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    Delta Town #SE1 – E rank – Slay 100 Rats – 100 G
    "Welcome back... Uhn..." *looks at his card* "Kuro-san!

    Uhum... Kuro-san is quite-"
    *cough cough cough cough* "amazing in... Getting the rats... Without going to... The servers... Hikari hadn't heard of-" *cough cough cough cough cough* "other people... That could... Do it... Like that. Good job!

    The reward will be of-"
    *cough cough* *coughs blood* *cough cough* "ugh... Hikari... Apologizes...* *takes out a handkerchief and cleans the spilled blood* "The reward... Will be.. Of 100G.

    Please... Take care, alright?"

    ((Nice story, it has a good flow! Most people just go to the sewers and kill rats like they were nothing, it's nice seeing someone actually chasing to find them on small places!

    I hope you enjoyed writing it, keep it up! ^^)/))
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    A robed man with his hood covering his face walked inside the guild halls, normally the smell of blood would accompany him, but this time, the smell is nowhere to be found, the man proceed to stand in front of the desk before opening his mouth, "...Excuse me, i'd like to report in these solo quests please..."

    Delta Town|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 100 Rats [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 20 Slimes [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Goblins [50 G]


    --Floating City of Aeternus - Tavern - Day--

    At the tavern, a strange robed man walks in, his name is Rei, along with him an irony smell of blood flow inside the tavern as if the man himself is accompanied by death. Without minding the stares, Rei sits on an empty chair close to the counter then proceed to ask the person near him.

    "...Hello, i am Rei, a new adventurer who arrived a few days ago, i just took a three quest for my first mission, is there anyone who knows where i can find a pack of rats, slimes, and goblins...?"

    Rei then waited patiently on his seat, not long after, an eye-patched man that somehow gives off a beast-like feel nothing like that of a normal human despite looking like one approached him.

    "Hm..... Rats are commonly found in the sewers, right? Slimes, you can immediately find them once you teleported to the great plains, as for goblins. You can find them acting like a bandit, bushes to be exact. Also, hello."

    The eye-patched man immediately answered Rei's question, it seems like this man is also an adventurer, to be exact, a senior adventurer as one might say.

    "...Hello, nice to meet you, so i will most likely find them in the sewers, and the great there anything i should be cautious of when facing them...?"

    As someone finally answered him, Rei took advantage of this chance to find out more on his targets, the eye-patched man seemed to be deep in thought as he thought about how to answer Rei's question.

    "Hm..... Becareful of rats because they attack in swarm and you might get an infection if you get wounded by them. For slime..... Nothing much except for their high physical resistance, but hit them on their core and it's good. Lastly, the goblins. They tend to ambush in groups, their equipments are mostly consisted of the adventurers that they killed, becareful because you might get an infection if they wounded you with their weapons. Oh! They tend to attack solo adventurers always so. Take care."

    After a brief moment the eye-patched man answered quite easily, he also didn't forget to give Rei a warning before doing his quest, it means he is quite an experienced adventurer, this gives Rei a mischievous idea.

    As the eye-patched man looked away while giving his advice, Rei moves closer to man, then he quickly put one hand in one of the man's pockets and immediately snatched something, he thought it was money, but it turns out Rei snatched his guild card instead, written on the card is the name Yoru.

    Rei also spotted two pictures near the name, one is a human like figure exactly like the man giving advice in front of Rei, the other, however, is a dangerous, scary-looking beastman that's ready to jump out of the picture, "Whoa!? Freaking scary!!", is what Rei thought when he saw the beastman picture, he felt chills as he trembled when imagining what might happen if the eye-patched man found out that Rei is trying to rob him, he must keep his cool and act as if nothing happened.

    "...Hm rats and goblin have higher chance to surround you, slime seems weaker than the rest...hmm...i need to take in mind of the goblin's possible ambush too, thank you very much for the advice...uuh...Yoru-san is this fine?"

    "Yes, yes. Btw! How did you know my name?"

    Yoru's sudden question makes Rei shocked, '...Oh no! Such a blunder! Calm down calm down?!', he kept repeating it while sweat started to flow on his back.

    "...Oh i happened to pick up your guild card, i'm planning to ask the bartender to return it, but then the person in the picture came to answer my, i will return it to you now...i'm going to do my quest..."

    "Okay???? Weird.... Thanks, I guess?"

    Rei, after returning the guild card for the adventurer named Yoru and lightly bows to him, he stood up to leave the tavern, as he reached the door he muttered in a small voice that nobody except him can hear.

    ".........I can't really tell him i'm trying to steal his purse but ended up taking his guild card instead can i...?"

    The robed man leave the tavern carrying along with him his faint smell of blood while feeling nervous and not guilty in the slightest.

    After questioning a friendly adventurer named Yoru for informations regarding his quests and then visiting the library, Rei headed toward the location where he will most likely encounter his target, his first mission he took for the guild is three quest.

    The first one he put priority of is the goblin slaying quest, the requirement is 10 goblins, he already make a mental note from Yoru's warning that they move in groups and like to ambush lone travelers, it seems like this is also why the guild posted the quest, as more and more people are being ambushed by them, this quest might be a challenge for him as goblins are quite cunning.

    Second is the slime slaying quest, he need to slay 20 slimes for this quest, unfortunately there isn't any clear info on why this quest is posted, although Yoru said that slimes are nothing serious, but slimes didn't have blood, so Rei cannot freely use his [Blood Manipulation] skill.

    The skill is useful, but unfortunately Rei still can't use it efficiently as he can't control blood that has no connection with the fresh wound from his body, such as the blood that already drips to the ground, another example was if he made an object such as spikes burst from a fresh wound, the blood that has become the spike isn't treated as his own, though he can still maintain the shape if it connected to the blood in his wound, he currently can only use it to control the blood inside his own body, too much usage of making an object will cause him to get an [Anemia], to make matters worse he can't naturally regenerate the loss of blood.

    Third is the rat slaying quest where he need to slay 100 rats, Delta Town is the destination for this quest, he choose this quest as the closing since he wants to see something in delta town after completing the other quests, Yoru told him he can find rats in the sewers and to be careful of being surrounded.

    Both the slimes and the goblins can be found on the great plains according to the information he got from the friendly adventurer Yoru, he's such a good senior...yet Rei is still nervous as he didn't know whether Yoru realized he tried to steal his money but ended up taking his guild card instead.

    While walking towards the teleport gates to teleport to his first destination Rei saw the gate staff standing nearby, he gives a light nod when the staff noticed him before saying,
    "...Great Plains...please", the staff gives him a nod of understatement before operating the gate, a bluish spiraling lights circled in the gate indicating it has been activated, Rei shouldered both his sword staff and steel javelins on his back as he continues to be cautious for any sign of staff that might suddenly stopped him.

    "...Tch, should have been more careful, a certain foxkin receptionist already make a remark that the smell of blood i carry makes me easy to search...luckily that Yoru guy didn't seem to realize, such a carefree person, maybe i can try to rob him again sometimes"

    On a side note, Rei really didn't feel the slightest guilt nor regret for trying to rob the first person he met and also the first one who gives him advice in the tavern, the fact that he failed is the only regret he has.

    --The Great Plains - Day--

    --Subject No. 00's POV - Rei--

    "...Walking...still walking...more walking...a bit more walking..."

    I went through the great plains to find some slimes and goblins, but i still didn't find any slime or goblin, honestly i arrived to the guild in post [Frenzy] state, i didn't remember how i got there so i have yet to met any slimes nor goblins, there's a cute jelly-like creature that can be seen at the distance, and sometimes the bushes near me shakes unnaturally, without minding that i keep moving forward with an opened map from the adventurer guild in my hand that i took without permission, i also happen to borrow one of the guild's bestiary books without permission aswell, i just secretly took them and i have no intention to return it, of course i still have no talent to be a thief.

    This wonderful practice of borrowing without permission and not returning it is made famous by a certain person named Jaian, where his most famous motto is "What's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine!", such a wonderful motto indeed.

    "...Oh the bestiary! I completely forgot about it..."

    After remembering the existence of the bestiary, i put the map i used to navigate around the plains into my traveler's bag, and take out the bestiary and flipped the pages to find out about slimes, and my jaw immediately dropped.

    "...That cute jelly is SLIME?! WHY IS IT SO CUTE?!...Then does that mean the unnatural shaking in the bushes is where the goblins hide?...Well Yoru did tell me they hide in one...damn"

    Cursing my own ignorance i turned back to where i saw the slimes and the shaking bushes but my jaw dropped again, as 23 goblins has appeared behind me, no matter how one look at it, i fell completely for their ambush, just great, but it does saves me the time needed to look for them.

    "...I want to start with slimes, but i guess i have no choice huh...?"

    The goblins already prepared to attack me with their makeshift weapons, i also spotted a few using a human's tools, must have been what Yoru mentioned, they took weapons from the adventurer's they killed, somehow i felt a slight sense of solidarity with them, but seeing as they aren't here to recruit me i enter a combat stance unsheathing the sword staff with my left hand.

    Steadying my breathing i activated [Accelerate] on my legs and dashed forward appearing in front of them in mere moments, although [Accelerate] made it seem like i just teleported from where i stand it actually just speed up the movement of the body part i used it with and also doubled the fatigue when used so i can't abuse it too much, it's quite dangerous since only one part of the body moved quickly, if used like this without preparations half of my body will bend dangerously backwards and make my head hit the ground bellow, it already happened the first time i tried it.

    I turned the tables by making a surprise attack right in front of the goblins, as the startled goblins failed to take an action i slashed at them and behead two goblins, this angered the others as they surround me and attacked with their weapons, i tried to dodge and a goblin's overhead slash missed by a few inches but another goblin's club managed to hit my sides, i slashed at it making a big gaping wound on it's chest

    On my right also came a horizontal slash aimed at my stomach, i parried it and countered by pulling one of the 10 steel javelins and impaled it's head to the ground, but the short moment of parrying and impaling the goblin left me wide open as two goblins stabbed my back right at my vital spot, then i activated [Blood Manipulation] to form a spike that burst from the wound to pierce them and turned around to the two behind me.

    "...Tch! Here! Catch the blushing bride!...Hraaah..!!"

    One of the two goblins i pierced managed to dodge and only get a light cut on the face so i grabbed it's arm with my right hand and turned over to throw it to the rest knocking over three goblins, for a brief moment the goblins observed me and i observed the four goblins comically trying to get off from each other.

    I used the brief moment to stop the bleeding with [Blood Manipulation], unfortunately the blood i used for the spikes are no longer treated as my own blood as they fell and splashed on the ground, i also used [Devour] on the goblin's blood that get splattered on my face by licking it as it flowed near my mouth, the irony taste of blood makes me smile as i showed an expression of delight.

    Seeing this the remaining 18 goblins shook their body a little, perhaps they mistook my lip licking and delighted face as me trying to eat them, well they're not that far off, i can just [Devour] their raw flesh but it's going to be a problem later on, i don't want to have a goblin's ugly appearance afterall.

    It looks like they really did misunderstood as their movement becomes more frantic and their body kind of trembling a bit, 18 goblins rushed in with their weapons, pulled another javelin and used [Accelerate] on my right hand, the high speed javelin pierced through three goblins and landed on the ground, the rest didn't falter as they struck their weapon down.

    I dodged four goblin's slashes by rolling and countered them by gutting their stomachs, three managed to hit my back, luckily the leather half armor reduced the impact, i turned around and thrust my sword on their chest, then dashed forward to slash another four one by one, i blocked another goblin swinging a club trying to hit my leg with my sword and used [Accelerate] on my leg to kick off the goblin's groin sending it floating several meters above the ground, the goblin screamed as it's eyes go white and falls to the ground, convulsing repeatedly.

    Whether it's dead or not from the kick, i don't know, but it doesn't move at all, plus it looks like it's bones also break from the kick, seeing that i'm convinced that it's dead, i turn to face the last six goblins and saw them closing their legs with their jaws dropped, some even put their hands on their groins.

    "...So~..who wants to go next~?...i'll make sure atleast your future is dead...!"

    I also give them the kindest smile i could make to convince them they aren't going to die, i already hunted more than enough for the quest, so i decided to give them mercy by keeping them alive, well a certain part may no longer be alive though.

    The goblins began to scatter away trying to escape, screaming as some is raising their hands in the air while some is still covering their groins.

    "...Well...of course you'd feel even more afraid than death if the future is set in stone..."

    After shrugging my shoulders i recovered the javelins and used a cloth to wipe the blood and goblin's flesh that get stuck on my weapons before sheathing them, i also drink a blood bottle to restore my blood and my wounds started to heal very slowly.

    I walked to each corpse to search for any valuables, i took two daggers before cutting their ears and tossed it inside the item box, after i refilled the now empty bottle with goblin blood, i decide to continue walking to search for my next target, the slimes, i'm bound to find slimes and perhaps more goblins on the way.

    "...First quest, checked...hmm...i still can do better, but fine i guess..."

    As i proceed on the path leading to Delta Town i came across a pack of 26 slimes near a small pond, as i observe them lazily absorbing the water, i start to grow fond of them, but regrettably i have to slay them.

    I took the bestiary and read it to gather more info on this cute creatures, it seems like they are quite resistant to physical attacks, but it didn't say anything about elemental resistance, so i decide to use [Electric Weapons].

    I pulled one javelin as medium and activated [Electric Weapons] to conjure a spear made of blue lightning slightly bigger in size of the javelin, as the crackling sound of sparks starts to accompany the lightning i took a throwing stance, steadying both my breath and aim, i threw the spear straight into the pond, as it landed water splashed on the slimes and the spear starts to discharge the sparks electrocuting the 26 slimes, it's should be enough power to stun them or atleast keep them from moving.

    After bright flashes of light danced for several seconds the lightning spear dispersed and returned back to normal javelin, some of the slimes are still convulsing while the others are not moving at all.

    "...Are those ones dead? Aside from the little smokes it's not any different from before though...?"

    I can't guess from their appearance alone, but their cores might me precious so i opted to take their cores instead of destroying it, on closer look it seems like these slimes are eating grass that give off a sweet smell, i heard these kind of plants has healing properties, but i'm not too sure, i don't have much knowledge on herbs afterall, i should take a few in case they really are healing grass, i recovered my javelin and tossed both the cores and the grass inside the item box and leave the area.

    "With this..second quest checked, now all i need is the one at Delta Town"

    --Floating City of Aeternus - Night--

    Walking for half a day, the sky has become dark, Rei regretted that he didn't have a horse to make travelling faster, he got no choice but to return back to Aeternus, when he got back, he immediately entered the in that provides free lodging, he also cooked one unknown meat with [Electric Weapons], lightning surrounded the meat to form a lightning ball, unfortunately the meat isn't a weapon, trying to burn it using [Electric Weapons] isn't an efficient way, but the meat will be fried eventually, Rei ate the cooked meat and rest for the day.

    On a side note, the meat is in fact a human's meat.

    --Delta Town - Morning--

    --Subject No. 00's POV - Rei--

    As morning comes i went again to the teleport gate and use it to head towards Delta Town, there's a good reason why i choose this quest for the closing, i can't wait to see it.

    After teleporting i arrived in Delta Town for my last quest, the rat slaying quest, the faint smell of salty water filled my nose as i walked inside the bustling town, it's not strange if one were to call this place the port city, without further ado i head straight to the sewers after asking the locals of the entrance's exact location.

    The inside of the sewer is kind of dark, humid, and smelly, the inside is a tunnel several meters wide made of stone bricks, with dirty water flowing in the center of the ground, there's a somewhat dry area on the right floor big enough for one person to walk, for a normal humans they will find it a bit hard repulsive to navigate around down here, luckily, for me they help to cover the faint smell of blood that came from the raw meat and bottles of blood i always carry around, plus i'm not normal, not even human at that.

    As i navigate around almost aimlessly while trying to hear the rat's sounds, i saw a small dirty pouch flowing inside the waters, my Kira-Kira(Glittering) sense is tingling, i immediately jumped inside and realized the water is actually very shallow, only several tens of centimeters, i prepared myself to catch the pouch before it escapes my reach.

    "...Come to papa~! I found you first, so you're not getting away little pouch~!"

    I forcibly snatched the pouch as it comes within my reach, then walked out of the waters, while roughly gripping the pouch to prevent it from slipping.

    "Unhand me you brute! This is no way to treat a lady!"

    ...Is what i thought the little pouch would say as i see it keep trying to slip off my grip, paying no heed to my delusion i untied the string used keep the pouch closed to find out the contents, i imagined the pouch screaming, "Don't~!", as i looked inside it to found gold...GOLD! A rare commodity for penniless guy like me, well the content is only 10 gold so it's not really much, i take the gold and put it inside my own bag to carry around small things and tossed the pouch back into the water.

    "...*sniffs*...i have been tainted...i cannot be a bride anymore...*sniffs*..."

    ...Is another delusion i got when i saw the water that drips from the little pouch as it flies back inside the water, i thought, "Why are you looking at me like that? You're tainted even before we met!", as i cursed at myself for making a big deal out of a dirty and wet pouch.

    Continuing to navigate on the small road for several minutes i come across a fork, one is to the right and the other to the front, to continue to the front i need to jump inside the waters again, but as i pondered on what to do i heard a small sound, i stood still as i tried to listen to it, the sound of flowing water obstruct the where the sound is coming from, but it's no mistake that it is a rat's squeak, i mean what else is there besides rat in here?

    The sound seemed to come from the right, i hurried my feet to chase after the sound and found a pack of 20 big rats with the size around one meter swarming a pile of washed up trash bags, it didn't seem like they noticed i was near them, must have been because the smell of dirty water so strong that it covered my bloody stench that's now basically the smell same as that trash bag's stench.

    Honestly i don't want to drink trash filled blood, so prepared myself for combat by taking one of my 10 steel javelins with my right hand and used [Electric Weapons] with the javelin as base to conjure a spear made of blue lightning twice bigger than the javelin, the sound of sparks alerts the rats but it doesn't matter.

    I quickly took a throwing posture with my right hand behind me, i also used [Accelerate] to speed up my hand as i throw the spear, the lightning spear made a straight bluish line in the air as it landed right on the trash bags faster than the rats could try to escape, the lightning conjured on the javelin discharged sparks that electrocuted the rats and fried them from the inside making the tunnel filled with the crackling sound of sparks and rats screaming in pain, in just a moment the 20 rats turned into burnt rats that actually gives off a delicious smell, despite being burnt that is.

    "...Too much electricity, huh? I need to better my control over the amount of power i put in it...but still, it smells good and not raw flesh anymore, should be alright to take some home...instant dinner~"

    I took the 20 burnt rat and store it inside my item box, for the subjugation report and if there's extra for my own dinner, they're quite big but should be fine as the item box can store almost anything except living thing, then i recovered the javelin i threw and after giving the pile of trash bags that also get electrocuted a cursory glance i left it alone as i didn't find anything of interest.

