Novel A Side character create his story in Martial World (Chapter 1 - Chapter 111)

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    Author : A little rehearsal at the end, sorry


    Chapter 86 Pandora So you were really ...

    While Feng xing and Odin were fighting in space, Yang ling was returning to the hot springs. If the witch was dead, he had to see this girl's body to believe it.

    The aura of Pandora having disappeared, Yang ling spent a lot of time searching the surroundings which was still covered by the forbidden spell of Zhi mei lan.

    Everything in the area was covered in a bright red.

    Yang ling saw traces of blood all around him. But he keep looking for Pandora.

    "Partner, I think you don't really know this witch. She was a cruel and ruthless person. Behind her face as innocent as that of a child. Hides a person who thinks only of herself. "

    "Lan Lan ... I know you're right, she's probably someone we should avoid. But I could never forget that she spared me!"

    "I was not yet awake at the time, but I find it really strange!"

    "We'll talk later, for now let's continue ..."

    Yang ling and Zhi mei lan eventually found Pandora, her lifeless blank gaze, completely different from the person he had seen a few hours ago.

    Yang ling's body shook, he was paralyzed by his emotions for a few seconds.

    What was he feeling? Sadness.

    He lowered his head to listen to Pandora's heart that no longer beat.

    Tears appeared in his eyes.

    Yang ling couldn't help but take the body hugging Pandora's body.

    "Pandora! So you were really dead !

    It's my fault! If only I hadn't stood out, that guy with glasses wouldn't have killed you ! "

    Without Yang ling and Zhi mei lan realizing it, small balls of black light began to shine in Pandora's body.


    On plains

    Li ming also looked at the sky, next to him, the ice princess Xue bing was asleep on the ground. In a quiet place, surrounded by a few insects.

    Suddenly a column of light fell from the sky and rushed straight towards Li ming.

    Li ming was about to assume a defensive posture, when he felt Feng xing's aura coming towards him.
    Light entered his sword before disappearing. Feng xing's voice appeared in his head.

    "Li ming, the fate of this planet is in your hands, .. you .. and .. the .. inhabitants of .. this ... planet !"

    "What happened Senior?

    "I was not ... enough ..."

    Feng xing's voice became very weak, Li ming could not even feel Feng xing's aura anymore.

    "I've failed.."

    "SENIOR !!!"

    These were Feng Xing's last words before he disappeared completely.

    Li ming's sword lost its shine as if it confirmed Feng xing's disappearance.

    It was impossible to know if Feng xing's soul would ever reappear at this time.

    All that was left of him was a fragment of his aura.


    Shortly after.

    Xue bing finally opened her eyes, she stood up with a headache, looking a little lost.

    She didn't remember how she had passed out. His group was heading towards Blue city then a strange sound appeared.

    The ice princess couldn't figure out what was going on after that. The complete void.

    Xue bing had no doubts that Feng xing had sealed her memory to prevent her being traumatized in her current state, he had judged, that she could not take such a shock.

    Feng xing had noticed that she did not recover the memory of her previous life,

    It was still too early for her to remember Su yue. At this point, Xue bing was still an immature girl.

    After recovering her mind Xue bing looked around her. Li ming stepped in from his field of vision. She thanked him for taking care of her and not taking advantage of the situation.

    And then asked him a question.

    "Li ming, where are the others?"

    When Xue bing asked this question, Li ming winced, he remembered his enemy, Xie wu hui.

    "They must still be there !"

    Xue bing walked behind him and told him to show the way. She wanted to return to the sect as quickly as possible to tell her father about everything that had happened.

    The cultivation of the Ice Princess being higher than him.

    Li ming had no choice but to obey and for another reason too. he remembered the half-elf.

    Leaving a girl alone with Xie wu hui was a bad idea. If something bad happened.

    He would feel too guilty. His conscience would not allow it.

    When they both returned to their previous places.

    Li ming and Xue bing spotted an elf with white hair and golden eyes.

    Killing intent surrounded her.

    When Xie wu hui, he was shaking with fear, tears were flowing from his eyes, his blood was flowing everywhere, his body was ravaged by the blows of swords.

    He begged in a weak voice to be spared.

    When he woke up, not seeing Li ming and the ice princess. He was confused but when he saw

    Xia li wei, a sleeping beauty, helpless, he could not help evil things and prepare to ravage her.

    He would never have imagined awakening a ruthless demon. After herself that she slaughtered him, this elf was about to kill him.

    A sword prepares to slit his throat when a person rushed to stop the elf.

    "STOP IT !"
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    Chapter 87 Xue bing fight Xia kuan yin (part 1)

    Xia kuan yin watched a girl come closer to her with an ice sword in her hand. This girl was of course Xue bing, her aura exploded, the temperature around her dropped at high speed.

    "Ice blade!"

    An ice sword rushed straight at the golden eyed elf. She threw Xie wu hui a few yards away. And blocked the Frozen Princess's attack with her sword with fire qi.


    This exchange made it possible to feel the cultivation of the other. And Xue bing immediately understood that she was going to have a hard time defeating her opponent. Even though it appears her cultivation was higher and she missed an arm after what happened in the forest.

    And oddly this half-elf seemed very familiar to him.

    She had to save Xie wu hui, the Xie clan had influence in the sect. If any of the inheritors of the Xie clan were to die while she was in this group, her sect father would surely lose a lot of prestige and influence as a master.
    Observing the person in front of her, Xue bing noticed that she was a beauty, although inferior to her. It was probably Xie wu hui again who surely had bad intentions.
    He probably didn't know she was going to be so dangerous. The ice princess decided from the bottom of her heart to avoid any form of contact with him as soon as her group returned to the sect.

    Xia kuan yin finally remembered who this girl was from the memory of Xia li wei.
    She was probably the most beautiful girl in this country. Many disciples wanted to become her Dao partner. Even several princes had heard of her. Her fighting style and her beauty had given her the nickname of Princess of Ice.

    Xia li wei could hardly be afraid of her and felt inferior. but she was different Xia kuan yin.
    didn't give a damn about the reputation and identity of the Ice Princess, even though she was the daughter of the sect master.

    Xia kuan yin looked the ice princess straight in the eye threateningly.
    "I don't know why you are trying to fight against me, but if you want to fight!"

    The instinct of the princess told him that this elf was a dangerous opponent.
    She would attract this person's hatred by attacking him by surprise, but she had a good reason, if she had waited a second longer, Xie wu hui would die.

    "Truly, I did not come to fight, I just wish you would spare one of the disciples of my sect."

    "You want me to spare him! impossible after what he tried to do!"

    "If you try to kill him, the Four Seasons Sect and the Xie Clan will be your enemies!"

    "Its a threat ?"

    "Princess! You don't have to be so scared,! This half-elf is Xia li wei! No one in the sect really cares about this half-blood person."

    As the two women were chatting, Xie wu hui shouted with the forces that still had Xia kuan yin's true identity.
    Li ming observed the situation, he wished from the bottom of his heart the death of Xie wu hui. But there was nothing he could do at the moment.
    And Xie wu hui's words intrigue him. Were the half-elf's relatives traitors for her to suffer ill-treatment in the sect.

    Xue bing changed his attitude when she heard Xie wu hui. He had no reason to lie and then that also explained how that half-elf was there

    "So you are Xia li wei, your appearance is different from usual! Do I have to take you seriously in this form! Yet your nature has not changed, once again you seek to kill one disciples of our sect t!

    This is unforgivable, don't think your current cultivation at 8 Qi layer is impressive, it's nothing, I will show you the difference between us!

    The aura of the Ice Princess intensified. Her cultivation was very slightly superior to that of Xia kuan yin in appearance.

    "You don't even know what happened little girl! You really think I would have tried to kill him if he hadn't done anything!"

    "Enough talking Xia li wei, this time, I will punish you properly this time, then you will be locked in the sect dungeons!"

    "Ice stone!"

    "Burning Palm!"

    Ice crystals and the image of a flaming hand appeared in the two girls' hands before they launched an attack on the other.
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    Chapter 88 Xue bing fight Xia kuan yin (part 2)

    When icy crytals struck the half-elf, Xia kuan yin made a red fireball appear in her hand. She focused her spiritual energy in her body towards her hand.
    From a distance, it looked like the fireball was dancing.

    The elf threw the fireball at the crystals. Which caused a small explosion.

    BOom !

    For her part, the ice princess had acted different, an intense cold suddenly appeared around, like an ice armor and blocked the burning attack of Xia kuan yin

    The two females cultivators easily blocked each other's attack.

    People could believe after this warm-up that they are both of equal strength. Even though the Ice Princess only had one arm of her arms at the moment.

    The cultivation of Xue bing being a little higher than that of Xia kuan yin.

    "Little girl, if you insist on fighting me so badly, I'll be ruthless!" Xia kuan yin replied.

    "Xia li wei! Do you really think you can beat me?" Xue bing replied annoyed by the elf's behavior.

    In reality Xia li wei wouldn't even dare to contradict the ice princess, because she knew she was the daughter of the sect.

    Unfortunately for her, it was Xia kuan yin who was taking control of her body for the time being.

    Xia kuan yin took a few steps back, she put her sword on the ground. Her body emitted a threatening red light. She recited an incantation.

    Power given by the gods.
    burning for a long time,
    Gather flames and,
    ravaging my enemies.

    " Martial art level 2 Fire ball! "

    Large fireballs appeared one after another in the elf's hands.

    Xia kuan yin quickly threw those fireballs at Xue bing, moving her arms continuously.

    Xia li wei was not the only one to know this fate.

    Surprised by Xia kuan yin's numerous attacks, Xue bing had just enough time to create a wall of ice that exploded intensely, when the two attacks made contact.

    BOOM! BoOm! BoOOOm !


    Xue bing cried out before being thrown into the air. She put her arms against her face to try to cushion her fall.

    A figure moved quickly, her reaction was just quick enough to save Xue bing before she hurt herself on the ground. This figure was Li ming.

    The ice princess opened her arms before seeing who had just saved her.

    She was a little embarrassed before spitting up a mouthful of blood on the young man's clothes.

    "Princess, you had better return to the sect in your state, you have no chance of defeating it and then I too wish Xie wu hui dead."

    By saving her. Xue bing begins to have a good impression of Li ming, but the pride of the ice princess prevents her from accepting what Li ming was saying and then she thought she should punish Xia kuan yin to prevent the elf from trying. Again to kill disciples of the sect.

    Another person observe what was happening, this situation was not favorable to him.

    This person was Xie wu hui, sitting on the ground, the elf seemed to have the advantage over the ice princess.

    If Xue bing was to lose, he was sure the elf would kill him. He had to do something to help the Ice Princess.

    "I'm grateful to you! But I have to punish her!" Xue bing wiped the corner of her mouth with her sleeve.

    Xue bing stood up and made a decision. She still had a trump card up her sleeve.
    From her shoulder to her hand, Xue bing's entire arm was covered with a layer of ice equipped with a sharp blade.

