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    My attempt at Machine Translations on Discontinued Chapters

    ~I work at a snails pace.... yeah
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    Chapter 75 Those Who Can Move and Those Who Cannot

    The final battle with the demons are being prepared. Work has to be done. For that, the civil and military officials of Flam Gramm have dedicated their energy pushing towards that goal.

    However, before the time of the final battle, there is another matter on everyone's mind. It's the issue with Rion.

    The king has prioritized the demon affair above else, so people understandably avoided bringing up the topic. However, the unspoken topic eventually floated to the top. The conversations then came to a strange turn.

    "I have a suggestion regarding Viscount Frey."

    The prime minister's advice are based on the truth of Viscount Frey's indentity.

    "What is it?"

    The king, upon hearing the topic of Viscount Frey come up, had a tired expression on his face.

    "Whether a new bride for the Viscount is needed."


    The king was truly taken back by what the prime minister said.

    "I have prepared some files on the suitable candidates, for your majesty to look over."

    The prime minister then handed the papers of the list of bridal candidate which he had prepared beforehand to the king.

    "Hold on a second. Viscount Rion has a wife. Prime Minister, you know this."

    "Indeed it's because of that, he needs a new bride."

    "How so?"

    The king doesn't understand Prime Minister's intentions at all.

    "The current Viscount's wife is fomerly the daughter of the House of Wynn . Therein lies the problem."

    "The relation between her and the House of Windhill has been severed."

    The king is following the Prime Minister's line of thoughts. Rion's connection with the House of Wynn is not desirable. The King understands how much the head of House of Wynn dotes on Ariel. The Prime Minister's concern has some merits.

    But the king also is aware of the bond between Ariel and Rion. Separating the two will cause serious resentment.

    "How long must she bear her crimes? I think that's also a problem."


    The prime minister has pointed out the dilemma. The king wants to pardon Ariel, but in doing so, he'll have to admit the State made a mistake. The king was between a hard rock and a hard place.

    "The crimes of which Vincent Woodville and Ms. Faye were accused of were widely rumored to be falsefied. If the honor of the two are restored, then the trust in the royal family would be recovered as well."

    The people's popular view of Rion has also brought to attention the unjust treatment of his wife. The perception of dukes and the royal family has fallen in eyes of the public as a result.

    The prime minister's proposition to deal with the negative perception at its roots has rattled the king's resolve.


    The king spoke hesitantly. As he couldn't make a decision on the spot, he became curious as to what candidates the prime minister has selected in the stack of papers held in his hands.

    "Prime minister, did you seriously pick this?"

    The king's hands paused over the paper at the very top.

    "It's the choice that causes the least amount of problems."

    "It's got too many problems. Maria Theodore is the one who killed Vincent."

    The prime ministers first choice was Maria. There's some grounds to doubt the sanity of the prime minister, even for the king.

    "She has no family backing. That's the first reason. If Viscount Rion and her should become married, the people will see this as act of reconcilliation. This is the second reason."

    "And if the rumor of this marriage spreads to the public, Rion's reputation falls to the ground, is that the third reason?"

    Prince Arnold, who have been listening quietly during this conversation, could no longer keep silent.

    "It's for the sake of the Crown Prince ..."

    If Rion were to abandon Ariel and marry Maria, people will see this as an act of betrayal. The more higher his reputation, the harder it falls. Should that happen, the reputation of Arnold will rise. This is even more true if you know that Rion is a member of the royal family.

    "Even if it's for my sake, it's not for the sake of my country."


    Arnold's statement seems to imply that Rion is more qualified to become the next king. Seeing the Prime minister's reaction, Arnold realizes that the prime minister has misunderstood.

    "Do not get me wrong. I will be the next king, and I plan to develop this kingdom into an even more propserous state than it's in now. "

    "That's right. And so what did you mean?"

    "The loss of Rion means a loss for our country."

    "..a loss?"

    The prime minister was only thinking about the succession issue after the Rion's secret came to light. The truth is, there isn't any love between Rion and the royal couple. The only family that Rion has in this entire world is Ariel.

    If Rion is to leave the kingdom of Gram Flamm, the kingdom of Merica may try to recruit him.

    "If an enemy takes him in, that won't be just a loss. That would be a disaster. I'm not saying we should just leave him alone. But I don't think we should try to provoke him."

    "That would be bad." The Prime Minister's face frowned after hearing the Prince's talk.

    "Don't tell me, they've already made their move."

    "No, not as a country. However, ours is not the only country with calculations in mind."

    The badly reputated crown prince and a most promising second prince has caused the scales to become unbalanced. When Arnold becomes the next king, there will be nobles who might otherwise be backbenched willing to bet on a different outcome.

    All this comes from Rion's identity being leaked. No matter how much the king hates to admit it, the fight for succession has begun. Even if that's something no one wants.

    "People... are dumb and greedy." The prince muttered, with a blank look on his face.

    "Your Crown Prince highness, please cease those thoughts."

    "But it is the truth."

    "Because it is the truth, that humans are foolish, that you are to stand above them? Because they are foolish, they need someone like a king to guide them?"

    "You're right. I will take those words to heart."


    Arnold's words made the prime minister feel much relieved. It seems like the next king has the prescence of mind to listen and accept the words of his subjects. Despite the negative reputes amongst the public, the Prince has excellent qualifications to be the next king.

    "Let's not get off track. Who do you know is being in contact with Rion?"

    "I don't have solid proof. The intelligence department is tatters. It's not in any form capable of performing its duties."

    "That's true isn't it..."

