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    After taking the quest, Ayumi somehow manages to stumble into Ophelia's Temple, and collapses only a few steps after entering it, the quest flyer still in hand. A couple of priestesses immediately rush over and carry her into a side-room for treatment.

    Once arrived, they start to see exactly what kind of injuries Ayumi has. The results talk of suicidal tendencies. A cut which reached the bone on her left arm left alone for almost a week. Due to poor treatment, it has gotten infected, and the sickness has already spread through her whole body. Most spots of her skin have a reddish tint, and she has a severe fever.

    Torn between giving a reliable treatment and the quest and their novice's experience, they finally come to a decision on who is going to perform the treatment once a confident novice confidently states that she would treat Ayumi. They agree and disperse, going back to performing their duties, with this one novice remaining to treat Ayumi.

    Her name is Elizabeth, and she used to be a traveler. Her dark blue hair barely reaches her shoulders, and her slim form and pale skin might make you mistake her for a noble, but in truth, she simply was born in an area with a rather high amount of water mana, causing an imbalance in her spirituality which is constantly affecting her appearance and personality - as well as her comprehension of elements other than water.

    As mentioned before, she used to be a traveler - that is until she was about to get robbed by bandits, but Ayumi stepped in and saved her. From that moment on, Elizabeth swore to only do good from now on and help others, and joined Ophelia's Temple to receive training as a priestess.

    The reason she decided to help Ayumi was due to her creed, and gratefulness for having been saved and shown the right way. Determined she starts working to treat and save Ayumi, coming close to overusing her magic, and barely getting enough sleep and food to work at her best condition.

    Finally, a couple of days later, Ayumi wakes up again. Looking around and blinking her eyes in confusion, she questions: "Where am I?" before she hears a chuckle from her left. Turning around, she spots but does not recognize Elizabeth, which now starts talking to her.

    "You're in Ophelia's Temple to have your wounds treated, as by the quest issued to the adventurer's guild. You're lucky that I've succeeded in treating you. If you had arrived a day later, there probably would have been no saving you, Ayumi."

    As Elizabeth mentions Ayumi's name, Ayumi stares at her with a focused gaze, trying to remember if she knows the girl. As nothing comes to her mind, she finally asks: "Do we know each other?"

    Elizabeth stares at Ayumi surprised, but chuckles after a few seconds, thinking to herself: I'm sure she saves so many people that she wouldn't remember me. "Yes," smiles Elizabeth, "you saved me before. And I've read your badge."

    Upon hearing this statement, Ayumi seems shocked, and wonders: "Really? I'm sorry, I don't remember you.", before her mind once again focusses on what she considers important matters. "So, am I healthy enough to leave now? I want to do more quests."

    Elizabeth laughs, confusing Ayumi, and simply says: "Yes. Be sure to save more people, okay?"

    A couple of minutes later, Ayumi is back on her way to the guild. And she remembers why she started fighting evil in the first place. To save people.
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    Welcome back Ayumi-chan, glad to see the healers were able to properly take care of you~

    The reward will be the 4 guild points for helping in her training... Take care now~
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    "We have... returned." Zoan said slowly, as if exhausted from the trip back home rather than from the fight.
    Zone = Orange
    Sol = Blue

    "I was wondering. Whether Sol is prepared. ... For the Haunted Forest. Place is not nearby. Will take a week perhaps." Zoan responded, hacking his sentences in pieces as he required some time to think about every word he says.

    "If you are prepared. Then all is fine. I will follow Sol."

    Sol was a bit troubled by how his new partner talk but he seem pretty reliable on doing damage so as long he did his part of job, there was nothing to worry about.
    "I'm ready. Let's go then."

    The outpost was slightly damaged but it was still good enough to repel any monsters that were going to break through it. Sol moved toward who seems the leader of the place.
    "We are from the Adventurer's Guild. We are here for the quest." Sol said to him.
    "Finally someone. My men really need to take a break." He soon gave some orders to his men and assigned us to a place to defend from the monsters. There were wooden spikes everywhere to make sure people don't get overwhelmed by the number of monsters.

    It was not long before monsters have arrived. A pack of 8 wolves were to be seen from the assigned station, all of them smeared with black substances dripping from their bodies.

    The wolves were quite far away, and there was a ballista station near Zoan. However Zoan has not much experience with archery.

    "Sol. Can you use that? I will go to the frontline. I will disperse them. While you shoot." Zoan said as he looks at the wolves.

    "Do I look someone who knows how to shoot with a ballista?" Sol asked.
    Soon after, he prepared himself to engage the weird wolfs.

    Thanks to the wooden stakes, the wolfs had hard time to move around as much as they like. Sol took the opportunity to attack one of them with a rapid swing.
    The blade managed to injured the wolf but the black goo stopped the blade from doing more than that. The goo seem have property that make harder to slice through, but piercing or blunt damage will probably still doing fine to oneshot them. Sol quickly removed the short sword from the wolf but the wolf tried to bite him. He tried to dodge the bite but still took a minor injured on his left arm. He rapidly kick him away.

    "I had hoped you would know..." Zoan meekly said, while preparing himself for the wolf that is running towards him. He raises his club towards the heavens with a fighting stance, and swung diagonally.
    The wolf saw it coming, but still got hit by the club to the head. It seems wounded, but it is still alive. After noticing that the wolf was still alive, Zoan began to smash the wolf again and again repeatedly. However, while beating the nearly dead wolf, another wolf has reached Zoan and bit his right calf. The pain shocked the barbarian out of his focus.

    "AARGH!!" Without thinking much Zoan began to punch the biting wolf to the face. In the process, he had hurt himself as the wolf sank its teeth into Zoan's skin the more he struggled.
    And after the third punch, the wolf had let go of him and Zoan began to make distance towards the other wolves as well.

    The wolf that Sol kicked, hit one of the wooden spikes. Before it can react, Sol thrust his shortsword toward the part where lack the dark goo: The mouth. One down.

    Sol tried to keep a distance between him and the wolves moving between the wooden stakes. That wasn't going to be an easy fight with that goo that work as protection. Analyzing the situation, he quickly moved toward one of the wolves that were more separate from the group and thrown the spices toward it. Surprisingly it was less effective than he expected. The wolf managed to counterattack him with a bite. But Sol dodged it laterally and hit the wolf with a slice from below. By pushing with all his strength on his legs, he managed to cut the wolf in half.

    While keeping distance between the wolf who had bitten him, Zoan began to watch Sol and learnt to use the wooden spikes. After confirming that the other wolves are relatively further away, Zoan began to run towards the wolf. While emitting hostility towards the barbarian, the wolf dashes at him as well. Zoan swung his club horizontally with all his might, sending the wolf flying towards wooden spikes and impaling it at the end.

    There were four wolves left, and two of them were moving towards Sol. Seeing this, Zoan proceeded to go towards Sol to help him.

    Sol took a sip from his bottle of alcoholic drink and then sprayed it toward wolves. He managed to hit two of them. Slightly intoxicated, they started to move around very unsteady and they reflex was heavily reduced. Sol took the opportunity to make a thrust toward one of them. Unluckily he missed and the wolf bit his left arm.

    Seeing his partner injured, Zoan immediately went to smash the head of the wolf biting Sol.

    The wolf loosened its jaws.

