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    Task: Weird Flowers!
    Requester: Lyra, The Alchemist
    Quest rank: E
    Rewards: 9 Large Copper Coins
    Description: Some weird rumors reached my ears recently... To the south of Doylors, near the coast, an unusually large amount of very colorful flowers started growing... Ain't that like, super weird? I mean, bunch of flowers growing right next to the sea? And out of nowhere like that? It's so weird, so mysterious~
    Go there and fetch some of those to me, of as many different colors as you can! I'll give you some extra rewards if you can find out anything else that is unusual about the region~

    Once Zinc was approved to take on the quest given by Lyra the Alchemist, he walked up to the map of Ternus and tried to gauge the distance needed to go from the guild straight to the coast south of Doylors. After some proportional measurements, Zinc deduced that there was about 300 kilometers between the two locations. It will take him about 40 hours straight if he walked at a brisk pace. Maybe longer with the mountain range in the way.

    After confirming his plan, he quickly left the guild and headed straight for the southern coast. He walked about at a leisure pace and as he crossed the mountains, he stopped here and there to pick up some herbs like mint leaves and wild roots. He had only traveled for 70 km before calling it a day. For dinner, he found a few insects and fruit to stave off hunger. Afterwards, he slept on top of a tree in order to stay clear of any predators that prowl in the night. During the night, he woke up to the sounds of rustling. Looking down, he spotted a pack of wolves walking past his tree. Luckily, they didn’t look up or things would’ve gotten hairy.

    The next day was uneventful as he picked up his pace and traveled for 90 km. There were a few travelers along the path as well as some harmless animals on the side, but the young doctor had not come across any hostiles thus far. There were tracks of the wolf pack from last night along the path he had taken, but there was no wolf in sight. Zinc knelt down and examined the prints. Judging from the depth and number of the prints, there seemed to be around five or six wolves in the pack. The wolves seemed to have recently passed through here. However, on the third day, something happened. Halfway through his trek, he encountered a goblin party. Luckily, the goblins were enjoying a meal by the fire and didn’t see Zinc. The dwelf crouched down and hid behind some bushes.

    He didn’t have time to personally deal with the goblins, but he wanted to test out something he had recently created. Zinc reached into his utility belt and fished out a small rotect jar. In it was the wolf lure he had produced a couple of days back. Carefully unscrewing the lid, Zinc deftly threw the jar towards the goblin camp. The jar flew towards a small goblin totem, pushing against the banner, and dropped silently into a bag next to one of the goblins. What a lucky throw! The goblin looked up as if he had heard something but after glancing about for a bit, he went back to his meal.

    Suddenly, a howl erupted in the distance. The goblins shudder in panic and jumped up. Some grabbed their weapons while others slumped down and covered their heads. The goblin with the bag rose up and slung his bag over his shoulder. With a few incantations, the goblin summoned a ball of fire which floated gently atop of his hand.

    “So this bastard is a goblin mage, eh?” Zinc muttered under his breath. “Let’s see how you fare against a pack of wolves.”

    Right after the dwelf finished speaking, two wolves pounced out from some tall grass and landed in the middle of the camp. Immediately, chaos ensued as the two wolves started tearing throats. The goblins fought back but three more wolves appeared. It seemed as if the goblins would perish any time soon when a fiery ball smashed into one of the wolves, setting it on fire. In a matter of minutes, the wolf perished and transformed into a burnt crisp. Zinc had forgotten about the goblin mage! The goblin mage continued to launch fireballs at the wolves. And it was killing them off until their leader - the alpha wolf - leaped out and swatted away a fireball.

    The alpha wolf charged towards the goblin mage and, before the goblin mage could chant another fireball spell, tackled down the goblin mage and tore off a chunk of flesh. As to what happened afterwards, Zinc was not there to see as he had quietly snuck away. Zinc hastened his pace and rushed towards the southern coast, making sure to put as far a distance as he can between him and the crazy wolves.

    After a couple of hours of running, Zinc finally stopped to take a break. He looked up at the darkening sky and decided to set up camp and rest for the day. As usual, he climbed up a tree in order to prevent any unwanted encounters with nocturnal predators. Before he went to sleep, he calculated how many kilometers he had left before he reached his destination. Today, he had traveled for about 120 km. According to his calculations, he still had about 20 km left before he reached the coast. The following day, Zinc got up early and rushed towards the destination. Upon arriving, he saw a blanket of colorful flowers. There were seven different colors…the colors of the rainbow.

    “Lyra was right. How can these flowers grow even in the sandy beach? On the grass field next to the beach is understandable but on the beach itself? How?” Zinc muttered as he surveyed the abnormalities.

    Zinc tossed the thought to the back of his mind as he began picking the flowers. However, just as he pulled out the first flower, he found something strange about it. There weren’t any roots! Or rather, there was one root…a single, straight root attached to the end of the stem. Suddenly, the root started to move and a sizzling sound could be heard as smoke emitted from the root. This unusual disturbance caused Zinc to yelp out as he dropped the ‘flower’. The weird ‘flower’ wriggled a bit more before it drilled into the ground again. The ‘flower’ was alive! Not ‘alive’ like other plants but ‘alive’ like an animal!

    Zinc looked at the rest of the flowers. They colored the coast like a colorful blanket. Could it be that all these tens of thousands of ‘flowers’ aren’t flowers at all but some sort of worm-like creatures? Were they dangerous? He did not want to find out personally. Zinc rubbed his beard a couple of times before wondering…could these worms be used for medicine? Nevertheless, he should grab some more and study them at leisure once he return to the guild. As he thought about picking up another ‘flower’, he remembered that the worm started to smoke soon after it was plucked out from the ground. Zinc looked up and stared at the afternoon sun. Could it be the sun? Were these worms weak against the sun? It can’t be…but he didn’t want to take any chances.

    Zinc reached into his bag and pulled out a large rotect jar as well as some bandages. He wrapped the bandages around the rotect jar to prevent any light from seeping through. Quickly, he started stuffing the ‘flowers’ into the jar. By the time he had filled the jar to the brim, there were around ten ‘flowers’ of each color. He, then, proceeded to do the same for another jar. This was for his research. After he finished gathering the ‘flowers’, he immediately rushed back. Along the way, he encountered the goblin camp once more. There were bodies everywhere. After a quick body count, Zinc noticed that the alpha wolf was missing. Searching the vicinity led him to a bloody trail. Judging by the markings and the blood, it seemed that the alpha wolf was heavily wounded and limping.

    Stroking his beard, Zinc decided to chase after the alpha wolf. Following the blood trail northeast, he traveled a couple of miles until he saw a large cave. Next to the cave was the lifeless body of the alpha wolf. Another large wolf was tearing at the alpha wolf’s neck while a wolf cub whined by its feet. Suddenly the large wolf howled and lunged at the wolf cub. With a powerful snap of its mouth, the large wolf tore the wolf cub in half. Then, the large wolf ran into the cave and sounds of fighting ensued. Howls, barks, and yips could be heard until silence finally took over once more. When the large wolf walked out again, another wolf cub was dangling in its mouth. The large wolf spat it out and howled again.

    Zinc finally realized what was going on…this was a change in leadership in the wolf pack’s social hierarchy. It seemed that when the alpha wolf died, a beta wolf had taken its place. And to ensure its safety, the newly promoted alpha wolf killed the previous alpha wolf’s offspring. Zinc shook his head as he saw the large wolf saunter back into the cave. As he was just about to leave, he heard a small whimper. Turning around, he saw that one of the wolf cubs was still alive. Zinc quickly tip-toed over and cradled the wolf cub in his arms. Without looking back, the doctor hurried back to the goblin camp. Along the way, Zinc deftly applied some first-aid on the wolf cub and fed it a few drops of his health potion.

    At the goblin camp, Zinc looted the bodies and found 4 Large Copper Coins. For good measure, Zinc also pulled out some wolf hearts, wolf livers, wolf fat, and wolf teeth. After storing them in separate rotect jars, Zinc lifted the heavy backpack and rushed home. During the day, he would travel and hunt wild animals. During the night, he would feed the wolf cub and heal its wounds. After two days, the wolf cub was back on its feet and as strong as a bull. During that time, the wolf cub had taken a liking to Zinc and regarded him as its father. By the time they arrived back at the guild, the wolf cub had even grown a couple of centimeters.

    1. The weird flowers Zinc found had seven colors – the colors of the rainbow and he had managed to bring back 10 flowers of each color for a total of 70 flowers.
    2. The weird flower was not a flower but rather some sort of worm with a weakness to sunlight and maybe light in general, but Zinc hasn’t tested that yet.
    3. The efficacy of the wolf lure has been proven.
    4. A wolf den is found somewhere 200 km southwest of the guild and east of Doylors.
    5. Zinc brings back a wolf cub that he will keep.
    6. Zinc looted for 4 Large Copper Coins as well as 3 wolf hearts, 2 wolf livers, a large rotect jar full of wolf fat, and a dozen wolf teeth.

