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    The Staff
    Frost had left home for some months now, wandering the lands in search of sources of magic study. He still didn't find anything of note, nor did he encounter any dangers. It seemed that most beasts stuck to their hunting grounds, smart enough not to hunt human prey, and bandits were a lot like regular people - I mean, sure, they robbed people on the roads in broad daylight, but they were just as adverse to mindless killing as anyone else and Frost had no valuables on him in the first place, so they would simply let him be. Yes, it was all rather uneventful and boring for our dear Frost Rain.

    That is, until he wandered into a town that seemed to have every local hurriedly pitching in on some unified task. Men and women were in lines carrying industrial-sized planks. And even the children were running back and forth the streets delivering messages and food. Amid all of this Frost saw on old man sitting idly on a bench. He walked up to him and asked,
    "Is this seat taken?"
    "Oh, heavens no, by all means."
    The old man gestured toward the bench.
    "Mind me asking what's goin' on?"
    "You must have awful luck; to be a traveler in our town at a time like this."
    "Is it a war?"
    "Something like that. Much worse, I fear. It's a raid. Every year, around mid spring a tribe of orcs try and invade these parts of the land from the west. And every year we fight off the orcs."
    "I see, it must be quite troublesome."
    "Ha! It's been like this for so long that it's become tradition. Sure, we'd like a land without any bloodshed, but the world isn't so kind. And this way, at least we won't go soft in case some snot-nosed bandits or country's army comes knockin' on our door."

    Frost nodded to the man in thanks and left to outside the front gates of the village where most of the barracks and preparations were being made. This should be a good opportunity, thought Frost. He walked over to a tent larger than the rest. Frost was expecting a guard to be situated to stop any intruders from entering the tent, but there was none in attendance. Frost peered in between the tent flaw and saw the town's lord hunched over a table with a map spread across it, and atop the map were miniatures figures. Within the lord's hand was one of these figures. He was caressing and shifting the figure in his hand while mumbling to himself. Two other men were arguing beside the lord, one on each side.
    "No no no, that would destroy our entire formation."
    "If we don't take the initiative then we'll be fighting a losing battle."
    "What point is there in winning a battle if we can not finish it? Without a solid formation we will quickly become surrounded."
    "We can't just wait and watch them make their move. The first to strike nearly always wins."
    "Enough! Both of you! The formation is the backbone of any fighting force."
    "Shut up, Randal. I'm not done. But without a plan of attack we'll never gain the momentum in battle."
    "Then what would you have us do?"
    "Sort it out among yourselves. You are not children and I still need to manage our resources and decide how best to keep the non-combatants safe."
    The two war councilors walked out of the tent, leaving only the lord. They gave Frost a curious gaze, and then continued their earlier discourse.

    When Frost walked into the tent the lord noticed the light from the opening of the tent flap and looked up at it.
    "I don't recognize your face, so you're a traveler. And you don't have much on you, so you're not a bandit or merchant. And surely any vagrant knows it's easier to survive city slums rather than the wilderness. So I must ask, who are you?"
    "I am a traveler, and an enchanter. I wander the lands looking for knowledge of any kind on magic of any kind."
    "But you have no bags nor wand or any other tool to channel your magic."
    "I like to hunt for my food, so I see no need for money, nor did I ever have much in the first place. And I'm still a novice at spell casting."
    "Are you confident in your abilities?"
    "I haven't gotten to really use them yet."
    "Oh my, well, what can you do?"
    "I can make it rain and shoot lightning."
    "And you want to test your abilities?"
    "That is correct, Sir."
    "So be it. The battle will likely be tomorrow. Go to the smithy, it's in the town square, you can't miss it, and see what you can scrounge up. I doubt there would be any magic tools, but you never know. Just tell the blacksmith I sent you and he should understand."
    "Um, who are you?"
    "I am Augustus Oren of Sanarin."

    "Lord Oren sent you? Take your pick of whatever you want."
    Frost had made his way to the blacksmith. It had shelves of piles of weapons across the whole store. Near the counter there were shinier and less worn weapons in the display below the counter, and on the shelves on the walls behind the counter. Frost took one glance across the entirety of the store and quickly came to the conclusion that it would be too long and tedious to pick through each pile.
    "Do you have anything like a wand or stave for casting?"
    "You mean a mage's weapon?"
    "Yeah, something like that."
    The blacksmith rubbed his chin and looked up in deep thought.
    "Magic items are real rare, but I might have something in the back."
    The blacksmith came back with something wrapped in cloth shaped like a staff. He laid it on the counter and unfurled the covering. What remained was a staff made of reddish wood and near the top the staff curved into a crescent shape. At the tip of the staff hanged 3 rings that would chime together when it was swung - a tuning staff that boosted the control of the wielder's magic.
    "This is perfect."
    Frost reached out to grab it, but the blacksmith immediately swatted his hand away.
    "Ow! What?!"
    "I can't just give this away! It's probably worth more than my whole store."
    "What happened to 'Lord Oren sent you?' Take your pick of whatever you want.'?"
    "This one is too valuable. I can't just give it away."
    The two glared hard at each other in hopes that the other would back down. Suddenly a heavy slamming was heard on the door. The door opened and with it was intense shouting and stamping feet. A man opened the door and shouted, "they're here!"
    Frost looked again at the blacksmith with a knowing expression. The blacksmith sighed, stepped back and said, "Fine, take it, but you better return it."
    And with that frost grabbed the tuning staff in hand and rushed toward the battlefield.
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    While travelling around at night a few hundred kilometres from Nagrand, Shadie found what seemed to be an entrance to a tunnel hidden within the rocky terrain of the mountains. Curious about what this was an entrance to, she pushed herself against the camouflaged door and easily slipped through. Whoever made this didn't think to place any magical barriers on their entrance. Lucky me~! Moving slowly down the tunnel, Shadie seemed to feel more and more excited as a thrum of Dark energy was pulsing beneath her.

    After about half an hour of increasing thrums of Dark energy, Shadie came across a large intersection of tunnels, each one bearing lit torches that were spaced too far apart - making them provide little light - which brought relief to the shade who hated bright environments. Sensing a particularly strong wave of Dark energy from the far left tunnel, Shadie was too excited to think about traps or dangers as she almost merrily skipped her way down the corridor. (Almost due to her not having actual legs to skip).

