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    Alt Name: How to keep your sweetheart

    Finally, it was their first night.

    Leticia whispered, leaning her forehead against his chest.

    “As expected, is it too far? Should I get closer?”

    Dietrian barely swallowed a groan. His hand grasping Leticia’s shoulder was shaking with a sweet faze, but she didn’t notice.

    “I know that you’re uncomfortable. But please bear with me until my mother comes.”

    Dietrian hated Leticia. It was natural as Leticia’s mother killed his family. She had never doubted the fact.

    So she didn’t know, how badly his face was distorted by her words.

    “You just have to put up with me for half a year. Then, I will divorce you as you wish.”

    At the word ‘divorce’, he gritted his teeth.


    *from namu.wiki
    The heroine of the original work. As the daughter of a saint and the wife of a prince, her husband was killed by her mother before she returned, and even herself was killed.

    Her mother, Josefina, was a saint of the Holy Land, and abused Leticia when her divine power was lost after she was born. The first brother turned a blind eye to this fact, and Leticia spent an unhappy childhood in the abuse and neglect of her family.

    Josefina's hatred grew over time, and eventually, at my son's suggestion, she married my daughter Leticia to Princess Dartrian, and cursed her saying, "If you don't kill Dartrian in half a year, you'll die." The Duchy, who had been proposed by the Holy Father, turned upside down and eventually married Dartrian.

    Josephina and Dietrian were married under all kinds of curses, so they didn't trust Dietrian at first. Above all, it was natural that Josefina didn't believe him because she thought he would think he was the daughter of an enemy because there were some evil acts committed by Dietrian and Duchy. However, during his time with Dietrian, he gradually opens the door to his warmth, and if he doesn't kill Dietrian, he doesn't harm Dietrian even though he knows he will die. He misses Dietrian until he returns (until the first moment of death), and as soon as he realizes his return, he decides to think only that he saves Dietrian.

    After his return, he secretly hid Julius' body or came to the Duchy Mission to protect Enoch, who was poisoned by Josefina's order, disguised him as a maid, treated him with antidote, or beaten his mother Mano from Tenua's attack.

    His personality is thought to be good and straight, but he suffered for a long time before and after returning, and cried about whether he could be happy, and when Dietrian hugged him and calmed him down, he felt sorry for the mission, giving him time alone.

    In the beginning, Dietrian and I had no idea we loved each other.
    To correct it, Dietrian couldn't say he loved her, and Leticia thought she was hated.

    The male lead of the original work. As the prince of the Duchy and the husband of Leticia, he died at the hands of Josefina before returning.

    He is portrayed as an outstanding figure who led the duchy not to collapse even at a young age despite the situation of Kong-king, who lost his successor in an instant by Josefina while being suppressed in the empire. It seems that Sung-gun has a disposition to put the Duchy ahead of himself and to think about the people. Therefore, people are worried about Dietrian, who is a workaholic and neglects him.

    When his brother Julius was executed for false accusations of Josefina, the shocked father also died of deepening illness, which drove his mother Mano crazy.
    Leticia thought she was seeing Leticia as her son Julius while acting as a child, but in fact, she sneaked out to comfort Leticia, who was grieving, and thought she would say "Baby" to Julius, but turned out to be a person who looked at Leticia.
    When Leticia is proposed from the Holy Country, she expects and accepts that her country will be in danger by Josefina if she does not accept it.

    He inherited the blood of Gilead, who sees the truth and the future, and the blood of the dragon, like his brother Julius.
    However, Julius was killed in front of Josefina because he said it was fake because he saw the truth. However, there is more reason why Julius did this, and for more information, refer to Julius' column.
    He struggles to protect Leticia and the Duchy by taking advantage of his occasional view of the future.

    She loves her so much that she thinks whether she has Leticia syndrome or is it because of what Leticia said in the movie, and she is surprised or lovely at the unexpected behavior of her direct girl Leticia.

    Usually, in romance fantasy + Yeoju regression, male shareholders often misunderstand and hit the back of the book or shovel because they can't catch up with Yeoju's behavior, but Dietrian is not only objective but also has excellent reasoning skills.

