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    So there was a whole snake nest in there? And underwater at that? I'm impressed you were able to take care of it by yourself~

    Some good news for once, thanks for the hard work Deanna-san, the reward will be of 7 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~

    ((*pat pat pat* The story was nice, I can tell you this much~

    Just be a bit careful when getting loot and stuff, alright? Try keeping the scale of the loot relatively small usually, since I feel kinda troubled when you start earning more than twice the quest's rewards by the quest's loot.

    It's fine this time though~))
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    We're honestly glad you could solve this problem swiftly like that, even if yet another problem seems to have come from it... Nonetheless, you did a good job, thank you very much Zinc-san~

    And even though the guild couldn't care less about what happens to Nagrand's local rats, a certain co-worker of mine will certainly be happy to know their immediate threat was gotten rid of... >.>

    In any case, here is your reward, 9 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~

    ((Any place in particular that you want those plains of the Ratata clan to be in?))
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    You did surprisingly well Elaine-san, that's something you can proud yourself in I suppose~

    The reward are 7 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~
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    I'm glad they were reasonable and were able to solve things properly once you got there~

    Good job Aconter-san, but... Be careful, with how much their father seemed to dote on her, it might not be very safe for an outsider to try getting too close~

    The reward will be of 12 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~
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    Let's say the Ratata clan is in a plains area near the mountain range and Skyfall Keep. Maybe there's an active volcano there that the residents of the area doesn't know about. Also, check out my Wolves Bounty if you haven't already.
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    Mmmmmmm, I wonder if Kuro was sick and asked one of his sailors to act out for him, your description of him was completely different to what we have in our records.

    I dunno if the guy in charge was a very good tracker or a complete idiot though, if he already found the pirate's hideout, why waste money on an adventurer if the guards would do it for free...? Perhaps both. Would explain this whole blood God nonsense he put both in the quest template and that he kept blabbering on about~

    Oh well, none of this really matters, a job well done is a job well done~
    The reward will be of 26 Large Copper Coins and 8 Guild Points.

    Take care now~

    ((*coughs* Kuro has a wiki page... >.>))
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    On it on it, there is still Zone's report to go over before I read the wolves' bounty~

    And sure! In the plains near Skyfall and the Mountain Range it is! ^^)7
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    Di... Did you just found a black chicken-kin or something? Oh gods, and you're trying to push the work of taking care of them to me? Can they even speak the common tongue in the first place?

    Thanks, but no thanks, your job, your responsibility, either bring them with you or find a place or person to leave them with, the guild has no duty of cleaning up after any problems you bring or cause.

    In any case, you cleared the request, the reward is of 11 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points.

    Take care now, good luck in caring for your new follower~
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    Alright, glad to know the problem was solved swiftly Zinc-san~

    The person that posted the bounty left some money with us in order to pay people that finished it, and they didn't specify any amount for the cubs, so we'll just go with the standard amount.

    That's 21 Large Copper Coins and 2 Small Copper Coins.

    Thanks for the good work~ *bows*
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    *puts her fingers in her forehead* You really... Don't you know how dangerous wild mushrooms can be? You could've very easily died by eating those, you were lucky they were just hallucinogenics... You should have just starved that night, it was safer.

    Seems like your luck is just as big as your carelessness Arawn-san... Be more careful next time please.

    The reward is of 9 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points.

    Take care now... Please do.
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    Task: A Sparring Partner
    Requester: Soren, Priest of Lord Ralditorias
    Quest Rank: E-rank
    Rewards: 7 Large Copper Coins
    Description: The effort to rebuild our Lord Ralditorias' church has been going on for a while now, and even though I certainly do wish to keep trying my hardest to get it done, my old bones are certainly in need of a break.
    In order to fully devote myself to the effort of making the church its best place, I decided to do what my body asks me of and take a week off to rest... Which of course, means I need some light work out to relax.
    We'll be using blunt weapons and proper armor, let's spar for the glory of Lord Ralditorias!
    * The guild would like to highlight that Soren's definition of a "light spar" might be completely different from what most adventurers are used to.
    This Quest can be taken multiple times within the week, though only once per adventurer.

    Clutching his chest a bit, Raz says, "I'm back."
    "Why did I accept this... it was just on impulse! I have to fight Soren, and from what I saw at the festival, he's strong! However, given it's just a light spar, it can't be that bad... right?"

    Not knowing that Soren's light spar is nothing like a regular one, Raz goes to Lord Ralditorias' Church.

    A few moments later, he arrives to see Soren wielding a strange weapon that looks like a sword.

    Raz calmly walks up and says to Soren, "Hello Soren, I'm here for the light spar you requested."

    "Ah! Another person to help me! Go get a blunt sword and some armor, it's off to the side."

    Looking to the left, he spots weapons and shields and decides to equip himself.


    "I'm ready," Raz says as he's equipped with some basic metal armor. His weapon was a blunt shortsword that he wielded.

    "Good! Now, let's begin!"

    "Wait, why do you have some sort of dangerous glint in your eyes!?" Feeling a sense of danger, Raz sidesteps and sees a figure appear right next to him. It was Soren after he slashed with his sword.

    "Jesus!" Not having enough breathing room, Raz barely dodges a few times and can barely have an opportunity to attack. However, after dodging a few attacks, Raz enhances himself to his limit and charges at Soren.

    Aiming at his body, he tries to cut through it but fails due to Soren's reflexes.

    "Oh sh—" before he can speak, Raz gets punched in the chest with the armor denting in the process. He gets launched and starts rolling a bit until he starts gasping for breath.

    Clutching his chest a bit, Raz steadies his breath after a bit and hears Soren laugh.

    "Well done! You went for a killing blow, that was exciting! Luckily I noticed," he says as if it's natural to be that fast and powerful.

    Raz looks at the huge dent in the armor and takes it off. He steadies himself a bit and is asked by Soren if he wants to go to the healers.

    "No thank you. Jesus, this was a light spar!?" Raz says as he leaves the area, done with his quest.
    Lost, as expected.
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    Well... I hope you had fun?

    Glad you're still safe Raz-san, the reward are 7 Large Copper Coins and 4 Guild Points~

    Take care now~
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    "Should I tell her to stop? Would she even listen? It's quite a sensitive topic..."

    The gourd was agonizing over an entirely different matter as he travelled to the village. Who would've expected his little stunt to snowball so badly? He'd guess the kids would maybe get to summon Light, then move on. Who'd expect her to materialize a Guardian's Blade straight off? Then there's the whole holy knight order debacle...

    The gourd eventually found himself in the study with Sophia and her painfully bright beaming eyes. There's a whole bunch of pumpkin crests drawn on paper all over the room, which did nothing to mitigate the mental damage.

    "Well, where should I begin... why a holy knight order again?"

    "Because holy knights are cool! Ride white horse in shining armor! Beat up the bad guys like SHABAM!"

    The gourd felt a bit worried.

    "And the gourd god?"

    "Hee? Isn't that the one uncle Gourd worships?"

    He feel faint. How did she even get that conclusion?

    "N-no, actually. There shouldn't be one, as far as I know."


    Ah, not good. She's going catatonic.

    "You should've asked, I would've tell you." He chasitized, ignoring the fact that he's been avoiding the village entirely for past few weeks. "Don't you ever wonder how could the prayers take effect? I'll tell you about the Iron Ones."

    "Back where I came from, the northern land is populated by hardy people of Markdor. It's a harsh, cold, mountainous land, and the people grew to be equally hardy. It didn't have much in crops but you can find no better steel or smith anywhere else."

    "Long in the past, these people and their Council of Steel observed petty squables between nations over which gods are greater. They thus declared that the Will of Men shall bow to no God or Idol, that everyone should decide their fate without intervention of the divine."

    "Here's the catch, though. Despite turning their backs toward the gods, they still have clergy in place. In fact, nowhere else could you find priests capable of fighting seasoned warriors - except the Church of Raldtorias, apparently -. How could this happen, where does the power comes from?"

    The gourd tapped on his head.

    "It's faith, Sophia. Faith is a powerful thing. Faith on the Will of Men coalesced into divine power that fueled their clergy. Human beings are perfectly capable to pull off miracles on their own. Just like how you summoned the Guardian's Blade, it all comes from your own self. Not some obscure gourd god, or a nameless thing that steal prayers."

    He patted the entranced girl.

    "Well then, now that we got that cleared. I'll sketch the Metal Icon of the Iron Ones, perhaps you can use it as reference for your own crest..."

    -The gourd sincerely hope that that's the last he hear about a Gourd God.
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    "We are back..." Zoan said with yet another tired face.

    Zone Q11: Orange
    Unreachable Hope: Standard
    Blackwater: Green
    --- --- ---

    "Alright then... Are we prepared?" Zoan asks the human and the half-elf.

    "Well, yes. Just need water and some dried meat and I am fine. I already know the way toward the Cave of the Dead as well, since I already crossed it once to go south," Cinis said and then asked something that concerned him.

    "Where should we meet Templar Harold... I mean, Harald? Is he at the Cave's entrance or at the Church?" He said in the quest sheet that he won't be a burden. Cinis supposed that they will be with him to reach the depths.

    "Let's just check the church, and if he isn't there, head towards the Cave?"

    "Alright." The four -with Herst following the three without getting noticed- went towards the church, and encountered a priestess. "Templar Harald? Yes, he has gone off to the Caves of the Dead to retrieve the Holy Sword of Ludevig. I assume that you are adventurers who have taken the quest?" asked the priestess.

    "Yes we are," Zoan shortly answered. Looking at the gear of the adventurers before her, the priestess then continued: "In that case, would you like to lend some weapons as well? You will have to pay a penalty fee if you were to lose or damage them, but I think they would guarantee your safety more."

    "That is... quite interesting, but yes I do wish to lend a weapon. Is it possible to get a one-handed sword if you please? My sword was melted recently, so I only have a few daggers and a crossbow," Cinis said as he remembered the cultist's fireball. He rubbed his arms and felt like grumbling.

    "Then, what about you two? Do you wish to lend any weapons? It should be fine as long as none of us damage one. It should also ease our venture in the cave."

    Hearing that the Templar has already headed towards the cave, Ayumi nods. A man of action! That's how you're supposed to be!

    When Cinis mentions lending a weapon, Ayumi just laughs. "Oh, I don't need a weapon. I have my sword-" As she says sword she manifests her executioner's sword, "-always with me, even if you don't see it."

    The priestess was startled by Ayumi's sword. She nearly tripped backwards, but managed to not do so. "Dear ma'am, please do warn me next time you are about to summon a sword..." said the priestess as she holds her chest.
    "Sorry, sorry~" Goes Ayumi's lackadaisical apology to the priestess.
    After breathing in and out, she composed herself at an astonishing pace and asked the nomad: "What about you, sir?"

    Zoan does not even need to look at his club. He knew it was in bad shape, and making a new one was simply easier than buying one, but the club was a handed-down weapon from the tribe leader. He himself does not know how to make one. He still got his iron sword, but he plans to lend it to Herst later to defend himself.

    Zoan then took his time taking account of the possible weapons a church might have to replace his club, before he finally opens his mouth. "I would like to take a warhammer if there is one."
    The priestess nodded. "Very well. A sword and a warhammer it is. I shall call someone to bring them here."
    It did not take long before the said items were taken from the armory. The priestess then gave the adventurers a business smile before sending them off towards the Caves of the Dead.

    --- --- ---

    Testing the sword as he began to walk toward Nagrand's south entrance, Cinis found it rather odd. The sword was a bit longer than average, however was still rather light. Did they use cheap or little materials? He was unsure since he did not know anything about blacksmithing. He shrugged it and thought that it should be plenty enough. After all, they are against undead, and it was a weapon from a church.
    A sigh escaped his mouth, and noticing that they were a party of three, he thought that unless there was a second horse, it would be too much.

    "Errr... I have one horse, but I suppose none of you two have one?" Sincerely, he hoped that at least one of them had one. Otherwise, they would have to walk. Cinis did not wish to pay money for a second horse for sure.

    Accompanying Zoan and Cinis, Ayumi grows increasingly bored until finally, they arrive at Nagrand's southern entrance. There Cinis brings up the issue of missing horses, to which Ayumi simply shrugs.