    Afterwards my search of rats should become easier as the rats is already alerted, i continue to navigate forward in the sewers to encounter a pack of 30 rats, it seems like they just formed the group after being alerted that their territory is under attack, i took a javelin and repeat using [Electric Weapons] and [Accelerate], same as before i throw the lightning spear to pierce through 5 rats, the discharged sparks electrocute the remaining 25 rats near it, afterwards i recovered the javelin and continue on.

    More rats keep coming one after another, sometimes they caught me off guard by appearing behind me, which result with in my back and legs to get bitten, i immediately used [Blood Manipulation] to stop the bleeding, but even with that it doesn't mean the wound will also close, only to prevent blood from flowing out.

    "...Hmm...another which one should i choose ...?"

    Proceeding forward i found another fork that goes forward or left, i choose to go left by crossing the shallow waters and i come at dead end, at the end of it is a big group 50 rats that looked rather angry, it seems like i just arrived at their nest or something close to their gathering spot, once again i took a combat stance, but this time i did not use [Electric Weapons] instead i took my sword staff with my left hand and charge straight at the the pack of rats.

    I choose not to use [Electric Weapons] because it's still uncontrollable and i can't test myself if i keep using it, the rats also started to attack me, the first 10 rats in the front tried to jump bit me, without unsheathing the sword staff i swing it horizontally with both hand and hit the first two rat sending it flying over to three rat next to it, the impact caused the three to get slammed to the wall, five rat that avoided the impact managed to reach me and immediately bit into my body.

    "...Ugh!!! Ow ow! Quick creatures! What a sharp mouth...!"

    The sudden impact and feeling of sharp teeth digging tearing my skin makes me groan, but i have no time to lose as the swarm of 40 other rats are coming close, so i used [Blood Manipulation] to create spikes that burst from my fresh wound to pierce their heads, i also stopped the blood from flowing out, unfortunately the blood that i used to make the spikes are no longer treated as my own blood as they splashed down on the floor.

    Then i unsheathed the sword and revealed a sharp long blade, the sword staff is meant to be a concealed weapon, so despite it's simple appearance, it's sharpness is nothing to joke about, as i gripped the hilt with my left hand and the sheathe with my right hand i charged again at the remaining 40 rats.

    I swing the sword horizontally and slashed two rats, followed by hitting one rat on the head with the sheathe i slashed another five that tries to bit me, seven rats managed to bit me but immediately countered by making spikes burst from the wounds, i used [Accelerate] on both of my hands to rapidly stab and hit 10 rats that jumped in front of me, but suddenly my mind starts to be filled with ominous thoughts, "Kill!", "Slaughter them all!!", "Erase everything from existence until nothing is left!!!".

    "!..not yet!" I shake my head to clear off my mind.

    Fighting a large number inside a closed space is actually dangerous choice, because the stench of blood have nowhere to go, they ends up accumulating and spread not far from the source, sensing danger not from the rats but from myself i used [Accelerate] on my feet to quickly retreated back to the fork just before the waters to make a distance between the myself and the rat corpses, the last 15 rats perhaps thought i was escaping as their squeaks somehow sounds like a victory cry.

    They aren't strong individually, but their sheer number is a trouble, i guess i should do this quest after i return from the great plains, as i pondered about the quest i realized few groups of rats are coming from the right, some are running in the shallow waters causing water to splash among themselves.

    "...Tch..look's like trial time is over then...anymore and i'll probably go berserk...!"

    After deciding on my choices, i stood still for several seconds, when the hordes of rats are close enough i used [Accelerate] on my legs to do a backward jump and landed across the other side of the somewhat dry floor, naturally the rats chased after me by crossing the waters.

    "...Under here it's impossible to use [Summon Lightning], but there's still water here!"

    I waited until all the rats has entered the water before dipping the sword in my left hand into the water, then i activated [Electric Weapons] with the sword staff as the base, added with the shallow waters as conductor the lightning blade can spread for several meters along the water becoming a large lightning rod.

    The screams of rats and the crackling sound of sparks echoed once more inside the sewers, after a few moments i deactivated [Electric Weapons] and the loud sounds is instantly replaced with eerie silence, a bit of smokes raise from the waters, then i sheathed the blade and starts to collect the the rats corpse just enough to complete the quest plus some extra, i took a bottle of blood from the item box and drink it to recover both my blood and wounds, after i emptied the bottle i can feel my slightly dizzy head get better and my wounds closing very slowly, i need to re-fill this bottle as well, but not with rat's blood.

    Then, i go back to the dead end, the place is a bit small for rats on that size and also the location isn't too far from the entrance, this makes me curious, as i walked, a figure caught my sight, sitting with it's back against the wall.

    "...Corpse..? The clothes suggest this person might be a former adventurer...the blood's still quite recent, but the body is mostly been eaten, i can't determine it's gender...?"

    While pondering about it i searched the corpse for anything that might help me identify it, i spotted it's right arm behind it's back, i took it's hand and forcibly opened it to reveal a simple unadorned gold ring, this corpse is holding on to it even after dying, the gold ring must have mean a lot to this corpse, unfortunately it didn't seem to have anything else i can identify it with.

    "Too bad for you, i'm not interested in someone else's memento, whatever this ring meant to you, be it your lover's ring or something, i'm not interested, see? So i'll be taking this ring, it might be worth it if i sell it...or i can just bury it as your replacement..."

    It might be pretty cold towards a dead person, but nothing will come if i keep brooding over it, plus, i can't just say that i found an unidentified corpse inside the sewers, even if i am an adventurer now i'm still a stranger to this town and even to the guild, i don't think they can help if it turns out this corpse is a civilian and a relative or someone who knows the corpse accused me for murder, no, i don't want to take chances, i still didn't have anyone who can back me up against such nonsense, it's better if i just take the ring and be off with it.

    "...Third quest, checked...damn corpse, don't look at me like that, i'll go inform the guild about you when i go return to Aeternus..."

    --Delta Town - Day--

    Afterwards Rei come out of the sewers, the stench he carries is even more stronger and smellier then when arrived here, he goes into a nearby inn and asked the owner if he can let him stay for the night and if he can borrow the water to wash his clothes for 10 gold, the reluctant owner agreed to lent him a space and water if it's only for the rest of the day.

    Succeeded in getting a space to rest Rei checked for any open wound and wrap it using cloth, and as he proceed to wash his clothes, he looked at the sky, it seems like it'll be awhile before the sunset, but seeing his own appearance Rei decided to stay inside, he ate one burnt rat before turning in to sleep early.

    --Delta Town - Port - Morning--

    The next morning, Rei's clothes are quite dry already, after wearing his clothes he head toward the port, and there, the vast blue ocean spread as far as the eye can see, along with a lot of ships that just arrived and also leaving the docks, this beautiful view of blue really fascinated Rei, as this beautiful sight is what makes him choose the rat slaying quest.

    Rei stood still while engraving his memory with the sight as he felt the gentle breeze on his body before he proceed to pack up and return to the guild with newly refreshed vigor, and newly washed clothes, it didn't change his ragged appearance, but the faint smell of blood he carries are gone, for now.
    "...It seems i got quite useful stuffs, especially the burnt rats...delicious"
    World Map x1
    Bestiary Book x1
    Goblin Ear(s) x17
    Small Dagger(s) x2
    Slime Core(s) x26
    Healing Grass(es) x5
    Burnt Rat(s) x49
    Rat Corpse(s) x62
    Gold Ring x1

    "...But i lost a few things aswell..."
    Blood Bottle(s) x1
    Cloth(es) x2
    Burnt Rat(s) x1
    10 Gold

    "...This quest makes a good memory...also...i should probably tell you that i found a corpse inside Delta Town's sewers...might need to take it out before it decays..."

    OOC: First write, it's bound to contain mistakes or weird parts, also kind of needlessly long for beginner's quest :cookie:
    Btw, what should i do with the loot? can i keep it?
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    Reading List:
    Delta Town|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 100 Rats [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 20 Slimes [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Goblins [50 G]

    "Ah yes yes, welcome back. Let's us see. uhuh, uhuh. Okay. Here's your reward 200 G! As for the corpse, surprised it's still down there with meat, it's prime meat for rats to eat. Though I guess you took care of them before they could accomplish that? But I suppose that means that the corpse is fresh! Gah you should've carried it out with you in your item box, well I guess it wasn't in your jurisdiction, so I'll let that slide, I fear by now it is too late to retrieve it, it's probably already been consumed to the bones. Quick tip from me to you, I would be cautious on who your show that ring to, who knows, that corpse might've been engaged with that ring, or maybe even hoping to propose with it. As for how it managed to get into the sewer, the corpse, I guess I'll have to ask around. Well anyways, good work."

    It's fine, and you keep it if you wish to!
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    "...Sorry, i might get unneeded suspicion if i were to bring along a human's corpse with's true might be bones by now, so i'm planning to bury the ring somewhere as replacement...thank you for both the reward and advice..."

    After bowing to the guild staff, Rei leaves the room with his reward and loot, he also need to find a good place to bury the ring, this marks the first step the man named Rei took for his new life, and the first page in his an adventurer from the adventurer's guild.

    OOC: Thanks, good luck on your task aswell :cookie:
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    Reading List:
    Great Plain|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Goblins [50 G]

    Great Plain|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Orcs [100 G]

    Great Plain|#SE5|E-Ranked|Slay 15 Kobolds [70 G]

    Great Plain|#SD3|D-Ranked|Slay 3 Orc Leaders [150 G]

    Great Plain|#SD5|D-Ranked|Slay 3 Kobold Leader [120 G]

    Great Plain|#SD4|D-Ranked|Slay 1 Unicorn [100 G]


    Wunder walked to the teleportation circle to Desert Village, thinking on how to complete these quests. Zoe sat on his shoulder with her tail wrapped around him, looking at the new environment. Wunder snickered and patted Zoe on the head.

    “Calm down. We’re going to stay here for some time, so there’ll be plenty of time to tour later. We’re going to go do a quest now, and I want to see if how you fight. You were a junkyard cat, after all.”

    Zoe nodded her head and mewed. Wunder smiled at her confidence.

    ~Great Plains~

    Wunder stared at the goblins foraging for food. He had found them rather quickly, with only a single use of [Quicken]. He once again frowned at the loss of two watches, but remembered the things Jin went through. He shook his head, putting out of his mind. He turned to Zoe on his shoulder.

    “Zoe, do you think you can handle those alone?”

    Zoe nodded her head. “Meow~”

    Zoe lept off of my shoulder and whipped her tail around a tree branch above the goblins. She activated [Cloak] and lowered herself behind a goblin. She swiped her claws at the monster, scratching him. The monster shouted in pain and sweeped behind it, but Zoe had already pulled herself up.

    The other monsters looked at the scratched goblin in puzzlement as they couldn’t see through [Cloak]. [Gum Tail] was really useful. The goblins, noticing the injury, prepared themselves for the unseen enemy. However, Zoe had already dropped behind the injured goblin, slashing its neck.

    Zoe released [Cloak] and stretched her tail to whip at a nearby goblin. The goblin was instantly blown away by her and slammed into a tree trunk. The other two goblins charged at Zoe with their fists raised high. Zoe activated [Minor Barrier] to block the strikes and once again whipped the startled goblins. Both were blown away, but one survived by landing on a bush.

    It struggled to get up and run away, but Zoe ran over and slashed its throat. She looked at Wunder expectantly, her left ear twitching. He laughed at the result and walked over. He picked her up onto his shoulder where her tail once again wrapped round his upper arm.

    “You’re so good! Now, you’ll have to help me with the rest of the quests, okay?”



    Wunder watched the last goblin be blasted away by Zoe’s tail. He cut off the ears of the goblins and put them in his bag.

    “Good job, Zoe. That’s the last of the goblins.” Wunder checked his map. “Hooo . . . we traveled pretty far. We’re near the Solitary Castle.”

    Wunder petted Zoe, who climbed onto his shoulder as he planned his next move. He used [Wonder Walk] to fly up into the air. He spotted a nearby Kobold troop that was perfect for the quests. Wunder began running in the air towards the Kobold troop, Zoe’s eyes glinting with excitement all the way.

    He stopped above the Kobold Leaders and said, “Zoe, can you handle one of them? I’ll get the other two.”


    “Okay, I’m dropping now.”

    Wunder casted [Quicken] on both of them. He dropped from the air with his [Mithril Dirk] pointing down towards a Kobold Leader’s head. The unsuspecting target died immediately after being stabbed in the head. Zoe stretched her tail to wrap around another Kobold Leader, suffocating it. The last Kobold Leader barked at its troops, causing them to attack the enemies. However, it was kicked to the ground before it could draw it’s weapon.

    The Kobolds held their spears in front of them as they sprinted towards Wunder and Zoe. Zoe finished suffocating the Kobold Leader and threw the corpse at the Kobolds. The Kobolds stopped at the action, trying to catch their leader’s body. While that took place, the last Kobold leader tried to get up, but was attacked by Wunder.

    The Kobold Leader dodged the blade, but Wunder activated [Wonder Walk] to instantly slash towards the dodging Kobold Leader. The beast died, shocked at its sudden death. Zoe hurried to the recovering Kobolds after casting [Cloak] to hide herself. She scampered under a Kobold and jumped. She clawed at the Kobold’s neck, making it spout blood like a fountain. The rest of the Kobolds stared in shock while one swung its spear at Zoe. She caught the spear with her tail and yanked it out of the Kobold’s hands. She swung the spear around with her tail and killed two more Kobolds.

    Wunder approached the group and stabbed his [Mithril Dirk] into a Kobold’s back, making it collapse. He dodged a Kobold’s spear and attached Zoe to himself. Zoe used her tail to lift up the spear threateningly. The final 11 Kobolds glared at the duo.

    “Hey Zoe, you ready?”


    Wunder felt Zoe’s body vibrate, showing her readiness for battle. He smiled at his trustworthy companion before gripping his [Mithril Dirk]. He looked at the charging monsters.


    “Haaa . . . that was tiring.” The battle was harder than killing a Kobold Leader. Although the Kobolds had lost their commanders, they were still able to perform some basic formations. This made it much harder for Wunder and Zoe. In the end, Zoe threw the spear at a Kobold and killed it, breaking the entrapment. They escaped from the formation and slowly killed off the rest of the group while making sure they weren’t trapped again.

    In the end, they took a long time because they were so careful. Now, both cat and human were tired. Wunder petted Zoe as they took a break. After about 30 minutes, he got up.

    “Zoe, come on. Let’s go do the Unicorn quest. We can do the Orc quests another day.”

    Zoe used her tail to lift herself up onto his shoulder. Seeing that Zoe was secure, Wunder activated [Wonder Walk] to fly up. He moved slowly so he didn’t have to concentrate much. He floated in the air and looked around. Zoe rubbed her head against his cheek to show how much she liked flying. He smiled and continued to travel through the air, looking for a unicorn.

    He went north for about 15 minutes before he saw a unicorn. He instantly began flying for the beast, hoping it wouldn’t notice. Unfortunately, it did. Startled, the animal began galloping away from Wunder. Wunder’s brows scrunched as he increased his speed. He took out his [Mithril Dirk] and prepared to kill the unicorn. He had almost caught it when all of a sudden, something appeared in front of him. Startled, he slashed in front of him but the blade wasn’t able to cut through whatever had appeared to protect the being. In fact, the dirk shattered and the pieces fell to the ground.

    “Hey! Why are you attacking me all of a sudden?”

    The being turned out to be a man in his 20s. The man was handsome and on his hand was a blue shield, a mana barrier. That must’ve been how his blade broke. However, the most shocking thing about the man was the two wings on his back. They were the wings of a butterfly, colorful and wide.

    “Oh! There you are! I felt your presence while I was touring the City of Bones.” The man reached out for Zoe, who was on Wunder’s shoulders. Zoe hissed at the man, the tail around Wunder’s upper arm tightening.

    “Hmmm . . . this is strange. Most animal fairies, even the moody cat fairies, are friendly towards fae. Why doe- who did this?” The man became furious when he discovered the missing wing on Zoe’s back.

    “Ummm . . . who are you?” Wunder asked.

    “Was it you? I’ll kill you!”

    It took 10 minutes to calm the man down, and that was with the help of Zoe’s insistent protecting of Wunder.

    “Ok, I understand. You’re this cat fairie’s savior, right? That makes you a friend of us fairies, too. Thank you for saving Zoe.” The man bowed.

    “No, no! It was my pleasure! Please, pick your head up!” Wunder extolled. To him, it was strange that such a powerful being would be so respectful to him. “By the way, I’m Wunder.”

    “I am Letto. Please, let me explain. Fairies originate from the Fairy Village. Somehow, Zoe had found her way out of our lands into the Junkyard where you saved her. Originally, faeries are isolated except for rare exceptions, like me.”

    “So, do you know a way to heal Zoe’s wing?”

    “Zoe’s wing is a special injury. A fairy’s wings are their source of power. That, and something else. A fairy is useless without their wings. Although Zoe is a cat and has the abilities of one, she would have been much more powerful with her wings. The only one who can heal such an injury is, from what I know, the Fairy Village’s Chief.”

    “Can- can you take me to the Fairy Village?”

    “Of course! It’s why I brought it up. All fairies are kin, and kin is the most important. Let’s go!” Letto grabbed Wunder’s hand and started dragging him off.

    “Wait! Wait! I still have to do something!”

    “What is so important?”

    “I have to finish my quests. I have to slay a unicorn. I have to slay 3 Orc Leaders and 10 Orcs, as well.”

    “Is that it? Then let me help. Consider it my apology for your weapon.”

    The next few minutes would be something Wunder would never forget. Letto traveled at such a fast speed, it could probably be called teleportation. Not only that, he was able to instantly kill the monsters. Finally, he teleported to a small distance away from Desert Village.

    “I will not enter. It is too dangerous. Even in the isolated Fairy Village, we have heard legends about Bielt and Shadow. I will wait for you outside. Please, allow Zoe to keep me company.”

    “Okay. Zoe, is that alright?” Zoe meowed in response and jumped to Letto’s feet. Wunder nodded to the two and headed for the teleportation portal.


