staggering body.

    She and she said to Rona.

    "let's go."

    "miss! Where are you with this body? Tomorrow, go tomorrow. It's raining now and it's very windy."


    The tone was both determined and resigned. She knew Rona too. She said that Hannah had to go.

    Anne wrinkled her dress a lot. Ronya hugged Hannah tightly in her arms.
    The wagon was ready in no time. It seemed to be the Count's order.

    Hannah just matched her assortment, changed into her outing, and got into her carriage.

    The rain was pouring down steadily. Perhaps because of the inclement weather, the driver's expression was not very good.

    Both Anne and Ronya tried to follow Adela, but the Count sent only Ronya to say it was too busy. Perhaps he thought it was better to be shabby than to be blamed.

    Hannah asked, breaking through the low silence in the carriage.

    “Ronya. I must have liked His Majesty a lot.”

    "Girl, you can't say that!"

    Ronya opened her eyes and took Hannah's hand.

    Hannah had Adela's memories, but she only remembered hers. She even had a lot of cloudy spots. She didn't know how deep Adela's feelings were, or how she felt.

    She said, in a way, that she, Adela, was great. Under such a father, I have been able to carry on my love steadfastly.

    “If you’re like me, you gave up long ago.”


    "You're really stupid. Still. I think I would have followed my father."

    Hannah's body leaned slowly, her face immersed in her hands, as if she had never done any hard work.

    Ronya couldn't understand exactly what Hannah was saying.

    But she couldn't shake the feeling that her owner was hanging on the edge of a precarious cliff.

    “You called me father earlier, but that was the first time.”

    Hannah thought of my family between her thin palms.

    She was brought in to act as Anna's younger brother, but she was Hannah and she was a foreign body that she could never get caught in the family.

    It was only her first few months that she exchanged titles with her Anna, her sister, and her sister, before long, Hannah was called more 'hey', 'there' and 'there' than her own names.

    She acted like her family on the outside. But from the moment she went outside, she said that Hannah had not spoken to her.

    She has always been a quiet, kind, polite, and talkative child. she had to

    That one word, the word ‘father’, was a very unfamiliar word for the desperate man that Hanna had just uttered.

    She admits to Hannah that she herself is stupid and she herself is stupid.

    Still, she doesn't give up her bloodline. The fact that she has a blood relationship, she can't let go of her unfamiliar feelings.

    If the real Adela were to come back again, she would regret it.

    She would have wandered around her brow without returning to her original world.


    Ronya's chest fell heavily on the dwarf body of a Jejuite who looked even smaller.

    The wagon rattled as she hesitated and stretched out her hand and thoughtlessly placed her hand on her Count's body. Her Ronya's body lost her focus and trembled.

    Hannah lifted her head and opened her window slightly. Through the sound of her rain came the bewildered voice of her coachman.

    "The wagon doesn't move! It rained so much, I must have guessed where the wheels got stuck!"

    The coachman got down from her seat and ran to the back of her wagon. The rain swept away the soil, and it seemed as if the wheels were stuck in the rock that had been embedded in the mud.

    The rain had already collected quite a bit, the carriage was the right size for the count's carriage, and the son-in-law was dark.

    It was too much for the coachman alone. He pushed the wagon a few times, then ruffled her hair and knocked on the wagon's door.

    “It will take some time. I fell right! I have to call someone.”

    “Then you and I should be the only ones here!”

    Ronya said aloud to the coachman.

    “But how can I do it on my own, “I can't do it!”

    Hannah glanced outside and asked the driver.

    “Is there a lot left until the Grand Duke?”

    "no. Just a little further.”

    “Where am I?”

    “It’s on Wildorf Street in the 1st district. It takes about 5 minutes by carriage. I'll go right away and call someone."

    Hannah answered as far as possible.

    "That's Okay. The rest I... … I will walk.”


    "Girl! No way!"

    Ronya gasped and clapped her hand. He grabbed Hannah's hand and stopped her from moving.

    Hannah gave strength to take my hand from Ronya's grasp, then took it again.

    “Ronya. You and your coachman go to call someone.”

