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    MTL chapter 2
    The porridge was delicious. Her throat was sore and her stomach tingled, but she had no problem eating the slumping porridge. After she emptied a bowl of porridge, her appetite grew.

    "Would you like some more?"

    "Why isn't everyone eating...I feel like I'm the only one eating, right?”

    "We had a light meal outside."

    Seah woke up after 12 o'clock. It would not be strange if they had breakfast and lunch first. She also said she had nothing to refuse, so Seah cut a piece of pretty egg and ate it.



    Something came out of my mouth. Her face frowned on her teeth at the gruesome sensation felt in her teeth.

    "Are you all right?"

    "Uncle! Water, too!"

    “Please use this comfortably.”

    When she slightly removed his hand from her chin, she saw a handkerchief and a cup of water on the table.

    It's fast, too. Seah was a little surprised by the three men's behavior and swallowed the water. The texture of the handkerchief was too luxurious to spit out what was in the mouth. However, she was more conscious of Hangyul's observation and used it to wipe her wet lips.

    "It's okay. I must have chewed the shell of an egg.”


    A strange silence came to the insignificant words. The twins raised their eyes and glanced at their uncle.

    "…...isn't it common? I make mistakes when I cook ramen too. Especially when you smash it right in a pot, if you adjust the force incorrectly, it sometimes falls out one by one."

    “There may be more, so no more eggs. Eat something else.”

    Doha cleaned up the pretty egg plate. Although it was a little disappointing, she decided to eat something else because I could keep chewing on the skin as he said. Seah picked up a sausage.


    The sausage tasted strange. I squeezed it. And it was sour. she wondered if the sausage was spoiled.


    Doha, who noticed, reached out a big hand, and pulled out the sausage.

    "I was relieved that the plating was perfect...….”

    “Look, uncle. I just said to buy everything.”

    As a result, he and Hankyeom got along and blamed Doha.

    “No way, is this your first time?”

    “I tend to leave the professional work to the experts.”

    “… … So this is your first time cooking, right?”


    There are so many things that this man has never done before. Seah swallowed her first meal, not enough for his first night.

    "I'm a little curious...… How did you cook the sausage?”

    “To remove synthetic additives, I lightly blanched it in boiling water and cooked it in a frying pan.”

    "Did you put anything in there?”

    "……a little bit of vinegar and salt."

    "Vinegar and... salt?”

    Hmph! I heard a snout somewhere.

    Hangyul, with his arms folded, raised his chin arrogantly, and laughed.

    "I said no, but my uncle added vinegar when the water was boiling and salt when he baked it, I said that sugar is better.”

    It's not even sugar.

    Seah became a little embarrassed. she didn't think there would be a loophole in cooking for a man who looks perfect.

    "no. That's all right....… did you just use me as a mormot?"

    "I didn't mean that. I'm afraid you'll be embarrassed when another stranger comes home.… I'll prepare a dish that I just need to warm up next time."

    "Yes, from now on...… What? Next...What do you mean? Next? I don't think we have one."

    It almost fell over, but the brakes were put on just before that.

    "Is there a reason why you can't?"

    Doha asked with a calm face. Se-ah almost shook her head on the face that ruled out the reason itself.

    Se-ah pondered over why she couldn't. It's just that she’s embarrassed if she is caught by other people?

    "uh… … The public eye... … .”

    “If it's such a problem, I can fix it. In short, aren't you saying you want to look like a normal relationship?”

    "Yes… … ?”

    "Is there any other problem besides that?”

    "Another problem…… No, why should I think about this? I think it's best to just end it comfortably today.”

    "Do you really think so? Even if you're just having fun without any worries?"

    'Just enjoying? I think it was pretty good, but...Uh, no. Did I forget I was overworked? My whole body is still sore. Still, wouldn't it be okay to meet you a few more times?'

    Doha hit her eyes gently with her spinning eyes. It belonged to a wild animal that relieved the prey and snatched it away.

    "All three……?"

    "As you wish."

    There was a stinging gaze as if she had given out the nuance of permission. Three pairs of equally greedy black eyes. It was burdensome and dangerous because it was hard to read what they were thinking. Even if it's that dizzying.

    It was a bit difficult but… … And the three seem to be too much for me... ….”

    "I see."

    Doha whispered calmly as if agreeing, but her intuition warned her that he was very dangerous. His eyes looked like they were going to eat her. It is wrapped in good manners and correctness, but it is for greedy people who will swallow it with their mouth and push it into their stomach, regardless of whether it is torn to pieces or thrown naked.

    The body, which had been pushed away, staggering to avoid the abyss-like gaze, pushed the back of the chair.. The chair rattled with the sound of scratching the floor.

    Three men with their hands outstretched their hands. Three of them were significant. The three stopped the chair trying to move back at the same time.

    "……Thank you."

    Se-ah's eyes blinked quickly in an embarrassing situation. It was amazing that she almost fell backward, but she felt strange when she was surrounded by black men like carnivorous animals. They are all as big as they are all far away and have a considerable physique, so people who don't know anything will think she was threatened. Even though they actually helped.

    "Sister, didn't you like yesterday?”

    Hankyeom, leaning on the back of the chair, lowered himself and whispered. The fresh rising eye tail was full of temptation. As she turned her head away from the deepening pheromones, the same face with only glasses shone coolly.

    "If you don't like it because he is so mean to you, you can leave that one out and just stay with the three of us."

    "Seo Hangyeol!"

    "no… … All three mouths were the same... ….”


    "It's not something to be proud of. You idiot."

    The flame spread between the brothers facing each other. Yeah. Honestly, I've dreamed of a love triangle at least once.

    'I didn't know the two men fighting for me were brothers. That's twin...….’

    Seah opened her mouth blankly. It wasn't that it wasn't popular, but it was the first time for such a political drama.

    “I remember you trying to get fucked by Seah, who was sleeping yesterday.”

    "What? When did I say that? Don't get me wrong, sister. I just said I wanted to put it in!"

    "My uncle who saw it told me not to be gentle...….”

    "You're not decent! He said he would cool it off if it doesn't turn off right away? So I asked him if he felt sorry for me, and he said he'd cut me off.…. I really thought it was going to explode. If you look closely, it's slim...….”

    "Be quiet, both of you."

    A man who almost turned one of his nephews into a dead man succumbed to the brothers' fight with a single word.

    When the two big fighters over her head disappeared, suddenly the view opened. Doha, who was sitting gracefully, whether her nephews fought or not, leaned forward and gazed at Seah's eyes.

    "If it's a matter of using words, you can easily adjust it so you can speak comfortably. Things like unwanted words.”


    There was one thing that came to mind right away. It's because I can't say it easily.

    "That--that woman's reproductive organs, so...….”

    “The male genital organs are called cocks, but what's wrong with telling the females to look at the genitals, sister?”

    Hankyeom, who used that word the most among the three, smiled beautifully and asked for consent.

    Seah's face grew redder and redder. The word reminded her of everything they did, provoking her shame. My hands and toes trembled at the pleasure of last night.

    Ah. It was definitely a pleasure that was hard to give up easily. she thought it was either heaven or hell. Or the devil's swamp that swallowed paradise.

    "If that's the problem, you can choose an alternative."

    Doha, who pushed Hangyeom away with one hand, whispered in a low and calm voice.

    “I will call it with jelly.”

    “My, gel… … what?"

    "From now on, I will refer to Yoo Se-ah's vagina as jelly. Reflecting Seah’s intention.”

    I felt like I was sitting at the salary negotiation table because of the man's atmosphere, but that's what I heard. It was overwhelming to think about jelly, but Hangyeom smiled and spoke.

    "I’ll use pudding! It looks like you."

    "Both of you are boring. I'm...."

    Perhaps the most common sense among the three was Hangyul, who criticized the two men with cold eyes. Se-ah looked forward to it like a fool.

    "I'll call it strawberries."

    (ps. They really called her vagina jelly, pudding and strawberries:blob_plusone: hahaha they really share the same blood:blobjoy:)

    “You are the most boring! Besides, why are you going to eat it me? Am I food?”

    Doha's eyes follow her, as Se-ah who couldn't stand it, stands up shouting. It was a hunting dog that was so gentle that he never missed it.

    "Don't be angry. You're the one who ate it. We were swallowed."

    Hankyeom whispered, gently eloping Se-ah's shoulders. His hands were so big that his fingers, pushed all over her shoulders and to her collarbone, lewdly poked at the bones.

    Se-A's face was lightened by his words that matched her union of men and women. When she behaved like that, her underneath was hot with tension and incredible excitement. It was because she remembers how hard and thick it stirred her body last night.

    Seah squeezed the inside of her knees and lowered her head slightly.

    "Anything else you want is fine."

    Doha patted Se-ah's hand gently as if to stay comfortable. It was warm and deep like a mother's touch to put her child to sleep.

    "It's just... it's just 'here' or...…isn't that better?”

    "As you wish."

    "Oh, then can you do that for me?"

    "Of course."

    Although she was half-concerned, she did not completely lean toward it. But at one point, Se-ah was shaking while holding Doha's hand saying, "Please take good care of me."

    Something feels strange. That's strange…… As if she had already fallen into the swamp, The lump stuck under her feet was tough and sticky. But it wasn't black again. Perhaps because there is something already stuck, the mind keeps flowing toward that this is not bad either.

    In fact, the pleasure of the day was too intense to end with just once. If you get older and seek stability, you won't be able to do this again.

    “What if I want to quit?”

    “You can quit.”


    "If you can't catch it, that's it."

    You can step out at any time.

    His serious eyes were so intense that it made her trust him. Because he didn't seem like a person to take back what he said.

    "If that's the case...… I think it's okay to do it a few more times."

    he gave the clue a few times, but in the end, she didn't stray from the line of positivity. Doha gave a soft look as if she had thought well.

    "You can't force a beast to do it."

    He covered his eyes, which were more beast-like than animals, with the polite outer skin. In a secret disguise that was difficult to recognize, the negotiating stance leaned toward him again.

    out of the four, only Seah did not know. Doha was good in negotiating and is a great eloquent speaker.

    Words were essentially different and different.

    Poison and honey were divided in half on his tongue, which lightly crushed some of the watchmen.

    * * *
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    * * *

    Seah's company takes a rest during weekend. After work on Friday, she could take a break from work on Saturdays and Sundays. That's why she was waiting for Friday, and it was then that she enjoyed the little deviant behavior.

    Doha proposed a week. They told her to think about whether to continue meeting with them until next Friday. Seah's was given a card key to enter their house. It was her choice whether to take the key and plunge herself into the tight net they had woven.

    If she wouldn't go, she can return the card key through the courier. Several times a day, she glanced through the convenience store delivery machine. However, the key never got into the paper box.

    The meaning of "Friday" has become intense. She couldn't get rid of the terrible pleasure of the day and the passionate sense of immorality for dealing with three people at the same time.

    When she thought of it, her mouth drooled, and her intestines spread flames. The desire to remember the day to the deepest depths eroded her reason.

    she wants to do it again.

    Seah eventually did not return the card key.

    She said, "I'll go on Friday."

    A week-long short message was sent to them.

    It’s the second Friday she promised them. Seah was in a strange mood that day. With the fear and excitement of having that terrible night again.

    As the promised time neared, She also made a lot of mistake. She was caught throwing the important documents into a shredder or was caught thinking about something else during a meeting. She was scolded by her boss and her co-workers were worried, but it didn't change her mood.

    Rather, she got hotter. To the fact that the time is getting closer.

    belt. Tiri-ri-ri!

    Seah took a private elevator to the penthouse. she didn't refuse the access key they provided because she thought it wouldn't be noticeable to meet at home rather than meeting outside. Heat and sweat permeated the hard square plastic card.

    "It's the 22nd floor. The door opens.」

    Seah's body trembled at the red light. Her heart was beating from a while ago, and her belly seemed to be tingling inside. Her knees were slightly bent inward as if she was walking with a handful of hot water swallowed down.

    Every time she walked, she felt like she was going to make a thumping sound. The soaked underwear on the bottom was uncomfortable. even her pussy tickled with the feeling of being stuck in her stockings.

    "I must be crazy..."

    As she thought they could see all this, it felt like her tears would fall. Seah couldn't get in easily and picked her breath in front of the door.

    Jeeing! Jeeing!


    The cell phone in the skirt pocket vibrated. her skin trembled with the strong presence. Seah closed her eyes tightly and breathed.

    Jeeing! Jeeing!

    That time was quite long. She certainly enjoyed how the stinging vibrations warmed up inside her stomach and tapped all the way down. Se-ah's eyes closed tightly because she was embarrassed.

    her trembling fingertips bent like hooks and pulled out her cell phone slightly.

    "Hey, hello?"

    ‘’Did you get home?」

    It was consistent.

    "Yes, I'm going in now. can you see it from the inside...…?”

    Seah's tone trembled because she wondered if he had seen it.

    "I'm outside now.」


    Her calm voice, which she did not even know what she imagined, shook her emotions. She also did not know whether she was disappointed or relieved.

    ``It looks like we'll be a little late.''

    “You’re late? You said that Hangyeom is also late.”

    "Not as much as my brother. I went grocery shopping thinking about feeding it on Saturday, but it's very heavy traffic due to Rush Hour.”

    The English of the twins, who studied abroad with their uncle, was somewhat sexy. she felt like the pronunciation sounded particularly nasty.

    "Oh, I bought something that we can heat up and eat this time. My uncle won't cook anymore either. He have done a lot of self-reflection.」

    “I wasn't worried about that.”

    ‘’Haha. It will open when you press the card key on the door lock. Go inside first.」

    "Huh. Okay.”

    Seah cut off the phone with Hangyul and opened the door. The electronic sound was louder than she thought, but it was a visit approved by the owners.

    "I'm alone in someone else's house, but...….”

    However, urgent matters came first. Seah quickly went into the bathroom and wash up.

    She washed thoroughly in hot water, and then she sat on the couch. The bedroom without the owner was a little reluctant and aimed at a space where it was easy for others to break in. she kept getting choked up to see if it was the wrong choice.

    What they did on this sofa filled her head and water leaked from inside. She felt like she was in jail. she was swallowing her saliva, and she heard a vibration sound again.

    It was Hangyul again this time, but it was a video call.

    Se-ah tilted her head and pushed the call button.


    ``Seah, did you wash it?''

    "Huh? Yeah."

    She didn't do anything wrong, but she was stabbed for no reason. Se-ah recalled where she had hung her washed underwear and thought she should hide it in a more secret place.

    "Go into uncle's room. You know where it is, right? Where we all had sex that day."

