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    Thankyou so much!
    Looks like hangyeom is more in love with her than hangyul
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    m(_ _)m thank you so much

    Apparently toonkoor has the manhwa up to chapter 5.
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    Oh that's not trueee, Hangyul and Hangyeon love for her is shown in a 'different' ways, but I have to say that Hangyul love for her can par the love hangyeo and Doha feel for her, he just ain't that showy . For Hangyul Seah is his 'salvation' ( he said it himself) , he who only considers 'needs' consider seah a person he 'wants' for the first time in his life that's why I believe that he loves her as much as hangyeom does

    I'll post the next chapters later so that hangyul side can be seen!! I'll post the whole chapter 4 later since it's almost ending hehe
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    * * *

    Hangyul lived without expecting that miracles would happen to him twice. There must be a limit to God's mercy, but he believed that God will never be able to send salvation twice to him who has never lived for others.

    (his first salvation is probably Doha who saved them from abuse)

    At that moment he thought he was either beaten to death or his brain burst to death, the first salvation had already been given to him.

    Uncle Lee Do-ha. who he went abroad to study with his twin nephew, who was abused by their biological mother, a solid bond was created in which no one invaded the three. Hangyul wanted the world to last forever.

    Unlike his older brother Hangyeom, Hangyul was not crazy about good and pleasant things. What mattered to him was 'need'. He accepted everything that was helpful to him by thoroughly calculating the profit and loss.

    The same was true for Seah. There was only one reason why he wanted her. Her presence will make his world stronger. Her presence will bind the three together forever.

    So, he didn't think there was a need for two salvation. He was just going to use what he had to tie her up.

    Se-ah is not the type to be greedy for what she can't handle, but that didn't mean she wasn't greedy. It's like that. he thought if he filled her most desired part, she would accept the offer.

    He tried to seduce the child as if he were an old man, releasing each package he had thought of.

    "It wouldn't be a bad offer for Seah, either. Didn't you say your dream was to be a rich unemployed woman? When you get older, you'll live as a rich unemployed man. Hurry up and do that. If you get married, my uncle's property will be yours. Also, the current joy remains the same. If you have three husbands, it's not an affair, is it? Of course, I suggested this, so...….”



    An embarrassment spread to his cold face. He seemed to be reflected in a pile of broken glass. Se-ah opened her chest and laughed as she looked at the broken man.

    "There are two problems. First, will Doha really think I'm a match for marriage? Second, will I be in his(chairman/grandfather) eyes?"

    "……...in my uncle's 31 years of life, there's only one woman which is you Seah. he's 62 years old and he doesn't even need to ask unless he's thinking about getting married. And the second is obvious. Above all, if it is a woman that my uncle brings, he will have no choice but to welcome you.”

    "Really? That's a relief."

    "Perhaps… … Did you not understand what I was saying?”

    "aren’t you asking me to marry Doha?"

    "……That's right."

    It's more embarrassing to hear that you know.

    What the hell is this woman? he was confused as to whether he knows Yoo Se-ah. He seriously pondered whether he was seeing a ghost or a fairy in Yu Se-ah's mask. However, the woman in front of him was definitely Yoo Se-ah. She was just bolder than he thought.

    “Because I knew that opportunity could disappear at any time. At least not to regret. In any case, there is also a method called divorce. Divorce is not a flaw these days, and I I’m not seeing anyone else right now. Doha needs marriage right away and I want to stay with you guys. I don't know how fierce the succession battle is, but I hope you guys are safe. Just because the definition of a relationship changes doesn't mean that we will change. If I'm damaged, I'll tear it apart for alimony later... … I've been thinking about this and that, but I think it will be okay.”

    In the meantime? And divorce? Are you suggesting a contract marriage or something like that?

    He swallowed the question that seemed to pop out. It would be a good thing if you think so naive. It's not too late to know how absurd her ideas was after work.

    "But um... Should I propose to Doha?"

    Hangyul, who was organizing his thoughts with a firm face, was shocked. he suspected that his ears were wrong, but he could see her face seriously agonizing over proposing.

    At the moment, his expression collapsed and burst into laughter.


    Compared to Doha and Hangyeom, Hangyul had a lot of inventory and was relatively cool with Seah. It would be more right to say that he’s not ‘possessed’. But at this moment, he perfectly understood why they fell for her. It was weird, but she was planning, and her messy plan was rather lovely, so he laughed.

    "You look young with a smile."

    Se-ah, who was staring blankly at him who was laughing, said with a friendly face.

    "You know, Hangyul...…. When I came out to the world, I was still young. So, you're young, too. So, don't say it’s a burden if a child needed help."

    Tying in a quiet voice was like a lullaby. A lullaby he had never heard before when he was very young seemed to be heard now.

    A child is not a burden. He's just a child who needs a guardian.

    She was thinking so sincerely about the man who had grown up dark.

    "And I think you're not Doha's burden. He's just... Maybe he wants to protect you."


    her naive thoughts were funny and sad, and his ribs were tightly swollen. Hot blood was pulsing on the swollen chest.