    Unknown whether that wolf is dead or alive, Zoan proceeded grab the wolf's throat. The goo was making it a little bit difficult for Zoan to get a good grip on it, but it all didn't matter as he threw the wolf as a projectile towards the other intoxicated wolf.

    "Are you okay!?" Zoan shouted towards Sol. Sol grunted, but gave a nod. He was bleeding, but it was not as if his arm was torn away.

    After confirming that Sol was alright, fury began to slowly emerge from Zoan's face. He leaped towards the intoxicated wolves and kept bashing them for a couple of seconds until they gave no more sound.

    Sol heard some howls. The two wolves retreated. They was probably going to join to another wave instead of losing their life here. We retreated too and some guard took our place.

    "Sorry but all healing priests are exhausted for healing you." The leader of the outpost apologised.
    "Don't worry. I can do a first aid treatment and then get me healed later." Sol was cleaning his wounds before wrapping it with a bandage. "And I'm used to get injured."
    "You are not bad. You fought one of the most annoying monsters. Most of weapons are pretty ineffective against them. They come once a while and it's always a headache to deal with them. Other monsters are much easier to kill."

    Suddenly loud sound come from forest. It sound like some trees was breaking. A three meter bear appeared from it with a group of wolves follow him. They was all covered with goo.
    "I guess we should help for that." Sol said.

    "We will hold off the wolves while you two get the bear," the guard leader ordered. "All units! Get in position!"
    Within a couple of breaths, a whole platoon of well-rested guards have formed a defensive line.

    "Well then. I will go attack. I count on your support," Zoan said and rushed towards the bear. His first action is a natural action that any barbarian would do: He swung the club aiming towards the head. ...and got blocked by the bear's left arm.
    Unsurprised by that reaction, Zoan kept swinging his club, hitting its left arm continuously. After the third strike, Zoan stopped bashing and punched the bear's chin!

    Sol tried to support by attacking from the back of the bear, but each swings was heavily ineffective. The bear fur combine black goo was very hard to go through. The bear treated him like at annoying mosquito and paw him away.

    "I need something more effective." Then a more wicked idea made through Sol'a mind.
    He thrown one of rotten eggs toward the bear mouth. The bear was too busy to defend himself from Zoan to protect his mouth. He could only close his mouth but the terrible smell still hit his face.

    Seeing that the bear is distracted by the rotten stench, Zoan mustered up all of his strength, and swung down his club vertically with both hands. The bear had had its nose covered with its hands, when a blunt force smashed it from the front!

    The bear fell down, and while Zoan couldn't move his arms anymore due to his last attack, his primal instincts had given him the knowledge to continue fighting. If you can't use your hands, then simply use your feet! The enemy was down, and thus after being stomped on the face for over a whole minute, it had finally died.

    --- --- ---

    "Thanks for the help. With this, we should be able to get some rest for a day or two," the guard leader said with gratitude.

    The battlefield has now become a mess. Some sacks of dirt were torn open while many many wooden stakes were made unusable. Either they were torn apart during the battle, or there is a monster impaled on them.

    "You are welcome. We will go back now." Zoan answered. All priests were exhausted at the end of the day, busy healing the wounded guards. As such, Sol was left with his own first aid treatment.
    Despite that, everything seems to be going well in the end, and the two went back to the Adventurer's Guild.
    -> Sol's arm got mildly injured. First aid was applied, but it will take some time to heal.
    -> While not mentioned in the report, Zoan did realize that he needs partners who can back him up in group battles.
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    Good thing you could give some rest to the guards, the latest groups fought such huge waves the guards got no rest at all~

    The reward will be of 8 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points for each, take care now~

    (( @SpearOfLies ))
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    Ryul came into the Guild and silently placed the report onto the desk.

    He gave a very strained smile to Mr. Gaap instead of saying a single word.

    Ryul still thought the request was strange regardless of what Mr. Gaap said. He personally thought the orc that issued this request to adventurers had way too much coin and free time to spend. But maybe drinking challenges for orcs were akin to honorable duels back in the Holy Empire of Men. The scholar wasn't sure; orc culture was a subject he was understudied in. Quite a shame, maybe he'll brush up on the orc race after this quest is over.

    The half-elf then did what he usually did before many of his quests. He went to go collect information, namely from two sources this time: Nagrand's library and the Guild tavern.

    At the tavern of the Adventurer's Guild, Ryul sipped on a glass of ale as he sat in the corner, eavesdropping and hearing many other fellow adventurers telling their own tales about how they defeated the orc Garrosh, save for the few who failed, and their own methods of completing the posted request.

    There was a common theme that emerged. And that theme made itself obvious when every single story he heard described a different "Garrosh the Unbeatable Drinker".

    Ryul was smart. How could a scholar not be? He came to the conclusion that a group of bored orcs came together, jointly issued this request, and put on a grand act to fool his fellow adventurers, each one taking turns to pretend to be "Garrosh" when the person arrived for the challenge. He shook his head. His original point still stands; they have way too much free time and excess money to waste.

    Ryul still had a problem though. He himself was not the best drinker, and he could not just bet and hope that the "Garrosh" that received him would be a lightweight. There was too much of a risk.

    However, he remembered accidentally reading some trivia, back before coming to Nagrand, that might help him out in this situation. The half-elf would have to confirm this though by using the town's library.

    . . .
    Ryul exited the herbalist's shop with his purchase. He haggled with the store owner until he got the price down to 30 Small Coppers, and then he left the store at around evening time, as the sun was slowly sinking past the horizon.

    After spending half the day at the library searching for the obscure information that he needed, he arrived at the herbalist's to buy what he had researched earlier. It wasn't too rare of a product as the customers who bought said product had most likely never used it in this manner and just consumed it normally.

    Now, Ryul headed back towards the inn he was staying at to prepare what he needed to. It shouldn't be too difficult as he just needed to remove the red husk of his secret weapon and grind it down to a powder for easy ingestion.

    He borrowed the inn's kitchen to do so as the manager didn't seem to mind it too much. The half-elf poured the finely-ground powder into some water and gulped down the contents. He also snacked on some dry rations to help with the bitterness. Ryul was ready. The half-elf then made his way out of the inn towards the bar that was mentioned in the quest paper.

    . . .
    Arriving at night, primetime for drinking, Ryul was not too surprised when he entered the medium-sized pub and saw the patrons were mostly orcs. He took a deep breath as he got ready to do what needed to be done.

    "I am an adventurer, here to challenge Garrosh the Unbeatable Drinker!" Ryul shouted loudly across the floor of the bar.

    Catching the subtle looks and the slight smiles the orcs gave one another, the half-elf mentally shook his head and waited patiently as one of the bigger among them stepped up towards him.

    "Eh? A mixed-blooded elf, huh? So you think you can defeat me, Garrosh the Unbeatable, in a drinking contest? Don't you know my record? What a punk! Let's see you look like after you puke your guts out! Bahahahahaha!"

    "Garrosh" noisily provoked Ryul as his buddies joined in on the mocking and laughed raucously. After calmly ignoring some of the derision, Ryul moved to sit at one of the free tables in the middle, crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes dangerously at him, silently antagonizing "Garrosh".

    The Unbeatable Orc got the hint. He went ahead and ordered a round for the both of them to get them started.