    The intelligence departments is unable to collect foreign intelligence or domestic intelligence. It is now a big problem.

    The monarchy can't fully trust the great houses represented by the most powerful nobles, even when they have pledged their loyalties as vassals. The fear of a rebellion exists in any age, and there have been a few cases of such fears turning into reality in the past.

    Now those who harbor such ambitions are doubtlessly being goaded by the current state of affairs - the negative view of the general public on the royals, and the sudden appearance of a flag-bearer.

    It is no wonder that the Prime Minister wants Rion to divorce Ariel.

    "For this matter, we'll need to send someone to Bando, to get some intel."

    As the meeting turns to a grim mood, the head of the Rearguard Knight's finally spoke. "About that matter concerning the Rearguard Knights..."

    "Yes, I've released Sol Ariste from service."

    The prime minister knew about Sol. Since Rion’s departure, there has a lot of talk over this depressing topic too.

    “People seem to follow Rion without being told.”

    “Almost like a love affair.”

    “Rion’s such a troublesome fellow.”

    “I agree.”

    “Talking about politics, it’s best not to move against Viscount Frey, as the Prince suggested.”

    “I understand. But the designs of others…”

    “Viscount Frey is not someone who can move according to others’ designs. I cannot rule out that nobles might have their hopes pinned upon him, but I guess that’s fine.”

    “And your grounds for that belief?”

    “The people of Bandou. The threat of devil elimination comes as a higher priority. If he’s planning to do something, he’ll surely take the people of Bandou with him.”

    “Are you suggesting they are hostages?”

    This was a misunderstanding. Rion did not intend to involve Cassius to begin with. If Cassius are trying to liberate Bandou, then they can do it by their own powers. Rion was waiting for the game story to end. He needed time to plan his moves.

    The king’s displeased tone of voice interjects.

    “What’s the matter?”

    “The head of the Rearguard Knights feels he knows more about Rion than me.”

    “What did you say now?”

    The king’s thinking about Rion’s affair from the perspective of a father caught the prime minister by surprise.

    “The time I spent makes the difference.”

    “Does it make that much of a difference?”

    “I travelled from the capital to bandou for about a month. I chatted with Rion much. So I understand him a lot.”

    “Did you now?”

    “The prime minister might not like to hear this, but Frey has a way of attracting people. He seemed like a different person from time to time. He’s hot, cold, gentle, frustrating, and also friendly. The difference in his eyes might represent his two-sided nature.”


    The difference in the colors of his eyes is the cause of the situation. If Rion did not have different colors in his eyes, he would not be discorded and should have been raised as the second prince. But in that case, Prince Frey would not have been the same person as the current Rion.

    There are people in Rion, the one who grew up in the slums and the Rion who grew up in a different world. It’s unimagineable that the same ability can be cultivated if prince was brought up as a Prince.

    Needless to say, Rion’s identity shocked three people more than anybody else.

    Lancelot was intensely upset. Unlike Irwin, Lancelot attempted to assassinate Rion. What’s more, he tried to spread the rumor that Rion is a devil to be used against Rion on the battlefield. The real devil turned out to the Goron. If he were to be found out to have attempted assassination on a royal family member, Lancelot would be publicly executed. There’s no way out for him. Not even Prince Arnold would be able to bail him out.

    The queen is from the Axmira family. In other words, Rion is also connected the House of Axira. Lancelots knows that the Marquis Axmira is hard thinking about whether to take in Rion, which is popular with the people.

    And then there’s Irwin. Irwin has similar feelings as Lancelot. But he’s not intimately acquainted with Rion. Also, Irwin has different circumstances. He’s glad that Rion is a member of the royal family. Even if a child is born between Rion and Ariel, the boy would be raised as royalty. It will not threaten Irwin’s position as the head of his family.

    If the succession battle between Arnold and Rion materializes, then the anger will be directed to Rion and Ariel. But if Rion succeeds, then it might be a good thing for Irwin and the house of Windhill. It’s a hard decision for Irwin to make. So far, the Marquis of Windhill is obeying with the orders of exile for Ariel.

    Rion knows Irwin is the son of Austin. Austin wants to kill Rion, but Irwin does not know the circumstances.In the end, Irwin can only watch as events unfold.

    Maria, the last person of the three, suffered a lot of regret. Rion was the best hidden character.If she was able to capture Rion, Maria was supposed to be honored as a hero by the people as well. The next King may have been Rion instead of Prince Arnold. No, it’s definitely becoming that case. In that scenario, Maria would become queen as she have wanted. However, failling to capture Rion, she is also now unable to capture Prince Arnold. The game is not headed towards her best scenario.

    If the devil does not resurrect, it would be a happy ending. But Maria cannot be satisfied with that. To her,the best position is the seat of the queen. Maria has not given this up. She cannot however think of a way to reach this.

    For Maria now, restoring the relationship with Rion is what she wants, but there is no venue to do so. Rion is away, and with the decisive battle with the devil coming up, Maria cannot leave the kingdom. With the battle drawing near, the ending of the game is coming to a close. However, Maria has no choice but to see the ending through.
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    Are there anymore spoiler or translation for this novel?
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    Go to the group website.
    It is being translated but not added on Novel Updates
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    I mean I appreciate the effort you're putting into this but its still getting translated albeit lowkey on their site.
    Its near 100th chapter now last time I checked.
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    What is group website ,, its name ??
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    I know it starts with a H.
    It's a very popular novel. I hope someone responds
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    hikkinomori, but they are on hiatus for quite some time now...