Novel A Side character create his story in Martial World (Chapter 1 - Chapter 112)

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    Chapter 105 Fight Su yue (Finale)

    "In truth Su yue, I am a man !" said the blond eyed witch.

    Su yue's facial expression changed completely. She tried to reassure herself.

    "Sister Pandora! Stop ... lying ... you ... can'! You must have used your Martial Skill!"

    "Su yue, I know it's hard to take but ..."

    Pandora approached Su yue, she brought Su yue's hand to her chest.

    "But it's the truth, I'm a man, that's why I approached Yang ling to try to hide it from you !"


    Su yue started screaming all over the area. All the cultivators heard her cry.

    A certain person who had been trapped in a spell until now felt the connection between the talisman and Su yue disappear.

    He began to struggle and was able to free himself in a few moments.

    "FINALLY FREE ! Oh yeahh ! "

    "I don't know what happened! And why that crazy Su yue stood around doing nothing. And I also don't know why she started screaming seconds later but hey I'm finally free, I hope I didn't drop a coin on the floor during my imprisonment.

    From Tang fushang point,

    Su yue and Yang ling were fighting when they suddenly stopped.

    Their eyes went blank with no emotions

    The two of us, face to face, standing and doing nothing. Before Su yue started screaming until she stopped.

    Tang fushang walked slowly towards them, trying to understand the situation.

    It was the perfect opportunity to get rid of Su yue !

    He told himself. And then it will at the same time save his new friend.

    The mysterious gas had disappeared into the air, only residue remained. Tang fushang started to run towards Yang ling and Su yue.

    About a few meters from them, he decided to take a test, Tang fushang again brought out his squid-shaped object. Started aiming in the direction of Su yue's face.


    The wavy-haired beauty's face was covered in ink. Su yue would normally be angry, but she was still expressionless for the moment.


    Tang fushang immediately laughed looking at her face covered in black ink and wanted to get closer to look at her.
    Unfortunately he approached a little too close, the mysterious gas had not completely evaporated.

    He blinked for a second. Tang fushang heard a servant talking to him opening his eyes. He was a little lost.

    "Brother Tang! A thief broke into our residence. He stole all the artifacts that we had to show at tomorrow's auction!"

    Tang fushang remembered why he was there! His grandfather had asked him to keep artifacts while he went to visit a friend.

    "WHAT NNNNNOOON! Find him immediately, we'll be screwed otherwise!"

    "What are we going to do brother Tang!"

    "What a disaster! I hope my grandfather won't be here before the culprit catches him, I have to buy time!"

    A shadow appeared behind Tang fushang and put his hand on his shoulder.

    "That I don't have to learn what?"

    His grandfather suddenly appeared in front of him with a big fake smile, if you looked at him with the old fist, you could tell that he was refraining from slaughtering his grandson before listening to this whole story. "


    Tang fushang jumped as he opened his eyes. He looked to the right and then to the left, his grandfather was gone.
    His heart resumed beating normal, he took out a rare pill from his ring which allowed him to have a clear mind.
    He later began to inhale and exhale.

    He had come to understand what happened with Su yue and Yang ling and why they weren't moving!

    An illusion technique.

    Su yue and his new friend must have been going through the same nightmare as him or even worse.

    An evil idea appeared in Tang fushang's mind.

    Although he could destroy the Su yue clone here. Su yue would continue to look down on him and his friends with contempt.

    He remembered that Su yue hated men for some reason. Disgusted with their presence.

    Tang fushang thought it was time to punish Su yue for trying to kill him.

    The emotions of her clone will be transmitted directly to her.

    Tang fushang is about to take the action, he reached out his arm to Su yue.

    "Wait a minute, I have a better idea !"

    When a female voice appeared behind him interrupted him.

    She was the real Pandora, a woman, who still looked like Mei hua, a disciple of the Four Seasons Sect.

    She held a handkerchief in her hand and showed a mysterious smile.

    A few moments later, Yang ling and Su yue started to regain consciousness. Both could feel something soft on their lips. The young cultivator's arm behind Su yue's back.

