Spoiler Actually, I was the Real One / 사실은 내가 진짜였다

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    Woww please spoil moree :blobReach: I'm so curious about him and what has happened after keira has died :cookie:. Btw thank you for the translation:aww::aww:
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    Well said. this guy is a piece of shit. i bet is so-called daughter even killed him sometime after his real daughter's death. Claude at least was being controlled by black magic...BUT EVEN THEN he somehow came to love athy regardless because she was just a child and he couldn't come to kill her after she has shown him all her cute sides

    At least his consciousness hasn't died
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    On the way back to the mansion after a week-long stay. The butler, Robert, who came out to meet him, found a fox in Keira's arms. It was a small brown fox, as if not yet grown.

    “Hey, lady. What fox are you?”

    “It’s the fox I got from the temple.”

    “In the temple… … Did you get it?”

    He looked like he didn't understand how he could go to the temple and receive a fox. In fact, even Key didn't think he would be able to bring this fox.

    “Anyway, the final procedure of the ritual was unsuccessful. Isn't that a young life? How about taking care of the princess?”

    - I only brought him by the persuasion of the priest who said so, In fact, her fox's cute appearance also contributed to her impulsive decision. You should take good care of what you brought. She promised so.

    “Well, I’ll tell you the details in a little while.”

    As she said so, she glanced behind her and saw Cosette with her stiff expression following her into her house. She felt absurd as she had to be with the 'fox in question' throughout the carriage ride. She turned her gaze away from Cosette and then looked back at the butler.

    “But actually, I don’t know how to raise foxes.”

    “I do too, but… … I'll find out from now on. give it to me Aww, that's pretty gentle."

    “I think it’s because I got a lot of people’s hands.”

    “Are you planning on raising them outside?”


    “Then I will instruct the sponsor to set up a home for them.”


    Watching her face rot every time she shows her fox, it's going to be a lot of fun. It was the moment she was about to take her steps towards her upstairs.

    A questionable voice came out of Robert's mouth.

    "But I don't think I can see Mina. I think Mason's back...."

    "Mina is gone now."


    "I got kicked out of the capital because I had an accident at the temple. He'll probably never come back.”

    "Oh, how did you...….”

    "I'll tell you the details later. Well, it'll be known over time."

    Robert seemed very curious about what had happened, but he did not pry as if he had been a member of the noble family.

    "What did you just say? Mina's not here anymore?

    "What kind of trouble did he cause?"

    "What the hell have you done?….”

    Users who were organizing their luggage in the lobby began to get agitated by the shocking news. A glancing gaze poked Keira in the side of her face. Most of them were curious, but some of them had stinging hatred.

    Keira turned her eyes towards it. Then Mason, the younger brother of the siblings, quickly turns his head back. Anyone could tell that he was avoiding his eyes in a hurry.

    ‘I can understand how Cosette explained the situation, even if you don’t listen to it.’

    Obviously, Mina must have become a victim of her vicious tactics.

    ‘Because I never thought of wanting to be friends with him anyway.’

    So it doesn't matter whether you hate yourself or not. It is also absurd to be friends with Cosette's limbs. The moment her Keira tried to move her foot again carelessly, her butler's words caught her.

    “Lady, please wait a minute.”


    “While the lady was away from the mansion, an invitation came from the imperial family.”

    “If it’s an invitation… … . Ah, that hunting contest.”

    Around this time in the spring, the royal family holds a hunting contest, and it was a big event held for several days as the organizers were the royal family. Most nobles attended, but there was one exception.

    “What did the Grand Duke say? Are you going to go?”

    “I haven’t heard a definitive answer yet, but I think I should let you know.”

    “Then I will decide after hearing your presence or not.”

    “Yes, I know. Rest in peace.”

    Immediately after that, Keira took Rosé and went upstairs to the bedroom. Cosette's bedroom was located in an annex, and to get there, she had to cross the courtyard. But Cosette stood tall in the lobby as if she had no intention of leaving the main building. She grabbed the servant she was passing by and asked.

    “A hunting contest? What do you mean by that?”

    “Every spring there is a big hunting competition. It's an event that lasts several days. I heard the butler talk about him.”

    “If it’s such a big event, wouldn’t it be attended by a lot of nobles in the capital?”

    “Well, maybe not? Unless it's an event, your Excellency wouldn't even consider participating in it."

    If even Ludwig was thinking about participating, it meant that it was a pretty big event. Maybe even the royal family will attend.

    “I have to ask my father to take me with him.”

    Then, Mason sneaked in.

    “Hey, are you going with me?”

    “It’s an event that lasts for several days. of course."

    Then a happy smile appeared on the boy's face. It was such an innocent smile.

    “Robert, then I will go back to the detached house. Please organize my luggage and bring it to me.”

    "Yes, please take a look."

    The smiling expression in front of the butler, though faint, disappeared as if he had washed it the moment he left the building, looking back. Behind her, several users, including Mason, follow. Cosette crossed the courtyard with a terribly hardened face.

    ‘It is an event where the nobles of the capital gather… … .'

    I can't help but fall into a situation where I have to take a little more eye-painting. From the looks of it, it seemed that it was an invitation for the family, not an individual.

    'I'll have to convince the Archduke within today.'

    She moved her steps, contemplating how to persuade Ludwig to participate. As she was walking towards the annex, she suddenly looked up at the sky and saw her dark clouds covered in a lot.

    “Is it going to rain?”

    Cosette's eyes narrowed as she looked up at her sky.

    * * *

    The torrential rain that began at sunset showed no sign of stopping until midnight. The sky, which was obscured by dark clouds, both the moonlight and the starlight, was as black as a black canvas. The lights that lit up the garden had long since faded away in the strong rain and wind. Ludwig said as he looked out the window through the raindrops.

    “I don’t know if this is the only way the hunting contest will be held properly. the ground would be all wet What is your aunt doing without controlling any of these things?”

    “Because the existence of a spirit is so capricious. Besides, there is still time. The schedule won't change if we stop by tonight."

    Lieutenant Shane didn't realize the meaning behind the words until three seconds later. When the Archduke refers to a hunting contest, that is... … .

    “Are you planning to participate?”

    Ludwig nodded his head silently.

    “I have to write a reply. Let's see, the stationery... … .”

    “I’m late today, so I’ll do it tomorrow.”

    No, I was just finishing work and was about to tidy up my desk. The hour hand of the watch was pointing to the number 10. Ludwig beat Shane to drive him to his bedroom and left the office.

    The hallway was already dark. It's late, so the lights must have been turned off. A wrinkle forms on Ludwig's forehead as he looks into the darkness.

    ‘What is Robert doing?’

    Isn't it his duty to make sure that the master does not indulge in trifles?

    'Maybe he's helping Keira's work.'

    During the day he seemed to have heard that she was very busy. If that's the case, it's not that I don't understand.

    Ludwig went back into the room and came out with a lamp. He has enough visibility to walk.

    Quarreung! bang! Beatrice looked like she was being grumpy. Thunder sounds like the ground breaking. Of course, Ludwig moved on without a blink of an eye.

    His bedroom is located on the 3rd floor of the main building. As he passed the familiar structure and reached the stairs to the third floor, Ludwig could see something whitish hovering over the stairs.


    There was no room for misunderstanding whether he was a ghost. ‘The Whitish’ came to Ludwig’s side with a clear voice. Eventually, 'it' comes within the range of the lamp. It was Cosette.

    “What are you doing here? Your room should be in the annex.”

    “I came here because I have something to tell you. You are busy with work during the day. I don't want to disturb you.”

    Ludwig rolled his eyes slightly and looked at his daughter, no, the one who claimed to be his daughter.

    Cosette was kind, obedient, and devoted. He reminded me of his Keira when he was in the middle of chasing after him. But even then, why is he strangely unfaithful?

    “What about the maid, you wandering around alone?”

    “It is late. That child should rest. And what's wrong with going around alone when you're inside the house? There's nothing dangerous."

    There was nothing wrong with her words. Ludwig tried to nod his head in agreement, but noticed something strange. What's even weirder than her wandering around on her own without her maid.

    "...what about the lamp?"


    "It's this dark, and you came all the way here from the detached house without a lamp?"


    Even he, who was far superior in physical ability, needed light. But I can't believe Cosette, who is no more than a woman of her age, walked down the street by herself. I don't understand.

    Cosette paused for a moment and then went on.

    "The lights were originally on in the middle of the hallway. There must be a window open somewhere. The lights went out. I couldn't go back, so I was here waiting for my father."


    It seemed oddly understandable, but it was an awkward explanation.

    “Well, whatever it is. What did you want to talk about?”

    “I heard that you have been invited to a hunting competition from the royal family! It's a big event that takes place over a few days. I definitely want to visit! Can't you take me? Yeah? Yes?"

    It's actually not difficult to take. But the reason he couldn't easily get the word out was because of the problems he had when he appeared at an official event alone with Cosette. Simply put, the picture isn't pretty. How it would be reflected in the eyes of others was expected enough.

    It was a problem that could be solved by accompanying Keira, but it was not likely that she would follow along. The cold attitude that started a few months ago is still being maintained. Would you like to go together? It was said that children would one day become independent from their parents, and I wondered if that was what it meant. After Ludwig did not answer for a long time, Cosette said with a slight pout on her lips.

    “Do you have to think for a long time?”

    “I haven’t decided whether to participate or not. I'll tell you when it's decided."

    "all right!"

    Cosette spoke in a bright voice and took a step back. It leaves the area illuminated by the flame of the lamp and disappears into darkness. But it was that moment.

    flash! Lightning struck outside the window. As if it had fallen fairly close, the surroundings brightened for a moment. A cold, blue light shone on Cosette's side face. The shadow of the window sill was also added to create a very bizarre appearance.

    “… … !”


    Ludwig took a step backwards without realizing it. A lantern that slipped from his hand plummeted to the floor. With the sound of glass shattering, the hallway fell into darkness again.

    What just happened? He recalled what he had just seen.

    The blue light that shines on a smiling face. Apparently, the cool blue added to his usual face, but somehow his hair felt like it was on edge. I didn't feel this way even when I was in front of top-notch machinations. Fear spreads through the spine. If he had been wearing a sword, he would have pulled it out.


    “Don’t come near me!”

    “Come on, why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

    Even beyond the darkness, I could feel the embarrassment of the other person. I look like an ordinary person... … .

    ‘What was that just about?’

    I wanted to check it again, but the light of the lamp had been out for a long time. It's dark all around, so you can't see an inch ahead. But then.

    “Who's there?”

    A familiar voice came from the other end of the hallway. When I turn my head, I see a faint flickering light.


    “Ah, did you miss the Grand Duke? Forgive me for being late. I'm running out of time to help the lady... … .”

    It was the butler, Robert, who approached with a lamp.

    Orange lights illuminate the surroundings. As soon as his sight was secured, Ludwig turned his gaze to Cosette. Her face, reflected in her warm light, was as gentle as usual. She asked Cosette with a puzzled look on her face.

    “Father, why did you do that earlier?”

    “… … It is nothing. I think it was my mistake, so just forget it.”


    She pouted her lips as if saddened, but no longer vomited.

    “Robert, take Cosette to the annex. Oh, there must be a broken glass under her feet, so take that away.”

    "Would that be all right? I don't think you can see ahead."

    "My bedroom is just around the corner. This distance is within walking distance."

    "Well, then…….I'll take you there, miss."


    Robert took a step ahead and revealed his view first. Cosette follows suit.

    He looked back slightly and asked.

    "But what were you doing in that dark place?”

    "I came to see you because I had a favor to ask of you."

    "Without a single lamp?"

    “There was, but my father broke it.”

    It was a question of the meaning of why there is only one broken lamp when there are two people passing by. But Robert didn't ask any more. Asking too much is annoyed by superiors. It was the attitude of a servant of a great noble family.

    As Robert shut his mouth, silence returned to the hallway. The soft rug doesn't even make the sound of footsteps. All I could hear was the roar of rain outside the window.

    Cosette cast her gaze toward the rain outside.

    flash! At that moment, lightning strikes once again, cooling the surroundings.

    It was evident that her lips were twisted in annoyance. The eyes looking outward were terrifying as if they were looking at a disturber.

    ‘That man, his sense looks good.’

    In fact, when I first entered this mansion, I thought it was all over. It didn't take more than half a year to intercept that man's affection and isolate Keira. That is why she has been struggling with her struggles for the past three months. Moreover, it seems that he has just “felt” something from him, so it will be far more difficult to delve into Ludwig’s mind in the future.

    ‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’

    Affection was only a secondary matter, and her goal was not as petty and shallow as human emotions. Cosette's ferocious gaze once again turned to the sky. To the sky where rain is pouring down.

    ‘Don’t disturb me, Beatrice.’
    * * *

    “If he goes, I will go too.”

    Keira put down her pen and said firmly. The answer was Arthur, who was half lying on the sofa, picking up cookies and eating.

    “Well, if only the Archduke and Miss Cosette participated, the picture would be a little bad.”

    Others will see Cosette as if she were the daughter of this family. That's never going to happen. She was still fond of her encounters with her, but she couldn't just sit around.

    “Anyone in attendance? So it’s a hunting contest.”

    Reina answered first.

    "Well, I don't feel comfortable running into my family, so...….”

    "Did you fight?"

    “No, we often talked about whether it was time to get married soon.”

    "Yes? So what about the others?”

    “I can’t go. Your Majesty the Grand Duke has ordered you to guard the mansion.”

    “I’m going.”

    “As long as nothing happens, me too.”

    “Like Reina, I don’t want to run into my family… … .”

    Keira muttered as she put her finger on her.

    “Then no Sir Joseph, no Rayna, no Sir Dylan... … . Well, I don't know what to do with Zeke."

    Keira sent a servant to find out about her brother's schedule. After a while, the servant returned with Zeke. The answer was adamant.

    “Of course I have to go. You are now an adult.”

    Thus, the users were able to pack the luggage of a family of four. I stayed for three days in a hunting ground outside the castle, so if it was a kind of family trip, it could be called a family trip.

    However, until the hunting contest was two days away, the atmosphere in the house was dreary. The excitement ahead of the trip was nowhere to be found even after washing my eyes. It was the same from the fact that three out of four people stubbornly refused to Robert's words that he would prepare a carriage for four.

    "I do not want to. The experience of riding a carriage together is enough.”

    “I hate it too. Is there anything that will ruin your mood before you even arrive?”

    “You must not have seen what the atmosphere was like at dinner time.”

    The only one who voted in favor was, of course, Cosette.

    “I think it would be fun if all four of us ride together!”

    Of course, it was not accepted by a majority vote. In the end, only Cosette, who was not good at horseback riding, got on a carriage, and the other three agreed to go on their own horses.

    So, on the day of the hunting competition, the party with small luggage left the mansion.

    'But I'm glad I didn't have to listen to the chatter all the way.'

    But, to his disappointment, not long after leaving, a wagon approached Keira.

    "Oh… … .”

    I need to relocate quickly. But before he could speed up, the window of the wagon opened and Cosette stuck her head out.

    “Is that a new riding suit? cool!"

    “It was there.”

    "Oh sorry. I got a new one, so I thought you were too.”

    Keira, who was about to move her seat, stopped at those words.

    “Are you wearing a riding suit?”

    “Yeah, I don’t even have one, so I have to match it.”

    “… … why?"

    “Why? You can't wear a dress to participate in a hunting competition."

    As if asking why are you asking such a simple question, Cosette tilted her head. Keira frowned slightly and asked.

    “It sounds like you’re going to hunt directly, not to watch.”

    “I don’t know if it’s over in one day, it’s three days. How can I survive because I get bored just looking at it?”

    No, how are you going to hunt? Instead of asking that question, Keira bit her mouth.

    ‘It takes a lot of training to master the bow.’

    In fact, it was strange that a person who had grown up with an elderly couple who were herbalists in the mountains all his life used aristocratic etiquette. Well, let's say you learned it as an attribute in a few days at Count Weinberg.

    ‘But the bow can’t.’

    Keira quietly bit his mouth, noting that fact now to wake him up. She said, pulling the reins.

    "Yes? work hard Then we will come and see you.”

    “Oh, wait a minute. Keira, I'm bored, let's talk... … .”

    After listening to the story, the reason for refusing the carriage disappears. Keira turned her head straight away. She then walked over to her brother who was going ahead. She will be a good match for her until she arrives.

