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    I use bing translator to MTL this, as many people said bing translator is better than google translate

    1. Warrior and Law Combination

    The art of a long history, though damaged and rebuilt, was so hard-looking that the walled Portis royal corridor, the air that would normally have been heard by only a few court servants or nobles, would have been heard talking, now sinking into heavy silence.

    In the corridor that was left empty before the visit lay the willers who had brought them, and there was a man who came and went with an uptley. The teasing of the legs anxiously delivered anxiety to the person watching.

    "La Dish."

    Then Leone called him up. The flower looked back at Leone with eyes that could not erase the uneasy la dish that was made lips.
    "... Your majesty. "
    "Calm down."

    And now, do not call me to tell, so Leone sat down to hold his cousin in a calm voice. Then he took the handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe la dish even the sweat from his forehead.

    "I. Leone Hart, this is a paper letter."

    Leone himself did not seem to be in a predicament to calm himself down.


    Leone's shoulder flinched at the screams that broke out of the room. Angry eyes headed inside the visit.


    Arkady called leone fidgety in a calm voice, staring at only a visit that was firmly closed with a blue-large eye. Arkady held his hand tightly as he called off the beckoning mate, looking back at me with confused eyes.


    Even then, whenever I heard my sister's screams for the first time in the room, I sat down with both hands, holding firmly to Ar's reassurance that she was flinching. It's been a long night to feel like the time in the hallway has stopped. The sun is slowly rising, yet it is dusky at dawn.

    A firmly closed door was opened.

    "The Royal Highness was born safely!"

    The doctor, who had not yet cleared all traces of his fight last night, walked out and informed him of the romance, wrapped in shock. A smile of joy was smed on the faces of those who waited in the hall.

    Before the door closed again, he burst into tears and showed his majesty and his daughter in their arms. Jennytus's handdo, in which he is not above the watched threaded hand. Following his gaze, Jenny Tous's face closed her eyes. I was in good sleep last night, but I had just finished the work of childbirth.
    After the birth of a new family in the royal family, everyone wanted to see the face of a new royal woman, but for the health of the young princess, the visitee could only be granted after a month. After waiting in the capital, The Dominy self-made couple who were able to see their nephew's earl oyster entered the royal daughter's room with a heart.

    "... It's small."

    The baby was a wee man. For the first time I saw a man of that size, arkady's nostrils were sealed with bewildering. Leone burst into laughter when I saw the face of Arkady, who is in trouble, but I do not know how to hold it. He slowly demonstrated and wrapped his head and buttocks in the cradle of the child.

    "So... Firmly support the head and neck.

    Arkady listened to Leone's lectures with a serious face that he couldn't find in class. Now, when I want to hold my senses, Arkady nods and gives me an arm to hug me. In case of an emergency that you may not know around the area, the people of the city who are taking care of the royal daughter day and night were watching to open their eyes.

    "Now, here--."

    Leone handed the baby to The Watchrear. Arkady, at a light weight, looked down at the child as his eyes floated. Just as the things that move in front of her are long to be seen with those little eyes, the child who opened his eyes in a circle blinked and blinked and confronted her.


    Arkady marveled at the young tone somewhere thrilled. The blue eyes down the lineage of Potters royalty were contained like a twinkling half-mate stream in Arkady's eyes. Arkady talked to Leone with a hilarious expression of his head, with his arms firmly held immobile.

    "It's like your eyes!"

    That's it. It is the lineage of the same royal family. Such an unensmed thought smuffed into the head of the lower men, but the wise ones kept their mouths quietly shut. Only Leone, who seemed very much like me, did not give birth to me, but returned my admiration.

    As the surrounding people watched in their midst, the new horn couple, who had never seen a baby, returned to their home with a cute new nephew. Every year, the Dominy family, the continent's richest man, poured gold on their birthdays.

    And this birthday of the fifth royal daughter. Er has prepared a special gift.

    "Dominy birch... Aunt, did you arrive?"

    In the joyous news I heard from early morning, the little queen came out to the gates of God. The people behind the dodo and the figure was on the wagon, Leone came down and fell.

    "Royal Highly."

    Arkady greeted the first time, the royal daughter was also greeted like an adult in accordance with the law. And Lizarion, who looked sideways, smiled and greeted me.

    "Yours, are you well in good health?"


    The royal woman smiled broadly and ran to Leone and stretched out her arms.

    Arkady looked at my mate and the young thing that resembled him, and went to the procession behind the wagon. Humming the twang, the back of the back was strangely confident.

    "So, I'm singing that I've already learned the book this time."

    "Did you?"

    "Then then. And he also said that his majesty did well last time."

    "Is it."

    When the queen was delicious in the memorial work of Leone, who said that our highness was great, I heard a sound ripening by them.

    multifaceted. multifaceted.

    "So I am.. Uh, eh?"

    The mouth of the royal woman, who had eagerly stretched my story, was broken.

    "Royal Highly."

    Ar bowed to the attention of the royal woman, lowering her posture at the eye level of her child and handing her the reins of her hand.

    "Happy Birthday."


    The queen, who confirmed again, saw her nodding Arkady and smiled and ran to Arkady and hugged her.

    "Thank you!"

    Then the little royal woman ran to the pony, who was holding the reins she had. The words of the still small body seemed to be really gentle without a turaging once the child approached.

    The royal woman looked out of the pony's gentle eyes. The undigested black sphere looked prettier than the onyx in the jewelry box. The dark black mane was richly at the nape of the neck, and the torso was as dark-brown as the scented attention.

    "... Hey?"

    Arkady approached the queen's side, staring at the pony with curious eyes, pointing to a part and explaining.

    "If you touch it here, it's my favorite part of the horse."

    The royal woman approached the side of the horse's head, raised her watch hand, and stroked it near the nape of her neck from the neck to her shoulder. Well combed hair texture was smooth. She was thrilled with the touch of her hand, and the queen heard and raised the sound.


    It was rare in the royal family to experience the body temperature of livestock. Arkady looked down cutely at the child who shines in the eyes like Leone, and answered the questions that led to the royal daughter.

    The royal woman could not keep an eye on her first words. In the equestrian hall next to her, Arkady showed the stunt of jumping over all kinds of obstacles and changing her posture freely on the horse, while Ayear's shoulders shrugged as she saw her stunning aunt's eyes become more lantern-lanterned.
    After an early encounter with the queen, Arr and Leone soon went to the king's office. Jenny Tous, who had been building for a while, finally opened her mouth while looking at the two people who entered the office with a good eye even if she received the application immediately.

    "That you have presented a horse to the queen?"

    Leone, who had grasped that her examination was wrong, said carefully, covering arkady.

    "It's a very small pony that's hard to say."

    The nature and gentleness of walking was also very relaxing, and it was like a sugar donkey, and Leone's mouth was busy in order to make it safe raw water without any dangerous corners.


    Jenny Touss no longer listened to her brother's excuses and hung up. Jenny Tooth's blue eyes overlooking their couple made it even cooler. The king floated up what happened last time Dominy's self-made wealth visited.

    The royal woman sometimes came up and liked her aunt, who made herself and herself exciting to play, which she had not played in the heart of her life. Dominy Zajak played with the bird that would come down from the head of the queen's face, whether it was to match everything she liked with her child or whether her favorite level was perfect.

    The royal daughter loved to play with this funny relative, but Jenny Touss had her forehead on every time she came up and 'played' with the royal daughter and returned.

    I have never taken a schedule, and I have never taken a schedule, and my class is lost, I come to play in the garden, or I do not enter the muddy riding hall after raining, I will find the opening of the castle I saw in the novel book last time, and knocked the guards and knocked on the walls of the castle and returned to dust.

    "It is not time for the royal woman to move her body now."

    Jenny Toss stared at The Dominy Jajak, who sometimes dazzled the royal daughter with a mischievous prank.

    "Of course it's right that your charge should be keen on your studies."

    There were people who dared to gaze forward at his majesty, who seemed uncomfortable planting. He hand-placed the car on the table and said,

    "But if you think about the future of learning to learn your own affairs, wouldn't it be easy to develop your fitness from now on? "

    Your majesty. The only thing that released Jenny Tsus's firm break was the existence of such generous contact with the King, the National Director Fidel Les Gongs.


    The king's eyes glowed brightly as he watched his rain fall. Now it's too busy to do the dosing, but the news that the royal family has returned to the palace has taken time out to be next to Jenny Tooth in particular.

    Zenitus beckoned to Apeles' hand, who was playing with his firm muscles, and he sat him next to him. In front of the city, Jenny Tows unraveled her tired throat, beckoning them to sit down.

    "What pleased the royal daughter was good."

    Arkady laughed so well that he thought he was really good at it. I saw that flat face and smiled at the synx that jenny tossed something up within, almost like a tendon sprouting back into this ma.

    "Yes, when I see that I have prepared a great gift for the queen's birthday, I want to ask you."

    Leone, who knows that things are not very good when she raises her mouth so ominously, looked alert. If Jenny Toos had a good look, the gods underneath would have a heavy task to change the number of goals. Jenny Tows smiled more deeply as if he had guessed.

    "Dominy birch, and Leone. They're going to have to go to sea."
    A few days later, after the little royal woman's birthday dinner in The Great City, Ar and Leone were driving their horses to the sea, almost immediately after leaving the palace to pack up the women's palace. Du Cong N. Zulzul left the soldiers of the foundation.

    The sky was very green. Looking up, covering the sun with his hands for a moment, Leone recalled why we went this way.

    --- is said to have appeared on the eastern coast.

    --- Are you horse?

    ---, that sea took away the pirates, so I quickly got away with anything else.

    It became useless because of the darn thing that I had cleared for the trade lines, and Jenny Tows stared at the dominy's own wealth, saying that even for the ships that were held, she would have to hurt them quickly.

    ---m. Wizard of Miracles with a test that cut the last one into a short knife. It's not difficult for two people, right?

    Leone looked at the alias he had heard in the liver. Jenny Touss was rather smiling as if her brother's look was funny.


    Leone opened his mouth with an irredirable tu. It was a long distance from the eastern sea capital, but he did not want to East Sea a long way from his estate to Ar, who had come from the estates. It was his habit to know my lover's physical strength but to buy and worry about. Unlike Leone, who had a trembling expression, Arkady was next to him, and his eyes glowed.

    --- is the saying-, is it?

    He had been a palace for a long time, so he finally corrected the near-use of a comfortable atu to the king. Leone changed his attitude to an unexpected Ar's response.

    ---Why a masu? Other than that one, the local forces can be in charge, right?

    Leone, who entered negotiator mode, told me that the masu, which appeared to be a humming and sniffing Jenny Tous, was a large marine life, and that only one was confirmed as the current ashes.

    --- and deal with him without troop loss, my birthday present was received with it instead of a skirt.

    It seemed quite shameless to demand it at the point where it was still a few months until the birthday, but it was a deal that was not bad when you consider the de facto tax of the name of a tribute to the king's birthday. Leone went and thought about seeing the sea with Arkady and started to get his plans in his head.

    ---. Sister.

    willingly followed by his majesty's people. Sage-. Leone was lucky to speak of what he had been trying to command from the very beginning. Jenny Touss asked for additional if he could go and solve the problem so that the ships could move, he allowed me to write a villa in the nearby royal family.

    So now, the two men were going on a business trip to pack the foundation to the resynval that the sea matthew appeared.

    "Leone. It's not hot?"

    Ar asked, looking back, worried that my mate would be bodies up on a long march.

    "Oh, that's fine."

    Leone, who was briefly locked in flashbacks, looked back at his lover in a spirit. I saw the dark eyes staring at me, and Leone smiled and reassured me.

    The sun was down, but the cool wind blew and cooled the sweat without a bird. Even in the treeless fields, the passing clouds shaded the intersteles, so it was an unreasonable weather to march. Despite the last sea damage, the Kingdom of Portis was basically a land blessed with a temperate climate.

    The procession, which had nothing rough, ran even harder on the horse, and soon felt the wind running through his cheeks. Arkady sniffed at the first smell.

    As I climbed the palmy hills on the road to the yeongji, I heard a blue color from a long way away. Over the five-milled roofs, the sea stretched to the end of the horizon, and the sea was in contact with the sea.


    Arkady forgot to speak at the shocking sight. Leone laughed softly when I saw Arkady staring at the sea for the first time with his eyes gaping. He turned his way, put the beachfront next to him, and headed down rock hill towards the reeds.

    Growing up in the forest, Arkady was overwhelmed by a land filled with water for the first time. He left his soul, and he threw his eyes out of the bar to the far horizon. Arkady, who had been gazing at the sky and sea for a long time, drove a careful horse and approached closely right next to the sea. Shoot, and the waves bend, and the iron bread is absorbed under your feet.