    "Frozen Blade of the Ice princess !"

    With a footwork Xue bing ran straight to Xia kuan yin who stopped throwing fireballs.

    Xia kuan yin picked up her sword.

    "This is the end Little Girl!"

    "Scarlet burning fire!"

    Similar to Xue bing's technique, layers of flame enveloped the elf's arm. She directed those intense flames at her sword.

    When they were both a few yards face to face, they drew their weapons
    Before their swords collide.


    They exchanged blows of swords, before Xia kuan yin finally used her trump card.

    The elf's eyes began to mysteriously shine. The cultivation of Xia kuan yin started to climb.

    "9 Qi layer!"

    "Half-step Origin realm!"

    "1 Origin realm!"

    Xue bing, Li ming and Xie wu hui became silent, the three people were stunned.

    "How did you manage to ..."
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    Chapter 89 Xue bing fight Xia kuan yin (end) and Chang yun appears again...

    What was this technique? How could she increase her cultivation in such a short time?

    Even if a technique like this was temporary. It only takes a few seconds in a fight for the situation to be completely reversed.

    Xia kuan yin was emitting a terrifying Qi, the aura of the elf had covered the whole area.
    She was a real threat to Xie wu hui and Xue bing.

    Now that cultivation was Xia kuan yin was at the first level of the Origin realm.

    She had partially recovered some of her techniques.

    A smile appeared on the face of the white haired elf. The elf focused her spiritual energy in on her finger.

    The ice princess felt an intense danger.

    "Little girl! I'm done playing with you! You should never underestimate your opponent !"

    An immaterial sword appeared to appear in blue that appeared above Xia kuan yin.
    The image of this sword represented the Sword Intent of Xia kuan yin.

    The elf could finally concentrate the amount of spiritual energy she desired in her hand.

    Xia kuan yin turned to the ice princess and pointed two of her fingers at the ice princess.

    "Spirit Sword!"

    Blades of energy came out of Xia kuan in's fingers and quickly lengthened towards Xue bing.
    This attack cut everything in its path.

    Xue bing gathered all his strength to block the elf's attack.

    She quickly creates with her Ice qi, a wall of ice in front of her. That shattered into small pieces when Xia kuan yin's technique collided with her attack.


    The energy blades pierced lightly the frozen princess's shoulder before disappearing into the air.

    Xue bing didn't have time to catch her breath, when the elf appeared in front of her.

    The Ice Princess received a punch in her stomach. Which made her tip down.

    She didn't even have enough time to scream in pain as Xue bing received another knee kick in the face.

    The elf's chain of attacks was not over.

    "Burning palm!"

    Xia kuan yin took advantage of a short moment, while Xue bing was stunned by her attack to move behind her back and throw a giant flaming hand towards Xue bing.

    "ARGGH !"

    The body of the Ice Princess flew through the air after such a violent attack. Xue bing spat blood, her meridians had been affected. Tired. Her pride shattered.
    She closed her eyes.

    Parts of her clothes and body were completely burnt by the flames.

    Xue bing's martial spirit immediately began to act and began to heal her wounds.

    A figure ran to grab Xue bing's body and saved her from a fall.

    This figure was Li ming. He had once again saved the Ice Princess.

    He turned to the elf angrily. Xia kuan yin had completely humiliated the ice princess. Although he also thought Xue bing was unfair to them. She didn't need to treat her like that.

    "You shouldn't use your cultivation to humiliate others!"

    "And yet someone has to teach this kid that not everything is going the way she wants it to!"

    "Yang ling would be disgusted with what you just did !"

    "Are you talking about the kid? I only help him every now and then! And even if he should see what just happened. Whatever his opinion. If he doesn't like the way I act it is that we are too different.

    You can chat on your own, I have to take care of another person. "

    Xia kuan yin completely ignored Li ming and ran straight to Xie wu hui who shook with fear.

    The elf tried to run as fast as possible to finish Xie wu hui, she felt the presence of Xia li wei claiming her body.

    When Xie wu hui, he felt like he saw death approaching at full speed.

    In Li ming's arms, weakened Xue bing tried to react after hearing what the elf had just said. She had to prevent Xie wu hui from getting killed, she had to do it for her father's reputation.

    But she was too weak.

    She wanted to do something, yet her body wasn't reacting.

    The pride of the princess could not accept it, she wanted to win.

    The image of Pandora suddenly appeared in her head. She didn't want to relive another defeat.

    She thanked Li ming again and stood up.

    Xue bing's eyes changed color, images from the distant past appeared in her mind. Xue bing's cultivation ascended to the Half-step Origin realm.

    Xue bing's energy exploded from her body. A seed began to form inside her body.

    A blizzard appeared out of nowhere in the area.
    The temperature around the Ice Princess dropped to an extremely low level. Li ming shivered with cold.

    Xia kuan yin also felt the cold, her body immobilized.

    “This girl! What's going on?” Xia kuan yin wondered what was going on.

    The elf's legs and feet were suddenly trapped in the ice.

    Xia kuan yin felt her consciousness disappear, Xia li wei was going to wake up. All of her spiritual energy was soon exhausted.

    Still in a very strange state, Xue bing prevented Xia kuan yin from escaping.
    She spoke.

    "Xie wu hui knock it out, I couldn't last long!"

    Xie wu hui was relieved at this change of situation.

    He got ready to carry out Xue bing's orders right away with a satisfied air.

    Xue bing had immobilized Xia kuan yin, but the elf hadn't said her last word, even though her consciousness was starting to weaken.

    She exploded her aura and released herself from Xue bing's spell. The elf swung his sword at Xie wu hui.


    Xue bing tried to stop Xia kuan yin. A sword was inches away from slitting Xie wu hui's throat when a wind shield appeared around Xie wu hui protecting him from this attack.

    4th level of the martial art of the sect of the four elements!

    Wind Shield!

    Suddenly Xia kuan yin felt an unbearable pain in her head. She recognized this style of fighting. A mental attack.

    The elf sensed imminent danger, a man wearing the insignia of the yang clan approached her.

    "Tiger claws!"

    Xia kuan yin spat out a mouthful of blood. Her armor shattered to pieces. Her stomach was bleeding. She said weakly.


    A girl with brown hair, tied in a pony tail made demonic flowers appear to grow around the elf ready to attack Xia kuan yin

    An arrogant woman with horrible scars on one of her cheeks that appeared with a sneer. She accompanied her group.

    "Ha..ha..ha, as the daughter of the Four Seasons Cult master, you are ridiculous, pathetic, Xue bing! Losing so miserably to someone, I watched your fight.

    You should accept marriage with the second prince, it is the only one you can do to contribute to the sect.

    And you Xie wu hui, I hope you will give me something in exchange for your miserable life, I wouldn't want to save you for nothing or I might get angry! "

    "Chang yun ... you!"

    Xue bing and Xie wu hui were all humble but they could not find anything to say.
    Chang yun turned to the elf, she noticed the hostility in Xue bing's gaze.
    An evil smile appeared on Chang yun's face.


    "What's up with Partner? If it's about Pandora, you should forget about it!"

    "No, I don't know what's happening to me, I suddenly have a bad feeling!"

    Although Pandora's death had affected him, he had known Pandora that for a few hours it was something else!

    Something bad was about to happen.
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    Chapter 90 Green-scaled snakes and Zhi mei lan wiggling her hair

    "A bad feeling, you say?"

    "I don't know how I could explain it ?"

    "The great me! Don't care about that, let's talk about something more important! You promised to feed me Partner!

    "Yes, I said that probably !"

    "And I told you that one of the ways to regenerate my body is to drink blood, especially from girls!"

    Yang ling had a feeling, he immediately knew what the Spirit of the sword was about to say.

    "I know what you're going to say LanLan and that's out of the question and then you're not the only one hungry."

    "It's not the same! Let me DRINK THE BLOOD OF THIS WITCH!"

    "NO ! "

    "You can't stop me!"

    Zhi mei lan disappeared from Yang ling's field of vision, Yang ling's sword began to shake and disappeared too.

    What Yang ling did not know was that Zhi mei lan had already regenerated part of her body.

    By killing Mei hua in the forest of the beginning, Zhi mei lan had recovered her teeth and her mouth.
    Yang ling put Pandora's body on the ground to look for Zhi mei lan. He stood up and looked around.

    He looked right and left, below and above him.

    He suddenly looked behind him. Pandora's body was still there. But Zhi mei lan was not there.

    Zhi mei lan seemed to have disappeared. But if she thought that was going to trick him, Yang ling was sure Zhi mei lan would reappear.

    He sat down not far from Pandora's body and kept his eyes open.


    Zhi mei lan discreetly reappeared behind his back, Yang ling's sword reappeared at the same time.

    She laughed at Yang ling and stuck out her tongue. The spirit's head moved closer to the witch's body.

    The sword-spirit was about to use her teeth to drink the blood of the witch like a vampire.

    She was not going to completely drain Pandora of her blood as the Witch's cultivation at True Profound realm was too high for her current state.

    She couldn't handle such a large amount of spiritual energy.

    Zhi mei lan looked at Pandora's body which was shining strangely before asking a question.

    Why had Pandora spared Yang ling?

    Zhi mei lan knew the personality of the witch, 1000 years ago, during a fight, Pandora had killed more than 1000 people with bare hands with a smile.

    Zhi mei lan didn't understand what was going on in this Witch's head and would never understand her.
    The story of the witch was over now, she was dead.

    It was something common in this world.

    Zhi mei lan wondered how much her body was going to be restored. Her eyes were shining with impatience.

    The Sword-spirit of the sword lifted the Witch's sleeve, Pandora's bare arm exposed to the air.
    Zhi mei lan's lips touched the witch's skin.

    Before her teeth dig into the flesh, Zhi mei lan's teeth pierced the witch's skin. Pandora's blood flowed into Zhi mei lan's mouth before she was automatically absorbed into Yang ling's sword.


    Zhi mei lan stopped drinking, she had reached her limit. She transformed the absorbed blood into spiritual energy.

    Zhi mei lan's transparent body became a little more visible, her hands had appeared in reality.

    "Thanks to the blood of the witch, the great Zhi mei lan is soon back! HAHaha ..... arrggghh

    Zhi mei lan rolled over on the ground and started to scream.

    Something wrong is happening. Yang ling's sword glowed black for a few seconds.

    Without anyone noticing Zhi mei lan's shadow began to change shape.

    Yang ling turned around hearing Zhi mei lan's screams. Pandora's blood was flowing. He was a little furious with Zhi mei lan.

    "ZHI MEI LAN!"

    Zhi mei lan stopped rolling after a while. A strange light appeared in her eyes.

    "I'm sorry Partner! I know I shouldn't have done this!"

    Zhi mei lan tried to apologize sincerely by lowering her head.

    While the young cultivator was still angry, Yang ling heard a noise. The noise didn't sound like human footsteps.