    So his English was the problem. Seah slightly lowered her cell phone to hide her red cheeks.

    "Why in that room?"

    "There's a drawer next to the bed, open the first compartment. There's a present.」

    "Gift? Did you put that in my room?」

    Doha's voice overlapped with Hangyul's. Doha seemed to have no idea.

    Seah went inside and opened the first drawer because she was curious. she saw a navy box. It was like an ordinary jewelry box. So she heard Hangyul's words again as she unwind the ribbon strap without thinking.

    "Have you tried phone sex?」


    The inside of the box was put on the phone screen. It looked like pincer made of solid wood. With a strange addition at the end.

    “That's… … I haven't tried it...”

    ‘’Don't you want to try? Since we're going to enjoy it, it's good to try various things.」

    A soft voice touched and pushed Se-ah's back. Se-ah, who had somehow lost strength in her legs and sat down on the bed, grabbed the navy box tightly.

    It rumbled and fell further down. The pincers that pointed at the Styrofoam subsidiary materials and was shaking.

    It's made of cypress wood. If it gets wet, it will give off a pleasant scent?」


    "Hurry up."

    It was as round and cute as a child's toy. Seah put her phone on the bed and spread her legs slightly. The white robe slipped over the thigh, revealing a glimpse of the inside without underwear. Seah's legs were filled with the heat of the phone that was getting hot.

    "Mo, I can't do this. Later, you...….”

    ‘’You're doing well enough. How could you not have caught the nipples?」

    It was a teasing tone. As soon as she saw it, she thought it was a kind for the clitoris.

    "There's only one...….”

    “Don’t be disappointed. I'll go and love both nipples.」


    "Umm. I don't know how long we’ll take. Do you want to stay alone bored? there… … It looks like it's already wet.''

    His voice curled around her stomach.

    Squeak. It was a lewd sound that Seah can hear alone.

    "Shh. You said you'd be honest. If not us, where would you like to do something like this again?''

    Yoo Se-ah, do you think there's another chance like this?

    The self that occupied one of the heads grew. Until now, she has consciously suppressed unconsciousness. she was so distressed and bored that she decided to be free on Friday.

    Yeah, she's always wanted this.

    Her bitten lips curled up strangely.

    "Yes… … .”

    she licked her lips and with her fingers she slightly spreads her inside. Her clit were hidden inside her, so she had to rub it out with her hand.


    he said, "you rub as if you’re treating a baby gently with you’re middle finger.」

    A voice as thick as a powerful grip was sweetly entwined, it was like a pheromone that slowly and gently soaked in drizzle. As he said, Seah gently touched the inside of her clitoris with her middle finger.

    "Oh, ha! Uh-huh...… All right, Hangyul.… me, yeah! I feel so good...….”

    "You can't like it already. We haven't even started yet.」

    It was a place that had risen bulgingly all day. The water leaked out of the gap because she was stuck unable to release the heat. her heart was burning with excitement. Seah shook her stretched out waist and rubbed her inside back and forth.

    "Ah, ah, ah!

    The sadness spread. she wanted something hotter. she wanted something big and thick to come inside and crush her inner wall. Hard and strong so that all the flesh at the tip of her glans is crushed!

    "Stop. Get your hands off right now.」

    "Si, I don't want to..."

    "Don't you want to be plugged by me? If you don't listen, I won't let you in.」

    Hangyeom is late due to the appointment he made earlier, and today is only Hangyul and Doha. Doha won't insert unless Hangyul insert first. If she refuses Hangyul's words now, it means that they won’t put it in until Hangyeom comes.

    "“Oh, huh… ....”

    It was stopped and erected in front of the gate of the climax that can be reached by self-defense. The heat that had expanded at the end of the skin was crushed like a balloon that was deflated. She was so sad that she even shed tears.

    "Don't cry and take it out of the box. I'll give you something good.」

    he waited for the excitement to go away to some extent and rescued it just before it was cut off. Seah followed him, fluttering like a living fish. Hangyul's eyes glistened as she took out the tongs from the box and put them underneath.

    "You know how to do it, right? I lost my mind.」

    "Oh, my...….”

    Hangyul's tone of voice raised shame. Seah shook her shoulders and shed tears. The wet eyes eagerly looked beyond the screen.

    "Childish. Okay.」


    ``Open the clamps.''

    His voice was slow and calm. He was like a teacher reading children's books. Seah followed him like a good student.

    " clamp it with the tong. Tightly.」

    closely. In accordance with the words, the spring pulled tightly was stretched. The bulging clitoris was bitten by a round worn tong. The inside of the tongs was rumbled like a washboard, and the shape was badly crushed. Se-ah's eyes were blurred by the impact of the tongs being completely closed.

    “Ah, ooh... … hot!"

    ‘’Spread your legs more and raise your phone closer. I want to take a closer look.」

    she took the cell phone she had left on the side of the bed and stuck it closely over the pussy. The cell phone screen was full of red flesh.

    “Well… … In vulgar words... … That's funny. I want to dig into the mud.''

    Hangyul's breath became rough. The sound of breath wrapped around like a whip in the early days of the hour, and skin her blushed red. Seah unknowingly shook her body and pressed him.

    “Uh, where are you? Huh... … when… … Huh! Are you coming?”

    ‘’Now press the switch.」


    ‘’You know the white one next to it? Press that.」

    A white cubic was embedded in the gray pendulum. Se-ah's eyes trembled, which she thought it was a simple decoration. She pressed the button, imagining roughly what would happen if she pressed that.

    Blink. The red light is flashing.


    Wheeyiing! Wheeyiing!

    The eerie vibrations raged on top of the extra grey bed. Every time the clitoris was shaken up, the string was pulled tight as if it would fall, but it never came off because it was thick inside. It felt like scratching the clitoris on a washboard. Se-ah screamed as she moved back.

    "Oh, no! Take it out! Take it out! Ah, ah!"

    ``If you touch it, you will be scolded.''

    Hangyul whispered with a cruel smile. The gut was grabbed by the hook and pulled out. The stomach was too hot as if it was an earthquake on a red-hot iron. he didn't even know it was bringing a blazing flame on the clitoris. Seah shook her back and begged.

    "Do, Doha...… Please, ha-a-ang! Don't... Hit, hit!"

    「Seah is looking for you uncle. Would you like to see it?」

    Two pairs of eyes watched her swaying tongs hanging. One was cruel and the other was cold. Her throat burned because the rational and cool-headed eyes seemed to blame her for her vulgarity.

    "please… … My, oh! Huh... … Oh! Haahah!”

    Seah screamed and twisted her body.

    “This is a speaker phone, so I can hear everything from outside Seah’s voice.”

    "Oh, no! Turn it off! Turn it off...…. Ahhhhh!

    "Who cares, it is not possible to identify a person only with a voice. Actually, is it okay Seah? Many people listen to Seah's dirty voice. It’s so good that you’re already overwhelmed. Huh? To be honest, I'll make you ache with your hands. 」

    Her mind is fresh. Whatever he accused her of, it was good now. Even if he told her to stop, she wasn't confident to stop. Seah screamed.

    "Joe, good!"


    "here… … Inside, too... … Haaang! Joh, Joh!”

    Her mouth, leaking saliva failed to pronounce words properly and snapped. Hangyul whispered in a high-pressure tone, perhaps sorry for Se-ah, who was stuttering.

    "Go with your mouth water. So that people can hear Seah.」

    Her white fingers spread her pussy and dug inside. The pink nail art was painted pretty. It was shallow and thin, and the fluid flowed through her fingers. The squeaking became faster. She rubbed her hot inner wall and climbed to the climax.

    She was twisting her body and dropped her phone. Se-ah seen it falling under the bed, but Se-ah didn't even think about picking it up and poked her inside. It was a shameful posture with only her hips lifted, but it was more stimulating because she kept pulling the clitoris down.

    Sash sash sash sash. Tiri-ri-ri!

    she heard the door open, but Se-ah shook her waist regardless.

    “Hey! Ha-ah-ang!”

    she reached the climax by picking herself in her ass. Her eyes were turned upside down by unbelievably intense stimulation, but the tongs vibrated nonstop. Se-ah cried, crushing her ass on the bed with her dripping fluid.

    "“Hey… … . Hit! Huh... … .”

    "You must have had fun alone."

    His cold hands grasped her hips, crawling forward, spreading them apart. He covered the pussy with the entire palm of his hand, rubbed it roughly, and pulled the tongs between his hands.

    “Kaah ah!”

    His clitoris was dragged and scratched by the sucker. When she was most sensitive to the already sensitive area, goosebump sprung up to the nape of her neck with the coolness of wandering.


    The tongs were completely pulled out and the spring bounced off. Something barely holding back slipped and fell down under his hips.

    “Oh, now, I did wrong… … Haang! Ha, uh... … .”

    Se-ah, who was completely mesmerized, collapsed on the bed and shook her whole body, which can be seen through the opened robe that had traces of heat rushing.

    "Did you like it? you don't need it anymore?"

    As a result, Doha was looking down at Seah. His eyes were moistened by the perfect contrast with Se-ah, who was just naked.

    “You, I want to put it in… … Please put it in.”

    The inside heated up rapidly when she saw the big men. she just reached its peak, but it lacked something. she wanted him to scratch her inside. She hoped that it would go deeply and scratched coolly with the thickest part. No matter how hard she put her fingers in, they were not enough. Seah approached with her knees, unzipped Hangyul's pants and grabbed him and pulled it down. A hot penis rubbed into her wet pussy. The consistent thing was already standing stiff enough to put it in as it is.


    Se-ah's eyes were watery from the way he drew the line firmly.


    “You have to eat raw cocks only with your lips.”

    Hangyul laid Seah's body on the bed and snatched a condom thrown by Doha from the air. There was no clutter in his hand gestures. He clearly glanced at his excited eyes, but only made the necessary movements accurately. A layer of condoms covered the gleaming penis.

    Hangyul climbed on the bed and looked down at Seah. A white flash of goose clits into her young eyes.

    “It hurts so much because my cock was pressed against the pants. you don't know what spirit I had walking all the way here. I almost burst it in my pants because I wanted to put it in here.”

    "Quickly……put it in quickly….”

    Se-ah, who was lying on her stomach, spread her legs and pulled Hangyul's arm. she wanted to put it deep inside of her, so she felt like she had to volunteer to do the posture by herself. her tongue kept drying because of the tension. Se-ah shook her body and looked back at Hangyul.


    The bone was wet and glossy. Hangyul gently slapped her groaning ass with his hand.


    "you almost died of being screwed-up...… oops! I did it!"

    he plugged his penis in a crack of her vagina and poked them in at once. His spine stood stiff in the cruelty of grasping the wound that had healed for a week. It was already overwhelming with unusual feeling, it felt like it was going to be torn inside. Nevertheless, it was so good.


    She has been hoping for this all the time. The pleasure she tasted that day was so terrible that the aftereffects were enormous all week. She tends to feel it when he's stuck deep inside, but there wasn't a penis that drove inside her as deeply as how these people did it that day.

    Se-ah swallowed a sigh, rubbing her forearm on her lips. When she shook her back and urged him, she felt Hangyul looking at her bottom with his eyes while spreading her hips. You will clearly see the pussy where the penis come and go.

    His uncle's eyes fiercely followed the pubic flesh that came completely close to his nephew's penis. Seah looked up and looked at his face, which she looked persistently at. she liked the moment when a hard man who did not lose his coolness even when she screamed and roughly collapsed.

    "Ah… … Ahhhh!”

    A small dot around the dry eye was distorted and the redness spread. She shook her waist, gazing as if licking each of his lashes. His nephew's hips, rushing to put in his balls, grew stronger and stronger.

    “Oh! There, more! Ah… … So, huh... … It's hot!”

    Doha, who had no reaction over the phone, responded to Seah's groans. In a neat pantsuit, the penis, which had been unresponsive, sprang up, and it was seen at a glance that it was tightening with the tendency of piercing through the fabric. Se-ah did not avoid Doha's gaze, but looked directly at him. His eyes, as if only ashes had been burned out, were tangled like black swamps.

    "Sea, do you want my uncle to suck you?”


    Hangyul changed her posture with his penis plugged in. Se-ah's buttocks, which was sitting on top of Hangyul, pressed the pubic bones and inserted them deeper.

    "I think I'm going to have to lick you a little bit because you were swollen from having fun earlier...… I can't put my dick and my lips in the pubic area at the same time so ask my uncle to lick you. I think my uncle will also suck Seah.”

    Hangyul shook her waist rhythmically and whispered in Seah's ear. It was a very small voice that only she could hear. If she ask Doha to do it, he will think that it was Seah who asks for it voluntarily, not Hangyul. It seemed so embarrassing that she tried to shake her head, but he grabbed Seah's chin and fixed it toward Doha.

    "Come on."

    "Do, Doha... Oh, yeah!"

    When she called his name, he struck his penis as if he was looking at it. Seah cried out and called Doha's name desperately.

    "Do-ha, Mr. Do-ha! Ha! Do-ha-ha!…ahh!"

    The gaze that had been fixed on the vagina with her nephew's penis, came up and looked at Se-ah's face. When Seah reached out her arm, he came close.

    “Here, hush! Please suck it... … Huang!”

    "you’ve dealt more than one before, and now you’re not satisfied with one alone? Seah can’t go if she’s not sucked while she’s being pounded?”

    "no… … I, hit! Ahhh!"

    Se-ah's body completely collapsed when Hangyul pinched her Clitoris with his finger. Her steadfast penis broke through her womb, and the sound of wet breathing was harsh.

    "Do you like this place, Seah? You’ve been rubbing yourself with the vibrator before and flinching inside. Every time I did that, you tightened my cock to the point where my cock was stuck."

    "Oh, no...… hah!"

    Doha's tongue licked the shaking clits. She got goosebump because she felt like he was licking the whole thing with his wide tongue. Despite his clumsy movements, the swollen clitoris trembled sensitively.

    "Gather your lips together and suck them hard. she will struggle and collapse until she becomes a mess and lose her shape. What a lusty body."

    At the advice of her nephew, Doha's lips strongly sucked her clitoris. A strange sense of conquest arose at her as a large man lowered his body and tried to use his tongue. Seah subconsciously touched her lower body close to his face and fluttered.

    "Do you want me to tell you a secret? Actually, my uncle...….”

    Hangyul roared, poking roughly inside. The murky sound fell into her ears drunk with pleasure, but strangely penetrated into her head.

    "I'm not excited, I'm just relieved. Seah's body loves being inserted."