    When the two of them opened their eyes wide, Yang ling was shocked, his lips touching Su yue's.

    His gaze met the eyes of the beauty who was also in shock.
    As if bewitched by her hot breath, a burning desire appeared in Yang ling's eyes.

    "I'm not only going to steal Pandora's heart but I want to steal yours too Su yue !"

    The transmigrator body wanted more. Yang ling gave Su yue a hug, and kissed her passionately.

    After several seconds,


    Su yue finally came to her senses and violently pushed Yang ling away.

    She pointed at him, with her finger and was disgusted and embarrassed.

    Searching for a handkerchief with her hand to wipe her lips.

    For a moment she had even thought she enjoyed the kiss. Yang ling had become her number one enemy on this planet.

    "YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU ... ARE .... AN ANIMAL!

    Su yue's emotions grew too unstable, her body exploding in a white smoke screen.

    Yang ling had just defeated the Su yue clone.

    Yang ling's body also reacted, his cultivation returned to Late 3 Qi layer, his eye returned to normal color.
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    Chapter 106 The calm before the storm

    "Cough ......... uuughh .."

    Yang ling was tired, all the wounds he had received in combat made him suffer excruciatingly. Despite that, a small smile appeared on the corner of his mouth when he thought back to what had just happened.

    "Su yue's lips are really soft, it's quite nice! The only problem is that Su yue has no interest in male cultivators like me!"

    Yang ling wondered how he was going to get Su yue to agree to become his wive ?

    He still had three years ahead of him. The young cultivator suddenly remembered another problem.

    And what about Xia kuan yin, how was he going to do it? His master going to think of him next time?

    "Master, I want you to be my wive ... my..3rd ... wife ... ."


    The youngster thought that he was surely going to get a punch in the face before being rejected.

    Yang ling wondered what he was going to do

    Did the heroes in the night novels have the same problem that he did?

    While the young cultivator was lost in thought. When Pandora (Mei hua) appeared before him.

    Even though she looked like another person, the Witch's eyes still shone in a mysterious way.

    "Did you like my little gift Yang ling ?"


    Yang ling's face changed instantly. he was surprised for a moment. Images of his fight with Su yue quickly flashed through his head.

    Yang ling had just understood why Su yue's lips were stuck to his during his fight.

    "My lady, I appreciated the gift you gave me but you are rather cruel to your friend."

    "You hurt me, you hurt me enormously Yang ling! I'll let you have your harem and help you win the heart of a friend of mine and that's how you thank me."

    "I have to thank you you're right! I admit I'm lucky to kiss beauties like Su yue and you! Yet I don't know if it's me but since I met you, I feel like there are more people trying to kill me ! Seriously !

    Pandora (Mei hua) put her hands on her chest, showing a sad face as if she had hurt by the young cultivator's words. A tear rolled down her cheeks.

    "PA !!"

    A person hit Yang ling on the head with his fist. This person was Tang fushang.

    "How can you say that sort of thing my brother! I heard your conversation, you can't say it's her fault that crazy Su yue tried to kill you!

    "But... "

    "PAA !!"

    "it hurt !"

    Yang ling received another blow to his head. The young transmigrator had no way of proving what he was saying.

    Tang fushang had his own theory. He gently put his hand on Yang ling's shoulder.

    "You kissed one of Su yue's girlfriends, admit it ! She's your girl, right?"

    Tang fushang pointed to Pandora (mei hua) to designate her.

    "After what has just happened, I understand that you must be surely a little angry!"

    "Despite that that's no reason to tell your girlfriend that she tried to kill you.
    We both kissed one of Su yue's women. It is fate that brought us together. "

    Tang fushang teased him.
    Yang ling meant he was talking nonsense when… he remembered that he had indeed kissed Pandora.

    "I just thought about it but for a moment I was caught in an illusion, I thought my grandfather was going to kill me after a thief broke into my house and stole some merchandise and you my brother, what kind of vision did you see?

    Yang ling thought back to the last illusion, he hadn't heard a scream from anyone this time.
    He tried not to think about it again. It was a terrible sight. The worst thing he could see.

