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    Haven’t read the story yet and only skimmed the spoiler but what happened to the mom? Is she dead?
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    Chapter 54 is out, The Duke and the brother all found out about what the Viscount(FL's Aunt) had done thanks to the 1st Prince.

    Now I'm itching to read the next chapter anyone please boo hoo

    ‼️ QUESTION : What chapter will FL tell or the Father and Brother found out about FL's Regression??

    Hello not sure if this was answered or if I asked it first but do you know when and how both the Father and Brother will find out about FL's regression.?

    Hello do you still remember what chapter both the father and brother finds out about FL's regression
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    Manhwa is coming out on September 9th!!
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    OMG!! :blobhero::blobparty:
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    Didn't expect a manhwa adoptation :aww:
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    Im trying to post the mtl when i can

    “… … Didn't you come?"
    Just then, the maid smiled as she released the hand that was holding Beatty's wrist tightly.
    “I will continue to say that in the future.”
    A sneering sound could be heard in Beatty's ears, which were wrapped around her red-colored wrists.
    “How bad would I feel if I heard bad things from a kid who wasn’t anything?”
    Beati had few avenues for knowledge.
    'baby… … It makes me feel bad when I hear nonsense.'
    So even if you hear rudeness, or even an insult.
    “Did you know? if not… … I will be very angry.”
    There is no one to correct it.
    'Then I'm angry, so I have to use respect.'
    Little Beatty knew it was common sense and swallowed it.
    "Yes … … No, yes.”
    The maid enjoyed the feeling of superiority that came from crushing the noble child.
    "Well done."
    Mean laughter filled the hallway like gooey mud.
    * * *
    'No matter how friendly the people here.'
    Such kindness was something I hadn't come across very often.
    Beatty didn't want to offend the friendly girls by doing something wrong.
    'I'll be angry if the half-lady talks nonsense.'
    Beati thought so inwardly and nodded her head. As she was immersed in reminiscence for such a brief moment, she did not notice Ather's eyes that had become cold.
    “‘A child who is not even a proper nobleman’… … .”
    A hoarse voice resounded dangerously in my ears.
    "In addition?"
    "Yes… … ?”
    When Beaty, who had a puzzled expression on her face, raised her head, Ater, who had already saved her life, was smiling brightly.
    “Have you heard anything other than that?”
    "uh… … .”
    It's not something I really want to get out of my mouth.
    I think the sound of breaking teeth came from somewhere... … .
    But when Beatty raised her head, all she could see was her brother's friend, who was smiling calmly.
    "Yes… … .”
    Like a beast that bowed down to crush its prey, Ather spoke in a slightly lowered voice.
    “Who said that?”
    Beatty tilted her head as if in trouble at the vague question to just pinch.
    "Why. Can't you remember the name?"
    "uh… … I don’t know a few of them.”
    “… … among them?"
    Ather did not miss the implications of Beati's words.
    "Well. Everyone in the capital mansion was like that.”
    To the extent that it is difficult to pinpoint it, the title by which she was already called was in common use as 'halfprice' among the residents of the capital.
    “But I’ve never heard the names of people there… … .”
    In Ather's eyes full of curiosity-living-, Beati wanted to answer the questions he was curious about, but unfortunately, he didn't know a few names.
    There's no way the users who enjoyed ignoring the noble kid to the utmost respectfully introduce me.
    'He didn't talk to me... … .'
    It was because there was no one to talk to Beatty in particular except when he was bullied like that.
    'Every name I know is something I've heard while talking to other people, can I tell you this?'
    Fortunately, before her troubles were over, Ather spoke first.
    With his eyes even cooler, he pondered the implications of the words that came out of the little star's mouth. It was just a word to distract his attention, but he didn't know that the shadow of the mansion remained even in the tone of the child's tone.
    'Very, I feel bad.'
    It felt as if I had been hit in the head with a stone.
    “… … .”
    “Your Majesty Arthur?”
    Beati made a puzzled face at the boy's prolonged silence.
    "Oh sorry."
    opened her mouth.
    “I remember what I missed.”
    It was kind of a cool smile.
    * * *
    Prince 1 left the room saying he forgot to give it to his older brother.
    'Even in this and that way, it seems that I have a good relationship with my brother.'
    Before leaving, he said something strange.
    "Ah. From now on, I'd rather not use those respectful words."
