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    - This thread contains spoilers to the ending of Anna's Quest.. You have been warned. -

    I just finished playing this game, and I have to say... holy crap am I pissed off. I just wanted to slap Jannike, slap her mother twice, and kick the Devil's ass. This damn game made me play through that tragedy when I knew damn well what was going to happen to Hans. Then Winfriede topples off the castle-made-cliff in the end. Hooray? Ding dong the witch is dead? Seriously? Not one flipping mention is made of anyone other than Anna understanding her side of things. It's just all happily ever after.

    Winfriede's entire life was a tragedy. Hans died. She was labelled a murderer, blamed for his death, and cast aside by her family. She kept his stuff. His books. His machine. His most cherished possession. She clearly cared for him. A lot. Regretted what happened to him. Sure, she becomes twisted as hell. She isn't a nice person by the time Anna meets her, no. .. but don't give me any crap about her brushing away Anna's hand and desiring nothing but revenge. They deserved it.

    Jannike, for example, never even TRIED to understand her sister. She argued repeatedly with Anna, saying that there was nothing TO understand. That Anna was wrong to even THINK there was any good in her sister. She deserved to be trapped in that glass, and I regret ever letting her out.

    Oh. Let's not forget Minerva, too. That bitch. It's ultimately as much her fault as it is the Devil's. She couldn't let Winfriede use the third eye spell to pass her gibberish test. She had to go all prophecy of doom and push them in a more fatal direction. Goddess of Wisdom? My ass.

    But. No. Winfriede is the villain, right? We stopped all of her nasty schemes, rescued everyone she ever tricked or trapped, and, finally, watched her die. Then we get treated to smiles and waves from all the happy people that now get to continue their happy lives without the evil witch getting in the way.

    If I was Anna, the only thing going through my head when I walked away from them in the ending would be the words: "Fuck. You. Guys."

    Has anyone else around here played this yet? What'd you guys think? As pissed as I am?

    Edit There were a few lines of dialogue after the credits that showed Anna had shared what she learned from those memories with Jannike & son. This pleases me. .. Jannike still deserves to be stuck in glass for eternity, though.
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