    "I don't have money, or a horse, or proper clothes." Then she faintly remembers the last quest she did with Cinis. "I know! I claim half of the horse! After all, I did help in getting it!"

    "Cinis, we already walked all the way to Flaminis and the Cultist's Hideout last time. Why not do so again? Not to mention, we are also bringing Herst along with us," Zoan said as he gestured his thumbs pointing towards the orc behind him.

    "Greetings! My name is Herst! I... had assumed you had seen me," the orc said with a slightly sad tone.

    Seeing Herst, Cinis sighed and scratched his head. He slightly bowed his head to the orc.
    "That's my bad. I am sorry for this. I assumed that you were with us by coincidence since you did not speak. Plus the fact that nobody seemed to have found this weird, I decided not to mind."

    Then, turning back to Zoan, he cleared his throat and nodded as he heard what the nomad said.
    "Yes, it does seem to be a better choice. It will also avoid us from spending any money on two horses. Ayumi, do you have any issue with walking or...?"

    Staring at Herst, Ayumi wonders how she did not notice him at all. While absentmindedly saying: "Oh, sorry." She wonders just how good he must be at stealth if he can stay hidden that long.

    "Let's just walk, it's better than riding a horse. Hurts a lot less."

    --- --- ---

    After walking for 5 hours, the party of four have finally reached the entrance of the Caves of the Dead. Before the entrance, a Templar sat on a rock at a campfire. He is fully equipped from head to toe. From a pot helm to the red cross symbol on his white based tunic, he resembles a Templar to the core.

    "Ah! Greetings! Are you perhaps the adventurers who have accepted my quest?" the Templar asked with a overly positive tone.
    "Yes, we are. Harald, is it? Let me go straight to the point. Do you remember which cave it was where you have lost the holy sword?" Zoan asked with a serious tone. After seeing the Caves of the Dead personally, he had been convinced: 'Too many caves. So this is why the name is plural... Yeah, I will definitely get lost in here.'
    "But of course! It is within that cave," Harald answered, and proceeded to point one of the myriad caves with his finger. When Zoan went to look at the cave the Templar had pointed out, he immediately cringed at the fact that he could not differentiate any of the caves at all.

    "Then I suppose that you will guide us through the cave?" Cinis asked as he took the sword he was given. He thought that since he was here, he will guide them. On top of that, he spoke about the undead being too many, using a crossbow will then be unfavorable.

    "Exactly! Then, what are we waiting for? If all of you are ready, let's just go in and slash the evil!" For a few seconds, Cinis wondered if he really was from the Church of Ralditorias. His panoply seemed to be practical? Perhaps, he isn't and when he heard of the Church, he thought that he could help. Oh well.

    "Well, is everyone ready?" the half-elf asked as he looked at Ayumi, Zoan and Herst.
    "Or maybe you prefer taking a rest before going in? Either is fine by me." Maybe the Templar wished to get back his holy sword as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, he will have to admit that if the adventurers are well rested, it would be easier to snatch the blade from the undead.

    While panting from the travel, Ayumi's zest about the fact that she will be beating down bad things keeps her from accepting the proposition of taking a break. In fact, she doesn't hesitate to turn towards the Templar and address him with respect: "Templar Harald, when I heard about the quest, I could do nothing else but immediately accept it and rush towards your aid. To see a man of deeds such as yourself in these days is nothing but a pleasure."

    Then she turns towards the caves. "Let's start as soon as possible, and lay waste to these unholy creatures that would dare to stand in our way!"

    --- --- ---

    The party of five entered the cave with their torches. The air was a little bit humid for an unknown reason, and the light did not shine bright enough to show the whole interior. The party walks a couple minutes within the cave, and it did not take them long to find a group of undead. The group consists of skeletons and zombies. The skeletons noticed the presence of the living, and ran towards them.

    "Alright! Brace yourselves!" the Templar loudly shouted. "Hush! Keep it quiet," Zoan whispered. The nomad swung the warhammer vertically and smashed a skeleton with ease. "More undead might come if we get too loud," Zoan continued.

    "It matters not if we exterminate them all, no?" Harald said, continuing to produce loud noises as he cuts down two skeletons with one slash. Skeletons are known to have resistance towards slashing damages, but that does not mean that bones can't be cut down. The so called resistance probably comes from the fact that skeletons lack meat and blood to bleed from.

    Seeing that the fight started, Cinis took his one handed sword and rushed toward a pair of zombie and skeleton. As long as he was quicker than them, it should be fine.
    The zombie did not have the time to react that a sword passed through its throat, while the skeleton was stunned due to the adventurer who elbowed its head after more or less pushing the skeleton on the sidelines. Cinis sidestepped to avoid the zombie's arms while the sword was still stuck in its throat.

    A second later, a zombie head fell and rolled on the ground.

    With a loud shout, Ayumi enters the fray: "Here I go!" She quickly manifests her sword and brutally chops through a zombie's arm and deeply into its chest, where it temporarily gets struck. If someone were to pay attention to Ayumi at this moment, he would notice how she clenches her teeth together from pain as her sword enters the zombie's body.

    After a few kicks on the zombie's body Ayumi manages to free her blade, and the zombie collapses as it's muscles fail to support its body. With one more chop, it's head rolls on the floor.

    She turns around just in time to see a skeleton swinging at her with its arm, which she bashes away with the flat side of her blade. She then swings the blade downwards, roughly hitting it's left leg and shattering a small part of it.

    As the skeleton falls to the ground, she tries to cut off it's head but instead hits the skull - which then breaks on the floor while Ayumi clenches her teeth in pain again.

    The undead care not for the loss of their numbers and continued to attack the party. A couple of dozens minutes later, Zoan stopped counting the undead whose heads have been bashed away by his warhammer. He took a look at Herst and sees that he had just finished killing his second skeleton. 'Mmn... He's doing it too slow. More undead just keep coming. He won't keep up at this rate The others... are doing fine, but their stamina are not infinite either.'

    Despite being only a few minutes away from the entrance, some undead were already arriving from all possible passages within the cave. The numbers might be a thing easy to fight against, but when it comes to a fight in a dark, relatively narrow space, then it was clear who were in the disadvantage.

    "Harald! There are too many undead! At this pace, we would lose our stamina faster than we could kill them! Let's just rush through the undead, find the holy sword, and get out of here!"

    "What are you saying!? If the numbers of these undead are not kept in check, then they will eventually exit the caves and attack nearby villages! We must exterminate them for good!"

    "Then can't we do that after we find the holy sword at least!?" Zoan angrily shouted, and bashes another zombie's head. At this point, probably all undead were rushing towards the party because of the noises from their fight. As such, the nomad did not care about enemy reinforcements anymore.

    "...very well then! Follow me!" the Templar said. He then swung myriad slashes, creating a whole opening between the undead in the most literal sense. Ever since this man had entered the cave, he had been constantly killing undead to the point where Zoan thought that "Harald" is equivalent to the words "undead extermination".

    Spectating to Ayumi's fight, Cinis sighed as he kicked the stunned skeleton's head which flew off and let all the bones fall on the ground. Rattling noises followed.

    "As impulsive as I said, aren't they?" Always hurrying to slay at the so called evil beings, and rushing at them, then hurting yourself through carelessness.
    Removing his sword from the zombie's corpse, the half-elf wished to wipe the blood, but instead he turned his back and slashed at the skeleton that was here. The bag of bones immediately dispersed due to the hit. He couldn't cut it, but he could dislocate or separate it.

    Seeing that Harald was creating a way to flee, the adventurer suddenly sprinted toward him, bumping into undeads that were unexpectedly thrown at the ground.

    "Oops." Cinis almost tripped but continued to rush towards the opening.

    Noticing the gap created by Harald, and her already apparent exhaustion, Ayumi shouts: "I am not running away!" while following the others away from the undead.

    --- --- ---

    With Harald mowing away undead at the front and Zoan killing remnants behind him, the three were able to follow them with relative safety. They still needed to watch out their steps though, as the corpses might cause them to trip and get left behind.

    The Templar kept mowing down the undead before him without showing any signs of exhaustion, and after what felt hours of getting barraged by claws of bones, hands with mangled flesh, and countless groans, the party have finally entered a space big enough to be called "a room". At the center of the room lies an object.
    Yes. It was the Holy Sword of Ludevig. It was not set in stone, nor equipped by some rare undead (if there is even any). It lied simply there, at the center of the room.
    For an undead, insanity is their sanity. Any undead approaching the holy sword would scream and back away from it as they would regain the sanity from the holy attribute. Upon regaining their sanity, they would regain the emotion called "guilt". As such, to avoid that emotion, they avoid the holy attribute, and return into insanity once more.

    "There! The holy sword!" Harald shouted. He rushed towards the sword, and grabbed its hilt. Immediately after doing so, a bright light shone and illuminates the room completely.

    'It is not as hard as I expected it to be. We are doing this with a lot of ease', Cinis thought as he saw the Holy Sword in the center of the room before Harald rushed to it for no real reasons since no undead would touch it for their own sake.

    Then, the adventurer sighed and covered his own eyes when the light came to blind them. Just in case, he stayed alert. Being unable to see is an extraordinary disadvantage for a fight. Cinis held his sword tighter and tighter.

    Lasting for a dozen of seconds, the light, exhausted, ran out and faded, letting the place to the obscurity of the caves, of its original substance. As if his prophecy came true, the half-elf looked at the ceiling and sighed.
    Once, twice... Observing around him, he wondered if undead could have perhaps tricked them, which would be quite ironical.

    All around them, at every way, no matter where they looked, they were surrounded by zombies, skeletons and the like. Undead, basically, everywhere, to no end, they were marvelously filling the passages. Well, at least if one of the party members has frustration to be vent, then this situation would be perfect. They now have a lot of cannon fodder to crush into little pieces until there is nothing left of them.

    "Well, I suppose we get back to fighting?" It was rather a dumb but rhetorical statement. What else than fighting they could do? Slaughtering? Provoking a bloodbath? Charging through dozens of undead and flee toward the unknown if they do not remember from where they come from? Let's just begin already.

    After the light fades, Ayumi stares at the undead surrounding them with wide eyes. With her already being quite exhausted, she is rather doubtful about whether they would survive this. But she grasps her sword, determined to stay fighting until she dies if necessary.

    Making use of the space around the sword which the undead avoid, Ayumi picks up a bit of speed to charge at the undead and cleaves through a skeleton's spinal column just beneath its ribs with a wide swing of her sword, retreating backward three steps immediately after the hit connected. As some of the undead try to follow her, she steps forward whilst thrusting the blunt tip of her blade into a zombie's throat, the impact slightly staggering her and pushing the zombie over.

    A quick swing of her rather heavy blade manages to deflect a skeleton's swipe, to which she retaliates by retreating a bit, then changing the grasp of her sword so that both of her hands are grasping the blade. With a heavy swing from above, she smashes a hole into the skeleton's head with her sword's handguard. Another swing with her sword smashes a few ribs of another skeleton with her sword's pommel.

    Satisfied with these results, Ayumi nods to herself, "This is better," before retreating to rest.

    With the Templar wielding the Holy Sword of Ludevig at his hands, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he is slicing the undead as if they were slimes. However this time, he was more wary. The reason he had lost the holy sword last time despite having such a cheat weapon was because the amount of undead were seemingly infinite. Killing them may be easy, but the corpses left behind eventually became a mountain, and restricted the space he had had.

    "Harald! Now that we have the sword, perhaps we should fall back towards the entrance!" Zoan shouted among the noises of undead groaning and bones breaking.
    "But the majority of the undead are in front of our eyes! I can feel it! The source of the evil within this cave is nearby! We have to exterminate them now!" Harald responded, not learning anything from his previous dive.

    "Harald! Let's go to a safer place and talk! If you wish to die in the hands of those filthy undead, then sure. But do that without us and after we accomplished our quest. I will even drag you to the ground if needed!" Cinis shouted as he resisted the urge to literally backstab this damned Templar. So impulsive and stupid. How did he get this holy sword while being so suicidal? Weren't people basically risking a magic item to be lost, broken or anything along those lines at any moment with such a despicable and foolish fellow?

    "You damned--", Harald shouted back at the half-elf. Unfortunately, he was too busy with undead to reply properly. Knowing that people with this kind of personality are hard-headed and unfathomable, he felt like he has no choice as a sword brushed him and stabbed a zombie who immediately fell to the ground.