    "I saw only a black haired man mercilessly killing someone, I could sense his hatred ! "

    Yang ling didn't know why, but the person this man was killing seemed very familiar to him.

    "Was that someone you knew?"


    "It's weird ! "

    Tang fushang and Yang ling continued to chat for a while. Pandora left for a moment to look for something to make a barrier of defense.

    A moment later, Tang fushang put a stone on the ground that could alert them to danger.

    The two cultivators sat down to cultivate. Allowing them to heal their wounds.

    Their eyes close.

    Yang ling was at the top of the 3 Qi layer and was going to pass the 4 Qi layer allowing him to qualify to enter the sect exam.

    Pandora (mei hua) returned with items for barrier of defense

    Her outfit was bloodied after she slaughtered demonic beasts. Their cores were in her hand.
    After she placing them around the area around them.

    She sat down across from Yang ling and smiled in a strange way.

    "The truth is you are not wrong, Yang ling, I got you into trouble but I am the witch of calamity, I have said it several times already.

    "And hhahahhahahahaha You are a liar, I heard your conversation, the black haired man in your vision, this is your future."

    Pandora felt her heart beating rapidly as she imagined the future Yang ling.

    "My little transmigrator, I wonder how you're going to react when you find out that the person you respect the most has her eye gouged out.
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    Chapter 107 Short meeting Xia li wei meet Xia kuan yin

    While Yang ling's group regained strength before leaving for Blue city.

    A few days later.

    North of Blue city. At the prison of the Sect of the four seasons.

    A half-elf was in excruciating pain. She had been tortured several times by Chang Yun who wanted to know the secret of her technique to temporarily increase her cultivation in the midst of battle.

    This half-elf was obviously Xia li wei who had regained possession of her body.

    She wondered what was going on and why she was in so much pain and discovered something awful, the half-elf could only see from one side.
    Xia li wei could feel that something was missing


    She had lost one of her eyes, the half-elf wondered how?

    Fragments of memories began to appear in her head, Xia kuan yin's memories mingled with her.

    A few days ago when the eye of Xia li wei's body was torn off,

    Xia kuan yin could not bear the pain, blood stains fell on her clothes, she was forced to return her place to Xia li wei, the original owner of this body who was still unconscious.

    Chang yun obviously examined the half-elf's bloody eye.

    The disciple tried all possible means to activate the Xia kuai yin technique that she had seen.

    Unfortunately all this was useless. That's when Yang bao next to her made a suggestion.

    Maybe the half-elf technique wasn't coming from her eyes. It may have been a technique passed between elves.

    Chang yun wondered how she had managed not to think about it before, she thanked Yang bao.

    She throws the bloody eye before crushing it to the ground with her shoes.

    " What a waste of time !" she told herself.

    Chang yun joined her group soon after, even though she had not yet obtained this technique, she had Xue bing in her hands and Li xiu, her new plant controller combat puppet.

    Xia li wei finally understood what had happened thanks to the memories of Xia kuan yin.

    She had just learned of the existence of another person who inhabited her body. She hated Chang yun, but also Xia kuan yin for ruining her life.

    Suddenly her body shook, it was cold in that dark place.

    Caught behind bars, she saw a disciple eating a chicken thigh standing in front of her cell and walked up to him.

    "Please i beg you, let me out of here ! I'm innocent !"

    "Silence !"

    The disciple annoyed at being interrupted in his rest slapped the half elf who fell to the ground.

    "Only Miss Chang yun can decide whether you can get out of here or not! I'm only here to watch you ! "

    Xia li wei decided to threaten him.

    "When my brother Xia gui li sees me in this state, he will not forgive you !"

    "HHaaa, you are talking about Brother Xia gui li, unfortunately for you, he is still on a mission, he will not come for a month.

    And then I have never seen you in his company, you are probably not very important to him. "

    "You lie !"

    "You better give your secret technique to Miss Chang yun or you will end up worse than your person in front of your cell."

    In front of her in another cell. A handsome injured man with bare torso with scars who was lying on the floor.

    The half-elf wondered who this person was. But she didn't care at the moment,

    She was in terrible pain, tears rolled down her cheeks.