    Arkady looked curiously as he saw the water approaching him by him and soaking the beach. It was exciting to leave a bell on the sandy beach while running through the waters. Leone is smongy by the beach, and has watched the Asked something from a local person who accompanied me for directions.

    "Dominy Zajak, Mr. Leonhardt.

    The foundation of the feudal city was welcomed and the place was unsocied. After a dinner of chatting with the lord, Lee Onn called Arkady and walked out of the castle before returning to his room. They were able to get to the beach in a short time because they were not far from the sea. And a boat was waiting for the arrival pier.

    "I liked the sea, and I prepared it."

    Seeing arkady's sea-pierced observations by the beach, Leone was able to get a ship to use for a pre-boat outing. Leone first went down to his bow and looked up at Arkady and reached out.

    "Huh!" he said.

    Arkady held his hand in his eyes as he made his way into the huge water. Leone came over into the boat to lightly arm the reporter arkady. Arkady looked down and balanced as the ship's deck moves along a wave of waves.

    "Now, let's sit down this way. When the sun goes down, you can see the sea swallowing the sun near the side."

    Do you eat harm? Arkady opened his eyes more and looked at the horizon along Leone's fingers with a young gaze. The private labors worked hard to escape the turmoil on the ground and enjoy the quiet sea. He continued to check the distance from the land so that it would not get close to the distant waters where the death had appeared. In the efforts of the private craft, the ship stopped in the vicinity, not far from the beach, where you can enjoy only the sound of calm waves.

    Arkady and Leone sat side by side in a seat draped in awnings to prevent snow from snowing at sunset. Leone, sitting still and looking at Arkady's side face looking at the horizon, will take it upon her hand.


    Leone idly called her lover's name and turned her attention to me. As he measured the time into it, he walked the pod over Arkady's hand and pinched his palm. Now I checked her sun-light eyes, which were completely fixed on me, and Leone dragged the time by talking chatter in moderation.

    "Look at that side."

    It was exquisite when tailored. In the eyes of Arkady, who followed Leone's gaze and turned his head back to the flat line, the sea of sun water was released. The sun that had just floated in the sky seemed to sit down on the sea, and it would touch down quickly.

    "With- "

    The admiration came out of Arkady's mouth by him. It was the first time I saw the sun sink into the water. Finally, the year I entered the sea, I spread my color over the water. I swallowed the sun over the sea, which was released by the sun, and I watered my face with the light of the sun.

    Arkady looked at the sea in a spirit. The eyes containing the sheep were really like the sun, and Leone was missing from watching her face.


    Short and bold, Arkady rushed to the forefront to get closer. Leone approached to catch her side tilting her upper body out of the vessel.



    "Wait, look at this."

    Leone quickly received what she had handed. If the sea breeze was chilly, Leone took it with him. I turned over the clothes that always contained the sentences I carried to the mate who approached me, and Arkady gently moved his upper body around and stretched it out, then jumped over the player's railing with his hands.


    Leone shouted in amazement.


    Arkady coolly entered the water and was amazed by the view in front of him. I jumped in the color of the sea, and I wanted to go to the sea, and the first time I saw it, it was more than I could imagine.

    Right in front of him, a school of fish passed by in time for the heat. Like the fall forests of Al Rock, biting birds with different scales flowed through the sea like migratory birds. It wasn't just biting. There was something like a thorny snail in the shape of a first-time bird, and the raw water, which I didn't know what to call it, took a breather.

    There was also a leaf-waving water that shook like a willow with branches. On the rocks in the far side, there was a cluster of dumb fires made of colored glass. Grigory got to see something like a carved cliff.


    She was overwhelmed by the water-covered earth. I saw the first time in the water I didn't really see the floor. Even if the sun was shining from above, not the intensity of the dark night, the ground was split so deep that the sun could not reach. I wouldn't have guessed what would be down to that bottom or if there were any creatures that could go down.

    Looking into the dark cliffs where the earth seemed to open its mouth, Arkady was appalled by the back of his back.



    For a moment, he saw Leone with his face pale. Arrgyon, holding firmly to the line, held out his hand and climbed back up on board.


    Arkady took a deep breath, holding his surprised breast. Arkady felt the thumping of my chest, and I was fidgety about the wrong amount of water next to me, and Leone, who was wiping her wet body with a large towel, was pulled as it was.


    Leone raised her words, surprised by Arkady's sudden actions, and even if it was scary, she saw her face on my chest and raised her arms.

    "What happened?"

    As if it were not a star, I put my head on my chest, and Leone wrapped his head with one hand and one hand, and touched the floor. Ar felt the warm body temperature of my mate tightly felt that the heart that thumped is increasingly stable.


    Feeling the scent of a calming Arh's nose, he buried his face wide in his chest and drank body fragrance. When Leone noticed that her arms were coming to hug her tighter, she called her because she wanted to be let go.


    To check her face, Leone took her from her upper body for a moment. Arkady fell back purely as Leone led. In case you've ever scratched or smiled, you've carefully confirmed that Salpin Leone has no ideals and sighed. Ar opened his mouth while I saw a reassuring expression on his face.

    "I'm not going in there an now."

    "Yes. Well thought out."

    I didn't want to enter that floor without a lot of identity. Lee Onn answered the words of Arkady, who was still fearless. Leone was once in a car when she fell into the sea with her bare body without any safety equipment.

    So the two men who came to feel the ins and outs of the sea left the shore where this my sunset had run out and went back to land. Except that Arkady first learned of the salty water from the remnants of the seawater left over my body, and that night passed without much calm.
    And the morning of the day was bright.

    The weather wasn't bad. The waves were calm, and the sky was cleared without a mist obscuring the view.

    "This is the first time I've heard of such good weather in recent years."

    "Is that?"

    "Yes! Thanks to the support forces in the capital and the good news, I think the bar is welcome to know that too."

    The royal high man, a naval officer, eagerly listened to the vocabulary I had learned in his mouth, and Leone glanced at Arkady, who was watching without a spirit, whether it was good to fall into the sea yesterday while shedding his unn nourishing words.


    Without knowing what she was thinking, she pinched her lover by the sea East Sea, and Leone also looked at where she looked. She couldn't tell what was really interested in her, whether it was the blue sea that was nothing special.


    Arkady naturally held the hand of his mate, who came by me. As he turns to her, a sweet hand is entangled in one cheek. Arkady wrapped his face around me, bowed to me, and eyed his eyes.

    "Your eyes."

    Arkady was so full that he came to the sea. Although the depths below she saw when she entered yesterday made her feel creepy after a long time, the color of the sea she saw during the day was very familiar to her.

    "The sea is the same color."

    deep blue sea-like eyes. Arkady was happy to have one more word to express the beautiful colors of his mate. Leon looked at me purely and smiled, and Leone was mesmerized and blushed.


    He covered my ball and caught the pimp in her hand. It was time for Dan Leone to slowly bow his head, bringing her hand to her ball with her hand in one hand and the other.


    The waves up and down greatly made the boat go up and down.

    “...! That, gnome. He's a gnome! Devil Kraken!"

    In an instant, the ship's stomach was in a state of crisis. The soldiers ran around, positioning the battle formations, and the artillery pulled the cannons studded with precious horsestones. Only briefly the shadow was revealed, and the people on board made lips with tension and horror.

    And as he wandered around the uproar, Leone also clenched his fists. After a long time, he felt a real discomfort on his face, which suddenly became uncomfortable to plant because of a disturbed thing.

    "That, yours!"

    In the without the emperor, an officer ran to them, singing the old title.


    He was on his way to Leone, and Arkady was now familiar with the law, and he asked. The officer realized his mistake and quickly apologeaned and reported the situation.

    "It is said that a sign of the appearance of the maso has been found. Now that you're close enough to see the shadows, you'll soon have your legs on the ship!"


    With the screams of the people, the boat tilted heavily. In their sight, they now saw a bridge with a giant sucker coming up to bend their boat. The tired officer stared at the figure and spoke.

    "That is, that. If the maso is fully in shape, give him a shelling order!"

    The officer was shaken and faithfully finished reporting to the end for the implementation of the pre-agreed operation. Arkady nodded and turned to the soldiers. I thought of those who were aiming and waiting for the po as my bow, and she fixed her gaze on the target who was screwing my huge body into the boat. Arkady decidedly ordered it as soon as he determined that it had fully revealed himself.



    Immediately after her command, the officer shouted, artillery re-fired, and disenchantment fired. Kwa Guang! A powerfully-cast matan was blown into the marsu's body, which was revealed out of the sea.

    - Kuwer!

    The faint sound of shells hitting each other tore through the air. The legs wrapped around the sailboat were targeted, and the maso, who had been hit intensively, hid my body back into the sea with a painful groan.

    "Went inside the sea!"

    The sailboat chased the last shadow and tried to follow the back of the mother, but how it hid its large body so quickly, the masu, who seemed to have dived completely down, could not see the tip of the bridge. The captain tried to track him down by changing the route, but the once hot-tasted masu didn't look easy. Eventually, the heads of the foundations entered the countermeasures meeting.

    "I think I've been on the border because I've never been bombarded before," he said.

    For the first time, an officer inspired by the eaten insanity reported doing so with an excited complexion.

    "A common arrow or spear was not eaten in his leather. It's the first time I've come out so passively that I've been hiding it like this, so how do I pull it off...".

    As the officers struggled head-to-head, Arkady recalled a simple solution. If he's scared, you should be trapped to crawl out with peace of mind. Of course, the trap must be aloof, and the bait used there should look as weak as he can get very easily. She asked, pointing to a small carved ship strapped next to a sailboat.

    "Can you write that one right away?"

    "Oh, do you say emergency boats? Yes, I'll release it right away and get ready."

    According to Dominy Zajak, the highest position of the foundation, the soldiers quickly unwrote the rope that had tied the boat to the water. I looked at the carved sea and looked back at the foundations that Arkady was playing, and talked excitedly.

    "The two of us will go and lure you."

    You probably don't need rear support, but if he runs away, he asks you to be ready to shoot the harpoon, and Arkady skips over to the carving. And of course Leone sighed and looked at him with a face that he believed would follow me.

    'Arkady. Again....'

    And throw yourself first into things that could be dangerous, such as inducers. Leon swallowed the worried complaint inside, and he went home, dedymed to talk, and went down and held arkady's hand.

    "Arkady. Don't run first this time, but when the maso appears, I'll freeze and tie up the movements...."

    And leon's nagging began on the boat with only two remaining. With no eyes, Arkady turned his head to the busy, goal-seeking chucker, sweating and nagging. On the sailboat, I looked with respect at the head of the head who had taken the lead and looked at the carving ship, which was worried that it would cause irreparable damage to The Masu's riots.

    The carvings made their way slightly in the calm waves. Even without paddling, one ship was much smaller than a sailboat anchored and heavily anchored, waving away from the starting point with the power of natural waves.

    Smys. Smys.

    Only the seagulls on the peaceful sea were making my sound. Under the waves that waved quietly, an unnatural east-of-the-hearted source spread out, fuhuac! The arm legs of The Masu, twitching through the water, quickly caught the hull.

    The masu, who had fled from a large sailboat and was on the right side of the medicine, clinged tightly to the little sculpted ship, which seemed to be insoesiled with my body at once, wrapped around his limbs and pulled him out to my head. Every time Masuk gives strength, it was visible that the hull was pressed to the file.

    촤 evil!

    Arkady pulled the bayonet on his back and cut it lightly from the leg area, which severely damaged the vessel. Lightly avoiding the pouring of mammyo's black blood, she moved herself to trim even the other limbs.

    Bang! Bang!

    Along the moving east line, Masu's legs were lowered as I attempted to sink the wounded man into the sea. Leone raised his arms when he saw Arkady lightly playing and avoiding the attack from above.


    When he whipped his arms, the magical effect was a ferocious one, unlike the soft sound of frost. The shimmering glass-like horsepower froze the legs of the nearby horseman, swallowing the moisture in the air like a greedy devil as soon as it touched the body of the horse.


    And arkady fell down the frozen leg with a sword and flying. The ice shattered into pieces with a body trapped inside.

    -Pack it.

    The masu, who had experienced the freezing and breaking of my body alive with a bare body, screamed painfully. His sound, which seemed to ring in many places, shook the air. Not to endure the pain, to slob randomly, sinking back into the sea and trying to escape.


    Arkady yelled and chased him, and put a sword in his body.

    - This profit!

    The agonizing groans grew stronger, and Mamal's willingness to flee here called back all the legs he had wrapped around the hull. I felt the body of the mamu, which had been trampled down, trying to get down, and Arkady hurriedly jumped back into the boat.

    I think he could hit his head right in front of him, but Arkady was a little worried about not flying his neck at once, but he stuck his foot on the ledge and failed to jump back into the sea. As I entered the deep blue sea, where I could not see everything, I felt like I was waiting for the seabed to open my mouth as I did yesterday.


