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    The moment of truth...

    It was judging time for all the participants of the cosplay contest. Among the participants was a fox in a witchunter outfit, a tall man with androgynous features wearing an elegant coat and held a walking stick, another foxkin who had... some sort of scaly worm, a woman clad in a suit of armor and had a pair of katanas, a drunk hobo, a... card dealer , and a shady man in a military style long coat wearing a bizarre mask.

    Moments later, Hikari proceeded to go up the stage and announce the winner. Howevever, before she could even utter a single word, she was cut off by a zealous group among the crowd...
    Hearing this, Elias was already anticipating a riot. He was already ready to reach for his flintlock pistols and fire a warning shot.

    His costume, was more than a costume. His clothing was an old uniform from his past occupation; the sword, pistols, and crossbow were all actual weapons instead of props. He really didn't understand the true concept of costumes. For him, it was more of showcasing an alternate loadout.

    Fortunately, before the situation could devolve into a riot, Hikari was able to resolve the matter diplomatically. A commendable feat which not just anyone could accomplish when facing the zeal of an idol's fans.

    With the crisis averted, the verdict was finally announced. The victor was the foxkin who was carrying a strange scaly worm, Ton.
    With the contest over, Elias was about to approach the armored samurai woman and the drunk hobo but he overheard members of the audience looking for snacks. Hatching up an idea, he immediately, tapped the shoulder of one of the audience and wordlessly pointed them in the direction of a pancake stall.

    Though, his actions predictably terrified them at first, they eventually knew what he meant and thanked him before going on their way. He did this with a few more groups of people until he was satisfied, unaware of the predicament he had assisted in creating:
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    After hearing the result, I turn to Kynn. "Sadly, we weren't able to win. It was fun nonetheless. So, what doest thou want to do now?"

    Suddenly, I notice people talking about another competition about love poems. "A love poem? And they plan to comment their looks!" I shake my head. "True love isn't based on such petty things. It could even be like this:

    The way you talk,

    Isn't proper at all.

    The way you walk,

    You look like a thrall.

    You do not look fair-

    Sad to tell this to you.

    But I do not care,

    Because I love you.

    Now, isn't that more romantic? You just care about the person, no matter what the person in question looks or is like. Love overcomes every obstacle if necessary!"
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    "A poem contest huh...... that reminds me of him... he always did like composing poems..... what was the one he liked the most again?"
    A single girl sat in silence, with some pancakes in hand.
    "I think this was it....."
    Saying such, she began to recite a passage.

    Lost in fate,
    A time departed,
    Fleeting to those who are known,
    A single hand grasps,
    But cannot reach that which it wishes for.
    Lost in thoughts,
    With oneself,
    A time wasted,
    Gone to those who are wise,
    A single foot steps out,
    But cannot touch the other side.
    Lost in love,
    With you,
    A time gone but not regretted,
    Unknown to those who are drowned in hatred,
    But can still be seen in the life of such,
    Hand in hand they reach,
    Nothing stood in the path,
    For with love although there are uncertainties,
    There are unknowns,
    There are undesirables,
    But with it comes hope and a future,
    Lost in love,
    With you,
    Lost in love,
    With you.

    Crying from the overwhelming emotions caused by reciting such a simple passage the single girl sat alone in pain, in loneliness, in melancholy, in destitute.
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    <Meilin's PoV>

    Wow, we won?

    Having yet to understanding the current situation, I was surprised when I saw Ton running up onto the stage.


    With her arms wide open, Ton leapt into the magical girl's embrace-

    No, wait, she leapt and hugged the shards?

    I guess I shouldn't have expected anythi-

    "cough, cough. For my victory speech..." (Ton)


    Applauding and cheering, I thought it was great that Ton won. Noticing me, I think Ton waved back, looking around I noticed that the area around me was strangely vacant. In the corner of my eye I noticed Pat and Jack pushing the rest of the children away, confused I called out to them, "Where are you all going?" (Meilin)

    Pat shot me a pleading look, "We don't know her!" (Pat)

    Jill had an urgent look on her face, it looked like she wanted to come back to tell me something, but Jack held her back. Turning around to face me, refusing to look into my eyes, Jack bowed and shouted, "We're sorry!" (Jack)

    What? Before I could voice my concerns I heard Ton's panting, facing her I noticed that she was headed straight for me... and behind her was a... mob of angry admirers?

    Before I could even gather my bearings, Ton princess carried me and leapt onto the rooftops. What a strange development, is this a new event?