    He recognized that sound. He heard another noise and then another a few moments later.

    The shadow of these beasts finally appeared before him. Without paws or legs.

    Green-scaled snakes about the size of a child appeared around him.

    The cultivation of these demonic beasts were the same as him 3 Qi layer.

    "We'll talk later! We'll have to fight !"

    "Don't Worry, these snakes are nothing to the great Zhi mei lan also their meats and good for your body!"
    You can breakthrough to the Late 3 Qi Layer with this !"

    "Oh really good !"

    Yang ling got into a fighting stance raising his sword, Zhi mei lan watched him wiggling her hair.


    In another place, Xia kuan yin was in a bad condition.

    The elf's meridians were damaged.

    Surrounded by enemies much stronger than herself, the half-elf could do nothing,
    No matter how strong she was.

    She could neither escape nor defeat her opponents after fighting against Xue bing.

    But before she passed out, she had to do a certain thing.

    Sitting not far away, Chang yun was sitting on a rock, she was starting to get impatient because

    Xie wu hui didn't want to give this girl anything.

    "Xie wu hui, hurry up, I don't want to repeat myself!"

    Chang yun raised her hand, Sun Peng and Yang hu approached Xie wu hui threateningly.

    Xie wu hui made a face when he saw Yang hu and Yang bao.

    Yang bao watched over two prisoners, a man and a teenage girl.

    "NO wonder that Yang ling DOG betrayed me!"

    Most of the people present were surprised while waiting for this name, all for different reasons.
    Yang bao, Yang hu, Sun peng, Li xiu, Li xiang, Li ming's sister, Li xiu's father who was a prisoner.

    Another person other than Xie wu hui was also angry, that person was Li ming.
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    Chapter 91 The Elf in Danger (part 1)

    Most of those present were surprised that Yang ling betrayed Xie wu hui.

    Knowing Yang ling's personality for years, they were very surprised by this news.

    Especially for a girl with brown hair and emerald eyes among them.

    This girl was Li ming's cousin. A prisoner of Chang yun, a seal was implanted in her mind, the saddest news was that the two family members were chained by her fault,

    Her father presents as well as her cousin.

    Li ming on the ground could not save them. Her heart was filled with despair.

    The only good news that had happened was that Yang ling had rebelled against Xie wu hui, it was better than nothing but she found it hard to believe it. It was not his usual style.

    She suddenly remembered the past. Years ago.


    "Li xiu! It is an honor for you and your cousin to become the young Master's concubine. Right Brother Hei and Brother Bai ?

    "You did a good job Yang ling! The young Master will remember your contribution !

    "Hahaha Leave it to us !"

    “I promise that if the young master writes a recommendation so that I can more easily enter the sect, I will continue to serve him to the best of my ability.

    The Yang ling of the past was accompanied by two men, one was very tall for a teenager, he fought in his hand without any weapon and the other was short, with a long nose.

    He held two poisoned knives in his hands.

    "PEH, my cousin and I would rather die than become his wife."

    "Don't see it like that! "

    "HEY what's that noise?"

    The three of them heard the sound of footsteps approaching in their direction.

    A familiar figure with an enraged face approached very quickly.


    "Sister Li xiu, my brother Li ming succeeded, he found Uncle Li in time ! We are saved!"

    "We are in danger Brother Hei, Brother bai Let's go now !"

    The three of them were about to leave when a huge rock fell on them.

    UGGHHG! "

    "Well done Uncle Li"

    "Good Job Father !"

    End of flashback

    Present time

    As for Xie wu hui, he had not yet noticed Li xiu's presence. Because he had another problem.

    A grimace appeared on Xie wu hui's face when Sun peng finally came in front of him.

    Sun peng looked down at Xie wu hui. He slapped Xie wu hui hard.

    "You heard what Chang yun said, hurry up!

    "ARHH! Sun peng! Your bastard! How dare you raise your hand on me, when my father learns everything that happened you will all pay for it!"

    "Are you stupid Xie wu hui? You really think Clan Xie is going to threaten Chang yun for someone like you. You seem to forget that you are not the only member of Clan Xie in the sect.

    Come to think of it, it seems to me that you always keep teleportation talismans on you, you told us that during the Banquet, give them immediately ! Loser "

    "YOU ....!"

    Xie wu hui pointed at him, her mouth opened, but no words came out. He remembered that in the sect he often said that his clan worked with a creator of Talisman.

    "Yang ling stole them from me!"


    "You heard me right! That Yang Ling dog stole my teleport Taliman."

    Not far away, Chang yun looked at the situation amusedly. She heard everything Sun peng had just said.

    She approached Xie wu hui and smiled.

    She raised her arms and the habits of Xie wu hui flew through the air a few meters above the ground.

    Mental power could affect any type of object but not living things,

    She would even be able to manipulate people's movements by moving their weapons or their habits when her mental energy level is higher.

    A talisman fell slowly. Chang yun moved her pinky finger towards her.

    And the object in question landed in her hand,

    "So that's a teleportation talisman? Too bad it's a bit ugly. But I almost forgot something important !"

    Chang yun turned to Xue bing and Xia kuan yin and showed a terrifying face for the first time.

    Xue bing took a few steps back when she saw her face.

    There was one thing she found it hard to tolerate.

    Chang yun's aura exploded.

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    Chapter 92 The elf in danger (part 2)

    Chang yun's true personality finally emerged. Even if she conceals her sinister personality from the sect. She is indeed a jealous woman who cannot stand a woman to be more beautiful than her.



    Chang yun threw a mental attack towards the two people.



    Xue bing and Xia kuan yin screamed in pain. Their spirituals energies almost dry, they must have

    difficult to defend against an attack of this type.

    Xue bing tried to contain the pain and lifted his head to tell Chang yun.

    "You're CRAZY! What are you doing attacking me, we're part of the same sect! Why are you doing this!"
    Chang yun laughed at hearing what the ice princess said and walked over to her.

    "You really thought that I was on your side Xue bing ! How cute ! But you know for me You and Xia li wei, you are both enemies.

    I hate when a woman is more beautiful than me. In the Sect. I can see the faces of the disciples who fantasize about your body. This feeling ... is wonderful. I would give anything to have your place Xue bing

    Chang yun touched the horrible scar on her cheek, her mood darkened and

    she hit Xue bing hard in the face, the body of the frozen princess flew into the air before her face fell to the ground.

    "You nicknamed is the Ice Princess right Xue bing ? I hate the word 'princess' Do you want to know why? I'm going to tell you a story ! "

    Chang yun will always remember the cursed day she received this scar. Two or three years ago.

    Flash Back

    At a banquet organized by the King of the country of Cai, his father gave her a mission.

    She was to poison a certain princess and take her to the bedroom of the son of the master of the four seasons sect.

    And surprise them both glued to each other in the same room the same evening in the presence of the king and the other guests.

    This scandal should have put the King in a black anger and this rage would be directed directly against the son of the master of the sect of the four seasons.

    Which would have allowed Chang yun's father to become the Sect's new Master.

    This princess had a special identity, one evening when the King of Cai had drunk too much alcohol, he called a maid into his room, a primary desire arose in the King's body when he gazed at the beauty of the maid. He hugged her and undressed her.

    It was on this famous night that the princess was born.

    This mission should have been a success, the princess did not like the company of men for some reason and mostly chatted with her friends and other girls.

    Infiltrating was very easy.

    Unfortunately for Chang yun, the princess was a formidable enemy, thanks to an artefact, she noticed immediately that we had tried to poison her. And asked her pet, a demonic wolf to find the culprit.

    Chang yun had no choice but to flee. She had almost succeeded, when the princess wolf suddenly came over and clawed at her face, completely disfiguring half of her face.

    The princess came in front of her and stroked her face.

    "It's a shame we could have had a good time together! But now you're Ugly or maybe you were ugly from the start. Get on out of here ! I don't want see you Ugly woman"

    The Princess threw Chang yue's body in a puddle and returned to the Castle.
    Chang yun was later saved by one of his father's superordinates.

    End flash back

    "One day I will eat her animal in front of her and kill this Bitch! When to you, Xue bing, I changed my mind, I am going to insert a seal that will prevent you from using your spiritual energy

    and only the second prince will know the password to release the seal and after you I'll take care of that little elf.


    "HAHHA, your dad will agree with us and we can still Kidnap your brother in the worst case HHAHAA, what's that noise?


    The sound of a sword appeared in the air, followed by a sword strike.

    Sun peng noticed that the sound was coming from between Xie wu hui's legs.

    Blood that appeared splashed all over and Xie wu hui's ball fell out of his pants

    AGHHHH !!!!!!!

    Not far away a female elf started running, it was Xia kuan yin.
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    Chapter 93 Elf in Danger (End)

    Author's note :

    "I'm finally starting to write the real story, be careful

    It is to darken this novel a little bit and then a little more until the revenge part."

    A few minutes before Xie wu lost his thing
    From Liu xiu's view


    Demonic flowers surrounded Xia kuan yin, ready to attack her at the slightest movement.
    But the person controlling his monsters around the elf had her gaze elsewhere.

    She didn't emit the slightest hostility against the female elf, she was just forced to obey Chang yun's orders, with a seal like 100 needles in her head, whenever she disobeyed Chang yun's orders to her. Excruciating pain spread through her head.

    As if a person inserted hundreds of needles into a body.

    She had also been completely disfigured, as if a ferocious beast had raged on her face. five large red vertical line completely covered her face.

    Li xiu had thought well of killing herself to avoid an even more miserable fate.

    Unfortunately Chang yun had already anticipated this situation, imprisoning her cousin and her father. The only one that kept her going was that Li ming could save them.

    Li xiu was very surprised when meeting him on the way, she wanted to tell him especially not to get upset and escape from here to come back later to save them.

    But seeing their miserable condition, Li ming could not contain his anger despite the old man's warnings in his pendant.

    Li ming was quickly overpowered by Mu hui, a fatty disciple who followed Chang yun and Sun peng, and plunged his head to the ground.

    Li xiu continued to look in Li ming's direction. She wanted to help him but she didn't want Chang yun to find out that he was part of her family.

    Suddenly as the situation stagnated Chang yun sent a mental attack towards Xue bing and Xia kuan yin ..

    The elf spat out a mouthful of his blood. She was really tired. But she continued to stay awake to prevent Xia li wei from taking her place. It was too risky a situation.

    Li xiu looked at her with pity, this was only the beginning,

    Chang yun was a evil woman all beautiful female people more beautiful than who fell into her hands would suffer a sad fate. She was living proof of Chang yun's cruelty.

    Li xiu's gaze shifted to Xue bing, she didn't believe such a beautiful person could exist.

    Listening to their conversation, Xue bing was surely not going to be disfigured but her fate will not be better than theirs.

    At this point a person quietly approached the elf, using his martial spirit. He was completely invinsible.
    He thought in his head.

    "Xia li wei, because of you and Yang ling, I lost two teleportation talismans. I will make you regret it starting with you first."