    Leticia's Wings
    The wings are divided into two categories. It is the reincarnation and temporary employment of the first clergy. That's why only these four wings had a tragic ending before returning to Noel, Awhin, Calisto and Caillos. Other than that, there is no reincarnation anymore because darkness has destroyed them all. Instead, darkness was arbitrarily created or Danut appointed as a clinician. Therefore, the loyalty and affection of the temporary winged adult woman is relatively small compared to the unconditional nature of the reincarnation of the wing. For example, when Noel asks Vanessa to choose between Leticia and Detrion, Vanessa answers that both are equally important, and Noel, who heard the answer, reacts and is disappointed.

    Leticia's first wing is female and deals with water.

    It was Josefina's ninth wing, but he was the only one who didn't give his loyalty to Josefina and hated her and felt rejected.

    Josefina didn't pay attention with Kaylaas because she wasn't destructive power. He was killed by a lover who was brainwashed by a black screen after being in a relationship with Ahin.
    After Leticia's regression, it was Josefina's wings, but one day, when Leticia realized that it was, she swore at Leticia and became quite strong.
    Later, she threatened the women who bullied Leticia.
    Unlike other Josefina wings, the courtiers were terrified when Noel revealed the intention of murder. A good example is that people who don't get angry are scared.
    Still pretending to be Josefina's wings, he did a helpful job until Leticia came to the Empire.
    Write down the pattern of the curse, send Ahin to make it into Leticia's wings, etc.
    He will not participate in Kalisto's subsequent shambles. It is one of the time bombs that should not explode from Leticia's point of view.

    He finally marries Ahwin in foreign affairs. At first, he refuses Ahwin
    Reasons for the burden of motherhood, responsibility of wings, etc.
    , but with the help of Lihira
    After seeing the two as a couple through Gilead's ability, it was a baby, but instinctively made the two together.
    , they get to know each other's true feelings and agree to the proposal. After a long wait after marriage, they will have a child.
    Through his dream, Julius finds out that he will later connect with the second child of Vanessa and Dana, but he does not announce it.

    Leticia's second wing, male and wind-handling.

    It was Josefina's favorite and trusted third wing.

    He was favored by Josefina before his return, and Noel and his lover were then brainwashed by the black screen, killing Noel and going crazy. After Leticia's return, it was Josefina's wings, and during a conversation with Leticia, the power of the dark screen pushed the power of the goddess, recognizing everything, and turned to Leticia's wings.

    Later, Josefina pretended to be an individual, but Josefina managed to survive while dying in prison after she ordered herself to hurt herself.
    Leticia was a rational person, but she is nervous that she might run away soon.

    It is Leticia's third wing and deals with the flame of purification as a male.

    The article of the Duchy is so hot-tempered that it is called crazy in the Duchy that it actually was. Before returning to Korea, he believed that he had lost his family to Leticia and hated it, but died in the collapse of the Duchy.
    After the regression, Leticia's pitiful efforts saved Enoch, and he was also cured and influenced by it and received a temporary job.
    After seeing Leticia injured in the fight against Tenua, he was furious and nearly died fighting Tenua, awakening the power of his wings.
    It was the moment when awakening conditions almost died.
    Then immediately afterwards,he gave Tenua away as a gift from Datrian.
    Since it was Josefina's wings, he roughly treated her out of fear of diplomacy, but Tenua said that he abused Leticia, so he stepped on it like it didn't matter.
    Later, when other wings appear, they are called older brothers or sisters. The name of the eighth wing is unknown.
    For Leticia, it is one of the most dangerous time bombs, making her nervous.

    In the foreign war, he shows the charm of a young man by continuing with Dana. He went to the Empire's mission, settled the case, built up affection, and eventually married after passionate love.
    Every day, Dayna goes over the window in the room.
    The first daughter is Latil
    Later married Abel
    , and the second is pregnant and the foreign exchange ends.

    Leticia's fourth wing.

