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    Ah~ :blobnosebleed:
    2 innocent virgins being adorkable on their first time. Amina may just be a bit more bold though
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    @IceQueenRinne1234 Jakal actually uses his 2nd wish to bring Amina to him.

    From my MTL in volume 3: (I hope I have this right as it was lots of stuff happening)

    As Jakal's trying to escape the city, he battles his brother Nadier and wins but is confronted by soldiers. The whole city is in an uproar as some of the military can't believe he's guilty including Bisma. It's actually Bisma who gives Jakal the hint for his escape route and also Jakal apologizes to Bisma as he takes his sword to battle his way out of the city. (FYI - he cuts a finger off of inspector lady when he swings his sword. :blobowoevil_horns: ) Nadier has claimed control of the city.

    This part is confusing as things are moving rapidly but Amina hears of the "rebellion" and accusations of Jakal's accused of being murdering someone. She knows this is not true so she's trying to sneak around to find Jakal. Amina suddenly runs into a scene where she sees the body of the Inspector lady who's killed by, I think, the young dude who was flirting with her. I think it's that guy who got Jakal a bit jealous (HyTam?) He's the one that questions Jakal why his' not emotional or so stoic. :hmm: (T/N: It is mentioned later she is killed by the secret order of the Sultan who leaves the city too).

    Suddenly Premavera appears there with Amina along side Dunia with HiTam. And the big shocker is she is confronted by a man with the face of Jibril (the older brother dude from her past) He's been working with Premavera. (From the MTL - it is believed this man is an offspring of Jibril of her past, needless to say this new person has the face of Jibril. Like I said, I've skipped around the novel.)

    At the same time, Jackal knows Amina in danger as Nadier wants to use her powers. Jakal gets on his white horse as Nadier and gang are running after him and in his heart wishes for Amina to come to him. The blood bond with the lamp activates his wish as Amina still with the others hears his wish. The power of the lamp allows her to appear to where Jakal is. She creates a powerful whirl wind which blows Nadier and his soldiers away. She particularly flicks Nadier like a piece of paper and he hits the wall. :blobhighfive:

    She confronts Jakal and tells him that she is here, granting him his second wish. Jakal pulls her into his arms and horse and they ride way. Fleeing their captors. It is Bisma that opens the gates and allows them to flee into the dessert.

    They'll have a second much more passionate snu snu after this too.
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    Oooooohhhh~ Action packed spoilers. Thanksies. Dunno whether to feel happy or disappointed Inspector died so pathetic. Oh well, the Visceroy, her sibling I assume is still alive. So... Jibril's descendant eh? Well, a pretty boy like that could be spared (much more since he WAS a genius in Amina's time. He had much use to the rebels than simply dying. A shame his descendant became sh*tty though)
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    chapter 51 is out! (52 on kakao but i don’t have access to it) seems like an intense exchange between the two :blobpopcorn_cool:....i’m becoming kinda obsessed with this webtoon now that the romance part is picking up:blobmelt:
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    ehm ehm...
    I have'em both... :blobsmirk:
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    I read some pages of the novel , it's an adult novel I really shocked :(:( my pure jakal :(:(:cry: , really they gonna draw all these scenes ? I hope nooot :blobsad::blobsad:
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    (T/N: Sorry just going into brief spoilers.
    Disclaimer - MTL summary so I hope I have some of this right. This goes through volume 4 to the end...does not include the side stories.)

    Jakal and Amina have escaped into the dessert. They stop an an oasis and meets a traveling caravan and there is a big sand storm that starting to approach. They check into an inn at some small town and stay there until the sandstorm has passed.

    While in the privacy of their room, they get intimate again and have passionate "snu snu" and they continue to make-love a few times. Very sweet.

    They discuss where they should head and decide to go to a coastal land of Tuef. News that the highly regarded and famous "Commander", Saffron of Paz has rebelled against the current regime and escaped with a wizard woman hits rebellion tribes fast including a man powerful rebellion leader that goes by the name of Gadiyat (가디야트).

    In Tuef they are both sheltered in the capital city of Konum (sp?) ruled by Melik run by a teenage girl who rules from a wheel chair. There is a rumor she is close with Gadiyat. Melik likes to tease Amina often.

    Jakal is extremely worried about Amina because when she exerts herself by using her powers, she has to sleep for a bit like sometimes shes out for days. He fears if she uses it so much she will sleep or disappear from him. He loves her and wants to protect her and stop people from using her because of her magic powers. Just like the inspector lady, just like Nadir, etc.

    On the beach they discuss where they should go next and Amina knows that Jakal is a desert person. Born, raised and she never wants to take that away from the man she loves. Jakal tells her that he's given that up because he wants to be with her. They make-out on the beach (pretty sexy scene).

    (T/N: They are both always thinking of each other. She loves him for who he is. A prince of the desert and she doesn't want to take that away from her. He loves her and doesn't want her to be used or taken advantage of and he wants her to be happy and he just wants to be with her he wants to help her to make her own wishes come true vs his wishes or others.)

    The city is attacked by the mutated human monsters sent by Nadir. There are also two assassins, the teen boy (the one that killed the Inspector lady) and the other is the one with Jabril's face. We discover both are human experiments as the one wth Jabril's face has multiple appendages. Amina kills him and Jakal helps defend the coastal city and he is highly revered for his expertise and knowledge. Before Jabril creature is destroyed, Amina is able to glimpse memories of the man and sees a very ill Nadir and something going on when it comes to the magic hidden in Paz.

    After the battle, Gadiyat appears and ask if Jakal and lead the rebellion back to the City of Paz. He wants to remove the current leadership as it has caused the abuse and corruption of the people by all these experiments with magic and making hybrid monsters from humans.

    Amina wants to return because after her vision from Jabril she fears the abuse of the magic that is still central under the city, Jakal returns because Amina wants to go back and also he wants to stop whats happening as well in Paz.

    Both head back along with a large army. During that journey, Amina uses her powers to play a legendary figure who heals to help build Jakal's reputation and bring more people to their side.

    News of their march hits the city of Paz, where Primavera who along with Dunia kill Nadir (Strangle him with a rope). Once Nadir is eliminated, Primavera takes command of the castle and send the remaining Djinns out to the city to fight with Jakal and their army. Preimavera is as powerful as Amina now because of her discover of the power of the star located within the city of Paz.

    Your final boss fight is between Amina and Primavera is trying to use the power of the star to pull stars to hit the planet to purge evil. The castle get's pretty much destroyed in the ensuing battle.

    Amina stops Primavera and in doing so she uses too much of her powers and disappears into the sky. Jakal who use to have a connection to her because of the lamp feels some strange loss and runs through the castle after finishing off the monsters to find her and can't. He sees a dying Primavera and asks her where Armina is. She points the sky and then throws the signet ring (Paz's governor's ruler ring) to Jakal telling him to take it as he is now governor of Paz. She mentions Nadir will hate the fact that Jakal will rule Paz instead of him before she dies. Jakal runs up the the remaining high point of the castle to look out to the sky and cries out for "Amina!".

    Amina in the stars loves Jakal and doesn't want to disappear. She thinks she hears his voice. She remembers his wish was to come back to him. She realized she doesn't need to be bounded by the lamp as she has powers and a will of her own. She she grabs the a star and wishes to return to Jakal. Jakal sees the lamp cracks and freaks out. Suddenly Amina appears in front of him and into his arms. The hold each other and she tells him she's back and she made her wish come true. Which is to return to him.

    Gadiyat takes over the sultan and leadership and Jakal rules Paz along with Amina.
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    thaank you so much
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    Jakal is worried about Amina and the inspector lady wondering if she's her to take advantage of Amina and her powers. She's confronted Amina telling her that Jakal is meeting with the sultan to talk about succession and his marriage as he has royal blood. She warns Amina not to get close Jakal.

    Here's the MTL of the novel chapter as it's more detailed than the manhwa.

    The Amina slowly raised her crouching body. The loose gray hair scattered over her shoulders. She was dressed in a pajama set with an overcoat. She looked like she just recently ran out of the room.

    Jakal became unknowingly nervous. 'Did she hear anything bad?'

    Amina hesitated for a moment and raised her head.

    As soon as I made eye contact, Jakal’s nervousness exploded at once. She looked distinctly upset.

