Recommendations Aromantic qt mc hooks up with male and female leads

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    Recently I have been enjoying reading "Sinister Ex-Girlfriend" tremendously.
    I don't like the concept of a qt mc genuinely falling in love in every world and I don't like brainless mc's either... But I do enjoy my fair share of heartbreak, drama and general femme-fatale shenanigans. The novel above hits these spots perfectly with a very intelligent mc who doesn't fall in love with anybody, ever, but plays with people's hearts like in a game of chess.
    The only problem I see with it... is that mc doesn't bend women at all. I mean, it's like the author is against this kind of stuff, they tease the relationship between mc and the bigshot lady from the real world all the time and once mc said she did bend a vampire countess when she acted as a peasant girl, and there was an arc where mc casually conquered the heart of a maid background character, there was a time where mc once (maybe) bent the female lead at the end of an arc just to mess with her though it was never explicitly stated, there were also some snippets here and there that the author very much isn't against homosexual relationships, so why do we never see the mc conquering the female leads instead of male leads?
    Basically, I want the same kind of story but where mc doesn't differentiate between victims targets and hooks up with women too!
    Here's a short description of what I want:
    1) Intelligent female mc, quick transmigration.
    2) mc doesn't fall in love at all, can pretend and lie and act though.
    3) mc is a femme-fatale, a master manipulator and plays with people's feelings
    4) mc's targets are both men and women. Sometimes at the same time