    It was this same adventure. Just a little bit to the left, and he could have slashed the Templar. While he may be an inconsiderable idiot, he was still a great warrior who knew what kind of disadvantages you have with such a partner. In the worst case, if you died, it will be that partner's fault.
    Gritting his teeth, Harald continued to slaughter but with a different goal; to get away from here so he could beat up Cinis once they are in a safer place, to put him back on his rightful place, and afterwards... The safer place could be deeper in the caves which would probably annoy the demi-elf.

    Ayumi, as opposed to Cinis and Zoan, quite likes Harald. As she sees him cutting down more and more undead, she can't help but encourage him: "Nice slash! Show this scum who's the boss, Harald!"

    After a quick parry with her blade, she smashes another skeleton's head in with her sword's pommel. "Hearing the other members of her group trying to discourage Harald from advancing towards the source of evil, she is astonished. Why would anyone do that? So she harshly objects: "Are you insane!? We can't hesitate or retreat now that we are so close to our goal!"

    A short pause as she punctures a zombie's head with her sword's handguard before she shouts: "Exterminate! Evil! Never! Retreat!" each and every word is accompanied by another attack at unfortunate undead near her. "No! Regrets! Let's advaaaance~!" Screams Ayumi, her shout soon continued by Harald. "Advance! We shall cleanse! God with us!"

    Then they shout together while aggressively pushing forward into the mass of undead. "God is with us!"

    Zoan, Herst and Cinis are confused and irritated as hell. The two madmen are clearly not thinking straight. However, the two of them are making a path --and albeit not the path back to the entrance, it was still a path to somewhere. To avoid being separated, Zoan and Herst followed the Templar and the esper.

    Zoan assumes that Harald is going towards the source of the evil within the cave they are in right now, and started to get a bad premonition for whatever lies ahead of Harald...

    "Bunch of mindless animal fanatics..." Cinis muttered as he didn't have the choice but to follow those two impulsive fools. He wished he could cut them down instead of the undead with all their 'source of evil'. It just made him want to strangle them.

    --- --- ---

    As they were running, at a moment, there were less undead. Perhaps it could be considered as a safer place, but Cinis began to curse at them.
    "What are you two!? Children that can't resist the temptation of getting killed? Suicidal bastard that don't know their place and risk their lives for nothing? Indoctrinated brainless scoundrels that can't think about anything except some sort of subjective evil!? Morons that don't have any priorities and don't realize the situation they are in!? Ruffians that don't even notice the wrong they have been causing!? Ha!?"
    He was far from finished but perhaps after this little wave of words, they might get it and be less unreasonable. Or else, in his opinion, he will have to cripple those two suicidal individuals and drag them out if the caves.

    "I am a Templar!" answers Harald to Cinis' complaints. "I live to fight evil. It's my duty! Running away when I stand a chance would be a coward's act. A Templar needs a strong mind!"

    "A strong mind makes a strong body!" shouts Ayumi, having changed her grasp of her sword to a normal one again as she chops off a Zombie's arm and head in two consecutive swings.

    "A strong mind does not falter, does not fear, and does not retreat!" continues Harald, cleaving through multiple undead at once as he advances.

    But before Ayumi can continue, Harald suddenly exclaims: "Hah! Our efforts have paid off, the source of evil is just around the corner!" and, as if Cinis and Zoan had never told him to stop or retreat, he continues: "Do not falter now, my comrades, for the final victory is just around the corner!"

    Not wanting to join the heated debate, Zoan and Herst simply followed Harald and Ayumi all the way until they finally arrived at yet another room. This room however, is unlike the previous room. It was not cave-like at all, but rather looks like an actual man-made room. The space is grandiose, as if it was made to fit it two whole giants within.

    Then, at the end of the room lies a single undead, sitting on a throne. It was a lich. "Who dare enter my sacred ground?"

    "So you are the source of the evil I have been sensing! I am the templar who shall slay you, you lich!" Harald proudly shouted.

    Being behind Ayumi and the templar who seemed to be focused on the lich, this situation was just annoying. "Great. A lich," Cinis sighed and took his seax. He admired its blade a few seconds then stared at Ayumi and Harald's backs. He hesitated for a few seconds, but his pupils raised and stared at their necks instead.
    While Harald was shouting like the fool he is, Cinis decided what he was going to do. With the pommel of sword, he stroke Harald's helm. Suddenly, the templar felt this blunt damage on his head, and dizziness assaulted him. He tried to turn back, but before he could see what was going on behind him a second strike assailed him, putting him to sleep.

    "Who did this?!" Acting as if it was not him, he turned back and noticed that there was nothing. He quickly made some hand signs to Herst and Zoan, pointing at Harald then pointing toward where they came from with his thumb, as to simply say 'Let's get out of here'.

    Then Cinis shouted at Ayumi. "Harald has fallen! We need to bring him back outside to check if he is alive! We are screwed without him!" Putting the sword back on his belt, he immediately went to Harald to carry him without forgetting to carry the holy sword as well. If they forgot it here, it would be quite troublesome.
    Of course, he was the one who made Harald fall. It was quite easy since his back was exposed. All he needed was two strikes of pommel to put him out.

    "Help me carry him!"

    Ayumi readies herself for the attack against the lich, but before she and Harald can charge, Harald suddenly falls over, unconscious! Upon hearing Cinis' shout, Ayumi, shocked, exclaims: "What!? Dammit, we were so close!"

    With a few quick chops, Ayumi cripples the two zombies around her, and starts covering the rest of the group as they retreat, ferociously hacking at the undead, the greater than usual weight of her sword showing its worth in this situation as it cuts through bone with relative ease.

    Zoan and Herst nods at Cinis. "Herst, you help Cinis drag Harald. I will take Ayumi." The orc nods and followed the nomad's orders. Zoan proceeded to carry Ayumi's waist as if she was a luggage, and began to run away from the lich. Surprisingly, during this possibly comedic scene, the lich did not attack and instead ignore the adventurers.

    Suddenly, Ayumi feels herself get picked up by someone and carried away. After looking back, she notices that, for some reason, Zoan has picked her up and is running away from the fight together with the rest of the group. She immediately gets angry and starts cursing him: "Goddamnit, what do you think you're doing!? Let me down, will you!? I can still fight! You-" the words that leave her mouth from this point on are not ones that should be written out.

    But after a few minutes of shouting and screaming, as the adrenaline starts to abate, she can feel the exhaustion creeping in until she simply falls asleep whilst being carried by Zoan. Whilst she usually does not snore, it is the case now. Perhaps due to being shaken around so much.

    As Herst came to help carrying Harald, Cinis sighed in relief. Finally, everything was going back to the right way. With the exception of undead, nothing could disturb the way ...except also perhaps if Harald wakes up, but even if he does, he will just get a second sneaky beating.
    If there were undead on the way, there should be no problem. They could probably charge through a horde of zombie by using Harald as meatshield thanks to his marvelous armor that covers him from head to toe.

    Just one question was important; how many hours will they take to get back to the Caves' entrance?

    --- --- ---

    A (supposed) hour later, the half-elf felt quite suspicious of the surroundings. While there weren't much undead on the way, it seemed as if there were a lot of movements around them. It was moving. He could feel a sort of pressure. Plus all the groaning, the bones rattling, the feet dragging on the ground, the blood flowing... It was nothing but reassuring.

    "...while I would like to take a break somewhere... I don't think we can. There is way too much... agitation!" They could deny the possibility to rest and continue to rush toward the exit while hoping that no "dead army" will jump on them and surround them the second they reach an crossing.

    "Calm yourself down. You are stressed," Zoan then proceeded to take something from his backpack. It was a water pouch.
    "Here. Drink. I still have some energy left in me. I will scout a little bit." He gave the water pouch to Cinis and then left the group without saying anything.

    --- --- ---

    Zoan walks through a hallway, or at least he thinks so. It is rather difficult to see when you don't have night vision, so he doesn't know whether there might be small, hidden passages as well or not.
    'So far the total ammount of undead we have encountered in this cave is... I forgot. It is definitely over a hundred though.'
    'Ugh. I did not expect that the templar is a justice obsessed person... nor did I think that Cinis would introduce me to a second justice freak.'
    'That lich... is not from the bounty. This place is too far from Randgriz. Odds are high that this is a different one.'
    'Rather... why did the lich not attack us? Perhaps this one is conversable? If so, then I wonder...'

    Suddenly, Zoan stopped walking. There were three skeletons before him. Killing them is easy, but the odds are high that a battle will occur if he kills one, and the noise might attract other undead.
    He has walked the hallway for around five minutes without encountering any undead. The hallway he is at had no other branches, or at least none that he could find.

    Deciding that this route is relatively safe when thinking about the horde of undead they have faced a couple of hours ago, Zoan returned to the group. He hopes that nobody has died so far, because if the undead hasn't gotten the best of the party, then they will most likely kill themselves if nobody stops them.

    --- --- ---

    Getting the pouch, Cinis let out a sigh before drinking a bit. While he did not need or wish to drink, he thought that he should just drink a necessary amount out of courtesy since Zoan proposed.

    After he left to scout, the half-elf let out a sigh and sat on the ground, leaning against the wall. There was not much to do except keeping an eye on the surroundings as in the corridors. They will never be safe; there would be always something off with it. Then again, it was true that Herst was here, and perhaps he could rest. Four eyes are better than two, without forgetting that Zoan shouldn't take hours to scout.

    When he returned, it seemed that Zoan did not change in the slightest; no wounds at the very least. Cinis could still hear the groaning and the such all around them. However, it seemed that he did not attract any zombies. The adventurer stood up and stretched his legs; he gave back the water pouch to Zoan and asked before proceeding to carry Harald once again with the optimal help.

    "More or less safe, I assume?"

    "Yes. It's basically a long one-way route before a couple of skeletons are in the way. I felt some wind as well, so I think the exit may be somewhat nearby," Zoan said as he took back the water pouch, and proceeded to carry Ayumi by her waist again. He could have carried her on his back, but then his hands would be occupied and he wouldn't be able to wield his weapon.

    The three men carried the unconscious Templar and esper through the hallway, with Zoan at the front and still alert for any undead. When they finally arrived back at the place where the nomad was, the undead were already gone. They probably continued patrolling.
    With a sigh of relief, the three continued to walk until they finally found themselves in a three way crossing. There were two paths to the left, and one path to the right. After taking a moment to listen, there appears to be some noise far away from the path to the right.

    The half-elf looked at the right and unfortunately could not see what was going on. However, he noticed something. The noises were becoming louder and louder as minutes continued to flow. It can mean two things: either it really is louder, or they are getting closer.

    "Well, let's hurry. Whether it's coming or becoming louder, in both cases it is up to no good for us at the very least." Hopefully none of the two demented individuals wake up. Otherwise they would immediately go toward it for the sake of "slaying evil' or something along those lines. They might even go back to the lich.
    Looking at the two other ways at his left, Cinis wondered where to go. Then, a slight breeze brushed him coming from the one going only west. The choice then became obvious and he took this one; they only needed to follow the wind. Once they are out, they will be able to peacefully get back to Nagrand while perhaps scolding the two of them. It might be useless, but if at least someone can vent out their frustration, it would be perfect.

    After some time, it was possible to see light at the bottom of the corridor. However, the light was meek, was it crepuscule?

    The adventurers had departed a couple hours before noon, and arrived at the Caves of the Dead after a six hour walk. Since then, a couple of hours have passed and as such the possibility of the sun setting down outside the cave is very likely. Holding this kind of thought, the three walked slightly faster towards the source of light. Accompanied by a gentle wind, the party had finally made it out alive.

    The two unconscious were still... well, unconscious. Zoan had been exhausted from being alert the whole time. He took a big gulp from his water pouch, took out a whole chunk of leg meat from some animal, and ate it raw before suddenly going to sleep. Meanwhile Herst went to procure some twigs, branches and rocks to prepare a camp.

    Since it seemed that Herst was preparing a campfire, Cinis dragged Ayumi and Harald near the center of the future camp so that they were near the fire. The warmth could easily wake them up, even more as for Harald. Iron transmits heat quite easily, so perhaps his armor would even end up becoming a furnace for him. As for why Cinis was doing this? It was to teach him a lesson.