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    [Five Leafed Clover]
    After Aconter accepted the Quest to find a Five Leafed Clover he headed out towards the "Sylvan Growe" where they were supposed to grow.
    As the prior Quest report Stated it was supposed to be a gorgeous place but as he arrived i found that the statement in the Report was an understatement!
    As he got there he nearly forgot what his Mission was about, he rubbed his neck and reminded himself not to stray from his Quest for to long.
    He observed the floor in his search for any clover at all but even though there were supposed to be many here he did not spot any at all at the outskirts of the Forest.
    He had to go deeper into the Forest to find his first clover but it was not a Five leaved one.
    After some time they increased in number even though it was not at the point that he would call it many but at least some were there but the highest amount of leaves he found was three.
    As the end of day drew close he decided to head back to the outskirts and use the evening to train himself.
    OoC: This part is unrelated to the Quest and only included for the sake of Character buildup in the Future
    He searched for a secluded place and stood in the Forest with his bow in hand but no arrow on the spring.
    He drew the Spring back and after some time released it again. This process repeated itself for the next hour.
    Since he specialized in ranged combat it was not out of the norm to do some training but that was not what he intended to archive!
    Under closer inspection one would notice that at the tip of his finger there was a point where Darkness/Shadow gathered it was not much more then you would see as he used his "Shadow Navigation"
    After his last encounter with some Vine infected Animals and monster he saw the need to increase his methods to bring enemies down as well to decrease his arrow consumption.
    He intended to concentrate Shadow/Darkness into an Arrow but his progress so far did not look to good, he was able to meld into Shadow/Darkness to change his Position and use it to his advantage in combat but it took him a long time to learn how to do this.
    He Continued to do this for a couple of hours and went to sleep atop a tree.
    As soon as he woke up he did a quick check on his surroundings and his Equipment.
    He went out to search for Clover, he once again found many with thee or less leaves and the best he got so far was one with four leaves which he picked up as a good luck charm.
    He once again spend his day and night just like the day before and made no progress on the five leaved clover.
    The next day he went further into the forest since he had no luck on the outskirts.
    He made sure not to make any sounds since he knew that the Fae were staying in the vicinity.
    After two to three hours he found a Fae which was making its way through the Forest, he decided to follow her while moving in the Shadows of the trees.
    The Fae moved to the outskirts of the Forest and played some pranks on a Traveler, he had to admit that it was funny to look at .
    He chose to keep on following the Fae it moved further into the forest but not to deep. He noticed that the Far was following a trail of clover that grew nearby it were only one to three leaved clover but the number of leaves seemed to grow the further he followed. Something seemed of about the way the clover grew in this patch of the forest it was resembling a path but not one made for mankind more like for Fae or Faeries!
    As he observed the trail he lost sight of the Fae, he moved closer to the tree he was standing next to and concealed himself.
    He had the suspicion that the Fae had led him here and knew he was following it but why would it do that ?
    As he was about to turn around to leave he spotted what he was looking for and one more problem to deal with.
    The trail that the Fae followed went around a tree and at the feet of the tree were some clover with four leaves and one clover with five, the only problem was that the Fae was now sitting atop the tree as if waiting for something.

    He decided to move out of the Shadow and greet the Fae, he moved closer and Waved at the Fae: "Hello there, my name is Aconter an Half Elf Adventurer and mean you no harm"
    The Fae looked at him but said nothing.
    Aconter Smiled and said: "I guess you do understand me but to be sure i will outright say what i came for, i am on a Quest to find a five leaved clover and as i chance wants it to be it is right below you at the base of the tree." He pointed down at the five leaved clover.
    The Fae looked down and saw the clover, as it looked back at him it asked: "Why tell me?"
    Aconter looked puzzled and asked her: "Do you mean why i am telling you about the clover ?"
    The Fae nods.
    He smiles: "Well you are resting on this tree where this clover is growing next to so it would be impolite to just go ahead and take it, i would like to ask for your permission to take it with me."
    The Fae goes down the tree and takes the clover.
    It floats towards Aconter and drops it upon his head.
    He bows and thanks the Fae for the clover.
    Its laughs at him and leaves.
    As soon as he put the clover away he headed out of the forest as fast as he could to not disturb any other Fae in this forest.
    A day later he arrived at the guild and turned the Five leaved clover in.
    Aconter enters the Guild and stand at the counter and greets @AliceShiki : "I finished my Quest and brought the Five leaved Clover." He hands the clover to her.

    OoC: @Haxagen i hope this Version is what you expected it to be even if i doubt it.
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    My my, this was a surprisingly serious priest of Ton-sama, didn't know those still existed~ *giggles*

    Well, good job clearing it Fen-san, the reward is of 10 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~
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    So the flowers were a species of Worm? My my, Lyra will surely be happy while studying those~

    The Wolf Den is... Well, too far from the guild for us to really care about, but I'm sure the people near it will be worried... Perhaps something about it will be issued soon once they get news of it~

    Thanks for the information and good job clearing your quest Zinc-san, the reward will be of 9 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~
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    Glad to see you got into no trouble, I'm sure Elaine-san will be happy with the result~

    The reward is of 12 Large Copper and 4 Guild Points, take care now~

    ((*pokes @Haxagen too*))
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    "I'm back Aria", Vandrin says coming up to the counter and placing a necklace on the counter, a bundle of herbs and flowers wrapped up in a bunch on the black side of his cloak.

    A small flame wisp can be seen floating around the small hawks head.
    After accepting the quest, I began to worry.

    This is a dragon, one of the ones which survived the Dragon War, actively participated in it. A terrifying creature, and definitely a higher difficulty than a E Rank quest.

    ‘It seems the guild didn’t think it through when assigning the rank for this quest’, I think to myself as I begin my trek towards to Smaug’s Cave, in the Dwarven Kingdom under the mountains.

    “It’ll be fine Stella”, I say to the small hawk which nuzzles its head against my check, “If worse comes to worse I still always have a wild card”, a serious look could be seen on my face, as I contemplate what this quest will cost.

    With such thoughts on my mind, I exit the town wearing the new Masterwork Leather Armor I bought the other day.


    During the five days of travel towards the cave, I picked more herbs and flowers I came across, gathering materials for me to experiment with to try and make my first potion.

    Gathering some Blood Lilies during the day, and Moonlight Flowers during the night, my amount of supplies increased. Finding Fly Amantia while moving in a singular direction is difficult, but I managed to gather a few caps over the course of the days.


    “Sometimes I think I should’ve taken Mr. Oriax’s offer for a horse” I say out loud, recalling my time with the bandits, on the last legs of the journey


    Stella began to sing, trying to make the approach noticeable as we walked down the overtaken trail to the Dwarven cave.


    The perimeter surrounding the cave seems to have been affected by the dragons power. Ponds and streams clouded with sulfur contamination. Rocky fissures seem to have been used as conduits for the elemental fire, with fire spirits and elementals freely existing within the warped area.

    “It stinks”, I say smelling the thick sent of sulfur in the air.

    Looking around I can see some amounts of volcanic activity, such as escaping gases.

    Stella continued her song as best she could, despite the stench.

    Making it up to the mines entrance, I knocked heavily on the door to allow the sound to reverberate on the interior, alerting the inhabitants of my presence.

    After a few short minutes, the door creaked open. The smell of sulfur grew stronger coming through the passage, mixing with the smell of stale air.

    A voice reverberated inside my head, causing me to hold it in pain. After a few seconds of heavy breathing, I recalled the voice which entered my mind. It simply said the word “Enter”


    Spending the next couple of hours finding my way through the massive mine which was more representative of a kingdom instead, I found myself in the dragon’s abode. A stupendous amount of gold and treasure filled the room, hiding the view of the floor. Some piles reached some ten or so feet in height.

    However, the most breathtaking sight of the mine was not the piles of gold, or the dwarves magnificent craftsmanship.

    The most breathtaking sight was the large reptilian head with shining red scales, and glowing orange eyes. The horns stretching back, twisting in regal patterns. The massive body which makes the room look small.

    “Young mortal”, a deep resounding voice called out.

    “What brings you to the abode of the great Smaug?”, the dragons face was directly in front of mine.

    It blew hot air out of its nose as it asked its question, which felt like steam against my skin.

    “Great and powerful Smaug”, I spoke while bowing, “I am an adventurer from the Adventurer’s Guild based out of Nagrand”.

    I continued, feeling the pressure of his gaze, “I was sent here to broker a deal for a necklace lost by an individual when they were a young boy”, my throat felt dry when I finished my sentence, the complete helplessness felt against such a being reminds me of the Star Maiden.

    “A necklace lost by a young boy?”, the dragon’s deep voice resounded, causing several piles of treasure to begin collapsing downwards.

    “I recall such an event”, he said with a playful tone.

    “But the question is young mortal”, the dragon brought his face even closer to mine, the heat permeating from it causing the pressure to feel even stronger.

    “What can you offer me in exchange, for giving up something so valuable to my collection?”, a haughty air could be felt coming from Smaug, though it was deserved.

    “I am sure that a being with such great wisdom and insight as yourself has something you would exchange for the necklace,” I said while still keeping a respectful posture.

    “Ho”, the dragon spoke with a bemused tone, “Are all mortals as interesting as yourself?”, he asked moving his head to tower above me.

    “I would certainly hope not”, I reply under the pressure of Smaug’s grandeur, “If we all were like me, wandering into a dragon’s lair, we would most likely be extinct by now” I say somewhat sarcastically.

    “Most likely”, Smaug replied losing his bemused expression, becoming increasingly serious.

    “What is required”, the great dragon began, “Is knowledge”, the dragon continued, “But I will only deal with one who has the courage to delve into my cave themselves”, he gave me a long side look before saying, “deals must be done in person”

    “I am unaware of the movements of those who exist outside of this country”, Smaug began to explain, “To be better equipped to protect my hoard, knowledge is essential” the deep voice resounded through my bones, making them shake.

    “I will gather information about the movements of countries and bring it to you”, I say trying to hide my shaking, “Though I’m not sure how much I can gather by myself”

    “It will be sufficient”, Smaug said with a scaly grin on his face, lowering it to match my eye level again, “Besides, you did say you came from a group of Adventurer’s, no?”, the dragon asked coyly, “I’m sure there is plenty of information to be gathered there, plenty to bring it”, his body began to move as he continued speaking, “Once a month should suffice, or when the event is something which will directly affect me, do this for a year”

    “Your judgment is fair oh great Smaug” I say still still trying to hide my shaking.

    His head began to circle my body, “Though one thing still concerns me mortal, how can I be sure that you and your ilk will bring me information in exchange for this trinket?”, bring his arm up onto the area where I have been standing, a tiny necklace can be seen hanging of his claw.

    “I assume my honor will not be enough”, I say with a self-deprecating laugh watching the dragon shake its head side to side.

    Thinking briefly, I realized what I must do to gain the dragons trust, though it’s something Elder Wyn warned me to only reveal in a dire circumstance.

    “I swear on my true name,
    Valerius du Baum
    , that me or one of my ilk will bring you the information about the movements of the countries once of month for a year, in exchange for the treasure you value so much in your collection”, I say revealing my true name to someone other than Elder Wyn

    “...This is a surprise mortal”, Smaug said reeling his head back to get a closer look at me, “Those on the outside still remember the Unbreakable Oath”, his eyes narrowed looking at me, “Truly surprising...
    ”, he brings his foot in front of me, dropping the necklace in my hands

    “In the name of the Great Smaug, I accept your deal!” the deep voice reverberated the entire cave, causing several piles of gold to collapse rapidly.

    With these words, a black pattern appeared on the back of my hand. A mark of the Oath.

