Chinese Beautiful Blossomed Flowers 花开锦绣 by Zhi Zhi 吱吱

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    Name : Beautiful Blossomed Flowers 花开锦绣
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    This is gonna be adapted as a drama
    This is well noted on Douban
    It's from the same author who wrote Concubine Raiders/The Sword and The Brocade and
    Delicate Flower
    Description : (i translated this myself so this may be sloppy)
    Before getting married, Fu Ting Jun, the ninth miss of Fu's family in Huayin, was suddenly framed by Zuo Jun Jie, her sister-in-law's younger brother, of having an affair and was placed under house arrest in the family temple and accidentally, met Zhao Ling, a private salt dealer who went to Biyun Nunnery to steal food, nearly losing life. Unexpectedly, Zhao Ling was entrusted by Fu Ting Jun's mother to rescue her and take her to Weinan to rely on Fu Ting Jun's uncle, Master Xie ; but when Master Xie built a shelter for disaster relief, but was ransacked by refugees, he and his whole family was killed. Fu Ting Jun failed to marry, so Zhao Ling had to take her to Xi'an for refuge. On the way, they were attacked by Zhao Ling's mortal enemy Feng Si Ye, Zhao Ling was injured, and later encountered bandits but was fortunately rescued by Prince Mu and received a great position from prince Mu. Thanks to this, Zhao Ling was able to join the army, and was appreciated by the Marquis of Yingchuan, the commander-in-chief of Gansu.
    When prince Mu rebelled against the sovereign's ministers, he wasrecommended to be his personal bodyguard.
    Therefore, Zhao Ling made a merit of following the sovereign, and also took this opportunity to find out the reason why Fu Ting Jun was framed, and helped Fu Tingyun to take revenge on the Yu family.
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