Spoiler Because She Had A Time Limit, She Became The Villain’s Daughter-in-law

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    I still wonder why Evan did it, someone have info or smt? :blobpopcorn:
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    Yeah, same! Why would Evan in the first timeline turn back time? :hmm: Did he fall in love with first timeline Laria? I'll try posting the MTL of chapter 131 later today maybe there's answers in there.
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    You look like an ordinary black cat, but you are a demon who created a crack in the world with black magic. With someone. You came to this world by contract.”
    I suddenly remembered that Evan was wearing a black cat mask at the time of the masquerade.
    So, is it because of Evan that Neo came?
    The bitter thing came to mind, and the feeling came.

    She muttered as she stared blankly at Neo.
    "Neo? How can I say it?"
    - When there was only you, I couldn't speak because I lacked energy, but since I have a contractor, I have enough strength.
    "What power?"
    - the aura of black magic. It's extremely rare in the world, especially since my contractors aren't baptized so the aura suits me better.
    "If you follow me well, and if I've been nice to you, then that's if you liked me that much….."

    Neo grinned and waved his tail softly.
    It's not that you liked me, it's that I liked you. I saved my family, so I got a pet with the same heart.
    ‘Have you ever thought that you were pathetic every time you bit and sucked and said, 'Neo, do you like me that much?' Did you think it was pathetic...’

    I thought Neo was a pet, but it's ridiculous that it's the other way around. In fact, from the first time we met, Neo called me a 'Baby'.
    -Well, he was like a gray haired slave, he lifted his hands and feet well, but still...you were cuter I thought it was fortunate that there was no gray haired slave Sven in this position.
    "Oh, but why did he start talking at the right time..."
    - I was just at a loss for words because I fell ill because he loved me. I don't like this kind of thing.

    Neo looked at Evan and said
    --My contractor, Evan Linear Icard.
    Neo's tail fluttered and swung.
    - As Laria said, with anti-magic, black magic cannot be undone. Only its origins are known.
    Evan nodded his head with a questioning expression on his mental state as he was talking to the cat.
    - Unlike last time, yes, this life is very boring. Yes, I recommend that you look at your old life and reflect on it.
    Neo slammed the anti-magic doll with his paws
    - Well, my pet wants to see it, so I'll show you, what kind of world my contractor destroyed was.
    Fantasies began to unfold before me and Evan.
    It was the world where I finally died, the world that was lost and returned to Evan and Neo.

    18. The Lost World of the Past

    It was the day of the Academy Graduation Ceremony.
    Thirteen-year-old Evan stood alone in front of the school gate, blankly. No one has spoken to him since he beat up Jerdi Ja Youngsik(lol not sure of name).
    The teachers also wrote and sent a letter to the Duke, but did not properly scold him. It was lonely academy days, but going home he wasn't expecting much either.
    After waiting alone for a long time, the duke's carriage arrived.
    “Tara,”(I think this is a sound to make the horse stop?)
    said Kalaudin without getting off his horse. He didn't ride his wagon very well from the beginning because it was stuffy. So Evan had no choice but to ride the carriage alone. As he got into the carriage, he turned around and saw that everyone was receiving a bouquet of flowers along with ‘congratulations’ on graduation from their family.