    I wonder what these "Tontreants" are? Also, did I perchance hear my parents shouting as well? Regardless of how others may perceive this "Chasing Ton event (?)", it feels fun being princess carried from rooftop to rooftop. My heart beats faster as I experience the thrill of getting chased, it feels like I'm riding the guardian lion of legends.

    Embraced within Ton's arms, I remembered a certain tale from my parents when I was younger. It mentioned a pair of lovers...

    <Ton's PoV>

    Weird. Very weird. Awhile back while being chased by the pursuers, Meilin started emitting a fluffy pink aura, even her eyes were sparkly... I think she's sick, her face has been getting redder and redder. She also started spouting random nonsense. Something about "enveloping" (eloping), "lower sewer slides" (lover's suicide) and parent's permission (?), what do sending letters have to do with our current situation? Also, the last time I went to the sewers with Fry, all I remembered were rats, what's so fun about sliding down into the sewers?

    Together we stood, our hearts as one.
    Onwards we pressed, into a run.
    Not looking back, where it begun.

    Intertwined were our fingers,
    Side-by-side our panted breath lingers.

    Tonight we sang, reckless and rushed.
    Our final ballad, face flushed.
    Never alone, conflicts crushed.

    At first I had difficulty understand Meilin's fancy bard talk, but when it came down to it, I think I got the general message.

    [OOC:] Thumbs up to those who got it
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    It was already the second day of the festival and the streets were still filled with many people. More stalls were popping up and there were plenty of opportunities to sample more good food.

    The poem contest had started and some people have already made submissions...Blanc sighed at this. "I don't have time to write a poem, even if I did it would turn out weird. Mother always said my structure was appalling, although she did stop giving poetry books for me to copy out. I guess that was a bonus."

    She was busy throughout the day helping out at the festival and was able to finally take a break and go look for Jibs.

    "Hmm...her stall should be somewhere around here, gah~ need to get past these people first."
    Just as Blanc manages to weave her way through the crowd she comes to a stop in of a stall with a rather cute sign. Hmm the pictures are cute and the pancakes sound delicious. This must be the place then, I wonder if Jibs will allow me to draw some more pictures~?

    Jibs turns around at Blancs' voice and smiles so wide that it looks like her cheeks would burst. "Blanc~! I am so glad to see you! You are free now right? Please tell me you have more ingredients! You always seem to have everything in your Item Box!" She jumps over the counter and clings to Blanc looking up expectantly.

    Blanc pats her on the head while smiling gently at her, she guides Jibs back into the stall while answering her questions. "It seems you are doing a great job handling the stall then Jibs~ Yes I am free. I have enough ingredients to last you a good while. I need to be prepared for any unexpected opportunities to bake, the guild kitchen staff were also rather helpful in that regard."

    She takes out the necessary ingredients from her Item Box and hands it to Jibs. "I will help when needed, but this is your stall. You are in charge."

    Blanc sets up her tea set in the back of the stall so it was easier to keep an eye on things. The day seemed to go on forever, it was good to be surrounded by the smell of pancakes and relaxing ones feet. Maybe she would have time to make a poem after all. Taking out pen and paper she closes her eyes and remembers.

    It grows unexpectedly,
    It grows willingly,
    It blooms on it's own accord.
    Reaching further towards the sky,
    Stretching to its limits,
    Wanting to be free of it's chains,
    The chains of uncertainty and sadness,
    The chains of suffocation and loneliness.
    As the years pass,
    As time moves on,
    It will remember what once was,
    It will remember what could have been.
    If only the shackles of time,
    Was more forgiving.
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    Muuuuu~ We didn't win!!! How Vexing!!!! Suddenly -

    "Sadly, we weren't able to win. It was fun nonetheless. So, what doest thou want to do now?" - Tene
    "it looks like you aren't feeling down despite not winning... Well i had fun anyway~ How about we stroll around ?" - Kynn

    While Still Pouting because of the sense of loss, and blushing because of how Gentleman looking Tene is in his Costume. we noticed another Guild Event Posted by Hikari. I wonder why there's no pamphlet flying around.

    "A love poem? And they plan to comment their looks!" - Tene
    "Gah! Poems!! i hate them!! well because i dont know any myself..." - Kynn

    ITS POEM EVENT TIME!!!! and its kind of annoyingly vexing because i am really not good at it.

    DAAAA!!!!! Tene already have one!!!! DAMN IT!!! I'LL TRY IT!!!

