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    OCC- I meant that it almost reached a thousand. Also, I asked . . . hopefully someone answers! Also, is NPC gold gold used during a quest? Also, is my story good? is there anything that needs work?
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    Delta Town|#SD1|D-Ranked|Slay 10 Water Spiders [100 G]

    Delta Town|#SD2|D-Ranked|Slay 5 Flesh Leeches [130 G]

    Delta Town|#SD3|D-Ranked|Slay 5 Sea snakes [120 G]

    I woke up around 10 in the morning, feeling better. I had taken a day off, as the rat bites infected me with a cold. However, the inn I was staying at made good soup, and after a day’s rest I was fully healed. I prepared myself for the next few quests.

    All of the quests were battle quests, so I knew I had to plan carefully. While I planned, I set up the ritual for three [Fast Forward]s. My first target were the Water Spiders. As nocturnal insects, they would have just fallen asleep by the time I get there.

    I stood in front of the spell circle, checking for any faults. After realizing it was perfect, I began pouring mana into it. The mana flowed through the ink, steadily highlighting the spell till the entire thing was glowing.

    The spell circle brightened and floated off the paper. Using one hand, I kept a steady flow of mana as I lifted the glass on a Magick Ritual Watch do the spell circle could enter. The circle calmly floated into the watch and I breathed out, relieved.

    I repeated the process twice more, and was left exhausted with only a thread of mana left. Each [Fast Forward] took a ⅓ of my mana, and I had made three in a row. Still, I was happy with the result.

    Ritual Magick allows the reuse of Ritual Paper as long as the engraving was perfect. It was very cost-effective. I only needed to buy Ritual Ink, and I had stocked up yesterday.

    I looked at the 310 gold and sighed. I hit the jackpot with the rat stash, but lost 150G right after. At least I didn’t have to worry for the next two weeks. But still! All for a peasley 5 pounds of Ritual Ink.

    I slapped my cheeks as I turned my attention to the first quest.


    I stared at the Water Spider colony before me as I stood on the edge of the pond. This was an easy task, especially with the right bait. I took out 3G worth of Mud Worms as I pensively waited for an awake Water Spider.

    I wasn’t disappointed, as a Water Spider left the nest merely 4 minutes later. I stalked the insect and waited till it was a distance from the nest. I took out a Mud Worm and threw it near the arachnid. The spider bristled before approaching the worm. It hesitated, then began gorging itself.

    I waited a few seconds and and then swung the tree branch I had broken off before. The spider was immediately squashed and I placed the corpse in my bag. I nodded at the branch, seeing the effectiveness of blunt weapons.


    I finished the quest in 2 hours. There were a lot of times where I missed the spider, but I eventually got to 10. There was a period when I had to wait 20 minutes for a spider, though.

    I looked at my spoils and thanked the gods that spiders were lone hunters. Otherwise, it would’ve been much harder.

    I threw away the useful branch as I strolled to the second quest location.


    Flesh leeches were even easier. I just threw the Tuna Fillet in and waited for the leeches too come. It wasn’t that bloody, but some spider blood mixed with my own was perfect for the situation.

    I just waited till 5 leeches latched onto the tuna and then threw both the tuna and the leeches onto dry land. From there, I moved to a nicer location as I waited out the leeches. I had lunch.

    By the time I went back, the leeches had suffocated to death. I easily picked up the corpses as I thought about the hardest quest.


    I had chosen to use three [Fast Forwards]s instead of two [Fast Forwards] and one [Slow motion] for a reason. Slow Motion used up ¾ of my mana, and I didn’t have time to restore myself to full conditions and make it in time to catch the Water Spiders unprepared.

    However, it was also because of a certain characteristic of sea snakes.

    Sea Snakes are not only poisonous and fanged, but also travel alone and far from each other. But the most annoying thing about Sea Snakes is how fast they are. They swim in a way that gives them instant acceleration, making it hard to catch them.

    That’s why 3 [Fast Forward]s are more important than a [Slow Motion]. I wouldn’t even be able to hit them with my spell, so it was better to just increase my own speed.

    I casted [Quicken] on myself, and stared at the water’s surface. I had asked my acquaintance, the sailor, where to find Sea Snakes, and this was one of several locations.

    Sure enough, I saw a Sea Snake almost immediately. The snake was so fast, that if I hadn’t used both [Fast Forward] and [Quicken], all I would’ve seen was a black shadow. I took out my handy fishing net and entangled the sea snake. Thanks to my buffs, I was able to catch the snake and pull it onto shore.

    The snake hissed at me through the gaps of the net, but outside of water, it was much slower. I glared at the beast as I drew my [Mithril Dirk]. I swiped at it a few times and let it bleed to death. I used heavy rocks to weigh down the net, so all the Sea Snake could do was slowly die.

    I picked up the corpse and put it in my bag. Staring at my bulging satchel, I remembered the item box. Deciding on my next course of action, I gained a firm look in my eyes.


    I picked up the last Sea Snake corpse as I looked to the sunset. Most of my time was spent traveling to different locations, and there were even times I would miss the Sea Snake and let it escape.

    I carried the corpse to the inn and then headed towards a Magic Shop.


    The owner looked at me and said “Are you sure you want to do this?”

    “Yes, I do.”

    “Okay then; the enchantment transfer will be 300G.”

    Gritting my teeth, I hand over the money. I take off my satchel and hand it over to the magician. He began to mumble as bothe the item box and the satchel glowed. I knew that an enchantment transfer would severely lower the enchantment’s grade.

    10 minutes later, the magician hands me both items, with the satchel having absorbed the item box’s glow. I looked at the satchel and felt satisfaction rising up from within me and temporarily forgot about the measly 10G left in my pockets.

    “Thank you for your patronage.”


    I approached @Carm’s counter and easily took out all the corpses from my bag. I placed the quest papers on her(Carm your a girl, right?) desk.

    “I have finished these quests.”

    Satchel of Light Weight => Expanded Satchel of Featherweight


    OCC- There! now I have a legit reason for not using the item box.
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    Delta Town|#SD1|D-Ranked|Slay 10 Water Spiders [100 G]
    Delta Town|#SD2|D-Ranked|Slay 5 Flesh Leeches [130 G]
    Delta Town|#SD3|D-Ranked|Slay 5 Sea snakes [120 G]

    "Welcome back Mister Wunder. I see all your corpses are in place. Uhuh uhuh. Good, everything seems to be in order. Here's your reward, 350 G, good luck!"

    ((not a girl, and is all of that done in the same pond? Cause if it is, that is NOT a pond, it's a lake.))
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    A hoodie man walks slowly in the counter looking exhausted and full of dust.
    He pulled a report and put it in the counter. "Ah don't worry about the dust I'll clean that up"
    Jin walks to the Askian Village to ask who wants to come with him for the desert quest. As he opens the door someone tackled him.

    "Master Vodka save us!!" Bernard shouted clinging to Jin's legs
    "........" Lavri face's cringe as he hides behind Jin.
    "Oh dear~ you guys should just accept taking a bath. You need to be clean after your training" Presia slowly approaches with a 2 towels in her hands. Sanie was looking fresh and clean while Flyx was also wet but looks dead tired lying his head on the table.

    "WE DON’T WANT TO TAKE BATHS!!" Bernard shouted while Lavri nods.
    "Oh~ Sir Soju... Oh I mean Master Vodka you're here... do you need something?" Presia looks to Jin who was wearing a hoodie and was being used as a shield by the 2 Kobold boys.

    "Hmm... I need someone to join me in the desert quest. We're heading to the Desert Village" Jin said to them while thinking. 'Presia really likes her bath'

    "Me me me!!" Bernard raises his hand and Lavri also raised it silently.
    "Well, I could also need a change of scenery... I could find inspiration" Flyx eyes gain life.
    "Hmm.... I'll pass, I don't like sand in my fur" Presia cover her face with a fan.
    "Fueee....." Sanie seems out of it maybe because of the bath.
    [​IMG] "OK then!! but before we go... Bernard and Lavri take a bath!!" Jin grabs Lavri and Bernard throwing them to Presia.

    "Oh, my~ thank you Master Vodka fufu" Presia hold the 2 kobolds between her arms and drags them to the bathroom.
    "NOOOO!!! Why~!!" Bernard shouted stretching his hand towards Jin.
    "........tche" Lavri face full of agony.
    "Sigh~ it just a bath" Jin face-palms seeing the 2 Kobolds being over dramatic over bathing when Presia a cat likes it.
    Desert Village|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Large Lizard [50 G]

    Jin with his followers, Flyx the Catsith bard and the two Kobolds: Bernard the archer and Lavri the rogue.
    Jin visits the Tavern and Market first to buy essentials like water and rations before going to the Desert Village. As they walk away from the Floating City of Aeternus, they could see the desert.

    "Ok, guys the desert is a very dangerous place, the scenery looks familiar and it easy to get lose that's why I called a finder" Jin grins and looks to the desert.
    "But I can scout and Lavri can do mapping too!!" Bernard argued.
    "Well, you guys are talented but the desert is different from other place. It has no landmark and scenery is always changing due to the sand dunes. Nothing but desert plants, dry sand, and heat. Plus the walk seems endless." Jin explains making the Kobold silent.

    Suddenly a figure appears from the desert.
    [​IMG] A tall man with tan skin and red snake eyes with white hair.
    He started to get closer to Jin and the others.

    "Hey Brother!! it's been so long" Jin pats the guy's shoulder. "I introduce to you Shamal"
    "Nice to meet, Sir I'm Flyx" Flyx bows.
    "Bernard is the name" Bernard pouts looking away.
    ".......Lavri" Lavri stares silently.
    Shamals nods at them and look to Jin, "Good that you pick noon, the heat is lower than in the morning. Then shall we go?"
    "Ok, then common guys let's begin!" Jin follows Shamal as he leads the way. Flyx pick up his flute and started playing a music in his flute.


    As Shamal lead the way they followed the river in the desert that passes to the Alchemist Lab and onward to the Desert Mine.

    "Oh~ So this is the Desert Mine! I should try mining next time. Hey Shamal where are we going next?" Jin looks at the map Lavri was holding.
    "......I think we could just follow the river since it would lead to the Desert Village" Lavri remarks as he pointed the river on the map.
    "See~ we don't need a finder after all!!" Bernard said his tail wagging.
    "Well that will take a lot of time... Shamal can we go straight towards the Desert Village?" Jin asks.
    "Hmm... if that's what you want" Shamal proceeds to look at the distance his eyes glowing redder. "Then, follow me"


    Shamal walks southeast towards the Desert Village. Then suddenly a group of lizard pop out from the sand and surround them.

    "Lucky... just what I need 10 [Large Lizard]" Jin grins.
    ".... I think there's more of them" Lavri sniffs.
    "Then I shall start a battle song" Flyx bows and picks up his conductor baton.
    "Yay!! a fight!!" Bernard readies his bow when suddenly Shamal push Bernard away with force.

    "Why did you did that!!" Bernard shouted but was shocked to what he sees. A [Large Lizard] has appeared in the sand and was biting Shamal's stomach as it leaps above.

    "......!!" Lavri quickly runs towards Shamal to help. But black snakes suddenly gushes out the body of the lizard followed by red blood and killing it. Lavri and Bernard stood still shocked.

    “Geez.. Shamal your scaring them” Jin grins as he sees Shamal land on the ground and stood emotionlessly. The black snakes creepily return to his wound from the lizard teeth and then his body slowly heals leaving no scar.

    *cough cough* Umm enemies” Flyx kindly reminded them about the other [Large Lizard] while running away dodging them also as he played the flute.

    “Sorry Flyx!!” Jin jump towards the [Large Lizard] and giving it a drop kick before it bites Flyx. He then grab it and swings it around hitting the other lizards. Jin keeps rotating like a spinning wheel. Lavri nodge Bernard to move as he disappears and reappears to the nearest Lizard slashing it with his kodachi. Bernard awakens from shock and swiftly release arrows towards the lizard. Jin keeps hitting the Lizard without weapon as he only uses his Mercenary skills.

    “....Jin you still have the habit of not using other skills when you change in attire” Shamal was just observing them while the lizard avoided him.
    “Hehehe.. Can’t be help! I change fighting style depending on my mood!!” Jin laughs while he keeps attacking the Lizard to death. As Jin killed 10 [Large Lizards] while injuring the others. He went to Shamal to observe his followers finish the battle.

    “Flyx come here!! Shamal’s blood is poisonous so the [Large Lizard] are avoiding him” Jin waves at Flyx.
    “Umm.. but if it’s poisonous then wouldn't that dangerous for us?” Flyx ask worriedly.
    “Ah don’t worry about that… it might smell dangerous but as long as it won’t go to your bloodstream you won’t die” Jin smiles while Shamal only nods as the snake creepily pop out from his skin.

