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    Task: Exterminate the direwolves! [Available]
    Requester: Sirius, Edhellen's #1 Rogue... I think
    Quest rank: D-rank
    Rewards: 8 Small Copper Coins per Direwolf.
    Description: These damned beasts have been coming more and more often recently, I swear, they must be overpopulated. They took out most of the traps surrounding my house already, and soon enough I'll be left with none! What will I do if goblins come to attack me then!? Or worse, the Direwolves?!
    Please, could you exterminate like... At least 20 of them?! I think there aren't many left aside from those... Hopefully...
    My house is near the woods to the Southwest of Lakeside village, the direwolves should be in the woods probably.

    "You again? What did you do this time?" The gourd stared at the sheepish rogue, who last time managed to trap himself out of his own house.

    "I may have accidentally killed one or two of them with the traps..."

    "Wolves are vengeful y'know. Of course they'll try to eat you." The gourd shook his head. "Well, I'll deal with them. Give me a night."


    "Venomous Blade."

    The gourd rose from his perch as the last light vanished upon the horizon. Stretching a bit, he surveyed the surrounding as wolf howls echoed from the distance.

    "Let the hunt begin."

    He dropped from the tree and merged into the shadow, the Shadowflip Brand humming in delight. There in the woods he travelled almost unseen, a silent spectre that flit from the edge of vision but never fully spotted. He ran into the first wolf soon enough, it glanced around warily for it sensed danger. Not enough. Not even close.

    A black figure rose by its side, blade flashing and the wolf howled in pain. It continued to whimper as its innards spilled from the gash, where the assailant merged back into the shadows. More howls from the distance answered, the wolves convering to their wounded friend.


    A group of three was the first to arrive. The gourd went from the nearby tree to their midst in a single Shadowflip, blade dancing leaving open wounds on the wolves. Not lethal, had it not been the poison. They fell one by one, joining the first.


    The whole group sped up with the dying cry of the three. He flipped into another underbranch, hanging upside down like a spider as he waited for his quarry. Six, this time, coming from different directions. He dropped and slashed open the one passing beneath, attracting the rest. Then he's beside the next one, opening its throat. Four converged on him, snarling angrily, but he was gone as fast as he appeared leaving an echo of laughter across the forest.

    It should not echo in the forest.

    The rest of the pack came after, a dozen more of them including the alpha. They warily glaread into the darkness, both sense and instict going awry.

    On the periphery he appeared, blade flashing like a viper's fang. He's gone before they strike, appearing on the other side faster than humanly possible. Lives were reaped with impunity, wounds turning fatal within seconds regardless severity.

    "Fifteen... oops, ran out."

    His Brand flickered off, spent despite how low its expenditure was. He slew the sixteenth before the wolves realized he's not disappearing.

    Then they charged, red-eyed.

    "Arcane Armament."

    The blade went down, slashing through the frontmost wolf with nary a resistance. The second fell all the same, and a shield bash broke the third's muzzle. The alpha wolf came fourth, larger than the rest, but sliced apart just as easily. The last two managed to pounce and knock him down but cannot find anything to bite, iron cuirass and hardened gourd helmet blocking the attempt. He only need to angle his blade and push, showering himself in blood as he shoved the corpses off him.

    "...twenty two." The gourd looked at his left hand. "It lasted shorter than expected."

    He stretched, stored his blade, and took out his trusty knife.

    "Well, waste not those pelts."
    -Killed twenty two wolves.
    -Collected the pelts for sale.
    -Later taught Sirius some wolf snare.
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    I can definitely say I'm happy about this report... It's so good to have the guild's suspicions being right for once, last thing we needed was yet another big trouble brewing up with those spirits...

    Thanks for solving it Nero-san, the reward is of 9 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~
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    "Well, I should say that it was expected of you? It seemed that you dealt with it rather easily. Let's see... twenty two direwolves, so it makes 176 Small Copper Coins.", after slowly counting the quest and still being on the verge of falling asleep, Gaap took out the rewards and handed them to Jack.

    "So here are 176 Small Copper Coins and you get 8 Guild Points as well, you have done a good job.", a slight smile appeared on Gaap's face.

    "Just kidding, 17 Large Copper Coins and 6 Small Copper Coins.", he then shrugged and gave him a more proper one, carrying almost two hundred coins seemed to be a pain.
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    "Done, the client's request has been completed nicely~ Umu!"
    Finding the quest giver wasn’t difficult. Communication wasn’t difficult, either. Thank god trolls knew how to speak the common tongue as well.

    The issue came after the meeting.

    “So the thing is...You did what, again?” - E

    “...I already told you, I ate a random assortment of herbs.”

    “...Why would you ever do that?” - E

    “...That’s not important. What matters now is for me to get my previous form back.”

    “...No, I insist. The herbs that you ate could have played a huge role in you transforming. I need to know why you did such a thing. Do tell.” - E

    The troll hesitated, a rather rare sight to behold, even though it was an elf underneath all that.

    “...Well, I was told that it would make me prettier…”

    Silence ensued.

    “...Wait, you’re a lady...?” - E

    “...Does that really sound so unbelievable to you…?”

    The adventurer sized up the troll before her.

    “Yes.” - E

    “That’s cruel! Even if I’m already nearing my three hundreds, I’m still an Elf…?!”

    “Don’t Elves have a lifespan of seven hundred and then some? So won’t that make you a middle-aged lady?” - E

    “Shut it, shut it, don’t say iiiiiit! I’m still young and beautifuuuuuul!”

    Elaine stares, deadpan.

    “Sure. Whatever you say, umu.” - E

    “Why do you harbour such doubt on your face?! Even if I look somewhat hideous right now, I’m still a beautiful Elf at heart!”

    “If we don’t cure it, you’ll end up being ‘a beautiful Elf at heart’ forever, you know. Oh well, I suppose you could come to live at Nagrand if that happened. We’re big on racial acceptance over here.” - E

    “Noooo! That’s not happening over my dead body!”

    “Then tell me what herbs you ate.” - E



    Ten minutes later, Elaine had gotten both a small list and a big headache. The reason was the list of herbs that the elf had named.

    Firstly, why would anyone willingly eat a Mandragora…?

    Flashbacks to one of her earlier quests, she had gone out to the Lakeside Forest for the sake of harvesting a mandragora, a plant that had a human face; an incredibly realistic and ugly one at that. From first hand experience, she knew how much of a nuisance it could be. Also why Shiori loved using it in her medicines.

    “Mandragora take a darn long time to grow, run at the first sign of danger, and when pulled out of the ground, they’ll scream their lungs out. If you’re in the wilderness, it’ll aggro every single monster in the vicinity, so catching one is annoying as hell. However, it’s a very good catalyst for making medicine.”

    Shiori had gone on to explain the best growing conditions for mandragora, which she had tuned out in her head. Elaine did, however, hear the reason for the mandragora’s usefulness.

    “Mandragora possess no healing effects by themselves. So if you eat a mandragora, it’s not going to heal you. But the thing is, mandragora have the ‘Amplify’ ability. If you mix a whole adult mandragora into medicine, the effectiveness of that medicine goes up by one entire grade, so long as you don’t fail the creation process, of course.”

    Basically, since the elf ate a mandragora, whatever effects that turned her into a troll was amplified...The bad part is, she didn’t know for certain what kind of effects the other herbs caused.

    Some were easy to guess from their names alone, but the others? She had no idea what those even were. And her handy Herb Encyclopedia (Shiori) wasn’t around to provide her with answers.

    “...For an elf, aren’t you a little too vain?” - E

    The troll blushed. Yep, this was definitely a new sight.

    “S-Shut up! If you had the same chance, wouldn’t you take it?”

    “No.” - E

    The elf-turned troll did know how to undo the process, which was a good thing, but...

    “You forgot one important thing; nevermind making potions, I barely know two types of grass from each other. It’s impossible for me to create a beginner’s potion, and you’re asking for something beyond that. Impossible.” - E

    “Gah! I’ll teach you how to do it, then! I’m a good alchemist myself, alright?”


    “...I somehow doubt that.” - E

    “Grrrrr...Alright, I’m begging you, okay? Please help me…”

    “...Well, I took the job, so that much is natural. Go ahead then, teach me what to do.” - E


    And so, Elaine ended up going to the nearby Elven village to buy the herbs required. Thankfully, the troll was gracious enough to cover the cost, so it didn’t take too long. When she got back, the troll/elf/village head had gotten a small fire going.

    “Alright, so how do I make a minor dispel potion?” - E

    “Minor? Something of this extent requires a regular dispel, at the very least...Oh.”

    Elaine raised an arm. At the end of that was a struggling mandragora, a cloth stuffed into its mouth.

    “Thought this would come in handy, so I went to catch one. Now, let’s get that potion brewed.” - E


    “No! Add the leaves later!”

    “Stir the mixture before it gets too thick!”

    “You need to chop the mandragora first!”

    “No, no, no! Don’t add too much! Stooooop!”

    “That’s not how it’s doooooone!”

    After several attempts, a sickly green mixture was finally created, still bubbling in the scorched black metal pot that Elaine had substituted for a vial. As expected, the troll turned her nose up at it.

    “...I can see a face in the mixture...And I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to turn green…”

    Elaine kept silent as well. She didn’t relish the look of this ‘potion’ she had made.

    “...Say, how about you take a sip first?”

    “it’s brewed for you.” - E

    “It’s your creation.”

    “...It’s your illness.” - E

    “...Dammit, you got me. Here goes…”

    The troll hesitantly lifted the pot, and polished off the contents in one go. Elaine couldn’t help but admire her guts; after all, had the mixture ended up poisonous, she would have to get rid of the evidence and hide the body…

    Instead, contrary to all her expectations, the troll shrunk, and reverted into being an elf. Problem solved.