    Without saying a word he sat still in the carriage with his luggage and arrived at the Duke's mansion.
    It was dark when he arrived at the Duke's mansion.
    As he got out of the carriage, Kalaudin said this,
    "Ah, I submitted the marriage registration form to the Imperial Palace a few days ago."
    "Yes? "
    "It's your marriage. "
    Evan quietly raised his head and looked out the window of his room in the work. It looked like someone was lit up(awake?).
    "You've been in your room for the past few days."
    Evan immediately noticed that the person Kalaudin was talking to was his wife(I think Evan is listening in).
    “I was going to take it with me to the graduation ceremony, but just before departure, I was so sick that I Ieft it at the duke’s house.”
    Suddenly one day at the age of thirteen he got a wife, but Evan didn't ask any questions. She didn’t ask questions.
    Anyway, because Kalaudin told him to go to the academy, and after graduating, he came back.
    Life has always been that way. Therefore, if he said that he was married, it was just that.
    After Evan had his servants put the luggage up first, he circled the duke once and deliberately entered the room slowly. He puts his luggage in his room first. It was a consideration to not be surprised to see himself by sending.
    So, when he slowly went to his room, he could see a girl who had barely risen from the bed.
    She was a cute girl with pink hair that hung down to her waist, round purple eyes, and gentle features.
    “Choke, choke.”
    She covered her mouth with her handkerchief and coughed, then hurriedly wiped her lips.

    After she stopped she looked at Evan.
    "Uh... .. hello." And greeted him first.
    "My name is La La ria Rose Icard. Your name is Evan Icard."
    Evan hesitated for a moment as to what to answer. Because he had never had a friendly conversation with anyone.
    "I'm one year older than you…...I haven't been here in a while."

    Evan was a little surprised because he didn't know she would be older than him. Because of her small stature and dwarfness, he naturally assumed she was younger than him.
    "I found out that this room was…….originally yours only after the luggage came up earlier. I'm sorry I put my things in your way."
    This room was originally Evan's room, and he didn't seem to know that we had to share it in the future. Kalaudin explained that much. It didn't seem like he did, but Kalaudin didn't do it for him either.

    There was always no explanation.
    Evan said bluntly. In fact, Laria's items were almost nonexistent.
    "I don't have much, well. I’ll go to bed and put some stuff together, so I’ll go to bed first. I’m not feeling well." she said.
    Seeing her coughing earlier, she certainly looked unwell. He comes out of the academy on occasional vacation

    It's a room I've been in every time, but it was definitely a little uncomfortable to share with someone. Because he was always in solitary confinement at the Academy
    After washing and changing into a house coat, he was going to organize his books first, but he felt a gaze from somewhere.
    He frowned and looked towards the bed. Laria was rubbing her sleepy eyes and looking at him.
    “Because I grew up first.”

    Despite Evan's blunt words, Laria even laughed a little.
    "Today was the academy graduation."
    "Originally I should have met you with father, but I'm sorry."
    Evan couldn't figure out why Laria was sorry. So he didn't answer at all, and she was talking as she laughed bashfully.
    "Congrats on your graduation."

    Evan was momentarily stunned and blinked.
    He didn't even know she was waiting. He thought he was the only one who didn't hear from the academy congratulations on graduating.
    “Sorry for being late,” Laria said sweetly.
    "It's a pity that if I was even a little bit better, I would have gone with father and told you in front of the school gate."

    "Huh? Uh." Evan felt the back of his neck heat up, avoiding his eyes from Laria.
    It was something very embarrassing.
    "Let's get along, from now on." Laria smiled as she looked at him, unable to answer properly. “The only person I can trust here is you.”
    "Well then, I'll sleep first."

    Laria uttered a meaningful word and then lay down and closed her eyes.
    That night, Evan woke up several times in the morning to the sound of Laria's cough. Even so, he no longer felt uncomfortable sharing a room with someone else.
    Thoughts? I think without our MC Laria knowing...she repeated the same path as OG Laria. The way they say the same things to Evan. I see tragedy in the next chapter :(. At least we're getting a glimpse at what happened.
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    Tysm for mtl!
    Im interested now so I'll translate chapter 132 :blobpopcorn_cool:

    Here it is :sweating_profusely:
    The next morning, Evan had breakfast with La Lia.
    Although Laria often went to her bathroom to cough her up, she still ate pretty well. Evan was only looking at the newspaper because it was awkward for the two of them to eat together.
    "Hey there, Evan."
    After the meal was over, I was eating dessert when Laria spoke to me.
    "Your father is always in the office like this? Can we not go to say hello?"
    "Yeah. Rather, it bothers me if I go."
    "Well. I don't know, wouldn't you be happy with me?"
    "What does that mean?"
    "Actually, I'm a naughty nerd who brought me back because of my mother's friendship
    it's slow " (?)
    "okay? "
    "I didn't know."
    Laria looked at Evan's grim face and explained what had happened.
    How she lost her parents, how Kalawdin brought her back.
    "Actually, I almost ate my eyebrows while going to a relative's house who didn't want me, but I don't know how grateful I am to father.
    "It's not absurd,"
    Evan said calmly while eating the tart. "Huh? Why? It's your marriage."
    So he also explained his circumstances.
    He even said,
    "Oh." That Matilda died while giving birth to him, and that he wasn't a normal rich man with Calla Udin. (What Calla Udin wtf)
    Laria wiggled her fingers and sighed.
    “Then I shouldn’t even go near you.”
    " Hmm.”
    Evan asked with a frown,
    “I haven’t talked to many people, but at times like these, don’t you try to comfort me first?”
    Laria blinked, touching her pale pink hair. stopped Contrary to her first impression of her kind and gentle, she seemed to be quicker than expected.
    "For now, I think I'll have to make some arrangements for my living in this house."
    “You are Confucius Vizi of Ikarde. What and how are you going to make a living?” “Confucius Vizi, who had no dowry and was in debt. I think the subject matter is correct."
    Laria said bluntly.
    " Of course, it would be a good thing to live only through the eyes of the most powerful. "If you are the most powerful... father?" "Huh. ' she muttered with a thoughtful look on her face.
    "Somehow, they brought me in and left me completely unattended. From one to ten, it's not a normal marriage. I wanted a strategy, but then it's perfect."
    "You don't have to think so complicatedly. You're already married."
    Evan said bluntly, and Laria looked at him and grinned.
    "You have a lot of things, so that's what it sounds like."
    "Those who have nothing like me
    You have to lie flat and take a look. "
    "At first, I thought I'd borrow a little from you too. "
    Laria playfully beat her cheek and gave him her tarts.
    " You say, it doesn't really matter. You just do what your father tells you. "
    Evan missed his anger by eating the tart she gave him.
    But one thing was certain.
    His wife in front of him was not as gentle and kind as she seemed.
    It even looked worse than I thought. (Hahhaha)
    "Please take good care of all kinds of information in the future."
    "Do you think I'll bring you some information?"
    "Yes. " ( :blobjoy: )
    Laria answered without hesitation. "Because, I have a good sense of humor. I'm a little nerdy, but a little smart."
    "You know what looks like a savage thing." "Aren't you going to ask me anything?"
    Evan said after thinking for a moment at La Lia's words.
    “I have something to agree on rather than a request.”
    “It would be better to give birth to a child after they reach adulthood.”
    "Child? Isn't that what happens when you get married?"
    "It happens when you sleep holding hands at night while you're married,"
    said Evan, overhearing the academy students talking about the subject.
    So when I calmly explained it, Laria showed a surprised expression on her face. (Lmao im dying #2 :blobrofl: )
    "Oh, yes? I didn't know. I'll have to be careful."
    He pretended to be smart, but there seemed to be something he didn't know.
    "I was shocked when I first found out too. Let's be careful with each other."
    "Yeah. It was a bit surprising, but something you'd need to know someday."
    Laria rolled her eyes once and gave her a good smile.
    " Thanks for letting me know. "
    Then she coughed a few times and she eventually ran to the bathroom.