    Xie wu hui rushed towards Xia kuan yin, his face expressed in anger. He brandishes his spear.

    While on the ground, Xia kuan yin, she sensed imminent danger. Without any spiritual energy and without any strength, the elf panicked a bit.

    It was then that she made an important decision, so she and Xia li wei can live. Even if it's dangerous

    She closed her eyes to enter the sea of consciousness. Different from the consciousness of Yang ling which looked like a city.

    Xia li wei's soul looked like a green forest. in the center of the forest two balls were present separated by a river.

    A small light green ball the size of a marble was present representing the soul of Xia li wei.

    Another large, almost broken dark green ball the size of a soccer ball represented the soul of Xia kuan yin.

    The elf made a decision and tore off a piece of the dark green ball and absorbed its energy.

    If cultivators saw her, they could tell that she had just damaged her soul to restore her strength for a few seconds.

    This technique was dangerous because if a person damaged his soul too much, it risked disappearing forever.

    The elf opened his eyes again. One of his eyes took on a dark blue color.
    Just like the first time she saw Yang ling.

    Pressure quickly enveloped Li xiu and Xie wu hui.

    Xie wu hui noticed that the elf's eyes had changed. They had changed colors.

    Xia kuan could now see Xie wu hui's position when she saw his emotion of hatred.

    She concentrated all the pressure Xie wu hui.


    Xie wu hui's martial spirit was completely disturbed and became visible again.

    The female elf now regained her strength, she rushed towards Xie wu hui and brandished her sword.


    Xia kuan yin sliced Xie wu hui's thing

    End From Liu xiu's view


    She took advantage of this moment to run away at full speed.




    "IT HURTS !"

    Xie wu hui cried out in pain, he was in pain, no one could bear such pain,
    The faces of the male cultivators turned pale and put their two hands between their legs by reflex.
    Li ming's entire family began to quietly smile.

    Serves you right!

    Mu hui being the closest male cultivator approached to examine Xie wu hui's wound. Only one conclusion appeared in his head.

    Xie wu hui was fucked up. He became a eunuch.


    Using the energy of her soul. The female elf was able to escape at some distance.

    Xia kuan yin was already 5 killometers from them. Her body started to shake, her mouth throwing up blood again. Her cultivation began to return to normal.

    Tired and hurt. Xia li wei's soul were to gain the upper hand over her.

    As for her soul, she was already damaged, but now she was in an even more miserable state.

    But she had to run away at all costs as far as possible. Her legs seemed so heavy.

    Xia kuan yin finally sat down on the floor and let her guard down. So Tired

    "cough..cough ... cough..I .... should ... be ... safe .."

    The elf closed his eyes to rest when from nowhere red chains appeared and trapped her on the ground.

    "Damn it! A trap! How did you find me?"

    Chang yun and Yang bao appeared in front of her. An evil smile appeared on the face of the female cultivator.

    "You underestimate me too much! Nobody escapes my mental technique and facing Yang bao, a True Deep Realm, you had no chance to run away. Neither you, nor Xue bing, nor anyone.
    HHAHAHaaa. "

    Chang yun remembered something about the elf from Xie wu hui's mouth.

    "While he was screaming Xie wu hui said that you have special eyes. I'm going to tear one out to study it !"

    " Xia li wei or whoever you are Try not to die while I extract your eye ! "

    Later people around heard a woman screaming in pain.
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    Chapter 94 Killing Green-scaled snakes

    Author's Note Dear Reader Yang ling's first friend will soon Appear in the next chapter (s).

    Near the hot springs, an area filled with stone and rock.

    A beautiful young girl with pink hair with transparent bodies like that of a ghost was floating in the air, lying on her side.

    She put her hand over her mouth and started to yawn.

    A sword with the character Zhi containing her soul will float beside her.

    Zhi mei lan looked a few meters below her. A young brown haired cultivator fighting with green scale snakes. She cried.

    "Hey Partner could you hurry up and kill those monsters!"

    This young cultivator was Yang ling, after the fight started, He easily killed some snakes with the help of Zhi mei lan.

    When he got ready to kill the three remaining snakes. Zhi mei lan suddenly stopped helping him and flew into the air with his sword.

    Yang ling was shocked at her attitude. He asked why she did that.

    Zhi mei lan simply replied that the three snakes that remained were males.

    The spirit of the sword had not said that her martial skill could instantly recognize the sex of a living being. At least, all living beings with blood in their body.

    She will not hurt and kill any male person. Only females.

    All this to prevent her body from becoming that of a man.

    As long as she hadn't absorbed blood or energy to rebuild her whole body.

    All of Yang ling's future combat matches will be this way.

    Unless the young cultivator finds a solution. This was also the reason why the former owner Xia jinsé progressed very slowly.

    Yang ling was once again shocked by Zhi mei lan's response and replied that they were demonic beasts. How was it possible that she would become such a man.

    It was at this point that the spirit of his sword told him that at some level of cultivation, even demonic beasts could take on the appearance of a human.

    Zhi mei lan doesn't want to take any risks. What if a beard grew after killing those male snakes.
    She didn't even dare to imagine it.

    Yang ling felt like banging his head against a wall, he must be cursed, how was he going to survive if a person like Xie wu hui wanted to kill him with a sword like her.

    Thinking a little, he told himself that he could manage as his enemies weren't too tough.

    Half an hour later when Yang ling was breathless with the fight.

    Without any weapon to cut their bodies. He was starting to tired when the young cultivator heard,

    the voice of Zhi mei lan in the middle of a fight, telling him to hurry,

    The young cultivator wanted to show the middle of his finger, if only she could help him a little more.

    The attack of the snakes with green scales were weak but they possessed some speed.

    When Yang wanted to clear their heads with his martial skill. They dodged to the side. It was an endless loop.

    After some time passes when two of the snakes approach him dangerously showing their sharp teeth
    Another snake suddenly smelled the scent of blood guided by its stomach.

    An inanimate body was in the vicinity.

    The snake immediately smelled the scent of his meal and quickly appeared near Pandora's body.

    Yang ling had completely forgotten about Pandora during the fight, panicked by the situation, he was not fast enough to catch up with the snake.

    While he was thinking about finding a solution, he didn't know that Zhi mei lan was observing the situation in a strange way. A black flame appeared on one of her fingers. A blonde strand had appeared in her hair.

    Yang ling couldn't find a solution, he didn't know enough techniques, and he was too slow. All he saw were stones on the ground.

    "I have to do something and quickly to save her! I have to find something! But all I see around me are stones and pebbles !

    An idea occurred to him. Yet something told him it was going to go wrong.

    "Pebbles, they can't be considered weapons, right? I hope so! AH ... Damn it, I don't have time to think ..."

    Yang ling hurried to pick up stones, he will transfer his Fire Qi. And thrown with all these forces the flaming pebbles towards the snake which approached the body of Pandora.

    Peng! Peng! Peng!

    No matter how badly Yang ling aimed, with the number of projectiles launched. He was sure to hit the target.

    The body of the snake was hit by some burning stones, the monster died very quickly ravaged by flames.

    Yang ling had managed to get rid of one of his snakes, there were only two left.

    What he hadn't expected was that unbearable pain would suddenly appear.
    The character Zhi had just appeared again on his forehead.

    "AARRH !"

    He quickly understood what it was ! When his hand started to shake for no apparent no reason.

    "Seriously ! Zhi mei lan, these are pebbles, stones! How they look like weapons!"

    What Yang ling didn't know that Zhi mei lan had no control over the curse, if not she would have already escaped from that cursed sword.

    Suddenly as the pain seemed to diminish, Yang ling had forgotten something else.


    Yang ling cried out again in pain a snake bit his right arm and another snake bit his right leg.

    Misfortune never happened on its own, as snakes attacked her, flames burn part of Pandora's dress. Yang ling had thrown so many small pebbles that some of them were right next to the witch's body.

    Yang ling realized the imminent catastrophe he had just caused, panicked, he momentarily ignored the pain and took with both hands, the two snakes.

    He used all his strength to violently swing his enemies to the ground and crushed them with all the weight of his body, jumping on them.

    Yang ling didn't know that he had just used one of the only means to hit an enemy in this situation.

    There was other way to do it, but he wasn't experienced enough. What he had just done was to take an attack and retaliate immediately afterwards.

    For the moment the only thing he thought was to extinguish the flames he had just created.
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    Chapter 95 Breakthrough to the Late 3 Qi layer

    Yang ling finally managed to extinguish the flames he had created.

    "Phew! Just in time, luckily, I remembered that I could use water Qi !

    This is the first time I have used this element since I became the Yang ling of this world, using this technique, It gives me a funny feeling, how would I describe the feeling that I'm feeling right now? Disappointment.

    When he had just reincarnated, the thunder Qi in his body prevented him from using this element,
    Yang ling had sensed in the forest of the beginning that he would soon be able to use the original element of the old Yang ling.

    It is for this reason that Li ming thought to use a water barrier when they were fighting in the forest. Except that the current Yang ling rather mastered the power of fire at that time.

    When he remembered the ancient Yang ling's water techniques, Water barriere and Sea Dragon,
    a thought suddenly occurred to him. He began to understand something.

    For now Yang ling quickly did so to save the witch's body.

    Small balls of water out of his hands. This made it possible to extinguish the flames.
    He was relieved that he hadn't used this martial skill.

    This technique really sucked.It so lame !

    Other techniques like the Water Barrier or the Sea Dragon were okay, except his alter ego lacked the skills to use their potential. He was too busy petting Xie wu hui.

    Clap ! Clap ! Clap !

    A person arrived in front of Yang ling clapping his hands, that person was Zhi mei lan who had just come back to him.

    Zhi mei lan didn't know why, but for a few minutes she had the impression of losing control of her mind at times.

    When she regained control, several minutes had passed. Yang ling was resting on the ground.
    She walked over and said a real big smile on her face.

    "You did well Partner! Not only did you succeed at all the snakes and you also saved the witch's body.

    But don't get arrogant, these demonic beasts don't even have cores.

    You can say that these snakes have the same cultivation as you but their rank is level 2.

    Which means among the weakest.

    Yang ling didn't bother to answer, he decided to scare her, he approached the corpse of a snake and picked it up. Zhi mei lan finally realized his silence and approached him again with a sad face.

    "Are you mad at me Partner? I know I'm selfish and could have helped you using my other skill.

    But you have to come up against dangerous situations in order to progress. It's necessary

    Yang ling smiled oddly.

    "Okay, okay I forgive you ! Zhi mei lan! Look what I have in my hand !"

    Yang ling approached Zhi mei lan with the head of a squashed snake.

    Yang ling's hands were covered with the blood of the beast.

    Fear invaded Zhi mei lan, she flew at a great speed in the air.

    "Stay away from me ! You really wish a pretty girl like me had a mustache !"

    Yang ling stopped after taking revenge by scaring that female spirit sword.