    It didn't take much time to reach the hunting grounds outside the wall. When the party arrived, it was the barracks that had already been completed to greet them. It is said that preparations were made a few days before the event. Temporary stables and temporary kitchens for keeping horses were also installed.

    I could see the flags engraved with the patterns of the participating families fluttering in the wind. The largest flag was also engraved with the imperial design. I heard that the Crown Prince would attend on behalf of the Emperor. Once he puts his clothes in place, he goes straight to say hello to him.

    “That is the princess’s barracks.”

    Her attendant led her to her dark blue barracks.

    “Sister, see you later.”

    Zeke followed the guidance of the other servants and turned the horse's head to another place. Even before her return, she had participated a couple of times, so she didn't feel bad about living in a barracks for three days. Just if there is a problem.

    "Wow, it's big!"

    The barracks were assigned only for women and men in each family, meaning that they had to use one barracks for three days with Cosette. In no time, Cosette, who got off the wagon, jumped and shouted.

    "I thought of a camping ground when I heard it was a hunting ground. What a large scale!"

    It was a pretty loud voice, so the attention was drawn to this side. Since there were no large social events during the winter, it was the first time she appeared in front of many people since Zeke's birthday party. People whispered as they watched the two princesses stand side by side.

    "He thought of a campsite or something, campsite."

    "It's a hunting ground owned by the Imperial Family.….”

    "Why? Isn't it cute to look innocent? It's better than being snobbish."

    Perhaps the sound reached Cosette's ear, and she gave a rare look of perplexity. Of course, Key, who suffered a lot, knew right away that it was acting.

    “I guess I get a lot of attention.”

    “Of course, because you shouted out loud.”

    “… … .”

    Then Cosette's expression hardened subtly. It was invisible to those standing behind her. Their eyes met in the air. It's like an invisible spark of fire.

    ‘It’s going to be a very interesting three-day stay together.’

    I already had that feeling. That was then. Cosette's gaze seemed to move away slightly, but her lips opened blankly. Soon she smiled again and continued.

    “Keira, do you think you have a visitor?”


    “Behind you.”

    Didn't you feel presence? But when she turned around, there was really a man standing there.

    ‘Wow, that’s a surprise.’

    If you come, even give me a sign. It was Erez standing behind her back. The dark blue riding suit goes well with the blonde and looks pretty cool. He put out his hand with a sociable smile.

    “Nice to see you again, Princess.”

    "It's been a few days."

    Keira grabbed his hand in the cold. He said he was a hard-to-see person in the capital city because he was obsessed with magic research, and he managed to attend such a place. Then Cosette barged in and said.

    "Do you know him? He's handsome. Can you introduce him?”

    Based on past experience, this was the first step for Cosette. He wondered if there was a disease that could cause seizures if he didn't make the young men he liked his worker bees. But I can't say no here, so Keira had to introduce each other to each other in a businesslike way.

    "This is Erez Shore, the Magician of the Tower, and the son of the Viscount Shore."

    “Oh my, you were the magician of the tower! It's the first time I've actually seen it, so I'm excited! Oh. My name is Cosette Parvis. Have you ever heard of my name? nice to see you. nice to meet you."

    And then put out your hand Erez smiled softly and took her hand.

    "nice to see you. It is an honor to meet you.”

    “So humble.”

    It was a standard greeting that could only be found in a painting textbook. Except that the two's handshakes are getting longer than usual.

    “… … ?”

    Keira's expression turned bewildered. It's not like we're continuing the conversation, but for some reason he doesn't let go of her hand.

    “What are you doing?”

    The two of them separated their hands only after she, who had not seen it, said that. There were slight red marks on both hands.

    Interestingly, nonetheless, neither side showed any signs of displeasure. Both of them had bright expressions as if flowers were in full bloom. It was an odd look.

    “If you don’t have natural talent, you can’t learn magic, right? I'm sorry. I've always had a fantasy about magic, but unfortunately I don't have any talent for magic."

    His expression was too bright to say something sad. Erez also closed her eyes and smiled softly.

    “Learn the theory. There are also theoretical wizards in the tower.”

    "Oh, are you teaching me? If this handsome man teaches me, I'd welcome him."

    "I'm afraid I'm not good at teaching."

    ……What is this situation? Keira's eyes looking at the two people were stained with wonder. Even as she tilted her head, Erez and Cosette laughed and chatted haha.

    "Keira, I'm going in first. Come and talk to the guest."

    "Come in, Lady Cosette."

    "Oh, I'll see you later, too."

    Then he turns around and walks toward the barracks. Keira, who stared at the back of it, slowly opened her mouth.

    "You just seemed to shake hands a little long.

    "Lady Cosette seems to like me."


    "Or maybe he's instinctively trying to build his own side. Men, you know, aren't you weak with that face? If it weren't for me, I might have let it go."

    Keira looked like she was talking nonsense.

    "I usually struggle with a handshake with someone I don't like.”

    "Oh, my God, I'm a man of no circumstances, but would I fight a weak woman for power?"


    It sounded plausible. Above all, Cosette doesn't fight as if she's going to lose. If a man walks up to me in a power struggle, I'll definitely tear up and act pitiful as a victim.

    Then what was it? Even before asking that, Erez came up with the answer first.

    "You've tried skinship."


    Her voice has gone up an octave.

    "I guess you liked me. I didn't expect you to hold on so desperately."


    I was speechless at the sly answer.

    'Is that so?'

    Keira didn't know anything about how the relationship between a man and a woman would work. He had no idea what to do with a close push and pull, fluttering, or anything else. As a result, her short first love...…it's not important, anyway.

    Cosette's past behavior also added persuasion to his argument. It made me wonder if he had a hobby of attracting people with his fragile appearance and speech.

    "Well, let's just say so. What brings you here?"

    “I came here just to say hello.”

    As soon as I heard the answer, the question ‘to whom?’ came to mind. From a common sense point of view, it was more correct to think that I came to say hello to someone I had known before. However, for some reason, the image of Erez and Cosette smiling and greeting each other does not leave my mind. It was the moment when I was about to ask if it was true that I had come to see him.

    The expression on his face, which had been smiling brightly, was hardened. He even takes a quick breath.


    This time, unlike before, I could feel a clear popular chuckle next to me. The reason Erez's expression changed in an instant must have something to do with him.

    “I see you often.”

    It was a familiar voice. Ludwig, dressed to meet the Crown Prince, was approaching this way. But for some reason, you look upset. Somehow the situation seemed understandable.

    'This guy... Did you go in front of your father and flirt with me like you were treating me?"

    That personality is enough to do that' Keira nodded convincingly. Of course, there was a long distance between the reasons she came up with and the truth.

    “Go, sir. Seeing you around the beginning of winter, isn't it the first time since then? But do you see it often? If anyone hears it, they will mistakenly think that I flirt in front of the princess every day.”

    “It’s strange that you, a wizard, participated in a hunting contest.”

    The use of magic is prohibited in hunting competitions. Only pure hunting skills had to be used. It was a rule made after some wizards burned the hunting grounds with fire attribute magic.

    'Come to think of it, it's a little weird.'

    I couldn't help but agree with Ludwig's comments.

    "Ha ha. The purpose of the hunting contest is friendship, isn't it? I'm getting married now, so I have to show my face here and there......"

    “What is it? marriage?"

    “No, I mean… … .”

    Ludwig's voice has become higher. Attention is drawn to this side. Why is there a sudden surge of embarrassment? The matter between the two should be agreed upon. Keira didn't want to be stuck between the two anymore.

    "Then I have to change my clothes. Please don't raise your voice in front of other people's barracks."

    "Oh, wait a minute! If you leave me alone...…!”

    ‘Hurry up to the Crown Prince and rest in the barracks.’

    She went into the barracks ignoring requests for help behind her back.

    * * *

    It was Michael, the current Crown Prince, who eliminated the rules to determine the winner of the annual spring hunting competition. As it is an event hosted by the imperial family, many people tried to win and catch the eyes of the imperial family, and as competition intensifies, expediency and accidents naturally increase.

    So it didn't fit the name "hunting competition," but...…. Anyway, since you are the Prince's command, everyone has taken it easy and moved on. It's not even an event to decide the winner anyway, Keira rode on the horse with a light heart.

    "Which way should I go?"

    "Let's go south."

    She turned south at Zich's suggestion. His maternal grandfather, the Marquis of Edinburgh, also joined his grandchildren. The marquis, the next Grand Duke and the princess moved in one group, naturally catching up with other nobles. I think it's a bit too much to hunt secretly, but one more person even intervened.

    "Keira, Zich. Can I come with you?”

    It was Cosette who approached carefully with an embarrassing look on her face. Zich replied angrily.

    "What are you talking about? Get out of my way…… Eup, Eup!"

    "Of course, as long as it doesn't interfere.”

    "I'll try not to disturb you!"

    Cosette comes running with a bright smile. It was only then that Keira let go of her hand that was covering her brother's mouth.

    "Why? Why did you let me in? I feel bad all day!"

    "There's one thing I'd like to check."

    "What is it?"

    "You'll know when you'll see.

    After answering like that, Keira drove forward. It's been a long time since I've hunted. I felt sick because I stayed inside the house all winter.

    Has it been about an hour since we started hunting? As she was running ahead, she found a mother deer and a baby deer eating grass. Arthur, who was following, beckons the people to kill the flag. The bow in Keira's hand was pulled tight.

    Puck! Soon after, a cool arrow hits the mother deer's back exactly. It was a neat skill that you couldn't nitpick when trying to nitpick. The mother deer stumbled a few steps before collapsing.

    Clap clap clap. There's a celebratory clap around you. Zich said to the servants who were clapping blankly.

    "What are you doing? You have to bring that."

    "Oh, four. All right, Confucius."

    "Wait a minute."

    Keira stopped the servants trying to move immediately.

    "There's one left.”

    What she was pointing at was a baby deer that couldn't leave her mother's body. Keira turned to Cosette instead of shooting the deer himself.

    "Do you want to try? You said that yesterday. I don't want to just watch."

    While acting, he even made a friendly expression. Like a big man who gives up a game that can't escape to his opponent. Cosette had a look of 'What's wrong with her?' for an instant, but she soon burst into laughter. It was a scene where people who didn't know the situation would misunderstand as close friends.

    "If you don't mind...….”

    Cosette said so and picked up the bow and arrow. It was the moment she was about to carry an arrow to the demonstration.

    "Oh, Lady Cosette, can you handle a bow?"

    Young-sik, whose name is unknown, sounded surprised. He was one of those who chased Cosette against her face.

    'That damn thing.'

    Keira's expression was suddenly distorted. That's what Cosette should say after she's definitely shot the game. If he points out an unexpected skill, as he had kissed Arthur in advance,

    'Come to think of it, where did you learn bow? I didn't hear you learned how to bow during the winter.'

    - I was going to say something like that.

    It was to instill doubt in people that my past revealed by Cosette might be false. The plan is a little out of order, but it's not too late. Keira opened her mouth in a strange way.

    “By the way, where did you learn archery? It is not something that can be solved by practicing for a day or two.”

    “Ah, that… … .”

    Cosette was confused and unable to speak. It was a natural result. Because it was himself who said he grew up to an elderly couple who were herbalists in a mountainous area isolated from the outside. She made up her excuses with difficulty.

    “From my maternal uncle… … I learned for a while. So, before entering the Grand Duchess. So, my skills are still lacking.”


    It was truly a pity that ashes were scattered on a plan that had lost its name. If she had shot her fawn, she wouldn't have made that excuse. Keira spoke in a calm, weak voice.

    “Still, try practicing while holding a bow. It's a stationary target."

    “… … .”

    I could see Cosette biting her lip slightly. When she hits her arrow here, she denies what she said, and when she lands on her, she advertises her lack of skill compared to Keira. It wasn't a bad result for an unknown idiot who sprinkled ashes in the middle.

    But agility wasn't the only factor she had. When Keira was about to smile...….


    Cosette suddenly began to tear up.

    "Oh, Miss Cosette?"


    What the hell is this...….

    Keira was stunned by the unexpected situation. Perhaps Keira wasn't the only one who was puzzled, so everyone looked at Cosette in surprise.

    “Lady Cosette. Come on, why are you like this all of a sudden?”

    First of all, the worker bees, possessed by her beauty, approached her. It was followed by her daughters, who had her usual fondness for her. Cosette, surrounded by them, cried and said.

    “I, I can’t, Keira! You're still a young deer."

    Are you trying to escape the situation by playing the role of a soft-hearted young lady? Keira's lips twisted slightly. She's a pretty good measure for a measure she's rushed to come up with.

    However, there were also people who made her sad face. If she has pity on her prey, she shouldn't have participated in the hunting contest in the first place, right?

    All the people gathered here are those who attend to take the lives of their prey. He couldn't be happier to pretend to be good by himself and drive everyone else as human without tears of blood.

    this is my victory The moment he was so sure, Cosette continued. It didn't end there.

    “You already shot and killed the mother deer. Do I need to kill it even a cub!"

    The arrow flew in a direction other than her.

    “Isn’t that right, Marquis of Edinburgh?”


    For a moment, I thought about why I was bringing in my dear maternal grandfather.

    But Keira soon understood the meaning behind it. She was told that when Ludwig and Rowena Weinberg divorced, she was the Archduke and there was a lot of noise about whether she was a real girl. It was the new Grand Duchess' father, the Marquis of Edinburgh, who was blamed for the accusation, and the suspicions about him still persist. Sometimes it was even mentioned in conversations of nobles.

    So Cosette is speaking like a deer.

    ‘You have already killed your mother. That's not enough, are you trying to kill me, the child, as a fake?'

    Half of the people gathered here looked puzzled as if they didn't understand, while the other half looked puzzled as if they had noticed. As I glanced to the side, my maternal grandfather was also shaking his lips.

    'Think, come up with a way to respond.'

    At this rate, Cosette's intention would only be dragged in, but nothing came to mind as if it were blank.

    The reason is probably...….

    "……Yes, I killed him."

    "You can say that because you don't know what was going on back then! Kill or die. There were only two options! I removed it because it was static. That's all."

    In fact, the maternal grandfather framed an innocent woman and eventually removed her.

    "What's this situation?"

    "Young people may not know. I mean, it's a rumor that circulated about 20 years ago.….”

    I could hear the whispers gradually lowering my voice. The surrounding buzz spreads like an epidemic.

    Cosette was being comforted by people and buried her face in her palm. The hidden expression must be smiling. There was nothing else I could do about it even though I knew it clearly.

    Damn it.

    Keira clenched her teeth quietly.

    ‘If I had known you were so soft here, I wouldn’t have brought you to the hunting contest, so the best thing to do is to respond wisely-’



    But before he could finish his thoughts, the arrow crossed his field of vision. Then comes the sound of piercing through her chunks of meat. The sound of the prey collapsing helplessly on the ground followed by the last cry of the beast.

    “… … .”

    Keira's gaze shifted to the fawn that had fallen down with her neck pierced. And she slowly looked back in the direction the arrow flew. There was a figure of Sieghard holding a bow. Dozens of eyes gathered on me, and he shrugged his shoulders and said:

    “You said you couldn’t do it, so I just grabbed him instead, what’s the problem?”

    “… … .”

    “… … .”

    All were silent. But Zeke continued talking without hesitation.

    “Oh, and I’m giving it to my sister as a present.”

    The sound of people rolling their heads seemed to reach Keira's ears. Whether Keira is the real Grand Duchess or Cosette is the real Grand Duchess, the fact that Sieghard is the heir to the Parvis family remains the same. Even if Zeeke's maternal grandfather, the Marquis of Edinburgh, had committed a crime, Ludwig would not be able to expel his only son.

    Those who made it up to that point smiled and clapped.

    “Hey, you’ve just become an adult, but you have great archery skills.”

    “It’s like seeing the Grand Duke at this time of year.”

    As if they just didn't notice the slightest number of Cosette's targets. Suddenly, the atmosphere returned to the usual hunting competition. Everyone was laughing and chatting, pretending to cheer each other up.

    “Come on, come on, pick up your prey.”

    The servants, who received Arthur's orders, rushed to pick up the fallen deer, and Cosette looked at him coldly. It is the figure of a fawn, who compared his situation, to death with his neck pierced.

    But then she smiled again. It was a tired smile. In other words, it was a smile that evoked human protective instincts.