    “I would like to hand in these quests.”
    Note: sorry i kinda cheated at the end. really tired. going to sleep. good night~ (really excited about new continent)

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    Reading List:
    Great Plain|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Goblins [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Orcs [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SE5|E-Ranked|Slay 15 Kobolds [70 G]
    Great Plain|#SD3|D-Ranked|Slay 3 Orc Leaders [150 G]
    Great Plain|#SD5|D-Ranked|Slay 3 Kobold Leader [120 G]
    Great Plain|#SD4|D-Ranked|Slay 1 Unicorn [100 G]
    Looking at the report, Shadow kept tapping his finger on the desk. After a while, he put down the paper and let out a sigh before looking at the adventurer in front of him.
    "I see that you met a fairy. It's good, no problem with that. We had met a few in the past too. Ah, here is your reward."
    He pulled out a small bag filled with 240 G.
    "it's not much. Why? Because I can't really count that as your kill. Yeah, unfortunate, right? But rules are rules. Sorry for that. Take care now."
    OOC; Okay, note time~!
    1. Sorry, I can't accept that. Especially since you didn't even mention the monster name and all. If you are tired, don't rush it. Remember, there is no time limit. Feel free to submit your report later if you think you will need more time. We can wait~
    2. The name is Biel, not Bielt. Bielt is the account playing the character name Biel. A bit of correction there, buddy.
    3. Once again, avoid doing the "I kill all monster" like that. Yeah, it's a cheat. And yeah, we don't accept that.
    4. Look forward to the next continent quest line~!
    That is all. Thank you and take care~
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    Reading List:
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]
    Ant Nest|#GD1|D-Ranked|Bring 3 Ant Corpses [110 G | 1 x Arachne Silk]
    Desert Mine|#GD3|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Earth Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Earth Crystal]
    Ant Nest|#SC2|C-Ranked|Slay 5 Harvester Insects [220 G]
    Ant Nest|#SD1|D-Ranked|Slay 10 Worker Insects [120 G]

    Wunder flew at high speeds to the Desert Mine with [Wonder Walk]. He was able to avoid any monster interactions through the trip because of his high speed and the fact that he was flying. Even though she was also capable of flying, Zoe enjoyed the journey sitting on Wonder’s shoulder with her tail wrapped around his upper arm.
    In just 20 minutes, Wunder arrived at the Desert Mine. He took out the pickaxe he had bought in Desert Village and looked at Zoe. “Zoe, we’ll be doing a lot of mining today. Therefore, I’ll dash through the mine and you just say when you see something.”
    “Meow~” A cat fairy’s senses were boosted by the effect of both races, making Zoe incredibly sharp-sighted. Therefore, she was the best choice for the job.
    Wunder casted [Quicken] and began sprinting through the mine, only to stop a minute later when Zoe meowed. He quickly looked around, unable to see what Zoe apparently could. Zoe shook her head and pointed to a dark glitter on the wall. Although unsure, Wunder decided to trust Zoe. He picked up the pickaxe and swung down.
    “[Voodoo: Unbalance]” Wunder felt the pickaxe’s tip become heavier as his swing increased in ferocity. It hit the wall with a large impact, instantly crumbling the wall into pieces. Wunder rummaged through the pieces before discovering Mithril Ore.
    “Zoe, you were right!” He beamed at Zoe.
    “Mew~” the cat looked proud as her ear twitched at the praise.
    “Let’s go mine more!”
    Wunder followed one path to the end and had mined eight Mithril Ore, five Orihalcum Ore, and two Earth Crystal. Wunder’s tactic had worked wonders as Zoe didn’t miss a single ore. His mana had almost been drained entirely recasting [Quicken] and [Unbalance]. His arms were tired as he gasped for breath. Still, he grinned at Zoe and said “Good work Zoe. We’ll be done in one or two more runs. Keep up!”
    Wunder turned around and began running back to the entrance of the mine. There, he would choose a different path and mine with Zoe.
    Wunder needed two more runs to mine all he needed. The problem was the Earth Crystals and the Orihalcum Ore. They seemed to tend to form deeper in the mines than the other metals. Because of that, even though Wunder had mined the necessary amount for all the other metals, he had to re enter the mine a third time to get what he needed. In the end, Wunder even had an extra 4 Mithril Ore and 1 of both Earth Crystal and Orihalcum Ore.
    Wunder had run out of mana by the time he arrived at Desert Village and collapsed at the inn there. Zoe, too, strained her concentration during the mining and was tired, as well. The two slept soundly on the inn bed as the night passed.
    Wunder woke up and stretched. Zoe, similarly, liffted her bottom while stretching her body (something like this- Wunder smiled brightly at her actions. “To the Ant Nest!”
    Wunder and Zoe gazed at the Guard Insects guarding the Worker Insects with Ants walking around them. Wunder thought about the monsters. Insectoid monsters are generally weak individually, but come in swarms. Therefore, they were easy prey for Wunder. Wunder casted [Trick Room], making a room separating the Guard Insects from the Ants and Worker Insects. None of the monsters noticed since [Trick Room] was invisible.
    Wunder and Zoe dashed from their hiding spots towards the group of monsters. The Guard Insects noticed and tried to dash to intercept them, but crashed into [Trick Room]’s invisible wall. Wunder and Zoe attacked the helpless Ants and quickly finished off three of them, letting the rest escape. Then they turned to the Worker Insects. The Worker Insects were not much tougher than the Ants. Wunder used [Stumbling] on ten of the Worker Insects, making them fall helplessly. Wunder used his swords to carve fatal wounds on the monsters along with Zoe, who used her tail to beat the monsters. Wunder didn't mind using mana to ensure the efficiency of the hunt and continued to use [Stumbling].
    Wunder grandly placed the corpses away in front of the Guard Insects. The furious monsters attacked the [Trick Room]’s wall one last time as the magic shattered.
    The Guard Insects attacked the two with killing intent spilling out. It was quite a sight to see giant insects crawl toward you at a pace that would outspeed the sprinting of most people. Wunder, however, had seen people surpassing the danger emitted by the Guard Insects by far (Letto, Jin, and Yoru [even though i was unconscious]). In his point of view, these monsters were way easier to bet then any one of them.
    Wunder lifted his pickaxe. Since Guard Insects had a tough shell protecting them from slashing attacks, it was better to use a piercing or blunt attack. Wunder repeated the movements he became so used to yesterday and swung the pickaxe. The foremost Guard Insect was hit straight on the head and died immediately. Another two Guard Insects took the chance to attack from the sides, but Wunder use [Swap] to switch positions with the back most Guard Insect, making the attackers kill their ally.
    Zoe began by whipping her tail around a Guard Insect and flying high into the air. The Guard Insect struggled helplessly as she dove and slammed the insect’s head against the ground fatally. The last two insects hesitated before trying to run away. However, they once again ran into an invisible wall.
    “Ara~ where do you think you’re going?”
    Wunder sat down with Zoe as he sighed.
    “That was tiring. Come on, let’s go hand in the quests.”
    “I’m done~~~ here are the proofs.”

    Note: i got some more ore than the quest required, so i’m going to keep them -
    4 mithril
    1 earth crystal
    1 orihalcum crystal
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    Reading List:
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]
    Ant Nest|#GD1|D-Ranked|Bring 3 Ant Corpses [110 G | 1 x Arachne Silk]
    Desert Mine|#GD3|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Earth Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Earth Crystal]
    Ant Nest|#SC2|C-Ranked|Slay 5 Harvester Insects [220 G]
    Ant Nest|#SD1|D-Ranked|Slay 10 Worker Insects [120 G]
    welcome back, deri.
    fumufumu, all is good, all is good... except one deriyo?
    you didn't slay any harvester insects, deri.
    you mistook the guards as the harvesters perhaps?
    with this result i'm afraid i have to fail one of your quest deri.
    your rewards are as following: 590G, mithril ingot, orichalcum ingot, arachne silk, refined earth crystal deri. you can keep the extra ores too, deriyo.
    come back again deri~
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    OCC: i made a mistake. if u check my original post, i had
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]
    Ant Nest|#GD1|D-Ranked|Bring 3 Ant Corpses [110 G | 1 x Arachne Silk]

    Desert Mine|#GD3|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Earth Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Earth Crystal]
    Ant Nest|#SC1|C-Ranked|Slay 5 Guard Insects [220 G]
    Ant Nest|#SD1|D-Ranked|Slay 10 Worker Insects [120 G]

    so basically i messed up the handing in the quests. do i still fail?
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    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]

    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]

    Ant Nest|#GD1|D-Ranked|Bring 3 Ant Corpses [110 G | 1 x Arachne Silk]

    Desert Mine|#GD2|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Fire Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Fire Crystal]

    Desert Mine|#GD3|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Earth Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Earth Crystal]

    Ant Nest|#SC1|C-Ranked|Slay 5 Guard Insects [220 G]
    Wunder left Desert Village cheerfully. He had already mined enough to be able to proudly call himself a miner. Maybe not a seasoned one, but he was nevertheless proud of his method. Together with Zoe, he was able to mine super quickly. It was exhausting, he remembered.

    Wunder used [Wonder Walk] to travel to the Desert Mine. Along the way, he thought of his growth. ‘I remember [Wonder Walk] being so hard to use. I had to concentrate to move at even half the speed I can move now. I guess I’ve grown stronger. Maybe I can be a little more confident in myself. I’m no longer my past self. I’m a {Witch Doctor} now, a class meant for battle. I’m no longer a weak {Mailmage} who only knows how to run. I can win in fights I never could’ve before. I’m strong.’

    Zoe had perhaps noticed the glimmer of reminiscence in his eye, but she made sure to keep silent all the way. Wunder followed a plotted route, one he had surmised from his experiences and made with his skill, [Cartography]. Therefore, not even monsters disturbed Wunder from his thinking, allowing him to contemplate to the fullest degree.

    The wind blowing on his face with the morning sun shining down, it was a good time to be out. Wunder thought about how he has changed, the people he met, the situations he had been through. However, all good things must come to an end, and this was no exception. Eventually, Wunder arrived at the mine. And his thoughts came to an end.

    “We’re here already, huh? Thanks, Zoe. For being so patient with me.”

    “Meow~” Zoe looked at Wunder and rubbed her head against his cheek.

    Anyway, let’s get started! Wunder looked at the mine’s entrance. He remembered the quickness he was able to mine the day before yesterday. Wunder took out his trusty pickaxe. “Zoe, you’re better at spotting the ores than before, as well, right?”

    “Meow~” Zoe held confidence as she tightened her tail around Wunder’s upper arm. He smiled at the action. Not because of the reliability of Zoe, but because how much she had grown, too.

    Wunder dove into the mine, casting [Quicken]. He exploded with speed, stopping whenever Zoe sounded. He was unlucky this time. The first tunnel gave only 3 Mithril Ore, 3 Orihalcum Ore, and no Earth Crystals or Fire Crystals. Wunder looked at Zoe. She wasn’t the least bit tired, and neither was he. Both of their stamina had increased.

    He dashed back down the tunnel. He had drawn a map with [Cartography] to make sure he didn’t get lost. He reached the entrance shortly and turned around. “Zoe, we’re going into that one.”


    “I wonder how many times it’ll take this time . . .”


    In the end it took five trips into the mine to get everything. Wunder even mined an extra Fire Crystal and two of each Mithril Ore, Orihalcum Ore, and Earth Crystal. It was because although Wunder had gained the necessary material to complete the quest, he had not reached the end of the last tunnel. Therefore, he ventured to the end with Zoe, mining more ores and crystals all the way.

    By the time they were done mining the sun was setting. A beautiful afterglow lit the skies as white clouds drifted by. Wunder came out with a satchel full of ores and saw the beautiful scene on a landscape of overwhelming sand dunes. He sighed at the majestic sight. He turned to Zoe. “Let’s go. We’ll do the other quests tomorrow. We can rest at the inn. What do you think?”
    “Meow~~” There was a rare event of Zoe licking Wunder’s cheek. Most of the time Zoe merely rubbed her head against his. It seemed that Zoe very much agreed with the plan.


    Wunder and Zoe woke up feeling refreshed. They both slept well and were fully charged for the battles ahead. Wunder scratched Zoe behind her ears as she yawned. She stretched her back and returned the favor by rubbing her head against his leg.

    “Hahaha. Let’s go Zoe.”



    The situation was different from yesterday. The Guard Insects were supervising supervising the entrance to the Ant Nest. Nowhere in sight were any Worker Insects. Maybe the bugs had learned, but they were definitely more cautious than the day before. However, Ants still strolled around aimlessly.

    Wunder smiled at the attempt. However, he still held confidence in easily taking down the monsters. He repeated his previous tactics and casted [Trick Room] to separate the Guard Insects and the Ants. He jumped out of his hiding spot along with Zoe, scattering the Ants.

    Zoe immediately went about with killing the Ants. With her ability, the weak Ants were mere fodder to her. While Zoe busied herself, Wunder watched as the Guard Insects try to break the invisible wall. Wunder lifted his pickaxe and opened a hole in [Trick Room], letting a Guard Ant tumble out. The other monsters noticed this opening and tried to get out, but Wunder closed the wall and the monsters crashed into the wall.

    The Guard Insect that escaped [Trick Room] tried to get up and attack, but Wunder was instantly on the Guard Insect. He lifted his pickaxe menacingly and struck with an [Unbalance]. The monster died instantly from a strike to the head. Wunder lifted his pickaxe again as [Trick Room] broke. He swung at the frontmost insect, killing it.

    Zoe returned from hunting the Ants and swung her tail at the last two Guard Insects. They were blown away and slided across the ground. The insects got up fearfully and tried to escape, but Wunder casted [Swap] to switch positions with one of the monsters. He killed the one next to him with his pickaxe while Zoe threw hers up and let it smash onto the ground.

    Wunder collected the proofs and crouched down to meet Zoe’s eyes. “Good job. Let’s go hand in these quests, eh?”



    “I’d like to hand in these quests.”
    Note: I also gained these -
    2 mithril ore
    2 orihalcum ore
    2 earth crystal
    1 fire crystal

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    Well, yes. Guard insect quest was the one you removed due to excess C ranked quest, no? Then it is your mistake.
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    OCC: i meant on the remake. Edit: still my mistake tho
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    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]
    Ant Nest|#GD1|D-Ranked|Bring 3 Ant Corpses [110 G | 1 x Arachne Silk]
    Desert Mine|#GD2|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Fire Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Fire Crystal]
    Desert Mine|#GD3|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Earth Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Earth Crystal]
    Ant Nest|#SC1|C-Ranked|Slay 5 Guard Insects [220 G]
    "Welcome back uhn..." *peeks at the card* "Wunder-san!

    Hmm, seems like... There were no problems? Hikari thinks-"
    *cough cough cough cough cough* "Wunder-san did a... Good job!

    The reward will... Be of 790G... And the listed items...

    Take care now!"
    *waves from the wheelchair*

    ((If I were to say anything... Try to be a bit more creative? This was basically the exact same thing you did on the last report... I kinda understand the idea of not changing what already works, but you are the writer, so you can always spice things up.

    It doesn't need much, like a cave collapse because you mined carelessly, the ants being able to actually give you trouble this time, maybe needing to go to deeper and harder to reach parts of the mine because you couldn't find the crystals normally... Try making some twists, keep things interesting, be creative!))
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    OCC: i tried some character building . . . and u see how i mentioned that the insects learned? well, look forward to my next one heheheh . . .
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    ~ Flashback to a few hours before Guild's departure to Far East Continent ~
    [OOC]: For the sake of timeline...

    I returned to Aeternus with no mishaps and I was somewhat happy that there didn't look to be any change in the floating city. Heading straight for the Guild's main building, I beelined to the receptionist's desk and rang for a receptionist.
    • Great Plain - #SD6 - D-Ranked - Slay 10 Wild Crows [ 100 G ]
    • Great Plain - #SD7 - D-Ranked - Slay 5 Bandits [ 150 G ]
    • Great Plain - #SC1 - C-Ranked - Slay 5 Cyclops [ 150 G ]
    • Great Plain - #GE2 - E-Ranked – Gather 3 Moonlight Water [ 50G | 1 x Bottled Purified Moonlight Water]
    • Great Plain - #GD2 - D-Ranked - Gather 10 Nectar [ 120 G | 1 x Butterfly Honey ]
    • Great Plain - #GC1 - C-Ranked – Gather Cyclops Eye [ 150G | 1 x Earth Orb ]
    "Good morning. Here is my quest report."

    [OOC] Small recap: Levana, after the North Mountain's Ice Golem Raid, wanted to try out a new skill. SS for that is here. This quest follow after where she now feels the need to test out her new technique.
    Since the Great Plains was the closest location with quests, I decided that this place was as good as any to try out a new skill. I took advantage of repeating past quests since I was in the area anyway. Because of that, gathering the 3 Moonlight Water and 10 Nectars were finished quite quickly. The first one was from that little, secret nook with the boulder while the second was from from the same place I took the nectars from my last quest. That was two down in quick succession.

    I debated on what to take on next and decided to leave the cyclops for last. With that having two quests at once, what with the Cyclops Eye gathering also in my list of things to do, it was something I planned to take my time on. That left me with two options. In the end, I opted to hunt for the wild crows first. Perfect targets for precision ranged attacks.

    If one thought about it, wandering rabbits would have been great for this agenda as well but I found them a little too predictable to hunt. I wanted targets which I had to be forced to persue and I thought that the flying kind would be perfect for that. It helped that they were considered as pests so if I ended up killing more than the target number, it would still be fine. That didn't mean I would overdo it of course.

    They were scavengers that needed to be kept under a controlled population. They did help with the ecosystem but their diet of dead animals proved them dangerous carriers of diseases. It was that small fact that made my father very fond of those feathered opportunists. So much so, in fact, that he had wanted to have his own flock of them as pets but was staunchly rejected by my mother.

    Now, I had to locate those wild crows. One way to do so was to find some animal carcass. Luckily for me, that wouldn't be hard to do. It seemed like an impossible task due to the expanse of the Great Plains but if one walked long enough, a dead creature was easy enough to see. Add my sensitivity to death and it was a cinch.

    That being said, it didn't take long for me to find the wild crows. Rather than eating, the three birds I saw before me seemed to be playing with the tail of what looked like a dead rodent. I was a good distance away that they had yet to notice me. Either that or they were too engrossed with their activity.

    Carefully approaching this batch of wild crows, I then proceeded to practice my new skill. Manipulating the ignis around me, I managed to make 5 small stakes, each 6 inches long. They hovered just about chest height until I swiftly directed one towards one of the crows.

    It flew through the air, straight towards one of the birds but I thought it was too slow. As if proving my point, the crows noticed the projectile and quickly flew away. I tried attacking them with the remaining 4 stakes at my disposal while they were still close by but the result was as expected. I missed.

    Though the outcome was less than pleasing, I was satisfied with the progress. A few days ago, I could barely manage to send it towards a general direction without it wobbling or even losing shape. In that respect, I was doing surprisingly well.

    Thinking that I needed to get used to keeping them in shape, I made another 5 stakes and tried to see how long I could keep it out. When I passed five minutes, I tried making 2 more stakes. When another five minutes passed by with 7 stakes out, I added two more. The beautiful thing about this new skill was that it didn't expend any of my own stored ignis. Instead, it worked with those present in the environment. However, it was only as good as one's concentration was. Acute mental fortitude was needed to keep these stakes in shape. Any form of distraction at this stage was likely to make it dissipate.