    It was Josefina's first wing, but it is not recognized as the owner.
    He is the second prince of the Empire and the fourth wing of the Empire, a man who deals with the land.
    His sister, Dana, was worried about Josefina, and he became a wizard of the Matap, saying that he would fight back, which is also believed to have been acquired at this time.

    No matter what the situation was before the return, it is believed to have committed suicide.
    Speculation is due to the pain in the wings due to the rejection of the saint, and descriptions of the pain frequently appear.
    After the return, Noel approaches to find out why he is not suffering even though he does not respond much to comments that ignore Josefine. He said he would not be loyal to Leticia, but he felt complicated and subtle when he saw that it didn't matter. Later, he used his power against the retainers who tried to insult Leticia's declaration of the saint, and later broke the shrine with some wings when Leticia threw up blood under the curse of Josefina.
    It was easy because I had a history of burning a new palace before.
    For Leticia, it is like Vanessa, who has a lot of time bombs.

    In foreign affairs, Callisto's unrequited love for Leticia is revealed. However, he thinks that going to see Leticia with that mindset is a sin against Leticia and Dietrian, and does not visit the Duchy on purpose unless Leticia calls. Since then, Greta, who has a crush on Callisto, appears briefly and reveals to Callisto that she knows how she feels toward the saint, and that she also feels the same way toward you. Callisto gets angry with Greta, but Sigmund then persuades Callisto, saying that he does not spend long time on humans.
    It is not known what will happen afterwards.

    Leticia's fifth wing.
    It was Josefina's fourth wing.
    a healing woman Leticia's comment says she looks like a cat.

    Although he did not swear to Josefina, the situation was not good when we first met
    Kylas' father did not like the saint and was opposed to his daughter being winged. Then he died. Josefina considered Kaylas' lack of loyalty on the first day to be a shock.
    Josefina did not give him much attention.
    Because Kylas' power was not an attack, but a healing type.
    So he naturally does not have much loyalty to Josefina.

    After Leticia's return, she roughly wanted to realize that Leticia was a saint and convert, but she visits Lancel to trace the whereabouts of Josefina through the guilt and other wings that left Leticia unattended. Then, when he heard that Leticia was nearby, he secretly went to see Leticia and was caught in the back of the head by Ahin and forced to meet Leticia.
    Since then, he has thrown away his reputation.
    Kylas, who is timid, turned red with embarrassment when Leticia said he was cute and asked why he was here now, but Leticia doesn't know that Kylas has already cut Ransel's subordinate's neck. Afterwards, Lancel was treated with the other wings, and the Leticia curse was lifted, and one truth was discovered.
    This is an important part of future development. Refer to the ninth wing for more information.
    In the foreground, it is revealed that Julius has a favorite mind at the end.
    It seems to continue when I see the two of them in my dream.

    Leticia's sixth wing.

    The Knight of the Duchy, Leticia's sixth wing, was a private woman and had the power of protection. Before returning, his younger brother Enoch was poisoned
    Leticia gave medicine after regression.
    and hated him for what Leticia did, but was believed to have died when the Duchy collapsed.

    After Leticia's return, he was confused by the words of Barneschail, which he had conceived as an advance team, but saw the brine of Datrian and Leticia hiding each other's
    After that, I was guarding Leticia, and she said she was cute because she was full of men.

    I almost died even though Datrian joined them in guarding the Doctor and Irene to defend themselves against Sidell's attack.
    In fact, Sidel is not as strong as Dartrian. I just had a hard time with the zombies.
    He awakened with wings and later killed Sidel with a coop.
    Later, as the Empire praised Leticia as a saint, when the priests visited, Vanessa said that Yuria was Enoch's older sister who told her to return the temple, calling for a panic in the temple.

    It is the seventh wing of Leticia.
    She is the first emperor of the Empire, heir to the imperial family, and a woman who can communicate and act with Masu.