    The young cultivator was starving after all his struggles and the situation finally calm.

    He used his water qi to wash the snakes and his fire qi to roast their flesh.

    And in normal times if he was still on earth. He probably wouldn't eat that kind of meat, but in this world he didn't have much choice and then it kept his stomach full.

    After his meal as Zhi mei lan told him the cultivation of the young cultivator instantly rose to the Late 3 Qi Layer. His martial spirit, a blue sphere shone, its color became clearer.

    At 4 Qi layer, he will be able to register for the sect exam which will take place soon.

    Yang ling was about to fall asleep when Zhi mei lan reappeared later to tell him something.

    Zhi mei lan's aura was strange again. A blonde strand reappeared in her hair. She smiled in a strange voice. Different from her personality.

    "Yang ling! I have to tell you something! About ..."

    "Oh really what do you want!"

    The female spirit of the sword whispered in his ear.

    "Seriously! I hope you're telling the truth !"

    Yang ling and Zhi mei lan both approached the witch's body.

    The young cultivator put down the witch's chest and activated his Martial spirit.

    "Sphere of fusion !"
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    Chapter 96 Pandora's wish

    Putting his hand on Pandora's chest. Yang ling felt the soul fragments of the witch.

    With the help of his Martial Spirit, Yang ling began to put everything together.

    Fragments of Pandora's Soul assembled like a puzzle.

    A few minutes later, Yang ling was almost done with what he was doing.
    Pandora's soul was round now, like that of a normal person.

    Everything was perfect. Except when his eyes noticed a hole of a few inches.

    The young cultivator wondered what was going on. He had yet reunited all the soul pieces of her body.
    A figure next to him smirked.

    She whispered.

    "Everything went as I planned !"

    The blonde lock on Zhi mei lan's head suddenly disappeared. She fell unconscious. A soul fragment taken from Yang ling's sword to enter the witch's body.

    Yang ling wondered what was going on ? He wanted to see if Zhi mei lan was okay.
    But he had to finish what he was doing. To prevent an accident from happening.

    Yang ling continued to focus and began to speed up the process of merging the fragments of Pandora's soul.

    The young cultivator felt a fragment approaching Pandora's soul.

    It was strange to him because the young cultivator hadn't sensed the presence of this Fragment in the witch's body at the very beginning.

    He didn't understand what was going on. But this Soul Fragment did belong to Pandora, he was sure of it.
    By merging this Part, Pandora's soul was finally formed again.

    The spiritual energy in the air moved quickly towards the body of the witch. the Witch's Life Qi condensed.
    Energy of black color appeared around her.

    Despite the fatigue, the young cultivator took the time to check on Zhi mei lan's condition.

    He examined his sword. Zhi mei lan's soul was only asleep. There was nothing to worry about.
    He was reassured by this news

    His body tired after using his martial spirit. Yang ling passed out immediately.

    Only his will had allowed him to hold out so long. Even if the task seemed easy to do. Yang ling had exhausted his mental energy.

    You could compare it to someone passing a difficult level in a video game or someone doing a math test.


    At nightfall, a person with blond hair and a dress opened her eyes.

    She got up very slowly and smiled, she looked at her hands, before laughing.

    This person was evidently Pandora, her soul was now complete.
    She is alive or rather from the beginning she was not dead.

    Pandora had deceived everyone.

    A demonic smile appeared on her face. She laughed.

    "AHHAHHAHAHAAAHHHH ODIN! You really thought you killed me? Maybe in your dreams !

    You and the master really thought you could control me forever !

    You may have given me life, but I'm the only one who decides my fate.

    AHahhahahahhaha! I am free now ! !

    1000 years ago, the witch was sent by these two men with a mission.

    Pandoras knew their sadistic natures. They were so violent that everyone under them trembled with fear when they spoke to them.

    The witch was no exception despite her appearance.

    The mission she received was to start a war ! To shed blood.

    The master of Pandora wishes to become the most powerful being that ever existed.
    And for that he should create as much chaos as possible.

    The witch didn't know why but her master felt a certain hatred towards the emperor.
    She didn't know their relationship and she didn't care.

    For some reason, the master of Pandora was very familiar with the Emperor's personality. With a divine artifact that boosted the cultivation of the Emperor.

    Emperor Huang zui gao was quickly overwhelmed by his ambitions, that of becoming the master of the world.

    What the master of Pandora hadn't foreseen was for Feng Xing's group to appear and defeat the emperor.
    As for the witch, she had to flee after a terrible fight against Xue bing.

    Pandora knew that she had no chance against Feng Xing's group, it was the most dangerous of them because he was the one with the power to seal everything.

    Even if Pandora wants to go as far as possible to avoid meeting them, especially Feng Xing.

    She had been ordered to kill a number of people before fleeing.

    And because of the Seal within her soul, she had to continue to listen to Odin and her master's command.

    Without Su yue's help, she would have died !

    When Feng xing and Odin began to fight on the planet,

    Pandora immediately understood why she had to keep killing people!

    It was surely a ritual for Odin to appear on the planet without the planet's shield activating.

    The witch fled in a Pagoda, not knowing whether Odin or Feng xing had won.

    She decided to time travel.

    600 years later, the Pagoda exploded in an accident with an elf.

    Pandora continued to travel through time on her own,

    400 years later. Her body could not stand time travel anymore.

    Her cultivation regressed to the True Profound Realm. She decided to return to the planet Fali.

    Odin and his master told her everything that had happened in a few words. They had failed. Feng xing was the most formidable opponent they had ever met.

    The master of Pandora thought of a new plan, time continued to pass until the appearance of Yang ling.

    Pandora had a vision about a new transmigrator, she chatted with the man on the throne who vaguely listened to what she had said.

    The witch offered a deal, she wanted to be free after completing the missions she had received.

    Each mission allowed to rediscover a bit of her cultivation of 1000 years ago and with the knowledge she gained from speaking and fighting against Feng xing and his group.

    The witch would think it would be easy to escape the grip of Odin and his master.
    When she gets her powers again.

    At the very beginning, Pandora wanted to use Yang ling to speed up the master's plan.

    Then she remembered that she was Sue yue's wife after a deal.

    Pandora wanted to use Yang ling if Su yue got in her way.

    But when she discovered the martial spirit of Yang ling.

    A perfect plan appeared in her mind, when Odin spoke with her, Pandora pretended to kill Yang ling.
    And when she pretended to disobey Odin's orders.

    The witch activated Pandora's box. Its special ability. After the seven sins.
    There was something else in Pandora's box. Hope

    She whispered scatter a spell to scatter her soul.
    When Odin decided to destroy her soul, after his new fight against the ghost of Feng xing. it also destroys the seal in the soul of the witch.

    Which was always on Pandora's plans. On the other hand, she could not move.

    She couldn't do anything. Her heart stopped working momentarily.
    And as she had expected, her body attracted a person, the body of a powerful cultivator could attract anyone.

    A fragment of her soul entered Zhi mei lan's body and she only had to guide Yang ling.

    "What should I do now? If Odin and the master find me, the master is able to send someone to kill me!

    Or even worse, they are able to feed me to the demonic dogs after I finish. to have tortured.

    Even at my peak, I am not able to kill Odin! I should find something in the meantime.

    I'll change my appearance. " Said the witch wiggling her hair.

    The witch remember about Yang ling. The young cultivator had helped her converse with her healthy body.

    Pandora wrote the word recovery. This word entered Yang ling's body who regained his strength.
    Yang ling opened his eyes, surprised. He saw the witch standing, more alive than ever.

    "Pandora! You are alive ! Lan lan was right !"

    That expression of intense joy on the young cultivator's face made the witch blush.

    She didn't know how to react to this situation. And an immense guilt invades her too.
    Pandora suddenly told herself that she might not have handled him !

    As Yang ling got ready to speak, the young cultivator and Pandora heard footsteps.

    "Help me !"


    Next chapter Yang ling's first friend
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    Chapter 97 Tang Fu shang

    In the distance, a man in gray clothes was running in the direction of Yang ling and Pandora.

    His face showed terror, even though this gray-dressed person was running very fast using all the strength in those legs.

    He wasn't using the essence of his life to boost his speed.

    When he turned to look behind him. This gray-dressed person saw a threateningly feminine figure approaching him.

    The young man decided to try to speak with his pursuer. "Sister, I never knew that female cultivator from the Mo clan was your wife. If I had known, I Tang Fushang would never have tried to seduce her !"

    "Oh ... Really? Yet for the past two years, she said yet that you gave her all kinds of gifts.

    And that you Tang Fushang was willing to do anything to make her accept.

    And it didn't matter if it was. a man or a woman, you were not afraid of anyone.

    It seems to me that your lips were on the back of my wife's neck for long time when I surprised you! "


    The female figure sent a gust of wind that sliced a boulder in half right next to Tang Fushang.

    "You tried to steal my wife! YOU ARE DEAD!"

    Tang Fushang fled again, crying. When he saw two silhouettes. Saved he thought

    The gray-clad youth waved his hands for help.

    Pandora had a bad feeling as she watched two silouettes approach.

    When the Witch felt a familiar aura, a grimace appeared on her face.

    She felt like she saw this person everywhere.

    The witch could still remember the saliva on her fingers. As if her fingers were covered with oil.

    Suddenly Pandora remembered something important. This person musn't know that she is alive.

    If Odin learns that she is still alive. A treatment worse than death will be ready.

    The witch's fingers began to write words quickly in the air. "Transformation and aura change!"

    Under Yang ling's eyes, the witch's appearance changed completely, her blond hair turned purple and her face too.

    Yang ling recognized the face Pandora had just taken, he had killed this girl or rather Zhi mei lan had killed her.

    Pandora suddenly looked threatening and looked Yang ling in the eyes.

    "Yang ling! If you don't want to die! Don't say my name anymore.

    I'm going to use a false name that of Mei hua, I hope you understood!"

    Yang ling had forgotten for a moment that the witch was also a dangerous person.

    The witch's current expression terrify him. "You don't have to threaten me Pand..I mean Mei hua but why did you change your appearance!"

    "No time to explain! They're already there!" Say the Witch

    Tang fushang finally reached them. Behind him, a beauty on the flute is preparing to massacre him.

    The young man in the gray clothes, breathless. He eventually found people who could help him save him from this female flute cultivator.

    "My Friend! If you save me from this situation! I will be your Brother for life! I fell in love with a female cultivator from the Mo clan who was the fiancé of this blue haired girl.

    After two years, I was finally able to conquer the heart of this Mu clan gir l when this blue haired girl arrived ! "

    Tang fushang hid behind Yang ling. Pushing him forward. "Are you Joking? You want me to shield you, not even in your dreams !"

    Yang ling turned to grab Tang Fushang's arm and pushed him towards the female cultivator.

    "Friend! I can't die now, I have an 8 year old little brother to feed."

    Yang ling looked at him for a moment, was that person an idiot.

    He really thought he was falling into his trap. He could clearly see the anger in this blue haired beauty's eyes.