    When he saw Arkady, who was terrified because he was not yet used to entering the sea, Leone quickly broke the horsestone he had taken with him, and threw him into the sea.


    In an instant, the sea near the ship froze like a pier. As he tried to get down below the water, his head berserk into the ice, and he was covered in ice that was expanding.


    Arkady took a shot overboard and rolled lightly.

    Bang! Bang!

    So that he could not move his body at all, arkady, who had carved his head down so that he could not move, finally reached the vicinity of his neck, separated his head and body, and descended back over the scaffolding built upon the sea.

    "I struggled."

    Seeing ark flying around, Leone put a gamscorn, and Arkady laughed at Leone once and gathered on the isle of Jusum to go unspoken, wandering around the ice without returning to the boat immediately. Arkady, who was equally iced and checked for a section that had been cut off from the undesired, finally returned with a full look with his head, legs, and the pieces presumed to be his middle torso.

    Leone felt ominous as she saw her collected ice cubes placed once in a corner of the ship. Arkady looked back at Leone and said in a hilarious tone, sweeping his head up to keep the harvest organized.

    "It's the street this evening!"

    Leone's face pale, barely smiling, as opposed to the refreshing smile of a divine Arkady at the thought of eating new meat. The two men returned to the main line with the sculptural parts of the ma-so.

    The soldiers, who had watched all the battles that stood out from the mull, cheered as the returned man boarded the ship and cheered for his use. With admiration, the officer, with his face red, approached the representative and opened his mouth in salute to the two men.

    "It's great! De. the strongest prosecutor and miracle vs. wizard Dow!"

    Behind the officers who were praised for their glory, soldiers and sailors also stood guard, alternating between Ar and Leone with brilliant eyes. Seeing arkady is also a dragon, and after watching The Dragon, Leone, he pretended not to hear that the dragon was a talented person, and Leone found a blanket that would not be cold with his bare hands on the ice.

    Arkady beckoned to the soldiers around him and instructed him to keep the mar-so meat clean. After hearing her call, the soldiers who had descended into the carvings moved the pieces into the hollowed oak barrels, cut off the identity of what had been frozen, and looked back at each other with their eyes swung.

    'You're a dragon, and you're devouring the masu!'

    By that time, soldiers who know the dishes in their own way, whether it's a snack town, have raised the fire of rumors about dominy's own self-made, which will spread again and again.

    After a successful foundation, He returned to the Spirit Of The Land, where Leone borrowed the kitchen of the Manor Castle and honed his skills. Already his culinary power was the responsible chef's grade of a mansion that might have been a great city.

    When Leone thawed, he put the flesh of the masu, which was raised in a suspicious color, on the worktop, and, while he could not touch it with his bare hands, he eagerly trimmed it and turned it into a great dish, reminding him of ark's earl oysters, which he looked at with his expecting young eyes.

    that evening. It was coloneled to the table with a cooked, gajal-aged wine sprinkled with fresh sauce and finely broken herb leaves on a chewy fleshy shop that had been washed down and slightly poached in water. Aar tasted a new dish with a happy face. A lovely smile flashed at Leone's mouth as she watched her face eat deliciously.

    And the rumors that began with the foundation soldiers of the mansions who watched them were spreading further with confirmation. Even today, Arkady's racial identity was over, leaving many questions for later historians, with misinformation spreading to people other than her.
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    Leon's sister is first in line for the throne and he is second. So after the sister takes the throne maybe he will go back to her.
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    Sorry for the long wait, the second side story is the longest part of the book
    Side story 2. All men in front of him are equal.

    The royal children, Zenithus and Leon, have lived closer to the ideal of blue blood that everyone hopes rather than cultivating the human side. From the beginning, he was born and raised as a royal family and was expected to live up to his modern notions of man rather than as a human being, and he has lived up to them.

    Zenithus, the Crown Prince, was even more so. It's not that I don't feel people's emotions, but it's rare to be bound by them when making decisions. This aspect, which may seem inhumane at first glance, has always benefited as a leader from judging without being swayed by emotions. She has never been affected by anything personal as a being who lives a thoroughly public life.


    However, Zenithus, unlike me, is often lost in thought in the office. These days she was struggling for the first time in the face of feelings beyond my control.

    Damn it...

    The cause was clear. Zenithus glimpses at Apples' expression on his right side, sorting out the papers.


    Sijong raised his face when he noticed the main's eyes shrewdly. He asked Zenitus, who looked quickly again and bowed his head pretending to be looking at the document.

    "Your Majesty, do you have any instructions?"

    I'm watching his face for no reason. Jenitus coughed loudly because he felt bad if he had caught it.

    "It's nothing."

    Uncharacteristically evasive, Apples questioned her face, but turned to the documents she had been rearranging, yes, Your Majesty.

    Afterwards, Zenith breathed a deep sigh. I was foolish to sneak a peek at my face like I had never held my hand, but I didn't like my servant working hard with that innocent and clean face without any agitation as if nothing had happened between me and me.

    I don't like it.'

    Before I knew it, Zenitus's eyes had shifted from a pile of work to Apples. The image of the day came to her mind, staring at her white face and unusually red lips.
    The incident happened that night. It happened after Zenithus sat Apples in front of him and did a masterpiece.

    It was the day when the long-awaited revenge ended. Zenithus was obviously happy that day. Finally, the fruit of patience was sweet. So it must be because the fruit of revenge has not yet been digested.

    Zenithus took a bite of the wine in his hand, and held out the empty glass to Apples.

    "Your Highness, aren't you drinking too much?"

    Jenitus shook his head and stretched out his hand again as he asked in a worried voice before filling the glass.

    "Follow me."

    The apple looked down at his lips, pouring a hard drink on an empty stomach without saying it was OK. The royal woman swallowed red liquor as if she were drinking a toast, not a toast, as if the monk were silently making a fuss.


    His genus name was not released. He bent over and sharpened his sword to his father, who had despised him for years of losing his mother when he was an adult. What would he think of being orphaned without a single parent who cut his blood with his own hands and gave birth to him under heaven? He didn't even dare imagine it.

    Perhaps this hasty speculation will be a sign of our beloved Lord. That anxious look may actually be due to something else he doesn't know. After all, he won't be able to understand his owner's feelings for the rest of his life. So his empty consolation means nothing to her.Even so.

    "Your Highness."

    The apple asked, flipping over the spare cup on the table.

    "Will you allow me to drink with you?"

    Zenithus glanced at his face and casually cut off his permission as if he was not interested.

    "Thank you."

    The apple said so and my glass was full. And gulp in one gulp. Zenithus opened his eyes wide to see it.

    "You don't like trash drinks. "

    Warm energy spread to Apple's chest when the apple was thrown casually.

    Do you remember?

    You won't have to remember his pettiness, as many others pass by. Because he was the longest servant, he was happy even with a small thing in the corner of his head.

    "It's okay."

    Brackett, he filled the glass again.

    "It's a good drink, so it's working fine. "

    Saying so, he gulped down a bitter taste that hurt his tongue. It certainly tasted terrible to me.


    But when I see the Lord tormenting his stomach with this drink, I shall drink it up and be relieved of even half of his worries. In such praise, the apple emptied the remaining wine.


    On his face, somewhere grim, Zenithus quietly raised his glass without ever having to repeat himself. One drink like that, one drink. They drank quietly until a few bottles were empty.

    And it's the result of hours of bloating without any satisfaction. Of course, the two were inevitably drunk.

    "Your Highness, you must go to bed now."

    Despite his hectic schedule, the faithful servant advised him to go to bed worrying about his master's body.


    The problem is that Zenithus, who has no control over reason at all, took it differently. She opened her eyes wide for a long time and stared blankly at Apple's face at her.

    "It's a surprise."

    I approached him with just one word.

    "Huh, huh?"

    Then he grabbed Apple by the arm and lifted her up and led her somewhere.

    Oh, is this it?

    The apple looked around blankly, thinking something was off. Having been serving in the palace for a long time, he saw an unfamiliar sight.

    In the corner, the incense burner exudes a subtle fragrance, and in the center, a large bed covered with the skin of a large beast is covered with insignia. Apples was also in the bedroom of Zenithus, who had been in and out several times for secret reports.

    Oh, you're looking for a bed?'

    There is no reason for marketers to tell their servants the beds they would have already made, but the sober Apeles came up with the idea as if it was reasonable to feel strange. It was when he leaned down to make sure the bedding was heated up for the king.

    "So, Your Grace?"

    Zenithus, who was behind him, grabbed him by the shoulder and pressed him against the bed.


    Zenithus stared into his eyes with no idea what was on his mind. There are usually indefinitely reserved reasons.

    The blue eyes, which would have been cold, burned strangely.

    "He's a ghost."

    Gently lowered his head, Jenitus whispered.

    "I didn't expect you to comfort me like this.

    That's the last thing Apple has heard sane.

    After that, they were all that could be said only by the primary sense. That night Zenitus coveted him, and Apples was completely intoxicated by his master's grace. It was an autumn night that lasted until dawn.
    The next morning. Zenithus opened his eyes in an unprecedented clear mood. Although my head was a little sore yesterday in return for pouring a bottle of booze in my stomach, this hangover was cute compared to the headache I've had recently. Above all, she was really in a good mood. Zenithus' eyes unconsciously turned to the next seat.


    Her faithful servant, Apples, was sleeping, with her colorful, small breath, her white face and her eyelashes neatly down. The corners of Zenith's mouth crept up, looking down at the sun-looking face under the subtle seeping morning sun.

    Zenith rose carefully so he wouldn't wake up and blew his nose unknowingly. Zenith hummed uncharacteristically as he recalled last night, looking down at Apples, who was still asleep in the knowledge of the world.

    I guess you're feeling better now.'

    Not surprisingly, it wasn't the first time it happened yesterday.

    A young and beautiful powerful man. There have been constant people around Zenith trying to catch her eye since she was a child, and she has caught the temptation of handsomeness to me without giving it much.

    Sometimes, regardless of all interests, there was a desperate desire to be a special person to her, fascinated by the perfect royal figure. However, Zenith did not treat them as different from other lovers, and in the end, all of those who confessed their true love fell apart, exhausted by the grass.

    Countless people threw themselves to the bed with a vain sweet dream to take over, but the cold royal daughter was never swayed by a man's tongue, which was only a night of joy. With only one exception.

    Good night.

    Thinking it was cute, Zenitus raised his hand and gently stroked Apples' hair. Addicted to the soft touch of his palm, he smoothed his hair, which kept him asleep. Zenithus' eyes, gradually languishing with the stability he felt after a long time, closed again. That day, the princess overslept for the first time in years.

    Since then, ostensibly, the main species has not changed.

    But Zenith thought they had their own relationship that others didn't know about. So sometimes she held her hands together, proudly moving, to return a smile to his face towards me, and sometimes to relieve fatigue.

    After achieving the long-prepared task, sometimes in vain, my worries seemed to be relieved for a moment if my faithful servant leaned on his forehead.

    Although there was a sudden disaster in the middle, all the problems were solved and the coronation proceeded smoothly. Now that there is no problem of being caught, she decided to welcome mine first, and declared that she would urgently listen to the national books for the sake of the stability of the royal family. There were no objectors. Everything seemed to be going smoothly.

    Having expressed my heart so clearly, I thought that there was no reason for him to not recognize my favouritism. Furthermore, I couldn't imagine rejecting my hand. Zenithus, the ruler of this arrogant kingdom of Fortis, has never had a man he wanted.


    At the absurd question of the king, the agency bowed its head, nervous about what he had misreported.

    "Go again."

    "Yes, Your Majesty, as a result of gathering the letters of marriage that have come in so far..."

    Zenith had her read the suitor again in case she misheard, but neither did she miss it.

    That's weird.

    Unconvinced, Jenitus rolled his eyes with his hands on his chin.

    "Have you posted an announcement to all qualified families? "

    "Yes, yes, Your Majesty. Of course."

    "There's no wrong date? "

    "Yes, how dare you make a mistake in your marriage? Before sending the announcement you ordered, we selected different officers and checked them three times."

    Silence filled the room for a while.

    "Is that so?"

    Zenithus said so, and then waved his hand without saying a word to congratulate him. Even though he was not reprimanded, the clerk left the office leaning down because his spine was dampened by sweat.

    Talk talk.

    Only the tapping of a finger on the armrest of the chair shook the desolate air of the office.


    Zenith considered the implications, that names that should not be omitted are not on the list.

    I'm sure you don't know.'

    It's the wedding of a king who makes a fuss all over the country. It doesn't even make sense that he, as her closest aide, missed out on the timing of the suit, who could see the progress of the work with the naked eye. Then it's the will of Apples himself or his family.

    No family would refuse to be named in a marriage to the king. Furthermore, if there is any possibility of it being achieved, it would be welcomed with open arms and tilted the family's all-out efforts, but the opposite could not be considered. What remained in the end was the opinion of the parties concerned.