    When suddenly she was carried away in her Sea of Consciousness.

    Standing in a green forest, Xia li wei saw a half-elf with a pale face, possessing one golden eye with half-kneeling white hair, her other eye was missing as was her.

    Xia kuan yin almost looked like she was going to disappear.

    "I'm sorry Xia li wei, it's all my fault."

    "You are...."

    Overwhelmed by anger Xia li wei slapped Xia kuan yin in the face.

    "Why are you in my body ?!"

    "My eye was gouged out by your fault !"


    Three days passed.

    Yang ling opened his eyes, his wounds were finally healed.

    He had finally reached the 4 Qi layer.

    Tang fushang was already up, in great shape.

    "Your girlfriend told me you wanted to take the four seasons exam, that's good, I'm just a sect disciple
    I'll give you some good advice brother. "

    A perfume appeared in the air, followed by a female voice.

    "Unfortunately Yang ling has to do something more important for the moment."
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    Chapter 108 (no title)

    Blue city,

    A female cultivator with curly hair sat in a tavern. Eyes closed.

    Hundred years old ginseng right next to her.

    This person was the real Su yue who wanted to regain her cultivation as soon as possible.

    When she suddenly opened her eyes. The memories of her clone gradually appeared in her head.

    She opened the door to her bedroom and quickly went to the bathroom to rinse her mouth.

    You could hear her scream


    A person next to her, dressed as a maid, approached to give Su yue a towel.

    What differentiated Su yue from her clone was that she accompanied a maid since her cultivation had regressed in Qi layer due to Feng Xing's ghost.

    Her name was Yuan ,.

    This maid knew the beauty with blue hair, they both know each other since their childhoods.

    She was her personal Maid and knew all about her.

    Playing the flute and flirting with female cultivators were Su yue's only hobbies.

    Yuan would like her miss to focus on her cultivation and the current mission given by certain master.

    She should take the example of Prince Red, her brother who had already finished his share of the work.
    Unfortunately Su yue loved to run away and disappear somewhere.

    "3rd Princess, what's going on? What happened to you this time?"

    "Waaahh! Yuan, you'll never know what just happened!"

    Su yue pretended to cry, before trying to kiss her maid Yuan who reacted immediately by putting her hand in front of her to block Su yue's mouth.

    "3rd Princess, this maid once told you to stop this kind of lewd behavior."

    "But Yuan, my clone was kissed by a dude, my heart can't stand this disgusting thought."

    "Even if your clone was kissed by a gentleman, that's no reason to… HOW?"

    "Forget it! What I just said, I will take care of it personally, he will surely appear in this city in the company of Tang fushang.

    For the moment I will go and seduce some sisters to clear my mind. "

    Su yue disappeared from sight very quickly. A strange light appeared in the eyes of the faithful servant.

    Anyone interested in this perverted princess? Who was he?

    She remembered something, the princess had shouted "Yang ling!"

    The maid was interested in this information. She hoped not to be disappointed with this person.

    Yuan decided to gather some information from a guild in the city.

    .................................................. .................................................. ...........................

    "Burning Fist!"

    Yang ling's arm changed color, He threw his fist straight in front of him.


    The witch easily blocked the technique by using a level 2 spell.

    A few hours before, Pandora informed Yang ling of something important,

    Now that Yang ling cultivation was at an acceptable level to pass the exam, Yang ling techniques on the other hand were weak.

    The martial skills of other cultivators were at a higher level, which is one of the reasons Yang ling's fights were so long and difficult.

    Like a player who would have a high level in a video game but none of his skills would have reached level 2.

    This is the reason why the witch decided to serve as a training partner.

    "Water technique: Explosive bubble."


    "Let's stop for the moment, you have spent too much of your spiritual energy. Don't forget to also practice the sword according to the method of your master, it is not because you have talent that you must think you're invincible. The exam will be difficult for you. "

    Yang ling was tired after such a day. He didn't know if he was going to hold out until the exam.

    Pandora with the appearance of Mei Hua smiled innocently. Looking at the witch's face remembered something important and the sect's examination gave her an idea.