    Obviously because of this, the Templar will thankfully wake up rather quickly. Of course he won't die, burnt into his armor. That would be rather silly.
    After doing this, Cinis let out a sigh. He was not in the mood to eat or to do anything. While he felt a bit sorry for Herst who would do the necessary alone, he said to him before lying down and closing his eyes:

    "Keep an eye on the holy a sword and wake me up once you go to sleep. Just let me rest one hour at the very least." Currently the holy sword was beside Harald's body, closer to the fire. In short, it will be probably be hotter than his armor. A way to prevent anyone from stealing it, perhaps? Unless they did not feel heat, they would not be able to wield or to touch the sword.

    --- --- ---

    At the same moment that the others start going to sleep, Ayumi suddenly wakes up. The moment she wakes up, she jumps onto her feet, her sword drawn. After looking around, obviously confused, she wonders: "Where am I?"

    Surprised by the esper's hostility, the orc raised his hands up to the sky and replied as fast and silent as he could. "Drop down your weapons please! The others are sleeping!"

    Turning towards the orc, Ayumi opens her mouth to talk.
    However, woken up by Ayumi's attitude, Cinis stood up and immediately threw his backbag toward her face at an unexpected speed then said in a grumpy tone:
    "Don't wake up people... go back to sleep." Afterwards, Cinis laid down on the ground and tried to go back to sleep.

    "Oomph!" Ayumi gets shot down by Cinis' backbag rather literally. This sudden 'attack' almost knocks Ayumi over, but she manages to catch herself in the last moment. After putting away her sword, she walks over to Cinis and, after some deliberation, decides to not let the bag fall on top of Cinis, but places it on the floor next to him begrudgingly.

    Seeing that Cinis still seems to be awake, Ayumi lightly pokes him with her right hand. "Hey, hey, Cinis. I'm hungry."

    "If you are hungry, I have an idea; you become a bait for the big bad wolf, we kill it and we eat it? Does it seem fine? Obviously, I wouldn't miss the moment and let you get eaten. Of course not, I would never ever do that." Maybe it was not obvious, but Cinis wished to sleep. While it may be true that hunting is a nice hobby he rather appreciates, couldn't she ask for it when everyone were well-rested?

    "No, seriously; can't you wait for dawn? Or are you that hungry that you feel like you would die if you don't eat?" Maybe, he felt like hunting despite wanting to sleep, just a bit.

    Ayumi pauses, thinking about what Cinis said. After a few seconds, she nods. "Yeah, I'm very hungry. The plan sounds good. When will we start?"

    "Excuse me, but may I please partake in the hunt?" Herst asked with a voice.

    "Do you just... not get sarcasm? And how the..." Being a bait? For hunting? Unless she was cut in pieces, it would not work. He let out a sigh and just said in a tired tone.

    "Alright, alright, let's just do it." He took his crossbow and immediately put a bolt on it. He could already predict that Ayumi would be a fool and be loud, or so he thought.

    "Alright!" shouts Ayumi, thrusting her sword upwards. She then immediately turns to Cinis and, her eyes filled with expectation, asks: "So, what am I supposed to do?"

    "Well, basically hunting is an assassination. So, what do you need to hunt? You need to be silent. I know; it is gonna be a real hard challenge for you. You also need to be patient; to avoid any rash moves and the such." Cinis then continued, saying general knowledge that normally should not be told since everyone should know at least that. However, let's be honest; it's Ayumi. Would she even know that? Hopefully she would, but she is hopeless.

    "But hopefully... you aren't a hunter. You are just the juicy meat that will be chased by animals."

    Herst was quite worried by Cinis' explanation, and tried to awkwardly give one of his own: "Erm... As bait, one is supposed to attract the monsters. Miss Ayumi, I believe you can do so by simply running around and shouting."

    "Exactly!" Cinis exclaimed once he heard Herst saying it in even a clearer way than him.
    "Well, that is only if there is a predator around here like a big bad wolf. If there are no predators, we will have to be discreet." He was a bit surprised that Herst also took him seriously when he spoke about baits.

    A sigh escaped his mouth; he shook his head and continued to speak.
    "Well, then, let's go I guess? Since you are the bait or baits, you should walk forward while I stay hidden to launch a bolt in their neck."

    "Eh!? I am a bait too!?" Herst exclaimed.

    Ayumi nods as she listens. Those familiar with her would know that she has absolutely no idea what the others are talking about. Once Cinis and Herst finish talking, she lifts up her sword, and asks: "So I basically have to run around and make noise? Great, I'm good at that!"

    With a shout and loud laughter, she blindly marches into the forest, barely paying attention to make sure that Herst and Cinis are following her.

    "Eeeeh!? Miss Ayumi, wait for meee!!" Herst yelled as he began to chase after her. It seems that it was somehow predetermined that he will also become bait, and without much resistance, he followed the orders.

    --- --- ---

    As night has arrived, it was not difficult for nocturnal predators to hear the noise that is Ayumi. Within less than a quarter of an hour, the two baits have found themselves a pack of six thin canines. From appearance alone, they seem to be a hybrid of a fox and a dog.

    Herst drew the iron sword he was lent to from Zoan and readied himself for combat.

    Since these two were being loud -actually, more like Ayumi alone was loud- Cinis literally climbed on trees and followed them while being above them. It was rather hard to find a way, but once he got the gist of it, it was rather easy. Old experiences came back. Trees despite everything always were safe. However, what was dangerous was sleeping on one.

    'No worries.' He wished to say this when these dog-like creatures appeared, albeit he could not; he needed to be quiet. He took his crossbow and aimed at one of them. Silently, the bolt was launched. It pierced through the air and lodged into one of the dog's neck; it did not die, but obviously it could not do anything. It would probably choke on its own blood.

    With six enemies in front of her, Ayumi is eager to cut down these beasts which would dare to threaten humans. So she pulls out her sword, and as Cinis' bolt hits its target, she shouts: "Chaaarge!" and dashes towards the beasts, careful to not lose her balance and footing.

    Once she is more or less close to the beasts, she slows down, ready to react at a moment's notice, her sword lifted high above her head. Then, as the first beast tries to jump at and bury its fangs within her, she swings down her blade with all of her might, half cutting half crushing the beast's head.

    Then some of the other beasts try to surround her, and she slowly retreats whilst fending off their assault, attempting to not get surrounded.

    While Ayumi is busy killing one of the dog-beasts, Herst was busy applying something onto his sword. After doing so, he approached a dog and swung his sword horizontally with both his hands and all his might. Unsurprisingly, he missed the doggo who had dodged the slash by lowering its head. On top of that, Herst had lost his balance too.

    The dingo then charged at Herst, and tackled him down. Using his natural instincts, the orc punched the beast with his non-dominant hand and slashed his sword again. Because he was down on the ground, the slash had not dealt a significant damage, but rather just a small cut. Herst then stood up and changed his tactics. This time, he focused on fending off the one beast in front of him, while keeping distances with the other beasts.

    Unlike the two of them, Cinis was relatively safe. A second bolt left his crossbow and this time, instead of the neck, it pierced through the head of another dog. Seeing this, the half-elf was quite happy with himself.
    Thinking that he got it right, it has been a while since he used his crossbow. 'Has it been a few weeks?' Probably because he hasn't been fighting recently, and because he avoided leaving Nagrand too much?

    He let out a sigh and proceeded to reload as quickly as possible as he was at his second kill. He noticed that Herst and Ayumi were not doing too bad, so this little hunt should be cleared out rather finely.

    With 3 of the beasts taken out and one busy fighting Herst, Ayumi now faces the remaining two. Just as she is about to perform a heroic assault on them - they turn tail and run away. Ayumi tries to chase after them, but they obviously are much faster than her.

    "Dammit, running away is unfair!"

    Meanwhile at Herst's side; he has been fighting the beast for a couple of short minutes, and suddenly the dog fell down. The cause of this was the substance Herst had coated his sword with a goblin poison.
    However, now that adrenaline has worn out from his body, Herst looked at the dingo and noticed he had made a mistake. The beast had been poisoned... which means that unless you have antidote, the meat has become inedible as well.
    It appears that the party only has three prey to feed on for the time being. However, considering the small size of the party, it should be sufficient.

    "Well, it went pretty fine. I suppose each of us carry one of them?" said Cinis as he got back down to earth. He poked the corpse with his feet before taking it by its neck and carrying it like a potato bag.

    "I will roast them, then we will all peacefully sleep, and go back to Nagrand. No matter what, alright?" Cinis stared at Ayumi for some reason before going back to the camp.

    "Oh, good job, Hi... Ha... friend!" calls Ayumi, somehow having already forgotten Herst's name.
    "Anyway, let's go!" with these words, Ayumi picks up one of the corpses and starts to carry it to the camp, together with the rest of the group.

    --- --- ---

    The three went back to the camp, only to find that the Templar and the nomad were still asleep. Cinis then dissected the carcasses, while Herst cooked the meat on a stone slab. The meat sizzled, and sweet aroma dances through the air.

    "Uuugh..." With a low groan, Harald the Templar began to regain his consciousness again. In an instant, Cinis had thought to kick his head to make him unconscious again. But this time, he was stopped by Herst, who was not worried about the Templar's health, but rather worried that they might not get the reward if they keep harming the quest-giver.

    "Whu...What? Where am I!? Where are the undead!?"

    Happy that Harald woke up, Ayumi bounces towards him. "You got ambushed by some fiend, and we had to retreat. We are outside of the caves right now."

    "I see... Then, let us go back fight--" Harald's sentence was interrupted by Cinis' kick towards the head.

    "Let's just eat and ignore him," he then said in a grumpy voice.


    The party of three then ate the cooked meat, and slept with rotating night shifts.

    --- --- ---

    Morning, at dawn, the sun rises from the horizon, and the adventurers... were still asleep except for the one on watching duty: Zoan.
    There was some meat left over, but he decided to leave that for Harald. As far as he could remember, the superhuman idiot has not eaten since their first encounter yesterday.
    No matter how strong one might be, they would be weak with an empty stomach. ...also, he hoped this would count as an apology if he ever comes to know the truth about him being knocked out twice in a row.

    Thinking that it was time, he woke up everyone. ...including the Templar. Upon waking up, the first thing he said was: "What? Where am I? Where are the evil!?"
    Zoan then kept Cinis away from Harald while Herst attempted to make up stories about how he was knocked out by monsters twice in a row.

    "Well... We have retrieved the sword for sure though," Zoan said as he points at the Holy Sword of Ludevig. "Doesn't this mean that we have finished the quest?"

    "Nngh! But the evil--"
    "Is not part of our quest."
    "Uugh... Fine, then! However, I shall stay here until all evil has been driven away!"

    He then procured a stamp, and pressed it on the quest sheet, thereby confirming that the party has completed the quest.

    The group of four then returned back to Nagrand, with three of them hoping that they will never again encounter that Templar in the future.

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    Utterly drenched and remarkably disheartened, Lethe sloshed his way up to the receptionist's desk and dejectedly slid over the report.
    It was early, the sky was gray, and the Lethe was sleepy. They had been on the road for quite some time; and for some reason, the clouds that hovered above kept giving Lethe a bad feeling.

    The day prior, Nero and Lethe had decided to meet up in front of the merchant's area in hopes of bumming a ride off of said merchants in trade for providing protection along the journey. When they both arrived, the whole process went much smoother than Lethe had ever thought possible. Must have been something about Nero's physique that was more reassuring than that of a tiny rabbitkin... The merchants had been ecstatic; so the duo had, had a smooth start to their journey– which they were now in the midst of.

    Before long, it started raining. Rather than rain, it looked like they had been caught in a thunderstorm. The sky had turned completely dark and the wind was threatening to topple the carriages over. The rain had caused the roads to become muddy and the horses were finding it impossible to move forward. In this situation, the caravan decided to stop and set up camp immediately. They spent the entire day being trapped by the storm before falling asleep in their wet and uncomfortable tents.

    Nero woke up the following day to a cloudy sky. The storm had paused for now and they would have to make some important decisions soon. He concentrated as he poured his entire mana into summoning Parcae his demon.

    "So, you've called me. That's a first", Parcae greeted his master.

    "Yeah, summoning is much tougher than it looks. Anyway, we don't have a lot of time. Just fly in that direction and scout the way till the river", Nero instructed the demon.