    Although his pre-returning track record was unknown, he was watched by the Black Screen and was frightened by the violence of his father, the emperor
    It's called wensu.
    and was run over and stopped, and became a victim of the causal factor of the Black Screen. Later, he woke up with his wings and came back to life, and as soon as he saw Leticia, he called himself Master.
    For readers, she said she would live by wings and wake up with wings to become the support of Leticia, but as soon as she opened her eyes, she shouted "Add Dornja"...
    He was seen as the next emperor who had a hard time as a woman
    Irene woke up with her wings and was so disappointed...
    and calmly accepted the sacrifices of the common people. Later, he hoped Leticia would remain in the Empire, but he was disgusted by the voices of the women and threatened Callisto by telling the emperor to leave his wings in the Empire that he threatened Leticia.
    Afterwards, he hoped that he would succeed to the throne.

    Latisha's eighth wing.
    She is the young daughter of the Doctor and deals with light and shadow.

    After appearing occasionally, I was awakened when I was about to die in the attack of Sithel & Della.
    Readers were embarrassed by the question, "Do you include children in the Dornja group?"
    Della dies because of the butterfly effect.
    She is still a young girl and feels uncomfortable about her father's overprotective appearance.
    It is unclear how Leticia looks at Irene.

    Leticia's ninth wing.
    the Duchy's depression and the brother of Datrian The ninth wing of Leticia had the power of prophecy, which led to the death of Josefina, and the Duchy before the return to Korea had resentment and hatred toward Leticia.
    Through the prophecy, he learned that his brother would only be happy if he died, and he came to the empire to protect his brother, met Leticia by chance, and accepted his death for the future of his brother and Leticia. Even at the moment of death, he died laughing that there was a future waiting for everyone to be happy by death, and because of that, Josefina was fed up with Julius.
    He was dead even after returning, but kept the dark screen as a pure soul and revived it to control it. At this time, he tried to disappear together by dealing with the black film, but he revived after seeing the future shown by the transcendent.
    Leticia and Datrian were there and saw their children smiling brightly at themselves.
    In the foreground, he said that he was two children while looking at the love of the two.
    Because they were twins. Dana loved that the Imperial Household and the Duchy could continue.
    Leticia asked him to tell him because he did not know the gender.

    Josefina's Side
    The mother of Leticia, the rare devil, and the saint, who warmly touted Leticia, the devil.

    It was known externally, but it was Fake.

    The reality is that this work is the biggest piece of trash and a false saint who has betrayed humanity.
    The Black Screen coveted power and had an ambition to rule the world, but this man had no ambition.
    Her actions killed many people and framed her daughter Leticia for all her misdeeds.

    Just by looking at Lehir's misdeeds toward Leticia even when he was not eaten by darkness, you can see her personality.

    Leticia, her daughter, and her enemy, just like an ironclad enemy, leticia used violence and verbal abuse to see if Josefina's daughter was right. He cursed again and again, pressing him to kill Dartrian with a curse that he could not live for half a year. Leticia also made me frustrated by crying that she wanted to live, saying she couldn't be happy.

    However, apart from this evil deed, his command and leadership were a mess, but he was not able to keep his wings properly, and all the real wings betrayed him. Except for a few fake wings, it proved that the ability was a waste of money by losing all but a few fake wings, which led to Rehir's anger and eventually being abandoned.

    I cared for my first son, Lehir, but he's been eaten by darkness for a long time.He was taken advantage of by Darkness, who played Lehir, and eventually died as a victim of causality.

    He is killed by a black film who played a false saint and a son he cared for, but he is considered not to be sorry because there have been so many evils committed by Leticia and others.

    He turned from the first wing of Josefina to the fourth wing of Leticia.

    This is Josefina's second wing. The wings of the Yongbyeondan, as a mercenary, are very violent and cruel, and Josefina acquiesces. On the day of Tenua's rise, the women in law try not to find fault with her. Judging from his comments, he seems to have assaulted Leticia with a whip or something.

    Josefina's order led to an accident, and in an attack accompanied by mana, Leticia and Mano were attacked. He wounded Leticia against him and made Vanessa, who came to protect the two, about to die, and Barnesha was awakened. Eventually, the revelation of Leticia's abuse ended in a bitter defeat without pity by the madman Vanessa, and it was a gift from Vanessa to Dartrian, who was hurt and angry, and is presumed to have died.