    Tang fushang was not around yet, Yang ling decided to call Pandora by her real name.

    "Hey Minako! If I get a good score on the cult exam, will you give me a chance?

    "Do you sincerely wish to have me as your wive? Truly, I had a way to save you, but if you wish to seduce the witch that I am. You must become the first in the sect exam ........ "


    Yang ling couldn't believe what she had just said! She wanted him to achieve such a feat.

    "Pandora, can I change my mind after all !"

    "No !"

    Pandora stuck out her tongue, she had just created yet another problem for Yang ling.

    While on his side Tang fushang spent his days trying to sell objects to all the people he met on the way.

    When everyone was asleep, Pandora whispered a spell.

    "I'm calling you once again on my behalf,

    Pandora's Box!

    Open up and free the one who can create miracles.

    "Hope !"

    A mysterious smile appeared on the witch's face. She whispered to herself.

    "Yang ling! I hope in the future you don't blame me it for you sake and mine.

    What you will soon discover will surely change your mindset.

    .................................................. .................................................. .............................

    A few days later, Yang ling's group was near Blue city.

    Yang ling trained for a while with Pandora, before wandering around as if guided by spiritual energy.

    An energy that was very familiar to him.

    Yang ling spotted something on the ground, his face changed dramatically,

    a eye was smashed to the ground.

    Yang ling's emotions became unstable as he recognized the spiritual energy of that bloodied eye.

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    Chapter 109 Influencing a person's thoughts

    "What's wrong Yang ling? What's going on?"

    With a worried voice.

    The Witch approached Yang ling who was still in shock.

    Yang ling didn't know it, but the Witch had seen a vision. Some images had appeared in her head.

    The Witch's unique martial spirit made it possible to see small fragments from the past and the future.

    She knew that Yang ling's master, a half-elf had been tortured. The witch also knew what the manager looked like.

    Despite this Minako wanted to observe Yang ling's reaction beforehand.

    The Witch was happy with the situation, she didn't need to get her hands dirty for this kind of thing to happen.

    All of this was necessary for Yang ling to mature, even if it hurt him.

    She wanted to show him the flip side of this world as quickly as possible.

    Minako found the current Yang ling to be like an unripe apple.

    An event like this is just the beginning of a series.

    Pandora or rather Minako was certain that this young transmigrator was the key to fulfilling her new dream. Something very ambitious.

    She appeared behind him and whispered.

    "You can tell me anything ... Why are you shaking? Who owns this eye? Someone you know?"

    Yang ling turned to the witch, his whole body shaking and said in a low voice.

    "This eye belongs ... surely.. to ... ... so ... the ..."

    He could recognize the energy of the half-elf, moreover that shining golden eye just like that of Xia kuan yin.

    Yang ling knew this kind of thing could happen !

    The young transmigrator had read this in light novels when he was still on earth.
    Yet seeing this horror in real life was a whole different experience.
    Yang ling couldn't understand how could someone be so cruel.

    The eyeball of a living person had been ripped from a body.

    Cold sweat ran down his back.

    Minako looked Yang ling in the eyes, it wasn't the reaction she expected from him.
    Should she use her Pandora's Box spell to make him angry.

    “No, that was a bad idea, an artificial anger in the box was irrelevant !” Pandora thought.

    An idea appeared in the mind of the witch. Minako looked sad.

    "Poor, your master has surely been cruelly tortured, I dare not imagine the pain she could feel."

    Even though Yang ling had doubts about Pandora's sincerity.

    The young transmigrator was shocked! His mouth open, he froze for a moment.

    He realized that he had just thought of himself and had neglected something.

    " It's true, I haven't really thought about it! I just realized something very important, I am only a selfish, such an important detail ! " Yang ling thought!

    His body stopped shaking, Yang ling's expression suddenly changed, his gaze turned cold, his aura began to run wild.

    Anger invades Yang ling's body. Zhi mei lan sensed Yang ling's emotions and wanted to intervene when a spell cast by the witch forced her to stay in the sword.


    Yang ling swore at that moment to kill the person who had made his master suffer, all the people who will stand in his way will be his enemies.