    Entering into a vast cavernous area, Shadie's eyes devoured the sight of a huge mural depicting acts of debauchery on one end, to acts of corruption on another end; the middle seemed to depict a scantily clad woman kissing a skull, with shadows dancing all around her. Tearing her gaze away from the mural, the young shade then noticed some people dressed in black robes with medallions around their necks, all in a circle with some skeletons placed in the middle. With her interest piqued over what was going on, Shadie stealthily crept through the shadows of the cavern, all the while getting closer to the group before her. With every 'step' she took, the stronger the Dark energy became - her body feeling charged by it.

    Observing the group of people, they all slit their wrists and passed a silver bowl around, each person allowing their blood to drain into the bowl for a few seconds, before passing to the next person. All the while, they chanted in song as they began carving symbols into the ground with sharp silver daggers. Once the bowl has passed everyone, the one who seemed to be the head of the group placed the bowl in the middle of the skeletons, before motioning for them all to start pouring vials of silver powder into the symbols. As the symbols were filled up, their chanting grew louder until the cacophonous sounds erupted throughout the cavern and echoed - reverberating back to them. As the chanting reached the crescendo, they all held their medallions in the air before all shouting out:
    "Margery, the Maleficent Maker of Madness! Hear our prayer and answer our call! We beseech thee to bestow upon us the power over the dead before us! May Your Madness Make Us!"

    As soon as they had finished the last syllable, the bowl of blood began steaming and boiling, the silver symbols glowed, then the skeletons within the circle came to life. Gathering together and standing to attention, the skeletons looked upon their masters and kneeled in deference. As the spell seemingly died down, the head of the group raised his hands and proclaimed in an ethereal, female voice as well as his own:
    "May your madness corrupt all that is pure~!"

    The man then collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, before being carried away by some of the members for treatment. The other cloaked figures all gathered some items on the floor and headed down some smaller passages going deeper into the underground system. Once all was silent again, Shadie stirred from her hiding place and examined the area. Looking at the ritual circle, Shadie noticed something glinting on the ground and picked it up with her [Telekinesis]. Looking at it, it was the medallion the man who collapsed must have worn, and upon closer inspection had the symbol of a scantily clad woman kissing a skull, surrounded by dancing shadows.

    Margery, the Maleficent Maker of Madness...she seems like an interesting individual~

    Examining the medallion some more, Shadie slunk into the shadows and pondered over what she had seen. The Dark energy in the room had lessened immensely, since the ritual had ended, leaving Shadie in a slight daze. After hearing some noise come from where the people had headed, she came to her senses and left the place with haste - taking the medallion with her as a souvenir, along with maybe the silver bowl...or maybe not...
    Acquired a medallion with the symbol of the Goddess Margery, the Maleficent Maker of Madness carved onto it.
    A blood-stained silver bowl.
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    Tera wakes up in the middle of a large puddle in a cave that seems to have sunlight in it. "Where exactly am I and more importantly when am I?" Tera slowly gets warmed by the sunlight permeating through the rock and walks out from the cave. Tera begins walking towards the outside of the cave, as they were at the very back of the cave somehow. Tera continues on out of the cave. The cave begins taking a turn upwards, and begins to start making a spiral shape. Tera begins making his way further through the spiral, the spiral begins to get smaller and smaller.

    Reaching the top of the spiral the cave splits off into two more directions both which seem to have wind blowing through them. However the spiral had a wall between the actual opening and pathway. Further the spiral come up into a room which was full of weird objects and green creatures whom appeared to be sleeping inside of skeletons and with dead humans lying upon the floor. The room with the sleeping beings in it was impossible to see the end of it. Tera upon noticing his situation immediately smashed through the wall that was blocking his way out of the spiral as well as the wall that was in the way of the two pathways. Tera then contiued on going down the right side of the tunnel.

    Upon reaching the end of the tunnel Tera hid in the forested area which was below the mountain. There was a signpost outside of the mountain that read. *HELL'S DEEP* The green creatures came running out of the cave and begin smashing through the area. Tera begins to head further away from the mountain range through the forested area whilst the screaming creatures begin to continue smashing things nearby. They suddenly go quite as 3 adventurers appear nearby. The green things begin hiding in the bushes nearby, Tera stops moving and watches the Adventurers movement and listens to them. "Damnit there is nothing in this forest that could have possibly kidnapped and hidden that caravan and we can't even report it to the guild cause it's cargo isn't even allowed in the cargo god fucking damnit!"
    "It's okay Paul we will find the damned carriage and make sure that those girls are sent across the border. There isn't very many places where they could have gone around here after all and the tracker was still working."

    A few minutes later the adventurers are surrounded by the green monsters and mobbed to death by them. Tera continues on out of the forested area and away from the mountains hiding in the forests and shrubbery and avoiding contact with other life forms as he goes.
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    Posting Shadie's info, since she doesn't exist anymore and there's no point in her being in my sig...
    Name: Shadie Umbrow
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human Shade
    Age: Unknown 5 years old
    Class: Sorceress
    Rank: E
    Points: 7
    Quests: 2
    Return Our Goddess!
    Find the missing young mistress and her noble guest
    Side Stories:
    Just a normal night in the tavern
    Selling unwanted goods
    Appearance: When [Illusory Form] is not active, she will appear as the worst nightmare of the person looking at her. Her true form is an incorporeal mass of dark energy.
    Items: Wooden Adventurer Guild Badge| Medallion of Margery, the Maleficent Maker of Madness
    Weapons: None
    Armours: None
    Money: 160 Small Copper Coins, 132 Large Copper Coins
    [Darkness Proficiency]
    - [Aura of Despair]

    - Within a 3 metre radius, all those inside the area suffer feeling despair, often leading to fear and other negative emotions.
    - Negative emotions last up to 5 minutes after cancellation of skill..
    - Consumes 5% Mana per minute active.​
    - [Siphon Energy]