    "Hah! You think you're so tough, don't you?! I don't like your attitude, punk!" The orc downed his first glass of alcohol in one go.

    Ryul did the same with his as he replied, "Less talking, more drinking."

    It was around the time of his seventh drink that he felt the need to return "Garrosh's" half-baked taunts with his more witty remarks. Most of it went over the simple-minded orc's head but that fact didn't stop him from becoming more and more angry as he tried to increase the pace at which the duo drank.

    By his twelfth drink, Ryul's face was completely flushed red, yet mentally he was only slightly buzzed and mostly sober. You could not say the same about his orc opponent though. The green guy was half-sitting, half-leaning on the table and the cup of ale in his right hand kept swaying back and forth, sloshing some of its contents out, as the orc tried his best to dish out more insults, while remaining upright.

    . . .​

    Eighteen drinks.

    It took a total of 18 mugs of alcohol to bring the big lug's head slamming down onto the table with a loud bang. Ryul couldn't take much pride in this victory though as he knew that that would've easily been him much, much sooner if he didn't have a certain card up his sleeve.

    "Garrosh's" friends laughed at the results as they seemed to be used to this. One of them took the passed out orc away, probably to recover, as the rest of them tried their hardest to persuade Ryul to go ahead and keep drinking with them just for the sake it.

    The scholar adamantly refused as he recognized the fact that he was not invincible even with his secret weapon; he was already feeling pretty out of it and needed to go home soon. Ryul eventually got out of the bar and somehow stumbled his way back to the inn he was staying at and had a very good night's sleep.

    . . .
    It was terrible.

    The morning after was absolutely dreadful. And no, it wasn't a hangover that Ryul was nursing. He had to spend the whole morning in the outhouse as there was a consequence to using his secret weapon to deal with so much alcohol.

    After experiencing such a devastating effect on his digestive system, Ryul finally managed to make his way over to the Guild to inform them of the results of the request.

    He was never, ever doing this again.

    Red Porous Coconut (Activated Charcoal)
    • This fantasy fruit has the properties of activated charcoal
    • Activated charcoal IRL can actually prevent you from getting drunk by binding to the alcohol molecules and preventing it from being absorbed by your body (also used in medicine for overdose cases)
    • Unfortunately, you still pass all this out through your stool, so that means...yeah. A not so fun time in the bathroom hahahaha
    - Ryul isn't the best drinker.
    - Then why did he take this quest?
    - Because Ryul has a secret weapon.
    - But there's always a catch, isn't there?
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    A small figure covered in a hooded cloak entered the Adventurers guild hall accompanied by the Four armed adventurer Nero, and with A quick step approached the receptionist desk, making a short stop on the way by the quest board.
    The cloaked figure rushed towards Aria when it noticed that she was available and flashed a wooden badge as well as some blue skin in a way that only Aria could see them, and placed a quest report on the desk in front of her.
    *Rei's POV*
    It was morning, I was currently waiting near the main South gate of Nagrand just outside the city for my other two party members, an elven mage and a four armed warrior.
    Two days ago, when I finished my quest and looked for something to do I saw a certain Quest that intrigued me.
    Water element plane portal...might help me with finding something about my curse.
    The rewards were also appealing, 70 large copper coins.
    However the quest was a C rank one and so I had no choice but to party up with two other adventurers to complete it.
    Once I looked closer I saw a note applied at the corner of the quest description, on it was written that a person named Selvia Nilrem was looking for others to take the quest with her.
    I asked around the adventures looking at the board with me, and found out that Selvia was a new adventurer like me, a that she was a magic using elf.
    In one of my queries, a tall four armed man who had two spears and a shield, told me he was also interested in taking on this quest and that he knew where the portal was since he was one of those who found it.
    We both headed towards the south woods, where Selvia was known to hang out most of the time.

    When we left the south gate of town and walked towards the magic aura coming out from the forest, we soon saw a child trying to practice magic, and a woman who fit the description of Selvia we heard at the guild hall. I decided to call out to her when suddenly a darkness element attack spell came flying and hit the spot I was standing at.
    That was close, if I hadn't dodged I might have taken some serious damage.
    I called out to who I assumed was Selvia.
    "Hello, Selvia I presume?"

    The elf women whacked the boy on the head and began scolding him.
    After she was done the boy approached me and apologized, muttering something about having better control with a better teacher. Somehow Selvia heard it (I heard rumours that elves had good hearing but there might be some truth to them) and after scolding him again looked at us suspiciously and asked "Now who are you, why do you know my name, and what do you want?"

    Before I could say anything Nero beat me to the punch.
    "This is Rei and I'm Nero. We will be teaming up for the portal closing quest.", he replied, as he showed his guild badge to Selvia. "I think we should depart for the lakeside village within a couple of days."

    She nods and says "I need a break from this nonsense anyway. This child could use a break too."
    Which the boy snapped back to but was shit down by Selvia who then said she will visit the guild soon and take the quest.
    I looked at the dynamic between the teacher and her student who were constantly bickering with a wry smile and said "Your disciple sure is...interesting".

    She quirks her lips. "He's less of a disciple and more of a charity case. A stray that I picked up out of pity while completing a quest. Not that that I haven't found some usage for him. "
    After muttering something to herself She shakes her head and releases the boy. "Now is there anything else you need from me?"

    "Nothing from my end at the moment. I wowld like us to meet in front of the tavern at dawn, the day after tomorrow.
    I think a day of rest and preparation will be useful.", Nero answered.

    Now then, shall we further introduce ourselves to confirm our specialties and roles? We ARE going to work as a party after all, even if temporarily. As was said before I am Rei, an Oni, unlike how I look I have lived for around 50 years. I am a martial artist and a Ki user. I specialize in hand to hand combat using physical enhancement. I can also use fire or lightning arts but I possess no long-range attacks and I can't use both at the same time".

    Selvia nods.

    "I don't think we'll be getting into much fighting on this quest, at least I hope not, but it's still good to know. I'm Selvia, resident Arcanist with pretensions towards magical research and education. My combat specializations lie more in utility and control. Specializations in Nature in terms of elements, with significant control of the Arcane outside of the elements. I have a great deal of versatility with usage of my magic in terms of combat utility. Range varies depending upon the skill, but I can cast most of my magic within 30 meters. You can ignore young Stephan here, he's not much use than for brute force magic."

    Suddenly a winged cat comes swooping down and lands on Sera's shoulders, forcing a grunt out of her. She says to the white cat, "You're getting heavy as you get bigger you know."

    "I am a purely physical fighter and don't use any magic at all. Having explored the area around the portal before, I know it like the back of my hand.
    Unless something really dramatic happens, we should be able to return by evening on the same day.", Nero spoke with confidence.

    I nodded once and say
    "Good, then it's settled.
    The morning after tomorrow, outside the south gate.
    If you have any personal questions, anything to say, or doubts, it is better to get them off your chest now"

    Selvia: "Nope, I'm just honestly surprised that this is a C-rank quest. I guess it could be something incredibly dangerous or difficult to handle, though I frankly doubt it considering your previous report. I'm not sure how helpful you two will likely be, outside of holding off the odd water elemental, but it should just be an open-and-shut case. I am vaguely curious about you Nero, I've never heard of a species with four arms like yours before. Is it a magical mutation?" She asks hopefully.