    "Was he still angry?'

    Frowning his brow, Zenitus tilted his head. To my surprise, there was a similar feeling of regret on the face that no one could see. Her eyes turned to the ceiling of the palace, which had been shining the same color many years ago.
    Under the mural of the palace, which had remained the same for many years, a young royal woman lay on the sofa at an angle.

    "...Your Highness."

    Next to it was a bare-faced man lying face down in her arms. He kissed the royal daughter's skin.

    "Behind Ban Xi Jinping is scheduled to meet with Marquis Laver. "

    In a stiff tone, Apples reported. Only then did Zenitus get up from his seat, taking off the tangled man, apparently understanding him aloud.

    "Would you like to get ready right away? "


    Zenith left the room in his own way, leaving no interest in the man who looked at her with a gleaming gaze. Apples burst into view as if to block his eyes, gazing mournfully at her back. Apples, who covered his naked body with a blanket off the sofa, spoke in an unperturbed tone.

    "Sooner servants will come in. Follow the instructions and go back."

    Then a man who felt bad because he felt as if he was looking down from above that he already knew who he was, and what he was calling himself, pouted his lips. As if I were breaking the line for a night's joke, a man hurt in his pride because of Zenitus, who left me without saying hello, headed to the person in front of him.

    "You don't have to tell me who you are."

    The man sat up and said, giving Apeles a challenging look.

    "Isn't it the crown flower of the famous Highness?"

    The smirking figure contained outright ridicule.

    "It's good to me."

    The man intentionally dropped the blanket that Apples had covered on the floor as if he were spilling it.

    "If you don't even smell it, you don't smell it."

    Then, as if to show off, I showed my body with traces of night. The man grinned and said.

    "There's no one here, so let's be honest. Have you ever touched that mouth?"

    As the man stretched and twisted his body as if he were stiff, his clothes were even more disorganized and his skin was exposed with pure scars.

    "...I did it again and again yesterday. "

    The appearance of speaking with the lips torn apart was quite meaningful. Maybe that's why you held it. It was time for Apples to stand calmly, thinking to himself, without showing any expression on his face.

    "What the hell is going on?"

    An unexpected voice came into the room. The two men's heads, whose surprised expressions were revealed, swung all the way back.

    Zenith stood leaning at an angle to see when he came back from the visit, which had been closed until earlier. She said, brushing her head like she was in trouble.I mean…"

    When she passed all her hair, the princess' cool eyes were better revealed. Zenithus's blue gaze flared up to the man who was sitting in a lax manner.


    Zenithus, who gave up thinking about the name for a while, said so. When her eyes reached him, the man unconsciously shrugged.

    "You talk more than I thought, don't you?""

    The cold stare made the man aware that he would never be given a chance to enter this room again. The man, who glanced at Apples in a bitter and resentful spirit, left the room as if he had been driven out by the hands of the marketers.

    In the room where outsiders disappeared, Zenithus looked back at Apples, who remained silent without a murmur. She's been wondering for a while now about a strangely seething unpleasantness.

    How dare you ignore my servant.'

    Yes, an insult to one's closest associate is a challenge to one's authority. That's probably why I'm so angry. Zenithus understood the feeling of being so new to me in a way that I was used to.

    Then the solution quickly followed. If they devalue Apeles as being unattractive and not favored by their lord.

    "Oh, yeah, I think we just need to get rid of the streets.'

    Yeah, I'll give you a favor. There's nothing difficult. Without even guessing that Zenithus was thinking that. Apples blinks innocently, just as usual, with a raw face.

    That night, Zenithus called Apples to the bedroom. Not knowing what it meant, Apples was simply the first to grasp her hand in the face. Since then, it has proceeded in a natural order. However, what Jennie Tooth didn't expect was that the night's work didn't end in a single voice.

    "Your Highness."

    Has that voice been this sweet before? Zenith asked herself a question but she couldn't figure out the answer. I looked up at the sound of calling me, and Zenithus stopped.

    '... strange. '

    Jenitus rubbed his innocent eyelids, wondering if my eyes were wrong.However, "I washed my eyes and looked at them again, but the sight I saw remained the same. I could see a radiance in Apples' face staring at me from the room. The window was so far away that I couldn't say I saw the wrong sunlight.

    Have you been tired lately?'

    Maybe I've been working too hard on politics. Zenithus blamed fatigue on abnormalities and extended breaks. After eating healthy food for a while and getting enough sleep, Zenithus' face became smooth. The physical condition couldn't have been more perfect. Still, the abnormality has not been fixed. Apples still shone in her eyes.

    'What's wrong with you...!'

    The situation has even become more serious. Now I remember the voice and the body scent, and when I think of him while working, the corners of my mouth went up reflexively. It was like a beast domesticated by repetitive learning. She couldn't accept this strange change.

    "Your Highness, is there anything bothering you?"

    Apples approached Zenith, ripping her head off the office table, with a worried voice. Zenith's heart beat with the unique scent of getting closer.

    "Your Grace Zenith...."

    The voice calling me was sweet and moist, and the eyes that looked down on me contained a deep affection. The fingers that touch the back of my hand are especially warm. Zenith was surprised by the sense and raised her body.

    "I forgot what I had to do outside, outside the palace."

    She rushed out of the room with her coat packed. Of course, there could be no such thing as Zenithus forgot. Just out of the way from Apples, Zenitus strode down the hall as if he were chased by something.

    'There's no way.'

    Zenithus recalled the face of Apples, who made her escape. As always, he approached in a quiet and cautious manner, entangled with trembling fingers, forcing him to see himself.

    Those eyes.

    The eyes, as if they were in love.

    It can't be. '

    Zenithus recalled what I had done to him, trying to correct his illusion that kept flowing at that rate.

    "Apelles, she's...'


    He was the boy she brought in hostage.

    Zenithus pressed down on his right eye, which showed nothing. Now my eyes, which can't hurt, throbbed like a fantasy.
    The day my mother was murdered and I lost my right eye to my biological father. While the king was outside, faltered by the blood pouring out of her body, Zenithus rose from the pool of blood with his trembling arms. She knew something was wrong with her body. This cannot be seen to the subordinate of the king's father.

    I had no intention of turning my weakness over to the king. Zenithus wiped the blood off roughly and moved the squiggly legs. I didn't look back on purpose. Burying her mother, who would now be stiff, on her chest, the royal lady did not stop walking abjectly.

    She walked toward the wall where she was hiding. Behind the wall, where the portrait is hung, is a secret passage leading to the outside. She was going to go outside and finish dealing with the wound before the king returned.

    And it was a complete coincidence that the royal lady who had escaped to a secluded place in the palace met Apples. The young Apples, who followed his father, Duke, was distracted by the brilliant appearance of the palace he saw for the first time, and flowed into a remote place before encountering an unexpected scene. Apples' face turned white at the sight of a bloody man he had never seen before. "He's, uh, proximal..."

    Zenitus quickly approached him, who was about to call someone with his lips shaking, and covered his mouth. Whoops, bruised all over his body and bleeding from his head, Zenithus warned in a calm voice.


    I could feel a shivering tremor under my hand covering my mouth. Being pale, Apples still thought he should call someone to ask for help, but he was confused whether it was for me, who faced the suspicious man, or for the treatment of the seriously injured man in front of me.

    "Your Highness?!"

    And their confrontation was broken by the sudden appearance of a break-in. The man who showed up was a father who came to find a child who waited but never returned.

    "The Duke."

    Zenithus recognized the face and called it. The Duke was surprised to see the appearance of the crown prince of a country as if he had been attacked.

    "Your Highness, what's going on here? Which weightlifting would you dare say--!"

    "It's a long story."

    Not at the level of sneezing, but at the obvious sign of assault, the Duke asked questions in bewildered. Zenithus cut off the lengthening words, and began to talk to move the place before the other eye extended further. Before she broached the suggestion, a subtle but accurate pronunciation was heard.

    "Chi, don't you think you should be treated?"

    Apples was strangely bothered by this man, who had been standing calmly, as if he didn't feel pain, even though his skin had been stained with wounds. Zenithus glanced back at the child who was trembling but made his point and talked to the Duke and moved on.

    With the help of the duke, Zenithus, who was treated for hiding, was lost in thought.

    ' Duke have I'm glad that you acted quickly, but ...Do you know three people?'

    Rather than despairing in her already blind right eye, the princess chose in her head a way to hide her weakness. The doctor, who was secretly brought as a peacock, was from his mother's family, so there was little concern. The problem is the Duke himself.

    I haven't pretended so far, but I don't know if he will take advantage of this useful advantage even later. Zenithus felt the need for a preventive device. It just so happens that the child was one of the witnesses.

    "The Duke,"

    "Yes, Your Grace."

    "I am grateful for your help."

    "No, Your Grace.As a nobleman in this country, I just did the obvious."

    Zenithus' eyes glowed blue, looking down at the humble Duke.

    "I'm trying to make amends for him."

    Zenithus didn't trust anyone at the time. It was part of that that he brought his young child to his death, saying it was a price to pay for help. Originally, it would have been a considerable reward to select the family's spirituality as the prince's servant without a contest, but the role behind it included the meaning of surveillance and hostage role.

    Apples, who entered the palace as her servant, was still a child of nobles. When I first faced Zenitus to see if he understood his situation correctly, I couldn't hide my fear in his eyes.
    "So that can't be the case.'

    Zenithus shook his head and tried to shake off my illusion. There is no way I can have such ticklish feelings for a person who takes me hostage and doesn't take surveillance of my family. Zenithus was always comforted by the servant on the back right instead of my lost eye, but he was reminded that he was not there voluntarily.

    I put the wrong first button.'

    But then it was for the best. He would have done the same even if he had to go back. It couldn't have been trusted without putting restrictions on it.

    If you have feelings.'

    Apples, although he did not voluntarily enter the throne of this country, may have felt that way over the years of his duties by my side. The passionate affection that my subordinates give me was no stranger to Zenithus.

    "Yes, loyalty."

    She gave a familiar name to the unfamiliar face she faced to control her confused mind. The young princess, who still had a stroke left, was not ready to face the emotion that wielded me so much.

    After the day Apples stirred her with one finger, Zenithus stopped inviting only one person and rather attracted several lovers. The young nobles, who were disappointed to see if the royal highness had settled down, welcomed the princess with double hands and tempted her to pass by her side.

    As her servant, Apples was the first to face her change. After facing an unfamiliar face in her room again, Apples quietly returned to his role as a servant without saying nothing else.

    Zenithus only cared about Apples' face, pretending not to let others in, but turned his back, laughing at himself that it was also a mistake, ignoring his heartbreaking somewhere when he was not disturbed.

    That's how many years have passed.

    Zenithus is now grown enough to naturally accept the fluctuating emotions of one person. Although there was no lover-like relationship, the trust created between the two, who had been in the closest position for many years, became stronger.

    Zenithus is now more relieved of his fatigue from leaning on the hand that Apples clenched his shoulders with a worried face than to wallow in sleep with the best-looking figure.

    He was a kid.'

    Zenithus is now able to name what emotions they exchanged at the time, so that they can look back on those days. It's so good. It's different from the old days when I ran away because I was afraid of falling into it.


    This time it will be different. There is no longer a question of continuing concern. Defeating the disaster, the throne became his own as scheduled. Unlike before, when it was not stable, he can now be brought to his side without any concern.

    So Apples could not be humbled to take a step back, but he could not understand why he did not even put his name on the list of candidates.

    When I was immature, I didn't know how I felt, and I dragged someone in.However, I certainly reflect on what happened now and have shown myself ever since. Since Apeles accepted me again, Zenitus has not put another man next to me even in private. He didn't give a single glance to the temptation of a young man who would normally turn a blind eye to him.

    How come you don't know what's going on for me and still feel bad about it? I thought you were relieved that you came back to me that night.


    Zenithus looked again at the list before me. The names of all the families were there. From the name of the few prince of the distant desert kingdom to the Grand Duke of Royal blood across the sea, to the names of unmarried royals of nearby kingdoms were almost all listed.

    Nobles within the Kingdom of Fortis also have their names listed as eligible. There are also some names that the elders of the family would have put in place, from those who actively courted themselves. Even cousin Marquis Flaveo, who was impeccable in his lineage, and Radish, who would inherit the next Duke of Laver, were on the list, only one.

    I couldn't see only the name Zenithus was looking for.

    "Oh, my God, it's been a long time since I've set up an agreement to abstain from incestuous marriage."

    Zenithus glanced at Apples, standing beside him, grumbling loudly. I couldn't possibly not know what the list I'm looking down on right now, but I hated that he kept a calm expression. Zenithus began calling each and every person on the list as if to listen.

    "Radish is no worse than this Confucius from the East. I'm pretty smart, I'm pretty good at the meeting."