    - Siphons the negative energy/emotions from all of those within a 3 metre radius.
    - 10% of Health and Mana is siphoned from all those in range per minute this skill is active.
    - Replenishes 10% of siphoned Health and Mana from each victim, per minute this skill is active, e.g. 10 health siphoned = 1 health restored.
    - Touching a target will increase the efficiency to 50% of siphoned energy being replenished.​
    - [Aura of Cold]

    - Within a 3 metre radius, the temperature rapidly plummets.
    - Can cause those affected to slow in movement and reaction speed, as well as dulling their senses.
    - Consumes 10% Mana per minute active.​
    - [Dark Meditation]

    - When there is an amount of shadows for her to be covered in, she can meditate inside them and regain her Mana.
    - 5% of max Mana regained per minute of meditation.​
    [Arcane Proficiency]
    - [Illusory Form]

    - Can change the appearance of something up to the size of a human in others' eyes.
    - Doesn't alter physical composition of target.
    - Consumes 20% Mana per 5 minutes active.
    - Illusion can dissipate if concentration is broken.​
    - [Telekinesis]

    - Can move things within a 1 metre radius of user.
    - Consumes 20% Mana per minute active.
    - Cannot move objects weighing more than a bag of sugar.​
    Silver bowl x1
    Having been born about 5 years ago, Shadie has been feeding on the negative emotions of random people here and there - killing some of them for fun sometimes. When she entered Nargand, she heard of how there was a guild of adventurers, which piqued her interest. Listening to conversations from some residents, she wondered if it would be easier to feed on quest targets, since it would make her less conspicuous. Arriving at this conclusion, she made her way to the Guild.
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    A Case study on Deities
    A Case study on the perceptual belief and instances of deity manifestation Vol.3
    Chapter 5: The Child of Hope

    The passage below is taken from what appears to be a well-preserved scripture from the Grand library in Fairy Land. The origins of the script below can be dated back to about 100 - 103 ME (Modern Era), it was originally found after 111 ME in the area where Seditio is now.

    "Outside of a small rural village off the coastlines of Ternus, a child lays adrift in the waters amidst a warm midsummer night. The swaying of the gentle tides and sounds of the splashing waves drown out the muddled thoughts associated with his troubled life. Flicking the non-cooperative strands of hair from his juvenile face, his bright eyes reflect the waning moon and sea of stars that accompanies that lonely sky.

    Similar to how the moon is shrouded by light from those far off distant stars, he is also cloaked by the expectations and responsibilities push upon him by others, but for what purpose should he meet them? Why? Was his life not his own to live and his decisions not his own to make?

    Burdened by the weight of world he let out a hollowed laugh. Besides him, an outburst of giggling ensues.

    Yes, he wasn't alone.

    He was never alone for she had always been clinging to him. Unfortunately due to lack of prescience in the world she has been gradually fading away, but in his eyes, she had always been the focus of his attention. She often denounces herself because she is unable to keep up with the times, the act of self sacrifice had never fared well over the need of self preservation. She calls herself ugly and irrelevant, but is her heart not the most boundless and beautiful of all?

    Although he understood that his love for her will lead him to a path of tragedy, like a moth to a flame he won't have it any other way. In these truely turbulent times the one constant of his life is her gentle smile.

    Was self sacrifice truely as purposeless as she had make it sound?

    No, we won't reject her existence. Even if the world turns it's back against them he will strive forward to pave a new path, because behind every sacrifice, isn't a little piece of salvation and a spark of hope? No matter how small the hope, for her, he will raise it into a blazing inferno and use the world as her nourishment.

    A short passage translated by Fu Meilin, from
    A tale of the Hero and unnamed God/dess of Hope
    A tale of the Child and the Noble Spirit of Self Sacrifice
    Notes from the wandering scholar, Fu Meilin -

    From my findings, although this cannot be used remotely as evidence, I believe this to be one of the very few available text that documents the earliest endeavours of the Hero. This finding by hinder the Unyielding church's undertaking to canonised the Hero as a saint of Lord Ralditorias, The Unyielding due to the involvement of The God/dess Of Hope. If the remains or further traces of the Hero can be found in Seditio, I foresee a huge upheaving in the religious/political landscape.

    However this passage does bring up food for thought.

    With my own beliefs and personal encounters with said deities, it is not farfetched to state that they are the personification of concepts that are natural to the world. While this school of thought is not really popular, the logic backing it is a lot more believable than the mumbo-jumbo that those religious fanatics have offered.

    Collations can be found between deities and concepts, the most obvious one includes Lord Ralditorias, The Unyielding and perseverance and the The God/dess Of Hope and, well, hope.

    We can identify the more abstract ones through the behaviour of their personas. Ton, The Prankster can be said to be the embodiment of superstitions and blaming things on the unknown, whereas Razer, The Cardmaster would structure, categories, label and repel evil to maintain order. In their lore, Razer is often depicted to be the one to clean up after Ton, similar to how shedding light on the workings of a prior unknown phenomenon will lessen the fear held by the general population against said phenomenon. Hence why Ton is equally loved and hated, while Razer is well-respected.

    It can be said that it's only human nature to personify things, hence we have deities. This passage help reveal the evolution of a deity through the actions of mortals, so as these beings appear to effect our lives, we in turn build upon their concepts.

    Although this school of thought has sound reasoning, it still fails to explain the incredible feats performed by the individuals "blessed" by god. Is it due to the untapped potential in every being or are gods really watching over us, maybe a bit of both? You can't start a fire without a spark.

    This is definitely an area that will require further investigations.
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    Raikou was depressed.
    He(?) didn't know what he should do.
    Sure, he(?) was a master of martial arts and a Ki user but this wasn't a problem he(?) could solve by force.
    Raikou looked down and sighed again when he saw his(?) new appearance looking back at him from the river -

    A strong-willed but cute girl with and young-looking oriental face and with two 2 short horns peeking out from under her hair (Agh, His large horns! his beard! and his rugged chin! gone!), short silver hair that went down to his shoulders (where did his wild spikes go to?), red eyes with vertical irises, Pale light blue skin (Slightly lighter than before), and a small but well-built body frame - clearly trained in martial arts (All of his muscles mass... *groan*) , and she was covered by an old robe and clothes obviously too big to fit her body.
    Nothing of his former fierce exterior and majesty remained, except for maybe the carnivorous red eyes of the Oni-folk.