    Turned from Josefina's third wing to the second wing of Leticia.

    This is Josefina's fourth wing.
    A man who leads a violent mob like a gangster. Like Josefina and others, he assaulted Leticia.

    Given that he was looking for his subordinate in anger at the murder, he was better than Josefina, who heard the prophecy and killed everyone in the temple, but he didn't know that the culprit was the one he was talking to.

    Eventually, Kylas was nearby as he turned to Leticia's wings, so he was horribly robbed and died while being tortured with hope.

    From Josephina's 5th wing to Leticia's 5th wing.

    It is the sixth wing of Josefina.
    He is a middle-aged man who has the power to act as Lehir's henchman and covetous man.

    When Lehir fled when he became an enemy of the Empire due to the attempted murder of Dana, she was robbed by Dana, who gained the power to make mana, and was crushed to death by the wall of the palace.

    It is the seventh wing of Josefina. A woman with the power to deal with death.

    While aiming for the Eurasian attack, he slowed down and counterattacked again, but as soon as the wings of the Eurasian were awakened, he died helplessly due to the attack of the Datrian.

    It is the eighth wing of Josefina.
    As a woman who treats Greenja like a mana, she seems to have been ignored by other wings and greatly robbed by Kun once.

    Although he hoped that the wings could be the first wings as they were betrayed or killed in turn, he faced the attacks of the demons of Dana, the emperor, but was on the defensive.

    She took Irene, a girl she discovered while searching nearby, as a hostage, but this was achieved by the awakening of her wings, losing her shadow, and then being eaten by the magicians as she screamed.

    It was Josefina's ninth wing. He was the first to convert to Leticia's wings.

    Goddess who believed in the Empire and gave them wings to live.

    He did not hesitate to release the curse on the wings in the fight against the black membrane, intervening for Leticia, the true saint, and Josefina, the false saint.
    It was a warning of devastating destruction, but Josefina killed almost everyone who was there in order to distort it, saying it was the end of the Duchy.
    The original Sigmund and one oracle.
    That the good will soon defeat the evil.
    Josefina sent a trust of Josefina's destruction, saying that the Duchy would be destroyed.
    When Callisto started to run wild, the faithful were frustrated, asking if they would abandon us, but considering their atrocities and the violence they inflicted on Leticia, the saint, who can be called their agent, it is not enough to abandon them a hundred times.

    The Dragon that founded the Duchy.

    Therefore, he treated the royal family of the Duchy as his own children and tried to protect them even though they disappeared from the Duchy.

    Leticia plays the largest role in the context of regression, and has been involved the most in practice, making a lot of deals with the causal rate of causation.

    In the original book, the name Heinz was not released until the foreign war, although it was not known as the former Maatapju.
    I am a black wizard and I am the master of the masters. He is not a transcendent man, but he has a powerful and vast mana that Danut and Sigmund ask for help when they turn back time. Every time, my body explodes after being scolded by Sigmund.

    The villain of the original work, devouring Lehir, Leticia's half-brother, and manipulating Josefina to expose Leticia to violence or kill five reincarnated wings. He is the final boss of this work, whose scale of misdeeds is beyond description.
    The reason Callisto, Ahin, and Kylas gave their allegiance to Josefina before their return was because of the Darkness.

    It's a causal factor, but he hates humans.

    Despite the fact that the world could be ruined by dark remarks, readers also hate the causal rate, which is unusual in scale of evil, more than in darkness.

    <male protagonist>
    Prince of the Principality of Genos and a descendant of dragons.

    His brother Julius promised to go back to the Empire and return

    Eventually, the death of his brother came, and his father, King Gong, died in shock.

    Eventually, even her mother loses her mind and ascends to the place of King Kong.

    He tries to revive his country somehow, but he feels angry at his own way of living under the power of the empire.

    In the meantime, a marriage with the daughter of the Saint, who was no different from her enemy, was concluded.

    Even she was a woman famous for her outrageous and stupid personality.

    But leticia, the daughter of St. Mary, turned out to be a woman who helped her,

    It was even a young maid whom Julius was talking about in a letter.