    If he was a female cultivator, why not save her?
    And if it was Xia kuan yin, he would do whatever he could.

    But he was clearly a man and besides he wasn't in danger of death,

    He was just going to get a few hits for something he has done.

    But for some reason that Yang ling didn't understand why the witch had become silent.

    Pandora watched the situation and said nothing. She clung to him and took his arm as if to imitate a girlfriend.

    He found that feeling nice, but he knew that in truth, she was acting.

    Who was this blue haired beauty to make her like this.

    The blue haired beauty was obviously Su yue whose cultivation was completely Sealed by Feng xing.

    She used a teleportation scroll to go to Blue City and was able to restore her cultivation to 9 Qi layer. While strolling around the Mu Clan to see a certain beauty again.

    Su yue saw a man with gray clothes seducing his wife. She chased him for few days.

    "TANG FUSHANG!" Su yue slapped Tang fushang violently, who was thrown at Yang ling and Pandora.

    She was about to hit him again when Yang ling appeared to block her attack.

    "I don't know who you are! But you hit him hard enough already ! I heard he seduced your wife. But in my opinion, it is also the fault of this girl of the Mo clan.

    Veins appeared on Su yue's forehead.

    "I don't want to hear a man's opinion."

    Su yue spoke to Tang Fushang !

    "If you dare to seduce one of my women Tang fushang! I will cut your little stick!

    Su yue's gaze finally met Pandora's, which had another appearance next to Yang ling.
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    Chapter 98 Idiot !

    Su yue looked closely at the female cultivator in the face, finding this person oddly familiar for some reason.

    "Who is she? Why is my heart beating so hard looking at her eyes ! " The blue haired beauty wondered.

    Su yue completely ignored Yang ling and Tang fushang beside her.

    She slowly walked over to Pandora and knelt at her feet to take her hand and kiss her.

    "Hello beautiful sister, I'm Su yue ! Will I have the honor to know your name?"

    Having the appearance of another person, the witch knew she had to behave differently.

    Pandora pretended to be surprised when Su yue kissed her hand.

    "I ... am Mei hua of the four seasons sect !"

    "Mei hua..what a beautiful name ! Sister, how about discussing cultivation just you and me?

    If a female cultivator were to stare at Su yue's eyes at this point, she would have great difficulty refusing her invitation, Pandora being one of her victims in the past to find a defense.

    The witch was aware of the evil intentions of the female cultivator.

    Pandora bit her lip to hurt herself and suddenly squeezed Yang ling's arm.

    "I'm so sorry! I don't think my husband will agree, he gets jealous easily !"

    The witch looked at Yang ling in a loving manner. The latter was very shocked at her change of attitude. When he felt Pandora pinch him very hard.

    He finally understood what she wanted him to do. Yang ling put his hand on Pandora's shoulders.

    "Remember what I'm going to tell you Su yue ! She's my wife and I won't give her to anyone, don't try to seduce her, you're wasting your time !

    When he finished speaking, Yang ling saw something. He found the name of this familiar female cultivator. Su yue was her name.

    Yang ling began to think intensely, without anyone around him noticing anything.

    He was sure he had heard that name somewhere, but he couldn't remember it.

    A flash appeared in his mind when his eyes met the witch's who tried to smile innocently.

    The young cultivator finally remembered his conversation with her.

    And what he had promised the heavens to do.

    After 3 years. The witch must become his wife and Su yue too, although he did manage to exchange a kiss with Pandora, he knew nothing of the witch's goals.

    As for Su yue, this beauty from what he has just seen is only interested in women.

    Maybe he's screwed. While Yang ling was thinking in his head.

    Su yue looked hostile at Yang ling in the eyes.

    She could only find one thing to say before getting up.

    "It really is a waste of resources ! Let someone like her become your wife. you won for this time but don't think i will give up !

    Now get out of my sight !"

    Su yue waved her hand to tell Yang ling to walk away as if he was dirty

    The blue haired beauty whispered aloud.

    "I'm really out of luck! Maybe I should have tried to save that half-elf on the road instead of chasing that Tang fushang pig.

    Unfortunately my cultivation is 9 Qi layer now. With someone at True profound realm, it would surely be very difficult to save her or even impossible! "

    Yang ling had stayed near Su yue to try to talk to her, he didn't want to die three years later. There is bound to be an arrangement.

    When he suddenly heard news about a half elf.

    Yang ling's heart began to beat rapidly, the young cultivator figured he might have misheard.
    A half-elf to save, that couldn't be ...

    "Su yue was that half-elf wearing a little damaged red armor.?"

    "I think this half-elf was wearing armor, but she only had one eye !"

    Su yue noticed that Yang ling had approached her and slapped him hard.

    "I forbid you to approach me !"

    PA !!!

    Yang ling also flew in the air but was reassured.

    There were probably several half-elven people with armor in a world like this. Also Xia li wei had both eyes the last time he saw the half elf.

    It was surely not she who was in danger ! "

    Su yue crossed her arms and questioned Yang ling.

    "Why are you trying to find out who this half-elf is? Is that someone you know? The people who imprisoned the half-elf went in the direction of blue city.

    Su yue pointed in a direction east. Yang ling noted the direction in his head.

    He had to check on something important.

    And concerning Su yue and Pandora, Yang ling said to himself that he still had 3 years ahead of him

    "Thank you Su yue for this information!" Yang ling answered sincerely.

    “I don't want a man's thanks!” Su yue replied coldly.

    "I have a name, you can call me Yang ling!" Yang ling replied without thinking.

    "WHAT!" Su yue couldn't believe what she had just heard.

    "You idiot !" Pandora wanted to hit her head after hearing his answer.
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    Chapter 99 "Hell's melody !"

    “What did you just say?” Su yue replied.

    The blue haired beauty's expression suddenly changed.

    She was sure she had heard that name. A few days ago.

    The blue haired beauty tried to remember when she heard that name.

    A feeling of disgust washed over her and her feminine intuition indicated that it was from the person in front of her.

    Su yue was sure it was because of him because Yang ling was one of them, a man.

    Meanwhile. Pandora had her hand resting against her face.
    The witch couldn't believe what the young transmigrator had just done.

    She didn't think Yang ling was going to reveal his real name.

    He must have known, that Su yue was part of a dangerous alliance. Of which she was also a part until recently.

    Pandora began to think quickly to get out of this situation, when Su yue remembers who isYang ling.
    Su yue was sure to get mad at him.

    The witch was sure a fight was going to happen.

    Yang ling had no chance to beat her with his current cultivation, and in her case, the Witch didn't want to reveal her true identity.

    She twisted her hair to pass the time when suddenly an idea popped into her mind

    "I wasn't thinking of using this thing again! And especially against her!

    I wonder what calamity I'm going to create? Unfortunately I can only use this weapon at a specific time when I risk being infected.

    Yang ling and Su yue will be mad at me after that but that's okay, i'm sure both will forgive me.
    And then first of all I'm the witch of calamity after all. Hihi !

    Pandora started backing up, she walked back until she disappeared from Yang ling and Su yue's field of vision.

    "Didn't you hear me? I said I was Yang ling!" The young transmigrator thought Su yue hadn't heard his name. Repeated his name.

    The young transmigrator thought differently from Pandora, even though Su yue was a pretty violent woman. He was convinced that her personality was not that bad.

    She was first one of the witch's friends and then he would have already died trying to protect Tang Fushang if she were that cruel.

    This is the reason why Yang ling had just let his guard down without knowing it.

    He was surprised when Pandora disappeared without warning. He wondered where had she gone ?

    "Yang ... Yang ... ling ... Yang ... ling!"

    Su yue said this name several times as if she was cursing Yang ling.
    Finally after a while, when gray clouds appeared in the sky.

    Su yue finally remembered who this person was!

    "I know who you are now !


    Su yue's energy began to unleash around her.

    The pebbles on the ground began to fly and the wind blew harder and harder with each passing second.

    Su yue's face was angry. If she could kill him with her gaze, Yang ling would have died a hundred times in a row.

    It was already intolerable for Su yue what Tang fushang had done.

    In Yang ling's case, even though she tortured him until no one recognized him, her anger could not be allayed.

    A cultivator was on the ground, not far away with his eyes closed. His face was sunk into the ground.

    "Looks like Su yue has totally forgotten about me! I really have to thank you Yang ling, my new brother ! But ... I think you have to run away too and NOW!"

    At the same time, sweat trickled behind the young transmigrator's head as the haired beauty stared at him. The hatred she felt for him was visible on her face

    Yang ling tried to calm Su yue by putting his hands forward as if trying to calm a situation.

    "You don't need to be so angry! I kissed Pandora but it only lasted a minute or two!"

    Yang ling felt Su yue's anger escalated.

    The blue haired beauty pulled out her flute and got ready to play.

    "I will make you disappear from this world in a moment but first I have a question!
    How did you manage to avoid the punishment of heaven? You should have died after kissing my woman ! Pandora swore to become my wife, a long time ago with the parradis as a witness!

    Su yue showed him a ring on her finger. Yang ling remembered that Pandora was wearing a same ring.

    "I would like to know how you managed to avoid dying? But it doesn't matter if you say nothing, you will soon be sent to the realm of the dead !"

    Yang ling understood that Su yue was serious, he knew he couldn't run away, he might as well fight. Even though he had no chance to defeat her with his current cultivation.

    He wasn't going to let himself be killed so easily ! One of Yang ling's eyes turned red, the character Zhi appeared in his eye. He took out his sword.

    The young transmigrator changed his personality by activating his contract with Zhi mei lan.

    He felt the arrogance of Zhi mei lan invade his body as always.

    Yang ling looked at Su yue and answered.

    "You wanted to know how I avoid dying ! Okay, you have to do one thing first.

    Become my wife and i will tell you!"

    "Dirty pig ! DIE !"

    "Hell's melody!"
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    Chapter 100 Familiar box

    Even if you would think Yang ling was completely stupid to provoke Su yue.

    The young transmigrator had little to lose. As soon as Yang ling realized that this blue haired beauty was angry.

    He had two options and could only choose one.

    - or try to calm that person, which was probably impossible to do. from what Su yue had just heard.
    - or try to gain time to try to escape.

    Yang ling couldn't feel Su yue's cultivation. She was surely a level far above that of Xie wu hui. Right now, the young transmigrator still didn't have a way to escape without Su yue noticing.

    He also didn't know if Pandora was going to help him in this fight. He couldn't understand what she wanted to do. Apart from being free.

    And while he was thinking about a plan, Yang ling felt like he was forgetting someone.

    Who ? He couldn't remember it yet

    For the moment, he just had to survive ! The young transmigrator had a plan.

    If he could manage to anger Su yue even more he was sure she would make careless mistakes, just like every hate blind person who just wants to destroy their enemy in the cruelest way possible.

    He will use all his energy at the precise moment to hide and escape as far as possible.

    Unfortunately nothing was going as planned.


