Chinese After the villain died again [Quickly wear]

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    Name: After the villain died again [Quickly wear] 又双叒穿到反派作死后[快穿]
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: QT female MC + No CP + real pot carrier.
    Those crossing into a villain who still hasn't done any bad things and can easily wash white, face no real crises, but our sister is a true pot carrier.
    (She transfers into the villains after they have done the bad things that make them the villain and never whitewashes, instead, she continues being a villain and stays true to herself, she's not a humble person and is not afraid of risks)
    The vicious female partner who drugged the innocent
    The hypocrite martial arts leader who murdered and seized cheats
    The concubine daughter who did all the bad things in the previous life
    After failing to fight for favor and being abolished into the cold palace who was given poisonous wine
    And the serial murderer who brutally burned the victim
    Every time she wears it after the villain finishes her/his big death, the MC is the same today (you) bitter (bei) forced (keng)...

    Emphasize: The MC will never go back (Whitewash) on the road of the villain boss
    Note: Although the MC is female the characters she transfers into are both genders
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