    “Well.. ok then” Flyx stood next to Shamal but is closer to Jin and continue playing the flute. They observe the fight as the 2 Kobolds killed the remaining [Large Lizards].

    “Master Vodka!! I killed about nine!!” Bernard wags his tail excitedly.
    “” Lavri only squint his eye remembering Bernard doing kill steal.
    “Good Job Guys!!” Jin pats their head.
    “We're done here, let’s go” Shamal starts to walk away towards the desert Village as Jin and the others follows.
    Desert Village|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Large Scarab [50 G]
    As Shamal lead the way, as the sun sets welcoming the night, the sky started to get dark. The temperature started to drop giving a cold chill.[​IMG]

    "Brr.... It's so cold" Bernard hug himself.
    “......” Lavri covers himself tightly with his scarf.
    "It's getting cold... why don't we rest for awhile" Jin looks at Shamal.
    "Ok then….” Shamal search for a place to camp and prepares the fire, cooking some stew.

    “Oh~ looks delicious” Flyx looks at the food and proceed to help.
    “Bernard let’s prepare the tent and Lavri please secure the parameter” Jin started giving orders to the 2 Kobolds as he took out the tent in his Item Box. While Lavri disappears to place some warning beckons and traps for any incoming monsters when they sleep.

    “Done!!” Jin smiles as the tent is complete, he went to the fire to get taste of the stew.
    “...….” Shamal slaps Jin hand from dipping his spoon. “Not yet…”
    “Geez just a bite… I’m hungry” Jin pouts.
    “Can have a taste too?” Bernard asks with pitiful face while Flyx was just playing a flute close to them.

    Lavri appears running towards them with a serious face as he blinks and pass them.
    “Incoming….” Lavri disappears again.
    “What’s coming..?” Flyx tilts his head.
    “[Large Scarab]!!! And large number of them!!” Bernard pointed his bow as he start firing his arrows. Shamal quickly put the lid on the pot and black snakes slowly creeps out his skin threatening the [Large Scarab]. Flyx started to play a spellsong activating his buff.

    Jin rushes forward toward the [Large Scarab] group.
    Jin grabs the head of a Scarab and crushed. He then swings his fist sideways as he hit 3 more [Large Scarabs]. Jin twist his body, kicking the [Large Scarab] attacking in his back. He keeps punching the other 4 [Large Scarabs] crushing their head and killing them. As the one [Large Scarabs] tried to bite his head, Jin headbutted it making it fall to the ground as he stomp to crush it.

    “Hmm.. 10 [Large Scarab] guess you guys kill the rest. Imma eat hehehe” Jin moves to Shamal who is holding the pot, then he got hit in the head with a ladle.

    As Bernard and Lavri finishes the rest of [Large Scarabs] and join the others to start eating.
    “You're still good at cooking Shamal” Jin gives a thumbs up.
    “Another serving please!!” Bernard shows his bowl and Lavri also follows up.
    Shamal nods and give refill.

    After they finish eating… they proceeds to sleep and rest the night near the fire away from the cold.
    Desert Village|#SD1|D-Ranked|Slay 20 Large Desert Mouse [75 G]
    Jin wakes up early morning before sunrise and did some stretching. He wash his face for a bit of water.

    “Wake up Shamal... Let’s go now” Jin calls Shamal and went to wake up others. Shamal quickly wakes up and killed off the fire with his black snakes. Flyx, Bernard, and Lavri wake up then clean up the Tent and pack up.

    Shamal leads the way and at a distance, they see an oasis.
    “Wait I think I see a caravan” Bernard squints his eyes and looks at the distance, “It’s under attack!!!”
    “Let’s hurry!! Bernard, you go first” Jin shouted as he runs. Bernard nods and leaps in front of Jin and lands to Jin’s right hand.

    “HERE WE GOOO!!!” Jin throws Bernard towards the direction of the caravan.
    As Bernard flew toward to the air. He grabs his bow and releases arrows killing the attackers that are closing the civilians. He lands to the caravan rooftop and smiles.

    “Oh, it’s a [Large Desert Mouse]~ [Rapid Arrow]” Bernard release his arrow killing multiple [Large Desert Mouse] ready to kill the merchants.

    “Don’t worry we’re here!! Reinforcements are coming” Bernard said with a smile
    The merchants show a relief and are glad for a savior arriving.

    Lavri suddenly appeared behind Bernard killing any [Large Desert Mouse] coming at them. While Flyx was standing on top of the caravan activating [Spellsong].

    On the distance, Jin finally arrives.
    Jin dashes sending 5 [Large Desert Mouse] flying back with a power kick.

    “Come at me!!” Jin uses [Taunting Howl] attracting about 21 [Large Desert Mouse] towards him. The [Large Desert Mouse] started to gather around him and attack. Jin delivers a powerful punch that lifts them into the air. Has proceeded to jump kicking one by one far away with enough force to break them to the ground. As he falls, he slides towards the falling [Large Desert Mouse] hitting and launching it very slightly and hit once again killing it. As for the last [Large Desert Mouse] that falls and was knocked down, Jin give it a elbow drop killing the mouse.

    As Jin kills the [Large Desert Mouse] with unarmed close combat. Bernard was defending Jin’s blind spot with his arrows while Lavri was defending Bernard.

    Finally, after 15 minutes all the [Large Desert Mouse] are died. The merchants start to approach Jin that looks like the leader to show their gratitude.

    “Wait!! I forgot how many I killed” Jin was devastated losing count of his kills.
    “.....don’t worry you killed about 21 of them will some were lastly killed by your archer,” Shamal said as he leisurely approaches them.
    “He he he, sorry” Bernard smiles as he scratch his cheeks.
    “Well guess 3rd quest is done” Jin smiles.

    The merchants seeing their benefactor is not busy. They went closer to say thanks. “Thanks for the help I’m Adnan a humble merchant and this is my servants, might we ask for your names?” A tan skinned man with pot-bellied bows.
    “Oh My name is Jin Vodka I’m an adventurer of Aeternus Guild, the one playing the flute is a Catsith named Flyx , the black kobold is Lavri, the brown archer kobold is Bernard while this white-haired guy beside me is Shamal our guide.” Jin points to his allies.

    “Oh~ adventurer!! We are grateful for your help. If not for you kind adventurers our ware and supplies will be stolen by those pesky large mice and some of us might even die.”

    “Truly we thank you all” The merchant and his companion bowed.
    “No problem…” Jin waves his hand embarrassed.
    “So is there anything we could do for our saviors?” Adnan holds his hands above his belly smiling.
    “Well, we're heading to Desert Village so why don’t we hitch a ride with you?” Jin smiles gently.
    “No problem that would be our honor hahaha!!” Adnan laughs as he guides Jin and the others inside the caravan. Adnan was busy making sure they are comfortable.
    Desert Village|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 30 Desert Scorpion| [70 G]
    Finally, they have arrived at the Desert Village. Flyx played an Arabic music with his lute.
    Jin says goodbye to the merchants and searches for a place where they can eat.

    “....So what do you plan next?” Shamal twirls the wine in his hand.
    Jin picks up his notebook and flips it “We already killed 10 Large Lizard, 10 Large Scarab, and 20 Large Desert Fox… well, guess I’m just gonna eliminate 30 Desert Scorpions, 10 Gray Desert Fox and look for a hunting spot.”

    “Hmm… guess we gonna kill scorpions next” Flyx drinks his tea.
    “We demi-humans have good eyesight in the dark!! We can detect them” Bernard raise his hand.
    “Then, Bernard will look at a high place to see where scorpions hang around. Lavri will look in the alley or hidden places while Flyx and I will search for every house. Just capture 10 each of desert Scorpion or more and gather them, so we can kill them all at once. Lets meet out just outside the gate near the large cactus” Jin gives his plan then he looks at Shamal, “Well, you can have fun in the village well look for you later…..”

    “Ok….” Shamal nods.
    “Careful their stinger has poison” Jin warns his allies before they separated.

    Bernard climbs the tallest building and uses [Keen eyes][Scout] abilities. As he sees the scorpion below, he releases arrow using [Rapid Shot][Multi Shot] to trap the Desert Scorpion between his arrows. He would retrieve the scorpion together with his arrows and climb again to another building catching 12.

    Lavri is putting some scorpion traps around the Desert Village. He waits for the traps to be triggered before gathering them. He made sure that other traps are dismantled after his 10th scorpion.

    Jin and Flyx visit every house and catch the Desert Scorpion hiding there. They finally gather 10 scorpions and proceed to go to the meeting place. Lavri is already waiting there while Bernard was nowhere to be found.

    “Where is Bernard?” Jin looks around.
    “Master VODKA!!!!” Bernard runs showing a large sack. “I got about 20!!”
    “.......Bernard only 10 you know” Lavri sighs.
    “So Lavri got 10, Bernard 20 and me and Master Vodka 10, total of 40 [Desert Scorpion]” Flyx.

    “Hmm…. it’s fine we could use the 10 to bait for the [Gray Desert Fox]. I heard they ate scorpions while making sure to take out the stinger. Let just rip off the stinger and make a bait for the gray desert fox.” Jin separates the 30 [Desert Scorpion].

    While Jin and Flyx prepares a ring of fire where they could burn the 30 [Desert Scorpion]. While Bernard was dealing with the stinger of the 10 [Desert Scorpion] as Lavri put them onto a trap.

    The fire was large enough to kill the [Desert Scorpion]. Jin then throws the 30 [Desert Scorpion] on the fire and making sure they all turn to ashes.

    “Barbecue…” Bernard starts to drool.
    “........” Lavri quickly hit his head.
    “....pft” Jin giggles.
    “Why don’t we have lunch?” Flyx smiled.
    Desert Village|#SD2|D-Ranked|Slay 10 Gray Desert Fox [85 G]
    Lavri has planted several scorpion bait traps in Desert Village. While waiting, they decided to have some lunch. After they ate Lavri proceed to take the traps.

    “......sorry Master Vodka I only capture 3 [Gray Desert Fox]” Lavri holds the fox as they squirm trying to get out.
    “Seems like the others are smarter and able to destroy the traps” Flyx stares at the fox.
    “Well done, let’s just hunt the others… here give them to me. I’ll kill them swiftly” Jin took an arrow from Bernard’s quiver and stab precisely at the heart of the 3 [Gray Desert Fox] killing it.

    “Then let’s go hunting!!” Bernard exclaimed his tail wagging.
    “Ok then let’s go” Jin leads the way to hunt.


    As they move in the outside the Desert Village.
    Lavri uses his sense of smell while Benard use his sight to see any [Gray Desert Foxes]

    ".....I found them it a pack" Lavri pointed out the location as the other lay low.
    Jin sees a pack of [Gray Desert Fox] numbering of 10, he gathers his strength to inflict a powerful punch while dashing forward making the fox flew bleeding while Bernard finishes it with an arrow. He then did a roundhouse kick to the 2 fox that flew due to the air pressure from his previous punch and followed by a side kick for a combo. As the 2 fox died, Jin double stomp the other 3 knocked down foxes and send them flying with a kick. The last one tried to escape but Lavri blocks it path and Jin quickly arrives behind it punching it to ground.

    Jin lets the remaining escape as he reaches the kill count.
    “Well that was quick… 10 [Gray Desert Fox] well that was quick, glad I have you guys with me for scouting” Jin rubs the head of Lavri and Bernard. “Then let’s do the last quest shall we?”
    Desert Village|#EE1|E Ranked|Look For Hunting Spot [100 G]
    Looking for hunting spot might be the most difficult part especially when the location was a desert. Jin and his followers walk around searching for any place with lots of animals. They spend a lot of time searching until the night arrives.

    “Sigh~ we should sleep in the Inn let’s continue tomorrow” Jin looks tired.
    “Yes, I’m also a bit sleepy” Flyx yawn while Lavri was already sleep-walking.
    “Well ok then!” Bernard grins still full of energy.
    The group decided to sleep and rest for the night and start the search tomorrow.


    As the morning arrives they proceed to roam outside.
    “Master Vodka... it would be helpful if we ask Sir Shamal for help” Flyx tilted his head.
    “No… it’s my quest... I’ll do my job” Jin walks ahead.

    As they walk around Flyx was playing his flute a beautiful music was played. While Bernard is chatting with the silent Lavri. Suddenly Lavri notices something out of place and looks back seeing someone is gone.