    The sloppy secret story collapsed, unable to escape from the small ears. Doha, who did not know the secret conversation between the two, was concentrating on sucking her underneath with his eyes slightly lowered.

    “Our poor uncle… … he’s scared to insert it into a woman. I'm afraid he’s forced to do it.”

    “Huh, huh! Ah… … Ahhh!”

    "I'm relieved that Seah will swallow it well."

    Hangyul smiled affectionately at the woman who was being poked by his hot penis while speeding up. At first glance, it is easy to think that Hangyeom is the most spoiled, but Hangyul is the most arrogant of the three.

    Hangyeom use 'Sister'. Doha use ‘Seah’. Hangyul use 'Seah'. He was the only man who called Seah as it is without any honor.

    Also, for the same reason, he respected Seah the most. Se-ah watched the man, who was absorbed in pleasing Se-ah, regardless of his desire. Even without Hangyul's words, she would have noticed.

    “Huh, huh! now stop… … .”

    she tried to touch his cheek slightly, but she ended up being hit by the wind. she looked like he had been beaten, but Doha looked up at Seah without feeling bad, Seah's eyes burned in the dark before her overwhelming spirit had retreated.

    That look excited her. The strongest man I've seen so far collapses and breaks and shakes.

    “Yours, Haang! Oh, you, put it in... … .”

    Her psychological excitement squeezed her inside. Doha's eyes darkened and Hangyul's moved faster. Hangyul rushed inside as he dragged Se-ah's butt with the spirit of biting her.


    his nephew, who reached his peak, there was semen in his cock wrapped by the condom, he raised the inside of Seah. His uncle's eyes were stuck in the open pussy.

    My uncle took off his pants and buried his penis in a space that peaked his nephew first.


    Seah shook like that.
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    MTL chapter 2

    * * *

    Of the three men, Doha was the most modest and gentlest. At first, he was too excited in thrusting Seah too hard, but since then, he has been the softest to hug her.

    Seah liked to swallow the hot, large penis of Doha while rushing the chest or clitoris to the well-skilled twins.

    It was when Hangyul kissed and grabbed both nipples and shook them while Doha was thrusting from behind. Se-ah was so refreshed that she screamed in a burst voice, and his hands, which were tightly attached to her waist, were holding her back firmly so that she wouldn't collapse.

    “Oh! Ah, ahaang! Ah ah ah!”

    It was when Doha had just ejaculated and Seah collapsed. Doha, who was pulling his penis, frowned, and stopped. and he raised her hips up and opened them wide.

    “Hah! Ha yeah!”

    Hoo. The blown mouth breeze coldly brushed and curled inward. Tired muscles flinched and convulsed in the mood of sucking and swallowing a cold whirlpool. Doha kept his mouth shut and kept blowing.

    "Are you sick?"

    It didn't hurt. Seah who was tired of the tenacious pleasure had no idea. She blankly rubbed the blanket on her cheek, whatever he did, she let it go. She felt Doha's fingers open inside. Rumble, something hot flowed out.


    Seah opened her eyes at Hangyul's surprised voice. It was Seah's blood that soaked the white blanket. Blood flowing from inside the vagina.

    Today, they put only one in, but she was surprised that blood flowed inside that didn't tear even two. Seah stared at the dripping blood.

    It was also the fastest time for two people who were surprised and moved without thinking. He released Seah and got up.

    "Get dressed first."

    "Do you want me to call Dr. Kim?"

    "No, there must be a 24-hour gynecologist. Search it."

    Se-ah's body flinched at their attitude of leaving for the hospital right away. The blood is flowing, but there is no pain, but her stomach is tingling. she thought it was because they thrust it so hard, but she was very used to the pain that crushed her stomach.

    "I think it's menstrual...….”


    Doha, who was about to go out of the room, turned around the bed, and came to the Seah’s side. Seah, whose forehead is being pinched by Doha, beckoned, closing her eyes hazily because his cold hand felt good.

    "My cell phone...Can you give me...?’’

    Hangyul, who had picked up a cell phone that was rolling on the floor, put it in Seah's hand. she left work at 6 o'clock, but it was already early morning, how many hours did they roll on the bed.

    "I was sleepy somehow...….”

    Unlike Seah, whose body was sobbing because of exhaustion, the two looked fine. Although the ratio was not right, she felt unhappy when she saw the shiny cheeks without a sign of exhaustion.

    'they’re not human. It’s a monster.’

    Seah grumbled childishly inside and opened an app that marked the days of her period. she saw a red heart flickering on today's date.


    "………is this red heart indicating the day of menstruation?”

    “It tells you when to menstruate based on the cycle you entered before. It fits well like a ghost.”


    "Put the car keys down. If you don't intend to make me die of shame."

    Doha gently put the key of the luxury car held in the drawer.

    It was very annoying, but Se-ah raised herself up. There were a lot of things to take care of.

    "Ah! What should I do with this blanket? You must wash it right away to remove the blood. It's white, so I don't know if the color will fall out well.”

    "That's enough."

    Doha hugged the blanket and held Se-ah, who was standing up and stopped her. The body, which was drained of strength, collapsed quickly despite the small force.

    In addition, the inside choked out menstrual blood. The bottom of her butt is wet.

    "Alas… … .”

    she couldn't raise her head because she was embarrassed, is it flowing now because the inside was blocked a while ago? It was the first day, and there was a lot. Doha hugged Se-ah with a blanket as she sat down, unable to move quickly because she was exhausted.

    "wash up and I'll get you what you need."

    A top-of-the-line goose-fur blanket, which costs millions of won, was thrown at the bottom of the bathtub. Doha, Doha stepped on it and dropped Seah in the bathtub. He unconsciously tried to turn the bathtub lever and frowned on her.

    "I don't know...… well, when...… Is it okay to soak in the water?”

    “There's nothing wrong, but isn't it bad for hygiene? It's a bit uncomfortable.’’

    "Would you like me to wash you?"

    "I'm sober…. No thanks. I'm very, very embarrassed right now. It's too bright."

    When she stood under the incandescent light in the bathroom, she felt her whole body burning white. The excitement didn't go away, but she didn't know if it was due to his sticky gaze.


    While Doha groaned and turned his head, Hangyul walked in.

    "Do I have to buy a sanitary pad? Can I buy anything? I'm going to buy it at a nearby convenience store.”

    "There must be one in my bag...….”

    "Does it work with one only? you will be still here till tomorrow."

    It was different depending on when to go home. Se-ah was actually thinking about whether she could go home now. she couldn't have sex if she had menstruation, and if she couldn't have sex, it wouldn't make sense to spend Saturdays here.

    However, Hangyul brought up tomorrow as if it was too natural, and Doha's eyes seemed to be the same, so she hesitated.

    "Hmm… do I need to stay here until Sunday morning?”

    “Didn’t you agree on Friday and Saturday before going here?”

    "But...… I’m on my period."

    ‘What's wrong with that?’

    The same question appeared on the faces of the two men. It was a face that if you are a woman of childbearing age, you don't know what's the problem with your menstruation.

    "I've never done it in my period, so...….”

    "You mean sex?"

    Doha's English was as great as the twins. her heart was tangled with the pronunciation that he spit out so calmly that she thought she had a fetish in their English pronunciation. It was itchy as if tickling the nipples with feathers. Se-ah, who bowed her head, nodded like a fool.

    "I know common sense that sex during menstruation is not good for hygiene, I have no intention of doing it.”

    "Then why…."

    "I'd like to ask you why, then. if Se-ah doesn’t have menstruation and decided to go back on Sunday morning. Does that mean you're staying in this house for at least 40 hours, but can you have sex for 40 hours? you want to have sex like a sex machine.….”

    "Well, stop speaking English!"

    Seah shouted, covering Doha's mouth with her hands, the man with his mouth blocked rolled his eyes and looked at his nephew. It was a look that asked him to explain what was going on.



    Seah, who could not reveal her newly discovered fetish, closed her eyes and was silent. However, Hangyul was quick-witted. Han Gyul asked as if he knew, spreading her frowned eyebrows.


    "Ugh…! Please leave."

    Fortunately, they seemed to think Seah was ashamed of the meaning of the word. His eyes were saying that he saw such innocent and poor things.

    Hangyul nodded affectionately, saying he would no longer do so.

    "Okay, we'll talk about that later."

    Doha, who was going out of the bathroom with Han-gyeol, returned and draped a gown over Se-ah's shoulder. He seemed to remember Se-ah's words that he was ashamed of being naked under bright lights.

    "I'm going to wash up now...… What's the point of this now...….”

    Seah muttered as she looked at the door that swallowed him as he passed away quickly.

    Naked Seah defeated Doha as a result. It was a victory with only wounds.

    * * *
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    MTL chapter 2
    * * *

    When she got back, she wanted to do something, but Se-ah fell into bed just as she came out after washing. She used her underwear and pajamas that she brought from her home and she changed into them.

    Her body was soggy and tired, so she only woke up in the middle of the day. The first thing Seah, who got up from bed, discovered was a desk full of all kinds of sanitary pads.

    From panty liner to over-night. Every sanitary pad has a different use, so that's true, but she doesn't know why they bought all kinds of brands. It seemed like they were robbing a large supermarket, not a convenience store.

    "How much is all this...…?”

    It seems to be usable for years. It was piled up in pyramid shape one by one, but all Seah needed was a large pack.

    Seah took out a pack of sanitary pads, being careful not to shake the pyramid he had piled up. When she changed the pad and washed it, she went out and the kitchen smelled delicious again.

    "Good morning!"

    Hangyeom, who came in at dawn, greeted Se-ah first and kissed her cheek. She laughed, his smiling and falling face were full of boyish freshness, so she couldn't speak at the moment.

    'Your face is...... nice.'

    Seah went into her kitchen, rubbing her cheeks with the back of her hand. Doha and Hangyul were busy moving and preparing their meal.

    "What can I do for you?"

    “All done. Please sit down.”

    The table was much more glamorous compared to last week when they couldn't prepare as if it were true that they had been shopping. Se-ah sat on the chair again, looking at the delicious food.

    she was easy to seduce with food.

    Her face was slightly warmed up by the comfort of a fluffy donut cushion.

    This world was very easy to live with only money. Not all instant foods were the same. All the foods that were packed from the high-end Korean restaurants were delicious, and Se-ah didn't let go of her spoon until she was full and didn't want to think about anything.

    Hangyeom, who finished eating before Seah, walked around to the refrigerator and opened the freezer door. The air in the frigid freezer blew on her cheeks.

    "Do you want some ice cream?”

    Hangyeom shook the pink ice cream bucket gently. It came in family size, it wasn't small, but his big hand created an optical illusion that it was small.

    ‘Yeah, how much is that?’

    "Well, shall we?"

    Se-ah and Hangyeom ate the ice cream until it was empty.

    she feels bloated. Seah escaped from the magical table and stretched on the sofa. she feels like her stomach is overwhelmed, so she leaned on the sofa carelessly.

    But Doha brought something else.

    "Now I'm really…… I can't eat anymore...….”

    "Warm plum tea. It will help you digest well. It's not good for your health if you eat something too cold."

    Doha said and glanced at Hangyeom.

    "no. I didn't know my sister would eat that much."

    A sweet plum scent came up from the teacup in her hand. she doesn’t like plum tea, but there was also high-quality plum tea that broke her taste in the world.


    "How is the taste?"

    "Yes…… I'm really full…….”

    "Just eat that much."

    A plate of teacups was placed on the table in front of the sofa. She liked the hot feeling, so she put the tea slightly on her stomach instead of a plate.

    "Sister, do you like movies?”


    "I can watch all the latest movies. Is there anything you want to see?”


    Seah watched the latest movies on her phone screen and chose an action movie that was worth watching lightly.

    As Hangyeom pressed one of the switches, a large screen came down. At the same time, the blue light came into the black speakers on both sides, and a high-quality sound was emitted.

    The tea disappeared as she sipped it, and only the empty glass was being rolled in her hands, so Doha took the cup and put a round heat pack on her stomach.

    The movie was fun and the bubbling stomach gradually warmed up. When she came to my senses, two hours passed by.

    'Scary people...… they’re raising me...…!’

    she felt like she was deprived of her soul by people who were willing to make her gain weight and eat her later. It was not long ago that she decided to go back home when she woke up in the morning, but she completely forgot and was immersed in the peace that this time gave her. It was a prison without bars that she could open as many doors as possible, but she could not reach the front of the door.

    "Do you like board games?"

    When Se-ah was able to come to her senses for a while, they found another interest.

    “I felt like I did it when I was in high school and didn't...Oh! Halli Galli!"

    Clink! Clink! Clink!

    The sound of the four enthusiastically responding to Halli Galli resonated in the soundproofed penthouse. But it wasn't a Sapajeon but a Sapajeon. Seah occupied the top layer of the four palms piled up on the only bell. losing every time. Consistently.

    "That's unfair! I keep losing because my arms are relatively short!"

    “Shall we change the stock?”

    There are many things that are different, and they lined up the board game board. It's a new one that hasn't even been opened, but there are a variety of types.

    "How about the Da Vinci Code?"

    Se-ah was quite confident in memorizing. The Da Vinci Code was advantageous to a smart person because it was important to estimate the number of cases in which numbers were written on the upside-down plate.

    "All right."

    The Da Vinci Code has begun.

    And Seah also experienced the bitter taste of defeat again.

    "……I'm mistaken. There are two people who look very smart."

    Se-ah's eyes swept Doha and headed toward Hangyul. Hangyeom, who was at the end, raised his eyebrows, and raised his hand.

    "I am one, too, sister."

    "Yes…… you were good, too. Then I'll be the last...….”

    It was a humiliation that Seah, who was a good student who was good at studying, never experienced even when she was young.

    "But how can I not win a game during sunset? Are you a member of Mensa?”

    (Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. It is open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test.)

    she was joking, but they looked surprised.

    "All three?"

    "We share blood."

    Hangyul said with a shrug.

    A genius is made with 1% talent and 99% effort, but she remembered a senior's drunkard who said that if there is no 1% talent that must be born in the first place, he has no choice but to stay as a criminal.

    "Would you like more?"

    Seah played another game after that and never won. They were so cool in the world of winning that they never lost. After realizing that it was a tree that could not be climbed, Ogi disappeared and was enlightened.

    The match was changed to a team match, not an individual match, and Se-ah also enjoyed it. It was fun even if she lost, and if she won, she was excited by clapping her hands and feet with the same team.

    When she spent all her time playing games and got a little hungry, Se-ah asked.

    "But everyone...… What are you doing?”

    "Are you curious about us now?”


    “Because I thought you always avoided this topic on purpose.”