    “Remember this deal young mortal, for you can be assured”, he brings his face directly in front of mine rapidly, “I will”, with another puff of steam from his nose he speaks, “Now leave, I tire”

    “I will not forget this oh great Smaug”, I say turning around to leave, “I will be back in a month”, with that last word I leave the dragon behind.



    After spending a couple of hours leaving the mine, the pressure felt the entire time escaped my body after I closed the door behind me.

    “I probably lost a few years of life there”, I say holding my face while slumping against a rock.

    “Definitely ranked the request wrong”, I say with a sigh, still shaking slightly, standing up to begin my trek back, taking a drink from my water skin.


    Shortly after I noticed some fire spirits coming close to me, most likely smelling the scent of Smaug on me. Ignoring them I kept going on my way.

    After the next few hours most of the spirits left besides one. This remaining spirit took the form of a tiny wisp, just floating nearby.

    No matter how far I walked away from the mountain, it continued following. Shrugging and accepting it I spent the next days returning, collecting more herbs and flowers on the way back.

    The small flame wisp following the entire time.
    Collected 15 Blood Lilies, 7 Amantia Caps, 12 Moonlight Flowers
    Made a deal with Smaug to bring him information once a month about important movements for a year in exchange for the necklace.
    Small Wisp is following Van for some reason.
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    "Whew, that was a good walk. Here."

    Elaine places a wrapped bag containing three carefully harvested Doll's Eye plants on the table, and grins.
    As I slowly made my way out o the city, I recalled what my teacher had told me, even as she had a dour look on her face.

    “I doubt that even you could mess this request up, so I won’t be coming along. Have fun.”

    And here I was hoping I would have someone else to chat with on my way to pick up those herbs...At least Shiori saved me quite a lot of hassle, having told me where I should go to look for those herbs.

    “You said that these herbs are for another adventurer?”


    She wrinkled her nose slightly.

    “Whoever put out those requests must be quite a weirdo. Or quite dangerous. Or both. Shiori has used these plants before, and they are quite dangerous to handle. Also, here.”

    “What’s this?”

    “Gloves, idiot? Surely you aren’t planning to pick them with your bare hands?”

    “Well, the poison only becomes fatal if I eat it, so as long as I don’t eat it, won’t it be fine?”

    “...You idiot. Shiori insists that you put on those gloves, so you’d better. Shiori will cry if you don’t.”

    “Please don’t. Also, when you say that in such a deadpan manner, it’s not really too convincing, honestly.”

    And so, I was now plucking herbs of all kinds with the gloves on. Shiori pointed me towards the right location, gave me a basket, and then told me to grab ‘a few herbs that conveniently grew along the way’.

    Naturally, since my sense of direction was impeccable, I didn’t see a single herb that she wanted during the trek there. She must have given me the wrong directions, hmm.

    “Aha, found them. I was expecting something else, but damn, they do look quite disgusting, to be honest.”

    They grew in clumps, and as the name suggested, looked like tiny eyes. Too bad, then. I was thinking of eating them if they looked good, but they look ugly. Well, the gourd wanted three of those, didn’t he? I bet he won’t mind if I dug out a few extra, then. After all, these are quite light, and Shiori asked for a few more of those.

    Now, the herbs that Shiori wanted…

    3 clusters of Hemlock.

    2 sprigs of Oleander.

    1 single White Snakeroot.

    Angel’s Trumpet. 4 clumps.

    Belladonna. As many as I could carry.

    Hmm...These flowers all look quite pretty. Is Shiori planning to send someone a bouquet?

    “Well, that’s settled. Let’s get back to the city, then!”

    Rather distracted, I didn’t sense the hostile creature that was sneaking up on me, not even when it leapt, aiming a spear at my back. What I did sense, however, was the ground quaking slightly, followed by a huge “BAM!” from right behind me. I spun around hurriedly, but except for falling leaves and the dead kobold on the floor, I didn’t see anything else.

    What the heck was that?

    “...Well, I guess it was quite the stroke of luck? Better hurry back to the city before any more monsters show up.”

    Meanwhile, once the clueless girl had left the area...

    “I guess I better get back to the city as well. As I thought, it certainly was worth the effort to shadow her...Phew. That could have gone badly.”
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    One small package arrived at the receptionist desk. It was from the masked man, Caligo. He then left a note next to the box.

    Appraisal order for Fen. [ @strikegunner ]
    1 x [Small Lesser Vine Demon Crysal] => 1 x [Lesser Darkness Mana Crystal] | 50 Large Copper Coins
    Appraisal Fee : 5 Large Copper Coins

    Then he also left a note with the statement "Give him the item back after they have pay the fee to the receptionist".

    OOC: Tag a receptionist and then pay your fee IC-wise. Thank you and good luck~ Sorry, forgot to post it here.
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    "Apparently I won? Not sure how it happened, but all of the spectators said so. Plus, he himself was sleeping, so I couldn't exactly ask him. What a weird thing."

    Elaine hands over the report, still feeling sluggish from over drinking.
    I took me a while to find the bar. The challenger, an orc who seemed like he ate raw meat for hims meals, gruffly told me to take a seat as he called for the drinks.

    “That...well, I’ve never actually had any beer before, so please go easy on me.”

    “What? You...This is the first time you’ve touched alcohol?”

    “Yes…? Is there an issue?”

    “No, not really...Then, let’s not dawdle. Bartender, pour us two small cups to start with!”

    “Small cups? We’re not using the usual cups?”

    “Not this time, girl. Since this is your first time drinking, we’ll start small. If you feel any discomfort, please do stop drinking. You have guts coming here without having tasted a single sip of alcohol, but some people are not meant to drink. Don’t wreck your body for a mere few coins.”

    “Alright, here are your drinks.”



    I drained the cup in one sitting. It tasted bitter, and somewhat watery, as well. There wasn’t any ice, but it was cool enough.

    “Don’t down the whole cup at once, lass! How do you feel? Any sudden headaches?”

    “No, I feel fine.”

    “...Well, you do look fine, and your speech isn’t slurred, so I guess you’re adapting rather well. Then, let’s begin with the real mugs.”

    Two mugs of beer were served. This time, each mug was easily twice as large as the previous cups.




    The orc chugged the whole mug before slamming it on the table, and so I did the same as well. Hmm. The whole bar seemed to get much warmer.

    “Another one.”

    “Not bad for someone who’s drinking for the first time! Here, have another! Cheers!”

    I wasn’t feeling like saying cheers either, so I simply clinked the mug, and then begun draining the contents quickly. There was this weird fuzziness in my head.

    “Hey, lass, I think you should stop. You’re starting to look dizzy.”

    Haaaah? Drunk? Meeeee?


    The bartender passed me another mug of beer. I remember clinking the mugs as usual, then raising it to my mouth, and then...nothing.

    Woke up with one hell of a headache. I barely got up from my seat before the bartender preemptively handed me a bucket, and I threw up the contents of my stomach---mostly alcohol---into it.

    “That was terrible...I don’t get why people like drinking alcohol.”

    I realised that most of the bar’s other patrons were staring at me in a funny way, before avoiding my eyes whenever I tried to make eye contact.

    “Well, I guess I better go back to the guild...Eh?”

    The bartender was poking me. I turned around, and voila, the orc I was drinking with was snoring away loudly at the table. I didn’t know how I managed to miss the loud snoring earlier.

    “You won, lass.”

    “Eh? I did?”

    “Yep, you did. The other orcs that were watching all saw it.”

    I turned a full circle, looking at every single orc that was present in the bar. Most of them gave me a quick nod before going back to their business, while some grinned heartily and thumped their chest.

    “You won alright, lass! That was some fine drinking!”

    Well, if they’re all saying that, then I’ll just take it that I won...Plus, my head still feels like it’s been microwaved from the inside, so I’m not going to think too much into this...Ugh, remind me to never touch a mug of beer again...My head hurts even with the slightest attempt at thinking.

    “Well, if you say so, I’ll go back and report the apparent success, then...See ya around.”

    I would only find out later, that during the period of time I didn’t quite remember, I ended up drinking enough for three seasoned adults, and then some.
    The girl’s head knocked against the counter on the third mug. She was definitely drunk.

    “Well, for a first timer, getting to the third cup was already a decent perfo---?!”

    The girl suddenly lifted her head from the table, shot upright, and abruptly chugged the remains of her mug, before tossing the empty container away. Thankfully, the mug was made of metal.


    Unlike the soft voice she was talking with before, this one was loud and boisterous. The single word was yelled out at a volume that would have shattered glass.

    “Oioi, I said I wanted another! Fill up my mug!”

    Facing that situation, he could only laugh wryly and turn to the bartender, nodding for him to pour the girl another mug. From the looks of it, she was definitely drunk, and it was just the last bit of drunken vigour before she passed out.


    That was something he had thought thirty minutes ago. In this span of half an hour, the girl had emptied more than fifteen mugs of beer, and was somehow still on her feet. He, on the other hand, could feel the alcohol begin to sink in.


    The girl stared at her empty tankard, then yelled for another refill. He also finished his own mug, and for the first time, he wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic to clink the mugs together.

    “Here you go.”

    The orc stared at the foamy brown liquid. His reflection on the metal winked at him.


    Compared to before, his drinking speed was definitely much slower. Then, the girl opposite of him begun singing. It wasn’t clear at all, but she was definitely in the mood.

    “Oi, oi.”

    Without warning, she was suddenly behind him, slapping his back. He nearly jumped out of his skin.

    “What are you doing. Drink more!”


    Her tone had gotten sharper, more authoritative, and for some reason he couldn’t quite find the ability to disagree. And so, he had to continue drinking.

    And continue drinking. His friends were staring in barely-veiled shock, but the girl continued chugging down each mug as if it was water. Meanwhile, his head grew closer and closer to the table.

    And finally, he felt as if he couldn’t take another sip more of the beer.

    “I concede. You win…”


    His head hit the table, and he didn’t feel well enough to pull it back up. Just before he fainted, he heard a slurry voice mumble.

    “Oi oi, it’s only been the twenty-fifth cup. Get up and drink more. This King commands it.”

    He couldn’t feel his facial nerves at that point, but the orc was pretty sure he grinned before passing out.