    "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
    I am seriously Red but not because of You
    When i am in Need That is your Cue
    You always Help me and i always Thank You" - Kynn

    *coughs blood in embarrassment*

    "sorry... im really not good at this" - Kynn

    OOC: ((*coughs Blood in OOC and in home*))
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    Returning from his adventurers out in the great plains, Jean noticed the event posted by Hikari.
    His eyes caught a glimpse of some the submissions already posted and he strokes his chin in thought for a few minutes. Swiftly he pulls out a pen and begins to write on a piece of paper:

    It’s not the beauty that made me fall for you, cutie
    It’s the warm feeling I get when we are in a storm together
    It’s a feeling that doesn’t flatter no matter where we are at

    Your smile always attacks my fragile heart, I thought of it as a magical art.
    You’re smarter than me, Yet that startles me
    Cause you always put up with my immaturity
    that I feel a sense of security
    Hence, I hope you never find out I’m not wise
    Cause I’m just a dope who adores you honey

    I don’t need money when I got you
    All I need is the witty you that makes you so pretty,
    Your lovely sunny smile,
    Your fluffy hair in the early mornings,
    Your fruity voice that leaves me no choice but to love you.

    With the last line of the poem done, his eyes scans over the poem before a soft smile broke out on his face. Jean submits his poem and went out looking again for more information relating to current events.
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    "it looks like you aren't feeling down despite not winning... Well i had fun anyway~ How about we stroll around ?" - Kynn

    "Why would I be sad just because I lost? It was about having fun, wasn't it?"

    "Gah! Poems!! i hate them!! well because i dont know any myself..." - Kynn

    "It can't be that bad. Go on and try." I speak with an encouraging tone and twirl my walking stick.

    "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
    I am seriously Red but not because of You
    When i am in Need That is your Cue
    You always Help me and i always Thank You" - Kynn

    I have to smile, only to stop after hearing Kynn cough blood.

    "sorry... im really not good at this" - Kynn

    "It wasn't that bad. What's more important, are you alright? You always worry me." Seriously, how could his poem actually be this fitting? I twirl my staff again. This actually is quite fun. I don't think I will be able to stop doing this for some time.

    "Hm... I remember some songs I saw somewhere about love, but I didn't write them. How did they go again?"

    OOC: These are no application, just some inspiration for others. Made by the band Machinae supremacy.


    Life is strange sometimes, wouldn’t you say?
    I know it was for us, but that’s okay
    You made me smile, I taught you how
    and you do it too, even just thinking about it now

    I know it isn’t easy,
    but nothing worthwhile ever is
    It was a dream,
    a perfect image of a life that turned out to be
    just a moment, lost with me

    Our time we had together,
    we thought would last forever
    You will always know
    what we said and what we showed
    Stay with me,
    in this moment I remain in your arms,
    in your memories and dreams
    Will you wake up and still remember?

    Once you belonged, you had found your way
    Oh, to feel alive and safe every day
    Those little things that matter most, you know?
    We had, and more, it was indescribable

    I know it isn’t easy,
    but nothing worthwhile ever is
    Our love was true,
    but now the promise of the future calls to you
    I know you hear it, too

    Will you wake up and still
    remember me?

    The things I’ve seen, where I’ve been, if I could tell you, I would
    But I’ve no words, I have but these scars under my skin

    I always thought they were dreams, certainly not memories
    But you are here, what does it mean?
    Where do we begin?

    From Heaven sent, or the other thing?
    I don’t care, I don’t need to know
    I am awake, I’m remembering,
    our time is never enough

    Will you hold on to me?
    Embrace me if I toss and turn?
    Tell me, do you believe?
    Come watch with me, as our world burns
    Will you pretend with me,
    (that to) what we once were, we will return?
    Sky, earth and in-between
    Come watch with me, as our world burns

    I was alone, it was okay, I never felt quite right in a crowd anyway
    My comfort found among selected few, but true to me

    I act the part (that) you expect
    I was never sure, but it seemed to be
    the best disguise, don’t you see?
    You never really saw me

    We have come to impasse
    The universe demands a sacrifice
    a balance to restore
    That means you and me, not either or
    Are you prepared to give everything?
    I will not let you go for anything
    Screw balance, I want more,
    a life worth living for
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    “I’m late!!!”

