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    Great Plain|#SE4|E-Ranked|Slay 5 Boar Warriors. [70 G]
    Great Plain|#SD7|D-Ranked|Slay 5 Bandits [150 G]
    Great Plain|#GE1|E-Ranked|Gather 10 Moonlight Flower & 10 Healing Plants [50G | 1 x Rejuvenation Potion]
    Great Plain|#GE2|E-Ranked|Gather 3 Moonlight Water [50G | 1 x Bottled Purified Moonlight Water]
    Great Plain|#GD3|D-Ranked|Gather 5 Flower seeds [80 G | 1 x Butterfly Flower]
    *speaks in a low and very hoarse voice* "Welcome... Back..." *looks at his card* "Hubo... San.

    Hikari doesn't-"
    *cough* *coughs blood* *cough cough* *coughs blood* "see... Any... Problem... So...

    The... Reward..."
    *breathes raggedly* "Is... Of... 400G... And... The... Listed... Items..." *huff huff huff*

    *voice becomes harder to hear* "Take-" *coughs blood* *cough cough* *coughs blood* *coughs* "care... Now..."
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    "Well that wasn't bad..." Jin said as he submitted the quest report while blood suddenly leaks out on his armor full of cracks. But he couldn't feel anything since his body has become numb "Here the *coughs blood* quest report"

    Gallant Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Great Plain|#GC1|C-Ranked|Gather Cyclops Eye [150G | 1 x Earth Orb]

    [Party with Hubo(@Way )]
    <Preparation: Jin Vodka POV>

    After Jin finishes his party quest with Razogul and Yoru. He quickly took the quest for materials to be used in making his shield. He said goodbye to Raz while glaring angrily to Yoru.

    Presia was still not awake so Jin carried her to the Askian Village as he enter the portal towards the Frontier.

    "Master Vodka your back!!" Bernard welcomed him as Sanie followed smiling.
    "What happened to Presia?" Sanie worriedly ask.
    "There was a pervert... I mean don't worry about it" Jin patted Sanie’s head and place Presia to the bed in her room.

    'From what experience, it seems the purity pill healed my mana circle but the magic tattoos are still in disarray. So before I go to my quest, I will try to fix my [Magic Tattos]'
    Jin drew a magic circle in the floor that stabilized the Mana inside the body so once the [Magic Tattoo] is activated the Mana won't become a mess.

    Jin sat on the center and concentrated in retracing the tattoo in his body from fixing the broken lines to adding a tattoo that will stabilize it. The magic circle glows as mana surround his body synching with the [Magic Tattoo]. He started spitting blood from his mouth.

    "Well *cough blood* that was something, at least my skin is not bleeding anymore. Might test this during the quest" Jin rushes with vigor towards the guild.

    "Master Vodka are you not going to take us with you" Bernard ask showing anticipation.
    "Sorry, but I have to do this alone, maybe next time" Jin was scared he might accidentally hurt his followers if his [Magic Tattoo] ever goes wrong.

    <Guild Tavern>

    “First I’ll go to Desert Mine then to Great Plain and lastly to Gallant Mine” Jin muttered as he went to the guild Tavern to check something before heading towards the Desert Mine.

    “You heading to the mines?” Suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, Hubo magically appeared beside him.

    “....!? Oh it’s you Hubo, you scared me. Yes I’m going to the mines why?” Jin tilt his head.

    Jin smiles widely as he think of something “WAIT!! Do you want to party with me to the mines!! That would be fun! Kinda lonely doing mining alone”

    “Wait, actually I-” Hubo tries to explain, but-

    “Let’s go to ADVENTURE!! I mean MINING!!” Jin drags Hubo to the receptionist Hikari to add his name on the quest and headed to the Gallant Mine.

    Hubo tries explaining multiples times but gets interrupted every time, and eventually he decides to just roll with it.

    “Surely just a normal trip...right?”

    <Gallant Mine>

    “Where here! I’m planning to mine 12 Mithril Mine” Jin exclaimed as he look towards to Hubo grinning, “So, are we gonna mine 6 each?”

    “Hmm…” Hubo strokes his beard, well, I know a few good locations, but I’ll need to ask an acquaintance of mine to lead the way

    “Oh! That would be great if someone to lead us, I’m bad at directions~” Jin smiled.

    Hubo merely nods before looking around and yelling :”HEY, BOB!”

    “What? Oh, you again kid.”

    A bulky looking late middle aged man in classical miner garb grunted as he walked towards the duo. “Didn’t need to shout kid. I was sleeping!”

    “Well, glad to see you’re still fine as ever.” Hubo rolled his eyes. “This, here is shy- I mean, Jin. And Jin, that’s the old bastard I was talking about.”

    “Oh hello~ nice to meet you, umm Grandpa Bob? I’m Jin Vodka” Jin waves his hand and stops as he stares at Hubo. “Wait... I think it’s rude calling this old man bastard”

    Hubo and Bob just stare at Jin, look at each other, and stare at him again.

    “Hmm? Is there something wrong?” Jin confusedly tilt his head not knowing why are they staring to him. “Oh well, shall we start mining?”

    “Hmm? Oh, going mining eh? What ore you people want?”

    “Mithril.” Hubo casually replies.

    “Sure, I know the path, follow me!”

    “Okie dokie~” Jin nodded as he followed Grandpa Bob.

    The aforementioned Grandpa looks at Hubo with a look filled with much meaning one last time, before grasping a torch and leading the way. “Remember to bring a few picks along, the path ain’t the smoothest.”


    “...And here, is how you dislodge an ore safely and perfectly!”

    Bob finishes explaining that, before using one last firm strike to dislodge an entire chunk of good ore out. As he picks it up, he turns to the others, more specifically Jin. “Well, now you know, other kid?”

    “Yes! Loud and clear” Jin saluted and grab a pickaxe from his item box. He started to move towards the Mithril Vine and start mining.

    “Show us how you do it.” Bob crossed his arms as he watched intently.

    “Umm… eh? You're gonna watch me?” Jin was startled and was nervous by being stared at. Jin feeling the need to prove himself gather all his strength to his arms. He strike the vein with all his strength.


    As the pickaxe hit the vein, due to the excessive force the mine suddenly shakes.

    “What the hell?” Hubo groans. “You didn’t have to hit so hard!”

    “Well, kid, you’ve got some strength, it seems. Good thing for a miner to have” Bob nods, before he looks at the ore, and his face blanks. “...But you busted a good chunk of the ore.”

    As everyone shifts their attention to the ore, they sweat as they realise a sizable part of the vein was now almost chunks, most of which had disappeared into the void below thanks to the force bursting the chunks out of the vein and away from the platform.

    “...sorry” Jin whispered as he covered his face in shame.

    “..Well…” Hubo takes a look at the chunks. “At least we can still use the chunks?”

    “..ughh but we need an ore, I’m going to find another vein!” Jin feeling responsible start to search for another Mithril Vine. ‘Need to control my strength’

    Bob shook his head. “I feel that this is going to be a long day…”


    Jin walks around the mine and finally found a Mithril vein. Remembering the usual way he did it in his previous mining quest. He started humming as he mine gathering about 6 Mithril ore.

    “Yes, I have completed my share. This ores looks good guess I’m going to head back” Jin start to walk back to where Hubo and Bob is. “Wait why are they not here? Are they lost?”


    “Ah finally done! Jin! You done too? ...Jin? Where the hell are you? Wait...he said he was bad with directions didn’t he? FU-”


    As Jin walk around looking for Hubo and Bob, he mistakenly enters a cavern full of snow goblins.

    “Ke ke ke” the snow goblins who were eating stared at him.

    “Oops.. sorry I’m just passing by” Jin bowed and decided to walk away when he was suddenly surrounded by the snow goblins. “Hey I didn’t mean it! Just ignore me”

    As the snow goblins attack Jin, he could only dodge and make sure to hit them softly just enough to knock them out unconscious. Suddenly when half are unconscious, a snow goblin throw feces to Jin breastplate.

    “....!? you bastard!!” Jin enrage his [Magic Tattoos] glowing on the gaps off his armor. It scared the remaining snow goblins who started to run away.

    “Come back here you pieces of s**t!” He shouted as he chased the snow goblins.

    “HA!” Suddenly out of nowhere yet again, Hubo comes from above with an kick, glowing with mana.


    “Huff...well, got you!” Hubo looks down at his target which- “Wait...It’s you?!”

    At this point, Bob peeks in as well, and his jaw drops. “Wait, isn’t that-”


    “Sorry! What was the first thing you would do when you heard fighting and when you rushed to the scene, saw some bloody thirsty looking glowing armour?”

    “Ah, it’s fine at least I didn’t killed the gobs and I also got the 6 Mithril ore” A certain knight said absentmindedly.

    “Well... we’re done at least. Thanks for your help, old man! We’re heading to the desert mines now.”

    Changing the topic, Hubo turns to Bob.

    “Hmm? The desert mines? You sure you got it?”

    “Sure we do- wait, unless?”

    “Well, these old bones got nothing to do these days..” Bob replied while stroking his majestic mane.

    “Oh.. your coming Grandpa Bob? Then, that would great to have someone who know how to find the right veins” Jin smiled suddenly forgetting the earlier event.

    ‘...This guy changes moods so fast it’s spooky..’
    Those were the inner thoughts of both a certain wanderer and miner, as they looked at each other again, in silent unison.

    <Desert Mine>

    “Hmm...more mithril...and orichalum?” Bob frowned a bit. “Mithril we can easily track...orichalum though, would be harder but we’ll do fine.”

    “I need Mithril for my new armor while for the orichalum maybe for my weapon. Oh wait now that reminds me I forgot to ask.” Jin looks towards Hubo, “Hey, what do you need? I can give you the Mithril we can mine here or we can negotiate the gold distribution ”

    “Hm…” Hubo thought for a moment before shrugging. “Well, splitting the 50-50 gold would do. How does that sound?”

    “The total for gold is 470 so each of us get 235 gold. Well, I could give the Mithril and Orichalcum to you. I need the Earth Orb is for my shield plus I still got 4 Mithrils and 1 Orichalcum from my last mining” Jin mutters as he calculated and look towards Hubo. “So is that fine?”

    “Well, I don’t need the ingots, but sure, if you want to.” Hubo shrugged again in indifference.

    “Well you don’t know, maybe you can sell the ingots I heard they were expensive” Jin remembers the price tag of one of the guild craftsman for one Mithril *shivers*.

    “...I don’t need the gold either, I’m just taking those because since you dragged me along against my will, I’ll have to take those as payment.” Hubo nonchalantly responds.

    “Oh! Then that settles it, let’s finish mining here so we can hunt some Cyclops eye~” Jin said grinning as he went inside the Desert mine.

    “Oi, slow down, get lost again and...actually let's not talk about that.” Hubo muttered the last part to himself as he and Bob chased after Jin.


    “Grandpa Bob, I think you should lead the way so we can quickly find the veins” Jin look back behind him seeing Hubo and Bob following.

    “Alright, stay behind kids, witness an expert at back,” laughed Bob as he went in front

    The first he did was settle in a horse stance, breath deeply before suddenly, opening his eyes wide and yelling-

    “[Echolocation Stomp]!”

    He then slammed his foot down on the ground with a fierce force that felt that it could have cut a man in half- and that was no vocabulary error- , but strangely, there was no feedback from the ground. Not even a sound.

    Bob then closed his eyes for a moment, before they quickly snapped open.

    “Alright kids, follow me!”

    “...I didn’t know you could do that.” Hubo quirked his eyebrow

    “Never had to.” Bob rolled his eyes. “I’ve been at the Gallant mines for years, I would probably know every good path already, but I’ve only been to this blasted mine a few times, and never long. Screw the heat and sand.”

    “Wow!! That was cool! I need to write this in my notebook” Jin eyes sparkle as he grab his black notebook in his item box and start writing while muttering weird words.

    At Bob’s questioning look, Hubo sighed again and explained. “Self-proclaimed. Researcher.”

    Bob simply nodded...very slowly.

    “Anyways, moving on...this is the path!”

    “So what ore is this vein for?” Jin titled his head as he ask Bob.

    Bob flashed him a toothy grin, that somehow seemed to shine even under the light conditions of the cave.


    “You sure?! What are the chances?!” Hubo looks at him, actually stunned for once.

    “AMAZING!! Your really cool Old man. No!! Your one of those ‘BADASS’ Old Man” Jin gives a thumbs up to Bob.

    “HA! Now y’all know of my stronkness!” He laughed as he looked to the skies -in the mine- “Back when I was your age, I-”

    “Amazing, but let’s get to the ore first!” Hubo halted him. “We can share stories when we finish the job first! You don’t like these mines don’t you?”

    Bob looked like his pet cat had been shot for a second before sighing. “Alright, away from the heat first…”

    “Then, I guess I will start mining” Jin start to focus on swinging his pickaxe to the vein as he keep gathering the ores. After several hours of mining he finally gathered 6 Mithril ores and 6 Orichulcum ores.

    “We’re done eh?” Hubo and Bob (mostly Hubo) had also procured the same amount Jin did, making up a total of 12 Mithril ores and 12 Orichulcum ores. The exact amount they needed.

    “Yep, I think we did just fine!” Before Jin can continue however the mine started to shake.

    “...Jin?” Hubo stared at the aforementioned knight.

    “Wait it is not my fault” Jin shake his head vigorously as he denied the accusation.

    “Doesn’t matter, we have to RUN NOW!” Bob yelled to the two of them, as the vibrations started becoming worse.

    “Shit, an actual collapse? THE HELL DID YOU DO, JIN?!” Hubo shouted as he dashed off along with Bob.

    “IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!” Jin shouted even louder as he run following Hubo and Bob.


    “That’s not proper-”



    The roof behind them started breaking apart, filling the passageway with chunks of rock.

    Although they didn’t really have the luxury to see what was happening, the sound was enough.


    Finally, the exit of the tunnel was in sight! Just a bit more, then-


    Suddenly, at the exit of the tunnel, the roof starting cracking as well!


    The roof of the exit starting cracking apart at a rapid pace, making net like cracks as if a spider was on steroids.

    “OH F-”


    As the roof finally gave way-

    It sealed inside...the cave and it's ores.

    "Huff, puff...That was close."

    Hubo lay against the covered entrance, rather winded.

    “So... ” Jin said while taking a deep breath as he sat down and smile to Hubo. “To last quest I guess?”

    “I guess…” Hubo nodded before frowning. “Wait, what was it again?”

    <Great Plain>

    “So...we’re going to rip out the eye of this guy, eh?” Hubo looked tiredly at the snoring one-eyed giant, from the safety of the outside of the cave, and the deep slumber of the aActforementioned cyclop

    “I heard they can make you fly away to the sky, how exciting~” Jin whispers excitedly seeing the Cyclops. “So what’s the plan Hubo?”

    “Well, here’s the plan…” Hubo whispers something into Jin’s ear. “So, what you think?”

    Jin nods as a approval and give thumbs up as he sneakily walk to the sleeping Cyclops. He slowly moves close to it’s neck and raise his axe. Suddenly the Cyclops moves making Jin stayed unmoved. The Cyclops flip over as it lay down towards Jin. ’Oh s**t’

    Jin quickly dodges but didn’t notice the hand towards him. Which grabs him and carried him over to the belly of the Cyclops being hug like a teddy bear.

    ‘Hubo!! help me!!’
    Jin silently scream as he stared to Hubo while trying to struggle from the embrace of the Cyclops.

    “DAMNIT! You had one job…” Hubo sighed as he quickly rushed towards Jin, trying to pull him out. Emphasis on ‘try’

    “Goddamnit! The cyclop- too damn heavy!” Hubo strained his muscles trying to pull Jin out, but alas, did he fail- miserably.

    “Maybe some mana would do the trick...Sending mana to his arms to increase their strength, he pulled again, strength anew.

    Still not working, but perhaps a bit more-

    Another bit more…

    More bits more...

    Soon, without even realising it, the entirety of his own mana reserved were poured into his arms!

    They were bulging with strength so much they started to ache, but at least it was working!

    Jin was slowly- but surely getting pulled out and that was all that-

    Suddenly, their was a shake as the cyclops moved to the side, releasing Jin from its embrace.

    Good news? Jin was free!

    Bad news? ...Too much momentum.


    As soon as the opposing force of the weight of the cyclops eased, Jin popped free easy- he was already free the moment the cyclops turned infact.

    But without an opposing force for Hubo’s arms to battle against…


    They were abruptly sent catapulting, as the true power of Hubo’s mana enhanced arms finally showed themselves, throwing them against the walls.

    “SHIT! COULDN’T YOU HAVE SAID SOMETHING BEFORE YOU TURNED DAMNED CYCLOPS? AHHHH-” Hubo cursed as he found his vision going up and down, but he was certainly moving towards the side of the cave wall-

    “SOORRYYY UGHH-” Jin hit the wall but was not damaged much because of his armor.

    “I WASN’T TALKING ABOUT- GAAAH MY BACK!” Hubo unfortunately, was not so lucky.

    It was not yet over however. Gravity was still in play, and it was not fun for them -well, mostly the ragged one- as they tumbled to down the cave walls, before coming to a stop at the bottom of it-

    “MUH LEGS!” One doesn’t need to guess who was it.”

    “Oh no!! Hubo” Jin rushes to towards him but notice the cyclops waking up.

    “Damnit! You have my bomb package don’t ya! Do it!” Hubo yells, not in the best state but at least conscious enough to know what to do.

    “Yes!!” Jin just recklessly grab the bomb package and throw all of it to the incoming Cyclops.


    “...Did we do it?” Hubo squints at the tower of dissipating smoke, from his ‘comfortable’ seating location?

    “Hope that killed it but not damage the eyes” Jin still on guard too any surprises.


    Suddenly, a giant form rushes out of the smoke, a big hand slapping towards Jin.

    “Ugh…” Jin was thrown away in a quite distance before he hit the wall - yet again. ‘Damn *spits blood* I miss my shield, cough cough’ Jin though as he started to fall down towards Hubo.

    “...SHIET! Wait, nono DON’T FALL ON ME-”


    There wasn’t even a cry this time, Hubo just went into shock, figurative birds spinning and tweeting around his head.

    “...ugh, Ah!! Sorry Hubo...” Jin quickly tried to stand up only to realize his armor has cracks on it and the Cyclops is still coming at them as he sees his axe on the other side. “This is bad...cough cough”

    Jin gather his a strength and us his Taunt howl “So I heard, you only have one eye and ball?”

    The cyclops went mad hearing it and quickly chase after Jin.

    Jin quickly runs in between his legs to pass and grab his axe. He gather his strength as he take his stance as the Cyclops runs towards him.

    “Sadly you're gonna end up having no eye and ball” Jin arms glow as his [Magic Tattoo] activated and the mana gathered in his axe. He then quickly throw his axe like a javelin below the belt of the Cyclops before the Cyclops reach him.


    The tip of the axe hit the Cyclops and-

    The sound of one who had experienced true, real pain, down to the soul-lulal level reverberated throughout the hill that day.

    Jin rushes forward as he grab the axe embedded in the wall and leap towards the Cyclops as he swings his blooded axe, the eye socket on his helm glow redder. “DIEEEEEE!!!!”

    The axe just graze the Cyclops arm as the Cyclops quickly blocks it. The Cyclops then proceed to grab the axe making Jin let go off it.

    “Dammit” Jin leap backwards coughing blood from the [Magic Tattoo]. He wipes the blood on his mouth and look at the Cyclops with do or die expression “Do I have no choice but to take a risk?”

    “I don’t what you have planned but can it save our asses?”

    Suddenly, a bomb flies into the air, colliding with the chest of the cyclops.

    It reels unstably as the explosion blast it back, barely keeping itself from falling over

    “He’s stunned! Get him!” Hubo yelled, holding another bomb in hand.

    “Dammit this guy is pretty resilient” Jin started to coughing as he stands toward the Cyclops dragging his axe. Jin rush towards the Cyclops to finish it while activating his [Magic Tattoo].

    ‘Thank god I fix my [Magic Tattoo] earlier or the damage to my body is lesser’.
    Unfortunately, Murphy's law decided to show it's fangs at this moment.

    Suddenly blood start leaking out onto Jin’s skins as the [Magic Tattoo] burns his skin. His body started to get hot as he cough furiously and his eyesight started to get blurry.

    Whatever had happened, the calculation from the preparation in fixing his [Magic Tattoo] was a failure. Jin falls down his body in pain, trying to stand up in one knee having the hard time breathing while clenching his helm. ‘Damn it what went wrong…?’

    “Jin! What’s happening?!” Hubo shouted, realising this was possibly the worst moment for something like this to happen.

    Especially when there was a certain cyclops that had recovered from the blast however, and was more than eager to get rid of a certain ball-busting human.

    “LOOK OUT!”

    It raised it’s foot, and-

    “[Impact Stomp]!”


    Suddenly, the cyclops stopped.

    At first it stood still, then it started shaking violently, then-


    It just fell.

    Nothing flashy, but one thing was yet certain:

    It was...dead.

    “Well, you guys got ya selfs into quite a pickle ,I see.

    As the dust of thrown into the air by the cyclop’s cleared, Bob was standing on the back of the cyclops, cheerfully smirking at Jin and Hubo.

    “Thanks Bob, it’s finally dead” Jin smiled full of relief seeing that the Cyclops is finally dead. He sat down meditating to calm his mana and recover his stamina.

    “...” Hubo is just stares at him, stunned.

    “YAY!!! Where finally done!!” Jin shouted happily as he recover and his dense skill activated ignoring most of his injuries. “Ok! I’ll take the cyclops eyes then” Jin grab his axe and with his tip, he slowly gouged the Cyclops eyes out and putting it to his item box.

    “So, we’re finally done!” Hubo then tries to stand up before falling down. “...Just give me a moment.”
    Distribution of Rewards:
    Jin - 235 gold, 1 Mithril ingot and 1 Earth Orb
    Hubo - 235 gold, 1 Mithril ingot and 1 Orichalcum ingot
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    Hubo silently leaves a stack of handkerchiefs on the table, before saying.
    "You shouldn't work so hard, if you're sick...and hmm..."
    Thinking for a bit, Hubo leaves a notepad on the table.
    "Also, well... please don't strain yourself if you have difficulties talking, just note down on this notepad, alright?"
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    Hubo hobbles over using his staff as support.
    "Jin, you ok?"
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    Reading List:
    Gallant Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Great Plain|#GC1|C-Ranked|Gather Cyclops Eye [150G | 1 x Earth Orb]
    Hikari took the report and looked over them both and smiled, after reading through it, she wrote a quick letter in parchment and gave it to them.

    Thanks for the hardwork, Hikari is sorry to not be able to speak properly to Jin-san and Hubo-san, but it is too hard for Hikari to speak right now.

    Please be careful with the destruction of mines, alright? Hikari won't deduct anything, since it seems it was not the fault of any of you, still, please be more mindful next time... Hikari will let the vein on the Gallant Mine slide as well, since it seems like Jin-san learned his lesson.

    The reward will be of 470G, 2 mithril ingots, 1 orichalcum ingot and 1 Earth Orb.

    Take care, okay? Jin-san doesn't look very well after the quest, so Hikari thinks it would be good to rest.
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    ((I'll be appraising this for @shad12ow , it's been a while since it was reported and he didn't appear, so he is probably busy with RL.

    As for the hot-spring thing... For now, no. The whole idea behind the property broker was to have people actually buy houses instead of creating them through side stories.