    J: "Why are you here…”

    ‘Was she waiting for him..’, 'Why does she have that expression.' He didn’t know how to interpret her thoughts as he awaited for her answer. There was a strange darkness. There was no one around. Jakal’s residence is located inside the West Palace. It's not a place to be recklessly approached, so there was hardly any traffic in this area..

    Amina was also hesitant. In fact, she couldn't give a satisfactory answer to his question of why. Obviously, she was going to wrap up the day as usual until a while ago. But the frustrating conversation was too must to bare so she had to leave the room (T/N: Conversation with Inspector Lady in the greenhouse when Jackal was called away to meet the sultan.)

    She looked at his face and wanted to say something. But lost her train of thought. It was her usual temperament to spit out whatever came to her mind but now she couldn't even say anything to bring out from dark thoughts in her head .

    The words that lingered in her head. There was speculation that he might have talked about the marriage.

    It also fits well with the expression that it is a difficult problem to express out loud.

    He opened he mouth with a thin hope that he was not sure yet. "You must have been told an interesting story. If it's hard to talk to me, too,"

    It was strange to bring it up. What does one say?

    A royal blood-linked relationship it but it's only that. Jakal nodded heavily. "It would be nice if you could say it as much as possible, but... if it’s just the case."'

    A: "Really? Did you talk about marriage?"

    (Jakal) Ah-ha ah-ah

    Amina regretted her words once they escaped out. She’s always got a tendency to say what she thought out loud. What is he going to do with her question?

    Unexpectedly, however, for Amina, Jakal responded to the question.

    He always spoke with straight eyes. "You did bring up the subject, but... That's not a story for me right now."

    Rather, he wanted to keep it as a topic that is not related forever to his current heart and feelings.

    Even the listening Amina knew right away that the words were not false. But it was not enough.

    ‘Would you like to come to the capital? Out of sight, out of mind.…’
    The anxiety planted by Wasika (Inspector Lady) slowly spread like ink soaked in water.
    I pretended to be strong in front of her.
    She could not be separated from Jakal as long as his wishes were fulfilled through blood.
    The trip to the capital was not a matter for her to keep in mind in the first place.
    But perhaps, as advised, it would be difficult to keep distance from Jakal.
    Maybe she shouldn't say that he's special to her without realizing it. A whirlpool of anguish ate away at her emotions.

    It was the first vibrations that Amina had ever experienced. The emotions that I was born with were just wandering without finding a direction. Ominous toxins hindered the literal interpretation. Stop feeling like you want to gain confidence. I don't want to be convinced.

    A: "Are you saying you are thinking about it later but, not now?" But the conversation has already taken off. Everything shook. Amina has no time to look back on her voice.

    A: "And then I missed that part. When you will be old enough get married."

    A: "I don't know why you keep running in that direction. Age must a factor"

    A: "Why don't you write your remaining wish there?" she said with a tearful heart.

    She couldn't stop the words from coming out. She smiled to cover himself her pain. "Oh, but I couldn't touch a person's heart... I'm sorry about that. 'It's impossible to make someone fall in love with you.'

    J: "Stop it. Do you know what you're talking about?"

    A: "But I can grant and help in other areas? I can do something as much as the sultan's procession. If it ever comes."

    J: "You are not making any sense to me right now ---"

    A: "Well, you are the Saffron that is connected the blood of the imperial family. I'm sure there will be a good marriage when the time comes, far or near. If your wish doesn't come to mind anyway, if you feel like using it for that occasion......"

    J: “Why on earth do you say that!" the whole passage rang.

    Amina shrank back in surprise.

    His heart was pounding. In fact, the breathing stopped for a very short time. It was the first time for Jakal to scream so loud. He had always been used to speaking low and quiet.

    Amina put her hands on her chest. She pressed down on her pounding chest. A startled pulse struck the inside of the neck. A wide-eyed eye filled with unknowingly sorrow.

    Jakal was also shocked and a sadness burst in his heart. His face, which had been distorted by anger, changed in a flash. His expression stained with dismay, he approached nervously. "I'm sorry. Unknowingly, without thinking...

    "Is enough to be angry?" Amina took a step back. Her body, which was under the sway of the lamp, was buried in the darkness. She was going to pretend to be calm, but her voice became shaky.

    A: "I'm sorry. I didn't think about anything when it came to your status or your circumstances, but now I realize... I've said that before..."

    J: "I don't need that. It's not your problem. Did the inspector say anything? Why are you so on the topic that I've never talked about before?"

    A: "No matter who says it, it'll come out one day."

    As soon as she said it, the lamp ran out of gas. The lamp light shriveled away. The passage was plunged into darkness. It was a relief for Amina. She wanted to hide her face. "I'm staying here until your wish comes true anyway."

    She didn't want to show him a stupid tearful look.

    "So till then, it shouldn't matter anyway," Jackal tried to bring something up, but she didn't want to hear it.

    Amina walked away like she ran out. He shook off his stretched hand.

    J: "Amina!"

    A: "I have nothing more to say! Don't come after me!" She refused with a single stroke and ran down the aisle. She went all out in fear of being caught. The familiar West Palace felt unusually spacious today. When she came back to the room, Amina was out of breath as if she had run a thousand miles, and she fell on the bed.

    She couldn't stand herself because she felt stupid and pathetic.

    (T/N: recalling her memories with Jabril)

    Amina, live. Find love.. love...

    The last words that Jabril left sounded like a thunderbolt. It was almost a curse. The true meaning of why he left such a remark may be all, but at least now it felt that way for Amina. Anger, sadness, and self-hatred. The only thing she could vent her anger on was a cushion on her bed.

    In the past, she tried to go beyond the realm that humans could not overcome. Instead of gaining miraculous power from the restraint of the body, she was also punished as well. Was it just a coincidence that she was able to wake up in the world now. It wasn't a pre-determined procedure. Love? She thought she had thrown it away the moment she tried to turn back time.

    "Why, does this feeling come now..."
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    Disappointed in Primavera tho
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    Thanks for the spoilers. Kinda surprised at how Nadir went out. I mean, when you think hard enough, it DOES makes sense. He's the intellectual type that knows a little of bit of self defense (or at least his one single fight we've seen was against an opponent with barely aby experience in combat itself), he's confident he managed to manipulate Primadeva but knowing her motivations as readers who've shown glimpse of her POV, she was willing to do ANYTHING to get her hands on the star and plus, Amina above all else IS the protagonist first and foremost, so ofc the final opponent needs to be a magician as well.
    I'm much more dissapointed with Dunia (who I feel overstayed her welcome. I'd rather she got experimented on) and Jibril's descendant (all that buildup with some Jibril flashbacks just to have his descendant be a villain introduced halfway)
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    You are amazing!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to translate these!
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    Chapter 52 is out on toonkor for those who can’t access kakao (warning: it’s got some very NSFW ads at the bottom of site :blobdizzy:) ...looks like a possible confession chapter ? lots of blushing and shyness between the two :blobthinkingsmirk:
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    try newtoki
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    AAHHH!! I want to know what happened!! the new chapter is out. I just skimmed through it and at the ending, both of them were blushing!!
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    MTL below --> for Manhwa
    In your previous chapter, Amina asks Jakal to stay so that she can tell him what Wasika (inspector lady) asked of her. She proposed that Amina leave Paz and come to the capital with her and as the capital has usage for Wizards like her.

    Jakal is shocked at this proposal.

    At the beginning of chapter 54 Amina tells Wasika that she's sorry but will answer her honestly and whole heartily.

    Wasika recalling Amina's answer. She is pissed that Amina refused her offer as the current Sultan is wondering why she has such as sour expression. He's intimidated by Wasika as she holds more power than he does at the capital.

    She dismisses his observation of her irritation and then corners the sultan about another issue she would like to discuss with him.

    Back in Amina's room, Jakal wants to know Amina's answer.

    J: “What did you think of the offer?” (Warika proposed for Amina to transfer to the capital)
    A: “....”
    A: “...well…”
    A: “...how do you think I should think!”
    A: I was flustered to ask you before I even spoke!
    A: “I just turned it down.”
    A: “How can I leave Paz” (going chibi)
    A: “This is where the magic of Jinju Palace is.”
    A: “And, you promised me that I would make your wish come true.”
    A: “And I will always keep my word.”