    All of this just because he was thirsty and accidentally drank some water from the holy lake, which angered the High-spirit that lived there.
    He honestly didn't know it was the holy lake where "The lady in the lake" lived (though it would explain the group of fanatic cultists he beat up on the way here).
    She was too angry to listen though, something about feeling molested (WHAT?!) and disrespect, and cast a curse on him.
    His body started to feel hot, burning from the inside, and he lost consciousness.

    When he woke up his body was......different.
    According to her, the curse turned him into the female version of his 19 years old self, back when he had just manifested his Ki. The curse was also permanent.
    As for why his 19 years old self looked like she was still only 12......
    Simply put, Oni aged slower than humans.
    Thus, when compared side by side to humans, Teenage and in their twenties Oni looked like kids and pre-teens.
    This was the reason Oni had a bad reputation as lolicons and Shotacons amongst other races.

    After making sure he regained conciseness to inform him of the curse's details, The Lady in the lake disappeared into a mist.
    Getting the hint, Raikou realized it was better to leave before she was cursed with something much worse.
    After walking half a day (hunting a boar on the way) she arrived at a river bank when it was starting to get dark and she decided to make camp for the night, which leads us to the current situation.

    POV change
    Oh well, there is no point in moping around! I should think about what to do in the immediate future first.
    First is well, new clothes.
    These are obviously too big for me now and are getting in the way when I move.
    I can probably get something better if I visit a tailor in some town, but for now, I shall tear my current outfits and use some spare cloth in order to make a bodysuit to allow freedom of movement and a robe to cover my entire body.
    Ah, damn it, I pricked myself.
    I forgot how hard it is to use a needle when you are not used to it.
    My skin is also a lot more delicate and sensitive now, this is troubling.

    Next is my strength.
    I can't feel almost any power in my body.
    I can flex my muscle a bit and I am probably stronger than the average person, but compared to my old body this is just a drop in the ocean.
    I can't use any of my skills like this.
    Actually, I probably couldn't use them even if I had the physical power.
    My Ki progress is back to square one, I am now back to the stage of manifesting my inner energy.
    I have to train and cultivate it all over again......or maybe, I can take a different path this time.
    Anywho I must concentrate on cultivating my Ki reserves, and that means daily training...... so same as always I guess.

    Okay, next is my identity and livelihood.
    I can't go on any bodyguards requests or missions from the kingdom in my identity as "Raikou" anymore, even if someone would believe I am Raikou my reputation would be in ruins and nobody would hire me.
    I need a new identity......
    Ok, backtrack a bit, I am not ready for calling myself with such a feminine name.
    I guess Rei will do. Yeah.
    And now, livelihood......
    Something that doesn't require a background check or a resume......
    ...The only place that comes to mind is that adventurers guild in the city of Nagrand.
    *PON* Oh! If I go there, I might be able to find more information about the curse and how to break it!
    Great, now I have a clear objective - register in the adventurers guild in Nagrand!
    Since I figured out everything I could, I guess this will be enough for the time being.
    Let's do my daily training and get to sleep.
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    Fixed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    OOC: For Oni, Horns are a much more important symbol of pride than their XXXXXX. Besides, you wouldn't see that place in her reflection.
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    Yeah but if one look down then that part would be within sight, especially the prominent lack of something.
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    OOC: 1. I am not about to include that kind of content in my prologue. You might notice I didn't include any toilet and changing scenes, but that doesn't mean they don't happen.
    2. It wouldn't fit the narrative considering that she was clothed and there is no doubt that she is a girl since the very person who cursed her proclaimed so. You don't have to see it gone, to feel it's missing is enough. The point of the description was to give a bit more details than the one in my signature and to give a sense of realism about the change, visually mostly.
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    Flying close to the building roofs, Phinimimilomimo had a good vantage point to look at Nagrand and watch its inhabitants.

    "Ohhh, Fris! It looks so different from Fairy Land, Fris! Ah, Fris! It smells so weird, too, Fris!"

    "Caw! Caw!"

    "Kyaaaa, Fris!"

    As she was flitting around excitedly over the sights and smells, a raven swooped down and attempted to attack the little fairy. Dodging out of the way, Phinimimilomimo flew lower down and hid among the throng of people going about their daily activities.

    "Caw! Caw!"

    "Eeek, Fris!"

    A few minutes later, the raven spotted her again and swooped down for another attack.

    "Stay away, Fris!"

    Crying her eyes out from being chased by such a scary creature, Phinimimilomimo wasn't looking where she was flying and bumped into a tree, hitting her head and falling to the ground. A little dazed from the impact, the raven noticed an opportunity and began taking it. Coming to a few seconds after her bump, the little fairy saw her assailant speeding towards her and tried to find somewhere to hide, casting an [Illusion] of herself to trick the raven into losing her actual position.


    Landing right on top of the illusion, with its talons ready to snatch its prey, the raven flew through it and face-planted the ground. While this happened, Phinimimilomimo saw some nearby roots of the tree sticking out and cast [Root Weapon] on them, forming a giant club around 1 metre long and 15 cm wide, before controlling it to swing at the raven. The brief moment of clarity the raven had, after hitting ground, was of a giant wooden club swinging towards it and knocking it out cold, before its body flew into the air and landed in a cart of cow dung. Seeing that her assailant had been defeated, the little fairy deactivated her spell and began doing aerial acrobatics in joy over having survived the dangerous monster.

    "Yay, Fris! I'm safe, Fris!"

    She then noticed a pile of acorns in the soil, in the crater (indentation) left behind by the club - no doubt a cache of food for a squirrel, or some other small creature. Picking up one of them, she carried it in her arms as she headed back to the safe place she'd heard people call the, 'Tavern'.


