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    I need an anime fanfic where there is no romance or harem. It may be one of these anime in particular that you would like to find fanfiction: (Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail, One piece, Dragon Ball, etc)


    - Must be OC

    - The protagonist must be yes or yes male, I do not like female protagonists.

    -It must not have romance or harem. You also don't have to have a late romance.

    -You must focus only on your own power, that is, I do not like protagonists who always change what they want to do just to please other characters.

    -Intelligent, good or bad.

    -I wish it wasn't too OP from the beginning, it's honestly boring when it gains power so fast and it is already known that no one will be able to beat it.

    Sorry my english is bad:v
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    Reincarnation Paradise the best fanfiction you can find mc is cold and ruthless
    The rise of dark Pokemon one of the best Pokemon fanfiction mc is team Rocket member not evil but dark and also story is slow paced
    Reincarnation in Naruto world with samasara eyes .Mc obtain tenseigan and the story begin
    All of these are the best fanfiction I have read none of them have romance as for harem donot even think about it. Mcs are selfish cold and only cares about themselves and to become strong they can do anything