    J: “...Is that so.”

    A: “By the way, how long are you going to be standing liup like this?”
    A: “My neck hurts.”

    J: “..Oh...I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” (Jakal totally backs away to the door flushed)
    J: Does it hurt….

    A: Er...?

    J: “......”
    J: “...then…”
    J: “After that then you waited for me in the hallway?”

    A: “Well...It’s not like that. You didn’t hear about it did you?”
    A: Ugh, I’m so distracted by the marriage talk
    A: "Can you forced me to be dragged away even if I refuse?"

    J: “No matter how powerful she is in the capital she is an inspector.”
    J: “I don’t have the authority to force personnel to be moved to the Imperial Palace.”
    J: “So you can relax.”

    Amina sighs, “I’m glad to hear. That's a relief.”

    J: “And...I’m sorry I couldn’t answer the question properly. I really couldn’t talk about the issue in the open.”

    A: “I heard you were talking about marriage.”

    J: “Well that is true, but it really wasn’t the important (main) topic as the one I’m about to tell you. That was just a side question.”
    J: “Well I did mean to tell you that.”

    A: “Yeah?”
    A: “Oh I see...ahahaa…”
    A: GAH...I over reacted.

    J: “His majesty did asked me a question.”
    J: “He asked me if I was interested in succeeding the throne.”

    A: ???
    A: “The throne?
    A: If you’re the sultan…
    A: “You mean the sultan? You’re going to be a sultan?”

    J: “No, I’m not.”
    J: “It was appropriate but I didn’t know what he meant anyways. I would have refused even if it was purely intended.”
    J: “I’m telling you because I think you misunderstood. I just wanted to pretend the conversation never happened.”

    A: “Ah---”
    A: Well if it’s Jakal, it was more than a no. He doesn’t even want to have the seat of the Viceroy yet even the sultan’s position...then what wish will you make Jakal? Just like you asked me to do the first time...if there is another disaster...if Paz is in danger. Or if...or if it’s really really for...if Jakal has someone special---

    J: “And speaking of marriage.”

    A: “Huh??”

    J: “I’ll never make a wish like you suggested.”
    J: “I’m sorry for being angry about it.”
    J: “But please don’t say that because it’s a favor.”

    A: “Jakal--?”

    J: “I don’t know about anyone else, but from you...I don’t want to hear that.”

    A: Huh?

    (Amina recalls the hallway conversation and what he just said)
    J: “Stop it. Do you even know what you are talking about? What about you---what did you think of the offer. I’m sorry ...I didn’t know! I don’t know about anyone else, but from you...”

    A: No way! No way! No way---!
    A: “What ---what does that mean?”
    A: “Don’t you like me talking about your marriage?”
    A: “Why not?”
    A: What is this throbbing anxiety? ...I don’t know this feeling.
    A: “Jakal.”

    J: “......”

    A: --What it it--?
    A: Is this really--- make any sense---
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    You made my day! Thank you so much for the spoiler :blob_pompom::blob_pompom::blob_pompom:
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    This couple is so sweet. First part of side stories. SS1-SS5. MTLed below...apologies ahead of time for my inaccuracies.

    At the height of the first desert summer, the thanksgiving season came back to Paz. Last year, there was a lot of talk from preparation to finishing. This year is peaceful, fortunately, with many fluctuations. This year's festival ended without a hitch. What's different from last year was the abolition of sacrificial ritual offerings. Excluding the superstitious interpretation of the reason for the abolition, just to mention the facts, there was an unpleasant incident related to this ritual last year. Of all things, former and current viceroy (태수가) were directly involved.

    (T/N: Current Viceroy - Jakal, Former Viceroy - Nadier/Premavera. At the last year’s festival was when Jakal gave the sacrificial blade as an offering to Amina and that blade was used to accuse him of murder and triggered the escape and fleeing of Jakal and Amina.)

    Continuing the sacrificial ritual would remind many of the uncomfortable memories. As a result, new rituals were quickly created, making the cause of tradition vain.

    Still, the scenery of floating flower boats and lanterns in the river was good to see. The original intentions of giving thanks to the harvest did not disappear. The new ceremony seems to be settling down without much complaints.

    Anyway, the event was held safely and the rain passed. The new Viceroy of Paz, who once promoted Amina, the goddess of the festival last year, felt his mind at ease. Thanks to this, the two fell asleep peacefully last night.

    On the same day last year, at that time, both were caught up in a fever that had ignited. Neither couldn't come to their senses because they wanted to satisfy our thirst for each other.

    Compared to then, both seemed to have more time this year for each other. All the elements of anxiety are gone and there are no detractors. The simple act of just lying side by side and pressing close and sharing each other’s body temperature was also quite enjoyable. Whispering a conversation between the two, they understood the peace of the moment as they both fell asleep.

    Even in that sense of satiety, love is real enough.

    * * *
    Amina’s eyes fluttered opened. It was a dark dawn because the sun had not yet risen. Although it was summer, the temperature dropped overnight and it was cool. She tossed and turned cold in the wool blanket. She rubbed her eyes and looked to the side. The person who slept with her has already left the bed.

    Jakal was beyond the muslin screen. He washed his face with kettle water on a large plate on the dressing table. Amina had seen it several times already, so it was a daily scene.

    She liked his nose on his currently wet face. Lines that rise sharply from the eyebrows that gave a strong presence. Whenever it catches her eyes, she looked at him for a long time.

    Like now, for example. From the body ignoring the face, well. How was it? The hands are good when we meet while working during the day. Usually, the bones of the back of the hand protrude slightly due to the holding of a pen stand or weapon. The thighs are good that brushed against her on the bed at night. The tight and steep outline is firm.

    And this same morning, Amina took a look at his wide chest. Or she would admire the upper bulges of his chest and arms.

    "Did I wake you up? You could sleep a little more," asked Jakal, who was wearing layers of clothing, realized she was looking at him.

    Amina shook her head. "We're supposed to go out together today. I want to get up."

    As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly raised her upper body and stretched out her arms above her head. The previous day's ceremony and banquets were all connected back to back. The last day of the giving of thanks festival was considered a holiday. She had been busy preparing for the event for a while, so she promised to spend that day alone, but ended up falling asleep from the previous days’ activities.

    “Are you going to start right away?”

    “It's not a March, so I don't think it's necessary. You can go out after you eat."

    Then she had enough time to comb her hair. Amina sat in front of the dressing table, rejoicing in her heart. She opened the drawer and took out the comb as if it were natural. Obviously, it was a drawer also used by Jakal.

    Though Amina had her own room, for the past few months, it became more convenient to do morning rituals and routines together. Even the maids now started waiting for Amina in this room. One side would deliver breakfast while the other side prepared their hair and clothing.

    “Please call us back when you are ready.”

    After greeting them, the maids calmly lowered their eyes and stepped back. As soon as the door closed, giggling chatter could be heard. Hearing them, Amina sat down heavily on the long chair.

    “----Do you know what Kresha(크샤가) said before? That I’m afraid to come this way in the morning when I sleep here!"

    Jakar, who was about to read a document, looked over to Amina, "Do you mean you're having trouble working?"

    "I knew you'd say that, but it's not the case of. 'You're definitely young, you'll move to the new room after the ceremony anyways.'” If Krasha says that, how long will it take to stand behind her?

    It was good to our eyes that we would cover our lips with our hands and chatter.

    Amina tapped the plate with a spoon and raised her voice. "However, it seems they think we're stuck together all the time! I sleep in my room some nights, and sometimes I just sleep here! That means it's just------"

    Amina couldn’t continue.

    Jakal understood the meaning roughly and accepted it. "Not every day."

    “Yes. Not every day.” Anyway, it's unfair to conclude. Didn't they spend the last night well together? Well no matter how close they are to each other, they were keeping a certain line.

    There are days when she is stuck in bed all day because it's a holiday. Also, one day, she didn't know until the morning tea table came in, but came to realize later. It does not deny past cases. However, these are all exceptionally small times it happens, and statistics are about once a month. If you count the total number of times, you spend a day or two a week quietly. At least not 'every day'.

    "--That doesn't mean I can't tell you to come to my room."

    "There were times when I wanted to do that. I didn't let you do it."

    "It's a small bed. You would have to sleep on a blanket on the floor."