    The raven no longer wished to be involved with the little fairy it had thought was food.
    Found 1 acorn.
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    No need to delete -.- Use edit button~
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    Tera's journey to had been uneventful but he didn't believe that it would continue to be so after all taking Helm's deep such a dangerous place. As the rumours that Tera had heard about whilst spending his time in the tavern revealed it to be a scary place that only those whom are relatively strong were able to survive in. The entrance to Helm's Deep was far darker than it was when he ran away from it the last time it was at a level where if it was any darker Tera would have had to brought a torch to continue on with his journey or sidetrack along way. "Okay lets go and see what exactly is inside of here." Tera enters into the cave mouth slowly, a small green being drops down from the ceiling which Tera immediately smashes the green being with his tail. This knocks it away from him, Tera then proceeded to jump on top of the being and finally crushed it's windpipe with his leg. "This guy is quite smart trying to ambush at this point but well it's also extremely obvious that someone could be here."

    2 hours later deeper in the tunnel Tera sits down and notes a golden helmet, the helmet appears to be able to fit upon his head and is across a hole in the ground. Tera looks at his surroundings and notes that there is a connecting path up ahead that would more than likely lead to the shelf which the helmet sits upon however it's lighting is darker than the rest of the cave. Further this pattern of events has occurred fairly often within Helm's Deep. Tera decides to finally check out what exactly is down the pathway and why it is darkened. Tera walks around the corner of the connector and notes that it's extremely dark continuing on down the pathway there is a mass ahead of him. Tera looks around for a rock to throw and notes a fairly large boulder behind him. Picking up this boulder Tera moves to throw it at the mass, the boulder goes through the air and passes a point then the mass begins to light up and suddenly smashes the boulder into smitherens. It glows with dull blue lines crisscrossing it's body. A larger Red core sits in it's forehead which is the main source of light illuminating the connecting pathway. There is a few coffins and at least 4 smaller golems in the area they have varied forms with the large one being humanoid. But 1 of the smaller ones is a bat the one next to that a Frog and a third an ever changing being.

    The 4 smaller golems begin to glow as well so Tera decides to move before they awaken properly and find his body. Tera takes a break 4 hours later and notes that the golems have either not followed him or got left behind suddenly 2 of the green creatures appear out of nowhere. One of them throws a glowing green ball at Tera which he ducks under and the other charges at Tera. Tera slams the one that is running at him into the pit and jumps onto the second one and rips it's throat out. The creature has a small cooked meal on itself which Tera proceeds to eat and almost gags on the taste of the meal. Tera continues on with his journey and doesn't have another break until the end of the journey.
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    It was only at night time that I could finally relax... The day those quest batches come out are so tiring... Haa... Wish I had today off though.

    I decided to take a walk around the town to breath some fresh air... Take my mind off things, maybe relax a bit... Bad idea. One, two, three, four, five... Ten... Fifteen... I should stop, I don't want to see anymore... The tavern might be a better place to get my head off things.

    Eighteen... Stop counting Aria, stop counting.

    I reached the tavern, it was surprisingly empty for this time of the day... Probably because of the quests... Good. "Pierre, a mug of ale, weakest stuff you have." He raised an eyebrow.

    "Didn't you get drunk from like... Half a glass of wine last time?" He asked... Damn, stop bringing the past up, alright?

    "Shut up! I said ale, so I want ale! Serve me already!" Don't ask too many questions from the consumers damn you... That's basic... I'll have to scold him later... Later.

    He poured me about half mug of ale before filling the rest with water... It will taste even worse than usual... Damn you, don't try fooling me, I know how you make this stuff, I work here.

    I drank it all in one gulp... Tastes like a goat pee... Bleh. "Another."

    "When was the last time you drank something in one gulp...?" Don't ask the obvious... I never drink one gulp.

    "Another..." I plainly said.

    "Good grief, who was it that always said drinking away your sorrows was useless? That you should save that money to solve the problems instead?" He said while pouring another mug for me.

    "Shut up shut up! I have enough to drink, so I want to drink!" He gave me another one diluted in water... Bleh, disgusting. I gulped it anyways though. "Another! And the water is on your tab!"

    He just shook his head before pouring it properly this time. "So... You're just going to drink until you pass out or are you going to explain what's going on already?"

    "Haa..." Don't ask too much, don't ask too much... If a drunkard wants to spill the beams, they'll do it with small incentives, don't push too hard or they'll be wary of you... Don't forget the basics you idiot.
    I drank half of it. "Nilly, Fally, Kiria, Guts, Cloud, Bork, Tyra, Nuna, Flowey, Kaiser, Hogar, Balor, Pitty, Plume, Lyan, Dorne, Pluttia and Cloyster." I drank what was left.

    He just raised an eyebrow before filling the mug again. "Their names, alright?" I sighed, "those were their names, of all the dead cats I found from a quick stroll outside... Dear gods, there must be hundreds like that out there..." I gulped the whole mug down and burped... I was getting dizzy...

    Don't give me this pitying look, damn it. "Pluttia was going to get babies soon... Guts was finally getting closer to Luna, you know? I don't even know if she's alive now... Will she be okay without him? She always looked depressed in her mating season because the other cats didn't want to get close... Ah, and Cloud had just killed his first rat, he looked so proud of himself... Plume will never destroy anyone else's flower garden..." At one point I started sobbing, there was a weight on top of my head too... Damn Pierre, I don't need you to caress my head, idiot.

    "Who was that bastard...? Just who was the bastard that got them...? I want him dead..." I will have to go out again tomorrow... Probably make a pyre for them all... Can't let their sickness spread any further than it already did... Does fire help spreading it? Hell if I know, I don't care... I just want this to be over already...

    Of all the times you had to fail me, damn gods...

    Feels like this will be a long night...
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    She was running. As with the last time, she knew the paths, and she also knew what kind of dangers lurked, so it would make sense if it was the daytime. But instead, the surroundings were very dark. The girl’s sprint settled down into a walk, and soon paused entirely as she tilted her head upwards, looking at the mountain range before her.

    It was about two o'clock in the morning, a few hours from dawn. And the reason she needed to be out at this blasted timing was because she needed to reach the summit right after dawn. For that purpose, she had gone and bought a pretty sturdy rope. From here, she could also see some kind of path leading to the higher elevations, and thus decided to use that route.