    Beside him a smile appeared on the Witch's face.
    This rage was not yet strong enough to satisfy her.

    She had to be patient. Yang ling is free to do whatever he wants.

    Right now, she just had to have a place in the heart of the young transmigrator.

    Sometimes she wonders why she wanted to manipulate him so much? She was a really bad girl sometimes.

    While she was deep in her thoughts, Yang ling left to pick up the half-elf's eye which no longer looked like anything.

    It's time to leave for the city.


    Blue city

    A person sitting in a tavern was in disguise, this person was Li ming who was watching Chang yun and her group.


    Problem on the VN, I don't know if I would be able to finish the demo, I lack inspiration for the end. I might be too lazy for that.
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    Chapter 110 "Li xiu, lick my shoe!"

    Yang ling, Tan fushang and Minako were about to arrive in the city, he could see the city on the horizon. He was more ready than ever, the young transmigrator was trained.
    While he was worried about master and getting ready to go to the line

    Minako's hand touched his neck.

    Yang ling wondered what the witch wanted this time?

    Blue city.

    A fertile land. Surrounded by 4 mountains connected between it.

    A stone statue of Feng Xing, the legendary hero and one of his friends was also standing at the entrance to the city.

    Legend has it that 1000 years ago, the evil emperor Huang Zuigao ordered a terrible monster to raze the city.

    Feng xing and his friend decided to save this city when they passed by here on their adventure.

    The Hero's friend had hit the monster called the Leviathan with an extremely heavy hammer, then Feng Xing took it upon himself to split the Leviathan into four parts and sealed the monster.

    A beautiful story.

    Anyone wishing to enter the city had to go through the south of the city or go through The Sect of the Four Seasons if people came from the north.

    Most of the settlements in the city were controlled by clans, alchemists or guilds.
    Few of the big businesses run by mortals who had to give a tax to a big faction to avoid trouble.

    A examen was also being put in place. The sect's disciples began to set numerous traps in an area.

    In a tavern called autumn, Li ming was sitting at a table listening to people's conversations, he had escaped for a few days.

    Yang bao, the old man at True profound realm next to Chang yun had seen his face. He had asked Yang hu, the little genius of the Yang clan to kill him for him while he was busy chasing a half-elf.

    Li ming thought his time had come when Xue bing, the ice princess violently pushed Yang hu to save him.
    At that moment he was really grateful to her.

    Unfortunately Li ming did not have the power to save his family and the Ice Princess.
    Li ming's cousin Li xiu standing nearby was the only one who could have run away with him.

    But it was useless, a seal in the form of 100 needles were implanted in the head of the young girl.
    In addition, Li xiang, her sister Li fei, her uncle Luo were still prisoners. A poison was circulating in their bodies.

    Li xiu wasn't going to give up on them.

    It was for this reason that he escaped on his own to save them later.

    About 1 week later when he arrived in Blue City in disguise.

    He gave a message to a disciple to pass on to Xue bing's father. Hoping the sect master would do something to help.

    Li ming had observed the attitude of several disciples before making up his mind.

    Someone easy to handle and honest. And then later,

    He waited patiently for Chang Yun's group who finally arrived in the city.

    Li ming followed Chang yun's group who had come to drink and discuss recent events.

    Sun peng occasionally look Li xiu next to Chang yun, looking at the recent scars on his former girlfriend's face, he felt guilty.

    "Hey! Have you heard of these mysterious masks in the past few days?" Said Yang hu

    “I heard, these mysterious masks are called Tears of Persephones, a person's cultivation can temporarily increase by two ranks during a fight.” Sun pung replied.

    “Nobody knows why her masks have appeared yet Elder sister!” Mu hui said.

    "Don't worry! I have examined one of his masks, there is no danger!" Replied a wandering cultivator.

    "Bro, I'm suspicious, it seems weird to me ! These masks make me uncomfortable!" The wandering cultivator's friend replied.

    "Coward there is nothing weird ! You say that because you lost to me yesterday with that Mask Haa haa!" Replied the wandering cultivator. "

    "You call me cowardly, come on, let's fight outside !"