    I ran out of the inn with a worried expression. The reason? I overslept! It was fun talking with my two partners. They have a lot of good conversation topic and we stay all night long. To make matter worse, I was having too much fun at the festival last night too and that tired me out quite a bit already, thus making me having the best sleep I had since I came to the Guild. Oh, I guess having that knight plushie with me also helped me.

    Thankfully, I already prepared what I need to for the day. Jibs had already prepared the ingredients, but for some reason, I think she might need more. Why, you might ask? Because her pancakes are good! It is quite famous even within the circle of adventurers. But since I don’t know whether she might need or not, I just keep it inside my item box, just in case. I also already have my trusty dagger with me. Of course, already washed and ready to use. I don’t know, using that for cooking is somewhat easier for me. Is it because of the fact that I used it often? Now, where is the pancake stal-

    “Hey, did you hear about that new stall?”

    “What stall? The food one?”

    “Yeah! That one! The pancake one. Everyone said the food is good and it’s quite affordable.”

    “Really? Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

    Did I just hear that right? I was stunned by what I just heard. I mean, there is already another pancake stall? Oh, I hope Jibs can manage against that new stall. And I hope that she can get more custo-

    “Come on! Come on!”

    “D-Don’t pull me! Why are you so excited to eat those pancake?”

    “Did you not hear that? The line is so long that we might not get one!”

    “Really? But isn’t it just a stall managed by an adventurer?”

    “Oh, not just any adventurer. It is one that is being the talked amongst the adventurer as the best pancake maker in the Guild, Jibs the pancake maker hobit. Come on!!!”


    Ah, so it is Jibs. Isn’t that good for her? She is that famous already even among non-adventurer. And to even have lines of people queuing to get one of her pancakes. I’m happy for her…..Oh, no….Does that mean her ingredients might be as I predicted? And….can she managed all of that?...

    “I’m coming, Ms. Jibs!!!!”

    With a more worried mind, I ran toward that place while casting my levitation spell onto my feet. Why did I have to overslept!?

    “Oh…..dear me…..”

    I looked at what in front of my eyes and found a group of people lining up against what seems to be a small stall that has a cute sign on top of it. I can’t really see except the word “Jibs” on it. It seems that I was right to just follow the flow of people that was talking about ‘pancake’, ‘sweet stuff’, and ‘cute hobit’.

    “N-No time to get amazed at that, Elyn! You must help her!”

    I then took the back way toward the stall, avoiding the sea of customer that keeps on piling up each minute. And sure enough, it was not an easy job. I was even shouted at by some people that thought I was going to cut the line. The moment I saw both Jibs and Blanc busy doing their job, I let out a wide smile. They were working very hard. And it is time for me to help them!

    “Ms. Jibs! S-Sorry for being late. Here, I have extra ingredients in case you need some more! And I will cut more fruits so that you can make it faster. Is that okay?”

    She nodded at my question. For some reason, I feel that she was just nodding that without really understanding my words. Poor girl, she is probably too busy serving the customer.

    After finding an empty area near them, I put the ingredients near me and then line up the fruits near me as neatly as possible. I also took a bowl to store my work. With that ready, I started levitating the fruits one by one and then sliced them midair with my dagger. I have a lot to do!
    (( @BlancFrost , @Jibs ))
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    Sadly, I didn't win the cosplay event. A strange person did instead, that currently is being chased by a mob while carrying the only person that clapped at her victory speech. I still haven't found Elias... I pout. Where could he be? There was this man at the competition, wearing a mask. Could it have been him? It would be too embarassing if he wasn't after asking him, so I won't...

    After searching for Elias a bit more, I come across an announcement.
    "T-that would be quite embarrassing... and I never did something like this before... but for Elias... I can do it." After nodding to myself, I sit down and concentrate like I would in a battle to create a poem that could fit, and hand it in:

    Every time I see the stars, - Stars or wind? attempt to refer to the great plains.
    I can't help but remember you. - I almost always do...
    And it feels like my heart, - Is heart even a fitting word?
    Can't be warm without you. - I always feel warm when with him...

    Without you, - Use two lines to highlight the distance, refer to the previous line
    I - alone. - Make I and alone look the same;

    While I do like your voice, - Really suits his face
    You don't always have to tease me. - It's embarrassing... but it's not like I completely dislike it
    And I do like your face, - Handsome
    Which is something not all can see. - It makes me feel important

    Fever - Could give the love a bad image

    When we are together, - Opposite side on the poem of alone to ensure that the difference is seen
    My heart feels like a drum. - Beats fast, drum = sacred instrument of my clan,
    When we are together, - Repeat to highlight this fact and refer to the previous two lines
    It feels like a song. - Song = Beautiful

    You and I, we. - One line to show the difference to the alone, we again show the together

    Satisfied, I leave to once again search for Elias until I notice something. "Wah- I forgot to erase my notes!" It's too late now...
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    Seeing that his plan was foiled by Elyn and Blanc coming to Jibs' aid, Elias could only click his tongue in disappointment.

