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    I dropped by the Boar’s Hide after my trip, delivering the feathers that Haruna had requested. She was bent over at the forge, hammering on a piece of unknown metal. I knew better than to disturb her, in fear of getting a fiery hammer to the face, so I just stood at the side, and watched as she worked the metallic ingot into a distinct shape.

    The thick ingot gradually was pounded down into a long and slender blade that was about a metre long, then she plunged the red-hot metal blade into the cool water, creating a cloud of steam that filled the surroundings. The forge fires roared.

    The blade that came out of the water was a beautiful white, unlike the common grey of steel. Whatever that ingot was, it wasn’t a material you’d see everyday.

    Haruna placed her smithing hammer down, and looked like she was about to take a drink.

    “Here you go.”

    “Ah, thank yo---Blergh! Elaine?! How’d you---How long have you been standing there?!”

    “Not for long, just around the time where you started humming that little song about how the little girl sold apples. It was quite cute, actually...Uhhh, Haruna, please put the hammer down. I won’t speak a word of it to anyone else.”

    Haruna finally dropped the two handed warhammer that she had been holding, and returned to her position by the forge.

    “So, I see you have the feathers I asked for. Good job.”

    She took the basket I had carried over, and opened it, taking out the feathers I had picked out.

    “Oh, you even packed dinner for me? Thank you.”

    She finished off the sandwiches I had packed for her in a few bites, and then grabbed a few feathers, staring at it crucially.

    “This should do. Wait here.”

    She grabbed the basket and went into another room, and soon the sound of hammering restarted anew. Meanwhile, I fell asleep.

    Woke up by a thunderous shout. Haruna was shaking me as she yelled something incomprehensible in my ear.


    “Put this on!”

    She handed me a metallic chestplate with a different design than last time. For one, it actually covered the parts that should have been covered, and secondly…

    “Hmm? The feathers are covering the inner part of the chestplate?”

    “Put it on. Now.”

    “Fine, fine, don’t get so testy…”

    As soon as I had gotten the armour securely fitted on, Haruna tripped me, then grabbed a hammer that was mounted on the wall.

    “What are yo---Oi! Put the hammer down, why are you aiming it at me?!”

    “No choice. I need to test the armour’s toughness.”

    “Then go test it on a training dummy or some---”

    She brought the hammer down, aiming right for my chest. I shut my eyes, expecting to die...But the armour miraculously held its shape, not denting from the strike.


    It didn’t stop the impact from being a bitch, however. I groaned as the blow knocked the wind out of my lungs, and I’m pretty sure I heard a few cracking sounds…

    “Oh, looks like it was a partial success.”

    I was gasping for air, but still took the time to yell at her.

    “What do you mean...partial success?! I could have died from that blow, idiot! My ribs are broken!”

    “Don’t be such a baby. Here.”

    She carried me over to the couch, and then shoved a lesser healing potion into my mouth. I could feel my bones start to mend slowly (and painfully). No substitute for painkillers, but sure worked better than a hug and a kiss.

    “Kijin feathers aren’t soft enough, it seems.”

    “Soft enough...for what?”

    “For dispelling the force behind a crushing strike. It’s possible for Ki-enhanced strikes to bypass armour entirely and rupture the internal organs, you know. I’m working on a design that can dispel that kind of force, so that the armour actually doesn’t become completely useless against a Ki opponent.”

    “Fat load of good it did you, then, since I felt a regular hit so keenly already. Maybe work on dulling the impact from regular attacks first?”

    “That strike was charged with Ki.”

    “...You lunatic. What would you have done if that actually killed me?”

    “Well, I heard that using bones to feed a forge results in some really strong flames...Just kidding.”

    I have a feeling that helping her more will be really hazardous to my health...but I doubt I can back out now. Too late to regret my life choices, I guess.

    “So what kind of material do you need next?”

    “Ah, to lessen the impact, I was thinking of asking you to get…”

    And so, I sold my soul and probably physical well being in exchange for Haruna’s prototype equipment.
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    "Grow big, my pretties, and grow healthy..."

    A humming gourd watered his newly added nightshades, now his garden no longer looked like a total failure. Still kinda barren, but it'll change within a few weeks.

    The tarvines were growing well too. They started flowering already, ugly little green thing that looked a bit like gaping maw, but to him it looked more beautiful than any roses.

    "Need more poison soon, huh? I'll buy it later I guess."
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    “Ah, Missus Mika. Just the person we needed right now.”

    “Cut the nonsense and out with it. I don’t have all day to solve your problem.”

    “Yes, of course. This way…”

    As soon as the footsteps faded into the distance, the man standing guard complained angrily to his partner.

    “Who does she think she is, anyway? Coming in and talking to us that way...Does she think she owns the dungeons, or something?”

    The other guard immediately struck the back of his head with an gauntleted hand.

    “Shush, you fool! Don’t let that arrogant behaviour fool you...She’s more than capable of killing all of us if she’s in a bad mood, and legally at that!”

    “What do you mean by that?”

    “She’s contracted to be the torturer and executioner of this dungeon...but her real job is to be the warden! She’s here to ensure that none of the prisoners actually escape, so she has the authority to lock down the entire dungeon if she feels the need to. Then again, if she deems that the whole thing must be kept a secret…”

    The guard traces a line across his neck, his meaning abundantly clear. Having understood the meaning of those words, the other guard gulped.

    “Then...Why is the Warden herself here…?”

    “I don’t know, but even our employer doesn’t dare to piss her off, so he’ll definitely have a good reason for calling her here. Most of the time, she comes and goes as she pleases, but today...Ah, I get it now. Remember the serial killer that we recently caught?”

    The guard fell silently, recollecting the details of that night. The suspect had not put up a fight, causing them to be doubtful as to whether he was truly the culprit. It was only when he was led away in chains, and that room was investigated…They found out that it was quite possible to not eat for three days voluntarily.

    “The Warden doesn’t pay attention to low profile crime, but when something like that happens, well...Did you bring the sponges?”

    The other man fished in his pockets, eventually taking out four pieces of sponge shaped like earplugs.

    “I did. What’s this for?”

    “Put one in each ear, and try not to pay attention to the cell, or you’ll never get a good night’s sleep ever again. That guy was a real piece of work, but now that he caught her interest...I feel nothing but pity. Maybe she’ll decide to be merciful and kill him on the first session.”
    “Well, well, well…”

    The disembodied voice chuckled dryly, like the wind rustling through leaves. The man shivered.

    “What have we here? A rare guest...have a seat, will you? It’s difficult to talk on equal grounds if you’re kneeling on the floor.”

    Rising uneasily, the man settled down on the crude wooden chair that had been placed before him. Facing him was another chair of the same make, unoccupied.

    But not for long. Footsteps echoed out of the gloom, and before long, the mysterious voice showed herself. A lady draped in a hood, with only her face exposed.

    “Now, Mister...Jeremiah, was it?”

    The man nodded silently, only his bloodshot eyes and trembling hands betraying his desperation.

    “Let’s see here. You were assaulted in your house for no reason, and the next thing you know, you woke up here, correct? In that case, you must be looking for an explanation.”

    “Yes. Please! If you want money, I’ll give you all of it! Just please, release me! I have a family to feed!”

    “Now, now, calm down. I don’t want anything of the sort. I just need to have a short chat. After this chat, no matter what you say, I’ll personally escort you back outside. Now, stop trembling and eat something.”