    Nero: "My ancestors were said to be born from dragons. Could it be a magical mutation? I can't say. Frankly, our tribe is nomadic and don't care much for the past. They just move around as they please. "

    Selvia nods skeptically at the comment.
    "Ah, I see, so it's something common to your whole tribe. Probably just the biological development of a rare and isolated race then. Good to know nonetheless."
    Back to the present, we are all currently near the south gate and just about to depart.

    For the sake of saving time and energy we went around and asked the traveling merchants leaving the city gates in which direction they were headed, and hitched a ride on the carriege of one who was passing by the area of the village.
    Nero confirmed it, so no mistake.
    A couple hours later we were standing in front of the cave entrance.
    I watched Nero who was using a fish he cought on the way to open the cave.
    An eerie laugh sounded as the cave opened.
    Well, this was certainly very creepy.
    I went in first using my detection art to sense for presence of possible enemies.
    "I can't detect any presence of living beings inside, but I don't know about any magical ones. Selvia?"

    Selvia: "There's definitely a powerful magical presence inside, probably the portal. Definitely magic of the water element, that concept is overpowering. Unfortunately, I'm not an elf with much affinity for water and I've never really studied it either. I honestly can't tall if there are multiple sources, it just feels like a wash of magic."

    "So the only possible danger are water elements huh?"
    I readied my flame arts inside so that I could launch an attack at a moment's notice should it become necessary.
    Together, we all entered inside the cave and headed towards the blue light shining deep inside.
    Soon all of us stood in front of the portal, staring into the huge mysterious hole.
    "So according to what I heard......isn't this thing way too big? Did it grow larger since your quest here Nero?"

    Nero: "Yeah, it was much smaller before. Even the frame on which it stands has expanded."
    "Let's get rid of it."

    Selvia: "No wait. Let me think for a second. It makes absolutely no sense for the frame to have grown with the container. That should be impossible, unless this is some ancient insanely-powerful artifact, which doesn't seem likely to me. What seems more likely is this: Someone dismantled the old portal and rebuilt the frame and made a new larger one."

    I wrapped flames around my hand and clenched it into a fist.
    "Well, there is obviously nobody like that here right now, does it change in any way what we have to do in order to close this thing?"

    Selvia: "That's true. It's not like the job is to stop whoever is making these portals. It's simply to close this portal. Whoever is doing it is also doing it very crudely and is definitely not that experienced. I mean look at the runes on the stabilization frame. Amateurish. And the area of the elemental plane appears to be not that strong, or we'd be flooded with water elementals at this point."

    "Let's get it over with.", Nero gestured towards the portal, telling Rei to use her fist.

    I nodded at both my party members and swang my flame covered fist at the portal.
    At first there was an obvious feeling that the plan working, the portal was visibly weakening.
    My hand was feeling like it was torn apart by the backlash of the two energies but nothing a trip to the temple back in town couldn't fix, and there WAS that small quest about free healing......
    I smiled and was about to pull out my hand and tell Selvia to prepare what ever spell she needed to use to close the portal as soon as it shrank to the right size, but suddenly something felt wrong.
    The energies stopped rampaging around my arm, and instead it felt like it was quickly crowling down my hand towards my body and it connected with SOMETHING inside of me.
    I don't know how I knew it, but I could- the magic of the portal was synchronising with the curse, most likely since they both were of the water element.
    I felt pains spreading all over my body, which was slightly glowing.
    I lept back in order to separate myself from the portal before it could do anything else to me but for some reason I lost my balance when I did so.
    Weird, did it damage my sense of balance?
    I turned around to Selvia to tell her to close the damn thing already, but was greeted by a speechless look on one of my teammates face and a very curious look on the other's.
    They were looking at me.
    Now I know something happened.
    I took a look down at my body and was shocked......I aged!
    I don't look like a 19 years old Oni anymore (12 years old human), now I look like I am in my late twenties (mid teens human).
    This......was bad, in more ways than one.

    Selvia looked down at the me and was showing a frankly utterly confused face by what had happened. She starts muttering to herself as she thinks of possible explanations. "Hmm I guess there could be a ward on it, but It'd have to be extremely powerful to induce extremely localized aging. I guess it could be a curse, but even then, it shouldn't be so quick or stop so soon. I'm baffled."

    After a few moments of stunned silence, Nero approached Rei cautiously. "Are you ok? What should we do now?"
    After regaining my wits I replied to Nero's question.
    "I am fine mostly, disturbed but fine. It will take some time to get used to my new center of balance though...... and I better get this hand healed at the temple.
    As for what to do, let's start by closing what remains of this portal shall we? Is it weak enough now Selvia?"

    She'was lost in thought for a few moments before finally realizing that I was talking to her.
    "Yes, yes, it's much better now. If I had destabilized it earlier, there was a chance that there could be some explosive after effects, but it should be straightforward now."

    She slowly begins to form a series of arcane circles that form around the area of the cave and slowly begin to cause the blue light to dim and the strong feeling of water to dissipate.
    "That'll help begin the destabilization."

    She forms another larger arcane circle that surrounds the portal itself.
    "And now to siphon off some of the power flow."

    Then she stands waiting for a few minutes as the portal dims further and becomes more opaque.

    I watched on with some interest as Selvia was working her magic, literally.
    "I have to admit, magic is very pretty."

    Soon enough the magic circles did their job, and the portal appeared to be closing.
    Meanwhile I opened my pouch and began wrapping bandages around my injures arm, not an easy feat using only one hand.
    I decided to enlist Nero's help and poked him who was still watching Selvia's magic, and said "Help me wrap this bandage around my arm please".

    While Nero helped me bandage my hand (nervously at first), Selvia called for her apprentice Stephan and began anaon-sitr lecture to teach him about how to close a portal.
    At the end of her explanation Selvia.....kicked the frame?!
    ......... can't say I was expecting that.
    The wooden frame shook and moved just a bit out of its former position, and suprisingly soon enough the portal began to fade away.
    Once we finished bandaging my arm, both me and Nero just stood and observed how the portal was quickly disappearing.
    "I am guessing our job is done here."

    Selvia: "Yep. They aren't paying us to discover who is making the portals after all. But still. If someone has enough magic affinity and raw mana to be regularly making elemental portals it's probably an issue. Especially since they regularly seem to be leaving them unattended. But that's the Guild's problem until they pay me to do it.
    I think my apprentice and I are going to stay here for a bit and relax by the lake before heading back if you two want to turn in the quest."

    I nod and both memand Nero start walking towards the exit while waving my healthy hand.
    "I will tell Aria to save your portion of the reward for when you come back from your vacation"
    After we left the cave, we slowly walked towards Nagrand, and I was gradually getting used to my new center of balance.
    I should probably visit the tailor, but before that lets take that free healing quest and get this hand taken care of.
    Portal was closed.

    There might be a person going around opening portals in an ameaturish way.

    Selvia remained behind with her apprentice to enjoy some vacation time near the lake.

    Rei has physically grown into a mid-teen looking figure, her profile shall soon be updated to fit.
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    "Pfft. Nice drink. I would have tried to go with only guts as for me, just because it sounds funnier, whether it's a loss or not, you only win free drink plus money it is simply free drinks, no matter what is the case.", Gaap exposed his own opinion, after reading the report. It was a very nice idea, still getting drunk is quite funny or so he thought.

