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    i only can answer 1 becuz new chapter of manhwa just updated today... FL cry cuz she saw Prince William is saved, b4 that, she met the ML and was like "Prince William, he disappeared!!" When FL cry, ML comfort her and last phrase of he said while carrying FL (faint cuz she's too tired) "I can at least worry about you right"
    *just where can i meet someone like this*:blobsob:
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    Wow thanks for all the spoilers I wonder if the land Judith has is involved in the profecy or that dragon since it was mentioned and the dragon deceived or maybe dragon refers to ruler maybe the dragon the red knight commander is going to face was decieved and it will probably help them out but this is all just my speculation if anyone knows where I can find the raws I would be happy to translate or team up
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    Will she get the land she sold back? And is there something special with the land since her mother tells her nt to sell it?:blobpeek:
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    If someone has read the entire novel can you please predict how many chapters the manhwa will have?
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    I think he's at 20-30 while our FL is still at...teenage/young adult years? what i mean is 17-20
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    Any spoilers on Deschamps or Judith's friends ?
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    Does anybody knows where can I find tranlations to chapter 29 and 30?
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    I'm curious about it as well, it can't be a coincidence. I'm super grateful for all the spoilers around here!
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    Chapter 29 is out now, you should be able to read it anywhere. As for 30 I believe the translators follow a week behind the RAW's.
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    sigh i think i might have to pick this novel up again lol. the Muffin group hasn't updated in over a month :cry:
    i'll pick it up from chapter 4 since the other group left it in ch 3 :cautious: i'll try to update as fast as i can to catch up with the manhwa
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    Hey guys plz give me ending chapter & Side story spoilers :oops:
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    Not the translation taking me a week :cautious:
    Well here's the MTL for the 4th chapter. There were some parts I didn't understand so I'm sorry huhu
    (The novel said "Arpa nursing home" but the manhwa fan translation is "Alpha nursing home" so i'm going with the manhwa tl for now)
    Chapter 4

    A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money

    Episode 004

    It was dawn the next day when Judith opened her eyes.

    She didn't want others to see her swollen face, so she spent most of her day in her room.

    Still, after being hugged by Calipa yesterday and crying flat, she felt a little better.

    The moonlight poured down the window like tears.

    Judith looked up at the moon.

    If there was one thing that hadn't changed after her return, it was the moonlight.

    Other than that, everything changed so Judith would get lost in thought all the time.


    In the room where I should have been alone, two friends, except me, were asleep.

    It was Violet and Calipa.

    The two entered Judit's room a few hours ago. The hands of her friends were full of luggage. Violet, in particular, asked endless questions.

    'Are you okay?'

    How much do you know and how much do you ask?

    The way she looked at her were cute, so Judith laughed with puffy eyes.

    'You must have noticed that I was acting strange...'

    Violet, who heard the bang (?), was a straight and upright friend.

    At best, she was very considerate, at worst she was broad-minded.

    'Are you still human?' (bruh)

    ...... Memories that Judith had forgotten pierce her heart.

    Like a purple violet, Violet was a friend who shone anywhere.

    She was also like a stepping stone to connect Judith with friends around her.

    So when she was killed by a beast, Judith became a deadly enemy, splitting up with her last friend.

    Looking back, it seems that Violet's death was the beginning of all her bad luck.

    'There's no one to stop me.'

    So she had to change it. Her life, her friends' future.

    As time passes, the mind grows.

    The more she accepted this regression, the clearer her resolve became.

    "There's a full moon today..."

    It had been less than a week since she returned, but the moon was a full.

    'The night the third prince was killed was a crescent moon.'

    That moon was the proof of the regression.

    Why was she alive?

    Why did she come back?

    Numerous questions flooded in, but Judith didn't think as deeply as usual.

    Just being alive is a blessing.

    Being alive can change something. You can grasp infinite possibilities.

    I mean, regression is definitely an opportunity.

    But strangely, she felt heavy.

    ‘The dame was a useful chess horse. I paid a high price after all.'

    Is this really an opportunity?

    Did she really live the wrong life?

    Judith leaned against the wall and shook her head.

    Her face distorted without anyone knowing.

    "Judith... aren't you sleeping?"

    "I'm going to bed. Don't worry about it and keep sleeping."

    Judith patted the tossing and turning Violet and fixed the blanket.

    When Violet heard her answer, she nodded her head in relief. She rolled over the blanket like a worm and fell asleep again.

    After a while, Judith tiptoed to prevent the two friends from waking up.

    A particularly bright moonlight rained on the desk.