    She set down a silver tray which she had been holding up, and pulls off the metal cover to reveal some fresh sandwiches. Then, she casually tossed the cover aside with a loud clang, scooped up a sandwich and bit into it, and gestured at him to eat as well.

    “T-Thank you.”

    He reached out for a sandwich, but faltered once it was in his hand. There was a few silent seconds before he bit into it.

    The filling was wonderfully seasoned, the bread soft and aromatic. Without knowing it, he begun taking huge bites, reaching out for more sandwiches…

    “The plate is already empty, Mister. If you want, I can always make more later, but for now, let’s talk. Do you recognize this?”

    Her right hand slid underneath her robes, and when it emerged again, she was holding...For a moment, the man stared, his eyes not seeing. Or rather, his brain was not comprehending what he was seeing. Then he screamed.

    She was holding an arm, still freshly dripping blood.


    “I what? This hand was found in your house, in the cellar. It’s the only thing that remained of your latest victim, was it not, Mister Serial Killer?”

    The man bit his lips, silent, as the woman dangled the arm loosely before him. Despite remaining expressionless, her eyes were mocking him, as he struggled to find something to say.

    “Oh, you were wondering what happened to the eyes and left foot, were you not?”

    Caught off guard, he nodded his head subconsciously.

    “Well, you’ll have some time to think before we continue our little chat. I’ve been told that darkness is good at promoting recollection.”

    With a mocking start, she stood and turned, preparing to leave. The man tried to chase after her, but the chains on his foot tightened, forcing him to stay grounded.

    “Wait! At least tell me about what happened! Did you dispose of them, or…?”

    She paused, standing just on the fringe of the firelight. Her amber eyes glowed mockingly in the darkness, as she tossed out a short sentence.

    “Heh. Think about it, Mister. I hope those sandwiches were filling…Because there’s more of it where the last ones came from. Heh heh. I hope you won’t get bored of the taste.”
    The other guard nodded tersely, staring straight ahead, but after only a mere ten minutes, the lady came out again, unaccompanied. She took some of her belongings from the counter, and then turned to leave. The guard from earlier breathed a huge sigh of relief.

    “By the way, I heard that.”

    With those words, she left, but It would be a long while before that guard dared to move again.
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    ((On a completely different note where did Elaine get her sandwiches))
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    One of the few quiet places in Nagrand, Ryul sits in the small clearing behind an alleyway, rereading one of the few books he has with him, 'Foundations of Magic'.

    'I believe the children will enjoy learning about this.'
    Ryul can still recall convincing Head Priest Soren of his schoolyard plan.

    The only slightly irksome matter was that Soren could be a bit...fervent in his worship of Lord Ralditorias.

    He forced Ryul to promise at least three times that he would have to always begin his lessons by praying to the Almighty God of Perseverance and asking for his blessings. He shakes his head in disbelief.

    'Anyway, that is enough reading for now.'

    The half-elf puts away his book, gets up, and dusts himself off.

    'There's still plenty of time before my first lesson. Hmm...children enjoy sweets right? Maybe I should visit the marketplace today.' He silently ponders.

    'Ah, I should also purchase some supplies and get ready for that one quest.'

    Ryul heads off into the direction of Nagrand's bustling bazaar, which is mostly composed of stalls and street vendors, many of whom are fellow Adventurers.
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    There's a gourd walking the street of Nagrand, heading toward an appointment from last week. He was humming in a good mood because his shield was scheduled to finish today, and the dwarf said he'd reforge it anew. Of course, none could expect the old smith to very nearly tackle him red-eyed the moment he showed up.

    "YOU! What was that metal?!"

    He was pulled to the dwarf's height level. Confused gourd is confused.

    "Wha-? The shield? Iron, as far as I know."

    The dwarf let him go.

    "Like hell I'd accept that! The darned thing does not mix with any other metal!"


    "I planned to add a bit more iron to make it more solid y'see, that's just proper practice. But yer iron does not mix! It looked like iron, it felt like iron, it even smelled like iron, but the moment I add foreign ingot to the mix and melt them together they're just segregate! Rejected totally and utterly, like water and oil!"

    The gourd shrugged.

    "Can't help you with that."

    "Tsch, fine! It's a curiosity for me, aside from that one point the thing's just the same as any other iron be it toughness or melting point or whatever. Do bring it to me if you wreck it again, I'd like to run more checks."


    Still kinda confused, the nevertheless upbeat gourd returned with his shield in tow.
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    "Ah, fuck. The crooked bell doesn't always work that well...maybe cat biology responds differently to summons?"
    With many inherent mutters, the bell briefly chimes once more.

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    @Naraku & @shad12ow.
    One or two weeks ago, Caligo and Gaap had a talk about the current issues they met.
    After arriving to a secluded office, Gaap scratched his head and felt uncomfortable, he always dislike serious and heavy atmosphere. However, that was not something he could avoid.
    Minutes elapsed, then he opened his mouth to ask something.

    "So, Caligo..."
    Making sure that the door was locked out of precautions, he continued his sentence.

    "What did you want to talk about ?"

    The masked man just sat on his seat while tapping his finger on his walking cane. He then looked at the receptionist and then opened his mouth.

    "A lot of thing, my friend," he said followed by a slight sigh. "For starter, you know the problems near Cave of the Death, right?"

    "...unfortunately, I do. Stairs have been discovered, possibly a lich or in the worse case a dungeon that hasn't been cleared a since a very long time."
    Sitting to try to put himself more at ease, he loudly sighed and closed his eyes after hearing his questions, he more or less guessed what will the issues to talk about.

    "Then... I suppose we will also talk about the... flying cats and the individual who cursed a minstrel to death."

    "Then you know that it is getting more and more...concerning." Another sigh escaped the masked man's mouth as he leaned back to his seat. "And you know the whole parasitic plants, I presumed? The adventurer I sent bring me back these."

    He pulled out a small vial fileld with red liquid and put it on the table.

    "Not to mention that they managed to find not only unnatural plant, but also unnatural animal."

    "I wish I had a smoke right now..."
    Muttering in his breath, he then continued to talk before staring at the red vial, thinking that it might be... useful to research. For personal goals that is.

    "Hmmmm... that is intriguing, especially the unnatural animal, that is some dangerous stuff. It means it can likely affect anyone, including the adventurers... we really ought to do something."

    "Here," Caligo threw something to him. "It's something I got from a friend of mine." It was a small box filled with cigars. "Don't smoke it in here though. Aria would kill both of us," he let out a small chuckle at that small joke.

    He then tapped his cane on the floor several times while thinking to himself.

    "I still got the unnatural beast, the fox, inside my lab. The corpse of the berserk rabbit too. As of now, " he paused a bit and then looked at the ceilling, "we have no conclusion. I will need more time. But all I know is that this," he gestured toward the vial, " might be the answer, or at the very least, the clue that will show us the way."

    "Oh man. Cigars... Been a while since I saw those ones, always got my stuff from Flaminis, particularly because of my link with them."
    During some seconds, the receptionist seemed to be engrossed into smelling the cigars. After realizing his reaction, he coughed.

    "She shouldn't mind much, and I don't think she is in state to kill us.", he stated after shrugging. Later on, he continued to speak, and this time about the important matter.

    "Anyway, hmmmm, I could maybe to help out with the vial, I had my hands in Alchemy for a while, I might be rather rusty though. I kind of stopped because well... couldn't find a solution to my issue."

    "You mean because she is mourning over those cats?" He chuckled to himself before putting his hand together as if praying. "May their soul rest in peace," he said in a serious tone unlike before. "And I guess they won't rest in peace unless we solve this, eh?"