    “What’s wrong Lavri” Bernard titled his head and follows Lavri’s sight.
    “.....Master Vodka is gone” Lavri started to look around. When the others heard this they started shouting and search.


    *cough cough* “Where am I...?” Jin stands up looking at his surrounding.
    Earlier, while he was focusing too much on looking for animals that can be hunted. He was sucked by the sand, luckily he was not buried alive and only fall on the sandy ground.

    “Hey is there anyone there…? Flyx!! Bernard!! Lavri!!” Jin shouted suddenly the bats were frightened and flew from the ceiling towards him.

    "Oops....." Jin quickly docks as the Bats pass above him.
    "Hmm... are bats can be hunted. They look large brown bats, I heard people eat them" Jin stares above where he falls seeing the sand are closing up only a small sunlight was lighting the place.

    “Hmm.. seems I’m only one here and deep underground too” Jin looks gloomily for a second. “No this might be a chance, this place might be a good hunting place!!"

    Jin started to explore the underground cavern he notices lots of bats on the ceiling sleeping and some centipede crawling on the ground.

    "I should make a map so I won't get lost" Jin took his notebook and start noting the surrounding and the animals in it. Seeing to paths leading in front and to his right. He decided to check the right seeing nothing but bats and heading to a dead end with a pit in front of him.

    "Well let's go back" Jin traced his steps and getting lost for several minutes by seeing the pit again and again.

    "Dammit not again... guess I'll just jump across this" Jin takes his stance and run forward leaping. He lands to the other side almost slipping to the bottomless pit.

    "Sigh~ that was dangerous I thought I was going to die" Jin looks around and moves forward seeing a dead end (which actually where he enters the cavern).

    Jin walks forward again, seeing 4 pathways: 2 to his left side, 1 in front and 1 to the right side. He decided to choose the nearest left side. As he enters he sees lots of Cobra he flee quickly and enter the other left path seeing Rattle Snakes.

    "Nope nope nope..." Jin escapes again running to his right and enters a spider nest. ".....!!!" Jin keeps running around the maze like cavern seeing nothing but spiders, snake, centipede, and bats.

    ...........Several hours later.

    "Ah, I'm tired..." Jin leans to the wall and suddenly hear sounds of water splashing water. ".... is that water?"
    Jin enters a path he sees Meerkats drinking water. They quickly flee as they heard Jin's footsteps. Jin goes near the water and sees Lung fish and another type of small fish swimming in it.

    "Sigh~ I guess I could rest here and eat too" Jin takes some water drinking and also catching some fish to eat. As time pass by and Jin gathers his strength. He decided to collect his mind.

    "Hmm.... so Bats can be hunted. A meerkat was drinking here earlier, it's home might be close by. Some people eat cobra and make them into wine. I don't know about rattlesnake but some people eat centipedes *shiver*. The centipedes here are fat and large so I'll include that. Spider is a bit..... no matter I'll just write every animal I could find." Jin writes everything in his notebook.

    Jin slowly stands up and stretch his body.
    "Guess this is enough... might search for the exit. The hole was the Meercats escape is too small for me. Guess I'll start walking might go back to where I entered, maybe I can jump above ground."

    Jin walks around but sadly his sense of direction is zero even if he has a drawn a map. He was again lost and only to sees a dead end.

    "What should I do?" Jin was confused. "Let's follow the animals they might lead me to the exit." Jin sees a hamster and started following it quietly as he moves stalking the hamster. A predator suddenly leaps to the hamster and eating it.

    'Aardwolf? they might have a tunnel towards the surface'
    Jin sneakily follows the Aardwolf and sees a pack of them. Jin mistakenly steps on a stone making it roll towards the Aardwolfs. A sound of curse word escapes in Jin's mouth as the Aardwolf stares at him.

    "Hehe.... sorry" Jin quickly runs way as the Aardwolf chase him.

    "Please don't chase me... I'm just passing by!!" Jin started running around the cavern as the Aardwolf keeps on chasing him. 'I don't want to kill these guys...'

    Jin runs swiftly losing the Aardwolf. But he was in a dead end again and slowly drops on the ground. "Sigh~ when am I going to go back to the surface" Jin slowly sit up and leans against the wall.

    "Alone again huh... this reminds me of my past. Dammit, I don't like this feeling" Jin hold his knees burying his face in it. Slowly the hamster peeks out and started to get closer to the sulking Jin.

    ............Several minutes later

    Jin heard footsteps coming towards him. He raises his head and sees Shamal.
    "....geez you got lost again? let's go" Shamal leads Jin to the exit.
    "......." Jin was silently following him.
    "You have a hamster in the shoulder... I'll eat that" Shamal raised his hand as a black snake slowly creep out his skin going to the hamster as it stood still.

    "No... spare this poor little hamster" Jin glares while shielding the hamster.
    "Pfft.." Shamal only laughs as he walks away. Jin then laid the hamster down as he quickly follow him.

    Jin sees a large hole in the wall he didn't see earlier. He saw the wall seems bit dark and looks burned.
    "Did you make this path?"
    "Yes, I use my black snakes to borrow this wall making a passage. Don't worry the sand might have turned to black to solidify it but it's not poisonous." Shamal touches the black walls. "As time pass by, this wall will be covered with sand so the color will change"

    Jin only nods as he covers his eyes from the sudden sunlight.
    "MASTER VODKA!!!" Bernard leaps to Jin hugging him.
    "........" Lavri also suddenly appears riding Jin's shoulder.
    "I'm glad we finally find you" Flyx smiles

    Jin looks at the surrounding and a wide smile on his face.
    He was no longer alone in a cold battlefield. He has allies in the Aeternus Adventurer's Guild and followers that will join him on his journey.

    Shamal stares at them emotionless. 'Guess my job here is done'
    He walks away leaving them.

    Jin ordered Lavri and Bernard to make detail map of the hunting ground which he found, finishing his last quest.

    "Um...? Where is Shamal?" Jin tilts his head.
    "Should we look for him?" Flyx stared at the Desert Village.
    Jin and the others search everywhere for Shamal but he was nowhere to be found. They had no choice but to go back to Aeternus without a finder.

    Getting Lost Ensues......
    for several hours

    "Umm.. is this the right direction?" Flyx wonders looking at the surrounding.
    "............" Jin was only silent and keeps moving forward.
    "Don't worry! Trust Master Vodka!!" Bernard said raising his hand to the air.
    ".....well the River leads to the Aeternus" Lavri watch the map.
    ".........actually your going South towards the sea" Shamal suddenly appears behind them holding a Cobra wine.

    Jin eyes wide open and grab Shamal's shoulder shaking him. "SHAMAL!!!!!"
    Shamal was shake until Jin's anger dissipate.
    He then lead the lost beings back to Aeternus.
    Large Lizard Pelt (15pcs)
    Scorpion Venom bottle (20pcs)
    Gray Desert Fox Pelt (10pcs)
    Cobra Wine (1 bottle)
    Prickly pear cactus flowers (1 pot)​
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    Reading List:
    Yamagami enters the guild with muddy cloth from the Forest. He giving his report to Carm. [I'm sorry, this kid still sleeping so i will report his quest instead him] (???).
    Quest:Verdant Forest|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Forest Goblins [80 G]
    Firstly, i need secure meds. Ammunitions is good, gear check, and... Yep it's clear" As Yamagami check his only weapon
    Yamagami leave the town as soon as possible with a carriage. After humming some song he like, soon he arrived in verdant forest. Giving some gratitude to carriage driver and he running into the depth of forest. Calm sound of the forest were distrupted by certain disgusting sound, Yamagami conceal himself within bush. Soon 6 forest goblins were detected by him.[3 knights, 2 archers and a spearman.. Huh.] Confirming there is no other goblin at surrounding, he jump from the bush [Happy Trigger] All 7 rounds from 2 M1911 were released 7 bullets hitting 4 goblins instantly killing 3 of them inhead and hit one of in chest. Two empty magazine detached and changed by full one. Goblin Spearman rushed from behind, Yamagami evade it with a side move then shot the goblin in temporal killing it instantly. The Goblin Knight who reliased it situation running away, but its too late from M1911 range and killing the goblin. [16 rounds huh... Its not bad] said Yamagami to himself, collecting the corpse inside the item box. Going out from the forest and walks through the plain, Yamagami reliased his consciousness were fading away [Not... Good...] (Rest assured kid, you done enough) and Yamagami's body keep walking like nothing happens entering the town then the Adventure Guild to report his quest. Only what Yamagami found is he is already inside the tavern with Reward money in his pocket.
    There is no one around but Yamagami himself

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    Reading List:
    Great Plain|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 20 Slimes [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Goblins [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Orcs [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SE4|E-Ranked|Slay 5 Boar Warriors. [70 G]
    Great Plain|#SE5|E-Ranked|Slay 15 Kobolds [70 G]
    Great Plain|#SE6|E-Ranked|Slay 20 Wandering Rabbits [50 G]

    Taking the quests, he then head straight to the great plains while deep in thought.

    Sigh.... I would really like to stop at the inn but, I can't find Sen anywhere... Kynn's inside an egg too... So there really is no use in going back in the room for a while. Sigh... Anyways, better think about what I'll do first. Maybe I'll do the slimes and rabbits first, they're both easy and I can secure the food too. Yeah, let's do that.

    Reaching the conclusion, he then teleported using the device at the gate to the great plains.

    Arriving, he immediatey saw adventurers, newbie adventurers, fighting and hunting either slimes or rabbits.

    I should better start exterminating the slimes and then hunt the rabbit for foo- wow... she's cute. *cough* Anyways.

    He then starts exterminating the slimes, it was easy even though the slimes have a high physical resistance because of the difference in stats. The only thing he worries about is the fast decreasing numbers of the slimes because he's not the only one exterminating slimes. Eventually, right before noon, he finished exterminating 20 of them and leave the others for the newbies.

    Whew.... That actually took a lot of time... Too many adventurers are hunting slimes.. Anyway, I'm hungry. I'll catch one rabbit and roast it. Wonder how it'll taste?

    Hiding in the nearby bush, a rabbit slowly hops in-front of the bush he was in. He threw a small rock towards it. The rabbit not noticing his presence, got hit by a full power thrown rock by him and the head part where the rabbit was hit by the rock, explode into tiny bits.

    I think..... I threw it too hard? Well... Atleast I have food now. Haha! But with this size, I might not even be full. So.. I better hunt more.

    Putting the rabbit's body in the item box and resumed hunting for more food.

    After two hours or so of hunting for wandering rabbits. He looked at his item box and realized that more than 20 dead rabbits are inside it.

    Welp. Got too indulge in hunting. Anyway, should better start cooking.

    He then gathered dried woods and made a campfire near a big rock. He then skinned the rabbits and drained their blood. After a while, he starts cooking it by making them into a skewer and roasted it.

    Yep. This smells good~ *rumble* Just wait a little longer then I can eat!

    When he deemed it to be well-cooked, he starts eating. Satisfied with the taste, he nodded many times and immediately finished it. He then starts cooking and eating all of the rabbits.

    - Night -

    Yoru finished eating the rabbits, lied down on top of the big rock and gazed silently at the sky.

    So many things happened this past few days... Sigh..... How fast, time pass by. One day I was the cold blooded killer the next day I was a loving husband. Ha! Love.... It really can change a person....

    He sighed as he finished his thoughts and starts sleeping.

    - Midnight -

    While Yoru was sleeping, 3 groups of goblin, consisting of 7 goblins each group, slowly make their way to a big rock where a beastman was sleeping. Maybe because they were attracted by the smell of the food or was just attempting to loot it. The goblins then made unintelligible noises as if they were talking about what to do with the beastman.


    The goblin noticing that the beastman on top of the rock earlier disappeared, made a dumbfounded noise that alerted the other goblins. They looked around and saw that 2 of them are already missing. Realizing that someone are attacking them, they readied their weapons and took their stance. They looked at their surroundings, carefully looking so that they didn't miss their target. But when the supposed to be leader goblin was about to issue an order.


    That goblin suddenly stopped moving and slowly, the head slides off from the body.


    Shocked by the sight of it, they turned around ran towards the forest to hide. It was the mistake they ever did. While running, one by one goblins started to drop on the ground, either without a head or they had a hole the size of their head at the body.


    A roar suddenly resounded out in the forest. The goblins felt their legs going limp and some immediately faint because of the fear the roar gave to them. Heavy footsteps was then heard slowly approaching them.

    "HAHAHAaaa..... Going somewhere?"