    Parcae didn't think much of it and made his way towards the river.

    When it came into sight, Parcae could definitely tell that the storm had done a number. The river was swollen and the bridge was close to being flooded. To his surprise, as soon as he got within a mile of the river, storm clouds rapidly converged over the area and sheets of rain began to descend. It was eerily similar to last night's thunderstorm...

    Unable to continue his scouting mission, Parcae turned back. After he had gained some distance; however, the sound of the torrential downpour suddenly disappeared. Confused, Parcae turned around only to see the same dreary weather that had been present before he had gotten closer to the river. What in the world was going on?

    To ensure his mind hadn't been playing tricks on him, Parcae decided to approach the river once more; but the same thing occurred. Storm clouds sped over and promptly started pelting inordinate amounts or rain. No matter how far up or down the river he went, the results were the same: rain, endless rain. At this point, the river was raging and the bridge was down for the count. Looks like he'd have to deliver some unsavory news to his "master."

    By the time Parce returned, everyone was up and were packing up. There was confusion and uncertainty among the merchants regarding their future course of action. Parcae informed Nero about the flooding of the river, who in turn called a meeting to let everyone know of the situation.

    In the end, it was decided that moving forward would be foolishness and the grumbling merchants and adventurers made their way back to Nagrand.
    -There are some serious flooding issues going on with Ternus' main river.
    -That bridge is down, and the others might be as well.

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    "Request. Finished. Report. Here"
    “Rank-up quest? Old spice village… Where is it again?” Fen goes back to guild hall to ask whereabouts the village is. He looks exhausted from his posture and expression on his face due to unknown fatigue building in his body. He stretches his body looks into the sky.

    He examines his clothing as he walks the retail clothing store “My clothes are all tattered. I need a new one.” He enters that shop for new shirt and trousers, then heads to his usual blacksmith with hot-headed owner for repairing weapon.

    ((The quest should be easy if I rely on Shia but...)) He leaves the town heading to his camp in the forest and prepares his equipment.

    “Armguard. Breastplate. Knives. Rope. Guild badge and one annoying partner” He grabs the battle axe that leaning against the tree.

    ((Oy! Who’s annoying!?)) After checking his belonging, He departs to Old spice village from the information he got from the receptionist.


    Fen greets the guard of Old spice when he arrives and shows them the guild badge. He asks villagers about the situations and states of victims’ corpses.

    Fen digs up the corpses that were buried in the cemetery after checking no one follows him.

    ((All casualties are half-human or non-human…Stabs from below…Hit by blunt weapon or kicks…Happens in the evening)) Fen mumbling his thoughts after checking the dead bodies.

    “Yosh! I got all the pieces”

    ((Eh? Already? Don’t you need my help?))

    “Sorry, but this quest I need to solve it myself so don’t give any advice to me.”

    ((Gah! Do you know the face I’m making right now!?))

    “Probably frown one” Fen heads to guard post to discuss the plan for security.


    Fen introduces himself to guards and makes a patrol schedule. He points at two demi-human and one human guard.

    “You three go rest today. I will replace your group and you.” *points at one of chief guard

    “You can join that guy on patrolling. Your group will be the last group so beware of someone approaching from alleys because the light from the sun will be gone.”

    *clears throat* “That’s all! Everyone dismiss!”


    When the chief’s turn arrives, Fen tails them from the guard post. Fen drops himself into the alley from the roof making a sound by breaking wooden boxes.

    “Who’s there! Chief, I will go check it.” Chief did not reply. The Hobgoblin guard holding his spear slowly walk into the alley.

    “Meow~” Fen mimics cat voice in the hidden corner.

    *sighs* “It’s just a cat.” hobgoblin relaxes his posture and check the broken boxes. The chief sneaks approaching the hobgoblin guard from behind, he is holding a knife with both hand and smiles.

    “Good evening Chief Kasar. It seems you’re having fun with torturing Demi-human somehow.” Fen comes out from the corner he was hiding, he takes a stance with his axe.”Would you mind dropping that dagger on the ground? I don’t prefer using violence.”

    “Uh...MIster Fen, Chief Kasar what is going on?” confused guard asked.

    “Chief Kasar is the culprit be hidden this murder case. I would like you to go back to the post and notify everyone.”

    “T-That’s absurd! There is no way the chief is doing thi-”

    “Hahahahah. Magnificent! Mister adventure, how did you find out really about this real quick. Even though you just arrived this morning right?”

    “Why are you asking me? Aren’t you the one that following me since I entered the village?”

    “Hah~ To be detected by just an E-rank, I think I’m getting old. ” Kasar drops the knife unsheath the sword on his belt. “Oy! Hobbie, I will let you go for now...Why are you still standing!? Go away before I change my mind!” The Guard panics and leaves right away.

    They run towards each other at the same time so the distance shortened immediately.

    And then they swing their weapon at each other crashing in the air.

    The moment when our swords crossed again, a crack line formed on Fen’s battle axe

    ((Gah-! Master it’s cracking!)) .

    Fen loses concentration on fighting when he sees the crack, the anxiety feeling had kicked in. They clashed their swords against each other again. After that, Fen stopped his movements while thinking about how he can fight if his weapon broke.

    ((Shia, move to the knife in my pouch right now.))

    ((Eh!? But It consumes a lot of mana you know?))

    ((Don’t mind it! Hurry up)) *Dodges another swing*

    *panics* ((U-Um...))

    Due to the huge amount of mana being consumed at once, Fen’s movement becomes dull for a second. Kasar hadn’t missed the chance when Fen slows down. He turned his body by using the power of his sword swing and kicked Fen in the gut.

    “Gah-” Fen received Kasar’s kick straight on and got blown off backward. Fen fell down on the beside the broken crates, he gets up right away but Kasar is already in front of him. He rolls to the right and dodged descending sword. However, Kasar has already started the next move when Fen looks up again.

    He barely able to block it with the axe in his hand make the crack spreads further.

    After barely managing to block it, there was a room for him after they separate and step away from each other.”

    Fen parries the next few attacks until the attack eventualy broke, his balaance is off when the sword impacts with his axe. Seeing the opportunity, Kasar holds his sword and lunge towards Fen.

    “Shit!” He gets stabbed in the chest, there is no blood leaking and the blade does not even touch Fen’s body, it’s blocked by black tattoos with scale pattern like a snake instead of fire pattern.

    “What!?” Fen confused why he doesn’t get hurt while the murderer takes a few steps back.

    ((Good morning master~ Switch!?))

    ((No, just assisting on controlling the tattoos is enough.))

    ((Umu~)) Shia changes the tattoo to fire pattern and wraps around Fen’s legs and right arm. he leaps toward retreating Kasar.

    “It’s checkmate!” A punch lands on Kasar face, on the impact, black tattoo grows blight red and send Kasar away for several meters. Kasar lies on ground steadily, Fen checks his breathing to make sure he is still alive.

    “This guy…” Fen examines his body and found the necklace similar to the one that culprits were wearing during the festival in Nagrand.

    After 5 minutes, the group of fully armed guards shows up and take Kasar away. Fen enters Kasar’s house and takes document paper and leather pouch on the table with him.


    “Shia, What is this tattoo and colour? I never seen you use it before” Fen transferred the tattoo around his body.

    ((I got three patterns in total and each pattern has different ability and can be improved or changed depends on the colour it emits. I’ve been collecting mana from your mana pool for a while to get more ability…))

    “So it was your this whole time!?” Fen starts smashing the battle axe on the ground.

    ((Ouch ouch ouch… Should I stop?))

    “Umm... No, I already used to this so it’s okay. I also don’t have any magic to use anyway. By the way, Shia. How is your feeling in there?”

    ((Umu...It’s very uncomfortable, the vessel is too small and poor quality but it’s fine I can manage it...Maybe not. Sorry...))
    10 LCC for clothing

    Leather pouch
    • 24 LCC
    • A Necklace with black stone/gem
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    The Final Showdown
    Getting the green light from Aria, the only receptionist's name Chip cared to remember, Chip grabbed Squick and proceeded to try to pull Ciel out the door of the guild.

    Ciel thanked Aria and tried to bow but was quickly pulled out of the tavern by Chip before she could do so. She chuckled softly and just let her pull her out as she doubted the small wyvern would actually be able to drag her if she didn't comply.

    Getting outside, Chip noticed a problem. The requesters never stated where they wanted to have the duel! Not to mention where Ciel, Chip, and Squick should meet them! However, they did have the clue that they are knights. Perhaps they're at the barracks? Thinking such, Chip quickly wrote her thoughts in the ground and said, "Ciel, should we head to the city's barracks and ask if anyone's seen the requesters?"

    Ciel has been a step behind and hadn't even thought about where it was happening yet, she had assumed it was somewhere on the quest but she had only skimmed it so she couldn't be sure. Looking at what Chip wrote she quickly nodded, "Sounds good! Hopefully they haven't started yet!"

    "Great! So you know where the barracks are?" Chip asks. Despite all of the knowledge she has, she is only one year old. There's only so much you can learn in that much time! It's a miracle she can even write! To know directions too? That's asking too much of her!

    "Okay!" Chip said before getting on Squick and following Ciel's path. They passed through a few alleyways before arriving at a place that looked extremely...disorganized. It was no wonder two of the people in their rank are having a duel to the death with so many of the knights sitting around looking bored out of their mind.

    Ciel looked around a bit surprised, they had looked a bit more lively when she came here originally. She sighed a bit as she looked at the area that seemed to ooze boredom before looking back at Chip, "They were happier when I was last here..."

    “Huh...maybe the fight between the two knights is dragging their mood down? Either way, we should ask them about the requesters.” Chip wrote. She then flew up to one of the knights, grabbed their attention, and wrote on the ground.

    “Have you seen the knights Loyd and Liyd?”

    The knight paused for a moment, seemingly confused as to why a wyvern was talking to him but he quickly recovered, "They took off awhile ago, probably off to find the perfect area for their "death match"." Ciel nodded as it made sense before speaking again, "Do you know where the might be...?"

    “Mm, for them probably the city square? They’d want to have as many people see it as possible.” Said the Knight. Perhaps the duo were planning on selling tickets to see someone die? Regardless, that was their next destination.

    "Thank you!" Ciel bowed lightly before turning to Chip. She was doubting whether or not they would actually kill eachother even more now, it couldn't be legal... could it? "The square is that way, it's usually pretty busy from what I've seen." She once again pointed in the general direction.

    Nodding, Chip once again followed Ciel, this time to a hustling and bustling part of the city! There were merchants, musicians, comedians, and more all around! A few of the more unsavory variety also hung around in the alleys. Looking around, Chip spotted something in the crowd of a shiny silver color!

    Ciel had turned her attention away from Chip, and she was trying to spot the knights but with everyone in the crowd and with how short she is, it was hard.

    Ciel had turned her attention away from Chip, and she was trying to spot the knights but with everyone in the crowd and with how short she is, it was hard.

    Noticing the color, Chip jumped off of Squick and ran after it. Squick, on the other hand, decided to stay with Ciel. She quickly lost sight of Chip. Since she was free to do what she want, Squick climbed on top of Ciel to help locate the knights.

    Ciel didn't notice Chip leaving until Squick climbed onto her, she looked around for a moment before speaking again. "Where did Chip go?" She was a bit uneasy, of course wyverns could probably protect themselves but Chip was rather small so she still felt worried.

    Unfortunately Squick can’t write or talk, so all she could do was point in the general direction. Hopefully Chip didn’t get into trouble yet.

    "I guess we should go after her then.." Ciel spoke with some hesitance, she was still new to the area so if she didn't pay attention she could quickly get lost. Either way she began walking in the direction Squick pointed, hoping they would be able to find her before anything happened.

    Squick quickly nodded as she shivered remembering her first encounter with school. The only saving grace was that Chip was very...persuasive at times, so she’ll probably be fine.

    "I guess we should go after her then.." Ciel spoke with some hesitance, she was still new to the area so if she didn't pay attention she could quickly get lost. Either way she began walking in the direction Squick pointed, hoping they would be able to find her before anything happened.

    As the duo continued on, they came across a pair of knights in shining silver armor fighting, along with a familiar blue creature watching them. Chip seemed to have a silver ring dangling around her neck as well. Perhaps that's what she chased after? Regardless, at least the trio was reunited! least, that's until Squick noticed the large crowd between them and Chip. Looks like there's a bit more to this than she thought.