    “I saw blood and it was a little scary. I just need to go back and rest.”

    “There is still a lot of time left… … .”

    "Uh, Lady wants to take a rest. I'll take you there."

    "Thank you, Keira, see you later. Work hard."

    Cosette disappears to the center with some English food. When her figure completely disappeared from view, Zich approached Keira and patted her on the shoulder.

    "Why are you listening to that nonsense?”

    "Oh, yeah? What?"

    "Why were you just looking at that nonsense? That's what you were trying to say. Grandfather killed his mother. And you're going to kill yourself. Where's the trick? Bad luck."


    Oh, it was. This child does not yet know the sins of his maternal grandfather. Perhaps it is because of that that there is no agitation. Keira lowered her voice and tried to answer.

    “I just wanted to be really good at acting tears. It's so ridiculous that I'm so speechless."

    "Oh, I thought of that, too. I can't believe you're crying like that. Didn't you bring a real actor from somewhere.

    When I said it casually, it seemed that it was quite plausible, Zeke's voice rose.

    “You can see that I usually act shamelessly and well. Could he have been a real actor? what do you think... … , sister?"

    He soon noticed that his sister's complexion was unusual.

    "what's the matter?"

    “Oh, no. It makes me feel a little bit better to think that if you hadn't fired the bow at the right time, I would have been caught up in her intentions."

    “Hey, you usually have a straight forward response, but why are you like this today?”

    Zeke patted his shoulder and smiled. A clear smile that only those who do not know the truth can make. She forced a smile on her brother's face.

    “Let’s go somewhere else. You're not going to end up with one deer, are you?"


    Then Zeke spurs her horse first and runs away. She quietly followed after him.
    * * *

    After walking around the hunting ground all day, my body smelled of sweat. Keira, a fairly neat personality, couldn't help feeling uncomfortable.

    "Rosé, go ahead and get ready to wash up. I'll take a bath as soon as I get back."


    As the sun went down, she ordered the maid to go to the barracks first to prepare the bath. Thanks to him, warm steam welcomed her as soon as she entered the barracks. The maids were moving partitions to build a temporary bathhouse.

    Keira looked around her, looking for the figure of her temporary mate. However, the figure of her Cosette is nowhere to be seen. Although they were assigned one in front of the two people, the space was divided as it was a facility for the nobility.

    Keira asked with a low voice.

    "What about Cosette?"

    “She seems to be resting on the side.”

    “Did nothing else happen?”

    I left Emily here in case she might touch my luggage. As soon as Cosette arrived at the tent, she was relieved to hear that she had entered her room and took off her coat. I swear, these three days now will be the most difficult living together in my entire life. Keira muttered to herself - an insult to the imperial family for not assigning one barracks per person - she went into the bath.

    However, the difficult cohabitation ends sooner than expected. In a way she never expected.

    It was when she had finished bathing and she came out of the bath. The moment she put on her dressing gown and put her hair in the hands of the maids, she felt a huge energy above her head.

    “… … !”

    rumble. Keira jumped up, spurting her chair.

    "miss? Do you have any discomfort? … .”

    "My sword? Where's my sword?”

    "What? Oh, that's out there.….”

    "No, get out of my way!"


    Even before I asked you again what you were talking about, I heard a wooden pillar breaking over my head. At this point, even the most obtuse person has no choice but to feel that an accident has occurred.

    Rose's gaze turned upward. Large claws were coming in, tearing the roof.

    ‘Bar, claws?!’

    It was recognizable at a glance that it was not like a claw of an animal released in a hunting ground. You can see bright yellow eyes through the cracks in the torn tent.


    Not even a scream came out. My whole body seemed to freeze. Under such circumstances, it is impossible to escape outside. Keira was the one who saved her from being frozen hard.

    "What are you doing? Do you want to die?!”

    "Oh, oh, my lady!"

    I felt the power to grab the back of my head. I was strangled, but I can't afford to complain. Rosé rushed outside in a hurry at Keira's hands.

    But as soon as I was about to step outside, the tent collapsed completely and crushed the two.


    I'm going to die!

    But it was not in the building, it was in the tent. The shock wasn't as great as I thought. It's just that I don't know where to run. It was the touch of a lady who saved her again this time.

    "This way!"

    Keira grabbed Rose by the scruff of her neck and pulled her outside. Cold air from the outside touched the face. I can see soldiers gathering beyond the dizzy view.

    "What, what's that!"

    "Beast! Beast!”

    thud! bang!

    Behind his back he felt something large trampling on the remnants of the tent. If it had been a little later, it would have been minced meat. Rosé ran forward, almost rolling in tears.

    ‘By the way, the lady… … ?'

    I know he came out with him, but he couldn't see where he went after that.



    At that time, the beast made a noise that I did not know whether it was a cry or what. It was a very sharp high-pitched sound for its size. It feels like a stabbing pain in the eardrum. Everyone was clasping their ears to see if she was the only one who felt pain.

    'Where did you go... … ?'

    In the meantime, Rosé tried to find Keira's whereabouts. Fortunately, the figure in her white robe stood out in the dark.


    "Hey! What are you doing dangerously!”

    One of the soldiers stopped Rose from running to Keira.

    “There is a princess over there! What are you doing! Without going to the rescue!”

    “Hey, are you crazy? Ordinary people like us will die right away if they intervene!”

    "Then get out of my way!"

    "You look like a maid, just stay in here! Don't get in the way!"

    Keira was running around, luring the Beast Beast to an empty side. bang! thud! bang! As if the beast was about to trample Keira, it pounded her big feet. Fortunately, the movements of the demonic beasts were not swift.

    The only problem was that there were no weapons. No matter how much she was, she couldn't beat her demonic beast with her bare hands.

    Keira quickly looked around. Ordinary soldiers took the nobles and the servant maids who followed them to evacuate further. It was a wise decision to act wisely. If you're close, it's just annoying.

    'I don't think I'll reach this far if I throw a sword over there... … .'

    It would be unreasonable with the strength of a normal soldier, not a knight.

    'If I dragged the time like this, wouldn't it have to show up slowly?'

    She cursed many knights. No matter how much time it takes to take a break after hunting, it means that if you are a knight, you should move quickly! When she fell earlier she sprained her ankle and was about to creak.

    Keira's gaze shifted to the rags of the tent's wreckage. All the sharpeners that could be used as weapons were in there. She wants to turn herself into a piece of meat, so it would be unreasonable to search between them with the chasing demons behind her back.

    She looked down at her throbbing ankles once, then rolled her body again.

    ‘I can hold out a little longer.’

    At that moment, the remains of the tent wriggled and a man crawled out of it. White silver hair visible in the dark. It was Cosette. In fact, whether Cosette crawled out of there or not, it was important that she had a weapon in her hand.

    "Give it to me!"

    Either he didn't hear it or he pretended he didn't hear it, he didn't even look at me. it doesn't help anyway Keira calculated the distance to beast, herself, and cosette, and then she ran her body towards it.

    "Sword, give it to me!"

    Only then did Cosette look up and look into his eyes.


    "Give me the weapon! You can't even swing it if you hold it!"

    I'm not saying to ignore it, I've never heard of Cosette actually learning the sword. However, if you would meekly cooperate with Keira, you would not be Cosette. She answered, raising her eyes.

    “This is mine.”

    “… … .”

    This damn girl... … .

    But there was no time to explain why he had to give me the sword. You can only take it by force. Keira snatched the sword from Cosette's hand. No, I tried to snatch it.

    ‘Wow, what power… … .'

    It was no use trying to take away as much as possible.

    "What the hell is this all about? Why don't you let go of this?"

    "Look at the surroundings, you idiot!"

    While the two of them were struggling, the beast's steps were steadily getting closer. If you argue with him anymore, he'll be a piece of meat.

    At that moment, Keira escaped without hesitation. But the problem was that Cosette thought the same thing at the same time. The two flew in the same direction and fell in a tangle as they bumped into each other.



    I can feel the beast lifting his feet above his head. To make matters worse, the ankle seemed to have gone wrong one more time.


    A scream came from far away. It was Rose's voice.

    'I can't believe I can hear you here. That's a loud voice.'

    Even in a crisis situation, I had that thought unintentionally. Although his name is the youngest knight, dying by being trampled by a beast is his spec. I can't even close my eyes because I'm embarrassed. Keira raised her upper body. You can avoid it by rolling over there... … .


    But at that moment, someone wrapped her around her back and behind her and rolled her with her.

    No, I really could have avoided it by myself... … .

    Her clothes and hair got a little dirty, but she really managed to avoid it by herself. Keira lifted her head to know who the knight who had given her pointless protection was.


    And right after that, it hardened like a stone.


    I was so embarrassed that his name popped out, not a title. To be honest, I was more surprised than when the beast's toenail tore through the tent. It was Ludwig, her father who surrounded her.

    "Your Excellency!

    "Are you all right?"

    There were voices believed to be those of late-following knights. Keira thought blankly.

    No, I don't think you're all right now. Especially the head.

    Over Ludwig's shoulder, he saw the knights slashing the beasts one by one. I was hoping it would come sooner rather than later... … .

    'I'm glad that no one is dead though.'

    The damage was minimal for the sudden opening of the gate without any warning.

    Whoosh! Boom!

    Before long, the beast fell to the ground with a cry that pierced her ears once more. Her large body scatters in parsse.

    Mage was the problem with me. Existence in itself is a disaster, and there is almost nothing to be gained after hunting. The emperor lamented that he wished he could use that hard leather.

    "Your Excellency, are you hurt?"

    “Ball, are you okay?”

    As the beast disappeared, the people who had been evacuated gathered here one by one. Keira then came to her senses and walked away from Ludwig.


    “Are you okay?”

    At that moment, the pain rose again from the injured ankle and he staggered. Ludwig supported her staggeringly.

    “It seems a little sprained, but… … This is fine.”

    "I'm glad there aren't any major injuries."

    I hurriedly pulled out, but the audience had already seen it. When Keira and Cosette are in crisis at the same time, who the father of the two princesses protects first. It is said that one's true heart is revealed only in times of crisis.

    "Did you see that? Did you see that?"

    "Wow, awesome. I told you. I can't ignore you."

    "I've heard that you're not in a good relationship, but I guess not."

    "What's the matter with the Grand Duke? He's covered in a veil."

    A large number of people, ranging from users, soldiers, knights and aristocrats, have just witnessed what has happened. It will take less than three days before today's work spreads throughout the capital.

    'Is that a good... thing?’

    Aside from the question of why Ludwig made that choice, it was a boon for Keira.

    ‘Maybe it was dark and he didn’t see Cosette being with me.’

    It was a pretty probable hypothesis. Without realizing it, she nodded her head.

    Cosette is seen waking up from a little distance away. Her knights were raising her up, but unless she was chosen by her father, she could not help but look very lonely. Some of her people were looking at her and making a mockery of her. For some aristocrats, it must have been unsightly for a girl who had grown up as a mountain worm to stand over them.

    In any case, the reason Keira doesn't laugh despite her good fortune is probably due to the confusion stemming from not knowing why this happened.

    Keira shifted her gaze back to her father. The servants were wiping the dirt off his clothes.

    ‘Why are you… … . Did you save me?’

    But her eyes aren't stupid enough to ask directly in a lot of places. First, she decided to say a polite greeting.

    “Are you hurt anywhere?”

    “It’s fine, except for a few scratches.”

    “For saving me… … thank you."

    “No greetings needed.”

    The conversation between the women who had passed the crisis was bleak. As if other people felt that too, the atmosphere around them became noisy again.

    "miss! Miss!”


    Fortunately, Rosé ventilated the atmosphere just in time.

    “I've got a doctor on the run! Get first aid first.”

    It wasn't hurt enough to need urgent medical attention, but it would be a useful excuse to get out of this situation.

    “I think I hurt my ankle, so I need to see the doctor.”

    “Can you walk?”


    “Arthur, pick me up.”


    "all right. You're wearing a skirt, so it's better to hold it than to carry it."

    “Well then.”


    Arthur replied that way and came closer as if he was really going to give me a hug. Keira exclaimed urgently.

    “It’s enough to support, support!”

    “… … You say, sir.”

    Arthur turns around and asks Ludwig's doctor. Ludwig didn't like it, but he frowned as if he couldn't help it.

    “Do your best not to be uncomfortable.”

    “Yes, of course. Now, shall we go, Princess?”

    "Oh … .”

    Keira leaned into Arthur's arms, smiling brightly. It's definitely more comfortable here than walking alone with an injured leg. They soon came out of the vacant lot where people had gathered. A few steps ahead, Rosé said, “This way, this way!” and give directions.

    “Sir, what are you doing so late? I was contemplating whether to file an appeal to the Crown Prince saying it would be better for everyone to fire him.

    “It was time for us to rest. It's natural to be confused when you hear that a magical beast suddenly appears while everyone is washing or rolling around in a field bed. There was no foreshadowing.”

    “But it’s weird. The gate opens right overhead, and I really didn't know until just before."

    “It must have been because of the distance that I couldn’t feel it.”

    Actually, that wasn't the only thing that was strange.

    ‘Did a monster appear in hunting competitions before?’

    In fact, Keira was locked up in the mansion around this time in the past. However, if a demonic beast appeared at an event hosted by the imperial family, there is no reason not to listen to me.

    ‘… … Did I forget?’

    She didn't remember all of her past vividly that she was.

    ‘Still, I don’t think it’s easy to forget that a magical beast appeared at such a big event… … .'

    Arthur's continued voice interrupts his thoughts.

    “The Archduke, really, without hesitation, he flew towards the princess.”


    "I mean, you're both in crisis, aren't you? You really didn't hesitate a bit about which one to choose."

    "It's…… it's dark and you haven't seen Cosette with you."

    “… … Your Excellency seems to have earned a lot of hatred.”

    I can't believe it's this deep. Arthur murmured so much and sighed.

    "Well, let's start with the treatment anyway."

    * * *

    "Does this hurt?"

    "A little bit."

    "What about this time?"

    "It hurts less than before."

    "It looks like it's just a slight sprain.….I don't think it's a serious injury. Sit down and cool down the swelling."

    The doctor said so and put a wet towel on his ankle. A cold chill wrapped around my ankle.

    "I'm usually better off when I'm… I don't think it's possible not to move because it' Don't exercise too hard until you're fully recovered."

    "Then what about riding a horse?"

    "Of course not!"

    The doctor shouted loudly as if it was absolutely impossible.

    'Damn it.'

    Keira wrinkled her face and spit out a swear word in her mind. Don't ride her horse. It was telling her to use a wagon with Cosette on her way back.

    "The pain will last for four days at the shortest and for more than a week at the longest. Of course, on the premise that you don't exercise hard. Do you understand me?"

    Doctors feel a strange force when giving treatment. Keira nodded his head unconsciously.


    “I will instruct you to put up some pain-reducing medication.”

    After saying that, the doctor left to see another patient. No one was directly attacked by the beast, but it is said that there are quite a few people who were injured while running away tangled. Keira sat blankly after taking the medicine the pharmacist had brought. He seemed to be a bit dazed in his head, perhaps because of his medicinal energy. At that moment, Rose rushes over and announces the visit of his guest.

    “Lady, you have a visitor.”

    "Who is it?"

    "He's Erez Shore."

    "Why does he...….Oh, just tell him to come in."

    I wonder why he came, but I can't kick him out. The entrance of the tent was lifted and a blond man walked in with a grin on his face. Keira asked with a slight frown.

    "……What are you so excited about?"

    "I won the bet, didn't I?"

    "A bet?"

    As soon as I tried to ask back what that meant, I remembered Keira. I made an appointment with him at the mansion a while ago.

    "Okay, let's make a bet. When the princess and her fake daughter are in crisis at the same time, which way does the Grand Duke run?"

    "I'm bored if I don't have a bet."

    "That's what I have to say. Let the loser grant the other's wish."

    … … Oh, I see. Obviously I made a bet like that. Keira's expression changed as if she had chewed a bitter persimmon.

    “It was dark and Cosette and I were tangled. Maybe he didn’t see Cosette properly.”

    “Uh-huh, are you trying to avoid the penalty with that excuse?”

    “… … .”

    Keira kept her mouth shut. Surely in this situation, whatever you say will sound like an excuse to avoid the penalty. It couldn't be that ugly.