    “How can I leave you alone!”

    Hannah said firmly in a low-pitched voice.

    “I knew what I was going to do when I went there.”

    "That's what I mean, miss! Know how to get out of the Grand Duchess and go there alone! No way!"

    Ronya shouted, but Hannah shut her mouth and stared at her before muttering quietly.

    "Whatever happens to me, I don't want to show you that. So leave me alone."

    At those words, Ronya hardened like her ice and looked at Hannah.

    "Repair your wagon, return to the Count's house and report the situation."

    What he said to Ronya was true. When she was beaten by Hannah at Anna's house, she still felt that she was better than before, that she met fewer people than when she was beaten by the orphanage head.

    If she was sick and asked if the shame had anything to do with it, Hannah would definitely nod her head.

    She checked her outfit again. She wore clothes that looked as pitiful as possible, so she wore a monotonous dress, but this also made her clothes look expensive. She said it was a waste to throw away clothes like this.

    She said, 'Did I just tell you to bring the cheapest dress?'

    Hannah left Ronya alone and got out of her carriage. Cold raindrops hit her head relentlessly.

    Thanks to her, the pain in her body that had been throbbing seemed to have dispersed a little.

    There was also a calculation that she wished her Rona to tell her Count as much as possible sadly about her true feelings of walking alone through her rain.

    Looking at the Count's nervous personality, he didn't seem to be very moved. The Earl, who is arguing for her truth, will be satisfied if Hannah somehow brings the result.

    Whether you crawl and ask for forgiveness, seduce you with your body, or just die.

    In that case, Hannah only hoped that this would work for her fiancée, the Archduke.

    Her unpaved ground had become a sticky mud mixed with rainwater, and Hannah walked her few steps in her soaking shoes before giving up and taking her shoes off. The wet mud slapped and clinged to her bare feet.

    Her hair and clothes were all wet, and her steps became heavier and heavier. The more she walked, the more her body trembled.

    Still, she walked.

    In her mind, the future of being killed by the count or by the archduke was constantly repeated.

    I wish her pouring rain would wipe away these thoughts and even the regrets in her heart, but her god didn't listen to even such a small wind.

    Still, there was nothing she could do but walk.

    Fortunately, Adela Blanche's body remembered the location of Archduke Lorenzo's, which was large enough to be recognizable even in the dark of night.

    The high iron windows and the far-out wall exuded a cold energy.

    Hannah gathered her shoes in one of her hands and brushed the hairs off her face with the rest of her hands.

    As Hannah staggered towards her archduke's front door, her knight guarding her entrance looked at her, her eyes wide open.

    Hannah, soaked in the rain all over her, looked at her like a drunken vagrant at first glance.

    But since her bright ivory dress was a color only seen in her garments made of her fine fabrics, her knight faltered and approached her.

    Then, when she saw Hannah's face, she opened her mouth in astonishment.

    “B, Blanche young lady?”

    Hannah was glad she recognized him as he did this.

    As soon as she came to think of it, Hannah had brought nothing to prove she was Adela.

    It had been so long since she had found the Archduke that the question was whether she could get in and out with only her own face.

    She recognizes that she's still fiancee. Hannah blinked slowly in her eyes. Her body was a little, no, actually very cold.

    “My Majesty… I have something to tell you…”

    “Young girl? young girl?! Wait a minute, wait a minute! Hurry up- Blanche Young-ae!”

    Hannah's eyes clouded over and her body tilted. The sight of her knight rushing in was passed slowly.

    “I’m sorry… I said…”

    Her cold had brought a black seal to the last of her eyes.

    * * *

    The bed was very soft. She didn't even compare to what she wore at Anna's house. Even better than Count Blanche's bed.

    Hannah opened her eyes, puzzled by the warm energy that enveloped her body.

    When she lifted her hand, she heard the sound of her sheet lowering, revealing fine silk. It was the pajamas of an aristocratic young ae, which you can only see in paintings.

    There were laces and frills here and there, but it wasn't excessive, and it wasn't uncomfortable either. It was so soft to the touch that I didn't even know I was wearing it.