    They saw the beastman that was lying on top of the rock earlier, with a wide smile on his face. The beastman was slowly approaching them. The beastman saw a fainted goblin on the ground and stomped on it's head, exploding into countless bits of flesh. A goblin frantically stands up and ran away. The beastman seeing this, threw his weapon towards the goblin, hitting it and slicing it into half. The other goblins immediately despaired when they saw their companion being sliced in half with just a simple throw.

    "Don't even think about running noww....... "

    Saying that, the beastman or Yoru, starts killing the goblins while smiling like a maniac.

    Moments later. Yoru killed them all and starts counting the corpses.

    "7, 8, 9.......14, 15. Plus one earlier so.... 16. An extra of 6 goblins. It should be fine~"

    That was fun~ Hunting really made my blood boil..... Anyway, 3 more to go. I'll let the other animals and monters clean this up.

    He then head back to his camp to sleep again.
    - Morning -

    "Yawn..... Ah... My back hurts... Seems like I'm not comfortable on sleeping anywhere anymore. Oh well. Huup!"

    Jumping down the rock, he starts stretching his body to warm up.

    Now let's see..... Done with the slimes, rabbits and goblins. Speaking of goblins, I didn't saw Laura in the this days. Wonder how is she? Anyways, Boar warriors sounds fun. I'll start with them.

    Finished with the warm up, he then started hunting for boar warriors. Boar warriors looks like a... Well, a boar, wearing an armor with something big and heavy for a weapon. Example, an axe. Running around the plains, eventually, he found one after looking for half an hour of searching. The boar has a fierce look on it's face while carrying a big axe. Yoru, instead of thinking how to deal with it, thought.

    Hmm...... I wonder what boar meat taste like? I would like roast it. Might be the same taste as a pig. *nod nod*

    He then pounced towards the boar warrior and kneeled it on the face, sending it flying with it's nose bleeding.
    "Well..... That was fast?"

    Realizing that it fainted, he walked towards it and stabbed the chest of the boar with his arm blades, killing it.

    Now what to do.... *stomach rumbles* *nod* let's eat first. *nod nod*

    He cut one of the thighs of the boar and skinned it hen made a fire and roasted it. It let out a good smell while it was being cooked. Moments later, when he deemed it to be cooked, he took a bite at it.

    This taste actually good! Even though it's tough to chew. But it's no problem for me. Now let's hunt for more, AFTER, I finish eating. *nod nod*

    He started eating the meat, savoring each bite. After a while, he finished eating and stood up to cut the other thigh of the boar, immediately storing it into his item box so he can cook and eat it when needed, then resumed hunting four more boar warriors to finish his quest. It wasn't hard to find them now that he knew what they smell like. And once he found one, he will sneak up behind it and either decapitate it or stab at it's heart to immediately kill it then cut the thighs to store it in his item box. And before noon, he finished hunting 5 boar warriors to finished his quest. Satisified, he took out another boar meat to roast and eat it.

    Two more to go! Then I can go back and-..... Sigh.... What's the use of it? No ones gonna even welcome me when I get back. So I'll just take my time to do these quests... Sigh... *eating*

    Resting for a while, he then head to the direction where the orc camp is located in the map and search for orcs near there.

    - Later -

    "Find him!!!"
    "I'm just here you know?"
    "Tsk! Show yourself, cat!"
    " ......... Do you wanna die that badly?"
    "Hmph! You're just a c-"

    Before the orc can even finish his sentence, Yoru revealed himself and stab his machete at the orc's face, making it a grosteque sight to look at. The other orcs seeing this, didn't flinched but instead charge at him even fiercer. The one leading the charge is an orc that uses a greatsword.


    The orc swings his greatsword downward. Yoru seeing this, parried it to the side with his machete then slashed at the orc's throat. The orc staggered back while holding his bleeding neck then moments later, stop breathing and drop on the ground. Yoru then sheated his machete at his waist and pick up the greatsword.

    "Wow..... This is heavy... I wanna try this! Hahahahaha!"

    Yoru excited to swing his new toy, provoked them and shouted.

    "You guys are so weak! NOW! COME ON!"
    "Kill him!"

    The orcs charge again, all at the same time. Yoru was excited about this because he thought this was a challenge, different from what he always does. Silently killing and then leaves immediately, not leaving a track. The orc that was leading, smashed his hammer towards him, he countered by moving to the side then slashed horizontally, slicing the orc and it's hammer into two pieces because of the overwhelming difference in stats. The second one, carrying an axe, slashed at Yoru head. He parried it with the greatsword's blunt side then using his left hand, stabbed the orc at it's abdomen with his armblades then kicked it's head, sending it flying towards the other rushing orcs.

    "Tsk! Damn it! Call for reinforcements!"
    "Yes sir!"
    "Now everyone! Hold him back till the reinforcement comes!"

    Yoru let the orc leave and call for reinforcements, he was actually getting tired of searching for them so he thought. 'Why not, just let them come to me? And it will even save me time.' He just glanced at the running orc for a bit then returned his sights back to the 4 orcs that was left.

    "Once reinforcements come. You're dead!"
    "Hahahahaha!!! Funny.... How many times have I heard that line in my life? Anyway, stop with the chit-chat and start with the action. Weaklings."
    "YOU-!!! RAAAHHHH!!!!"

    - Later -

    "Chief! Let's hurry!"

    When they arrived at the scene, the 10 or so orcs, saw a beastman carrying a Greatsword while sitting on the bodies of the 5 dead orcs. The chief was enrage at this sight.

    "HEY YOU!"
    "Hm? Oh! You guys were so slow! I already killed them. They were too weak, if i do say so myself."
    ".......Huh? Can you repeat what you just said?"

    Yoru slowly stands up while releasing bloodlust. The orc leader seeing Yoru releasing bloodlust, snorted then looked at him with disdain.

    "Hmph! I said-"

    Before the orc leader finished his sentence. Yoru leaped at him and drag him away, while holding his neck, 15 meters away from where he stood. Yoru then smashed him to the ground, creating a crater, and ripped his head off with his bare hands. He then threw the head to the side and looked at the dumbfounded orcs and said.

    "Who's next?"

    While smiling like a maniac. The orcs, seeing that their leader got killed that easily, felt fear. But their pride as Orcs suppressed it, and charge at Yoru all at once while shouting. Yoru felt his blood boiling and picked up the greatsword their leader was holding ealier. It was much heavier and bigger than the one he was holding ealier, but he was satisfied.


    Yoru then, rushed towards them, blindly swinging the greatsword he was using and trusting his instincts to dodge.

    - Evening -

    After hours of fighting, Yoru was was covered by both his blood and the orcs blood. His body was full of injuries but it was all minor injuries, while the bodies of the orcs on the ground, either was split into half at their waist or was missing it's head. Yoru smelled his surrounding then laughed like a maniac while saying.

    "How I miss this!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!"

    Ah~ it's been a long time since I got to rampage till my hearts content~ I should better do this often so I can relieve stress..... My body feels so light~

    He then looked at the sky and saw the moon high up.

    Evening already? I better go finished the last one the- Oh...... It's full moon.... I feel strange.. Hm?

    Suddenly, a cry for help was heard in the distance.

    "Anna! Just run!"

    Yoru then rushed towards the person crying for help while not realizing that his fur returned back to black. When he arrived, he saw 2 humans, a man and a woman, being chased by countless Kobolds. The woman was frantically shouting for help, while the man was dragging the woman by the hand with a grim expression. All of a sudden, the woman tripped and fall down. The man was shocked, he then pulled out his sword and went in-front of the woman.

    "Now run! I'll hold them off!"
    "Just shut up and run! Ask for help!"
    "But-! *sob*"

    The kobolds was delighted at the situation, their food finally stoppd running. What they didn't know was, a beastman was watching them.

    ........ What's with this drama? What the hell? Why didn't he just picked her up while runnng away? Even better, why did the woman didn't stand up again but instead cried and despaired? Is she an idiot? Sigh..... Anyways.

    When the kobolds was about to attack them, Yoru threw his greatsword towards the nearest kobold at the humans, immediately killing it. The kobolds shocked by the sudden event, step back and looked at the direction where it was thrown at while growling with hostility.

    "Ey Humans! Do you wanna die or what?"
    "Run away from here. Idiots!"
    "T-thank you!"

    The man carried the woman and run away immediately whie the woman was saying thanks to him. The kobold took this chance and leaped towards the humans, but Yoru threw his Bola at the kobold's feet, making it tripped and fall to the ground. He then walked towards the kobold.

    "Tsk tsk tsk."
    "For doing that, you get a prize!"
    "The first one to win, A one. way . trip . to hell...."
    "Don't worry this won't hurt. Much."

    Finishing his sentence, he stomped at the kobold's head, turning it into mush. The other kobolds realizing they can't win with a direct confrontation, retreated and hide to ambush him. He laughed while storing the greatsword in the item box.

    Wanna play that game? Sure.... I'll play with you...

    He smiled revealing his sharp teeths that could easily rip a flesh into shreds. He then used the trees, bushes and rocks for cover while moving and because it was night time, he was hard to see because of his black fur. Only his yellow glowing left eye was visible in the darkness. And once he spotted a kobold waiting to ambush him, he silently killed it by twisting it's head by 360° making it turn towards the other direction. When he kills a kobold, he will laugh creepily and disappeared from that location making the kobolds that was coming for reinforcement come in vain and frustrated. And just like that, he spend the whole 3 hours silently killing, laughing and planting fear in the kobolds hearts. He stopped hunting the kobolds when he killed 20 of them then started returning back to Aeternus. Along the way, he saw the humans crying and hugging each other while being escorted with adventurers. He then nodded and was unconciously satisfied.

    Once he reached the gate, he morphed back into his human form before activating the teleportation device. Teleporting, he then went to the guild to pass his report.

    "I'm back and finished the quest. I'm here to submit my report. Btw. GM. Can you appraise this?"
    He took out the greatsword he got from the orc leader and gave it to GM.

    x1 Greatsword
    x8 boar meat. (Thigh)
    x20 rabbit pelts
    Slimes and rabbits - 1 Exp
    Orcs, kobold, boar warriors - 10 Exp
    Goblins - 5 Exp

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    Reading List:
    Verdant Forest|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Forest Goblins [80 G]
    "Welcome back, what a swift quest, fast and straight to the point I suppose. Well here's 80 G kiddo, enjoy and good luck when you come back."

    OOC: Sometimes reading a wall of text isn't the funniest, perhaps use some spaces?
  8. AliceShiki

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    Reading List:
    Desert Village|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Large Lizard [50 G]
    Desert Village|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Large Scarab [50 G]
    Desert Village|#SD1|D-Ranked|Slay 20 Large Desert Mouse [75 G]
    Desert Village|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 30 Desert Scorpion| [70 G]
    Desert Village|#SD2|D-Ranked|Slay 10 Gray Desert Fox [85 G]
    Desert Village|#EE1|E Ranked|Look For Hunting Spot [100 G]
    "Welcome back... Uhn..." *takes a look at his card* "Jin-san, Hikari will... Check out the report...

    Eto... Jin-san... There are some... Problems on the report...

    While Jin-san killed-"
    *cough cough cough cough* "about the... Right amount of monsters... In... Each quest, Jin-san's followers-" *cough cough cough cough cough* "also killed a... Reasonable number... Of extras...

    If it was... Just a few... It would be fine, but... It happened on almost-"
    *coughs* *coughs blood* *cough cough* "sorry..." *wipes the blood off with a handkerchief* "It happened... On almost every... Quest, overkilling is bad... Hikari will have to... Deduct Jin-san's reward...

    Also... The hunting spot... It has too many-"
    *cough cough cough cough* "unknown beasts... And it seems... Too dangerous... It can't be used by-" *cough cough cough* "the villagers... Hikari will... Need to fail this-" *cough cough cough cough cough* "quest..."

    *pant pant* "The reward will... Be of 200G... Please be... More careful... In the future... Jin-san.

    Oh and... Why didn't... Jin-san take... The teleport gate... From Aeternus... To the... Desert Village?"
    *tilts head*

    ((With the IC appraisal done, uhn... A few things.

    1) Make sure to put the quests up at the beginning of your post, you can separate them like you did, but make sure to also put them up together at the beginning, it makes things easier for me. Not following the format reduces your gold reward. (you'd get 230G if you had followed the normal format)

    2) As Hikari said, don't exaggerate on the overkilling, going a bit overboard is fine, and when there are circumstances that force you to act and kill more than normal, it's also okay... But it happened a bit too many times, and on most quests you killed at least 10 extras... It's exaggerated. The guild doesn't like overkilling as it might get in the way of the natural balance of each place, and the guild wants to avoid causing more trouble than it's needed.