    I was bewildered by what this was talking about, but he smiled politely again and said:
    “Would you like to talk to me first?”
    It can't be okay with the Prince. When I shut my mouth, I burst into laughter as to what it meant, and I made up my own plans.
    “Let’s practice together next time.”
    The 1st Prince seems to be a bit of a strange person.
    Thinking that way, Beatty was determined to avoid Prince 1 as much as possible.
    “Then, if you need anything, please, call me.”
    “Yes, thank you.”
    The maid who took off the banquet dress left the room, and Beatty, dressed in comfortable dressing gowns, sat down on the bed.
    'It's usually time to sleep.'
    I got used to going to bed early under my father's guidelines for going to bed early, but for some reason I wasn't sleepy at all today.
    Was it because it was the first time I went to a big banquet?
    'There were a lot of people.'
    The banquet I had only seen in books was more sparkling than I had imagined.
    In fact, in order to perfect the banquet prepared by the baby, the Duke invested a budget that could hold ten more banquets elsewhere.
    Beatty, unaware of this fact, thought that everyone was like that, exclaiming, 'The banquet was really sparkling,' and came to have the wrong standard.
    Beatty looked back proudly at today's banquet, which was fortunately wellreceived.
    Seeing the stuff lying on the desk, I got up again.
    'I was going to bring it to my father separately.'
    A transparent potion bottle with a greenish tint.
    It was the purest of the potions produced to make the Wermut potion tea.
    'Now that I think about it, shouldn't I have to look at it?'
    It was my father who made it possible for me to present both the macrame decorations and the Wermut potion tea at the banquet.
    Fortunately, the response was good, so it seemed good to report these results thanks to you.
    'I don't know, maybe I'll invest in the top later.'
    By accumulating these small achievements one by one, it is still a distant future, but wouldn't it be possible to attract even a small investment when building an independent platform in the future?
    That's a reasonable calculation.
    Beati nodded and got up with a potion bottle. Beati, who was heading to the office with a bottle in her favorite bag and walking lightly, before turning the corner of the hallway leading to the office.
    Sensing something different from the usual air, I stopped and took a step.
    In the vicinity of the office, where there was always a solemn atmosphere, the aides who came and went were also quiet, chatting with each other.
    'What's going on?'
    Beati tilted her head and carefully hid herself in a corner, only sticking her eyes out.
    'People… … .'
    It's the first time I've seen so many people gathered in front of the office.
    After all, wondering what was going on and wondering if I should come back later, Beatty rolled her eyes.
    Beati's gaze, who had been looking around like that, stopped at one place.
    Beati's eyes widened as she witnessed a familiar figure taking on an unexpected look.
    * * *
    “My, why are you doing this to me!”
    Pirina, who had been dragged with her upper body tied tightly, shouted sarcastically.
    'Isn't the plan found out?'
    Pirina, who was looking around looking for an ally, met the gaze of the duke, who was quietly trying to live.
    Unbeknownst to the bloody aura that I couldn't handle, it made a sound as if the wind was coming out of the pig's lungs.
    “… … viscount."
    A growl was mixed in the voice of the peacock who held his breath and opened his mouth as if suppressing the seething life.
    At the low-pitched cry of a wild beast that naturally made its hair stand upright, the Viscount almost turned around and ran away without realizing it.
    “Okay. You must not move.”
    “Aww, how dare you!”
    Pirina raised her voice to the soldier holding the string firmly again.
    "profit! Even if you treat me like this, I know you'll be fine! Low things!”
    The soldiers' eyes frowned at Pirina's behavior as she cursed and cursed like a fish flapping her tied upper body.
    “I am the Viscount who goes to and from the royal castle! 2nd Queen Mama is a precious identity that can even be seen directly! To treat me like a criminal like that.”
    Pirina opened her mouth again, her face reddened from screaming whale whales.
    bum bum.
    But she couldn't utter the next word.
    It was because I was frightened to see the peacock approaching me with a gaze that seemed to tighten its neck, like a wild beast judging when to cut its prey's leash.
    “… … .”
    The golden eyes staring at him without a word seemed to change at any moment and tear him apart.
    “Oh, Duke… … .”
    Pirina struggled to make an excuse, moving her tongue hardened in fear.
    “Misunderstood, misunderstood.”
    “Get me wrong… … .”
    Immediately after hearing the peacock's voice, which seemed to be about to be cut at any moment, the sound of foot swords resounded clearly.