    Hannah wiped away her fabric with her curious gaze.

    Her hair, of course, was also dry and dry, and her feet and whole body, which had obviously been soiled by treading on the mud, were washed clean.

    Even her feet were bandaged with meticulous craftsmanship, and as she sting a little with every movement, it was as if she had stepped on something like glass on the way.

    She had completely changed the shape of her own, like a drowning mouse.

    "Oh, you're awake!"

    As Hannah bent her legs and tried to place her hands on her feet, her door opened and her round face popped in.

    "Wait a minute, I'll call the senator!"

    She put warm water and a dry towel at the bedside of her Hannah and then went out again with her gunshot steps.

    Hannah looked around the room where she had to shake her head to see her everywhere.

    “It’s so gorgeous…”

    A large chandelier with diamonds studded in it, and a lace canopy studded with tiny gems. Golden ornaments scattered everywhere, expensive-looking pottery, and masterpieces of unknown origin.

    Hannah was terrified. She was a grand duke.

    It was dark at night, so she couldn't look closely, but she remembered Adela's body.

    A splendid and spacious garden comparable to that of the imperial family, and a mansion the size of a horse-drawn carriage from the gate to the mansion.

    Suddenly, footsteps were heard outside. she wasn't the only one Hannah rolled over her blanket and lowered her feet.

    Her bandaged right foot was sore, but that didn't matter.

    How long she lay there without her care, her eyes darkened as soon as she got up. Hannah staggered and stretched her arms across her bed. At the same time, the door opened.

    “No, little girl! You must lie still!”

    A lawmaker with dark circles on her face ran up to her. She also supported Hannah with the maid who had shown her face a while ago.

    Hannah blinked her eyes, trying to focus. She saw well-groomed black shoes and a long cane in her dimly lit vision.


    She instinctively knelt down on her knees and fell to the floor.

    Looking closely under her, she looked a little different from her father's shoes she had seen yesterday.

    It didn't even have a flash of brilliance, it was bigger than that. Hannah lifted her head and looked at the owner of her shoes.

    She knew it without having to recall her original description. Her beautiful body and the sense of intimidation emanating from her well-groomed posture were telling her.

    The sole branch of the Baldemar Empire, the lord of northern Trinidad, the imperial military minister, and the most powerful Esper. And Adela's fiancée.

    “Grand Duke, Your Majesty.”

    Valerie Sylvestian Bernadotte Lorenzo. It was him.
    Valerie saw Adela trembling on her knees in front of me, then turned her head to the side.

    “It seems that Young-ae is still immature, Zachary.”

    The blue eyes staring at him were sharp.

    Zachary Muller, the Grand Duke's doctor, who was suddenly summoned in the middle of the night and nursed all night, protested with a look of injustice.

    "It's natural, Your Majesty. You're so hot, but it's strange that you're fine in one day. Young-ae, go to bed."

    At that, Hannah lowered her head even more. When she went to bed in a bed that was not enough for her hands to become feet, it was clear that she was testing herself.

    As Hannah's forehead touched her ground, she could clearly hear her swallowing her breath from her handmaiden standing next to her.

    Hannah didn't know what to say to her, so she spit her words out as they came out.

    "I'm sorry... Sorry, I'm sorry..."

    Valerie raised an eyebrow at the bottomless apple.

    "You. What is it?"

    It was a low, smooth voice. But she sounded like a frostbite to Hannah.

    Her body curled even smaller as she glanced at the staff firmly planted on the ground.

    “Everyone, it’s all my fault….Because I’m immoral, the Crown Prince… It’s absolutely not like that, but the engagement, no, no. I’m sorry.”

    Words that couldn't be picked up were floating around on the floor. It was hard to even arrange the words that ran through my head.

    Hannah closed her eyes tightly and picked her up again.

    Rumors that she did something unfaithful to the Crown Prince are not true. But it was all my fault because I was immoral.

    So sorry. please forgive me. Please do not divorce.

    and… … Help me.

    There were only gay things that came to mind right away. But judging by the look on Valerie's face as she glanced up, it seemed that these words had no choice.