    This is still negotiable though, so wait until Shadow is back, he might ask you for a fee or something, or simply give you the approval.))

    Ant Nest|#GD1|D-Ranked|Bring 3 Ant Corpses [110 G | 1 x Arachne Silk]
    North Mountain|#GD1|D-Ranked|Gather 3 Yeti Skins [120G | 1 x Yeti Fur]
    Sandy Desert|#SE1|E-Ranked|Slay 25 Desert Jackal [50 G]
    Sandy Desert|#SD2|D-Ranked|Slay 15 Desert Black Rhino [110 G]
    Hikari saw the report lying in wait on the Receptionist's Desk with no one appraising it... After a few days she decided to take a look at it, and saw that it was meant for Shadow.

    How strange... Hikari wonders where Shadow is... Hikari hopes he is fine...

    Hikari should appraise this though... It wouldn't be nice to keep the three of them waiting...

    Hikari read through the report and then picked ink and a piece of parchment to make a reply.

    Hikari is sorry Shadow wasn't able to appraise your report, he is apparently busy with something, Hikari will be appraising it on his stead, apologies for the delay.

    Hikari didn't see any problems with the quest itself, but she is afraid she can't grant the permission for Raz-san to take over the area of the hot spring, please wait until Shadow is back for a proper reply.

    In any case, the reward will be of 390G, 1x Arachne Silk and 1 Yeti Fur, Raz-san, Yoru-san and Jin-san are free to divide the rewards as you see fit.

    Please take care, and once again, sorry for the delay.
    - Hikari Shiki.

    After she finished writing, Hikari asked for one of the staffs around to deliver the letter to them, as she was unsure if she would be able to find them.

    (( @JinVodka @AmIaCat @Razogul ))
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    Inside the guild halls, three wet people appeared, one is an old man who looks in his forties, his name's Joe, the ship owner, he's carrying a wooden barrel, it seems like the barrel is filled with speedy tunas.

    One is a beautiful person who looks like a young girl with silver hair and blue eyes, named Jun, and the last is Rei with some of his equipment missing, who is still unconscious and is shouldered by Jun, they become the center of attention as they are wet, one is unconscious, and one is beautiful.

    "Um...excuse me, miss receptionist? My name is Jun, and this is captain Joe, we're here to replace Rei-san in reporting in his solo's the report and the tunas we fished"

    With Joe's help, Jun took out the report from Rei's item box and placed it on the desk, the report is slightly wet.

    Delta Town|#GE2|E-Ranked|Clean Barnacles from hull [40 G]
    Delta Town|#GE3|E-Ranked|Fish 5 Speedy Tunas [80G | 1 x Speedy Tuna Fillet]


    --Floating City of Aeternus - Inn - Night--

    Somewhere in the inn which provides free lodging for adventurers, is the room Rei is currently living his adventurer life, quite some time had passed after he had finished his first mission, he did it to test himself whether he can adapt to his new enviroment, the result isn't what he hoped but he did pass, as he is still alive.

    Then several days before, Rei had already taken his second mission, this time he wants to get away from fighting and see if he can use his abilities for the normal and common tasks, recently he kept reminiscing about the view of the sea from Delta Town's docks, the vastness of the blue color makes him wonder just what might lie beyond them.

    Thus he choose two quest that is more suited for his curiosity, "Clean Barnacles from hull", and, "Fish 5 Speedy Tunas", simply because he want to see ships from up close, and that he want to try fishing.

    Although he is quite eager to do the quest, currently he is still rolling around on his bed, complete with the map and bestiary he "Borrowed" from the guild, the room he lives in is small, the interior only consists of one room and another for bathroom, the furnishing consists of one bed, one table, two chairs, one shelf, either of them are quite small, making the room looks larger, Rei did not mind however, in fact he felt grateful to be given a free room, also he can't help it since recently the number of adventurer is increasing, so the inn can't provide them better room.

    In such room, Rei is trying to memorize the surrounding areas and it's monsters, unfortunately the fall of adventurer town in a certain raid brings along the previous knowledges down with it, as the current guild is still trying to recover more of the lost knowledge, for example the bestiary book consists of monsters and animals that has been found and verified by the guild, the world map only marks the currently known locations, places that were known before might not be recorded in the map, such as the place where Rei is created.

    Rei didn't visit the tavern this time, because he already knows where his target's is, the first is requested by a ship owner named Joe, he stated both his house address and where he will likely be, he also stated that he needs help to, "Get those blasted barnacles off mah ship! Ya damned adventurer!", such words is clearly written on the quest description.

    "...No wonder nobody would take the job...the client might aswell be a foul-mouthed person...i bet his mouth is worse than my smell...", is what Rei thought when he saw the quest description.

    Nonetheless he still took the quest, as it is one of the more safer way to ogle the ships without raising suspicion, plus barnacles will be more troublesome if left alone for a long time afterall.

    The second is requested by the guild, as the Floating Town of Aeternus isn't self-sufficient, since most of the commodities that can be found comes from the surface, the food supply keep diminishing quite fast, thus sometimes the guild issued such quests.

    After Rei decide to end his reading for today and start to work on his quest, he packed his bag for any immediate necessities he might need and took his weapons along, among his weapon is a new pair of small daggers he looted from the goblins, as his current weapons are both quite long, if an opponent got too close to him the long weapon only becomes a hindrance especially if it gets blocked, his first mission makes him realize this problem when the goblins attacked him from many different directions and when the rats swarmed him, the only problem he realized from the slimes is that he has yet to found any use for their core, and that he felt sorry for hurting them.

    "...They're cute and basically harmless...why did the guild issue such quest? What brutes...", although he thought about this, Rei didn't realize he's also a brute for taking the quest.

    Among his items however, is the gold ring he found gripped tightly by a corpse in Delta Town's sewer, although he said to the guild staff named Carm that he will bury it somewhere, he decided not to do it, instead he wants to see whether someone recognize the ring, this contradicts heavily to the fact that he doesn't want to raise unnecessary suspicion, the reason is because the ring itself, it may look simple and unadorned, but after cleaning the blood it is revealed that on the surface inside the ring is inscribed with beautiful patterns in the color of rainbow, perhaps like Carm said the ring might aswell be for the corpse's lover or family, if it is then Rei would try to return it without being misunderstood.

    "...Unlikely...a nameless stranger suddenly appear while carrying along your lover's ring and then said "Your lover is dead, i found the corpse inside the sewers"...on such situation one would doubt the stranger's story and then will conclude that the stranger is a bandit or a murderer..."

    Rei isn't quite far off, as no normal person in the world would just accept the ring and be grateful without the slightest suspicion of the person who carry the ring, heroes or well-known people might not be suspected, but Rei is neither of them, yet he still choose to return the ring is just a proof for himself that he isn't a cold-hearted being.

    "...I will proof it, just you watch...!", Rei muttered.

    Then he left his room and head to the teleport gates, he stopped by near a tree behind the inn and buried the goblin ears, rats corpses, and burnt rats, as he doesn't need them anymore, when he arrived one of the staff greets him and asked where his destination, trying to be polite as ever, Rei replied after a brief pause, "...Good morning...i need to go to Delta Town...please".

    Of course he went through quite a number of safety procedures since he reeks with the smell of blood, this is another problem he got.

    --Delta Town - Night---

    When Rei arrived in front of the teleport gates the day is still night, as expected the teleport gates is very useful and amazing no matter how many times Rei used it, he then pulled the hood to cover his face and walked off towards the address written on the quest description brimming with confidence.

    On a side note, despite his confidence Rei did got lost several times as he never actually explored Delta Town on his first mission, he wanders to a dark dead-end alley, arrived in front of the government's office, went across a crime scene where the victim is about to be stabbed to death, discovered Delta Town's red-light district that's supposedly a hidden area, and finally arrived at a peculiar brothel with many, let me repeat, MANY, muscular and handsome looking men in skin-tight women clothing waving, winking, and sending kisses at him.

    This amazing sight is probably the reason why the brothel is placed at the very end of the district, although Rei didn't look like it, he has experienced nightly pleasures for the sake of knowing about love, but failed to understand it, however this is clearly new to him so he really didn't have any particular thoughts about it.

    "...Is this aimed at women?...Their clothes suggest matter, they say fishing is best done in the morning or night, so i don't have time nor money for this...".

    As he turned to leave, from his back a small gust of wind flows, when he turned his head to look behind he saw a giant, with the height even taller than mere two meters, a macho man with a face that could only be described as, "Wild & Manly", stood behind him, the man's big arm reached to grab hold of Rei's shoulder.

    (When did he got behind me?! Such speed! Did he also used [Accelerate] like me?!)

    This is the only thing Rei thought, completely disregarding how the giant man is dressed like a high-born queen, the sheer presence the giant have gives him quite the impression, again disregarding his current appearance.

    "Good night to you dear boy, seeing as you're clearly one of the brave ones who had guts, i am thinking of inviting you for a cup of is it? Not a bad idea, yes?", the giant man said as he strengthens his grip on Rei's shoulder.

    "...No?...I don't have money for this, and i need to go to work", Rei replied as he tries to move forward.

    The giant, clearly not going to let Rei get away said, "Ufufu it's okay lad, i just want to have a nice chat with you, that's all", as he starts to rub Rei's butt.

    "...Excuse me but this is sexual harassment and like i said before i am busy, so stop rubbing my butt and let go, if not i might force you to let go!", this time Rei is getting irritated.

    But the giant isn't listening, "Ara?...Mmmh..i thought he's a shota, but he's too tall for a boy...but no matter..ufufu.."

    "...Excuse me! Are you listening? I said let go both my shoulder and butt go!", Rei's patience meter is rapidly decreasing.

    "Arara...? Hmm...i rate this butt 7.5/10, nice butt indeed ufufu...", the giant man is clearly in his own world already.

    Hearing this, Rei's patience meter has dropped far below zero as his forehead twitched repeatedly, he grabbed the giant's arm that's on his shoulder and activated [Summon Lightning] with the giant as the medium, like [Electric Weapons], [Summon Lightning] can be used as long as there's a medium that can be used as conductor.

    There are differences between the two skills, [Electric Weapons] is used to envelope a medium in electricity created by Rei to create a weapon in similar appearance as the base but bigger, as strong electricity can burn the medium the skill makes the lightning only strong on the outside, then the lightning can be discharged or just dispersed.

    [Summon Lightning] is actually similar to magic, the skill calls forth a natural lightning to strike whatever medium that Rei designated as target, as it is nature's power, the output cannot be controlled and the surrounding area might be involved aswell, it is strongly advised to not use a living being as medium as it might cause fatal results.

    But Rei don't care anymore, "...I call for you who shows itself in the midst of storm, [Summon Lightning]", when the short chant ended, the sky becomes even darker as black clouds started to cover the moon above the giant man, "Oh dear, raining already...?", yet the giant man is unfazed by the sudden attack.

    Suddenly the sky becomes bright as lightning bolt burst down accompanied by crackling sounds and hit the giant man in mere moments, as lightning enveloped him the surrounding men becomes wide eyed, but they are back to normal immediately, the reason is the giant man himself, when the lightning dispersed the giant man is still standing, except his dress that is now burned and became undone here and there revealing his muscles, the giant man is barely wounded, only a few burnt marks and some smokes raising from him, this suprised Rei even more, as [Summon Lightning] is his trump card, for that to only did small damage on his opponent has never happened before.

    "Ufufu...suprised dear boy? Of course you not worry though, i am no immortal, this is because of my passive skill, [Damage Reduction : 90%]", the giant man says casually.

    "Damage wonder...wait does that mean you're an adventurer?", Rei asked because normally with the exception of magic, special tools and some special peoples, nobody could know the exact name of their skills, especially their passive skills as it's rarely showed, some can know it if they are taught about the skill, like skills that are passed from generation to the next, the usage of tools such as the guild card is also possible.

    "Me? Oh no dear, mine's an inherited skill", the giant man replied, with his hand still stuck on Rei.

    "Inherited? But 90% reduction is too outrageous, isn't that cheating?"

    "Ufufu of course it didn't start with 90% dear boy, i trained it to reach such numbers"

    "...Can i ask how much is it before...?"

    "Oh my...hmm when i learned about it, the original name is [Damage Reduction : 1%]"
    , again the giant man said so casually while rubbing Rei's butt.

    "...1%?! For such useless reduction to jump to did you know anyway?"

    What Rei actually wanted to ask is what kind of training does this giant man undergone for the skill to raise so far, if the skill can reduce just about any kind of damage then the giant man is almost an invincible existence, even a fatal wound straight to his heart might result in just a small cut, added with his unknown strength, there's no way anyone can defeat him so easily.

    "Mmmh that, dear boy, is a woman's secret~", as the giant man said this, he also gives Rei a wink while putting one finger in front of his mouth.

    "...Fine, i won't pry deeper, so can you just let go? The other is still stuck on my butt"

    "Arara? i'm sorry dear, i can't help it when there's an unknown butt that's just waiting to be rape-*cough* rated...fufu...anyway let's go inside then!"

    Seeing as the giant man clearly not letting him go, and Rei can't defeat this man with brute force alone, Rei gave up and head inside the brothel.

    --Delta Town - July Brothel - Day--
    --Subject No. 00's POV - Rei--

    After entering the brothel accompanied by a lot of muscular and handsome men in women clothing, i was suprised by the interior of the brothel, as it gives a very home-like feeling, this is strange, as i never got a home this relaxing before.

    "Well then dear boy, although i want to taste you first i guess i must put it off, as you didn't seem like you'd just let anyone taste it so easily...fufu"

    "...Of course i will fight back and kill you if you try anything weird"

    Although i know it might be impossible to kill this guy, i won't just go with the flow if he tried to force me, while thinking ways to fight back a beautiful girl, no, that's a boy, caught my eye, he's very feminine, with short and slender build, round face with clear blue eyes and long silver hair, he looks younger than myself, and one would definitely mistake him for a girl if he didn't say anything about it.

    "...Still, there's also a boy too, huh? I thought there's only macho people in here"

    "Ara? What is it dear boy? Do you fancy our newest staff?", he said while noticing me looking at the boy, not long he clapped his hand to get the boy's attention, then waved him to come near us.

    The boy then curtly bows before saying, "...Um yes, do you need me? Mama Julianne?"

    Julianne? That's the giant's name?...Probably fake name, but why mama though...?

    "Ufufu you're still too stiff young lady, but fine, here's your first customer, just relax and do your best to serve, okay?", Julianne said with a warm smile like a mother seeing of her child to school.

    "Eh? My customer? But mama i'm still not ready!", the boy said, clearly flustered by what Julianne said.

    "Hush child, it's fine, this man will help you get rid of your fear!"

    "...Wait, i didn't say anything about being a customer, i got no money!"

    When i said this Julianne thinks for a while before whispering close to my ear, a bit too close actually, but his tone is different from his usual forced woman-ish voice, this time it's a normal manly voice suited for his appearance.

    "The boy's new, so he's still afraid of people being disgusted by him, our line of business is very uncommon afterall, i was planning to let one of our regulars to handle him, but that won't work, they can't alleviate his fear, and nor can i have been looking for someone that is closer to his own age, didn't have any particular opinion of our work, and most importantly, is a kind-hearted person"

    Unexpectedly, Julianne is very caring towards his employees, also i never thought his voice could suit his big appearance so well.

    Hearing his story i replied by whispering aswell, "...And i fit the bill? It's true i didn't have any particular opinion regarding this, but i never said i was a kind-hearted person"

    I didn't think i was kind-hearted though, i just tried to kill you afterall, although it failed miserably.

    "Ufufu...this line of work requires good eyes, dear boy, though you smell like blood, i didn't feel any ill thoughts coming from you, and don't worry, i will pay you, all i asked is for you to help alleviate his fear"

    "...You've been planning this since the start aren't you?...You said you will pay? Fine i'll try to do something about him...but i don't promise anything"

    "Thank you, it's a bit late, but i am Julianne, the owner and manager of the July Brothel, nice to meet you, young adventurer", Julianne said with a warm smile on his face.

    Honestly i don't know what can i do with the boy, but i guess i had to do something fast if i want to go fishing, with both of us giving up to Julianne's coercion, he and the other employees brings us to the second floor of the building and left us alone inside a room that has a beautiful view of the ocean, the employees left while giving the boy words of encouragement and a few thumbs ups, what a nice co-workers, i don't think they would do that normally.

    Now with just us alone, the boy is fidgeting and sometimes taking deep breaths, surely i don't know what to say to clear his fear, but i guess talking is the first way.


    , the boy shrieked and jumped a little before turning to face me.

    I was cut off before i finish my words, rude boy, he really need to calm down or else this conversation isn't going anywhere.

    "...Relax, first off, what's your name? Fake or real i don't care..."

    After i finished asking i took a seat on the edge of the bed, soon after the boy followed suit, but he's still facing me even as he take his seat, making him walk like a crab.

    "Um..i' name's Jun, it's an eastern name, which could mean "Obey" or "Pure", i-i didn't have any stage name yet, mama said i should atleast tell my real name only to those whom i can trust"

    "...Obedience or honesty, huh? Wait, does that mean you trust me? A guy you just met?"

    "Eh?! Er um..n-no...maybe?"

    "............Why are you asking me?"

    "T-that's...umm..everyone been saying mama is looking for someone she can trust to help me, i-i trust mama so i-if you're the person mama t-trusted then..."

    "Then what? Do tell me your way of thinking isn't as simple as that aren't you?"

    "I-i'm sorry!"

    "No there's nothing to apologize for, i'm not mad either..."

    "B-but your f-face looks scary..."

    "I was born with this kind of face, is that supposed to be an insult?"

    "NO! I-i don't mean to...i j-just...i'm sorry..."

    "...Hmm too bad for me then, but you're lucky to have a pretty face, huh? How old are you?"

    "Eh? Oh t-thank you...i-i'm 13 years old..."

    "Still young...well then, Jun, i honestly didn't know about your fear, but i do know it's uncommon for the same gender to like each other, and i do know i have nothing against that, some might hate it, but the only people who come here is probably the same person as you are..."

    "..I know...b-but..."

    "if there is those who come here only to mock you, then those guys are retards who got no better thing to do...honestly i don't think anyone would dare to do that here"

    Not with the group of macho man on standby outside, plus the near invincible Julianne at the top, i don't think anyone dared to lay a hand on this building, he's basically an S-Ranked with just the passive skill [Damage Reduction : 90%], who knows what else is his passive skill, and i don't even want to imagine his active skills.

    "'s true...whenever some scary peoples appeared mama and everyone would have a chat with them and then they're back in just a few minutes...Afterwards the scary peoples always becomes our regular..."

    'What the fuck did Julianne and his employees did to those peoples?! How the hell did they become a regular after a few minutes of talk?! Too damn scary! They're scarier than Yoru's beastman picture!!!'

    I really wanted to shout like that, seriously that statement makes my cheek twitches.

    "...I-if this is what you really want, then i see no reason why you shouldn't do it, you're free to do what you want, and here, you can do it right? All i know is that there's one person here who doesn't mind if you do so", as i said this i tried to distract Jun from seeing my expression by rubbing his head, his hair is very smooth and silky, not what i expect from a guy's hair.

    "Ah...!'re probably right, this is what i want, and everyone here always take good care of"

    I was too absorbed with ruffling Jun's hair to listen to him, but it looks like he's feeling uneasy with me patting his head.

    "...Hmm? Oh sorry, it must be weird for a stranger to suddenly pats your head"

    "Umm...i didn't mean to..."

    "...No need for any consideration, just say it if i was being unpleasant"

    "No! I just want to know if you really don't mind someone who likes the same gender! I thought you're quite handsome from the start! You're not fazed at all with being around everyone, especially you can keep calm despite being near mama Julianne, i really thought that was cool!! And i want you to continue patting my head if you could!!!"

    Jun then comes very close to me and looked straight into my eyes, ".........Wow", is the only thing i can say as Jun burst out what he thought.

    "E-er...i-i'm really s-sorry...!", Jun becomes flustered and bows deeply until his head almost touched the bed below.

    "...Ahahahaha! So you can do that too? Then i don't think you need help at all, you just need more confidence in yourself, like before, you can just say what you got in mind if you want, and i don't mind at all, more like i don't care what you choose, it's your freedom, also thanks for the compliment"

    I raised his head, then rubbed it again, the feeling of Jun's smooth hair could make this a new habit of mine.

    "'s not true..i'm still no good, but if you didn't mind at all then i guess it's fine...ehehe...", Jun said as he blushes from ear to ear.

    Wait? Blushes? It's normal right...? I didn't raise any flag did i?

    "Oh...can i know your name? I realized i have been talking without knowing about you"

    "...I'm Rei...yes, that's my name, also an eastern one, simply meant "Zero" or "Spirit"..."

    "Rei-san...un, i got it, thank you!"

    "...You're welcome...well then, since all you need is just more confidence let's continue..."

    Saying this, we keep talking about many things, sometimes important things about Jun, sometimes just random things, i didn't speak much about myself except my own name and my short time as an adventurer, when the night becomes late, i spend the night there in July Brothel, i got nothing against free lodging anyway, of course, with Jun in the same room, he sticks to me like a glue, whether we did anything other than sleeping or not, i will left it unsaid.

    --Delta Town - Morning--

    The next morning Rei left the brothel with a bag consists of 1000 G, before he left he met with Julianne to discus about the result, of course Julianne is elated as Rei spend the night there, which means the result is good, he also asked around about Julianne to the other employees, and the answer he got is superb.

    A slim man said, "Mama? She's an amazing person which can kill a dragon with one hand!"

    A handsome man said, "The former Delta Town's lord once visited, said he will destroy the brothel, the next day he was suddenly replaced by the current lord"

    A macho man said, "I heard from one of mama's close friend that she's a descendant of the legendary saiyan people or something"

    A customer added, "Oh right, didn't she used to be called kakarot by a guy with a funky hairstyle?"

    Rei has concluded that prying more on Julianne's identity will one day brings his own doom, thus he spare no more second inside the brothel, and left immediately.

    With Jun following close behind him, this is the reason why Julianne gives him 1000 G, because Jun insist on following Rei to know people's opinion of him cross-dressing as a woman and liking the same gender, if Rei is around then he has no fear of being in harm's way, although Julianne and the others are surprised by the sudden event and tries to reason with him, Jun already made up his mind, Jun promised he will come home if Rei want him to stop following him and when he has seen enough of the world with Rei.

    Although this is just an excuse for Jun's real reason, but the reason is best left unsaid, Julianne has no choice but to let Jun go, he's really soft when it comes to his family, although in truth Jun is just another one of his employees.

    (I don't think it matters, Jun looks like a girl no matter how you look at him, his simple dress makes him all the more feminine)

    Then with Jun helping to show the directions, Rei headed towards the house of the ship owner who's name is already been forgotten by now, the ship owner, Joe, when they arrived it was a small wooden house, but the wood is still quite sturdy, overall it fits for a man who probably spend his days on his ship.

    Jun knocks on the door before calling, "Excuse me...! We are here for your request!", not long the door opened and revealed an old man, possibly in his forties, as his hair already starts to becomes grey.

    "Yeah? Mah request ya said? That means yer both adventurer then?"

    ", i'm not an adventurer, this man is the one who took your quest"
    , Jun turned his head towards Rei.