    “That's… I'm afraid that the end will be bad if I breach your personal information between breakups...”

    ‘Am I being too honest?’

    Seah looked at them slightly after she said it. No one was particularly offended. She felt at ease because they also thought of ‘breakup’.

    “I am curious. Even if you disappear one day, it is sad to pass by knowing only the outside.”

    Doha expressed his feelings in a calm voice. His blunt expression was the same, but she was swept away by the unique atmosphere that attracted people. she really felt sorry for him. What's more, it's the first time he's mixed up with people. In other words, Se-ah is his first woman.

    "If I wanted to get to know you, it didn't have to be this way. I have plenty of more stealthy and quicker ways.”

    "Then why…."

    "Well, won’t that put pressure on you?"

    Burden? Her heart rattled, wondering if she wanted to add weight to this relationship.

    "To me and these guys.”

    "What? Not me?”

    "Because I don't want to treat you lightly. If I find out about you as easily as I used to, even if my curiosity is satisfied, you will be just a few letters written on that piece of paper to me. Aren’t people dating that way?”


    Seah was a little confused. They had never treated her lightly. They have always been polite and considerate.

    "My poor uncle...… he's afraid to insert it into a woman. I'm afraid we're forcing him to do it.」

    she doesn't know why she suddenly remembered that word. her heart just pounded, and her eyes were white. Sympathy for his unknown cause. Such feelings that anyone can give because they are shallow and inexpensive. It was bigger than she thought, so she sympathized with the man in front of her.

    "Any relationship is possible. I know you're thinking about breaking up. If you say you want to go, we will send it to you, but...… I don't just want our relationship to be 'sex' at least. If you define us as 'partners' and want a limited relationship, I'd like to say no first."

    Doha drew a line with a cold voice.

    "No, wait a minute...….”

    Se-ah was so embarrassed that her hands and feet trembled slightly. Why didn't she know that? There was nothing more dangerous than a one-sided relationship. Even if Se-ah was satisfied with the relationship now, if they didn't want, they could end it as much. He said he would send Seah if she didn't want to. Then Seah had to do the same. If he doesn't want to, let him go and end this relationship.


    Yes, this relationship, which was only twice, was so shallow. It was a relationship that would be cut off just by flicking a finger.

    "I'm still...… for that reason…… I don't want to end it."

    Seah was honest. she hates hanging on, but there are still parts they can negotiate with each other, but it was foolish to turn around with pride. She was so satisfied with this relationship.

    “If you have to define this relationship, a lover would be good. At least we want you to have no other man. It means don't cheat.”

    The two nephews nodded in agreement with their uncle's words. It seemed like they had already reached an agreement except for Seah.

    But there were three of them. There's only one woman, but three men. Isn't this cheating already? Se-ah was so embarrassed that she couldn't even speak properly.

    "che-, cheat… what?"

    "cheat. It's the act of having a lover and meeting other sexes.”

    Seah moved her eyes from right to left. Hangyeom, Doha, Hangyul. It took quite a while just to look through them because they were all big and distracting. It was likely to occupy six times as much volume as Seah.

    "But what, cheat?"

    “Do you need more men?”

    “It can’t be! I'm also overwhelmed with three! What the hell do you think of me?”

    "I'm glad to hear that. Of course, all three of us will not meet any other woman than Seah. As long as this relationship lasts."

    Doha whispered with a bright smile. She felt buried in flowers in the splendor of my beautiful face.

    'Woo, I've never seen you smile before.…!’

    She was aware of the blushing and bewitching gaze on her cheeks. He bent his eyes strangely. A small dot around his eyes fluttered lustfully.

    "I'm a very jealous man."


    "Yes, I’m a narrow-minded man."

    "uh… … Hangyeom and Hangyul are not applicable to that jealousy?”

    Doha's tail twisted. Seah's eyes trembled at the bad smile she saw from the sweetest and caring man she knows.

    Doha looked over his nephews and nieces as if they were luggage.

    “What if I don't like it? This is how our relationship started. But I'm an elder, so please give me a seat as the main. Those two are just concubines."

    "That's ridiculous! I brought Seah's sister! My balls are the biggest, and I've seen them!"

    “I am the one who brought Seah to this house. My uncle is too greedy for the gift he received."

    His nephews immediately jumped at their uncle's words, mutiny. The dog fight began. Se-ah stared blankly at the three people and touched her head.

    "Well… I don't understand.”

    The heads of the three returned to Seah at the same time. Three pairs of black fireballs burned. I was discouraged by the blind and reckless gaze.

    “What is it?”

    "Objectively, that's what it is. I'm not trying to disparage myself, but three men...… Lovers, just me, ah...… What should I say about this? Anyway, I don't think it's worth it.”

    “you’re not able to divide yourself into three parts, right? You’re not even a toy that we can break."

    The way they looked at her neck was creepy.

    Surely Doha had a dangerous corner. she doesn’t touch him because she knows he wouldn’t kill her, but she thought about it. Seah has already been shattered from his gaze.

    Seah nodded, covering her neck without knowing it.

    "Well, yes. I'm human. I'm alive. I feel pain."

    "What can we do if we have the same taste? You want all three of us. You don't want to choose one."

    His eyes penetrated her better than Seah herself. Yes, Seah was satisfied with the relationship with the three. There could be someone better out of the three, but that one person couldn't fill all three of them.

    “That's really weird. I can't refute it. I didn't know I was this greedy...….”

    "Why is that weird?”

    “It’s normal to meet one person. It was wrong to meet three people.”

    "wrong? So, are all countries with the customs of monogamy wrong?”

    "No... I don't mean to say that...….”

    she was distracted when he even mentioned cultural issues from other countries. As long as she belongs to Korean society, she thought she should follow it, but Doha's face got too close and it all flew away.

    "Take it easy."

    He whispered and slightly lowered his head at Se-ah's lips. His eyes looked down as if asking if it was okay to kiss like this. he didn't even touch her, but her lips seemed to be burning, so she opened her lip. When he slightly pulled her neck, the flame penetrated her body.

    His big hands dig into the t-shirt and grab her chest over her underwear. The hand unleashed the hook and the nipples popped out spilling over the underwear. The bouncing breast was sucked into the hot mouth. It was only then that she knew that the caressing touch was not Doha's, but she felt more excited.

    “Are you both normal and happy? The forced relationship between the two is only impoverished. If all of them are happy, it will be more beautiful.”


    Both nipples were sucked at once. The sunken nipple was pulled out, stiffly protruding, and bitten with teeth. Her spine was throbbing, but even when she shook her chest off, both lips bitted the tip and did not let go. It was a sense of crushing the sensitive upper part with the lips. It seemed that each of them had a flame on their nipples. The thrill with a thrill rang up to the groin.

    Doha opened Seah's lips. The saliva that had been stagnant slipped one after another and the tongue hid inside. His fingers scratched the sensitive part of her mouth.


    "Don't you have fun now?"

    “Hah! Eup!”

    "You're more beautiful now.”

    Doha whispered like brainwashing.

    "Will you be our lover?"

    "Yes! Woo! Ooh!”

    Her face turned red with a sweet tone that touched her ears. ‘Did I nod my head? I don't know’ Her chin was lifted to match his lips pulling off her nipples, and Doha laughed when he saw it.

    "All right."

    Doha looked down at Seah and rubbed his fingers back and forth. The cold, chilling gaze made the mud flow, soaking up the clitoris.

    “what... … .”

    Her red lips that swallowed three of his fingers gleamed with a wet breath.

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    MTL chapter 3
    Chapter 3

    03. Four people.

    ‘Nothing changes even if we became lovers. You can be as happy as you are now. We just want to do more various things.’

    Doha said so, and Seah agreed. There was nothing to regret. Just as he guaranteed, Seah enjoyed more. Even if the days of indulgence with the three of them deepened and became obscene, society did not blame her.

    She was still a Yoo Se-ah, an excellent employee of a well-rounded conglomerate company, and a proud daughter of her parents.


    ‘’It's a villa near Seoul. We can eat barbecues, swim, and take a forest bath. It's going to be fun. 」

    The existence of the villa was no surprise now, since Doha was the only son of Lee Han Group Chairman Lee Jin-cheol, the managing director of Lee Han Electronics, and the twins were the only grandchildren of Lee Jin-cheol. She’s just stunned that the people she met are the second and third generations of chaebol, which she had only heard of.

    "Hmm... wouldn't it be cold to swim already?”

    "You don't have to worry about the cold because hot water keeps coming in. It's warm. 」

    "Yes, it's better to go out for a little air than just stay at home.”

    ‘’Yes. We’ll pick you up later. In front of the company. 」


    Surprised by Hangyeom's words, Se-ah screamed. Her colleagues looked at her to see what was going on so she quickly ran away to a remote place and screamed.

    "You're not going to bring a red sports car, are you? That's too noticeable! That car is expensive!"

    "I didn't say I was going to pick you up. My uncle is going. I don't know what he will be driving. But if it's my uncle, wouldn't he take care of it? 」

    "If it's Doha...….”

    "Wow...Sister, isn't that relieved voice too obvious? you didn't trust me that much? 」

    Tomorrow is Friday already; she didn't know what he would do tomorrow night if she upset Hangyeom. Hangyeom used to shoot down Seah in an extraordinary way.

    "No, Hangyeom...…it's not like that.… I'm sorry.”

    "Yes, it's not for you to apologize. I know how you feel. I'll try harder.」

    She was a little nervous about the effort he will make. (hmm it seems that Hangyeom will return back the effort by trying harder in bed:whistle:)

    "Ha, Hangyeom...….”

    ‘’Ah! The class is starting. See you tomorrow, sister!」

    Hangyeom was a man who went to a prestigious university's business department and seemed to eat loans, but he hung up the phone while shouting refreshingly.

    "I'm nervous…."

    Seah had a hunch, but the line had already been cut off and Friday was just around the corner.

    Friday after work. Se-ah's about to go out from work, the lights started to go out one by one, it was nothing different than usual. But soon, a man of very powerful presence suddenly broke her daily life.


    Doha, who is quite tall, held a bouquet of flowers half the size of his upper body. he smiled affectionately and called her. Even though it was not a loud voice, the unique sense of pressure that caught people's eyes easily had a strange power. Her boss, who was usually busy disappearing without greeting properly, was whispering close to her.

    "Sea, did you have a boyfriend? He's so handsome! I thought he was a celebrity."

    "Oh... well...….”

    Seah glared at the man standing there, who was spreading pheromones everywhere.

    'What if someone recognizes you?'

    Lee Do-ha was the eldest son of Lee Han and the managing director of Lee Han Electronics. Few people knew his face because he was extremely unwilling to be exposed to the media, but he was still a little celebrity who could get a few photos by browsing the internet. Se-ah, who had no idea who he was until she heard from his mouth, didn't mean to do browse it.

    Doha, who completed the perfect three-piece suit with his face and body, lowered his eyes gently so that she did not hate it. He seemed to know that he had done something wrong, but it was very impudent that he did not regret it.

    Yeah, Doha said he was coming, but she didn't remember being promised that he would come unnoticed.

    "It doesn't matter, because I’m only one person."

    The approaching Doha whispered softly in her ear.

    He was right. they didn't seem to recognize it or think it was strange. It was only then that Se-ah held Doha's arm slightly and smiled.

    "That's right, boyfriend."

    "Oh, I see! I work for the same team as Se-ah. Nice to meet you. Where are you two going on a date?"

    “it’s a long-awaited holiday.”

    "Then I shouldn't disturb you. See you on Monday, Seah."

    She disappeared, fluttering her hand.

    "she's such a big mouth...… I think she’ll send about you at kakaotalk messages in less than a day. she saw my boyfriend."

    “It may also be said that you are very handsome.”

    There was nothing to say in the confidence that she should have been proud of him and that it will not be a bad thing.

    "A weak man."

    He showed a symbol that he would exclude his nephews and take the place as her public lover.

    “Wouldn’t we have to be cunning as we are older? I'm the most desperate one."

    He handed over a bouquet of flowers and laughed.

    she couldn't keep saying anything about the soft appeal like a feather and the weak skin at the same time. Doha didn't do anything wrong enough to make her angry. It was Seah who admitted his existence as her boyfriend. What Doha did was just standing with a bouquet of flowers.

    Se-ah slapped Doha's forearm with a resentful face. The bouquet was in her arms.

    "It was really weak."

    "I'll take it as a compliment."

    A sweet scent came up from a large bouquet of roses. Her head, which had been exhausted by work, brightened and her eyes relaxed smoothly. Human beings must be helpless snobs.

    "Where are the other two?"

    Seah asked as she walked along with Doha.

    "I told them to go to the villa first. they have something to prepare."

    "Do I have to go grocery shopping? They say we're going to have a barbecue."

    “That's also their job.”

    "What about you, Doha?"

    "As you can see, I have important work to do."

    Doha whispered as he opened the auxiliary seat door of the black sedan, he used in picking up Seah. He could not say that he was doing anything special because he had to go anyway.

    It would not be unreasonable to take the initiative and work, but she also thought it was sneaky.

    "Is that enough for your luggage?”

    Doha, in the driver's seat, stretched out his arm and pulled Seah's seat belt. Since she was holding a bouquet in her arms, the scent bursts when the flowers were pressed. Doha's body odor, perfume, and flower scent. Even though several scents were mixed, there was no bad scent but instead, it was more stimulating.

    The seat belt was plugged in making a “tapping” sound.



    "I asked you if you had anything else to bring."


    After stopping by the penthouse several times, the luggage that she left behind was lined up. There were some clothes, cosmetics, and necessities. she had to leave her luggage in one of their guest rooms so she didn't have to pack anything anymore.

    "I asked Hangyeom to take care of the things."

    "Do you like Hangyeom the most?”

    What is he talking about?

    Se-ah looked back at Doha with a surprised look who was focused on driving with an expressionless face, he seemed calm when he asked such a question. But he looks like he’s jealous.

    "Uh... I shouldn't say this, but Hangyeom is the most...…he’s easy. Should I say he is easy to order? Hmm…… … You are the kindest.”

    She could see the tail of his mouth shaking faintly. He seemed to be holding back his laughter.

    "For your information, the most difficult thing is Doha."

    The last word was a joke-like truth. Doha's lips closed in a straight line.

    "Does that mean I'm the worst?"

    “Is that the same thing? That's not what I meant. I just... I don't know what you're thinking. You're good at hiding your facial expressions."

    "It's not exactly what I wanted."

    His face looked bitter when he said so. As if every word she said as a joke hurt his feelings. Se-ah's face became a little dark as her heart became bitter. The black sedan fell into a long tunnel.