    She had to find a little more, better words. Words that could make him feel better. Words of mourning that could move that tightly closed mouth. However, Hannah's head didn't go her way.

    'Wrong. I can't remember anything... … .'

    Valerie took her step forward in front of Hannah. Hannah's breathing became less and less. She didn't seem to be breathing before.

    Zachary Muller dragged her handmaiden, Laura, to her side as she noticed. Valerie leaned over to Hannah, who was shivering with her chills, and then slipped her hands into her stomach and legs and lifted them up.

    “Hey, my lord!”

    Hannah struggled with embarrassment at the sudden heightened view, but to no avail. When Valerie blinked at Zachary, she quickly made her pillows and blankets.

    Hannah lay back down in the same position she had originally opened her eyes in, and looked at her Valerie, with tears in her eyes.

    "You shouldn't look like that."

    Does she mean that she wants to break up the marriage? Hannah bit her lower lip.

    What should I say to Count Blanche? Will I have to be beaten with that heavy cane again? Praying for her hands to be her feet, and then locked up again in that narrow room, she helplessly holds her breath... … .

    The future she was drawn to was hopeless just by imagining it. She shook her head.

    What to do if you can't bend her knees and apologize. Did she really have to be seduced? But how?

    Contrary to Hannah's thoughts, Valerie was observing her seriously.

    She had a slender body, bruised arms, too light weight, and a reddish cheek with heat pointing to one.

    So Valerie thought of the gold coins she had given her father.

    Earl Douglas Blanche lacked money for an aristocratic subject.

    Is that only? The land was barren, so it was rare to have a good harvest, and even the history and military power were lacking. Although he was a psychic, he was so weak that he almost resembled the prince. For this reason, he was often ignored even among the nobility.

    He said he recently lost quite a bit of money because he made a bad investment. Count Blanche was fed up with his own situation.

    If Adela Blanche got something precious on such a subject, shouldn't she be valued?

    Objectively and subjectively, Adela Blanche was worth far more than her insignificant father.

    “It’s like a senile old man, he has no dignity and he doesn’t have anything, and he has a lot of greed.”

    His murmur was so small that it did not reach Hannah's ears.

    Just looking at Valerie's expression of her irritation and contempt, Hannah thought to herself.

    She said, 'It's over.'

    It was the moment when Hannah decided to get down on her knees again with her last stride and tried to get her upper body up.

    Valerie frowned and pushed Hannah's body down, draping her blanket over her neck.

    “If you keep waking up, I will make you sleep here forever.”

    'Are you going to kill me?'

    Hannah nodded her head, tired of her blue eyes.

    Next to her, Zachary touched her forehead.

    Majesty. If you say that, she will fly away as far as she has never been.

    It was difficult to swallow her tongue-in-cheek words, but Zachary remembered the monthly pay he put in her pocket.

    Valerie dragged a chair from the center of the room and sat down by the bedside. Then he blinked at Laura.

    Laura, like her seasoned maid, returned to the other side of her bed with a basket of water and a towel lying at her Valerie's feet.

    There was still the sound of a towel drenched in warm water.

    As Hannah moved to look at Laura with her anxious eyes, Valerie raised her index finger and turned Hannah's face back to me.

    His blunt fingertips touched his chin, and the corners of his eyes trembled, but Hannah struggled to look back at him with strength in her eyes.

    “Did you not receive the letter I sent you?”

    Hannah was thinking about how to answer his anger, but then realized that my head was no longer spinning.

    It was because she had a fever that had melted her brain until last night and cut off her circuits.

    She barely answered the question.


    “Then why did you come here foolishly? I told you to come when you are well.”

    The brows that spit out her blunt words were very narrow. She didn't seem to like something.

    Could it be that I came too early? Hannah watched as he stretched his noble hand to my forehead.

    Valerie measured Hannah's fever with a careful gesture, then brushed her hair away from her forehead. Laura placed her towel over her exposed forehead.

    she was weird His expression looks like he's going to kill himself right away, but why is his behavior different from that?

    Hannah could only see an adult who hated her all her life, so she couldn't read her other expressions.