    "Ain't that right, ya look adventurer no matter 'ow ah look at ya, beside the obvious smell"

    "...The smell didn't got anything to do with being an adventurer, let's just go to your ship already, we can talk on the way"

    The old man seemed displeased with Rei rushing him, but he accept it anyway, as it is faster that way, Jun on the other hand goes with whatever Rei decides, then the three head towards the docks with the old man bringing along an iron spade.

    "...So skipper, how big is your ship?"

    "Who're yer callin' skipper ya damn boy...!"

    "Well i do agree that we need a way to address you...but we didn't mean to be rude"

    "Nah just show more respect to yer elder, ask or sumthin' before sayin'"

    "...Can i call you skipper then?"

    "Fine, suit yerself, ya ain't half wrong 'neway, just call me whateva..."

    ""Aye aye, whateva sir!"", both Rei and Jun raised one of their hand in salutation.

    ".........yer both makin' fun me, ain't cha?"
    , Joe's displeased meter has raised again.

    "Eh? N-no! You said we can call you whateva!", the flustered Jun hastily replied while waving his arms in denial.

    Rei on the otherhand is the opposite of Jun, he is making fun of Joe, "Teasing grumpy old men is very fun", is the only thing he thought.

    "'neway 'am yer client, name's Joe, yer free to call me anythin' except whateva..."

    "Roger! My name is Jun, pleased to meet you, captain Joe!"
    , again Jun gives a salute.

    "...Skipper then, i'm Rei, nice to meet you", Rei curtly bows.

    The sudden change in attidude makes Joe perplexed, but he quickly recovered, "Yeah, nice meetin' ya both"

    --Delta Town - Joe's Ship - Day--

    After several tens of minutes of walking they finally arrived near the ship Joe owned, it is docked far from the usual port, but instead docked on a shore, the ship still look sturdy, but not new, with the amount of barnacles already sticking is quite a lot, it can be concluded that this ship hasn't sailed for a long time.

    "...Nice ship skipper, it looks very...veteran"

    "'Course she is, she's mah best gal, been aroun' since mah mom present it on mah birthday"

    "...I didn't mean it as a compliment though..."

    "Um...captain Joe, if it's okay, can i ask how old you are?"

    "Me? 'Am just turned 20 this year, why ya ask girl?"


    "I-i'm sorry...i really thought you already has grandchildrens..."

    "...Seriously? Skipper, have you ever seen yourself in the mirror?"

    "Bah! Real men ain't lookin' at 'em blasted mirrors, else they oughta regret it..."

    "...Wise if! You're just running away from reality! No, that's rude..."

    "Oh shut yer damned mouth boy! I ain't runnin' away!"

    "Um err...I-it's okay, captain joe, people are born d-differently..."

    "I said shut it! Yer makin' mah eyes sweat!!"

    ""It's okay...!!!""

    And so after several minutes of listening to Joe's heartbreaking(lol) story, Rei and Jun got a new friend...sort of guy, the ship owner Joe, dubbed skipper by Rei, a 20 years old man who's appearance is twice his actual age, though he looks like this, Joe's life is a very fulfilling and happy life.

    Then they starts to clean off the barnacles, the bestiary recommends cleaning them starting from above, both Rei and Joe pulled the ship ashore before starting, this revealed even more barnacles on the lower side, Jun helps by being a charming cheerleader.

    Joe is aboard his ship trying peeling them off with the iron spade from the ship's sides, Rei is below the ship, he wants to try using [Electric Weapons] with the barnacles as medium, truthfully he didn't know whether it'll have any result, but at the very least he hoped to stun them to see if that makes peeling them off easier or not.

    Jun said he wants to help, so Rei gave him one of the small daggers and told him to try taking off the barnacles Rei electrocuted, although the result isn't good, it does makes the barnacles somewhat easier to take off, but these barnacles has been left alone for far too long, as some of them already grows even bigger than eight centimeters.

    Overall this job is very boring and tiring, but the sole entertainment they have is Jun's comical reactions when he managed to get a barnacle off by his own strength, then tries to show off to Rei and Joe by waving the barnacle with in his hand, then shrieked when the barnacles suddenly sprouts "Legs", and ends up running to Rei knocking him off balance and makes him headbutt one of the barnacle and kiss the wet sand below.

    When all the barnacles have been taken off they helped Joe wash his ship and dumped the barnacles far from the ship, as this is finished the sky had becomes orange in color, Rei insist to stay as he wants to see the sunset, both Jun and Joe thought Rei's uselessly romantic, but it isn't so, Rei just never seen the sunset near the ocean.

    "...First quest, checked...nice view by the way..."

    --Delta Town - Joe's House - Night--

    Afterwards they packed up all the tools they used and heads back to Joe's residence, Joe is kind enough to let them stay for the night, as he lived alone, sometimes he wants to have dinner with other peoples, the one who cooks the food is Jun, surprisingly he's good at house chores, and during dinner Rei got an idea about his next quest, "Fish 5 Speedy Tunas".

    "...Skipper, can i borrow your ship tomorrow?...I took another quest, the other one requires fishing five speedy tunas"

    "Wut? Yer goin' fishin' for 'em blasted tunas? Are ya out of yer mind? Them fishes are too damned fast, fishin' them with normal way takes too much time"

    "...Which is why i want to try cheating my way, most sea creatures are weak to electricity, so if i can found a pack of them i could try zapping them"

    "Oh that blue sparks ya used on them barnacles...ya got a point, it might work..."

    "Rei-san, why don't we just ask captain Joe to help us by showing the way? I don't think i can help with either fishing or driving the ship..."

    "...I forgot, skipper you're a fisherman right? You must know the places where we might found lots of tunas? Let's cooperate then..."

    "Wut? Me? Yer asking me to tag along?'s true i can't just lend ya mah ship, i doubt any of ya knows how to sail 'neway..."

    "Does that mean you will help us, captain Joe?"

    "'Course girly! Ya ain't callin' me cap'n for nothin', right'o, since mah ship needs sailin' we'll go tomorrow morning, when we catch lots of 'em we'll divide the share, that okay with ya?"

    "...Hmm no problem, i only need five, and maybe more for extra..."

    Thus the plan has been set, Joe would provide the ship and the tools needed to catch the fish and Rei would be the one to fish them out of the water, just electrocuting them actually, after dinner and their discussion ended the three then heads towards their rooms, Jun followed Rei who went towards his own room.

    "Wait a sec there girly! Didn't i already told ya where yer room is?"

    "Oh...umm, it's fine, i will be using the same room as Rei-san is..."

    "Wut? Are ya both in that kinda relationship?"

    "...It's a bit late, but let me re-introduce Jun, skipper"

    "Re-introduce? Wut are ya blabberin' about?"

    "...Skipper, this guy's name is Jun, although he looks like a girl no matter how you look at him, he's in fact, a genuine male"

    Hearing this, Joe's jaw dropped, it looks as if the joint finally broke off, Jun who's beside Rei is fidgeting as he's unsure of what Joe would thought of him.

    "......Is that true? Are ya a boy, Jun? Why yer dressed like a girl?"

    "Umm..i'm sorry i didn't mean to hide it, but i am a boy...and...this is my...hobby? I worked at a brothel..."

    "Wut? Brothel? Ya mean the July Brothel? Yer one of Julianne's so-called daughters?"

    "Eh? You know of mama Julianne?"

    "Mah 'ouse is close to red-light district, and Julianne used to frequent the tavern near 'ere before opening the brothel so nobody 'round here who didn't know the infamous mama Julianne, i mahself had shared a couple of drinks aswell, odd fellow that one is"

    "...So you didn't mind about Jun who's a gay?"

    "Naw..I've seen worse, as long as ya didn't get the hots for the old me, i dun' care!"

    "Ehehe thank you, captain Joe!"

    "...Thanks, and i'm normal, i just don't have any thoughts about it"

    (...And i don't think you need to worry, might be rude, but there's -10/0 chance of Jun having the hots for you...)

    Rude thoughts is best left alone, thus with no further comments the three went inside their room and rest for the day, tomorrow is going to be a long day of sailing afterall.

    --Delta Town - South Sea - Morning--
    --Subject No. 00's POV - Rei--

    "...The swaying..the breeze..the salty smell!! So this is riding aboard a ship feels like, huh?"

    When morning came we head towards skipper's boat again, this time carrying tools such as fishing rods, nets, some empty barrels to pack the fishes, and a long yet thin iron chain, after pushing the small ship back to the waters skipper climbed and starts to unfold the sail and making sure nothing is wrong with his ship, i carried Jun in my arms and activated [Accelerate] to make a long jump and landed right aboard the ship, this action surprised both Jun and skipper, although Jun is mostly just blushing.

    As we sailed, skipper drives the ship to where we would most likely find them, as both Jun and i has no knowledge of fishing we entrust it all on skipper, i really regret wearing my usual clothes, the blazing sun above my head is really hot, skipper just wore a simple shirt and pants, Jun on the other hand is wearing a sleeveless shirt and short pants, which is actually show more skin than his simple dresses.

    After a long time passed skipper shouts to us, "Oy...! Look down, did ya see any glimpse of tunas down there? The breedin' season is still far, but there might be some", obeying his orders both we both looked down below the water is clear, but it's quite hard to see what is down there, but we did see some fish swimming around, though unsure if that's really tunas or not.

    "...skipper i'll try diving in to see if those are really tunas or not..."

    "Wut? Rei yer sayin' ya can swim?"

    "...I can..? Is it so weird?"

    "Naw, i thought since ya never seen a ship nor the ocean before ya can't swim.."

    "...No i have to swim before, but not in the sea"

    Swimming is actually uncommon, even if one is a fishermen or sail a ship it doesn't mean they can actually swim, the knowledge for swimming exist, but only a few actually learned how, as swimming is regarded as unnecesarry, since they have ships already, in my case, i learn how to swim by being thrown inside a deep pool, if i can't swim i will die, i was never taught by anyone.

    I wear only my pants and shirt, then take off the rest so they didn't get wet, Jun's eyes is glued to me the whole time, what is so fun in seeing one undress anyway?

    Without minding Jun's stares, i took one javelin, tie the iron chain around it's end before jumping off the ship and dived in the ocean, the cold water felt really good on my skin, and the sight is amazing aswell, i tried not to alert the fishes but it's quite pointless as they run away when noticing me, i then scanned around for the tunas by remembering how they looked from the bestiary, and i found some, three tunas to be exact.

    I prepared myself to dive forward, as throwing things inside the water is quite useless, the water makes your hand heavier, but i have [Accelerate] and [Electric Weapons], although i can just use [Electric Weapon] here, since the electricity will reach there anyway, but if i do that then electricity will spread everywhere and hit not only the tunas, but other fishes aswell, so i want to minimize the range of electricity, i activated [Accelerate] on myself to quickly propel myself near the tunas and activated [Electric Weapons] before the tunas ran away, i tried to set the output just as low to only shock them, but it's hard to do that underwater.

    The result is swimming, the stunned tunas float above to the surface, i also swim back to the surface as i still need to take a breath quickly.

    "Whoa?! Tunas! Three of 'em, he really did it!"

    "...Puah! That's close, i need to take more care about my breathing..."

    "You did it, Rei-san...but are you okay? You seemed out of breath"

    "...I'm fine, i just need to get used with using my skills underwater"

    "That reminds me, Rei 'ow come yer fine with using yer powers underwater?"

    "...Huh? You mean why didn't get electrocuted aswell?"

    "Yeah, 'ow come yer fine with it?"

    "...The electricity is generated from my own body, so i naturally resist electricity"

    "Oh...thought that was magic, no wonder ya didn't need any chant"

    I didn't say anything else after that, i just help skipper with the net to gather the tunas, and then we're off to the next spot where we might find them, i repeated the process again and again, but as time passed i felt i was nearing my limit, i'm too tired.

    That is why i gave up about ecology and opted to just throw the javelin and activated [Electric weapons], since the chain that is tied to the javelin is made from iron, it also act as a conductor, the result is that many fishes float to the surface, but we only take the speedy tunas, and left the other fish alone, they will snap out of it later anyway.

    Like this, our tuna gathering spree keep continuing, sometimes we used the rods and while having a nice lunch cooked by Jun, sometimes we caught weird fish along the net, sometimes Jun wanted to try swimming, but we stopped him because he can't swim and some other reason why he shouldn't, sometimes we failed and didn't got any tunas, but wherever we stopped there's always a group of fishes floating on the surface with their eyes gone white.

    When we realized it the sun is getting quite low, as we're in the middle of the sea, we decide to return before it becomes night, on the deck there's barrels filled with tunas and near it is a mountain of hundreds of tunas which we got no choice but to left as it is, i was resting on a chair while sipping a fresh drink, also made by Jun, when the ship turned around however, i caught a sight of a peculiar tentacle-like pillar towering above the surface.

    "...Pffftt?! Tentacle!!!", the drink burst from my mouth.

    "Eeeek?!", when Jun noticed his face paled instantly.

    "Wut? What's goin' on?", skipper who's been too focused on driving failed to notice it.

    "...Tentacle! Over there skipper!!", i was frantic as i point my finger to the towering tentacle.

    "Wut the fuck?! Ain't nothin' got a tentacle that big...except krakens..oh boy"

    "...Get us out of here skipper, full sail!!!"

    Krakens, mostly known as giant squid or octopus, they're a humongous and ferocious being, but fully grown krakens are yet to be discovered, which means this could be a lesser-kraken, a B-Ranked monster, this is bad, i have used most of my stamina, unlike blood, i need a rest to recover it, plus, i don't have any confidence i can beat a high-ranked monster yet.

    The sail is pulled down to it's maximum, and we starts to sail faster, but the kraken is faster, isn't krakens supposedly stays underwater most of the time, why did it came out and why it chased after us?

    "...The fishes, that's it! The floating fishes is an easy meal for it! And here we got a mountain of tunas ready to be gobbled up!"

    "Dear mom, 'am been wrong, 'am been consumed by greed, this must be the punishment for us, i want to see ya before ah end up in kraken's belly, mom"

    "...Skipper! It's no time to write a letter! Focus on driving the wheel!!"
    , damn, isn't this could mean a death flag for us? And Jun is already unconscious.

    The kraken keeps closing in on us, i need to do something to distract it, so i grabbed a tuna and activated [Accelerate] to throw it far away from us, i hoped the kraken would buy it.

    But nothing, it just ignore the tuna, maybe it needs more, so i throw more tunas away to buy us time, this time the kraken is distracted, but only for awhile as it just used it's tentacles to grab the fishes, i didn't give up and keep throwing fishes.

    "'Am planning to marry the merchant's daugher next week..."


    "The farmer's daughter also said she wants to marry mahself"

    "...Dude! Would you stop and focus on the wheel?!"

    "'Am planning to marry the barmaid next month aswell..."

    This guy is unexpectedly popular?! With that appearance?! Just how many women he plans to marry anyway!!!

    "...No skipper! Shut your mouth! You're placing death flags all over the ship!!"

    "What'sa death flag? Is that a flag you put when marrying to a lord's daughter?"


    Seriously there's more?! Unbelievable! At this rate this ship is really sinking to Davy Jones' Locker! It's a death ship already! But who's Davy Jones anyway?!

    Because of skipper who keep spouting his last will, nobody is handling the wheel, making the ship keep turning left and right, this makes the kraken keep closing in on us, and finally, it managed to grab us, the ship creaked and swayed repeatedly due to the strong grip, i also heard a cracking sound somewhere, as it surfaced, the head revealed itself and opened it's mouth to gobble the tunas.

    "...It's a giant squid alright, beautiful beak by the way...", a very empty compliment, maybe i'm out of my mind already.

    " *gasp* Kyaaaaaaahhh?!?!", Jun who just wake up screamed and passed out again.

    "Mah house to my mom, mah whole gold will be given to mah siblings...", skipper, i don't care anymore.

    Is this the end? Are we going to be gobbled or drown in the cold sea, maybe we will meet a trio of sponge, starfish, and squid making hamburgers on the way.

    "...Man...skipper, you better bring whatever tuna left to the guild, i've come too far to fail this quest! And make sure you tell Jun to take care of the procedures, i already told him..."

    "What're yer tryin' to do?"

    "...Simple...", as i said this i stabbed one of the kraken's tentacles with the javelin.

    "...I call for you who shows itself in the midst of storm, [Summon Lightning]", then said the short chant, when the sky becomes clouded i saw a lightning bolt strikes down, i don't think i have enough energy to actually kill it, but it should be enough to buy some time.

    "...Second quest, unknow-...", is the only thing i managed to say before falling unconscious, i clearly used too much energy for the second mission.
    "Err..we got a few things"
    Speedy Tuna(s) x20
    1000 G

    "And then, uuh..we also lost a few things...most is probably under the ocean by now..."
    Goblin Ear(s) x17
    Burnt Rat(s) x49
    Rat Corpse(s) x62
    Sword Staff x1
    Steel Javelins x10
    Leather Half Armors x1
    Robes x1
    Blood Bottle(s) x3
    Cloth(es) x7

    "...Umm maybe i should tell you there's an unconscious lesser-kraken stuck on captain Joe's ship? We can't take it off by ourselves so we hoped someone could take it off, can you help us?"

    OOC: Another uselessly weird and long report from me again. Jun is the new companion, is it fine if i make a guild card for Jun aswell? I might make Jun be an adventurer aswell in the future.

    Kinda afraid to know, but can i get your impression aswell? The first part of the report which got no connection to the quest and everything related to Jun is credited to @Spellsword, i'm just using the ideas she told to me.
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    Gallant Mine|#GD4|D-Ranked|Mine 25 Iron Ore [60G | 4 x Iron Ingot]*
    Gallant Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]*
    Desert Mine|#GD4|D-Ranked|Mine 50 Copper Ore [60G | 8 x Copper Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Sandy Desert|#GC3|C-Ranked|Gather 10 Desert Dolphin Hide [200 G | 2 x Pristine Desert Dolphin Hide]
    North Volcano|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 5 Condensed Fire Crystals [150G | 3 x Radiant Fire Crystal]

    [Party witj Jin ( @JinVodka )]

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    “Haa… I so want to fight...” (Kuma)

    I sighed in a table of the Guild’s tavern, what was quite the rare sight considering the fact that I didn’t quite liked this place.

    Not that this was a bad place, or a dangerous place. I would love it, if it weren’t for the pressure I felt here.

    There was way too much mana for it’s own good. The tavern, though, was comfortable, so I spent most of my time here when I visited Aeternus.

    “I wonder if someone picked up that request...” (Kuma)

    [I doubt any C rank would bother. A D rank, though, would help with the simple part.] (Mirea)

    I mumbled to myself and was answered by my arm, or rather, by Mirea that was currently replacing my arm. I frowned at her words and flickered the silver arm.

    “I know this… No need to remind me...” (Kuma)

    I knew this and still was waiting for anyone to accept my commission. To make things worse, I had no one to play with. Hikari was sick, Blanc and Elyn were busy, Kynn was now an egg, Biel was somewhere unknown, Drev didn’t visited the tavern anymore, Shadow was being shady as always, Jibs was… Jibbing at some place, Tene was studying, Elias disappeared and any of the other adventurers bothered in even greeting me after I spent four whole months away from the Guild; Alfonse was working, so I couldn’t mess with him, Maligno was flirting with Noa, so he wasn’t here. Eranno said he would be heading to Galant today. The only ones left for me to play with were Mirea and the pigeon.

    It made me even miss the old skits of Rald and Platys, or Ton's exaggerated rumors and pranks.

    In other words, I was starting to question my sanity.

    Staying here would be more harm than good, from what it seemed. I was already about to leave the tavern, in fact.

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    Jin has nothing to do since his on verge to become Rank C, just waiting for Boss Shadow to confirm his quest report. He sees the request and seeing the one posted it was Kuma-senpai. He quickly look for her to apply.

    "Hey Kuma-senpai!!" Jin waves his hand and sounded so happy, "Hey can I join you to the quest. I have a druid and a bard suitable in Mining Quest?"

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    The sudden call startled me, and stood staring blankly at the armoured person for a while before smiling.

    “Hello. I believe we never met before, but… how did you know my name?” (Kuma)

    Although a bit of suspiciousness stinged my heart, I quickly erased the thought of my mind. The Guild wasn’t that kind of place, unless we were joking about the Guildmaster. Or so I expected for his infamy to remain as just a joke.

    With an idea of how he knew flashing through my mind, I smiled wryly.

    “Don’t tell me you heard of me from the rumors?” (Kuma)

    The staff and adventurers alike enjoyed some light gossip, so it wasn’t hard to imagine that it was so. Moreover, a good deal of the low ranking adventurers and some staffs that were in the Galant Raid bore a grudge with me because of my… small accident with fire… So it was understandable how the rumor spread fast and far.

    “Anyway, I’m Kuma~ You can join! Rather, I ask you to join, please! We just need to meet with a certain person at Frontier.” (Kuma)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    "Yup, I heard about you from Kynn." Jin remembered only the part that there was a BEAR knight which makes him very interested as he likes beastmen except for a certain Lion.

    "Sorry if I forgot to introduce myself" Jin slowly bowed and raised his head. "I'm Jin Vodka, I'm a new member but I'm already rank D and has experience in mining. So I would gladly assist and join you to the quest"

    "Well I don't mind if we go to the Frontier. I can also take my followers there to join us" Jin said showing a thumbs up as an approval.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    Hm… so it was Kynn…if it was her, she probably didn’t said anything about ‘that’.

    “So let’s go!” (Kuma)

    Or so I said excited, but as soon as I stepped out of the tavern, I was assaulted by the overbearing amount of mana that was Aeternus. I promptly put Schnee and Mirea to absorb the mana around me to make it easier.

    I remember that before I got those two to help me, the pressure was too much for me to even speak aloud.

    I hurriedly made my way to the portal with Jin following me. For some reason, I felt a curious and expectant gaze coming from him.

    Probably because I was a beastman. Many adventurers were amicable to them.

    Though, I unfortunately was lacking my beastman appearance right now. Artificial ears, shaped as human ones, no hair at all in my head, being covered by a sun hat, and even my tail was gone.

    Appearance that was probably better fitting to a slave in the Holy Empire than to a proud Bear Knight.

    I turned my head and asked him.

    "Are you disappointed with my appearance?" (Kuma)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    "Hmm...?" Jin tilted his head as wondering what those word mean. He stared seriously to Kuma as he think.

    "Not really, after all didn't you get your wounds from the Boss fight in the last raid. It was amazing to hear you survive such an ordeal" Jin said in admiration.

    "Wounds in battle are like badge of honor to us knights and mercenary it's the proof that we are able to defeat death." Jin laughs. "Even I have sever wounds before but due to the experi- I mean enhancement I did to my body, I heal fast but the pain still remains"

    "So if you ask me? if I were disappointed. No, that never cross my mind" Jin said while patting at Kuma. "If you think about, you have a stronger courage than me. Who can show her wounds to others"

    Jin look sadly far away. "Meanwhile, I'm having the hard time to even take my helm to try to show my face, which is pretty cowardly for me"

    "So don't worry about it!!" Jin laughs, "You're a Brave Bear Knight who survive a deadly battle and also the guild is here to help healing your wounds"

    "I remember Raz applying for the hot spring we found in the last quest. Maybe it could also heal you faster if Boss Shad agrees" Jin claps his hand as his voice sound excited and happy.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    I giggled at his answer. Maligno, Eranno… even Mirea included. They were all there when I woke up. There was too much work in the medic tent, so I couldn’t met with the one who healed me, and only received instructions of what to do while in my recovering phase. Nor could I met with Blanc to thank her for saving me, since she was too busy.

