A Plot I thought of( Villainess, Slave-borne hero and etc. meets MC)

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    Soooo I was reading novels and suddenly an idea struck me. Although I can't write novels I still created a plotline for myself hoping to be able to use it one day. If anyone is interested feel free to try using the idea.

    I created this with TCF as a basis but a little different. I want to try incorporating cliche MC characters as supporting characters as well as characters from a shoujo genre to go shounen. For example "the Villainess character", We all know the cliched being framed bully. I want the wronged villainess to break away from the condemnation. Like the fake two-faced heroine is someone who uses "charm ability" while Villainess Girl has a passive ability protection or something. In this way, the MC hero who is unrelated recruits this character in his party as well as punishing the charm user. I like the idea of the hero's party is full of outcasts, orphans, and such.
    Do you guys get it?

    The characters I've thought of are
    the MC- A reincarnated person from a modern world with monsters and demons gate( Like Cale Henituse but a modern world with demon army). The MC is a former hero's party member who follows Hero in second life. Retains memories. He took ML/FL who is a slave as he knew that they were the person they love
    ML\FL- The hero in modern world 1st life as well as a hero in 2nd life. Rebirth as a slave borne. Follows MC in this life but have no memories. Will regain memories in later stories.

    Hero's party member no. 1- Villainess- During the academy framed and find herself in a typical condemnation event. Our MC then surprised at the ability user potential as well the evil heroine charmer saved the villainess as well as removing everyone's charmed status.

    Member 2- Beast child of a divine beast
    - Can't forget about the child that brings joy to the party. Became an orphan due to evil forces hunting the parent. Acknowledge MC as a parent.

    Guardians- Chosen by the World. Has potential to reach the limits
    Hero- The one Who leads The Guardians
    Observer- The one who observes the world( MC is an irregular being both a guardian and an observer gaining both fighting ability as well as omniscient eyes)
    Saint/Holy Maiden- Chosen by gods

    There are others but you get the gist of it.
    It's about sword arts and mana arts replacing ability users in fantasy world due to being weak but ability users are actually strong just the world forgot how to developed them in battle and thus gradually deemed them as useless. Our MC being from a modern world ability user thus recruits them. MC isn't an idiotically good person. He's a flexible person depending on the situation. A cunning person who pretends to be weak and only reveals his nature in certain situations. Can commit massacre as long as their not innocent. His saving people nature was only influenced by the hero but eventually became true to the word.

    this is the INTRODUCTION:
    When the people are lost in the world engulfed by darkness. A golden light shall shine upon the world.

    The Great Cataclysm. In the ancient era thousand of years ago, it was said that the dimensional boundary that separates the demon realm and mortal realm was broken allowing the evil forces to cross over and corrupt the living plains thus began the darkness era. During this time many kingdoms fell, people turned into demonic spawns after being exposed to the miasma. The world looked like it descended into hell. The remaining races were forced back to live in uncorrupted barren wastelands living in hiding.

    Decades passed as the whole continent slowly gets corrupted. In a world of undeveloped mana arts, one hero rose up and gather volunteers to help suppress the corruption.

    Different races gathered and established an alliance, creating heroes known as Guardians. After decades of fighting, countless people were sacrificed in order to push back the evil forces. In the end they manage to close the gateway to the demon realm in exchange for their lifespan.

    As the world slowly recovered, the guardians having no more goal chose to separate and live their own.
    Some chose to found a kingdom, others passed down their powers and some live in seclusion. Their followers who received their guidance eventually developed new mana arts imitating the principle of abilities in order to cope with people without inborn powers thus creating the birth of aura users, mages as well as different types of abilities ushering in a new Golden Age.

    As time passes, era after era people has forgotten the darkness that covered the world. The Alliance collapsed and the races chose to fight among themselves in a battle for supremacy. Countless kingdoms rose and fell as the history of the darkness era was lost. The guardian heroes and ability users became nothing more than a relic of the past forgotten by the world.