    Hearing his offer to help him, he quickly leaned forward toward him.

    "It will be a much needed help then. I mean, me and my alchemists have been researching this for a few days now and so far we can't identify it. Maybe we can find it with your help," he leaned back to his seat again, "who knows. I mean. right now, I would use anything we can. I'm just too...concern of the whole situation. And not like we can ask the adventurers to help us much since they have their job and all, you know?"

    A loud sigh escaped his mouth as he looked to the ceilling again.

    "Tell me, does the other staff have any lead? I mean, any other story from them that might help us? Any other significant clue we got from the adventurers?"

    "Mmmm... the most likely to have informations is Aria, since she is the most active receptionist and like to read all reports... but then, we shall say that we will have informations soon as do you remember the sorcerer responsible for the cats plague ? It seems that adventurers took a task related to his determinations along, on top of that, it was said that they were also responsible for the curses."
    Remembering who took this task, Gaap noted their names on a sheet of paper.

    "As if I have something related to the vial... I have nothing unfortunately, we can guess some stuff through the issued quests and the future reports... maybe gold mines overflowing with goblins ? The Fae issue ? Those aren't directly related, but might be if we do some serious investigation about it.

    Nevertheless it seems that a lot of issues has been appearing around Nagrand and neighboring villages. In short, the responsible is near this place. Finding him will be hard but not too hard at the very least."
    Trying to remember the previous reports he has read and which quests have been taken. Gaap exposed his thoughts to Caligo.

    Caligo once again let out a heavy sigh.

    "I guess you're right. But, you know, I just don't want to give her more to stress about.," He shook his head a bit and then continued. "As long as we have a clue, any clue, we can work with that. I'm still waiting for more info, both from my researchers and also from the adventurers I sent a while ago."

    He let out another chuckle when he mentioned gold mines and goblins.

    "I doubt those green ones will be the one responsible for that stuff. But maybe the one that is responsible might be using them, true. Fae issues? I have not heard of that one tho."

    The masked man tapped his cane several times on the floor, showing his frustration at the current condition.

    "Yes, that is true. So many issues. So little time. We should at least get ready. Do bring that up in the next staff meeting." He then looked back at Gaap. "Feel free to invite me if you want me to tell the rest of the staff about my findings."

    "Alright... then about the Fae..."

    At that moment, someone knocked at the door, before they could say anything, they told them what they wished.
    "Gaap, there is a report about... The Bigfoot quest as well as a adventurer asked you to grant their quest."

    Oh well, he could still speak about the Fae later on, the receptionist didn't say a word, unlocked the door and left.

    "Take your time," said Caligo as he leaned back to his chair again, pondering about the ridiculous thing that happened in the last few weeks. It was so bizzarre and confusing for him. But more than that, it was slightly concerning for him.


    Later on, Gaap came back with a report in hand, the one about Bigfoot. Honestly surprised by what he has read.
    "Haha, you might not believe me but it seems that Bigfoot exist... four times the size of the average size of an human. I can more or less confirm it... the adventurer's injuries seemed to be fist injuries, and their sizes were... humongous and fit with what the report said."

    "Unrecorded, I don't remind a humanoid creature around four times the average person existing. Unnatural creature perhaps ? By the way, it shouldn't be hard to find... I asked the coordinates and since it was around the requester's living area, it isn't a wide area to research."
    After exposing his thoughts, he continued to talk.

    "Anyway... The faeries seem to be creatures that a long time ago was coexitisting with the elves, it has been broken when the Elven Monarch didn't send help them to war or something along those lines... younger faeries have been kidnapped by guys in black robes, humans and... or elves are blamed if I remember well ? And a risk of a war might come. I don't remember the reportthat well."

    "Uhm...what?" He almost thought that Gaap was drunk. "Bigfoot? Sheesh, do we need to send more search team for that? I'm already out of human resource to spend here just for researching the whole fiasco about the parasitic plants." He shook his head after he said that.
    Caligo then listened to the Fae's situation and, as expected, he let out a heavy sigh.

    "As if we are don't have enough trouble. We really need to spend our resource wisely. And it seems we need to be more cautious. I....smell trouble in the near future, friend." A few tapping of his cane followed his words. "Not to mention the last report I got from the adventurers I sent mentioned about goblins equipped with bronze weapons." The masked man shook his head again."Bronze weapons. My goodness. Someone is really trying to rile up trouble here."

    "Mmm... that's fine, to pick up the corpse, we can just issue a quest to get it, as for studying it. It can wait, it is not as urgent as other issues."
    Rubbing his forehead, Gaap sighed. Really, those few days from the start to the end were troublesome.

    "What a meek future we have... goblins with bronze weapons now ? There must be a bigger colony or its because of some... guys in black robes... Well, anyone can buy a black robe unfortunately. We would have to catch then red-handed.

    To be fair, in my opinion, we should concentrate on diplomacy with the Faeries. Then the unnatural animals and plants... goblins might be dangerous but we can always send more quests about them and give additional warnings."

    For some reasons, it seemed that Gaap could not help talking more and more. A sense of a certain urgency was surging. There is way too much happening in such a short span of time.

    "You and the rest of the staff do what you can. Menwhile, I will instruct my team to make this case into our priority. If we let this go for long without doing anything, I fear that people might get affected. And that is, unfortunately, still not the worse case scenario."

    He then stood up and looked at him.

    "Anyway, thank you for giving me those update. I will get back to you and the rest of the staff as soon as my team managed to found something. Anything."

    "Alright, that is perfect. I will go and let's hope I won't need to come back to give any updates."
    Gaap chuckled and left the office, hoping that the adventurers won't give more troublesome details.
    Later on, their doubts were cleared and it was found they had more troubles on their hand. It was expected but not that much. To be exact, one of the initial issue was bigger than anticiapted.

    OOC: Just a snippet of how the Guild staff interact with each other in private, some stories are not included, but that doesn't mean that they are forgotten.
    On a completely unrelated note, it was a bit delayed~
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    Nothing to see here, just a peek at Aria's everyday life~

    Late night reunions are bonkers, the guildmaster completely messed up with my sleeping schedule... Haa, at least Nina-chan was able to sleep properly after that... Why can't Mary find a cure to her sooner...? She is in so much pain...

    *slaps her face* Enough Aria, mourning over it won't do you any good... She is sleeping right now and I have the day off, so... I think it might be a good idea to go visit Shiori-san's orphanage, been a while since the last time~

    I changed into a light-pink long sleeved one-piece dress with a flowery design, I liked this one because it was easy to move in and didn't have too many frills, nor was very expensive, so... Not too much trouble if it gets dirty or torn somewhere~

    What else should I bring...? I can't really afford sweets for them, and if I were to bake something for all the children, I'd spend the whole day in the kitchen and wouldn't actually go out... Toys? Bleh, as if I have toys for them all... Welp, I guess the usual flute it is... I really should come up with some new ideas of things to bring them... At least they like the songs~

    Guess it's just you and me Rotse, let's go let's go~

    It didn't take too long to reach the orphanage, by now I can already walk there with my eyes closed~ *giggles*

    ... Walking with my eyes closed is bad though, better not do it. Would also set up a terrible example for the children and... Oh! I should stop with my inner monologue, I'm already here after all~

    "Shiori-san! I came to play~" I warned her as I entered the orphanage... Well, I wasn't greeted by Shiori-san, but by the children instead~

    "Ms. Aria!" "Aria!" "Aria-san!" They said while coming and hugging me... They're so cute... The last one caught my attention though, so I decided to talk to Roy-kun about it~

    "Mmmmm, you don't really need to copy my speech patterns, you know? It's pretty weird and you'd have to explain what you're meaning to a lot of different people... Calling me like usual would be simpler, wouldn't it?" I asked him.