    Yang ling was in excruciating pain, lying on the ground, the young transmigrator rolling right and left.

    A few feet from the young transmigrator, Su yue, the blue haired beauty holding a flute horizontally was playing some musical notes.
    The wavy hair of the female cultivator floating delicately in the air.

    Su yue's gaze was directed straight to Yang ling, her eyes never taking his eyes off him.

    The melody played didn't produce a horrible sound, some people might even enjoy it.

    A person on earth should have found it difficult to understand why Yang ling utters such cries of pain.
    Nor understand why, he put his hands over his ears.

    Only the victim of this melody could understand the terror of this sound.
    Of the secret behind it.

    Yang ling felt as if he heard the suffering of all the people on this planet.
    He could hear the cry of a slaughtered beast and the next moment a person died.

    It was a terrible experience. Yang ling found it difficult to bear and began to vomit.

    Drool from his mouth.

    This all went on for several minutes, but for the young transmigrator, hours seemed to have passed, Yang ling still considered himself happy.

    Even though he could hear her cries of agony, he saw nothing.

    It was not Su yue who decided to take it slow, it was Su yue cultivation that prevented her from using the full power of this melody.

    Sealed by Feng xing. She could only play a tiny fraction of the power of this music.

    In the shadows Pandora watched the fight, she was very disappointed.

    She suspected in advance what was going to happen but she was even disappointed.

    The power difference between Yang ling and Su yue is too great at the moment.

    This was normal after all, a cultivator like Yang ling at 3 Qi layer cannot defeat a cultivator at 9 Qi layer.
    A miracle was not going to happen.

    “Disappointing, very disappointing! At this rate, I'll have to use my true power before Yang ling gets killed.

    When was Yang ling going to become the person I saw in my vision? And how ? "

    Fortunately Su yue's melody is currently at the same level as a Rank 4 Martial skill.
    I don't need to worry, Yang ling's life is not in danger when it comes to his mind ... I hope he will recover after this fight.

    If Su yue had decided to kill Yang ling from the start, I would have had to intervene.
    But she wanted to torture him first, it's a big mistake. "

    A strange wooden box appeared in Pandora's white hand. She made sure that this box was securely closed. A smile appeared on the witch's face.

    She was sure to have a good laugh after using this item.

    "I really want to use this object now ! But Su yue might spot me!

    Suddenly Pandora had an idea. She moved two of her fingers forward and cut herself lightly.
    A few drops of blood flowed.

    "I'm calling you once again on my behalf,

    Pandora's Box !

    Open up and free the one who can create miracles.

    " Hope !"

    The Witch of Calamity wanted to help Yang ling in her own way and most of all wanted to use what was in the box.
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    Chapter 101 Fight Su yue part 1

    "Why do you want kill me brother ? "

    "Asshole! When you die, I will become the master of the clan!"

    "Mom, I'm scared!"
    "Don't worry my dear, your father will protect us from that monster ! "

    "Bao yin, it's time for you to die !"
    "It's my uncle, it's that traitor who told you about my hiding place !"


    On the ground, eyes closed and hands on both ears, the young transmigrator was being tortured by the melody of Su yue. His whole body trembled.

    Yang ling could hear all the horrible things that were happening in the world.

    He felt like he was going completely crazy! Sweat was running down his body.

    Su yue looked with a smile on her pink lips at the scared young transmigrator in front of her.
    She took her flute out of her mouth. And pointed the direction of her finger at him threateningly.

    A gray light began to appear around the end of her finger.
    Su yue was filled with murderous intent, her eyes fixed on him.

    "I am now going to wipe you off this planet, bye bye Yang ling !"

    "Lunar Ray !"

    Tang fushang saw the situation getting worse, he didn't think Su yue was so dangerous and scary. His new brother would die if he did nothing.

    It wasn't in his nature to do nothing in a situation like this.

    It was also the best time to weaken Su yue! ! He told himself.

    He decided to take his courage and walked cautiously a few meters from Su yue.
    His silhouette was hidden by the surrounding rocks.

    As son of a merchant, he likes collecting since his childhood full of weird objects.
    He pulled out an object in the shape of a squid. Even though this item seemed strange and unnecessary to a cultivator.

    Tang fushang remembered something. It was the only way he had found to help Yang ling.

    Before Su yue used her attack, Tang fushang emerged from his hiding place and pressed a squid-shaped object to release an ink that landed in the eyes of the blue haired beauty.

    This surprise attack disturbs Su yue who is about to launch her deadly attack on Yang ling.


    Her eyes covered with ink, Su yue couldn't aim her attack properly.

    A boulder exploded right next to Yang ling whose life had just been saved.

    A crater had just appeared at this place. The violent impact of this attack had affected what was around.

    Even though Yang ling had received a few injuries, the young transmigrator seemed unaware of everything that was going on.


    Su yue was furious, she had completely forgotten the presence of this person. And had let his guard down. While she was cleaning her eyes.

    Tang fushang inhaled the air around him and threw a strange pale yellow object at the blue haired beauty. For some reason, he covered his nose and mouth.

    The mysterious thrown yellow object exploded in the air. The smell of fart spread through the air.


    It wasn't a normal fart smell, this was the smell of fart of Tang fushang, the day where he was sick.
    Tang fushang had eaten an expired pill that day.

    To avoid spreading this bad smell in his house, he had locked all that bad smell in a round object.
    Su yue ended up smelling the smell and was completely sickened.

    She couldn't help but vomit on the floor. Her shoes were completely ruined by what she had just done.

    It was unintentional on her part. Now Su yue now hated Tang fushang as much as Yang ling.

    Meanwhile. In the mind of Yang ling. Darkness had invaded the area. Yang ling could be seen in a corner saying something.
    The young transmigrator continued to hear voices.
    Cries of suffering. Yang ling couldn't take it anymore. He kept saying.

    "SHUT UP !"

    "SILENCE ! "

    "STOP TALKING !" "


    The young transmigrator was about to go mad. Until a voice calls him.

    "Stop crying like a little baby, kid !"

    "This voice !" As Yang ling lost his fighting spirit, he heard a familiar voice.

    He could recognize that voice among all the others in his head. Like a light that dispels the darkness in his mind.

    This voice stopped all the other voices in his head. Yang ling didn't know how this voice had appeared.

    But he could finally calm down.
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    Chapter 102 Fight Su yue part 2

    Inside Yang ling's mind.

    The shadow of Xia kuan yin appeared in front of Yang ling.

    "Wake up! You really think it's crying in your corner that you're going to make a difference !"

    "Master, I can hear their suffering, I can hear their screams. It is really horrible."

    "Kid, it's not you responsible for their misfortunes! It's your opponent's martial skill that makes you lose your mind."


    If you can't ignore their screams! There is only one thing left for you to do.

    You can always try to save these people if you meet them. So get up. "

    "Master ... I don't think I can do it..I am .."

    The shadow of Xia kuan yin suddenly disappeared.

    "MASTER !"

    Yang ling tried to catch his shadow without being able to do so. Xia kuan yin's shadow vanished as quickly as it appeared. The young transmigrator wondered what had just happened. Did he just hallucinate.

    "What was it? How did my master appear? Did I just dream? I have so many questions.

    Outside, Su yue had succeeded in immobilizing Tang fushang.

    "This time no one is going to save you Yang ling!

    "Lunar Ray!"

    "What !"

    Yang didn't understand what was going on. He thought he heard someone speak.

    A circle of light suddenly appeared in front of Yang ling. A girl with pink hair fluttering the air made her appearance. With a breathless face. You could tell she wanted to warn Yang ling of something.

    "Open your eyes Partner! Now is not the time to sleep !"

    Yang ling finally broke Su yue's martial skill and opened his eyes. When he saw a gray light moving quickly in a straight line towards him.

    The young transmigrator rolled to the right to narrowly dodge his attack.


    A small crater appeared at the previous place where Yang ling was located. Su yue was very surprised that Yang ling escaped her martial skill.

    She couldn't believe that despite the difference in strength between them,

    Yang ling was able to come to his senses by breaking her melody and dodging her attack.

    "Beginners luck," Su yue thought to herself.

    But she was not afraid of him, Su yue quickly got rid of Tang fushang by immobilizing him for a few minutes with another martial skill.

    She swears revenge on him after taking care of Yang ling.

    The only person who could endanger her was Tang fushang according to her. With cultivation at 7 Qi layer.

    Who knows what Tang fushang is capable of as she battles Yang ling.

    Yang ling looked around. He finally remembered what happened at the beginning. And spotted the beauty with wavy hair.

    He was about to fight Su yue when she put her lips to his flute. He was locked in his mind hearing the people who were suffering in this world.

    Did he really cry like a baby, shame on him. This is a martial world. He must stay focused on the fight.

    What a dangerous person the young transmigrator thought to himself.

    "Su yue, I didn't think you were that strong !"

    "Strong? You are completely wrong! My cultivation has been sealed by someone, which I am showing you at the moment, what a small part of my true power.

    But that's enough to kill you and Tang shuang! "

    "Tang ... fu..shuang?"

    Yang ling felt like he had heard the name before, thinking for a moment, he finally remembered it.

    "You should thank him, you were able to survive a few more minutes thanks to your friend Tang fushang."

    Su yue showed Tang fushang imprisoned by colored letters along his body.
    The beauty with the flute held in one of her hands an illuminating talisman.

    Probably an immobilization talisman given by someone.

    A different aura of Su yue emanate from this technique. Yang ling could instantly recognize this aura.

    "This is the aura of Pandora. No doubt about it."

    "Would the witch have decided to partner with Su yue. No Pandora had changed her appearance before the fight it was to avoid being recognized. An alliance between them is unlikely at the moment."

    Yang ling raised his hand.

    "Come back from my hands, Zhi mei lan!"

    A sword a few yards from Yang ling instantly reappeared in his hands.

    "Lan Lan, there you are! Lend me your strength. I'm no match for Su yue."

    Yang ling used his martial spirit. Sphere of fusion.

    "Yes I'm here! It's time for the great Zhi mei lan to kick in."

    One with the sword.
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    Author's note. I know I'm late but in return, this chapter is better.


    Chapiter 103

    Fight Su yue part 3

    By merging with his sword, Yang ling's cultivation began to climb.

    "4 Qi layer!"

    "5 Qi Layer!"

    But Yang ling thought it was insufficient against Su yue. The young transmigrator could sense the danger she emanated.

    Yang ling spoke with Zhi mei lan.

    "Lan Lan, is it possible to lend me some more of your power ! Our enemy is very dangerous."

    "It's not really my fault Partner, if I continue to infuse you with more of my spiritual energy, your body is not going to take it.

    Your body might explode. "

    "What, seriously !"

    In truth, Yang ling just now thought that Zhi mei lan didn't want to use her energy.
    He thought she was tight-fisted and the young cultivator had planned to pay her back if he couldn't convince her.

    But the situation was worse than expected, his body apparently too weak to take more energy.