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    Garret stares at the girl, dumbfounded. "You want to tell me that you actually won...?" After considering the fact that there are enough people he could ask for confirmation, Garret nods. "Alright. Here is your reward, 4 Large Copper 4 Guild Points."
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    "Here you go." Ryul brought out the bag containing the necessary plants.

    As before most quests, Ryul liked to do some prior research in order to properly learn as much as could before he actually sets off.

    In the Nagrand library, he sped-read through a few herbalists' reference books, some encyclopedia entries on Wolfsbane, and an ecological field guide with the help of his passive skill [Comprehension], allowing him to learn new information much faster.

    He found out that Wolfsbane can be easily made into extremely potent poisons to lace arrows or daggers with. Also, the half-elf discovered that the plant itself normally grew in meadows near mountains or well-drained and shaded areas. Finally, he decided that he has learned enough and prepared to go to fulfill the request.

    . . .
    After travelling a two-days journey away from town, Ryul eventually reached an appropriate environment for Wolfsbane to grow, a meadow near both a stream and a thick forest. He proceeded to check his surroundings before determining it was safe.

    Ryul then went through the arduous process of opening a dimension-crossing portal and summoning his contracted Nature elemental, Th'Kun, which depleted a good chunk of his mana.

    He put on the gloves he previously prepared (he learned Wolfsbane is poisonous even with just skin contact). Ryul then sent Th'Kun, who didn't need gloves due to him being a manifestation of Nature energy, to another part of the meadow to collect both Wolfsbane and any other useful herbs they could find.

    The pair met back after a short time - it was mostly for Ryul to see how Th'kun was doing. The half-elf was absolutely furious when he discovered that the elemental was way too heavy-handed and completely destroyed some of the Wolfsbane while gathering the plant.

    Ryul forced Th'Kun to go collect some of the notoriously smelly weed Lupine Grass, which the elemental was not fond of, as punishment for his mistake.

    After collecting enough of what they needed and some other herbs as well, they headed back towards Nagrand. Ryul decided to take a shortcut through the forest instead of taking the common roads to save some time.

    . . .
    It turned out that was a bad idea. Ryul and Th'Kun ended up being ambushed by a small group of 5 kobolds with what looked to be bronze weapons that they must have looted from some bandits or travellers who crossed through the forest.

    Three kobolds stood ready to strike in front, while two were in position behind them. The odds weren't too bad as the creatures were physically weak with their only strong point being their ability to coordinate as a team.

    Ryul signaled Th'Kun to distract the ones at the rear with an [Entangle] spell, while he drew out his sword and confronted the other kobolds.

    The half-elf easily parried a strike to his right and followed up with a quick [Bolt] spell to his left, shooting a small lightning bolt at the kobold that tried to take advantage of their greater numbers.

    A spear stab grazed his arm as he attempted to dodge the last kobold. He then grabbed and yanked the spear forward, dragging the overextended Kobold along with it. Ryul skewered the surprised creature's head with his blade, creating such a grotesque scene that it made him a bit queasy.

    The half-elf turned over to the first kobold, who is now looking very wary and is searching the surrounding area for an easy way to escape.

    The short creature doesn't find one as Ryul crosses blades with it, overcoming it easily once again, and uses his free left hand to charge up and grab the unbalanced kobold with a [Stun Touch]. Paralyzed for the moment, the creature doesn't even get the chance to blink as Ryul decapitates it.

    The second kobold is recovering from the previous lightning strike shot at it, so Ryul moved towards it to try to quickly finish it off. He was stopped from doing so when an overwhelming feeling of sheer heat and pain spread all across his wide back.

    "God-fucking-damnit!" The scholar spat out expletives as he was shot by a fireball.

    He turned around to see that Th'Kun had somehow taken down one kobold already, but the other one seemed to have escaped its root bindings and attacked him from behind.

    Furious, Ryul immediately shot an overcharged [Bolt] at him, and Th'Kun then took that opportunity to rush over and snap its neck.

    The scholar saw that it was taken care of so he turned to the last kobold, which was fleeing the scene. Ryul took out his bow, notched an arrow, and nailed the little creature in the middle of its back, taking it out for good this time.

    He sighed as he began to scrounge up the kobolds' weapons to bring back to sell and make some extra money.

    . . .
    Ryul eventually made it back to Nagrand after stopping the bleeding from his injury with a minor healing spell, [Nature's Balm]. He sighed in relief as he saw the familiar Guild building and headed straight on in.
    - Collected 3 Wolfsbane plants
    - Defeated 5 kobolds
    - Ryul is lightly-moderately injured

    - 3 bronze spears, 2 bronze axes worth ~ 5 Large Coppers
    - 3 wholly preserved Wolfsbane plants for Jack
    - 2 incomplete Wolfsbane plants (Th'Kun destroyed them so Ryul is keeping)
    - 250 strands of Lupine Grass ~ 250 Small Coppers
    - 4 Blood Lilies
    - 2 Fly Amanita caps

    OOC: @AliceShiki
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    Seems like you went through a lot Vandrin-san...

    As for the request's rank... It's actually the opposite. A higher ranked quest would have bigger chances of being taken by a fool that was filled with pride and thought they could steal the necklace from Smaug... Chances were higher you'd take the appropriate cautions when dealing with him if we put a low rank quest instead.

    I'm glad you could solve it, but... Well, good luck in getting back there every month I suppose...

    As for the rewards... Urdur-san certainly offered only 12 Large Copper Coins, but he was expecting to need to make an actual trade with Smaug himself...

    Since you actually solved the problem, you'll be given 20 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points instead. Take care now~
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    ((At least give the poor man some discount on the shop! :blobsweat_2:))
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    Well, a job well done is a job well done, even if you... Took an unusual path to it I suppose~

    Here are your 10 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~
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    ((*pokes @A5G_Reaper since I forgot to*))
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    You surely caught a lot of things Ryul-san, makes me wonder how you were able to carry all that~

    Well, I'm sure Jack-san will be happy with it though, your reward will be of 10 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~

    ((*pokes @A5G_Reaper too*))
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    ((More gardening ss!))
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    "It was mostly all Th'Kun. More of his punishment for destroying the plants."

    "Thank you for everything Miss Aria. Farewell."
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    Task: Extra Helping Hands [Solved by @A5G_Reaper and @Haxagen] [Taken by @Zone Q11 and @SpearOfLies] [Available] ( @TiggerBane and @kyuukestu are interested in partying for this one)
    Requester: Zarek, Head of Asphodelus' Guards.
    Quest rank: D
    Rewards: 8 Large Copper Coins per Adventurer.
    Description: A big wave of monsters came out of the Haunted Forest since the last month. We have been fighting it for a while, but it is seemingly endless.
    We need time to take a break and recover our forces. Just come to our outpost near the Southern Border of the Forest and kill some monsters. They're very dangerous no doubt, but we have the territorial advantage, so it shouldn't be too hard for as long as you don't overextend.
    This Quest can be taken multiple times within the week, though only once per adventurer.

    Raz and Kathicia come ot the receptionist desk and hand in their report, along with their loot to sell.

    "So mister what is your name? I'm Kathicia by the way, a blood angel~"

    Hearing someone talk to him, Raz looks towards the voice and sees a young woman. Smiling, he says, "Hello, my name is Raz, a human and Ki cultivator."

    "I see, so your also a battle oriented person. Uhmm but do you know the way to Asphodelus cause I sure don't."

    "It's far away, like, on the other side of Ternus. I take it we're going there for a quest? If so, it may take a while to go there and back."

    "I'll let you lead the way then~"

    "Okay then, let's go on an adventure!"


    Leading the way, Raz and Kathicia go on a journey to their destination. After being on constant transportation and going across countless obstacles, they arrive at Asphodelus. It took them five days to get there.

    "Well, it seems like we're here. What do you want to do first?"

    "Well I want to have a nice nap, but I don't think that is an option." Kathicia looks around the town which has large amounts of damage to it now.

    Looking at the damage, he nods. Looking around for a soldier to talk to, he finds one walking near them and asks him, "Hello, my name is Raz and this is my companion Kathicia. We're adventurers who accepted the quest to protect the area. Can you please guide us there?"

    The soldier hearing this says, "I see, follow me then."

    While guiding them, he sees the damage around the town and sees as they get closer, it starts getting worse. Seeing ballista and archers on top of the wall, they stop in front of the gate.

    "This is as far as I can take you currently, I need to go back on my patrol." before he could even say thanks, Raz sees him leave quickly. Looking outside the gate, he senses an ominous feeling and sighs.

    "Well, it seems like this is going to be one of those days."

    "YES, IT WILL BE A GLORIOUS DAY!" Kathicia sprouts her wings and begins going up into the air.

    Seeing her fly, Raz murmurs to himself, "I need to find out a way to fly, it looks fun."

    Breathing deeply in and out, he grabs his sword and jumps into the fray.

    Kathicia pulls out her 2 remaining bladed fans and begins looking for a foe to fight.

    Entering the field, Raz sees some black-colored bunnies. Seeing them, Raz says, "Oh, bunnies, what are they doing out here?"

    Going to approach them to shoo them away, the rabbits turn to him and show off razor-sharp teeth and blood-red eyes.

    "Oh god! I was mistaken, they're monster bunnies!?"

    While he yells this, one of the rabbits jumps at him swiftly and attempts to bite him. However, seeing this coming with relative ease, he dodges and slices down with his sword. This cuts the rabbit in half and kills it. The other rabbit attempts to attack as well but fails due to it trying the same strategy. It shared the same fate as its companion.

    Seeing they're dead, he looks to find more monsters to kill.

    Seeing Raz fighting bunnies, Kathicia notes that there are random bunnies sitting inside of the town that are hiding on top of a building. Moving towards them Kathicia sees that they have fairly sharp looking fangs, so she begins by throwing her fan at the first one, she misses it with her throw as it jumps up towards her. It also fails to reach her.

    As the rabbit begins falling Kathicia cuts it's cartoid artery spraying blood all over her body. After attacking this Kathicia moves to collect her thrown fan. A second rabbit jumps at her from behind, she spins and cuts off its head getting more blood all over her. "This battle pleases the BLOOD GOD!" Kathicia goes off and begins hunting other rabbits nearby within the city to protect the guardsmen who are likely unaware of the rabbits.