    While the two men went out to fight, Chang yun's group continued to eat. Chang yun was a bit bored, when she saw Sun peng looking at Li xiu next to her.

    Chang yun felt jealousy. An idea appeared in her mind.

    "Sun peng, you heard about the exam that is going to take place, it brings back good memories." Chang yun replied.

    Sun peng remembered the day he was proud to enter the top 10 in the exam.

    Until disciples of the exam years before harass him and steal his reward and items.

    Because of their cultivations and the clan behind them, there was nothing he could do.
    Without helping Chang yun, he would be ...

    Even though Li xiu didn't want to look in the direction of Sun peng, tears flowed from the cheeks of the emerald-eyed girl.

    When suddenly a sinister smile appeared on Chang yun's face who looked Li xiu in the eye, she pointed at her shoe with her finger.

    "Li xiu, lick my shoe!"
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    Chapter 111 Luck begins to turn part 1

    "Author note Shorter chapter, I realized when writing that I hadn't explained how Yang ling entered the city. So I cut part of today's chapter sorry


    Li xiu's expression changed when she heard what Chang yun said,
    Everyone in the tavern looked in her direction to see what was going to happen.
    Li ming sitting next to them, couldn't contain his rage.

    Li xiu felt very humiliated, she wanted to pretend not to have heard it when she felt severe pain in her head.
    The young girl had the impression that needles were pricking her from the inside.

    "You are my puppet, you have no choice but to obey me! I remind you I still hold your cousin and your father hostage!"

    Chang yun's voice appeared in her head.

    Li xiu really didn't know what to do! She didn't think her life would ever end so badly. Her boyfriend who abandons her, her body inhabiting a plant monster as well as a ruined face, to end her family who were imprisoned.

    She looked at Sun peng with tears in her eyes, He looked away.

    Li xiu clenched her fist and wiped away her tears.

    For her cousin and her father, she was going to obey this girl's orders, no matter how degrading it was. It didn't matter how much her reputation got worse.

    Li xiu walked over to Chang yun and bent down to gently take the disciple's foot and gently bring it to her lips.

    Sun peng looked at his former girlfriend and closed his eyes. He only thought of one thing,

    To be right to have abandoned it a few years ago. Even though he felt pity and guilt towards her, he was ready to sacrifice her for his future. It is for this reason that he decided not to intervene.

    Sitting on a chair. Chang yun savoring her victory, she took great pleasure in seeing her rival humiliated at her feet, without being able to do anything.

    A sinister smile appeared on Chang yun's face.

    When Li xiu's lips finally touched Chang yun's shoes.

    The inner disciple started to laugh as she watched the desperation appear more and more on Li xiu's face.
    His group and some cultivators in the tavern also laughed with Chang yun.


    At this moment. People in the tavern could hear people running fast.
    Disturbed by the noise, Chang yun was distracted and distracted. Li xiu could stop kissing this female cultivator's shoe, relieved.

    When everyone was concerned. Li xiu cleaned her lips with her sleeve, if her body could, she would vomit immediately.

    “Peh… It was really disgusting! But if it had lasted any longer, something worse could have happened!
    I hope the fight near this tavern lasts longer. " Thought the young girl.

    "Elder sister, did you hear? I hear people getting angry and screaming !"

    Mu hui wanted to tell Chang yun to step aside.

    "It's probably people fighting with each other! Don't worry, if these people are causing serious trouble in the city the guards will intervene !" Chang yun replied, forbidding him to approach her any closer. .

    "But Elder sister! The noises seem to be approaching here, maybe we should ..."



    The cultivators in the tavern could even hear screams and voices now.

    "These are three lousy 4 Qi layers that are fighting, there is nothing to fear !"

    Yang hu spoke after feeling the aura of the people fighting. Being a 9th late Qi layer. All people who were weaker than him were worth nothing to him.

    "Brother Bai, Brother Hei, even if you get two against me, you will not succeed in defeating me, it's been a long time since we saw each other, you have made very little progress!

    In the Tavern, Li xiu and Li ming recognized this familiar male voice. It was Yang ling's. Other people also recognized his voice.
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    Chapter 112 Luck begin to turn part 2

    A few minutes before the fight.