    He was certainly a cultivator, but his body was not trained enough and despite the fact that he had some talent with the sword.

    Yang ling does not think that is enough to fight on an equal footing against Su yue.

    "It's terrible, how can I fight Su yue in this case !"

    Yang ling hadn't expected this.

    He thought that with the help of Zhi mei lan would be enough for him to reach the 6 Qi layer.
    By his calculations, he received a similar power boost during his fight in the Cursed Forest.
    Unfortunately it was not enough for this fight. Yang knows it deep down.

    How do we deal with Su yue ?

    While the young transmigrator was brainstorming a plan. Zhi mei lan appeared next to him to tell him.

    "Don't worry, Partner, don't despair yet. I haven't shown you my other abilities!"

    "What are you talking about? You have other abilities. Tell me quickly please , facing Su yue. I don't know if we'll be able to defeat her !"

    "Partner, you have overestimated your enemy's abilities way too much. She's certainly difficult to defeat. But it's not impossible. Your red eye should give you a clue."

    "I don't understand anything about what you want to say to me! My eye may turn red, but what use is it for me, explain me!"

    "Apparently you don't know how to use the red eye I gave you during our contract yet. If you ask me that kind of question. Take a good look at your enemy.

    " Your eye is able to see the blood of your enemy !"

    Yang ling concentrated on maximun. He looked intently at Su yue, concentrating his energy in his eyes.

    His red eye began to react. The character Zhi appeared in one of his eyes.

    "Shock !"

    Yang ling was very surprised what he had just learned. But how was that useful to him?

    "You still don't understand Partner! Let me explain .."

    Su yue also looked at Yang ling. Her illusion techniques will no longer have an effect on him for the time being.

    The wavy-haired beauty didn't know why he stared at her but she was determined to kill him and put her flute away.

    She took out a pair of fans whose edges were covered with iron.

    The expression on her face changed when she saw Zhi mei lan appear. Su yue was jealous of Yang ling for a short time.

    A slight smile appeared on her face. When he dies, she can have Pandora to herself and more...

    "Yang ling! You may have managed to escape my illusion. Unfortunately for you !

    Something worse awaits you ! "

    Su yue's spiritual energy intensified. The wavy-haired beauty moved both of her arms.

    "Lunar fangs !"

    Blades of white colors appeared heading straight towards Yang ling, cutting any object in their path.
    Approaching him very quickly. The blades were about to slice through his body.

    Yang ling struggled to see their trajectories.

    Zhi mei lan appeared in front of Yang ling to protect him.
    The red eyes of the young girl shone in the night.

    She caused a spirtual barrier to appear in front of Yang ling, just before the limbs of Yang ling's body were detached from the body of the young transmigrator.

    "Don't let your guard down Partner ! Even if you now know the secret of this 'Su yue', you have to be careful.

    Yang ling was struggling to breathe, he realized that without Zhi mei lan's help,
    he would have lost both his arms. Yang ling tried to calm down but his body was shaking.

    The young transmigrator had a chance to win, Zhi mei lan had just explained how to defeat Su yue.

    He didn't need to run away anymore, he could defeat her. Yang ling had unlocked one of Su yue's secrets.

    The young transmigrator finally understood why she was staying a certain distance from him.

    Because, this person in front of him was just a clone of the real Su yue.

    Thanks to the advice of Zhi mei lan and with his eye which he obtained during the contract,

    Yang ling had been able to discover that the blood was not circulating inside this Su yue.

    He just has to manage to deliver a killing blow to make this clone disappear.

    Yang ling didn't know where the real Su yue was, but until then he was going to fight.

    The young transmigrator goes on the offensive. Speeding towards Su yue with his sword.

    Yang ling used half of his spiritual energy.

    "Burning sword !"

    Yang ling's sword was covered with red flame.

    Su yue still didn't realize that Yang ling had discovered her secret.

    When she saw the young transmigrator attacking her, the wavy-haired beauty found his technique ridiculous.

    An energy barrier formed around her. Then with a blow of the fan, she made the flames of Yang ling disappear and blocked his sword.

    Su yue gave a kick in the stomach of Yang ling.


    Yang ling was in great pain. He probably had a few bones that were damaged from the attack. He used one of his hands to hold his abdomen and changed his tactics.

    If the fire didn't work, it would use its other element.

    "Water technique: Explosive bubble."

    Yang ling used the technique of the old Yang ling and merged with his technique.
    Hundreds of bubbles came out of his hands and headed straight for Su yue.

    The wavy-haired beauty chuckled upon seeing this technique.

    "Too bad for you! Yang ling, Water has no effect on me.

    In addition your element will be under my control. ! My name is not Su yue for nothing you know ? haha. "

    The hundreds of explosive bubbles turned against Yang ling. They exploded when they touched his clothes.

    "Boom!" "bOOMMM!"


    Covered in Blood, Yang ling wondered how she had done this. She shouldn't be able to control his technique.

    Su yue simply smiled and brought up the full moon.

    As Yang ling and Su yue were fighting each other. A mysterious box appeared next to them and opened, letting a strange gas escape into the air.
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    BONUS Chapter 103,5 [VN information about one character]

    While Su yue and Yang ling were fighting.

    A few meters further, sitting on a rock.

    Pandora looked at a puddle on the ground.

    A person's face of a girl with long black hair and blue eyes appeared in the water.

    This face was familiar, very familiar.

    Pandora and this girl exchanged a look.

    The black haired girl began to speak.

    "Are you sure you have time to talk to me?"

    "Don't worry about that. I have a lot of time to spare. Let's talk about you instead, has SPNagi already started to write your world's history?

    "He has already started writing chapter 0 and 1 which summarizes the first part of the visual novel in my high school or Yang ling high school.

    But I also think he overestimated himself a little too much in this project,

    I don't know if he'll be able to draw our clothes.

    "Oh? Yet you're human, it shouldn't be hard to design high school outfits!"

    "SPNagi told me, however, that he had plenty of ideas that he was not able to reproduce in drawing."

    "He could at least have created your face."

    "You're right. You can see my face and it's already a start. Even though readers can't see it yet.

    After all, I am one of the most important people in my world. I must have a pretty face. "

    "Who are the other important people you're talking about?"

    "Are you doing it on purpose Pandora or are you doing it for people who read us? You know who I mean!"

    "I'm doing it on purpose of course, the three important people except you have to be ...

    A Yang ling still alive after his accident "

    "And your two female rivals!"

    "The first one who rejected Yang ling

    Qing mei and another girl called the school angel.

    "You are lucky, you have a lot less rivals than me!"

    "Lucky, I don't really know, the person who is going to control Yang ling is going to influence my life.

    The choices that person will choose affect my world and my destiny.

    But at least there's one thing that everything and I both share! "

    "Do you really want to make this announcement now?"

    "Obviously Pandora!"

    "Readers will also know your true identity, you mean it anyway?"

    "Readers must be curious or curious about who I am? Don't keep them waiting for Pandora. I'm starting first then!"

    "As a human from the SPNagi visual novel ..."

    "And as a witch from the SPNagi light novel ..."

    "I tell you my dear Reader that I, Minako, are the most difficult person to conquer regardless of Yang ling's world."
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    Chapter 104

    Fight Su yue part 4

    A strange colorless gas quickly approached Su yue and Yang ling.

    Hidden in the darkness, a pair of blue colored eyes watched what was happening.

    This gas was a small gift from the witch who was eager to use this object that was in her hands.
    In addition it allows to add a little spice in this one - sided fight.

    As a calamity witch, it's her job to make everyone suffer.
    Tang fushang was imprisoned and Yang ling was injured. Su yue was the only one unharmed.

    “It wasn't very fair, fortunately i intervened ! Yang ling should thank me!

    Unfortunately for me he can't find out, because I can't use my real skill in front of Su yue, I can't use my real appearance either these two people haven't yet to learn that I'm still alive but ... " the witch thought.

    The witch's face suddenly changed, the facial expression more horrible than that of a demon.

    "One day or another, I would inflict on Odin and my former master, the worst suffering that I could know, I would tear off their limbs before giving them to the dogs, she said to herself !"

    A moment later, her face resumed its normal appearance.

    "It's almost time !"

    Su yue and Yang ling had no idea what was going to happen yet.
    The young transmigrator found it difficult to stay upright due to his many injuries from his own attack.
    On the side of his enemy.
    The hatred Su yue felt towards Yang ling began to slowly fade, as if breathing the air around her had calmed her mind.

    It was strange.

    She decided to kill him before she lost her hatred.

    The wavy-haired beauty tried to unsettle Yang ling.

    "Yang ling, like the moon which controls the movements of the sea, my martial skill controls all that is liquid. Your martial skills have no effect against me!"

    Meanwhile, Yang ling discussed a secret plan with Zhi mei lan despite his injuries. Blood flowed down Yang ling's body, he could see a little blurry but could still make out Su yue's sillouette

    "Are you sure this will work ?."

    "Trust me, let Zhi mei lan take care of the situation!"

    "Okay, I hope I don't die from it."

    "Do you have another Partner plan?"

    "Hey ... Nno."

    "Your turn !"

    Yang ling started running towards Su yue again to reduce the distance between them.
    He rushed straight towards her. Sword in hand.

    Su yue was disappointed with what she saw in front of her, why was Pandora so interested in someone like him? His courage ?

    "Lunar fangs!"

    Su yue performed the same movements as before, moving her arms.
    Blades of white color rushed towards Yang ling once again.

    "Blood sacrifice!"

    Zhi mei lan made a solid red barrier appear in front of Yang ling.

    "Crack ... kk"

    The barrier shattered into small pieces, however, the barrier allowed Yang ling to give him enough time to see and dodge Su yue's dangerous blades.

    Yang ling continued to run towards Su yue. The distance between them considerably reduces,
    The transmigrator leapt into the air and activated both abilities at the same time.

    "Burning Fist!"
    "Burning Sword!"

    One left hand was covered with red flame and in the other hand a sword covered with fiery flame heading straight towards Su yue.

    But that wasn't enough to worry Su yue. She in turn used both of her arms and blocked her attack with spiritual energy all around her.

    While Su yue believed she had blocked her attack, a cute girl with pink hair appeared from Yang ling's sword and bit her energy barrier.

    The shock appeared on the face of Su yue who did not expect this. The energy barrier was completely devoured in no time, Zhi mei lan had a full stomach.

    When suddenly Su yue and Yang ling at the same time smelled a mysterious odor.
    The smell was familiar to the wavy-haired beauty, but she couldn't remember. She sneezed.

    Su yue blinked for a moment.

    A figure suddenly appeared near Yang ling and put a hand on the transmigrator's shoulder before staring at the wavy-haired beauty. It was the Pandora, in her witch form.

    "You must not kill him Su yue!"

    "Why Sister Pandora, are you in love with him!"

    "No ! Su yue, that's something else, I have a secret to tell you, in truth I am a ...!"