    When Hangyul just looked at her without saying a word, she blurred her words as if it were awkward. he could see what she was thinking. she is worried that she might not be able to express it like a healthy adult.

    It was as if a rabbit cub was worried about the dog. Even if she was close to him, he was a dog. She’ll be eaten any time.

    “When should I consult with the other two?”

    His best words were like that, and even his voice was sweet and soft. The idea that he was older was rooted in his face.

    He was no longer a child in need of care. But now he couldn't stop thinking that he had found his salvation again.

    He is different from his brother. What he needed was certainly not 'pleasure'. Instead, he was still looking for ‘’salvation’’. A being that will make his world more complete.


    With his head down, he crashes into her lips as if biting. He swallowed her little groan and licked her green tea-scented tongue on her lips and sucked it.

    “It’s good, so it feels like this. It swelled all the way to the tip of my glans. I thought I was ejaculating because it felt like blood was flowing down the urethra. I want to dig in. Will you embrace it outside?”

    He led Se-ah's hand, and she was struck by the penis rising from the inside of his pants. An eerie flash flashed through his dreamy eyes.

    "uh… … Maybe you... … I don't think I'm in a position to say anything hurtful to Hangyeom.”

    “I see you very much… … I think you like it.”

    Even if you don't know.

    Of the three, he was the most similar to Seah. He had a lot of rethinking and he believed he couldn't love easily. However, it was not something that one could calculate and specify when one becomes fond of another.

    "Answer me. Say you like me too."

    It was different from the heart that soaked in the rain. He desperately refused, so the moment he fell into it, it was the boldest and most intense. He just threw himself onto the distant lake and watched the hazy rise of oxygen.

    "I like you…. Hangyul."

    It didn't matter if she got locked like this. he sincerely doesn’t want any more until the third salvation.

    * * *

    * * *

    Seah broke her savings account that day. It was has an annual interest rate of 2% that she made by depositing all the money she earned over the past three years. Although she wasn't thrifty, she wasn't extravagant too. The heavy money was taken to Lee Han Department Store.

    She bought four bracelets even if she used up her deposit. The owner of the bracelet was of course the four of them. If anyone asked her if she needed to break her bank account for a gift, she could only answer that she wanted to.

    Expensive things don’t necessarily make good gifts. But the three naturally wore so-called luxury items as if they were just breathing, and Seah hoped her gift would not be alien for the price. No. This explanation was not enough either.

    She just wanted to give something good. she wanted to give the best she could buy ,That was the only thing.

    "Bracelet? The price of this brand is at least thousands, but four...Uh, sister, did you use the debenture?”

    (Debentures are a debt instrument used by companies and government to issue the loan.)

    Did I even buy it because I loaned it? Se-ah thought it was ridiculous, but Hangyeom words seemed plausible to the other two.

    "Where are you?"

    "…….. Doha?"

    “In some cases, there are many people who behave poorly. You don't have to get those eyes dirty without seeing it. Leave it to me.”

    The voice of pronouncing 'treatment' was chilling.

    “… … What kind of treatment are you talking about?”

    It was a perfect misunderstanding, but she couldn't resist the curiosity. Doha, who only showed a neat and gentlemanly side in front of her, is trying to deal with something for her.

    "Of course, we should talk about it."


    'What was I thinking? It's not even a movie.'

    Then Se-ah nodded with a weird face.

    ‘’Thank you for your word, but I didn't owe bonds. I have some money I've saved up until now. My earnings aren't as bad as you thought. The salary is also quite good.”


    "It's based on the average office worker."

    She smiled and pushed each box of bracelets toward them. An she wore one of the female bracelets on her wrist.

    When she waved her hand, there was a light metal sound, "Jalang!"

    "Pretty, isn't it?"


    “But why is everyone so far away? Don't you like my present? You have to think about the sincerity of the giver.”

    they grumbled coyly but they still wore the bracelets one by one. Se-ah's cheeks, which was looking at the scene with her eyes out, had a light flush.

    She has been practicing, but she was nervous to say this. she gave an immediate answer to Hangyul, but that didn't mean it was an easy decision.

    When Se-ah clicked on the phone screen a few times, the Bluetooth speaker turned on and the music played.

    <Will you marry me~>

    It was a song that Koreans use a lot for proposals.



    (omg, sorry but the secondhand embarrassment I’m feeling, girl why propose like that hahaha)

    ¬Marry strong and bright! ¬Unlike the song "Marry!", the atmosphere was rather stiff. Seah was looking at their eyes with her cheeks hardened, Hangyeom and Doha didn't understand the situation.

    The only man who understood the situation burst into laughter.


    Three pairs of eyes glanced at Hangyul as he shook his stomach.

    “If I can see something like this in my life everyday, I’m happy.”

    his young face, whose usually cold disappeared because of his hanging laughter, came close to her cheek. kissed her cheek lightly and hugged Seah tightly.