    It got colder the higher she headed, but she had some advantages when it came to mountain climbing; she was agile, light on her feet, and was already a master of tree climbing. Hugging the walls as she got higher, the hours passed by mostly uneventfully, and one hours after the sun rose, a tired Elaine reached the summit.

    Her objective was quite simple; the nests of the bird-like Kijin, a monster that hunted by sound and not sight. The leather smith Haruna had requested for ten of those feathers as part of the payment for her new armour, and so she was here to collect, while also on her way to settle another matter.

    She quietly tiptoed over to the nests, which were all clustered in one big area. Feathers littered the ground, but that wasn’t all; bloody weapons and broken armour bits could also be seen scattered across the floor, and she hated to think where all those came from.

    She had no intention to join the rest of the collection, so she instead crept closer, and begun picking up the feathers one by one, stuffing them into a backpack she had brought along. Then she heard shifting, and a Kijin poked its head out of the nest, looking around.

    Don’t make a sound. Go silent. The Kijin cannot sense you as long as you are quiet.

    And so she did, remaining quiet instead of starting to panic, which would have doomed her. She stood very still, and did nothing except for breathing softly through her nose. The Kijin looked around some more, and then settled back down, satisfied.


    She decided to scoot further around the nests, picking up the scattered feathers that had been blown there by the wind. They were fewer as compared to the shedded feathers that could be found, but it was better to take it slow then get thrown off the cliff at eighty miles per hour, before plummeting to her death.

    She took a look around. Behind her, she could see the town of Nagrand in the distance. Before her, she could see the great plains of Ternus, and beyond that, Hero’s Port as a small dot. But she wasn’t looking for the town. Instead, her gaze rested on something in the middle of the plains; a small white shrine.
    Hours earlier, she had just dropped by that shrine to see off an old friend, or so she referred to the spirit that she had acquainted with a few days prior.

    “And we’re here, Mrs Eleanor.”

    The two of them stood before the shrine---well, the spirit wasn’t standing, but you get the idea---and Elaine decided to call out loudly.

    “Hello? Mr Darrion and little Boris! Are you two here?”

    There was no audible reply, but the spirit Eleanor smiled.

    “Thank you for bringing me all the way here, Elaine. I had lost hope long ago, but you really brought me back to my family...Look.”

    At the shrine’s entrance, there was now two familiar figures; a ghostly knight, and the little boy she had accompanied some time ago. Unlike the previous time, however, the knight’s visor was open, showing off a rugged yet handsome face.

    Elaine studied the faces of the departed family around her, and decided that they were indeed a family; the boy had the looks of his father along with the gentle bearing of his mother. And all three of them looked quite happy...She couldn’t help but feel a little wistful.

    “I cannot thank you enough, young lady. First you reunited me with my son, and now you’ve brought my gentle wife to me as well. I’m only ashamed that I have nothing to offer you, but...may the Lord protect you, young lady. I’ve seen many people in life and in death, and you are definitely one destined for something much greater, so do your best, young lady! May the grounds quake as you pass!”

    She could feel the knight’s sincerity even though he was already dead, but Elaine couldn’t help getting the tiny urge to beat him up.

    The ground quaking as I walk...Are you saying that I should be fatter?

    Nevertheless, she was quite satisfied that she managed to help out, and thus remained silent, smiling.

    “Still, Elaine...You were supposed to exorcise me, weren’t you? But instead you brought me all the way out here...Wouldn’t you get in trouble for that?”

    The girl chuckled somewhat dryly.

    “Oh, I already got yelled at for it, but it’s alright. As long as you three remain peaceful and don’t harm any travellers nearby, I have no regrets doing what I did. But still, this is about as far as I can take you, so goodbye~ I should be getting back to the city.”

    Eleanor glanced at her husband, and the two of them seemed to reach a silent understanding. The lady then reached out, and gave Elaine a hug; or at least, she tried to. There was no contact and no feeling other than a slight chill, but the intentions definitely got across.

    “Thank you again, little one. May we meet again someday, when you’re older, and when that happens, I hope you’ll still have that innocent smile always ready.”

    “Well, I guess it depends on fate, but...Goodbye!”

    Turning, the young girl walked away towards the mountains, leaving behind the family of spirits in the shrine. She didn’t turn around, but if she did, she would have noticed the little boy climbing onto the man’s shoulders, and the two adult ghosts laughing shyly as they held hands, much like a young couple.

    It would be several hours later, when she had already collected the feathers and was heading to town, that the young adventurer would discover two time-worn silver rings in one of her pockets, both too faded to recognize any etchings save two names: Darrion, and Eleanor.

    “Little Elaine, the two of us might have gotten married long ago, but I'm passing this bouquet to you.”

    Remembering the words the spirit had mumbled to her as they hugged, Elaine grinned.
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    Having successfully completed a job, Bob could not help not to be in a good mood. As a celebration, he bought a meal for one large copper coin. And it tasted wonderful! It was a good day and it would only get better. That was because Bob felt that today, after several failed attempts, he would finally succeed. And so, he happily entered the rundown inn and even have a small conversation with its owner, person he hated to the bone.

    Although he could go to sleep right now, Bob waited till the bright moon would be high up in the sky as that was the best time.

    After a few minutes of walking in the room like a caged lion, the time was ripe and Bob went to sleep. Lightly kissing his precious pillow, Bob put it under his head and after an hour of being lost in the dark, entered the mental plane.

    There he, in the same way as used for Soul Walk, separated a single portion of soul. Next came the second step. He had to make the portion independent. Although a slight connection to his soul would remain, the portion must be capable of making its own decisions, even if they were based on instincts alone. Remembering the flows of mana and spirit in the visions he had traded for, Bob imitated them to an almost perfection. But something was missing. Something, which would give the ghost a reason to exist, an obsession. To serve. To serve the main soul, that was the least riskier obsession Bob could think of. It would automatically give him full command of the ghost. Although further development would be harder, for now stability and safety was the first thing on the list as Bob was not sure he would be able to clean the aftermath of having a ghost go on a rampage.

    Bob had always failed at this step. But this night, he was determined to succeed. After numerous trials and errors, Bob had already revised the best possible way of overcoming the hurdle. And indeed, after a nearly hour of hard work, the portion of the soul became an almost independent entity with the sole desire to serve.