    As he gazed at the increasingly scarlet lights, he turned his head and laughed.

    “Do you know how to become intimate quickly?”

    "Hmmm... Wouldn't it be drinking?"

    “That’s good, but I… … I think it's about sharing a secret.”


    “Because humans have a dark corner, they have a habit of continuing to measure. When there's nothing to be found out, you open your heart.”

    she understood when she remembered her childhood friend Hye-won. The moment she opened her mouth, Se-ah's life was over. she knew all about the dark history she has. For the same reason, Hye-won was the friend she trusted the most.

    "Let me tell you my secret."

    "uh… … I don't have anything to remember.”

    "You can just listen. That's enough."

    There was something she could guess about his secret. Does he mind if she hears it? Se-ah wondered whether she should stop Doha or not.

    His black eyes were still facing forward. His pupils reflected in the pane of glass, waiting for her reply, silently.

    After a while, Se-ah nodded. He reacted immediately and raised the corners of his mouth, even though he was clearly looking ahead.

    "It's not a big deal, so you don't have to be nervous."

    “Hmm… … I will listen comfortably.”

    So, she meant to speak comfortably.

    Se-ah's heart tightened with a dry smile.

    "The first sex I had was disgusting."

    Didn't you say she’s the first?

    "I'm not saying I did it myself. I'm talking about the experience I've seen with my eyes.”


    "It was my parents' sex."


    Se-ah responded out loud without realizing it and closed her lips with her palm. she occasionally heard stories of friends who had seen their parents having sex, but he was the first person to speak that way.

    “It was probably when I was 6 years old. I was in the midst of the Oedipus Complex (the Oedipus complex is a psychoanalytic theory proposing that children have possessive sexual desires for their opposite-sex parent while viewing their same-sex parent as a rival), I left my room in the middle of the night and went to my mother's."

    (P.S Oedipus Complex is actually pretty normal, The Oedipus complex is a normal childhood stage of psychological development that occurs between the ages of 3 to 5, since it happens at a very young we probably can’t remember experiencing this but since Doha is a genius and had experienced it at a little older age he can remember it. girls will also, experience it and it is called Electra complex )

    She thinks she breathed for a long time, there was a blurry breath on the window. It was a bit like cigarette smoke.

    "The way my father forced my mother.”

    The tunnel, which had been cut off for a while, continued again. His gaze was as terribly black as he was being sucked into a black tunnel. she couldn't think of anything to say, so the darkness spread to her head.

    “I watched with my own eyes the moment when my mother was forcibly stripped and inserted without caressing her while crying and screaming for her dislike. The wiggling flesh in there was disgusting, but I was standing still. He digs in and out several times and ends up packing up blank semen.”


    "I never thought of it. My parents were a perfect show couple. They pretended to get along in front of me as well. Was it so ugly that it was enough to deceive your children? My mother never did anything like divorce. She withered as it is.”

    Chairman Lee Jin-Cheol had two wives. The first mother; Lee Jin-hee, the second; Lee Ga-hee, and the youngest son, Lee Do-ha. Both died early and the current chairman Lee Jin-Cheol was alone. Doha's birth mother seems to have died before he was ten years old.

    Doha was the youngest, but he was the only son, and his mother was different from other brothers. The chaebols are wary of each other and the brothers are not good at getting along, but what about the brothers with different ships? It would have been natural for Doha to follow and rely on her mother.

    "I didn't want to have such a vain relationship. I didn't even want to look for it.”


    "But you just caught my eye."

    Seah wanted to ask Doha if he blamed her. But this man was a man who couldn't do that.

    "I hope you are not unhappy."

    As the car pulled out of the tunnel, the streetlight flashed. The blurry lighting of the eyes smeared with coldness even inside the eyes.

    "If you're scared of me, run away. I'll let you go."

    When Doha looked so vulnerable, Se-ah had all kinds of thoughts. she was scared to see this, so she wanted to run away as he said. And then she thought that she wanted to hug him back.

    she hates complicated things, and she didn't want anything wrong with her daily life, but at some point, this person opened up a gap.

    she doesn’t think she’ll ever meet anyone who can say that. If they end it here, it’s a relationship that she can't look back.


    "Even if I can't get my dick up again."


    Her cheeks, which had been warmly loosened, trembled. She wondered what she just heard now.

    “Now I just stand up to Seah. I masturbate while thinking about you."

    she has been living an obscene life with three men for months, but this is the first time she has heard of a man masturbating while thinking about her.

    "It wasn't as good as putting it in and thrusting it. They say that they usually masturbate first and learn sex, but I can't do it twice because I'm against it.….”

    “What are you talking about now!”

    Se-ah, whose face was recalled, screamed and slapped Doha on the shoulder. It was such a good car that the car didn't move at all even with Se-ah's hand gesture. His eyes, which were dull like coal in a coal mine, completely contained the light and flashed.

    "I do not know. There Isn't anyone who doesn't make sense in the first place? Moreover, my 'first' seemed too intense for me."

    Seah wasn't Doha, so she couldn't fully understand his feelings. However, it was not that she couldn't relate at all.

    For him, having sex with Seah was not just a simple matter. It was the moment when Se-ah solved the dark things/past that had been restraining him for more than 20 years due to the shock of his childhood and Se-ah was the passage that accepted all of them.

    She cried out, crushed, swallowed, and solved it. It was only natural that he became obsessed with the woman who did not despair after receiving what was hurting and making him suffer.

    The beginning became an imprint to him and became a decision that could not be broken.

    "That's all I can think of. My dick's standing only for you now."

    A one-sided relationship was so heartbreaking. Se-ah had no choice but to know that all the feelings in his eyes were sincere.

    “But, by the way, it caught my eye. You."

    He expressed it like that, but Seah thought the opposite. she didn't want to belittle herself, but she did. The depth of emotion was so different. When he found out that it was a joke and a play was desperate for someone, her heart ached.

    "………I don't know if it's a request to run away or a threat not to leave if I run away.”

    "Why don't you think it's a little wish to be happy next to me as much as possible?"

    Everything he says must be sincere. He said he would let her go if she ran away, and that he wanted her to be next to him. The two presumptuous selves seemed to bury her.

    "That's so obvious…….”

    "It's me. You'll be the happiest to be next to me."


    “Think about it. It's not easy to say.”

    Doha held out one hand without holding the steering wheel. It was a little different from when he asked for a handshake on the first day. His strong hands seemed as weak as those hanging from the crotch of his pants. Maybe it was because the light flashed and shone brilliantly pale.

    Seah left his hand alone for a long time. Still, he did not feel embarrassed and did not take it away. It was a fearfully persistent obsession.

    "I'm... scared of you.”

    No. Seah was afraid she'd be fascinated by him. Because he is a person who keeps shaking her, who wants to live in an ordinary way.

    “I am pitiful at the same time. Because they think of me as someone who has broken somewhere.”

    "To that extent...….”

    “It doesn't mean that you feel bad. It's because you're the first person to pity me that way. I like it.”

    she could see the cold breeze caught in his dull fingertips making it white. Seah put her hands together on her knees and pressed down on her skirt, but eventually reached out and grabbed his hand.

    "If I run away, you'll let go."

    "I promise. I want you to be truly happy."

    Rather, she wouldn't have been sad if he had said he wanted to be happy.

    There were neither grid nor jail in his prison. Only that the golden key was so heavy that her hand was sore.

    * * *
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    MTL chapter 3

    * * *

    Their villa was on an island. The Incheon Bridge and Yeong Jong Bridge was well-polished, so there was no problem going back and forth, the beautiful villa was on an island with a direct view of the sea.

    It's night so she can't see the sea well, but in the morning, she could see the sun-lit horizon. Seah looked forward with a little anticipation, and only came out after Doha opened the car door.

    "Are you getting off with that?”

    The bouquet of flowers was in Seah's arms. Doha casually looked down at the bouquet as he took the bag from her hand.

    "Why do you have such strange eyes when you were the one gave them to me?”

    “I thought I should be grateful to the secretary who recommended that to me.”

    “Hmm. Isn't this the idea of Doha, right?”

    “You know, it’s my first time for anything.”

    Surprisingly, it seemed to her that she had a glimpse of the childlike playfulness from this blunt man. The smile on his face was clumsy and cool, so the heat on her cheeks grew.

    “… … Just leave it here and it will dry out quickly. I have to go and put it in a vase.”

    She shouldn't have changed her words while fanning. As he himself said, Doha had no experience in this, but unfortunately, he was quick-witted and she could see the tail of his mouth rising.

    "What, what… what is it?”

    "Nothing. I just look at you because you’re so pretty."

    He fixed his eyes on Se-ah's face and talked shamelessly. Even if he is a person who doesn't put meaning on flowers, he will understand even if he doesn't do that, but his confident eyes without any shame made her shy.

    "I know I’m pretty too."

    So Se-ah responded with the same boldness. In fact, she was a very rare beauty. Her multi-brown hair and lighter eyes were uncommon and matched well with her image as well. Soft, sweet, and candid but honest and confident at the same time. There were many people who confessed to her because either side of her was very attractive. It's just that the person who she is attracted to hasn't shown up so far.

    But she was a little confused these days. This is because the man in front of her was the most attractive and dangerous in Seah's life.

    "Yes, that's the best part."

    He smiled sweetly with a look of great satisfaction. she could see that he had hoped for a straightforward person instead of someone like his mother, who was forced by his father but did not think of getting away.


    "Can I hold your hand?”

    "That… … Are you in a rush?”

    Seah held out her hand first without turning away from the hot hand that came weakly. Doha was watching her hand gesture, as he snatched her gesture before herself.

    The passion, transmitted through her ears, blushed to the nape of her neck. After a while, he smiled brightly and grabbed her hand.

    Sharing secrets can lead to a more intimate relationship. It wasn't wrong.

    But his intention was to make her sympathize with him. He didn't want to be a threat to her. Rather, he wanted to be a poor person and be a person who thanked and wished for her hand and made her reach out repeatedly.

    Her steps accelerated as his hotly heated hands grasped her hands that were melting away. Doha slowly followed her step by step.

    As they pass through the small trail, she saw a white villa. The place, which was fenced high so that outsiders could not enter, was as diverse as a foreign village. A familiar face popped out of a strange and mysterious space.

    "you’re here, Nu..…na?"

    Hangyeom, who smiled and looked out over the wall, greeted them happily, but then his face hardened. His gaze stayed in the hands of Doha and Seah, who held each other for a while. His face disappeared under the fence, as if he had lost strength in his raised heel.

    In time, the door opened quickly, and a bright voice was heard.

    "You must have come right after work. Aren't you hungry?”

    Se-ah, who was worried that Hangyeom might be upset by the previous day's call, was relieved to see his bright face.

    "And now I'm a little hungry...… it smells delicious? What are you cooking?”

    "Hangyul is struggling with fire. Do you like abalone? I also bought some lobster and sausages. Of course, meat is the main dish!"

    He pushed Se-ah's back gently and hurried her step. On one side, white smoke was soaring with a delicious smell. Seah sniffed the charcoal fire and hurried her steps.

    Doha watched the two people leaving quickly.

    “That guy, must…… It looks like a dog.”

    In Doha's eyes, it seemed that the twins didn't know whether they were the owner or the butlers running with a leash hanging on them.

    To him, Hangyeom was a nephew who was nine years younger. He raised them as if they were his own younger brother.

    Doha is generous with his nephew………..What do you mean, his steps gradually got faster.

    * * *

    * * *

    "Sister, say ah."

    "Seah can't eat anything that big, so get out of the way, Hangyeom."

    “If your stomach is full, you can stop eating.”


    It was a battlefield of colorful flowers.

    (I think flowers is pertaining to the three men)

    Se-ah was swept away by them, who were eagerly serving her food, picking things up, and eating, and it felt like her stomach would burst.

    she thought she really couldn't eat anymore, but Doha pretended to be out of the war and put down a glass of soda in front of Se-ah. she’s full, but she pulled the cup of sweet and cool cider. As the twins secretly grabbed the cold cup, they curled their eyes as if they knew Doha would choose his own.

    The refreshing sensation of sparkling carbonic acid passed through her throat with a dizzying sensation. Se-ah lifted her head while drinking a glass of soda.

    When she is full, she feels drowsy and sleepy.


    Seah, who was looking at the dark dawn sky, jumped up and looked closely at the sky. The eyes of the men fell to her reaction.

    "There's a star."

    She whispered in surprise.

    Even though the distance wasn't that far, it was different from the cloudy sky in Seoul due to fine dust. Although it was unlikely that the stars would melt the sky, the shyly fortunate sparkle was lovely.

    It's been a while since she had seen a star.

    "I can see the stars here. It's been a while since I've seen it."

    “If you like stars, you have come to this villa well. There is a very nice stargazing place here.”

    "Umm... would you like to go splashing? To digest."

    In turn, they were Doha, Hangyul, and Hangyeom. Among them, Hangyeom’s gaze was particularly strange. The tone of the word ‘splash’ was also strange.

    “Right after eating?”

    “You have to wash anyway.”


    Seah was caught in the rice paddies of flowers and was pushed to the villa.

    The villa was well organized. Like a foreign house, a fireplace was installed on one side of the wall, and the antique sofa and wooden stairs made it feel completely different from the modern black and white penthouse.

    “It's on the second floor.”

    Dragging in front of her and pushing her from behind, Seah was pushed into the second floor. Her soul was so exhausted as she had gone up a few steps, and it seemed that she had finished digesting because of it.

    As if Hangyeom look forward to it, he put Se-ah in front of the door and quickly opened the huge white-carved door.


    In the pouring starlight, Seah admired it as he promised. A large glass ceiling seemed to move the sky. It was small compared to the world's sky, where the end could not be guessed, but the pouring starlight was coming down.

    Underneath it was a large hot water pool, with a bath bomb in advance, the wave’s color is blue, and the harmony of the white bubbles and red roses floating on top was beautiful. It was suspicious that the flower's splendid war had spread like that.

    “Isn’t it pretty?”

    Hangyeom smiled broadly as he handed over a toothbrush with toothpaste. He was already biting a toothbrush. It was natural to brush her teeth after eating, but it was awkward to brush her teeth with these three men. But what she had to do was right, so Se-ah, blankly bit the toothbrush, and moved her hands mechanically.

    Four people were reflected in the big mirror. Although there was a slight difference, the three men were about the same height, but only Seah was buried. They put Seah in front at the center and looked in the mirror without difficulty. Three pairs of black eyes with the same color looked through Seah's mouth, where the toothbrush was moving.