    “Since I was the first to answer, will you make me your first husband?”



    Two pairs of eyes, watching the situation, turned to Seah.

    “well, shall we four marry?”

    Her trembling mouth corners chewed her pronunciation and the words she practiced ended.

    “That's a proposal gift… … I put it on once, so it’s okay.”

    When she pointed at the bracelet and whispered softly, Hangyeom jumped up and hugged Se-ah.


    She’s not lying but her stomach almost exploded. she was seriously thinking about the safety of her gut, but his hot tongue broke through her lips and came in. she wondered if it’s because they were twins, so their reaction was the same.

    As she swallowed his hot breath, her eyes became blurred. It seemed to be full of smoky cigarette smoke.

    Doha, who was leaning slowly on the sofa, leaned down and folded his arms. his eyes shone bright blue as he look at Seah who was kissing his nephew. It was a gaze that tightened the chills and made her vagina clench. The airways became dark as if the heart was pressed by the predator's front foot.

    "Is it Hangyul's work?"

    "Oh, that’s it, ahh!"

    Hangyeom didn't care about whether his uncle was being vicious or not. He stole her lips to make excuses and sucked them until she tingled. There was only one lip, but there were three men who wished for it, it was so delicious. her eyes were closed by the swollen demonstration.

    Hangyul, who approached Doha and whispered something, was swallowed under his eyelids.

    "she thought about divorce before it even started...….”

    His shallow voice and stiff eyes were drowned in the bubbling bubble and could not reach her ears.

    "Sigh. Sigh...….”

    It was only after she suffocated and pushed out in tears that Hangyeom fell. While sucking her mouth, he leaned his head on her shoulder, breathing like a predator. The slanted eyes were lovely like a child and just as shallow.

    "I didn't expect that word to come out of your mouth first. But I'm not a gentleman and I don't let go of my own food that came in by itself."

    Doha, who walked, sat next to Seah and held her hand gently and carefully not to crush her hands.

    "Seah is crawling into my mouth right now. I'll keep my mouth shut and swallow you and carry you in my stomach for the rest of my life. Do you know what this means?"

    He gently caressed the back of her hand, grabbing her wrist with the bracelet with his thumb and index finger. It was a small hand for him, enough to have enough rings.

    "Uh…… do you mean you want to marry me?"

    The tail of his mouth twisted. His eyes were looking at her as if seeing something pretty and sorrowful. He was quickly distracted and pressed his palm down on her thigh.

    "I am a man who can fulfill your wishes. It doesn't matter what it is. I'll do my best to do it."

    It was so hot that it seemed to have put a lump of iron on it. The seductive palms were slightly rubbed inside her thigh and eroded inside.

    "If there's something you want, I'll let you have it, and if there's something you want to break, I'll destroy it."

    "Hey, what do you mean, you’ll break it? What...?

    "That's what I'm saying. You, sweetheart, wouldn't ask me for that."

    He smiled sweetly, saying it was a simple word without any intention. The dot embedded like the North Star become as sweet as a petal. her eyes were agitated from the harshness of his tongue. His eyes were so colorful that she was sick of them.

    His hands flooded her insides deep and swept it like a paddle. The clitoris was burning hot.


    He rolled up her skirt and poked his finger in her white panty that showed the shape of her pussy. The pure white cloth is thickly dyed by the obscene liquid.

    "But in the meantime, you'll have to live with three different cocks. semen will flow every time you walk, so you may have to wear pads to avoid being embarrassed. Your beautiful skin will be sore every day, and the smell of you will be fresh."

    "Sigh! Now, wait...… the stimulation is too, too strong…… come on! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!"

    His thumb shook toward the top quickly. The mussel of flesh was stamped and crushed. The soft cloth turned rough and the feeling of the scrubbing was stimulating, making the inside of her thighs trembled. The nephews pulled her narrow knees to reveal her lewdness in front of their uncles.

    "I've never cum in you before. But the moment you decide to get married, it will be different."

    He whispered affectionately in her ear and brought her to the climax. The shock made her body tremble, and her inside had a sound of murmuring.

    "You have to get pregnant. Whoever it is, will be our child and mine. I will be a gentle father and a loving husband."

    "Do, Doha! B, at this rate...… Aah!"

    "You won't be able to take back your choice."

    After removing the panties, he rubbed the shallow hole between her clitoris with his fingernails. Her thighs were twisted as the sensitive flesh with several sensory points got wet. He said contradictory things as he looked into the narrow opening as if he was welcoming the invasion.

    "Will you still come to me?"

    It was different from what he said a while ago when he was full of confidence. He was always the one who was confident that he would make her the happiest.

    It was strange, but with a stinging shock as if she had been electrocuted, the sound came from her inner wall. She screamed with her thighs wide open.


    "Think about it."

    Pleasure came in and he whispered, licking her frantic groaning lips. Unlike his sweet voice, his hands had already rubbed against her body, which was at its peak.

    With her pupils dimmed, she grinned and hung on to him.