    Pirina, whose face turned white and bloody, tried to cling to the peacock.
    “Duke! Listen to me first... … uh?"
    Unexpectedly, there was no sword in the duke's hand. Instead, something twinkle light was reflected from the side.
    “Oh, unintentionally.”
    When everyone's eyes were on, Carl spoke in a tone as if even a light piece of paper had been spilled.
    However, contrary to the tone of the mistake, he did not put a sword in the road.
    As Carl gently tilted his sword as if he was playing with his hand, the shadow of the sword lit up with the light fell on the Viscount's neck.
    Pirina felt death closer than ever.
    “Wow, what are you doing! Duke, please dry it! Wouldn't you like to see Confucius Aslan cut off his own blood?"
    Instead of clinging to another nephew, whom he could not speak at all during the haul, Pirina appealed to the duke.
    “… … It’s noisy.”
    At Pirina's vexingly tight pleading, Karl's eyes gleamed dangerously.
    Then, the peacock opened his mouth.
    Even if he didn't hit his head right away, he tried to take a small amount off the other side, but he looked at the duke who stopped him by calling his name in surprise.
    Of course, the peacock didn't go out to dry it for his own son.
    'Later? Are you saying that Confucius will leave me alone or not?'
    The duke opened his mouth, looking at Pirina, who was terrified as he recalled the duke's meaning, with the same eyes as when he was looking at the object of interrogation underground.
    “Now there is something I need to hear first.”
    hmmm. Carl turned his gaze back to the wrist of his Viscount.
    “Then please.”
    Come on, do it first.
    Ms. Carl, a polite boy yielding his turn, put his sword back and retreated.
    The anticipatory gaze aimed at the cutting edge of politeness remained unmoved.
    Pirina, whose neck became cold, trembled at the dry gaze that did not treat her as a human being.
    'How dare you persecute me as an aristocrat like this without a royal trial! No matter how much Aslangara, I can't do this.'
    Even with a lot of hesitation, the Viscount had such a plan inside.
    Confucius, he is still at an age when blood is pouring out of his head, so he runs wildly, but the duke, the head of a family, must be different.
    'I don't know why you're doing this to me, but I can't let it go like this. The political burden would be great.'
    Apologize for Confucius' excessive behavior in moderation, and we will negotiate so as not to escalate the business.
    Pirina, who was making rational aristocratic reasoning, met the peacock's eyes looking down at me and realized it.
    In the face of such a quietly burning anger, it is a futile expectation to seek rationality.
    “Listen to where I spent the gold coins I sent.”
    Pirina's ordeal had only just begun.
    The duke's golden eyes looking down at her were boiling like molten gold said to have been poured on the enemy's neck by the Aslan family long ago.
    “To which baoji did the gold coins to be used by the baby go to… … Please speak carefully.”
    The duke's voice to deal with the accomplices who touched child support was still low.
    It made me realize that the energy that was exuded from him, more than living, meant that he would make the robbers even less likely to die.
    The nape of his neck became cooler than before when the real sword was pulled out.
    Pirina hurriedly shook her head, which did not turn well.
    'I'm talking about child support, the gold coins sent by the duke. Then you don't know about other things, do you?'
    From the point of view of a lot of clenching, I had to be careful before making fun of my mouth. Because it's difficult to get caught by the words you accidentally spit.
    “… … Is that why you dragged me so humiliatingly? Child support?”
    When the duke did not respond to the question he stabbed with a big heart in his own way, Pirina was relieved inwardly.
    'I'm glad I did.'
    Being caught by the peasant family was among the most trivial of the many problems Pirina dealt with.
    'Well, even if I touched the gold coin sent by the duke for child support, isn't that the price for taking care of the child?'
    Pirina thought so without any guilt.
    “I think there must have been a misunderstanding.”
    Pirina, who had a subtle smile, teased her mouth with an insignificant tone as if it was nothing special.
    “It was just a small family problem… … It seems that the lower ones have exaggerated their words.”
    Thousands of things clicked his tongue saying there was nothing he could do about it.
    “And the Duke doesn’t know either? How hard are the kids at that age? How much money does it cost to raise a child in the capital?”
    How many gold coins were sent from the peasant family?
    It was nonsense to talk about money that would go into the fortress children, with money that would be enough to build five or six houses on land in the capital city.
    “… … .”
    The duke's gaze deepened at the words that were not worth responding to.
    'If you continue to waste your time talking like this nonsense.'
    The Duke kept his mouth shut, contemplating the use of coercive means for a more constructive conversation.
    '… … Did the excuse work?'
    However, Pirina misunderstood the duke's silence and teased her even harder.
    “As you know, kids these days are so rude compared to when I was a kid. Of course we… … .”
    'By the way, what was his name?'
    Pirina faltered at the name she couldn't remember right away.
    “… … Not that my nephew was like that. I just don't care how much child support my nephew in Aslanga is, and I'm struggling with this and that... … .”
    The words of Pirina, who made up about Beatty's luxury, who can't even remember her name properly.
    He was interrupted by a noise coming from the corner of the hallway. The sound of something light falling wasn't loud, but the familiar sound of footsteps followed the peacock and Confucius' eyes toward the end of the hallway.
    “… … baby?"
    Thanks to Su-in's exceptional eyesight, he could clearly see the intricate facial features of a small child from afar.
    The peacock, who witnessed the water gathering in his black eyes like a pond trembling after being hit by a stone thrown by a passerby, immediately turned into a bewildered expression.
    However, the target he sang, Beati, was not in the spirit to notice the change in his father's expression now.
    Unknowingly, I didn't even realize that the bag of acorns I cherished had fallen from the small palm of my hand.
    “To me… … .”
    He opened his mouth with a trembling voice.
    “You said you paid child support… … ?”
    * * *
    When she first saw Pirina in front of the office, Beatty doubted her eyes.
    The hair, which had always been raised high, saying that nobles should always be elegant, was disheveled, and the dress that insisted on a perfect look was wrinkled.
    Beati, with her eyes wide open in a wretched look, which is not possible with the character of an aunt she remembers, almost made eye contact with a soldier who stood by the criminal and guarded the surroundings.
    Without realizing it, I hid in the corner again.
    'Why the hell is your aunt like that? … ?'
    what is this
    Beatty's head was busy spinning.
    Of course, Beatty, who was unaware of the circumstances, could not figure out the exact situation no matter how much he devised.
    '… … Not a clue.'
    Beati, who was slightly dehydrated, was feeling a bit uneasy.
    My heart raced nervously at the ominous feeling that the bad memories of the capital's mansion had followed him in the Duke's Castle, and that he was going to go back to that time.
    Without realizing it, Beatty grabbed the acorn bag in her arms and hugged her tightly.
    'Let's hear what the situation is.'
    So Beati squatted in the corner and listened intently.
    What happened after that was a bit of a bewildering thing for Beatty, who was listening.
    Contrary to her majestic appearance in the capital mansion, her aunt, who was tied up like a criminal and stood in front of her father, gave excuses for gibberish like a stabbed person.
    On the other hand, my father sternly questioned me like a god of law with a sword in one hand and a law code in the other.
    Then, as she listened to their conversation, a word that could not be overlooked came to Beatty's ear.
    At first, I didn't understand right away, because I didn't know who the baby boy my father was talking about was 'gold coins for a baby'.
    After listening to the conversation... … Most of all, even my aunt said it clearly.
    It's called 'child support from Aslanga'.
    I've never heard of any other nephew other than myself staying in the capital's mansion, so the 'nephew' in those words must have been you.
    'Sent from the Aslan family... … .'
    Beatty pondered the words without realizing it.
    'me… … Didn't you just throw it away for free?'
    A memory of one day flashed in her mind as she unconsciously chewed on the tender flesh of her tiny lips.
    * * *
    My aunt used to lick her tongue.
    “Ttttttt, really… … . Where is this incongruent thing?”
    The resin calculation does not match.
    It was said that I was paid more than my aunt.
    “You should be really grateful. What kind of aunt is as merciful as me?”
    Expensive water and housing operation costs, unnecessary food expenses, clothes that cannot be worn for a long time, etc.
    They were written by a benevolent aunt for her nephew.
    My aunt used to get angry because she was in a position to give more unwillingly.
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    Wait idk maybe my reading skills r getting worse now but is the fl and brother only half brothers or r they both biological siblings? And why is the fl with the aunt? I'm confused on why the father didn't take her.
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    I'm also curious about that, cause the brother has black hair, father has blonde hair and FL has brown hair. So they must have different mothers right?