    Seeing more rabbits show up, Raz starts backing up a little. After moving back a few steps, they jump and attack him. They were faster than before and almost reached Raz instantly. Barely able to dodge, he cuts it down.

    "You've got to be kidding me, they're faster now!? Was what I killed before just the weaklings!?"

    More of the rabbits start attacking. Eventually, Raz gets bitten on one of his arms due to not being able to dodge two rabbits. Feeling the pain, he gets angry and throws the rabbit on the floor and stabs it. Seeing the dead rabbit, he sees the one he dodged and hurriedly kills it before it can jump again.

    Raz looks around and sees no more enemies are here and decides to go to Kathiciato help her. He starts running towards the town.

    Seeing her injured partner Kathicia decides to help him by continuing cleaning up the rabbits on the tops of buildings so that he doesn't get hurt by them randomly appearing. Kathicia moves the blood so that it forms blades upon her wings from the blood of the rabbits that she has killed. It's far easier for Kathicia to deal with them then it was for her companion from the looks of it.

    "Seems like we should be almost done with the rabbits. We should be done shortly, I mean, what's the worst that could possibly happen?"

    Saying this while the battle is going on, a soldier yells, "There are skeletons approaching!"

    "... Me and my big mouth."

    "Your mouth is big? I saw them coming a while ago though?" Kathicia is standing on a roof whilst the last of the rabbits she can see is jumping down from it at Raz.

    "That's because you're flying up there and I'm down here! Also, another rabbit!?"

    The rabbit comes down at a fast speed as Raz slices his sword mid-air, splitting the rabbit in half. Seeing it drop onto the ground, he sees some skeletons appear.

    "I'll take this side, you take the other!" Raz rushes to one side while he says this.

    "Uhmm it's hard for me to kill skeletons though?"

    "I'm on my own!?" Raz twitches over this development. Looking to see the skeletons are already by him, he gathers his ki in his arms and shouts, "Purification!" and sees the skeletons disintegrate from the golden light. Looking to see only ashes remained, he sees more skeletons come.

    "More undead, I can never have a break, can I?"

    Using purification again, he swiftly takes down the next wave and feels his Ki get drained heavily, feeling some strain on his body. Resisting the urge to faint, he slices a rabbit that jumped to his left towards him in half.

    "Is there any other monsters you can see!?" Raz shouts towards Kathicia after he finishes the wave.

    "More skeletons, and I never said I wasn't going to help it's just that I'm very bad at attacking them~" Kathicia is sitting on a small pile of skulls whilst talking to Raz.

    Looking nearby, Raz sees more skeletons come and sighs. Getting nearby, he shouts "Purification" one more time before seeing his vision go black for a second. The skeletons are gone from the golden light and he looks back unsteadily.

    However, due to not having enough Ki for a regular Purification, two skeletons are only slightly damaged.

    After noticing Raz moving slightly unnaturally Kathicia moves in towards the two skeletons and decides that the best course of action is to kidnap the one that is wearing the armour but doesn't have a sword. After having grabbed it Kathicia begins flying up fairly high before dropping it on a very small frog creature.

    Looking at the skeleton that fell on the frog creature, the skeleton breaks apart and some of its bones penetrate the frog creatures skin. Trying to find whatever disturbed it, it sees Kathicia and Raz nearby and attempts to attack.

    "What the hell is that?"

    "What is what?" I can't see anything?

    After turning around and looking at Raz Kathicia notes that the other skeleton is still there and is almost in stabbing range.
    "Umm Raz watch out for the skeleton."

    Already noticing the skeleton, he cuts it and the bones shatter and it falls to the ground. Raz then points out towards the frog creature in the distance.

    "The creature over there that you tossed the skeleton onto."

    "What creature? I can't see it must be too small."

    Seeing that there are no more enemies around, he goes up to the tiny creature and points directly at it.

    "This creature, it's purple in color. Seems like some of the bone shards got into it and is bleeding. It's quite weird."

    The frog creature suddenly opens its mouth towards Raz and spits some slime which Raz quickly evades. The slime started dissolving some cloth on the ground at an incredible speed.

    "Can't see anything, oh that cloth is dissolving." Kathicia finally starts coming down from up in the air.

    "Well, given how far you flew up, it's understandable you couldn't see it." Raz looks at the frog creature and sees it slowly stop moving and collapse.

    "Huh, I guess the loss of blood made it collapse."

    "Well, I can't see anything else nearby." Kathicia starts making a small seat out of skulls.

    Stabbing the sword in the frog creature to kill it, he then throws it towards Kathicias feet and says, "You're a blood angel, so maybe this creature's blood can help?"

    "I didn't kill it myself so it can't" Kathicia offhandedly denies.

    "I see. For now, I'm just going to replenish my Ki and cultivate since we have some time currently."

    Sitting down in the lotus position, Raz starts cultivating.

    Whilst extracting the skull from the small frog's body by cutting the neck open Kathicia begins looking at its blood to see if it even has anything that is compatible for her. "Well, this creature is also useless as well just like those things in the cave. Thinking about that makes me feel sick again."

    Opening one eye, Raz just says, "That's a shame. I've been training a lot but am stuck at a crossroads. For now, I'm focusing on my foundation."

    Going back to cultivating, he then focuses on the wound on his arm and focuses his Ki on there to try and heal it.

    Kathicia places the skull of the frog as a backrest after having retrieved it, she then moves over towards Raz and proceeds to pick him up. "Here sit on this it's your kills after all."

    Feeling himself get picked up, he looks towards the skulls and goes back to lotus position on them.

    "Sure, why not. It's better than being on the ground by itself."

    "A skull throne of your own, why how lucky you are." Kathicia begins laughing at the picture of Raz on his skull chair.

    Wryly laughing a bit, he says, "Well, it's at least more comfortable than sitting on the floor. Anyway, back to what I was doing."

    Going back into cultivating, time slowly passes by as his wound starts clotting up faster. A soothing feeling replaces the pain that was in that area and feels his body get invigorated.

    An hour passes by and Raz gets back up, with his wound closed up somewhat and his Ki replenished. He turns towards Kathicia, "Are there any more monsters in the vicinity or are we done with the quest?"

    "Well no time limit was set so let us stay here for a full day, anyway that was fast don't you think the healing I mean maybe the blood god helped a little with your healing!" Kathicia begins smiling at the man in front of her.

    "Why are you smiling? Also, this is a byproduct of cultivation, it helps a lot. I don't like getting injured though."

    Raz has an ominous chill after seeing the smile as if she did something.

    Kathicia looks sad after being rebuffed by Raz, "Ehh it's because I thought it was a sign from my lord that I did a good job after all." Kathicia had done absolutely nothing other than build a skull chair.

    Raz remains quiet as he pats her shoulder.

    A small rabbit jumps past Kathicia.

    Seeing the rabbit, Raz throws his sword and manages to impale it on the ground.

    "Poor rabbit, I doubt it was a monster like the others, also you could have hit me with that." Kathicia had been about to go and catch the rabbit anyway.

    In the distance, a gong sounds.

    "Ah... reflex..."

    "It was reflex on those monster bunnies! Also, what was that gong?"

    Looking towards the source of the gong, he just stands there and facepalms. He gets his sword out of the rabbit quickly.

    After hearing the gong Kathicia jumps up into the air and notes that there is a mass of sheep which are glowing in the dark coming towards the town, the sheep seem to be acting very aggressively.

    "Those are some odd looking sheep." right as Raz says this, lightning comes off of the sheep and hits near them, barely missing them.

    "Here we go again..."

    "Yes here we go again, back at it again, this has definitely happened before, definitely." Kathicia is sitting up in the sky waiting to move in on a sheep.

    Aiming his arm towards one of the sheep, Raz shouts, "Water ball!" and shoots out a water ball that makes a hole in the sheep body and drenches it with water. Looking at its aggressor, the sheep attempts to attack with its lightning but ends up frying itself due to the water on it.

    "You can't be serious, water is their ultimate weakness!?"

    "That looks plausible but I wonder if blood can do the same thing." Kathicia makes small balls of blood and scatters them all over the field of battle, many of the sheep that are shooting off lightning begin sizzling due to the blood acting similarly to the water from before which ends up frying parts of the sheep. Kathicia also attacks some of the rams by cutting there backs open as she moves around looking for the leader of the herd of sheep.

    Raz keeps shooting water balls until he's exhausted his Ki, killing many sheep and rams as they try to find the leader.

    "Ohh there is a stallion over there shooting lightning at some of these sheep that is interesting, isn't it.

    "Wait, what?" hearing this, Raz looks towards Kathicia's direction and sees what she's talking about.

    "Oh, that looks fun."

    "I see you wish to tame it here I'll help you!" Kathicia picks up Raz and starts to fly with him towards the stallion.

    "I don't want to tame it! Let's just kill it and get it over with!" Raz says this as he doesn't want to get electrocuted.

    "Are you sure I thought you were excited for powering up? Guess you mustn't have been to excited after all~" Kathicia drops Raz right next to the stallion.

    Raz drops near the stallion and sees it look towards him, it soon charging its magic and shooting lightning at him. Barely dodging it, Raz swiftly goes in, enhancing his sword, and slices its neck. It starts running away.

    Chasing after the stallion kathicia hurls one of her fans at it. Which proceeds to get stuck in it's neck from there she follows after the stallion.

    The stallion, taking enough damage finally falls down due to blood loss, collapsed on the ground with its neck gushing out blood. Coming to the now dead stallion, Raz says, "Is it dead?"

    "Yes I think well let us sell of the sheep and the stallion in another town when we leave I'm sure someone will buy them~" Kathicia picks up the dead stallion and begins heading back to the town.

    "Well, let's go and report the quest." Raz follows after Kathicia.

    "Okay, you can report it~"

    After going through another five-day trip back to Nagrand, Raz and Kathicia are back at home. Going to the guild, they proceed to give their report.
    Brought the stallion and sheeps to sell.
    @Naraku @TiggerBane
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    Reading List:
    Flying into the guild and dropping her [Illusion] of being an orc, Phinimimilomimo slowly flew towards the desk - a little tired from her long journey - and filled in a quest report form using [Telekinesis] on the pen, before handing it in to the receptionist.
    Wondering how to get to the mountains near Seditio, Phinimimilomimo rested her tiny head on her tiny hand while lying on the bar top in the tavern. Bill noticed the quest form in front of the little fairy and subtly read it, before sussing out that his small patron was figuring out how to get there. Smiling knowingly, Bill picked up the form - drawing the fairy's attention - and purposely took his time reading it. Phinimimilomimo noticed the bartender pick up the form and her eyes began to glisten in hope for a solution to her dilemma.