    "Please, Doha, Haang...… C-it! Sa, save me...…! Aaaaaaang!…stop!"

    her crying and pathetic lips were rubbed against his shoulder for a long time before He let her go

    "Slowly and carefully."

    He whispered, supporting her body that was about to fall flat with a deep feeling of weakness.

    The hot hands patting her pussy seemed already confident of what her answer would be. pleasures crept in, tightening her vagina repeatedly.

    The bracelet she gave was jingling on her wrist, which was digging inside and bending like a hook.

    * * *

    * * *

    Se-ah proposed, but she was given time to think again. The situation has become strange.

    He said ,"My father won't be satisfied with marriage. If you decided on the relationship to help me, please take responsibility until the end. Pregnancy. You need to have a baby as soon as possible.」

    Pregnancy? she didn't think that far. It was because they have been so thorough with contraception.

    "There won't be a day where the three of us will not pour it in you. Whoever's child might be born before the wedding. We won’t use contraception anymore from the moment you make a choice.」

    Furthermore, she was told that it doesn’t matter which of the three will give her a child . As he said, Se-ah had to think slowly and carefully.

    Her worries deepened and passed the full moon. None of them urged her to answer quickly, but Doha often became busy because of the growing pressure from his father.

    At the time she thought it would be nothing but a nuisance and "that woman" came to her.

    "Ms. Yoo Se-ah, the team leader calling for you."

    "Team leader?"

    "Yes, please come to the conference room."

    she had no idea, but she couldn't refuse her boss's words without any reason. Se-ah went into the meeting room, agonizing over what she had done wrong.

    "Team leader, I...….”

    "Oh! Ms. Yoo Se-ah is here. Then feel free to talk comfortably and we’ll go."

    The team leader back, which was always straight, bent more than half of her waist.

    'You're body will be folded. It's going to fold.'

    Se-ah's face frowned when she saw the woman sitting in front of the team leader.

    she already knew her face. Unlike Doha, she was not a person who didn't like showing her face, and she looked like them naturally. she was curious about what kind of face she has, so she looked at her more carefully.

    Lee Jin-hee, president of E-Telecom and the eldest daughter of Lee Jin-cheol, who was very pleased by the birth of his first child, and was the woman who passed down ‘’jin’’, a part of her name.

    "Sit down. I hate it when someone looks down at me.”

    She pointed to the chair next to her. her eyes were cold as she sat at the top of another company and glanced at her with her legs crossed. she imagined a person who looked more vindictive, but the impression of being cold was stronger. She resembles the twins and has similar atmosphere to one of the twins.


    "You know who I am, and I know you, so do you need to waste my time? Don't make me say it twice. Sit down."

    It was a the mother of the twins, but Seah was not in a good mood with her arrogant tone and her sudden informal speech.

    "In my company...… What's the matter?”

    However, she was a powerful woman like a man who wanted to control a huge company. Se-ah, who is close to an ordinary small citizen, had a slight chill in her skin. She flinched as she glance at the cup in front of Jin-hee.

    ‘You're not going to splash that at me, are you?’

    There was no sign of drinking because of courtesy. The surface of the clean cup was shiny without a single lipstick mark, so the chair that she sat on every time felt awkward.

    "Do you know what happens to dogs that swallow food beyond their means?"


    "It doesn't end with an upset stomach. The gut will explode and die. it was trying to swallow her food without knowing that she was stupidly full and she smelled bad and dirty.”


    "I won't say anymore none sense. Don't be presumptuous and quietly...…live."

    She lowered herself and tilted her face closer. It was close as if their lips were touching. The low whispering voice was as sweet as seduction, and it was hard to find a wrinkle on her face. her hand that touched her shoulder and patting her cheek seemed to be raising her child.

    "That's cliché."


    "Your expression, your way of speaking, your way of behaving...… I feel a sense of foresight. Where do you think did I saw it?”

    Jin-hee's face was distorted for the first time to hear such a thing. Her face as if she had been dung by a pigeon while walking on the street, her face does not resemble what she knows. Lee Jin-hee was a separate entity.

    "Did you plan on sticking out an envelope(money) next time?”

    Jin-hee frowned as if it was real that she would do that.

    "Well, I don't know. How much will the CEO of E-telecom give me?"

    "If you want anything, tell me for sure. How dare you bargain...….”

    "No. Why should I do that to a problem that's not worth bargaining for?"

    Se-ah stopped talking to Jin-hee and got up.

    "Sit down!"

    Jin-hee reacted nervously, but Se-ah ignored and moved toward the door. Then she smiled with her eyes bent as if she didn't need to hear more.

    "No matter what you give me, it'll be worse than what I receive. Oh. If I’m married to Doha, will you be able to give half?"


    Jinhee got up, banging on the desk. The firm desk was strong enough to stumble. her burning eyes scared Seah as if she was going to grab her hair. her palm was damp with cold sweat. Se-ah's trembling hand slipped several times on the door knob.