    Chikachika. Chikachika.

    The white foam scratched her mouth. Their eyes were burdensome, so Se-ah went forward and covered all the mirrors. It was like a goblin fire. Shining eyes have followed her without dying down. It felt like it was chasing her, so her gesture accelerated. Seah pushed her face into the sink and rinsed her mouth.

    There were several sinks, so they rinsed their mouths elsewhere. The foam that moves in her mouth seemed to eat up her throat.

    ‘Why am I so nervous about brushing my teeth?’

    she wipes it off more carefully and moves faster. The hand gestures died down. but her heartbeat didn’t. As she looked back while wiping her wet hands, three people who had finished brushing their teeth were looking at Seah again.

    "Why... why do you look at me like that?”

    Seah's buttocks, which receded, touched the cold sink where there is remaining water, her clothes got wet and were stained with a dark color. her white suit skirt was dyed. Her toes in her flesh-colored stockings scratched the tiles, grasping her tension.

    "That's because you're like a scared rabbit. You're making me stop being mean. If you're 4 years older than me, you're older than me. But I feel like you’re tottering into my stomach...… ughh!"

    His younger brother, who smacked his brother's back in the head, walked in front of her Seah and unfastened the two buttons of the blouse she was wearing. Her breasts were slightly exposed, and he stopped, whispering softly at Seah's cheek.

    "Now, shall we give him a shout?”

    “Hey, huh?”

    "Put your arms up."

    A kind explanation was added as see if he thought she didn't know-how. she doesn’t know why she should follow his absurd offer, but her hands lifted up awkwardly. The moment she did it, the blouse came off the top, and the pale pink underwear and white skin were revealed.

    "Oh... Chew, pink...….”

    Hangyeom covered his mouth and whispered. Like a boy in love, he shyly blushed, and he approached with a gleaming eye.

    "The whole chest is like the color of a nipple."

    The chest was bigger than its size, so their hands were full. Hangyeom slightly pulled back her underwear, crushing her soft chest with his thumb tip.

    "Oh, wait....”

    The sunken nipple popped out and was caught at the end of the race. The white lace couldn't be beaten and was worn out by the rough touch. His thick thumb struck the nipple with a lace.


    Hot hands unzipped the skirt and threw it off. Light pink underwear was visible inside the thighs wrapped in skin-colored stockings. The pink ribbon and the lace with the dainty color attached closely to the stockings gave a strange feeling.

    Excited by it, Hangyeom took a hard breath and scratched the stockings between her crotch with his fingernail. It was just the top where the clitoris was hidden, Se-ah bit her lips and shook her head.

    "Ugh! This is too...….”

    "Can I rip your stockings? I'll buy you one. No, I'll buy you all the stockings you'll wear forever and all the underwear.”

    As if the sanitary pads were not enough, so this time, he was ready to buy a truck of stockings and underwear. Se-ah bit Hangyeom’s hand, which was touching her lips while her eyes shed tears.

    "A pervert."

    "Yeah, I don't care, it doesn't matter.”

    His fingers dug into her lips and tore her stockings at the same time. He even pulled out her panties through the stocking holes that were torn and floundering. The bright lighting gave her a dizzying view. It was because a head had already settled there.

    “Wash… … After washing... … Haaang!”

    "Are you worried about the obscene smell that comes from here? Shh, Seah, don't worry. We already know everything. Seah often got tired of it."

    "Oh, no. No..........whoooooo!’’

    Jirida. As if it was not, He bit her clitoris gently. The clit was split in the teeth like a knife, her waist twisted and collapsed under the gentle pressure with his pointed tip of the tongue.

    Susuk. Susuk. There was a sound of metal somewhere. Hangyeom, who firmly supported Seah's shaky thigh with his hands, held a razor against her pussy. The light pink lace panty was scratched by a razor blade and torn little by little.

    "Ah! Now, wait...… Hm! I'm scared!"

    "I won't hurt you. Seah just needs to spread her legs more."

    Hangyul supported Se-ah under her thigh, telling her not to struggle and stay still. Two big hands grabbed the soft thighs. Handprints were quickly left on the white and dry legs.

    Dizzling! she could see the back of his hand that even showed blue blood vine, and the lace underwear was torn. The underwear, which was ripped off by hand, lost its lovely shape and was dangling. As the layer of protection disappeared, cold air seeped through her buttocks.

    At the same time, the tip of the hot nose rubbed against her pussy. A moist breath formed through the opening hole. Se-ah flinched and made a gesture of anticipation. However, the thick flesh slipped back and touched the stern area.

    "Is this your favorite place?"

    "No! Oh, no...…please, there's...….Hangyeom!"

    She screamed and grabbed the shoulders of his twin brother. she knows she must dry his brother's side, but she couldn't think of anything because her head was white. She cried her eyes out and begged him not to be there.

    "Where? I don't know."

    "Up, up, up! There, there...…!”

    "You're so stupid that you won't know unless Se-ah makes it clear."

    The younger brother grabbed Se-ah's hand and pressed her to tell him directly. He didn't wait for a moment and licked her butt with his tongue with a mischievous smile. Seah was on the verge of fainting, fearing that she would be licked at the most embarrassing place. With her face turning white, she lowered her hands and opened her pussy directly.

    "woo, here...".”


    his tongue slipped and rubbed between her hips. She burst into tears and looked up. Doha's towering face was seen from the front. It was a negative face, but his eyes shimmered like a snake in heat. It was wrapped around like a whip and seemed to strike between the exposed pussy.

    The twins' tongues hovered around the clitoris, buttocks, and perineum, respectively. It was embarrassing to stand with a pair of legs like a male who had to pee, but Hangyeom's tongue was really breathtaking.

    "Ha, Hangyeom..." Please, Hangyeom!"

    "Well, if you don't tell me exactly, I won’t know."

    The end of her ass-side pussy was pulled like a hook, and each time he sucked it, the fluid flowed into her anus. His tongue seemed to just pierce the back, so she shouted.

    “Bo, see… … on! Hey it!”

    As if to praise the moment, Hangyeom's tongue went over her vagina. Like when inserting his penis, he closed his tongue in a circle and tried to melt the inner wall. It was shorter than the penis, but it was much softer and smoother on the inside. The rattling clitoris was wrapped around the other tongue.

    Seah tightened her white belly and her eyes reddened. Her flat belly, which didn't have too many muscles, twitched and trembled.

    “Haahang! Ha, go, I think I'm going... … !”

    Doha grabbed her upper body that was about to collapse. He dug into her mouth shouting that his tongue was about to grind. Her red mucous membrane was sucked by the three men. Doha sucked her lips and swallowed a rumbling moan that made Se-ah's cheeks slimmer.


    her abdomen, which was tight inside, popped up like the tail of a plump mermaid. she couldn't swallow her breath and her whole body trembled. They didn't let go of her whole body that was cruelly driven to climax. her eyes were turned upside down and her vision flashed at the height that forced her to follow. his thick hand which had been supporting her slipped, and she was rubbing her cheeks against the cold sink.


    As soon as Se-ah grabbed the sink, a penis with condoms poked inside. His breathing voice made her know whose it belonged to. It was Do-ha.

    And as far as Se-ah remembers, this was the first time Doha made the first insertion.

    he was asked how many times he could put it in, healed, and confirmed himself. It was the evidence that he showed. It was his promise that he only get an erection only from her now.

    "Huh…! I put it in."

    His dick was completely erect and standing firm. Every word was chewed up with excitement. Se-ah's back trembled at the pleasant report. He left a pecky kiss on her lips, hoping that he did well. His upper and lower lips were sucked into her at the same time.


    Regardless of whether it was the older or younger brother, one of the twins called him in surprise. As he came down to the villa, he proved himself to her and squeezed her back. The wet butt and testicles bumped into each other and made a throbbing sound. He scratched and broke the heated inside quickly. The inner wall, shaped to fit his penis, swallowed him gauntly and spilled water on the floor.

    Seah gripped the sink with a hue. As the cold sink shook until it was hot, Hangyul sat on the sink and grabbed her arms.

    Seah began to suck the sloppy thing in a hurry as the flickering penis struck her cheek. His penis unique hot fishiness made her mouth water. Se-ah shook her head back and forth and sucked Hangyul's penis, and every time she sucks, a noise came out. Like licking his wounds, like a child sucking their mother's milk, she sucked it lightly.

    Lee Do Ha.

    Someone's name was swallowed so obscenely.

    “You, too deep… … Half, take it out, ah! Ah! I like it!”

    Meanwhile, Hangyeom, who was a little far away from them, watched Doha's hand stretched out and caught Seah's hand and pod.

    "Is it good?"

    Doha whispered in her ear, pronouncing with his elegant voice obscenely. When his eyes met with his distant nephew, his eyes turned red. His eyes were like a chilling dawn light, but the flickering dots around the eyes are weirdly wrapped around them.

    "You have to answer this question to wet this place again."

    "Do, Doha...…!”

    "Do you like my dick?"

    “Doh-, hush!”

    “Seah is also clenching nicely. As soon as you get it, how well you swallow it while being buried this way. I don't think I'll be able to get out of here. I'm, like, crazy. Because it’s pretty.’’

    The man, who looked more like a beast than an animal poured obscene words and secret language on her ear and declared that it was his territory.

    If you go out like this, that's it. Even if you give up, that's it.

    Hangyeom twisted his mouth and smiled and approached Seah.

    Four people turned on each other like a mating snake. It was a fiery dawn.

    * * *

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    I knew it! Doha is like the twisted, possessive one in this relationship.xD

    thank you for MTL it. I tried to read it in ridibooks but couldn’t because of age restriction. :/
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    Thank you for this.:aww:

    I signed up in ridibooks and get passed on the adult verification and i am super willing to buy the Novel but i dont understand the payment method :blobdead:
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    you can use your credit or debit card on ridibooks
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    Thank you, i'll look it up again :blobsmilehappy:
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    * * *

    It was at the club where Hangyeom often see her.

    Her fluffy brown hair confused him whether she had dyed hair or natural hair, and her white, plump cheeks made her look young. The cat-like eyes, which were made by drawing a thick brown eyeliner, gave off some strange energy and drew his attention.

    She was dancing. Her white fingers, grasping the stick, knocked on her keys as if being caressed. Her chest bones stiffened when the only fluttering touch left behind her afterimages and while dancing, her hair rubbed her cheeks. (I think that the stick she’s holding is a glow-in-the-dark stick used in bars.)

    He came to his senses only after a long time of watching her small breath rising and falling between her open lips.

    "Wow… is this what it's like to be possessed?"

    He had a fun experience after 22 years. He was a long-awaited interest, and he was confident in his own way. He was not bad, he was wealthy, and he was smart. Also, he thought to himself that he’s not a person who does women carelessly.

    Hangyeom, who was approaching with a confident face, soon frowned. Before that, there was a wild dog who had an eye on her.

    "Would you like to dance with me? If you like to drink, you can go to the table."

    "I'm sorry, but I want to be alone.”


    "That's enough."

    Nice kill!

    his rude reaching hand was lightly suppressed by her slender wrist. There was no clutter to her act of subduing his opponent's power. As soon as she stood so foolishly, the man who caught her hand panted and looked upset, and the woman who proudly overpowered him slipped her hands and ran away.

    "Then…... I'll get going."


    She was so quick to run away using her small body that Hangyeom as well could not chase her.

    "Huh? Now, wait!"

    Han Gyeom, who could not find her who disappeared in an instant, also approached the man who looked down and vented his anger. He deliberately bumped him on the shoulder, quarreled, and kicked his shin with resentment, but his heart was not relieved. It was because he missed the woman he liked after a long time.

    That was the problem. Hangyeom was originally greedier for what he didn't have. If he wanted something, but he didn't have it. He gets angry and persistently dug into it.

    However, when asked if he was easily tired of it, it wasn't even true. Hangyeom cherished the things he decided that will belong to him and never gave them out to anyone.

    he didn't know that his obsession would reach out to the same human being, but he was displeased with the fact that he couldn't talk to her once and missed her. It was even more so because the white hand that danced softly and the remnants of the stick that the hand swept sometimes came to his dream.

    Hangyeom had a dream for the first time as an adult and it was her dancing in the bar. It was natural that Hangyeom had more goals that morning. He visited the club almost every day. There were a lot of people in the popular club, and he couldn't find her with just a face because he wanted to.

    Then it was one day. He found her again, wondering if it was useful to go to the club dead. It was the first time in months.

    "How old are you?”

    ‘How old is she?’

    "I'm 22 years old."

    There was a man around her again this time. Even Hangyeom and the person asking her have the same age. Hearing the man's age, the woman rolled up the corners of her mouth and squinted her eyes.

    Because he was standing close, he could hear her voice clearly in the midst of the noise.

    "I'm 26 years old. And I don't like younger men."

    She deliberately bent her eyes, using her dismissive tone. her lower abdomen was pulled by the coldness that didn't match her immaculate face. If you think you're going to go crazy in that gap, are you already perverted?

    Having missed her once, Hangyeom carefully observed his woman. It was the fifth time that she kicked a man on that day alone. Unlike her first words, "I hate younger men," women hated all men. The only purpose of her visit to this club seemed to be dancing.

    However, sometimes there was a group that caught the woman's eye. As she dances, she glances and pretended that didn’t. He wondered which one was she looking at, but she was always looking at the table that had many men, so he couldn't specify it.

    The reason why Hangyeom felt strange was when the table where the woman glanced changed about three times. It was natural that many people were sitting at the club table alone, but there were always many men and one woman at the table that she looked at.


    Hangyeom's mouth corners went up.

    she didn't hate men. But why draw a line for every man she meets in this club?

    "I have a good feeling about this."

    The woman smelled a similar kind to Hangyeom's uncle. A person's unique desire to be ordinary while carrying a special situation sparkled in his round eyes.

    he had such a strange intuition. That woman wants relationships with multiple men.

    "Oh. Secretary Kim? You need to investigate a person...….”

    Hangyeom hated losing. There was no reason to embellish too much confidence in a situation where there was a clear defeat that was certain.

    That woman will be here again. She'll need a place to vent her desire somehow. It didn't matter if it wasn't. If she doesn't come, he'll let her come.

    Within a few days, Hangyeom found out the woman's name and age, as well as her educational background and love history.

    “Did you know?”

    "There was nothing to recognize or not to do. she's an ordinary person. She was a good student when she was young, and there was no problem or noise at the company she joined. The public's assessment of Yoo Se-ah is that she is sincere and competent. It doesn't seem to be a problem. I don't think there's another line.”

