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    Well, it was made in the spam mania, so because I don't want it lost, Imma copy all of it and post it here :sweating_profusely:


    In a land far far away, people had no free time to spend on their hobbies.

    Only work, and then more work.

    One would think of course it was unbearable for them, right?
    But that one would be wrong.

    Everyone enjoyed working like that. The reason? Working is cultivating, and they became stronger like that.
    If one was weak, it would show that he didn't work.

    Efficiency was amazing and progress was even every day, more and more often.

    Well, the thing was, what kind of progress was being achieved, and in what field did the most powerful people work in?

    No, not science.
    Not agriculture, or in any industry.

    They worked in improving their bodie, themselves, and they saw progress.

    It wasn't a glitch, no. It was a privilege of the powerful.

    Normal people, not born with a diamond spoon in their mouth, could only cultivate using regular work.

    Wether it would be in the fields as a farmer, in a shop as an assistant, or if you were a bit above the rest, as the head of a successful company, all those would improve their cultivation.

    Technology had advanced far, and so had the current systems, so somehow all of this worked perfectly in their society.

    But cultivating the body was forbidden for normal people.

    One either had to be a noble amongst nobles, or had rendered an enormous service to society, whether by introducing a new technology, improving the life of hundreds of people, or discovering something new, these were all great achievements that could just barely reach the qualification point.

    With all of this working out, there was no end to their improvement... till someone went too far for this.

    For some special people, there was nothing stopping them from using any means possible to achieve greatness.

    Those people one day found that greater achievements rendered by their work, would yield greater results into their cultivation.

    Of course, all of this made them wonder if the government knew something more than they should, or if they weren't as weak as they seemed and had more than one head if they wanted to cut it.

    Nevertheless, those worries didn't even stop them for a second.

    One person leaping into the heavens was the result they sought for, and so they progressed into further and more extreme things, that could truly achieve what they wanted.

    Capturing a thousand people as test subjects to find a medicine for an incurable disease? That was only the beginning.

    At one point this progressed so far, that it sparked a global war, on a scale no human had ever seen.

    One faction was the hell, and one wanted to stop them, the vanguard of heroes.

    Monsters was the only thing that you could call the hell faction, and so their leader was named as a Demon... a Demon King.

    Still, the fights continued, but normal progress didn't stop.

    And as if it was bound to happen, one unlocked the system.
    Work now wasn't the only thing that improved their cultivation, but anything that could give them experience now did.

    Still, on the war, the Vanguard of Heroes was quite weaker from the Hell faction.

    And so, with the progress they made into the new system, they summoned warriors from another plane for the first time to fight for themselves.

    The Vanguard of Heroes wasn't the only one to summon 'Heroes', but it was the first.

    Those Heroes coming from another plane of existence were unusual.

    They had strengths no one could have imagined, and so when the faction of Hell found about them, in the brink of destruction, before their ultimate demise, they too found the way to summon their Heroes.

    Servants of the ultimate evil was how those Heroes summoned by them were called.

    The fight from then on just intensified.

    The Vanguard of Heroes that now had true heroes on their side, fed lies about how they could return them to their universe if they managed to defeat the Demon King and his faction.

    That there was something in that faction that made them unable to send them back.

    Both sides ended up doing the same, feeding lies to the heroes and taking advantage of them, as the war had escalated to a point neither faction could control it.

    After decades of brutal war among those two factions, the faction of Hell was finally defeated, and the heroes asked to be returned home.

    Home, to where they belonged.

    Of course, not everyone wanted to go to his home, but after a long time of war and wariness, they were tired. Most wanted to go home.

    Visit their families if they could... after all, one more lie those two factions made, was about the passage of time between worlds.

    But in reality, even they didn't know how it worked.

    How would they know how time would pass between planes of existence when they had never managed to send someone back and recall them?

    Simple, they couldn't know.

    The heroes soon came to know about all of this, and a revolt followed as was expected.

    This whole farse should have stopped ages ago, but it didn't, and as a consequence of it, the summoned Heroes almost exterminated the entirety of the Vanguard of Heroes.

    At the end, the heroes made their own faction, a third faction by the name of, The Adventurers Guild.

    It served as their own foolish reminder, for how they had blindly believed all of their lies.

    Its main purpose was to find a way back to their home, but as much time passed, no matter how much help they were getting and how the technology progressed, a solution was never found.

    After despair, people begun to accept this sort of life.

    This leisurely life was a nice rest after the decades long war; all of this killing made them appreciate life much more and they even worked hard in order to improve their relationships among them and the so called 'Servants of the Ultimate Evil.'

    It seemed like their invasion to the planet cause a terrible after-effect to the planet's evolution.