    The silver doorknob that twirled made her hand cold. Se-ah rubbed her palms against her clothes with a casual face and grabbed onto the doorknob again.


    Se-ah, who was about to open the door and leave, looked back at Jin-hee with a gentle smile.

    "If a dog is so good, it lives like you or a motherfucker. but I'm a human.'’

    (she’s returning the word the twins mother said to the twins, I just so love a strong FL)

    she quickly closed the door after saying what she wanted to say, and there was a cracking sound inside. Se-ah, who turned pale, quickly ran deep inside like a rabbit digging a cave.

    "Save me. 」

    The words that appeared in her message window were quickly erased. Seah moved her thumb, erased the words, and slowly rewrote them.

    ‘’Let's get married.」

    her sweaty fingers slipped, but she gasped and sent a message.


    Se-ah, who looked through the her sent message with her eyes, leaned her back against the cold wall.

    She was crouching down that her face touched her knee, she was surprised by the small noise and was wary of the surroundings. Nothing will happen at the company where CCTVs and security guards are everywhere, but it was scary. The last time she saw Jin hee face, she had a look that seemed to rip her bones alive and tear her body to shreds. she felt numb and suffocated.

    But Seah knew something scarier than that. Jin-hee was genuinely scared with murder, but her eyes were dizzying like broken pottery even though affection was based on it.

    Lee Jin-hee was nothing more than a catalyst. she was not strong enough to influence the outcome.

    Se-ah did not send the message with an impulsive decision. The decision was already decided. she could not pull the arrow's because she did not know what she would pierce with it.

    It was her heart that moved. When she mentioned 'dog', she remembered them. she thought they would be treated the same way if they were pushed back there. Doha and Seah will be "greedy than one subject," and Hangyeom and Hangyul will be "dogs who betrayed for such a thing."

    Every word she spoke stimulated Seah. she was wondering who she scratched with her harsh words.

    "I'm kind of pissed off...….”

    she like them. she wanted to live together with them. It was the same for her no matter how she agonized, and even struggling to escape, she was on top of a swamp.

    So she had to move forward without taking anymore time. she had no choice but to admit it.


    her cell phone vibrated. she sent the message to all three of them, and the first response came back.


    "……where are you now?"」

    "I'm at work."


    Se-ah was puzzled but told him that she was at the end of the hallway on the 13th floor. A moment later, the elevator at the end of the hallway opened and Doha walked out of it.

    " Doha?"

    "Lee Jin-hee and I are stalking each other."

    He said it like a joke, but his meticulous gaze sank into gloom and looked at her. It seemed he knew that Jin-hee came to Se-ah.

    Tension was relieved in her black eyes, which was only visible by lifting her chin tightly. He was like a huge giant tree, so if she hid in his shadows, it seems that no one can find her.

    She smiled and said it like a joke.

    "she’s about to rip me to death."

    "No way."

    Well, she doesn’t know if she would kill anyone. It was when she thought that she had watched too much movies.

    Doha looked at the smiling cheeks with relief. Doha, not Jin-hee, would not let it that way, but the truth was buried like that.

    "Let's go."

    "What? Where? I’m still at work...….”

    "Which company would dare to stop my fiancée from leaving work early."

    her ribs swelled with a light tone. How should she say it? Feeling like Cinderella? Until now, Seah has not received anything they give, saying it’s too much. When it comes to the price of material alone, the bracelet Seah bought is actually more expensive than the ones they gave.

    "I feel like I won the first prize in the lottery."

    "Am I the same as Lotto?"

    He looked upset when she could compare himself to lotto. It was a mischievous act, but Se-ah was genuinely taken aback.

    How much is Doha's assets? It was clear that it would be much bigger than a lottery worth only a few billions. her hand became heavy with him. Doha approached her and kissed her as she was about to feel a little burdened.

    "Seah will enjoy a marriage that everyone envies. I promise to make you the happiest person."

    She looked forward, rubbing his lips sweetly on her cheek. she got goosebumps because of the shade in his eyes. The close-up lips drew a smooth curve.

    "Oh, my. Oh, my."

    "Isn't he... ..Lee Do-ha?"

    "Lee Do-ha?"

    "Lee Han-electronics director!"

    At that time, an exquisite sound came out as if she had waited for the moment.

    The quiet 13th-floor hallway was crowded with people, and their exciting eyes poured out like a ray of sunshine.

    "Sir, we've got the car waiting on the first floor."

    Several people in black suits approached and wrapped around Doha and Seah. their eyes were blocked, but it couldn't stop their enthusiasm.

    He whispered as he grabbed Se-ah's hand, who was embarrassed by the commotion.

    "No one can threaten you. You must be the one with everything. A peaceful family, a handsome husband, a wealth of wealth, and even terrible pleasure."

    that moment, she thought her hair is falling over his sexy eyes, ah. she was distressed because it was tingling inside.

    He kissed her in an elevator full of bodyguards with their back turned. No one looked back at the sound of her squirming and he greedily sucked her lips.