    He tilted his head in response though... So cute~ "But if it's weird, why do you do it...?" Oh, the usual question~

    "Because we talked like that where I'm from~

    "It's just strange for me to give up on those habits by now, and it helps me remember home too~" I answered him with a smile~

    "Mmmmmmm..." I held back a giggle at that, seems like he likes the way I express myself~ "Aria-san is Aria-san!" Was his answer~

    "Well, if you're aware of how it sounds, I have nothing else to say..." I then clapped my hands before continuing. "So...? What will we play today~?" Let's see if they can give me any ideas~

    However, as the children were about to talk, a louder voice from a bit far away. "Ah, Aria! You came at a good time, help me out with something!" Shiori-san came out from a corridor and beckoned me closer... Aaaaaaahn, the children are pouting... Such bad timing Shiori-san! >.<

    "We'll play later, okay?" I tried giving them a gentle smile. "Let me help Shiori-san for now~"

    "It's just that annoying girl again..." "Why does she even matter..." "Shiori should just throw her away already..." I overheard them grumbling... Now that's no good...

    I sighed loudly to catch their attention. "You know... When you all got here, you surely caused a lot of trouble, didn't you? It would be no good if Shiori-san gave up on you just because you weren't very cooperative..."

    "But-" Roy-kun tried to retort, but I cut him.

    "No buts, please try to understand her, okay? I'm sure the girl had a rough time... Things will get better soon enough, don't worry... Now if you excuse me~" I got past them and went to Shiori-san... They're good kids, I'm sure they'll understand. "So... I take it there is a new girl that is causing trouble?" I asked Shiori-san.

    She started leading me up the stairways while talking. "No, not causing trouble, rather, she just absolutely refuses to talk to anyone or get out of her room, she isn't even eating... I'm not sure what to do, I'm so worried for her..."

    Damn... "She must have been through a lot... You know her background?" Shiori-san shook her head.

    "Nothing, dropped her one day at night while still sleeping, I woke up to her cries and she refused to talk about it... Parents must have abandoned her." Bastards...

    I heaved a large sigh... "Hopefully we can do something then..." Didn't take long to reach the room in question... The other children seemed to be following us... Well, it's not a problem though.

    "Excuse me..." Shiori-san knocked in the door a few times, but no reply came.

    "Maybe she's sleeping?" If she's not even eating, she must be feeling pretty weak... Wouldn't surprise me if she slept in the middle of the day.

    Shiori-san shook her head however. "She never replies..." After a small pause she continued. "I'm coming in!" And opened the door.

    Inside was a small girl laying in a bed, probably still around 6 years old, she had blue hair and was wearing a green kimono that leaves her legs totally exposed... Such a weird design.
    Her ears were just like a fish's though... Is she a mermaid? Though she has legs instead of a fish's tail... Maybe she can transform them? A bit unusual for mermaids this small to be able to do it, but it's possible...


    "Vhera, I brought you a visitor~" Shiori-san said... The girl, Vhera-chan I guess, just looked away grumpily though... Well, this is troubling.

    "Mind if Take a seat~?" I approached her and asked... No reply though... "I guess that's a yes~" I sat next to her, I could hear an annoyed grump, but I decided to ignore it. "My name is Aria, pleased to meet you Vhera-chan~" I got a small reaction out of her... Fufufu, to think the suffixes would actually help in getting her attention, there is something useful about them after all~

    Better not waste the opportunity~ "I come here often to play with the children, don't you want to participate?" Aaaaaand, she buried her face in her pillow... Welp, this is a problem.

    In this case... "I guess I'll have to play by myself then~" I took Rotse out of my bag and started playing... Just you and me old friend, let's wake this little girl up~

    Midway through the song I started hearing sobs... I stopped and started caressing her hair... She didn't stop me... Poor girl, just what memories did I invoke just now? "You know... I may not know what you went through, nor do I know what is making you cry... But those people right here... They care for you, even if no one else does, the people in the orphanage do... So if you can... Try taking care of yourself a bit... I'm sure you understand pain well enough, which is... Really sad at your age. But... Because you know it, I'm sure you don't wish to cause it to anyone else, right?

    "But if you keep hurting yourself... You'll hurt them too... So... At least try eating a bit? I won't ask you to play with them or be a cheerful happy girl, you have all the right to be sad and nobody should take it away from you, but I'm sure it won't hurt to at least take care of your health, right?" I'm not sure if it got through to her... But I think I saw a small nod of her head... This is good enough for now.

    I caressed her head until she stopped sobbing, which was followed by some faint and shallow breathing... She cried until she slept... Just what did she go through to reach that from a single song...? Wish I could punch her parents' face right now...

    Fuu... This might take a while to take care of... But, it was a start. I raised from my seating and talked to Shiori-san. "Let's hope she can at least start eating after she wakes up."

    "Alright, I'll keep you informed... Thanks for trying Aria." Shiori-san said with a sad tone...

    "Don't be like that... You never know, maybe it was more successful than you'd imagine?" She gave me a faint smile to those words.

    "Yeah... Let's hope so." She closed the door after I left the room and then went to take care of... Well, whatever she usually cares for~

    "Well, now that you can stop hiding, let's play, alright, and pray for some good fortunes for Vhera-chan once we're done~!" I called out the children that followed us all the way here... The seemed so flustered when called out like that... Too cute too cute~ "Then, what shall we plaaay~?"

    We played around for a few hours in the courtyard, and I played a few songs they asked too, it was a peaceful morning... I went back home when it was nearing lunch time though, gotta cook something for Nina-chan...

    Get better soon girl... Both of you... Gods, please give them strength...

    Hopefully I didn't depict Shiori wrongly... >.>
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    Vhera shrunk! D:
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    “Hoooh. Finally done with my work.”

    The lady sitting at the counter stretched lazily, getting up. A few stacks of papers as high as the desk itself were piled at the sides, and a few more somewhat shorter stacks were placed on the table itself.

    Then, with a refreshing wave of her hands, the lady proceeded to sweep the whole table’s contents into the fireplace beside it, before snapping her fingers once. The pile of documents caught fire and burnt to crisps.

    “That takes care of tomorrow’s work as well...Now, what are my friends up to?”

    She stared out to seemingly nothing, the room being an incredibly spartan one with nothing save for the bare essentials. There weren't even any windows, and even if there were, the view wouldn’t be too impressive.

    “Hmmm, the usual things, huh. Netzach is still running that orphanage of hers, Binah is as merciless as ever, Gevurah is still obsessed with that design, but it seems that she’s starting to make some progress...Hah?! Malkuth is here? That explains the slight changes...Interesting. Really interesting.”

    There was no noticeable sound, but the lady looked up anyway. Where a simple chair once rested, another woman was now sitting on top of it. Sitting and staring at her.

    “Here again, Chokmah? As usual, you are difficult to get a hold of, as I thought. How was your latest trip? Found anything interesting?”


    “Same as usual, huh. In that case, are you planning to head out again?”


    “I see. Then, could you do me a favour while you’re at it?”

    There was no visible reaction, but the silent woman seemed to have agreed. Pleased, her conversation partner clapped her hands together in delight.