    “Thank the gods! It actually worked! Bleh, I have to go wash my mouth out later...Ahem, why are you staring? Do you find my elvish looks bewitching?”

    “...No, I think the potion backfired a little after all. You’re back to being an elf, but look at your hands.” - E


    “Beats me. Well, at least you can go back to your village now. You’ll probably be able to find the cure there, so goodbye.” - E

    “You’re leaving already?!”

    “Why not? I was tasked to turn you back into an elf. The task has been satisfactorily completed. So, I’m leaving. Bye bye~” - E

    “Noooo! Don’t leave me looking like this! Heeeeeelp!”
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    "...I hope he enjoys the sea," Zoan said in a low voice while staring down.
    ((Also, 2.5k words are still too much for this quest. How was this supposed to be an easy one...? The journey to south alone is worth 3 days, and that is if we use horses.))
    ((Yeah, we -or rather I- decided to not do the bounty after all, since it's taking way too long for this quest.))

    Zone: None
    lee: Orange
    --- --- ---
    Before the quest giver's house, Zoan asks May: "So. Do you want to go east through Skyfall Keep or do you want to go west through Kuro's Mountain Crossing Service?"

    (~^o^) "I'm fine with both~ I like to travel and I haven't explored this country yet~"

    "Let's go west then. I want to hunt some wolves for the bounty in Doylors," Zoan said before he knocks the door of Abraham, the quest giver. "Who is it!?" The man screams. "We are adventurers who have taken your quest."

    After a couple of seconds, an frail white haired old man wearing a pair of glasses opens the door. He did not speak first, but instead looked at the adventurers to determine their race. After confirming that both of them were humans, the old man said: "Good! That means we can leave now. The faster we go, the better. I don't want to see any more beasts from this town!"

    "Hn?" May tilted her head at the old man's statement, It sounded a-lot like what the town guard captain of her home town would say, but that whenever he returned from the local governor's ball after escorting the mayor there once every year.

    "Mister~ are you ready to leave?" She checked him to see if he had any preparations on him "I wont buy your snacks if you get hungry~!" (~^.^)

    "Yeah yeah. Just get that thing there. It is filled with rations for a whole week," Abraham said as he points at a huge backpack. Zoan follows the old man's orders and put the backpack on. Abraham then started walking towards the entrance of Nagrand, but by the time the three arrived there, Abraham was already exhausted.

    "Perhaps we should rent a horse," Zoan suggested. Abraham refused however, saying: "No way! I may be old, but I won't rely on anything else but my own two feet to reach the sea!"

    (~^.^) "Me and zoan have all the time in the world, but do you mister~?" May was still growing into an adult and would have a lot of time on her hands, while she knows that he doesint have that much, hence the request.

    Abraham groans, and despite refusing May for multiple times, he decided to yield and rent horses after walking for an hour.
    After riding two days with the horse, the party have finally reached Kuro's Mountain Crossing Service. Old man was kind enough to pay the toll, but a couple hours later they encountered a group of bandits!

    "Alright folks, you know the drill. Give us everything you have, or you die," the leader said with a wicked smile. The group consists of 8 bandits, and while none of them were equipped with particularly good equipment, they all seem to be in top condition to rob a little party of three.

    "What if~ if you gave everything you have instead or I throw open this bag full of powerful smelling snacks?" May held out a very tightly enclosed bag "I heard that this time of year that some cuties get very hungry~"

    The bandits laughed at May, and while they were distracted Zoan rushed towards one of them, swung his club vertically, and smacked the bandit away. The bandit sent flynig then collided with another bandit.

    The falling caused two others to fall down in a chain effect, causing them to freak out as they try to untangle themselves from the heap. "Theirs a few too many?" May asked as she threw the snack powder at the remaining bandits, a buzzing sound could be heard as hundreds of tiny birds pour out of a tiny hive nearby and start pecking and eventually, taking bites out of them to get at that sweet, sweet, dried pollen powder,

    While the bandits were entangled and swarmed by birds, Zoan proposes to run away as soon as they could.

    (~*.*) "Lets go~" She led the way as she led the other two past the bandits while they were distracted.

    Running away on horses, the party naturally have a big advantage compared to the bandits who travel by foot. After a few minutes alone, the three have escaped from the bandits.

    "Taking the horse was a good idea after all, wasn't it May?" Zoan asked.

    (~^o^) "Yep~" May was glad they did not have to run away instead of horsing away...? May tilted her head, It was horsing away right? she nodded to herself, yep, it was horsing away! "Good thing we horsed away from them, It would have been tiring running away from them~"

    The two men sighed. "Hey old man, why do you want to see the sea so much anyways? And why do you have to walk on your own two feet to do so?"

    Abraham was old, but also full of knowledge. He knew how to ride a horse while Zoan had had some troubles at the beginning. It was naturally odd how he had chosen to travel by walking instead of by carriage or by horse.

    "'s nothing of your business, kid. The quest says to escort me to the sea. Not to ask questions."

    May started thinking they were tired after sighing in unison so strangely, but decided not to comment on it as it was not time to make camp yet, nor were they near any safe place to make camp for another quarter of time.

    "Oh! a stream~ we can let the horses rest for a bit, they worked so hard! snackmane, snacksire, and snacklord are in need of a rest!"

    "...well, the girl is right though. We have been travelling far enough for today. Let's put up a camp here," said Abraham.

    The first camp was before Kuro's Mountain Crossing Service, and now they were north-east from Doylors. ...yes. The Doylors where there is said to be a nest of wolves.

    "Hey May. How about we take turns to guard this time?" Zoan asked. The three slept at the plains during the first night. With a space that wide, none of the party had expected any enemies, and thankfully there were none as well. This time however, there might be a slight chance that a group of wolves might attack the party at night.

    (~^.^) "Sure! I'll take first watch and wake you up when It's been a some time~" May was proud of her discovery that, if you wake someone up at certain times, they'll be fully alert for some reason even if they had not slept a full night~

    "Alright." After taking about half an hour to set up their camp, the party ate a meal and Abraham and Zoan went to sleep.

    May sat around the hidden campfire they had and started making makeshift torches, placing them on the perimeter of the camp to ward off any wild animals, but not enough that anyone not directly looking at it would notice right away.

    She yawned after the first hour but told herself quietly "30 more minutes~" "Bork! Bork!" "Derk! Derk!" May went to see what was going on and was able to see a pack of wolves face off against a pack of carnivorous boars.

    It was amusing who may who watched the two sides try to assert dominance with their cries before she returned to camp 30 minutes later, the time having come to wake zoan up and tell him about it
    "Zoan~ Zoan~ look~"

    "Mm...? Who...? What? What... is the... matter?" Zoan slowly, slowly asked as he wakes up from his sleep.

    "Look~ It's so strange~ It's as if those two groups are wary of a third group attacking if they attack each other~ I think they think we're something to be wary of~ Should we pretend to leave?"

    "Mmhm... It is still... very early... in the morning, but... they are fighting... near us. So... let's pack up, I guess." Zoan said and followed to wake up Abraham. Unfortunately the old man didn't wake up after a being shaken. Worried a little bit, he places his index finger in front of Abraham's mouth to feel whether he still breathes or not, and thankfully he is still alive.

    "May, could you put him in front of you while you ride the horse? I will take the rein from his horse until he wakes up," Zoan proposed.

    (~^.^) "Alright Let's do it~" May followed his instructions and put the old man in front of her and started leading the group away when the sounds of battle started behind them, it seems the beasts had already forgotten about them.

    After hours of riding, the sun have finally risen and the party of three have arrived at the Town of Doylors. Zoan and May however were very tired. Especially May, who have yet to sleep at all since yesterday. Zoan decided to take the lead and rent a room and spent 5 large coppers for the night.

    (-.-) "wake me up an in hour and thirty minutes~"
    May fell asleep directly on the bed, feeling very tired.

    Worried about May's health, Zoan decided to let her sleep. fact, he is still sleepy as well, so he went to sleep too. It was about five hours later at high noon, when Zoan woke up. It was then when Abraham spoke to him as well.
    "Oh. So you finally woke up. It's been hours since I woke up. So, did you have a nice sleep?" Although the old man was confused how he suddenly woke up in an inn when he had slept in an open field, he concluded that the adventurers must have brought them to a town nearby.

    "Yes, thank you for asking," Zoan replied.
    "We can depart as soon as she wakes up. From what I have gathered, this Town is somewhat nearby the sea... We can take our time a little bit now," Abraham said.
    "...sir, I know you didn't want to answer before, but I will ask you one last time: Why do you desire to see the sea?"

    The old man ignored the question looks outside. "There are lots of those beasts outside. I see that the people of Ternus is still as stupid as ever," he instead replied. Zoan kept waiting, standing in silence. "I know they exist. Villages, towns and even cities where men and beast coexist. But not everything is peaceful in any of those places."

    A moment of pausing silence.

    "I won't deny there are evil humans. Even the bandits we encounter yesterday were examples of such cases. However, I will never ignore the fact that there are more beastmen criminals than human criminals," Abraham continued in a mournful tone. " was because of those vermin that I had to lose my wife... my daughter... my happiness..."

    Zoan did not say anything. He feels sorry for the old man, but there was nothing he could do. He looks at May. An adventurer of her age is still considered to be young from the view of some people. It was unknown how she managed to survive so far, but Zoan felt that it would be painful if she were to lose her life because of her naivety.

    "Even if I die, I don't think I will ever forgive them. ...heh, I would probably only attack beastmen were I ever to turn into an undead," the old man scoffed.