    3) Creating new monsters and finding them is okay, but... If they aren't on the Quest Board, they aren't there for a reason... Either they're unknown, or they're not considered something that needs a submission request... Putting many unknown enemies at once on a single place, and calling it a hunting spot is too much of a stretch, specially because you didn't provide any explanation on what they are, so the people of the village would have no idea on how to deal with them.

    Your story is a fun read, but be a bit more careful with those details.))
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    "There was a teleport gate!!!" *Orz*
    OOC: Oh alright... no over-killing right. Well Jin was thinking his followers solo kills are not included to his. From what blanc posted I thought followers solo kills are not counted cause it considered lazy killing.
    Guess the hunting spot fails will I guess it's overdone with all those creatures I googled.
    Thanks anyway I learned alot~
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    Reading List:
    Great Plain|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 20 Slimes [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Goblins [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Orcs [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SE4|E-Ranked|Slay 5 Boar Warriors. [70 G]
    Great Plain|#SE5|E-Ranked|Slay 15 Kobolds [70 G]
    Great Plain|#SE6|E-Ranked|Slay 20 Wandering Rabbits [50 G]

    Shadow let the spider fetch the report paper onto his hand. While he read that, the spider just perched itself on top of hios shoulder.
    "...Mr. Yoru, you know our policy against overhunting. And you blatantly stated that you are hunting more than we asked. Of course, a few more is okay. But a half more than we asked? I can't say that I am impressed. Forgive me, but I have to deduct your pay a bit. The rest is done quite good. Clean kill. Excellent. Well done, Mr. Yoru. As for that, this is your reward."
    Shadow pulled out a small bag filled with gold. But before he put that on the table, he pulled out a few from the inside of the bag and put them inside a small box near the counter.
    "This is 375 G. I deducted a small amount of that. As for the greatsword," he flicked his finger, letting a dozen spider put the greatsword on the counter. "Let me see it for a bit."
    He examined the weapon from top to bottom, tapping his finger on to the surface from time to time. After that, he grabbed the greatsword and weighed it on his hand effortlessly. A few small swing later, he put that on the counter again.
    "Simple greatsword made from simple iron. Nothing special. But, I have to say that this is a fine looking one. It is quite a good weapon to be enchanted. Maybe carve some magic inscription here and there, putting elemental crystal on the hilt or something. Or just simply sharpen them. This one," said Shadow as he tapped the edge of the weapon, "is mighty blunt. At its current condition, it is more of a sharp club than a sword. Might want to take care of this one. And for now, you are free to go. Take care now~!"
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    Reading List:
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]

    Gallant Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]

    Great Plain|#SD3|D-Ranked|Slay 3 Orc Leaders [150 G]

    Gallant Mine|#GE1|E-Ranked|Mine 5 Ice Crystal [80G | 1 x Refined Ice Crystal]

    Gallant Mine|#GE2|E-Ranked|Mine 5 Wind Crystal [80G | 1 x Refined Wind Crystal]

    Great Plain|#GE1|E-Ranked|Gather 10 Moonlight Flower & 10 Healing Plants [50G | 1 x Rejuvenation Potion]

    <Aeternus >

    Wunder enters the tavern and looks around for Jin, only to realize that he isn’t there. He sits down and decides to wait for Jin when he notices a beautiful nekomata sitting on an egg. Although weirded out by the egg, he approaches her. She was wearing a skimpy red kimono-like robe that revealed her attractive legs. Wunder swallowed as he mustered up the courage to speak to her.

    “Hey, babe, are you with somebody?”

    “Babe? Are you talking to me”, Presia looks up squinting her eyes ‘Wait isn’t babe a pig, do I look fat?’

    Feeling slightly more confident, Wunder straightens himself and says “Nobody here deserves the term as much as you.” ‘This is going a lot better than I thought it would.’

    “.......?!” Presia glares hissing as she hold her fan in fury but before she could talk Jin approach behind him holding her shoulder. Jin tried to calm down Presia as he write magic words.

    [Presia.. Calm down what’s the problem] Jin wrote in the air.

    “He called me a babe!! I’m not fat!!” Presia growls.

    [You’re mistaken, it’s a slang for a sexy lady...]

    “Oh my… sorry about that mister, fufufu. I’m Presia what do you need?” Presia covers her face with her fan while Jin could only sigh.

    Wunder felt slightly apprehensive as he saw the interaction between the two. Not understanding, he turns to Jin and asks “Are you two . . .” ‘Argh, the first girl I try to hit on and she’s already in a relationship. And with Jin, too!’

    “What about us? Wait you're not!! I’m not dating this meat shield!!! Who always covered his face” Presia points Jin face who is covered with bandage and wearing a hoodie.

    [Nah… I’m forever single] Jin just covers his face with a facepalm ‘Do we look like dating Orz’

    ‘What are they fighting about? Like an old married couple. Wait! Does this mean I still have a chance . . . ‘ Wunder blanks out as he sees the two fight. He doubtfully asks “So, how do you know each other?”

    [From the previous raid in the far east… she just started following me cause she want to know more about adventurers] Jin wrote.

    “So what do you need…?” Presia said pouting and hugging the large egg.

    “I was trying to hit on you? Wait, Jin, she’s your follower, then? Can I hit on her?” Wunder started to wonder how things became this confusing. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to hit on her . . . but I want a girlfriend . . . but . . .’

    [Why are you asking me?] Jin tilts his head.

    “You're not even that romantic at it…. Saying that you want to hit on me without even properly courting already deducts points. You fail!! Fufufu”{note: I(wunder) got shot down here for the very first time. Let it be immortalized.} Presia laughs as she pointed her fan.

    [Geez.. Presia be gentle with your words, do you need anything else?] Jin

    “Oh yeah, the quests! I already have the tickets for both ferries. I even brought extras, so Presia is coming, too. Right?” ‘Does this mean I got rejected? Haaa . . .’

    [Sure… I can’t really do much cause of what happened to me. So I need Presia, she’s the strongest among my followers] Jin looks at Presia.

    “But I’m hatching this egg!! Kynn is inside” Presia argued.

    [Don’t worry, I’m gonna let the Kobolds hatch the egg....] Jin pats Presia head [Then shall we go, we will follow you….]

    Wunder looks at the two, feeling jealousy at their relationship. He passes two tickets to Jin and Presia and motions to the door. Deciding to not even ask about the egg, he stepped out of the tavern. ‘That didn’t go well at all.’


    <Desert Mine>

    The group stepped off the ferry as they looked at the Desert Mine ahead of them. The ferry had thankfully dropped them off near the mine, so they didn’t have to walk much. Also, the ferry had passed the danger zone around the mine, making it safe for them to travel on foot. In just a few minutes, they were in front of the mine. The mine itself was empty of monsters, so they were able to mine uninterrupted.

    Wunder turned to the other two. “Okay, we’ll split up and mine. Each person mines 4 mithril ores. Once your done, just come back to the entrance. I’ll buff both of you with [Quicken] to increase your body speed.” Wunder casts [Quicken] on the others.

    [Well thanks to the buff… it’s 4 Mithril right. I’ll ahead] Jin moves quickly towards to mine

    “Hmm.. so I’m going to mine? I don’t want my fur to get dirty.. Well I’m just gonna have a long bath… see you later Sir Wunder” Presia waves her fan and walks slowly.

    “Good luck, Jin.” Wunder calls out to Jin’s fading figure. He faintly mutters to himself “He heard me, right?”

    Wunder shakes his head and strolls into the mine. Presia, humming, imagines the long bath she was going to take after she was done


    Presia arrives carrying 4 Mithril ore while her fur was covered with dirt making her look like a black cat and went to Wunder’s side.

    “Here Sir Wunder, 4 Mithril… I’m going to bath on the desert river. It’s just close by and I’ll be quick” Presia leaps running towards west heading to the desert river.

    While Presia disappears, Jin still hasn’t arrive.

    Meanwhile on the deeper part of the mine Jin was walking around in circles and looking to a wall that has a large scratch on it. ‘Wait…. this place looks familiar oh well…’

    Several minutes later….

    ‘Not this is mark again orz, No don’t give up Jin you already completed 4 Mithril just need to find the exit’ Jin Walks again heading deeper to the mine.

    As Wunder waited, he became increasingly worried. He looked around as he thought about what he should do. Biting his lip, he takes out his pen and a piece of paper. He grabs a rock to use as a base. He presses his pen against the paper and writes ‘Went to look for Jin. Stay here.’ Wunder takes the rock and places the paper underneath, while making sure it was still noticeable. He then casts [Quicken] on himself and dashes into the mine. He activates [Wonder Walk] to become even faster, almost approaching the speed of sound.


    Jin was walking towards a mine cart thinking it would lead to the exit. ‘I think I heard someone oh wait isn’t that’ Jin raise his hand and wave but accidently pushing the lever making the cart move.

    [WUNDER] The magic word light up left behind as Jin was taken by the mine cart somewhere.

    As Jin was kidnapped by the rogue minecart, Wunder was speeding through the mine. Anxious, he sped up even more, and almost missed the vestiges of Jin’s magic words. He skidded to a stop as he looked at his name. He sees the rails leading into the darkness. Even more worried, Wunder uses [Fast Forward] and dashes into the entrance.


    Jin was feeling the wind as the mine cart take him.’Feels nice~ I think I’m forgetting something’ Jin enjoys the ride as he sees Wunder coming after him and waves his hand. [Hello~]. Still the mine cart was no plan on stopping.

    Wunder sees Jin’s response and begins to become angry. Wunder’s [Wonder Boots] begin to shake as it responds to Wunder’s rage. Wunder breaks the sound barrier as he instantly appears behind the minecart.


    Jin looks at Wunder titling his head. He then looks in front seeing a dead end. ‘Oops.. the fun ends here’ Jin jumps out the cart and land near Wunder. He then pulled the mine cart to stop it from hitting the wall. After making sure there was no damage, Jin went close to Wunder waving his bag. [Here I have already completed it 4 Mithril~]

    Wunder takes a deep breath to calm himself. A vein throbs as he says “I’m not going to even ask about the minecart. However, you better follow me back out to the exit!”

    Jin nods and smile as he follows Wunder outside seeing Presia coming towards drying herself with a towel and wearing a clean pair of kimono.

    “You guys are finally back… Oh my~ Jin your bandage is dirty here let me help you change that” Presia moves forward taking some new bandage for Jin. “What’s the problem Sir Wunder? Did something happened?”

    [Where are we heading next?] Jin said as he try to avoid Presia from taking his bandage.

    Wunder glares with envy at the treatment Jin recieves from Presia. “We’re taking the ferry back north to Frontier Village. Then, we’ll kill some Orc Lords and get some healing plants and Moonlight Flowers.”


    <Frontier Village>

    The group got off the boat at Frontier Village. Wunder said “Okay, let’s begin the flower quest first . . . “ In front of them was a flower shop. QUEST COMPLETE.

    Jin tilt his head worried about this, the quest did write gather 10 Moonlight Flower & 10 Healing Plant. So buying it might be wrong… should he gather some later? Remembering about Flyx the fastest next to Lavri who is doing nothing. He sends a message towards his Catsith follower who was aided by Sanie a Druid Kobold to gather the 10 Moonlight Flower & 10 Healing Plant. Sanie as a druid could easily use her ability to sense nature and pick up the plants. Quickly Jin receives it from Flyx and plan to exchange it later with what Wunder bought and returning those to the flower shop.

    Meanwhile, Wunder was ignorantly buying the plants. He felt clever.


    <Great Plains>

    Wunder, Jin, and Presia stared at the group of Orc Lords from afar. Wunder used his [Necklace of Keen Sight] to see the monsters’ details. He especially took notice of how all of the monsters wielded large, blunt weapons.

    “The monsters are lightly armored, but Orc skin is thick. They also have powerful blunt weapons. With those muscles, I would probably be taken down with one hit. However, I have confidence in occupying one orc.”

    “Well… We can let Jin tank for use even if he's not wearing armor. His block skill still is high level. So maybe Wunder will lure them while Jin keep their attention to him. While we take our chance to kill them how about that?” Presia flip her fan.

    [I could tank and keep their attention] Jin wrote [Can you also lure the Presia?]

    “Sorry but I don’t like to dance to those fat orc you guys lure them I’ll just sneak attack fufufu” Presia laughs.

    [Okay who's heading first?] Jin just shrug and looks at Wunder.

    “I can lure them over. Let me cast [Quicken] on all of us, first. Also, I still have my trump card, [Slow Motion]. It makes an enemy slower, basically. These orcs don’t look very fast, so they probably won’t be able to dodge it. Just shout if you're in danger. I can only use it twice, though.” Wunder casts [Quicken] on everybody and sits to recover his mana for a bit.