    She has a similar experience, but she didn’t want to use the wide West Palace like an inn. Amina sighed. No matter how close they were to getting married, it's still a little embarrassing to show themselves in open areas.

    It still took more time to get used to. On the other hand, men who were used to this kind of life from an early age were still unresponsive.

    He put the document down and thought for a moment, but instead, picked up a cup of coffee and asked. "Then, are you going to sleep away for a while? If you feel--"

    "----I don't like it." Eventually, it comes to this conclusion. Amina eventually blamed herself for choosing to stand out. Will she be less ashamed after the ceremony? Then the Imperial Law proves the relationship, so you may be confident that whatever you do won't matter. The holiday alone was all the more precious because it was still a long time away. Amina quickly finished her meal and made fun of the spoon. After finishing the eggplant stew and flat bread, she tried to open the walnut with an awl.

    Jakarta picked up a walnut. The shell cracked under his thumb.

    “I've been thinking about it before, but I think it's comfortable here,” said Amina, moving her seat aside. The long chair drew close to Jakarta on the other side.

    "The bride's room. Shall I decorate it like this?"

    “Maybe the people around me will ask you to follow the form for a while. Says it's meaningful in defense and deployment."

    "But aren't you uncomfortable with the seat? To get up and sit down."

    She stopped talking as Jakal held out a fully shelled walnut to her mouth. Amina reflexively opened her lips and ate them. Slowly chewing walnuts made her feel like a bird receiving food.

    "Did you have fun feeding me, huh?" This is not the impression that came to mind right now. Ever since she crossed the desert. Without Jakarta, Amina would have had a hard time doing something alone. But now there are a few people waiting on them. Still, do I miss that time sometimes?

    Jakal peeled another egg and handed it to Amina. "You don't know? When you eat something, you often have an interesting look. A face you don't know what you're thinking."

    "Did I do that? I just didn't think anything was going to happen------"

    Jakal laughed and went off to finish the walnut on the plate.

    Amina chewed, eating the constant walnuts.

    "If you're going to be like that, I'm going to turn into a full and fat sheep when I get into the bride's room.

    "I'm curious about what that would be like."

    "I hate it. It's getting harder to ride a horse. I can go outside the city at best."

    The butler just came in and asked Amina if she was going out. Only then did she get up. She was distracted by walnuts and lost track of time. This time she needed a veil because she was going out to the desert today.

    After tying the laces around the body, she wrapped her head and neck loosely with a loose scarf and drooped. In the desert, this side was better than the work of the sack. She was ready to go out.

    Amina jumped on the white horse brought by the horseman. The butler loaded a package into the back of the saddle.

    "It's a meal, so eat it as you come and go."

    "Does Jakal have a portable meal as well?"

    The butler smiled. "Of course it would be hard to go out if one is hungry. It’s been a long time since there has been this holiday. Where are you going?"

    "I'm going to visit the ruins of the tour. I'll be there today, but if I’m late, don't wait and let us eat separately”

    "Of course, Sir Viceroy, have a good trip."

    Jakal nodded silently and set off. Amina followed suit, too. The reins were still lacking, but the white horse, Yelda, took her own way. He seemed to know that he could follow Cerquez. I walked out of the palace on the streets of the city. Early in the morning the city was quiet.

    Amina was still sleepy from the previous night. It's been a long time since the two of them walked quietly without any attendants.

    "I was thinking of getting it out quickly." Amina just inflated her cheek, recalling the butler's expression.

    Jakal, who was walking by, received a horse. “I'm sure you're looking forward to being away on holidays.

    “That’s why I asked to come out today."

    "It's the exact opposite of Mrs. Yazmin. Still, you've chosen a new person to manage the palace since last time? It's even scarier when I grab her with a smile, according to Kshana Tola."

    Looking back, it was at the thanksgiving festival that Amina met her for the first time. Mrs. Yazmin brought her to help decorate the banquet. She has a cheerful personality and was quick to calculate, so they had been looking for a replacement since then.

    Jakal remembers her for some time, but Amina was just getting to know her.

    In fact, Jakal had a sorry daytime tone, as if something else was bothering him. "I haven't been there lately. It's my job to be greeted-----."

    "You're in charge of the Paz state event, judicial, tax and military, right? I'll take care of the West Palace. Now it's my home, too." And I prayed for a house where the two of us could live together.

    It was August, when there's a thank-you festival. About four months later, New Year's Day. Jakal asked me to marry him then. When the ceremony is held, Amina also officially becomes the owner of the palace. The document also changes from a visitor to a spouse of Viceroy, who is entrusted to the palace. A few months ago, a nearby national mission came. Memories of that time came back to my mind.
    There is not much to say about the aspect of the outing. It's all about normal public affairs, reasonable hospitality, and meaningful exchange. After a few years, it just becomes routine.

    At that time, there was a separate case of intense affairs for Amina. It was the last day of the mission's stay in Paz. It was late at night after the banquet to the capital.

    Jakal asked her to come to the rose greenhouse instead of going right back to the West Palace. It was just in time for the flowering season. The scent of roses is overpowering. The moonlight passed through the glass caught at the end of the thorn. The robes she wore at that time were also red, which left an in his memory. It was already forewarned, so it didn't beat. The biggest concern was what words Jakal would choose to say. So Amina calmly waited.

    -- We're supposed to talk, right? She thought it was funny how it was. It's like a play with a screenplay. Still, she waited with the spirit of playing an obvious children’s game of show and tell.

    Unexpectedly, Jakal took something out of the decorative cloak of his robes. For a moment, reflected in the moonlight, even his bronze-like face seemed to glisten. Amina could not quickly recognize what it was and took her breath away.

    --- He was glad he could prepare it on time. Jakal slowly came toward her. He carefully stripped the cord of the ornament that held the veil. There was something suddenly weighing on the lighter side. Amina raised her hand to see what it was.

    At that moment, she was stopped by Jakal. He clasped her hands together. Amina didn't know what to say, so she looked up and met his eyes.

    His amber-colored eyes always contained a calming light. They usually were like that, but oddly enough at this moment was particularly more serious than ever.

    Back then, I just wished you would come back at the same time as me. In fact, it was enough just that he came back that day. Back then, she just wished he would come back at the same time as her.

    ー And you finally come back and stay here. If it's okay to put my only greed on it, if you accept it--.

    It was only then that Amina could see what was on his hand. It was a golden ring. As soon as she touched it, she realized it was pure gold. Instead of leaving out miscellaneous decorations, the jewel, which has been smoothly honed, shone as the main character. At first, the green color was emerald, but the texture was different. She found out later that it was a diamond. The color, not transparent, was the first time even Amina saw it. It was more amazing than when I went to Jakal one day to pick out jewelry for magic.

    “Is this-- is this your mother's? You're giving it to me?”

    Jakal had a very quizzical look at the remark.

    She seemed to avoid looking at him.

    “That's because the distribution of imported goods has been pretty smooth since Padisha's accession---- I got in Tüef, but I didn't know what you would like. I'm new and not good about these things, and I'm not used to magic like you. I hope blue is alright, but I wasn't sure if Sapphire was popular with other ladies.”

    “Is..that so, the color is beautiful ----. “
    “I like, you know, the color---. “
    “No, I fine with any color----.”

    His words grew unusually long. It was only then that Amina realized the truth. My hand seemed to tremble suddenly when I touched the jewels. I didn't know he'd bring anything like this. Amina also learned a little bit about the custom here. Usually, the bridegroom gives gifts when proposing, and dowry when marrying. Among them, gifts are gifts to the bride's family. I thought it wouldn't apply to a single person without a family. When did Jakal start preparing this? When you said you wanted to get a proposal from your robes? Or was it before the moon scene?

    Amina took her eyes off the green glint. She even forgot the magic. More than the value of jewelry, her heart was racing like Jakal’s.

    There was no need to say. It was more than she was expected. On that day, in the shade of a rose tree, Amina shared her lips with him until they became tingly. It's the middle of the night and was relieved she didn’t see anyone passing by.
    * * * *

    It's been months since his proposal. There was no end to what to do in the future, including stability within Paz, and preparation for the wedding day with the bride.

    If you look at the proposal to do it in the new year, it was quite an early decision.