    “Thank you so much! Then, could you help me investigate Malkuth? Find out what she looks like, what her hobbies are, things like that. Her presence is already bringing several of the Sephiroth together, so we’ll have to ensure that we settle matters on our end, as well.”
    ((And the problem children start showing themselves~))
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    After being scolded by aria (aliceshiki) may reflected on her childish behavior the fast few days, It seems that getting to such a strange, safeish place had gone to her head and she needed to go out and sharpen her skills! So she headed out of town in a random direction and started looking for edible berries.

    First she started looking at the ground, for any animal trails that indicated the presence of food. Aha! she found one! She followed the dirt path till she heard an oinking sound, poking her head out from a bush she spied on a large boar fighting off 2 goblins. She knew she had to take action when she saw the two piglets behind the large boar! She went around the goblins and drew her sword as the large boar attacked one of the goblins, she drew her sword and cut the other goblin's weapon hand off, flush with adrenaline may slashed again and another limb flew off.

    Not noticing the extreme amount of pain she was inflicting on another being she had accidentally missed two times and cut both the legs up. By this time the other goblin was finished off by the big boar. Not wanting to be in conflict with the big boar may offered the cut up goblin to the big boar, which grunted in satisfaction, and ate both goblins.

    (o.o) May was surprised at how happily it ate the goblin, but waved goodbye as the big boar and piglets left her alone to adventure more!

    Onwards once again as she snuck around the forest happily and after a few hours, returned to the tavern with a small pouch of varied mushrooms
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    Cinis' Background #1:
    Everything changes, constantly and ceaselessly, or so they say. You can never go back on your steps, you can only return as time goes on, unstoppable and heartless.
    One day, an individual would be doomed to feel nostalgy, some lingering feelings toward about memories partitioned in a certain space. People chasing those souvenirs, following this irreversible emotion, are condemned to be disappointed, nothing is the same, nothing accords to their memories.
    The house might be the same, the ground might be the same, but nothing is really the same. People change, including the one chasing this illusion. They changed, then, how can they go back to a time when they are not the same? It is impossible. Because, time is like a line, one that does not stop. Some might say that a circle is also a line, but you go back. No, you still don’t go back, you still return. That’s true, you don’t go back on your steps, you just take a path that leads toward your starting point.

    It was clear that Cinis, Liya and Aelia were walking on this circle, on this line that keeps sending them to the starting point, the same old routine, the same old habits, the same old emotions, the same old frustrations, the same old disagreements, the same old troubles…
    Nothing seemed to really change. A cycle, the snake biting his own tail…

    As usual, Liya went to sleep with Aelia, Hornety kept asking the same questions, nothing really changed, no, something changed. This little girl did not ask anything, she only stared at the half-elf, her dreams were perhaps divinatory, what did she dream about?

    “What did you dream about?”
    She smirked at his question, look like she expected this, perhaps, she even wanted to be asked this question. Because, it was out of the usual everyday, obviously, he would question her, immediately, her face brightened and a childish smile crept on her face.

    “Alrighty~! So, well, it was obviously about the three of you, as children this time, I will only tell what I have seen about you and nobody else, okay~?”
    Staying silent, he did not reply, after all, he could not force her to tell what she doesn’t want to tell. He will simply listen and react to this little tale of his, or was it?

    “A child in the streets, walking on a black line that changed colors over time, from black, then grey, a long grey line, it gradually became blue, holding hands to two people, then it was sky blue, drinking with a bunch of people, then clashing, then running, then… lots of things happened, the child wasn’t a child, he grew up, but then… he became a child once again, I can’t quite explain it but overall, that is that.”
    Hearing her, Cinis sighed, it was basically a rough outline of his life. Basically, that was quite expected, nothing specific to comment about, unless… she started to harass him with questions or simply this annoying and bothering stare. Yes, she was staring at him, it was as if stars were shining in her eyes, he could only sigh when he saw this, what a child, she was.

    “So, where shall I begin? From the beginning perhaps?”, hearing him, Hornety simply stared at him, with empty pupils as if what he was saying was oblivious. It was not wrong to say that.
    It in the slums of Cruoles, that was where he was born he thought, it was simply an assumption, and only a worthless detail.


    Pouring buckets of cold and heavy water on the child lying in a pool of mud after being beaten blue, the clouds clearly did not know what was right and what was wrong, and decided to assault an uneducated bastard in the street, slightly roundish ears, brown hair, yellow, blue, red, brown, white skin as the blood, the rot, the dirt, the bruises covered his whole body, making it impossible to discern what was exactly his skin. It was just inhuman, his insides were the same as his outside, hurt and broken.
    Dead pupils, someone was dragging him by the hair, below the mud, rocks were scraping his body from the leftovers he was leaving. Unwilling to resist, the child simply seemed to let it go, he will be hurt, so be it.

    In his mind was a canvas that was waiting, waiting to be paint, purely white, it was one of the rare memory he was unsure about. The canvas at first was empty, then a hand raised and descended, a line of dark grey paint appeared on it, shades appeared, the grey became lighter and lighter as the hand moved again and again and again… it looked like a fog, further you looked more, darker it was. How unsurprising.
    Brown and red began to melt and mix.

    “S'oundr’l!”, a broken voice echoed among the raindrops, it was owned by the hand dragging the boy to more meaningless pains, one that would be dismissed as quickly as it came. Then, suddenly, the grip holding an handful of strings loosened, the child's head fell on the ground as someone's head flew away from its body.
    Unwilling to wake up, the child was still thinking about the canvas, someone was painting the rain in the fog, with a bright brownish scarlet color, on the ground, there were two people, one lying in blood, one lying in mud, one was a corpse, the other a child, and a third person was above these two, wearing a light steel armor, tainted with a reddish liquid, blond hair, sky blue eyes…

    Crouching, he held the child's chin with his right hand. Turning it from right to left as if he was observing him, accounting details, and checking if it was according to what he has provided with.
    “I do not think it could be someone else.”, mindlessly, he said while slapping the child's cheek, trying to wake him up from his daze, uncaring about his blood loss, his bruises, a blank face was on this soldier. On his right shoulder, there was a emblem, a dagger and a opened hand in a circle. The child more or less understood, usually, every liars he met were terrorized of this symbol, each time they saw it, they fled.

    “...what…”, the child's voice was barely audible as it was trying to stand up on his two legs, the guard did not help him a second, he simply watched if the fool could live another day or he would die. It seemed that his vigor wasn't one of a child, but one of a condemned. Or so he thought as he took the child hand.

    “Greetings sir, I am bringing you back to our lord. You have been gone for 6 years.”, hearing this, the child did not react in the slightest, was he bringing him to his death? To his demise? Nothing mattered, no questions were asked, the child started to walk, his hand holding the guard's. Despite being broken, he strived, ignoring the meaningless pain he has been filling since the very start.
    “My name is Liya, I shall be your personal guard, assigned by your father since two years. I will be of service. The mansion should be reached in one hour of walk. Please do not escape my grasp.”
    No words were uttered, the child wondered what he meant by father, however, he never asked, it did not matter. Someone owning the mark of death on his shoulder was bringing him to the other side of the world. It was the end, would knowledge change anything in front of this sentence? The degree of suffer but nothing else.

    “Sir. What do you think of life?”, for some reasons, it seemed that the guard wanted to discuss with the person he was guarding, his tone didn't have any ounce of respect.
    “Meaningless… but death should be worthless, devoid of any causes…”, why did it have to be ambiguous? Liya thought as he continued to talk, this reply displeased him as he continued to walk toward the mansion, silent, completely quiet after receiving the reply.