    After that was the third and the last step. That was to brand the ghost with his will. Because of its desire, the process was completed as soon as it started. The humanoid-like translucent figure kneeled and accepted Bob’s mark, the hexadecagram, without any complaint. That brand, situated in the place where heart of a human would be, became the only distinguishable mark that differentiated it from all the other ghosts.

    Full of excitement, Bob left the mental plane and summoned the new addition to his “family”. After checking that the ghost had no troubles operating in the surface plane, Bob gave a satisfying nod. Then, he revealed a sinister smile. He already knew what the ghost’s first task would be: to bring a certain stubborn men to his tears.

    Eyes filled with schadenfreude, Bob ordered the ghost through their mental link and watched him drift away. Moments later though, he smacked his forehead: “Damn! Why did not I go with him?” Cursing his stupidity and hoping that he would still be in time for the main show, Bob ran from the inn towards the pharmacy as by the time he entered the deep sleep, it would probably be over.

    However, when he arrived moments later, the pharmacy was quiet, too quiet. Also, when he focused on his connection with the ghost, he found out that…

    “Damn! It went to the wrong house!”
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    "Raz, the dishes are ready now, please take care of them." A middle-aged woman says this to Raz who's currently wearing an apron.

    "Yes, miss, I'll get it," Raz says this as he starts washing the dishes at the inn he's staying at to pay for his rent.

    After some grueling hours of repetition, he goes to his room he's staying at and sighs. Looking outside the window, he whispers, "I miss the internet sometimes, well hopefully, everything goes smoothly during my new life here."

    Preparing to go to bed, he feels a chill nearby happen and widens his eyes. He feels as if something is trying to hurt him, going for the middle of his chest.

    "What's happening!?" Panicking a bit, Raz decides to try and gather his Ki in that area to repel whatever is attacking him. After doing this several times, he feels it gets lashed out and sees the perpetrator.

    "A ghost!? I've had encounters with the paranormal in the other world with stuff moving around, but a ghost is right in front of me!?"

    Seeing its attempt has failed, it tries doing it again. "Oh, no you don't!" Ready for it this time, he's already gathered his remaining Ki and protects his chest.

    The ghost is knocked away again, looking hurt. Noticing its attempts aren't going to do any good, it gets out of the house hurriedly.

    Raz looks outside and sees it floats away towards a direction and curses, "Damn it! I should take countermeasures in the morning... I need to go to the library."

    Deciding this, Raz cultivates before going to sleep, as per usual.

    Waking up in the morning, he gets ready and says bye to the miss and leaves for the library. Looking near the Ki books, he finds his solution. Taking out the book, he decides to take some hours to learn the basics.

    After a grueling few hours, he sighs at how complex it was.

    "Well, it seems like I at least know the basics... maybe I should try at the graveyard?"

    Needing to go and practice to test it out, he goes to the graveyard and waits to find any spirit there. Deciding to wait until it's night, he makes sure to keep reminding himself of what the book said.

    "Use the Ki and make it act like a force that purifies the undead and evil beings..."

    Night comes, the stars shining in the sky and a shadowy figure comes out. It has red glowing eyes coming out of it and sees Raz, rushing towards him almost immediately.

    "It's coming after me immediately!? Must be some malicious spirit!" Keeping what the book said in mind, he stretches his arms out, and a bright golden light comes out.

    Not being able to stop itself in time, the figure gets engulfed in the light and screams in pure horror. Shortly afterward, it was gone. Raz looked where it was and felt odd.

    "Huh, it feels like I helped it instead of harm it. It seems like this works pretty good!" Pumping his hand in the air in excitement, he then soon realizes what he did and gets his arm down.

    "I better get out of here, quickly. I at least know how to defend myself better against the undead or evil beings!" Deciding to go back to the inn, he feels like he's stared at, but with no ill intent like before.
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    After her quest with Tera, Phinimimilomimo carried her 4 glass flasks of red substance over to the tavern, a beaming smile on her face as she thought of her new guild badge on her head. Upon reaching the tavern, the bartender who had shown kindness to her before looked up and gave a little smile.

    "I see you managed to survive that suspicious quest of Caligo's, but what is in those flasks?"

    He showed curiosity as she watched the little fairy carefully place the flasks on the bar counter.

    "Ah, it's the weird red stuff that the animals and plants were breathing out, Fris! I thought it would be interesting to examine it and maybe learn something that I can do in the future, Fris. After all...the animals afflicted seemed to be a lot stronger than usual, more aggressive and didn't care about pain, Fris....Those poor animals...Fris..."

    She teared up, sparkly dew drops gathering at the corners of her eyes as she remembered the sight of that poor deer scratched beyond recognition by Tera.

    "I see." The bartender said, using his finger to wipe away Phinimimilomimo's tears, "You seem to have been through a lot. If there's anything I can do to make you feel better, don't hesitate to ask, little one."

    "Really, Fris?"


    " it possible for me to leave these flasks with you, Mr Bartender, Fris? It's just...I can't keep carrying them everywhere, Fris..."

    Phinimimilomimo looked a little embarrassed as she asked the favour.

    "I don't mind looking after the flasks for you, little one. Just be sure to eventually take them back. Oh, and my name is Bill. Bill Seywikh."

    He took the flasks and placed them in a Rotect jar, then placed it on a shelf behind him.

    "Thank you so much, Bill, Fris!"

    The little fairy flew over to the bartender and hugged his face, nuzzling his cheek with her own.

    "W-well, I don't mind. Think nothing of it, little one."

    He seemed embarrassed by the fairy's actions, yet a smile still crept on his face - showing his happiness in seeing Phinimimilomimo happy.


    Having managed to get that nice bartender to hold onto her flasks, the little fairy ate a couple of nuts and drank some clear liquid that didn't taste like water (provided by Bill for free), before leaving the tavern.

    As she flew around the town of Nagrand, Phinimimilomimo made sure to fly low - just above the crowds - so that the black flying monsters couldn't chase her again. On her flight, she saw many different buildings - each seemingly with a public use, going by the heavy flow of people moving in and out of the doors. One such place which drew her attention, was a large whitish building with a symbol of a cloaked woman praying with a rose between her hands, surrounded by flowing water and leaves on the front of it. Feeling a strong sense of the Nature element, the little fairy couldn't help but enter the building with her tiny mouth wide open.