    Even if I mentioned Amon Nam as if I were indifferent and praised him, I could not see any significant feelings in Apeles' face. When the desired response did not come, Zenithus continued to read the characters on the list, drawing all the information he had not usually been interested in, pretending to be interested.

    "No, even if it's not? Really?'

    One more step. Study, personality, reputation, appearance. Even though he was evaluated with all kinds of characters, Apples was listening quietly as a faithful servant, and showed no agitation at all.

    "That doesn't even bother you?'

    Even though Jim's doing this! We were on the same wavelength. Zenitus grumbled to himself, forgetting how he broke them when they were in a similar relationship in the past.

    If Jim were like me.'

    Zenithus had imagined bringing Apples a list of marriages, saying he was "married". It was unusual for Zenitus, who didn't have to put himself in the other person's shoes in private.

    I was hurt by the family I thought of myself. Zenithus had never imagined Apeles not being next to me. She was in a very unpleasant mood, frowning the brow and the remnants of her nose, and Apples naturally broached, as if she had been prepping.

    "Your Majesty, I'm going down to my home for a while."

    When I saw my servant asking me to pay for the vacation I had collected, Zenithus was dumbfounded and asked again.


    "I've been away for a long time, and I've had a lot of work to do."

    What Apples said was at first glance reasonable. It was true that he had stayed on the royal road for years without being away as a faithful henchman of Zenithus. There will also be things that can only be done on the estate as the heir to the family of Aples.


    However, Zenitus couldn't hide his disapproval and twitched his mouth. Why are you trying to go down to the land where there was no problem even if you were away for years? You want to show me you don't care? To me?

    "Your Majesty."

    Apples, who would normally be the first to notice before expressing his anger, quietly urged Zenithus, who looked unhappy this time, to approve.


    Suit yourself, Zenithus finally approved Apples' vacation in an offending tone.
    His absence was immediately felt.


    Zenithus was annoyed and frowned at himself for misnaming again this time. The king looked uncomfortable, and people around him carefully lowered themselves and looked at him.

    It has already been more than a dozen times for the king to bring up the name of his servant and look back on his place in the unconscious.


    The air in the room sank horribly as the king's bluntly closed mouth was greeted with unpleasant reviews.

    Please come back. Count Fidelle...!'

    His Majesty's air was so heavy that he couldn't breathe, and people called Apples' name to themselves. The courageous among them opened their mouths first.

    "Your Majesty."


    He swallowed a gulp, saliva, and gathered all the courage in his proposal to barely pick up his mouth.

    "Should I put a stovepipe in Vittor Gongga? "

    Apples was the name of the main house downstairs. At Suha's suggestion, Zenithus raised one eyebrow.

    "There you go."

    The proposal was cut off with a single stroke. Then he leapt out of his seat and ordered decisively.

    "Prepare your words. "

    Jenitus left the palace, saying, "Is it possible for the king's servant to be away for such a long time?" and complaining bitterly to his subordinate who took a long vacation.
    "Your majesty?"

    The Duke, who received no word and was greeted by the king's sudden march, came out to the lobby of the mansion in embarrassment. Among them, the surprised look on Apples' face pleased Zenithus like a child who succeeded in mischief. The king, who had already freaked out the gatekeepers of Gongga once, walked inside without hesitation, waving his hands, saying, "There is no need to be so polite."

    "What a long time ago."

    Zenithus, who shook his head nonchalantly to Apples, who was worried that the way to come with a small army was dangerous, said naturally.

    "Let's go to the room."

    "What? My room. You mean?"

    "Yes, the Duke has nothing to follow. I'm here to talk to my servant briefly."

    The duke, who was thrown out of the door without being able to stop His Majesty from proudly entering his son's private room, looked at his son's room with a perplexed look on his face.


    When the door was closed and finally only the two of them were left, Zenithus sprawled like an embankment in the mortuary. Her blue eyes persistently chased after Apples. The fluffy look on my face shamed Apples down his eyelashes.


    Zenithus opened his mouth, bringing his upper body forward. It was only a small street, but I felt like she was approaching me, so Apples felt her ears burning.

    "Are you comfortable running away from me?"

    "Your Majesty, what...!"

    Apples cried out in amazement. Zenithus rose from his seat and grabbed the wrist right in front of Apples.

    "You obviously knew you were picking a seat next to me, but you didn't run away from my palace at this time?" It was.

    Of course Apples knew. There was no way that the whole country would not know the seriousness of selecting the husband of the king.

    "If you have something to say, say it. "

    Zenithus became generous in his own way and gave him the opportunity to speak so. A pulse from her thick wrist held in her hand gave her some slack.


    Apples opened his mouth like that, but only moist lips were dangling, and eventually he bowed his head, unable to speak. When I didn't even let go of my hand and it seemed like I gave up on my own, Zenithus had a tendon on his forehead again.

    "Is that your answer?"

    Staring at Apples, who was still silent, Zenithus felt loathsome for the first time. Now, unfamiliar feelings that I thought I would no longer experience have sprung up. For the first time she lost her temper and shouted.

    "Back to the palace without you! You're gonna put someone else next to me, and you're gonna see that for the rest of your life? "

    The hand I grabbed without realizing it got stronger.

    "You're going to live with your head down, supporting the man I chose over you as a visionary? "

    Zenithus became more angry with his own words.

    "You don't like it! "

    Eventually forced Apples to raise his bowed head.

    "No way!"

    For the first time, a loud noise popped out of Apples' mouth. He was surprised at the words that were uttered like screams, and the emotions that had been smeared there were all over the place. He, who unknowingly took his mouth off, barely heard the sound with his trembling lips.

    "But... I'm...

    And Zenithus, who was watching him, hardened.

    "What am I saying?"


    Tears flooded his eyes as clear as the water on the blocked riverbank burst. When I saw Apples crying defenselessly like a young child before learning manners, Zenith was overwhelmed and relaxed. Her hands wandered awkwardly around her sobbing shoulders.

    Holding the wandering hand against his forehead as if it were his origin, Apples spat out the story of a tremor and a cry that he couldn't swallow.

    "For me, Zenitus, you're the only one...."

    Unconsciously unable to punish a servant who was just calling the king's name, Zenithus gently gave his hand to Apples, who was still stiff and never stopped crying.

    "But... that's not what you're saying, is it?"


    Zenithus was trying to explain something, but he met Apples' wistful eyes with water and could not spit out words like a man suffocated by his jaw.

    "I can't do that. Now I can't carry out my duties calmly after feeling that way again. I'm sorry, Your Majesty."

    I'm sorry. I dared to be greedy and hog you.


    Jenitus couldn't say anything, looking at his back, tears dripping and intermittently shaking with tears that he couldn't swallow.

    When she was young, the precious person who was thrown aside was bitter and couldn't say anything, and she kept the wound intact and was in pain until it finally collapsed.


    And for the first time, she put this into her mouth.
    "...it's my fault. "

    An apology that has never been uttered. Not as a king, but as a man who wants to have him as his companion, Zenithus has learned to lower me for his own sake.

    "Your Majesty?"

    To see his face bowed down again, Apples cried in bewilderment when he saw Zenitus kneeling to the floor at the level of Apples sitting in his seat.

    "Oh, how could you be on this floor?"

    The touch of her feet was also surprised to see one knee touching one of her yellow spots, and Apples lowered her head further down with me.


    Zenithus gently raised his bowed head to me, calling his name. Jenitus asked, stroking the night full of tears carefully as if he were grieving.

    "Will you be my only rain?"
    That night.

    Looking at Zenitus in his sleep, Apples only then carefully stroked her golden tar.

    Indeed, Fortis's education of the crown prince was not about making human beings. We weigh the things that cannot be valued. It was a light comparison of a man's life, his long history, and his unusual trust.

    It was a cesarean to do that, and it was a place to make decisions. So it was foolish to try to understand Zenithus, who was taught to grow up as a king before he could learn all human emotions at a young age.

    But Apples was foolish. Likewise, soft feelings sprang up in his heart, which served the crown prince from his side even before his head began.

    He dared to sympathize with the Crown Prince. That alone was foolish enough, plus he loved her. It was most detrimental to him.


    "Well, Your Highness..."

    Since she first put on the bill, the princess has sometimes suffered. The snow, which would not be there anymore, seemed to burn as if poison had just been poured on it." Apples was the only servant who could stand by her in pain.

    The society in which they were present was not a safe place to show disability. If it is known that he has become a one-eyed child by his father, his appearance will be undermined, even though he will receive sympathy. And that wasn't what the royal lady wanted to keep her place from Abbey at all.

    She kept her flaws under wraps, and held the family hostage so that few who knew the facts could reveal them.

    "Your Highness, give me this. It's a cloth wrapped in an ice-magic sphere."

    And Apples gathered the very cheeks.


    Zenithus came into the hostage situation. He looked incomprehensibly at the child approaching him in a friendly way.


    However, he put his guard down a little because he thought he was holding a leash. Apples happily served her. Zenithus took what he was handing, put it down around his eyes, and said a few moments later, as if tosses.

    "That's better."

    Apples, who always watched her, could recognize the tail of her lips, which had risen very slightly. I'm happy to show him even if it's a really subtle response, and he smiled broadly, softening the corners of her eyes.

    The coincidence of encountering her injured at the palace earned him the right to watch what was happening to her from the sidelines. Apples sat in place of Zenitus's lost eye and watched her way faithfully.

    Tragedy of noble descent, a figure that shines noble in the face of trials. The solitude that only I can find on the straight line that everyone looks up to. Only to him, a very brief bare face.

    His strict obedience over the years gave him a glimpse of the lowered boundaries, but his confidant loved the royal lady's precarious appearance. The owner of Hanseo, not for the safety of the family held hostage. For the royal daughter.

    The two grew as much as their hearts grew. And beside the brilliantly grown royal lady was overflowing with people.

    The beauty of the servant is the pride of his master. Even in a mansion, the court of the kingdom is filled with the youngest and most beautiful beauties. And Zenithus was a powerful man who didn't turn down the beauty that was approaching him.

    Apples knew a number of lovers who had passed by Zenithus. She even took care of the situation as she was a close aide to her.

    Still, the young man had a shy wish. Cleaning up several of Zenith's lovers, he became more and more unperturbed, unlike his embarrassed early days. He was confident. Unlike those who dare to approach a low greed or a light heart that will soon be scattered, he loves her the most than anyone else in this kingdom.

    When Zenith first reached out, he thought he had recognized me with such sincerity.

    Of course it was my stupid illusion. His wild daydreaming daydream soon breaks when he sees another person next to her. Those shy, excited and happy days were broken like that.

    Why did I think I was the only one special? What am I saying? Those were very happy times for Apples, but you were just one of many days.

    "Maybe he was just wondering what it would be like to see him in bed every day.'

    Apples so covered up his arrogant fantasies. She was just one of her numerous lovers.

    'So you shouldn't be mistaken.... '

    I'm gonna be special to him. Such a ridiculous wish was to dream alone. Rather, because he was so special, I could not imagine that Zenitus, agitated by unexpected emotions, had fled the relationship.

    Apples went back to her servant's seat and comforted herself to keep running, recalling my theme that she had only been named one of her lovers.

    Apples, who kept pressing me hard, dared not have any expectations or positive misunderstanding in his relationship with his lord. So even after the night she called me back into the room after a few years, he felt like he was walking in the clouds, and at the same time he had anxiety that seemed to go down at any time.

    The happier Apples was, the more afraid he was, walking down the hall in a conflicting mood, and outside the window, he heard a voice that was not suitable for the palace.

    "Oh, my God! It's not that!"

    As I glanced over the window, I saw familiar faces. His Majesty once investigated Dominie and her servant. The succession of the Carnicus family, who had just entered the palace, seemed to be talking to a friend of his age, rather than humbling himself in front of his master and speaking in a quiet voice.

    Apples looked down at the new servant's disrespectful behavior and tried to walk as it was, when he heard a sound that could not be heard.

    "It's the basic thing to win over the royal family."


    His feet stopped at the sound of a horse riding in the wind.

    "Pushing and pulling the basics of court romance.It's in this book, too!"

    Neria was interested in preaching books on court romance, which were fairly stark and vulgar to sell in ordinary books, which she had recently obtained through the dark route.

    "Come on, look here. "You can't get enough of relationships only when you raise the interest of the noble.I mean, sometimes it needs to be stimulated."

    "I've never had enough of it."

    "No, not you. Of course, race... uh, so you must be noble in terms of identity! What he's talking about here is royalty!"

    Arr, who listened to her, looked sour, but only after a familiar expression came out, his ears perked up.

    "So I'd rather chase him than just approaching! A sense of accomplishment when you hunt for yourself, rather than a servant and get your hands on it!"