    "like. I will grant any wish within my ability that does not tarnish my honor.”

    “Exactly, it’s something that only the princess can do.”

    “… … ?”

    Something only I can do? What the hell is that? Gulp. The tension made my mouth water.However, what Erez said was completely disappointing.

    "From now on, let's talk comfortably when there are other people around. It's really uncomfortable to care about everything."

    “… … .”

    "Why? You don't like it?"

    "No, I thought that was it."

    I thought I would make a bigger wish because there would be no other opportunity like this. In fact, it was good for Keira. I was worried if you asked me a favor.

    "So that's the end of the bet. Rosé, Emily, can you both leave for a moment?"

    "Yes? Ah yes. All right."

    They seemed a little surprised at the announcement that they would be alone with an unmarried man, but Rosé and Emily left the tent without vomit. Then he picked up a small chair and sat across from Keira.

    “I see you have something to say.”

    “Your Highness is strange. They are acting differently from the past.”

    His eyes changed when he heard that Ludwig was behaving differently from the past.

    “In what way, exactly?”

    “You saved me today. If I knew you, you wouldn't save me by throwing yourself."

    “Have there been similar situations in the past? Either you are in danger, or you are in danger at the same time as Cosette.”

    Keira paused for a moment, tracing her memories of her past. If that had happened, I can't forget it. She must have chewed and chewed over and over with regret.

    “No, there wasn’t. I used to be because I didn't attend today's hunting contest... … .”

    "Then it's just your guess, isn't it? How do you know if you're misunderstanding your father? If the same thing had happened in the past, your father might have acted the way he is today.”

    “It’s nonsense.”

    She just cut and asserts. It's not even worth reconsider.

    "And it's not just this time. Your Excellency was supposed to accept Cosette the day she appeared. There must have been a change of heart once, but now it's the second time. It's weird if it happens twice.”

    "Does he have memories of the past?"

    “If I really remember the past, it will either kill me or kill Cosette. I'm not going to act so vaguely. So it’s even more confusing.”

    "Well… … .”

    “So I think he may have remembered it, at least in part.”

    Erez touched her chin and cast her gaze into the air. It looked like she was seriously thinking about something. His mouth opened again after a while.

    “It’s human behavior.”


    “It is said that humans act rationally, but the truth is the exact opposite. Even the smallest emotional change can have a huge impact on the decision-making process. Since you've returned to the past, there must have been a change in your behavior... … .”

    At that point, Keira shuddered and shook her shoulder.

    “Because your changes may have changed other people’s feelings. They call it the butterfly effect.”

    He is only a few years older than me, but he speaks as if he has mastered the existence of a human being. To be honest, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little absurd.

    “So it’s just a coincidence?”

    “My magic is perfect. No one who does not intervene in the contract can have memories of the past.”

    “… … .”

    Was that what you wanted to claim? It was such a magical argument, Keira forgot what to say for a moment.

    “Then how about this?”


    “The beast that appeared today. I remember it as something that never happened before.”


    Erez's posture has changed once again. He looks at the air again as if he is worried about something. Soon after, Erez opened his mouth.

    "If it's true, that's kind of interesting."

    "…is it really interesting?"

    It was strangely like reading a Korean book. It didn't look interesting at all. It seemed that the reason I looked into the air was not to think about it for a while, but because I didn't want to make eye contact.

    “You said you didn’t attend today’s event before? How can you be sure if the demon has appeared or not?”


    In fact, I can't say for sure with 100% certainty. It may have been that I didn't hear it because it passed without a single victim.

    “Seeing that there was no answer, it seems that I don’t remember exactly.”

    “Well, the fact that my father is weird is the truth!”

    “Yes, yes. I will reconsider that.”

    He sounded like he would never reconsider. Keira once again stressed and said.

    "Really. It is clear that your actions are different from those of the past.”

    “Would you like to bet then?”


    I can't believe you made another bet as soon as the result of the previous bet came out. I thought he was a person who liked to bet on something. Erez raises his index finger and connects the words.

    "If there's something wrong with my magic, you win, and if there's nothing wrong, I win. Let's have the loser grant the winner a wish the same as before. What do you think?"


    From what he said, he seemed quite confident. Another fear of losing a bet comes with anxiety. Ludwig's attitude could never be mistaken for being strange.

    "All right, I'll take that offer."

    "I'll have to think of another wish for you.”

    Before Keira, who was already choked by the way she spoke to confirm her victory, said something, Erez got up from his seat.

    "Are you leaving already?"

    "There's nothing more to say. I have to go before your father comes. I'm afraid to run into them."

    Why are you scared to run into him? I was going to pry like that, but I stopped. Ludwig's unique cool expression comes to mind. Surely her father wasn't the type of person that was easy to treat.

    "Oh, and congratulations.”


    "It's proven that he cares more about you. Be more happy. Aah, the fake princess will have a little heartburn, but what can we do? You can't beat a rock that's stuck in it.”

    He grinned as he said so. For some reason, he looked very happy.

    "See you later, Princess."

    After Erez stepped out of the tent, she sat blank and ruminated over what he had said.

    'You can be more happy.….’

    But I wasn't happy at all. It's just confusing and curious. Why did Ludwig choose himself then? I wanted to ask myself if I could.

    Perhaps her inner feelings were conveyed, and after a while, the sound of the tent opening was heard. At first I thought Rosé or Emily was coming in, and she didn't even give me a glance.


    It was after hearing a low voice that she looked towards her entrance, startled. Ludwig and Arthur were stepping into the tent.

    "Your Excellency?"

    “Did you receive treatment?”

    "Ah yes. It wasn't badly injured anyway. He said he would get better in a week.”

    “I was rolling around badly.”

    Keira decided to give him a sneak peek to see if he hadn't found Cosette.

    "Cosette rolled harder than I did. I'm afraid you're not hurt."

    "I'll ask you later."


    The reaction could only be explained by being aware of Cosette's existence. Keira opened her eyes and looked at Arthur.

    ‘What is this?’


    I tried talking with my eyes, but he didn't seem to understand.

    "Hmm, hmm."

    At that moment, Ludwig coughed up his attention. Keira's gaze turned to him again.

    “Come to think of it, on the way home, I saw Shore spirit coming out of this place.”

    "Oh, you must have encountered it."

    “I’m telling you just in case you don’t know… … .”

    What the hell are you talking about? Keira's expression hardened with tension. Arthur also had an expression that made his heart flutter at what the master would say. But despite his nervousness, the words that came out of his mouth were absurd.

    “You’ve probably heard the myth that blonde men are less intelligent.”

    “… … ?”

    “… … ?”

    It was so absurd that I couldn't even say 'Yes?'

    Arthur seemed to be in a similar situation. The evidence was that he was now looking at his superior with a very profane eye.

    'What is he saying now? Because she said she had met Erez before she talked about blondes... … .'

    Come to think of it, Erez's hair was golden. It wouldn't be a coincidence.

    'Is she saying she shouldn't date an idiot because her family's prestige is down? No, in the first place, what she said about her blonde was just unfounded myth.’

    She wasn't joking. So, even if she was tall, she responded seriously.

    “He is the magician of the tower. I don't know if your words have any statistical basis, but his intelligence is above average. … … Perhaps."


    Perhaps the answer was wrong, and the atmosphere became heavy. what? Shouldn't you have taken it as a joke rather than taking it seriously? She quickly turned her gaze to Arthur.

    'Help me! You’re good at setting the mood.’

    ‘I, I don’t even know what it is right now… … .'

    it doesn't help anyway Keira rolled her eyes with an embarrassed expression. Even so, my head is complicated and I'm dying, so why the hell am I doing this?

    Whether such a feeling was conveyed, or whether it was revealed on his face, Ludwig sighed and took a step back.

    “… … It is nothing. Just rest.”

    "Ah yes."

    After saying this, Ludwig left with Arthur. Leaving her bewildered daughter behind her.

    * * *

    The place where the demon appeared was in ruins as if a storm had swept through it. In fact, it is possible to repair the damaged facilities and continue the event. However, in the yard where the beast appeared, there was no way for a noble to want to hunt leisurely.

    So, everyone agreed that the remaining debris should be removed when the sun rises tomorrow and that people should leave this place first. It is said that Crown Prince Michael, who was in charge, screamed as he ripped off his head.

    “Go back to the carriage, lady.”


    I wondered if it would be safe to be in the wagon if the Beast Beast appeared again, but Keira meekly followed her advice. It was a pity that he had to ride the same carriage as Cosette, but it was unavoidable since he injured his leg. As I walked towards the carriage, I saw an empty carriage seat.

    “I guess the horseman hasn't arrived yet. Where are you going at a time like this?”

    "He'll be here soon. Get on first......"

    Then Keira's footsteps stopped walking.




    When I put a finger to his lips to tell him to be quiet, Rosé covered his mouth with a frightened expression. Did the devil come out again? My legs start to tremble. However, the reason Keira stopped her steps was not because of the beast.

    "How dare you say that! Where else can you do this?"

    A human voice could be heard from behind the carriage. Even very used to it. It was Cosette's. He was whispering in silence, but it was a voice that showed that he was overheated.

    “What are we going to do, are you? Wasn't it an implicit rule not to interfere with each other? Is it okay if today's events are known?"

    Who the hell are you talking to? Keira's eyes narrowed. Apparently he wasn't talking to himself, but strangely, he couldn't hear the other person's voice. Am I speaking too low to be inaudible?

    She took a step forward to listen more closely. crumble.


    The sound of dry leaves breaking under my feet echoed. The expression crumples on its own. The voice from the back of the wagon stopped.

    'Of all things....’

    Instead of being caught overhearing in silence, Keira naturally walked toward the carriage. Fortunately, Rosé followed along and opened the wagon door.

    Cosette appeared from the back of the wagon when she was about to step up the stairs. His usual smiling face was wrinkled like a newspaper. He didn't look like that when he openly ate taffy in Johanna's mansion.

    "I didn't expect you to have a hobby of eavesdropping, Keira."

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I'm only here to ride a wagon."

    Keira went down the stairs again and checked the back of the carriage.

    “And I think you’re the only one here, who are you talking to?”

    I didn't feel any signs of running away... … . Her mind was confused, but she tried not to reveal it. Keira said, as usual, a little sarcastic.

    “Did you even talk to yourself? Watch out. If there is even a rumor that the young girl of the Parvis family has a habit of chattering all by herself, isn't it a disgrace to the family?"

    “… … .”

    It was meant to be thoughtful, but unfortunately Cosette did not respond.

    She glanced at Keira and got into the carriage first.

    ‘If you were a human being, what would you have said?’

    As I entered the carriage, wondering, I saw Cosette looking out the window with her head turned. It didn't look like he was looking out the window because there was nothing to see. Should I say that it is a figure that feels the nuance of not wanting to talk to you? It was a stark contrast to the way Keira was usually unhappy because she couldn't say a word more.

    ‘You must be in a very bad mood.’

    Was it because of her father's unchosen appearance in public? Today's event will be talked about over and over, so it wouldn't be a pleasant thing for Cosette, who wants to have a place in the social world.

    ‘No, that kid was in a bad mood before that.’

    Before the demons appeared, it was from the time of hunting. After Zeke killed the fawn at once, Cosette left immediately. If it was Cosette, she would have laughed and tried to lead the situation. Today was the day she made her first appearance in front of many of her nobles, after Zeeg's birthday party.

    Would she be offended by the death of a fawn that resembled herself?

    ‘There must be another reason.’

    She was the same as usual until she came to the hunting grounds. Because she dared to come up to me on horseback and try to have a conversation.

    Therefore, if ‘some event’ occurred, the time would be yesterday afternoon or this morning.

    ‘I arrived at the hunting ground, cleaned up my clothes, went to say hello to the Crown Prince, had a dinner on the eve, washed up early and went to bed. I don't think there was any other special case... … .'

    Am I just oversensitive? His mind was complicated.

    A carriage engraved with the Parvis family's design ran down the street in the middle of the night. Until they reached the capital, Keira couldn't come up with a plausible answer.

    ~~End of Chapter 5 and Volume 3~~
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    Hei I have a question, it might contain spoiler.
    so, I have read some spoilers, it was said that Cosette was actually a... demon? It had something to do with Kiera's moms' house—her grandfather kidnapped Cosette's mom while she was pregnant with Cosette? And her dad, Claude, was actually in love with his first wife, Cosette's mom. I forgot what happened, but the real Cosette was supposed to die, but her mom made a deal with a... demon? So she was alive. But it wasn't her though.

    I need someone to confirm this. And if all the things were really started by Kiera's mom's house, ugh so her side was evil. I mean, ok technically she was innocent, but— ????
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    This is a spoiler thread, not a think piece, the spoilers are lost wuthin tge conversation, is there another option of forum for these discussions so we can get straight spoilers here?
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    I was not able to finish MTLing this without getting mad at the father :blobangery::blobtriumph:
    past side story 1

    The night Cosette first stepped into the mansion of the Grand Palace, Zich secretly headed to his father's office. Keira, who looked betrayed as if she couldn't believe that she accepted Cosette, couldn't get out of mind.

    'This is ridiculous.'

    You want me to accept a woman whose identity is unclear as a family? Although the condition of a "temporary decision" is met, I don't like it.

    Zich formally walked to his office to protest his father. Just as he was about to knock, the door opens, and a white-haired woman appears. Red eyes like rubies with features resembling father's. It was Cosette.


    A bright smile spread over her face when she found Zich.

    "You're Zichhardt, aren't you? Oh, by the way, I'll speak informally because I'm older. I'm sorry about earlier. I accidentally ruined my birthday party.….”

    “Get out of the way.”

    what unintentionally. The intention is obvious from the fact that he chose a place where all the nobles would gather. Zeke pushed her to her side and entered her room.


    I saw a side view of Ludwig sitting on a chair. He looked down at the papers with a look that didn't know what he was thinking.

    “Have you been with her until recently?”


    It meant that she was having a conversation with a fake at the time when her daughter was shedding tears. Zich's fist was filled with force.

    "I asked a few questions about Rowena Weinberg. If I tell you the wrong information, I'm going to kick you out."

    "What did you say?”

    "They broke up so early that they don't remember anything."

    "Of course you would say that. So why didn't Rowe or Weinberg come back to the capital?”

    "He said he ran away for fear of retaliation from your maternal grandfather. You thought it would be better to live in a quiet place than to die with a child without knowing it."


    My maternal grandfather was a person who could put away a person's life without hesitation if it got in the way. With no words to refute, Zeke had to look down at the ground with resentment.

    “Are you saying that’s the end?”

    That meant that the banquet was coming soon. Jack was furious.

    “I’m tired.”


    “Just get out of here.”

    “Your sister is very upset.”

    Then his gaze, who had been staring at the documents all along, turned to his son. Zeke had hopes for that move. If you were a human, if you had any understanding of what your daughter has been through... … .

    “So what do you mean?”

    “… … Yes?"

    But the eyes looking at Zeke were as cold as ice. It was surprising that the color red could feel so cold.

    “You seem to be forgetting, but your sister is already an adult. She's not at the age where she's squealing in hopes that someone will comfort her. If you understand, just leave.”


    Yeah, you were that kind of person. A despondent smile came out. Had he been a decent father enough to understand Keira's feelings, he would not have accepted Cosette in the first place. Zich left the room without saying hello. My father wouldn't want me to say hello anyway.

    Ludwig was lost in thought for a long time in the remaining room alone. He was recalling Rowena Weinberg, the first duchess.

    ‘It was moderately snobbish, moderately pure.’

    Unlike her ambitious parents, she was just an ordinary woman. Had she been married to a family other than the Grand Duke, she would have ended her life as a good lady. She doesn't have her affection for her. However… … .

    “If I have a child, I want to name him Christian for my son and Cosette for my daughter.”

    “It sounds like you’re already fluttering, so don’t tell other people because it’s embarrassing.”

    It was a secret between the two of them, and the image of them speaking with a shy face remained in my memory vaguely. After all, the child's name is 'Cosette'... … .

    “You must not make hasty judgments.”

    After thinking about it that far, he shook his head and stood up. It would be foolish to make a judgment based solely on the name. But is it really just a name?

    “… … .”

    Ludwig, who was about to stand up, stopped and stiffened. The face of a girl that resembles my own features comes to mind. Also the figure of the Count who confidently declared that this child is your real daughter.