    Ciel noticed Chip quickly and called out to Squick, "Hold on." She proceeded to take a handful of steps back before running forward again, jumping and soaring into the air. She managed to go pretty far but failed to plan how she was going to land, so she ended up landing barely an inch in front of the crowd and skidding till she landed right next to the the knights who were fighting. Trying to show off backfired once again, she really needed to learn to keep a low profile.

    Hanging on for dear life, Squick held tightly to Ciel while she screamed all the while. When Ciel finally landed, Squick jumped off and puked on the ground. Clearly she is not used to motion yet. After she regained her bearings, Squick saw Chip on top of one of the knights. Perhaps that was her way of watching the fight? Regardless, Squick did not want to join her after what just happened.

    Ciel was oblivious to Squicks dilemma, seemingly not hearing the screech that left her mouth. She quickly backed up and looked at Squick confused, "What's wrong?"

    Turning towards Ciel, Squick quickly mimed what happened by jumping and flailing her arms, then falling on the ground and moving her hands in a way that looked like she was barfing. She really needs to learn how to write.

    Ciel just continued looking confused, obviously not understanding her. Not matter, she turned her attention back to Chip and the knights hoping she wouldn't get in any trouble.

    The knights were fighting using swords- is what children would say. For some reason they were using sticks and trying to hit each other over the head with them.

    Ciel watched Chip who sat on top of one of the knights, her worry growing each time one of the knights sticks got closer to her. "Chip!" She called out hoping the wyvern would get down, she didn't want her to get injured.

    Chip simply waved her wing at Ciel before turning back to the fight. Who knows what was going on in her mind. Squick just watched without a care in the world. She was basically forced into this, so no one could blame her.

    Ciel sighed and let her be, she was still wincing whenever the stick got anywhere near Chip but she had the hope that she would be able to protect herself, even if it was false.

    Chip, upon seeing the stick fly towards her, hopped onto it and started being waved around madly. She’s clearly insane and not smart at all. Perhaps one day she’ll look back on this experience and hate it.

    "Ch-chip!" The childlike faun's eyes grew wide, she was clearly nervous for the wyvern. She was even beginning to doubt Chips sanity and decided that maybe next time she wants to go on a party quest she should probably try to get to know the other person a bit more, just so she'll know what to expect.

    Soon one of the knights decided that this was enough, and wanted to end things. He brought out a sword! Of course, wth Chip acting as referee, she couldn’t allow that. Hence she threw her coin as a frisbee straight at the man’s arm, causing him to drop the sword in pain. The coin then promptly returned back to Chip’s hands with nary a scratch.

    Ciel winced as the sword fell to the floor, she hurriedly moved forward so she could remove it from the area they were fighting in.

    The other knight then looked at the one in front of him and started ridiculing him for being a cheater after the sword was removed.

    The knight who had the sword just acted like he didn't know what he was talking about, even though the sword was right next to them.

    “What are you taking about?! You clearly cheated just now, Liyd!” Loyd said as he pointed toward Ciel holding the sword.

    "I did no such thing!" He turned his head the other way, making sure he couldn't see Ciel at all.

    He took it off and tossed it over towards Ciel before responding again. "What sheath? I dont see any sheath."

    Chip lands on the ground in the scabbard. She then walks out and starts rubbing her head. She then writes on the ground, “Foul! Liyd is down two points!”

    "Since when were we doing points?" Liyd read the writing while surprise filled his face.

    Since you pulled out the sword.” Chip wrote with a smug font. “Which is why you’re now losing.”

    "Thats not fair! You just want me to loose!" Liyd whined while the other knight stood with a smug expression on his face.

    He sighed but gave up fighting the ref, standing up and picking up his stick, preparing to fight again.

    Loyd readies his stick before leaping at Liyd. His form was perfect- if you ignored the fact that he was about to fall onto a squirrel. Somehow Squick, in the process of trying to avoid the fight, got stuck right in the middle of it. And all she was doing was eating an acorn.

    Liyd lunged aswell, his form just as good. He didn't noticed the squirrel either and was about to step on her.

    Squick looked up just in time to see to feet sailing right toward her face. Knowing her fate, she quickly scarfed down her nuts and ran up Loyd’s leg before biting his...let’s not say. Needless to say, he screamed in pain.

    Ciel winced and chuckled, that oughta be painful. Liyd watched this happen and froze for a second before bursting out in laughter.

    “Foul on both sides! No stepping on furry dragons again!” Chip wrote in all caps, trying to scream at them for almost killing her slave.

    Liyd could't care less, he was practically kneeling over from laughter at this point.

    Meanwhile Loyd was swearing and cussing due to the pain.

    "Is he gonna be okay? I dont think he'll be able to fight like this..." Ciel looked down at Chip, worried about the fights direction.

    "It's okay. He's a man. He should be able to take it." Chip wrote out while showing no mercy for Loyd.

    "If you say so..." She looked the man who was still kneeling in pain, she doubted he would be able to continue anymore.

    "The worst that'll happen is he'll get rabies. Nothing more." Chip responded.

    "That's pretty bad..." She looked at Chip with a shocked expression.

    “It’s fine~ The town probably has a good medic somewhere~” Chip wrote in a nonchalant manner.

    Ciel stayed silent, wishing Loyd goodluck in his... medical journey.

    Turning back to the knights, Chip then wrote, “Alright, we’re on a bit of time crunch here! Let’s get this match finished in ten minutes!”

    "Hey! This is a battle to the death, hou xant rush this!" Liyd looked a bit ticked reading the writing, this was supposed to be special.

    “Sure I can. Whoever has the least amount of points at the end of ten minutes has to get killed by the other person. If it’s the same amount of points at the end we’ll reschedule for next Tuesday.” Chip wrote, not caring about the mood whatsoever. Clearly she just wants her money.

    "Do... we have to pay you more for next tuesday?" Loyd spoke hesitantly, they didn't want to waste that much money.

    “Depends on if you’re charging the crowd to watch.” Chip wrote. She is a dragon, so it’s only natural for her to be greedy.

    They both winced and glanced at each other, they certainly weren't gonna tell her now.

    "...Withholding information is against the guild's terms of service. You realize that, right?" Chip wrote, clearly just spewing words to make them crack.

    They both glanced at eachother again after reading the writing, suddenly wondering what they had gotten themselves into. "I-is it possible to cancel the quest?"

    "Nope. We've already accepted." To think two knights are trying to scam a dragon. The nerve! It's a good thing Chip read a book on how to avoid scams recently!

    "Damn...." Liyd cursed under his breath while Loyd came clean, "We might be charging a bit, just a bit though."

    "I say next time we'll charge you half price as a discount then. What do you say, Ciel?" Chip asked. Hopefully Ciel was still paying attention.

    "Sounds good to me!" Ciel answered back cheerfully, having more money was never a problem. The knights however were still reluctant, "How about we just dont kill eachother and call it quits here?" Loyd nodded and looked to chip with pleading eyes.

    "Do we still get paid?" Chip asked, hoping they won't go back on the quest.

    "Yes!" They had already set aside money for the request so they were fine with paying the actual quest payment, the extra fee is what they were worried about.

    "Okay! No more fights to the death to make money unlawfully?" Chip asks, making sure the quest won't come up again.

    "We promise!" They probably woudn't do it again, not since they met someone who found out about their plan.

    "Good! We'll now report your crimes to the guild!" Chip wrote, being completely merciless. After all, they're knights! They should be protecting the city, not scavenging it for money!

    Both men's faces grew equally horrified, "Please keep this a secret!"

    "How do you expect us to do that?" Chip responds, once again showing no mercy for the conniving knights.

    They seemed to wilt after realizing they would have no way of keeping this secret. "Somehow?"

    "You realize we have to report everything that happens, right? It's also in the terms of service. We have no way around it. So unless you want to brand us as criminals, we're going to report you." Chip wrote. Worse comes to worst they'll lose their job~ Nothing big~

    They sighed and gave up, they didn't read through the terms of service so they couldn't tell if she was lying either.

    "Well, Ciel, let's go and turn the quest in at the guild!" Chip wrote with a smug smile on her face. The guild doesn't even have a terms of service! The knights should have been better educated!

    "Mhm!" Ciel was just as clueless as the knights in this matter so she made a mental note to read them later, little did she know they didn't even exist.

    The knights are criminals! Criminals I tell you! Trying to kill innocent dragons!

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    Looking over the available quests on the quest board, my eyes suddenly spot a rather interesting quest. It seems to be about some guy that wants to get beaten up. Well, I'll gladly oblige! That just happens to be my strong suit.

    After getting the quest approved, I start to make my way towards this church by asking random people on the street. It seems to be rather well known, and except for some guy that leads me into a secluded alley to try something funny (I easily beat him into submission and he promises to repent), I reach the church. Looking around, I spot some guy completely covered in weird armor, waiting at the designated spot.

    I approach and greet him: "Yo! I'm Ayumi. There was this quest about beating someone up, so I took it. You're this Soren guy?"

    But the answer I get is not something I expect. "Hah, you're quite optimistic! I guess I might actually get a challenge this time. Yes, I indeed am Soren." Wait, what?

    "Just to make sure," I question him, "this quest is indeed about beating you up? And I get paid for hitting you?"

    He corrects me: "It's not quite as simple. We will have a spar, fighting each other with blunt weapons for fun and practice. Now, if you'd please follow me?"

    After hesitating for a few seconds I nod and follow him to a rather large, open space. On its left side are a few shelves and whatnot, filled with some armor and weapons, and it's exactly those shelves Soren walks towards. Whilst slightly confused, I follow him. "So," he starts, "let's get this armor on you. We don't want you to get hurt after all."

    Staring at the object he is pointing at, it's an armor completely made of iron. As I look back at Soren, I slowly accept the fact that this quest is not about beating people up, but instead about what seems to be a practice fight with this Soren guy. Come to think of it, wasn't there this important priest in that one church with the same name? Probably a coincidence.

    With a lot of help from the priest, I manage to put on the armor. Its unfamiliar weight feels quite uncomfortable, but Soren says: "If we want to prevent unnecessary injuries, this is necessary." Feh. I don't like the armor. Whilst I am trying to get accustomed to the armor, he points towards a rack with various different swords on it. "Pick your weapon, and we'll start."

    My weapon? I manifest my sword as a response to his question, but he simply shakes his head. "No, we're fighting with blunts. Here, take this one." He says, picking out a longsword. Well, as long as I get this over with. So I pick up the longsword and the difference to my own sword immediately becomes apparent to me.

    I simply don't feel the sword as well as I do my own. It's as if one of my limbs had been swapped. So I turn towards Soren again, adamant about using my own sword: "I don't like this one. I want to fight with my own sword." However, Soren only shakes his head. "As I said, we're fighting with blunts. A true warrior can fight with more than one weapon. Do you really not even want to try?"

    Now he's mocking me. Alright, if that's how he wants to do it, fine. I nod in agreement, and we both walk onto the stone platform in the middle of the plaza. There, he starts explaining how exactly we will spar. "So, we'll do it like this: Three rounds of sparring. Hits to head and torso are 2 points, and hits to the limbs are 1 point. If you have more points than your opponent at the end of the round, you get the surplus points added to your score. A round ends 3 seconds after the first hit was scored. Any questions?"

    "No, it seems simple enough," I answer, readying myself for the fight.

    Round 1

    Ayumi and Soren meet each other in the middle of the platform, both wielding their swords in the 'long-guard', the sword in front of them, raised and pointed forward with their arms almost completely stretched out. The tips of their swords meet and the round starts.


    Ayumi immediately steps forward and stabs at Soren, which simply pushes away her blade and delivers a mean blow to her stomach with his sword, toppling Ayumi. Whilst she slowly gets up again, he sighs: "I don't think you'll ever beat me up like that.

    Round 2
    They begin the round the same way as the first one. But this time, Ayumi retreats, and Soren switches to the Long Tail Guard.


    Ayumi carefully approaches him, whilst lifting her sword up. Once one step out of his range, she swings her sword down from the left, aiming at Soren's right side - but he simply raises his sword and lets Ayumi's blow glide off to his right harmlessly. But Soren doesn't take this chance to get another hit on Ayumi but lets her retreat unharmed.