    "Like a wolf in a pod? "

    "Yeah! A wolf that blooms prey? "

    Unlike Ar's expression that he got the hang of it, Neria looked curious this time, but Ar was outspoken.

    "Yes, it seems more interesting to the wolves than the dead ones who don't run away, and it's exciting to eat only the flesh digested by my parents and hunt even a small lizard on its own."

    Then, then, Arr nodded. Neria thought something wasn't right, but was satisfied with the agreement and continued to make my case.

    "Yeah, so push it rather than pull it all the time. If someone who always approaches runs away, they'll be chased out of curiosity!"

    Ar, who was unfazed by the faith in his relationship with his partner, heard and shed Neria's words, which spread poorly learned knowledge, but the words that he overheard were like revelations in Apples' ears, who had been shaken by anxiety.

    Apples began practicing push that day.


    And surprisingly, the effect was immediate.

    I'm sure you've checked my side.'

    Those who have never acted unnecessarily other than necessary official duties have more to look back on themselves. My hands, which would have been mildly distant before, are entangled in me. His Majesty was obviously showing interest in me.

    This situation was in his favor. Jenitus, who pushed her away in the face of an ordinary man's attention, who's this cocky guy?I'll throw an unpleasant glance and forget him.

    But Apples, thankfully for his good fortune in encountering her as a child - except, of course, she was injured - the son of a son who dared to hurt her deserved to die.

    This was a trick that only he could do in the position of servant, which was positioned close to her and could be seen in most places of his daily life, without accepting her sexually. Zenitus would never have seen a man she didn't have at her disposal snuggle in front of her.

    Of course, you shouldn't just say no. Apples never stopped showing affection for Suha's affection for what might seem a close call. To tantalize a royal woman with nothing in her hands. It was only he who endured years of love before his eyes.

    At first, Apples was excited. Now I'm not just waiting to be chosen, I can do something to advance my relationship with her. When I spent the night a few years ago, I lost interest after not sleeping, so I thought that unlike then, I had never been in the room again after one night, but my eyes stayed on me because I learned to attract interest as his servant said.

    Apeles never noticed that Zenithus, who regretted what happened a few years ago, was being uncharacteristically ticklish to do well this time. Apples, who thought it was just because I was good at pushing, was relieved that things were going as I thought, but it was futile to do something inside.

    Interest in the novelty that doesn't go your way.

    Apples, who named her change just that much, was deeply disappointed not to recognize herself. I knew the size of the mind was different. In the first place, I was prepared for something else.

    You shouldn't think of me as your king. '

    He has overcome many hardships and hardships, and he is the king whose fate hangs on his body. It would be foolish to dare to read the mind of a man.

    'Yes, I have my heart in my heart. It's beyond the subject to hope for the same.'

    Apples was fine even though soft feelings like a coalition hadn't sprung up in it yet. I decided to think it would be okay if it was just interesting, not the same as I thought.

    Of course, contrary to that pledge, the body was honest. Apples is now accustomed to fixing Zenitus' face without realizing it. I could feel Zenitus fretting more at Apples' appearance, which only showed the expression of his servant. Apples, who was relieved to see his master, decided to take a little chance. He took a risk and threw a game changer.

    Apeles thought Zenithus's interest in me was an obsession with what he didn't have. Since food has never run away, what if it gave an eye to a fresh-looking prey? In any case, there were various royal nobles who could be elected as national secretaries even if he was not him. Candidates with similar conditions must stand out in order to be chosen among them.

    So Apples bounced to the estate.

    Can I do this?'

    Apples was anxious until he was too used to being next to his master after years of legitimate vacation. Even without him, there are dozens of hands-on requests from the King's side, and perhaps his absence is unmarked. After thinking so, Apeles was also sullen, wondering if his place was as good as his Majesty's.


    Since returning from the royal castle, his son's appearance, which seemed gloomy, left Apples still looking in the direction of the court outside the window without asking.

    You want me to come after you?'

    Now that I think about it, I regret that I acted hastily because I believed in floating words that I didn't even tell me.Why don't you forget about that annoying man and let the other soft-mouthed, tongue-in-cheek sit on your side? Apples was filled with sorrow in my realistic imagination.

    'No, I don't think so.'

    Even though he repeatedly denied it and comforted himself, the bad imagination that raised his head once continued to bite. Wasn't the type of person who used to visit a private room a handsome man with lupus? Maybe they fall like this to stimulate curiosity and then fall out of sight. You're out of sight, you're out of mind. Did I just do something completely stupid?

    This place without His Majesty, Apples was terribly unfamiliar and lonely, even though he grew up in his childhood. Despite this anxiety alone, he did not give up hope like a straw.

    I'd like to be curious about something unusual.'

    I liked the collection of new things I had never encountered before. If you choose me.

    "Your Majesty, please..."

    Because she chose me with her own hands. There is a lifetime ahead. I will always serve as I do now. Until she looks back, with love. It was good even if it was a solo echo that never came back. He was confident when it came to loving her.

    After a few sleepless nights, he heard an urgent step toward his ear staring blankly toward the palace as usual, and a deafening sound.


    "Come on, little Confucius. Now the king...!"

    Before the servant had finished talking, Apples jumped up and ran out of the room, checking the face of the table for a moment and running back to the lobby of the mansion.

    "Your Majesty..."

    After checking his longing face with a trembling voice, Apeles was almost beside himself, excited by the dreamy reality that His Majesty had chased him here for only one.

    Apples, who just followed Zenitus' lead like a guest in the embankment, only came to her senses in a dream after sitting down.

    "You're going to live with your head down, supporting the man I chose over you as a visionary?"

    That can't be right. That was the future he feared most.

    Apples tried to talk step by step. Jenitus's wistful voice in his lips, pining for words to beg him to put me beside her, while keeping her interested, was like a sentencing that nothing but a false trick.

    But I dare not to offend my lord, not to lose interest in me, to speak properly and prettily.

    "You don't like it!"

    However, when she approached me with a hateful expression, her feelings that she had been pressing so far burst out in a harsh and sad state.

    "No way!"

    Apples was surprised by my voice even when I shouted. Jennitus, who first saw Apples rebelling against me, was also looking at him with his eyes round.

    "But... I..."

    Apples tried to patch up the sound I threw now. He said he would calmly bring up a rational voice and continue the story convincingly, but it was a shabby voice that shook mercilessly even when he heard the sound that came out of his mouth. This is why I thought even His Majesty would think of my words as nonsense.

    "What am I saying?"

    I'm doomed. Suddenly tears burst out that I couldn't calculate at all.

    Born a noble child, Izzie did not cry so badly even as a very young child. I can't believe that I can't keep track of my feelings. I think I couldn't stop crying and mumbled nonsense. It was just embarrassing and embarrassing that I remembered that I repeated my apologies.

    He just wanted to die. Rather than being able to stay with her shamefully exposed, she wanted to disappear and remain with her soul.

    Apples, who was so hurt that he couldn't recover from his loved one, was still young that he didn't even recognize it and just hugged it. Because it was his first love and affection that has continued to this day, the wound, which had been dug so deep that he didn't even know himself, burst into pus at the worst moment.

    And he dared not to pick up the pieces himself, so easily as to heal the Lord.

    "It's my fault."

    For the first time, a body that does not bend to anyone kneeled in front of me. She, so low, looked into my tear-soaked face with those noble blue eyes he loved. Before I knew it, her warmth was felt on her cheeks.


    The servant who loved the king, beyond human body's comprehension, was foolish.

    "Will you be my only rain?"

    But what if it's stupid. What if many years have been marred by tears alone? She gives him the light of happiness that he will spend the rest of his life in.


    The tears fell from his eyes again.

    "Yes, Your Majesty, I am happy to do so."

    But this time the salty tears had a sweet meaning.

    The heart that no one can escape, neither the king nor the general.

    Love, all men in front of it are equal.
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    how does the story end?
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    So does this series has a novel or something??
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    Yep, this series has a novel and a manhwa

    Cover for side story volume

    Side story 3. Let's go. Just the two of us.

    Arr recently became a hobby in reading books. Of course, I didn't suddenly like studying or read a book that Radish left behind, but I usually read what Neria brought, saying it was the most interesting series recently.

    In the past, no matter how bored I was, I wouldn't have thought about reading a book full of letters, but Leon's constant praise and encouragement changed Ar's mind. It just wasn't in a completely positive direction..

    The heartfelt admiration of Leon with something firmly written on his eyes unfortunately led Ar to the illusion that he had literary talent. Truth can sometimes cause harm like this.

    Even though his main job may be a hunter, Arr somehow fell into the illusion that if he caught a pen, his writing would be written easily and his work would come out quickly if he decided. And Arr, who feels like he has already become a writer, sometimes develops his mind to the point of enjoying reading like a literature. It was a pleasure created by Gahirion's constant praise.

    And Arr, who rummaged through books, quickly lost interest. The taste of librarians, who regularly fill the study of Yeongju-seong, did not suit Arwa. As soon as Arga was about to fall into the sophistry of not needing reading, genius can be used without it, there was something she noticed.

    It was a book with a solemn-looking lion on the cover.

    Here, the author of these books is a genius!’

    I remembered that Neria left it with other books in a passionate tone. Next to the book in the lion's painting, there were books with a boy with a broom and books with a huge gold ring.

    These novels will conquer our country, the whole continent!”

    That's how Neria went, bragging and repeatedly asking Ar to read it. Of course, I knew what she handed me was a book, so I completely forgot about them after I left them on my desk.


    Ar stared at the pile of books and picked up a book with a lion that had been eye-catching for a while.


    The first page was taken lightly. Arr also planned to turn over the paralac bookshelf to check and cover up the intermediate illustrations by the time he felt sleepy after reading the beginning of the book. A relaxed, fluffy back-to-back posture proved it just to be ready to fall asleep.

    Palak, palak.

    Unexpectedly, however, the sound of flipping the bookshelf never stopped. Rather, it was getting faster and faster. Ar's back, which was leaning back, tilted forward before he knew it, and lowered his head as if he were about to fall into a book.


    Finally, Arr finished a book by his own will for the first time that day.

    'Next is…?’

    And even become interested enough to find the next volume. After Arr, I read all the books recommended by Neria. And curiosity spread to the writer who wrote this story.

    "Nijenya soup?"

    "Yeah, it's Schholtz's country of origin. It is said that the famous Genius, Duke of Northwood, first discovered and sponsored the author."

    While Arga tilted her head to a familiar name somewhere, Neria, excited to share her favorite interests with her, continued to tell the story.

    "The relationship between the sponsor and the sponsor is quite strong, and the writer seems to be cooperating with the Duke's business. The Duke's casino regularly hosts parties under the theme of the artist's works!"

    Saying that she would like to visit someday, Neria began to explain in detail the Somnium Street, which was recently established in the nearby country of Nijenya and quickly emerged as the continent's top tourist destination. Not only theaters and music that post unusual plays, but also grand performances that cannot be left out, casinos that hold water-borne performances every day, and cafes where various artists come and go.

    "The salons on the street select guests on a strange basis, and now Daesung artists are often first introduced there. Writer Schholtz had his first reading at the salon, too!"

    Arr's ears perked up at the words. Arr, who first became interested in foreign countries, listened with interest to Neria's story that continued throughout the day. Since then, interest has not cooled down as I have been asking directly about the Nijenya soup.

    Leon couldn't miss Arr's new interest.



    He turned his head to Argarion, who was holding an illustration depicting the streets of Somnia in his hand with jerky from Nijenya soup in his mouth. Leon sneaked up next to him and started his fortune by hanging Ar's hair from his ear as he looked down at the book in his hand.

    "Shall we go on a trip?"


    When Arr's head tilted sideways at the sudden remark, Leon said, pointing out the sombium of her intestine.

    "Here, to the Somnium of Nizhenya."


    Ar's eyes glistened. Leon, who had already seen an excited face with anticipation, smiled proudly.

    "Nijenya soup is not a long distance."

    Leon thought of continental evangelism in his head. The Kingdom of Nijenya was a neighboring country bordering just west of the Kingdom of Portis. There was no reason not to leave immediately when he said he wanted to go to the streets of the next country, not to be apart from the sea. Moreover, Nijenya was in the midst of building roads within the kingdom recently, so it would not have been difficult to travel to tourist attractions.

    Leon is ready to travel within the week. While the two were away, people were selected to ensure that there was no problem with the forest and permanence, and travel wagons and guards were prepared that were luxurious but not colorful. I didn't let the food load much because I wanted to enjoy exotic food on my way here and there.

    After a few instructions, preparations for the trip were completed in an instant, and within a few days, Arwa Leon was in a carriage bound for another country. Arr did not hide his excitement at the trip. Even Leon's face, which watched Ar's face full of anticipation, smiled.