    "Anyway, eh, good work there, you have won and beaten the so called unbeatable Garrosh. Mmmm, well, you get 4 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points. And...", he looked at Ryul up and down.

    "Good luck surviving.", he cracked a little joke, not very funny though.

    OOC: Oh, that was a pretty nice idea~
    I expected that he would just come back with hangover and beaten, but what you wrote is way better~
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    Feeling pain all over his body, Cinis did not know what to do, well, he knew, but how should he handle the situation? He has broken bones, that is obviously not something novices can heal unless they took lots of time and were many to do that, thus, it won’t happen, he is a mere adventurer after all.

    Getting into Ophellia’s Temple, Cinis said as he showed his identification badge.

    “My name is Cinis, an E-Rank Adventurer, coming here for healing purposes according to the quests that has been given, my current injuries are bruises, broken bones and a more or less crippled leg.”, it was an unique panoply of injuries, told in such a casual tone. For a second, people didn’t know how to react, some sisters sighed and just decided to lead him toward the novices. The room they entered could be considered as rather large.

    Immediately, one of them was assigned to take care of his injuries, he did not know how to tell her, he guessed he will just tell her what he had.

    “Well… I have bruises, a crippled leg and some broken bones, of course, you can’t heal everything, so is that fine if you just go for the bruises? And if possible, put the bones together..? I don’t know much about magic, so I can’t really know if you can… as in, you can’t repair the bones considering your abilities… but just make them stick to each other?”

    The novice shook her head, indeed, it was a bit too much and said on a rather hesitant tone.
    “Mr. Cinis… you would have to tell me where your bones are fractured then I will need to put them limbs in a certain positions and tighten everything with bandages at the very least… then, I will try to accelerate your healing process with Nature Spell… it probably won’t work. I will try my best to help you.”

    “Since it’s your training, seems like a pretty good deal for me.”, or so he thought.

    Afterwards, they proceed exactly as what she said. First, she began to heal the bruises, these weren’t much a challenge as in the end, it could be healed in a few days if he did nothing.

    Then, he pointed where was his broken, fractured bones and let her do as she wanted, or actually, as he wanted since it was his request . And well, healing this kind of injuries should provide quite an experience for her. Most of the time, it should flesh wounds that come, no?

    Feeling the blood hardly passing due to how tight the bandages were, Cinis thought that he would really need to go to Mary to heal himself. Else, he will not be able to accomplish any quest in his current state. Even if it was for his greater good, it was bothersome. Waiting that she is done with the bandages, he looked at the novice being unexpectedly… calm, she was not stressed or anything, she was just serene and calm. It was surprising, or at least, to him, it was.

    “Are you feeling alright?”, she asked with a smile as the half-elf simply nodded without much words.

    Later on, it seemed that she began to use Nature Magic, a sort of green light was appearing between her hands, it was very faint and almost invisible to the eye but it was there, not healing but preparing the proper conditions for the healing to properly unwind without many issues. But then, nothing else happened, it was just it, it was just uniting the requirements for a perfect natural healing, of course, to happen, he will have to stay months without moving, which is impossible.

    “Did it hurt?”

    “No need to worry about but sincerely thank you for the healing.”, she gave little attention to his words, for a novice, she was strangely stern, she just did her work which was basically training. However she did seem to care a bit about the wellbeing of people considering that she asked him if he was alright a few times during the healing.

    “Well, I suppose that’s it.”, nothing happened, it was just a normal visit. He wondered a bit about who she was, but did it concern him? Not really.

    “Haaaaa…”, a long sigh escaped his mouth, this event did not particularly improve his mood, however, at the very least, it didn't worsen it, so, that's good, that's perfect.

    Coming back, Cinis gave his report along with a smile. However, he did not say anything as he had nothing to say.

    OOC: Well, I messed up and almost forgot to post it~
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    ((A cat on a cat on Selvia?! @Arcturus))
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    Sol gave the report to the lazy old man.
    Sol arrived at the Temple of Ophelia. Some of the sisters led him to the hall where various adventurers were getting healed by the novices.

    The injuries on his left arms were mostly fine. Give a couple of days and resolve itself. Sol's natural recovery was a bit higher than a normal human. Though it hardly matters during combat, it helped when he need to rest and recovery. Most of the minor injuries vanish relatively fast, the rest require more proper assistance. That natural recovery was one of the reasons he managed to survive alone in the mountain when he was 10 years old.

    One the sister send him a half-elf young girl. It was probably the novice that was going heal him. The girl helped Sol remove the bandage and then she started to study the injured.
    "Are you sure still need healing?" The girl asked unsurely.
    "It's still a bit painful. I know it can heal itself after a couple of days but I'm not masochist enough to take damage within the town range to have an injury for this quest. It's not like I can actually meet a bandit or an assassin near here that is trying to kill me and for some reason, I decided to take a hit just to get me to heal. Nor I can risk my injuries to get infected during travel from a quest." The half-elf had a more troubled expression. "Don't worry. You just need to heal the injury to get familiarise with it. It's not like I'm one of the guys that got injured just to get treated by a little girl. This is injured is made from a wolf's bite." Some of the adventurers started to sweat for some reason.

    Somehow the girl calmed down and finally started to heal the injury.
    "Done." She finished the treatment.
    "Good job. Minor advice for you. Next time try to smile a bit more instead of that unsecured expression. Smiling will help your patient to relax and it will wander off evil spirits. Don't think too much if you need to heal the injury or not. Just do what do whatever you can" The half-elf girl smiled.
    "Much better. Bye."
    "Bye." Sol finally left.

    OoC: I feel like I change my character personality a bit here. Teehee~

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    "Mm, seems like you have done a good job. On top of that, you gave her advices on how she should proceed the healing, that's a good progress. More experienced they are, more healed people there would be.", Gaap said before remembering that that he had no rewards to hand out, the reward was basically the healing.

    "Anyway, good job, you get 4 Guild Points. See ya later."

    OOC: Mmmmmm, I am not sure about what is the change... Either I don't notice it, either I get the wrong one~
    ...It's bad in both cases. D:
    Is it related to the joke about adventures purposely injuring themselves to get healed by girls?
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    *blink blink* Well... You certainly changed Rei-san, let me see the report~

    All is in order, though the portals being created by someone is worrisome... Thanks for the information. As for why it was a C-ranked quest... Suffice to say both Lyra and the guild thought the place would be flooding with Water Elementals by now, we're glad we were mistaken.

    The reward will be of 70 Large Copper Coins to split as you see fit, as well as 6 Guild Points for each~

    Take care now~

    ((*pokes @Arcturus and @wraith too*))
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    Well, seems like you didn't get much, but thanks for helping their training~

    The reward are 4 Guild Points, take care now~
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    Task: Lupine Grass Gathering [Taken by @Razogul ]
    Requester: @Zinc
    Quest rank: E
    Rewards: 10 Large Copper Coins
    Description: The requester wishes for 100 stalks of Lupine Grass for his medical research. The weeds themselves are not hard to find, but some caution is advised when taking it as it's common to see wolves near the areas where they're found.

    "Here's my report." Raz says after he puts his brown sack on the table.