    She frowns, as her previous attacks were deflected with startling ease. After thinking for a bit, she assumes the Middle Boar's Tooth Guard - in answer to which Soren changes into the Long Guard again.


    With it, she advances towards Soren, suddenly thrusting her weapon at him once he is in range. With a flick of his wrist, Soren's blade meets Ayumi's, and he simply pushes it out of the way and hits Ayumi's head, easily blocking her attempted strikes during the next three seconds.

    Round 3
    At this point, Ayumi is utterly confused. They begin the third round, which ends as quickly as the first one, with Ayumi getting stabbed in the face. Good thing she was wearing a helmet.

    Sparring over
    This is making me angry. I can't even beat this one random dude! Those aren't tears! Almost as if sensing my dismay, Soren starts talking: "Well, this was over rather quick. I don't feel like I actually did a lot. Come on, let's have a few more rounds, shall we? I'll tell you a few things about how you're supposed to do it."

    After thinking about it for a few seconds, I agree. After all, how good can he be? I'm sure I'll beat him in no time!

    15 Minutes Later

    "You sure you don't need a crutch?" Asks Soren, somewhat worried. In the last sparring sessions, he hit my left leg so hard that it felt like it broke for a moment. Now I really am grateful for the armor. "N-no..." I utter, "I'm fine..." and start limping back towards the guild. never spar with Soren again. Never. Again.
    Ayumi limps to the receptionist's desk and hands in her report, and says: "Never again..."

    Ayumi got beaten up a lot by Soren and learned a bit of the basics of swordsmanship with longswords.
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    Well, I have to wonder if this will really be the last you hear of it, because... Well, word has already spread past Lakeside, you know~? *giggles*

    Good job in taking care of Sophia-chan though, the Will of Men, huh? That's an interesting concept~

    That said... The requester was the Baron, not Sophia-chan, even if she was happy with the result, you didn't quite clear the Baron's demands of a crest for the Holy Knight Order of the Gourd God, so...

    You'll be getting half the rewards, I suppose? No, you went beyond what was asked after all, even if you didn't clear the actual requirements... 3/4th of the rewards then~

    So please take those 7 Large Copper Coins, 5 Small Copper Coins and 3 Guild Points~

    Take care now~
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    "Umm... I hope you don't mind that I made two badges miss... receptionist? One of them is rather unpractical..."
    Day 1

    Today, I made a mistake. A big mistake that would either make me regret it or being glad to do so, for I’ve became an Adventure today.
    At first, I panicked. And asked the receptionist in disbelief: "D..did you say Adventure Guild?! As in the one where you either kill or get killed by a monster?!"

    “Ah... Well, it's definitely a dangerous line of work, but you can survive without fighting monsters I think? Just need to choose the safer jobs that get put in the board, there are always a few of those.”

    As if to prove her wrong, flying spoons went over and knocked on people heads. I turned pale when I realized two spoons hit perfectly on the cat eared receptionist, and panicked even more than before when I saw a knife stabbed deep into the wall. The cat girl avoided the knife at last minute and calmly took care of the situation, in meanwhile I blurted out the first thing I could think of.

    "T.. this job is impossible for me! Can I still resign? I mean. Please, let me resign miss receptionist!"

    “Uhn... Resigning? You're not forced to participate in any guild activities if you want? It's more of a job offer that requires no contacts nor previous experience…”

    "It's sounds too good to be right..." I mumbled, eyeing skeptically on the girl in front of me. She in return just patted on my shoulder, told me that I shouldn't worry about it.
    Somehow, that action calmed me down a bit, it’s was then I noticed how restless I felt. Knowing that, I couldn’t think clearly as I were, I took a few breaths and thought the situation I were in. And then, I remembered a line, that my father once has told me.

    Once you started on something, you should never give up half heartedly.
    Those words resounded in my mind, and reminded me of how I first started on my hobby of carving. It wasn't the reason I came to like it, but the reason I keep on doing the things I needed to.

    I thought about it and decided it wasn't a good idea, to drop a job I haven't begin on, I then looked after quest that doesn't seems impossible.

    "Ugh... I don't even know if I can clear a single quest..." I mumbled to myself.
    The quest board was full of papers, every single one described in what to do, which rank it is and what reward you can get. Out of them, only one quest caught my attention.

    "Hmmm.... something about a crest..." I mumbled, tearing the quest paper out of the board. I then nervously looked around the counter, wondering if I should call the receptionist again. Well, she was the only person I knew, so I still called her in the end.

    "Um, sorry to bother you again so soon... I want to take this quest, though I don't know how to read this god's name..." I said, handed the paper to her.

    (I actually knew how to read it, but I hoped it was pronounced differently, for a gourd god sounds very absurd for me…)

    “Granted Lykke-san, good luck and safe travels~
    As for its name... You can just call him Jack~” She laughed, seems to have fun with the nickname.

    “Jack?” I repeated, confused from the unexpected answer.

    The girl then pointed behind me and I directed my eyes to the same point. I immediately spotted the person she pointed to, but hoped I got the wrong one.

    “That guy~” She kindly informed me, obvious to my inner conflict.

    The pumpkin headed person… is my designs model? Wasn't he also the one who throw a knife and spoon from before…? All a sudden, I just felt tired...

    “I just... sit down for now…” I said, trying to sink the information in my head, as I took a seat by the counter.
    “Take your time, sooner or later you'll realize that the protector of children is an incredible superhero~”

    Why does it’s sound like a dream… perhaps it is one? To test the theory I pinched hard on my own arm.

    “Ow! ....It's not a dream?”
    “Absolutely not, that gourd is living, moving, and saving children in a daily basis~”
    “'s sound like a fairy tale?” I meekly remarked, wondering if she knew that she sounds really unrealistic at this point...

    “No no, it's a gourd tale, you should ask Phini-chan for a Fairy Tale~”
    And who is Phini-chan? I thought to myself, but still asked about... Jack, I have to design a badge based on him after all.

    “Hmm... so you are a Gourd fan?”
    “You can think of me as the minstrel that started spreading his legend to the far winds~”
    "I mean... Gourd isn't necessarily the best person around. I mean, the rumors around him..." Chimed someone else, the man even hugs himself and looked at the gourd-man in horror. Before I could ask more, a new spoon hit the receptionist.

    “Oi!” She yelled, rubbed the sore spot on her head.
    “Your accuracy is frighteningly good…”

    Maybe we shouldn't talk about someone, as if they weren't here…

    For a moment, I were afraid that I could end up as the next victim, so I tried to sink away, but suddenly someone else yelled: "Rejoice! The one that surpassed all deities, the god of justice who will give all children hopes and futures. And his name is God Gourd!"
    “Fufufu, seems like an accurate description~”

    “Ehhh... it's hard to use that info to make a crest...
    if I make a mistake, people may think the pumpkin headed man was kidnapping the children…” I commented, total forgot the caution I thought about.

    “Well, it's a crest for a knight order, so maybe adding some chivalry-related symbols might help?
    Or maybe the gourd could be the chaperone for a little princess in a pumpkin carriage~?” She giggles.
    “The former sounds good, the latter... is another gourd tale?”
    Fufufu~” The receptionist laughed quite mysterious. Right after, another adventure cut in with a perfect timing.

    "A Crest for Gourd knight squad? Aria, Can I take that request too?"
    “Of course you can, Baron Kuin allowed as many people to take it as they wanted~”

    So he can also take the quest? I thought it was only for one person. Well, since it's seems I have some rivals, so I better start on the job.

    After I had decided so, I raise from my seat and glanced over an empty table, the one where Mr Jack was on.

    "Oh... I forgot to ask, if I can make items based on him..."

    When I left the Guild I noticed how tried I was, and knowing that I couldn’t start on working right away, I just went to book a cheap inn instead. To be honest, it would be strange if I wasn’t tired since I just arrived in this city.

    The inn I booked was rather old and wasn’t so well known, I checked before and knew it was placed on the main street. (Well, one of the many in Nagrand)
    The rooms were big enough for one person, had the minimum necessary, and a fine bed. 15 coppers for a nice room, without cleaning service and one meal included was a great price.

    Unwillingly to wait for a meal I reserved my food for afternoon, since I was hungry I ate a bit of my rations and took a nap for a few hours. By the time I woke up, I went down to the first floor and waited for my food. In the meantime, the waitress tries to make a conversation with me, since there were only a few others here.

    At first I was nervous, not knowing how to answer her questions. Before I knew it though, I was comfortable with her when I was done with my meal. At least, I asked one question I had been curious about.
    “Um, it may be rude to ask you of this, but why is there so few guests here?”
    “Well, I can say there are 3 reasons for that, the first being the sign.” She said, raising her index finger.
    “The sign?” I asked, not sure what she meant.

    “I mean, no one could read the inn name so far, because my father tried to somehow carve the name on.”
    And I thought, I just have a low literacy...

    “The second reason,” she said, raising her middle finger next. “We ain’t exactly famous...”
    Well, I was someone who doesn’t even know the famous ones, so I just urged her to continue.

    “At least,” she took her third finger out. “Our inn is just on a bad place”
    “How so?”
    “You see, our inn is hiding just by a corner of this street.”
    “Most of the people who walk past here is buyers for new furnitures...”
    “So… they have a home, and therefore they don’t need an inn?”
    ”I’m sorry to say something so sensitive...”
    “No! No! No! What I told you wasn’t much of a secret anyway!”
    “I don’t think so, but thanks for telling me.”
    After that, I thanked for the food and left the inn with my hood on.

    A while later, I somehow stumped on the wrong place and ended up in a street full of shops for furniture. However, it wasn’t a wasted trip for one of the shops, was making their own furniture out of trees. And like I expected, they have many leftover pieces which they couldn’t use, so I asked to have some, if they were going to thrown the woods away.

    Unexpectedly, they did not only agree to give the leftovers for free, but also kindly asked me if I want them smaller. I quickly nodded my head, afraid that the workers would change their mind. And at last, I got 8 - 9 pieces of woods with different sizes, of course I didn’t leave before I give a hearty thanks to the shop.
    With a bag almost fully loaded, I walked back to my inn room and left most of the tree stuff there. Afterwards, I went to the correct direction of my destination.

    My brother has once told me, the Adventure Guild is a gathering place for the strongs, a starting point for jobless people, and a chance for success. Everything only depends on skills, so to basically make it easy for my brother to understand, an adventure is someone who kill or get killed by a monster…

    And here I was, stands in front of the building I just had mentioned, feeling that I don't belong here at all. Before I could take the initiative however, someone else entered the door. I just half panicked and somehow went inside with him, at the same time I took my hook off by habit.

    The sign I was greeted with, was so unexpected that I couldn’t help but ask:
    “....Did I come on a wrong time?”

    So what made me so surprised? Well, the Gourd God was petting on a young woman, I felt the air was somehow stuffed with pink. Though I wanted to ask Mr. Jack if I can make the crest based on him, but I couldn’t myself to interrupt them, so I waited for a better timing.

    At first, they were talking normally, but after they took a mug drink, the girl got drunk. Afterwards the girl just keep on troubling Jack by talking with slurred words, sending glances and makes hug attacks. Too mesmerized by the scene, I forgot the reason I was here and just watched on. It wasn’t until Jack has kidnaped the girl upstairs for a while, that I realized my mistake.

    "Oh... I missed the right timing..." I mumbled, not exactly sure what to do. Frustrated by the turns of event, I just decided to carve something.

    I just took a seat and placed my tools on the table, scraping away on the wooden piece. At first it went well, but as I carve the figure I planned, I keep on thinking back to the scene from before. Thanks to that, I knew I concentrate anymore and said: "I guess it's fine for now."

    So I cleaned up after myself and went back to the inn, the sun was gone by the time I fell asleep.
    Day 2

    I awoke very early in the morning and paid for the breakfast, while I wait for my food, I began to talk with the waitress again.

    “By the way, I didn’t catch your name yesterday.”
    “That’s true… My name is Lykke, how about yours?”
    “I’m Sofie, the waitress of Pumpkin Tie!” She gigged in a happy mood. I on the other hand, somehow choked on nothing but empty air, well I almost did…

    “Pumpkin Tie?” I asked her incredulously.
    She blinked at me, unsure on how to take in my reaction. “Yeah… It’s our inn name.”