    “Okay then I’ll prepare my weapon and hide in the trees to do sneak attack” Presia leaps into the trees above them. Jin did a stretch as he clench his fist, a grin shown under his hood.

    [Ready... Anytime you want to start Wunder] Jin give a thumbs up.

    A few minutes later, Wunder stands up. He nods to Jin and Presia, and begins to run towards the Orc Lords. He keeps a steady pace and makes sure to keep rhythm. In a few moments, he stood only a few dozen meters from the monsters. He unsheathes his [Mithril Dirk] and prepares himself. He activates [Wonder Walk] and speeds to an extreme velocity. Wunder aims for the backmost orc’s back, knowing his lack of combat skills. Thanks to the dirk’s sharpness, Wunder easily cut through the orc’s fat. However, his mediocre combat skills only produced a long, shallow wound. Wunder immediately turned and ran as the orc roared. The other two monsters turned as their eyes reddened. Three chased one as Wunder made his way back to the group. Soon enough, the two groups clashed.

    Jin could only use his [Mercenary Skills] and [Unarmed Close Combat]. He dash forward to the coming Orc Leaders and release a powerful punch. A loud impact was heard as the Orc Leader face was hit making him loss a tooth. The other 2 Orc Leader are shock with Jin’s arrival.

    “Come at me!!” Jin shouted using his [Taunting Howl] to attract aggro from the orcs opening his mouth for a short moment.

    “You Bastard!!” one of the orc whose face was hit by Jin nd shouted as he wave his weapon to Jin.

    Jin just slightly move sideway and kick the orcs stomach. The others orcs started to surround him and start attacking. Jin just keep dodging their attacks and throwing a punch and kick. His face full of ecstasy as a small laugh escape his mouth.

    As Jin toyed with the orc Wunder took the opportunity to slash the knee of one of the shocked orcs. He jumped back as the orc swung his weapon. Wunder activated [Wonder Walk] as he dodged the orc’s wild swings. The last orc looked confused as it couldn’t decide between Jin and Wunder.

    Wunder’s eyes narrowed as he was almost hit. ‘This can’t go on! The last orc could join the battle at any time! We need to kill one!’ “Presia!”

    “Oh my~” Presia leaps from above stabbing the Orc leader’s neck with a fan making it bleed. She then grab her whip coiling it to the Orc near Wunder and pulling it to other Orc making them to collide. Presia raise her fan and stares at the two orcs “Shall we dance~”

    Presia activate here [Charm] and [Dance of Blades]. She then looks at Wunder. “Why don’t we assist each other? Seems like Jin is enjoying punching to dead the other orc”

    Other side was Jin showing a big grin as he keep hitting the Orc with his fist, jabbing and even doing a roundhouse kick. Orc tried to attack but Jin only dodge it and counters.

    “He seems to have that handled. I accept your proposition.” Wunder weakly smiles as he face the orcs. The orcs screamed incoherently as they charged at us. Wunder moved to the side with [Wonder Walk] and ran behind the charging orc. The orc had charged forward recklessly, and the momentum made it so that it couldn’t immediately turn around. The orc felt his knees buckle as Wunder kicked the inside of the orc’s knees, making it buckle.

    Presia twirls around the Orc as she swiftly rotates making them daze. As she get close to the other orc, she would slash the orc body swiftly while nimbly twisting her body to dodge it’s attacks. The Orc start to have many wounds and bleed staggering. Presia took his whip and rotate it to the orc Wunder has buckled. She pulled tightly choking the Orc.

    Meanwhile Jin just finish killing the Orc with his bare hands. He was looking a bit in daze and looks towards Presia and Wunder. ‘Should I go there?’

    Wunder frantically looks toward Jin as he approaches the orc Presia had wounded. “Jin! Together! Presia can hold the last one!”

    Jin grins and dashes quickly, tackling the bleeding orc. He them move behind the orc and hugs tightly lifting him above doing german suplex. Jin moves sideways letting go of the orc. Jin wrote a magic words towards Wunder [Finish him].

    Wunder raises his [Mithril Dirk] and stabs downwards to the orc’s eyeball. The orc’s blood splatters as the corpse spasms. Meanwhile, Presia had already choked the orc into unconciousness. She cleanly finished it off with her fan.

    The group looked at each other as Wunder took a breath. “To the mines.”


    <Gallant Mine>

    Wunder, Jin and Presia enters the portal towards the Gallant Mine.

    “Not again…” Presia ears and tails drop thinking about Mining and getting dirty.

    [So what are we going to mine Wuder?] Jin looks at Wunder. [Might as well let Presia not mine and become my guide so I won’t get lost]

    Hearing Jin’s advice makes Presia smile. She went close to Wunder face her hands on her chest as her eyes upturned. “Pleaseeee… Sir Wunder~”

    Wunder thought about it. His face darkened as he remembered Jin’s problem. “Okay, but remember, 8 mithril ores, 3 ice crystals, and 3 wind crystals.”

    “YAY!! got it~” Presia jumps in the air her tail wagging excitedly. While Jin give a thumbs and enter the mine.

    “Wait Master Vodka!! We’re heading first Sir Wunder” Presia bows chasing after Jin.

    Wunder looked at the backs of the two. He sighed and prayed there would be no problems. Looking to the mine entrance, he was glad the quests would be done after this.

    Jin arrives smiling carrying the 8 mithril ores, 3 ice crystals, and 3 wind crystals while Presia follows looking tired for some reason.

    [Here it’s done did we complete all of it?] Jin smiles as he hand the ores and crystals.

    “Well that was tiring in some ways” Presia ears and tail drops downs “So are we done now?”


    <Great Plains>

    “This is a long walk”


    <Frontier Village>

    “This is a nice place.”


    <Great plains>

    “Good weather.”



    Wunder’s eyes glittered as he eyed the literal junk pile. This was one place he had always wanted to go to. Because, to him, anything could be a treasure. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    “I’m gonna go look around!” Wunder shouted as he dashed off.

    [What are we doing here for again?] Jin tilts his head confused.

    “Might as well look some stuff~” Presia only shrugs and smiles. Jin could only sigh looking at the two.

    Wunder threw himself into looking for things he liked. He found a pair of earrings made of some kind of metal. They were definitely magic-related, but he didn’t know what. Still, he placed it in his bag. He also found a strange looking dagger and a ring. Looking a bit more, Wunder packed a belt as well as a broken Ritual Magick Watch he found in a stroke of luck.

    Wunder wandered a bit more before seeing a strange tree in the middle of the junkyard. He approached the tree only to find an unusually furry cocoon hanging from a branch. Wunder hesitatingly approached the cocoon before it suddenly unraveled. Inside was, surprisingly, a kitten! It’s tail was amazingly long and strong, allowing the kitten to hang from the branch with just its tail. However, the most striking detail was the gigantic scar on its neck, almost as if somebody had tried to behead the cat!

    The cat hissed as Wunder approached. Wunder had always like cats, and this one was no different. He slowly took out some rations and placed it on the ground. The cat was wary, as it had grown up in the junkyard, where relationships were worthless next to a meal. The cat, however, had recently not come over any food and was starving.

    Seeing that the strange man didn’t move, the cat carefully looked to the food. It poked the food with it’s claw, making sure it wasn’t a trap. I quickly snatched the food and ate it, afraid that it would be taken back. After swallowing the tasty rations, it looked to Wunder.

    Wunder repeated his previous actions, and the cat complied. Soon, Wunder had run out of rations, leaving the cat confused. The cat slowly approached the man, it’s long tail twirling behind it. In front of Wunder, the cat looked up to the man who fed it. Feeling care for the first time in its life, it slightly scratched Wunder’s legs, asking for more.

    Wunder looked at the cat, bemused. Truly, it was too cute. He bent down, making the cat flinch. However, before it could escape, Wunder stroked its head, smiling happily. He felt an affinity with this junkyard cat, and it hurt his heart to just leave it here. As the cat buried its head into his hand, feeling very comfortable, it was startled as Wunder picked it up. Wunder looked down and said and said “Female, eh?”

    Perhaps the cat had somehow transcended race and understand, as she immediately whipped her tail around Wunder’s body, making him drop her. But her tail held her up as she moved to his right shoulder and sat on it.

    She proudly meowed and Wunder laughed. “So you want to come with me?”

    The cat blinked her large eyes as she looked to her very first caretaker. She tightened her tail wrap and pushed her head into Wunder’s cheek as she purred.

    Wunder glanced at her and saw the giant scar. . He frowned. “We’ll have to get you a scarf. Also, a name is needed. How about . . . Zoe?”

    Meanwhile Jin was idling on a corner Presia runs over him bringing a pile of books.

    “Look what I found!!” Presia raise ten books she holding.

    [Let me check] Jin and looks and found 5 unknown books that seems interesting while the others are trash. Finally at the last book, Jin face turns red as an apple as he opens it.

    “Hmm? What’s inside of it?” Presia tried to peek but Jin crumpled it and throw it away.

    [Nothing… Where is Wunder anyway] Jin starts to walk searching for Wunder as Presia walks with him looking back curiously at the crumpled book on the ground.


    <Aeternus >

    “We would like to hand in these quests.”
    I took this quest with @JinVodka

    Wunder: 2 earrings, ring, dagger, belt, and Zoe the long-tailed cat

    Jin, Presia: 4 unknown books

    The gold is split in half between both members.
    The mithril, potion, and ice crystal goes to jin.
    Wunder gets the wind crystal. And a cat.

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    Reading List:
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Gallant Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Great Plain|#SD3|D-Ranked|Slay 3 Orc Leaders [150 G]
    Gallant Mine|#GE1|E-Ranked|Mine 5 Ice Crystal [80G | 1 x Refined Ice Crystal]
    Gallant Mine|#GE2|E-Ranked|Mine 5 Wind Crystal [80G | 1 x Refined Wind Crystal]
    Great Plain|#GE1|E-Ranked|Gather 10 Moonlight Flower & 10 Healing Plants [50G | 1 x Rejuvenation Potion]

    "Welcome back you two to back to Aeternus! What a cute umm cat. Well, your total gold comes to 480 G, so 240 G split between you two. 1 refined wind crystal for Wunder, a rejuvenation potion for Jin, as well as 2 mithril ingots and 1 refined ice crystal. I think that seems to be everything. Oh and ummm, it seems that cat is ummmm a little bit unique? Well, there are a lot of other cats here, so if she ever feels lonely, I suppose just ask around and I'm sure people will bring their own pets to play with her, though I don't guarantee survival, for either of you two."
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    Delta Town|#GE1|E-Ranked|Gather 10 Chickens [20 G| 5 x Eggs]

    Belzah dodged between people as she made her way to the Teleport Gates, wanting to get her quest done as fast as she could. As she got close to them she nodded the the man standing near the Delta Town gate and went through without slowing her light jog.

    The journey through the Teleport Gate was about as fun as the first time she had went through one, but she didn't start dry heaving like last time so that's a plus for her. She took a few deep breaths before stealing herself and walking away from the Gate she had just came through. She didn't even have to look far to see chickens running wild from their coops, she sighs, defeated already.

    She followed the chickens, walking just fast enough to keep them in eyesite. What should she do to make this easier.... she could try and catch them with her hands? No, that would hurt the poor things, she's got claws. She grinned as she formed an idea in her head, there was no way it would fail.


    Clucking turned into terrified bocks as chickens raised their heads to see something barreling towards them, a handful of the chickens scattered, but the rest were stunned by the ferocious roar that echoed from the dragontaur running straight at them. Belzah quickly started grabbing stunned hens and tying their feet together, she tied up six chickens before the rest were able to run away. Taking care to not hurt any of the chickens, she gently wrapped her wing around the squirming bundle of feathers and talons.

    Bel took the chickens she had captured back to their coop and released them after checking for any holes in the wire fence around it, once they were all inside their pen she fed them some chicken feed to calm them down and refilled the water tray. It's time to get the other four that had ran off.


    The rooster stood on a rock, keeping a lookout for any thing that could harm his hens while they grazed for seeds. To bad he didn't look up, because that's where the thick rope net came from.

    Belzah dropped from the sky with the net, landing near it with a thud. These were the last of the chickens that needed to be rounded back up. Bel tied the feet of the chickens together and picked them up with the same amount as gentleness she did last time, and took them back to the coop so they could eat and drink.

    She felt that she had did a good job and went to report to the farmers who had sent the quest in, telling them that all of the chickens were all alive and well in their coop!