    Still, she was enjoying her engagement status for months now. This is a delicate period of time between lovers and couples. It was a period of time that I would never come back to life. In the midst of the thought, Amina went through the gates. The dry plain outside the city spread out before me. The falling star seems to be affecting the soil, but the ground did not change overnight. Outside the city of Paz, there's still a desert full of sand dust.

    Still, there are rumors circulating among merchants that are different from previous years. Strangely, it is said that it is easier to come and go because it is less dry.

    By the time it reached quite a distance of sand, Jakal glanced at the horse on which Amina was riding.

    "We’ve come quite far, is it uncomfortable?”

    "I'm not this tired. You used to ride Cerquez further than this."

    "Handling the reins yourself is different from that. Please tell me if it becomes difficult. You shouldn't overdo it in the middle of the desert------."

    “I'd rather overdo it a little. Yelda doesn't speed up here." In the city, she would run as fast as she could, but in the desert, she was much more relaxed. It is a little frustrating to Amina's temper.

    Jakal said with a slight smile when he saw her grunt. "Then do you want to run here?"

    Amina opened her eyes round. “Can you make her run?”

    “It depends. You'll have to practice running from a long distance. This area is low on gravel, so it's unlikely it'll ever cross."

    "I'll try. You can do it! I can run enough alone in the city! Of course, it is a wet result that Jakal held the reins and opened hundreds of times by itself. With that much success, I thought the sand field wouldn't be too difficult. Just in time, the horizon is a wide horizon.

    Jakal came close and had the reins fixed. He taught Amina how to do it, and then led her to the proper starting point.

    He pointed at his finger to an area. "If you pass two red rocks, you'll get the rainwater. Let's run there first, then take a break for a while, and then start off.”

    Amina wanted to retort shek new. But when she was about to start, she was nervous and looked around Jakarta. "What if she doesn't listen?"

    Jakal seemed to hold back his laughter, which was about to burst out unlikely for a moment. answered quickly with a straight face. “It's okay because I'm running with you.”

    Then there won't be a problem. Even if there's a chance of falling from a horse, if it's Jakal, he'll do whatever he can.

    Amina looked at the corner of her only belief once again and held the reins.

    Jakal called out. “Come on, go!”

    As if understanding, the relaxed white horse began to run like it was on fire.

    Hair fluttered in the wind, and the scarf hanging around Amina’s neck fluttered like a long Kori. A cloud of dust rose from beneath her feet.

    In the open desert, the speed and the rock were completely different. The fact that no one was holding the reins for her was a little intimidated by the confident Amina. Then she came in at a glance. When she realized she was next to him, she didn’t feel anxious. Instead, the freshness filled her chest. Drunk on it, she continued, continued, and continued running untils he could see the well, her destination.

    * * * *
    "My back hurts." Amina complained as she stuck out her lips. She walked the horse at a leisurely pace.

    "My legs hurt, too. My neck and I didn’t even sit behind my neck. “ She didn’t think that she even sat there for a long time…. As time passed, the aftermath came.

    Amina tried her best to balance in the saddle due to the violently shaking, but after a while, the inside of her thighs and calf was stiff. She even had memories of crossing the desert all day before.

    Even though they rode the same distance, Jakal carried a relaxed face. For him, this exercise was not even the level of a morning walk.

    He looked at her with anxious eyes, "You get used to it gradually, it will get better. You just need to match your horse and breath. If it's hard, will you ride in front with me?"

    "Then you have to hold Yelda in the reins. How much is left to go today?"

    "We're almost there. There it is," Jakal pointed in the direction with a nod.

    Amina squinted her eyes and looked at it. Dusty air. The horizon was drawn horizontally.

    As she wondered where it was, she noticed a faint trace of something rising. It was a cluster of buildings.

    "Is it a city?" The outer town used to look like that from afar.

    Jakal replied, re-adjusting his hood. "It's not exactly a city."

    According to his explanation, it generally leads to the tourist site. There were formal names in the old days, but no one calls them cities days. Seventy-five years ago, Sultan visited Paz. That was a dry city to commemorate him politically. According to the literature, it was quite a grand plan, but due to various circumstances, it was lost. It is also a testament to the lax rule of the Paz Viceroy’s family at that time.

    The location was ambiguous, the water was far away, and the budget to rebuild the city was too large. Eventually, as time passed the city was left to decay. Now, it is said that people who come and go to and from the desert use it as a base landing, just like the two people now.

    "The security forces are on a regular patrol so it doesn't become a crime zone or a fairy habitat. That's also a big waste of money, so I'm going to organize it fundamentally. The research team has been dug to see if the beam is worth----."

    Listening to her future plans, Amina also looked up at the entrance of the city, which was getting very close. It was said to be a ruinous place, but the gate was properly completed. There were no guards to protect the place.

    They rode slowly inwards. The empty city had clear signs of laying the foundation for the site. Some buildings have been built up to columns and walls. Some of the spires were carved in sand. It was a deserted land, but the impression of planning a kind of holiday city was clear. It was interesting because it was a rare scene. It was quite a sight in the desert.

    The two crossed the main street. It was time to pass the traces of a round outdoor theater.

    She heard a strange sound from somewhere. "Huh?" Amina looked around.
    At first she thought it was a sound made by a child. But the sound repeated without stopping. The more she heard, the easier to identify the owner of the voice.

    “Jakal, do you hear it? ----not human.” As expected. Amina inadvertently released the hand that held the reins.

    "Is it a Djinn?" After the artificial elf case was concluded, reports of fairy appearances have dropped significantly. Like this, the natural fairy appears to be a very slim probability, possibly a lucky draw. There was a possibility because there was no one but two of them now.

    But Jakal answered with a suspicious look. "If it was a Djinn, it wouldn’t cry like that. Maybe a beast---- a fox bird?"

    Jakal also had no confidence to figure out the exact identity of the crier. The cry seems to resemble, but it is far from a fox's habitat. Having heard so, he wondered what Amina was feeling. It wasn't that threatening unless it was a Djinn.

    He guided his horse into the theater. He looked around the auditorium surrounding the round stage. It was a place made of sandstone that was quite large and difficult to capture immediately. Even so, the crying sound that seemed to be coming closer to them.

    Is he looking for his mother?

    “Amina, you don't have to--”

    “Wait a minute. Over there, oh, there it is!” Amina unknowingly pointed her finger.

    There was a swarm of hair moving in the right of the auditorium. At first glance, the size was really the size of a fox. Jakal was startled and crossed the theater.

    Amina would have been fooling around at that point. But Jakal watched the creature move carefully, realized something, and dismounted from his horse. In an instant, he jumped up the stairs in the center of the auditorium and threw a stone at the feet of the beast. The stone hit the wall and made a sharp sound. The frightened beast turned and tried to retreat, but it was too late. Soon after, Jakal returned, holding the neck of the beast in one hand.

    Then Amina realized what a bundle of hair was. "... a cat?" Meow. A bundle of fur cried as if to answer. When caught in the hands of a human being, it was a little different from the cry of a from the distant streets earlier.

    "There's no reason for a cat to be here. Generally," Jakal grabbed at the luggage behind the saddle. Amina quickly opened the package. She pulled cloth in a basket and wrapped it around the cat. Then she could see what he looked like. Wrapped in baked bread-like fur. Overall, the fluffy silhouette was a common cat in desert cities.

    “Wild cats are--”

    “No, they're not. There is in the city, but not in the middle of a desert like this.”

    The cat was wrapped in a cloth and kept calm. He raised his round eyes and cried again. He looked comfortable with people.

    Amina hugged the cat with an awkward gesture. Unexpectedly, it felt limp.

    "Why is he here?”

    Jakal looked around. He looked around the circular stage and came to a conclusion. "There are signs of fire here. I think this size is a caravan.

    Jakal picked up some ash and heated it with his fingertips. "They must have left by morning. He must have been forgotten or sneaked out of this way."

    "If they didn’t throw you away like this, it’s all good.”

    "If they did they might be cursed by the Gods."

    It's quite a common myth here. In addition to the worship of the goddess of the river, there are many superstitious beliefs in the desert.

    "Then what are you going to do with her?" Amina looked down at the cat for a moment.

    Jakal raised his head, making the height possible with his eyes. He drew the hood and reached a conclusion

    "I don't know if they realize it by now and come looking for it. We don’t have to leave right now, so let's wait until the sun goes down."