    Blood excited his nostrils and the way to their home was reeking, empty, nobody passed there, a wild passage, a lonely road toward the entrance of his life. Sometimes, people passed by the path, however, once they see who is taking it, they flee as if they saw the pest, the disease, the plague they were infected with.
    A child who was not a child, devoid of any innocence, eyes as dead as a condemned, mentality as immuable as water flowing in a river and descending toward the sea, then, there was also a soldier, young, armed with a sword, after seeing a child that might be someone that fitted the description of the person he was researching, without minding the surroundings, the people living around, he beheaded the person near the child, without any confirmations nor words.
    Screams ensued, once again, people fled, but both of them heard them, however they did not listened, it was as if they did not exist in the world. It was just a child and a soldier, one was being snatched from his common everyday life, while the other one was simply doing his job, nothing much from usual.

    Both of them were completely different.
    It was the story of how a beast was dragged into another world.

    "And the next will come later.", or so he said before closing his eyes, ignoringd demands and noises.
    OOC: So here's a small SS of Cinis, but as well as a background that needs to be developed, and that is only start, slowly, it will come, very slowly~
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    Having arrived in a dimly lit cave Kathicia began heading in a random direction from the place she had been deposited Kathicia starts heading out of the cave. Along her way she runs into a large being which she elects to detour around as her God wouldn't approve of her being slain by it. After all being killed by a far stronger being is looked down upon by the God of martial pride as he believes that you should fight those whom are of a similar skill, preferably those slightly stronger than yourself. The creature (A TROLL) was large and grey and had a sort of rocky appearance to it and smelled like rotten eggs. The creature began slowly walking around with a small metal pot placed upon it's shoulders.

    Having left the area Kathicia ended up being attacked by two green creatures, which were extraordinarily smelly. So she had only slowly gotten closer to it, having finally arrived within sight of this new creature, the round green gangly thing, Kathicia throws 1 of her bladed fans at it and pulls out her last one whilst running at it. Kathicia proceeded to slide under the first swing from the being, and cut it's arm slightly with her bladed fan she than proceeded to stand up directly behind it and moved to slit it's throat. However the green thing had spun around with the original fan stuck in it's head.

    After having dodged around the thing for an extended period of time it had significantly slowed down, once Kathicia realised this she moved in and finally slit it's throat and recovered her first bladed fan. After having cleaned it off Kathicia looks at the creature lying on the floor. "Disgusting anything to do with your DNA would greatly weaken me, you are quite useless after all, my lord would not be pleased with your assimilation." Removing the entirety of the blood from the body Kathicia has it float up into a ball then drop straight down to the floor to practice doing as such. After having gotten tired of doing as such she took a portion of the blood to sustain her soul and her body.((This is feeding not blood conversion))
    IC: A tale told in the whispering woods to the amusement of the young at an unknown point in time by an unknown person.
    OOC: Large portions of the SS are unrealistic this is due to the fact that it is the beginning of a long tale, to set the stage for the adventures of many beings. Hence many actions found within the story are heavily romanticised and unrealistic (E.g. the fact that it took an extended period of time to slay a single lesser troll.). The only 100% accurate piece of information within the text is the quote!
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    It was a particularly fine evening, and there were no other people at the small clearing besides the irritable Mika, and the enthusiastic Elaine.

    “...For goodness sake, stop following me, girl. I do not intend on giving you any help. It’s been a long time since I’ve taught anything, and they never amount to anything in the end. So go away. Let me drink in peace, or I will rip you a new one if it means I’ll get some.”

    Elaine pouted, but instead of leaving, the clever girl instead settled down at a spot just far enough from Mika’s position so as not to disturb her, but at the same time making her own presence extremely obvious. She then drew her rapier, and begun swinging.

    Sure enough, it hadn’t been more than five minutes before Mika simply couldn't help herself from commenting.

    “What style do you use, girl?”


    “I was asking what kind of fighting style you prefer. Dodge or counter?”

    “That is...I’m not sure, actually.”

    “Well, you better start deciding, then. Without a proper style to build on, no matter how much training you put in, it’ll only be wasted.”

    “You use a rapier too, missus?”

    “No, but most types of melee fighting share quite a few similarities across the board. At the very least, deciding on a style is one of the basic steps, so I know that much. And...nah, forget it.”

    Mika was about to introduce herself on a whim, but decided against it on the same whim. After all, the girl was just a curious stranger whom she would never meet again.

    At least, that was what she thought at that time.

    “Then, could you give me some pointers, missus? Most of what I learnt with the rapier was self taught, so I don’t really have even the basics down, so to speak…”

    “I don’t mind, but there has to be a little something in it for me at least, won’t you agree? Like, maybe one silver?”

    Elaine frowned for a bit, before her cheerful smile returned.

    “One silver? Okay, I’ll try to make more this week, and I’ll come find you again when I have that much saved up! See you around, missus!”


    Seeing as the girl was genuinely about to leave, Mika immediately called for her to come back. The whole thing was meant just as a joke to see if the girl was materialistic, but Elaine had exceeded her expectations. She was worth a bit of guidance, at the very least.


    “I was kidding about the fee. A whole silver for some pointers? Heaven would surely strike me if I was that greedy. Come back and sit here.”

    “Yes, Sensei!”
    “Firstly, name please. I cannot tell you mine for reasons, but please tell me your name.”

    “It’s Elaine, I’m 17 this year and like sweet foods, also, I live alone---Mhm?!”

    It took Mika exactly one second to realise that something was off, and exactly one more to muffle her newfound student.

    “Have you gone daft, girl? Don’t leak such sensitive information in a self-introduction! What if I were an assassin waiting to cause you harm?”

    “Then, I would have been mistaken about you being a good person~ So, are you truly an assassin?”


    Mika sighed. She a feeling that she would be doing a lot of it in the future.

    “Forget that. How long have you been swinging a rapier around, girl?”

    “About a year, give or take.”

    “Only one? Most people would have taken almost two years to achieve that level of footwork, but you did it in only one. Not too bad, you do have some talent. With some luck, you won’t die a horrible death.”

    Mika glanced at the rapier that had been handed to her, and performed a cursory inspection. Common iron of decent quality, maintained very well. There wasn’t a single part of the blade that wasn’t sparkling clean.

    It was a good sign. People who took care of their equipment would find those same equipment taking care of them on the battlefield. The clean blade also belied a careful warrior.

    “Show me how you usually fight. A few moves will do.”

    The younger girl was confused, but did as she was asked nonetheless and demonstrated a few strikes, jabs and thrusts.

    “I’m no rapier master, but I see now. You are holding yourself back.”


    “The rapier, even though it’s called the gentleman’s weapon, is still a weapon. Weapons are made for killing before all else, but you swing your rapier not to kill.”

    “Well, I don’t like killing, so…”

    “No one likes killing; not if they’re smart, anyways. But conflict finds everyone sooner or later. It’s a way of life, and if you don’t kill, you’ll be killed. That’s why you need to learn the only thing I can effectively teach you.”

    “That is…?”

    “Knowing when to kill, and when to pardon. Nothing is perfect, but knowing when to show mercy will make you wiser. And remember, at the end of the day, the winner is the one who survived.”