    … … Is it really that 'real'?

    Assuming that what I thought was "one in a million" was true, a creepy realization immediately came.

    "Remember only one thing to avoid a crisis. No matter what happens, only one spirit will be born from you."

    Now that such a trust came down, he had to kill one of the two.

    * * *

    A few days after Cosette's appearance.

    squash! The sound of flesh-to-flesh clashing echoed through the hallway. A daughter holding her cheek in disbelief and a father with a strict expression. Soon a cold voice came out of Ludwig's mouth.

    “It has been less than ten minutes since I warned you to be careful. Do you have to make a fuss all night long to feel cool? You're acting like a foal who knows nothing of shame, Keira Parvis."

    “… … .”

    Watching the skit-like situation, Cosette had to endure the burst of laughter.

    'I didn't know you'd be able to do this.'

    It was an unexpected windfall. She placed her hand on Ludwig's arm and whispered in a worried voice.

    “Ah, father… … Don't be mad, okay? It must have been because Keira has become very sensitive these days. He's a good kid, so I think he will soon realize his mistake and apologize. Right, Keira?”

    I could feel the staring at me as if to tear me to death, but I didn't care. Instead, she smiled even more abominable.

    ‘Because this will be more effective at scratching the inside of a person.’

    As expected, she puts on an expression that can't stand a man named Key. But he doesn't pose any threat to me, only his fists are trembling. Ludwig is watching her with her eyes wide open, and she can't help it. Unsurprisingly, Keira bowed her head toward her father, and then she backed away.

    “I will just go away. Sorry for the late fuss.”

    “The next time we meet, I hope you’ll calm down a bit.”

    How could you have such a cold voice? Laughter was about to burst out at the result that was more than expected. Cosette barely opened her mouth, trimming her voice.

    “Did you have a lot of work today? You must be tired already, but there was such a commotion... … . Keira, I'll take a good look at Tyler. Although it may not be much different, because I am the older sister.”

    “… … .”

    At that, Ludwig looked down. It was a very strange look. ‘Oh?’ But Cosette, who specializes in manipulating people’s emotions, quickly recognized the emotions behind those eyes.

    ‘Look at this?’

    There are eyes to see. I still have to play the poor princess. She tilted her head with a puzzled expression.

    “Oh, father? Do you have anything to say to me?”

    “… … No, it's late, so hurry up and get some rest."

    "Yes! Have a good night, Dad.”

    A bright expression, a cheerful voice. With just a little bit of acting, it was so easy to win the hearts of others. Cosette turned to the maid standing next to me.

    “Shall we go?”

    "Yes, miss."

    A look on the face of a naive, good 'lady' who is happy to do so.

    "You know, Sarah."


    "What you just saw, can you pretend you didn't?"

    "If it's something I just saw...….”

    "Keira's a little...…what I was being sensitive about. In fact, from his point of view, I might not like it.”


    "But I want to get along with Keira because she's a good person by nature. I don't want bad rumors to spread among employees."

    "Of course you should, if you're asking me! I'll never tell anyone."

    "Yes, thank you.”

    The way he looked at himself seemed to sparkle twice as much as before. A satisfactory smile flows out. Sarah, a faithful maid, will certainly shut up about what she has just seen.

    'But she's going to gossip about how good a lady she is.'

    It is not difficult to fill this mansion with your own people if you attack each person like that.

    Back in the bedroom, Cosette said goodbye to Sarah and went into the duvet. No, he just pretended to go in.

    All of her candles went out and she woke her up in her darkened bedroom. She then walked her towards the window where there was no one there.

    “Just come in. Since when did you say you were polite? Oh, is it locked?”

    Something frightening was going on as Sarah had just left the bedroom. Cosette was talking to the air where there was no one. After she got out of bed, she walked to the window and opened the window. The cold wind from outside the window sweeps through the room.

    "You're soaked in rain. It must be cold, but I can't turn on the fireplace. Ah, don't sit on the bed! It's getting damp!”

    Cosette tied her hair together, irritated and drooping. Then he leaned against the chair and opened his mouth.

    "You're laughing so bad. You've been watching this for a while, right? I knew it. I could feel your eyes somewhere...I can't help it. You're gonna have to pretend for a while. Oh, by the way, should I treat you tea since you're a guest?”

    Tea and tea leaves are prepared in the living room. As she tried to get her body up, she immediately fell back down again.

    "Come to think of it, I need to warm up the water. I won't just give it to you. Just go back and don't...What? What do you mean? You said you've been watching, don't you know that? He's probably gonna run towards my daughter if she and I fall into the water. I could hang one of my arms.”

    Having said that, Cosette clenched her chin and fell into her thoughts. Others didn't know, but she could recognize her. To the extent that it is her specialty and hobby to play with her human heart.

    Ludwig's kindness towards him, and his disdain for Keira, was never because he cared for him as his own child. Even though someone who looked exactly like him appeared, it was Keira's side who felt the love of blood and flesh.

    “It makes sense that the man behaves like that… … It’s to get rid of it.”

    Cosette, who had been silent for a while, opened her mouth with a soft voice.

    “That man is scary. After all, if it's not his real child, he'll have to kill him... … . To prepare for that, I’m deliberately being harsh.”

    There are beings who are so foolish that they are rather lovely. So Cosette liked the man and his daughter. He couldn't love the dolls that dance to the script he wrote!

    “Well, you don’t understand, do you? great. So do you want to bet? What kind of expression would that man make if I told him that I had manifested the spirits’ abilities?”

    Cosette continued with a sly smile.

    “I bet on ‘I’m not happy.’ So, is the bet settled? Don't think about forgetting it later. The results will come out soon.”

    * * *

    It was two years later that she won the bet, to her shame, that the result would come out soon.

    The morning of the day the week begins. As soon as the day dawned, Cosette ran to her father's office and declared triumphantly.

    "Father, I think I'm finally able to deal with spirits."

    At the same time Ludwig's expression stiffens. I knew this would happen. She hid her insides and asked wonderfully.

    "Aren't you happy, Father? The birth of a new Spirit is the joy of the Empire."

    "…I can't be happy."

    He looked too stiff for saying so. Cosette smiled brightly and whispered.

    "I'll show it to my father first. Now, look at my palm."

    As she opened her hand, I could feel Mana vibrating around her. Waves in a different way from magic. There was only one way to create this kind of vibration. Soon, drops of water gathered on the palm of his hand fell all at once and soaked Cosette's hands.



    Contrary to her lively shouting, Ludwig's expression could not be relieved. He forcibly lifted the corners of his lips and smiled. No, he pretended to laugh.

    "This will reduce your aunt's hard work."

    "Yes! I will assist you well."

    I'm not going to say that I'm happy that it turns out that you're the real daughter. But, given the circumstances, it didn't matter if he was happy or not.

    "Well, Father."

    "What is it?"

    “But if I reveal my powers, people will talk about the oracle's calamity... … . You know, Keira isn't a bad kid, right?"

    “… … Yes, he's not a bad kid."

    It's hard to believe that it's going to bring disaster.

    “Then can you protect him? It must be difficult to live in the capital, but sending them away to live quietly... … .”

    "That's not where I can do anything about it."

    Of course you have to come out like that. It's a disaster foretold by the oracle. If he had set out to protect her Keira, he would have killed her himself. Whether to prevent the truth from being revealed or for revenge.

    Cosette said with a look of regret that she couldn't help it.

    "I know we can't help it because it's an issue, but...… but it's still a pity."

    "You're too soft-hearted."

    "My father was too cold."

    Ludwig hardened at the words. He soon muttered, sighing lamentably.

    "…Is that so?"

    “Well, it’s not my father’s fault that he’s like that. I'll just go see. There are a lot of things to be concerned about to officially announce it.”

    “Tell Sir Joseph on the way that I am calling.”

    "Yes, got it. But why are you calling Sir Joseph?”

    “I have to work with the Guard to send the Marquis of Edinburgh and his men to the house. There is a risk of escaping.”

    "Oh. Yes."

    Marquis of Edinburgh. He almost forgot him. He can't just keep the man who is the culprit behind everything alive.

    “Yeah, you shouldn’t miss a single one. Then I'll put off promulgating my abilities until after your job is done."

    After saying that, she immediately left the office. On the last day that is coming soon, what kind of expression will that man make? As he thought of pleasant thoughts, his steps suddenly became lighter.

    ‘Because it’s before dinner time, I’ll be in the gym.’

    I took a pic of it, and it was correct. After his appearance, Joseph, who was returned to the post of commander of the knights, was talking with others in the gymnasium.

    He had silver hair and purple eyes that resembled himself. It was Sieghard who was talking with Joseph.

    'It's just fine.'

    I wondered how Zeke, who had been hostile to him the whole time, would react if he found out about this. She approached the two of them and opened her mouth.

    “Sir Joseph, and Zeke.”

    Both of them turned their heads at the same time. And at the same time, his expression hardens.

    “What’s going on?”

    “What are you doing here?”

    Neither of them were kind to themselves. So Cosette laughed even more arrogantly.

    “Go to your father’s office. He will give orders to arrest the Earl of Edinburgh and all his family members and bring them to prison.”


    It was Zeke's side who answered that word instead.

    “If it’s the Edinburgh family, it’s me and my sister! Why did your Excellency order your maternal grandfather to be jailed?”

    “It is because he is a sinner.”

    The daughter of the Marquis of Edinburgh cheated and deceived a woman who was not even a child of a householder as a prospective spirit. It has been a long time since the joint system was abolished, but since the issue is an issue, it is impossible to let it go. If Count Weinberg had not found the true daughter of the Grand Duke, the continent would have had more disaster than it had imagined. Besides, it wasn't the only one.

    “Aside from the charge that she might have turned a blind eye to her daughter’s infidelity, there’s one more thing, right? It is the crime of accusing a well-behaved Grand Duchess as a stone woman.

    “What are you saying… … .”

    “It means that today I have been proven to be my father’s real daughter.”

    She raised the corners of her lips and smiled.

    "So please take care of me in the future. We're real siblings now."

    He smiled sweetly and held out his hand, but Zeke did not hold him face to face. I didn't even feel embarrassed because it was expected.


    Instead of clasping her hands, he pushed her away and strode over to her. Perhaps she is thinking of running to her father and asking what happened.

    "Sir Joseph, I think Zich has something to do with his father, so go with him."

    “… … Yes."

    Joseph followed Zeke with a confused look on his face. She looked back at the two of them and smiled.

    It must be confusing. And you don't want to believe it. But in the face of undeniable evidence, what kind of attitude will they have? White teeth were exposed between her lips.

    Two days later, Cosette proves her qualifications by communicating with the spirits in front of the crowd.

    * * *

    Joseph Argos was a loyal knight. It was quite natural for him to faithfully obey the orders of his master. Regardless of the legitimacy of the order issued. As soon as he carried out his orders, he went to the Archduke.

    “The Marquis of Edinburgh was locked up in a dungeon, and his men in their home. And the princess... … .”

    "Who's the princess? Watch what you say."

    "Your Excellence."

    “There is only one Princess of Parvis, Cosette.”

    “Sir, are you really going to execute her?”

    Although it turns out she wasn't her real daughter, she lived together on the fence of her family for over twenty years. It couldn't have been easier to sever that relationship with her at once. Besides, how much did Keira usually follow her father? It is not easy for her to abandon even mere animals if they have been together for a long time. Even more so if she has been treated like a real child until now.

    But instead of answering, Ludwig bit his mouth. It was the lieutenant who was standing next to him who answered him.

    “Sir Joseph, as you know, the oracle has not come down. Because of that, the whole capital, no, the whole country is in turmoil. Remove the seeds of disaster.”

    “But it has not yet been revealed what the disaster was… … .”

    “People are more afraid of the unknown. Don't you know?”

    “… … .”

    know. Know. If he, too, had nothing to do with Keira, he would have insisted on cutting off the buds of disaster early on.

    He remembered Keira watching Cosette's handling of the spirits with a tired look on her face. That expression can never be that of someone who intentionally deceived his origin. It's just that she didn't know her hidden truth if she was guilty of her. Is she a sin so venomous that it should cost her her life?

    "In fact, I know you don't want to kill Princess Keira. So……."

    “Shut up your mouth, Sir Joseph.”

    Ludwig jumped up from his chair and said. Like someone stabbed in a sore spot.

    “Whoever hears it will be mistaken. I am the Grand Duke of the Parvis family, and therefore the shield of this Empire. But do I want to keep the seeds of disaster alive?”

    “Sir, I mean… … .”

    “I didn’t know I would hear such a conspiracy from my vassal. It’s a disappointment from you.”

    bang! He said so and hit the table.

    Rather than addressing Joseph, he seemed to be speaking to himself. ‘I have to act that way,’ he said like a brainwasher.

    Ludwig should always be the spear and shield of the Empire. Being swept away by personal feelings is not forgiving yourself.

    “Shane, do you have any news from prison?”

    “First of all, the Marquis of Edinburgh is in an unfair position. It is clear that something has been deceived, so they continue to demand a more thorough investigation.”

    “I used to be an old man with a thick skin on his face.”

    Ludwig, who had been muttering a little swear words, hesitated for a moment before asking Keira's current situation.

    "What about the kid?"

    "It is said that we are consistent in questioning. Well, the only thing I ever said was...."

    "Don't take your time and tell me."

    "Well, he said, 'You won't believe whatever I say anyway, so do as you please.'"


    If the person in question came out with such an attitude, it would have been better to vote in favor of the execution, saying that it was also right on this side.

    But for some reason... … My heart was pounding as if my heart was tightening. How am I supposed to act? Everyone was paying attention to the words that came out of his mouth and the attitude he would take. It was really absurd to put private feelings first in such a situation.

    'Yeah, that's really ridiculous... … .'

    Alas. Ludwig sighed a little and buried his face in his palm. pain. It was so painful that I had no idea what to do.

    * * *

    In the middle of the night, Ludwig suddenly decided to visit the Imperial Palace. It was a very fickle decision. He got on the wagon prepared by the butler in haste. It was a carriage heading to the Imperial Palace.

    Since there was quite a distance between the Parvis house and the Imperial Palace, he had to look out the window for quite some time. You can see the scenery of the capital from the window. The land he must protect no matter what. He heard that the atmosphere in the capital is frozen these days.

    ‘I said all kinds of rumors had spread.’

    “The fake princess was actually disguised as a demon. Since she has revealed her identity, she may have summoned her people. If that happens, she is the start of another war... … .”

    Groundless ghost stories dominated the whole country.

    But it was understandable that they were terrified. Hundreds of years have passed since the end of the war against the Horse, but the fear has not gone away. If you think for a moment about why the water on the continent is dry, you can't easily forget the fear of the Ma people.

    "Welcome, sir."

    Guards of the palace, who had been contacted in advance, were meeting him. Ludwig asked as he walked down the stairs with them.

    “The sinner?”

    "There's not much resistance. He's probably asleep by now."

    As I came down to the basement, a unique damp smell pierced my nose. The air is humid and damp. It was never a good environment to stay in.

    'You're in a place like this?'

    She was a child who grew up more precious than anyone else. You can't easily adapt to a place like this...…. One Ludwig shook his head in surprise. She's a sinner. Whether intended or not, the fact that She had deceived the entire empire for more than two decades remains unchanged.

    ‘So there is no need to sympathize.’

    But that promise was wiped clean the moment she saw Keira sleeping, leaning against the cold wall. Without realizing it, I was biting my lip tightly, and a stinging pain came up from the corner of my mouth.

    “Sir, shall I wake her up?”

    “… … No, it did.”

    After saying that, the guard puts on a face like, ‘Then why did you come all the way here?’ However, he could not vomit at the Archduke's words and just kept his mouth shut.

    “Everyone go away.”

    “It’s dangerous, sir.”

    “It may be dangerous.”

    “I wasn’t that weak. Everyone go away.”

    “… … Yes."

    The members of the Guard had to climb to the ground relentlessly, with undesirable expressions on their faces.

    A ray of moonlight seeps into the quiet dungeon. When I asked where the light came from, there was a small window open near the ceiling. Maybe it's because of the cold moonlight, it feels like my chest is getting colder.

    Ludwig looked down at Keira's sleeping face, tired of parched. In fact, I came here not to do anything, but because I gave myself to the urge. He may have thought that if he met her face in person, he would be able to make a decision.