    According to spoiler above, because of the war, the baby was sent to the aunt's place as it was a safe spot... the father was busy fighting in the war I guess
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    I asked that question earlier in the spoilers. She was sent to her aunt because as a squirrel in a place with a strong winter she had a tendency to want to hibernate. They thought she was sick and would die if she remained. As I recall they are siblings but her mother had some squirrel in her and that's how she's a squirrel.
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    thank you for all the spoiler
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    Maybe the brother got his black hair from ancestry? Like from his grandfather or from his mother side.
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    As far as I can remember, not everyone is actually a shapeshifter and the mother wasn't one, now, I still haven't gotten to the part where the brothers have different mothers.
    As far as I can remember, not even in the royal family can they be the same shapeshifter.
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    She wasn't a shifter she just had an ancestor that could shift into a squirrel
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    She's sooo cute in squirrel form :aww: uhm, so what happened to the mother? I know she's dead since throughout the plot its the father and brother with her
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    I have two questions.
    What happened to the mother??
    And what happened to the Royal Family at the end? Did they all die or???
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    I just want to ask, since they love her so much and all, how is it possible that for years they never visited her in the capital? It seems kinda impossible that a Duke never had to go to the capital and letters, I maybe just didn't catch, but why would there be only one letter and her responding to the letter (s) if they did arrive? It's just so confusing, I know about money being sent, but a child want feel anything like family love from money being sent
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    there was a policy (correct me if im wrong) that if someone exceeds a specific number of soldiers then they are not allowed to enter the capital which pretty much only affect the duke cause he was the only one who has more than the limit and the letter never arrived cause the middle man (the aunt) never sent it to begin with and never gave her any letters and just telling her she was abandoned.
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