    (~^o^) "mmmyaaaa~" may stretched out as she woke up and looked around (o.o)?
    May noticed the day was high noon and almost panicked before her eyes set on Zoan and the old man talking about something.

    (+.+) "quick! Zoan! Old man Abraham! Exploring time~"

    "Oh, you're awake. Nice timing May," Zoan said with this thumbs up.
    After eating breakfast from the inn (which they have paid for), the party checked out and set to travel once more towards the south.

    "Um... Excuse me, but do you perhaps know a good route to go to visit the sea?" Zoan asked the innkeeper. "But of course! You only need to follow the river all the way south, and after a day's travel with a horse, should be able to reach an unnamed beach. The place's recently started running for a few weeks too, so I think they would love it if you meet them!" The innkeeper enthusiastically answered. She seems to be someone who gives a positive vibe when she's compared with anyone else in this magic-enthusiastic town.

    "If I may ask," old man Abraham started, "do you perchance know who runs that beach? What race are they from?"
    "Right! The beach was founded by a group of humans and beastmen who had enough of all the hatred and war between men and beastmen, so they made a beach to cool off and relax," the receptionist answered.
    "I see..." Abraham then stares at the ground with an unhappy face. However, he soon simply said: "Well? What are you waiting for? Let's go south, shall we?"

    The intrepid adventurers traveled south as they fol.lowed the safer roads to the beach, we return to our heroes as they can smell the first signs of a beach.

    May sniffed the air "Hnn~? It smells kind of salty~~"

    It didn't take them long to realize that the sea was nearby. "Ooh! There! I can see it!" Abraham shouted with a joyful expression, as he stares at the sea on the horizon. "Finally... With this I have finally fulfilled my promise... You can rest in peace now..."

    Zoan took a good look at the sea. It was wide and deep blue, spacious with nothing above. No buildings to ruin the skies. No extreme changes in colors. Just a blue area filled with nothing above it. In a sense, it calms anyone's heart.
    Zoan then looked at the beach he's heard about from the innkeeper. It appears she was not wrong. The beach was filled with humans and beastmen, relaxing and enjoying the gentle breeze and the sunlight.

    "Well then. What do you want to do now?" Zoan asked. "...I have decided. I will stay here. I don't have much time anyway, so I will look a place to live here until I die. You can take your reward at the guild," after finishing his sentence, he pulled a stamp and pressed it on the quest paper.

    (~^o^) "Woah~ It's so large~ so much water! It's way bigger than the little lake I used to grow up with!" May happily looked around the beach, curiously looking at the strange clothes that people were wearing before talking "I'll look for snacks~"

    A moment later may could be seen haggling with local kids over some snacks that she had brought along.

    Zoan sees May haggling, smiles wryly. Unknowing what to do with old man Abraham, he decided to leave him be. Surely he knows how to take care of himself... right?

    "Hey May! We are about to leave now!" Zoan shouted. He left some rations for Abraham behind in case he has no luck finding a place to sleep. Then again, even after paying the cost for the Mountain Crossing Service twice, he seems to still have enough money, so he should be fine...

    (~^o^)/ "Hai Hai~ Let's go~" May followed behind zoan as she looked around, eyes full of curiosity.

    Riding the horse while looking back every so now and then, the adventurers arrived at Doylors once more, rested for another night (the innkeeper was kind enough to not charge us this time) and used the same path back to Nagrand.
    Zoan paid 5 large coppers for the night at Doylors.

    @AliceShiki @leegood
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    A promise huh? Well, at least he is happy now~

    Mmmmmmmmmm... You both went together for the task, but if I recall correctly, May-san said she'd go without expecting any rewards? But it doesn't feel right to not give her any rewards after she participated...

    Well, I guess I'll split the guild points rewards and let you handle the monetary reward, as usual. It will be 12 Large Copper Coins to split as you see fit and 2 Guild Points for each~
    If May-san is still fine with not getting any rewards, then you get 4 Guild Points instead while she gets 0~

    Take care now~

    ((*pokes @leegood too*))
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    Task: The Moon is Becoming Red [Taken by @Razogul ]
    Requester: Moon Village
    Quest rank: D-rank
    Rewards: 19 Large Copper Coins
    Description: The moon is becoming red... Weirdly enough, you can see its normal color if you travel a few kilometers away from the village.
    We already tried everything we could, we couldn't find anything that could be causing it... We assume some sort of mostly invisible red fog is spreading above the village and that is making the moon look red for us... While we believe that, we didn't find anything that proved the theory... Either the fog is too high up for us to detect, too good at hiding to be detected, or we're wrong.
    Find the problem and at least give some pointers towards a possible solution. If you can actually solve it, we'll pay extra.

    Raz hands in the report.
    Looking over the quest a few times, Raz tilts his head. "A blood moon? No, it's only within a few kilometers of the village. Fog may be likely, but I doubt that's ever the case in this world."

    Readying his equipment yet again, he sets out on another adventure.

    Leaving the tavern, he mumbles, "Moon Village... that's south of the mountains. Now, do I risk taking the shortcut through the Cave of the Dead or go around."

    Thinking back due to how close he was from death's door due to the number of monsters, he makes his decision. "Going around it is!"

    Standing by his decision, he leaves the town and begins his journey. He quickly sprints just like last time, training himself as he goes to his destination.


    A day quickly passes as several carriages see for what seemed to be a blur. A rumor starts going around about some mysterious being that travels by foot faster than a carriage. However, that's something Raz will later find out and shed a small tear.

    Going past around the mountains, he finally sees that he's reached the end. Exhausted, he sits down and wipes off the sweat on his forehead.

    "Finally! Now, to rest," saying this while getting a small camp ready, he eats until he's full. After finishing his good meal, his eyes quickly narrow as he looks towards the forest.

    "This seems like a good spot to train, I should use my remaining time for the day to train my enhancement."

    Taking off into the nearby forest, he finds a spot that's secluded and is satisfied at the location.

    "Given how I have enough Ki now due to my breakthrough, I should try enhancing my entire body. That way, my entire body will have more strength, defense, and agility!" Nodding as he's delighted by this idea, he begins right away.

    Focusing his Ki, he starts slowly enhancing his legs, then slowly going upwards, encasing himself in a pale blueish glow. Looking at the new coloration, he is shocked.

    "Odd, it used to be a regular pale coloration, now it's got a tinge of blue in it? Is it due to the breakthrough or due to my affinity with water mixing in?"

    Having those thoughts, he soon completes enhancing his entire body, although it took him a lot of attempts. By the time he's got some inkling of experience in it, it's quickly turned midnight out.

    Deciding to turn in for the day, he picks up his equipment and goes back to camp to go to sleep.


    Morning arrives and Raz wakes up, tiredly rubbing his eyes to get wake up while yawning. His eyes opening up, he spots the now rising sun in the distance. It produces a blinding glow to his face and requires some adjusting too.

    "Ugh... the bright light sucks whenever I wake up. Oh well, I should eat and then go on my way," taking out a ration as he says this, he quickly finishes it and gets up. He gets his equipment and takes care of his camp, making it as if he was never there.

    Done getting rid of his camp, he looks towards the direction Moon Village is at. Readying himself, he gets into position to run.

    "Another day, more training. Let's see if I can get there by today!"

    He quickly runs and some dust could be seen from where he once was. When the dust settles, a person shortly comes out of a tree.

    "A weird individual, he doesn't reek of people of this world. What is he?" A high yet sweet voice can be heard before the woman goes back into the forest.


    Meanwhile, down the road a few hours later, Raz is busy going down the road. However, a carriage is shortly seen after and has plenty of guards around it. They seemed to wear full plate armor and had swords and shields with them.

    Seeing this, Raz decides, "Let's ignore them and just go around, I don't want any business with nobles!"

    Going around the carriage and guards, the guards quickly do a defensive stance but are confused due to the person now going off into the distance.

    From the carriage comes out a woman's beautiful face as she asks the servant, "What was that?"

    "I don't know... some person?"

    "Find out more about that person, he may be useful in the future," leaving that order, she quickly goes back inside the carriage and they keep going on their path.


    A person sneezes soon after while looking behind him, "Odd, was I being talked behind my back? Then again, that's some old superstition, am I getting a cold?"

    Not feeling any symptoms, a day quickly passes again with it becoming evening yet again. Exhausted yet again, he still makes a camp and rests a while before setting out to train, again.

    Now training, he sighs as he attempts to get better at enhancing his entire body at once, failing and failing, over and over again. However, with each repeated time, he gets more successful in his tries.

    Midnight soon comes again and Raz takes note of his progress and goes back to camp to go to sleep.


    "Morning yet again, fun," saying this in a deadpan tone, he eats and cleans up camp like usual. He then starts hoping he can finally reach his destination.

    After a few hours pass of his constant travel, he ends up near Moon Village. Seeing that the moon is normal from this distance, his eyebrow goes up.

    "It seems like I'm still outside the influence, let's get closer," going forward, he soon starts seeing what the quest report told him.

    A bright red-colored moon was shown, however, it wasn't just the moon like the quest report told. The sky was also looking like a pale red was there!

    "Did they not give enough info, or is this new!?"

    Going to the entrance of the village, he sees for what appears to be the inhabitants, Moon Rabbits. Just like what they were described as they had bunny ears and their small fluffy tails. They looked shorter than the average human and were walking around.

    Seeing the nearest one, Raz makes his presence known. "Excuse me, but I'm from the Adventurer's Guild, I'm called Raz. I cam here for the quest your village has given me."

    The Moon Rabbit girl is on guard a bit from his presence and points towards a nearby building and says, "If you're from the guild, talk to our Matriarch."

    Saying, thanks, the Moon Rabbit goes off in the opposite direction. "I better and get this done and over with."