    The ones waiting for me were those three, who spoke similar words to Jin’s.

    Livening up a bit, I asked with a smile: “So, where to go? You first or me?”

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    "Umm.... is there something wrong with I say?" Jin hearing her giggle made him embarrass and he look away.

    "Why don't we each go to get the people who will join us and meet in the Frontier Village Tavern or any recognizable landmark? The place where I'm going is just close by so I can just run towards it and return quickly. I might look slow but my armor is not that heavy and is quite flexible" Jin quickly answer Kuma's question and reassures about his ability to get his followers quickly.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    “There’s nothing wrong and… well, we could met at...”

    I tried to think hard about where to meet with him after fetching Maligno, but the one and only place that appeared on my head was.

    “Ah, why don’t we meet at the norther part of the village? It’s near the road that goes to Galant, so it’s all good.”

    I smiled to him and continued.

    “If we’re lucky, we can even get a ride with a friend of mine. Meet us in front of the Metal Paw Company! There’s no way to miss. The signboard has a bear paw. You can ask directions to someone, if lost.“

    I started re accessing in my mind where was the smithy where Noa was an apprentice, decided to get Maligno as fast as I could.

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    "YES UNDERSTOOD!!" Jin shouted as he wave goodbye as he rush to his settlement.

    "Metal Paw Company sound cute~" Jin laughs as he rush towards his room. "Hey Sanie and Flyx, come with me to do a quest!!"

    "Oh sure~" Flyx said as he walk towards Jin

    "Umm, quest now? but didn't you just finish-" before Sanie could even talk she was carried by Jin in his shoulder.

    "So where are we going?" Flyx ask.

    "Just write in front the Metal Paw Company, you can guide us right Flyx?"

    "Of course leave it to me" Flyx move forward playing a [Haste tone] to his harmonica to increase speed.

    They swiftly arrive to the Metal Paw Company and wait in front of it.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    I rushed to the smithy and found Maligno talking, or rather, distracting the poor Noa that was trying to practice.

    I think my left arm twitched in anger, but maybe it was just my impression.

    [Mal~ Could you please come here~] (Mirea)

    Well, it seems it wasn’t an impression only. Mirea spoke with a frightening tone, that made both Maligno and Noa’s face go pale.

    Maligno seemed like he was about to start talking back to Mirea, but swallowed dryly his words when he felt her gathering mana.

    ‘Mirea, you aren’t casting some dangerous magic, are you? You’re still recovering!’ Though, she wasn’t able to hear my mental protests, but dissipated the magic by herself.

    [Won’t you join us on a quest?] (Mirea)

    “Do I have choice?” (Maligno)

    [Of course no~] (Mirea)

    He hung his head down in resignation as Noa sighed in relief and sent a thumbs up to Mirea.

    We then quickly made our way to Eranno’s place, the Metal Paw Company, finding Jin waiting there with a kobold and a cat-like person.

    I waved to him and said.

    “Did you wait long?” (Kuma)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    While waiting Jin was reading his notebook while Flyx is checking his violin and Sanie was looking around curiously. Jin suddenly notice someone approaching and calling out to him.

    "We just arrive here" Jin smiles as he wave his hand seeing Kuma together with a cute cat. He then nudge his followers "You guys introduce yourself"

    "Umm... Hello my name is Sanie and I'm a Kobold Druid. I'll do my best to support in the quest" Sanie said while blushing as she look downward nervously.

    "I'm Flyx, a Catsith Bard. I would to my very best in buffing using through music" Flyx take his hat and bowed.

    "So who is this?" Jin titled his head as he look at the fluffy cat beside Kuma.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    “Ah, this one? This damned cat is Maligno.” (Kuma)

    I pointed at the catkin behind me and smiled wryly.

    “I’m a good poison user, scout and a good company for travels.” (Maligno)

    He made an awkward bow and smiled at them. At least he’s courteous from time to time, it seems.

    “Let’s go, we have to check if Eranno is still here!”

    Just as I said this, a cart exited the building with a bear eared middle aged man on the coachman's seat.

    "Eranno!" (Kuma)

    I instinctively ran to him and jumped beside him.

    "Give us a ride!" (Kuma)

    "You... do you think I'm some sort of chauffeur?" (Eranno)

    "Of course not, Silly~ You're my sweet Eranno, so give us a ride, please~?" (Kuma)

    "..." (Eranno)

    Even looking a bit annoyed at my spoiled attitude, he patted my head and signaled to the others to get in the cart.

    Besides me and Eranno, the rest of them were dwarves and beastmen that worked as miners and mercenaries in the Metal Paw Company.

    I looked at my companions for this quest and said.

    "Get up~ He will give us a ride~." (Kuma)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    "Sup' Maligno" Jin waves his hand sounded happy.

    "Nice to meet you" Flyx smiled to Maligno.

    "Hello..." Sanie only shyly nods.

    "......"Jin smiles under his helm looking at two Bear couple feeling the happy atmosphere when suddenly he was call out by Flyx.

    "Master Vodka let's go ride the cart" Flyx called out to Jin who was in dazed.

    Sanie and Flyx was already in the cart sitting waving her hand to Jin.

    "Ah! yes coming!!" Jin rides the cart and sits embarrassed.

    Flyx started to grab a flute and play a medieval music as they travel inside the cart with the miners and mercenaries in the Metal Paw Company.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    The cart departed together with the music while me and Eranno flirted in the coachman’s seat.

    The travel was brief thanks to the condition of the weather and horses pulling the cart, so we could finally see the mountain range from where we were seated.

    “It won’t take long until we arrive at Galant~”

    “It’s a good thing that not many miners have been visiting Galant since the last incident. The roads are free, so we had an easy travel.” (Eranno)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    Sanie was fidgeting nervously surrounded by many big men.

    Meanwhile Flyx was immersed in playing the flute.

    "Oh nice! riding the cart will be faster towards Gallant" Jin enjoys the view and hears a male voice. He look to the middle age Bearkin on the coachman's seat.

    "Oh hello! Thanks for the ride, my name is Jin Vodka and you are?" Jin spoke happily.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    “Me? Hm...” (Eranno)

    Eranno, by my side, kept staring ahead while talking with Jin.

    “I’m Eranno. Nice to meet you, Jin. I’m happy that Kuma finally found a new friend. It was about time she stopped sighing for the lack of persons to play with.” (Eranno)

    He glances back at Jin and said.

    “A knight, huh? I was one in my days. A Bear Knight… but was exiled for not being good enough, and here I am.” (Eranno)

    He smiled bitterly and turned back to the way ahead.

    “I hope everything goes well for you, different than for me. Ah, we arrived.” (Eranno)

    Our cart entered the Galant pass and stopped by one of the many miner’s trails that led to the Galant Mines.

    “Shall we go?” (Kuma)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    "....." Jin tilted his head at the word [Friend]. He wonder if Kuma sees him as a friend, that would be nice. He only has few friends plus even if he have a lot people he knows in the guild like Raz or Raijuukitty. He only think it was at mere acquaintances level.

    Jin still don't quite understand how you become a friend with someone. He though he has friends during his Knight cadet days but those were just people using him for their advantage.

    Hearing Eranno said that he was a former knight that was exiled.

    "......" Jin tried to open his mouth and say that he was also a former knight and a part-time mercenary. But seeing they are at the mines, he swallow his words and let them misunderstand.

    "Sure.... let start mining, so is Eranno going to guide us to the good veins spots?" Jin adjusted his helm as he looks to the mine with his followers by his side.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    “What would it be, Kuma?”

    Eranno asked me as the rest of the miners got down of the cart and started preparing to go to the mines.

    “Hm… Mithril and iron, I guess?”

    He put a hand on his chin as I said and answered.

    “For the iron, yeah, I’ll guide you to a place we were mining before. That if the goblins didn’t found it.”

    He frowned at the idea of having his mining spot stolen by the ice goblins in the mines and continued to speak with a ‘but...’.

    “For the mithril, a little friend will guide us.”

    He whistled and a white ball of fluff jumped out of the cart from behind some crates.


    “It’s Pyon!” (Kuma)

    A round and fluffy bunny with leaves for ears jumped in Kuma’s arms.

    “Yeah, this little one has been lending a hand to us in finding mithril. ” (Eranno)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    ".....!!!" Jin cover his bevor with both hand as he hold himself back from screaming. 'What is that creature. Plus, It so cute!! Can I touch? can I? can?'

    Jin tried to hold back himself from watching to touch the bunny soft fur as shiver.

    "Master Vodka are you okay?" Sanie titled her head as he stared at Jin.

    "...I'm alright don't worry about it~" Jin gather himself as he stared at Eranno.

    "Speaking of Snow Goblins, I meet one when Hubo and I was separated. For some events I end up chasing them out of anger only to be kick by Hubo pfft... Now that I think of that it was pretty funny" Jin laughs remembering how stupid for him to chase the goblins.

    "So anyway lead the way, I'll follow! I already mine a lot so I'm quite confident in using the pickaxe" Jin said as he take out his pickax in his item box and lean it to his shoulder.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    “Mn… Jin, how about we split for now? You search for the mithril while we search for the iron~” (Kuma)

    Eranno nodded to my suggestion and turned to Jin.

    “In that case, let me explain how it works to search with Pyon.” (Eranno)

    He picked up the snow rabbit from my arms and handed it to Jin.

    “You know that mithril has good magic conductivity, right? This fellow here knows how to smell mana traces. It’s usually an skill that could be useful to detect harmful magics, but this little one knows how to use it in a more specific way.” (Eranno)

    Eranno then looked at Maligno, that sighed and pointed his hand at the cave entrance and released a magic. It wasn’t a proper magic, though, but only a compressed small wave of mana that spread in the air ahead.

    “When the mithril ore is hit by something like that, it’ll create some reactions, albeit small, to the mana of the wave. Pyon here is able to track down those reactions. The size of the source, though, can’t be ascertained.” (Eranno)

    Finishing his explanation, he picked up his pickaxe and started heading into the mines. Turning to Jin, I said.

    “We’ll meet up here. Take good care of Pyon~” (Kuma)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    "....yes I understand. I can use weak magic so it would be fine" Jin said lifelessly as he was distracted by soft fur of the fluffy bunny. It is his greatest weakness and just a slight touch of this terrifying creature send shiver to his spine.

    "Hehe" a soft laugh escaped from Jin mouth as he stroke the fur of Pyon.

    "Are you alright Master Vodka?" Sanie worriedly ask.

    "Nope, I'm fine shall we mine? Jin hurriedly walk away. 'Sigh that was dangerous, this bunny will destroy my image of a manly knight but it is so fluffy!!!'

    Jin with Sanie and Fluff start searching for a vein spot


    "Ok then this spot seems good. I just need release mana and Pyon will do the rest right~" Jin said as he patted the fluffy bunny happily.


    "Geez.. your so cut- I mean I guess that is a yes." Jin sweats as his 2 followers looks at him puzzle. He then let Sanie hold Pyon and prepare to release an AOE mana.

    "[Heat Wave 5%]" Jin chatted as sudden wave of mana heat was released on his surrounding.


    The bunny jump and walk towards a vein while leaping happily showing that it found a Mithril Vein.

    "Good Job" Jin patted Pyon and start swinging his axe.

    "Then I'll watch the surrounding for any incoming attacks" Sanie hold her staff with determination.

    "I'll play a music to buff you Master Vodka" Fluff readied his flute and activated [Spellsong].

    [SPELLSONG is used: All allies in the area will increase their fighting spirit, Mana regeneration increases, Stamina regeneration increases, Small Recovery is applied to all allies]


    Jin repeated the same method with Pyon until he completed 12 Mithril ores.

    "Ok the that fast! seems with Pyon here finding ores was quick" Jin patted the fluffy bunny but resisted the urge to hug it. "Well then, shall we head back to Gallant Mine entrance to meet up with Kuma and Eranno"

    Sanie and Fluff both nodded, as Jin walks towards the exit.

    "Master Vodka, that's not the right way to the left" Sanie tug Jin's hand to guide him to right path.

    "Ops sorry direction is my weakness, lead the way then" Jin said to Sanie happily while Flyx could only sighed.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    After we separated from Jin, Eranno guided me and Maligno inside the mines. We could hear some noises from the goblins in the mines, probably following us. They weren’t searching for an opening to attack, but rather wanting us to guide them to a vein.

    Eranno didn’t paid much mind to them, though, and seemed to have something else in his mind.

    “Are you okay?” (Kuma)

    “What do you mean by that? I’m fine...” (Eranno)

    I asked concerned and was answered quite nonchalantly by him. Maligno smiled bitterly at our exchange and gave us some space while he went to ward of the hiding goblins.

    “You seem to have something in you head.” (Kuma)

    “If anything, I’m thinking about how your clothes are more suited to a tea party than mining.” (Eranno)

    He smirked and turned his head to look at me for a moment.

    I couldn’t really refute him, since I was wearing the same clothes I wore normally in the tavern and at home. A light blue dress, a head scarf covering my bald head and a sun hat over it. I looked really out of place in those mines for him.

    “You know you could rely on Maligno for that… rather, you could rely on me.” (Eranno)

    “Don’t I rely on you for food, housing and training?” (Kuma)

    “But you’re still recovering...” (Eranno)

    “I can at least do this much. You should be worrying more about finding the iron vein right now.” (Kuma)

    He sighed heavily and continued the way with a hint of dissatisfaction in his face.

    “Now, really… Did I get another father instead of a fiancé?” (Kuma)

    I murmured and giggled while following him.

    We soon found the iron vein that Eranno had talked about, and fortunately, the goblins hadn’t found it yet. Of course, there were goblins following us, and surely enough, when we turned back, Maligno was among a fairly big group of goblins.

    We stared at him with reproachful eyes, but he only shrugged. In the end, we had to share the mining spot with them.

    Eranno started working with his pickaxe together with the goblins while I used Mirea to try and mine something, though it didn’t helped much. Maligno, though, was only fooling around with some lazy goblins. I accidentally let a chunk of stone fly in his direction, but that was an unfortunate slip of mine.

    We collected the things we needed and left the goblins mining the rest. I think the rest of the miners will cry for having their mining spot stolen.

    We arrived at the entrance of the cave, where Jin was waiting with Pyon and his followers.

    “Did we took long?” (Kuma)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    "Hmm..?" Jin then heard Kuma's voice as Pyon quickly jumps back to Kuma.


    Jin looks a bit sad seeing the bunny leave but smile under his helm. 'Well it was for a short moment but it's soothing to the heart'

    "Not really, you guys are just in time" Jin nodded at them grabbing the 12 Mithril ores on his Item box.

    "So we gonna go to the Desert Mine then?" Jin stands up give the Mithrils to Kuma, ready to ride the cart.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    I shook my head to Jin’s question.

    “We do are going to Desert Mine, but not with Eranno~ They can only get us to Frontier, the rest of the way we’ll have to make by ourselves.” (Kuma)

    Saying that, I got in the car. Eranno took his place at the coachman’s seat and the rest got in the cart.

    After we arrived at Frontier, where Eranno dropped us to got back to Galant, I said to Jin.

    “Now we just need to get a portal to Aeternus, then to Oasis Village. The rest of the way… well… we’ll make it work, somehow.” (Kuma)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    "Ok then let's go to Oasis Village and search a way there towards Desert Mine" Jin said to Kuma.

    They headed to the portal in the Frontier arriving in the Aeternus and enters the portal to Oasis Village.

    "Where here, now to look for a way to got to Desert Mine faster" Jin tilt his head.

    "......." Sanie copied Jin's expression as she ponder.

    Suddenly Flyx eyes wide open when he notice something. "Master Vodka!! look!! look!!"

    "Flyx, I'm trying to think here" Jin hold his bevor as he ponder.

    "Geez!! Look over there a caravan!!" Flyx leap to Jin's shoulder and moves his head.


    "......!?" Jin was surprised seeing a familiar caravan and a very familiar tan skinned man with pot-bellied. The merchant notice someone staring at him and looks behind.

    "Oh isn't our great benefactor!! Mister Vodka!! Haha" the merchant laughs as his belly shakes and grab Jin's hand. "Good to see you again, been too long!!"

    "Yes, same here Mister Adnan. How about you guys?" Jin politely say as he shake Adnan hands.

    "Hmm, well we're hiring mercenary to guard us since then while we travel but sadly his MIA. So we're having trouble searching one" Adnan scratch his head as he complain.

    "Oh! where are you heading?" Jin though that this was a big chance.

    "Where heading to the Desert Mine to choose the best ores from the miner after all we might end up getting rare stuff hahaha" Adnan laughs.

    "Can we come with you we have quest in the mine plus we can also protect you" Jin said happily.

    "Oh that would great!! then we have no time to waste then" Adnan started commanding his workers to finish preparing the caravan and prepare a nice sitting arrangement for his benefactor and his companion. "We're ready Mister Vodka!!"

    "Let's go everyone" Jin called out to Kuma and the others as they went to the Caravan towards Desert Mine.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    We got in the caravan of the people Jin saved before and set off to the desert mine. The first part of the way would be going around the lake at north of Oasis Village.

    Maligno took the chance to wander near the lake and catch some fishes. Though, some of them were quite on the big size.

    “Rather, Maligno, isn’t this a dolphin?!” (Kuma)

    “They’re food too!” (Maligno)

    “No, they aren’t! They’re poisonous!” (Kuma)

    “Only if I eat too much!” (Maligno)

    We continued arguing but in the end we caught 9 more dolphins and Maligno started to skin them and store the chunks of meat in my Item Box.

    Just after we finished skinning the 10 desert dolphins, we arrived at the desert mine.

    “Should we separate again to mine? We also have to mine Mithril, so I brought Pyon just in case.” (Kuma)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    "Oh sure so we're mining Mithril and Copper ore right~" Jin resisted looking at the cute bunny Pyon and continued. "Well, I will mine the copper with Sanie's aid it's would probably be fast. Pyon can stay with you Kuma-senpai"

    "Yes!! I will do my best!!" Sanie said while holding her staff tightly.

    "Where going ahead then Kuma-senpai, I go first" Jin walks quickly in the Mine to mine some copper. 'Don't look back Jin! don't lose yourself, the cuteness is gonna kill me'

    While Jin was having emotional turmoil, Sanie has found some copper ore using Druidcraft to communicate to the mice in searching veins.

    Jin start mining humming as Flyx plays the flute. "Mine mine mining some ores~"

    After several hours they started to gather around 26 Copper ores and still counting as Jin keeps mining.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    “Maligno, can I leave this to you? I’m a bit tired.” (Kuma)

    “As if I’m not tired too… but, ugh… Okay.” (Maligno)

    Maligno left together with Pyon to search for the mithril while I stayed back waiting for the others.

    “Mirea, are you hungry?” (Kuma)

    [A bit, I’d say.] (Mirea)

    I approached a small cluster of ores that was not much far from where I was an extended my silver arm in its direction. The metallic hand melted, turning into tentacles, and started to devour the ores slowly.

    I stayed there feeding Mirea as I felt the weight of my arm increase a bit until Maligno came back with Pyon and the ores we needed for the quest.

    “Let’s go, Master. Enough of feeding the pet.” (Maligno)

    [Who’s the pet here, Mal?] (Mirea)

    Although with some discussions in the whole way to the entrance, we arrived peacefully. It’s good that no monster lives in this mines.

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    Jin takes off his helm to wipe the sweats in his forehead and wear it again. "Done!! so what's the total Flyx?" Jin looks at flyx who was counting the copper ores.

    "Totally 50., Master Vodka" Flyx nodded as he handed it to Jin.

    "Yay!! then we're heading to entrance now?" Sanie said her tail wagging.

    "Let's hurry then Kuma-senpai might be waiting there" Jin put the ores in his item box and carry Sanie on his shoulder as he rush towards to the mine entrance while being lead by Flyx.


    Jin waves his hand to Kuma as he approach them, "We have finished~ and here is the 50 copper ores."

    "So how to head to the North Volcano for the fire crystals? It is my first time going there" Jin titled his head as he ask.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    “We can get an airship at Aeternus to get there, no?” (Kuma)

    I answered Jin as he came back with the copper ores we needed. After all was properly stored, we returned together with the caravan to Oasis Village, then took the portal back to Aeternus.

    While I tried to ignore the usual pressure of mana, we headed to the place where the airships were harboured and took the next one to the Northern Volcano.

    We arrived some hours later at a wasteland of fire that was the area around the volcano. Keeping the Cold Mist of Schnee around me to ward off the heat, I asked Jin.

    “Here we are~ Though it’s not the best place for sightseeing...” (Kuma)

    ---------------- Side Jin ----------------

    Jin enjoyed the airship but as they arrived at the North Volcano.

    "Ugh.... you're exactly right, it's too hot. Oh! I got the idea to put some temperature resist in my new armor next" Jin said as he feel his like being cook inside his armor. "We only need 5 condense fire crystals, so I can gather it"

    "Kuma-senpai wait here, since you're still healing." Jin said to Kuma while he stares to Sanie next and patted her. "Sanie stay here too okay? you're not good to intense heat it’s still too early for you"

    "Understood Master Vodka" Sanie nodded afraid of her fur being burnt.

    "I'll start looking for some good rocks with those crystals, I'll be back!!" Jin drags his heating body but can barely bear it due to getting used to his [Magic Tattoo] overheating.

    "It might be located in the hottest part ugh..." Jin grumble.

    Flyx start to play relaxing music to his flute to alleviate the heat.

    "Ah~ if only my mana is not mess because of this [Magic Tattoo] keep on malfunctioning. I can use some good Ice spell to elevate the heat, I can only use [Heat Wave] and it's not useful here sigh~" They walk around and luckily see large rock with fire crystals a lot of them. Jin started mining them carefully since each strike makes a spark. It would dangerous to start a fire or perhaps accidentally exploding them.

    Since it was only 5, Jin has gathered it quickly the 5 condensed fire crystal and went to Kuma and the others.

    "FINALLY~ DONE!! let's go back I feel like a barbecue hahaha!" Jin said laughing as he wave his hand to Kuma-senpai and others, with Flyx following him sweating.

    "Wait I can change attire into my Hoodie!! I'm an idiot" Jin falls down in ground Orz.

    ---------------- Side Kuma ----------------

    “Thanks for the hard work~” (Kuma)

    I said to Jin when he and Flyx came back exhausted from the mining. We were all in a hurry to go back to Aeternus, but had to wait for the next airship. While we waited, I used my Cold Mist to cool everyone down a bit.

    After travelling back to Aeternus, we headed to the Tavern quickly.

    “Thanks for everything~ And for accepting the commission~” (Kuma)

    I beamed at him and continued.

    “As payment, you can pick whatever you want from the rewards and… Maligno, bring that for him.” (Kuma)

    Maligno took out from my item box a small jar with a dark, syrupy liquid.

    “This was quite difficult to get in the current situation, but here it is, as payment~ A jar of the Bearkin’s Honeydew Honey~” (Kuma)

    Maligno handed the jar to Jin with much care.

    “Take care of this… this usually costs twice its weight in gold. Kuma sold her old wedding dress to buy this.” (Maligno)

    “It wouldn’t fit with my new hair, would it?” (Kuma)

    I giggled and bid farewell to Jin as I went to my usual seat in the tavern.