    "Hmm, so you're heading to Seditio, Phinimimilomimo?"

    The little fairy nodded her tiny head vigorously, not wishing to ruin a possible chance of help.

    "Then you'll want to cross the mountains via Kuro's Mountain Crossing service. Next, you'll want to sail down the river, before getting a carriage to the Moon River harbour. You'll then want to sail down the river, reaching the coast and sailing close to the mountains to reach the borders to Seditio. Finally, you'll have to travel on your own into the mountains to find this...scared giant?"
    "Ohhh, Fris! That sounds so complicated, Fris!" She said with her mouth open wide in amazement at Bill's ease of coming up with a route to get there.

    "Well, I guess it's complicated if you've never travelled across Ternus to Seditio before, but I've had to use such routes for quests back when I was an adventurer. Anyway, I can help you with arranging the transportation, since I have some contacts who wouldn't mind a fairy tagging along with them, so don't worry about that part."

    "Really, Fris?" Phinimimilomimo flew into the air until she was eye level with Bill.

    "Of course. After all, this will be a good opportunity for you to make some contacts with people for future adventures, right?" The bartender rubbed the little fairy's head with his finger affectionately - which the little fairy enjoyed immensely.

    "Ahhhhn, Fris~ That feels nice, Fris~"

    "Anyway, let me just write a few letters to some people, before using a bird postal service to send them to those contacts, and then I'll give you a note to show and you can be off with your quest."

    "Yay, Fris~!"

    The little fairy performed some aerial somersaults as her happiness overcame her.


    After travelling by carriage with a very friendly family of fox-kins, Phinimimilomimo reached the Lakeside Village harbour, where she was told by the carriage driver to show her slip to Larry - a half-orc sailor who usually wore a white top with blue trousers. Looking around for him, the little fairy eventually found who she assumed to be Larry and showed him the slip.

    "Ack, lassie! So yor the wee little fa'ee going on an advencher. No worries, bonnie lass, ah'll be sher to get yer to yor destination good and propa!"

    "Okay, Fris!"

    Phinimimilomimo flew onto the half-orc's shoulder and was taken to the ship that was about to set sail to go through Kuro's Mountain Crossing. As the ship set sail, the little fairy was in awe over the size of the ship, along with how it was floating in the river without sinking.
    "How does something so big not sink, Fris...?"

    "Ah, well yer see, lassie, ships are design'd ter floot on worteh, so donnae be worreyin aboot annae sinkin'."

    "Ohhhh, okay Fris!"

    For much of the sailing journey, Phinimimilomimo admired the sights of the passing scenery, as well as entertained herself by showing some of the other sailors [Illusion] performances to make them smile. Some of them offered money for the performance, but she instead directed it to Larry due to him letting her travel on the ship - which he was greatly pleased about.


    After half a day of sailing, the little fairy said bye to Larry, and found her next contact provided by Bill: a horse rider who delivered letters by land to nearby villages and towns - one of which being at the Moon River Harbour. Finding a rider waiting near the walkway off the ship, he saw the little fairy and waved at her.

    "Over here, little one! Over here!"

    "Hmm, Fris?"

    Running up to her, he showed a congenial smile, before saying: "I'm one of Bill's contacts, he told me to expect a cute little fairy who goes by the name of--" He pulled out a piece of paper and started reading it, ", that's you right?"

    "Ah, Fris! I'm Phinimimilomimo, Fris!"

    The little fairy raised her arms in the air, before showing her little slip to confirm she was associated with Bill. After reading the slip, the man nodded and smiled even more.

    "Ah, where are my manners, I'm Andrew Ashby - my friends call me Andash."

    He held out a finger towards the little fairy, who grabbed it with her tiny hands and shook it while smiling happily. Placing the fairy inside his chest pocket, he walked over to his trusty steed and rode off to the East, towards Moon River Harbour.


    After a full day of riding, with a camp rest when night had fallen, Phinimimilomimo finally reached the harbour connected to the largest river in Ternus.
    Seeing the wide river before her eyes, the little fairy couldn't help but open her mouth wide in awe. Finding the sailor who was the next of Bill's contacts, Andash helped Phinimimilomimo out of his chest pocket and handed her to the buff middle-aged man who wore a short beard that covered his entire lower jaw. His imposing presence somewhat scared the little fairy as he had a permanent frown on his brow.


    Andash quickly took the slip from Phinimimilomimo's trembling hands and gave it to the sailor. Snatching the slip off Andash, the sailor read it, before shoving it back.

    "Hmph! I suppose you're the fairy who's going to be stowing away on my ship for free, courtesy of Bill Seywickh, eh?"

    Absolutely frightened of the man, Phinimimilomimo flew behind Andash's back and replied in a quiet voice:
    "Bill is the one who gave me that slip, yes, Fris..."

    "Hmm? Speak up!"

    "Yaaaah, Fris!"

    Covering her drooping pointy ears with her tiny hands, her whole body trembled in fear as she screamed a little at the sailor's gruff manner. Seeing that the sailor was scaring the little fairy, Andash sighed, before looking at the man and crossing his arms.

    "Please tone it down, Simon. Can't you see you're frightening the poor little thing?"

    "Hmph! The ship will be leaving in a few minutes!"

    With that, Simon left them and headed back to his ship - some other buff sailors going up to him while seemingly giving reports about things related to their jobs.

    "Don't be bothered by Simon's gruff personality. He has to deal with a lot of dangers while sailing on this river, due to the strength of the monsters in this area. He means no harm, though and is a big softie inside."


    "Well, I need to be heading off to deliver some letters. I'll pick you up from here once you're done with your quest, so don't worry about getting back to Larry's ship. Bye!"

    "Bye, Andash, Fris!" The little fairy waved both of her arms at the rider, before flying over tot he ship that Simon had gone to.

    The journey was not as unpleasant as Phinimimilomimo had initially anticipated, since Simon was completely focused on his job in ensuring the ship and its cargo/passengers had a safe sail. Halfway to the coast, she even saw the outside of Randgriz, although she did not realise it was so until a nice sailor saw her open mouth and explained. After a full day of sailing, the ship had reached the coast and made port at a harbour close to the mountains bordering with Seditio.

    "Making port at Hope's Retreat! Next port, Asphodelus!" Shouted Simon, before resuming his activities; other sailors anchored the ship, before unloading some of the cargo meant for other destinations.

    Leaving the ship with the grumpy Simon on board, Phinimimilomimo saw the mountains in the distance and nodded determinedly to herself in a way to psyche herself up for her quest. Flying off towards the mountains, the little fairy followed the naturally made path for a few hours, until she came across a small hamlet of about 5 houses. 1 of the houses was larger than the other 4, and it seemed that some refugees from Seditio were using it to rest from their weary journey before heading to the harbour the fairy had left.

    "Ohhhh, Fris. Where is this, Fris?"

    "This here is called Krimlen." A young woman carrying bloody bandages said as she came out of the largest house.

    "Krimlen, Fris?"

    Putting the bandages into a basket, the young woman picked turned around to look at Phinimimilomimo and seemed surprised.

    "Oh? A fairy? You're so tiny...Ahem, Krimlen is a hamlet that some people from Krimea village set up, to help ease the trail of refugees who keep coming through the mountains. As you can see, these poor souls have not travelled unscathed..."

    "How terrible, Fris..."

    The little fairy began crying, little sparkly dewdrops falling down her cheeks as she flew into the house to get a better look. Upon seeing the people currently in, she noticed how some had bandaged heads, some had wounds in their torso - while the worst ones had a missing limb or digit.

    "Well, with how Seditio is, it's amazing that these people even got out alive, especially with that Smith joining the rebels in the mountains." The woman had followed the fairy in and explained the current situation.

    Flying over to a sleeping child that had a three gashes on her cheek, Phinimimilomimo landed on the pillow and gently stroked the girl's cheek. "The poor thing, Fris...*sniff*" Her dewdrop tears fell onto the three gashes, before the little fairy left the house and looked up at the sky and mountains; the sun was halfway between noon and dusk.

    "By the way, little one, why are you here in this remote part of Ternus?"

    "Hmm, I'm on a quest to find a giant, Fris...Ah! Do you know where I can find it, Fris?"

    "A giant? Oh, are you here for that quest set by Mayor Ivan Krivlic, at Krimea?"

    "I don't know that name, but my quest was set by the mayor of Krimea, Fris!"

    "Ah, then if you search in that area of the mountains, you should probably find that giant." The young woman pointed further down the path, moving more inland than the hamlet.

    "Oh, I see, Fris. Thank you for the information, Fris!"

    Phinimimilomimo smiled warmly, before bowing in the air and flying off in the direction indicated. Barely a metre away from where she'd set off, the young woman called out:

    "Be sure to tell the mayor that Yvanna is doing fine!"

    Turning around and nodding at the woman, the little fairy then continued on her way towards the mountains.


    The sun began to set just as Phinimimilomimo had reached the summit of the mountain and she felt tired from her non-stop flying, along with the high altitude affecting her breathing. Seeing a few trees sporadically growing along the mountain - as well as some goats grazing on some grass - the little fairy landed on one of the goats' backs and lay on it.

    "Ahhh, Fris...These mountains are so high...Fris..."

    "Eheheheheheh." The goat responded, before looking at the sky and deciding to move away from the area.

    The other goats followed suit and began walking down an animal trail on the other side of the mountain. After about an hour of riding the goat down the mountain, Phinimimilomimo eventually noticed a small village on the side of the mountain, which seemed to be where the animals were heading for the night.

    "Hmm, Fris. I wonder if this is Krimea village, Fris."

    Having recovered from her earlier flight up the mountain, the little fairy flew on ahead of the goats and entered the village. Some lanterns had been lit on the fence surrounding the village, as a light-armoured mouse-kin stood at the entrance while holding a spear. Reaching the mouse-kin, Phinimimilomimo revealed herself in the light of one of the nearby lanterns and introduced herself.

    "Hello, Fris! I'm Phinimimilomimo and I'm here about that giant quest, Fris!"