    Feeling my mind waver at 9 stakes, I stopped from making more. At the moment, I could only manage 5 stakes within two seconds of activating the skill and afterwards, I had the option to add more as time went on. However, currently, if I made more than 9 stakes, I was in danger of getting mentally fatigued. This could be remedied through practice and I really didn't see a reason for me to be in a hurry anyway. As it was, my progress was more than acceptable.

    In this manner, I spent my time getting used to the ignis stakes while searching for those birds. When I encountered some wild crows, I would then let my stakes go in the hopes of hitting a target. Once, I finally nicked a crow on its wing but not enough to make the animal fall from its sudden flight. It was aggravating.

    There was an underlying problem as to how I was using this new technique. I vanished the ready stakes and tried to think carefully about how I could work around the issues. It wasn't that my aim was shoddy. It was mainly due to poor execution. There had to be a better way to make these projectiles reach their target.

    Again, I took mental note of the differences between mana and ignis. The former needed to be directed to do a certain action while the latter was coaxed into it. One reason for that was due to their characteristics. They seemed so similar to each other that it had taken me years to differentiate between the two.

    Someone had asked me to name at least one dissimilarity between the two and the only thing I could say at the time was that, for me, mana was a stagnant but constant presence kind of energy at easy disposal. Ignis, meanwhile, was a form of energy that flowed and never stopped and was sometimes a challenge to find even for me.

    Being that ignis was in constant motion was also the main reason why it was coaxed and not directed. If one forced to move it in certain ways, it could end up very harmful to whoever attempted it. Backlash from misuse of ignis could kill a person. If lucky, maybe only crippled them for life however debatable that condition actually was.

    This line of thinking suddenly made me remember one of the things my father had mentioned.

    All of ignis is connected.

    Those were his words. I had always thought he was referring to the ley lines but what if he wasn't? It wouldn't be the first time I had misinterpreted his words. A preposterous idea flashed in my mind and I decided to quickly test it out.

    After finding a new set of targets, I didn't create the stakes immediately but instead, I did my best to feel the ignis content within the wild crows that were feasting on the large corpse of what looked to be a young rampaging rhino. Sensing the ignis in them was tricky but I was able to do it. Though I counted around 23 individuals, I picked 5 among them for what I wanted to try out. Waiting a few beats more until I had a firmer imprint of their ignis, I then took action to test out my theory.

    I formed some ignis stakes and let them fly. I had hoped that at least one of the stakes would reach a target. Imagine my surprise when all five of them hit their marks. Feathers flew as the stakes pierced through the crows' bodies. The quick attack caused an immediate retreat for the other birds but that was fine.

    Five out of five! What an astounding success! I thought the idea seemed farfetched but it worked so well in the end. All of ignis was connected indeed. The technique I was trying to make ended up simpler than I thought.

    Sensing the ignis in my targets, I then led my ignis stakes towards that point as if I was drawing one end to the other. Very much like a homing beacon. The simplicity of it felt ridiculous but I was so pleased that it worked.

    High in my success, I continued experimenting. The trial and error felt endless due to the fact that I had to always look for new targets after every round. Sometimes, the pack of crows would come back immediately after being scared off. Most often than not, they just flew away.

    Thanks to that though, I found out that my ignis stakes could fly as far as 7, almost 8, meters. Any further and they'd lose form and dissipate. Another thing I learned was that I needed a visual to get my stakes across.

    I had to see my target first, sense their ignis, and then let my stakes fly. If I sensed my target but had no visual cue, I discovered my stakes ended up losing form when I sent them towards my intended target(s). Perhaps I needed more experience with the new skill before I ever succeeded in a no visual shot.

    Another useful aspect to this technique was, if or when I sensed a target's ignis first before seeing them, I could effectively 'lock-on' to my supposed target and then ready my ignis to have them fly to my enemy at the first sight of them. It was great because the attack was swift. However, this, of course, only worked at a distance of roughly 8 meters. All things considered, that was actually a good distance for a skill invented from scratch.

    Finding some crows feeding on another rampaging rhino carcass, I ignored the incessant squawking of the hungry scavengers and focused on their meal. This time, the dead body belonged to an adult rampaging rhino that still had a good amount of its tough hide in tact. I focused my attention on that instead of the birds.

    It was incredibly tricky work because the rhino was already dead. Ignis was mostly found in living things. Though rocks really couldn't be considered alive, they were a piece of the earth so it wasn't odd to feel veins of ignis in them. Ignis, meanwhile, did not reside in the dead.

    However, the dead must decay back to soil so there was always a point that ignis must reside for the process of decay was a living, active operation. In that regard, there must be ignis present. It was extremely hard to find though especially since it were the microorganisms one needed to sense.

    And found them I did. Not wasting anymore time, I let my ignis stakes fly. I had about the maximum of nine ready and focused on sending them towards one point on the thick hide to see how effective it's piercing power was. Much to my dismay, the performance was dismal.

    True it went through hide but upon my inspection, the ignis stakes barely went through muscle. Though it had been said that the rampaging rhino's hide was one of the toughest there was, it still could not compare to the greater beasts beyond the Great Plains.

    This was not a good result.

    With a determined air, I tested out Soul Cleaver, Smite, and Rend on the dead rhino and wondered how they'd fare. Soul Cleaver managed a clean slice but barely cut through hide. Smite did well enough and actually reached to muscle but only Rend did real damage by smashing through tough hide to within a few inches of meat.

    A sigh of frustration escaped me and I noticed the crows had come back and were watching me with a decidedly excited atmosphere. It seemed that mutilating this rhino was actually quite beneficial for them. They could hardly peck at the hide and get to the meat could they?

    The corpse looked pitiful and I felt slightly bad for using it as my reference on this experiment. In the long run, I would end up helping these crows to more food if I did manage to get through more of its outer layer. As much as possible, I still didn't want to make a mess here. I needed strong piercing power not one for hack and slash.

    For a good hour I tried different methods. Forcefully increasing the number of my ignis stakes, shooting out all nine at once, and even thinning them out like needles. The last felt like the stupidest thing I had done today considering my objective. It wasn't wasted effort though since I at least knew I could make them that thin.

    Going off in that tangent, I tried to further change the ignis stakes to a smaller, more stable shape and ended up with arrowhead-shaped ignis. Roughly two-and-a-half by one inch, it looked more compact and sleek as compared to the ignis stake

    Essentially, the ignis arrowheads were a more concentrated variety that needed quite a bit of focus to keep their form. Surprisingly, with the same two seconds that garnered five ignis stakes, these arrowheads came out to only three. However, instead of the maximum of nine stakes I could control at one time, with the arrowheads, I could go so far as fifteen.

    Suffice it to say, I was very ecstatic. Now, it was time to find out how effective these arrowheads were. Without much thought, I sent the new volley towards the rhino's thick hide hoping for a favorable outcome. Shockingly, it was actually more than I hoped for.

    Not believing that it would be adequate enough to just use one set of three arrowheads at my target, I went all out with the maximum number of fifteen. Much to my astonishment, the bombardment of these arrowheads successfully went through hide and seven, in point of fact, went through to the other side.

    How formidable! I was so ecstatic that I gave out a victory shout that the crows did not appreciate. I didn't care. The success was sweet ambrosia after all those failed attempts. Again, I gave a victorious shout that the crows accompanied with their loud squawking. It was joyous symphony to my ears.

    It took a few minutes more before I got out of my happy mindset. The day was getting dark and I had used so much time with all the experimentation. So far, I had already killed 8 crows and was quite grateful that the ones feasting on this dead rhino were still lurking not too far from where I was.

    With a now somewhat negligent thought, I formed some ignis arrowheads and let them fly. They were in no way faster than the ignis stakes but they indeed had more piercing power. The two arrowheads practically sliced through both crows I targeted as if they were hot knives going through butter.

    With that quest out of the way, I didn't bother going after the rest of the birds still lingering in the vicinity. True they were now cautious of me but the rhino carcass proved to be too huge a boon for this flock. Especially after my piercing through it's tough hide allowed more meat for them to access.

    Noticing how low the sun was, I decided to find a safe, out-of-the-way site to camp on. After all the walking and experimenting I did today, I think it was time for a good, long rest.
    I was running. Quite poorly too. My day had started off rather well and I had originally planned to head for the trade routes in the Great Plains known to have bandit activities. On my way, however, I came across two cyclops meandering about with fresh blood covering their mouths, dripping down their chin. Lazily sated now that they seemed to have eaten, I decided to take the initiative and might as well have these two taken care of.

    Being that I was at a disadvantage, I planned carefully before I made my move. Not having the advantage of being on higher ground, I figured that the only way for me to have a chance to come out of this successfully, I had to resort to an ambush.

    Activating the Mirrored Presence Skill I learned from a book I bought thanks to the previous raid, I felt a slightly cold aura envelope my figure causing my form to look hazy as if I was a mirage found in the desert. When I moved, an image of my form was left in my previous position and stayed there as long as I stayed stationary. Whenever I changed to a different position, I would always leave behind after images of myself causing a misconception of my actual location. Meanwhile, my real body was hidden away in a hazy blanket. Quite a handy technique.

    With the skill activated, I still made sure that I didn't make unnecessary noise that might give away my actual location. I had to be certain that my next move would work or else I would be in quite a predicament. These were flatlands. One mistake and no matter how hard I ran, these two cyclops would easily overtake me.

    Taking a deep breath, I readied my new skill. Appropriately called, Ignis Volley, the arrowheads formed around me and I continued to make more until I reached the maximum number of fifteen. Taking a deep breath, I let twelve of them fly towards my targets.

    Three arrowheads went straight towards their knees. All reached their mark and sliced through their thick skin and caused heavy injuries. One cyclops' knee cap was even torn off. Herein laid the problem.

    For some creatures, pain was a motivator and not a deterrence. This was exactly the case for the two cyclops. My circumstance would have been dire if not for the fact that the both of them fell, no pun intended, to their knees. Even then, their shouts of anger and alert movements of their solitary eye could give anyone pause.

    I activated Tuoni's Shroud on top of the Mirrored Presence Skill as insurance and changed positions and readied more ignis arrowheads. I had heard that despite the one eye, cyclops had quite the good eyesight. As if to prove that point, the two quickly spotted me, or what they thought was me, and gesticulated madly towards my direction.

    Deciding not to worry about it, I continuously sent a volley of ignis arrowheads at the two. With their momentary prone positions, they were easy targets. I went for their eye, throat, belly, wrists, and even their ankles. The sudden bombardment was such that they were quite disoriented and unable to react properly to the ambush.

    What was even more fortunate for me was the fact that they were prioritizing blocking their one eye from getting injured leaving the rest of their bodies vulnerable. It was an opening I couldn't ignore.

    Dashing forward with my shrouding skills still activated, I readied my daggers and went in for the kill. The first cyclops, I slashed a heavy attack of Rend on their gut causing him to be disemboweled. It was not a pretty sight. I then activated Ankle Biter causing the movements of the two to be slower maintaining their disadvantages further.

    This close allowed for a more accurate attack of my Ignis Volley and I made sure that the first cyclops I had injured had no chance of recovery. The arrowheads pierced through its throat and more went through actually slashing its spine in two causing instant death. Not bothering to watch him fall, I concentrated on the other one.

    With an incessant barrage of Soul Cleaver and Smite, I managed to take care of this one as well. When I was sure both were dead, only then did I catch my breath. Luck played a big part for me to win against these two.

    Everything went smoothly after that. At least, it was supposed to. Having just taken out an eye of one of the cyclops and putting it away in my item pouch, I was about to survey the area when it happened. The only thing I really saw was a huge club heading my way.

    Relying on the quick reflexes I’ve been honed and trained to have since I was a child, I pulled out my long dagger and held it blunt side sticking to my forearm and braced for impact. No matter how fast Specter Guard was, it wouldn’t have made it in time.

    The collision was jarring and the pain was immediate. As I was sent flying through the air, I made sure to have Specter Guard ready to lessen the damage as I fell from my sudden flight. Before I could even reach ground, I activated Mirrored Presence Skill as well as Tuoni’s Shroud. Then, I crashed unceremoniously down on hard, dry land, Specter Guard successfully absorbing the damage. I even bounced a few feet more showing just how strong I was hit earlier.

    Despite the pain I felt from what I was sure was now a broken left arm, I took my long dagger on my right hand and started to run. How aggravating! I didn’t know there was another cyclops in the vicinity. I could hear it screaming out in anger and running after me. For a first time combo of techniques, the mix of Mirrored Presence Skill and Tuoni’s Shroud was proving to be my lifesaver right now.

    For some reason, when used together, the Mirrored Presence Skill would show where I was previously to perfect effect while Tuoni’s Shroud would hide where I truly was. Though the difference in actual location was just about a couple of meters, it was big enough of a distance to keep me safe judging by the boulder that the cyclops had thrown towards my ghost image. I continued running.

    However, like I said earlier, these were flatlands. I was powerless in regards to speed. Cursing at this sudden turn of events, I continued to run and had to grit my teeth from the pain in my arm. It had to be ignored for now. What was important was to get to safety.

    Deciding on a gamble, I turned around and started running towards the incoming cyclops. I still had Tuoni’s Shroud activated as well as Mirrored Presence Skill and I was hoping it would gain me enough time to do what I needed. I was halfway towards the cyclops when I made my move.

    The beast was so angered at this point that it didn’t even notice me when Tuoni’s Shroud vanished. I couldn’t afford to keep using the skill with it having such a huge ignis cost. If I wasn’t careful, I was liable to pass out.

    Hurriedly, I used Ignis Volley and when I successfully formed a set of arrowheads, I let the three fly towards the cyclops’ eye. With the creature not even knowing danger was coming its way, the small volley hit its mark. The scream of agony followed. I ran.

    This time, I made sure to eye my surroundings to check where I was. To my surprise, I was further West than I realized. In fact, I could practically see the beginnings of the Verdant Forest from where I was. A little bit North-West was the supposed graveyard of the Adventurers. Not really thinking too much about it, I ran towards that direction completely ignoring the howling of the injured cyclops. I didn’t want to look back to check its condition.

    Gritting my teeth from the pain of my broken arm, I ran.
    Adventurer Graveyard
    Being that it wasn't really sensible to linger in the graveyard, I did what I thought made the most sense. Finish my list of quests. It hardly seemed logical what with how long I've been away but I hated leaving things unfinished.

    My item box still had those gathered items plus proofs of kill so there was no problem in that regard. At least, I hoped not. No use worrying about it too much.

    Upon leaving the graveyard, I remained cautious of any cyclops in the area. A repeat of that last incident would be bad. I was curious if I had actually succeeded in blinding the one that ambushed me. If not, the cyclops was at least debilitated enough to have permanent retinal damage.

    As for being spirited away, I would worry about that another day. There was a lot of time to think about it once I got back to Aeternus. Until then, I needed to settle some items.

    My destination: trade routes.

    Despite all precautionary measures, it was a bit beyond anybody's capacity to fully defend these roads. Nobody had the kind of manpower big enough to span the whole of Great Plains which was the underlying reason why such quests as hunting bandits existed. Besides, not a lot of merchants could afford good bodyguards.

    For this quest though, finding bandits in the plains ended up to be a fast and easy task. Deciding to inquire from a resident will-o’-the-wisp once dusk arrived, I asked it questions regarding any individuals who had performed morally bad things in the area. Will-o’-the-wisps were pure in nature so any sort of violence done in malice were something they abhorred.

    Taking into account that will-o’-the-wisps couldn’t speak, I asked it simple yes or no questions it could respond to easily.

    “Have the roads been used recently?”

    It glowed a little brighter and dimmed. A yes.

    “Did something bad happen?”

    A glow.

    “Was it done by Kobolds?”

    It swayed side to side. A no.


    Another no.



    “Did they harm people?”


    “Did they take things that weren’t theirs?”

    Another yes.

    “Did it happen a few days ago?”





    An extra bright one for that question.

    “Do you know where they are?”

    Again, it glowed bright and a humming sound even accompanied it. I seemed to have hit jackpot today.

    “Would you be so kind as to lead me to them?”

    It glowed bright, twirled and, without further warning, went off. Zooming down to vanish in the ground, it appeared a few seconds later some yards away. And again it did the same. I ran after it.

    In less than five minutes, we reached a small outcropping of boulders and upon nearing it, the will-o’-the-wisp dimmed. Probably to reduce the chance of it being noticed. I was impressed.

    Gesturing for the will-o’-the-wisp to stay where it was, I then scouted ahead. I risked going up a jagged rock face to hopefully see a better view of the layout of the land. A reached a certain angle where I could actually hear some drunken merrymaking from who I suspected were the bandits. It wasn't until I got a clear sight that I discovered that these were indeed the people I was looking for.

    They were a wild boisterous lot and to the side of their small bonfire, I could see a mound of piled items. Looked to be their stolen goods. Some of which were kegs of alcohol judging by their flushed faces.

    Taking a headcount, I noted eight people in the camp and I suspected a couple more, maybe three, scouting around to secure the area. Knowing where they were helped a lot in strategizing on what I should do tonight. For a few hours I stayed where I was and during that time, two additional bandits would drop in and leave again for their scouting. So, that was a good ten in the group. After making sure I hadn’t left out any of them, I went back to the will-o’-the-wisp.

    For others, it would have been rude to be gone as long as I had been but will-o’-the-wisps never really minded waiting. They knew the concept of time but had no reason to put any importance to it. They were old beings, residents for places like these, and were considered ancient in existence but pure nonetheless.

    “I’ve found them beyond the ridge. You’ve helped me save hours looking for them myself.”

    The will-o’-the-wisp brightened slightly and seemed to be dancing on air. I laughed quietly.

    “I thank thee, Ignis Fatuus, for I have found my way. Let the land welcome you back to find more lost to guide.”

    The tendrils of fire that embodied the will-o’-the-wisp waved in happiness. It then shrunk from its 4” in diameter form into a tiny spark and with a blink, it vanished. With that out of the way, all I needed now was timing things right. Though it was late into the night, I still thought it was still too early to rush in and handle these bandits. So, I waited.

    In the deep hours of morning, I finally made my move. Earlier, I had already mapped out my route and because of that, my trek proved faster even in the dark. No moon out tonight which was to my favor. First order of business, taking care of the scouts.

    I had to be careful because if I made a wrong move here, all the waiting I did would be for nothing. Thankfully, however, it wasn’t very hard to stalk these scouts. The first one was gotten rid of quite quickly. A stealthy sneak behind, knife to the throat, and it was done before the man could even react. I hadn’t even used my daggers. The small knife I had for general use was enough for the task.

    Then, the second scout. He wasn’t much of a problem either. Especially since he didn’t seem to really care about doing his job right.