    Saying thus, the hooded beast went back to her seating spot, settling down as she begun staring at the sky; in reality, she was paying attention to the girl behind her. Whether that girl was destined for something greater would depend on herself.
    “A weapon to kill with…”

    That was no good. The reason she took up arms to begin with was to protect the people, not reap even more lives. That was what she had initially thought.

    But now, it seemed like shedding blood was unavoidable if she wanted to protect something. She glanced at the back of the sitting Mika. Had she also been a protector long ago?

    “Then...I want to kill as few as possible, while protecting the many. I want to help the weak and innocent. I will wield this rapier for their sake.”

    It might have been her imagination, but the rapier seemed to hum gently in her hands, growing just a little bit warmer.

    Yep, I’m definitely hallucinating it. But if it’s just my imagination, then this...might work?

    She pictured blood spilling by her hands, not out of self-defence but due to necessity. Killing first to remove any future hindrances. The undeveloped, uncertain killing intent burst out.


    The wolfkin remarked, feeling it wake. The first step a child had to take before become an adult, and Elaine had managed to do that successfully. Grinning slightly, Mika turned to face her.

    Show me what you can do with that resolve, girl. Being a guardian is fine, but the trick is to become a warlike protector. Do not love it, but do not shy away from it.
    The fiery sensation seemed to be guiding her rapier. Pointing it towards where it should be aiming for. She didn’t know what she was doing, but she trusted it and thus allowed it to guide her arm.

    And she took off running. Towards the nearest tree, a few ten metres away; rapier held up at a point. She imagined breaking through.



    The tree shuddered nastily; there was now a giant hole in it, and the rapier had smoothly pierced through a large part of the trunk.


    “You overdid it, idiot. But nevertheless, congratulations. A new move for your repertoire, isn’t it?”

    Elaine was still clutching her bruised shoulder, but she grinned as she replied.

    “It was a good session. I got to learn something new.”

    “You think so?”


    Awkward silence. The wolf beast who was used to quietness never really got used to sudden conversation, and thus the little bit of chit-chat died off gradually.

    “Well, goodbye then.”

    She’d walked for quite a good distance before the girl’s yell reached her ears.

    “Please wait a moment!”

    Mika stopped just short of the clearing, ready to head back to the city.


    “What’s your name, missus?”

    It certainly wasn't the first time she’d been asked that question. Merchants whom she escorted, bandits that she eventually slew, the criminals she’d hunted down; most of them asked for her name, but she never bothered giving them an answer. To her, those were just chance encounters that wasn't worth remembering.

    Still, the girl that was anxiously staring at her seemed rather interesting. Her intuition told her so; as such, even if she didn’t trust enough to give her real name---

    “, huh. What kind of alias should I use…”



    Binah...Understanding. It was a pretty good nickname, even if she thought so herself. Thus, she shouted back to the girl in the distance.

    “Binah. You may address me as Binah.”
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    After leaving the tavern for the day, Phinimimilomimo decided to explore the town of Nagrand - making sure to stay disguised as an orc using her [Illusion]. Noticing that there were no flying cats, nor black monsters (ravens) in the area, the little fairy cancelled her [Illusion] and flew up to the roof of the tallest building close to her. Looking at the streets and buildings from the great height, she could see how there were people milling about doing their daily activities. Swinging her legs on the edge of the roof, Phinimimilomimo smiled happily as she began recovering her lost Mana.

    Roughly an hour, or so, later the little fairy couldn't help but notice a pattern developing for the people entering and leaving a certain building. A tall, wide building with red curtains around most of the windows, and a sign on the front reading:
    The Plucked Flower
    The little fairy saw that most of the people entering were male - with 1, or 2 females every now and then. Sometimes the men would enter in groups, some would enter by themselves - while others entered with a woman wrapping their arm around the mens' waists. For those who left, the men would have a spring in their step as they went on to do other things.

    Thinking about the name of the place, Phinimimilomimo couldn't help but remember the quest she had just finished - which then reminded her of her fairy friend who had had an interesting experience with some Henbane flowers. Lying back on the roof and using [Entangle] to hide her from any evil black flying monsters, or flying cats, the little fairy closed her eyes as she reminisced about that time with her friend a few years ago.


    "Phinimimilomimo, Fris! Phinimimilomimo, Fris! Wake up, silly, Fris!"

    Phinimimilomimo was shaken awake by another fairy of similar age to her. She had long black hair, blue wings and a green dress; lots of pretty flowers adorned her tiny head, a small blossom chain necklace rested on her neck. Seeing her friend since they were born on the same day, Phinimimilomimo woke up quickly as she flew out of her bed of flowers and hugged her best friend.

    "Flinilinilonilee, Fris!"

    A great big smile was plastered on her face as she nuzzled her best friend's cheek with her own. Reciprocating the hug, Flinilinilonilee also smiled, before she suddenly remembered why she was there.

    "Ah, Fris! Enough of this, we're wasting time, Fris! Bamilamilam has asked us to help collect some herbs for her, Fris!"

    "Bamilamilam has, Fris?"

    "Yes, Fris!"

    Releasing themselves from their hug, Flinilinilonilee grabbed Phinimimilomimo's hand and flew with her towards Bamilamilam's home inside a large, old tree trunk covered in many mushrooms of different varieties.

    "We're here to hear what we need to collect, Bamilamilam, Fris!"

    Flinilinilonilee raised her tiny arms in the air - lifting up Phinimimilomimo's arms in the process - and smiled expectantly at the much older fairy who was stirring a cauldron that produced a strong medicinal scent. The older fairy had the body of a 30 year old, so was clearly in her 60's or higher. Her hair was green and tied up into a high bun, with tiny mushrooms arranged in a pretty manner on her head; her greenish brown dress was longer than the younger fairies' dresses, with it reaching past her knees, and a tiny fairy-sized knife was attached to a small vine belt around her thin waist. Bamilamilam looked at the excitable fairies and smiled a little, before listing her orders.

    "Ah, Flinilinilonilee, Phinimimilomimo, I'd like you both to get some Henbane flowers and some Lixi mushrooms, Fris. I'm running low on them and I've received word of a traveller who is in a lot of pain, Fris. Here are examples of what you need to look for, Fris."

    Using her [Telekinesis] to lift up a tiny blue and purple mushroom, as well as a Henbane flower, Bamilamilam then cancelled her spell and resumed her stirring. Seeing that their task had begun, the 2 young fairies turned to leave, but not before receiving a word of warning from the elderly fairy.

    "Do be sure not to touch, inhale, or ingest either of these things, you two, Fris. I don't want more patients being added to my list for today, Fris."

    "Roger that, Fris!" "Aye-aye, Fris!"

    The 2 fairies saluted enthusiastically at Bamilamilam, before flying out of the tree trunk to carry out their task.

    "Hmm, how should we go about collecting those things, Fris?"

    "Hmm, should we search for one of them each, Fris?"

    "Ah, Fris! Phinimimilomimo is a genius, Fris! So...who should collect what, Fris?" Flinilinilonilee tilted her head, this thinking being quite difficult for her young mind to do.

    "Hmm...well, which did you think was the prettiest, Fris?" Phinimimilomimo smiled as she thought about which she'd prefer to go after.

    "The flowers, Fris! I love collecting flowers, Fris!" She raised her arms in the air as she did an aerial somersault to show how excited she was to collect the Henbane.

    "Okay, Fris! I'll collect those pretty blue and purple mushrooms then, Fris!" Feeling happy that her friend had opted for the other one, Phinimimilomimo was also excited about collecting the pretty mushrooms and joined Flinilinilonilee in doing some aerial acrobatics.