    They had set out in the morning, and it was already noontime. The two people took horses and a cat to the top seat. The wind was gently blowing in the shade of the east supported by the pillars.

    Amina sat on a night-carpet. She opened the basket that the butler gave her and started to eat her lunch. It was strange to look down at the city left by others while chewing kebab with beef. They were the only ones on the wide ground.

    "There's really no one," said Jakal, who returned from feeding their horses.

    "I thought I'd like to come to this place for a day," Amina blushed slightly.

    I felt like I was just getting out of a crowd for the first time in a long time.

    The cat was dozing off to make sure she liked it. Amina quickly turned the subject around.

    “What if the owner doesn't come? We can't leave him behind.”

    Jakal also seemed to agree "We can take the initiative too, so---- we’ll notify the association and it'll be announced through our network. I've heard you do that when you lose a camel."

    "It'll take a while to catch the attention of the cat’s owners. In the meantime, we have to keep him. What would we do if we still can't find the owners?"

    "It's endless to assume that way. Let’s wait and see"

    "I don't know much about the care of cats. Cerquez is the only one who I’ve raised when it was a foal.”

    Amina, who heard it, looked back, wondering what was going on with the horses. Both were bent on chewing licorice.

    The sight of a quiet peaceful scene made her tired. In the end, Amina laid on her back. "If the owner doesn't show up, should we give it to someone? Do you know there must be one out of 700,000 people you'd know who would want to raise this cat?"

    Her eyes closed because they left the road early in the morning. Come to think of it, it's been a long time since she felt the roughness of the night-carpet. When she turned to her side and lay down, some of her hair fell down her cheek.

    Amina began to drift asleep without realizing it, when Jakarta's fingers slightly caressed her face, "Are you tired?"

    Amina gently opened her eyes. "Not enough to sleep. Yeah, nothing, quiet."

    "Wouldn't you like to have gone to a teahouse in town?"

    "Hiding your face and not taking it to every corner of the second floor."

    “All day there? This place is better for the wind. Though there's no seat or cushion----."

    She felt strange as she was talking. Amina looked up and looked up at Jakal. His face had become so close before she knew it.

    He is looking down at her with his lower back.

    "-------." The two said nothing for a while. The quiet surroundings gradually allowed her to catch the breath of the other person. Slowly inhaled and exhaled, the flow was finely shaken.

    "----It's strange." Amina raised her hand unknowingly.

    He grabbed the end of the scarf and pulled it away gently. She wanted to hide her cheek before she could even realize exactly what had happened to her.

    "I watch it every day, why does it always get like this?" She wanted to ask herself. Don't you get tired of it? Of course you can't get tired of it. Rather, the more she got used to it, the more she felt empty without it. (Looking at his face.)

    It was the same as a glass of water after waking up and washing before bedtime.

    Jckals’s hand touched the scarf around her cheek. Easily dug under the cloth. The hard fingertips caressed through the cheeks.

    She heard a whisper of a low voice. “I hear you,” Amina closed her eyes. It wasn't unpleasant. I had such a good feeling.

    The finger that was tracing her face and rubbed her temple. Then slowly moved to touch behind the ears. The rubbing motion of the earlobe was repeated over and over again.

    "Jakal…." Amina whispered. She felt completely at his beck and call. For now, it would be acceptable to give this man everything. The hand rubbed against the ear moved downward and touched the neckline. His fingertips were gentle.

    What are you trying to do? She was nervous, as his hands massaged the back of her neck. The persimmon angle, which was relieved by the temple play, was raised. The pressure was cool. Amina unwittingly breathed a long sigh.

    "You said you were sick running earlier. Does this make you feel better?"

    Do you really not know, or do you pretend you don't?

    But if it were Jakal, I'm sure he meant it. Amina opened her eyes and spoke in a grumpy tone. "It's hard to be okay with things like this. I haven't been riding a horse since I was as young as you."

    "Ah----that's right." Jakal seemed to be in a bit of a bind in this attitude right now. There was a rush to add whether he was upset or not. “I'll get hot water ready when we get back.'

    “Would you like to wash with me?”

    “--Would you like to do that?”' Amina jumped up.

    He stripped the hood of his head. Her hands reached out to the short black hair that scattered across his forehead. His whole face drew closer.

    The scarf suddenly spilled and fell to the floor. Two horses. There is one cat. Sun in the sky. So, to put it all, there are eyes to see here too, but it can't be helped. Even after time passed, the owner of the cat did not appear, so it was better to do what you wanted to do.

    'No matter how well-known as the saffron, if he disappears, but wasn’t it unfair to say that you are good at doing anything with your body?' As she was swallowing a breath and pondering the question, Jakal pushed without hesitation at some point.

    Amina didn't know whether she was breathing or sighing. Even so, rather than avoiding it, it is very strange that if she was asking for more. Once the craze barely passed.

    He brushed off the hair that stuck to Amina's forehead. Jakal finally lowered his lips for a kiss. As she held her breath. He pressed his lips gently to the pinna where he had touched before.

    Amina's fingertips were tingling for some reason. It feels like her body has lost all of its strength.

    In the end, she gave up sitting and snapped her upper body down.

    "I remember last year when I ran away with you," she said, brushing Jakal’s knees. Amber eyes staring at the distant landscape looked down. The lashes formed a thin shade as he edged closer.

    "We were alone like this back then. There was no one else to rely on." She was talking, but suddenly something kept pulling at her neck and back.
    Amina stood up and checked, risking her annoyance. It was the cat. When he came out, he was hitting the end of the scarf with his front paws as a toy.

    "You caught a rabbit then, but this time it's a cat."

    When I grabbed a bunch of hair that broke the mood, it went back. There was a meowling sound. I left him alone because I didn't know how to appease him. Instead, I looked up at Jakal.

    "I'm still bad at horseback riding, but I followed you through the desert. Then it's worth putting forward as the wife of Paz's Viceroy, right?" asked Amina, inwardly, "Don't want to confirm."

    No one was opposed to marriage anyway. As news spread that he had been proposed to the court, the reaction of the palace was lukewarm.

    Bisma responded with a sour look, saying, 'I was making a bet with other guards about when to say.'

    Still, I would like to ask at least once when I'm alone. It's a question that can only be asked now if it's not for couples or couples.

    Jakal looked intently at Amina. said, reaching out and sweeping over her hair. "----I'll ask you the other way around. Last year on this day I took you and escaped Paz, and brought you back.”

    "You've done that much, is that enough for you?"

    "It's always the way it is." Amina laughed. Soon after, my laughter died down.

    How intense was it on this day last year and how many victims were killed? A year later, she was still next to Jakal. We promised to be together forever.

    Even though the past hardships were old times, I couldn't believe the present peace. The thought of him raised the calming fever. Deep down in the chest, the filling came out.

    "Give me a hug like then, ·····." Jakal stretched out his arms without a word. Amina waited still. Slowly she went into his arms. She wrapped herself in his back. The quiet fill I felt on my bed the day before filled up again.

    The arms of Jakarta gradually became stronger. Are we going to kiss each other again like before?

    The moment Amina's body becomes hardened by tension and expectation, Yaaaaong.

    "------really, his cat!"

    Jakal also stopped abruptly. Then I realized something and raised my head. The sun had fallen before I knew it. There was not a man seen far into the empty ruins. I guess the cat owner will never showed up. Eventually, he stood up when he left a lingering impression.

    "We’re going to have to get back. You'll be up all night in the desert if you're late."

    Amina, too, held back her regret and followed him. I fixed my scarf and looked down at the cat. I'm angry, but I can't let it go.

    "We don't even have sacks in our saddle every month. How do I take her?"

    "You can tie him up and carry him.”

    “Tie him up?”

    Amina stared at Jakal strangely as he picked up a bundle of cloth quietly. Place the ends around the shoulder and sides of the rim. The cat cried, puzzledly sticking out its head. It was a little funny because it looked like a baby band. *

    * * *
    It was good to bring such an owner-lost beast to Taesu Palace. Some maids had experience raising cats, so they knew what to feed and take care of. Everyone else volunteered to wait on him, feeling sorry for him. Thanks to you, the cat became very popular. Everyone said it was cute just by walking.