    Letters and bills were stacked on the desk. It was always a similar sight, now and before.

    Judith habitually checked the bill first.

    'This is the dressing room... Imperial blacksmith, shoe repair fee, night tolls, general store...'

    She bought them 6 years ago, so she couldn't remember the details, but the circumstances were obvious.

    When you become an imperial knight, you will have a lot of clothes and personal items.

    'There was a limit to supplies.'

    Judith's mind beat the abacus (math thing).

    Most of the bills have a split payment system, but the amount was quite burdensome when collected like the word "clothes wet in the crotch."

    'But it's not something I can't pay.'

    But when she checked her last bill, Judith felt her heart thumping.

    Alpha nursing home.

    Judith looked at the nursing home bill for a long time.

    It was the last trace of her mother, the place where Judith had the most hope.

    Her mother collapsed when she was 16.

    Her mother, who had abandoned herself to work, fell ill with the plague. She saved her life by a narrow margin, but then she passed away while she was in and out of nursing homes.

    The Alpha Nursing Home was the place where Judith's situation was pitied and allowed her to file a split claim.

    '.......I've been to all of them, but when I go back, I'm completely hopeless.'

    Judith crumpled up the bill and hugged her knees.

    'Damn it. It was really hard.'

    She didn't want to be told that the light left by her mother's death was someone who didn't know me.

    So, it was the light of hope of the nursing home that she went to even more recklessly.

    She didn't want to hear a sound she didn't want to hear in the past.

    In no time, Judith's abacus moved three times faster in her head.

    "Newbie's starting salary is 350,000 per month. If you send 250,000 won (Korean currency) to a nursing home, you'll have to spend your basic living expenses within 40,000 gold.'

    It costs money to manage your daily life.

    It is said that eating, sleeping, and wrapping are human physiology, and that physiology costs money.

    It was crazy.

    Housing, food, clothing, repair, laundry, and taxes.

    All lives need money to survive. Regression cannot change that absolute fact.

    "Is there a place for the supplies..."

    Judith murmured and in less than a minute, she slapped herself hard.

    ‘Crazy, crazy, crazy!'

    It was only the other day that she returned after killing the prince for money.

    It was the day before yesterday that she decided not to put money on my life.

    But when she put the bill in front of herself, she was looking for a corner where money would come out like a habit.

    ‘I decided to change!'

    But what can she do to change it?

    She bit her lips.

    Judith buried her face between her knees.

    It's not that she didn't know how to live right.

    She is satisfied with what she has and can live without greed. Don't look at what's beyond your means but spend as much money as you have in your hands.

    Everyone said that was the right life.

    But who likes that kind of life?

    She wanted to eat meat instead of simple bread.

    Silver swords were better than copper-plated swords.

    Gold thread suited her better than the silver thread.

    Big, expensive, and colorful accessories were the best.

    She didn’t have money, so when she heard about her mother, she needed it for the treatment.

    She didn't want to make another ridicule for the stupid people who giggled at her for not having money.

    So, she liked money.

    Because if you have money, you can achieve most of what you want.

    But if you died for the money, what could you do then?

    Should she let go of greed and live content only with what she had?

    Then didn’t she have to taste this hopeless feeling?

    It was always like this.

    The moment you realize you don't have money, you feel miserable.

    The more she struggled to do anything with the money she didn't have, the less she could afford.

    Judith felt like her heart was being sucked dry.

    Earn money to live for a month.

    A day-to-day life.

    Judith always needed money.

    '......Can't I change?'

    Even this moment of regression her head was full of money, how can she change it?

    Humans are bound to change.

    But one doesn't change overnight.

    There was a time when she would cut off the limbs of another person on the ground because of money.

    After setting up the body as suicide, he was even given a tiara engraved with diamonds.

    She brutally killed the prince who considered her a savior.

    Things you're not proud of, things you don't want to reveal. A past that will not change.

    But she had to live differently from now on.

    '......If only I had died.'

    If she did, she wouldn't have to go through the same pain.

    Judith's smile was filled with sorrow.

    Being alive is a blessing alone.

    But for some, it's also a guilt that can't be escaped.

    Everything you experience in life can be pain, or you can end your life earning money like crazy for infinite possibilities.

    Is this regression really an opportunity?

    Judith looked back on her life, but always came to the same conclusion. It's just an ugly excuse for not having to do that.

    'The value chosen by the dame was money.'

    Judith felt embarrassed and ashamed even though she knew she was living wrong.

    ....... Finally, she shut her mouth and stopped her thoughts. As always.