    He was about to go and approach Chambui (who seemed to have failed to recognize him in his old uniform) when a poetry contest was announced.

    "Fk me. It just had to be poetry."
    Elias had never been that gifted in the area of poetry. His best so far was a pathetic string of words that went, "Roses are red, violets are blue. Does this smell like chloroform to you?" An abomination of a poem that nearly had him shot with a cannon.

    He was about to just leave it be however, he saw Chambui hard at work scribbling down something. Focusing his enhanced vision it could be seen that she was composing a poem.

    Seeing this he felt absolutely conflicted. While he was already aware of the fact that he was the absolute worst at it, not sparing any effort to try still gnawed at him after seeing Chambui's effort.

    "I'm gonna hate myself for this."
    Saying that in his head, he went to a nearby bench as he prepared for greater trial than when he was designing his revolvers.
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    The 2nd day of the festival is getting filled with more and more excitement. After the cosplay event that was held by the Guild managed to gain quite some crowd ended, the crowd dispersed to the many stalls around the stage. There’s even the rumor of a famous pancake stall that is highly recommended by the adventurer, making more and more people excited at what else they could find in the festival.

    Among that ocean of people, a couple could be seen walking around with their arm intertwined with each other. They looked at the condition of the festival with interest. No. It is only the female one. The male just looked around with a slight disinterest in his eyes.

    “It’s quite a success, isn’t it, Guildmaster?”

    “…It is….”

    Yes, they are none other than Shadow, the Guildmaster, and Erdatiel, his wife. They were looking around the place to inspect and also to enjoy the remaining day of the festival.

    “Isn’t it good that more and more people came into the festival?”

    “….It is…”

    “Ah, I can even see some more food stall over there.”

    “…It is….”

    “…..Hey, Shadow, are you listening to me?”

    “U-Uhm, I am….I think…”

    “Sheesh,” with her hand on her hips, she walked in front of him and then looked straight at him, “why are you so absentminded?”

    “….Uhm…..Your clothes…..”

    “Hmm? What is wrong with my clothes?”

    After asking that, she spun on her heel around once, making her skirt twirled in the air as it was raised slightly. Together with her skirt, the apron she wore on top of her outfit also moved like that. Her dark hair also followed her movement as they swayed freely. It was held by a white headband that has some yellow trimmings on it.

    “…Nothing’s wrong, but…why a maid outfit?”


    Yes, he is right. Erdatiel was wearing a maid outfit. It was an outfit borrowed from the costume stall near the stage of the cosplay event. Even if the event is done, everyone can still borrow some costume from there for some fee. And for some reason, the desert elf’s interest landed on the maid uniform, complete with a white headband and also a brown basket.

    “Because it’s cute, you know?” said the desert elf as she beamed a wide smile at her husband.

    “I know….but….”

    “What? It doesn’t suit me?”

    “It does….a bit too much, in fact….,” said Shadow accompanied by a slight groan and a slight blushing face.

    “Oh, is that so?”

    A grin appeared on her face as she heard that comment from him. She took a step forward and then leaned onto her husband’s side, almost touching his cheeks. Before he gets to respond, a small kiss was planted on his cheek. After that, she took a step back.

    “Then be glad that I have rent this one for the whole day. That means tonight I can still wear this one too,” said Erdatiel as she grinned mischievously at him.

    It took Shadow a few seconds before understanding what she meant by that sentence. At that, he just scratched his nose with a slightly wry smile plastered on his face. He also decided to ignore the meaningful smile the others around them gave him as they looked at the couple’s playful scene.

    “….We were late to see the cosplay event because we were too tired last night, you know?”

    “And because of that I can rent this particular outfit for the whole day~ Aren’t you glad?”

    “….I am, actually. Just don’t complain if I tire you again tonight.”

    “I won’t,” she said with a shake of her head, “I have a lot of stamina. Now let’s just enjoy the rest of the festival, Master~”

    “...Okay…that’s a bit much, Erd.”


    She tilted her head as she heard his response to his playful antics. But then Shadow went closer to her and then leaned his head close to her ears.