    "Inside are 100 Lupine Grass stalks. I made sure they were in perfect condition."

    "100 stalks of Lupine Grass, huh. I guess I'll check the plains for some of them. Hopefully, the wolves won't be much of a problem with my newfound strength." saying this as if it's a piece of cake, Raz starts preparing his equipment.

    Going for his sword by habit, he remembers that his sword got broken in battle with that golem. Sighing, he tells himself, "I'll need to get a new sword sooner or later. Otherwise, it may prove to be a pain in the future."

    Prepared, Raz leaves the tavern and goes to his destination. Going outside of the town, he spots an orc taking off with a chest of some sort. From the corner, a young woman tries to run after the orc while yelling, "Stop!"

    Seeing the situation, Raz runs towards the orc at his increased speed and easily catches up to the orc and kicks him. The orc feels a sharp pain in his back and falls to the ground, groaning in pain.

    Looking at the small chest that was thrown a few feet from the orc, Raz picks it up as the woman finally manages to catch up.

    "Is this yours?" asking this due to not knowing the situation, she hurriedly says, "Yes! This thief stole it from my house and I chased after him!"

    Observing the orc trying to run away, Raz steps on him and smiles. "Well, it appears that you're lucky. Here's the chest."

    Handing it over, she holds it while some guards came up from the commotion. They hear the situation and start carrying off the thief.

    "It seems like there are still thieves around the place, what a pain. Oh well, this was just a minor detour. I should go back to doing the quest."

    Continuing on his way, Raz eventually goes to the plains and sees the scenery and starts looking for Lupine Grass. Shortly afterward, he starts finding them in a bunch of patches.

    Starting to pick them up, he makes sure not to damage the plant in the process. While he is in the middle of picking them up, he hears some rustling behind him and spots three wolves.

    "Oh... I forgot about the plants attracted wolves," acting as if this was a minor inconvenience, he continues, "I better take care of them first."

    Suddenly, the wolves started growling, charged and then leaped at him. Their mouths open to bite him.

    However, Raz dodges them and uses that chance to punch each of them in their snout. Feeling the pain, they start running away.

    "I wouldn't want to kill wolves if I don't have to. They were just attracted to the plants." saying this due to not wanting to kill things that can be easily fended off, he continues picking up Lupine Grass.

    After around a few hours, Raz is done picking up 100 Lupine Grass stalks and makes sure they're in his brown sack. Nodding, he then looks at the sky and sees it's still morning out.

    "It seems like I can try and get used to this new power here, if only for a day. It may require some time until I can fully know what I can accomplish currently with my new strength."

    Seeing a decent area, Raz begins training at the area and tries to focus on his movement. He noticed how fast he's gotten and decides to practice at the new speed to not fall over midway.

    Training for a few hours, he feels like he has a better grasp of his new speed, but will require more training in the future. Deciding to go back to the guild to give the 100 Lupine Grass stalks, he heads back immediately to hand in his report.
    Helped someone take back their belongings from a thief.
    Instead of killing the wolves, he punched their nose's to make them flee.
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    Task: Scums..! [Available]
    Requester: Sasha, a merchant
    Quest rank: E
    Rewards: 10 Large Copper Coins
    Description: Once! Once my home was invaded, and now it's the second time! How dare they, after flying cats, it's now a bunch of thieves that can't even properly hold a knife! Can you just go to my house and kick them out, already?!

    Nero returned to the Guild, with well dressed man following him inside.
    Having traveled all over the land in the last two weeks of adventuring, Nero was glad to see a quest available locally. Having accepted the quest, he was directed to Sasha who was anxiously pacing the guilds common area.
    "Are you Sasha? I'm Nero and I've accepted your request." Nero approached the woman and introduced himself.
    "Nero!", she exclaimed as she admired the bare chested adventurer, "You are just the person I wanted. Let's go! They better not mess with my things while I'm here."

    And so the two of them moved towards the traders square while Sasha explained that the thieves had knocked on her door in the morning and had thrown her out of her on house. Listening to her trying to explain the situation, Nero got the distinct impression that something fishy was going on. The sequence of events that she had describe were unusual and she was extremely focused on getting rid of the thieves by using violence. He began to speculate that this was a domestic issue which was why she didn't go to the cops in the first place.

    The reached her house within ten minutes of starting and saw a horse dawn wagon waiting outside the doorstep. It was being manned by a couple of half-human thugs. A well dressed man was standing just inside the open doorway shouting orders to the people inside to handle the goods carefully. Impressed by this brazen display of lawlessness, Nero strode towards the house and quickly caught the attention of the wagon attendants. One of them decided to step forward to meet him while the other called out the the person at the doorway, "Boss! Come quickly, that woman has brought someone to cause trouble!"

    The well dressed man poked his head out of the doorway and jumped out of his skin when he saw who his subordinate was talking about. He literally sprinted towards Nero in order to diffuse the situation and avoid any physical confrontation. "Wait, stop right there! You are interfering with the work of the Merchant Bank of Nagrand."

    Nero, having heard something scary, slowed down to a halt and asked the man, "What's going on? I was told that a bunch of thieves had occupied the house."

    "We are employed by the bank to repossess this house and its contents. Sasha, the merchant, has failed to repay the loan of 100 Gold coins she had taken ten years back. The house was kept as a collateral to get the loan. She was given enough time to clear her house so that we could move forward with the repossession smoothly. Now, we will keep all her stuff in a store house and auction the house away. She is free to collect her stuff any time she wants."

    At this point, Sasha had joined the two who were engaged on conversation. She glared at Nero, her face red with fury, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? KICK THEM OUT! NOW!! I have paid for YOUR QUEST!"

    Knowing that she would not be reasoned with at this moment, he decided to ignore her. He directed his attention back to the man as she kept on screaming and causing a scene. "Do you have any paperwork to prove this?"

    By now, bystanders had gathered to see what all the fuss was about. Even the goons had stopped with their work in order to watch this drama unfold.

    "Yeah, I have a copy of the original loan agreement which shows the collateral," the man took out a rolled up document from his bag and presented it to Nero. With a quick glance, Nero found the signatures of the people involved in this loan deal including Sasha. Taking a closer look, he saw the official seal of the bank as well. Deciding that the document looked official, he turned to the hysterical woman screaming at him. "Is this true?"

    "N-no. It's a lie," she stammered unconvincingly. Her vigor from a few moments ago disappeared when confronted with a furious adventurer.

    Having made his mind up, Nero showed his guild badge to the well dressed man. "I need to show this document to the guild. You can accompany me if you don't want it out of your sight."

    "Yeah, I'll come with you to the guild."

    They were at the guild in ten minutes.
    Brought back documents that proved that the house didn't actually belong to Sasha.
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    Task: Gather Blood Lilies [Taken by @Zone Q11] [Taken by @Razogul] [Available]
    Requester: @Vandrin
    Quest rank: E
    Rewards: 7 Large Copper Coins
    Description: Vandrin is in need of more alchemic materials for the sake of continuing his studies and craft. For that he needs at least 9 Blood Lilies. Please be sure to bring them in good state as he needs them for the potioncraft.
    This quest can be taken up to 5 times throughout this week, though only once per adventurer.