    “Of all the days to pick the long straw! I bet those bastards finished everything. What rotten luck. I did a lot of the work while they cowered away! Bastards! I even managed to kill two of their guards and this is what I get as thanks? Ungrateful gits! Well, I’ll show them! Next time I’ll -”

    His next words spluttered out clumsily and came out as gibberish. I watched as he shakily grabbed at his throat and turned back to look at me. Wide-eyed, he quickly fell down on the ground and died soon after. Cleanly sliced through the arteries, he bled out fast. I moved on.

    Foolish as they were, I expected more of a challenge getting rid of them all but as it turned out, it was the fastest job I had done thus far. The rest of the bandits left at the camp had all passed out from their drunken party earlier. Taking care of them all didn’t even reach five minutes.

    I looked around the temporary campsite and eyed the mound of stolen goods. When I checked them all, I discovered that most of it was textile and a few low-grade weapons and some consumable items like potions and the like. Not to mention the four kegs of alcohol.

    It was actually quite a good haul. Thinking fast, I took out my item pouch and tried to see if I can fit them all inside. Surprisingly, it did. They weren’t kidding when the said the item box was bottomless.

    That done, I vacated the now eerie campsite and left the dead bodies for the animals of the plains. I didn’t even bother to bury this lot. They made their own graves the moment they decided to live in this kind of lifestyle.

    The rest of my days out here in the Great Plains actually passed by uneventful besides finishing up what remained of my cyclops quest. To make sure nothing bad happened this time around, I planned quite meticulously before I attempted on killing the amount I needed to finish the quest.

    Cyclops, for their size, didn’t usually travel together. The one that I had encountered previously was actually a surprising thing to find. Three in one area? Must have been a coincidence. As far as I knew, they didn’t share their food because their bulk needed quite the meat to sate. Which was one of the reasons why they were usually found alone roaming the plains. Or maybe I got my facts wrong?

    I mostly did a repeat of my first encounter. An ambush. This time, however, I made a point to have the advantage of higher ground. Though there weren’t many areas I could find with that kind of setting, I was still able to use even trees for that.

    What made the job easier was definitely my new skill. The Ignis Volley. The piercing power of it was magnificent. I had no idea it would end as such a boon for this quest. The more I had used it, the better I got in aiming the projectiles towards particular points in the target. It was incredibly useful.

    Suffice it to say, with my accuracy now able to go towards the eye of the cyclops without any problem, it became somewhat easy to take them down. Well, easier than the first time anyway. It was still a challenge to dodge and strike when a huge club was randomly swung by a furious, blinded cyclops.

    It took me a day and a half to kill the remaining three I needed to complete my cyclops quest. It would have been exhausting if not for my kumihimo charm. In my future quests, I would try not to rely on it too much. I wasn't sure it was good for my health to keep on ignoring fatigue.

    With all that done, I finally headed back to Aeternus. There were things I had to seriously think about. Especially those last lines of Grave and Digger.

    "Can't you see those three lines,"
    "Marking your dear throat?"

    I really didn't like the implications of that.

    Returning all stolen goods:
    • 4 kegs of alcohol - 1 empty
    • 22 bolts of high-grade textile
    • 8 low-grade daggers
    • 3 low-grade long swords
    • A bronze shield
    • 10 potions
    • 4 assorted bundles of herbs
    • 1 crate of eggs
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  16. AliceShiki

    AliceShiki 『Hell's Assistant Manager Lv 6』『Ms. Tree』

    Apr 27, 2016
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    Reading List:
    Great Plain - #SD6 - D-Ranked - Slay 10 Wild Crows [ 100 G ]
    Great Plain - #SD7 - D-Ranked - Slay 5 Bandits [ 150 G ]
    Great Plain - #SC1 - C-Ranked - Slay 5 Cyclops [ 150 G ]
    Great Plain - #GE2 - E-Ranked – Gather 3 Moonlight Water [ 50G | 1 x Bottled Purified Moonlight Water]
    Great Plain - #GD2 - D-Ranked - Gather 10 Nectar [ 120 G | 1 x Butterfly Honey ]
    Great Plain - #GC1 - C-Ranked – Gather Cyclops Eye [ 150G | 1 x Earth Orb ]
    "Wel-welcome back... Uhn...* *peeks at her card* "Levana-san!

    That graveyard... Seems quite... Scary... Be careful... About it... On the future... Alright...?

    Hikari isn't... Very sure on... What to do with-" *cough cough cough* "with the... Stolen goods... But Shadow surely... Does. Hikari will... Ask him... About it. Thanks for-" *coigh cough cough cough* "retrieving... Them.

    The reward... Will be... Of 720G and... The listed... Items...

    Keep up... The good... Job... Alright?"

    ((I don't think you needed to separate the cemetery part from the rest btw. You could've delivered them together.

    Nice story though! ^^)/))
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    Reading List:
    "Well, finally done... that was exhausting not because of the fight" Jin handed the quest report.
    Ant Nest|#GD1|D-Ranked|Bring 3 Ant Corpses [110 G | 1 x Arachne Silk]
    North Mountain|#GD1|D-Ranked|Gather 3 Yeti Skins [120G | 1 x Yeti Fur]
    Sandy Desert|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 25 Desert Jackal [50 G]
    Sandy Desert|#SD2|D-Ranked|Slay 15 Desert Black Rhino [110 G]

    [Party with Yoru (@AmIaCat) and Razogul (@Razogul )]

    <Aeternus - Guild Tavern>

    Jin finally awakens from his coma using the purity pill he had received as a reward from the previous raid. After he woke up, he decided to pick some quests and party with Raz and Yoru.

    “So Jin, since you’re the one that has more experience in the desert. You take the lead.”
    Yoru said while fiddling with his greatsword.

    “*cough cough* What experience? Hey Raz, can you just teleport us to an ant nest?”
    Jin remembers the time he got lost in the desert. (JV/N: lol)

    “Sure, I don’t mind. Anyone else you bringing with us?”

    “Yeah I’m bringing Fluff for some background music, might as well bring Presia too.”

    “I see, well...your kobolds didn’t want to take my portal before. Probably afraid of what happens when one enters a dark portal. But don’t worry, I can assure you nothing bad will happen. After all, I’m fine.”
    Razogul says this in case anyone is cautious.

    “Hmm… probably, they are still kids after all. I’m gonna call Presia and Fluff.”
    Jin leaves for a moment.

    “Yeah, yeah. We’ll wait for you, while you get Presia and Fluff, here in the tavern.”
    Yoru watched Jin leaves the tavern for a moment then looked at Raz.

    “So… Raz…… Can I have some of your blood?”
    He asked while smiling.

    Razogul’s eyebrow twitches. “Your sword is addicted isn’t it? Let’s hope it doesn’t turn from a blood sword into a death sword.”

    Yoru looked at Raz as if he’s a fortuneteller. “How’d you know I was planning it to become a “Death sword”?”

    “Well...wouldn’t that happen when you absorb too much dark magic? Although I’ve never tried it in practice however.”
    Razogul shrugs and goes to the bathroom. Coming out a minute later with a small glass of blood.

    “Yes! Thanks Raz!”
    Yoru was going to get the glass with blood when someone entered the tavern while shouting.

    “I’m back!”
    Jin waves his hand followed by Presia. “Seems Fluff can’t come with us.”

    “Hello~ Mister Razogul and Mister Yoru”
    Presia smiled wearing a different outfit from the last raid.
    Yoru’s eyes glimmered when he saw Presia. “Hi Presia. You wore a different outfit? It suits you!”

    “Fufufu.. Thanks Mister Yoru.”
    Presia smiled meekly, still a bit awkward from before.

    Razogul looks towards Jins direction and sees Presia. “Hello again Presia. Ready for the quests we’re about to do?”

    “Of course~ I’m even wearing a new outfit… Gonna focus in using my whip today fufufu”
    Presia grins while Jin could only sigh.

    “So. Are we good to go?”
    Jin looks toward Yoru and Raz. “We’re going first to an ants nest to get 3 ant corpses.”

    “Yep. Looks good to me.”
    Yoru replied to Jin in a laid back manner. “But first, let me get that….” Yoru slowly extends his hand to the glass with Raz’s blood.

    Razogul hands over the blood to Yoru. “Here, just make sure it doesn’t spill anywhere. Who knows what may happen if it does.”

    “Yes, yes.”
    Yoru stored the glass in the item box. “So! Let’s go!”

    “Yes I’m ready with my armor and axe.”
    Jin waves his large axe while Presia nods.

    “Okay then.”
    Razogul gathers his dark energy and opens up a dark portal in front of the party. “So...forewarning, you may experience something while going through. Though that might not happen.” He walks through the portal as he says this.

    “Wait! what kind of experience..”
    Jin wanted to ask but he was kicked by Presia.

    “It not the bad, fufufu.”
    Presia was going to enter but looks back first to Yoru. “Mister Yoru, we’re going now.” Presia then swiftly followed Jin.

    “Yes, yes. I’m coming.”
    Yoru followed them in.

    <Ant Nest>

    Jin slides outside the portal head first. “Presia why….”

    “Oh my~ sorry there Master Vodka”
    Presia arrives stepping on Jin as she looks around. “Hmm… so this is an ants nest?”

    “Sigh.. I’m still injured you know”
    Jin slowly standing up.

    “Hmm...rough landing. Did Presia kick you into the portal?”
    Razogul says as he looks at Jin holding his head.

    “Yeah.... Presia’s still angry about me getting hurt till I got into coma hahaha~”
    Jin laughs while Presia glare at him.

    “Ugh…. I think I’m gonna be sick……”
    Yoru said after getting out the portal… “Anyone have a paper bag?”
    “Here Yoru...I prepared this just in case.” Razogul hands over a paper bag to him.

    “Hmm… need some water Mister Yoru?”
    Presia looks worriedly and hands a bottle of water.

    “It’s not really that bad, going through a teleportation magic circle is much more horrible.”
    Jin patted Yoru’s back before he observe the surroundings.

    “Thanks Raz. I think I won’t need the wat-”
    Just as he was to thank Presia. “Blerghh…” He vomited in the paper bag. Moments later. “So! Where do we go next?” Yoru said with vigor as if nothing happened.

    “Well...we’re in front of the ant hill. So...who wants to kick up the hornet's nest? Jokes aside, there are some ants around us.”

    “This is an ants nest though.”

    “It’s a metaphor Yoru. A metaphor!”

    “What’s a metaphor?”
    Yoru asked with a really not knowing expression.

    “A figure of speech. How you kick a nest and they all swarm to you. As long as we don’t agitate them enough, we should be fine.”
    He explains this to Yoru.

    “I still don’t get it.”

    Presia laughs at the two, “You guys are really close friends, aren’t you?”

    e aren’t.” Yoru and Razogul said at the same time.

    “Pfft… anyway we just need to lure 3 ants for their corpses, so who's gonna lure them?”
    Jin readied his axe.

    Razogul looks in front and sees an ant looking at them. Slowly going towards their way.
    “I think they already know we’re here…” As he says this, 2 more ants join the ant and continue towards them.

    “So ladies first? *cough cough* I always wanted to say that line.”
    Jin smiled toward Presia while she only squint her eyes on him.

    “I’ll go ahead then, but you finish it.”
    Presia rushes forward and pulls her whip. She starts to rotate the whip and grabs one of the ant by its neck. She then gathered her strength and throws it to Jin. Presia then dodges the other two ants coming at her.

    “Woah now…..”
    Yoru moved out of the way.

    “Hmm.... How should I kill this without damaging its corpse.”
    Jin sees the flying ant towards him and take his stance while holding his axe with both hands. Jin aims the tip of his axe to the mouth but the ant quickly catch it with its Mandibles. ‘Geez... as expected of a D rank monster, this will be hard when my body is still recovering from coma.’

    “Guys I’ll deal with this one! Go secure the other ants, Presia will watch for any incoming enemies…”
    Jin pulled the ant biting to his axe.

    “I’ll go and take this one.”
    As he says this, Razogul takes out his new weapon from the raid. “I hope I can throw this correctly…” He aims at the ant’s head and throws it. Producing a dark stream behind it as it flies.

    The ant couldn’t react in time and gets it’s head embedded by the knife. Blood oozing out of the wound. Shortly afterwards the ant collapses onto the ground. Seeing that it’s dead, Razogul tries calling the knife.

    The dagger disappears from the head and reappears in his hand. “This is a useful addition!”

    “Since you got yours, this is mine then. Hey Presia! Do you mind?”
    Yoru said to Presia while preparing to pounce.

    “All yours.”
    Presia jumps away and stood in a distance looking for any enemies coming.

    Yoru pounced towards the last ant, mounting it and proceeds to beat it up by punching it on the face repeatedly. “Hahahaha! Break for me!” The ant tried to retaliate by biting at him but immediately got punched stronger when it did that. Beating it up for a short while, the head got turned into mush, killing it in the process. “Punching is great! Hahaha!” And then stabbed the greatsword on it’s body to drain its blood.

    Jin tried to pull his axe from the ant, “Well, if you like it that much.” He lets go of the axe making the ant confused. The ant chews the axe but it found it hard and let go of it. The ant went towards Jin to bite him. “Here bite this!” Jin activated his [Magic Tattoo] in his gauntlet coating it with cold air. Then he let his gauntlet into the Ant’s mouth. The ant was having a hard time breaking the gauntlet but slowly cracks are created. “Oops.”

    Jin freezes the inside of the ant through his hand, killing it. ‘The Purity Pill is really amazing, my mana circulation is completely healed.'

    Razogul looks at the 3 ant corpses and sees that the quest is complete. “I’ll put these in my storage ring and go to the next place.” He goes towards each ant and stores them inside. After he’s done he looks towards everybody.

    “So...luckily we didn’t alert any other ants from the nest.”

    “I said stop with the flags! Goddamnit!”

    After he says this, the ground starts shaking. Yoru looked at Raz and then said. “I hate you.” And started running while carrying Presia away.

    Presia was surprised blushing furiously hiding her face with both hands.

    “Damn you Raijuukitty!! To even take chances.”
    Jin shouted while following Yoru.

    “It’s called, Tactical retreat. Of course, while carrying wounded allies.”

    “Wait!! I’m not wounded!”
    Presia retorted.

    “Hush now. I can take care of you. Now tell me what part of you hurts, or do you want me to check it myself?”
    Yoru says this while laughing out loud

    Presia blushed and short circuited not knowing what to do.

    Razogul looks at the ant nest and sees countless ants coming out. “...Run, run!!” He starts running alongside them, gathering his dark energy. “This is easier when I’m not under stress you know! I also don’t want to destroy the ecosystem!”

    “Portal Raz, quick!! We’re not allowed to kill them.”
    Jin shouted while trying to grab Yoru.

    “What do you think I’m doing!?”
    After he says this he aims his arm forward and creates a dark portal. It appears a few hundred meter away from them.

    “Trying to blow this place up?”

    “...I was going to make it directly in front of us but I’m bad under pressure. Also, what do you think I am!? Some sort of monster who goes on massacres!?”

    “Um…. Can I be honest?”

    “No, I know exactly what you’re going to say.” Razogul jumps into the portal.

    “Suit yourself then.”
    Yoru finished conversing with Raz, went inside quickly the portal, hoping to not get sick again when he got out.

    “You perverted Lion!!!”
    Jin quickly followed lastly as he slide to the portal.

    Before the ants could enter the portal, it disappears. Seeing that the intruders are gone, they went back to their nest.

    <Sandy Desert>

    “So! Where the hell are we?” Yoru says this after he got out of the portal, still carrying Presia.

    “...Can I go down now?”
    Presia peeks behind her hands still blushing.

    Jin arrive sliding after he got out of the portal and because of that, he got submerged into the sands.

    “Beats me, I just see sand everywhere. Well...luckily I prepared water and some capes. Any of you need them?”
    Razogul pulls out some water canteens and capes from his storage ring.

    “Cape! Give me one.”
    Presia struggled to get out of Yoru’s embrace, trying to get the cape.

    “Okay, okay! I’ll put you down.”
    Yoru placed her down while smiling. Then took a water canteen from Raz’s hand and proceeds to drink it. “...... Why does this taste weird….?”

    “What do you mean?”
    Razogul takes a sip of his water and tilts his head. “Seems fine to me…is the portal affecting your taste?”

    “It taste- Hmm?! Blerghhh…..”
    Yoru vomited again. This time, after walking away from their original location. “To hell with t-! Blerghhh….”

    “Oh my...”
    Presia quickly distances herself from Yoru as she covers herself with the cape, not wanting to get sand on her fur. “Umm… where is Master Vodka?”

    “I’m here...”
    Jin’s helm is only seen since he was sinking in the sand because of his armor.

    Razogul seeing Jin sink is shocked. “Oh great...quicksand. Here you go!” He dips his arms into the quicksand, grabbing his shoulders and getting him out.

    “Thanks Raz… guess I need to wear my Hoodie here”
    Jin pulls a large cloth in Item box and hides in it to change his attire.

    Yoru went back after finishing his “Business” and saw that Jin change his attire. “Why are you changing?”

    “Harder to move with my current armor in a sandy environment, I still haven't finished making my new one”
    Jin then get some water in his item box and drink.

    “Okay? It’s getting hot in here, so I think I’ll just morph into a human. Anyone have extra clothes?”
    Yoru morphed into a human.

    Razogul throws a cape towards Yoru. “Here, this should suffice. Just make sure it protects your head from the heat.” He prepares himself as well by putting on the cape and covering his head with the hood.

    Yoru catched the cape and covered his body with it. “This will do. But I really need clothes to change into.” Yoru looked at the armor he’s wearing when In human form. (Y/N: Check Sig.)

    “I have extra pair of clothes~”
    Presia eyes beams at Yoru. (JV/N: LOL)

    Jin spits the water his drinking. “*cough cough*”

    “I don’t think that’s necessary, Presia.”
    Yoru replied to Presia with a wry smile on his face. “Anyway, what do we need to do here?”

    “What a pity, fufufu~”
    Presia giggle as she walks towards Jin.

    “25 Desert Jackal and 15 Desert Black Rhino. We can kill 7 Desert Jackals each while Presia kills 4. Meanwhile 5 Desert Black Rhino each since it’s Rank D monster, Presia will just assist”
    Jin looked around the desert searching for monsters.

    “What does a jackal looks like?”

    “Their ears are like this, while having pointy nose like the wolf”
    Presia pulled her both ears upward seriously. (Y/N: 10/10 best description ever.)

    “Which means, they’re pretty too? Hoh~”

    “Hmm… well maybe some are pretty?”
    Presia tilts her head pondering.

    Jin laughs at them.

    While they’re talking, Razogul casts one of his spells. “Detection.” Sensing nothing. “ about we use Yoru’s sense of smell?” He offers an idea after finding nothing.

    “I’m not a dog!”
    As he says this, he stood still for a moment and used a skill.

    “Wait! I can draw it!”
    Jin use his [Magic Word] and draw a 3D image of Jackal (JV/N: it’s glowing btw).

    “Hmm, yeah, that’s a jackal alright. we just have to search the desert.”
    He sighs as he says this.