    Going to the building that was pointed to, he knocks the door three times and then hears a voice, "Come in."

    Raz goes inside and sees another Moon Rabbit, although older in appearance compared to the one he met before. Seeing her, Raz introduces himself yet again.

    "I see, good to know. Our sky just recently turned red, so it's lucky that you arrived on time."

    "Are there any hints to where this may be originating?" Raz inquires.

    "One of the villagers saw a red mist or fog coming from the woods, you can check that first."

    "Okay, I'll get right to it." Raz quickly leaves as she goes back to her own work. Exiting the building, he looks towards the woods and sees Moonlight Flowers already around the entrance of it.

    "How pretty. No time to stay though, I need to quickly get this done and over with."

    Getting back to work, Raz starts going deep inside the forest and eventually finds a crack on the ground, deep from the looks of it. Seeing a red mist coming out, Raz says, "This must be where it's coming from, I should block it with something."

    Looking around, he spots some boulders and smiles.

    "That should do," says Raz as he starts using his Ki to help get the boulders towards the crevice in there. After an hour of moving them, he finally blocks the area and sees no more red mist coming out.

    "It seems like whatever was coming out of it is now sealed up. I should go back and see if it had any effect."

    Quickly going back, he looks up and starts seeing the sky and moon slowly going back to their original colors. Although, it may take some more time to fully disperse. Seeing the result, Raz goes and reports it to the Matriarch of the village.

    "I see that you solved it as well, good. Here are six large copper coins in addition to your reward," handing them over to Raz, he smiles.

    "Thank you, I'm glad that it's solved. I shall be on my way now, goodbye." Raz says as he starts leaving the village. He sees some of the villagers looking warily at him and sighs and says, "Goodbye!"

    He starts running back to the guild using the same route as before, training along the way, getting better at enhancing his body to a reasonable degree, becoming quicker at enhancing it. By the time he comes back, it's been a total of five days.

    "It seems like I'm back, I should report to the guild now," Raz says as he heads to the guild.
    Got better at enhancing and can enhance my body to a certain extent.
    Rumors are appearing due to Raz's travel antics.
    Some people may find out about Raz and come asking for certain tasks.
    Got six additional Large Copper Coins in addition to the reward for solving it.

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    The change in temperature was astonishing. It was noticeable, but by no means sudden. The chill crept in slowly as Arawn traveled towards the village. He had hitched a ride on a passing merchant’s wagon, allowing the river to guide him towards his destination. He had left the merchant and his wagon approximately five or so kilometers away from the village, as they would be traveling in different directions.

    Traveling on foot, the cold was even more striking. While Arawn had been feeling the low temperature for quite some time, it could have been attributed to the lingering effects of the past winter. No, his first sign that something was wrong was when his breath could be seen visibly as a white mist in the air. Then came the frost. The ground underfoot was covered with the white ice, crackling as Arawn trod over it.

    Shivering slightly, Arawn wrapped his thick cloak around his shoulders more tightly, thankful for the protection it gave. He managed to keep the cold at bay for some time, but his defenses proved to be ineffectual once he was within a kilometer of the village. Snow fell from the grey clouds above, in a greater intensity the closer he was to his destination. Arawn quickened his pace, hoping to reach the village before he ended up freezing to death.

    Once the village was in view, Arawn felt relief wash over him. He hurried towards the village and whatever meager shelter it could provide. The snow was falling at an impressive rate and with incredible volume. While he could still navigate, Arawn would be unable to move quickly, not with the snowfall hindering him.

    The village itself was no better, blanketed in the thick snow. The villagers themselves were nowhere to be seen, likely having given up on moving around outside. Arawn’s first destination was the focal point of any village. The tavern.

    Shoving the door open, Arawn trundled into the tavern and was immediately struck by the heat. A large roaring fireplace along with a large number of people crowded into the small building filled the area with far more heat than was present outside.

    Despite the dreadful weather, the inhabitants of the village seemed to be in high spirits. The loud sounds of conversation, singing, and raucous laughter filled the air. Arawn pushed his way through the crowd towards the bar. Sitting down heavily on an empty stool, he signaled the bartender, ordering a pint of ale. When the thin, lanky man returned with his drink, Arawn stopped him to ask a few questions.

    “Argh, this foul weather,” he muttered. “Why on Edhellen is it snowing at this time of year?”

    “...You new ‘round here?” the bartender questioned, giving Arawn a measured look. “I can’t say I’ve seen you before.”

    “No, this is the first time I’ve been here,” Arawn answered honestly. “I was completely ambushed by this cursed weather.”

    “It’s been like this for some time now,” the bartender stated. “Hasn’t gotten better lately, only worse. As for why, well, who knows? I certainly don’t.”

    “Ahh… well, no matter,” Arawn said dismissively. “I came to find Tommy, the fisher. You wouldn’t happen to know where he is, would you?”

    The bartender watched him for a few more seconds before deciding to answer. He raised his arm slowly and silently pointed towards the opposite side of the tavern. Turning to look at the direction that the man was pointing in, Arawn saw a short, stout, older man. Thanking the bartender for his help, Arawn set off towards the man he assumed was Tommy, navigating his way through the crowded tavern.

    Having pushed his way across the tavern, muttering apologies the entire time, Arawn was seated facing the man he now knew was Tommy. The man had a reddish complexion, likely from the number of drinks he had taken in that night. Just in the time Arawn had taken to introduce himself, the fisher had downed nearly two more pints of ale without stopping.

    “It’s too f*cking cold out there,” Tommy grunted. Arawn blinked at this sudden statement, as the fisher had chosen to finish his drinks without speaking to Arawn.

    “What?” he questioned.

    “It’s too cold. That’s why I’m here, drinking away,” he explained. “I’m a fisher, so I fish. And there’s no way I can fish with the lake frozen over and it snowing so heavily. It’s the same for the others.” He gestured around wildly with one arm at the other patrons of the tavern.

    “No one can do much of anything. Usually, we’d be preparing the fields and planting crops, but this snow is keeping any work from being done. So we might as well keep drinking and hope for it to end soon. But if this doesn’t end soon, we’ll lose too much time, too much work.”

    Tommy wiped at his mouth roughly with the back of his hand. He lifted his pint to his mouth again and tipped it back, only to find it empty. He stared at the inside of the mug for a moment in confusion, before turning his attention to Arawn. Tommy peered at him, blinking owlishly. After a brief moment of silence and staring, he leaned forwards, quieter now.

    “So, boy, will you help us?” he asked, staring intently at the young hunter.

    “...I will do my best,” Arawn replied hesitantly. “I’ve accepted this job, and I will try my utmost best to help you and this town.”

    “And that’s all I could ask for,” the older man said approvingly, sitting back in his chair.


    Morning found Arawn ready to set out to investigate the lake. Tommy had offered to let him stay the night at his home the previous night, an offer Arawn was all too glad to accept. There was no way he would be able to start his work during the night with the snow still falling, and Arawn was not one to refuse the offer of a free bed.

    He bid farewell to Tommy and set out to begin. Stepping into the cold air, Arawn noticed that the snow was still falling. From the look of things, it hadn’t stopped even throughout the night. He snuggled into his thicker cloak, grateful to Tommy for lending it to him.

    Now, a plan was the first thing Arawn needed. First… find the source of the cold? Arawn was completely stumped. While there was something inherently suspicious about this situation, he had no clue how to deal with it. Arawn stood there despondently, unsure of his next step. He was well out of his depth this time.

    Soon enough, he felt the cold start to set in on his motionless body, despite the thick layers of clothing he was wearing. Starting to walk around the town to avoid freezing, Arawn continued to think of something to do. He quickly decided. Arawn turned and began to head out of the village, towards the lake. It was as good as anywhere else, and Tommy had originally brought it up in his request.


    The lake was completely frozen. Not that Arawn didn’t already know that, because he did, but it was still perplexing. Not only was the entirety of the lake’s surface encased in ice, but the ice also appeared to extend quite a distance down in the water.

    Arawn stepped onto the ice carefully, using a frozen branch to prevent himself from slipping. Testing his weight, he found that it quite easily held him, showing no signs of strain. Traveling across the ice, Arawn moved towards the center of the lake, where the ice would typically be thinnest.

    Even at its thinnest, the ice was incredibly thick. It neither creaked nor groaned beneath him and despite his best attempts, Arawn couldn’t break the ice so easily. Arawn rose from a crouch up to his feet with a sigh. He stepped forward to leave the lake, only for his foot to slip out from beneath him. Losing his balance, Arawn tried to reposition himself on his other foot, only for that one to slip as well. He fell hard against the ice on his back with a cry, branch slipping from his grasp and spinning away across the frozen lake.

    Laying there with his head ringing, Arawn stared up at the cloudy sky. The ever-present snow fell onto his body and, dully, he extended his tongue into the air. A snowflake landed on it and he withdrew his tongue, tasting the frozen water. He froze at the flavor. Immediately scrambling to his feet, Arawn reached out for more snowflakes, throwing whatever he captured into his mouth.

    Something was wrong. Snowflakes were just frozen water, and thus should taste just like water. Like nothing. But these did not. It was extremely subtle and Arawn had nearly not noticed it, but it was there nonetheless. A slight tingling feeling, one that almost numbed his tongue. Strange metallic undertones as well. It was something foreign, yet familiar. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but Arawn knew that was something extremely strange. Then, it hit him.

    This was the sort of feeling that he would get when exposed to magic. Only recently had Arawn come into contact with magicians, but he was sure of it. Magic. Magic had something to do with the strange snow. This was his first real piece of evidence that the snow had some sort of magical source.