    Few people were looking for La Lia and Evan.
    Because Kalawdin itself was indifferent to them.
    Laria's body seemed to be considerably weaker than expected.
    She couldn't get out of the room and coughed frequently.
    The combination of Calaudin's indifference and La Lia's illness left her inactive.
    In addition to making her friends in the social world, she (?)
    Confucius was also not educated.
    Of course, Evan was too young to be interested in Laria's life like that.
    After packing up his luggage, Evan went straight to the gym and started his swordsmanship training.
    His swordsmanship training was taken over by Dan master Ruud Barr.(oh isnt it this motherfck?) And Ruud Bar taught him things he didn't know.
    Things he had doubts in his heart, but no one said directly.
    His birth killed Matilda.
    Evan, who made and made me unhappy, was not supposed to be happy.
    So Evan went out to training in the morning and came back in the middle of the night. He had little time to face his wife, Laria.
    She said that La Lia was also sick with her body, so she didn't seem to care about him. She said,
    “Is that swordsmanship training you have to do all day like that?”
    she asked suspiciously.
    "You keep looking bad"
    I don't care. "
    Evan said bluntly and picked up her
    ," why it doesn't matter. "
    Laria couldn't even get out of bed," she said disgruntled.
    “I am your wife.”
    “What is that? "
    Evan sighed and replied lowly at La Lia's words.
    " After all, you and I didn't even see each other and got married without even having a wedding. "
    Evan had to say so, because he agreed with Ruud Barr that their marriage should never be happy. (Tsk)
    At Evan's harsh words, Laria barely got up and said.
    "Then you..."
    She kept her handkerchief over her mouth, coughing.
    "Does it matter that I'm sick?"
    “I know you have a doctor.”
    "How did you know that?"
    "The servants told me. Your father gave you a primary care physician. Was his name Avery?"
    "That's right, I know,"
    Laria said after coughing a few times. "Anyway, we're a couple and we're not separate people."
    "Well, I have no intention of getting along with you at all," ( noooo :blob_teary: )
    Evan replied coldly and left her room without even looking at her face.
    'You must have been hurt.'
    From one day on, Ruud Bar will be in training.
    He used a true sword and gave Evan a wooden sword.
    Therefore, wounds continued to grow on Evan's body.
    He and he used to force training that seemed like an overkill.
    'But it's better to draw a line from the beginning,'
    Evan thought during training as he endured the pain.
    'Because no one wants to get along with me anyway. "
    Recalling his memories of his academy, he barely apologized to La Lia.
    I pressed my heart to do it.
    And that night. Evan slept and slowly opened his eyes to the touch of her cold hand on her own forehead.
    Worried purple eyes in her darkness were looking at her. OK? I feel very sick. Will the fever just call my servant? "
    "No, that's fine. Don't be fussy. Be careful not to hold her hand. "
    "I'm still very careful. We're both sleepy at night."
    Laria struggled to get up, not knowing what to do.
    Then she dipped a handkerchief in cold water and placed it on his forehead.
    “You look so strong, why are you in pain?” "It doesn't hurt."
    "You're stupid. To say this hurts."
    "Shut up and sleep."
    “How is it? You kept going public and fussing.”
    It was definitely not in very good shape.
    It seemed that things that had been overworked were overtaken at once.
    “Are you awake because of the noise? Then I went over to the couch over there,”
    he said bluntly, and Laria shook her head right away.
    ” What are you talking about? How sad it is to be sick alone. “
    And she wiped his sweat with a smirk.
    "If you don't know anything else, I'll take care of you when you're sick. I'm your wife,"
    Evan asked cautiously, hesitating.
    “I said bad things earlier, but why are you being nice to me?”
    "Ah. "
    Laria, lying down beside him in the wide bed, grinned,
    " because I have no one to turn to but you."
    "… Huh?"
    “If I had been a little less sick, I would have somehow become a powerful person in this family, but now I can’t do anything.
    “Didn’t you tell me last time that you wouldn’t ask me for a bill?”
    "It's not creeping, it's just taking care of this," Laria replied kindly.
    "So, don't be burdened, and I'll be fine."
    "If you say you will be good to me,
    is it a line? "
    "Of course not. "
    Laria's reply was quick.
    " Why. Shall we try our best? "
    She laughed mischievously, and her new three Evan thought she looked so cute," "Evan"
    Her little hand brushed Evan's hair.
    “I found it very difficult to read the book I was reading earlier.”
    "It's amazing. It's amazing,"
    she said in a gentle tone, and suddenly a fever began to rise behind her neck.
    "But I still like fairy tales."
    How soft and good her voice was, Evan couldn't even answer and blinked her eyes. “I’ll read you a fairy tale until you fall asleep.” (oh my-- :blobnosebleed: )
    I liked the way her hands were stroking his hair until she was tired.
    "Let's live happily as a beautiful couple."
    She said, his tickling feeling.
    His whole body was about to nod her head like a puppy involuntarily, but her tone suddenly changed.
    “How are you?”
    she said, in her usual snarky and confident voice.
    "Aren't you kidding? I'm good at this."
    Evan felt like he was possessed, and his self-esteem was hurt immediately.
    How funny it would have been if she had just nodded her head.
    "But it hurts so badly that I'm forcing this crazy talent to be scrapped. Kollock, Kolok, Kollock."
    Laria turned her head and coughed.
    Evan frowned at her.
    I saw blood on the handkerchief.
    ". Are you okay?"
    “Does this look okay?”
    Laria coughed a few more times, then her cattle drooped.
    "But what. The doctor that my father gave me is always looking after me, so I won't die, huh?"
    It wasn't surprising because I had seen her so unwell from the first day, but I was worried every time she vomited blood.
    "But how was it?"
    "Because I do my best and do well."
    · I'm tired.
    cut it "
    Evan closed her eyes, because he didn't want to reply,
    'She's so damn good.' (oooo)
    But she had other thoughts in her mind.