    The two spent time talking about what they wanted to do when they went to a travel destination, where they were looking forward to, and how they remembered the first time they went up to the palace together. While the two were talking for a few days without knowing how time passed, the carriage arrived on the streets of Somnium in Nijenya.


    Arr's mouth, looking at the splendidly decorated street, leaked admiration. Indeed, the streets were decorated with brightness from the entrance to the site, keeping up with the name of the continent's top tourist destination. It was a mosaic painting that formed a large pattern not only for the entrance gate but also for each gravel on the floor.

    The street beyond the gate was filled with trendy new buildings located on both sides from a large fountain. Even though it is still located a long way away, the concert hall and racecourse were already noticeable from afar.

    Since earlier, Arrion, who is close to the window of the carriage and cannot take his eyes off the street view outside the window, looked at Arr with a happy smile.

    "Ar, aren't you hungry?"


    Calling Ar's attention to the excitement, Leon asked. Since I took the morning to enter the street gate, I have been running the carriage without any breaks, so it was already late lunch.

    My stomach is growling.

    As if to answer Leon's question, the sound rang in the stomach. Only then did Arga look at Leon, narrowing her brows in hunger.

    With that cute and pitiful look on his face, Leon smiled and asked him to go to the restaurant first, and ordered the outside servants to do something. So the wagon was sent to the accommodation and the wagon with Arwa Leon headed to a fancy restaurant on the streets of Somnium.

    "Oh, that one."

    Arr found a familiar painting on the signboard at the entrance of the store and turned to Leon. Eyes filled with anticipation sparkled like pumpkins locked in flames. In response, Leon smiled and added an explanation.

    "The specialty here is the drink from Schholtz's book."


    Ar's expression when he heard the affirmation was covered with anticipation, making it brighter. I already felt like my posture was going to pop out because I wanted to go inside at any moment.

    "Welcome, my lord."

    The two people who got off the wagon could be shown right into the store. Thanks to Leon, who sold out the entire balcony area called Myeongdang in advance, the two people could enjoy their meals comfortably without the eyes of crowded surroundings. Arr held onto the last dessert delicately and glanced down the street with curious eyes.



    "Do you want to walk down the street?"

    I looked back at Argarion with an expression that had already been answered. The willingly nodding head was slightly smeared with bubbles on the swollen glass. It was cute again, so Leon grinned and wiped off the whiskers on his chin.

    Afterwards, the afternoon hours passed peacefully. The two traveled all over the streets of Somnium, where nothing was decorated, from the floor to the walls of the building to the glass ceiling across the sky between the shops.

    There were countless people on the continent passing by on the streets besides them. Arr, who first came abroad to see foreigners, was amazed whenever foreigners with different doubles and looks passed by.

    "Oh, that outfit."

    Leon's head turned that way as Ar headed to somewhere.

    "You're wearing the same clothes as your friend."

    "Yeah, you must be from Pohutra.”

    Ar's head, which reminded him of Leon's friend who once visited the estate in a shape that looked like a cloth covered with a barrel, moved busily even afterwards. Arr, who is not aware that I am a foreigner in other countries, spent his afternoon in the midst of watching people.

    Deng-. Deng-. Deng-.

    As the clock hands returned on time, the sound of a bell rang in the street. Leon, who raised his head at the sound, turned his head and looked at the clock tower.



    I looked back at Leon, who stopped walking after buying snacks from the store and putting them in his mouth. Leon came back to her side and said, accepting the things in her hand.

    "I think I should go to the theater.”


    Leon grinned and gave Ar a performance ticket with a solemn lion on it.

    "The show I told you about back then is playing now.”

    On that day, Arr was completely immersed in the play while watching the play at the Grand Theater, and his head was completely fixed on the stage. My favorite scene from the book was out of my imagination and unfolded in front of me. His eyes glistened not to miss a scene.

    Ar, who was so into the story until the play was finally over, clapped hard along with Leon and jumped up with no excitement.

    "There's a soul that reappears..."

    "Yes, it was very real."

    "And that scene-!"

    Ar, who had not lost the lingering impression of the performance for a while, could not stop talking about it throughout the evening. Leon responded eagerly, staring at Ar as if he had put honey on his face.


    Leon suddenly thought as he looked at Ar's face, which was chattering happily.

    It's so pretty.’


    And while living together, Leon, who carried Ar's execution power, did not think much and acted on what came to his mind. To Leon, who suddenly approached while eating, Ar patted his partner's head, who was not surprised and said he did a good job.


    It wasn't until he recognized the blonde hair that was gently wound on his fingers that Arr was able to escape the excitement of the performance he had just seen.

    A day at a travel destination is long. They still had a lot to enjoy.

    "Next is the casino, right?"

    Ar asked, recalling the place in the schedule where we talked to each other before arriving. Leon naturally took the hand that patted my head to my mouth and answered with a kiss.


    All right, let's go. Rarely did he hasten his steps, urging Argarion. She still had a lot of things she wanted to do on this street she was curious about.

    Now, under the dimmed sky, lighted streams of water were seen shooting high upward in all colors. They were spewed out of the fountain in the square leading to the casino. They watched the stream dance like a fairy, but only when it calmed down again into the water in the fountain, they moved to the casino.

    "Welcome! Welcome to our Animal Farm Casino!

    Even in the splendidly decorated streets, the door full of gold paint that glitters most noticeably was like an entrance to another world. From the guiding staff to the casino, everyone wears animal masks like a masquerade, and the inside of the building is also unthinkably connected to all kinds of places, including forests, mansions and gardens, which impulsively impulsed unrealistic sensations as if walking through the space in the dream.

    "Would you like to exchange chips for a game first?"

    Leon beckoned to stop Suha from coming forward. This is because I saw Ar looking at the colored chips with interesting eyes, who had already looked around the table. Arr proudly approached the exchange window with his own pocket.

    "What kind of chips would you like?"

    When the teller asked so, suddenly a male employee dressed up as a black cat approached from the side. He, who had a pretty good-looking face intimately, said, curling his eyes with aegyoously.

    "Black chips, sir. We have a surprise for customers who have exchanged more than 10 black chips."


    "Yes! It's..."

    When Ar asked again as if he was curious, it was time for employee Moon to explain with a big smile.


    Leon suddenly blocked the front of a male employee leaning toward Arge. Unlike the Kingdom of Fortis, he was a prince who was annoyed by the free-spirited clothes of the men in the casino.

    Moreover, I couldn't stand to see my lover approaching her naked. Ar has already quickly changed his chip while Leon is rarely blocking his surroundings with a peremptory face.

    "Yeah, thank you. Sir, as a gift, we'll give you this surprise transformation candy made by the wizard of our casino!"

    The one she received with Arga Chip was a candy as fluffy as her favorite macaron. Ar, who was interested in seeing colorful candy, including pink, light sky blue, and gold and silver mixed with thin colors, threw it into his mouth without stopping it.

    "Ar, wait! Before you eat..."

    Leon, who belatedly discovered the scene, tried to stop Arr, who tried to put an unidentified suspicious substance in his mouth, but he was a step late.


    A sudden burst of smoke hid Arr's appearance.


    Surprised Leon jumped inside and held Ar's hand and raised his other hand to chase away the smoke, but the sudden smoke disappeared like fog at another moment even before he could open his magic. It was a different look from before that artificial blurry vision was quickly lifted.

    Let's take a little bit.

    Ar took his hand because he felt itchy near his head in an awkward sensation that suddenly occurred.


    There was something stuck between my chin and my hair. Arr stuttered at what was held in his hand.

    "Oh, Arr?"

    It was a furry ear. I felt the fluffy fur covering the pointed triangular ears with my hands. Arr's embarrassment flapped his pointed ears. After not taking his hands yet, his/her voluminous tail moved as if it were shaking from side to side.


    "What have you done to my wife?"

    When Leon got a gift from Arr, he overpowered the beguiling employee with one arm, pushed him to the wall and growled. Before they knew it, subordinates surrounded the staff at the counter who exchanged chips and kept them from leaving the scene.

    "What, what's wrong with you? I don't have anything....”

    Unlike the answer he wanted, the captured man picked up the excuse first and drilled between Leon's golden eyebrows. As the blue eyes sank thickly, the guards, who were looking at the owner's feelings, took out the sword and made the atmosphere even scarier. It was when an employee who had been working peacefully at work was completely frozen and couldn't say anything.

    "Sir, what's the matter?”

    The figure in charge approached with a nervous face. She sent her staff behind her after not running away from the crowd, which was spewing a rather acrimonious atmosphere.

    "I'm in charge of managing the operation of the casino. If you have any inconveniences, please let me know."

    Leon would not have pretended to be attacking ordinary people, who usually seem frightened. But it was Ar's job. The mercy couldn't be reached even by those who presented something suspicious that might have been wrong with their bodies.

    "Explain what his medicine is."

    If a handful of harmful drugs were mixed, Leon bit low at a rate that would not let him. When someone was around to be on my side, the man in black cat makeup said in an unfair voice.

    "Ee, it's not a strange drug. I was just promoting the water-borne magic pill!"

    "Waterborne magic pill?"

    Leon's brow was frowned upon by an unfamiliar name. Only then did the custodian, who caught the whole story of the incident, speak with a sad look on his face.

    "Madam, let me explain."

    Waterborne magic pill. The drug, which is said to have been developed by the wizard of the casino, is said to express the characteristics of the Suin people inside each person.

    Everything depends on the individual, whether the water-borne characteristics will appear, beak, webbed, or tail will pop out. You won't know until you try it. Interesting magic goods with that kind of charm...That was the custodian's explanation.

    "There is no harm to the human body. I've never heard of any side effects so far, although many guests have been interested in it."

    The custodian repeatedly apologized and asked for forgiveness, saying it was his fault that he failed to tell you in detail what kind of magic medicine it worked. While looking back with cold eyes at how Leon, who said he had not been offended by Ar's swallowing the unidentified drug without any protection, Ar, who had already adapted to his new ears and tail, came forward and asked.

    "Do you have any more of this?”

    "What? Yes, we have plenty of reserves for the water-borne magic pill."

    Hmm. Somewhere insidious passed Arr's eyes. The sudden appendage seemed not to be a bad feeling, but after moving Arr's ears and tail a few more times, it showed a change as if it were bragging to Leon.

    "Look at this."

    Leon couldn't care less about Ar's funny appearance and just asked anxiously.

    "Ar, didn't it hurt? Do you feel anything wrong or....”

    "It's okay."

    To touch it, Arr placed his partner's hand on his head to his new ears. Fluffy. Leon's eyes were gently loosened by the warm body temperature on his hands.

    "It's fun, isn't it?"

    Arga asked, moving his ears back and forth, as if he was amazed by the sense of pricking. Leon replied with an itchy smile at the touch of his hand.


    Flapping. A broken, leg-like tail tickled Leon's thigh. While Leon took his hand to the tail winding around his leg and touched the fluffy fur, Arga stepped forward and strode to the caretaker.


    Ar pointed to my ear. Usually, when the characteristics of the Suin people appear, hard people look cute, too, but this guest, who digested wolf ears and tails just like his original body, rather created the illusion of encountering wild wolves in the forest. Stiffened with unknown tension, the caretaker replied.

    "Yes, sir."

    "I want more of this to come out."

    "Oh, you mean the water-borne magic pill?"

    The employee at the counter quickly brought out all the magic pills he had prepared. Ar's eyes sparkled when he captured the desired goal.

    "Yes, that one.”

    Instead of the money bag that had already been used up in Argabum, Leon took out a bill he had prepared for emergency use and said.

    "I'll buy everything."

    "Oh, this is not for sale."

    Leon's gaze from behind became fierce. The concierge quickly added the backbiting.

    "But we've made a mistake that we couldn't tell you in detail, so we'll give it to you as a gift."

    Please accept it. Then I handed over the entire basket in the warehouse. Ar grabbed a basket of candy in joy and joy, took over one of the pockets he had brought to Suha, who was following him, and took something out.

    "A gift for me, too."

    Having said that, she handed something shiny to the janitor, who had yet to relax from tension. It was a mana stone brought in case there was a shortage of cash. Unlike ordinary jewels, it seemed expensive for something to wriggle inside. Some of the casino's facilities use similar kinds of mana stones, so the manager, who knew the value, shouted because his face turned white.

    "It's okay, it's okay! This is too much-"

    Perhaps a bad-tempered aristocrat's prank might come back later and make a scene after receiving this overpriced thing. The custodian, who had a burdensome return in his hand, tried to decline, but Leon blocked him and firmly said.

    "Take it."

    There's no turning down Arga's favors. It was a cold look that seemed to say so. Anyway, I was going to pay for betraying her generous treatment if there were any side effects or how it would work on Ar's body.

    While the custodian was no longer able to talk to the ice wall-like block and the caretaker faltered, Arr turned around and took Leon to enjoy the casino in earnest. Obviously, there are many amusement facilities that have never been seen anywhere else, so I forgot what happened a little while ago and quickly became excited as if I had entered another world.