    Putting his brown sack on the table, Raz says, "Here's nine Blood Lilies. All perfectly safe and not damaged."

    Taking the quest, Raz sees that he needs to get nine Blood Lilies. "Blood Lillies are in the mountains... right?" Not entirely sure about it, Raz decides to go and check at the library.

    Going to the library, he is guided to a book about plants and searches for Blood Lilies. After turning page after page, he finally comes to the important section and what it looks like.

    "So, Blood Lilies are in the mountains and are red plants with yellow spots on them. I see... this could take a bit of time. Well, the quicker I do this quest, the faster I can get back home."

    Putting the book back where he found it, Raz leaves the library and starts going on the path to the mountains. On his way to the mountains, he keeps trying to acclimate to his new speed.

    After hours of doing the same routine while going to the mountains, Raz feels like he's getting a bit more proficient at his new speed.

    "I underestimated how much more trouble this new speed would take to get used to. As the books said though, a solid foundation is the best course for a cultivator."

    Reminded of it, he slowly encounters the mountains and says to himself, "The Blood Lilies are in the mountains. I guess I'll have to get used to climbing."

    Not seeing a path for a while to go up the mountains, he sighs and readies himself, "Here we go!"

    Seeing a steady area, Raz attempts to climb the hectic mountain.

    After around 10 minutes, Raz attempts to jump up a bit to grab the next empty dent in the mountain. However, some of it breaks off and he starts falling. Noticing this, he finds another step in the mountain and barely latches onto it.

    Looking at the rocks fall down the mountain, sweat is on his forehead.

    "That could've been me! Please let the Blood Lilies be close by!"

    However, it takes him another 20 minutes to find the Blood Lilies, with him almost falling down a lot. Sweating due to his nervousness, he sees the Blood Lilies in a small open area.

    Finally seeing his objective, Raz goes to pick up the Blood Lilies carefully, making sure they're not damaged or bruised. Getting precisely nine Blood Lilies, he puts them in his trusty brown sack and smiles.

    "Mission accomplished! Now, to get back down..."

    Remembering that he has to go back down the same way, he cries inside as he has to go through this pain yet again.

    Being very fearful of the height, he almost falls down a few times due to the nervousness. Landing on the ground after that hellish climb, he almost hugs the ground.

    "I swear... I hate mountains! I should've gone to those previous mountains I was at, but this one was closer! Now that I've got the Blood Lilies, it's time to head back."

    Getting back on the same path he was on before, Raz spends the next few hours going back to the guild getting used to his movements.
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    Reading List:
    Task: Gather Moonlight Flowers and Tree Sap [Taken by @jbturkle ] [Taken by @michael.kx5] [Taken by @Unreachable Hope] [Taken by @Fossil] [Available]
    Requester: Vandrin
    Quest rank: E
    Rewards: 9 Large Copper Coins
    Description: Vandrin is in need of more alchemic materials for the sake of continuing his studies and craft. For that he needs at least 12 Moonlight Flowers and a vial of Tree Sap. Please be sure to bring them in good state as he needs them for the potioncraft.
    This quest can be taken up to 5 times throughout this week, though only once per adventurer.

    Not even half a day passed and the gourd returned already. Did he bought the flowers from a market? Robbed the friendly neighborhood alchemist? It's not even night yet...
    After a crash course of Moonlight Flower 101 - reading basic description at the guild library -, a gourd immediately sets out to harvest some. He borrowed the same flower-picking arrangement from last time, namely a basket with several pots and some rags from the guild beforehand, to keep the flowers in good temperature. He stopped by his garden to grab a leftover vials, wondering if tarvine sap would be usable, and decided that giving poison sap to the potion maker would probably end terribly. Thus to the nearest forest he went, a bit confused about what sap to collect, and decided that a random tree would do.

    Now, for the moonlight flowers. Commonly harvested at night because that's when they're easiest to spot, what's with the soft glow and all. So, what's a gourd doing out there at high noon?


    He cheated, obviously. Since the flower was supposedly full of mana he'll just find a place abundant of it, and it'll "glow" in his sight regardless how plain it actually looked like. There should be some clearings in the woods that somehow got more moonlight than sunlight, it's a wide place.

    Didn't even take him that long. He carefully noted the rough location on his map and then started snipping the unbloomed flowers, placing them in the pot with some water and then covering them with rags. That should keep the batch fresh. He picked a few extras because Van is an acquintance. That done, he find a random tree and removed its bark, before cutting a Y-shaped groove on it. Into the vial the sap went, he wondered whether it'd be enough but decided not to question the quest. If it's wrong they'd learn to put more details next time.

    All in all, it's a good three hours of work.
    -Collected 18 moonlight flowers.
    -Collected a vial of random tree sap.
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    Fen leaves the report at the receptionist desk and goes choose the next quest he wants to do.
    “Two nuns sexually harassed a child and beaten up a beggar? Is this information reliable? Shia, do you think this matter relates to those cultists during the festival?”

    ((I don’t think so. Those idiots just randomly attack this town so they shouldn’t have a brain to infiltrate as a nun. In my opinion, the client must be drunk or mislead somehow.))

    Fen goes back to the guild and asks the receptionist for the information about cultists’ movement a few days ago.

    “As you said, the cultists only show up around the church and populated area like the market, not the slum or inside the church.” Fen looks at the map of Nagrand “There are only two churches near the scene, Ophelia and Fuzor...”

    [Church of Fuzor]
    “Not... This… Place…” Fen is standing in front of the church’s door

    ((Master, Why don’t we go in?))

    “Ah~ You see~ There is one guy I don’t want to meet right no-”

    “Hey Fen!, It’s time to duel!!!” Razor rushes out from the church.

    “Not this time, Razor. I got something to do. I will play with you after I accept the request you just place on the quest board”

    “Why are you here then?”

    “Hmm~, does this church has two beautiful nuns that like kids?”

    “This church is recently built so not many people are assigned to stay here. And there is no nun station here so far.” Razor comes near Fen and whispers “As a friend if you interested in those chicks I can introduce someone to you.” *grin*

    *sigh* “I’m here for the request. I gotta go now, later~” Fen heads to the church of Ophelia

    [Church of Ophelia]

    “Is there anything we can help you?” the bishop asked

    “I got a report that some two nuns harassing a boy” *cough* “sexually and bully a homeless man in the slum. I would like to hear the story from those two nuns and both victims.”

    The bishop stands still for a moment “I believe I know people who have this behaviour. Please wait until I come back” He smiles and went inside the church. A few seconds later there is ruckus sound inside the church.

    “I hope they are fine…” ((...))

    When the bishop came back with two nuns, They go out to find the boy and a guy that involves this incident. Fen interviews everyone separately and matches the story. The story from nuns and the kid are the same, stating the boy is the victim of harassing by the man. But the man said he did not know those three while glaring at the kid.