    “At least…not until tonight, my cute maid.”

    “Hehe~ As you wish then, Master.”

    “Good to hear,” he then put his hand on her waist. “Let’s enjoy the festival again then. I heard there is a good pancake stall somewhere.”

    “Lead the way, dear~”
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    Festival Day 1

    "Welcome! You want plushies? Well I have these Shadbear teddy-bears and the World-Nomming Chibi Biel plushies in stock if you're interested. It'll be 50 gold in total and you'll also get two raffle tickets (No.007 and No.008)."
    super super super super coollllllll~~~~~
    tho for lady biel I guess it's super cuteeeeeeee
    these plushies thingies are greeaatttttt
    "Oh, I also want the..."
    and then boom!
    some explosion or something happened!
    I ran over to where the commotion are
    but the sea of people were too tight~!
    I can't see...
    *walks away and try to find the plushies again*

    Dejected, I looked around uninterestedly, thinking about the plushies I didn't end up buying O.Q

    So I went back to the guild inn... tomorrow there's still the festival anyway. may be i'll see that plushie again....

    ((Lucy conveniently arrives to this scene))
    What an annoying day
    *kicks chair*

    Who cares about family! You're better off without them
    Why would anyone keep a family whatever heirloom anyway
    That guy is annoying, whatever Tene whatever
    *grumbles while walking around*

    I had to go see elves on the quest and now the festival too. Ugh.

    *opens the window and walks to the roof*
    *lies down*
    *looks at the star*
    I hate today.
    *rolls in frustration*
    *grumbles self to sleep*

    Festival Day 2

    Can't sleep.
    *rubs eyes*
    whatever let's go to that elven village again
    *stumbles back to the room and takes bag*
    *slumps back to the festival*

    Upon arriving at the festival, lots of people were in costumes.
    "...... hue?"
    *walking pace slightly increased*
    *walks fast to a nearby costume people*
    "hey hey hey you look cool~!"
    "oh, thanks, though too bad I couldn't get a costume like the people in the contest"
    "yea, did you miss it, they had a costume contest"
    coonntessttt????? I missed something fuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn??????????

    Slightly hovering around, I tried to find a place where there are a lot of people again, hoping for something fun.
    ... poem? *tilts head* what's that?
    "hey hey hey, what's a poem?"
    "Errr.. it's a series of lines? That tells a story?"
    ".... muuuuuu what's that?"
    "it's almost like a song!"
    "oh yeah, that works too! yea, you just need to make a song about your love"
    "love?~ song~?" make a song? hmmmmm "I wanna try!"
    "oh, sure, you can just write your poem here!"
    "muuuuu write? can't I just say it ouuutt?"
    "oh, sure, we can write it out for you"
    "hmmm hmmmm hmmmmmm looooveee" *rubs rubs chin*
    "I love the sky!
    So blue and high!
    And the clouds!
    So white and round!
    I waaannnaaa flyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
    *makes lots of breezes*
    "whoa, *holds submission papers in place* calm down there"
    "hue?" *slightly hovers due to strong winds* muuuuu~ *goes down and reduces the wind*"
    "Hmm, go on"
    "Go on?"
    "yea, continue"
    *tilts head* "that's all!"
    *leaves and looks around the festival again*

    costume~~~~ they're so coollll~~~

    Edit: OOC
    Ascending in the east,
    Lighting up the world,
    Waking the worlds from their slumber,
    Warming up the hearts,
    Welcoming me from the darkness,
    Embracing me in brilliance,
    You are my sunrise
    <My True Love>
    Even if the whole worlds against us
    Even if they judge this wrong
    But who are they to judge love
    As true as love can be

    Your presence intoxicating
    For you I’d do anything
    Together well have the last laugh
    Anyone in our way doesn't deserve our attentions

    Your life and death is mine
    I won’t let anyone take that away
    Flower to my heart, piercing deep
    Thorns wrapping and tangling me
    The pain, the blood
    Reminds me this is real
    And together we'll rule the world

    And together we are the world
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    Reading List:
    Oh, first name? Ah, I guess the adventurers would be like that, huh, I need to get accustomed to this.
    "It's a pleasure to meet you too Miss Biel. I wouldn't know what to do had I not met you." What a nice and charming person.

    "I'm glad you think that way. Sure, I don't mind," we started walking through the stalls, seeing the children get excited at the simple games, the adults at the other games (Wait, what's that technology? This place is quite... advanced. I've never seen them before), at the couples sharing food they bought.