    Dietrian decides to make her happy because of her personality different from the rumors, and the imperial's absurd behavior toward such Leticia.

    <Female protagonist>
    An imperial woman who was born the daughter of a saint, but grew up in constant and protracted abuse under the resentment of a saint with a bad personality and the onlook of her brother.

    As if to be sold soon, Leticia marries and lives with the king and coldly refuses to treat him kindly.

    The imperial air raid loses all those who defended him and returns.

    Soon, Leticia decides to save Dietrian and the people around him who took care of him.

    Although the curse that the saint put on her brings her to life, she begins to change her past little by little, grateful that she can save them.

    Considering that the attitudes of those who hate them are natural and unavoidable,

    I am very awkward at the love I receive from others.

    Then leticia thinks that she wants to live once more because of the kindness of Dietrian, who takes care of her before and after her return.

    And in that future, I hope that Dietrian will be with me.

    A healing water that a friendly Dietrian pampers Leticia with a lot of wounds!

    At the beginning, I was worried because the villain seemed too strong, but there are no big sweet potatoes because Leticia gets stronger and takes revenge.

    Shoveling each other is also not carcinogenic because they dig in the right direction.

    When about half of it has passed, it shows them returning to the Principality and continuing their marital life.

    Still, it was nice to see healing materials after a long time.

    Above all, I liked that Leticia is the protagonist of true power and that he takes back the power from the villain and solves the work by himself.

    And the way Dietrian takes care of Leticia really...Dietrian was a good man.

    I SS the first chapter and translated on google so it might not be 100% on point.

    FL return to the past (couple days before her wedding).

    Her mother hates her (more and more as she grew up) and abuses her mentally and physically. She also turns the citizens and her brother against her. Her mother is a powerful deity in the empire. Her mother also killed the ML family.

    FL brother discussed the idea of marrying FL off to the ML with his mother because the mother annihilated his family and so they think the ML will treat her badly--actually, they hope he would kill FL. Evil witch liked the idea because she keeps tab on the ML and the thought of crushing the two ppl she hated greatly appealed to her.

    The male lead has no choice but to accept the marriage bc the witch is powerful and he doesn't want his kingdom(country?) to get the fallout if he disagreed.

    Oh... and the evil witch cursed FL. If she didn't kill ML within half a year, she dies or something.

    *Includes spoilers from what I remember
    By any chance, was this ever on Webnovel? Like translated? Maybe under a different name? I swear I read a book that just like this. The characters, the plot, and especially the concept of the wings. The saint being evil, abusing the FL then marrying her off to the ML bc she hated him and her daughter so she pairs them up so they can be miserable together. Since ML hates the saint she thought ML would kill her daughter.

    The ML’s brother Julius dies and after regression, FL will take back his body from her evil mother who hid it.

    FL curing Enoch who was poisoned by the evil saint then FL saving him (in regression). It had like around 30-50 chapters (I can’t remember) and I left at the part where one of the wings (Noel?) of Josefina (who will become FL’s later bc she hates Josefina but doesn’t openly show it bc she could get replaced or killed) goes to be FL’s guard but basically Josefina wanted the Wing to watch her. The Wing (Noel?) thinks that FL will be just like Josefina (actually, a lot of ppl don’t know the truth of the saint being evil and the FL being abused) so she’s surprised that she’s different. In the past, FL recalls how this Wing helped her iirc by escaping but then they were found out by Noel’s lover (Ahwin). The lover kills Noel, but he was so in pain bc he really does love her. Noel pretends to be loyal to Josefina and Ahwin is always worried about her and hopes she careful bc he doesn’t want her to be replaced as the Wing or killed. Basically, the saint Josefina is really powerful and rules(?)/has the most power in the Empire. The citizens don’t know she’s evil at all.

    The ML hates Josefina bc she killed his family and then tries to control him with the marriage. He also hated FL bc he thought she was just like Josefina and doesn’t know the truth that she’s being abused. Then there was an event where she went to the church/temple(?) any ways, somewhere FL shouldn’t have been in so she was punished by being beaten(?) and ML comes and sees her on the floor.