    [“I am your wife.”]

    That seems to be the truth.
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    Ty for mtl :blobicecreamlove:
    Oh Jesus these 2 poor babies :blobsob: yep it's getting sad.
    I would post the next chapter but gotta be tomorrow I ran outta my free ticket for the day :blobsneeze:
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    please do update! it's so heartbreaking, my heart can't take it
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    After that, Evan did not make any special memories/relationship with Laria.
    Because Ludva said he shouldn't be happy with her. But whenever she got sick like that, he would talk to Laria about this and that.
    "Academy head? It's really great. Winning the youth swordsmanship competition? I'm so proud of you!”
    Laria playfully 'treated me well' and then made sure to add her sincerity. To him,
    "But do you think you wanted to brag about it?"
    Evan got used to the two-faced Laria like that. Both the gentle, kind and pretentious Laria and the smart and clever real Laria.. He trained with Ludva and swordsmanship until exactly sixteen.

    After that it stopped. Because he was able to beat Ludva perfectly.
    And it was only around that time that Evan knew that Ludva was not normal. He received several successor educations, and he, too, has matured.
    But his body was already full of irreversible wounds. For a long time, Laria and Evan had both been ill with each other and loved each other with indifference.
    It just went by like that. For example, it was like dinnertime when Laria offered a tart plate to Evan, who came in late one day and talked to him.
    "You seem to like something sweet."
    "I don't like it."
    Laria added quickly to Evan's blunt words.
    "When I was young, I made Lisa order a tart from my favorite bakery. I even ordered yours. Why don't we eat together? Not because you like it, but because I like it. "
    Evan replied angrily, putting flowers on the table without a word
    “Give it to me,"
    “But what is this? What-flowers? "
    “Because the spring flowers are pretty. You're in your room and can't see them. "

    The more time we spent meeting, the more memories we had with each other. So time passed again.
    Evan turned twenty and Laria turned twenty-one. Although he heard that the doctor, Avery, was pretty good, Laria's condition showed no sign of improvement.