    At first, the cat, who was intimidated by a strange place, strode the West Palace triumphantly after a few days.

    Amina doesn't think the phenomenon itself is bad. There is no harm in softening the atmosphere of the West Palace. Just one thing----.

    "----- Get away!" That bundle of fur is bound to interrupt when it's not wanted. In the history of the nation, one might say that it is an honorary position at best.

    Still, I am the only wizard who works in both ways. Collect a survey of the stars found in various places. write a report for the capital In addition to restoration of the old drinking style, new research is being conducted in line with the current situation. There are also plans to commercialize magic, as one day thought. The talk of the day has been how to use so-called healing. The contact method developed by Jibril is effective but limited. Because we can't give out numbers to patients all over the world.

    Therefore, we are trying to develop it as a medical device as much as possible. I've brought the documents to the West Palace and I'm working on them, and that's the problem.

    "Is Tola there? Can you take her?" The Amina shouted towards the door.

    Even at that moment, the cat showed brilliant front paws using a pen as a game.

    Tola came in quickly and took care for the cat. She was extremely tender to the usually blunt brute beast.

    The cat meowed and acted cute. At the sight, Amina threw a slightly offended look.

    "I'm taking care of you, but I hope you don't bother me sensibly if you know Eun-hye."

    "Don't do that too much. She's worried because she's working late, too."

    “Tola's on her side? Everyone's out their minds."

    "It's small and cute, isn't it? It's like a baby."

    Tola, who said so, had changed her body. The outline of the belly was clear over the clothes. Amina knew of course what was wrong with Tola's body.

    In short, Amina got married while she was gone from Paz. When Nadir was expelled from the West Palace right after the man she originally dated made an offer of marriage.

    Still, Tola compared the cat to a, uh, baby. You didn't even take a vacation before because you were tired of taking care of your brother. These days she often says she expects a baby to be born.

    "So you're about to take a leave of absence? When is it?"

    “'It's still another month. The exact date will come later," she added, adding that the work adjustment should be completed in consultation with the butler. “I am sorry for not being able to help with the wedding in the New Year. “

    After the conversation, Tola left the separate room, hugging the cat. Amina tried again to indulge in the ceremony, but her already lose concentration did not return.

    "Baby. Tola's baby-----."

    I couldn't imagine. How about herself? After marrying Jakal formally, will she suddenly want to have a baby and take care of it?

    I didn't think I could do that at the moment. A cave village used to heal the baby of a woman of the same age. But the only thing I could appreciate at that time was "Great age like me" and "It must be hard."

    A baby or a cat is one thing. They are small, a little cute, don't understand what people say, and will cry and be deaf. Will he be able to overcome magic and care about the creature?

    Right now, Amina has never given food to a cat. It's thanks to the city boys.

    "If I were married right away, I wouldn't have had time to think about this. Oh, no, I'm done with my research today." I finally let go of my work. It was almost time to sleep.

    After changing into pajamas and loosening his hair, she put some makeup on his face.

    Jakal hasn't come back yet. It is said that some important meeting was scheduled late. He asked me to go to bed first today, but the question that came to mind earlier grew so much that I didn't want to sleep alone. So Amina left her separate room and headed to a passage leading to Jakal’s residence.

    'If you go into the room, you won't be able to come and go like this.'

    The residence in Jakarta is the room of the successor, who has been used since the former military commander. Starting in the new year, the government has decided to move to a space used by the Viceroy.

    'Does Jakal want a baby?' In the old days, he would have needed a successor to hand over his post. But the country has already changed. Although the post of Viceroy still remains, the hereditary succession has been abolished. The obligation to give birth to a child has also disappeared.

    'So you've never said that before. Just thinking about staying together all the time----- What kind of answer will he answer if asked. '

    Something appeared in front of me as I was walking thinking. A four-legged shadow, needless to say, that is a hairy beast, barely touching its feet.

    "What, you're out again? Not with Tola?" Amina talked to the side.

    The cat cried for a long time and was swollen in its ankles. It seemed to be a gesture to be cute.

    Amina puffed out her lips and moved her feet out of the way.

    "Does your owner even know act like this?” Seriously, don't stick to me. After a long walk, I finally didn't heal. This is because I was worried that I might not be able to kick well after hanging around at the ankles.

    hen I got down in front of Jakal's residence, the cat followed lightly without making a sound.

    Indeed, the superstition of the former Spirit of God was well matched. Jakal must still be in a meeting. The place where I left off all day was cold. Amina turned her back on as familiarly as her own room. I pulled up the muslin screen on the bed.

    The cat jumped up first and fell on the blanket.

    "You're getting up to Jakal's bed, and you're fearless." Then Amina also went up to bed without qualms.

    Some might think it was my saliva, but it didn't matter. Isn't that how you use it as a real one? As expected, this place is big and wide to fit Jakal’s physique.

    When I lay down, the sheep's hair was warm. She pulled the blanket over her. It was even warm compared to the season. Nevertheless, I felt that I was lacking in amino acids. The temperature at the side of the bed has gone down.

    "----Will you come in a little while?" asked the wrong cat. The cat rolled its eyes at the question.

    Yaah, it cried a meaningless cry, and he began to play with my hair that was disheveled on the rug.

    "Oh, really! You don't give me time to relax! Stop it!" Amina hurriedly pulled herself up and pulled up her head.

    The move rather irritated the cat. A fierce battle broke out against the fur monster who held out his front feet and jumped. After a long scuffle, Amina took the last resort. As I focused my consciousness, the line of cause and effect was blurred out in my vision. Very slightly adjusted, the cat flopped in the air at the height of two snakes.

    Yay. Yay! The cat fluttered with a look of ignorance. Soon the cat's body came down to the bed. The cat seemed to be mesmerized by the rug.

    "Stay still. You're supposed to be a little quiet."

    Yowoooooooooo. Amina lay down on her seat only then. It's a small miracle compared to the past, and for now it's been quite bloody for him.

    "I can't wait for your master to show up. You know, you're sneaking around. If you've come this far, why don't you think of becoming a little gentle beast?"

    We've taken all the necessary steps to find the owner. All the owner has to do is come to the palace after hearing the news. I don't know what it is, but it must be heartbreaking to lose it in the desert. But this cat is a natural born cat here. Does he miss his owner?

    Amina stared at the cat, and then looked beyond the curtain, wondering when Jakal would be back. I breathed shallowly because I didn't smell anything yet. I put my head on the road pillow. I fell asleep in a moment.

    Amina woke up again because she felt something on her cheek.
    Amina opened her eyes wide. I thought the feeling of something touching my cheek was a dream. The next moment, the sense of familiarity with the passing became clear again.

    "----Did I wake you?" Jakal was back. I could see the humidity of the hand he had brought back. I must have rolled up my hair while I was asleep. The long hair had been neatly pulled behind the ears.

    At first glance, he caught a pot of water and spices. The clothes were also changed into indoor clothes. I think he's ready to go to bed. Amina lay half asleep and half asleep. Looking straight up at Jakarta, he replied.

    "Ah,...Is the meeting over?"

    “It's a little late, but for now. We've discussed ways to deal with the historical sites we've been to before. The place where we found this guy." After speaking, Jakal sat on the edge of the bed. Amina thought of a cat later when she said, "This guy."

    The cat had the nerve to come into bed. She looked around and suddenly realized that her stomach was heavy.

    God, the cat had the nerve to crawl and sleep. 'He's pushing me!' Amina rolled him aside.

    The cat, who had just woken up, turned on its hind legs. She was amazed to see him yawning.

    Jakarta smiled lowly at the sight. “I was wondering why you were sleeping here.”

    You were staring at me when I was crushed by this thing?

    "You seem to get along well on the outside. You seemed to be bothered, but now you're attached to it?"

    At Jakal’s question, Amina shook her head, “Not at all. I guess I'm not good at this.”

    “Maybe. You don't have to push yourself just because the maids like him." Jakal answered coolly.

    Amina was a little relieved at the words. Everyone said the cat was cute, but I wondered if I was unique because I didn't really care. There was also a slight anxiety over whether my feelings would have been seen strangely by Jakal.

    “So thank you for saying that--” I think Jakal is actually better at dealing with cats than it is. That's the case now. Jakal easily gave his side to the cat that was snuggling merrily.