    Arwa Leon looked back at many games and participated in them. Some dealers with real cat tails tried to match the numbers with cards distributed, and hung chips to see where the iron beads rolling on the roulette would stop.

    Ar was immersed in card games, but at that time, Leon, who participated together, secretly helped. The whoops-down chip recovered with Ar correct numbers in the final roulette game. Arr, who had a lot of black chips again, took it to another table excitedly and played a new game, and all of them collapsed.

    Arr seemed a bit disappointed after spending all the chips he had changed for the first time. It wasn't a Bolion, leaving that figure intact. Leon turned his back, beckoning to the baggage-bearing subordinate.

    "Ar, hold on a second.

    Arg shook his head as he held Leon's arm toward the jaw exchange.


    "It's okay."

    Ar lightly turned his neck, shook off his triangular ears, and headed to the entrance holding Leon's hand with a clean face as if he had even brushed off lingering feelings. Leon once again dissuaded him because he wanted to do more, but Arr firmly nailed it.

    "Next time."

    Leon, who recalled the next place at the words, calmly accepted and followed Ar's footsteps. Before I knew it, Leon, who held her hand, had a light flush on his face. Unlike Leon, who was thinking of the hot spring, the last schedule of the day, Arr's head was ringing someone who sent a letter before going on a trip.

    He's nagging me..’

    It was a correspondence that felt as if he followed him to the estate and nagged at his ear. As soon as Radish heard the story through Neria, he sent three or four pages of correspondence crammed in.

    Although he was worried about Arr, who was traveling for the first time to another country, the story of his dignity as his spouse in foreign countries and his attitude as a knight who was commissioned everywhere continued with caution in Nizhenya.

    I thought Arr kept his loyalty to the class teacher just by reading through the long letter. I didn't mean to keep the words written there, but whether it was worthwhile Radish's repeated emphasis in the letter, he recalled his words not to waste money at Arr's casino and the play ended once.

    Next is the hot spring.

    Arr was also quite excited about the hot springs. A fountain of warm water. I saw the river freeze in winter, but I never saw the water heat up anywhere. Ar's tail wagged violently at the thought of entering the mysterious spring with Jack.

    It was quite a dark time, but the group with a strong escort could head to the accommodation regardless of time. The accommodation, which was located a little away from the street, was popular with the aristocrats because they could use hot springs together.

    In fact, in terms of the size of hot springs, the eastern god of Northwood is the largest in Nijenya, but due to national emotional problems, it was excluded from travel destinations. It was uncomfortable to go to the land of Fortis, which was taken away by the ancestors, with a light heart.

    Due to the problem of distance from Somnium, the main destination, the hot spring naturally came to be located near the Nijenya National Capital. And the hot spring near the capital of another country was embarrassing to unfamiliar foreigners because it contained a lot of the country's culture.


    It was the culture of mixed bathing in Nijenya. Leon, who theoretically saw the cultural aspects of other countries, booked an independent detached house in advance so that he would not encounter other guests, but he did not expect that the way to the detached house would pass through the main building.

    The sight seen at the entrance of the hall through other guests was a scene that embarrassed the decent Fortis people, who were usually reluctant to expose themselves from neck to wrist when wearing conquest.

    Let's take a little bit.

    Of course, Arr, who puts no importance on his country's manners or what, just glows with curiosity and watches people pass by with their new ears poking.

    Passing through the hallway, sometimes near one aisle, there was a view of people taking baths inside, and only over-age servants would blush at the scene they encountered unexpectedly while quietly following their employers.

    While the bloody youth thought of experiencing foreign culture after work, Arr hummed happily and held his partner's hands together and entered the accommodation.

    "Is this a hot spring?"

    "Yes, Arr, be careful that the stone might be slippery."

    It was an unnecessary remark for Ar, who stepped on slippery stones by the river without falling once. But Leon, who couldn't stop worrying about my lover anywhere, looked at her with a worried look.

    Arr threw himself into the hot spring like an elk jumping into a lake by the water's edge. Hot water poured out to the outside.


    Epeppe, quite deliberately wet with a splash of water, Leon lowered his serious voice. Arr, who is now penetrating like a palm of his hand, waved Argarion, who sat on his back relaxedly in a corner of the hot spring, to come in here.

    "What a...."

    I thought someone wouldn't go if you called me cute. It was time for Leon to go into the water and approach her with a smile. Arga, who was enjoying the touch of hot water, took out a glass bottle containing colorful candies and hid it somewhere in a humble gown.

    "Ar, what about that?"

    It was a magic pill that caused a commotion in the casino. When he saw it, Leon's eyebrows drooped as he remembered Ar's chest was down when he was engulfed in smoke.

    The water vapor from the hot spring combined with Leon's mournful expression, creating an unnecessarily excellent young atmosphere.

    "Ar... please don't eat anything you don't know."

    The thin gown, which ate a lot of hot spring water, was already stuck to the upper body and failed to cover the body. Rather, the color of the skin reflected over the fabric gave off a subtle color.

    Water-soaked golden hair trickled over the collarbone, dripping drops on his face. Leon slipped mine between my lover's fingers. Leon knew that when sharing warmth with each other through the skin in contact, my lovely lover weakens to me.



    As expected, Ar nodded obediently, unable to resist his partner's watery eyes. But she didn't back down and held her partner's hand tightly, which was weaving her fingers, and raised the glass bottle that had yet to be released with the other hand.

    "But I checked this out, so it's okay."

    Leon, who was sensitive to Arga's eating and wearing, could not believe what the manager of a business in another country said. He just took a step back because he wanted to play in the casino he wanted. It was Leon who had already released his servants to find out information about the magic pill.

    In case of an unexpected incident, the wizard quickly confirmed that there was nothing wrong with it, and as the manager testified, the information that the nobles using the existing casino returned to their original form without any problems proved harmless.

    Ar also heard such reports from his subordinates, so he knew there was nothing wrong with this magic pill, and she knew it.


    Behind Arr's back seeking consent, the insidious wolf tail fluttered under the water.

    "That's... that's right.

    Obviously, he had a simple expression as usual, but somehow his eyes looked like wolves hiding in the bushes. While Leon, who felt a sense of crisis, tried to pull back without realizing it, Arr approached him and opened his mouth.



    Was it always a problem to listen carefully to my lover? Unknowingly, a colorful candy came into Leon's mouth with his mouth open after Ar.


    While the prince, who has a standard manner of not thinking about speaking with anything in his mouth, leapt up with his eyes wide open.


    A familiar smoke came out. Even inside the hot spring, until the smoke, which exploded with the sound of exhaustion, was mixed with water vapor and faded, Arr stared at Leon with an anticipated look, not even thinking about hiding his palpitations.


    Leon's bruising voice flowed out, but the sound was not properly entered by Ar, who was distracted by the scene in front of his eyes. In the smoke, Leon had round ears to match blonde hair.

    "It suits you!"

    Ar's eyes glistened as if the light were coming in. Without thinking about blaming the excited face, he finally smiled and Ar ran to Leon and hugged him. Ar's face, which was rubbing his cheeks on his bare chest as if he was in a good mood, slowly moved to the side.



    "I know you're looking at the tail."

    Did you get caught? To the smiling lover looking up at me without even thinking of hiding it hard, Leon sighed with ridiculous laughter and turned to see as much as he wanted.


    There was a tail that stretched straight from the hip bone and lifted the gown from the upper body. The furry tail continued as Arr said, and there was a lot of dark hair near the end like a brush. Ar asked, touching a ball of fur on the tip of his tail.

    "What kind of animal are you?"

    I pulled the tail out of her hand. Leone, playing a joke, glanced at my tail, replied.

    "It's a lion.


    Arr was seen raising one leg and one arm and sticking out his tongue. It was a lion painting that I saw a lot in the pattern paintings during the aristocratic class.

    "…let's go see the real thing later."

    Looking at the highly distorted image, Leon thought he should find out where he was raising the predators dedicated to the royal family when he returned home. Or not, Arr reached out to touch the glossy round ears of Leon's hair following the soft tail hair.


    Leon curled down silently so that her arms could reach him. Click, click. The excited Ar's tail wags from side to side and splashes water. Leon looked still at the concentric circle drawn by the droplets falling on the water surface of the hot spring, and now he brought forward a tail that enlightened the trick of moving.


    Arr, who was enjoying the soft touch of Leon's new ear to his heart's content, suddenly looked down with something wrapped around his waist.


    Leon, who secretly wrapped his lover around the seat of the line and pulled him close to me, smiled down at Ar's face, looking up at him. Before you know it, the tail hair that approaches your chest tickles your skin over the loose gown.

    Unlike Ar's tail, which has a soft touch, Leon's tail, which moves like a rope, was highly utilized. That day, the two enjoyed the new ears and tail very much in the hot springs.


    Okay, I think that's all of them!! Enjoy reading
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    Im too lazy to read the translation but kind anyone just summarize what happens in the end? And I really don't understand what is going on with the side stories.
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    From the side stories it looks like they didn't have children, right?
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    How is ML sister? Is she kind? And how is fl relatuon with ml sister?

    And can somebody tell about the power succesion? How many sides are there? And is ML and his sister on the same side ot they are enemy?

    Hiw many chapter total in the novel?
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    I also didnt get much... But from what i understood, Ar (MC) married Leon, Leons sister, the Queen, reigned and had a child. In the side stories they dont get a kid, thats fine, let them be happy with each other. Leon and Ar are happy and passionate, the same way they have ever been. On the last side story Ar drinks something that gives her fluffy ears and tail and Leon finds her cute. Leon ends up drinking the same thing, and has the same side effects as Ar. Its said they 'enoyed the tail (Leons tail) that moves like a rope' really much.

    Quote for the smutty people:

    "Unlike Ar's tail, which has a soft touch, Leon's tail, which moves like a rope, was highly utilized. That day, the two enjoyed the new ears and tail very much in the hot springs."
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    In the newer chapters he's giving her a noble title. I'm assuming so he can legally marry her.
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    Currently on Chap 49 of the manga, and if anyone's interested, here are some spoilers.

    The prince gets lost in the forest and makes his way to the huntress' (Ar/Aria) cottage. They live peacefully and their relationship develops into a romantic one until the prince's guards come to look for him. They start escorting the prince back to the palace, the prince leaving her with his close childhood friend and skilled knight, and several others.

    They promise to meet again soon. However, due to the dangers of the palace that the childhood friend off-handedly mentioned to Aria, they catch up to the prince and all of them end up going to the palace.

    The prince has the intention of marrying Aria, but it isn't focused on much since there's some other stuff going on. Political intrigue, and other finding themselves blushing for Aria (male and female alike.)

    That's all that there is to it for now.

    Aria's a very blunt and refreshing main character. She's lived in the woods ever since she was young with her grandfather, and before meeting the prince, she's never been the type to smile or talk much, since she literally lived alone.

    After meeting him and finding herself attracted to him, she eventually goes from complimenting him (e.g. Calling him cute all the time) to kissing, hugging, cuddling, nipping, biting, and licking him.

    A thing to note would be that she's usually the one who takes the most initiative between them, and is also usually the one to make the prince flustered due to her straightforwardness.

    She's overall a very great main character, well-balanced in all aspects, and justifiable. Strong and smart in terms of hunting due to her livelihood, (also eloquent, as said by the prince) but unable to read nor write exactly due to her life in the forest and inaccessibility to proper education.

    He's a gentle prince, always smiling, and when he first met Aria, he was clueless. Clueless about housework and the world, basically due to his life of being a prince.

    Aria teaches him how to live as she has, and he becomes the cook between the two of them, and also does most of the cleaning and the likes, while Aria hunts for food and does trading in the village.

    At first, he was reluctant to let the relationship between them continue, but he gives into it as he had unknowingly fallen in love with Aria as well, rarely ever refusing her affection for him. He indulges her want to kiss, hug, compliment, and everything with regards to her.

    At first he was very easy to fluster, but he got used to their interactions, and fully reciprocates. In no way is he being forced. Before their first kiss, Aria directly asked him, “May I kiss you?” So yes, their relationship is purely consensual, no worries about that.

    He's capable of strong magic, and that's made evident in a banquet later on in the story, where Aria was almost hurt.

    And no, he's not going to be King. He has no intentions to, and merely wants to support his older sister's rise as ruler of the Kingdom. Their statuses won't pose much of a problem, as he granted Aria a noble title under the guise of saving him, and has urged her to complete being a knight to be able to stay at his side at all times.

    Don't be too worried about a bad ending. I can see that this'll be a light-hearted manga, and do not be fooled by the 3-star rating. This whole-heartedly deserves a 4.5-star rating and above, nothing less. It's very fluffy and sure to give you diabetes.
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    I miss the goat and the barn animals.