    Laria was barely able to get out of the room. So, from the time Evan saw her bare, her body, her, Laria had nothing to do with him, and she was still in her bed.
    Her coughing became more and more frequent, and she still had her skin dry and her face pale.
    It had been a long time since she had come of age, but she was so ill that she was still like a child. Kalaudin(Duke) is still away there was no sign of him.
    Because he was too busy battling for power with his status Duke of Orlando.
    Evan was also not very interested in Kalaudin. rather.
    "Are you here? Cough, Cough."
    Laria, who greeted him as he entered the room, was more concerned.
    "Are you not feeling well today?"
    “Well, it always is,”
    Laria said with a helpless smile.

    Due to Ludva's influence, Evan didn't really try to get along with Laria, but nevertheless, after sharing the same room every day for several years, they had no choice but to become friends.
    Especially when he tried to stay away from her, he felt like he was stuck somewhere when he was talking to Laria. So, they were like good friends.
    "I'll wash up."
    Evan said, as he always did went into the bathroom first.
    After he had washed almost everything, He was roughly putting on his room coat when he suddenly heard a thump outside and something fell.
    Recalling Laria, who had looked too weak earlier, he ran into the room without even thinking about changing his clothes.
    Laria, who had been lying on the floor, was barely getting up.

    "I'm a little dizzy..."
    "It's never been like this. Doesn't the fortress really get worse? "
    Evan asked her anxiously, supporting her.
    But Laria didn't answer the question.
    She said with her trembling hand over his body.
    "What is this?"

    And then he realized that he was running out of the bathroom in a hurry, so he couldn't put on his clothes properly.
    "not a big deal."
    "It's no big deal!"
    Laria squealed, uncharacteristic of her.
    "Where did you get hit? You said you won the youth swordsmanship contest! Was that all a lie?"
    "I didn’t lie to you. "
    "Then what is this? "
    "Calm down for now. "
    Evan sighed once, and she slowly laid her down on her bed.
    Laria continued to fiddle with his wounds, and then asked abruptly.
    " Is this your father? "
    "What? "
    "You like this... Who can hurt you….like this is…."

    Evan chuckled.
    "He's never been a good father to me, but he's not like that."
    “Of course, these days, he kidnapped a priest and took the relics.
    I didn’t even get baptized because he was so indifferent to me. "
    " Enough which bad person did this to you?”
    "Anyway, it's all a thing of the past. You don't have to worry about it."
    Laria's purple eyes stared intently at him.
    “If you don’t tell me, I won’t sleep today and I will keep coughing.”
    “Hurry up."
    When Laria opened her axe's eye, Evan calmly told all the past events.

    At the age of thirteen, the duke had been abused by the knight commander, Ludva, from the time he returned. It was all over when he was able to completely beat him under any conditions at the age of sixteen, and Evan calmly explained that he took care of blackmailing Ludva and quietly letting him go.
    “But the blue uniform just made me feel sick just looking at it,”
    he said casually, picking up his robe.

    "That's why I told the knights not to wear a blue uniform."
    "This fact….Who knows?"
    "I, Ludva, you."
    "Why…..Why didn't you tell anyone?"
    “Should I tell you?” asked Evan indifferently, then startled.
    "Are you crying?"

    Laria pulled back his robe and looked closely at the wound again.
    Her face was already wet with tears.
    "How….to get to this point."
    “It’s all a thing of the past. Do not cry. And why are you crying? “
    After that, the response from Laria was so unexpected that Evan was very surprised.

    “I’m sorry…..”
    “Why are you?”
    Evan muttered as she smirked as she wiped his wounds again.
    "From then until now, we've been sharing a room together, but I didn't know."
    "I hid it."
    “But I should have known. I wish I had paid a little more attention, but I couldn’t observe more because I was sick.

    Laria didn't even think to wipe the tears that were constantly flowing.
    "If I had known….even one person, I could have told you, thirteen-year-old, that it was nonsense... “
    "Okay. It's in the past. Don't cry."
    Evan raised his hand and wiped Laria's tears away. Still, when Laria's tears did not stop, Evan sighed and added.