    Arawn once again reached towards the ice below him, this time using his knife to chip off a small piece of the ice. He placed the ice in his mouth, tasting it as well. The same feeling and flavor were present, more recognizable now with his familiarity with it. Did all of the snow have the same flavor?

    Racing off of the lake and miraculously not falling once more, Arawn dug his hand into a nearby snowdrift and pulled out a handful of snow. He shoved it into his mouth and identified those same magical qualities. He continued away from the lake, periodically tasting the snow.

    Eventually, he found himself at the end of the storm, where little snow fell. All of the snow he had tasted had been identical up to that point. Looking at the clouds once more, he noted their dispersion above head. Arawn bit his lip in contemplation. Despite how excited he had gotten over the snow, it still didn’t tell him what his next move should be.

    He decided to follow the border of the clouds for now. Given that something had artificially caused the snow, it would likely be within the area enveloped by the clouds. In addition, he could use this opportunity to check for any abnormalities along the area outside of the snow.


    There was nothing. Arawn’s journey around the clouds had borne no fruit and only served to exhaust him. In the end, all of the areas seemed exactly the same as the rest. Cold, dreary, and icy. Arawn had only walked in a very large circle and had nothing to show for his efforts.

    Very tired and very miserable, Arawn was onto his very last idea. On his walk, he had discovered that the clouds appeared to be in a roughly circular formation. And every circle had a center. This would be the area with the densest clouds and would also likely be the location of the source of the snow. Or at least Arawn hoped so.


    The gods must hate Arawn. They must truly despise him with every fiber of their beings. In the end, the center of the clouds was exactly where Arawn had started. The lake. He hadn’t noticed before, but the clouds were indeed thicker there than anywhere else, but only marginally so. In addition, there was nothing to be seen there. No strange devices or magical symbols that screamed: “Suspicious!”

    Now truly exhausted, having spent the entire day without making any progress, Arawn decided to return to the village for the night. Nothing said he had to complete the quest in a single day. A fresh start tomorrow would be just what he needed.

    The sun had almost set by then, the obscured light it gave rapidly diminishing. He turned and headed away from the lake when his eye caught something. There was a glint of something beneath the ice of the lake. He frowned and turned back towards the lake. There it was again. The same flash, almost hidden by all the ice. Inside the lake, below its frozen surface.

    Perhaps Arawn should have turned back then and left it for the next morning. It was far too late to go out onto slippery ice and investigate again. Besides, nothing that was under all those layers of ice would be going anywhere.

    But he didn’t go back. Too frustrated with his lack of results, Arawn headed out onto the ice once more, with no plan or forethought. He tracked the faint glimmer across the ice until he stood at the center of the lake once more. The strange light flashed periodically directly below him.

    Licking his lips, Arawn drew his knife and stabbed at the ice. He dug his knife into the ice repetitively and cut away at the ice crazily. Soon enough, he had thinned the ice out considerably, if only in a small area. Stabbing his knife in through the ice and into the water below, Arawn sawed at it. Freeing the piece of ice from the rest, he lifted it from the water and placed it to the side.

    He leaned over the hole and peered into the depths of the lake. There it was. The light, clearer and brighter now, flashed again. Arawn grinned at his success. This had to have something to do with the snow. But now, what to do?

    Arawn glanced at the hole thoughtfully and shook his head. No, that was crazy. It would never work. He took another glance. Or would it? Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Arawn began to strip quickly, already feeling cold. Having done so, Arawn looked into the water and dove into it unhesitantly.

    Cold. The water was mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly cold. Arawn nearly screamed as he felt it, but held himself back. He only had one shot at this. Resisting the cold, he swam deeper into the lake, only to be faced with an extraordinary sight.

    There was a single colossal stone, more like a boulder than a stone, laying there pulsing with an ethereal blue light. Definitely suspicious. And also definitely too big to bring back up. Looking more closely, Arawn spotted a larger number of smaller stones scattered among the larger ones. They seemed to be fragments of the larger one, but contained a similar glow. He quickly snatched one up and began paddling up to the surface.

    Breaking through the water with a gasp, Arawn quickly hauled himself out of the freezing water and onto the ice. He quickly dressed and, clutching the strange stone, took off to the village.


    Luckily, Arawn managed to get back to the village speedily enough to avoid falling sick from the cold. He dried himself off and changed his clothes into something warmer. Having done so, Arawn took his time studying the stone.

    It was smaller than his fist and not as round as he had first thought. The stone was multi-faceted and shone with that same blue glow. It was also extremely cold to the touch. He hadn’t noticed when he had carried it to the village, but the stone was cold enough to numb his fingers almost instantly when they came into contact with it. It practically radiated cold, enough so that Arawn was hesitant to touch it again.

    Sighing, he wrapped the stone in a cloth and placed it into his bag, hoping that the fabric would keep it from freezing him. It was time to return to Nagrand. Maybe someone at the guild would be able to find out what the stone was.
    - Found a mysterious object at the bottom of the lake which may be causing the snow.
    - Acquired a sample of the object.
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    Looking like he was about to wither away, Lethe entered the guild followed by a young vampire.

    Nearly staggering up to the desk he turned to the child, handed him his quest report and pushed them both towards the receptionist.

    "Please, f'r you."

    He then got himself in a ready position so he could flee at top speed as soon as he received his payment.
    What in the world did historians even eat? There were really too many options. *sigh* Looking at the foodstuffs shelf in the general store, Lethe wasn’t quite sure what to do. All the historians he had met were rather… eccentric shall we say. Well, the man seemed desperate so maybe he wouldn’t care too much?

    Grabbing an assortment of dried meats; fruits; crackers; biscuits; and, of course, a large array of sweets Lethe made his way to the front counter to pay.

    “Welcome, welcome. Let’s get you rung up. Quite the assortment you got here! I suppose you’re headed on a long journey?”

    “Feedin’ a historian…”

    “Umm, okay? Well, your total is 9 Large Coppers; for only 10 small coppers more I can also give you a nice, sturdy bag for everything. What d’ya say?”


    “We have small leather backpacks for 25 small copper. Interested?”

    Well, it’s not like he had anything else to put all these foodstuffs in so he nodded.

    “Then your total comes to 11 Large Copper and 5 small copper.”

    Lethe rather begrudgingly handed over the cash. He really hoped that historian would be willing to pay him back for at least some of the food…

    “Thank you for your purchases! Hope to see you again soon!”

    Lethe grumbled a little before grabbing his items, stuffing them in his new bag, and meandering out the door towards where to merchant convoys were located.

    After a bit of asking around, Lethe found out that the Silver Smith Merchants were headed towards a village near the Demonic Volcano. He then made his way towards there convoy.

    “Can I speak t’ th’ Head Merch’nt?” Lethe asked one of the men in the Silver Smith Merchants area.

    “Sure, little guy.” The man responded before hollering: “BOSS! SOMEONE’S LOOKIN’ FOR YA!”

    “He should be here any minute. The Boss likes to act all prickly but he’s a real softy so don’t be too scared when you see ‘im.”

    Not even thirty seconds later a large, older man with grayed hair and covered I scars made his way out of a nearby wagon.

    “Who’s lookin’ for me? It you pipsqueak?”

    A little miffed at being called a pipsqueak, Lethe still responded in an even tone: “Mhmm. Can I travel w’th th’ group if I guard?”

    “HAHAHA! HAHAHA! You- HAHAHA- you, want- HAHAHA- to help- HAHAHA- guard the convoy! HAHAHA! Oh man! HAHAHA! That’s a good one! HAHAHA!”

    Puffing out his cheeks in irritation Lethe glared at the man and wiped out his guild badge and threw it on the ground at the man’s feet. At this point, the man was in tears and clutching his sides with laughter, so it took him a minute to see what exactly had been flung in front of him.

    “Oh, my, you were serious? And you’re an adventurer? How are you an adventurer? Who even let you–”

    “What’s going on out there!” A small but spirited older woman had burst her way out of the same wagon the Head Merchant came out of and interrupted the man’s ceaseless questions.

    “My goodness how cute!” she squealed, bouncing her way up to Lethe.

    Then turning to the Head Merchant, she scolded, “Harold, are you giving this poor boy a hard time?! Your answer had better not be yes!”

    “Ah, um, Imelda, my dear, I, uh, certainly wasn’t giving this young man a, um, hard time. He-he. He was just asking to, uh, be an escort for the convoy… and he’s a bit young, so…”

    “Harold! How could you laugh at the poor child! Come here, dear! Of course you can join us! You can stay with me.”

    “Bu-“Harold tried to resist only to be cut off by a glare.

    “You’re staying with Jeremy!” she said pointing at the man who had called for Harold earlier.

    Once that was settled the journey went very smoothly. Imelda was wonderful company and Lethe enjoyed the look on the merchants faces the first time he helped them slay bandits.

    When it was time for Lethe to leave the group, Imelda was crestfallen and shed a few tears refusing to let him go at first. Thankfully, with help from Harold and a promise to come visit, Lethe was let free to continue his quest.

    It wasn’t all that difficult to find the temple as that was the only path in the area that was even mildly well-trodden and the locals provided pretty good directions.

    Upon entering the temple Lethe continued to make his way further in until he reached the room of chests. As soon as he stepped through the doorway to the room containing the treasure chests the snolem must have sensed it as he appeared moments later. The instant the snake golem saw Lethe, though, its eyes widened and it slightly backed away glaring at him cautiously. Utterly confused as to why the snolem would be wary of him, Lethe wandered towards it– not without a few yawns.