    Secretary Kim first looked into whether Yoo Se-ah was a woman who intentionally approached Hangyeom. This is because Lee Jin-hee, president of Itelecom, who is the biological mother of Hangyeom and Hangyul, was not a person who left him alone as his own son.

    But Seah couldn't have been caught up in such complicated circumstances. She really just happened to be spotted by Hangyeom.

    "Well, I didn't doubt that part."


    "Was there anything else unusual?"

    "What's unique about…….”

    “It's strange that this woman only had one man in her relationship until she was 26 years old.”

    He pointed at Se-ah's picture to look at if she has eyes. Although it is a photo that is believed to have been used when applying for a job, it was a white and thin face. Whenever he saw her character that was different from what he saw at the club, he was excited. He's getting more and more curious about her true face.

    " since she was very young there’s only one man known to people around her after college."



    "Get out of here."

    Hangyeom, who kicked Secretary Kim out, was lost in thought. He thinks that the reason why women don't date anymore is because they are not satisfied with their relationship with a man.

    It was too leap forward to be confirmed with only a few clues. However, he kept thinking about that and Hangyeom keeps doing that. It really made sense.

    So he decided to find out more.

    His uncle, Lee Do-ha, always said not to trust humans. He wants you to be suspicious, and he want you to pressure them enough to get a false confession. It is not too late to judge a person after squeezing a person’s mind and body to the limit.

    Hangyeom did not reap the person attached to Seah. he also knew that she enjoyed her breakaway every Friday. Office worker Yoo Se-ah and Friday's Yoo Se-ah were quite different in their attire and behavior, which boosted his excitement. It was a time when he was looking forward to dealing with her in person.

    Doha, a quick-witted person, began to doubt Hangyeom.

    "I've been wondering what you've been doing lately.… If you have an accident, tell me in advance. Don't fix it by yourself and make it worse."

    "My uncle made a mistake this time.”

    Looking at his pretentious nephew calmly, he gently patted him on the head.

    "Don't leave a trace."

    Hangyeom's shoulders sprang up. Lee Do-ha was that kind of person He wasn't wrong about what was important to him. Do you get caught or not? Did you handle it perfectly or not? That was more important to this man.

    "Yes, yes."

    With a blunt face, he looks at his nephew's grievance and stops nagging. His hot, crude palms squeezed his shoulder.

    "I believe you, Han Gyeom."

    He said while his big back turn.

    Lee Do-ha was the spiritual pillar of Seo Han-gyeom and Seo Han-gyeol and was like the big brother.

    When they were young he took out the twins who were abused by their biological mothers and went to study together and they became closer with him than their parents

    Hangyeom sometimes felt sorry for his uncle. He's only 9 years older, but he's pretending to be their brother and their parents. His hard eyes, His hard eyes, who didn't know what pleasure was, were as hot as rice eggs on his chest and floated. His lungs plummeted, just like when he dipped his face in a bath full of hot water and breathed hazily.

    "I'm preparing a surprise for my uncle."

    The eyes staring at Doha's back sparkled like a child who received a new toy.

    At that time, he thought that if a woman likes to play with multiple men, she is the right one. His poor uncle was reluctant to insert into a woman because of his trauma when he was young. he only gets an erection when the woman who was inserted during sex was excited and urged another man to insert it again.

    Sex videos of several people were common, and Hangyeom often put them on the living room screen. It was a gift for his uncle, but Doha turned it off with cold eyes.

    Doha wasn't afraid to reveal his unusual sexuality, so he didn't save his opponent. silencing a woman was easy for him, and he was a man who could bring anyone into bed if he wanted.

    It was also natural that it was difficult for a woman, overwhelmed by his authority, to refuse to have sex with several men. If you tell them to suck it, they'll suck it. If he tells them to open it, they'll open it, even if he tells them to crawl and bark like a dog, there would be countless people who would do it for him.

    But he said it was rape.

    He said, "Even animals do not engage in relationships without an agreement," adding, "We teach that part more strictly."

    He will not hesitate to threaten them to quit fucking and sever their relationship if they did such a thing. Doha abhorred such behavior.

    "In short, we can settle, right?”

    My uncle's secret.

    It was a matter of finding a woman to keep it and enjoy it together. Yoo Se-ah was such a suitable figure that stood out in Seo Han-gyeom's eyes.

    Hangyeom laughed lightly.

    "You're interested in having sex with many people, aren't you?”

    It was the day when he found out that she had gone to the club and deliberately dragged her, who was annoyed by his nuisance.

    She was very embarrassed and tried to get out of her way, but she couldn't hide her interest. Having talked to her in person, she was a much better person than he thought. . She was very meticulous and meticulous, but in some places, she was cute and sloppy, so he was worried. he wanted to help, hold on, and he wanted to know everything down to the bottom.

    It wasn't difficult to lead what he had already expected. The trap was properly set up and several layers of soft cloth were added between the traps to prevent the caught prey from recognizing it. It was a safe way to leave no scars and no traces.

    He found something noticeably shiny, and he certainly had the desire to have her alone. However, there were also many people who wanted her, and there was a person who was desperately needed her, killing his greed.

    Hangyeom showed off his one and only jewelry. He said let's have her together. If there is only one jewel, one day it will be taken away, and one day there would be less time together, and one day it will not be able to walk out.

    Everything went well. However, the thread kept getting tangled and tied his jewels tight. The jewel couldn't go outside even if she removed one because she was tied up with three different colored threads. On the contrary, she was reduced to a state where she had no strings attached.

    Once Hangyeom fell, it had to be one of them until the end.

    It was also a person with the same blood.

    'He found it. he knew her much earlier.'

    Now that he insisted like this, he couldn't have it all by himself.

    “Be careful and careful. Unless you want to break it.」

    As Doha said, she could not be broken into three pieces. She’s just going to be a wrecked.

    * * *
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    * * *

    Hangyeom shook Se-ah, who was sleeping, to wake her up.

    "sister. Wake up for a second.”

    "Yes… … .”

    He soothed her whining, holding her shoulders firmly with his arms. Her upper body was slightly raised, and when she opened her eyes, she could see the front view.

    The large bed of the villa was shared, and a glass was installed in front of the bed, giving an open view.

    The sun was rising above the blue sea. clouds of sheep fluttered in response to the signal of the opening wall, spreading on both sides like the wings of an angel. Both wings embraced the sun and soared above the sky.

    The red sun in the morning colored the blue sky and its color was mixed with five colors along the gentle waves. Each piece of the sea light with different colors formed in her eyes. she was speechless because there was no way to express the uncanny vastness and brilliant beauty.

    The dawn sky she saw at the villa was definitely beautiful. After fucking for a while, as they washed their bodies, they kept staring at the starry ceiling. She felt as if they had cut down a single star-filled night and covered it with a blanket.

    At that time, the red petals floating along the water may have risen over there. I felt as if the colors of the dawn and the colors of the morning were reversed and became one. It seemed to embrace the sky of both day and night. It was terrifyingly peaceful and soaked in appreciation.

    (I just realized that the time they were fucking last night is actually the novels cover photo!! At the bath tub with read petals!!)

    "Pretty, isn't it?"


    "Good thing I woke you up, didn't I?”

    "Good job."

    she was not angry at him for waking her up because it was a scenery she wouldn't see unless it was this time. Even if it was for a short time, the morning sun even eased her anger.

    Seah gently leaned against Hangyeom's arm and touched his head. They have been like that for a while because his hair with good texture feels good to touch in her fingers gently.

    It was hard not to get attached to sharing her body. she was comfortable with him. She was about to share the ecstasy of the morning and fall asleep again, but something hot poked her butt.

    "Huh? That's....”

    “Morning erection. It means I'm a healthy adult man.”

    Evidence of a healthy adult man hit her on the butt. It's because his penis was tingling. At the same time, a big hand gently wrapped her chest.

    "I like it."

    Her sleepiness was gone quickly. A man with a pathetic face reflected in her open eyes. He leaned flat, showed good things, and was close to a begging animal. As soon as he looked at her trembling eyes in embarrassment, the hot penis squeezed between her legs and was inserted to her vagina.


    The inside was still moist because she was constantly caressed while washing. Unlike his delicate features, the dark-red penis, which looked ugly, groaned, and touched the vaginal mouth with his penis. When he spilled the love liquid inside the gap, it absorbed onto her skin, and the smell and color became obscene.

    "you don’t like me?"

    she felt like he was going to cry if she nodded. he was four years younger than her, and Hangyeom felt like the youngest somewhere, so she wanted to freeze him. It was even more so because the morning sun touched her feelings. The heart that was relaxed and the boundary flew away quickly wrapped around him.


    Also, Seah didn't really hate him. He was the one who served her request best and at the same time made her the most comfortable. He never hated it.

    she couldn't figure out what kind of misunderstanding he was crying because he had been doing well until last night. Seah tried to make eye contact and make it clear.

    “When did I say I hate .….… Aang!”

    Her eyes crumpled with pleasure. His cock was pinched and suffered all the time, he touched her swollen clitoris. The clitoris, which seemed to be bigger than it was a few months ago, were swept away by the smooth fluid.

    "Oh, yeah...Hangyeom, come on. Wait.….”

    "Do you like me too?.”

    "yes, good...….”

    "Then let me do it alone now."

    He leaned over, biting her ear. his hot chest pressed down on her white back. Naturally pressed by his weight, she became alert. As she look toward the window, his face became closer.

    "My uncle's in the other room and he's still asleep because he had paperwork to sort out awhile ago. But if you keep crying, he’ll wake up."

    "Uh, ha!"

    "Are you going to wake him up?”

    Hangyeom whispered in a sad voice.

    "I want to do it alone, but is it not enough for you with just my dick?"

    "No, I'm....”

    "Shush. Then please be quiet."

    Then he pinched and twisted her nipple. The red swollen nipples bounced between Hangyeom's fingers, and the shock broke Seah's waist.

    "Don't you think it's thrilling? Having sex next to someone sleeping. I don't know if we’ll get caught or not. it's too exciting."

    Hangyul's face, which was firmly sleeping, looked neat. As the sound of his breath wrapped around her ears and her lower stomach throbbed as Hangyeom said that.

    (Doha is sleeping In another room, while Hangyeom and Hangyul is with Seah)

    If Han Gyul's eyes opens up, it won’t cause much trouble. At best, he'll get involved in their sex. But what is this? She’s excited.

    Looking at his neat sleeping face, she felt an urge to shake like an animal. It came as a different stimulation. Hangyeom stimulated her excitement by putting half his cock in her vagina. He moved very lightly and caressed her chest with his fingers, stimulating the outer vagina. Every time his hands fluttered and brushed her nipple, he pretended not to know it and the erect nipple tingled.

    There was always crazy stimulation, but being teased was also strange in its own way. Se-ah looked at Hangyul's sweet sleeping face and nodded.

    "Yeah, hangyeom, that's good...….”

    "Yeah, you have to be incredible. My sister is so impatient. You're still making noises.”

    "Then how...….”

    "You have to cover your mouth with both hands. Hold it tight so the sound won't leak."

    Tightly. He twisted her chest with the words. The red flesh sticking out between his middle and index finger clumped together, and her eyes blurred up.


    Se-ah, who swallowed her voice, fell down and closed her lips with her hands and nodded. But Hangyeom's penis slipped out. Se-ah, who felt strange, tilted her head slightly and saw him smiling. At the same time, a cold and slippery things was sucked inside.

    "Huh! what, what is that.….”

    "Shhh. Quiet. Don't you want to cover your lips?"

    He made his eyes glow cruelly as if he wanted to put two cocks in on purpose. Se-ah shook her head and blocked her lips with her hands again with her eyes that was stimulated by shame.

    As she lowered her head, she could see a wire under her swaying chest. The wire was connected to her vagina.

    It was not a burden because of its small size, but something was definitely inside her. When Se-ah looked at Hangyeom with trembling eyes, he wrapped her body affectionately and whispered.

    "It's tight here, but you’re very greedy, so I think it might not suit your taste. I want to put my dick in now, but it's also important to get my sister full."


    Se-ah slightly opened her lips and bit her lips.

    "It's just normal...…it's an egg."

    "Eh, that! Ugh!"

    Hangyeom put his cock inside and pushed the egg that was lightly hanging at the entrance inside.

    Puck! Her hips and thighs were completely pressed. The cold, round thing was pushed in as if it were firing inward.

    Tired of the sensation of the round thing rolling up to her depths, she desperately held back her groans and shed tears.

    He rammed his penis all over her inner wall and examined Seah. The egg caught on the tips of his glans and kept rubbing her insides. the moment she opened her eyes wide, her body was twisted.


    "Ha, do you like this place so much? You can't get your act together when I rub here. You’re crying so hard. You’re a good girl."

    With her chin tilted, he licked her lips and crushed her insides. each time he thrusts, Se-ah's back trembled and her thighs fluttered. After pressing the goosebumps on her back with his hot chest, he mischievously chewed on her ear and attacked her lips.

    "If you don't block your mouth properly, Hangyul who is sleeping, will bite your cunt."

    if Hangyul will wakes up, she could imagine him looking at her at night as if she was ridiculous. he was the most cynical of the three. If she see such a face, she would not be able to raise her head for a while because she will feel ashamed.

    "……! Uh yeaah, uh-huh!"

    She shooked her head to say no.

    "Huh? Come to think of it, it would be more fun than doing it alone. You feel the same way, right?”

    his innocent cruelty, as if a child that was tearing off the wings of a dragonfly, sparkled. He pushed inside her further, pounding his back. she was overwhelmed by his strength and gradually got closer to Hangyul. Se-ah, who became close to his side, shook her head, covering her mouth.

    "No? Oh, it's hard for you to talk now. Let's test it. If you don't want to do it, you'll definitely endure it."

    He whispered in a drowsy voice, slamming his penis.

    his hand, which was touching her hips, fell and slowly wrapped the wire around his finger. The wires were pulled and the egg inside the body shook.


    It was heated up in by her body temperature and it constantly stimulated her from the inside. her whole body began to tremble. her back was twisted because of the unbearable sensation.

    her inside became tight by itself and her senses became clear, adding to the movement of Hangyeom's penis. she was desperately biting the inside of her lips that was dripping with saliva, and she saw his fingers grabbing a round switch.

    The vibration began at the moment Se-ah's face became blue.

    "Hah! Ugh, whoa! Ahhhh!"

    Se-ah crawled forward like an animal, crying.

    She struggled to get away from the terrible pleasures that was extreme, but his firm hands held her waist and wouldn't let go. The egg was caught in her bumpy inner wall and vibrated.