    Yoru suddenly move and said to the group while pointing in front of them. “Head north, there’s a group. Lot’s of them.” He then walked towards the north direction.

    “Okay then, lead the way.”
    Razogul starts going towards North.

    “Alright then, let’s do some kil- I mean searching.”
    Jin quickly followed with Presia.

    “You could make a portal there tho. It’s sooooo…… Far. Seriously.”

    “ far are we talking exactly, miles? If so, I’ll need a specific number.”

    “Um….. 7 KM north? There’s a high ground there you can make a portal there about 6ft. High to the east.”
    Yoru says this while remembering the Geography he saw.

    “ want to empty your bowels again? Gotcha.”
    He opens another dark portal with the coordinates.

    “Damn you.”

    Jin quickly jump to the portal feeling lighter not wearing his armor.

    Yoru looked at Jin while smiling evilly and stopped Presia from entering by holding her hand. “He’s gonna live, barely.”

    “Then shouldn't we follow him quickly?”
    Presia looks down at Yoru’s hand that was holding her confused.

    “It’s fine~ I did said barely. Also Raz, adjust the portal’s height and make it 2ft. High above the ground and move it slightly to the right.”

    “...You did something didn’t you!? Well...we knew Jin well.”
    Razogul makes adjustments to the portal and jumps in.

    “Maybe? I don’t know~”
    Yoru said while smiling and dragging Presia with him to enter the portal.


    Jin starts falling from the sky he got out of the portal, he then saw a Jackal settlement below.

    “Why am I falling?!”
    Jin looks back to the portal just to see no one is following him. “What..? Did the portal send me in the wrong direction?”

    “Okay time to test the adjustment with my magic tattoo, [Flame Wings]!”
    Jin activates the magic tattoo in his back and wings of flame sprouted in his back burning his hoodie. “Welp.. Another hoodie bites the dust.”

    Jin hover as he slowly descended, his magic tattoo deactivating, “Dammit *coughs blood* still not perfect, the side effect still hurts.” Jin wipes the blood at the corner of his mouth when he touched the ground. Immediately after, countless jackals started to surround him while growling.

    “Ah...Jin, you can blame Yoru about this.”
    Razogul says this as he appears near Jin and casts heal.

    “Wait!? So it was not a malfunction!! RAIJUUKITTY!!”
    Jin shouted with all his might almost using his voice skill, his magic tattoos glowing madly. “...dammit *coughs blood*”

    “I can perfectly hear you, no need to shout.”
    Yoru said while getting out of the portal with Presia.

    “Ah… not again! Master Vodka calm yourself”
    Presia patted Jin’s back trying to calm him.

    “ rush, but the jackals around us are about to attack.”
    He points this out as he unsheathes his sword.

    “Kek. Anyway, be sure to kill 7 each. 4 for Presia so we won’t get punished by the guild.”
    Yoru says this while grabbing his Great Sword's handle.

    “Fufufu~ no worries”
    Presia grabs her whip waving it around her.

    “...I’ll follow quickly once I recover myself”
    Jin sat down and started meditating to calm himself.

    “Yeah, yeah. Let’s go then!”
    Yoru rushed at the growling jackals at his side and started killing them. Either slicing them in half or stabbing them with his arm blades.

    “Here I go~”
    Presia leapt towards the four jackals as she rotate her whip. She then slammed it to a jackal with full strength, immediately killing it. While in mid air, she rotated her whip as she lands, wounding those around her. She grab one of the jackals with her whip and hurled it to the other one and then after, repeatedly hits the jackals with the whi killing both. “Ok~ last one, fufufu~” Presia laughs making the last jackal run for it’s life but Presia quickly entwined the whip at it’s neck and chokes it.

    “Guess I’ll take my 7 jackals then.”
    Razogul sees them at his side and starts walking towards them. Dense dark energy coming off of him. The jackals slowly back away from him, frightened. “Hmm? Strange...they’re backing up.” As he says this, he charges in and starts killing them one by one.

    Jin wake ups his eyes glowing red as the 3 jackals approach him. He dodge by leaping above and drops down with his fist slamming to the jackal killing it. He then did a roundhouse kick making 2 Jackal push back. He grab the 2 jackal in their neck and choking them. He rushed to the other group as he used his [Devitalizing Howl] and shouted “Stay!!”


    “I only need one kill more! Stop running goddamnit!”
    Yoru shouted as he was chasing the fleeing group of Jackals.

    “No rush. Just use all your strength to charge at them!”
    Razogul says this standing around the 7 jackals he killed.

    “Hmm I done~”
    Jin stretches his body after killing 4 jackals after he stunned them, completing a total of 7 jackals. “Raijuukitty are done?”

    He threw his great sword at the jackals, hitting one, and creating a loud bang on impact. Impaling the jackal on the ground. “Now I’m done!”

    “Let’s begin searching some Desert Black Rhino! I don’t like this heat! I want to take a bath.”
    Presia pouted covering herself with the cape.

    Yoru went towards his Great sword and pulled it out of the body. “As for the Rhino. Who knows where to hunt some?”

    “I miss Bernard, I can just throw him to the sky and search for one or perhaps Lavri with his nose and tracking skills.”
    Jin grumble as he look at the distance.

    “Hoh? Nice idea, let’s try it!”
    Yoru walked towards Jin while morphing into a beastman. “Hey Jin! I’ll give you a boost!” Yoru take a stance ready to throw him up in the air.

    “Wait, wait don’t usually cats have higher chance landing in their own feet! Why me!?”

    Yoru got annoyed about Jin saying he was a cat. “Haven’t I told you that I’m not a cat?” He rushed towards Jin.

    “Presia is also here. Also, lions are still felines!!!”
    Jin was suddenly thrown by Yoru with great force, launching him to the sky.

    “Oh my~ there he goes.”
    Presia blocks her eyes from the sunlight as she looks towards to the sky where Jin was hurled to.

    Jin hastily activated his [Magic Tattoo: Flame Wings] to hover in the sky. “Raijuukitty!! Geez… well let’s take this chance to search one”

    Jin look around and notice two groups of Rhino herd, one at the southwest, 3 km away and the other group is at the northwest, 5 km away. As he tried to count the number of Rhino for each herd, his body suddenly aches and he started coughing blood. He starts falling down in a great speed as his flame wings dissipates. “Dammit I really need to fix this damn tattoos”

    “Jin’s gonna die at this rate.”
    Razogul opens a portal in front of Jin.

    Jin enters the portal and drops 2 ft. high above the ground. “Pfft… that was close for comfort, thanks Raz!! Anyway there are two herds, one in the southwest 3 km about 10 Rhinos and another in northwest 5 km about 7 Rhinos.”

    “Guess we need to split up into two pairs.”
    Razogul walks towards Jin and heals him.

    “ *Cough cough* Looks like we're going together, Presia.“
    Yoru took this chance to carry Presia and run towards the northwest direction.

    “Oh my… umm……. Do you like carrying people too much? I can walk you know.”
    Presia pouted while her cheeks are getting red.

    “I can steal something from you but still didn’t take it. You wanna know what?”
    Yoru smiled while looking at her lips.

    “WAIT!! Raijuukitty!! Not this again!!”
    Jin wanted to catch up with Yoru but he was too fast.

    “Sigh... let’s just go southwest then.”
    Razogul drags the unwilling Jin towards the southwest.


    “Oh my~ the Rhino have a nice color plus those strong horns, you’ll definitely die once you got impaled by it”
    Said Presia while looking at Yoru.

    “No kidding.”
    Replied Yoru while observing the rhino at a distance with Presia.

    “So Mister Yoru, what should we do then?”
    Presia tilt her head, “I don’t think I could damage them much with my whip but I can bind some of them for a moment.”

    “How can you do that?”
    Yoru asked in a confused manner. “You can’t use magic, right?”

    “Fufufu, I can bind them with a rope, but I can only hold 2 at most.”
    Presia grabs a rope in her satchel showing it to Yoru, proudly.

    Seeing the proud expression on her face, he facepalmed and sighed. “...... You did know that, Rhino’s are famous for their brute strength, right?”

    “At least I could try!! hmph.”
    Presia pouted and crossed her arms, “Then why did you paired with me? You should have just paired with Mister Razogul.”

    Yoru shook his head in denial. “It’s not like that. In fact you can help me.” He said this with utmost sincerity. “You can just lure some of them, while I take care of the rest. You’re fast with your feet, no?”

    “Hmph… Of course.”
    Presia still a bit irritated, rushed towards the Rhinos to lure them. She leaps and whips 3 Rhinos in one wave making them notice her. Since the Rhino has thick skin, Presia didn’t damage it much. Presia then winks at them, the 3 Rhinos seeing it was only a weak cat grow confident they could deal with her. They chased Presia as she runs away from the herd.

    Presia runs towards Yoru with 3 Rhinos chasing her. She keep on whipping them so they will still chase her from irritation.

    Yoru turned invisible and rushed towards one of the chasing Rhino. When he got closer, he jumped up and slashed at its neck but the sword bounced back but successfully wounded the rhino. The rhino felt the pain and glared at it’s attacker and roared. The other two that were chasing Presia, turned around and charge at Yoru. “Welp. Seems like… I just got boned….” Yoru quickly jumped back and took a stance, raised his great sword while smiling.

    “Come on then!”
    He turned invisible again making the leading rhino to open it’s mouth. Yoru took this chance to stab the great sword in it’s mouth and then immediately drained its blood, killing it. He then jumped towards the second Rhino and stabs his arm blades in both if its eyes, leaving it blind. The second Rhino, accidentally hits the third Rhino with its horn at the neck, piercing it. Yoru threw the great sword at the hole to let the sword absorb its blood, killing it after a short while. Then Yoru, while mounted at the last living Rhino, stomped at its head, making it slumped down on the ground. Yoru made the arm blades longer and stabs one part of the blade at its eye socket, killing it when it reached its brain. Yoru slashed his arm blades downward to take the blood off and then retracted it. “Whew….. That was good!”

    Presia seeing that Yoru is handling it well proceeds to rush to the herd again and to lure the last 2 Rhino to Yoru. “Last two!!” Presia shouted as she was chased by the two Rhinos.

    “You can let me rest for a bit you know?”
    Seeing Presia luring the rhinos again, he walked towards his greatsword and picked it up.

    “Oh my~, sorry. Tehee~”
    Presia wink and hit her head gently while sticking out her tongue.

    “Don’t tehee~ me! Ah! Goddamnit! Just bring it on then!”

    Yoru then proceeds to kill the last two that they need.


    Razogul and Jin arrives to the location seeing a herd of 10 Desert Black Rhinos.

    “Hey! Can we take the Horns from the one’s we kill. They are said to be use as chinese medicine, I want to research them~ ”
    Jin’s eyes sparkle with his researcher class awakening.

    “Sure. But just take a small part of it, we need it for the proof of subjugation.”

    “Okie dokie~”
    Jin rushed to the Rhino and takes his axe from his item box. He rotated his axe and leaped above striking the Rhino with the tip of the axe onto the head. The other Rhino’s were alerted and started to charge at him.

    “I guess, I better help him then.”
    Razogul says this while rushing to the far most Rhino with his sword in hand. The Rhino charges at him in an imposing manner. When it was almost gonna trample him, he dodged it by sidestepping to the side and then slashed downwards at the Rhino’s body. Slicing it in half. “Time to kill the rest.” He then rushed towards the other Rhinos.

    JIn wave his axe and hits the Rhino’s horn. “Wow quite strong aren’t you, Time to get serious” Jin let go of his right hand while only using his left hand to hold his ax blocking the Rhino’s horn. He gathers energy in his right hand and dashes forward with a powerful punch breaking the skull of the Rhino. He then jumps two steps to the front and swings the weapon to attack nearby Rhinos. He spins his body using centrifugal force to hit nearby Rhinos several times killing a total of 5 Rhinos.

    “Hmm, nice job. Seems like we’re done here.”
    Razogul sits on top one of the 5 corpses of the Rhinos he killed as he watches from the side. “So, ready to go to do the next quest?”

    “Okay~ let’s pick up Rijuukitty and Presia”
    Jin gathered all 10 Rhino’s horn and looks at Razogul.

    Razogul nods and opens up a dark portal to Yoru’s location. Walking through and appearing by Yoru’s side.


    “You done, Yoru and Presia?”

    “Come back here Presia!”
    Yoru shouted while chasing Presia.

    “Fufufu~ 5 Rhinos all killed by Mister Yoru.”
    Presia runs towards Jin hiding behind his back.

    “Umm? Why are you hiding in my back?”
    Jin perplexed as he tried to quickly gather the Rhinos’ horn Yoru killed.

    “Nothing! Fufufu.”
    Presia laughs softly as she keeps hiding from Yoru.

    “Lion Kick!”
    He jumped and kicked Jin on the face. (Y/N: bad naming sense. LOL)

    Jin was pushed back flying while Presia dodges, “Raijuukitty!! What the hell!! I’m trying to get the horn ASAP!!” He stands up quickly.

    “Oh! Jin! Sorry, I thought it was a rock.”

    “What the hell! I’m not even wearing my armor you know!!”
    Jin was enrage but quickly calms as Presia patted him. “Fuuuu…. Inner peace, inner peace.”


    “Enough horsing around! The more we stay in the desert, the more we have to suffer the heat!”

    “There’s no horse tho.”

    Razogul talks out loud what he’s thinking. “Ever since I got summoned with the school, this has been so weird.”

    “There really is no horse tho. So how can we be horsing around?”

    “He started it!! Dammit let’s go to the North Mountain and skin those damn Yetis!!”
    Jin quickly wears his helm to calm himself and wears his armor as he finishes gathering the Rhinos’ horn.

    “I bet we’ll just find the corpses already when we go there.”
    Razogul opens a portal once again and waits for everyone.

    “Me first!”
    Yoru quickly went inside the portal but after a short while went back. “*cough cough* Jin. Do the honors.” He steps to the side to let Jin enter.

    “Was it too cold? Here Presia cover yourself with my spare Jacket. Okay let’s go.”
    Jin went inside as he made sure Presia was following him as he wears another Jacket over his armor. (JV/N: LOL) (Y/N: He what?)

    ”What seems to be the problem? It’s not like there are already yeti corpses right?”

    “*Cough cough* We’re in the wrong place. Check it yourself.”

    <North Mountain>

    Jin was perplexed seeing Yetis dipping in a hotspring as he hides behind a rock with Presia.

    “Oi~ Is it because of my dense skill?”
    Jin facepalmed seeing the Yetis bathing. (JV/N: it’s in my sig lol)

    “Oh my~ hotsprings I want to try dipping on it.”
    Presia smiles excitedly.

    “We’re not here for a vacation!”
    Jin hit Presia on the head. “Well, we can ambush while their busy bathing but why are those guys taking so long?” Jin looks in the Portal waiting for Yoru and Raz.

    Razogul appears out of the portal and is amazed. “Hmm...well, I just teleported to a random place in the North Mountain. I guess after we skin them, we can bathe in it.” After he says this, he spots the Yeti’s bathing in the hot spring. “Well, this is a bonus I wasn’t expecting.”

    “Told you we’re in the wrong place.”
    Yoru said after getting out of the portal.

    “Oh nice~ that would be great! Plus Jin has some sake with him.”
    Presia smile happily.

    “Oi oi~ You are a girl, we have 3 guys here you know. Have decency.”
    Jin blushed furiously.

    “I take baths with my wives tho. Sigh….. I miss them scrubbing my fur. It feels so nice~”

    “Well, there’s a thing called mixed bathing you know? But due to Yoru, I say we take turns.”

    “What due to Yoru?!”
    Yoru retorted

    “Yeah, that’s good...”
    Jin nodded in agreement. “So let’s skin the Yetis quickly”

    “Okay, seems like there’s only 3 bathing right now. We’ll each take one to end it quickly.”
    He says this as he walks towards one of them.

    “Hey Presia! They said that we should took turns, want to pair with me?”
    Said Yoru innocently.

    Presia tilts her head but before she could answer Jin called out to her.

    “Presia use your whip to choke one and I’ll help you tighten it.”
    Jin whispers as he walks sneakily while Presia nodded following him.

    “Tsk. Anyway, I’ll take the one on the left.”
    Yoru turned invisible and sneakily went behind the left Yeti.

    “Okay then…”
    Right when Razogul is about to stab the Yeti, it turns around and punches him straight in the solar plexus. Sending him a few meters away. Coughing a bit due to the unsuspected attack. “I...wasn’t expecting that.”

    “Raz?! A- Gahhh!”
    Yoru was sent flying to the wall with a loud bang.

    Presia starts to use her [Sleight of Hand] to choke the Yeti but due to the other Yeti havocking. The Yeti was awakened and quickly stands up making Presia hang on it’s back. “Kyaaa!!”

    Jin was startled and rush to aid her, “Let go of the whip!!”

    “Well, they probably heard us talking, so they were alert. They won’t survive this time…”
    Razogul makes a few dark spears in the air and smiles. Throwing them towards the Yeti, piercing it’s head repeatedly.

    “No shit.”
    Yoru groaned and then leaped towards the Yeti, dodging it’s punch by ducking and then kicked it at its stomach, making it kneel in pain. Yoru then immediately stab his arm blades at its throat and then repeatedly punched its face till it dies.

    As Presia leap away, Jin he gets hold of the whip on teh Yeti's neck and tightens it with all his strength. “Just go die already!!” The yeti struggled to take Jin off it’s back but slowly it started to die as it lost it breath.

    “You okay?” Jin rushes to Presia after the Yeti died and she just nodded, “Well that was something, let’s start skinning them I guess”

    “Well, guess I’ll begin.”
    Razogul starts skinning the Yeti slowly, making sure not to screw up in the process. “So...I was thinking, since I have no settlement, can I take this? Of course, I’ll have to check with guildmaster first.”

    “Oh!! That would be nice!”
    Jin gives a thumbs ups as he skins the Yeti with Presia’s bladed fan.

    Yoru proceeds to skin the Yeti he killed and finished it immediately. “LOL. I thought skinning this would be hard.” He showed the perfectly skinned pelt of the yeti. “So! Since Presia and I have nothing to do left. How about we go in first?”

    “I’ll pass, I think my ankle hurts”
    Presia smiled sadly as she sits beside Jin rubbing her aching ankle.

    “Sigh….. I was saying that you should go in first since the guys are doing their things. And also, so you could heal your ankle. Maybe?”

    “Well, I could always heal your ankle you know?”
    Razogul knowing what Yoru’s plan is, gave a suggestion to Presia.

    “I didn’t ask, so hush.”

    “That’s better, Raz just heal Presia it’s faster that way.”
    Jin was too dense to even notice Yoru’s plan and stood up after taking the pelt. “Well, now we're done with the quest!”

    Razogul picks up the skin and gives it to Jin. “You hold it for now, and just to make sure...” He silently casts barrier around the cave, ensuring there’s no interruptions. He then goes to heal Presia’s ankle.