    The snake golem remained in place waiting to see what this holy terror had returned for. He was very suspicious when the small rabbitkin had started walking over; but the more he observed, the more he felt like maybe he had been mistaken. That faint aura that surrounded him though, and his appearance: they were all too similar to that Demon’s. However, he didn’t see the other six so maybe something had happened while he was sleeping… Well, either way, this little one didn’t seem to have the intent to harm or steal so he would leave the minute rabbitkin be. Turning around, the snake golem slithered forward to lead the miniature to what he assumed was the little one’s comrade.

    Lethe just followed trailed behind the snolem until it stopped in front of the entrance of a cavern from which Lethe could hear the echo of voices.

    “Oh, a friend! I smell a new friend!” Lethe heard a somewhat devious voice say.

    “Ah! Maybe they have food! I hope they have food… Please have food.” He heard another voice say that seemed a little close to tears.

    When he walked through the door he was greeted by an androgynous young face stuck in front of his own.

    “You smell dangerous! And fun! But only a little bit or maybe a lot bit? Hmmm, I can’t tell… What are you? I wonder if you taste good…”

    Tucking and rolling around the young vampire, Lethe rolled all the way until he was in front of Roland. Taking his bag off his back, he dumped its contents before the now somewhat startled historian.

    “Oh! Food! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea; I thought I was about to starve down here!”

    Whipping around to face the rabbitkin that had artfully rolled around him Asura Tepes seemed a bit irritated but also pleasantly surprised.

    “What was that for? I wasn’t going to seriously taste your blood! maybe… Anyways, who are you? And what are you?”

    “Lethe. Adventurer. Bringin’ food.”

    “Not that what! I mean the other kind of what! Like I’m a vampire, that one’s a snolem. That kind of what!”


    “How do you not know?”

    Lethe just responded with a shrug.

    Turning to leave as his job here was done, the vampire child grabbed his arm.

    “Hey, hey, take me with you! I want to see the outside!”

    “Mmmm-mmmm. Not happenin’.”

    “Come ooooonn! You guys are the ones that woke me in the first place! Take responsibility! You’re adults!”

    “Not me; not ‘dult, maybe.”

    “Ugh! Well, whatever. You can’t stop me, so I’m coming with you!”

    As he wasn’t wrong, Lethe wanted to cry as he could already tell his sleep would be gone for the foreseeable future. Lethe silently hoped that maybe the snolem would stop the child from following.

    “Umm, sorry to interrupt, but please let the guild know that I’ll be staying here to research. And thanks for the food. Please take this book on forgotten ancient ruins and best obscure texts as a little extra something. That’s all. Please feel free to continue with the argument.”

    After stuffing the enormous book into Lethe’s hands, the historian grabbed a very berry lollipop and a roll of crackers before practically skipping away to continue his research. While he questioned Roland’s taste in lollipops, Lethe left the man to his business.

    This time when Lethe made his way towards to leave, he was tailed by one stone snake and one small vampire. When he reached the entrance, he was stopped by the snolem who proceeded to give him a good look up and down with very judgmental eyes. As if finally coming to a decision, the snake golem seemingly let out a sigh and moved away from the entrance to let the adventurer pass.

    All the way back to the village Ausra did not seem to stop asking questions and trying to pull pranks on the sleepy rabbitkin. When they finally reached, Lethe was ready to collapse in a heap. Who ever knew a child could be such a handful?

    Thankfully for him, the Silver Smith Merchants were preparing to leave in the next day or so and Imelda was ecstatic to have another cutie aboard. The trip back was much less restful as the young vampire was always up to something or asking a never-ending barrage of questions. While Lethe understood he had been sealed away for a very long time he had to sleep or stop asking things at some point, right?

    Imelda thought that the little Tepes child was a joy and was sad to see him go when they returned to Nagrand. Everyone else, however, well, that was another story. Once more promising to visit at some point, Lethe was set free with vampire in tow.

    The questions became even more numerous as they walked through Nagrand and Lethe had never been happier to see the adventures guild when it came into sight.
    -The historian has been fed and will remain there to continue his research
    -Lethe received a rather hefty book on forgotten ancient ruins and best obscure texts for his troubles
    -Asura Tepes has been delivered to the guild– good luck

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    Well, this is certainly worrisome... I have to say I'm impressed by how crazy you are though, diving deep into freezing water like that? Especially when you already realized the freezing effect is magical?

    I mean, I'm glad you didn't freeze to death, but if there was any sort of magical protection in that lake, the ice would probably reform on its own and you'd drown to death... Honestly... *takes a deep breath*

    I'm really happy you're still alive to talk to me here right now, but you were absurdly foolish this time, please reflect on this Arawn-san, or you might be unable to return from your next quest... Adventurers die all the time in duty, you know? Don't make yourself yet another casualty... You should just borrow a Fishing Rod next time you want to fetch something deep within freezing water.

    In any case, you did an excellent job, if you don't mind parting with the sample, we'll send it to one of our contacts for analysis and try discovering what is the problem with the lake.

    And now for the best part of course, the reward, you get 12 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now, as in... Please do be more careful next time, gods blessings upon you Arawn-san~ *bows*
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    "Well, I'm not sure how elvish she really was at the end, but I think the quest is complete? The task was accomplished, so it should be fine. Here is your reward. 23 large copper coins, and 8 guild points."
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    OOC: Well, I advise you to edit your post or right now I could just do~
    "You went to the wrong village... no rewards at all. But I guess we could investigate what happened there..."

    Check the and
    And you will understand what's wrong~
    You basically contradict the lore~

    "...what did you have in your head to bring a sort of ancient vampiric being here? One that was sleeping for who knows how long?", after reading the report, Gaap immediately said when he saw Lethe with Asura Tepes.

    "Aaaah, I suppose it's unrelated to the quest. You have done your work but... don't flee right away, okay? We need you to take responsibility for bringing Asura here while they probably don't know anything about the current world."

    "Oh, and before I forget, here is your rewards, 10 Large Copper Coins along with 4 Guild Points."
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    "Eh, it was this simple to solve? I guess they must have been busy with a lot of stuff... otherwise they wouldn't have asked someone to solve this... Mhmmm...", Gaap said after reading the report, he quickly shrugged it off and passed to something else, as long as it was solved, everything was fine.

    "Alright, I guess they might need help to investigate... maybe not if they solve this issue by themselves.", he coughed twice before searching the rewards to give.

    "Anyway, good job, so here are your 19 Large Copper Coins and 8 Guild Points, I guess I will see you later for another quest, eh?"
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    Task: This scoundrel is…! [Taken by @Razogul and @A5G_Reaper ]
    Requester: Acelsus, Nature Mage
    Quest rank: C-Rank
    Rewards: 54 Large Copper Coins.
    Description: O-Okay! So my colleague is a reckless bastard, you see, and then, you know, when you are a mage and reckless, it usually doesn’t go well together, and know what?! I was right!
    And that cunt is now mutating! Of course, he can’t control himself and now he basically attacks everyone who is near to him! Great! For some reason, he doesn’t seem to be able to leave his house… perhaps I should say nest considering how filthy it is! He is living in a little village near Hero Port, and now, all the villagers are scared and some ran away from the village!
    Could you knock him out? Strike him down, just don't kill him, breaking some bones is fine, but no killing!

    Raz and Jack come to the table and give their report to the receptionist.
    "Yoohoo, Raz! Let's depart!" A gourd popped beside Raz and start poking him.

    Being poked, Raz looks behind him. He spots Jack, wearing his signature pumpkin helmet.

    "Sure, I've got all my equipment with me already," picking up his equipment and his brown sack, he gets up from the table.

    "So, we taking a shortcut through the Cave of the Dead or going around?"

    "The undead are a bit of a problem, no? Usually, I go through the river or over the mountain if I'm rushing."

    "Well, I guess we'll just do that. Luckily, I'm quite good at long distance running now." Raz prepares himself as he gets ready for the adventure.

    "How much distance do you cover in a day?" He inquired. Running wasn't his thing, but he could keep walking for quite a long time.

    "Hmm, it took me 3 days to get to the Holy Tower of Babel?"

    "...Are you a horse?"

    "It's training!" Raz says with a smile.

    "You sprint all the way? Why would you do that to yourself?" Confused gourd is confused.

    "I take rests when it becomes evening and then train after resting a bit. I then go to bed and clean camp in the morning and repeat."

    "Well, I could match you comes nightfall but otherwise it's normal marching distance."

    "Are you sure? Okay then. Let's go!" Raz goes out of the tavern with his companion as they make way to their destination.

    Night travel was nothing new to the gourd, especially with Shadowflip involved. His partner though? Well, hopefully, the guy didn't trip and break a leg or something as silly as that.

    Raz starts running at an incredible speed. He aimed to go towards the mountains.

    The gourd wasn't really visible, save for a slightly shimmering shadow flitting by Raz's side. He kept the pace consistently enough.

    Going towards the mountains, they pass by a merchant quickly as the merchant says, "The mysterious being rumors are true... but why are there two of them?"

    Hearing this barely, he wryly smiles. "Well, a consequence towards becoming stronger!" Raz proudly says as he speeds up towards the mountains.

    "Perchance you terrorized travelers before?" The gourd inquired a tad too politely.

    "Uh, no. It's just due to me running to my destinations nowadays. I don't terrorize them at all! I simply just run around them and do my own thing!" Raz tells him as they make progress towards the mountain at a good speed.

    "That'd be scary at night, yep."

    "But I am generally training at night and then go to bed? I usually stop when it's evening out."

    "First time then? You're doing well not tripping."

    "Being a cultivator can give heightened senses from what I've discovered. It's saved me on occasions."

    "What does farming had to do with senses?"

    "Ki cultivating! Not farming! Although I do know how to cultivate crops as well."

    "Ah, that internal energy-based path of power? I've seen some in my time here." He shrugged. "Wasn't too impressive but perhaps those are the bottom feeders."

