Chinese Aristocratic Family 世家 by 尤四姐 You Si Jie

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    Name : Aristocratic Family 世家
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    It's a popular novel from a popular author
    It looks like a beautiful love story
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    Song Yin is the main root and branch of Tong Jia’s clan. The Tong family have managed the Imperial Household Department for 85 years and there have been as many chiefs of the department coming from the family as the emperors.

    The Tong Jia clan’s descendants are not thriving, and when it comes to Yin Zi’s generation, there are four daughters. The eldest passed away, and Yin Zi being the second daughter, the position as the chief of the department fell on her shoulders.

    Walking in the Forbidden City, Yin Zi can handle a butcher’s cleaver with ease (a Chinese idiom meaning to do something skillfully and easily). She is a capable girl who is well liked. She is getting old and has not settled down but it doesn’t matter. The head had spoken that she can choose as she wishes among the princes, dukes and noblemen.
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