    And Valerie's expression was more complicated than just annoyance.

    "And, what noble girl leaves the carriage and walks alone in the rain. It's barefoot, and the shoes, yes. The cumbersome but high heels are useless, but you still don't know why there are shoes?"


    "Why are you sorry? Oh, I won't stop you if you're apologizing to yourself."

    My lord, please. Mouth! Zachary's complexion gradually turned to earthen.

    Hannah could not understand his words, so she moistened her lips with her tongue. So, are you worried? yourself?


    "Why? Why did you say that now?"

    "You can't break up..."

    Hannah instinctively murmured and grabbed her Valerie's arm.

    Confusion spread across Valerie's face. What is this sick fawn saying now?

    Valerie looked at Zachary and Laura alternately to confirm what I had heard.

    Seeing them both sweating profusely, I must have heard it right.

    "Breakfast? If anyone wants me to break the marriage, do you really want to see the Crown Prince even go to the Crown Prince and confess them openly?"

    Hannah chokes her breath at the thorn pierced by Valerie.

    She was told there were no rumors, but, as Count Blanche said, he really knew it. he was gloomy maybe good Hannah chewed the inside of her cheeks with her teeth.

    “No, no.”

    “What is it?”

    “Rumors… no.”

    Valerie wanted to hide her fingers, eager to get her hands on her arms, but she couldn't resist the fern-like hand.

    In fact, he couldn't hear what Adela was saying, and he hoped he wouldn't faint again after saying that.

    It was very dangerous to see him turn his breath on and off with each word of his own, every breath he took.

    But it can't be.

    Valerie said firmly.

    "I said I shouldn't look like that. There is no breakup."

    Laura stood in the middle of her, raised her hand and wanted to make an announcement. Majesty. I think that's what Young-ae said?

    Hannah also opened her eyes and looked intently at Valerie.

    “Now, I’m not going to break up with you… … "

    “Yes. No.”

    This time, Hannah looked at Zachary and Laura alternately. Likewise, to make sure what I was told was true. Laura nodded her head nervously.

    “What did I do to get engaged to you? Come on now?

    “As you do… … ?”

    “It means that he longed for the Crown Prince passionately.”

    Valerie knew in the first place that Adela was in love with her Eugene.

    Not to mention, Adela didn't know how to hide her expression, so she would look at her Eugène with her burning eyes at her banquets. If she didn't even know it, it must have been someone whose eyes were turned to the ground.

    Of course, that didn't mean she knew why Adela was like this now and she came to her.

    He was simply terrified that Adela brought up the word breakup.

    But Hannah thought that she must have been sarcastic about it and that she was chastising me.

    She had reasonable reasoning. Hannah shook her head, tightening her hand on Valerie's.

    "Oh, I won't! That, I won't."


    Laura and Zachary just rolled their eyes. Please don't keep asking us. Please solve it with two people.

    Valerie rolled her eyes in the air and looked at Hannah again.

    “My Majesty the Crown Prince, can I not look? I will not.”

    Shall I say that she doesn't love the Crown Prince? But, Hannah's conscience broke it.

    It's Hannah now, but anyway, it's true that Adela in the past loved the Crown Prince. Anyone who sees it would be lying. With such an obvious lie, I couldn't even lose the trust of the words I had just said.

    “Is that… are you serious?”

    Valerie looked at Hannah with her disbelief. Then he jumped up from his seat and called Zachary.

    “Zachary, it seems that Young-ae is still sick. Looks like I'm paying quacks."

    "No, Your Majesty? What do you mean? Of course, Young-ae is still sick. It was only a few hours ago that the fever came to a boil?"

    "Yeah, that's right. You're still sick. Give me treatment."

    At Valerie's words, Laura was right. Hannah started washing her body. Hannah looked up at Valerie in bewilderment, but he turned to her dagger and left her room.

    Adela, what the hell did she do to not give her fiance as much credibility as her rat tail?

    Hannah let out a small laugh in exasperation.
    If you're wondering how I read chapter 6 to 11 despite ocring chapters 1-5 only, I made a guide here I hope it can help you when reading novels or manhwa^^
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