    "Well, the byproduct of me cultivating has granted me this natural speed. I could go even faster if I enhance my body, but I need to reserve it in case any foes appear."

    "That's nice." The gourd quietly added, then stopped asking.

    I wonder when will I recover...

    They covered a great deal of distance in the night before the sun rose and the gourd's Shadowflip Brand flickered off.

    Seeing his brand has gone out, Raz asks, "Need to rest for a bit before we continue?"

    "It needs shadow to keep moving and light would rapidly dispel it. I could still walk though."

    "Okay, walk it is."

    The routine was rather simple, fast travel during the night followed by a few hours of walking and then rest until sundown. Repeating for three uneventful days, the two finally found the first excitement at midmorning day three.

    It was... a carriage? Looked expensive with a bunch of guards. Surrounded by highwaymen. Classic scenario, considering that that particular carriage had an encounter with Raz recently...

    "Would you look at that! On time to rescue if we ever want to. I've never had such timing before." The gourd whistled. "So, should we go around? We could kill the survivors and loot them all."

    "We should help!" Raz says as he readies his equipment as he sees that it's the same carriage as before.

    "How come I feel like this carriage looks familiar?"

    "Eeh? So troublesome. Look at that carriage. Look at the guards' equipment. We can pawn it for quite a sum, I can find a black market at any major city given time." He whispered sweet gold at Raz.

    "I'm going off to save the survivors!" Raz rushes off and starts killing the bandits easily while using his enhancement on his body to train.

    "Come on!"

    "Not fun." The gourd pouted but joined the murdering.

    After a short while, the bandits are dead, bleeding on the ground. The former guards were dead, however, one was alive still. However, it seemed like he only had a few moments left due to a huge injury in his chest.

    "Damn... seems like we didn't arrive quick enough."

    "Seems that the carriage is still shut. Let's see..." the gourd approached and opened the door only to be met with a crossbow bolt.


    It barely missed his gourd.

    "You'll never take me alive!"

    "Wha- wait-"

    A fireball from a pissed off noble lady blasted him off the carriage, into a bush in the distance.

    "Well, shit. He just got launched!" Raz sees his comrade in the bush, some smoke coming off him.

    Soon after, the noble lady shoots another crossbow bolt at Raz. Quickly dodging it, he then uses a water ball when she conjures a fireball towards him. This negates it and he pins her to the ground and kicks her crossbow away.

    "Let go!" she says as she starts hitting him.

    "I'm okay!" The gourd shouted from the bushes. A bit smoking but otherwise unharmed somehow.

    "Man, a fireball to the face and you're unharmed," saying this in some amazement, suddenly Raz feels kicked and a fireball hits him in the chest as he's sent towards the bushes as well.

    "I have some protective measure... Can we just stab her?" The gourd inquired, pointing at the woman. "Oh, she's running."
    "Hmm, no. We can probably take her back to wherever she belonged, which I assume was where we were going. I mean, she is running in the direction of the village we're going to is."

    "Let's loot the corpses. Oh, we can take the carriages. The horses are still attached."

    "Indeed. You do that while I get her." Raz rushes off to the noble lady running away and disarms her while saying, "We're not the bandits! We're the ones who killed the bandits!"

    "Liars! You're just wanting to kidnap me for one of the other noble houses around here for ransom!"

    "You have a very active imagination, but trust me, we are friendly," looking over to see Jack looting the corpses and getting the carriage ready he adds a few more words, "Mostly friendly."

    "Swords goes here, leather set there, arrows..." he saw Raz and the lady he bodily pinned down at the distance looking at him, so he waved. Still holding a bloody sword looted off a corpse.

    The lady sees this and looks back at Raz, "Your... friend says otherwise."

    Cursing his friend at showing that, he replies, "Well, my name is Raz, an adventurer. He's one of my colleagues, Jack or Gourd is his preferred names."

    "I see... well, I was going to a nearby village to meet my father to take me back to our territory! Lead me back there and you may be rewarded!" She says this while being wary of them.

    "Well? Hop in!" The gourd, on the coachman's seat of the carriage, strolled it next to the two. There's a large makeshift travois dragging behind the carriage filled with equipment, make one wonder how fast he made that thing. Nevertheless, it would function well enough.

    Was it a coincidence that the coachman's seat was filled with luggage? Now Raz and the lady had to share the carriage...

    Seeing this, Raz puts his hand out and says, "After you."

    The noble lady gets in first and Raz squeezes in with her looking at all of the equipment filling it. "This was only supposed to be a simple journey, and now all my guards are dead."

    "Don't worry, you're at least still alive. We'll get you there safely." Raz encourages her as they travel and start talking about several other topics on the way.

    The gourd left the carriage and its occupants in front of the noble manors, siccing the trouble to explain to Raz. Meanwhile, he strolled into the village, looking for their client that issued the quest.

    "And that's pretty much how we discovered here," Raz said finally.

    "I see, interesting... thank you for taking me here, we will send a reward to your guild. They may determine what you get," she says as she gets off the carriage. Raz gets off as well and goes inside the manor to find the client.

    Then noble lady looks towards the direction he fled in and says, "So, he's that mysterious being we saw. Looks like our search was brought to a close, at the expense of a few guards."

    "Ah, Raz! I was just about to get you." The gourd ran into him halfway through, having finished a short chat with the resident nature mage. "Not much addition, but I got the direction. Basically, the guy's friend is growing larger and ganglier, with deer-like horns sprouting off his head. Then a bunch of trees started growing rapidly around his hut and now it's practically merged with the woods. There's also the increasing sighting of wild animals around there."

    "So, in essence, take out the leader and we should be done. Let's do this!" Raz says as he follows Jack there.

    "We can't kill him though. That's the hard part. Maybe we can cut his limbs and deliver him like that? Technically still alive. The client could regrow it. Maybe."

    "Maybe... let's try knocking him out first. If that doesn't work, we go with your plan."

    "Hmm... we're here. Look." He pointed forward where it seemed like a forest sprouted and devoured a third of the village over a month. It's completely abandoned by the people. "Supposedly the hut is about half a kilometer outside the village and it should be somewhat visible with a clear - if winding - path toward. Funny how fast things change."

    "Damn. Seems like this is quite the epidemic. We better get this done and over with," Raz says as he starts cutting the vegetation as they go towards their destination.

    A bunch of roots whipped out with enough force to put hammer blow to shame!

    "Whoa!" Raz dodges the roots and cuts the roots with his enhancement, seeing them fall down to the ground.

    "Whoopsie!" The gourd twirled around, dodging the root by a small margin. It smashed the ground behind him, raising some dust, then it rose and tried to coil him.

    "Damned thing-" he slashed it once but failed to completely chop through. He braced and hit it heavier and only then it cut through.

    "...Can't we just burn the whole place?" He said, kicking the severed root away.

    "It appears even if we get the guy, this will be a hassle. I think we should just take away a majority with fire.

    "Would the guild penalize us should it get out of control and burn the forest too?" He mused. "I hope our guy is fireproof."

    "Hey! Let's just get through the vines and just see if we can knock off the guy!" Thinking of the guild points or reward being taken away due to that, Raz goes back to his previous plan.

    "The hard way it is." He sighed. "Arcane Armament."

    With the edge of his blade magically sharpened, the gourd started chopping his way deeper into the unnatural forest. Red-eyed critters occasionally attacked along with the roots, even wolves once or twice, but otherwise they're unhindered.

    "I can see the path, underneath this ridiculous overgrowth. Sort of. Should be close now..."

    "Yes, we should be close now," right after saying this, they see a small house with a bunch of vegetation coming out of the walls. More growth can be seen going out with a slightly opened door.

    "I take it this is it."

    There was movement in the hut. Then suddenly, a large swarm of crows bursts out of the windows into the two. They weren't all that harmful even with slightly sharp talons, but then the swarm suddenly morphed into a massive humanoid creature ten feet tall. It was gangly with bark-like skin, torn clothing, and an elongated head with a pair of deer antler growing out of it.

    It struck both adventurers, its ridiculous strength betrayed the skinny state. The gourd, in particular, was knocked back, the enchantment on his shield cracked and vanished as he blocked. He rolled and sprung forward a few steps away from the behemoth.

    "That hurt! Raz, you good?"

    Holding his arms in a guard position, the pale bluish glow of Raz's body fades away after the hit.

    "Yeah, I'm fine. It seems like he's lost all sense of himself, but just to make sure," Raz yells to the humanoid creature, "Are you in there!?"

    After saying this, the creature aims its arm at them and the bark-like skin lengthens and shoots out spikes. Dodging it immediately, Raz sighs.

    "I think he's gone."

    "Much good it'd do, we still need to capture him alive!" He shouted back. "Arcane Armament!"

    Another layer of violet costed his shield, much deeper than the first time since it's not split. He charged forward but the creature whipped its arms and in response, thick roots burst out of the ground in the same arc as the arms.


    An azure platform materialized midair in which he hopped on, avoiding the whiplash and reaching the manipulator. He slashed but the creature moved with surprising agility, he only got to clip off one of the horn.

    It roared in pain and anger, the gourd tried to capitalize the moment and slashed out again but it barely left a shallow cut as it jumped back. The cut leaked black blood for a few seconds before it stopped and start to knit itself closed.

    " got to be kidding me."

    "The horns cause it great pain but the vines don't? Interesting, he only has one horn left," noticing this, Raz uses enhancement on his body and sword and rushes towards the bark-like monster in front of him.

    Before the monster can do anything, Raz cuts off its horn completely in half and it screams in pain and anger just like before. However, it now appeared to stitch itself as well, although some of the bark-like skin started turning back into regular human skin.