    “Thanks Mister Razogul.”
    Presia smiles as she stand up and she quickly bowed.

    “So who's going first? Hmm... my hand is bloody so I guess I need to wash it first”
    Jin put the 2 Yeti pelt to his item box and takes water from it to wash his hands.

    Razogul similarly takes out the canteen he had and washes his hands. After seeing that he’s clean, he undresses and keeps his undergarments on. “I’m going in first.” He then goes into the hot spring, relaxing as he settles in it.

    Yoru followed in after taking his clothes off, all of it. He proceeded to sit at the other side of where Raz was sitting. “*crack crack* Ah…. My neck feels good~”

    “Hmm… I should follow then.”
    Jin take of his armor and clothes off, wearing only his shorts and cover his head with a towel. He grab a bucket and pour water to his body before he dip to the hotspring “Ah, this feel good… Oh are you okay Presia your red?”

    “I’m fine… don’t mind me.”
    Presia covers her face unprepared from the sudden display of muscles. (Y/N: See mine. Kek.)(JV/N: what are you showing Presia!! Welp maybe she only see the abs)

    “I wonder how the other people who were summoned with me are.”
    Razogul says as he contemplates the past.

    Yoru silently listened to them with his eyes close. Hoping if he can find some weakness of Raz.

    “Oh! You were summoned here with other people? That’s news to me”
    Jin relaxes.

    “Well, I said I was summoned here, which is true. I just never said I was summoned here with other people.”
    Razogul shrugs at his curiosity. “Besides, they abandoned me just because I couldn’t use any magic at the time. Felt like their minds were changed somehow.”

    “Hmm… guess power blinds people. Well, If I see them I’ll punch them for you”
    Jin laughs.

    ‘You might not even live tho.’

    “Hmm...if I remember correctly, one of them was very strong. Well, not sure how strong he is now.”

    “Then we could devise a plan, to lure him to one of the OP guild members mwahaha”
    Jin laugh evilly.

    ‘Is he dumb? But it is a good plan. If I do say so myself.’

    “Good joke, but most of them weren’t bad people. Funny thing is...I wasn’t a student. I was just visiting a country and was chased by a wild dog. Ended up in the school grounds for help and a huge magic circle appeared. Next thing I knew, I was in this world.”

    ‘So! He don’t like dogs. Noted.’
    “So Jin. What’s your story?”
    Yoru says this after he felt that Raz is done in his storytelling.

    “Me? Well in summary a reckless kid that get too greedy with knowledge and attracted a lot of bad beings, something like that.”
    Jin shorten it and notice Presia with her body covered in a towel entering the hot spring. “Why are your eyes blindfolded? More importantly, what are you doing here?!”

    “....nothing in particular.”
    Presia said as she submerge half of her face to the water. She was conflicted between the joy of hotspring and embarrassment of joining the three muscular men due to having zero experience. But it the end her love for bath win over as she blindfolded herself. She then quickly tried to change topic. “How about yours Mister Yoru?”

    “Me? Hm….. Let’s just say that. I love my family very much.”
    Yoru says this while smiling with a strange glint in his eyes. “Anyway!” He stood up from his spot.

    “Godammit Raijuukitty!! You’re ruining the view!!”
    Jin cringe seeing Yoru naked and look immediately at Presia. ‘Good job Presia! Even though I don’t know why she blindfolded herself earlier.’

    “Hey! You do realize since Presia is here you should atleast have some shorts on! Where’s your common sense!?”

    “What the hell did I do again?! And what’s with the view? There’s only rocks here tho. And-”
    Before he was about to say something. Jin covered Yoru’s mouth.

    “What view?”
    Presia move her head to the source of the voice.

    “Hahaha! Ignore what I said.”


    “What is happening?”
    Presia was curious so she pulled down her blindfold. (JV/N: curiosity killed the cat *cries*)

    “Wait Presia!! Cover your eyes!!”
    Jin tried to warn Presia but it was too late.

    She was shocked what is in front of her and her face started blushing furiously.
    “NYAAAAAAA!!!” Presia scream as her brain slowly short-circuited and fainted.

    “Welp. This is not the first time someone fainted in front of me.”
    Yoru said sagely.

    “Raijuukitty!! You perverted Lion!!”



    “Well...I wrote a request form for this, just in case I am able to have it. So, everyone have all the loot before I open the portal?”
    Razogul says this as he starts gathering his magic to create a portal to the AG.

    “T’was great!”
    Yoru said while exercising.

    “Yah… it’s completed also with the 15 Rhino horns.”
    Jin said with no energy, as he sees Presia still fainted he decided to carry her but conflicted seeing her legs and cleavage. He hurriedly pulled many towels in his item box and covered Presia like a cocoon. He proceed to carry her away from the perverted Lion as he went next to Razogul.

    “Well, time to go then.”
    He opens up the dark portal to the tavern and steps through it. Everybody coming shortly after.
    Jin - 130 gold, arachne silk, Yeti Fur, 15 Rhino horn
    Yoru - 130 gold, future wife (Lol)
    Razogul - 130 gold, hotspring
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    Reading List:
    Walking towards the Receptionist Desk, I pull out the items from my quests.

    Great Plain|#GE1|E-Ranked|Gather 10 Moonlight Flower & 10 Healing Plants [50G | 1 x Rejuvenation Potion]
    Great Plain|#GE2|E-Ranked|Gather 3 Moonlight Water [50G | 1 x Bottled Purified Moonlight Water]
    Great Plain|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 20 Slimes [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Goblins [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Orcs [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SE6|E-Ranked|Slay 20 Wandering Rabbits [50 G]

    Making my way to the Great Plains for my quests took about an hour or so on my Dynamos. No doubt it would’ve taken longer had I walked. Well, for now I should prioritize the quest order. I’ll finish the subjugation quests first, then the gathering quests. Mostly because gathering sounds rather easier than subjugating monsters. I start walking towards where the Slimes were located as I finish up the order of things in my head.

    10 minutes later…

    Arriving on a grass plain, I quickly notice the abundance of slimes in my immediate vicinity. I slowly walk towards the nearest slime and stare at it for a few moments. I saw a rock-like object inside it, which I’m guessing is the “monster core” as this world called it. It started to bounce away from me and towards the other slimes. I mentally note the slime’s behavior.

    ‘So it’s not naturally aggressive…’

    I start charging [Pulse Bullet] and launched it. It homed in on the nearest slime and disintegrated it, with the core and all.


    I totally forgot to reduce the output from the recent raid. As I said that, I quickly lowered my Dynamos’ power output to 10% and looked around again. The slimes are still passively bouncing around. I noted their behavioral changes, which were none.

    ‘So they either don’t swarm you when you kill or hurt one of their own, the slime died too fast for them to react, or they simply do not care what happens to them.’

    The second theory is the most likely one, the first one is the least likely, and the third one implies that they don’t have a consciousness. They just simply… exist.

    ‘Well, I guess I should just get it over with.’ I thought as I start to kill 20 slimes for their cores to complete the first quest.

    [Slime Monster Core 20x Obtained]

    1 hour later…

    I slowly arrived in a dense forest. I looked at the life signs on the holographic map that was in front of me, showing many dots about 100 yards away. I start to hover over to the life signatures on my Dynamos to speed up the process.

    ‘Cheh. The Orcs are also here.’

    Looking in front of me, I saw a camp of Goblins and Orcs. The goblins outnumbered the orcs, but the orcs were stronger than the goblins. I assume that the goblins were being led by the orcs as they were weaker than them. I was cloaked from my surroundings due to my Dynamos, but it’s gone as soon as I start attacking. I start planning my course of action in my head.

    ‘Since I need both Goblins and Orcs this works just fine for me, but the goblins are going to be a problem.’

    I guess I need to use another skill that deals with moments like these. Making up my mind, I start trekking back a few yards away where the camp still won’t notice me, I use a new skill.

    [Dynamo Configuration – Magnetron]

    As I thought that, I swing my right arm to the side and 3 discs start to float around me. They extruded an electrical disc that extended their own reach, but that isn’t the main reason. The main reason why they do that is to home in on the latest object that matches my Dynamos’ electrical signature, adding more damage with an electrical discharge. I start walking towards the camp again and start to charge [Pulse Bullet] then launched it. It homed in on the nearest goblin and kept going to the next nearest goblin it could, but dissipated before it could reach, but some of the discharged energy grazed the goblin it was going for, so one of the discs slowly floated towards the goblin matching its signature. I have 2 [Magnetrons] left. I start to hover towards the camp quickly and start attacking with physical manifestations of electricity using my Dynamos. The 2 remaining [Magnetrons] quickly killed the 2 goblins I had attacked once. Using [Magnetron] when I could, I dispatched the troublesome goblins so I could focus on the orcs.

    The orcs had returned to the camp and saw that their camp had been slaughtered. Over 20 goblins lay dead, and I was standing on the outskirts of their camp. I looked at their form and noted that they were very fat and wielded a wooden club. I mentally noted their characteristics.

    ‘Seeing their form, they probably have thick skin. Looking at their expressions, they have a degree of intelligence. They cannot be dispatched the same way I had dispatched the goblins.’

    Finishing my analysis, I start delving in my memories for another skill I could use against thick skinned enemies. After a while, I finally found it. Though it might take a while to describe, in reality, it only took a second. Planning my course of action, I start to move behind them to catch them by surprise.

    As I arrived behind the 10 orcs, I start to gather energy in front of me. You might think it’s [Pulse Bullet], but it’s not. As the energy started to take on a bullet shape, I launch it towards the orc in front of me. It burrowed through its back and kept going to the next one in front of him and also burrowed through their back. Though it killed him, it dissipated before it could fully go through.

    ‘2 down, 8 to go.’

    I activate my cloaking and bolted away from their line of sights.

    [Energy Boom]. The skill I used earlier. It gathers energy in front of me and launches it. Contrary to [Pulse Bullet], it can only travel in a straight line. It also gives up stability for speed. That’s why it takes on a bullet shape instead of spherical. It also has a set distance it can travel.

    As the orcs were trying to find who killed 2 of them, I launched another [Energy Boom] towards the orcs. Sadly, I was too far away for another penetration kill so I only killed one more. 7 were left and they were starting to be very cautious of their surroundings, looking for the one killing them.

    Using the hit-and-run tactic, I kept dwindling their numbers until none were left. As I killed the last orc, I walk out of my hiding place and took a look around. I saw bodies of orcs and goblins, but I did not feel remorse nor guilt. I quickly started to get what I needed for the quest.

    [Goblin Ears 10x Obtained]

    [Orc Ears 10x Obtained]

    2 hours later…

    As I hopped down my Dynamos, I looked around the grassy plain for any Wandering Rabbits. I couldn’t see any so I scanned the area for any life signatures. 2 pings were sounded after a few moments and it was about 1 kilometer away, north of my location. I start heading towards it and saw 10 Wandering Rabbits. It was only half of what I need to finish the quest.

    ‘I guess it’s better than nothing.’

    I start to walk towards the rabbits only for them to rapidly hop away from me. I noted their behaviors.

    ‘So they immediately run from anything that isn’t one of them. Even in another universe they’re still rabbits I guess.’

    Though this posed a problem for me as [Pulse Bullet] didn’t last long enough for a long ranged attack and [Energy Boom] doesn’t reach far enough to where they can’t sense me, I had another skill in mind when the rabbits ran from me. I start to walk towards 3 isolated rabbits and used another skill. Though I would like to hide my cards a bit longer, I guess it’s fine if no one’s around.

    As soon as they saw me, 3 of my Dynamos quickly went in front of them and my skill activated as a dark purple prism appeared around them. One of the rabbits hit the sides and was knocked out as it probably didn’t expect it to be so hard. I quickly dispatch the rabbits inside of the prism and grabbed the subjugation proof while I was at it. The prism dissipated as I had no use for it no more.

    [Particle Prism]. My Dynamos create a magnetic prism around a set area that entraps anything caught inside it. It’s unbreakable as I’ve added some minor adjustments to it back then.

    Seeing as how it’s probably the only way to catch these rabbits, I continue to entrap the rest inside a [Particle Prism] a and eventually got 10 more of the rabbits I needed for the quest after wandering a little bit more to the north.

    [Wandering Rabbits 20x Obtained]

    [Subjugation Quests Complete]

    1 hour later...

    Entering a forest, I look around for the Moonlight Flower & Healing Plant. Looking at the image provided to me so I knew what it looks like, I glanced at the flowers and plants in my vicinity looking for the ones closely matching the image.

    ‘None of these even remotely look like it.’

    Deciding that I can’t find it in this area, I move towards the west. Though my Dynamos can detect life signatures, they aren’t omnipotent. I can’t find an inanimate object unless I’ve already acquired one already so that my Dynamos can scan my vicinity for anything that resembles the object’s structure and composition.

    Arriving at a plateau, I already spot a Moonlight Flower. Getting closer, I use the technique instructed in the quest to harvest it carefully. Acquiring the flower, I immediately put it in the [Item Box] so it doesn’t lose its freshness.

    ‘Now then, to find 9 more of these and 10 Healing Plants.’

    3 hours later…

    Carefully harvesting the final Healing Plant that I needed, I immediately put it inside my [Item Box] like the others. I look up to see the night sky and a bright moon overhead.

    ‘I guess I lost track of time… how ironic. Though this is the perfect chance to get the Moonlight Water.’

    I head towards a lake I encountered earlier while searching for my last Healing Plant. After a few minutes, I arrived and the moon cast its silvery glow over the water making the ripples from the wind shimmer. Walking towards the water, my Dynamos immediately makes a scaffold and I start hovering over the water and head towards the center of the lake.

    I take out three flasks from my [Item Box] for the quest. I start using one of the flasks to scoop the air, a few inches above the water and lifted it up to inspect it.


    Was all I could say, looking at the content of the flask I held up. The flask had captured the shimmering moonlight over the water, yet contained no water itself. The contents danced around the container it was being held in, making it look like the shimmering water underneath me. It was truly beautiful.

    I admired it for a few more seconds as I filled the other 2 flasks. Though there’s three of them, they’re still beautiful to look at. I put them in my [Item Box] as I head towards the edge of the lake.

    ‘I’m finally done now. I’d better head back and report the completion.’

    I start hovering towards the Receptionist Desk as I take out one of the Moonlight Water and continued to admire its beauty.

    “I want some…” I mumble to myself.

    [Moonlight Flower 10x Obtained]

    [Healing Plant 10x Obtained]

    [Moonlight Water 3x Obtained]

    [Gathering Quests Complete]

    [All Quests Complete]
    [Dynamo Configuration - Magnetron] skill added to Guild Card
    [Energy Boom] skill added to Guild Card
    [Particle Prism] skill added to Guild Card

    [OOC | 1934 words. Sorry about that.]
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    Reading List:
    Great Plain|#GE1|E-Ranked|Gather 10 Moonlight Flower & 10 Healing Plants [50G | 1 x Rejuvenation Potion]
    Great Plain|#GE2|E-Ranked|Gather 3 Moonlight Water [50G | 1 x Bottled Purified Moonlight Water]
    Great Plain|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 20 Slimes [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE2|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Goblins [50 G]
    Great Plain|#SE3|E-Ranked|Slay 10 Orcs [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SE6|E-Ranked|Slay 20 Wandering Rabbits [50 G]

    welcome back deri~
    let's see, deri...
    yup, all complete deriyo~
    your reward is 350G, one bottle of rejuvenation potion and one bottle of purified moonlight water deriyo~
    keep up the good work deri~!

    ooc: why sorry?
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    Well, I was actually working on this for a while...Coulda submitted yesterday actually, but meh, stuff happened. Delays. Yay.

    Great Plain|#SE4|E-Ranked|Slay 5 Boar Warriors. [70 G]
    Great Plain|#SD7|D-Ranked|Slay 5 Bandits [150 G]
    Great Plain|#GE1|E-Ranked|Gather 10 Moonlight Flower & 10 Healing Plants [50G | 1 x Rejuvenation Potion]
    Great Plain|#GE2|E-Ranked|Gather 3 Moonlight Water [50G | 1 x Bottled Purified Moonlight Water]
    Great Plain|#GD3|D-Ranked|Gather 5 Flower seeds [80 G | 1 x Butterfly Flower]
    Taking a jaunt in the great plains was simple, yet complex endeavour.

    Truly, who knows? The next moment gathering some herbs could end up in awakening a dragon or getting yourself thrown into another dimension, or something entirely unrelated.

    The great plains while no unknown domain like Hell, were still considerably uncivilised and unmapped, full of hidden mysteries, secrets, treasure and danger yet undiscovered.

    Even Hubo, who had gone through the area more than a few rounds and could probably shoot you a list of good routes off the bat knew barely a hint of what could lie in there.

    Alas, the greatness and vastness of the plains (and the world in general) were to be admired with a sigh be even by the most seasoned.

    Would it ever be mapped truly? Probably never.

    Ahem, back to the story:

    And thus, Hubo went questing again.

    " stamina has gotten considerably better these days, and I feel that I've gotten here much earlier than last time, now I note it."

    Hubo thoughtfully rambled to himself, as he sat by the moonlight lake, leaving the item box submerged there...Hey, just for a while alright? And blame the quest paper for not giving a proper amount! 'Three moonlight water' simply isn't english!
    And that's discounting the really vague 'flower seeds' quest...

    Anyway, he did that while he finished collecting for moonlight flowers, flower seeds, and healing plants.

    They were all over this place, it was just that the distance between source and consumer was far enough where a delivery service was needed...and the many possible dangers on the road was a big deterring factor as well.

    "Well, now I-

    Suddenly, though, his thoughts were interrupted as he heard a very unnatural rustle in the tall grass behind.

    Clearly, somebody -or something was there.

    "Who is it?"

    Hubo asked calmly, although he was already ready in case of any hostile response, which would be unsurprising.

    Simply put, nothing good was to be expected if something was hiding behind you.

    A bunch of shapes stood up in the grass before stepping forth.

    'Seriously?' Hubo was actually tempted to ask that for a second there.


    Hubo had to roll his eyes at the group of 4 hooligans at his back, as he turned to face them indifferently.

    Well, bandits. General scourge of the land, people that were generally considered pathetic by all other people.

    That didn't mean they weren't to be underestimated, and nothing they have makes them any lesser than another person; they too, could have plenty of surprises in store.

    "OI! Give it up!"

    ...Well, not these people it seems.

    "Shut up."

    Hubo said casually, simply put crassly -tired of their shit.


    Well, he must have hit a nerve in the apparently short fused bandit, for he soon charged at him with a raised rusty glaive.

    "Well, you guys might genuinely have a nerve in the wrong place, but I can see that despite that, you guys are actually serious..."
    Shaking his head, Hubo takes a leap forward.