    OOC: Almost 6k words. We're halfway into Braskari's realm!
    Thanks for the partying and sorry for the trouble, @JinVodka !
    Enjoy the honey~!
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    ((Usually I'd make an IC appraisal, but Hikari isn't really awake right now, so I'll just go full OOC on it.

    Delta Town|#GE2|E-Ranked|Clean Barnacles from hull [40 G]
    Delta Town|#GE3|E-Ranked|Fish 5 Speedy Tunas [80G | 1 x Speedy Tuna Fillet]
    Hmmm... Let's see...

    You did a huge overkilling on the quest, we don't mind you going a bit overboard, but you killed a few hundreds of Speedy Tunas, that's bad for environment, so the guild will be cutting your reward. You'll get 60G and 1x Speedy Tuna Fillet.

    It is okay to make a card for Jun.
    As for impressions? Well...

    First of all, the guild card isn't really magical, so seeing your skills due to it don't make that much sense...

    Your character's perception of strength is way off, "reducing damage by 90%" wouldn't make someone anything near B-rank... S-rank is... >.>

    And well, those were just rumors, so it's okay to simply shrug it off, but adding an NPC that can kill a dragon with one hand to a well known town out of nowhere isn't really the best of ideas.

    Also, the way of simply calling things like "passive skills" and the sort ruin the immersion, since it starts looking like a game-like setting, not a high-fantasy one. Leveling up skills in particular is one terrible thing at keeping others immersed.

    As for the entire brothel part... I won't comment on it, I'll just say that I feel uncomfortable with the way you depicted some of the parts in it.

    Regarding the quests themselves, it was good overall I guess, not much to comment. Although I don't think an experienced sailor would give in to despair that easily, they would try their best to stay alive instead.

    Sorry if I sounded rude, I'm not in the best of moods right now... My bad.))
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    (( @Spellweaver Poking you because I made a bit of a mistake in organizing the post when I was making it, so I think you didn't get an alert. ))
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    OOC: Ugh i know it! Version 2 is so bad...horray me... orz

    I actually make two different versions, both is supposed to be casual report with jokes here and there since it's a gathering quest, version 1 is done way earlier than this, and got much lighter content, the first part about Jun is greatly different, the brothel part didn't exist and Joe even seemed much cooler, somewhat fit for his speech and appearance.

    But as time passed ideas keeps increasing, i began to feel "How about i make it like this?"...the result is this version 2...oh well no use in brooding over it, Jun and Joe will be the only npc to appear later on anyway.

    Also since i did it as first person pov i guess i should explain it, Rei is quite a sheltered bird, most of his knowledge is gained from book and hearsays be it truth or false information, so i tried to make his pov to reflect his mixed knowledge, that is why he keeps mentioning random stuffs or characters as he just "acts" like he knows things and exaggerate it, the guild card and strength perception is just a good example to show it, Jun's original role is to fix flaws such as this, but it's a bit different now i guess.

    Don't worry, even harsh comments actually help to point out my mistakes, thank you for the impression and i hope your mood returns!
    note to self: no more different version, it ruins the story, and don't rant here, it's too long.
    edit: already been reminded not to post this here, won't do it anymore.
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    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]

    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]

    Desert Mine|#GD3|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Earth Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Earth Crystal]
    ~Aeternus - Main Tavern~

    Wunder wandered into the tavern with Zoe on his shoulder. He dragged his feet to the bar and ordered a glass of lemonade for himself and a bowl of honeyed milk for Zoe. Zoe unwrapped her tail that was wrapped around his shoulder and jumped onto the counter, looking expectantly at Pierre. As Pierre served their orders, Wunder turned to Pierre with expectant eyes.

    “Pierre, you wouldn’t happen to know anyone with a Refined Wind Crystal they would sell? I made a crafting request and I need one to complete it.”

    “Hmmm . . . I believe that this is a question best directed to the other adventurers. If you must know, then an announcement to the tavern would be best. Would you like me to do it?”

    “Hmm? You need a refined wind crystal, kid?” Suddenly out of nowhere, A weathered looking man with scruffy hair and beard, donned in rags appears.

    Pierre looked at the situation, bemused. “Sir, it seems today is your lucky day. It seems someone has already heard your need and may provide a solution.”

    Wunder glanced at Pierre and then turned his attention to the beggar. Although garbed in old, torn clothes with an ungroomed appearance, the man held power in his stance and experience in his eyes. “Yes, would you like to sell one?”

    “Hmm…” The ragged man appears to ponder for a moment, before replying.”Well, I don’t really need anything in particular, about 100G? Think of it as a little discount.”

    “Thank you! Ummm . . . here!” Wunder gave 100G to the man with gratitude. Zoe peaked at the action from her spot and returned her attention to her milk.

    “What do you plan to do with that refined crystal anyway?” The ragged man asks curiously, as he palms the gold and then proceeds to sit down at the table. It seemed that he was going to be stay around for a while.

    Wunder gestured to his boots. “My boots make a set with a hat. I asked Scriptor to make it, and one of the ingredients needed is a Refined Wind Crystal. However, I have been questing in the Desert recently and didn’t have time to go to the Gallant Mine. So, I was thinking of buying one off of a fellow adventurer.”

    Wunder smiled at the successful venture and petted Zoe. Zoe purred in delight as Wunder continued, “In fact, I was about to go do some quests in the Desert Mine soon. I need some materials for other equipment.”

    “Ah, interesting.” Hubo nodded. “What’s your name, kid? I’m Hubo.”

    “Wunder. Nice to meet you, Hubo. This is Zoe.” Wunder pointed at the cat.

    Wunder and Hubo sat around, getting to know each other and then conversing about their adventures and experiences while Zoe looked at Pierre with a watchful eye. She seemed to enjoy that. Although both Wunder and Hubo shared stories, the veteran Hubo told of tales much more fantastical than of Wunder’s.

    “..Scriptor and her husband were absolutely bloody ridiculous! They literally destroyed that Ancient Ice Elemental, while the rest of us were trying hard just to not get blasted off our feet, even after the large scale strengthening magic employed by the guild! I’m kind of sad that roasting the Ancient Ice Golem didn’t work though...but it could have become dangerous though, so I should be content. Well, I’m just glad that I didn’t die instantly or at least break my back when I got flung a hundred metres in the air...couldn’t say the same of the poor guy next to me though…”

    Wunder looked at Hubo with a glimmer in his eyes, amazed at what the man had been through. Wunder, having gained a sense of familiarity with his colleague, asked “Would you like to do a quest with me? I would also like to learn some things from you.”

    “Huh, you would like to learn from this unremarkable one?” Hubo had a wry smile. “There are plenty of other adventurers much more powerful that would be happy to guide you along, so why me, I wonder?”

    “Although others may be more mighty, I can tell that you are much more experienced in ‘survival’, separate from ‘power’.” Wunder took a sip of lemonade. “I’m not a being capable of surpassing gods. I’m not an overwhelming genius. I don’t have the charisma to attract skilled people to my side. I need to learn to take care of myself and Zoe.”

    Hubo listened, before his eyes glinted as well, and he nodded appreciatively.

    “Kid, I do not know what talents you have, what skills you have learnt. But you have something simple, yet important, that many, too many talentsin this world lack.”

    “What is it?”

    "Humility. Many people are skilled, but yet a sad number mistake being skilled with being undefeatable. It is a mistake, a small one -that has yet ruined too much people that shouldn't have been."

    “I don’t guarantee I can help you, but I’ll try my best to do so.” Hubo stood up.

    Wunder looked at him, puzzled. “Where are you going?”

    “Well, what were you going to do?”


    Wunder looked at Hubo. The beggar gestured to the pile of sticks and cloth. Wunder pouted helplessly, frustrated at ‘tent’. Hubo sighed and picked up the sticks. “Watch, I’ll do it again. Wunder, you will have to learn how to pitch a tent someday. Sleeping in the middle of the wilderness with no cover is not fun when you aren’t used to it.”

    “I’ll try, but no promises!” Wunder watched intently as Hubo easily manipulated his hands and made a tent.

    Hubo looked at Wunder expectantly. “Now, you try.”

    Wunder breathed in and picked up a stick. He placed it on the ground and thought about Hubo’s movements. He picked up another and leaned it on the other. He continued with more and more sticks till he picked up the cloth. So far, it was standing firm. He draped the cloth over the wooden skeleton. The mound collapsed.


    Zoe looked at the duo from a tree and laughed silently.


    "Keep the pace up! The moment you let go, all that heat will be gone, and your hard work for naught!"

    Wunder gritted his teeth and continued to spin the stick, ignoring his flaking hands. Zoe looked on with a worried expression. Wunder continued with his hand kindling and almost saw a spark. However, his hand slipped and the stick fell onto the ground. The heat began to dissipate at a rapid rate, and by the time Wunder started the heat had already disappeared. “Noooooooo~”

    “I told you to keep the stick steady while rubbing at a constant speed, didn’t I? Do that again until you’ve gotten a fully-fledged bonfire going!”

    Wunder looked at his blistered hands and grimaced. “!%#@$%&$%^&” He took out an extra shirt and tore off two strips of clothing. He wrapped one strip around the palm of each hand and picked up the stick. He began to kindle another fire. Zoe meowed in encouragement.


    “Blergh!” Wunder nearly cried at the taste of burnt fish. “I can’t eat this . . . ”

    “Cooking is an important skill! You should be able to make decent food with the ingredients you can find around you!” Hubo watched Wunder almost vomit at the taste and was secretly glad he wasn’t the one eating.

    Wunder glared at Hubo indignantly. “How did you even find an oasis with fish in it anyway? This is a desert! Besides, I can cook meat well. This is my first time making fish!”

    “No wasting food!”

    Wunder began to regret taking up Hubo’s offer in joining his quest. Underneath a tree, Zoe sunbathed while overlooking the show. She smiled contently.


    Zoe flew above the sand and frowned at the heat from the sun. She stretched her tail and curled it up, making a black umbrella that blocked the sun and shaded her. She looked down at the two discussing tracks.

    “. . . the monster’s footprints point towards north and the indent is quite deep . . . “

    “. . . this monster was definitely injured . . .”

    “. . . what about if they were in a group . . .”

    “. . . in a forest environment you could tell by the disruption in the foliage . . .”

    “. . . I understand, but . . .”

    Zoe’s ear twitched and she flew a bit higher, away from the increasing volume. The two men discussed how to track monsters and what you could tell from a monster’s tracks. Wunder asked questions, all of which were firmly answered by Hubo. Hubo would then present his own situations and test Wunder, who answered more loosely. Hubo would fix Wunder’s mistakes and Wunder would nod nonstop.

    Wunder looked up at Zoe, noticing her stare. “Zoe! Are you tired? Do you want to stay in my satchel? It’s cooler in there!”

    Zoe thought about it and agreed. She unwound her tail, reverting it to it’s original state. She flew down onto Wunder’s arm to which she dove into it’s satchel, purring at the coolness of the inside of the bag. Wunder petted her head and returned to the dialogue.


    “So, Wunder, how do you think you hold yourself in close combat?” Hubo suddenly asked.

    “I feel that I’m average. I haven’t trained anything, but I have been in my share of fights.” Wunder responded. He suddenly felt something was off. “Wait, why do you ask?”

    “Oh, nothi- HA!”

    Suddenly, Hubo threw a fist towards Wunder’s face.

    “Oof!” Wunder was hit straight on the nose and stumbled back a few steps. He glared at Hubo. Zoe jumped out of Wunder’s satchel and hissed at Hubo. “What was that for?”

    Hubo seemed to completely ignore Wunder’s question, only shaking his head a few times before slowly saying “You didn’t even attempt to dodge that despite me being kind enough to let out a cry before punching. If I actually had the intent to harm you, Your head would be cracked more open than the fig we had for breakfast right now.”

    “But this isn’t a battle! You just attacked me out of nowhere! I wasn’t ready!” Wunder complained.

    “What makes you think you have the luxury to prepare for every fight?” Hubo laughed, before pointing at the dune behind him. “Not all fights are silly duels of honor between shining white knights, you know that? I’m willing to bet, if any half decent bandit was hiding over there with a bow, you wouldn’t even be able to complain. Mainly because you can’t!”

    “I-I-I would have had [Quicken] or something ready! And Zoe would help me!” Wunder refuted. “Zoe has really good senses, so she would be able to tell!”

    “Oh? Then what happened just now?” Hubo smiled strangely “Did you pull that out? No, did you not?Did Zoe inform you? No, did she not?”

    Wunder’s brows scrunched up. “Fine! We were unprepared for that attack. What are you trying to say?” “Meow!”

    Yet again, Hubo seemed to completely ignore their question, mere shaking his head with a sigh. “You guys only came out into the world recently, am I right?”

    “It wasn’t that long ago . . .” Wunder insisted as Zoe pouted. “We’ve done quite a few quests. I’ve even fought another adventurer once. Don’t they count for something?”

    Hubo sighed. “Naive.”

    Wunder looked at the veteran in reluctance. He understood that there are things out in the world that was beyond his comprehension, but he felt that it was still unfair. However, he couldn’t say anything to the experienced adventurer.

    “You understood humility to some extent, but you still don’t understand fully.

    Tell me, the outside world seems great and peaceful, right? You’ve seen the majestic Floating City of Aeternus, and you’ve been to the bustling Delta Town.”

    “Of course. The world has wonders I’ve never seen before in my life. I’ve lived in a small village my whole life. To visit such great places are very exciting.”

    Hubo shakes his head again. “Alas, is it hard to remember that underneath the carpet, shadows lie. In the peace of the uncivilised lands, hides ruthless slaughter. In the shadow of the great mountains, hides evil plot. In the majesty of the holy capital, hides degenerate morality.”

    “This unnecessary complex statement only tells of things in places like the Holy Empire. This is Aeternus. We’re in the middle of a desert.” Wunder answered.

    “And you either cannot see it or refuse to.” Hubo half-hearted responded. “Perhaps I shall play on your own ground. Would you like to hear a little story about Aeternus?”

    Wunder looked at the mn reluctantly. He didn’t want to lose the argument, yet also wanted to hear the story. In the end, his curiosity won out. “What story?”

    Hubo looked across the distance. “You know, Aeternus didn’t always exist?”

    “Of course, but that was a long time ago.” Wunder snorted. “Nowadays, who doesn’t know about Aeternus?”

    “Indeed it was.” Hubo nodded “Back then I was still travelling the world. But did you know, before Aeternus, there was Adventurer City?”

    Wunder was intrigued. “Adventurer City? Where was that?”

    Hubo merely chuckled in response. “Don’t you think that the more important question, is what happened to it? It’s obvious, that it's the first time you’ve heard of it.”

    “Fine, what happened to it?”


    “Dragons?! As in the dragons? The ones that are A-ranked?” Wunder unintentionally shouted in his shock.

    Hubo nodded in confirmation, already seeming to expect such a response.

    “Yes, exactly what you are thinking about.. Not one, not ten, but hundreds of them.”

    “How did anyone survive? I mean how did anyone beat them?” The amazed Wunder unconsciously nodded, forgetting to be stubborn.

    “The guild is full of monsters, many of which happened to have been members back then.”Even Hubo seemed to unconsciously shiver a little when saying that.

    Wunder gaped at the statement, speechless. He wondered at the amount of power needed to be able to easily slay dragons. Zoe, who was listening on, meowed in shock.

    “Yes, and it’s true. Plenty of evidence to prove so. I dare say that the Guild is one of the strongest, if not the strongest organisation in the history of the land.” There is awe is his voice as he speaks these words.

    “However, even so, they failed to keep adventurer city. It vanished off the earth in a blaze of fire after those three days. Heck, even the guildmaster himself nearly died during the invasion. It’s a miracle that they somehow evacuated the people there in time, and managed to keep delta town from being next on the list.” Hubo sighed, as he finished.

    Wunder, realizing the magnitude and closeness of the dangers of the world began to feel a little paranoid. Cold sweat ran down his back and he shuddered at the thought of the world’s strongest beings descending onto him.

    “You understand what I mean now? The world can be many things, but it is not, by any means, as safe as we wish it was. Anything can strike at anytime. We are no exception.” Hubo sighed once more, thinking of his own insignificance in the world.

    “Yes, sir . . . “

    “What, calling me sir now?” Hubo let out yet another wry smile as he hears that. “Alright, I’ll digress; what I mean is that you my good sir, need a serious workout. You get what I mean?” Hubo suddenly has a mysterious smile plastered on his face yet again.

    “I can accept any training you throw at me.” Wunder felt a slight ominousness about the situation, but he couldn’t pass up such a good opportunity.

    He had to admit though, there was something off with the smile of Hubo’s . . .


    Hubo picked up some rocks and piled them up into one large stack, before looking at Wunder with a strange glint in the eyes “Wunder, do you have any Rainbow Gel?”

    “Uhhhh . . . yes. Here?” Wunder weakly replied. He began to regret saying ‘any training’ after noticing the strange aura being emitted from Hubo.

    “Good, we’ll be using that later. Alright, it’s very simple.” Hubo grinned “You,” He then points at the stack of the rocks “Dodge these when I throw them at you. Simple, right? Shouldn’t take you long to get the hang of it”

    Wunder felt slightly more confident after hearing the description. He had always felt his agility was his strong point. Wunder placed Zoe to the side and said, “Okay. let’s do it.”

    “Alright then...3,2 -GO!” Off the bat, Hubo is already messing with Wunder.

    Wunder’s eyes widened at the sudden flying object. He was able to barely dodge it by jumping out of the trajectory. Surprised, he immediately created some space between Hubo and himself.

    “Huh, nice job! But will you be able to keep it up?” Following the words of the devil, another rock is already en route to Wunder.

    Because of the space between the two, Wunder was able to sidestep the projectile.

    “Well, you aren’t that bad after all? Now now- HA!” Suddenly, after he threw a rock, he suddenly flung his other hand as well, from it which came another rock.

    Hubo had been keeping a second projectile in his other hand all this time!

    Wunder was still in the middle of dodging and wasn’t able to dodge the second rock. Luckily, he slipped while trying to maneuver himself mid-movement and fell backwards, avoiding the rock.

    “Nice dance moves, cowboy! Well, luck is part of the equation as well...but what will save you this time, I wonder?”

    Suddenly, a small shadow is cast over Wunder.

    Hearing the ominous words, Wunder stopped trying to stand and just began rolling on the ground (at the speed of sound JK).

    A rock pelted the ground just a few inches away from him, lodging itself inside. Wunder broke out in cold sweat, glad that he had the intelligence to realize Hubo’s intentions from his words.

    “My, you actually got past that! I’m legitimately surprised you managed to avoid that even when I used [Blank Shot] to conceal its presence before hand!” Hubo was actually rather surprised then, but then that unsettling smile came back “Well, you have proven that you can at least dodge a rock from a bunch of normal people! Well..” Hubo’s arm suddenly glowed faintly as it clutched another rock. “Are you ready to take it to the next level?”

    Wunder stared at the rock with fear. “Noooooooo . . . “

    Zoe looked at Wunder with pitying eyes. Still, she stayed a certain distance away, not wanting to get involved. She cheered Wunder on with a meow.

    “That doesn’t help at alllllll!”

    Not even heaven nor god could save a certain poor man that day...


    "Swing Left! Swing Right! Swing Up! Swing Down! Good, keep up that tempo! Let neither your arms nor your legs slack! Hey, that was a sloppy swing! Use a bit more force into it! Your legs are shaking, straighten them immediately!" A certain Hobo was barking out orders like a mad drill sergant , towards Wunder who was sweating like crazy with an expression of determination. His eyes told of tiredness, but he didn’t stop.

    Suddenly, a staff smashed into the poor legs of Wunder. Wunder shrieked at the pain and collapsed. He glared at the sadistic beggar.

    “Keep yourself up during important times, no matter how tired you are! Others might not be as lenient when you are like that!” Hubo simply ignored him the glare of Wunder, merely explaining to him with a completely straight face.

    Wunder gritted his teeth and stood up. He set himself in the horse stance and began swinging his sword again. Zoe napped on the side.

    Hubo nodded with a pleased look for a moment, before he starting barking out orders again.

    Zoe woke up because of the noise. She blinked and yawned before focusing on a desert rabbit. She began to stalk the rabbit.


    "RUN FASTER! FASTER!" A ragged man with a big stick chases down a poor magus carrying a big rock on his back as they run, one in pursuit and one in terror


    “NOT MY FAULT YOU ARE WITHIN RANGE!” As he says that, Hubo smashes his big tree branch into the boulder.

    Wunder sped up while shouting, “THIS IS NOT FUN!”






    Wunder stops talking and runs faster. Meanwhile, Zoe pounces on the desert rabbit and catches it. She plays with the poor rabbit, ignoring the terrible circumstances of her owner.



    A barrage of three stones, all reds shot across the desert. Wunder, unlike before, easily dodged all three while making sure there isn’t another one under stealth.

    That checking paid off, as two blues came scooting over, barely noticeable unless one was careful. Wunder blocked the first one but then-

    “DODGE BLUE, BLOCK RED!” Hubo had changed the arrangement at the last moment.

    Wunder wasn’t able to move his arm out of the way, so he could only swivel around, dodging the second blue.


    Wunder stopped where he was and split his legs. He entered a horse stance while drawing his sword. “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12!”

    “12 in 12 seconds! Nice!” For a moment, Hubo stops yelling and gives Wunder a thumbs up, but it doesn’t last long.


    Wunder runs to the boulder, sheathing his sword. He grunts while picking it up and begins to run. He accelerates quickly, reaching a constant speed in only a few seconds. He runs the first two laps easily, but begins to feel the strain on the third.

    “RUN FASTER! OR DO I NEED TO THROW THAT STICK AT YOU?” As if to prove his point, Hubo actually pulls out the thick stick from his item box.

    Wunder puffs his cheeks and begins to run faster, scared of the stick. He felt his muscles spasm, but continued his sprinting. Remembering the last time, he held in his words.

    “GO GO! LAST LAP!” As he was saying that though, he took out a certain pile of stones, and palmed one in his hand...

    Wunder, having been paying close attention to Hubo, noticed this action. He sped up, bracing himself for the rock. Once thrown, Wunder jumps to his left and the rock helplessly streaks by. Wunder pulled out all the strength in his body and throws himself and the boulder to finish the last lap.

    “AND DONE! Good job, Wunder!

    Hubo walked over to Wunder, smiling with genuine praise as he stretched out his hand for Wunder to grab.

    “Uhhh . . . it’s so weird to see you smiling sincerely . . .”

    And the sincere smile turned into a sincere scowl.

    “Now, are you going to get up or not?” Hubo rolled his eyes.

    Zoe realized the boys were done with their shenanigans and glanced at them. The rabbit, finally seeing an opening after so long, dashed away with the fastest speed in its life completely uncaring of everything else. Zoe scowled at the rabbit’s silhouette getting smaller and smaller, and the loss of her toy.


    The trip to the Desert Mine took much longer than it should’ve. Throughout the entire month of slow travel, Hubo took every chance to teach Wunder basic but essential survival skills. From cooking to fighting, he made sure to beat his teachings into Wunder. Wunder benefited immensely, and was equally thankful that Hubo gave so much effort in teaching Wunder. Zoe, on the other hand, felt more bored than anything else. Although she had gained a toy in the middle, she was very happy that they had arrived at the mine.