    "I wasn't friendly to you, and we weren't very friendly until now."
    "…..I know. "
    "It didn't even happen now, so why should you be sorry?”
    “But you,” Laria said, hesitating.
    "…..You’re the only one I talk to."

    "A few words a day with you was the only conversation I had,"
    Evan said, a little dazed.
    “So the person closest to me is you,”
    Laria, knowing that she was so sick that she couldn’t even dream of socializing, but she thought she would live with the maids and talk to them, but maybe she noticed his thoughts…. "Lisa is capable, but sometimes it seems to be spying on me. My doctor, Avery, doesn't explain my symptoms properly. "
    "So I was only cherishing you a little. very little. After all, you’re my husband. It's not that I'm being mean to you, but now that we've been together every night for 7 years, I know now….”
    Tears welled up in her eyes again.
    " If there is a way to turn back time…..if yes...”
    Laria said with a smirk,
    " I will unconditionally notice that you are a bit strange first and save you before time runs out.”
    “…..Whatever you can.”
    “Somehow. “
    Laria said with a breath.
    “ You really don’t know, but I’m really good at acting and I’m smart, right?”
    Evan smirked and didn't answer.
    She said,
    "If only I had a good body and had minimal movement, I would have been in power in this mansion."
    Her body begins to seem worse still, he’s worried.
    "Okay, so don't cry."
    "Why are you answering so rudely, that's true."
    Laria sighed and looked into Evan's eyes.
    “I was actually giving up a bit.”
    "What? "
    " Living."
    Evan suddenly felt his heart sink.
    "But then I got a little greedy. "
    "What greed. "
    "I want to get better and get along well with you. "
    Her voice was so desperate that Evan kept her silence for a while.
    “Then I want to protect you.”
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    I will tl today next chapter :blobuwu::blob_teary:

    "Why protect me? I don't fit in with anyone anymore."
    After a while, Evan spoke quietly. "Nevertheless. "

    Coke, Coke, Coke!