    Apparently, The nuns tried to applied medical ointment to the boy’s stomach and thigh which came from the beaten guy, and he was a bully. \o/ <<< by Magical girl Shia

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    "Herst. Do you know where Blood Lilies are found?" Zoan asked his new former countryside farmer orc employee.
    "Yes, I do. Those flowers grow near the mountains, but are also likely to be found in places where blood are usually spilled. I believe there will be many of them at the forest north from the Cave of the Dead," Herst answered with certainty. Having spent over thirty years of his life as a farmer, he knows the locations and trivia of most common flora in the vicinity. "Sir Zoan, while I am able to fend off common pests such as wolves, I would like to inform that I was only able to do so with the assistance of other farmers."
    "Understood. I will kill all beasts hindering our path while you harvest the flowers. We only need nine. Let us go back as soon as we have them all."
    "I couldn't agree more. The longer we stay in the forest, the likelier it is that more danger will appear," Herst responded while nodding twice.

    Within less than an hour after entering the forest, Zoan and Herst have already harvested four Blood Lilies and finally encountered some enemies. Said enemies are a pack of three wolves. While the barbarian smacked the wolves away, he decided to climb up a tree to ensure his and the Blood Lilies' safety. Zoan got bitten by the wolves as usual, but those won't harm him much as he had consistently punched the head of any wolf who had bitten him, loosening their grip.

    After literally sending the wolves flying for a few seconds and roaring with the intent of intimidation, the wolves have decided to leave the two alone, and escaped for their lives. "Herst. You can come down now," Zoan informed. Despite being an orc, Herst's lack of thirst for battle is rather a tad bit uncommon. Fortunately he keeps his body in check by living as a farmer, and with his cowardly nature he was able to climb the tree up and down with ease, making him a good partner for Zoan.

    "Hm... It seems that danger will approach soon," Zoan said out of nowhere. "Why is that so, Sir Zoan?" asked Herst.
    "This forest. We have been in it for less than three hours, and we have already found four Blood Lilies in two different spots. Does that not seem odd to you?" Herst took a moment to answer. "I do not think that is odd at all, sir. Blood Lilies are indeed often found near pools of blood, but they can also grow in any other fertile soil. Just like any other common flowers. I believe you are worrying too much."
    "Hrm... Understood. Let us continue the harvest," Zoan said while narrowing his eyes on the Blood Lilies.

    Two hours later, the two have exited the forest and went back to the Adventurer's Guild with the requested nine Blood Lilies.
    Not surprisingly, they were all intact as there was no other threat than the pack of stray wolves.

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    Going outside the city after buying a few things like a saddle pouches and pouches that costed him 20 Large Copper Coins, originally, it was higher but since he already had a saddle he traded it and the price was reduced.
    Cinis began to whistle a melody as he took his horse, quickly, he saddled on it, made himself comfortable and continued to whistle, he was trying to find something, he thought about teaching his horse to come when he whistled, he has read a bit about this and wondered what could he use to make the horse understand that a whistle is equal to be called by him, as well that he should give it a name, and research a bit about what was his race…

    “You are rather troublesome, aren’t you? Let’s call you… Odio, it seems to be fine, Odio.” , as he was trotting toward the south while being careful about the weather and the field, the half-elf wondered about one thing, since he had enough points to become a D-Rank, does it mean that soon, he will be able to gain more money, thus, it will become easier for him to win money? To become stronger? And so on. Perhaps, perhaps. He did not know what to do. If they were not here, he basically had no reasons to become stronger, that’s right, what to do when nobody is here? When he is alone.
    No no no no… he should stop thinking this way, closing his eyes, he simply caressed on the mane as his breath became rougher, he felt a bit thirsty.

    Arriving near a river, it was the perfect opportunity to relieve himself from his thirst, as well as for his horse that was rather tired from his run, while there were monsters, Cinis could see in the dark, so he was not much affected by them and led the horse through safe passages, this night, it was a bit chilly. The half-elf did not seem to be affected much by the weather, be it hot or cold, he just shrugs it off as if it was nothing. It was night, fortunately, the sky was clear, there was no clouds to hide the moonlight, so, as they were near the river, it should not be that hard to find moonlight flowers, right? Before searching for them, Cinis approached a tree with a vial he bought rather quickly and tried to drain a bit of sap from it with his seax.

    A dozen of minutes later, Cinis was washing his hands into the river because they got sticky with the sap, it was rather disgusting according to him, having this kind of viscous liquid on him always made him think about some terrible memories he would rather forget, of course… there is nothing he can forget, thus, he will just think about something else, as in…

    “Who are you?”; someone was tailing him since the attack on Nagrand happened, or actually, they appeared a bit after everything was finished, they first appeared when he separated his way from Lethe after he finishing sleeping, at this moment, he could only feel a gaze lurking on him, one with rather bad intentions, nevertheless, one that was familiar.
    After he said this, they left, however, he saw it, they were in a light armor, one in copper, he clicked on his tongue and openly said rather loudly so that person could hear them.

    “So, you already arrived! Next time, I will directly shoot a bolt at your head!”, next time, it will be fight, next time, he shall kill that soldier. Yes, it was a soldier, a typical armor from his hometown, really, did he not tell them? That the moment they get discovered, they will be there, they will show themselves, these fools… they could be in danger. A rage surged from his heart, beating quicker and quicker, his face flushed red with anger, he held on his Khopesh and bit on his lip… then, a sigh escaped his mouth, he should stop with this, he should just stay calm, look at the sky, clean his face with the river’s water and feel the breath of the wind brushing his skin, giving it a second life.

    “What is it…?”, these were deep-blue colored flowers, it was exactly what he was searching, a sigh escaped his mouth as he took the basket he bought earlier before leaving the town, there were four of these flowers, he took his knife and diagonally cut these flowers at the base of their tige. If he remembered well, cutting them will not provide any damage instead of picking, all of these got into the basket, he still needed to gather eight of them. It should not be that hard.

    Unexpectedly, gathering flowers was rather relaxing, every time he thought about what happened, his heartbeat would absurdly rise until his mind shifted and focused on his task to gather flowers. After a few hours, he easily found the rest of the flowers, he had twelves Moonlight Flowers and a vial of Tree Sap, normally, there should not be anything left.
    Those last eight flowers were quite troublesome since, many seemed to be hidden, as in, he even noticed that some of them could grow underwater, however, they did not seem to be… resilient enough, so these ones were in rather pitiful state, some were in bushes, and so on… a common point would be that they were all near the river, and that they were quite rare. Cinis thought that during the night, he would be assaulted but nothing happened for the greater good… or so he thought, he heard the roar of a creature, quickly, he got back on Odio and the horse sprintedcould toward Nagrand, it was too suspicious according to him, someone is following him and then suddenly a roar? Sorry, but no, that is way too suspicious. First, he could not see the creature, second the roar didn’t seem to be one that could be done by any regular animals… third, getting involved will be worthless.

    Afterwards, was it really a roar from a dangerous creature? Maybe not, in the end, it did not matter much, next time, he would try to train his horse. He thinks he should go buy some food for the horse, some proper one he will use to train it.
    This event introduced to Cinis' heart something, a certain worry, apprehension for the future, he felt like he should become stronger the more quickly possible, since there was already someone, it will not be the first one. For now, his strenght was sufficient else he would be already... ha. How troublesome.

    "That's not going well..."
    + Old memories catch him up, as in, someone he knows was seen in the vicinity
    + Paid 20 Large Copper Coins for a saddle bag and pouches
    + Got a basket and vial for 2 Large Copper Coins
    "I am back, and well, it was not hard but... I guess reading will be better than me explaining.", after a long sigh, Cinis gave to report with rather a forced smile.

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