    In conclusion, it was a wrong choice. Far from making a decision, it just gets more complicated in my head. I choked up as if something were going up in my throat, but I didn't have the courage to wake him up and make eye contact. It's hard to imagine what kind of mistake he'd make.

    Ludwig, who stood still until the morning sun stood out, soon turned and walked up the stairs. Guards standing with anxious expressions welcome Ludwig after finding him.

    “Are you done with your business?”



    “I will return to the mansion. I'm sorry for bothering you in the morning."

    “Oh no!”

    As they exited the building to see them off, I saw a woman sitting on a bench near the carriage. She seemed to be waiting for him. long silver hair. And you have the same facial features as me. It was Cosette. She said as she handed her overcoat draped over her arm.

    "I came because you rushed to the palace at dawn. The weather is still cold. Put it on, Father."

    “… … Yes, thank you.”


    As Ludwig began to walk, Cosette followed him.

    “Have you talked to Keira?”

    "No. He was sleeping.”

    “What are you going to do?”

    “… … .”

    "I will respect whatever choice my father makes. My father must be in enough pain right now."

    Cosette smiled good-naturedly, as always, and made eye contact with Ludwig.

    “… … I will respect the decision of the nobility council.”

    “You thought well.”

    It was an unparalleled group when it came to preserving my body. There was no way he could have mercy on a being like a bomb that never knew when it would explode. Bystander sometimes has the same meaning as chanting, but this was the case now. It is avoiding responsibility by neglecting to make an active decision.

    'It's the stupidest choice.'

    A strange smile appeared on Cosette's lips.

    Two days later, the nobility council decided the punishment for Keira and the Edinburgh House. Keira and her maternal grandfather unanimously agreed to the death penalty, and their families to be demoted to commoners and their property confiscated.

    Until the moment when her execution was finally completed, Ludwig was not able to talk to her.

    There's another side story of past TL in volume 4. I'll try to post it tomorrow
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    Please. And thank you. :aww:
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    This makes me so sad for Kiera and mad at her dumbass “father”. Hope to find out how he was after her death and then when he realized he made the wrong choice.
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    past side story 2

    a month after that.

    Johanna Parvis, the archduke's aunt and spirit servant, was found murdered. Her heart had been ripped open. The body, which had hardened from the shock, could not even close its eyes.

    This was the reason why her death in her reclusive life was quickly revealed. Cosette Parvis, who will be the next elemental commander, has disappeared. People could not hide their embarrassment at the words that she, who had always lived surrounded by her other people, disappeared as if evaporating. People went to Johanna to ask questions, but they found only the body of Johanna Parvis and the missing Beatrice's spirit stone. One spirit sergeant died and the spirit stone disappeared.

    Even the whereabouts of one of the other spirits is obscure. The whole country was in shock.

    “It is clear that Princess Cosette is also in danger. Uh, maybe I'm really wrong by now... … .”

    It was reasonable to infer that. No, it seemed reasonable. At least until then. Even the military was mobilized to search for the disappearing princess, but there was no trace of it.

    In the land ravaged by the war with the demon realm, it does not rain unless there is the power of a spirit. It was, of course, a state of emergency. Ludwig was immediately brought to the imperial palace.

    The white nobles asked him as if questioning him.

    “Are you sure you don’t know where your daughter is?”

    “Do you think there is any reason to hide the whereabouts of the child?”

    “Huh, really.”

    It was a meeting without even a clue about him, let alone a solution. Of course, the meeting did not go well. The meeting, full of sighs and lamentations, ended as expected without any results. Ludwig, who returned to the mansion with his arrogance, was comforted by his lieutenant, Shane.

    “The princess must be alive. I'm sure she'll come back alive and safely, so stop closing your eyes. It's already the third day. I'm worried about her health... … .”

    “Why did Cosette disappear?”

    "Yes? After all, the wicked people have reached out to the princess after Johanna-sama.”

    That's what I think.

    'You'll be back safely.'

    I can't believe you said that. Johanna died like that and Costette couldn't have been alive. It was really the worst thing that even Costette would lose her life.

    But... strangely, I had such a hunch. Strange foreboding that the worst really seems to be approaching than she is dead.

    “… … I guess I'm not going to be a good father."

    "Why would you say that? It's not that your Excellency failed to protect the princess!"

    "That's not true, but I'm more worried about the future than my daughter's life in this situation."


    Ludwig laughed to himself. There was a time when I expected that she would be a good father to her biological daughter. In fact, he tried to treat Cosette well, and later tried to improve his relationship with Sieg Hart.

    However, after agreeing to Keira's execution, his relationship with Zeke had already ended, and Cosette had no attachment. No, when I looked at those red eyes, for some reason, I even got goosebumps. He forcibly tried to imitate his friendly tone and soft expression, but it was all just a pretense.

    I can't believe a girl with the same face doesn't feel like her own child. It was really strange. Then he realized with all his might. It's hard to be a good father in this life. Meanwhile, Cosette went missing.

    Even when he didn't know whether her daughter is alive or dead, he was more worried about the future than her life.

    "My aunt was murdered, and Spirit Stone and Cosette were missing. Everything is too coincidental to be a coincidence."

    “Yes, it must be someone’s conspiracy.”

    “At the same time, the number of demonic beasts also decreased.”

    As if preparing something big. In fact, there was nothing to infer. If it doesn't rain on the continent, it's natural for humans to get in trouble regardless of their status. There was no way humans could dig their own graves, so there was only one answer left.

    demon. He could only imagine that the race that had waged war with humans long ago was once again plotting.

    “I got that too, so I checked it out, and fortunately, they say there is nothing wrong with the barrier.”

    As long as the barrier was still in place, it was unreasonable for demons to cross over from the demon realm. I don't know if they are magical beasts with low intelligence.

    "Never let your guard down as the situation is. Even if there's a small problem, report it to me immediately."


    "I want to take a break."

    Shane greeted politely and left the office.


    In the living room alone, Ludwig sighed as he watched the red-tinted sunset. For some reason, his chest feels hollow as if it were pierced. Everything felt tired and empty. He just wanted to sleep all day with his head empty. He said he wanted to take a deep rest while throwing away all the duties and things of his family... … .

    But it didn't. It is impossible to ignore the continent in chaos. Ludwig took his eyes out of his window and sat back upright in his chair. There were piles of things on the desk that needed his help.

    One month, two months, three months... … . The land dried up and crops began to die off. People had doubts. Why do disasters happen even after killing the fake princess?

    But nobody knew at the time that the real 'disaster' had not yet begun.

    * * *

    How many lives does the body need to fill the river and cut off the water? The answer to that question was happening in reality.

    "102,83 people."

    "…Did you really count that?"

    "If you don't count, there's no point in abandoning months' worth of military spending."

    "Not as much as I thought. It's such a big river."

    "The river had shrunk due to a long drought."

    The demon officer shrugged his shoulders and answered.

    It has been several months since the barrier that had protected the human world for hundreds of years melted and the war resumed. Procurement of military supplies is very important in long-term warfare. However, it was very difficult to procure military supplies across the dimension. So, the command made a plan to prepare military supplies locally.

    just human flesh.

    Even if there are too many prisoners, it becomes difficult to manage. If the difficult-to-treat prisoners were used as military mass, they could enjoy the effect of one stone and two birds. After all, the flesh is overflowing and overflowing. It was difficult to eat before it rotted. In a corner of the military camp, smoke from making smoked meat for storage was rising. So, even if you throw the remaining corpses into the river, you will not be greatly reproached. It was with that thought in mind.

    “It’s romantic. A river flowing with blood instead of water.”

    The blood-soaked ground was damp. Wherever he looked, there were bodies lying around. It was truly hell.

    “Hey! hey! Hey!”

    A prisoner awaiting slaughter, foaming at his mouth, hissing as if half-hearted. Soon his head was cut off and only his body was thrown over the cart. Only the lean meat will be well smeared and then thrown into his pit.

    “Uh, uh… … .”

    The prisoner who was waiting for his next turn started peeing without realizing it. It would be unfortunate for him that he did not let go of his mind like the previous soldier. The demon cook said while wiping the blade.


    “Sah, save me! I will do anything, so please, save my life!”


    “Ugh, ah ah ah ah ah!”

    tuk. Degur. The head fell from the body lying on the chopping board. The cooks grumble while wiping their sweat.

    “Huh, skinny things because they can’t eat have one loud voice.”

    "that's right. There are a lot of heads, but when you peel off only the flesh, the quantity is not as large as I thought.”

    “If you dry it with jerky, the quantity will be reduced even more.”

    The prisoners waiting for their turn in a bizarre conversation did not say anything. I'd rather let go.


    The newly laid man on the chopping board was a knight, not a soldier, like the previous prisoners.

    "Eww… … .”

    I was going to die defending the honor of the knight until the end, but when I saw such a thing, my legs were shaking. Words begging for his life come out of his throat. But he persevered and persevered. Because I know it's no use begging anyway.

    “Is this guy quiet again?”

    The sound of blades cutting through the air is heard. Now it's really over. He shut his eyes tightly. But it was then.

    “They are so noisy, how can they not? You can't rest properly! Or do it far away from my barracks!”

    A sudden intruding voice delayed his death for a while.

    “Oh, corps commander?”

    It was the voice of a young woman. Asmodians often maintain a youthful appearance compared to their actual age. Therefore, it was not surprising to hear the voice of a young woman in the middle of the military camp. What stimulated his curiosity, however, is that there is a familiar corner in his voice. The knight raised his head as if possessed. And he witnessed an incredible sight.

    “Ko, Princess Cosette… … !”

    A woman with a familiar face was wearing a black military uniform. Her silver hair that hangs over her black clothes makes it stand out even more. She was a look that could never be mistaken. A woman called the corps commander looked at him with her bewildered face.

    “Um, I’m sorry, but who was it?”

    “Princess Cosette, aren’t you? why in this place... … !”

    I met an unexpected person in an unexpected place. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even turn my tongue properly. However, the soldiers, who were trembling in fear while waiting for their next turn, seemed to have interpreted the situation a little differently. The cornered brain may have deliberately distorted the situation and interpreted it.

    “Princess? Princess Cosette? Are you really him?”

    “Look at that silver hair! He is right!”

    “Sa, please save me! Please save me, Princess!”

    “Princess! Princess!”

    Dozens of hands reached out of the cage. They didn't reach the being they were longing for. She put her index finger to her lips as she stared at her struggling prisoners for her life.


    Then the shouting prisoners shut their mouths at the same time. It was because of the unknown fear. Because of the unknown fear that if you do not follow her instructions, you will see a very rough situation.

    She is a woman who looks as if she can't kill a single bug, but strangely, when he meets her eyes, goosebumps rise up on hispine.

    Some of them peeed in fear.


    She approached with a smile.

    "You guys killed it.”

    Then why are you looking for her from me? She turns around muttering like that.

    "Anyway, I have to rest, so get it over with. I don't think there are many left, so I'm just leaving without scolding them. Get it over with, huh?"

    "Yes, sir!"

    Leaving behind the loud shouts of the cooks, she left the slaughterhouse. She didn't even look back.

    “Hey, I thought an arm was going to fall off.”

    “Once you get rid of them. If you make it loud again, you can really get it.”

    There were many prisoners of war to be slaughtered. How can I silence it quickly and while preserving the flesh?

    After much deliberation, they decided to throw the whole iron grate in which the prisoners were trapped into the river and rescue them. If you soak them in for 30 minutes and then pull them out, they will all be dead.

    with a plop. A wagon containing dozens of prisoners is sucked into the reddish river water.

    It was a silent death without a syllable of screaming.

    * * *

    No matter which direction he looked, he saw nothing but ruins. The entire metropolis, which was once the capital of the empire, was in ruins. Even the capital, believed to be the last line of defense, collapsed. The refugees had already evacuated south, but all the wise knew it was a waste of time.

    The army was defeated in vain. It was an unwinnable fight in the first place. It was impossible for the soldiers, who lacked food and water due to a drought for several months, to be able to properly strengthen their strength against the mighty demon army.

    In fact, Ludwig had predicted this from the moment he heard that the ice barrier was melting. However, because of those who looked at him with hopeful eyes, he was not able to show off.

    … … Where did it go wrong? From when Johanna Parvis was murdered? Or from when something went wrong with the barrier? No, why did the barrier that had been working for hundreds of years suddenly melt away?

    It was clear that there was some connection between the barrier's damage and the death of his aunt and Cosette's disappearance. But what's even more certain is... … Whatever the origin of this disaster, it is now irreversible.

    The imperial army and refugees were moving south endlessly. Now would be the last time I could even see the ruins of the capital city. The commander was instructed not to be discouraged under any circumstances, but now the situation is force majeure. Even if the masters in any history come back alive, it is impossible to overthrow the current state of affairs. No, things weren't so good in the first place.

    If at least one elemental sage had been alive and it had not suffered a long drought... … . It was when he was contemplating meaningless assumptions.

    The imprint of someone from the horizon drew closer. It was too casual to say that he was crossing the ruined capital. Because of that, he was initially wary that he was a demon, but the suspicion did not last long.

    “… … Cosette?”

    His facial features, which became clearer as he approached him, were too similar to those of a person he knew. The silver hair that contrasts with the black robe fluttered in the air. Unusual hair color and red eyes.

    A startled voice escaped Ludwig's lips.


    “Oh my, Grand Duke? It's been a long time. Why are you doing it right? Very ugly now. Are you hurt a lot?”

    "you… … , what the hell are you up to? Are there any injuries?”

    I actually thought he was dead. My aunt became like that, because there is no way that Cosette can be safe. However, she appeared in front of her eyes and was clear without a single wound.

    "Huh? Maybe you still don't understand the situation?"

    Cosette asked, rolling her eyes. Just in time, the wind from her ruins blows the hem of her robe. A glimpse of the army uniforms of the demon army could be seen through the open robes.

    “… … !”

    Ludwig wasn't stupid enough to turn away from the obvious reality. Instead of avoiding seeing it wrong, he speculated on why Cosette might have made that choice.


    Why did she betray her empire, who can spend her whole life revered as an elemental? That's why she didn't think of the possibility of betrayal when Cosette first went missing.

    “You don’t know? Of course, I thought you knew you were hit in the back.”


    "Oh! So, did those people just cling to me, asking me to save or save me, because they didn’t know?”

    Come to think of it, it was pretty funny. It's like risking your life, thinking that the existence that drove them into the abyss is about the last salvation. She laughed at her for a moment and then looked straight ahead. The Archduke, with her confused expression on his face, was looking at him. pitifully.

    “Why……Why the hell? What do you want from me?….”

    “Well, there, Grand Duke. You're misunderstanding something, but I didn't join the other side because I was dissatisfied, but I planned to do this from the beginning."

    "You, you, why!"

    "You're so dumb."

    She swept her hair back as if she was annoyed.

    "So I wasn't your real daughter from the beginning, and I deliberately killed the real princess and the spirit lady and approached Beatrice to seal it, and I left because I didn't want to fake it, and I'm achieving my lifelong conquest of the human world. All right? Now you understand, right?"


    No matter how rational a human being, if he encounters unreliable information all at once, he will be temporarily stunned. Ludwig could only stutter his mouth after a while.

    "Not... my daughter?"

    "Yeah! I'm a demon in the first place. We're of different species. How can you be my father? And I've lived a few hundred years longer than you."

    There was a woman who looked just like her.

    Yeah, we look alike. Let's say we do. But what Cosette used in front of her was clearly the power of the Spirit. It was certain that Johanna Farvis was certified. But she's not your own daughter?

    Cosette snorted and continued, as if she knew what you were thinking.

    "You wonder how I could disguise myself as your daughter?”


    "Oh, you don't have to tell me. I'll teach you even if you don't ask me.”

    In fact, I flew here to let you know this. To teach you the truth to bring down that firm man. Her red eyes bent like a crescent.

    "The name Rowena Weinberg, you remember? She was your first wife."

    * * *

    A woman is running barefoot on the dirt floor. She was once the most respected being in the Empire, although she now runs down the mountain road like a beggar.

    Rowena Weinberg. Her surname before divorce was Parvis. Born into a prestigious family, she lived as a noble girl and as a princess of the Grand Duchess for more than 20 years. However, only half a year has passed since her divorce, and her former elegant and splendid appearance was gone.

    'why? why? Why did I become like this? What sin have I committed?’