    "Cutting off the unnatural growths will turn him back into normal?" Raz says this to Jack, thinking this may be the way of helping him.

    "We just happen to ran out of horns to chop off." He flatly replied.

    Seeing him turn more and more human, Raz smiles, "I guess those horns were the embodiment of it. Let's knock him unconscious!" Raz goes to beat him senseless, literally.

    "That was a bit too easy..." he jinxed. Of course, Fate complied, with the transformation halting and the man now turning berserk and countered Raz's punch with a powerful uppercut.

    "...wasn't me I swear!"

    Being on guard from the get-go, Raz dodged it and punched the still monsterfied figure in the head, knocking him a few meters away.

    "Luckily I'm still enhanced! Jesus though, this guy is tough, even when he's losing his main source of power. Also, be lucky I didn't jinx it," Raz warns Jack of his jinxing ability.

    The monster stumbles a bit and looks towards Jack. it starts charging towards Jack!
    "Wait for it... aaaaand... Redshift."

    A crimson screen materialized between the gourd and the monsterified man. It slammed... not. The creature burst into a flock of crows that bypassed the whole thing and rematerialized in front of him, swinging widely.

    "The heck!"

    He redirected the blow with his shield-hand, then closed in and smashed the creature's center of mass with his pommel. As it doubled over his shield followed, knocking into its forehead with a loud clang.

    "I'd swear, if it gets up again I'm cutting off some limbs."

    Waiting for a bit, the creature seems to be down and looks to be reverting back to whatever it was before. It looked like a middle-aged man with still somewhat bark-like skin, albeit not as bad as before.

    "No, I think we've got it. It might take a while for himself to fully revert though. Got rope to tie him up and leave? The forest will have to be cleaned up by the people, it's not our job."


    "I totally didn't loot these." He unnecessarily explained as he tied up and gagged the prisoner.

    "I knew you had those, strangely," seeing that Jack is done tying him up and such, Raz tosses his body over his shoulder.

    "Let's bring back this person."

    "So, we cut off his horns and he reverted back halfway-ish. Still rather nuts so we knocked him out. I hope you can revert him back quickly because he can transform into a bunch of crows, the rope would be quite pointless then. Well, that's not our job so if you could give us the completion token that'd be great."

    A gourd could be found retelling the battle to their client. Where was his partner? The gourd had only a conjecture, but it involved a particular highborn lady not too far from there...

    Rushing back, he says, "I'm here! Are we ready to go?" Raz says while being very hurried in tone and nervous.

    "Yep! Let's return!"

    After going all the way back to the guild, Raz feels less nervous now that he's out of the major part of the area.

    "I'm glad this is done! How much do you think we'll get?"

    "Just the reward, no? We'd need to pawn the loot ourselves. I know a guy..."

    "Oh? Let's go get rid of the loot and get some cash."

    After a while, Jack and Raz pawn off the equipment they looted and got 36 Large Copper Coins, splitting into two for 18 Large Copper Coins each. They then head back to the guild with their report.
    Looted the bandits that attacked the Noble Ladies carriage.
    Gave safe travel.
    Managed to help revert the person back a bit, he's left in the care of the other people, alive.
    The loot came out to be 18 Large Copper Coins each.
    @AliceShiki @A5G_Reaper
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    Well, I'm glad you two came back safely, it's a good thing you could contain it before it went too out of control... Gods forbid this thing grew enough to threaten the port...

    And of course, with a job well done comes a well earned reward~
    Please take those 54 Large Copper Coins to split as you see fit, as well as 8 Guild Points for each~

    Take care now~

    ((*pokes @A5G_Reaper too*))
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    Fen places the report on the receptionist table and leaves
    "I'm tired. I'm sleepy. I want to rest~"
    After reading the request details in my hand, I crumpled the paper and leave the tavern.

    Tsk. That guy again?

    Fen was finding Solas around cemetery and alley in the Nagrand but there is no trace of him. Fen decided to head to ruined build near the town.

    Found you, troublemaker! Solas!

    “Oh~ you got a problem with this mighty Solas? Even the guards of Nagrand won’t stand a chance against me but you’re challenging me?” He summons 2 humanoid skeletons and 1 dog skeleton

    ((He brought out the dog on the first move? Well, this is easy))

    Hmph! Prepare yourself!” The flame tattoos spread around Fen’s arm that is holding the axe. He shoots himself forward 3 skeletons.

    One!” Fen slams the dog’s head with dull sided of the battle axe, then he swings the spear in another hand separating 2 humanoid skeletons’ spine. “Two and three!

    The black tattoos move to his legs instead, Fen dashes to in front of Solas and take a boxing stance.

    “Eh?” Solas confused about what just happened to his skeletons “W-Wai...”

    Mighty? Don’t make me laugh” *punches in his stomach*

    *coughs* “What did I do to deserve this? I just want to practice my necromancy.”

    What did you do? You asked the guild to help you get rid of your mistakes and now you make toying with someone pet with your necromancy. Stop causing trouble kid!

    “Are you around the same age as me!?”

    Fen grabs on Solas’ shirt collar and slaps his right cheek

    Even” *slap* “if” *slap* “the” *slap* “guards” *slap* “don’t” *slap* “do” *slap* “anything” *slap* “to” *slap* “you” *slap* “It” *slap* “doesn't” *slap* “mean” *slap* “you” *slap* “can” *slap* “escape” *slap* “punishment” *slap* “from” *slap* “your” *slap* “behaviour!” *last slap*

    “That’s hurt!” Solas gets watery eyes
    Solas willingly(?) apologise to Xanter after I scold him a bit.

    I'm tired
    I'm tired
    I'm tired
    I'm tired
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    Flying into the guild, Phinimimilomimo dropped her [Illusion] and went to the receptionists' desk. Using [Telekinesis] to get a quest report sheet and pen, the little fairy began using said [Telekinesis] to control the pen and write what she had found. Once she was finished, she cancelled the spell and picked up the sheet of paper. Flying over to the cat-thing, Phinimimilomimo carefully placed the report in front of her, before smiling and holding her arms in her air in celebration for finishing the on time.


    "This is my report on possible locations for Ryul's teaching, Fris!"

    Flying outside the guild to begin her search, Phinimimilomimo immediately put up an [Illusion] of a flying cat to hide herself from back flying monsters and flying cats. Deciding to fly higher than usual to get a better view of Nagrand.

    Once the little fairy thought she was high enough, she looked down below and saw many destroyed buildings from the raid on the festival. Turning to look in the direction of the Church of Ralditorias, all she saw was ruins.

    "How terrible, Fris...I hope those people I moved in there at that time were okay, Fris..."

    Lightly shaking her head, Phinimimilomimo remembered her task at hand and began searching for possible places for lessons to be done in. Thinking about how she and Flinilinilonilee would go to the elders for lessons on things, the little fairy decided to look for big trees and toadstools - since that was where the elder fairies gave their lessons. Finding a few parks with some vegetation, Phinimimilomimo began to note down their locations in her mind before suddenly stopping mid-flight and gasping.

    "Ah, Fris! Ophelia's Temple has tons of big trees and toadstools, Fris! And Mother Superior said that they were always willing to help those in need, Fris!"

    Flying over to Ophelia's Temple, the little fairy dropped her [Illusion] and entered the large white building. Finding a Sister who wasn't attending to anyone at the moment, Phinimimilomimo explained her quest and thoughts about including the Temple as a candidate for the lessons. The Sister smiled, before saying she thought that the Mother Superior wouldn't mind such a thing, before telling an Apprentice Sister to inform the Mother Superior about this. While waiting for the Mother Superior to give a response, the little fairy decided she'd help out in the Sacred Garden and flew over there to tend to the plants.

    After roughly an hour, the Apprentice Sister and Sister met up with Phinimimilomimo with smiles on their faces. The Sister then said how the Mother Superior would be delighted if the lessons were held in the Temple - stating that there were some classrooms further inside that were sometimes vacant that could be used to help nurture more children. It was also stated that there would be no cost to using it, since the endeavour itself to teach children with less privileged backgrounds was enough payment - although they wouldn't mind if teachings of The Maiden were sometimes included, too.

    Delighted over being told this, the little fairy danced in the air in happiness, before hugging both of their cheeks and thanking them. The Sister mentioned how the Mother Superior would send a letter to the guild confirming her agreement to lending out a classroom, before handing the little fairy 1 LC and 1 dried fruit for the hour's work she did in the Sacred Garden.

    "Really, Fris? Thank you so much, Fris!"

    Phinimimilomimo nommed on the dried fruit there due to feeling hungry, then wrapped the coin in her arms and left the Temple - smiling happily over being fed for helping in the garden. Leaving the Temple and casting [Illusion] on herself again - this time as an Orc - she headed to the Tavern to put her money into the Rotect Jar that Bill looked after. Once she had finished doing that, she flew in the direction of the guild to hand in her report - wondering what a classroom was and why there were no mentions of toadstools and trees...
    Phinimimilomimo managed to find a few small parks with trees and toadstools that could be used for classes.
    Phinimimilomimo got the Mother Superior's permission for Ophelia's Temple to be used if chosen by Ryul.
    - The Mother Superior has written a letter to the guild to confirm this.​
    Phinimimilomimo was paid 1 LC and 1 dried fruit for working an hour in the Sacred Garden.
    Phinimimilomimo ate the dried fruit on the spot and put the money in storage.
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    Well, I think he learned his lesson now... Hopefully~

    Good job out there Fen-san, the reward will be of 12 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~
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    Well, it seems like you cleared what Ryul-san asked...

    7 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points for you Phini-chan, take care~

    ((*pokes @Arexio too*))
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