Korean A Simple Single Life That is Abandoned and Enjoyed

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    Name: A Simple Single Life That is Abandoned and Enjoyed
    Alt title: Abandoned and enjoy a life of a single
    Raw: https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=54005396&orderby=desc
    Why It Should Get Picked Up: Looks interesting and the cover is too pretty
    Description (if you can find one):

    “There is no need for a daughter like you in our family! You can't be ashamed of being swept up in a scandal, you're acting reckless!"

    They didn't even want luxury items like necklaces.

    Even the curtains in the ugly bedroom with torn ends were not bad.

    Shoes of different heights were fine as the heels were worn out.

    But even that Catherine was tired now.

    "Okay, I'll go."

    She decided to leave this house, even if it was dirty and disrespectful.

    "Who are you? The Pope's dog? You've come all the way here."

    The man who broke into her mansion was wet from head to toe.

    I could see a mess of mud squashed under the black leather boots.


    You dragged mud, not grass while mopping the floor!

    “The disguise is pretty decent. If anyone looked at me, I would have been deceived by the fact that she was an ordinary city woman... .”


    She held out the mop she was holding to the man.

    “What do you look so stupid for? Are you cleaning the floor? And it's not like you're aiming your sword at the beginning. Do you want to be reported for attempted murder because it is not enough for a house break?”

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