    "I'm sorry. I couldn't sleep for a while. Really......"

    Judith buried her face between her knees and moved only her mouth.

    Calipa approached her and tried to get the bill out of her hand, but Judith held it tighter, as if it was her last remaining pride.

    “I’m fine. I’ll sleep soon.”

    In the midst of this, she wanted to die because she thought she could borrow money for a few months if she told Calipa.

    She hated herself for being snobbish.

    "......Yes, let's sleep together, Judith."

    Calipa quietly caressed her.

    Judith shed tears and decided to cut her hair first and sell it as soon as morning came.

    Even the moonlight was a cruel dawn.


    As soon as it was dawn, Judith got permission and went out.

    She didn't need half the things she had now.

    She sold all the shoes and boots she hadn't often, and the books she read as a hobby, even for a penny.

    Yes, it was only a few pennies. But when you are in a hurry, that penny will be precious.

    She also set foot in a place she had never been in before.

    It was the landowner's office.

    "You want to sell the land? A young lady like you?"

    "It's my father's heritage. It's not a big piece of land, but it's a decent piece of land to build a house on."

    Instead of answering, Judith swung to reveal the identification card of the imperial knight.

    The landowner bowed his head.

    "Oops, I didn't recognize you."

    "I'll give you the address, so please give me the price in a letter. I'll sell it if it's reasonable."

    "Will do."

    Judith turned away, hiding her bitterness after a few words.

    The land was a little special.

    It's not that much land. It was barely enough to build a family house on the edge of the capital.

    But the reason why it was special was because it contained the heart.

    Judith recalled her mother's words.

    'A man cannot live without a place to live,' your father said. Judith, live in it. You can build a house... but never sell it. Alright?’

    A small piece of land left behind by my father whose face I had never seen before.

    The land was an object that evoked a certain precious emotion for Judith that went beyond face value.

    It was no more than a piece that allowed Judith to live with a little hope for the future.

    She didn’t want to sell it.

    However, she did not like to be in public with hope in her arms.

    It was better to sell than to let a distant amount of hope eat away at her self-esteem.

    ‘If I had known I'd die like that, I would have sold it earlier. I've been holding onto it like a fool.'

    Land or hope was a field beyond Judith's knowledge.

    It was unfortunate that there was no one to consult, but in the end, it had to be resolved directly.

    'It's all right, that's good. ......let's change little by little.'

    Her chest felt empty. But isn’t that just that?

    Once you let go of it, it will be a land you can't come back to, but there was nothing you could do. It would be better if the hope faded even a day earlier.

    Judith forced her way back.

    She returned to the Imperial Palace before noon.

    She had originally intended to sell her hair as well, but she turned it down, saying the most expensive hair salon was too busy.

    It was when she grumbled, saying she was like this when she finally took a day off.

    "Judith! Judith! I found you! I'm glad...!

    "Violet, what’s wrong?"

    "Why? Did you forget? It's newbie knight test today!"

    From far away, Violet ran in haste.

    "Ah... was that so?"

    "Oh, my God!"

    Violet grabbed her arm.

    End of chapter 4
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    If this is Japanese novel/manga, the title will be something like "When I stop being a plutomaniac knight, I am now popular among the princes" because this is what exactly happened in the latest chapters.

    Every prince seems to want to get her to their side.
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    Well considering that she is probably the most powerful aether user after Giryu, the commander of the red knights and that she just displayed loyalty and other "kightly values", she is a force to be reconned with. All the prices would like somebody they can trust to protect them and could not be bought or swayed, even if some try to do that to get her. It would also, even if it isn't much augment their political power. If people rally to her because of her various deeds and moral stances, if reflects on them by association. i.e, I (as Prince), can inspire such a "good, virtuous person" to be by my side, so I must be a good virtuous person as well.
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    This is answered here:
    So it's only a 5-year age difference between them.
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    I was curious about her stigma, aside from regression will she be able to use it again?
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    Any spoilers from Calipa please or the princess in a black dress, I loved that girl
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    Is the second princess evil?
    Newest updated translation reveals that 3 years in the future, a dragon would be released and turn a large proportion of the country into a waste land. It's implied that the second princess was the one raising dragon and might be the one sourcing dragon blood.
    Chapter 32 ended with the second princess holding the tiara that the ML was trying to give MC. While looking at the crown, she mutters the names name.
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    wasn't the end scene a flashback to the past life or was it during the present timeline? im confused because it kinda gave an impression that it happened during the past timeline and iirc, mc said that the tiara was supposed to belong to a princess