    “So. we’re finally here now.” Hubo commented offhandedly as they reached the entrance of the mine. ”You’ve got the map?”

    “Yes, I have it here. I’ve already been through these tunnels. So, we can go through these ones. Which one would you like to mine?” Wunder gestured at the map.

    “Well, clearly whatever is the closest to us first.” Hubo rolled his eyes.

    “I guess you can go that way. So I’ll mine 6 mithril ore, 6 orihalcum ore, and 2 earth crystals. I’ll go this way. You can mine 6 mithril ore, 6 orihalcum ore, and 1 earth crystal. Also, here’s a copy of the map.”

    Hubo nods. “So, we’ll meet back here?”


    Wunder and Hubo separated from each other, entering different tunnels. Zoe, who decided to stay at the entrance, watched them. She entered a different tunnel and began to wander . . .


    Wunder and Hubo met up at the entrance, both with the items they needed. In the middle of mining, Zoe had apparently tracked Wunder down and climbed onto his shoulder. Wunder smiled and said “Well, that was simple. I guess we’re done with the quests. Oh! Can I have the map? I need to record some things.” Wunder began to scribble on the parchment. “Huh? That’s strange . . . “

    Hubo quirks his eyebrow in curiosity “...You seeing what I’m seeing?”

    “All the tunnels are avoiding this space . . . what do you think is there?” Curiosity spilled from Wunder’s tone.

    “I have no idea, but there might just be something going on there, in the middle.” Hubo points at the center of the break in the tunnel network

    “Do you want to check it out? We might find treasure!”

    “Hmm…” Hubo knits his eyebrows a bit in thought, before looking to Wunder and asking plainly: “Got shovels?”

    “We can use pickaxes to get to the center!”

    “...Doesn’t matter.” Hubo coughs a bit before getting up and points to the closest dead-end tunnel “Well, let's go, shall we?”


    Wunder and Hubo stared at the rather sturdy wall, planning how to break through. Realizing that Wunder wasn’t moving anymore, Zoe jumped off of his shoulder, landing with elegance. While Wunder and Hubo conversed on whether or not breaking the wall was harming the environment, Zoe noticed a bug flying around her. She swatted at it, but missed. Annoyed, she continued till she was completely enraged.

    Zoe waited till the fly rested on a rock, motionless. She stared at the bug. All of a sudden she pounced at the fly. She swooped down like an eagle and clawed at the fly. She hit the rock, but instead of the rock breaking, it instead moved down with a ‘click’.

    The tunnel began shaking and the sturdy ‘wall’ that made the tunnel a dead end began sinking into the ground. In just a few moments, the once dead end now led to a dark path. Wunder and Hubo gaped at the event. Zoe rolled on the ground, clutching her paw.

    Meanwhile, outside of the mine, a fly flew away, before a iguna leaped out of nowhere and .ended it’s short freedom.

    Well, such was life.


    “Keep a careful eye out, we don’t even know what this place is, god knows what lies here…”

    Hubo warned Wunder, as he took out his mana torch and ignited it, before looking around

    “Maybe treasure? Woops, I’m getting ahead of myself. We need to get through the traps and guardians before we can get the treasure!” Wunder’s eyes glittered with excitement.

    “Shh! Don’t jinx us!” Hubo half-seriously slapped Wunder’s back before they continued on the path.

    The pathway was ominously bare, with no signs of life. The walls and ceiling were cracked, forewarning of a potential collapse.

    “Seems like this place had been through a lot...We better take a look quickly and get out quickly as well, the place doesn’t seem like it’s going to hold that long…” Hubo commented, while scrutinising the place.

    The hall dilated to become exponentially bigger at the end of the tunnel. The shadows loomed fearfully as they continued walking into the unknown.

    “You’re right . . . wait! What’s that!?” Wunder exclaimed, noticing something at the end of the path. Zoe’s hair pricked up as she hissed at the silhouette lurking in the darkness.

    “Keep an eye out, that does not seem friendly.” Reminded Hubo as he squinted to look at the silhouette. He inwardly cursed himself for not having learnt how to use body reinforcement magic on his eyes in this situation.

    Wunder glanced at Zoe, noticing her tense situation. He looked back to the silhouette as it began to increase in size and step forward. He got goosebumps as he shouted, “IT’S A GIANT GOLEM!”

    Hubo immediately ran forward to clasp a hand over his mouth before hurriedly whispering “You fool! What was the forty-second rule about survival?!”

    “Woops.” However, what was done was done. The golem’s eyes flickered with light. It rose from it’s resting position and walked in front of the group rooted to the floor, before looking down at the band threateningly.

    “...Hello there, good sir?”

    It responded with a lifted arm, before swinging it at the group.


    Wunder and Zoe dived left while Hubo dived right. The arm was placed in between, lying in the middle of a crater formed by the impact. The tunnel shook and dust fell from the ceiling, making all

    of them nervous.

    Wunder looked at the monster and casted [Stumbling]. He felt a middling part of his mana drain away as he saw the golem trip over seemingly nothing and fall on the ground. “HUBO!”

    “Been preparing long ago, kid.” Hubo did not have very impressive mana reserves, but with his current skill he could still splinter stone if he put his all into it.

    “Now’s the time!” Then, he leaped!

    A flying kick into the air, his leg glowing from all the mana circulated in it!

    “Golems usually have their core in their chest...which is the most protected part as well...damnit, I’ll have to gamble on it!”

    As his kick soared through the space of the crumbling passage way, he-


    -Smashed into the golem’s head as it was trying to rise up, which had inadvertently changed the target!


    And in the next second, it fell down again with another heavy thump, as the artificial lights in it’s eyes faded out.


    For a moment, Hubo just confusedly stood on the body of the now immobile golem, unsure of what to do.

    Wunder looked at the golem suspiciously and kicked at the immobile body. He felt a pain run through his leg and clutched his foot in pain. “FUDGE BALLS! Damn hard rock! I probably wouldn’t be able to break through the stone skin even if I swung my sword all day.” Wunder thought, ‘I need better firepower! I wouldn’t have been able to defeat this golem if it wasn’t for Hubo!’

    Zoe was ashamed at her foolish owner. She looked away, pretending to not know him.

    “Don’t bother, you think smashing through rock would be easy?” Hubo rolled his eyes as he jumped from the body of the fallen behemoth, before taking a look at it himself

    “It seems to be deactivated...but how? Wait a second, let me check...” He looked at where he struck, where the layer of rock had crumbled and given way to a nice hole, and realised the reason why:

    “Who puts the core of a golem in the head?! No wonder it was so easy!” Hubo facepalmed as he saw the cracked crystal in the stone skull.

    “Urggg . . . my foot . . . eh? Hey Hubo, there’s a ladder here!” Wunder ran into a ladder as he rolled on the ground. The ladder seemed to lead to another room.

    “A ladder?” Hubo came over, carefully scrutinizing its condition before using some force to press down on the rungs.

    “Seems sturdy enough...alright, I reckon we can risk it, but if the big guy just now was any indication,” He took one last look at the wasted golem -both in condition and in design- before looking upwards. “We should be more careful. Alright, I’ll go first, follow carefully behind, and try not to make more...commotion.”

    It was a laboratory. One wall was filled with scribbles and notes, telling of diligence. There was a bed pushed into a corner of the room as well as huge boxes filled with a myriad of monster parts. Another huge box was filled with various metals found in the mine. There was a table filled with vials, soe bubbling dangerously. Wunder wandered over and swiped one. ‘Treasure~’

    Wunder returned surreptitiously, and began staring at the wall of notes. He noticed one that had a drawing of a rather familiar looking golem. “Hrmm? Hey Hubo, apparently the guy who made the golem put the core in its head because he thought a core was more of a ‘brain’ than a ‘heart’. Pfff.”

    “That was as stupid as I imagined.” Hubo rolled his eyes as he looked around for more unexpected danger, unlike Wunder who was fishing for goodies.

    “Hmm?” He then found something that really did catch his attention.

    A messy pile of papers haphazard scattered on the table.

    “Hmm…’Research into the Mind?’” Hubo was not expert on that subject, but he knew enough to recognise the potential as he skimmed a bit more.Before his eyes widened a bit. “This is..interesting!” He quickly tidied up the papers into a rough stack, before throwing those into his item box. “Even if I don’t manage to understand anything, I know plenty of people who might be interested in this…” He then also noticed a leatherbound tome on the ground. “This too...seems like a diary.” After taking a look at the cover, he threw it inside his item box too, to take a proper look later as well.

    Wunder stepped over to the box of metals and stuck his hand in. He suddenly increased his pace, changing direction to where Zoe was looting looking. He sneaked an ingot into his satchel as he whistled (not sus at all).

    Zoe was looking through the monster parts box. She dug into the box, coming out with an eye. Wunder looked at it with a bit of disgust, but Zoe brought it over to him with pride. She placed the eye in his hand and puffed her chest like she had done an incredible achievement. Wunder looked at her with a wry smile and petted her. “Good job, good job.”

    Wunder continued to look around, before finding a button on the wall. “Eh? What does this do?”

    “Hmm?” Hubo happened to come over and this moment and saw the scene. “A button? Wait, let’s not-”

    It was too late. Wunder’s hand was already in the middle of hitting the button. A roar echoed in the room. A door previously unnoticed by the group smashed open. Two heads burst through the opening. A snake and a lion. Then the wall broke, revealing the rest of the monster’s body. It was a lion with a snake as its tail. The beast roared with ferocity as Wunder grabbed Zoe and began running towards the entrance to the tunnel. “Woops.”

    Hubo stared for a moment, before he immediately dashed off without looking back.

    The incomplete chimera swiped with its claw, blowing away everything. The notes on the wall were swept away to reveal a button. Wunder ran past this button. “Eh? What does this button do?”

    “Hmm? Hubo came by also, where he was also stopped for a moment. “...Self-destruct?”

    Wunder’s hand, the devil’s hand, was again already on its way. As soon as the button was pressed, as if it was jinxed, the laboratory began crumbling. Wunder dived into the hole that led to the tunnel, holding onto Zoe.

    Hubo quickly followed as well, and just in the nick of time as a huge chunk of the ceiling crashed onto the opening of the hole, sealing it off forever.

    The group listened to the fading cries of the chimera as they panted on the ground. Wunder took out the vial and saw the label ‘Brain Serum’. He looked at Hubo while putting the vial away. “That was close, Hubo.”

    Hubo nodded, but with a very, very strange even slightly spine-chilling look. “Indeed it was, oh and speaking of that, mind speaking about what led to your...hand’s many transgressions?”

    “Errrr… I have a disease that necessitates the pressing of buttons in dangerous situations.” Wunder meekly replied.

    Hubo with a very ‘kind’ and ‘understanding’ smile as he casually crinkled out the cracks in his knuckles before simply replying. “Go on.”

    "But, um, I won't do it again?” Wunder cowered at the ashura he swore was standing behind Hubo at that very moment….or was it the man himself?

    “Are you sure about that?” Hubo’s fist glowed with that familiar blue aura...

    “Urm . . . yes . . .” Wunder seemed to shrink under Hubo’s oppression.

    “Well, I’ll have to be sure.”

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . “


    “We’d like to hand these quests in.”


    Wunder: brain serum, mithril ingot, unidentified weird goat monster eye, [Minor Survival Arts], [Minor Combat Arts]
    Hubo: mad scientist's research notes, mad scientist's diary

    Edit: sorry! forgot to include skills!

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    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GD3|D-Ranked|Mine 3 Earth Crystals [100G | 1 x Refined Earth Crystal]

    "Welcome back, let me inspect these ores in the back okay?
    Oh and don't push that button on my desk, got it?
    *walks out for a few moments*
    "Well anyways, everything seems to be in order? Even though your report doesn't explicitly state your harvest of each ore and crystals, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt."
    "Here's 360 G, 1 orichalcum ingot, 1 mithril ingot, and a refined earth crystal, please divide these items and G among yourselves as you see fit."
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    Great Plain|#SD4|D-Ranked|Slay 1 Unicorn [100 G]

    Great Plain|#SD6|D-Ranked|Slay 10 Wild Crows [100 G]

    Great Plain|#SD7|D-Ranked|Slay 5 Bandits [150 G]


    First Pov-

    Considering that I’ve been at the Guild for at least a few weeks, it’s rather disappointing that this is only my second time leaving the town. I would rather venture out in a party however beggars can’t be choosers, and those that lack funds cannot live in leisure.

    Well, there’s no real use to dawdling here, so I might aswell head out. I’ve only taken 3 missions this time so it shouldn’t be more than a day’s trip. However my last excursion to the plains would suggests otherwise. Thus with food Stolen from the Tavern gathered within the town and a simple assortment of items I set off towards the plains.


    The plains were lush, carpeted with grasses that trailed after the wind. I was quite refreshing, as nature should be, when it’s not trying to kill you. I took a deep breath, the scent of sunbaked land, budding flowers, and the ever present traces of wild-life… that is to say ‘droppings’.

    My nose crinkled in disgust and my tail whipped itself from its position around my right leg and onto my waist. A quick inspection of my person revealed no ‘undesirable stains’ and I let out a sigh of relief. I honestly wanted to turn around and go home. Not even a minute on-field and I was already in shit, quite literally. Surely, this must be a sign?

    Well, symbol of divine will or not, I had no ride, and was certainly not going to walk back. After a few minutes careful extricating myself from the situation I made my way towards my targets. The guild had so kindly pointed out the location of the bandit hideout on my map, as such it was utter simplicity to make my way there.

    The bandit hideout didn’t look like much, it was merely composed of a few tents hidden among a particularly dense patch of shrubbery. It was quite a good place for ambushes consider its proximity to the road, but didn’t really provide any other strategic advantages. Similarly to how the foliage obscured the vision of merchants, it similarly prevented the bandits from observing their surroundings.

    I slowly made my way through the knee-high grasses while lying prone. It was the best I could do, since stealth became exceedingly hard when you were as vivid purple as I am. Within the encampment I spotted a reasonably sized group composed of 7 bandits. I was roughly 20m away from their position, and through the gaps in the yellowing stalks I became to take note of their weapons. I counted 4 longswords, 2 maces and a bow. I couldn’t see the quiver, but assumed it was simply out of my field of vision. Their stances were quite sloppy as their weapons were either hung loosely at their sides or were lazily propped up against. The archer would likely be the most troublesome, however he was also the furthest and I couldn’t guarantee a hit. After deliberation my gaze settled on the swordsman closest to me. He was one of the few, or rather the only one, who had his weapon stuck to the ground as he leaned upon it. I slowly withdrew a dagger from my belt and whipped it through the air. The cheap dagger whistled as it flew, alerting my no longer unsuspecting prey. The dagger flew on a collision course with the man’s throat. As the dagger closed in the bandits began to react, scrambling into a messy combat formation. My initial target dived to the ground as my dagger whistled overhead and severed a few strands of his hair.

    I was slightly impressed, however I only had a few daggers and so missing was not an option. The dagger briefly shone with a slightest of violet lights before a curl of my finger bent its flightpath. The dagger arced in an ‘u’ shaped parabola and lodging itself into the fleshy area between the jaw and neck of another bandit. His eyes bulged and for a few moments he stood there in shock. This however quickly changed to despair as blood poured into his throat and filled his lungs. His longsword fell from his grip and as his knees buckled gravity exerted its dominance.

    The thud of a now lifeless body and the ring of steel against stone signalled the start of combat. While their companion breathed his last the other bandits charged out of the shrubbery in complete disregard of his life. 5 of them surged forwards as I sprung to my feet and retreated. I withdrew all but my last dagger from the belt and sent them flying with a whip of my wrist. Unlike the first dagger which flew blade first as it sailed and at most wobbled during its flight, these daggers spun. 4 vaguely disc-shaped shadows trailed after the daggers as they, under my influence, began to soar in ways that could never be achieved by pure skill. Three daggers found new homes in the heads, stomachs, or hearts of their unlucky victims while the fourth was rewarded only a few layers of skin. Three bodies tumbled over themselves, while the remaining 2 bandits continued unfazed.

    The archer, who had been the only bandit that didn’t charge (for obvious reasons), drew his bow and nocked an arrow. The arrow flew, and a trajectory line alerted me of the arrows path and destination. I drew both shortswords from their sheaths. While holding one of the blades in reverse grip I swung it using the flat of the blade to intercept the arrow. My remaining sword flashed as it engaged the bandit closest to my person. I smiled at him as my tail wrapped around my last dagger and with a flick buried it into his throat. I quickly retreated to avoid subsequent blood spray.

    From 7 bandits to 2 within a couple breaths of time. My quota had been achieved, but these two certainly wouldn’t let me just waltz off. I deflected another arrow and winked at the remain melee fighter.

    “Never expose your back to an assassin ~”

    My ‘missed’ dagger returned like a boomerang before making itself cozy in the man’s skull. He joined his companions on the other side while I turned my attention to the archer... who was now fleeing. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and began to chase.


    After looting confirming my kills and collecting my daggers, I used the stolen newly acquired bow and arrows to hunt down a few wild crows. Once 10 birds had been forever grounded I made way towards the last remaining quarry.

    Unicorns were in fact a so-called treasure trove, as their blood, horns, and various body parts were supposably good materials for alchemy. The only issue being it was rather hard to carry a unicorn back to town unless you had horses of your own... but, problems were meant to be overcome, and I had already concocted a solution. Though, Hikari-chan probably wasn’t gonna be happy about it...

    I burst through the doors of the guild while the Unicorn beneath me violently thrashes in futile attempts to dislodge me. Satisfied that I have arrived just in time to order dinner, I unsheathe my blade and re-sheathe it into the Unicorns neck. The beast thrashes even more violently, as blood flies in all directions. A few moments pass before the Unicorn collapses and I roll off it's back. A few adventurers start staring but I pay them no heed as I rush to the receptionist table. I deliver the proof of my quests rather casually and switch to the more important topic.

    "Nee, Nee, Hikari~chan! How much can I sell that for?"

    I gesture towards the unicorn corpse that lies on the guild floors, the pool of blood around it steadily expanding...

    There were more bandits than I was informed. Please fire whoever did recon :3.
    With love from Ria ~

    @brasca123 , Forgot the tag >~<
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    Reading List:
    Gallant Mine|#GD4|D-Ranked|Mine 25 Iron Ore [60G | 4 x Iron Ingot]*
    Gallant Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]*
    Desert Mine|#GD4|D-Ranked|Mine 50 Copper Ore [60G | 8 x Copper Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Sandy Desert|#GC3|C-Ranked|Gather 10 Desert Dolphin Hide [200 G | 2 x Pristine Desert Dolphin Hide]
    North Volcano|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 5 Condensed Fire Crystals [150G | 3 x Radiant Fire Crystal]
    "Welcome back uhn..." *peeks at the cards* "Jin-san and Kuma-san!

    Hikari is happy to know Kuma-san already has someone that loves her! Please take good care of Eranno-san!

    The quests were all done nicely without-" *stomach grumbles* "uhn... Oops? Hikari is sorry, Hikari is a bit hungry..." *blushes*

    "I-in any case! The quests don't have any problem on them, so please take 590G and the listed items to divide as you see fit!

    Take care now!"

    ((Sorry for taking so long! >.<))
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    Reading List:
    Great Plain|#SD4|D-Ranked|Slay 1 Unicorn [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SD6|D-Ranked|Slay 10 Wild Crows [100 G]
    Great Plain|#SD7|D-Ranked|Slay 5 Bandits [150 G]
    *stares blankly at her and the dead unicorn*
    *comes back to sense when hearing her call Hikari's name*

    "Ah... Eto... Could... Could Hikari see your guild card?" *receives the card*

    "Right... Uhn... Imperia-san... Let... Let Hikari read the report for a bit, alright?"

    *goes through it*

    "There... There is no problem with the report, but..." *gestures towards the dead unicorn on the floor*

    "Somebody is going to need to clean this... And Hikari is sorry to say that Imperia-san will be the one to pay for it!" >.<

    "The reward will be of 220G. Please put the dead unicorn on Imperia-san's item box next time...

    Please don't provide trouble for the guild next time Imperia-san!!!"

    ((*rolls laughing* At least you learned with Rea-chan! Don't bring a live unicorn and expect the quest to be cleared!!!

    I'm not as much of a villain as Shadow so as to fail the quest though... Good job! *thumbs up*))
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    Reading List:
    Sandy Desert|#SD1|D-Ranked|Slay 15 Desert Lizardmen [110 G]
    Sandy Desert|#SD2|D-Ranked|Slay 15 Desert Black Rhino [110 G]
    Sandy Desert|#SC1|C-Ranked|Slay 5 Desert Wyvern [150 G]
    Sandy Desert|#SC2|C-Ranked|Slay 5 Giant Feral Worm [150 G]

    A solemn expression appeared on the man walking onwards, apathetically as each step sifted his armored body into the sand, each step dragging more up into his armored boots, graining against his feet and metal. The skin, red from the agitation of the little beads rubbing on them. Despite the clear agitation, or perhaps, despite the act which would normally drive a person angry, he just solemnly trudged on. Alone. The figure of a companion could not be seen, a whimsical tail was not to be observed from any angle. Just the outline of that single person.

    His weary hands jutted out to his belt, obtaining a flask of water, chugging it down, as some wasted water slipped past his mouth, and slightly trickled down his cheeks, slowly moving down his body, he looked at this occurrence with announce, from his expression, one would think it was from wasting water, but to him, most likely, it was over the fact the water was in his body, and was going to make him feel uncomfortable, much like when one sweats too much. One would have to wonder why he was getting annoyed over this trivial matter but not the many grains of sands in his footwear.

    A breath of lament leaked out of his parched mouth, despite just having consumed some water, the person looked up at the sky as the ceaseless light from the celestial figure fell down upon the land of which he walked. A sword at his side, he continued onwards, onwards, onwards, onwards to a yet unknown destination.

    The sword gleamed as the light of the great body of light above shined against it, casting its rays on the desert sand. After traveling an adequate distance according to himself, he then took his sword out, a whetstone, and began grinding it to maintain its sharpness, or perhaps to tide over some time as he rested, keeping his mind occupied.

    He continued on with this endeavor till the moon overhead seemed to be directly overhead. Perhaps noticing this phenomena, he stood up and began to walk once more under the chilling air of the desert night. His sword raised, the light of the overhead moon reflecting off it once more, he departed to continue this journey. But this peace soon was ended, as the ground began to shake under the man, sounds of thunder came not from the sky but from the earth, the man readied himself, getting into a stance despite the unsteady terrain, preparing himself as best he could. Only to come to an anticlimactic end, a giant worm jumped out from under the man, the quaking of the sand hiding where it would came from, yet the man jumped to the side, terrified of the occurrence, leaving a gap in his mind, a gap in his thought process, a gap to exploit, as right under him, yet another worm came out, this time, as he was laying on his back, he desperately tried to jump away, yet the unsteady sand didn’t come to his aid. His feet slipped, tumbling, he tried to scream in pain as the worm swallowed him whole, ending this adventure.

    Out from the distance, watched another figure, seeing the unknown man being consumed as he sat upon a giant rock, he offered his condolences, as he brought out a crossbow and let out a shot against the one consuming the man. A net came along the arrow and captured the giant worm. Seeing this, he then focused on the other worm currently screeching at him, its hideous figure squirming as its comrade was imprisoned. The high pitch squeals rivaled the sounds made by the man who its fellow species just ate. It burrowed into the land to pursue the man, the man nodded, as he acknowledged the beasts actions, going back to save it’s friend would be a stupid idea, as that would leave it vulnerable to the same thing that trapped it’s friend, either escaping or attacking him straight on are the best choices. Personally, he would pick escaping, and come back with reinforcements, rather than straight on attacking, but he wasn’t the beast, the beast was its own entity, its own being, it made its own choices. And so, it did.