    "Hmm, I'm not sure what to say, really. But I've come from a family of merchants. I wanted to feel what it was like to be our pioneer, to establish a shop on our own, rather than continuing my family's shop. We started out as a florist, so I thought, how appropriate it would be to sell flowers. The moment is just right too"

    "So, tell me, what do you do as an item's master?" I asked, pushing the conversation further as we walked slowly looking around and enjoying the festival atmosphere.
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    Reading List:
    As the festivities go on and people left and right go about in their merriment, a man clad in a black military-style longcoat and a metallic mask lay silent upon a bench.

    This man has attracted many looks of curiosity, surprise, and a myriad of other reactions.

    For right now, in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the festival, this man can be found sleeping with nary a care in the world.

    This man is Elias.

    Being an absolute failure in poetry, he shorted out and lost consciousness while racking his brains for verses and battling away bawdy ballads that came to mind.

    "...whuzzat?" Jolted Elias in his sleep. "Ah, crap. I fell asleep."

    He then checked the piece of paper in his hands and found that it was still as blank as the moment he took it from his pack.

    "*sigh* Whoever invented this damned thing called poetry deserves all his bones to be broken!"

    However, as he was contemplating on inflicting pain on the progenitor of poetry, a wave of ideas rushed into his head. Acting upon this sudden epiphany, Elias immediately scribbled down everything onto the sheet of paper held. Minutes later, 4 verses emerged from within the various scribbles and mangled erasures upon the sheet.

    Ask me not of trinkets and tokens,
    Of undying promises never to be broken.
    Instead ask that in my arms you be awoken;
    And find what you seek with words unspoken.

    "Well, they did't say how long it had to be."

    Satisfied, Elias then turned in that messy sheet. But moments later, a strange sensation crept up on him.

    "I somehow have the urge to shoot myself. Hrrrrmmmm...."
  16. ExitedDeviljho

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    "Hope? I wouldn't hope that we can stay together for just another year. I....I want to be together with you....forever.... just like we are I..I.. expect you to live for a very, very, very long time with me..."

    And soon after she said those word she kissed me.
    Uuuuuuu to kissed me after saying those word is not fair Sio, as a result I can’t stop my face from blushing and my heart started to beat wildly. But somehow seeing Sio who getting flustered made me calmed down. She was really cute when she get flustered *giggle* .

    "It's because.... I..I'm... love you...I'm love you... so much, that I can't never part with you for real."

    Although She was whispering it to me, but It’s sound really clear to me.
    Those word make me happy….Very very happy. To spend my time together with the person I love is always my dream, but after saying that, I can see her hand trembling a little, I held her hand gently and Said

    “I….I also don’t want to part with you.
    I want to be always together with you Sio.
    When the first time I met you, My heart skipped a bit.
    When the first time I see your smile, My heart skipped a bit.
    You’re just like a Moon to me, Bring light to this dark night of mine
    You’re just like a Sun to me, Brighten this gloomy days of mine
    Your smile is everything to me
    Your Love is everything to me
    That’s why under this starry night.
    I will pledge my love to you
    And be together forever.”

    Ah I finally said it……….That’s was so embarrassing !!!
    That’s was the Poem that I made after I failed my proposal.…….
    And supposed to be read on my next profosal…..
    Why did I end up reading it out loud now !!
    Ahhhhhhh I just want to find my pillow and bury my head in it…Uuuuu
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    “I….I also don’t want to part with you.
    I want to be always together with you Sio.
    When the first time I met you, My heart skipped a bit.
    When the first time I see your smile, My heart skipped a bit.
    You’re just like a Moon to me, Bring light to this dark night of mine
    You’re just like a Sun to me, Brighten this gloomy days of mine
    Your smile is everything to me
    Your Love is everything to me
    That’s why under this starry night.
    I will pledge my love to you
    And be together forever.”

    Such...such a great poem... I think...if I was to die now, I will die without any regrets.

    "T..thanks.... Thanks so much for being here with me. A...and.. thank you.. for such a beautiful poem."

    With my heart beating crazy in my chest, I could feel my face all heated up, I wonder if I'm sick? I'm feel so happy and nervous at same time, that I'm not sure what I should do. Looking back to Sin, I could tell he was also very frustrated. Since it was already very late in the night. I told him it's time to go home, maybe he was still frustrated from before, for he just nodded at my words. Walking side by side, and hand in hand, we go back to the inn we came from. When we finally need part our ways, I could still feel the lingering warm, from our interlocked hands.
    The next day, I come to know that there is a love poem contest, thinking about yesterday event, I quickly find myself a pen and paper to write on. This time, I shall show you my love, though this poem!