    Feather(s) - 4(Black) 7(Brown) 16(White)


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    Delta Town|#GE1|E-Ranked|Gather 10 Chickens [20 G| 5 x Eggs]

    "Welcome back, here's your reward 20 G and 5 eggs. What a roundabout way of catching them, oh well."

    Nice drawing.
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    Ooc: Thank you!
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    Great Plain|#GD1|D-Ranked|Gather 5 Rainbow Slime Gel [120G | 1 x Rainbow Gel]

    Great Plain|#GD2|D-Ranked|Gather 10 Nectar [120 G | 1 x Butterfly Honey]

    Great Plain|#GD3|D-Ranked|Gather 5 Flower seeds [80 G | 1 x Butterfly Flower]

    Great Plain|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Orcs [100 G]

    Great Plain|#SE4|E-Ranked|Slay 5 Boar Warriors. [70 G]

    Great Plain|#SE5|E-Ranked|Slay 15 Kobolds [70 G]

    Wunder felt depressed today. He had realized how large the distance that separated the other adventurers and him was. He looked at his hands and thought, ‘Do I need to become stronger?’. His hands curled into fists as he looked at the Great Plains. ‘I’ve hesitated enough. I’ve thought the whole walk here. There’s no turning back. After these quests, I’ll go. To become stronger’

    It was funny. Wunder was a Mailmage, a courier. Yet, he was aiming to become stronger. It wasn’t what he planned, but maybe it was an inevitable outcome. Foreseeing the troubles of the future, Wunder decided to simply enjoy the present. These were easy quests to do, and the weather was great.

    He glanced at the quest papers and decided to start with the easiest quest. He looked around for a grove of flowers. He wandered around for a few minutes before finding a beautiful scene. A field of all kind of flowers were placed under a ray of sun, highlighting the myriad of colors. Bees flew around as wildlife grazed under. Mother Nature was at her finest as she designed the eden to be pure and virginal.

    Wunder slipped into the paradise, ignoring the fact he had ruined the perfect environment. He crushed plant life under his feet as he searched for seeds. The large amount of flowers equated to a large amount of seeds, and sure enough, Wunder was able to easily gain five Flower Seeds.

    Wunder had placed the seeds into his satchel when he saw an innocent bee flying away. Wunder realized that the bee would probably heading home to deliver its honey. Smirking, Wunder stalked the bee back to its nest.

    Wunder was not disappointed, as he saw the bee enter a huge hive packed with the insects. Wunder frowned. ‘There’s no way I’d be able to get in there by myself.’

    Wunder’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light.


    It was easy to find orcs. They were very large and loud, making them very noticeable. Not even 20 minutes had passed before Wunder had found a group of 10 orcs. It would’ve been easier if he hadn’t been searching specifically for a group of 10 orcs, but the quest only called for 10 orcs and he didn’t want to waste any extra effort.

    The orcs were surrounding 3 other orcs, doing what seemed to be cheering. The orcs in the center tussled and wrestled as the orcs around them screamed incoherently. Only two were fighting, as the third was knocked out.

    Wunder smiled wryly at the human-like behaviour. He planned his next actions as he reviewed the map of the Great Plains he had drawn with [Cartography]. The distance between the hive and here wasn’t large at all! He could do this!

    Wunder casted [Quicken] onto himself as he drew his [Mithril Dirk]. He stared at a orc on the outside of the circle. Wunder bent low as he charged the monster, intent on finishing the orc in one strike. He had learned from his previous battles to not just slash wildly, but to aim for a single vital point.

    The absorbed orc had already been busy screaming its lungs out. Therefore, it didn’t notice Wunder till it was too late. The orc’s eyes widened as it felt a searing pain run through it’s spine. It fell to its knees as the other orcs turned their eyes to their fallen comrade.

    By the time they noticed Wunder, he had already ran far ahead. The orcs roared as they tracked Wunder’s fading silhouette.


    Wunder grinned as he saw the emerging nest. He quickly hid and heard the orcs pass by. The orcs, who lost their target, began to shout angrily. This disturbed the hive’s inhabitants as bees began pouring out of the hive.

    The orcs hesitated at the large amount of insects. That was when Wunder activated [Quickplay]. He felt the world around him slow. He moved around the trees to the back of the hive. When the orcs saw Wunder behind the hive, they lost their hesitation as they charged through the cloud of bees.

    Wunder quickly hid again and watched the two groups clashed. The orcs were much stronger than the bees. However, the bees were no ordinary bees. They mutated after living in a world where their predators evolved with magic. Also, the bee’s base were behind them, giving the insects a home field advantage.

    Although the bees held many advantages, the orcs were superior beasts. Eventually, even the Queen Bee came out. The Queen Bee was huge. Almost half the size of the orcs, its eyes glittered with a hint of intelligence. She ordered her soldiers to kamikaze the orcs, poisoning the beings.

    Wunder took advantage of the battle as he snuck into the nest. The nest was gigantic. Wunder activated [Wonder Walk] as he searched for the [Nectar]. Thanks to his speed, it didn’t take him long to arrive at the room with the [Nectar]. Interestingly enough, the room not only held [Nectar], but a veritable lake of [Bee Honey]. Wunder stalled for a second at the sight before quickly filling 10 vials with [Nectar]. He stared at the lake of [Bee Honey] for a second.


    Wunder came out just in time. The orcs, realizing they couldn’t win, quickly fled with severe injuries, even though there were no casualties. Of course, they also left many hundred bee corpses on the ground. Wunder hurriedly chased the orcs and attacked once again.

    Similarly to before, the attacked orc fell at once. However, one difference was that the other orcs responded much more weakly than before. Wunder smiled as he easily finished off the weakened group. Although he was no expert, any decent adventurer would have been able to win.

    As soon as he was done, he rushed to the last orc. The last orc was the one knocked out at the beginning, and died in his rest. Wunder looked down at the corpse as he spoke, “At least you died a peaceful death.”

    Wunder cut off the ears of the orcs, the proof of the completion of the subjugation request. He sat down on a rock, thinking of the large amount of [Bee Honey]. Back in the hive, he had used a skill he had used rarely, [Dimensional Storage] to store 2000 liters of [Bee Honey]. The honey lake’s level dropped to almost ⅕ of what it was.

    Wunder smiled.


    Wunder had read about Kobolds before he entered the Great Plains. One fact stood out to him. The fact that they were extremely territorial. He had researched a few Kobold territories. He was entering one now.

    Wunder saw what he was looking for. A Kobold troop of 15. They were very organized and all held weapons and wore armor. He remembered where to find them and left the area.

    He spent a good half hour before he found a group of Boar Warriors. The five monsters were travelling peacefully when Wunder appeared in front of one. He smiled at the monster and kicked it in the groin.

    The monster bent down in pain as the rest instinctively became enraged. No male could bear that kind of pain! They instantly went on all fours and charged Wunder. Wunder, having foresaw this, had already recasted [Quickplay] on himself. He tumbled out of the way of the charging boars. He continued this foreplay till he entered the Kobold’s area. This time, he directly stood in front of a Boar Warrior and provoked it. This caused the Boar Warrior to charge with even more force, only for Wunder to flip above it. The momentum pulled the monster to directly enter the Kobold camp!

    The Kobolds angrily picked up their weapons and attacked the Boar Warrior, making it roar in pain. The other Boar Warrior came to its aid, forgetting about Wunder who had mysteriously disappeared.

    Wunder viewed the clash, seeing that it would take some time to come to a conclusion. He determinedly left the battlefield to go and complete his last quest. Rainbow Slimes were easy to find and easy to kill. The only thing was that they traveled separately and were rarer than other monsters. However, Wunder could travel farther faster than most because of his multitudinous speed buffs. This meant that by the time Wunder returned to the battlefield, he had already killed four Rainbow Slimes for their gel, even though only a hour had passed.

    The casualty rates on both sides were severe, to say the least. Three Boar warriors lay on the ground dead, with one writhing in pain on the ground. Only one remained standing, with a Kobold corpse hanging from one of its tusks. The Kobolds were worse off. Only one remained alive, who looked like the Kobold Troop Leader. The leader raised his spear as the Boar Warrior charged it. A crazed look entered the leader’s eyes as it purposely allowed the Boar Warrior’s tusk pierce it. The leader’s final breaths were spent on stabbing the eye of the Boar Warrior.

    The Boar Warrior roared to the skies, scarred but victorious. That was when Wunder moved. He snuck behind the Boar Warrior and used [Stagnate] before stabbing it. It died a pitiful death, not even able to react. Wunder turned to the last struggling Boar Warrior before killing it, too. He looked at the rest of the bodies and packed away the proofs for the quests.


    Wunder thought about the day’s events as he strolled back to Aeternus. In the end, he used his last charge of [Quickplay] to find the last Rainbow Slime. He smiled as he thought, ‘I may not necessarily have the power to destroy these monsters yet, but a human’s greatest ability is to think.’


    “I would like to hand in these quests.”

    Note: I got 2000 liters of [Bee Honey]. Also, changed [Fast Forward]=>[Quickplay] and [Slow Motion]=>[Stagnate].

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    Reading List:
    Great Plain|#GD1|D-Ranked|Gather 5 Rainbow Slime Gel [120G | 1 x Rainbow Gel]
    Great Plain|#GD2|D-Ranked|Gather 10 Nectar [120 G | 1 x Butterfly Honey]
    Great Plain|#GD3|D-Ranked|Gather 5 Flower seeds [80 G | 1 x Butterfly Flower]
    Great Plain|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Orcs [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SE4|E-Ranked|Slay 5 Boar Warriors. [70 G]
    Great Plain|#SE5|E-Ranked|Slay 15 Kobolds [70 G]
    "Welcome ummm back! 2000 liters of honey... I ummm.. see.."
    "Well here's your rewards! I suppose. 560 G, a rainbow gel, a butterfly honey, and a butterfly flower. Oh but please try not to disturb the ecosystem of the bees too much, 2000 liters of honey will take it's toll on them, we need them to pollinate the lands so our flowers may continue to fill the land! And ummmmm............ yeah."
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    A hooded man full of bandage followed by a Kobold Archer who where in a hurry enters the guild full of sweat and dirt from mining. 'I'll need to take a bath after this...' Jin mentioned while Bernard shivered from the word bath.
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GD2|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Fire Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Fire Crystal]
    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]
    Gallant Mine|#GD3|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Earth Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Earth Crystal]
    Gallant Mine|#GE2|E-Ranked|Mine 5 Wind Crystal [80G | 1 x Refined Wind Crystal]
    Gallant Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]


    As Jin finishes designing his armor and shield. Jin tried to remember what ingot he needed.
    He remembers getting 2 Mithril Ingot and 1 Refined Ice Crystal with his last party quest with Wunder.
    Monti has sold him Yeti leather and given free 10 feathers from his dragon that could lighten the weight. Monti also told about earth crystal to increase defense so Jin decided to mine one.

    At seeing the Orichalcum that can be mine at Rank D. He wanted to try if ever it would be an excellent weapon. Jin decided that he would just mine the best metal his Rank is allowed.
    He decided to mine for now since he rank up to Rank D.

    [Bernard come with me for a quest in mining for my equipment…] Jin wrote with magic words and as he let his only follower with him read it. Since Presia and the others are shopping with Siostar.

    “Wow a mine!! Never been there... I will do my best!!” Bernard wags his tail as he agrees.
    Jin remembers about the portal and went to the center of the Aeternus Floating City.
    There where 3 teleport gates were large rings surrounded by pillars. Then Jin was shocked to see a sign:
    |Teleportation Portal: Delta Town, Desert Village, and Frontier Village|​

    If Jin could spit blood he would. Jin picks up his map and look at the two mines location of Desert Mine was just closer since he rode the ferry before it would be easy to go there. The problem is the Gallant Mine which is quite a distance for a ferry trip.

    Jin doesn’t want to waste time so, he planned to go back to the guild once his done in Desert Mine teleport to the Frontier Village and walk towards the Galant Mine. He has Bernard for terrain scouting so he would probably not get lost right?

    Jin with Bernard headed to the ferry to ride onwards the Desert Mine

    <Desert Mine>​

    As Jin quickly run towards to Desert Mine with Bernard following him. Since Shamal has shown guide them to Desert before. They have already passed by the Desert Mine. He doesn’t want to waste a single moment.