    His breath blew her bangs and her breath was sucked into his mouth. Unable to resist the tickling of her tongue, he pulled her buttocks back when the cold elevator wall swept her lower part.

    His lips blocked the sound tightly. she just shed a lot of tears of love with his red flesh.

    There were so many people, but she wanted to be stuck in his right away and be shaken.

    * * *

    * * *

    The process was so fast that she wondered if marriage was this easy.

    An article about Se-ah, who married Lee Do-ha, a managing director of Han Electronics, was reported every day and it was reported that she was a child of an ordinary middle-class family. There were many words about her being Cinderella, but there was no big blow to Seah.

    Doha went to say hello to Seah's parents and changed her parents’ concerns within half a day. The father was so proud of his daughter that she didn't know what to do, and her was mother continued to be moved by Doha's love for her.

    The most worrisome meeting between the parents passed without any problem. Unexpectedly, Chairman Lee Jin-cheol did not consider her unpleasant. As the twins said, Doha has not met women so far, that the chairman thought that any women would be good.

    With the permission of Chairman Lee Jin-cheol, there was not much that President Lee Jin-hee could do. she was whispering, staring at Se-ah and threatening her with her eyes. It was brutal, but she could get over it with a few cold sweats.

    But the inside story was separate.

    "How is it, Dosa-nim?"

    Master Lee Jin-cheol called a man as old as him. No. He called him "nim" and served him with respect and honorific.

    Se-ah and Doha were kneeling in front of their grandfather, and the Taoist shook the bell well and shot them at the two.


    But she thought that the bell was a real gold. Whether it was pure gold or not, the color was shouting "I'm gold." It was when she was thinking about how much money such a big bell would cost.

    "I can see the flag!"

    The Taoist clapped Se-ah's body with a bell and shouted.

    Although it didn't hurt because of the old man's strength, Doha wrapped his arms around her shoulder as she jumped in surprise and embarrassment. Somehow, the eyes of an old man named Dosa trembled a little, and the bell hurriedly avoided Seah.

    "It's a son!"

    The monk repeatedly swept his beard and shouted.

    "Ah! As expected! Thank you! Thank you, Master!"

    What was surprising was Chairman Lee Jin-cheol. Now Se-ah's father-in-law, held the Taoist's hands tightly and thanked him several times. It was so passionate that it looked submissive.

    Beyond 70 years old, Chairman Lee Jin-cheol fell ill and shouted with a chirping voice. To be honest, she was very scared because he was like a cult fanatic. The gray, blurry eyes stared at Se-ah's stomach.

    “it's a precious seed, so keep it carefully."

    He whispered generously. Doha patted the back of her frozen hand twice.


    His wrinkled face grinned when she answered. she got goosebumps. Fortunately, however, he clung to the Taoist again.

    "As soon as my first grandson is born, I...….”


    The ghostly face, which was whispering with a sick tone, stared at Doha. He soon smiled and gestured that he will go out. He was very generous. He was so satisfied to get what he wanted. The sound of a rattling bell behind Se-ah shook like a rattling storm while they open the door and leave.

    As soon as the door closed, Doha's face lost its warmth and became cold.

    "Uh…… I heard that higher people depend more on religion. There are a lot of headaches, but there's nothing else to talk about them."

    "Yeah, you're not feeling well, but thanks to the master...….”

    Master Do-sa. The corners of his mouth went up beautifully as he pronounce his name.

    "I'm glad you're stepping down and focusing on your health care."

    He smiled with a straight face like a devoted son.

    Se-ah, who thought he hated his father, tilted her head, but his friendly face remained warm.

    " Seah."


    "Can I hug you?”

    his vulnerable face was eagerly looking at her. It was a place where people passed by, but she didn't want to reject him who looks like a lost child. She opened her arms and hugged him tightly. The difference in height and physique made her cling, but her body temperature was definitely delivered.

    she buried her face on his warm chest, he whispered, touching his lips to her neck.

    "I will make you happy."

    A clear laugh burst out. Seah laughed as if she had heard something funny and patted him gently on the back.

    "It seems like a homework assignment. Do you feel pressured?"

    "It's just…… I'd like to. I'm going to go crazy if you're not happy."

    "Yes, I hope you're happy, too.”

    his closed eyes shone with moisture. He licked Se-ah's lips and put their face close together.

    "I love you."

    "Yes, me too…. I love you."

    Seah did not doubt that he would make her happy. She also sincerely hoped that he would be happy. They will try to for each other.

    The rustling sound of bells that had passed on slowly dispersed.

    * * *

    i've been trying to post the next parts but for some reason it keeps on double posting but when I delete one it deletes everything, the one I posted above is already posted a while ago but I deleted it and added more part to it, so if you had read it already a while ago you may check it again since I added 2 more parts:)
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    * * *

    Chairman Lee Jin-chul has always been greedy since he was young. Countless women have passed by him. But there was no woman carrying his child. It may be due to his preference for extramarital affairs to prevent unnecessary disturbance, but he sometimes became nervous because he knew it would not be a complete contraception.