    Monsters begun growing among animals, and even amongst humans.

    It was Chaos. True hell, as it is described by historians.

    99% of the planet's population fell either in fights, or in monsterization.

    Finally, all those that had survived this hell were the heroes.

    They built a final fortress for their survival, and fought for it.

    They fought demons, vampires and terrifying war beasts that had no other emotion other than rage and the need for destruction.

    And they were powerful.
    They had managed to drive them into the brink of extinction after all.

    However, as they survived, they had their stronghold.
    There were no normal humans, and the Adventurers Guild begun working as how a fantasy story would describe it.

    They've had their fill. Now was time for their counterattack!

    Both sides fought fearlessly, and with many times the Heroes having been slaughtered and driven in despair, but they never summoned another Hero.

    They preserved and stood their ground.

    Finally, balance was created.

    It became a true land of fantasies, and the story of the old was mostly forgotten... no, it should rather be, left behind, rather than forgotten.

    At that point, becoming a Hero wasn't the only path available to them, and their life could once more grow and flourish.

    Heroes fighting against monsters was a nice way to acquire money easily, and the Monster's materials were valuable in the aspect that they surpassed normal man-made materials.

    Both sides never stopped fighting against each other, but now at least, the Heroes could get some rest, and maybe even start researching for a way back to their home.

    Although that last one was highly unlikely, since after generations and generations of them, they considered themselves normal residents of this world.

    The wars and the blood they spilt for their place in this world made them all the more feel as the aboriginals of this planet.

    That, and the fact that they were all this planet had left.

    Their hazy dreams of returning to their original planet dimmed with the generations.

    They were born and raised in this planet. The fought and grit their teeth for it.

    The End~


    Took about 1.5 hours to write this one...
    1379 words...
    All of this for a spam thread...
    Which I'm already regretting, seeing 200 notifications.

    I hate my stories not being noticed :'(
    I wrote 3 fan fiction stories for Daily Grind, and they barely got noticed...

    If you want, Imma post the links here as well for them:
    (you need to scroll to the botom to see them.)

    (You also need to scroll to the bottom to see it)

    The last one took about 2+ hours and was about 1.8k words~
    Yet no comments, even from the author...

    Edit: Senpai noticed me!
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    I'm thinking of deleting my comments from that comment thread... I can't recognise anything like that.
    And it's only been half a day...
    How weak willed I am.
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    *pat pat*
    You did revive it. Ask tony to remove you
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    I thought it would be like 100 notifications MAX... not 1000 minimum...
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    The first part of the story felt strange, but the start of the adventurer guild was an interestiong way of creating it. It would be perfect to insert it on one of the "summoned from another world" stories.
    Analyzing the first half I can't understand its meaning.
    The concept of cultivation in a world where there will be summoned heroes is impossible.
    for the simple fact that cultivation requires patience and resources.
    Indeed, it requires talent too, but there is no way an adept can kill a god.
    You can't give a cheat to the hero here.
    It requires a world where there are more factors.
    Either a Sword and magic world, where there are plenty of cheats to give, or a game world, that have the same characteristics.
    This does not means that you can't put Cultivators in your story; ypu can say that after defeating the strongest enemies blah, blah, blah... they were cursed or like that and sacrificed themselves to create the system to aid the younger generation blah, blah, blah...... and there the story you wrote.
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    I was out for a long time, but I can finally reply to you.

    Basically, who said we can't have cultivation in a hero system?
    Also, the heroes came to play a role later on.
    Cultivation was done through diligently working and improving. When there are such benefits to it, who wouldn't work?

    The cultivation is the same as the one you see in normal Wuxia stories, longer longevity and better social status.

    Also, it was possible to improve by only cultivating the body, though this was a privilage only the strong had. Strong mostly in social position.

    It is a unique way of seeing things in cultivation, and later on the system was... unlocked let's say, and people were able to "cultivate" or if you would like to say, fill the Exp bar using any way that gave experience.

    Experience in killing a goblin, a vampire or even in cleaning the floor.

    I do leave some things pretty vague, as I would have to nearly double the story's length and possibly break the pace by needlessly explaining common things for a short story. But the thing is, most of the stuff left unexplained is commonly met in other isekai stories.

    Also also, since in the end all that was left were heroes, it was like everyone had the cheats, so it balanced out. I didn't say what kind of "cheats" they had, only that they were more powerful and some more. Feel free to use your imagination, but please do make it diverse.

    Think of the whole story as the shaping of an commonly met world into one with unique skills, adventurers fighting big bad monsters and a whole lot more.

    I think it worked out pretty well, albeit a bit weird.