    It was your beauty, that made me look at you.
    It was your voice, that made me listen to you.
    However, it's was your personality, that made me like you, fall for you and finally love you.

    Someday, I saw you in a dress, a dress so white, so pure and so pretty like you.

    Are you perhaps a wingless angel? If so, then let me be your wings, the wings that carry you across the sky, the wings that carry you under the starry night.

    I wonder if you are quite alright? For you are a weak knight.
    I can come to protect you, right? Then my wings shall protect you in my flight.

    I may lose my feathers, I may break my wings, I may even lose my life.
    But as long you are alife, then it's all worthwhile.

    Without you, my heart will be gone.
    Without you, my mind will go crazy.
    Without you, my life will go empty.

    Because, I simply love you.
    Because, I can't stop loving you.
    Because, I'm madly in love with you.

    If you still wondering why I love you, then it's because, you are you.
    It's because, you are Sin
    It's because, you are the sinful angel, who stole my heart.

    By Xio
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    "It wasn't that bad. What's more important, are you alright? You always worry me." - Tene

    Guu- So Manly!! Twirling his Staff, So Perfect with his Butler Costume!!

    “Ehh…somebody help me!” - (???)

    Suddenly someone screamed on the direction of the food stalls... most particularly is the one with the longest line... no matter how you look at it... ISN'T IT A BIT TOO LONG??? the lane even reached the next block... even the merchants are starting to line up too... maybe i should too...

    'pancakes' 'pancakes' 'Jibs Pancakes' 'mai waifu' 'choco pancakes' 'honey pancakes'

    Listening to the crowd, it looks like a pancake stall is what is riling them up... and its JIBS!!! SISTER WHAT DID YOU DO TO SEDUCE EVERYONE!!?!?!!?

    "Tene! Sis Jibs needs some help on the pancake stall, Want to help?" - Kynn

    Leading Tene without waiting for his reply, We make our way from the crowd and i saw someone... a metallic mask that resembles a human skull yet appearing mechanical at the same time, a military style long coat with a hood over his head... no matter how you look at it... its Elias isn't it?

    "I somehow have the urge to shoot myself. Hrrrrmmmm...." - Elias
    "Got You!! You need to help Too~ you cook sweets too good afterall Dad~" - Kynn

    Leading them both towards the Pancake stall without their consent... well if it wasn't dad... im just going to apologize to him later...

    OOC: ((@BarelyEnoughToReachTheApex @Quaesitor @Jibs )) (( :) ))
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    "Love is blind,
    Yet I still blindly walk,

    Love is a heartbreaking pain,
    Yet it is a pain I am willing to smile with,

    Love is poison,
    Yet it is a poison I am willing to drink,

    Love is not eternal,
    Yet I still love, for it is beautiful,
    Yet I still love, for it brings me warmth,
    Yet I still love, for it is worth the time,
    Yet I still love, for you are there to love..."
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    Me and Miss Charlotte started to walk through the festival talking, she sure is a nice person, I am glad to have met her.

    Talking with someone while seeing the children run, the stalls filled with people, and the couples enjoying the night... It filled me with a good feeling, it's really a good situation~

    Miss Charlotte said she wanted to follow her ancestors path and open her own shop~
    I sincerely admire her thoughts~
    It's something that I have no idea on how it feels... Having a dream, an major objective... I had been just living for living the greater part of my life... And everything around me would just sudden disappear... But... Now things are different... Maybe I should try to think about the future too?
    With these thoughts my curiosity about her grew

    "Amazing Miss Charlotte~
    Going out of your home and following the same dream your ancestors had~
    It is really brave~ and beautiful~
    Having a dream like that~"

    Turning to see a if I find a good place for her stall I continue

    "Starting by a flower shop is really good~
    And if you have the knowledge~
    You may expand it later to medicinal plants and such~
    It would be good to see a good shop owned by a guild member~"

    She then asked about my work on the guild.
    And I answered smiling.

    "Well it's nothing much~
    Basically~ I am the responsible to identify any object that the guild doesn't know what it is~
    Be it magical or not~
    I also help with the knowledge to process some unusual materials~
    And more importantly~ I catalog and keep safe any dangerous item that may fall on our hands~"
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