    Yang ling, Minako and Tang fushang walked straight towards the city.

    While they were walking the witch suddenly stopped Yang ling by putting her hand on the neck of the young transmigrator.

    A cursed mark suddenly appeared on the young cultivator's neck as Yang ling approached the city.

    Yang ling wondered why the witch had stopped him while he was walking.

    When he wanted to turn around, the witch kept him from turning.

    Yang ling did not understand the situation and decided to let her do what she wanted.

    This mark told a certain person that Yang ling had killed his apprentice.

    The witch wondered what it was. When she realized that it was a cursed mark left by a cultivator at True Profound Realm indicating the position of Yang ling.

    She panicked for a moment and hurried to erase that mark, the witch bit her thumb lightly and used her blood.

    How she knew the cursed mark was erasable with blood, it was simple,

    During the war 1000 years ago, an ice princess used a similar spell on her to hunt her down.

    But despite what had just happened.

    Her opinion of Yang ling climbed quickly, she wondered who Yang ling had killed to be marked in this way. A precious disciple, no doubt. (Ch47 Kill Yang Xiong)

    "It was better to avoid an enemy of this level for now !"

    Yang ling current level 4 qi layer. Xie wu hui, Li ming < Origin stage Chang yun < True profound realm Weakened Minako, Sect master)

    I know very well how it will end if my Yang ling fights against a guy like this. "Thought the witch.

    It's like asking a 6 year old to fight a man in his 30s. "

    No chance of winning unless the person opposite falls into a completely stupid trap.

    While Pandora had finally finished removing this cursed mark and made disappear the blood on the neck of the young man.

    Yang ling on his side could feel the soft hands of the blond haired witch on her neck. It was pretty nice he thought, until he felt something wet.

    He asked again what the witch was doing. But when he put his hands behind the back of his
    neck, it was all gone.

    “What did you just do?” Yang ling said questioningly.

    "Something good !" Pandora replied with a big smile.

    The young transmigrator found it hard to believe her after their time together.
    Yang ling became worried, the youngster looked at his body and touched his face.

    He wondered if the witch hadn't done something strange to her body and finally looked into her eyes to see if she was telling the truth.

    "You don't believe me, you hurt me internally Yang ling !"


    "And since we're in this city, I'm going to go, I have important things to do. I'll see you later."

    The slightly annoyed witch began to leave for the city. Without looking at him.

    For once she was doing a good deed with good intentions.

    Maybe she should avoid interfering with Yang ling's destiny just yet.

    Minako's silhouette began to disappear.

    She walked over to a group of people to queue at the entrance to the city and started chatting with them.

    Yang ling didn't know why, but when he watched her talk to other cultivators.
    Something told him their relationship wasn't strong

    What was that feeling he was feeling?

    When Yang ling looked at the other people around looking from afar at the witch's thin body, he had to hit their faces

    Tang fushang came up behind him and slapped him on the back.

    "Hey brother! What are you waiting for to catch up with her!"
    "I .... you're right, thank you."

    He started running to catch up with the witch and screamed.


    The witch unconsciously turned to see who had just screamed.
    She saw Yang ling quickly come up to her.

    "What do you want Yang ling?"

    Pandora still a little annoyed by the attitude that Yang ling had, was dissatisfied.
    Not looking at him, with swollen cheeks.

    "I just wanted to tell you that I was wrong! I shouldn't suspect you for no reason !"

    Yang ling knelt on one knee in front of her. Pandora instinctively extended her hand.

    "Don't think I'm going to forgive you so easily! If you don't buy me a present, I won't forgive you!"

    The witch decided to teach this young transmigrator a little lesson and temporarily forgot what she wanted to do.

    "Of course, i promise !"

    Yang ling took the witch's soft and delicate hand to kiss it.

    The people around them started to look at them. The witch was very embarrassed.
    He might be worse than Su yue she thought.

    "Don't do something so embarrassing in public. "

    A moment later after standing in line, Yang ling entered the city. with Minako disguised as mei hua
    and tang fushang behind them.

    A familiar figure appeared in his field of vision.