    Her resentment and resentment clouded her vision, but she could not stop her legs. If she stops here, her life runs away.


    As she was running down a dangerous mountain road for a long time, Rowena's face fell down. Her feet got caught in the roots of her trees. She could barely stop as she tumbled down her slope and bumped into a rock.


    A sharp pain comes from a full-fledged stomach. But I couldn't even scream to my heart's content. The moment you find out where you are, your life will run away.

    "This way! This way!"

    “Stupid things! To make this four months by missing only one full-term woman! As soon as you find them, kill them immediately!”

    Rowena clasped her mouth with one hand and crawled behind a rock. A drop of blood flows from the lips that are bitten hard. How long has it been so long? It wasn't until a person disappeared from her head that she was able to pull out.

    "Gasp, gasp, gasp!"

    It was the first vivid fear of death she had ever experienced as a woman who had grown up beautifully.



    She had no desires. As she was educated, she tried to fulfill her role as a cultured wife. She lived her whole life quietly without causing trouble to others. It was also an absurd name that she was a stone girl. Because now there was life growing in her belly.

    But why? why?


    At that moment, the excruciating pain in the abdomen came again. Between his legs was wet. amniotic fluid has burst

    “Turn it off… … Ugh, ah... … !”

    Tears stream down from the eyes turned backwards. Her head was messed up with pain, leaving her unable to think. I just suppress the scream with the last remaining instinct.

    “Huh… … !”

    After a while, a piece of blood-soaked flesh flowed from between Rowena's legs. would you have imagined? She was born as the famous daughter of a countess, and she said that she would give birth to a child without a midwife in a mountain like this.


    ‘I did it.’

    With a strange laugh, she took her child, who had not yet cut the umbilical cord, into her arms.

    she gave birth After being chased and chased, after countless threats to her life, the lineage of the Grand Duke was finally born.

    Even this child was a daughter. Later, the moment it is proved that she is the descendant of the Grand Duke by manifesting the abilities of the spirits, she can become the mother of the spirits and remove her frame. It is possible to get revenge on the man who overthrew her father and framed her even on me, kicking her out of her capital.

    “Simon Edinburgh… … !”

    She repeated the name of the enemy, who would not be cool even if she chewed it to death. Today's pain will never be forgotten. I will definitely pay you back twice.

    "Da, you lost! As long as I go back alive...!"

    But something was strange. Overwhelmed with the joy of having a child, a fact she hadn't noticed before came to mind.


    Rowena looked down at her child in her arms. Little flesh soaked in blood. A small body still warm. The newborn baby did not cry.


    She doesn't breathe, and her heart doesn't beat.


    Forgetting that the pursuers could still be around, she screamed loudly. The frustration of motherhood comes with despair that the way to avenge is gone. My child, my daughter, who should have been blessed as the blood of the Grand Duke. Had it not been for months of chase, I would have been born alive. If I had been able to have a safe prenatal education in a warm mansion, I would have been alive and breathing by now…….

    The wealth, the status of the deceased and the happy life that this child should have been born in blessing and enjoyed.

    It's been taken away from me. For the damn old man's greed!

    It was so unfair that I didn't even think I could close my eyes like this. If she closed her eyes here, everything would move as he wished. And the existence of a newborn child will be erased as if it had never existed in this world.

    She realized that the saying that her eyes would turn red when she was too angry was not just an idiom. From deep inside the body, something hot is boiling. Her head felt like it was going to explode. will kill you Simon Edinburgh himself, as well as his family and employees of the family. I'd rather have a painful death when I beg for death

    It was the first time I felt such a strong desire to kill someone else. I'll make you roll around the mud like me.


    Rowena digs through the wounds caused by the fall, gets blood on her right finger, and draws a red summoning circle on the dirt floor. Six planets, a crescent moon, and five strange characters that symbolize the devil.

    ‘Why am I suddenly reminded of that time? … ?'

    She remembers reading a book about the devil secretly in her warehouse as a child. Shortly thereafter, a terrified nanny confiscated the book, though.

    Devil. It is different from the beast that often appears through the gate.

    'There's no way a demon-like being could appear attracted to such a clumsy summoning circle... … .'

    To use the last moments of your life for something absurd. She couldn't even understand her own behavior. Even in the midst of her death, her sullen laughter erupted. But unlike her self-helping head, her inner instinct was saying this. The devil will surely appear before her eyes.

    As she said, the devil appeared in front of her.

    No, can it be expressed as ‘appeared’? It was formless and invisible darkness. Formless darkness spoke in her mind.

    ‘Life or revenge, which one will you choose?’

    It was a strange voice. No, maybe it's not the voice. I thought it would be more accurate to say that the meaning of the words is spreading in my head rather than listening to the sound.

    ‘What is that… … Do you mean?’

    ‘There is a saying, ‘equivalent exchange. I'm not a pushover who grants two wishes in exchange for one soul. Save your life or get revenge. Choose one of them.’


    'It's impossible to ask for a dead child to live. That's really my skill. Her soul is already gone. A soul that has gone to the underworld cannot return no matter what. Even if you bring your body back to life, it will only become an unconscious shell. Well, if that's what you want, I'll listen to it.'

    As expected to some extent, the demon was never a good being. It was like seeing her taunting her even when she saw her miserable and unfairly dying in front of her.

    Her demon was mocking her dying woman by forcing her to choose. With life, revenge, and death on the brink of death, which one will you choose? It was as if I could hear the voice in my heart.

    ‘Perhaps I will die soon… … .'

    She felt her breath run out. She had shed so much blood, and after several months of being chased, she couldn't help but feel dissatisfied with her body, which she had disbanded on the dirt floor. If she doesn't treat her right away, she'll be out of breath, but there's no way the devil can give her such goodwill.

    If she takes her life, there is no way she can get revenge. The family collapsed, and the child who inherited the lineage of the spirits also died. Even if she goes back to the capital, she will always have to live with pride in her life. She hates such a meaningless life.

    But what if you ask for revenge on that cruel demon? The demons said they liked seeing humans howl in pain. After thinking that far, the decision was made quickly.



    ‘Take revenge. To people who made me suffer so much! all! Let them live in despair and pain enough to make them want to die!’

    She started dripping with blood in her tears. The woman's face, wet with her bloody tears, was very bizarre. But the devil liked that face.

    ‘Everything, right?’

    'Yes! All! all! I die in vain like this, so why do people who have caused me pain have to live in awe!’

    It is very dangerous to use vague expressions when making a contract with the devil. However, Rowena, who had only read the Demon Summons as a child, had no way of knowing that.


    It was a very dangerous word. Not only the Marquis family of Edinburgh who framed her, but also her husband who turned a blind eye to her, and the imperialists who criticized her for marrying her in the Grand Duke without having children. This is because it is included in "all'.

    In order for demons to exert influence in the human world, they need contracts with humans. In other words, if you sign a contract with a human being, whatever you do to fulfill the contract, you will gain legitimacy. The devil laughed, showing his black teeth.

    'All right.'

    A willing acceptance fell.

    ‘I am one of the 13 Great Demons of Hell, Ragibach. I will grant your wish in exchange for your soul.’

    As the demonic acceptance fell, Rowena cried out in pain as her soul burned. No, in fact, she was not wrong, as her soul was stigmatized. With this, her soul was forever in the hands of the devil. But no regrets.

    Rowena lay down, feeling the rest of her life draining out like smoke. Now it's really over.

    Her life for the past twenty years or so passes in front of her as if flipping through her bookshelf. Is this a pole lamp? I fell asleep strangely. Just as she was about to surrender her body to her suma, her demonic voice was heard again.

    ‘Oh, do you have any names for this kid? You're still a mom.'

    What is this child's name? Rowena's gaze turned towards the empty space. Her gaze traced the faint memories of her past.

    ‘This child’s name is-’

    Once upon a time she had a dream.

    “If I have a child, I want to name him Christian for my son and Cosette for my daughter.”

    I want to have a child and live in peace with a man I will depend on for the rest of my life.

    “It sounds like you’re already fluttering, so don’t tell other people because it’s embarrassing.”

    Although the man ruthlessly threw her away... … .

    “Cosette, it’s Cosette.”

    So now it's your turn to get sick.
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    I can’t believe that crap bag thought he could have a relationship with Zeke after killing his older sister and being neglectful his whole life! And not one mention of Kiera, not even a thought went through his brain.
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    Here's the last part of the side story


    Ludwig's face turned white. My lips tremble as if they were cramping. It was the expression of a man who heard an incredible or unwanted truth.

    "It's a lie…… It's a lie."

    "You don't want to believe it, Mr. Grand Duke. Now, look at this."

    Cosette. No, the demon covered in Cosette's shell raised his hand. A lesser spirit is summoned on the palm of your hand. The power to feel even divine. No one can deny the fact that it is spirit art.

    “At the beginning, spirit art is the power that the goddess bestowed to protect you from us. How do you think I can use such power as a demon?”

    The devil loved this moment the most. The moment when the human face is dyed with boundless despair. A cruel smile forms on her lips. Her exhilarating pleasure rose from her fingertips.

    ‘Oh, I want to cut off my neck like that and stuff my hair like that.’

    But not yet. That man must suffer a little more. More despair, more regret, more sorrow. Only then will I be able to become a piece of entertainment in my boring life. There are infinitely many things that can be done to drive humans further into the abyss of despair.

    She continued, pointing to my body with her index finger. The reason why Cosette was able to have a face that looked just like the Archduke.

    “Because I am your daughter, who died without this body being born!”

    “Shut up!”

    It was a harsh voice, but she could feel it. The fact that that is a flurry spit out by a person pushed into a dead end. The best. It's great, really.

    “It all happened because you abandoned Rowena Weinberg. You noticed that she was framed. You had it coming, huh?”

    "No! If I had known she was pregnant, I wouldn't have thrown it away! I'll never let that happen.…!”

    Ludwig's protesting voice gradually subsided. No matter how much he made excuses, the fact that it was his mistake was the same. Besides, the fact that Cosette is fake means… … .

    "Soon there will be a huge crisis for the entire human race. Remember only one thing to avoid a crisis, young thorns. No matter what happens, only one spirit will be born from you."

    It was only then that he realized the true meaning of the oracle. The oracle said that one elemental priest would be “born,” but did not say that the next major elemental priest would not be two.

    The original 'Cosette' did not live to see the light of the world. In other words, it is not born. There was only one thing that the fact meant. The only "spirit" that the oracle foretold was referring to Keira, not Cosette.


    It felt like blood was draining from my body through my toes. Ludwig's complexion changed like his corpse. As if he was trying to guess what he was going through just by looking at his face, the demon Ragibach said with a big smile.

    "that's right. That's what you're thinking right now."


    “How does it feel to have lost two of your own children by mistake? Do humans attach great importance to the concept of blood and flesh?”

    dump. The leg of the man who did not kneel before the devil even with a wounded body was broken. No voice came out of his slightly opened mouth.

    What if I hadn't abandoned my wife then? What if I had protected Keira's life then? If it had been, it would not have reached the worst like it is now.

    "Uh……, ah…….”

    I watched Keira's death. As a person who inherited the duty of protection from the goddess, I thought I couldn't be biased towards my personal feelings.

    He often consoled himself by saying that he was not his own daughter when he felt guilty, sadness, and emptiness came. Because he wasn't my own child. He's the one who's going to bring the disaster predicted by the oracle.

    I made the right choice for the cause.

    Using such excuses, he rationalized and rationalized the choices he made. However, it was his fault that caused the disaster.

    And what was even more depressing was that the child who had been following him lost a life he did not need to lose because of my choice. He was a child who cared terribly for his father who never gave her a single glance... … .

    I felt a burning pain in my stomach. It felt like my whole body was being ripped apart. I suddenly remember the words the Marquis of Edinburgh cried out in the execution room.

    “Keira is the real daughter of Your Highness the Archduke! You will surely regret it greatly! My daughter will never be the type to deceive her husband! If you don't believe me... … Ugh! One day you will cry tears of blood... … Ugh!"

    A red liquid started running down his cheeks. Blood and tears were oozing from the wounds around his eyes.


    Ragibach's mouth, which was looking at the scene, burst out.

    "Hahaha, hahahaha! (Laughs)

    It was such a pity that I had to see such a scene alone. Ragibach held onto the stomach and smiled for a long time. I laughed so hard that tears welled up around my eyes.

    "Oh, that's hilarious, really."

    She approached Ludwig, saying so. He didn't lift a finger even though he was within the scope of the attack.

    "You shouldn't die yet."


    White fingers are gently placed over his head. She stroked her silvery white hair and spoke in a tone of comfort.

    “Live longer and watch the continent become ruins. Watch with your own eyes to see what happens because of your mistake, and then commit suicide in despair.”

    May the pain be so severe that the intestines are torn to shreds when the stomach is torn apart after death. A beautiful smile formed on her lips. It was a smile that people praised for being gentle like an angel.

    “Then see you next time.”

    My contractor, she blamed you so much as she died.

    * * *

    The very next day the battle resumed. Unlike the usual tactics that put the Beast Beast Corps at the forefront, on that day, the most elite soldiers took the lead.

    It was a woman with a surprisingly delicate body who led the most elite troops in the demon world. It's about not judging demons by their looks. It's a common common sense even among the general public, even if that's the case... … .

    “The woman demon who was at the forefront of her… … .”

    “It was Princess Cosette.”

    The knight, who had been muttering so much without realizing it, suddenly came to her senses and corrected her words.

    “No, she was a demon who resembled Princess Cosette.”



    But once the words were uttered, they could not be taken back. Most noble knights knew Cosette's face. It was her thanks to her that she was active in her original social circle.

    An unbearable sense of despair came when the truth that everyone had been hoping for in their hearts was revealed.

    ‘Will the disappearing princess come back to us?’

    ‘Will the situation somehow get better when the one who has been blessed by God returns?’

    Such anticipation was entrenched in the corner of his heart.

    Normal soldiers had never seen Cosette's face, but they also had something to look out for. When the officers are agitated at the same time, there is no doubt that the anxiety can't be conveyed.

    There, some soldiers shed a few words, saying, ‘Princess Cosette is fighting on the side of the demons. Everyone had the hope that the person chosen by the goddess would miraculously return and save them. Those who did not let go of their last hope, boldly visited the commander's barracks.

    “Sir Grand Duke! Please answer! Where is Princess Cosette now?”

    “Please explain the rumors! Why did Princess Cosette join the army of the underworld?”

    “Is the demon just imitating the princess’s appearance? Yes? Please, please, say yes!”

    But the Archduke did not see a single strand of his hair out of the barracks. There was a commotion that some excited people rushed into the barracks, but the knights guarding the barracks managed to subdue it. So, 'this time'. He was afraid to foresee how the soldiers who had lost their last hope would come out.

    Unseen staff visited the archduke's barracks and gave advice.

    “Sir, the demons have only made up the appearance of the princess, so please declare it that way.”

    "I don't mind if you cover your eyes and cry. The soldiers need hope."


    Ludwig, however, did not even look at them with his chair turned back. After a long time, the answer returned.

    "……if I say the rumor is not true…….”

    "Yes, you should."

    "Does a real spirit come back alive and do wonders?"


    “I want to ask how you are going to handle the backlash when it turns out that this is not true.”

    It was a voice full of despair. It's the first time I've ever heard his voice like that. No matter how bleak the war situation, no matter how horribly defeated, he was a person who never showed any sympathy in front of his subordinates.

    “Sir, of course, I know that the chance for Princess to return is slim. But even if the princess actually lost her life in the conspiracy of the demons, there is a big difference between thinking that she is at the forefront of the enemy army and thinking that it is a trick of the demons. Even considering the morale of the soldiers... … .”

    Clink! A glass of water flew to the side of the staff and shattered it. Then came Ludwig's angry voice.

    “That woman is telling you that the Cosette Parvis you knew is right! Killing my aunt, sealing Beatrice, breaking the barrier was all her fault! In such a situation, what is the difference if you deceive the soldiers with lies? No miracles happen!”

    “Hey, but why are you saying that Princess surrenders to the enemy?”

    “Are you surrendering to the enemy? No, it wasn't surrender in the first place. Because that girl was a demon from the beginning! Of course, she wasn't my daughter either. The oracle... the oracle is...….”

    "There's no way the oracle came down wrong.….”