    Then, he got married, and even if he was in an active relationship, he had no children for more than five years. Chairman Lee Jin-chul, who needs to have a successor, visited a Taoist temple called Yong-ha while he was in and out of the hospital.

    The Taoist monk wrote an amulet for Chairman Lee Jin-cheol and his first child was present on his wife's stomach. Chairman Lee Jin-cheol was delighted and became a believer in Taoism.

    There was no hesitation in creating a shrine for the Taoist temple and embracing expensive wealth. As if to repay him, a second child was born. But the second was also a woman.

    Chairman Lee Jin-cheol, who wanted a son, visited the Taoist temple again, and he urged Chairman Lee Jin-chul to receive the energy of many women. Although he followed the Taoist's words for 10 years, her first wife, who couldn't stand her husband, died of a vase.

    ‘’We found a perfect person for you! 」

    It was a picture of the daughter of the president of a subcontractor who was nearly 20 years younger than him that the Taoist gave to the angry chairman Lee Jin-cheol.

    Lee Jin-cheol was suspicious of the Taoist's words, but still threatened the president of a subcontractor to marry his daughter. She was Doha's birth mother, Choi Soo-jin.

    Su-jin became the wife of a man who had her face seen a few times. The age difference is the big and Chairman Lee Jin-chul's personality was cruel and did not fit her. However, the fate of his father's company depended on her so she could not rebel.

    As she continued her unwanted marriage, she withered, but within a year of marriage, Doha was born.

    Chairman Lee Jin-chul was delighted with Doha's birth and urged her to give birth to another son. He never gave up on Sujin because the Taoist told him that only she could give birth to his son. So he forced and coercive behavior that was violence.

    Sujin was thin and exhausted. She suffered from her husband and died young.

    "Useless girl. I'm glad you gave birth to one.」

    Doha, who was young, clearly remembered what the Taoist said in front of Sujin's portrait.

    Even though he was young, he could discern the Taoist own interests. He did not show any opposition to the Taoist and Chairman Lee Jin-cheol, but swallowed them only inside. It wasn't that difficult for him to live as a smart son who listens well.

    The teachers who taught Doha eagerly praised him and praised him as a genius. Chairman Lee Jin-cheol was satisfied and went around protecting his son.

    "Seo Hangyeom! Seo Hangyul! How many times do I have to tell you to understand? I told you, if you want to beat Doha, you can't do this!」

    he swear it was not his wish to stimulate Lee Jin-hee's inferiority complex and that affected his nephews. Lee Jin-hee, who is as cruel as Chairman Lee Jin-chul, treated her young sons harshly. she gets angry if they didn't get the grade she wanted and often even slapped their hands.

    "Father, how about sending Hangyeom and Hangyul to study abroad early?」

    Doha didn't like Jin-hee, who was openly laughing at Su-jin. So, he decided to take the twins to study abroad with him, thinking that they should try half of it. There was nothing Lee Jin-hee could do when Chairman Lee gave him permission to take the twins.

    Perhaps it was the problem that made the three of them lived in one house or because of their identity, he could not resist the clinging of his young nephews.

    When the three returned to Korea again, the bond was so strong that no one could fill the gap. Lee Jin-hee went wild and persecuted the twins, but they abandoned their mother and followed their uncle. Chairman Lee who was pleased with it, secretly sided with Doha, and the three were able to stay together.

    The young and helpless boy became an adult like that. He has grown bigger and what he can do has blistered like a snowball. Around that time, Chairman Lee Jin-chul's health deteriorated and considerable power was concentrated on him.

    It was then that Doha moved.

    ‘’Argh! Stop it! It’s not my fault! Chairman Lee Jin-cheol did everything! I only gave him advice! He's the one who believed it!’’

    The first thing he did was to drag the old Taoist to an underground factory. It was a premeditated crime planned while Chairman Lee Jin-chul is in the hospital, and he got a confession from the Taoist with a blank face.

    It was a ridiculous story that the words he said to secure a share were accidentally met. Doha used the swindler's three tongues to let the chairman believe what the swindler says and destroyed his father the way he destroyed his mother.

    Chairman Lee Jin-chul gradually worsened his condition, trusting in the Taoist ridiculous folk remedies. It was because he believed the swindler's words that he should never put a knife on his body.

    But it was lame. Even if a swindler's body was destroyed, even if he destroyed the mind of his father. It was in vain.

    He may have been angry that the truth of what made him crawl was nothing but just that. He was disgusted with the world, sick and tired of the reality.

    his eye that gradually lost interest in life but his eyes caught Seah.

    ‘’It's a gift, uncle.」

    Like a fish that was shot by a harpoon, her pussy with the penis is squeaking red and elastic. Every time she clamped his penis, his back bone tingled and his cheeks tingled.

    he remembered the day when Chairman Lee Jin-cheol forced his mother's body. He still remembered it clearly. There was no problem with his morning erection, but the moment he saw a woman's reproductive organs, he was disgusted and couldn't get the erection.