    “Bernard please use your [Keen Sense] to search for any Mithril, Fire Crystals and Orichalcum Vines and point it to me. You search while I mine understood?” Jin commanded the Kobold Archer. ‘Sigh, if I had Sanie who has Druid this would be faster’

    “But isn’t a greater amount better?” Bernard titled his head.
    [No too much is bad and minerals don’t quickly regenerate numbers like living beings. In fact they are scarcer than you think. So too make sure the others can also benefit. We should only take what we need, don’t be greedy alright?] Jin pats the sullen Kobold Archer.
    “I understand… I control myself” Bernard nooded. “I’ll definitely not fail you Master Vodka”

    Jin smiles as the young Kobold understand his message. They then went inside the mine to begin the mission.
    “Roger!! I will not fail you… Master Vodka there one Mithril Vine here!!” Bernard pointed out.
    [Ok find another one and come to me once you found it] Jin takes is pickaxe from his inventory and prepares to mine. Since he has experience before it was easy. With Jin’s daily exercise and high stamina, mining was easy to him.

    Jin then started humming as he swing his pickaxe.

    ‘Bam bam let’s swing this pickaxe into the rock
    Bam bam keep hitting till an ore drops
    Bam bam swing your pickaxe with a controlled strength
    Bam bam make sure you don’t break the ore’

    Jin was able to gather 12 Mithril Ore, 3 Fire Crystals and 12 Orichalcum Ore while moving to different vines as Bernard pointed it out.

    “Where done her let’s go to the ferry and head to the Aeternus Guild’s Portal.” Jin followed by Bernard went to the ferry and ride towards the Floating City.


    As they arrive, they immediately went to the center where the Teleportation Portal was located. Jin looks for the Frontier Village Portal and activated it. The ring in the portal suddenly lightens up by blue light swirling around.

    'Hmm.. this will be my first entering a portal. I only have used a teleportation magic circle.'
    Jin inspects the Portal.
    “Wow!! Amazing it’s swirling round and round” Bernard eyes sparkle seeing this.
    The two went inside the portal heading to the Frontier Village.

    <Frontier Village>

    'Oh… that wasn’t so bad… next time when we go to Askian Village let’s go inside the Portal'
    Jin looks at Bernard who was having hard time moving due to the dizziness. ‘Well the teleportation magic circle is weirder because it’s like your soul is being suck into’

    Jin then moves gently to assist his Kobold Follower who was having a hard time. [You look a bit tired seems like we can visit the Askian Village and rest there for a while]

    Bernard could only nod as he holds his mouth trying not to vomit.
    As they take some rest in the Askian Village, Jin decide to expect the Mithril.

    Mithril in its pure form was apparently rather soft and malleable. It could be used for various alloys to produce extremely lightweight, hard and durable armour but it was also a component of ithildin.

    Jin remembered what the drunken dwarve he meets in his journey said about Mitril before.

    {Mithril! All folk desired it. It could be beaten like copper, and polished like glass; and the Dwarves could make of it a metal, light and yet harder than tempered steel. Its beauty was like to that of common silver, but the beauty of Mithril did not tarnish or grow dim. *hick*
    But those damn haughty elves only use it for jewerly and attire rather than weapons and armour what a waste of good metal!! *hick*}
    Seems like Mitril, will be an excellent material for armor. He then expects the Fire Crystal will be quite remarkable to be attached to his axe. Imagining the blazing fire as he swing it makes him grin.

    The Orichalcum was the difficult one he only read in a book that is was a legendary precious metal that was mentioned by Plato as used in Atlantis. Its color was stiff with gold and white orichalc. He don’t know it’s properties whether it’s a good to make into an axe but no matter. Jin would just ask Boss Shad or perhaps Rald about this metal.

    Several hours of rest and meal….
    Jin and Bernard begin their travel towards the Gallant Mine by riding the ferry.

    <Gallant Mine>

    "As they arrive to the North Mountains. They followed the path towards the Gallant Pass.
    Bernard use his [Keen Sense] and [Scout] to find the path towards the Gallant Mine.

    “Master Vodka… there are miners, maybe they are heading to Gallant Mine” Bernard pointed while Jin nodded.
    Bernard then run towards the miner as Jin followed him.

    "Oh hello sir~ seems like your heading to the Gallant Mine. Can we go with you?" Benard asks.
    “OH! Are you one of those adventurers?" the miner look at Jin who seems like the leader. "Looking at your strong build you look like a good fighter. So doing mining quest?” the miner asks.
    "Yes... my master is planning to upgrade his armor and weapon" Bernard explained.
    "Oh is your master mute?" the Miner looks at Jin.
    "No! Master is not mute, it's just cause of circumstances" Bernard was having trouble explaining.
    "Oh I see..." The Miner feeling he shouldn't pry anymore change topic. “That’s good, it always best to keep upgrading your equipment. After all an adventurer job seems like a dangerous job” the Miner nudge Jin’s arm.

    [Of course… It’s best to be prepare than never] Jin smiled confidently as he wrote magic word to the Miner.
    "Wow!! that's amazing magic! as expected to Adventurers hahaha" the Miner laughs as he is amazed by the glowing words. Bernard and the miner chatted as they walk towards the Gallant Mine while Jin listens quickly to them sometimes answering the miner questions with his magic words.


    As Jin and Bernard finally arrives at the Gallant Mine….
    The Miner asks if they need help but Jin kindly refuse and said he could handle it.
    Bernard began searching for ore vines while Jin use his pick-axe to dig out the ores.
    Jin then started humming as he swing his pickaxe.

    As Jin move to different ore vines while humming while mining. He finally completed mining 3 Earth Crystals, 5 Wind Crystal and 12 Mithril Ore.

    “YAY!!!! Where finally done!” Bernard wag his tail with joy.
    [Okay, we have earth crystals for defense as Monti mention and Wind Crystal for boots or axe. Another Mithril. With this were done!!] Jin smiled and look to Bernard patting him. [Good job!!]

    “hehehe~” Bernard smiles.
    Jin then went heading back to the Guild to hand over his quest so he can begin making his armor.

    Note: none
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    Delta Town #SE1 – E rank – Slay 100 Rats100 G
    Noticing the receptionist coughing WhiteKuro felt that he should say something, but felt that it would be best not to pry into the receptionist's lifestyle due to their first meeting.
    Quietly leaving the guild, WhiteKuro heads into town with the quest in hand. Though questionably he might need to figure where he could find even 100 Rats might be festering about.
    Coming across with the first person he could see, WhiteKuro asks the passerby, "Have you seen any large rats lately that are of concern?"
    The passerby was a woman wearing cloth clothing, looks at WhiteKuro, from head to toe, and tilts her head at WhiteKuro before saying, "I'm not sure? Perhaps the city's alleyways might have some rats you describe, but why do you need to know that?"
    WhiteKuro wryly smiles as he replies, "I'm new to this town, and I've just recently signed up at the Adventurer's guild. The rats are what I need to kill for a quest you see."
    Hearing that, the woman silently looks WhiteKuro and then points in a certain direction that leads to an alleyway. "Then you best start on it soon." she said before leaving WhiteKuro.
    "Thanks," said WhiteKuro as he heads towards the alleyway and begins his search for the 100 rats.
    Rats in particular is a tricky target to find in general, let alone in a city, they are easily frighten of humans, scurry off quickly, and live in areas where it stinks like death.
    Though after walking in the alleyways for what felt like hours, though having been only 30 minutes since he left the guild, he felt eyes following him. Not quite human eyes that were on him, but something smaller, and perhaps.
    Turning around WhiteKuro draws his sword and there was a small bunch of rats which had hungry looks in their eyes, looking at him.
    "Well... best get to work then." muttered WhiteKuro as the front most rat jumps at him.
    Immediately choosing to Battle Parry the first rat to not lose sight of where the other rats are for the moment. WhiteKuro then moves his sword in an upward slash, slashing the second rat that followed behind the first rat.
    'Tch... Not a good place to be swing a long sword like this.' WhiteKuro thought to himself as he felt the tight space inhibiting his movement of his sword swings.
    However due to the Rats in particular not proving much of a challenge in general, this felt pretty valuable as an experience for future expeditions when preparing for tight quarters combat.
    Killing the rest of the rats that came charging at him, WhiteKuro cuts off the tails and inserts both the tail and the dead rats' bodies into the storage ring. Though only roughly 10 rats in the ring now, WhiteKuro looks up to the sky and sees the sun beaming down at him.
    "Better get this over with before dark," muttered WhiteKuro, as he then begins his wandering in the alleyways again to find more rats.
    After another hour, WhiteKuro finds several more packs of rats scurrying about in the Alleyway, some of which attacks him giving him an additional 14 more rats in his ring. While other packs fled from first sight of WhiteKuro, giving WhiteKuro only the chance to catch 6 more in total.
    Scratching his head, WhiteKuro felt that the alleyway was consistent, but the rats were not that stupid to let him keep catching them. However WhiteKuro wasn't going to keep looking around like this for the rest of the 80 rats.
    Heading out of the alleyway, WhiteKuro looked around to see if anyone else could direct him towards areas where Rats were festering in.
    Again asking another passerby WhiteKuro asks, "Do you know any rat nests that are in need of flushing out?"
    The passerby a man dressed in cloth but wearing small ornaments looks at WhiteKuro and points at the docks and says, "Ask the sailors or merchants if their storage shed need some rat cleansing, they're always finding their goods getting gnawed on constantly before shipment or land transporting."
    "Thank you," WhiteKuro nodded before heading off towards the docks.
    Looking around the docks, WhiteKuro then immediately talks to a man standing in front of a building yelling out orders towards the men putting items from a ship into the building.
    "Sorry if I'm interrupting but is there any rats that needs to be removed from your buildings?" WhiteKuro asked.
    The man turns towards WhiteKuro giving WhiteKuro a thorough look before responding, "Yeah, storage building 4, 7, and 10 have some rats reported by merchants and sailors, gnawing their products. They should be empty, and a fair warning... don't go snooping around at other buildings except for those that I mentioned."
    "Aren't you more suspicious that I might not be here for the rats?" WhiteKuro asked as he looks at the man.
    "Look, if you were going to be suspicious it would've been more suspicious if I caught you snooping around the other buildings if you didn't ask me about rats in general. Besides, rats are always a problem and if I don't get rid of them any time soon, I start paying off what is being gnawed on by those damnable creatures. Now move along I got more orders to relay to these sailors." said the man as he begins to bark out orders as if WhiteKuro wasn't talking to him initially.
    Heading out towards building 4, WhiteKuro could see that the building was enormous, perhaps enough to have a few rats inside he guess.
    The building's door was unlocked, just as the man said it would and WhiteKuro began his search inside of the building. Looking around, it was relatively spacious, but given that it wasn't his property, it would be best not to destroy any of the railings or pillars to avoid any repercussions.
    Looking about WhiteKuro sees a rat right in front of him just as he takes a small step forward, it flees from him. Seeing that it fled, WhiteKuro gave chase to the fleeing rat, though it had no place to run it ran into a wall and began to scurry alongside it. With the rat scurrying about, WhiteKuro immediately intercepts its path and slices at it with his sword and kills it. Storing the dead rat and tail in his storage. WhiteKuro spots another rat and chases after it as well.
    After what felt like an hour of running about killing 10 more rats, WhiteKuro could say that building 4 has no more rats inside of it at the moment. Opting to leave the building, WhiteKuro heads out towards building 7 and 10 as well and finds more rats infesting in them as well. Giving WhiteKuro a total of 64 rats in his ring now.
    Heading out of the docks, WhiteKuro heads back into town and begins to wander around the venues and behind restaurant's garbage spots to hunt any rats loitering about. Finding that rats were easier to find in smaller packs than both the alleyway hunts and at the docks, behind the garbage spots. WhiteKuro had hunted down the remaining 36 rats that were festering about to fulfill his quest conditions. It took an immense amount of time, and running to get any of the rats killed. Almost an entire day had passed, and WhiteKuro was exhausted. However he had enough energy to walk back to the guild and report on it. Though a thought crossed his mind to go to the sewers to hunt some rats, WhiteKuro decided against to doing just that since he would smell nasty as hell when he gets out to the fresh air.
    - Battle Parry Exp :1/10

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    Reading List:
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GD2|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Fire Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Fire Crystal]
    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]
    Gallant Mine|#GD3|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Earth Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Earth Crystal]
    Gallant Mine|#GE2|E-Ranked|Mine 5 Wind Crystal [80G | 1 x Refined Wind Crystal]
    Gallant Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    "Ah... Jin-san... Welcome back!" *weakly smiles*

    "Everything seems to... Be in order, so.. Please take the-"
    *cough cough cough* "rewards of... 600G and the... Mentioned items...

    Take care, okay?"

    ((There is just one thing I didn't understood... How did you leave Aeternus through a ferry?

    Aeternus is flying on the sky at a really high altitude, it shouldn't be possible to leave it without using teleportation or flight... I got somewhat confused on that part.))