    The horrible screech echoed in his ears as the beast rammed its head out of the ground, right in front of him, not directly under, as if it did that, it’s head would be smashed against the rock he was sitting on. By the time the worm came to him, he already put away the crossbow and took out the mace, it’s glamour shining full force in the moon’s rays, as he whacked it against the emerging beast, the worm disorientated by the blow to the head, was twirling around before continuous strikes by the mace finally killed it.

    Seeing it not even twitch, he then went to other, and simply repeated what he had done beforehand, beat it till its dead.

    Retrieving the bloodied net and arrow, he went back to his rock, as he waited for the cannibalistic worm comrades would come to feast upon the two carcasses. Simply repeating this similar fight with 3 more worms, he had to thank that poor armored man, if it weren’t for him being bait and distracting the worm, he might’ve had to wait much much much much longer than he had. As he bludgeoned to death the last of the 5 assigned, he noticed the rising sun, the impeding light that would heat his chilled body, sighing, he decided to rest this day, and wait for night to return to continue the hunt. He simply took off his armor, mysteriously, his face covered by the sun’s rays no matter which angle one look at, and took out a tarp, hoisted it up, and laid under it, resting for the next moon to come, although unarmored, he still had his mace by his side.


    -Next night-

    Getting up, the figure placed his armor back on, and walked towards a rising smoke stack, passing by the deteriorating carcasses of the worms he had slayed, some bugs flying around it, and a vulture consuming its flesh, hacking away at the meat, he could see a flash of metal in the body of one of the torn apart bodies. Presumably the armor or sword of the man who had recently fell to the worms.

    Shaking his head in lamentation, he just continued to walk on solemnly, silently, despite the heavy armor. His figure inching closer to the camp he had saw moments before. Coming across a camp of lizardmen, at this point of time, he was too lazy to actually count the number accurately, so he just placed it in the high teens, low twenties. Alongside them were rhinos, was this a stroke of luck? Perhaps not, at least not in his eyes. Seeing the saddles mounted atop the rhinos, he figured that they were presumably riders, not the best situation for him, as he could easily be trampled to death by one of the rhinos, if these two had been separate. Then he could take advantage of the rhinos lesser intelligence, and the lizardmen’s different stature, but these two complimented each other, likewise, he wouldn’t be able to scare the rhinos, as he saw them comfortably lay next to the bonfire.

    Sighing, he simply took off his armor, lamenting this twisted fate, but he nevertheless is taking it, who knows if he will meet another group so easily in this vast desert. The armor would just slow him down, in his opinion, besides, had he obtained a blow from one of the rhinos, he would be a dead man anyways. He then began to setup his crossbow, with the bloodied net once more, made a makeshift contraption, and began to lead a rope from it, he had clearly underestimated the Lizardmen’s sense of smell, seeing as soon as he began to set it up, the two lizardmen who were awake, began to sniff around for the blood, when he saw this, he immediately let loose the contraption as he was several feet away from the camp, and charged, the net captured two of the rhinos, leaving them incapacitated, or at least, they are until the lizardmen decide to set them free while he was preoccupied with him, seeing this the two awake let out a loud screech to rouse the others, as fast as he could, he mace smashed in the two nearest him, killing them before they were fully roused. He then jumped backed, as the two awake had taken their halberds and swung at him.

    He then looked at them as they guarded their siblings as they jumped on their rhino’s. Annoyed by this action, he kicked one of them and proceeded to smash its head in as well. Quickly finishing off the other. Only to see himself face to face with the rest of the… pack? A top their rhinos. Lamenting his fate, presumably to himself, he then began to run away, trying to get not toppled by them. Rolling would generally be a bad idea, so he didn’t. Only ran left or right of the rhinos, blocking the halberds of the lizardmen, and subsequently counterattacking. 20 or so rhinos riders against one person isn’t actually the greatest idea, you couldn’t swarm the target, as the rhino could impale one and another, their size made it so, this didn’t mean it was easy on him, no under the constant threat of getting pieced, cleaved, and pummeled, he had no time to actually launch an attack, such a position, was undesirable. After seeing another attack miss, he quickly retreated from the formation. To a scene where he wasn’t surrounded.

    Grasping his bearings, he just shook off his sweat. His face shown no signs of exhaustion, on the other hand, the rhinos seems slightly worse off, they had just been awoken from their rest, and rhinos weren’t exactly built for long battles, on the other hand, humans were, humans from evolution were born to pursue their prey, waiting for them to exhaust themselves, and then kill them. (note, this is actually pretty true, the human part, not so sure on the rhinos, I watch a documentary!)

    He then looked onwards, as his prey inched closer to the hunter.

    His mace smashing against the skulls of the beasts, he took a rest after counting around 16 bodies of each species, he didn’t bother to count the rest, he was too tired. Taking a sip of water, he stretched his body, and moved to the next location. His body extremely fatigued and weak, he still trudged on, deciding on pushing his body rather than leave himself collapsed right in the middle of potential food for many.

    Finding a suitable place, he went into a slump as his sweating figure was doused in the newly risen sun’s rays.


    ~~Next night~~

    His bones aching, his body creaking, the rock on which he laid upon moist with his sweat, he just lied there, taking in the freezing desert night air. The breeze sending chills down his spine as they evaporated his sweat laid upon his body. Stretching, his apathetic expression continued, despite the tearing pain in his body, he walked towards the origin of the nightly wind, feeling the fierce blows of air become violet, he laid he eyes upon a desert wyvern, the dust of its wings sending gusts of dust filled air everywhere he regrets not being a goggle, as that would greatly help, but right now, his vision was impeded by this disastrous wind, though that made him wonder, how did the wyvern see in this wind without its eyes being agitated by the sand? Perhaps he’ll find out when he kills it, but for now, he could only focus on the matters at hand.

    Deeply inhaling the air, which he immediately regretted, as that air wasn’t without the sand, coughing, he looked back up, and began to retreat, only to see the wyvern run after him. Or perhaps fly after him? How to kill a wyvern, a flying being that he couldn’t hit, and he presumed, his bolts wouldn’t be able to injure, the crossbow wasn’t strong enough to overcome the wind generated by the wings of the flying monster. To him, perhaps it was simple, as the beast flew down to slash him with its claws, he simply jumped onto it, bearing the fierce winds and all, climbing the beast and reaching the summit where he bashed in the beast, which subsequently, made them fall. A loud thud sound rang throughout the area, as the body of the wyvern hit the floor, creating a sand cloud, covering his mouth with a cloth, he deeply breathed in, to catch his breath, as the impact of falling knocked the wind out of him.

    After the sand began to settle, he then moved to the wyvern's head and say it’s eyes, taking off the film of the eyes, he made a quick makeshift goggle, and moved onwards, to the next four. Subsequently, each a lot easier, thanks to the goggles. Ending the endeavors of this desert trip. Though the goggles were destroyed due to poor craftsmanship.
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    Reading List:
    Sandy Desert|#SD1|D-Ranked|Slay 15 Desert Lizardmen [110 G]
    Sandy Desert|#SD2|D-Ranked|Slay 15 Desert Black Rhino [110 G]
    Sandy Desert|#SC1|C-Ranked|Slay 5 Desert Wyvern [150 G]
    Sandy Desert|#SC2|C-Ranked|Slay 5 Giant Feral Worm [150 G]

    The man dressed in black outfit tapped the surface of the counter as he continue reading the report. After a bit, he put down the report paper and looked at the guild member in front of him.
    "Well, well. Carm, my friend. I have to say, you've done a tremendously good job. Good job indeed. I have no complaint whatsoever. Well...the number of kill on those lizardmen and rhinoes are a bit off, but you are surrounded, eh? Nothing we can do about it."
    He then pulled out a small satchel. A slight clinking sound was produced the moment the satchel hit the counter.
    "Here is your reward, 520 G. Good job, my friend. I'll be looking forward to your next adventure."
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    For some reason only Presia arrives her face gloomy as she hand the Quest Report and Quest Items.

    Gallant Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Gallant Mine|#GB1|B-Ranked|Mine 5 Refined Ice Crystal[200G | 1 x Radiant Ice Crystal]
    Desert Mine|#GD1|D-Ranked|Mine 12 Mithril Ore [60G | 1 x Mithril Ingot]
    Desert Mine|#GC1|C-Ranked|Mine 12 Orichalcum Ore [200G | 1 x Orichalcum Ingot]
    Ash Plains|#GC1|C-Ranked|Fish 5 Lava fish [180 G | 1 x Lava Fish Core]
    Rainforest Vale|#GC2|C-Ranked|Gather 5 Lamia Scale [150 G | 1 x Rainbow Lamia Scale]


    ------Day 1 of Quest [Early Morning]

    Jin wakes up from a nightmare that keep reoccurring, since he awaken from coma. He covered his eyes with both hands to try to think of the reason of this but nothing came to mind.

    Jin feels like his body is a bit weird. ‘Should I check myself seems like my body is getting hard to control.’

    Jin sit up on the floor and meditate trying to see what wrong in his body.
    *cough cough* Jin started spitting blood as he cough loudly.

    “Master Vodka what’s wrong?”
    Lavri titled his head as he suddenly arrive in the window.

    “Oh nothing at all... please call the others we will have a meeting”
    Jin hides his blood from Lavri as he wipe it.

    Lavri could feel something wrong but decide to stay silent. Jin was always a mystery for him. Behind those optimistic and happy mask is something that scares him.

    Jin grab a piece of paper, written there are quest report he needed for upgrading his equipment. “Well, I guess I could finish this before I take a break”

    ‘Was it because of continuous failed attempts in fixing the [Magic Tattoo]?’
    Jin feeling not in particularly in right condition, he wore his hoodie. He walk to the meeting place where he usually trained with his followers.

    ........ On the meeting place was his followers waiting for him.

    Flyx was playing a meditation music while the Kobolds were training.
    Sanie was communicating with the animals as she tries to increase her understanding to nature.
    While Bernard and Lavri has their usual spar using real weapons. Bernard keep releasing arrows to Lavri as he keep dodging and coming closer to him while holding his short sword.

    “So what do you think, master Vodka calls us for?”
    Bernard grin as leap upwards to dodge Lavri’s sword and releasing multiple arrows to Lavri.

    Lavri bends his knee and dodge as he runs forward appearing behind Bernard sending a strong kick making him flew away towards Sanie.

    “Watch out!!”
    Bernard shouted alerting Sanie and the animals.

    Sanie shouted scared as the animals run away.

    Lavri quickly runs toward them to get hold of Bernard when suddenly.

    “Be careful with your training”
    Jin appears and grab Bernard and let him down.

    He started to open his mouth to lecture the young kobolds. “Bernard at least don’t just stay still when even you grow confident always keep your guard. Lavri watch where you going to send your enemies, you may hit your allies just like this. And Sanie always stay on guard, quickly dodge when an attack comes to you” Jin inhaled and thought about retraining the basics to the Kobolds. Remembering about the dungeon of Ara seems be like a good place for training.

    “Yes Master Vodka”
    Bernard take a salute while Lavri and Sanie merely noded.

    Flyx stop playing his flute and come forward to greet Jin. “Good Day Master Vodka”

    “Good Day to you too Flyx”
    Jin nodded to Flyx. “Ok I gathered all of you to ask you guys to prepare, cause we're gonna hunt Rank C monster Lamia”

    Jin continued as he look to them. “Lamia’s are quite dangerous because they have poison and paralyze their prey when they stare at their eyes. Some have unique abilities to turn people stone but I don’t think Lamias in the Rainforest Vale are that too dangerous.
    So prepare yourself and plan some tactics. I’ll return once I finish all the mining quest. I’m gonna pass this message to Presia while I go to the Tavern”

    Jin started to walk away after seeing his followers nods.
    Jin walks towards the Frontier and exit towards Gallant Pass as he went to the Gallant Mine.
    Jin headed in daze towards the Gallant Mine arriving mysteriously there without problems.

    “Wait…. how did I arrive here?”
    Jin confusedly tilted his head while holding his chin. ‘Seems like my mind is in disarray, but luckily I arrive to my destination without problems.’

    “Oh are you adventurer came here to mine I see?” One of Miners ask him as they pass by.

    “Ah yes, I am...”

    “So what are you mining for?”

    Jin grab his head with his hand. His mind in a mess trying to remember. “Seems like Mithril and Refined Ice crystals”

    “Oh Mithril are rare and those Ice Crystals are very fragile so be careful~” the Miner start to walk away from the Gallant Mine.

    Jin silently stare at the Miner as he leave then walk inside the mine. He started to look a spot for a Mithril vein and start mining.

    “I’m getting used mining Mithril isn’t this like my 5th time?”
    Jin mumbles as he keep swinging his axe and move to different veins until he get 12 Mithrils ore.


    “I’m completed the Mithril, next is those Refined Ice Crystals, this is going to hard”
    Jin ponders for a plan, “I already mine Ice crystals but Refined one are needed to be process through alchemy. I have 1 Refined Ice crystals from my last quest but I don't want to use it.

    Should I try to use my research skills and try alchemy maybe? I can search an alchemy lab in the Aeternus City. No it’s better to let Sanie learn alchemy since she has good control in mana and quite quick in learning”
    Jin claps his hand at that idea and walk again to search Ice Crystals.


    “Ugh… my mind is hurting again ”
    Jin walk while holding his head.

    Suddenly he step onto a empty ground and fell to a deep hole. “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!”


    Jin activated his [Magic Tattoo: Flame Wings] to hover downwards and dissipate it quickly.

    “That was close call *cough bloods* I almost died falling. Wooo…. It’s freezing~”
    Jin wipe the blood on his mouth and hug his body as he notice he was deep underground. The coldest place of the Gallant Mine he ever visited.

    He sees large rocks with ice crystals more dazzling than the ice crystals (which are actually refined ones) he mine before.

    “Lucky~ their are good ones here”
    Jin smiled widely as he grab his pickaxe.
    He made sure to control his strength since they are very fragile in mining them. After several minutes he gather 5 Refined Ice crystals and headed to the exit only to get lost. Since it was already noon, Jin also ate his lunch.

    ------Day 1 of Quest [Afternoon]

    “So you called me here too?”
    Shamal tilted his head as he look to Jin.

    “Yes I’m kinda lost so hehehe”
    Jin laughs as he rub his head.

    Earlier Jin getting tired not finding the exit, used his snake whistle that Shamal given to him. It was a method to call Shamal if ever Jin lost control. But Shamal never thought this would be used in this way.

    “Sigh~ okay then since I have nothing much to do I’ll be your GPS” Shamal sighed as he led the exit. While Jin was following him and keep on chatting about his experience in the guild.

    <Aeternus City>

    ------Day 1 of Quest [Late Afternoon]

    Jin has called out Sanie from the village to come with them to the City through the portal.

    “Wow how pretty!!”
    Sanie exclaimed looking at view.

    “Yup it is really pretty~”
    Jin nodded in agreement.

    “Wait, don’t tell me it’s your first time seeing this?”
    Shamal eyes widen a bit staring at Jin.

    “Yup! All I did was do some quest and use the portal. The only place, I frequently visited is the Tavern. When I first time arrived here I only camp outside, you know I was mercenary so I’m used to sleeping like that.
    ” Jin stay silent and started to laugh. “Pfft... then I learn that I can stay at the Guild quarters when I overhear a new guy joining the guild. Ahahaha I should just ask”

    “Well, you have been in war zone for 3 years, so your head might be damaged too much”
    Shamal sighed as he headed to the North District where the Residential Area is located.

    “Can’t be help, I was always in the frontline so I took must of the damage”
    Jin says as he remembers his past.

    “That is sound interesting! Can we listen to your war stories Master Vodka”
    Sanie said as her eyes sparkle to Jin in anticipation.

    "Of course! I’m taking a break after this quest, so I got a lot time”
    Jin smiles as he patted Sanie’s head.

    They followed Shamal they headed Northern District of the City to the residential area.


    “Were here...”
    Shamal pointed to an old house

    An old woman appeared carrying watering can. She was startled seeing strangers outside his door but continued watering her plants as she started to speak. “What do you guys need to this old lady?”

    ‘Maybe this old lady knows alchemy?’
    Jin silently stares at Shamal for confirmation as seeing him nod, Jin quickly answers. “I’m Jin Vodka an adventurer, this little girl Kobold here is Sanie my follower and the other guy beside me is Shamal. We're here to I ask if you know alchemy?”

    “My name is Alcea, Oh where did you hear that? Well I know a bit of alchemy when I was still young but I have already retired from it” the old woman look at Jin.

    “Well... can you teach this little girl Kobold? She has quite good mana control and listen diligently. I would pay you for it”
    Jin nudge Sanie who was hiding behind him.

    “Umm, hello Madam Alcea”
    Sanie nodded as she blushed.

    "What a cute Kobold child, you can call me Granny Alcea.” Alcea patted Sanie head making her giggle and the look to Jin. “hmm… well I got a lot of free time so I can teach her, guess I will make her my apprentice."

    “OH!! Thank you very much, I am forever grateful.”
    Jin bowed and raise head, “About the pay-”

    “No don’t worry about it, my life was saved by the adventurers when the dragon attack the old city. This is the only thing I can do to repay them” Alcea bowed.

    “But I’m only a newbie and I’m not even adventurer at that time”
    Jin wave his hands.

    “Don’t worry helping the new adventurers will ensure the safety of the Aeternus City besides” Alcea smiled widely, “This old lady is quite lonely, so having this cute little girl as my apprentice will make me happy”

    “I understand, but if I will engrave this is my heart and return this favor”
    Jin kneels down in one knee and put his fist on his heart to make a vow.

    “Oh~ so you were a knight! Hahaha even at this age I still see pretty interesting stuff” Alcea smiled and patted Jin’s shoulder. “Thank you, young knight”

    “It’s my honor, then we're leaving Sanie here”
    Jin raised his body and bowed. He then look to Sanie and patted her head. “Study hard Sanie, I believe in your talent”

    “Yes!! I will do my best”
    Sanie smiled as her tails wags.

    “I almost forgot, do you also refine crystals? I have 5 ice crystals.”

    “Wait… aren’t those 5 Refined Ice Crystals? You don’t need to refined one. Refined Ice Crystals can be found on deep underground of Gallant Mine” Alcea said as he expects each crystals and give it back to Jin.

    “Eh eh? But the word refined is eh?”
    Jin was confused, suddenly his stomach is growling as the sun sets.

    “Hahaha, Why don’t you guys rest for now. Let’s have some dinner and you could sleep here.”

    “Oh!! Thanks that would be great. Sanie please send message to to Bernard and others that we would be delayed.”

    Sanie use her [Animal Handling] and called out a dove as she give it a piece of paper with message to send to Bernard.

    “Then, welcome to my home…. I would like to hear your adventures” Alcea bowed.

    “Yes, I would gladly tell the stories”
    Jin smiled as he and Shamal enter Alcea’s house to have dinner and rest for the night.

    ------Day 2 of Quest [Morning]

    “Well good for you then, we’re going now”
    Shamal leaves while dragging Jin

    “Bye Sanie!! I come back later”
    Jin wave his hand finally recovering from shock.

    Jin and Shamal leave as Alcea guided Sanie to her house to start the alchemy apprenticeship.

    <Desert Mine>

    ------Day 2 of Quest [Morning]

    Jin was guided Shamal without problems to the Desert Mine to start mining. They walk around for Mithril veins and Jin started mining again.

    As Jin dig up some Mithril ores, Shamal has nothing to do so he keep on finding ways to entertain himself. He start doing push up with one finger, meditate seriously he started to float and the lastly he start playing a horrendous flute music as he let his black snakes dance.

    “Hey!! I’m trying to concentrate here”
    Jin shouted irritated by the tone deaf flute.

    “I’m bored”
    Shamal said as he yawned.

    “Then find me some Orichalcum for me while I’m mining the Mithril”

    Shamal raise his body and let his black snakes fall to the ground. They crawl to the ground and search to the Orichalcum. He close his eyes to concentrate searching one.

    ------Day 2 of Quest [Afternoon]

    “Finally done~”
    Jin wipes his sweat as he gathered 12 Mithril Ore. “Shamal have you found some Orichalchum ore?”

    “Yes, follow me”
    Shamal still his eyes close walks towards deeper to the mine as Jin followed him.


    They have arrived to deep the mine seeing Orichalcum Veins and just near it are black snakes hissing towards them.

    “Nice! Thanks Shamal, I’m going to start mining then”
    Jin readied his pickaxe and swing it to start mining.

    Shamal seated on the floor cross legged and close his eyes as he meditate but opens his mouth suddenly. “So how are you feeling?”

    Jin responded as he keep on mining

    “You didn’t call me just to guide right, having problems?”
    Shamal opens his eyes and stared to Jin.

    “That’s…. I will be honest to you”
    Jin went swallowed a large breath as he keeps mining. “It think my body is beyond recovery”

    Shamal close his eyes again as he listens.

    “The purity pill did heal my mana circle but every time I used [Magic Tattoo] it still keeps on getting into a messed. No matter how many time I try to fix it, I always fail and finally found the reason”
    Jin bit his lips as he talk, “My body has been greatly affected now and damage is great that it would hard to heal. No perhaps there is no hope anymore”

    “Then why don’t you just accept death then, you know you can always be--”

    “No I don’t want that!! I want to stay human!! So stop talking about!! No matter what I won’t become!!”
    Jin shouted in anger as he close his eyes remembering bad memories.

    “ one knows what fate entails”
    Shamal stands up a grab Jin collar as he push him to the wall. “You know your pride as a human will bring nothing but troubles”

    “.....I want to stay this way. If anything happens I will find a solution.”
    Jin glared back to Shamal with determination.

    “So be it....”
    Shamal let go of Jin, “You already mine 12 Orichalcum Ore so we're done here”

    “Oh you're right, wait I’m gonna pick it up”
    Jin put the ores to his item box as he chased Shamal backs.


    Shamal walk to the exit his face emotionless as Jin followed him silently.

    “So where are we going next?”
    Shamal walks to the entrance of the Desert Mine

    “We're going to North Volcano, we only need to ride an Airship from the Aeternus City. Might as well take Presia with us while at it”
    Jin said then suddenly notice something.

    Sandworms suddenly come below from the sand as it leap above.
    Shamal stood still emotionless while Jin eyes sparkles.

    “LUCKY!! Sandworms!! so I can just find it near to the desert mine!! Guess it going easy to find during next quest”
    Jin stared in awe to the sandworm as he return to the sand.

    Shamal just grab Jin and drag him away to tired to retort.
    <Aeternus Guild>

    ------Day 2 of Quest [Night]

    Jin shouted as he waves his hand to the Presia.

    “Master Vodka”
    Presia smiled to him as she skips wearing a maid outfit. “I have daughter!!”

    “What!!! Wait a minute! How is that possible!?”
    Jin looks toward her worried, he remember that Presia told him Flyx is just her friend and acts as a husband due to men problems in the far east since their last talk.

    “Kynn is called me mom when she hatch, so now she's my daughter”
    Presia wiggles in happiness forgetting the accident with a certain cat. She excitedly narrated the story and describe Kynn new appearance.