    Hangyeom slammed into the fine vibrating thing. The metal pounded inside tearing the body apart, her temperature dropped, her hands and feet were cold and a fever soared at the same time.

    her body was hot as if he was digging in a rough lump of charcoal. her mouth was wide open and she didn't know how to shut it, and her moans grew louder.

    Seah fell on Hangyul's stomach and his blanket slipped and her lips touched Hangyul's penis.

    "Ha! huh, huh! Ha, Han-gyeom...… G, save me...… Haaaaaaa!"

    "Shhh. Try blocking your moans with that."

    Hangyeom gave a friendly advice and pointed at Hangyul's penis.

    "you’ll be quiet if you pass on what you like."

    Hangyul's dick rubbed her cheeks wildly. Se-ah trembled and tried to cover her mouth, but she couldn't do anything with her weak hands. He pressed down on her who was desperately holding onto the bedclothes. she didn't know that her hole would explode like this. It was that intense and hot.

    "Lord, I’m going to die...…. Joe, Doha! good!"

    He grabbed her butt firmly, she was screaming as if her head was broken. A big hand hit the skin white like a whip.


    "Hurry up."


    "eat him. I'm sure you'll feel better."

    Rubbing his red handprint at her butt with his hot palm, he suggested in a sweet voice. The penis were ferocious inside. He urged her like a tyrant and urged her to listen to him.

    Se-ah opened her lips crying and ate Hangyul's dick. She hurriedly sucked his hot and fishy things. she licked his cock and carefully wrapped it with her tongue. As she shook her head and sucked his erection. She felt a gaze.

    Turning her eyes upside down as if she had been struck by lightning, she looked up while sucking Hangyul's dick.

    a cold, cool gaze with little warmth, Hangyul looked at her and frowned. It was like asking what was this.

    Hangyeom’s penis rammed more violently inside. Seah couldn't take her eyes off Hangyul and shed tears. Her tears were dropped on his penis wet with saliva, which tasted salty.

    "was it good to suck without permission? that’s a lot of whining."

    Hangyul, who raised his body, naturally grabbed Seah's head. Without hesitation, he rammed his penis down to Seah's throat.


    The roof of her tongue was pressed, so she couldn't moan properly and her breathing was blocked. her eyes were completely blurred and her breathing was huffing. Hangyul, who was stroking her cheeks, touched her lips.

    "is it tough?"

    "Ha-ha-ha! Hah!’’

    Her energy was drained, and her sloppy lips were tightly squeezed.

    "Ha, shit…".”

    Hangyeom, who was ramming in her, groaned and chewed abusive language.

    "Don't say anything vulgar."

    "her inside’s whining so I'm going to turn around but it feels like I'm going to burst. It's like she’s squeezing my cock, I can't wait to burst inside."

    "cheap, I also put on a condom. What's wrong with that?"

    Hangyeom's face frowned as if that was not what he meant. Instead of dealing with his twin brother more, he poured more vulgar words into Seah's ears.

    "Are you happy to put an egg in your pussy? You cried a lot, my sister."


    ‘’You like ‘pussy’, don't you? You said it yourself yesterday. My uncle or Hangyul can't say this without my sister's permission, so I'll secretly call you ‘pussy’."

    Tak tak tak. His word was harsh and rough. But Se-ah obviously tightened her insides whenever she heard it. As if it wasn't a coincidence.

    As he said, it was something only Hangyeom could say. His face opened up as if he was happy to discovered that.

    However, his face was distorted and his mouth became more violent due to the sudden rush of circumstances. He spread up all sorts of dirty words and whispered it slowly to her ears.

    "Ha, that, stop...…ohh, please...… Haaaah!

    Se-ah cried for a long time at his shameful words. The boy, who started his first love, sounded like he was mischievous.

    "I love you, oops! I like you, Seah.…!”

    However, when he was ejaculating, he whispered in tears like an innocent boy.

    He was clumsy and innocent.
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    MTL chapter 4 - last chapter

    hangyeol - with glasses
    hangyeom - the playful twin
    04. One marriage.

    The season has changed since she went to the villa. The hot summer sun was scattered, and the hot scorching sun was intensely shooting without missing any place. Even if she doesn’t walk a few steps, she was soaking in sweat, so she goes outside less often.

    her relationship with the three men remained the same. No, it's better, Doha and Hangyeom flirt with Se-ah's affection, but it was not enough for her to notice.

    The stress from work problems was relieved when she’s with them. They made her comfortable and pleased both her body and mind at the same time. The sense of security that someone you love is by your side. Even if there were many of them, it was stable after having a solid shield that would not leak out.

    Seah became bolder and they were always provocative. Tired of boredom, she didn't have to go through Itaewon (the bar she went to last time is at Itaewon) and at the same time, she was able to do something more enjoyable. Her world was finally at peace.

    Then one day, she got a call from Hangyul.

    "I'm near there to do some business, but I'm calling to ask if you'd like to have lunch. 」

    The polite message was unexpected. It's because she didn't know if Hangyeom and Doha were going to be there too, but she didn't expect that Hangyul would ask to meet up with just the two of them.

    However, there was no reason to refuse, and Seah entered a Japanese restaurant that he had reserved. The luxury Japanese restaurant was a private space because the rooms were divided, and the walls were thick.

    "You're here."

    "It's my first time seeing you alone.”

    She had met Doha and Hangyeom separately. Doha was Se-ah's lover externally, so she had no further hesitation, and when she met Hangyeom, she had to make an excuse that he was her boyfriend's nephew.

    The world was more innocent than Se-ah thought, so they didn't think that his nephew was her other boyfriend. They thought it’s true when the two said they were just choosing a gift for Seah's boyfriend and his uncle, Doha.

    "I have something to tell you."

    When the meal was over, she opened her mouth with a cup of green tea that the restaurant gave her. Her voice was littered.

    "...What is it?"

    "Swallow all the water. It might sound smooth.”

    The tea water that was half-drunk in her mouth, ran out. The sare has already been heard.

    While coughing, Se-ah received a handkerchief from Hangyul and covered her mouth. He sat next to her and patted her on the back until her coughing stopped. It was a thoughtful and caring touch.

    "What's the matter?”

    "Let me get to the point."


    "I think my uncle should get married soon."

    It was straight to the point without unnecessary words.


    "Are you surprised?"

    "Of course, I'm surprised. What's this…all of a sudden?”

    "It's rather late. My uncle is 31 years old this year and Lee Han's eldest son. I and my brother are the only grandchildren who didn't inherit Mr. Lee, so were not a grandson that is cared for by our grandfather.’’

    she thought someday, this kind of time would come. she always thought about parting. But it was sudden. It was surprisingly depressing for itself.

    However, she had no intention of having an affair. Relationships with many people and affairs were different. It was a sin and Se-ah's heart was not that strong.

    ‘I guess this is it’

    as he promised to let go if she wants to go last time, Seah also had to let him go this time.

    Lee Do-ha. Goodbye.

    Se-ah was feeling blue as she tried to connect the two words.

    her fingernails scraped the teacup nervously and bit her lips. she felt like she was going to lose her mind because she didn't know whether it was anger or sadness. Was it this bad? The emotion was wonderfully deep and deep.

    It seemed that she relied on them a lot more than she thought. If she was going to end it with Doha, it was right to organize Hangyeom and Hangyul. It was a relationship that continued because there were three of them, and if one was missing and if it was that way, she was not confident to continue any longer.

    Lee Do Ha, Seo Hangyeom, Seo Hangyul. Farewell.

    The words naturally connected, and it felt like a heavy stone swelled against her chest, it was sorely scratched, pounded, and was bursting into pain.

    she felt like she was about to burst into tears. Even though it was a relationship that drew a line by itself.

    “Do you not want to break up?”

    Hangyul, who was persistently examining her reaction, wrapped her shoulder with a friendly voice and his big hand gently patted her shoulder.

    "Then you don't have to break up."


    ‘Are you suggesting that I have an affair? You want me to live like a concubine?’

    A spark splashed in Seah's eyes.

    "No matter how much I like you, I don't want to have an affair. I have a line too. I won't go over that.”

    But she wasn’t angry. Se-ah delivered her thoughts in a stern and cold tone. In the end, his eyes that did not lose their temper were cold and hard like a glacier.

    "Do you like us?"


    "Sea never told us anything. Do you like us even a little bit?”

    The tears that she had held back, came out. she doesn’t think she’d ever said anything. There's only one chance. There are times when she can't do it even if she wants to.

    Whenever Hangyeom ejaculated, he poured his affection into her ears, saying, "I love you," and Doha clung to her by showing his heart transparently and asking for her sympathy. Why did she hold onto the fact that a piece of her mind was so difficult that she didn't say it already?

    No matter how early she regrets, but she was too stupid.

    "Do you like it?"

    Hangyul whispered softly to Se-ah, who was shedding tears without saying a word. She thought it was all over, so she thought there was nothing she couldn't do, so Seah honestly admitted.

    "……yes, you're right. I like you guys. Doha and Hangyeom... … Hangyul, you too.”

    The smile that laid leisurely on her colliding eyes faded. His tight lips seemed to hesitate for a moment.

    “I might be hated by the both of them. I was the most passive so I received your confession first.’’

    "What to do when it's all over. I like it, but I don't want to ruin myself for that."

    "That's why I like you."

    The cold voice made it impossible to tell whether it was sincere or sarcastic. He grinned coldly by pulling the corners of his mouth.

    "Because it's clear that you know what you like or hate but at the same time you stubbornly can't give up your beliefs. That's how much you love yourself. That's why you’re mentally strong. At that point, I'm going to be crazy too.”

    “… … Are you being sarcastic? I only know how to think about myself?”

    "No, I'm praising you. If Seah hadn't done that, we couldn’t have started this relationship in the first place."

    Her cushion on which she was sitting was dragged. she was sucked into his shadow, which came down dark.

    "I need you. That's why I like you."

    He buried his lips in her ears and pampered them. The low shady voice was dreary and chilling. When Se-ah shuddered at a temperature she didn't know if it was a confession or a threat, he licked her ear and made her squirm.

    "Uncle's marriage partner, Seah, please do it."

    Her defiant ears pushed and drenched.


    she grabbed the goosebumps on her ear and asked him like a fool. Hangyul's laughter deepened.

    "It's not like you have a set marriage. You need to get married."

    "What do you mean?"

    "My maternal grandfather, Chairman Lee Jin-cheol, has been feeling under the weather lately. But the greedy CEO of E-Telecom isn't satisfied with the telecommunications company. To put it simply, is it going to be a succession war?”

    When it comes to Lee Han Telecom's president, he was referring to their real mother, Lee Jin-hee.

    ‘Mom like that… Do you call her in an upright voice?’

    Hangyul, who noticed Se-ah's astonishment, smiled with his eyes bent strangely.

    "she's not eccentric. She doesn’t care whether it's her brother or her sons. Her younger brother (Doha) was a wolf to be beaten since birth, and is her sons going to be a traitor and betray her? Oh, we're more like a son of a dog. From what she once said about the "last of the owner's door dog."


    "I heard that you have to cut off the limbs alive and feed them, then rip off the skin of your belly and feed them the guts to crows...….”

    Seah's face became pale and tired of the words he murmured without much meaning. She couldn't believe that their mother had said that to her sons, and she was weird to the extent that it seemed casual.

    (poor twins, they were abused by their mother it was mentioned once that it was Doha who rescued them from their abusive mother, that’s why the three of them is close)

    "Oh, what am I talking about. Just let it go."

    Hangyul, who noticed the fact a little late, stared at Se-ah and popped out of the car.

    "Would you like to drink tea again? It's still warm."

    As the warmed teacup touched her tired hand, the cold belly speed calmed down.

    “my uncle wants to give Lee Han Telecom to her, but she doesn't want it. he must be strong. If he yields, he will have to see a lot of things if he compromises. It's natural that he can't come back to Korea. It's not a situation where my uncle can concede. Moreover, as you know, my uncle has two pieces of luggage(twins). You're gonna be taking on someone else's burden."

    luggage. Hangyul was talking about him and his brother. Se-ah was shocked at how he described themselves as a burden without hesitation.

    "Are you... are you okay?"

    His face stiffened from her outstretched hand. The warm hand, warmed by the teacup, pressed against his cold cheek.

    "Where those words supposed to be a concern for me?”

    Seah didn't say anything when he said he didn't understand.

    The way she looked at him still was full of worries. He continued while looking away from her frowning eyes.

    "It's because of what she said to her grandfather, my uncle can’t give birth to a grandson and she kept asking if he could pass on Lee Han to the “Lee” family.”

    "Does the chairman know that?”

    “Because they think my uncle avoids women. perhaps… … Maybe they thought his gay. Seah's existence seems to have been kept as a secret from him. The president is not as healthy as he used to be.”


    “he was so angry at how much the old-fashioned people were looking for blood, and he was raging about him getting married right away, but his blood pressure went up and he was taken to the hospital. It's a vase. Ah. he also has a different personality.”

    Her eyes closed in the distance. If it was his great maternal grandfather, he was the father of Doha, who showed to his son how he forced his wife, which gave him trauma.

    "There's something funnier. After all the fuss, his authority came first before blood. When my uncle drew a line that he would decide on his marriage, he suddenly changed his mind to see if his disobedient child was more upset than continuing the blood of the superior "Lee." If he’s going to stay single and not listen to him, why would he give his shares to him?"

    Chairman Lee Jin-chul had three children. Lee Jin-hee, Lee Ga-hee and son Lee Do-ha. Lee Ga-hee was naturally culled because she was weak, and the conflict between his first daughter, Lee Jin-hee, and his youngest son, Lee Do-ha, was severe.

    "The real power is being handed over to my uncle one by one, but the stock market is the problem. It's dangerous if our grandfather's stock goes to the president of E-Telecom."

    It occurred to her that it was natural that he could never step into Korea again. She wondered if it could be so bad for his brother and son, but in his cool tone, she felt it was sincere.

    “My uncle wouldn't marry unless it was Seah, and my grandfather with a half-eyed eye said that he doesn’t need a child who doesn't listen to him. He won’t hesitate to threaten in handing over all the remaining stocks to the president of E-telecom (twin’s mother), He even means it. It's like a skit. It's crazy."


    “But again, it’s surprisingly real…...”

    Smiling. He covered his mouth with a laugh. He also seemed to be amazed at this situation.

    "It's something that only Seah can do. I, we...…need you. Will you protect us?”

    He didn't cry. But Se-ah saw his pathetic hand stretched out like a crying child.

    * * *
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