    "Then, we'll split up and meet back here by the end of the day, Fris!"

    "Okay, Fris!"

    The 2 little, young, fairies waved at each other energetically before heading in different directions to search for the medicinal ingredients.

    Phinimimilomimo didn't have much trouble finding some Lixi mushrooms, using [Entangle] to gather them up in a net of roots, then carrying it around as she searched for more. Once the end of the day began to approach, the little fairy flew back to the meeting point and sat on a toadstool while waiting for her best friend - Flinilinilonilee.





    The sun had long since set, and there was still no sign of Flinilinilonilee. Getting worried about her, Phinimimilomimo flew back to Bamilamilam's home to deliver the mushrooms, as well as inform her of the missing fairy.

    "Flinilinilonilee hasn't returned, Fris? That silly little girl, Fris! I bet she ate some of the flower's fruit, Fris! You wait here while I get some of the other elders and search for her, Fris. Also, don't eat anything in here, Fris!"

    With that, the older fairy flew out of the home in search of Flinilinilonilee.

    A few hours later, Bamilamilam returned with 2 other older fairies - Semineminom and Galligolligilli - who were carrying an unconscious Flinilinilonilee in their arms. They placed her on Bamilamilam's bed before quickly moving about to gather some ingredients to make a medicine for her.

    "That silly little girl, Fris! She went and ate several Henbane fruits, Fris!"

    "Is she okay, Fris?" Phinimimilomimo asked worriedly, not knowing what was happening.

    "Hmph, Fris! We found her punching a tree, naked, with a worm wrapped around her neck and her singing about a man with a big moustache eating mushrooms and going up and down green tunnels while fighting a big lizard, Fris..."

    "Ohhhh, that sounds so fun, Fris!" Phinimimilomimo's yes sparkled as she wondered how such a scene would look, before getting wrapped on the head by Bamilamilam's fist.

    "Silly girl, Fris! If we don't treat her she'll die, Fris!"

    "Ah...Fris...Flinilinilonilee, Fris! Don't diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee, Fris!"

    Phinimimilomimo immediately fell on the side of the bed and began bawling her eyes out - sparkly dew drops falling out - as she thought about her best friend losing her short and sweet life. Semineminom grabbed the crying Phinimimilomimo by the shoulders and guided her away from the bed to calm her down. After a few minutes, the little fairy had fallen asleep on Semineminom's shoulder - tired from the day that had just passed.

    "These two really are a handful, Fris..." Said Galligolligilli.

    "Weren't we all at their age, Fris?" Replied Semineminom.

    "Well, they are still 10 years old, after all, Fris." Muttered Bamilamilam.

    The next day, Phinimimilomimo woke up next to Flinilinilonilee in the same bed, with no one else around.

    "Hmm, Fris?"

    Flinilinilonilee woke up and looked puzzled at Phinimimilomimo, before hugging her and nuzzling her cheek next to hers.

    "Morning, Phinimimilomimo, Fris~ I had the most wonderful dream, Fris~"

    She then went back to sleep, as did Phinimimilomimo.

    Later on, Flinilinilonilee explained what she had experienced in her 'dream', making Phinimimilomimo laugh at the whole situation - thinking how it was a very Flinilinilonilee thing to do and come up with.

    Opening her eyes to see that some clouds had formed and about to release some rain, Phinimimilomimo crawled out of her camouflaged nest and flew back to the tavern, having completely forgotten about the building that had reminded her of her past in Fairy Land.
    Discovered a brothel called, 'The Plucked Flower'. (Of course, Phinimimilomimo doesn't know it's a brothel).
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    New Quest Batch is Live everyone! Sorry for the delay! I'll try preparing quests sooner starting next week~

    As usual, if anyone doesn't wish to receive those tags anymore, please notify me and I'll remove you on the spot! ^^)/

    Also, we'll probably, if everything goes well, release Lord Ralditorias' Festival this Friday in the Event Hall, it may last until Saturday, unsure.

    As for how it will work... Well, just wait and see~
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    Alexander woke up early in the morning. He grabbed the pot he had stored after dressing with his old wool clothes. Today I don’t have any pending quest so lets do some exercise and some practice Alexander thought. He ate a light breakfast before grabbing his equipment and going out. The day before he had asked around and fount that about 5 km west of Nargrand was a small Pine forest so he decided to go that way.

    After going out of the town, Alexander started running towards the forest. on the way he tried to control his pace so he would get exhausted but even then his body was not used to long exercises so he had walk from time to time and took him almost 1 hour to get to the forest.

    Once there he started to do some stretching that his father taught him. And later, he used his knife to mark a target in one of the trees. With the target finished, he used his new Composite Bow and started practicing accuracy. After going three rounds with all his arrows, he took a small break to rest and eat something.

    My arrows won’t last long if I continue practicing over and over with them. Alex thought while looking at one arrow while eating. I might as well practice crafting some arrows with some pine sapling.

    Afterwards, Alexander entered the forest to look for materials for crafting. After a few minutes he found resin, he had used some before so he filled the pot with it. Walking trough he found some pine saplings, deciding to try with those and some branches, he went out of the forest with all the materials. He went back in because he had forgotten to gather fibrous bark.

    Let’s see, I don’t have feathers so I can only work on the shaft. I will made some wooden arrows and some to add an arrowhead thought Alexander while returning where he practiced accuracy.

    Once he planned what to do, Alexander grabbed his knife and one pine sapling and started tapering the length to about 75 cm and made a string nock at one end. He repeated the process with all materials he got, getting better with every shaft made.

    After more than one hour of work, he set a campfire and divided his arrow shafts in two. One half was for wooden arrows and the other was to add arrowheads. He grabbed one arrow of the first half and put one end on the fire, and after a while he started sharpening against a rock. After he finished his first wooden arrow he repeated the process until he finished the first half.

    Once he finished with that, Alexander ate the lunch he brought from the town. When he finished eating, he grabbed the fibrous bark he gathered earlier and started dividing it in strips. He used some of it to tie the shaft in a bundle and to tie it to him together with the pot. After finishing that, he grabbed his equipment and jogged back to Nargrand.

    I can’t use metal for the arrowhead for the second half, it would be to expensive for practice arrows and I don’t need so many arrows right now Alexander started thinking while jogging back to Nargrand I heard that in some places they use bone, well now that i was planning on going to the butcher to buy some feathers I might as well ask if he has some bone to sell.

    Having decided what to do, Alexander first went to the inn to deposit his item in his room before going to the butcher. Once there he bargained with the shopkeeper to get a bag of feather for this time and the next but couldn’t get the bone. But he did not worried because the butcher told him that cleaning it would take a few days.

    Alexander returned to his room in the Inn to finish the wooden arrows. He cut the feathers in several pieces and stored them in one bag. After that, he opened the pot and stuck the feathers using the resin in it. As a finishing touch, he used the bark strip he brought so secure the feathers to the shaft. He repeated the same process for every arrow for almost and hour.

    I have to many wooden arrows and I will get more next time when I receive the bones thought Alex while counting his work I might as well try to sell some on the street, seeing that the are some hours of light before night and I go to the tavern. Not knowing that his cheap arrows would have some demand.
    *Recipes learned:
    Wooden Arrow - Simple wooden arrow with a sharpened end
    Arrow shaft - Simple wood shaft ready to join with an arrowhead
    *Opening of Alexander's Arrow shop
    OOC: sorry for bad english if there is any:blobcheeky:
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