    At first the bandit scoffs, but his eyes soon widen in regret as he realises Hubo was perhaps going just a little too fa-

    "So, I won't be soft."


    A straight strike with the tip, stretched outwards like a spear straight to the chin.

    The bandit was sent flying into the lake before he knew what hit him.

    "Also, I'm NOT an old man."

    The bandits got frazzled witnessing the fall of their ally.

    "Noooo! <insert random name here, I'm conserving them>!"
    "You bastard!"

    In the next moment, as if connected by telepathy, they charged in unison.

    Weapons of all sort were raised and pointed towards Hubo, ready to tear him up when in range.

    "Well, in that case."

    Hubo moved as the bandits came within range.

    A longsword came at him.

    Using enhanced strength he pushed the sword, which just 'happened' to help block the attack of another one who had tried to strike right behind the first bandit, before he sent them both flying as he broke the locking of weapons with a fierce surge of mana into his own muscles.

    Both of them came colliding into another one of their allies, who was too sent flying along with them, where they all joined their other friend in the lake. They all were quite happy it seems, with the loud call (scream) and the tremendous splash of water.

    Well, the bandits weren't completely busted though, thanks to a stroke of cunning

    One of them had stayed in the grass, to take anyone by surprise incase of the unexpected apparently (and the guy got to run away as well if he wanted to), and now was obviously the time.

    He came lunging with a spear, thrusting toward's Hubo's back.

    But Hubo merely stepped to the side (Cooly, may I add) having seen him coming, causing himself to vanish from the sight of the last bandit immediately.

    "What? Where did he-"
    "Behind you."

    Hubo had managed to quickly shift his position behind the poor bandit, thanks to the glorious enhancement of magic

    Right after that whisper, he then swiftly grasped the latter's neck with a mana-infused hand, with a painful sounding 'crik' before he let go, letting him slump to the ground.

    Hubo shook his head yet again, looking down on the last one.

    Truth be told, these were the kind of dime-a-dozen trash that had no real abilities, flailing their weapons around, which could be easily suppressed by anyone with proper training.

    Of course, this didn't mean they weren't dangerous at all, especially to the average person, but to the trained, they really were nothing much.

    "Well, at least these guys saved me the effort of having to hunt them down. Moving on...bandits are dead, all needed stuff is gathered...10 moonlight flowers, 10 healing plants, 5 flower seeds, and 3...moonlight water, was it? Why do I feel like I'm missing something.."

    Hubo scratched his head in water, before suddenly paling when he saw a certain item box still open in the water.

    "...Wait, that's MY item box still in the lake isn't it?!"

    The wildlife in the area was certainly pretty terrified when they heard a loud "KUSO!" suddenly pierce through the air


    "Ugh...that took me ages to pour out"

    Sighing in exasperation as he trodded on his path slowly, he turns his way around the hill where he says hello to a goblins raiding party.

    ...Wait, what?

    Of course, the goblins, always eager to respond, do the classic spear greeting.

    "Bloody green bastards!"

    Hubo cursed, before kindly redirecting the stab with a parry, then saying goodbye to him as he gives him a hard tap on his head with a good sweep of the other end of the staff.

    Another goblin follows up with a club raised, clearly hoping to deliver a good strike as it lunges at Hubo with a downward smack.

    Turning around, Hubo firstly blocks him with two hands on the right side of the staff to refuse him, before showing him his door as he
    pivots the staff on the club, towards the left side, snapping his neck with a sound crack as he uses the remainder of the energy to fling
    him towards the rest of its kind.


    The goblins keep coming, however.

    Crushing the skull of another foolish goblin, he could see that the goblins were attempting to surround him.

    "Well, you bugger really want me dead, huh."

    The goblins surrounding him responded with a cry and followed with a charge.

    Weapons of all sorts, whether it be stick or stone hungering for blood.

    Imagine their surprise when Hubo jumped higher, much higher than they thought 'the tall folk' could.

    Their attentions were so drawn, they didn't notice the little, inconspicuous bomb at their feets, not even when they were consumed by the ensuing blaze.


    Hubo lands on his feet, a safe distance from the blast.

    "Anyone else?"

    The remaining goblins hesitate at this moment, obviously shaken by the show of prowess by him.

    One goblin even runs away screaming.

    This was sure to be the breking point, inciting a retreat among the remaining goblins, and Hubo knew that.

    Good thing too, although he could deal with the remaining goblins, it was pretty pointless an act, not worth it by any means, and there were so many of them it would just get annoying anyways...perhaps even dangerous.

    Well, until the retreating goblin was sent flying.

    "Huh? Who was it?"

    Hubo looked at the doer of the deed.

    It was a goblin, but bigger in size, that wore a feathered band and carried a rusty, somewhat oversized mace over his back instead of the
    shoddy makeshift tools the rest had...although admittedly, it didn't seem that good as well.

    It wasn't thoroughly rust eaten, but it didn't seem far away as well, and its size didn't seem to fit him that well.

    ”From the looks of it, must be the leader...killing to serve as a warning, eh?"

    The rest of the goblins scrambled to clear a path for him in fear, as the goblin leader slowly made his way towards Hubo, eyes filled with intent.

    After they were a mere 5 metres away, the goblin grunted something, before pointing his finger at him.

    Although Hubo couldn't really understand what he said exactly, -there were probably over a thousand dialects of goblin in the great plains alone- but he understood the intent behind the gesture.

    A challenge. A duel.

    "Very well." While he wondered how honourable the goblin was, he decided to accept.

    After all, it would be troublesome if the goblins took his refusal as weakness.

    As the goblins cleared the area to form an arena for them both, all the murmuring to each other, the two fighters observed each other intently.

    Even after the commotion died down eventually, there was nothing but the sound of the breeze of the wind, as the fighters continued to watch each other, playing the waiting game.

    Then the goblin leader decided to take the first move.


    A leaping charge, his hands lifting the mace behind his back, poised for the classical downward strike.


    Hubo responded with a full-on block with his two hands at the different quarters of the staff, to test the waters.


    The mace struck down to the middle of the staff, which however didn't the bulge.

    That wasn't the end of it though, as using his mace like a seesaw, with the staff as leverage, he used the rest of his momentum to swing
    his own body down, poised for a kick, obviously hoping to catch him.

    Hubo didn't flinch as he smacked the staff, still in the same stance downwards, slamming into the goblin's leg and abruptly ending its attempt for a good hit.

    Add the force to gravity and the goblin fell down with quite the force, but yet, he had not expended his tricks, it seemed, as he attempted to strike Hubo's legs with his mace inflight, even using his falling momentum as extra speed and force!

    The latter which then swiftly moved his targeted leg out of the way, and then kicking him out of the way with his other leg, which might have been slightly mana-enhanced.


    There was a yelp of pain as the goblin hit the ground, clutching his own leg.

    "Well...your leg is probably broken, the duel is over."

    Hubo looked calmly at him.

    The goblin tries to move, but it's extremely hard to move with a broken leg, especially if your body proportions didn't help.

    "Well...If nothing else, I'll be going now, bye!"

    He then proceeds to continue on the path, as he whistling his way out, leaving behind a bunch of stupified goblins which didn't stop him probably both out of shock and common sense, and a poor goblin leader sprouting out gibberish, which was probably curses in whatever dialects of goblin he spoke or something, while rolling on the ground trying to get up, as if doing so vigorously enough would fix his leg.

    Will he ever live until his leg healed though?

    Probably not. That was how the world worked.
    A boar warrior patrol was on the path.

    A rather well-equipped squad of five. Covered in leather armour, spears and bows strapped to their back, short swords tied to their waists.
    Hubo squinted as he stopped his tracks.

    "Hello there! I mean no harm!"

    Well, he did take a quest to kill their kind, but he was a reasonable traveller, he wasn't the kind to kill a bunch of actually rational people for no reason, and what wrong with saying hel-

    Out of the corner of his eye, he then saw one of the boar warriors with a short bow lifting it up, quickly snatching an arrow from a small quiver and drawing with crisp, undulated intent.



    The arrow made its way within a split second -but it only reached where he once was, as he had jumped out of the way the very same moment it had fired, predicting the target area it would have hit by tracking the bow's aiming trajectory

    Hubo didn't hesitate, and the next second, he hurled a bomb right at them.

    With [Blank Shot] They barely noticed until it was in front of them.

    But they didn't betray the quality of their equipment; the moment they realised what was happening, they panicked ly scrambled out of the way like any normal person would do, but without wasting any time nor movement.


    Despite their best efforts however, an unlucky soul perished in the blaze without even the chance to leave any last words, while even those that were lucky to be unscathed were shaken up by the explosion of the charge.

    Before the smoke settled, Hubo had already charged his way there, staff raised menacingly.

    The boar warrior patrol which was still reeling from the blast, while unscathed were definitely not prepared for his arrival, mentally or physically.

    So, before they could snap out of their shock, Hubo's staff had greedily sought the lives of two of their comrades.

    Growing, a boar warrior which had finally recovered with his blade out of its sheath, speedily leapt forth, ready to stab down.

    However, Hubo's reflexes and hands were quick, and so was his staff as it moved with a snake to knock the wind out of the throat of the boar warrior.

    Another boar warrior, charged forth, attempting to take himself by surprise

    But would Hubo let them? Of course not!

    As the fourth Boar Warrior swooped in, spear raised as he came in for a swooping strike from behind, Hubo casually swung his staff to parry

    A foolish move in the face of the boar warrior's natural strength advantage compared to the mere humans, but was it really?

    The staff held its ground like a rooted mountain, while the spear and the boar warrior holding it even had to recoil a step backwards
    It was rather simple to guess the thoughts surely running wild through the noggin of the poor boar warrior, who had no idea how hard he and his comrades -to put it crudely, fucked up.

    Hubo immediately stepped in, ready to end the fight-

    But a familiar sound caused his eyelids to widen.


    Ducking away, an arrow took his place -before digging itself into what was formerly Hubo's target.

    Emphasis on formerly. The fourth boar warrior collapsed with the arrow lodged in his right eye, most definitely had the arrow pierced into the insides of his skull, squishing and mashing the insides into nothing but mushed flesh.

    In other words, he was dead. Very dead.

    Hubo didn't have the luxury to celebrate however, he had to track down that pesky archer.

    From the location of the arrow, he could easily tell where the archer shot his arrow.

    The second he turned, however, his face had to flip to the side, as an arrow graced by it.

    "That was close!"

    It would have been a kill if not for his reflexes. The archer was a good one, but how would he compare in melee range?

    The archer was only a few meters away, and seeing that Hubo had yet again dodged, growled before dropping his bow, and pulling out his sword, utilising one smooth motion as the blade let away of soft 'schink', as if showing it's intention to fight, for both itself and it's wielder

    "Very well." Hubo had leapt forward as soon as he locked on to the last boar warrior, but the archer was swift in drawing his weapon, and met Hubo's staff head on.

    "This guy is rather skilled in close combat as well..." Hubo grunted as he felt the weight pressing on him.

    "...But I have the advantage here."


    The boar warrior hurriedly stumbled back, shaken by Hubo's burst of strength but yet somehow managed to keep his handle tightly clutched.

    Hubo followed closely with a muscle-enhanced punch while he was still off balanced, but the boar warrior, regaining his footing in the nick of time, stepped to the side to avoid his punch being his first instinct.

    Drawing some steps behind to regain momentum and the range advantage, Hubo then swooped again.
    The boar warrior charged as well, opting for a parry again.

    "Hasn't this guy learned? How could someone as skilled as him be so- Wait, something's off-"

    But it was too late.

    Suddenly, a glint flared up in the boar warrior's eye, before-


    Hubo, who held the strength advantage the clash before, was abruptly sent flying away.


    Flipping on the grass a considerably painful number of times before stopping, he groaned.

    "What- whoa!"

    He then brought his own body out of the way as the boar warrior flew forward with a landing with a vigorous stab toward where he could have very well ended his journey.


    The damage on the ground was NOT normal of a sword hitting the ground, even by a boar warrior.

    No, this looked more as if an ogre was playing with a knife.

    A BIG one.

    "The hell? What kind of power is that?!"

    Hubo cursed as he stopped and lifted himself into a crouch, as he observed the menacing image of the boar warrior -even with his back turned- in the ensuing cloud of uncovered dirt particles.

    He had little time though, as the boar warrior than abruptly spun with another flash of red in his pupils, clearly readying himself for the second charge.

    "Here he com-"

    He didn't get a chance to even finish, as the boar warrior had revved again up and pushed his way to him, almost under two metre from him

    He forced his mana in his legs, barely throwing himself to the side, another split second determining life or death (or at least a forced ticket on the pain train) before the boar warrior thunder through like a train at full speed stopping only after pushing more than a few metres past him.

    As he stopped, the ground he was exploded in a cloud of dust- again.

    A cluster of bombs was flung in the air as Hubo spun around, more specifically three bombs were sent hurling towards the boar warrior, as Hubo finished.

    As the boar warrior turned to regard the shadows of the explosive projectiles going towards his way he grunted, before-

    -Well, dodging to the side.

    Even at this state, the boar warrior was still privy to old-fashioned firepower, it seemed. A detail which Hubo was happy to mentally jot down.


    As the cluster of bombs blew up in plumes of fiery power, another cloud of shady particles rose- although this time more of smoke than dust.

    "Not over yet huh."

    Hubo glared into the cloud, where the oh so familiar damned glint greeted him.

    Soon, a battered and smoked body emerged, with fury almost literally pouring out of every orifice of this body

    "Well, so you going to come or hide?"

    The boar warrior let out a great roar, before starting its stampede anew.

    It's edge ready to taste blood, as he emerged in front of his enemy.

    The boar warrior's blade struck down.

    Hubo spilled the last of his unimpressive mana reserves he had remaining into his arms which were holding his staff up in valiant defence, and could probably actually take a clubbing from some goblins, or even normal bandits decently well, but-

    The enemy he faced was no normal bandit.


    A cloud of dust, and two weapons locked into place.

    The sword of a certain angry boar warrior that was currently wielding it, and the staff of a certain adventurer.

    While ferocious strength against metal attempted to break through with much force, it yet didn't move even an inch, kept -barely- away by the staff, the mana-reinforced strength of Hubo, the sheer will of the aforementioned man, despite his palms rapidly losing feeling, aside
    from pain.

    It was a deadlock whether they liked it or not, and it was up to one of them to break it.

    Hubo's reflexes went first, seeming long prepared -which actually were

    Gathering up the remaining bits of his unused energy in his body then, he delivered a kick, as vicious as he could.

    More specifically, towards the where the sun did not shine.

    As powerful the boar warrior was, his reflexes still lagged a bit behind the experienced wanderer, and well-

    Then there was a squeal, one that could only come from a man who had his family jews busted by a rather nasty kick two seconds ago.

    However, Hubo cared for none of that as he swooped in with a right hook to finish him off.


    The boar warrior tripped backwards, weapon loosing from his grip -a miracle he didn't fall yet, stunned as Hubo's fist cracked against its face, causing it's snout to snap with an unsavoury crack, clearly more than a bit painful.

    Hubo quickly crouched down, grasping the fallen blade of the boar, coming forth poising for a thrust-

    Yet, the boar was exceptionally stubborn against fate.

    The familiar red in his eyes came back two folds brighter, and it roared at even more ear piercing decibels, it's fist moved up, covered with a bloody, ominous mist.

    It travelled faster than the arrow at flight before, arriving right before Hubo's face-

    One could only imagine the fate of the poor soul that gets hit by this.


    Hubo and his muscles cursed as it was speedily charging towards him with an army, coming closer by the millisecond, but-

    Suddenly, time seemed to slow.

    The grass wisped in the winds slowly like a ghost, the rabbit looked as if it was going beyond the moon, and the bird glided slowly across the breeze.


    He was no stranger to this, whether in theory or practice. It was adrenaline and nerve reflex, it was no special ability, it was merely the biological response to considerable danger. almost seemed as if he could control it?

    Faintly, he felt energy in his veins, -no nerves.

    It didn't matter right now however, firstly he had to-

    The oppressive power of the punch, quick even when his perception was slowed, struck towards him, relentlessly-


    He didn't yet truly know what was going on, but he had done it.

    Against impossible odds, he had done it.

    While the fist of the boar warrior was merely an inch above his head, the point of a certain blade was sunk into its former owner's heart from below.

    The glowing red mist faded from both his fist and his pupils, and the boar warrior slumped a bit, unconsciously moving backwards a step, sword still biting his heart stubbornly, before-


    The boar warrior crumpled, energy finally spent, and processes fading, as it's pierced chest starting bleeding a different red from before.

    Soon, the remaining light from his's eyes, so bloody just a while ago, was finally gone.

    FInally. Dead.

    Hubo collapsed buttocks flat on the ground, exhausted after having spent his all.

    Also, he now felt properly the residue mana leaving his nervous system.

    "Huff huff, so THAT's how you apply mana to the nerves."

    He had been trying that out for a while now, seeing if he could enhance his reflexes -always welcome for any adventurer, or to be truthful, anyone in general- to no avail, but it seems the fight had helped to accidentally push him into doing it subconsciously it.

    Well, there was a moment of joy, but he had to grimace as the pain from his hands arose, him to look down at them.

    His hands were bloodied, having torn a bit during the fight -more specifically during that almost suicidal block.

    He looked at the boar, sighing.

    "Bastard...well, you are dead now at least."

    That boar warrior was indeed a powerful opponent to face, but not even he could take testicular destruction...well, it did, but that was beside the point.

    "..Well, I'll heal up fine with a bit of rest and hopefully some magic. Ugh...Huh, what power did the boar warrior have to make him so deadly though? Magic? Something else? I wonder what were the motives of those damned boar warriors...were they simply a bunch of ferals that got lucky and found equipment, with that guy- probably the leader, now I think of it-, happening to be powerful? ...Or could it be something else?"

    As he was murmuring to himself, he then spied something rather interesting, stuck in the belt of the boar warrior he had just slain.

    "A scroll...I wonder what it has to offer."

    Prying it from the belt of the corpse he briefly inspected it.

    A relatively pristine white parchment, with a little red ribbon around it.

    "Hmm...doesn't seem to be trapped with magic or whatever, so it should be safe. Let's see what we have here..."

    Untying the ribbon fixing it, he then slowly unravelled the parchment, taking in the contents it had to offer.

    It took him only a short minute for him to finish it, but now he was even deeper in thought.

    As he gazed upon the hills in the distance, he mouthed to himself.

    "I wonder..."
    Body Magic Technique [Nervous Alter] Learnt
    Sub-Technique of [Nervous Alter], [Nervous Alter: Deccel] Learnt
    [Nervous Alter]
    The usage of mana to alter the activity of the nerves.
    [Nervous Alter: Deccel]
    The usage of mana to speed up the reactions of the nerves, slowing down the user's perception of time, giving them more time to react and plan their moves. However, it can be straining on the body and mind of the user.