    "Is this place Krimea village, Fris?"

    " is, um...Phinmalo...Phinilom...Phini."

    "Ah, Fris! Thank goodness, Fris! I was worried I'd gone to the wrong place, Fris. Do you know where I can find the mayor, Fris?"

    A little confused about the fact that he was talking to a fairy, the mouse-kin pointed to the largest house in the village with his spear, before moving out of the way for the returning goats.

    "Ah, thank you Fris!"

    Flying up to the mouse-kin's head, the little fairy patted it happily, before flying off towards the mayor's house. All the while, the mouse-kin was still confused about what just happened. Reaching the house, the little fairy saw an open window and slipped right in without a care in the world. In the room was a man in his 40's writing up some documents with a look of worry creasing his brow. Seeing this, Phinimimilomimo landed on the table the man was sat at and watched him work.

    After about 15 minutes of pure silence, the man eventually looked up and saw the little fairy staring napping near the edge of the table, a small [Illusion] of goats on ships sailing through the air above her. Picking up his quill, the man tickled the little fairy with the feathered end, waking her up in a fit of giggles that cancelled her [Illusion].

    "Ahahahahaha, it tickles, Fris! It tickles, Fris! Hmm, Fris?"

    Realising where she was, and the man staring at her with a quill in his hand, Phinimimilomimo stood up and bowed, before flying to his eye-level and introducing herself.

    "I'm Phinimimilomimo, a member of Nagrand's Adventurer's Guild, Fris! I've come here to do the quest involving a giant, Fris! Are you Mayor Ivan Krivlic of Krimea village, Fris?"

    A little surprised by the sudden long introduction, the man caught a glimpse of the guild's symbol on one of the little fairy's hair decorations and realised that she was indeed from the guild. Smiling a little from the relief of knowing the guild took him seriously, the man then proceeded to confirm his status.

    "Yes, I am Ivan Krivlic, the mayor of Krimea village." He held out a finger to shake hands with the fairy, before continuing, "Will you really be able to help us with that giant?"

    Phinimimilomimo smiled as she nodded enthusiastically at the man, before halting mid-nod.

    "Ah, Fris! I forgot to ask this, but could you tell me what a giant is, Fris? Is it like a dog, Fris?"


    Ivan looked visibly shocked at the fairy's question, before clearing his throat and sitting up straight in a bid to appear professional and all-knowing.

    "Giants are huge beings that can grow up to 10 m tall. They tend to look like massive humans, save for the many horns on their heads. They tend to keep away from the society of other races, and tend to live off the land without much organisation. Although...I can't honestly say how much of that is true, since until a few weeks ago I didn't even know there was a giant living on this mountain..."

    "Ohhhhh, Fris! That's so tall, Fris!"

    "Indeed it is. However, I believe that the giant around here is roughly about 4 m tall. I wonder if it's growth was hindered due to poor food resources...Anyway, they tend to be a peaceful sort unless provoked, and I had thought if we welcomed the one near us to our village, then he would feel much obliged to keep his new territory safe from those rebels and soldiers - especially with that Smith person helping those rebels. These are troubled times in Seditio, little one. I would much appreciate some added security to this small village of mine."

    "Of course, Fris! Having a big creature to guard the place is very helpful, Fris!" As Phinimimilomimo said this, she couldn't help thinking of Mordiford who resided in Fairy Land and kept it safe.

    "Then, you're willing to do it? To find the giant and get him to come here as a guard?"

    "Hmm...if he's anything like Mor-Mor, then I'm sure he'd be willing to come here and help, Fris!"

    "Mor-Mor?" Ivan muttered to himself, before shaking his head and smiling at the fairy, "Then I'll arrange a place for you to sleep tonight, since it's already too dark for you to start searching at the moment."

    "Okay, Fris!"

    The little fairy flew over to Ivan's shoulder, then sat on it, as the mayor walked over to his wife to inform her of their new guest. Since Phinimimilomimo was so small, they got an empty wooden box meant for storing salt, put in a small towel and then placed a small cloth on top. The little fairy then happily went to sleep in the box bed, a carefree smile on her face as she slipped into slumber.

    The next day, Ivan gave the little fairy some dried oats to eat, before going about his morning duties as mayor. His wife - who had introduced herself as Alicia - mentioned the general direction that the villagers had seen the giant come and leave in when he stole some of their animals. Having nommed on her oats in great delight, Phinimimilomimo left the village to begin her search.


    Thinking it would be easier to see where the giant was by flying higher in the sky to get a birds-eye view. After a few hours, the little fairy ended up getting wet from the clouds surrounding the mountain peak - exacerbated by the rainwater they were close to releasing. Wanting to dry herself off and make sure to be sheltered for when the downpour came, she lowered her altitude and found a large cave hidden by several trees.

    "Brrrr, Fris! Ah-ah-ah-choo, Fris!"

    The coldness of being wet had caused Phinimimilomimo to start sneezing, but she paid it no mind as she began looking for some dry moss to soak up her wetness. Humming happily while drying herself, the little fairy noticed a bunch of tiny light blue flowers growing and flew over to them.

    "Hmm, Fris? How did these end up growing here, Fris? This is the wrong environment for them, Fris..."

    Moving closer for a better inspection, Phinimimilomimo detected no vibrant life in the flowers, as if they had already been plucked from somewhere. Curious about this, she landed on the knobbly rocks surrounding them and began using her Mana to better investigate the strange flowers.


    Just then, a mighty thunderclap sounded from outside, shaking the cave.

    "Waaaaaaaaah, Fris!"

    The sound and vibrations startled the little fairy, but not nearly as much as the rocky mound behind the flowers moving did. Upon closer inspection, the rocky mound was actually a large, grey-skinned humanoid 4 m tall, with tough-looking skin and the flowers in its large hard fingers. Still standing next to the flowers, Phinimimilomimo soon saw 2 large eyes staring at her in surprise and fear.



    "Hello, Fris."


    "Who are you, Fris?"


    "Can you understand me, Fris?" Phinimimilomimo tilted her head, before flying into the air and moving away from the big thing in front of her.

    "...Who's talking...?"

    "Ah, Fris! I am, Fris! Phinimimilomimo, Fris!" Over here, Fris!" The little fairy had found some glowing mushrooms and flown over to grab one, before flying in the air while waving it about.

    "...A firefly...?"

    "No, Fris!" >w< "I'm a fairy, Fris!"


    Tilting her head, Phinimimilomimo cast an [Illusion] of herself at human size, before pointing at it with the glowing mushroom.

    "This, Fris! Only much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much smaller, Fris!"

    The big thing leaned forward to get a better look, before another thunderclap was heard from outside.

    "Waaaaaaaah, Fris!" "Waaaaaaaah! Mummy!"

    The little fairy, in her fright of the loud sound had flown up to the big thing and hugged it out of fright. The big thing had huddled with the flowers tight in its grasp. Once the rumblings had ceased, the both of them looked at one another, before resuming their previous positions - the [Illusion] cancelled out of fright. Remembering what the big thing had said, Phinimimilomimo tilted her head, a little curious about what the big thing was.

    "Um, Fris. What are you, Fris? Are you a dwarf, Fris?"

    The big thing looked at the little fairy and held the flowers close to its chest, before replying:
    "I'm a giant..."

    "Ohhhh, Fris!" 'o' "Really, Fris? I've never met one before, Fris!"

    Flying around the giant, she soon noticed some tiny horns growing on its head, but felt that the 4 m height was a little off from what she'd been told by Ivan. As Phinimimilomimo was doing this, the giant seemed a little scared and uncertain of what to do, clutching the flowers in its hands as if for protection, or safety.

    "Hmm, Fris...You look a lot smaller than 10 m, Fris..."

    "Ah...I won't get that tall for another 100 least...that's what mummy said...before..."

    The small giant then began crying. Unsure about the reason, Phinimimilomimo felt sad seeing the giant cry and so made an [Illusion] of 3 enlarged fairies playing with each other. Soon, the giant noticed the illusion and stopped crying. Seeing this, the little fairy made the illusion fairies collide into each other, and turn into lots of flowers falling from the ceiling before fizzling out.


    The giant clapped its huge hands together, while smiling, but not before carefully placing the flowers on the ground. Seeing that the giant was in a better mood, Phinimimilomimo flew up to its face and showed a very warm smile.

    "Are you feeling better, Fris?"

    "Mm...thanks...for...the show...fai...ry..."

    "Heeheehee, no problem, Fris! By the way, what's your name, Fris?"


    "Ooooh, Fris! How old are you, Fris? I'm 24 years young, Fris!" ^w^


    "Ohhhh, Fris! How long do giants live for, Fris?" The little fairy stood on Karst's hard nose, so she didn't have to keep flying while talking.

    "...Mummy said...we can live...up to...200 years..." A sadness crept into his eyes for a few moments, before returning to normal.

    "Oh, Fris. Then you're still very young for your kind, aren't you, Fris?"

    "...Mm..." Karst slowly nodded, as he bent down to pick up the flowers again.

    "Are there others of your kind here, Fris?"

    "...Not here...Not anymore..."

    "Hmm, Fris?" Phinimimilomimo tilted her head, unsure of what Karst meant.

    "...They died...a weeks ago..."


    "You poor thing, Fris!" The little fairy began crying sparkly dewdrops as she hugged Karst's nose.


    "*sniff* How did it happen, Fris?*sniff*"

    "A big flying...thing..."

    "Hmm, Fris?*sniff*"

    "Mummy said...manticore...and hide..." He held the flowers closer to him, as he closed his eyes from the memory of the big flying thing.

    "Manticore, Fris? What does that look like, Fris?" Curious about a creature she'd never heard of, Phinimimilomimo's face screwed up as she tried to imagine what it could have looked like.

    "...Body of a lion...wings of an eagle...tail of a scorpion...head of a human...with jagged teeth..."

    "Wah, that sounds really scary, Fris."


    Phinimimilomimo hugged Karst's nose again and stroked it - noting that the skin wasn't rocky, but just tough.

    "So, why are you here in this cave, Karst, Fris?"

    "A call...home..."

    "Home, Fris?" She looked around at the dark, empty cave with little vegetation growing in it. "But what about food, Fris?"

    "Food...down mountain...Tasty goats..."