    “Oh...” and there I thought, it was another ground tale. Trying to smooth it over, I asked another question.

    “Um... can I take a closer look on the sign?”
    “Sure, no one can read it anyway, but first.” She paused, and went over to the counter as she fetch the food back to me. “You need your breakfast!”

    I nodded and quietly ate as Sofie leave with a stool with her, while I emptying my plate, I began to plan what to do for today. When I was done Sofie had already the sign ready by the counter, so I went over and took a look.

    Tragic, that only deception I could give the board… let’s just say, it looks like someone rip open the skin of a healthy person, and left it alone to heal like that. Of course, the weapon is an old dull knife, which make the feat even more amazing. The culprit… was the owner himself, just what kind of strength does he have!

    “So why do you want to look at it?”
    “I wondered if it could be fixed, but it’s better to just flip it around and begin at new.”
    “Sadly, we don’t have money for that.”
    “Um.. I could try something, but I can’t guarantee the quality.”
    “Oh! It’s fine, it can’t be worse than now.” To that response, I could only nod.

    When I tried to carry the board up with me, but Sofie insist on helping me, took it up all alone. After that, I just carved away for two hours straight, forgetting the time until I heard a knock on the door. Wondering if I was too noisy that someone needed to complain to me, I opened the door to see Sofie with a cup of water.

    “Were I too noisy?” I asked.
    “Not really, I just wanted to check on you.”
    I nodded her words and gesture her to come inside. “I’m sorry, if the room is too messy.”
    “You don’t need to be, I came unannounced and besides, you were working on our sign.”
    “Uhm… I’m already done with it.”
    “Eh? Really?”
    “Yeah, it’s right here.” I said, closing the door to reveal the half hidden board behind. Half stunned, the waitress walked closer to the sign and traced her fingers on the wooden carvings.

    “How is it?” I asked, wondered what she thinks of it.
    “It’s amazing!” She exclaimed, almost splashing the water.
    “It’s actually not that amazing, but I’m glad that you like it.” After all, I just made an outline of a pumpkin with a ribbon and carved ‘Pumpkin Tie’ in the center. The bad made side had just that much of an constract...

    Sofie however, refused to listen to my option and said I were the best sculpture she knew (whatever that means). She when processed to ask me, if I could make a mascot figurine, based on the one I just was done with today. I told her that I needed permission to do so, in return Sofie nodded in understanding and told me to get some fresh air.

    "Ah? Hello there." The gourd stopped drinking. "Need something?"

    Thinking about her advice for a bit I decided to as she asked, and went to the Adventure Guild.

    "Um... did I come on the wrong timing (again)?" I asked, this time I were standing just behind the one I needed to talk with. Unfortunately, no one really responded to me, so I waited in a long awkward silence. Yet neither the receptionist nor the pumpkin man will notice me, I’m sure they didn’t mean it but it’s definitely crushed some of my confidence. Still, I couldn’t wait forever so I took a deep breath and tried again.

    "Um... Mr. Jack, I have something to ask you..." I half mumbled, feeling overwhelmed by the full armored pumpkin head.
    "Ah? Hello there." The gourd man stopped drinking. "Need something?"

    Yeah… or why would I even be here! I thought to myself, but didn’t let it show.

    "Hello. name is Lykke, a new Adventure..." I paused, thinking over what to say.
    "Um.. I got some jobs that needed to be based on you and figured that I should get your permission." I said, since the mascot figurine does count, right?

    "'s the crest thing isn't it?"
    "That's right..." I said, shifting nervously around. "Actually, there were some figurine requests too..." If we including the future ones, but he don’t need to know yet..

    "And what would you need?"
    "...your permission?" I asked in confusion, not really sure what he meant.
    "...well, not like I can tell you no. Go ahead."
    "T..thank you very much!" I sighed in relief, not sure what I will do if he disagreed. I couldn’t help, but smile on the success I gained.

    "Though if you over exaggerate your depiction I will find you and I will stab you." He said, with what I believed to be an amused air around him. (I can’t see though the ‘forever smiling gourd face’ you know?)

    The moment I heard his warning, I just froze with that smile on my face. It wasn't until Jack’s words processed in my mind, that I started moved again. Instead of moving by my will however, my body just moved instinctively. With my right hand to my forehead and left hand to my back, I stood as straight as I could and yelled: "Sir! Yes Sir!"

    After my nerve wracking conversation with Pumpkin Jack, I went to another receptionist to ask about Lake Village. Apparently, it wasn’t so far away and I could just join a trustworthy trader for a low price, as long he has some space. The trip wasn’t too expensive and my client seems to live nearby, besides I have to be there anyway to finish my quest.

    With tomorrow plans settled in my mind, I looked around the tavern, not really sure of what I was trying to find. That went on until I saw a black haired girl, the same one I saw yesterday.

    That event just keeps on playing on my mind, making my hand itching to work on something. The same thing happened as I carved on the figurine last night, and even this morning, and now I finally understand why. So, instead of going against my instincts, I went along with it and asked:

    "Excuse me? Can I make something based on you?"
    "Huh?" She responds, probably confused by my abrupt question. She even looked around her, to see if I was talking to someone else. At last, she used a voice full of confidence and said: "Heh, it seems there is at least someone who has discovered my worth. Sure, make as much as you like!"

    "Thanks! You are one of the best inspiration I got at the moment! So I will make sure to show you my work later! Oh.. before I forget, my name is Lykke."

    "see~ I told you the dress was cute~" Chimed the other girl proudly.

    "It-it's not like it's because of the dress!" Said the black haired one, while I was thinking that she probably don’t want to know the reason.

    "Nice to meet you, Lykke. I'm Ayumi, always ready to beat up bad guys. Just call me if you need help."

    "And I'm May~"
    When May talked to me, I suddenly felt self conscious and somewhat embarrassed of how impulsive I was.

    "N..nice to meet you both.” I said, felt a bit frustrated.
    "Are you an artist~?"

    "An artist?" I repeated, having no idea of what she talking about. "Um.. what is it?"

    "Someone who makes pretty things~" She said with sparkling eyes.

    Knowing her deception was quite lacking, I just gave her a vague response. We talked a while longer, but before I knew it, it was time to leave. So I told them:

    “I'm sorry girls, but I have some work to do. See you another time!"
    Day 3

    In the morning, I informed Sofie that I would stay over the Lake Village. When she heard me, she immediately recommend me a trader they trust and offered me to stay over her brothers home. Apparently, her brother works there as a farmer and they got vegetables cheaper from him. Since his home have a free guest room, she said I was welcome to use it.

    At first, didn't want to bother her brother or his family, but she insisted it’s fine and somehow made me agree. Well, I can't be picky now and besides, it better than being with a total stranger.

    After our discussion was over, I paid for my food and went to my room for cleaning. When I was done with packing, I walked down to the counter, Sofie then processed to bring me two letters of introduction. In return gave her the figure she had requested last day, (I barely finished it last night), and she asked how much it cost. As someone who never set a price in my things, I said we could talk about it in another time, and I left the inn alone.

    Surprising enough for me, everything went pretty smooth afterward. Well, if you don't count the fact I found the wrong trader at first and later encountered few monsters on our way to the village. The trader was wise enough to hire a guard, so the monsters wasn’t a problem for us, much to my relief.

    A few hours later, we reached to our destination. Before I left though, I asked where I could find Sofie's brother and when the trader will go back to Nagrand. After he told me the information I needed, I went on my way to a farmer's house.

    Anton was the brother’s name, he was fun and friendly at the same time, probably a man of jokes. He and his family took me in kindly, perhaps more than needed to. It makes me wonder just what kind of letter did Sofie write, for even the trader had a change of attitude when he read his letter.

    Under the meal there were was many questions, that I could ask the family, but being the person I am, I was too shy to ask them that much. In the end, I forgot all about it while I tried to come up with the badge design, each one was carved on hand.
    Day 4

    Next morning, the children were noisy. Anton has two sons so it was no wonder the family has more energy than mine. Still, I really wish they could keep their voices down…

    10 minutes later, my wish was unexpectedly granted, after some yelling from a woman’s voice. I then fall asleep again, it wasn’t until late morning that I awoke. When I was ready for the day, I went to the dining room.

    “Hm..? Where is everyone.” I asked, still a bit sleepy .
    “Oh, they are working.” Said the housewife. “Here, that is your share.”
    “What about those?” I asked, with my eyes directed to the two untouched plates.
    “It seems the boys have to wait for today.” She smiled.

    Hmmm... something was definitely strange, but I decided to keep silent, since an angry mother is quite scary.

    So.. I just find out why the mother was so angry. Apparently, the boys has sneaked into the warehouse, I had been working in, and even played around with my failed products. The mother soon discovered their naughty act and punished them to work before breakfast.

    So when the boys got into the dining room, I was already done with my food and was about to leave. Before I could get out though, the boys suddenly apologized to me, who had no idea on what was going on. I forgave them of course, since those were just failed products anyway.

    When the situation was over, I didn’t felt like working on the badge yet, and instead started on the third figurine I had on me. Not in the warehouse but by the lakeside this time, lucky wise for me, a big tree could shade me from the sun, which means less risk for sunburns.

    And so, I began on carving, somehow working on much more detail than I usually do. Each movement I did, was to gently form the shape in my mind, the image seems more vivid than ever, making me just concentrate harder. It wasn’t until someone tried to talk to me, that I snapped out of my trance like state.

    “...ey. Hey! Are you not hungry yet.” Asked a blond haired girl.
    “Ah, ehm.. What.” I dumbly respond, then proceeded to look around me, and faced her again. “Me?”
    “Ngn!” The girl nodded to me. “Want some sandwich?”

    The sandwich looked like it was made for lunch, meaning it was made for her to eat. I was just about to refuse, when my stomach makes a growling sound. “Yeah… I like to...”

    The girl smiles at me, and handled a sandwich to me. “There you go!” she said cheerfully.

    “But… I don't have anything to repay you...”
    “That’s fine,” she paused. “If you have to though, just give me something cool~”

    “Something... cool?” I repeated slowly, and processed to look in my bag. “Is this fine?“ I said, taking out the practice piece out of my bag. It was the first one I made in Nagrand, based on Jack the gourdhead. I wasn’t sure if I should give her that, since the figure was when Jack was drinking leisurely by the tavern table.

    Sure enough, the girl stared blankly at the figurine I had, before she suddenly yelled: “It’s Gourd God!”

    “T..that’s right…” Is he really that famous?
    “Can I really have it? Just like this?”
    “Well… you will give me your sandwich, so it's fine. Isn't it?”
    “No! It’s not fine at all!” She stomped.

    I don’t care though… I’m just hungry…

    “I know! Tell me your name and my father can do something about it.”
    “Yeah..okay... My name is Lykke.”
    “And I’m Soph!” The girl said, and ran away with the figurine.

    I shaked my head, unable to comprehend the situation.
    “Let’s eat for now...” I mumbled.
    The sandwich was much more delicious than I thought. Wait… she forgot her basket!

    2 hours and 30 minutes later...

    “Um.. are you Askel the Red?”
    “Indeed, I am. What can I do for you, my child?”
    “Please.. give them to the Baron.” I said. Handling the badge designs to the old man.
    “I see… you accepted the badge quest.” I quickly nodded to him. “ I centrally didn’t expect it to be handcrafted. Well done my child, give me your name and you may leave.”

    “M name is Lykke.” And I placed a little basket on the counter. “A girl called Soph has left this to me, do you know of her?”
    “...Blond hair and blue eyes?”
    “Yeah, that’s right.”
    “Yes, I know of her, If you leave the basket to me I can return it on another date.”

    I nodded again and left the library, I guess I can return to Nagrand tomorrow.

    The next day, I got into the pumpkin inn and was surprised over how many customers there were. When I asked Sofie, she said it was all thanks to me, and they will from now on, only have me to pay half of the price. I felt a bit bad to do so, but the inn can’t take no for an answer, so I gave up and accepted their good will.

    [Later on, the called inn Pumpkin Tie became famous, not because of their food, services or the building design. Rather, it was a statue of Gourd God dressed in a waiter uniform.]

    P.S. If there ever become a museum of Gourd Hero, I’m willing enough to place my masterwork of the Drunk Ayumi and Troubled Gourd on display.
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