    Actually, FL & ML indirectly knows each other bc of ML’s brother Julius. He was sent to the Empire (was basically a hostage for the saint) and he got to know a little girl (who he didn’t know was the saint’s daughter) so he talks about her through letters he sent to ML. ML wanted to meet that little girl bc she helped his brother (and was nice to him) but he didn’t know it was FL.

    Also, people (from ML’s side) thought that FL was evil because she got blamed for things she didn’t do by the priests. Like FL punishing people (kill), but she didn’t actually do anything but they think she did.

    Then I skipped a few chapters and later on found out that FL is actually the true master of the Wings and Josefina is like a fake. Well, if this is how it would be worded, and there’s more to this but I can’t go into more detail bc I read this a looong time ago and memory about it is blurry.
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    ▸Does the ML know FL is the actual daughter and not just the maid?
    ▸Does ML know about how FL’s mother abuses her?
    ▸Did the FL’s mother put the curse on her in the current timeline?
    ▸Is FL the real daughter of that evil saint?
    ▸When did the ML fall for the FL?
    ▸ML towards FL
    ▸Do the knights realise their misunderstandings that FL is not a maid and is actually the saint? Do they still think she’s a maid?
    ▸Do they trust her?
    ▸Do the ML’s people still hate her? Do they know of her past of being abused?
    ▸Has ML confided this info to any of his people or has he just tried dealing with it personally?
    ▸Their reaction when they heard FL’s past.

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  5. Guide1410

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    waiting for spoilers :blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone:
    this is such a cute story :blobsmilehappyeyes:
  6. Wapdyne

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    The manhwa is scheduled to release on March 21 but the date might get postponed
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  7. -NEAR-

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    Good news! I saw on Insta that the publisher released a sneak peak of the manhwa:blobparty: The art looks good.:aww: EDIT: There are 20 chapters of the manhwa on kakaopage rn.
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    I wanna know their back story so much. Spoiler plsss
  9. -NEAR-

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    At the end of the first post, there’s a NOTE bc I had a question if this was on Webnovel bc I remember reading a book there that’s just like this and was wondering if it was ever translated or under a different name. It contains spoilers of what I recall from that book I read. It might not apply to this novel in this thread at all if what I thought wasn’t the case. So, take that NOTE (and spoilers) with a grain of salt.

    EDIT: I’m 99% sure the book I read on Webnovel was this.
    I saw Ch 3 of the manhwa where the ML was meeting its the some priests and idk what they were talking about, but then he’s kneeling down and one of his knight is about to get in trouble bc he was angry and was about to against the priests but they can’t offend the priests so ML goes down, bangs his head on the ground, and apologizes/pleads(?) for his knight.
    This scene is exactly how I remember from the novel I read on Webnovel.
    EDIT: Yeah, it’s the same novel.
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    I’ve been thinking the exact same thing, but I can’t find it anymore :(
  11. Kawaii Panda

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    I saw the first chapter so i rushed here xD
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    I think you’re right!! I hope you remember the novel name in webnovel i really curious!!
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    Unfortunately I don’t remember and I just looked through my library and it wasn’t there (I have different accounts tho so maybe it’s in another one idk):blobcry::cry: but I’m so sure it’s on Webnovel unless it was taken down or something.
  14. unicorn7

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    The Webnovel/ Manhua name is "A Way To Protect The Lovable You "
    hope that helps :blob_grin:
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    setting camp here
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    Damn, seeing the manhwa more makes me remember the novel. It was so good I really liked it but too bad I can’t find it:blobcry:
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    I see something on wattpad that’s been abandoned since last year. Would love to read more manhwa/novel spoilers! art looks great :)
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    Abandoned chapters are on wattpad I think. I came across the cover tonight bht also lost it
  19. seoktonin

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    I wish someone would post spoilers :(( if anyone mtled the Manhwa chaps pls post?
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    i'm curious about what dietrian' subordinates's reaction when they came to realize that it's not the real letizia who had done every evil deeds as what they currently know. any spoilers please? :aww::aww:
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