    “Oh~ Kynn finally hatch good for you I guess…”
    Jin was confuse and just decided to ignore it.

    Suddenly Presia notice Shamal and was scared as she hide behind Jin.

    “What’s wrong?”
    Jin titled his head at seeing Presia shivering.

    “Ah, it seems like what I did to her before scared her”
    Shamal shrugs his shoulder.

    “Wait what did you do?”
    Jin tilted his head.

    “Well, I just blow on her ear at the time your coma”

    “You what!?”
    Jin glared at Shamal.

    “Can help, she looks sad so I thought to distract her never thought it would have this great impact”

    “Let’s just stop talking about this!! Why are there many shameless guys!? Only Master Vodka and Mister Razogul are decent”
    Presia shouted as she blushed hard.

    Jin titled his head.

    “Sigh~ it is already midnight. Why don’t we rest for now? I heard you can borrow a room in the guild. We can rest there for now”
    Shamal waited for Jin to lead the way while Presia was hiding behind him away from Shamal.

    Jin lead them in front of the main building of the guild, where an Inn allowed Adventurers rest there without payment due to being affiliated to the Guild.

    They decided to sleep, Presia reluctantly accept to sleep in the bed while the two men sleep on the chairs.

    <Aeternus City: Inn>

    ------Day 3 of Quest [Early Morning]

    Jin opened the curtains making the sunlight awaking the two sleeping people.

    “Morning everyone!!! Let’s go to North Volcano to fish some Lava fish”
    Jin smiles and laugh as he watches Presia and Shamal.

    “I need more minute please~”
    Presia covers her face with the pillow.

    “Ugh… my eyes”
    Shamal rubs his aching eyes from the sudden sunlight.

    “Hey!! I have done my 3 hour regular training! And even did a 2 hour study… so it’s already time to wake up”
    Jin pulled the blanket of Presia.

    “Geez, you're talking like my father”
    Presia pouted as she tried to stand up with her hair in a mess.

    Shamal tilted his head.

    “It is nothing!! let’s go now~”
    Jin drag the two to the airship.

    <North Volcano>

    ------Day 3 of Quest [Morning]

    The reach their destination and went deeper to the flowing lava where they can find some Lava fish.

    “Geez, it to hot~”
    Presia fans herself and fan with her free hand to Jin.

    “Thanks Presia, so Shamal can you find some Lava Fish?”
    Jin stared at the lava.

    “Why do I feel like a multipurpose device, anyway”
    Shamal raise his right arms as he let his black snake fall to the magma. The snakes started to go deeper as Shamal closes his eye. “They are deep in the Lava”

    “Can you tell me the coordinates?”
    Jin grab a hard rock.

    “N8,E4 from where I’m standing”

    “Okay then!!”
    Jin nodded and gathers all his strength in throwing the hard rock to the coordinates.


    The rock hit the lava with great force it makes a wave and hit something. A lava fish started to float above. It has rock like scales with lava flowing between it’s scales. It seem it has a lump on it’s head from the rock thrown.

    “Nice! Presia can you grab it with your whip”
    Jin smiles to Presia.

    “Geez, Master Vodka my whip will get burned”
    Presia pouted, “Oh well, I guess I’ll just try to use the wind pressure to catch it.” Presia rotated her whip as she gather a lot of wind and strike pressure next to Lava Fish making it float above and grab it mid-air.

    “Done, fufufu… NYAA!!! wait my whip burning!”
    Presia with a panic face, drop the Lava fish in front to Jin and waves his whip on the ground to take out the fire.

    “So we have to do this 4 more times?”
    Shamal look to Jin.


    “Geez, craft me a new whip alright~”
    Presia pouted as she stares at Jin.

    “Ok ok~”
    Jin patted Presia.

    Shamal stared silently for couple of seconds, “Why do I feel something happened between you two?”

    “Oh my, fufufu you wanted to hear it? Master Vodka is quite similar to my father and then---”
    Before Presia continue, her mouth were covered by Jin’s hand.

    “What are you talking!! Don’t talk that about anyone!!”

    “Wow…. fatherzone?”

    “Oi~ stop it, why don’t we just continue!!”
    Jin angrily shouted as Presia smiles enjoying teasing him.

    They repeated the method of catching Lava Fish until they completely gather 5.

    “Were done here, let’s gather and plan how to gather Lamia Scale”
    Jin put the Lava Fish on his [item box] and started to walk back to the airship together with Presia and Shamal to head back at the Aeternus City.
    <Aeternus City>

    ------Day 3 of Quest [Noon]

    “Presia you go back to the Frontier through the portal and call the others to gather in the Tavern. Meanwhile me and Shamal will get Sanie in Alcea’s house. Let’s meet up on the Airship towards Rainforest Vale”

    “Ok then~ fufufu”
    Presia smiled as she enters the Portal to the Frontier.

    “Let’s go Shamal”
    Jin went forward.

    “Wait.. not that way, let me go ahead”
    Shamal went in front Jin and lead the way.


    Jin was wearing his full body armor and was waiting next to the boarding station of the Airship together with Sanie and Shamal.

    “We’re here!!!”
    Presia waves her hand as she is followed by Lavri, Bernard and Flyx.

    "Why don't we check the Guild Tavern first if anything is new"
    Jin was with his follower to check the Guild.

    Before they board the Airship, they decided to rest in Tavern for awhile. Luckily, the Guild Dark Merchant Stall opens for the new items from the last raid. Jin order some stuff using his Raid rewards and give the rest to Presia to spend.

    Jin and his followers together with Shamal ride the Airship to Rainforest Dale.

    <Rainforest Vale: Oakenlake Kingdom>

    ------Day 4 of Quest [Afternoon]

    The Airship safely landed on the Oakenlake Kingdom.

    “Wow so beautiful!! I really like this place!!”
    Sanie tail wag excitedly since she was a druid.

    “Oh elves~ many pretty elves first time seeing one~”
    Bernard pointed the elves that he sees like a kid.

    *smack* Lavri hit Bernard head, “It is rude to point to people”

    “Oh my~ I like their clothes! What if I can make variations of this and make a pairing of clothes with Kynn!!”
    Presia hold her hands as her eyes sparkle.

    “Oh~ the scenery inspires me play a elven song~”
    Flyx grab his flute and start playing. The elves heard the music and give a applause.

    *cough cough* Jin face blush from the applause even if he was not the one being stared at. “Let’s go already!! Towards the Serpent Delta, lead the way Shamal”

    “........well then”
    Shamal move forward to head south of the Oakenlake Kingdom towards Serpent Delta while the other followed.

    Still Flyx was continuing playing his flute. As the others looks excitedly to the Elven scenery they passes. Jin could only pull his hoodie to hide his face due to embarrassment.

    <Rainforest Vale: Path towards Serpent Delta>

    ------Day 4 of Quest [Late Noon]

    “Why don’t we check if everyone is prepared?”
    Jin looks at the river in the Forest which lead to Serpent Dale.

    “We’re ready!!!”
    the young Kobolds shouted while raising their hands except Lavri whose hand was raised by Bernard.

    “I do my best to use the most suited music”
    Flyx said before continuing playing the flute.

    *nod* Presia absentmindedly response as she was busy thinking something.

    I's good then, anyway….”
    Jin suddenly notices something inside a tree.

    There was something moving in the hollow of a large tree. Jin raise his right hand to the others as he move slowly to the hollow.
    He started to take out the moss and leaves in the Tree hollow to see what’s inside it.

    “What the?”
    Jin was shocked on what he see. A small child around 8 years old perhaps with lavender hair with 4 weird squid-like tentacles.

    The others just wondering what’s Jin found when suddenly they heard a yawn.
    The child open it’s eyes as it starts to Jin. Suddenly it widen and sparkles appeared on his golden colored Iris.
    “MOTHER!!!” the child shouted as it leap to Jin hugging him with the 4 tentacle hairs.

    Jin shouted angrily as he try to push the child away, ‘Damn it Presia just said I was like her father, now this kid calls me Mother. I’m 23!!’

    “Oh my!! Congrats I guess fufufu”
    Presia clap her hand teasing Jin.

    “It’s not congrats!! This kid is drooling on me someone pull him!!”
    Jin voice was irritated as he tried to pull the child away but the tentacles hold are pretty firm.

    “Let us help”
    Bernard and Lavri runs towards Jin and tried their best to pull it away.
    Bernard and Lavri falls to the ground together with the child. “Ugh….”

    “Sigh~ that was something”

    “Oh my~ it looks his sleeping”
    Presia poke the cheeks of the child.

    “Master Vodka? What kind of creature is this? It look strange….”
    Sanie said as she touch the tentacle with her staff.

    “I don’t know never seen one”
    Jin looks towards to Shamal who just staring intensely to the child, “Do you know Shamal?”

    Shamal didn’t react quickly for couple of seconds but shake his head afterwards, “Nope”

    “Well, it’s dangerous to leave this child alone here, but who will carry it?”
    Jin looks at the Kobolds but their heights are exactly similar to the child it so it's out of the question. While Flyx has low strength and stamina, he then move his gaze to Presia.

    “Aren’t you the mother? You should take care of it, fufufu”
    Presia giggles.

    “I AM A MAN”
    Jin retorted and stared at Shamal, “Shamal? I need to fight Lamias so...”

    “You're gonna fight after all, I’ll carry him”
    Shamal carried the child in his back and it’s tentacles cling on him while it stay asleep.

    “What are we going call him for now?”
    Presia looks to Jin.

    “Okay~ I get”
    Jin stared at the child and seeing to his color thought of a certain flower, “Hmm… how about Iris?”

    “Sound girly… isn’t he a boy”
    Bernard played with the tentacles but was smack by Lavri to stop touching it.

    “Well Neomarica Iris then, so either Neo or Iris”
    Jin compromise.

    “What an amazing name!”
    Sanie shows admiration to Jin.

    “We can call him that, until we heard his real name”
    Presia clap her hand

    “Quite long for a child you just meet”
    Shamal commented and move forward to leading the path.

    They rest for the night and make a camp since dinner has arrived.

    ------Day 4 of Quest [Night]

    Shamal suddenly notices something when he went to scout the place before sleeping. He kneels down as he move the leaves and touch the ground. “This are Lamia's tracks, we entered their hunting ground”

    Jin hurriedly called out to the other as he wear his armor, “Lavri, Bernard go to the high ground and scout the area. Flyx turn down the music and Sanie used your druidcraft to check if anything is around us. Presia be on guard stay close to me”

    er” Bernard saluted and leap above towards the trees while Lavri slowly disappears.

    Sanie close her eyes as she concentrate in holding here staff to communicate with nature. “Lamia are hiding behind the trees about 3 to the south and 4 to the east”

    “So we are surrounded huh, Presia watch my back”
    Jin readied his shield as he guard Flyx and Sanie.

    “Fufufu, alright~”
    Presia smiles as she grab her 2 fans and take her stance.


    “Hehehe look~ easy meal”
    “The children looks delicious to eat”
    “We can capture the 2 males hehehe”
    “Just kill the cat lady”
    “Then shall we hunt our prey”


    The grass rustles as 7 Lamias surrounds them from all directions.
    Jin inhale and uses his [Taunting Skills] shouting curses to the Lamia. It gathered the aggro to him.

    Flyx started playing a [Spell Song]

    [SPELLSONG is used: All allies in the area will increase their fighting spirit, Mana regeneration increases, Stamina regeneration increases, Small Recovery is applied to all allies]​

    Presia quickly dance around the 3 Lamia gathered Jin and aim her blades on their necks.
    Lavri drops to the ground for [Sneak Attack] using his shortsword to one of the Lamia.
    Bernard aim his arrows and use [Rapid Shot] and [Multi Shot] on all 7 Lamias

    The Lamia scale we’re hard that their attacks didn’t work. Lamia started to attack them.

    “DON’T MOVE!!”
    Jin used his [Devitalizing Howl] and swing his axe to the Lamia in front decapitating it. “Team up, you can’t kill alone. Bernard aim to their eyes and cover your allies. Lavri aim to the spot where there are no scales but be careful. Sanie try to restrain them with vines. Presia keep distracting them with your whip and fan”

    Jin uses [Battle Howl] which energizes party members increases physical damage.

    Two Lamia getting irritated by the music of Flyx prepare to lunge on him with their poison fangs. Jin quickly uses [Shield Charge] to push the other one while Presia bind it with her whip.

    “Oh Nature here my voice and restrict my enemies”
    Sanie used her [Druicraft] to bind the remaining Lamias.

    Jin give a large swing to abdomen of the Lamia killing.
    The other Lamia bind by Presia was hit by arrows in the eyes by Bernard as Lavri quickly appears and stab right through the heart.

    One Lamia escape the vine bind and leap above towards Bernard. It quickly wrap Bernard to it’s tail and drop him to the ground. The lamia started coil around him and choking him.

    Lavri run over but he was block by another Lamia and was hit by it’s tail with strong force.

    Lavri flew towards the tree as he spits some blood.

    “Brother!! Lavri!!!”
    Sanie was distracted and a Lamia approaches her.

    Presia runs over to Bernard and strangle the neck of the Lamia with her whip before it could bite him.
    Jin quickly rush over to Sanie and charge with his shield to the Lamia stunning it. Then he then proceed to aim the tip of his axe and stab it.

    Seeing that Presia was strangling the Lamia making Bernard escape safely. He quickly gather all his strength to the tip of his axe throw it to the Lamia close to Lavri.


    The force was so strong that the Lamia was flew away and pinned dead to the tree.
    The left 2 Lamias scared at that sight decided to retreat. They destroy the vine binding them and went to help the Lamia being strangled by Presia.

    Bernard quickly release his arrows but the Lamia dodges it with ease.
    Sanie gathered her vine once more to block their path but the 2 Lamia leap above as they went to strike Presia.

    Jin rotates his shield and throw it to the the other Lamia while he swiftly grabs his axe and fling it to the other one.
    Jin step on the Lamia close to him stabbing it’s heart. He then glared to the remaining 2 Lamias who went pale.

    “Monster….” “Run away!!” The two Lamia scream as they hiss and escape.


    Jin carried Lavri while Presia carried Bernard to Sanie to heal them.

    Sanie chanted a healing spell as she heals the two kobolds.

    Presia sit on the ground as she try to recover. “Fuuu…. That was tiring~”

    “Good Job”
    Shamal arrived holding Iris and patted Jin’s shoulder.

    “Sigh~ but it was still a close call”
    Jin grew angry to himself at letting the two Kobolds get harmed. He bite his lips as he clench his hand. If only he could use his [Magic Tattoo] properly then he could easily kill all the Lamia. He become confident since he became rank C but his [Magic Tattoo] is not getting fix and his body is even taking a toll with it. ‘I need to be stronger’

    “Well I'll start gathering the Scale of the 5 Lamias”
    Jin walk to the dead Lamias and start dismantling the scales and putting it to the 5 Lamia Scale to his [Item box]

    “I’m done, let's camp for the night”
    Jin look at his tired followers and nod to Shamal they prepare to rest.

    ------Day 4 of Quest [Midnight]

    Suddenly the forest shakes as the birds scatter away.

    “What is happening?”

    “Something feels wrong….”
    Presia was startled as her fur raised up.

    “....scent of blood”
    Lavri blocks his nose as he was carried by Flyx.

    “...*cough cough* Look there”
    Bernard pointed to a large tree.

    There was a large monsters circling around the large tree. As they observe it they notice it was like a Lamia but having 4 meter female upper body. It has six arms holding variety weapons. In it’s mouth are the 2 Lamias sticking out as she chew with while grinning at them. Blood and flesh flows down on it mouth to ground.

    “Uwaaahh!!” Sanie face falls on the ground scared. Bernard and Lavri was being carried so they could only grit their teeth feeling powerless. While, Flyx stood still unable to move.

    “A mutated Lamia?”
    Presia look seriously as she take her stance.

    “No this something else”
    Jin grows serious as he hold his axe and shield.

    Shamal mutter this words as his face grows grim.

    “Delicious, so many strong prey fitting for my taste” the Marilith grin evilly as the half body and head of the two Lamias fall down from her mouth to the ground. She started to slowly crawl down the tree and suddenly leap in front of Shamal’s face.

    Shamal throws Iris to Jin as the Lamia hold his face.

    “What a good find~ a demon snake perfect to be my mate” the Marilith hold Shamal chin and approach to give a kiss.
    Shamal tries to move away but his body was hold tightly by the six arms. He gather all his strength to move a bit, making his face avoid the Marilith's Kiss. But the corner of his lips were still touch as he start to petrify into a stone.

    “Quite hard to get~ but no matter I’ll tame you once I finish eating my meal~” the Marilith lick her lips as stroke Shamal face before looking at Jin and others.

    “Tche… Listen to me Presia you guys return to the Guild first. Here is my [Item Box] inside of it is the quest items and quest report. I have completed writing it during our rest, please submit this to Hikari and tell her that you will keep my [Item Box] for now”
    Jin readied his shield and axe as he look eye to eye to the Marilith.

    “But!! You have not properly rest yet”
    Presia worriedly ask.

    “Master Vodka!! We''ll do our best to assist you”
    Sanie shouted but her face was filled with fear.

    “Don’t worry! I had fight for 1 days without sleep and food during a war, I’ll survive now go!!”
    Jin said his voice carrying strong force, seeing that they are stil hesitating he angrily shouted. “Listen to my command!!”

    Flyx nods as he carry Iris and let Presia hold Bernard and Lavri. As he make a haste tone for speed buff. The two girls hesitated before following Flyx as the hurriedly escaped.

    “Oh no deary~ my meals should stay put~” the Marilith blocks the path with her tail but Jin appears on her face striking it. “Now now, what a naughty beetle”

    “Your opponent is me!!”
    Jin gathered his strength to his left arm his [Magic Tattoo] glowing. The Marilith was push back a bit as blood flows to it’s mouth.

    Presia and the others take this chance to escape.

    “You bastard~ now you let my meal go away” the Marilith tilt it’s head in anger as she wipe the blood on her mouth.

    “I’m honored for your praise”
    Jin pointed his axe to the Marilith, “I’m Jin Vodka, an adventure. What is your name?”

    “Oh~ you want to know the my name before you die? Very well then I’m Elapidae, you insignificant beetle” She hold her chin high while looking down to Jin. “I’ll devour you fast, so I can catch the others”

    “Well I don’t think you have any qualifications to kill me”
    Jin said in mocking tone as he grin inside his helmet. The red crystals on his helm grow redder.

    The fight between the Marilith and Former Knight begins.


    “Presia, I’m going to assist Jin”
    Flyx said seriously as he leap behind Presia and attach Iris to her back.

    “Wait!! It's dangerous”
    Presia carrying 2 young Kobolds on her armpit. Was worried that Iris will fall but his tentacles hold her so he was in peace still sleeping.

    “Wait Flyx!!”
    Sanie tried to stop Flyx but his too quick that he disappears from their sight.

    “Muuu!! Idiot Flyx”
    Presia pouted as she gather her strength to carry the 3 children. “Let’s go Sanie, well just be a hinder and additionally we have 3 people who can't fight”

    “Ah.. yes”
    Sanie followed Presia as she look back worried.


    Flyx was shocked when he arrived to the scene he sees the two battle with great strength. What was amazing was that even though the Marilith has 6 arms, Jin was still able to block the blades. But still Jin was busy blocking so the fight was stand still as the one is attacking and the other in defending.

    “Beautiful!! Wonderfull!! Truly this is the best piece of art”
    Flyx grin as his eyes glued to the fight he grab his baton to start playing the [Spell Song]

    The two clashes their shield and weapon.
    Jin was like an unmovable fortress never receiving any damage which makes the fight still longer.
    Elapidae was pissed off since her eyes has no effect to Jin due to his [Brave Heart] negating fear statuses.

    Clashes and clashes of sword and shield as they create havoc to the forest.
    Luckily the forest heals itself as the Marilith keep swinging her 6 swords.

    ------Day 5 of Quest [Noon]

    “JUST DIE ALREADY!!” Elapidae angrily shouted as no matter what she do, Jin was still being damage as lesser rate and able to stand.

    Morning has already pass by as the night approaches the battle still ongoing and never seems to end.

    ------Day 5 of Quest [Late Noon]

    Jin was in daze, his body is tired as he let his instinct reacts to the attacks.
    But the fatigue finally reach them as Jin was able to cut one of Elapidae arm. But Jin was unable to block the tail attack, making him push back. Luckily his armor was still intact with only small cracks but he still he spits blood from the impact.

    *cough cough*
    Jin was in daze, he starts losing consciousness as something whispers to his soul.

    「I applaud you for your tenancy and pride young child
    To never kneel down to death or seek help from others
    I one of Devil of Sins: Stolz has taken interested on you」

    Jin suddenly enters to the state of emptiness and feel unconscious as cold air was release on him. Dark blue aura gather around him as his armor turned to black covered with ice. The eyes in his helm turned from red to blue. Cold Wings sprouted on his back unlike his [Flame Wings] before. As his [Magic Tattoo] glows blue as blood leaks out to his helm and armor.

    “You!! What is happening!!” Elapidae shouted as she sense the threat and fear.

    「As expected by the body Gnev badly wanted…. It can withstand my possession」

    “Curse you!! Beetle!!” Elapidae swing her blades to Jin.

    Jin no.... Stolz open his arm and release a wide area [Freezing Field] which make Elapidae freeze. He started to open mouth muttering weird words.

    「Even rocks crack, I'm telling you, and not on account of age.
    For years they lie on their backs in the heat and the cold,
    so many years, it almost creates the illusion of calm.
    They don't move, so the cracks stay hidden. A kind of pride.
    Years pass over them as they wait.
    Whoever is going to shatter them hasn't come yet.
    And so the moss flourishes, the seaweed whips around,
    the sea bursts forth and rolls back -- and still, they seem motionless,
    Till a little seal comes to rub up against the rocks, comes and goes.
    And suddenly the rock has an open wound.
    I told you when rocks crack, it comes as a surprise.
    All the more so, people.

    What a fitting poem for this child--」

    Elapidae’s bodies started to freeze as the ice surround her and shouted as she take Stolz attention back to her, “No stop spare me!!”

    「A lower demon like you has no right to interfere with my monologue」

    Stolz grab the freezing face of Elapidae as his wings hover them above.

    The sun sets as the night arrives making the scene beautiful.
    Cold air and blood was release to the gaps of Jin's bevor as the eyes glows blue as the night approaches.

    「Think of this an honor to be the first one to be killed by this Great me」

    Stolz lightly grip Elapidae face which was filled with fear as the Ice covered her.
    The cracks started to appear on her face as Stolz let go.
    Suddenly the Ice broken into pieces together with the body of Elapidae making her nothing but Ice dust.

    Stolz look at Flyx who was observing him and reach his hand making multiple [Ice Spears] towards the poor Catsith.

    “ *cough cough* I’m too late”
    Shamal approaches behind as the petrification disappears since Elapidae is dead. He suddenly slices himself and let the blood flow making it into black snakes.

    「Why do I feel like you're quite familiar?」

    “ [Constrict] ”
    Shamal commanded his snakes toward Jin’s body making a ball of prison.

    「Interesting skill, The poison is quite potent….
    Oh well, I’ll let this body rest for now
    But except for some surprises」

    The voice was creepy as the eyes glows blue before it was fully covered by the Black Snakes.

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