    Inside the building, tall pillars of white wood stood in rows - engraved with flowing vines, water and flowers. Within the deeper parts of the building, women dressed in white - each wearing a medallion of the symbol from the front of the building. As Phinimimilomimo flew closer, she heard normal dressed people kneeling down as the women performed healing magic on them.

    "May the Maiden keep you healthy."

    "Thank you, Sister. I can feel her presence soothing these old bones of mine."

    "Think nothing of it. We serve to help those in need of healing - as the Goddess Ophelia has decreed to our most devout of worshippers."

    "Praise be to the Maiden!"

    "Praise be."

    The old man who had been kneeling down left, his body seeming more energetic than a few minutes ago. As soon as he had got up, another person knelt before the woman in white, telling her her ailments. More curious about the rest of the building, Phinimimilomimo slipped through a door that was ajar, and flew further into what the people were calling a temple.

    Roughly 10 minutes later, the little fairy came outside into a walled garden filled with all kinds of herbs and flowers, fountains and ponds.

    "Ohhh, Fris! This place has so much Nature energy in it, Fris!"

    Getting excited over seeing so many plants, Phinimimilomimo danced in the air as she made her way closer to them. Seeing some plants were not in the correct soil, she used her [Telekinesis] to lift them carefully from it, before planting them in the ideal places. Along the way, she used [Growth] to stimulate the plants that were a bit worse for wares. All the while, she hummed happily in content over working with Nature and helping it.

    About 4 hours later, with the sun going down, a young girl in white entered the garden and saw the little fairy doing her magic. Immediately, she ran back into the building where soon after 2 elderly women in white appeared behind the girl. Hearing the commotion, Phinimimilomimo turned to look at the people and stopped what she was doing - unsure of whether she was in trouble, or not.

    "Why is there a fairy in our garden?" The eldest looking woman asked to her fellow companion.

    "Is she a blessing from the Maiden?" The little child asked, having never seen a fairy before.

    "Well, even if she isn't from the Maiden, she still seems to have been working hard in our garden..." The second elderly woman said.

    Looking sheepish, with her pointy ears drooped, Phinimimilomimo felt like she had somehow done something wrong, so she flew up to the women in white - ready for a scolding. As she reached the women, she grew confused as they had not frowns, but smiles on their faces.

    "You seem to have done a lot of work in our garden, little one. What is your name?" The eldest woman said.

    "Um...I'm Phinimimilomimo, Fris...Am I in trouble, Fris?"

    "We don't practice punishing people for their misdeeds here, Phinimimilomimo. Instead, we follow the Maiden's teachings of forgiving and trying to make people's lives better."

    "Then...I won't be punished, Fris?"

    "Why would we punish you for what looks like improving our garden? If anything, we should be thanking you. We were having some difficulty in cultivating some rather delicate herbs, you see..."

    "Oh, Fris! You mean the Loxley Frinn and Berafallow herbs, Fris? You had them in the wrong kind of soil, and the plants near them were poisoning them, Fris!"

    The two women looked at each other, the little girl had been quietly ushered away from the garden earlier, and smiled.

    "You seem to know a lot about how to look after herbs, little one."

    "I do, Fris! I do, Fris! I love helping plants feel better and grow healthy, Fris!"

    "Then why not work as our gardener? We could always use more helping hands."

    "Ah, really, Fris!?! Oh...but I have quests at the guild to do, Fris...I'm going to have an adventure, Fris...."

    The two women looked at each other again, before the younger one left for a few minutes. When she came back, she held two bags - one in each hand.

    "We promise to provide you with some food and money for your help, little one. How about 1 LC for every hour you work for us, and some fruit and nuts whenever you feel hungry~? We know it's not much, but we are fair with our payments to those in our service."

    The woman holding the bags, then opened them both, revealing lots of Large Copper coins in the left bag, and lots of nuts, seeds and fruits in the other bag. Seeing the contents of both bags, Phinimimilomimo couldn't help but open her mouth and eyes wide, amazed by what she saw.

    "Ohhhhh, Fris! So much food, Fris! I'll do it, Fris! I'll help tend the garden, Fris!"

    "Excellent, little one. You have no idea how happy that makes us~ As such, here is your first payment."

    With that, the eldest woman reached out to the bags and took out 1 LC and an acorn. She then handed the coin and acorn to the little fairy, weighing Phinimimilomimo's body down as she struggled to hold both of them in her arms.

    "Thank you so much, Fris!"

    "No, thank you~"

    Both women then mentioned how late it was, and walked the little fairy out of the building.


    Returning to the tavern, Bill saw Phinimimilomimo enter with the coin and acorn and smiled.

    "Where have you been all day, then?"

    "I went to a place called Ophelia's Temple, Fris! The place was all white and permeated with the feeling of Nature, Fris! It was wonderful, Fris!"

    "Oh? And what about the coin and acorn?" He pointed at the LC and acorn still in the little fairy's arms.

    "These, Fris? They're my first payment for tending to their garden, Fris!"


    At Phinimimilomimo's answer, Bill dropped the glass he was drying, as his eyes looked surprised.

    "They let you into their garden? I must say, you must be one brave fairy to have dared to enter one of their most sacred of places." He chuckled as he began gathering up the broken pieces of glass, "But, if they gave you a job out of it, then I guess you must have left a good impression on them. Although, maybe it was because you were a fairy. They always seem to be a bit thorny around the men..."

    "Hmm, Fris?"

    "Ah, nevermind, it's nothing to bother about. So, what will you do with your newfound income?"


    Phinimimilomimo sheepishly held both items up to him, which Bill sighed at, knowing full well what her intentions were. Reaching for the Rotect jar behind him, he opened it and put the coin and acorn inside.

    "Please remember to collect these items at some point..."

    "I will, Fris!"

    She said with a huge grin on her face.
    Gained 1 LC.
    Gained 1 Acorn.
    Both stored at the tavern by Bill Seywikh.