    A hard, big hand swept away the puffed out hair. The cat tilted his head satisfactorily.

    Does that man easily show leniency to the cat because he is used to handling horses?

    The look at the small animal was friendly to the warrior. Amina looked up for a long time and commented, "You keep touching him. Is he cute?"

    "The way he sleeps with you."

    ‘What's cute about pressing the belly button? How the hell was I sleeping? No, more than that, how long have you been watching?'

    It was a little embarrassing to imagine myself sleeping without knowing that Jakal was watching. Amina changed the subject by touching her hair for no reason.

    "I guess we don’t have much from the top communication.”

    “I think they've contacted all the merchants who've passed the area. It takes time for the notice to get to the main road."

    "I'm worried that the owner of the cat won't show up until the end."

    When I first found him at the historical site, I was in a good mood. I thought it would be over soon if I found another owner.

    When I heard that it was a cat that the state affairs were falling, I tried to get anyone to take him.

    However, this piece of hair clump unexpectedly caught the hearts of the city girls.

    Now, it's on my mind how they would react if I told them the cat was leaving. Amina's status is higher, so they wouldn't dare to reject it, but there's nothing good about hurting public sentiment.

    ‘I guess you don't want to leave it like this and raise it. There's no mouse in the West Palace."

    You don't know why its hunting instinct is only used on hair or pen. Whenever Amina saw such a cat, she realized it desperately. He was a small animal and did not have a vessel to embrace useless behavior.

    Whatever he does, I hope he doesn't break into my life. It was difficult to regard hard combs ruining hair or elaborate techniques as an unspeakable beast. I thought I became a little adult after going through many things last time. However, this alone could not be compromised.

    'It's like this with cats, but I don't think they'll call it babies--'

    Maybe it's natural because they weren't very kind to kids before. Even a blunt person like Kesha declared that parenting is 'tough'.

    Does she even know how she feels? The cat now lay bare and showed its belly. It stretched it’s flexible body by turning. He seemed to want the tail to be swept away.

    Jakal looked at the cat and said, "It's okay to think about it slowly. It's a good thing for a late master to show up, and it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing for maids to do."

    "What do you think? You're the only real owner of the palace now, so tell me.

    "Do you think we should raise it?"

    "I think it's okay to leave it, but I don't think it's important to see my opinion for a short time like this. If you find it a hassle, you should give it up."

    While he was saying so, Jakal generously touched the cat as he wanted. A handsome man and a cat on the bed. Cute and he has a friendly touch with small animals. It is a picturesque scene.

    In fact, Amina could not watch with such fine eyes as Jakal did earlier. The desire to make that hand entirely her own came to my attention.

    "Stop and lie down. You must be tired, too," pulled the sleeve.

    There, Jakal laid down gently.

    The cat slipped out of the man's hand like a liquid. Walking between the feet of the two of them, he crouched down. The black hair of Jakarta remained wet. The Amina swept it away.

    "Next time I'll be waiting until you come back. To have a bath together."

    "---The washing will take longer."

    Amina blushed. Her ears were burning as if she had gone into the hot water. Amina was intoxicated with it, and she had tasted the feeling of a mass of steam rising up to the heart of her head. The memory then overlapped with the desire for monopoly I felt earlier.

    Another question that lingered in her mind gradually intensified and asked Jakal, whispering. "Do you like thinks small and cute?"

    Jakal blinked at the remark. “What are you asking?”

    “Well! I'm your standard for being small. I mean, like that cat--."

    "I would've told you earlier. You don't have to put up with what you don't like because you care about my opinion."

    "No, more than that, he--." It was my first time talking about this topic with Jakarta. Amina buried half her face in the carpet.

    "Baby, you want to have-----?"

    At that moment, Jakal came to a halt. His breath died down as to how perfectly he could move.

    I couldn't predict what had crossed his mind. It was time for Amina to swallow her breath with nervousness.

    Jakal took his head off and sprang to his feet, and sat upright, as if under orders from the emperor. His expression was so serious that he was frozen stiff. It was like a person who had spent the winter in the ice-making basement. He finally finished his preparation and opened his mouth.

    “No--No, no! That's not what I'm trying to say!" Amina rose in a hurry. "I know better!”

    "I never let that happen without preparation! I've done my best, but if I've made one mistake in ten thousand ---"

    "It's okay because it's not like that!" I shouldn't have been lucky, but there was a serious misunderstanding. I've run out of cold sweat. When I hugged the cushion tightly to press down on my broken feelings, the cat stared at me as if it were what was going on. It's all because of you.

    Amina blamed the cat and quickly said barely calming down. "I just wanted to ask. First of all we--- We’re engaged."

    The more we talk, the more new the words. Amina hugged the cushion tighter.

    "I'd like to hear your opinion, too. I've been living with you--- I'm not sure yet. I can't imagine myself taking care of small things."

    If someone hears it, they'll probably say, 'Are cats and babies are not alike. But for Amina, cats and babies were similar. Small, cute and incomprehensible animals. I didn't even get a sense of reality that such things would happen in my body, let alone attachment. I didn't believe it was a natural result if the creature was with Jakal.

    Jakal only released his frozen face. The slowly melted eyes changed as if comforting. A big hand wrapped Amina's shoulder. "Was that something you were thinking about?"

    "Thinking---- maybe not. Suddenly curious." Then the hand wrapped around her shoulder slid down her back. His fingers got tangled up in her loose hair. It was a touch that seemed to confirm that Amina existed here.

    Jakal looked at Amina for a long time, and spoke with great force, one word after another. "You're the only one I ever wanted, then and now. I've never wanted more than that."

    It was Jakarta's unique and sincere way of speaking.

    A light kiss touched my forehead. “I'd spend my life just coming back that day, but in what capacity would I ask you for more?”

    “But it's weird for you to put up with me. If you say you like a baby, I'll try to like it, too."

    "You're the only one who can handle giving birth. I don't know anything else, but I can't do anything about it."

    Jakal slowly laid Amina in her seat, and lowered himself to the side.

    “If you don't want it, I don't need it either,” returned the firm answer.

    Amina felt her heart sink at the words. Anxiety washed away and relief spread.

    At the same time, it was fortunate that this man was beside her. She pushed out the cushion She was holding.

    She moved closer into Jakal’s arms. ”'I'll put it on hold for a while then.”

    “I'll have to be careful not to make a mistake.”

    I laughed a little bit at the remark. It was not long before we hugged each other. When I shared my body temperature, I felt full and full.

    Time may change one’s mind. You may want a crystal that can only be achieved by two people. This might come the moment you feel it's lovely. But now it was good that it was just two people. There was not enough time to be absorbed in the other party. We still want to monopolize each other a little more.

    "......Gah! Oh don't come up! Sleep over there. Or get out!"

    * * * *
    The cat stirred the atmosphere of the palace for a few days after that. As the days went by, the maids were captivated by this beast. Even the servants were caught secretly giving it chicken.

    The amazing grip of the public on the furry hump reached its peak when the gecko was captured hiding in the palace.

    The affairs of state was troubled. She couldn’t let it go. Although the cat was criticized for the fatal mistake of stamping ink footprints on the table, it did not affect the already firm advocacy of people liking him. In fact, her political capacity was being tested.

    But one day, this problem suddenly came to a conclusion, very simply.

    "----Because there is nothing to bother me." Amina fell on her bed and suddenly spit out.

    That morning, a porter wandered at the gate of the Palace. They said they had the announcement for their lost cat and was there to pick him up. Someone cried at the touching reunion.

    On the other hand, Amina was cool inside. This quickly solved the troublesome problem. (T/N: Cat is gone.)

    But for some reason when she found a bread-like color of fur on a rug (similar to the cat), she felt strange.

    Sitting in that long chair over there, Jakarta stopped working on the sword and asked. "Is it gone and empty? If you wanted, I could get the another guy----."

    "It’s all right. I’ll forget it after a few days. What about you, what are you going to do?" Amina raised her upper body slightly and looked at Jakal.

    Jakal noticed the airflow only with his eyes. He put his sword down silently and came over. A muslin shield on the bed blocked others from seeing. The sound of opening items such as powdered gloves clicked. Instead of feeling full, thirst dominated this place today.

    Either way, the feeling of love gradually became more intense.

    And again, one beast on the bed is enough.
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