    "AH, Fris! It's you, Fris! You're the one the mayor was talking about, Fris!"


    "Yes, Fris! The Mayor of that village asked for someone to find you, Fris!"


    "To give you a home, Fris! And free food, Fris! Free food is the best, Fris!" Phinimimilomimo started performing aerial acrobatics as she said this, clearly elated over finding the giant Ivan had wanted as a guard.

    "Hmm...scary people..."

    "Eh, Fris?" She stopped mid-flight and turned to look at Karst, a little confused.

    "Mummy stay away...from such...places..."

    "Why, Fris?"

    "Mummy said...they'd attack...on...sight..."

    "Eh, Fris? But the Mayor wanted to make friends with you, Fris. Don't you want free food, shelter and friends, Fris?"

    "...Mm..." After thinking for a few minutes, Karst nodded slowly in response, before hugging the flowers again.

    "'ll come with me to the village, Fris?"

    Karst looked outside the cave and saw that it was still raining outside - but the thunderstorm had ended.


    He then lay down on the ground and closed his eyes, going to sleep with his hand clenched around the flower stems. Flying over to the glowing mushrooms, Phinimimilomimo studied their properties, before eating one of them. She then lay on the ground next to them and also fell asleep - again dreaming of goats on ships with Karst and her on-board eating glowing mushrooms.

    The next day, the rain had stopped and Phinimimilomimo woke up to see Karst sat at the entrance, planting the flowers in the nearby soil. Picking up a glowing mushroom, the little fairy flew over to the giant and landed on his shoulder.

    "Morning, Karst, Fris! Did you sleep well, Fris?"

    "...Mm...better than...past few...days..."

    "That's wonderful news, Fris!" She proceeded to do cartwheels in the air in front of Karst, showing her happiness over him not having a restless slumber. "Are you ready to come with me to the village, Fris?"


    Phinimimilomimo flew back onto Karst's shoulder, who then began walking down the mountain towards Krimea - covering a great distance with each step he took. After about an hour of walking, the village came into sight and Karst's movement slowed in hesitation.

    "...What if...they...attack...?"

    "Hmm, Fris?" Phinimimilomimo replied halfway through nomming on the glowing mushroom, "If they attack, then I'll cast an [Illusion] to make you disappear, Fris. Then, we can run away again, Fris!"


    "Hmm, Fris? Because I like seeing people be happy, Fris!"


    Karst then continued down the mountain and reached the village entrance, where the mouse-kin from before looked on in fear as the Mayor - Ivan - stood there smiling away.

    "Welcome, welcome, to Krimea village! I'm so glad you agreed to come to us."


    Ivan smiled and nodded, before signalling a farmer to come over with a goat, while another man pointed to a large barn down the village path. Seeing these things, Karst nodded back, before turning to the little fairy.

    "You didn't...lie...fai...ry..."

    "Lie, Fris? What's a lie, Fris?" Phinimimilimimo tilted her head, unsure of what a lie was, before flying off Karst's shoulder and facing him at eye-level.


    "Ah, Little fairy! I'm so glad you managed to persuade him to come to us, I've been so worried about him since all of these refugees started indiscriminately killing the animals in the area for food. Thank you." Ivan bowed, as did the rest of the villagers present, before he led the giant away to discuss arrangements within the village.

    A few hours later, Ivan had finally finished sorting things out with Karst - who had agreed to help guard the village after some talking - and he quickly wrote a letter to the guild explaining how he thought the quest had gone. He then stood at the village entrance, ready to say goodbye to the little fairy who had come to do the quest.

    "I still can't help but be amazed at how quickly you managed to find Karst and convince him to stay with us, little one. I hadn't realised he was a child by giant standards - which gives me even more reason to want him to stay with us, for his own safety and well-being. Are you sure you don't want to stay here a few days before leaving?"

    "I'm sure, Fris! I have a gardening side-job in Nagrand and I think I'll have been away for too long if I don't leave today, Fris."

    "I see...Such a shame...Karst seems to have really grown attached to you."

    "Well, I'll write letters to him, then, Fris! I'll also try to visit if I get the time to, Fris!"

    "I'll be sure to tell him that."

    "Thank you, Fris!" Phinimimilomimo hugged Ivan's chest, before flying away from him. "Oh, Fris! I almost forgot to tell you, Fris! On the way here, I crossed through a settlement at the bottom of the mountain, Fris. The people said they were from here, originally, Fris."

    "Oh? How were they doing down there?"

    "They seemed to be coping as well as they could be, Fris. Although, there were quite a few injured people, Fris..."

    "Yes, some of the refugees passing this way were also injured - we assume it is that Smith guy that joined up with the rebels. However, they wouldn't say when we asked them - except for a few less injured ones, that is. Oh well. I hope you have a safe journey back to the guild, little one."

    "Mm, and I hope your village stays safe, Fris! Oh, Fris! I almost forgot, Fris! The young woman at Krimlen said to tell you that Yvanna is doing fine, Fris."

    "Did she now?" Ivan smiled wryly, before smiling happily, "Thank you for passing on the message."

    "No problem, Fris! And...sorry for taking until now to tell you, Fris..." The little fairy's pointy ears drooped a little at her realising she had almost forgotten to pass on the message.

    "Don't worry, little one. At least I got the message in the end, and that's all that matters~"

    "Okay, Fris! Then, I'll be off now, Fris! Bye, Fris!"

    Phinimimilomimo waved energetically at the Mayor, before flying off up the mountain. Ivan waved back, as Karst came up behind him and also waved at the little fairy - his face showing a happy smile, as opposed to the sadness he showed when they first met.

    Once dusk had arrived, Phinimimilomimo reached the hamlet of Krimlen, where the young woman from before noticed her and went up to greet her - a seemingly thankful smile on her face.

    "Ah, little one has returned! I'm so glad you managed to come back safely. I trust you managed to complete your task?"

    "Yes, Fris! I successfully completed my quest, Fris!"

    "I'm glad to hear that. Why don't you come inside, since it's late, and rest until tomorrow?"

    "Hmm...Fris..." Phinimimilomimo looked at the sky and figured it would be dark by the time she reached Hope's Retreat harbour. "Okay, Fris!"

    The young woman guided the little fairy to a small house, where she gave her some dried fruit to eat, as well as made a tiny bed for her - much like how Ivan and Alicia had 2 nights before. While having their meal, the young woman introduced herself as Yvanna - Ivan's daughter - and the pseudo-leader of Krimlen. She explained how she had wanted to help the poor refugees who had risked their lives to leave Seditio and how she had managed to persuade some of the villagers to go with her and set up a rest stop for the weary to and from the mountains. As the conversations continued, Yvanna then mentioned the little girl that Phinimimilomimo had looked at when she first passed through.

    "Remember that girl you cried over when you first came here?"

    "Hmm, Fris? That poor girl who had those gashes, Fris?"

    "Yes. Well, a few hours after you'd left, I went to check up on the patients, and you'll never guess what I saw."

    "...Um...a flying cat, Fris?"

    "What? No! The gashes on that girl's face had completely healed up!"

    "Eh, Fris?"

    "So, tell me, little one," Yvanna leaned forward on the table, getting closer to the little fairy, "What kind of special powers do your tears hold?"

    "Special powers, Fris?" Phinimimilomimo tilted her head as she thought about the question.


    "...Hmm...did I have any special powers, Fris?" She looked confused and clearly didn't know anything.

    "I see. Then, allow me to give my theory: you have healing properties in your tears. I don't know how much they can heal, but I can say with confidence that they are strong enough to heal some cuts in a few hours. Now, I know there are spells out there that can achieve much more than that, but they require magic - whereas all you did was cry."


    Phinimimilomimo looked really confused as Yvanna explained her theory, and didn't really come back to her senses until the young woman's next words:

    "Let me just say this, little one: be careful. I don't know what it's like in Fairy Land - where you came from - but, out here, tears don't usually heal wounds. I'm saying you should be careful, because there are malicious groups out there who would capture you and exploit you if they got wind of your healing tears. 2 Worst case scenarios could follow that: 1, you could end up in a cage and forced to cry for the rest of your life; 2, you could be killed and every part of your body cut up and sold on the black market. Both scenarios could proved dangerous for your race - where poachers could enter the Fairy Land and capture all of your friends."

    "Y-you think so...Fris...?"



    "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about what happened here, and I'm pretty sure the refugees in that building didn't see you crying, so they might think you just cast a spell, but careful."

    "Hmm...then I'll just have to stay happy all of the time, Fris!" \o/

    Yvanna sighed, before giving up on the topic and calling it a night. The 2 went to sleep soon after.


    The next morning, Phinimimilomimo left Krimlen and flew towards Hope's Retreat harbour, where Simon's ship made port again and transported the little fairy up the river to Moon River Harbour. The rest of the journey was the same as before, but in reverse - but taken in a more leisurely way due to not needing to meet a client at the guild.

    After a week and more of travelling from Hope's Retreat, Phinimimilomimo finally reached Nagrand, where she headed straight to the Adventurer's Guild reception desks, making sure to be under an [Illusion] to hide from the flying cats and flying monsters in town.
    Larry, a half-orc sailor became a contact for Phinimimilomimo to use for future sailings from Lakeside Village past Kuro's Mountain Crossing.
    Made a contact out of Andrew 'Andash' Ashby, a postman who rides a horse between the river connected to Kuro's Mountain Crossing and the Moon River Harbour.
    Simon the sailor who makes port at the Moon River Harbour is now a contact of Phinimimilomimo's.
    Discovered the harbour, Hope's Retreat, on the coast on the west of the mountains bordering Seditio.
    Discovered Moon River Harbour, located in the tributary just below Moon Village to the west.
    Discovered a hamlet called Krimlen at the bottom of the west side of Seditio mountains, made by some of Krimea's villages to help the refugees escaping Seditio through the mountains.
    Made a contact out of the Mayor of Krimea - Ivan Krivlic.
    Met the wife of the Mayor of Krimea - Alicia Krivlic.
    Made a contact out of Ivan's daughter, the pseudo-leader of Krimlen - Yvanna.
    Made friends with a juvenile giant called Karst.
    Sightings of a manticore flying in the mountains far South-east of Krimea village.
    Learned that her tears have possible healing properties - will do more research into this.
    OOC: Sorry for the long report. Do say if there's anything you're not happy with.

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