    "No, it's just that we misinterpreted the trust."


    Ludwig said in a desperate voice.

    “I fell into the tricks of the demons… … I just killed my daughter with my own hands.”

    It was very painful for him to admit his own mistake. But even more painful than that was the irreversible reality. The dead never come back. No, what would you do if you came back? It must have been a long time since the human world fell into the hands of demons.

    The staff exchanged glances of despair. Even the strongest person had become like that, so it was obvious that the future of the war would become even more difficult. How the hell am I supposed to get this guy up and running again? … .

    Then, they noticed. The atmosphere outside is different from what it was just before. Something is definitely wrong. An instinctive sense of crisis came.

    “Who is out there?”

    One of his advisers roughly ripped open the barracks veil. Outside the barracks, the soldiers and some knights, who had come to ask the Archduke to explain the rumors, were standing with bluish faces.

    “You guys… … .”

    In the barracks, I must have heard shouts. A young soldier asked, taking a step closer. Tears were welling up in his droopy eyes.

    “The words of the Grand Duke... … Is that true? The princess won't come back... … .”

    “Hey, lie! It is a lie! I saw him up close! He was such an angel, but there is no way he is a demon!”

    “Then you mean that Cosette was fake? How did that happen?”

    “Oracle, you said you misinterpreted the oracle, sir! It's all because of the temple bastards! There's nothing wrong with making a mistake, how could you misinterpret an oracle and make this happen... … !”

    Even those who look for their parents with tears, those who do not believe in reality, and those who turn their anger toward their loved ones and express their anger.

    He thought as he looked at the devastation of that father-in-law. This army is really over now. We will never fight under one banner again.

    * * *

    After spending three nights, I fell asleep slightly. I was able to meet Zichhardt, a son who died in a dream.

    'That's what I said, Dad. You must not throw your sister away.’

    ‘… … Seeing you use the word father, it must be a dream.’

    After Keira's death, Zeke never spoke of his father's name. The son replied with a smirk.

    ‘Everyone is going to die anyway, so why can’t I call you father? The truth is, You’ve always wanted to hear it.’

    Ludwig tried to refute what he was saying, but shut up.

    Yes, in fact, Zeke was right. He was a being who never knew how to approach his children. I tried to remember how my father cared for me, but I couldn't remember. It was only natural that such memories did not exist in the first place.

    What have you been living for? As the Grand Duke, he thought he was more important than himself as his father. But what about the results? He failed both as his father and as Archduke Parvis. In fact, as his son said, Ludwig has always been... … .

    ‘Oh, I have to go now. My sister is waiting for me.’

    Then Zeke's farewell speech interrupted his thoughts. He looked up and saw his son waving his hand to say goodbye. The smiling face looks sad.

    ‘If there is such a thing as the next life.’


    ‘Let’s not see each other again.’

    After finishing his words, Sieghart disappeared like smoke.

    Ludwig was left alone in the dark space.

    He stood still, staring at the place where his son had been. As if waiting for something from him.

    But Keira didn't show up until the end. Like saying that I don't want to see you even in my dreams.

    * * *

    "What would you do if you could sign the Devil and turn back time?
    The price is your soul.
    After death, I will take your soul.
    No one knows what's going to happen after the demon takes his soul away. But one thing is for sure.
    I'd rather die and wait for the reincarnation."

    When he heard that whispering voice in his sleep, Ludwig mistook it for an extension of his nightmare. But he soon noticed that it was a very vivid voice.

    He jumped up his upper body. Beyond the darkness of the barracks, yellow eyes flashed ominously.

    Ludwig immediately pulled out the sword he had hidden under his bedside. A man with yellow eyes was sitting in the air.

    “How did you get here?”

    “How do I get in? I killed all the guards blocking the way.”


    Most of the troops were dead and the morale was in a state of disrepair. It wouldn't be as easy as a high-ranking demon infiltrating into a military camp whose borders were loose.

    “I’m not here to fight, so stop staring at me. What do you think of the proposal I just made?”

    “Are you talking about the bullshit asking me to make a contract with you?”

    "Yes. Commander-in-Chief, do you know what the situation is now? No matter how much I think about it, there seems to be no other way than to turn back time and start over. how is it? you must be so lucky The only thing I can do is turn back time... … .”

    “Go away, demon.”

    Ludwig stepped out of bed and pointed his sword sharper.

    The fate of mankind was nothing more than a candle in front of a typhoon. There will be less than a month left. After the sun sets thirty times, the seeds of mankind will dry up on the continent, or even the few surviving will become slaves of the demons.

    The devil makes an offer to turn back time first in a situation that is as good as winning? It's 100% a trap without even thinking about it.

    “There is no way the devil can do you a pure favor.”

    "Yes, it's not a pure favor. Well, what should I say...….”

    The devil chose the word for a moment, and then he continued.

    "I don't like that old lady John-Me."


    It was a very vague expression, but Ludwig was able to quickly understand who the ‘grandmother’ was. A demon wearing the skin of his dead daughter who led the demon army.

    Of course, as demons are a race with emotions and intelligence, they may not have a good relationship with their own people or may harbor bad feelings. He may hate him so much that he wants to interfere with whatever he is doing.

    However, the conquest of the human world was too great a cause to put such personal feelings ahead. Even though they are a race that doesn't easily forget their grudges, their personal feelings ruin the longing of the whole race.

    “Oh, I think I know what you are thinking.”

    The devil explained in a boring voice, as if he was trying to guess what was going on just by looking at his face.

    “I’m sorry, but the demons are a very selfish race, so it’s impossible to unite under one wish. Is that the same for humans? Unless the fate of the entire race depends on it as it is now, humans are always fighting and killing each other.”

    Yes. It is impossible for a group of many to become a complete one. In order to prevent the triumph of the enemy, there were many cases where he interfered with the allies even in the face of a national crisis.

    “And the fact that all demons are restless because they want to invade the human world is a real prejudice, isn’t it? Is the situation in the demon realm very complicated? If it can be organized under one dream, then I am welcome. But in reality, that is not the case.”

    “… … Everyone sacrifices others for their own gain and power.”

    “Yeah, it’s just like how humans live. You must have seen a lot of things you couldn't see when you became the Grand Duke, right?"

    It was not very pleasant to be ridiculed by the devil, but it was certainly true. He had nothing to object to.

    “Anyway, some demons, including myself, do not wish for the destruction of the human world. But if one of the 13 Demon Kings wants to get directly involved in the human world, he needs to get legitimacy through a contract. That’s why I came to you.”

    A sly smile formed on the devil's lips.

    "how? Are you ready to sign a contract with me now?”

    "Reject, get out of here, you son of a bitch."

    "What? Why? I'm not lying! Don't you know you can't lie when you sign a contract?”

    You really don't know this? Ludwig's eyes become thinner.

    "I don't think everything you say is a lie. But I don't think you told me the whole truth. There's no way the Devil's contract will end well."

    Ludwig was basically a man who lived with the main enemy of the demons for decades. It was not easy to think that demons and humans could benefit and live together. In fact, most of those who signed contracts with the Devil ended in misery.

    "When did I say it would end with a happy ending? I told you before. You have to give me your soul in exchange for a contract."


    What happens to those who are deprived of their souls by demons? No one knows that. Because there is no one who can answer. Like no one can confide in their experience of the afterlife.

    "Why? Are you afraid of that?”

    Ludwig was not the first man to make such an offer. Famous knights, priests famous for their faith, and even royal families. The devil approached those on the brink of death and spoke.

    “Would you like to turn back time by signing a contract with me?

    If we go back to the past and save the lives of the real spirits, we will be able to prevent the invasion of demons.

    You will become the hero who saved mankind.”

    Instead, the soul after death will suffer forever. So much so that I think it would have been better to die without signing a contract at that time... … .

    "You're right. There's no way the deal with the Devil will end well. A soul that cannot enter the confines of reincarnation will suffer forever."

    All those who found out rejected his proposal. Because it was a much wiser judgment to accept death and to promise for the next life than to suffer forever.

    And he killed all those who rejected his offer. In the most brutal way he can come up with. That's what the devil was.

    "It's up to you to choose. To save mankind at the expense of one's own. Or will you just all die together and look forward to the next life?"


    Now it's kind of like a contract with the Devil. Ludwig laughed out loud thinking so.

    He thought it was natural to sacrifice himself for the protection of mankind for the rest of his life. Because that was my duty as a bloodline chosen by the goddess. Just like his father died fighting the beast, he lived knowing that sacrifice was natural.

    But for this moment, I thought that such a cause would be good. It's really strange.

    “If the contract clearly states that there is not a single lie in what has been said so far, it is good. I accept your offer.”

    This means that his acceptance of the devil's proposal is not due to the grandiose reason of protecting humanity.

    “Of course, you can go back with the memories of the past, right? Are you going back with your past memories too? Before that, how long can we go back to the past?”

    If I could correct all the mistakes I've made so far in exchange for sacrificing my soul... … . what if… … If everything the devil said was true, wouldn't it be a gamble worth trying at least once?

    “There is only one person who can bring back memories. I'll try to go back as far back as possible, but I can't guarantee. 5 years at most? If not, it will be three years.”

    "Five years at the most…….”

    Then it was too much to start all over again.

    However, there is one mistake that can be reversed in five years. The daughter she abandoned. If the child can live a life that he or she has not enjoyed in blessing, he or she will have no regrets even if he or she lives in pain forever.

    “Are you going to take your memories with you? Probably because it would be convenient. Now, let's say that in the contract... … .”

    “No, it’s not me who will bring back the memories, it’s my daughter, Keira.”

    “Ah, the real Elementalist who was executed?”

    The devil looked up at the ceiling for a moment and pondered.

    If she leaves her memories of her, she will go back to her past and try to save her life. As long as the real elemental is alive, the barrier can be restored at any time. It can also isolate Ragibach's army by blocking interdimensional movement.

    ‘Ah, I think things will get a little more complicated… … .'

    It's disgusting to have work to do. The devil once again made eye contact to convince Ludwig.

    “Think again… … .”

    “If given another chance, it should be given to my daughter, not me.”

    “… … .”

    “If you don’t like it, I will reconsider the contract.”


    It was an obvious threat. He knew Ludwig's words were bluffing at the time of negotiation. Ludwig was also the same when the fire fell on his feet.

    However, the problem was that the devil is also in a very urgent situation. He approached humans over and over again and offered contracts, but all of them were rejected. If the contract with that man goes out of the way, he may not be able to find a partner.

    "She's gonna blame you so much. My father and I might try to kill him.”

    "…I wish she could."

    If Keira goes back to the past with no memory, she will be delighted and thrilled by her father's affectionate attitude. You may be able to live happily like a father and daughter in an ordinary family.

    But…… make you forget all the atrocities you've committed, and then restore your relationship as if nothing had happened? What a happy, sinful, shameless imagination?

    She'd rather remember everything about him and blame himself. Never forget, never forgive. If that child could forsake her father and lead a happy life at the cost of my soul, that was enough. That was the greatest atonement he could make.

    "If you insist on signing a contract like that, I can't help it. Now, this is the contract."

    Red letters were written on paper of unknown origin. Ludwig was hampered by blood only after carefully checking that what was written in the contract was different from what I was told. Subsequently, the devil also drips blood from his fingertips.

    “I am one of the 13 Great Demons of Hell, Yurre. I will grant your wish in exchange for your soul.”

    The contract began to burn with a blue light. It was impossible for anyone to tamper with the contract, and the contract's contents were forever recorded in the Akashic Records. If the contract is not fulfilled or if it is found that a lie was made during the contract, the punishment would be worse than death.

    Finally, the contract was completely burned out and disappeared. But it didn't end there. The ground began to vibrate violently. The magic to turn back time must be activated. The terrified screams of the soldiers were heard from outside. Ludwig stood calmly, waiting for time to turn back. But it was then.

    “I have one thing I want to ask you.”

    A cruel smile appeared on the devil's lips. He whispered in a very excited voice. Now he must have signed a contract, he didn't seem to have any reason to hide his true nature. The devil is cruel.

    He enjoys seeing humans suffer. What emotions would a man feel at this moment, sacrificing himself for his others?

    "How do you feel now? Aren't you afraid of the future? If you go back to the past like this, you'll never know what's going on and suffer forever after you die. You're scared, aren't you? You're pretending to be calm, but you're scared.”

    "No way."

    Ludwig answered, looking at the air, not the devil. Because of that, he didn't know who he was talking to.

    I feel weird. It's as if there's a hole in her chest, but... … .

    “In recent years, I have never felt as good as I am now.”

    At that moment, magic was activated.

    ~~End of Side Story 2~~

    I'll come back with volume 4 :blobokhand:
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    thank you so much for spoiler :aww:
    ... i ashamed to say this but when Ragibach (demon!cossette real name) laughing at the duke misery and told him to enjoy the result of his stupidity and then commit sudoku in despair... i rooting on ragibach on their entire conversation :blobpeek:, but the price for the duke despair are too huge for me to fully enjoy, when the soldier and knight in the slaughterhouse got drowned my heart fell :blobsob:

    so the duke makes contract with a demon? which means... the blonde time wizard are actually demon??
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    Yesss. He's a demon named Yurre/Yurr (not sure what the correct name is since its MTLed)
    He's a demon whose specialty is manipulating space and time. The real Erez died when he was 5 years old by drowning, that's when Yurre takes over the boy's body. The backstory was not elaborated further as far as I remember.
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    oooh this piece of information are quite a game changer
    i actually kinda not satisfied with the spoiler about kiera and zeke kinda reconcile with him much later after the shit show end (its kinda vague), he didnt deserve any forgiveness IMO

    but now we know that he made a contract with a demon, which mean not only he will got ignored by his children most of his life and then after he died his soul will be tortured for eternity? i can live with that :blobowoevil_horns:
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    >Literal psychopath that murders people for the lols and even executed his own daughter and the maid that called him out on it in one timeline.

    >Kiera's dad
    >Basically a coward, but unlike Claude he wasn't fully in control of his spawns fate so he actually has an excuse.

    ClAuDe WaSnT sO bAd!

    I love these threads, they're always so funny lol
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    Ummm, Keira's dad VOTED to have her beheaded and actively petitioned in favor of her execution. Despite KNOWING she was his daughter.
    Why do you think he got the blame when the spirits were angered as a result of Keira's death?

    He was in control of their fate. He failed to protect his children with the 1st wife after she begged him to do something about the harassment she was getting from the 2nd wife and her family who ruthlessly want to push her out. Who literally drove her out of the house in fear for her life.
    He knew who was the culprit was that ruined the life of his first wife yet still did nothing out of sheer ambivalent cowardice.

    Claude had a black magic curse and Athy being framed by Jeanette's aunt as an exuse.
    The Duke is only selfishly "neutral" when it came to helping those around him that needed help and he doesn't want to intervene out of cowardice.

    He has shown plenty of times "neutrality" is an arbitrary status to him.
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    Please don't bring other titles here, both descriptions aren't true to their respective novels are only serve to stir the pot
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    The Duke's a coward yes, and Claude's "curse" excuse only does so much, doesn't really excuse his actions.

    They're actually very true about their respective novels, but I'll concede to your final point and stop lol
  19. WhiteCoffee

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    May 11, 2021
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    Thank you. Didn't see that coming.

    Considering how the manhwa kinda pushing for a ML into it, I won't be surprised if they made the demon a simp for Kiera in manhwa version.

    MC Father: I knew it. The reason you want me to turn back the time so you can feast on my rotten soul. Am I right?
    Time Demon: BS. Who wants your garbage souls? I am doing it because I want to *ahem* *ahem* your real daughter.
    Grandma Demon: You betrayed me because of that?
    Goddess: Such a demonic intention. It made other demons look like a saint in comparison.
    Time Demon: Shut up, you useless goddess! Don't judge me for being a simp.
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    Uh, I just read the recent spoilers, and please enlighten me.
    The time wizard is actually a demon (okay...)
    The archduke form a contract with him to turn back time for him, and his daughter.
    Keira returns to the past, the duke as well (but in fragmented dreams) and the time wizard past self got a mark for the time magic.
    Simon Edinburgh really killed Rowena and had her insides checks to see whether she carries a baby or not, which happens to have died as an infant. And it's a boy so it's impossible for Cosette to be the baby, (please explain this if anyone were willing)
    And to what reason again that the demon turn back time?