    That day, it was because of the excitement he felt.

    Disgustingly, he was a son who had erection after seeing his mother being raped.

    (his only 6 years old that time, it was probably curiosity that made him like that)

    The sinful guilt remained for life and covered it with a snare. he thought he didn't want to have sex for the rest of his life.

    But at the same moment, h felt sexual excitement when he saw a woman begging for her life. he felt scared after a long time because of the shock. The fact that it eventually became like this despite all his contempt was terrible and disgusting.

    Doha decided that he would cut his own dick and his nephew’s dich who he thought had raped a woman. The disillusionment that ate a little bit his body burned the reason to black.

    (omg it’s a good thing that Doha just slapped Hangyeom instead of getting a knife to cut off his dick first ahahhaaha)

    ‘’How many times do I have to tell you? I Agreed! I consented!」

    But the woman said she liked the moment. Her pussy was soaked in tears after being messed up by several men. Each of her inner flesh, which was flowing not with semen but with her own wetness, came to his mind like a picture.

    he felt like he was imprinted. he was curious about her insides, so he wanted to poke it if the woman opened it herself. he imagined whether it would be as sticky as it looks or as hot as the color of the flame.

    The woman offered sex with three men first, allowing him to insert.

    "I feel really...… oops! I think there's only one dick left. I think I have a heart in my urethra. It's hot…….」

    A piece of flesh that weighs about 1kg. It was dark red and obscene color flowed, it was dirty to be born with, that’s why he had not masturbated once for more than 20 years.

    It didn't even allow the meaning of existence, and at that moment it beat the brain with its own arguments. The brain disappeared, the bones disappeared, and the blood disappeared. Only the flesh wiggled hideously and rammed in it.

    He felt he had dealt her quite harshly by his harsh urge to crush her cold skin until it bleeds. However, instead of saying no, the woman cried and shook.

    Only after the dawn night ended and the woman fell asleep as if she fainted could he get some rough information about her.

    A strange woman, no, Seah, stole some of his secrets, but it was embarrassing. It was impossible to deal with him with such a small amount.

    "One night?"

    ‘’Is it the "So-called One Night"? my sister seem to think it's something like that...….」

    he felt sorry for Se-ah who didn't know the persistence of the dogs from the dirty blood. However, it was something that should be treated as preciously as possible without breaking it. He was like his father but he was different. she was locked in the world's most precious and beautiful cage, but it was invicible so Se-ah could not know.

    Se-ah, who was good in nature even though she tried to be shrewd, quickly sympathized and heartbroken. He put so much effort and cherished it. The mind flowed in and was mixed up in the river and driven until it could no longer be rescued.

    ‘’Let's get married.」

    Three monsters, who had been waiting for their prey to bite, took the victim's neck and two legs, each of them capturing her into the river, and dragged her to a deeper place.

    "hah yeah!ha, anggg!"

    and it’s still like that now.

    Doha could now fuck Seah alone. But what still excites him the most was putting Seah into the penis of another man. Burying his penis in what had already been filled with other’s cock further inspired him.

    Se-ah also like it better with many than one man. The Pleasure that several people caress at the same time. Her whole body is filled with their tongues and penis. She could never get her feet out first.

    So what if another person doesn't approve the relationship between the four? They were better off than two couples keeps on fighting and struggling

    Surrounded by Hangyeom and Hangyul, Doha approached Seah.

    "Do, ha…! Hhhh!"

    "You can just enjoy the pleasure. There's nothing to worry about.”

    He whispered affectionately and hung a diamond necklace around her neck, she looked graceful like a deer. a heavy piece of blue diamond as big as his thumb were crafted and stretched long.

    It was beautiful to see her bare body with only one necklace. Doha stared ecstatically at Seah with an erect cock.

    she was foaming up with the semen of his nephews, and he pushed in his penis.

    "I love you, Seah."

    The diamond necklace rattled like a chain. However, the beautifully processed platinum-rimmed diamonds never hurted her white neck.

    ‘’ah, ah, ahh! Doha, angg!’

    The sun was coming at dawn. Seah will have to enter the ceremony, with the smell of semen from three males.

    Doha's eyes heated up at the ecstatic scene just by imagining it. He glanced like a dog, thrusting in her inner wall and grinding his waist.

    It was the best wedding ever.

    and it's a wrap!! thats the end of this novel, I want to thank again @blackie22 for providing the raw, and thank you so much for the kind response even though I only MTLED the novel..

    I will continue to edit the MTL as the manhwa updates!! if you guys noticed, the first mtled chapter is more understandable since I used the translation from the manhwa as a reference and edited the dialogues. that's why its more understandable.

    some paragraph is really hard to understand despite using two mtls, so you are free to think what the mtl is trying to convey since I probably leaved some of it as it is.

    I tried to post everything as soon as possible since I have to do my thesis individually :sweating_profusely: so some of the mtl I posted might be a little bit poorly edited.thank you so much!!!:bloblove:
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