    Laria started coughing again, and he quickly brought her handkerchief to her mouth. Fortunately, no blood came out.
    However, their distance grew closer in an instant.
    In that brief moment, Evan wondered if the words her was pretentious or sincere. Because her tears kept running through her mind, just like when she was very young when she brushed her hair.
    he said
    It was hard and there was no room for other people to come in.
    He didn't really get along with La Lia in life. But now that he thinks about it, he sees himself the way La Lia sees herself, and she doesn't care for him either. (?)
    The closest person was La Lia.
    At some point in seven years, as if it were permeated.
    Meanwhile, he was indifferent to La Lia.
    She thought she wasn't particularly interested in him either.
    She says she's sorry for her indifference and cries for him in her childhood.
    "Is this a fake or a real sim?"
    "You're good at that. To seduce people with lies."
    There was a moment of silence.
    La Lia, who was quietly looking at him, asked in a whisper.
    "Were you hooked?"
    "When I was a kid."
    That meant, I'm not young now. Not thirteen and fourteen children, but a young couple over the age of majority.
    In any case, for the first time, the hearts of two withered souls that had only each other were entangled.
    As each of them showed off the intimacy they had built up alone, emotions they couldn't have imagined flooded them. "Seeing that I'm not sure if it's fake or sincere,"
    Laria smiled, closing her eyes.
    "You're still a bit possessed."
    "... "
    "How obsessed are you?"
    "Don't smile,"
    said Evan, who was holding a handkerchief to her lips, with her gown pulled down.
    “If you can’t afford it.”
    “What do you mean? "
    "Now, it means that you are no longer a child who blushes when you openly flirt. “
    Evan spoke lowly and tried to move away from her.
    But she grabbed his wrist.
    They each thought about the duties and desires they had been ignoring each other for seven years in the same bed.
    “What can I do?”
    whispered Laria.
    "I'm serious, but what if I take it?"
    The handkerchief on her lips slipped through his fingers.
    I could feel the warmth of her lips tingling from my fingers.
    Laria spoke quietly while Evan remained silent.
    "But I'm not a child either."
    Their bodies were tense.
    "As you said, I knew that sleeping hand in hand at night doesn't make you a child." ( :blobxd: )
    Evan said nothing.
    No, you were right that you couldn't.
    Ludva had said that getting along with his wife was a betrayal of his father.
    The thirteen-year-old himself believed that. 'And I've lived up to now like inertia.'
    Just because I kicked him out didn't mean he got over it.
    He treats the person who genuinely cries for him sincerely as well.
    That was overcoming.
    Their lips met without anyone saying anything. (YASSSS :blobnosebleed: )
    And soon after, the threads began to get tangled.
    " OK. "
    Laria whispered to the hesitating touch,
    " it's really good. "
    "No. Ask your doctor first. Don't strain your body. "
    Evan, who stopped at her end, didn't want to dig into her any longer, no matter what Laria said. he only hugged her skinny body tightly.
    At the end of that night, Laria murmured a little in his arms.
    "I'm sorry it hurts."
    Suddenly he thought his heart broke. ( :blob_teary::blob_teary::blob_teary: )
    Once awakened, the mind flowed quickly. "I'm sorry, La Lia,"
    he said as he forcibly sliced the meat at La Lia, who ate a meal to make sure he had no appetite.
    “Since we were young, we had a lot of time, but all that time was wasted."
    "Yeah, at least it's childhood, huh? "
    Laria laughed weakly, and Evan looked at her like that and replied lowly.
    " I should have liked you since I was thirteen."
    "What do you know when you're thirteen?"
    "At least it was nice when you stroked my hair. From then on, I should have run every single time I said I liked it. "
    "If that's the case, I'll regret it. "
    She said with a smile as she coughed.
    "I'm sure you'll be nice to me from the first day I saw you. Even if it's a pretense."
    The conversation didn't last long. Laria vomited more and more blood and got tired more and more easily.
    Around that time, Evan was doing quite a lot of Kalaudin's work. As he joined Evan, the battle for power with the Duke of Orlando was roughly finished. He proudly became the head of the aristocratic family.
    Even the emperor couldn't help but look into his eyes.
    Leaving Laria sleeping exhausted, Evan went to the Oval Office to make some reports to Kalaudin. Evan had no particular relationship with Karlaudin. Nevertheless, he was quite a good listener to Karlaudin, but he has become more obedient these days.
    Because that's how he met La Lia anyway. And one more... .
    Because I can anticipate the pain of losing a loved one.
    "Yeah. Did you do everything you asked me to do?"
    "We sent two people to the Ozburg area and decided to close down the Fabiane mine." "Yeah, I got it."
    It was a short conversation. However, as usual, Evan did not go out.
    "Well, do you have anything else to do?" "Yes."
    In response to Evan's answer, Kalaudin slowly raised his head and looked at his son. "Is La Lia's disease correct?"
    Evan did not miss the moment of embarrassment passed by Carla Udin's expression.
    "Avery? I asked the doctor, and he said he couldn't speak without father's permission."
    Carlaudin had never even spoken a few words with La Lia.
    That wasn't very unusual, as he didn't really talk to Evan either.
    “I wonder what kind of disease it is that she doesn't know La Lia and can't even tell her husband, me.”
    Kalaudin's voice trembled a bit.
    " I've heard your wife completely indifferent all the time."
    "It wasn't like that."
    "That kid...·"
    Evan had never seen Carlaudin exhibit so much emotion.
    "...Do you like her? "
    " It has been 7 years since we shared the same room as a married couple. Can't you hear me "
    "Ha, but you... "
    Evan's eyes twinkled at the unusual reaction that he only slept in the room and came out at dawn.
    As he was about to say something, Carlaudin rubbed his forehead in deep despair and said,
    "Look out."
    "Go out now. Please, please."
    "...· I'll go for now. "
    Evan replied with a twinkle in his eyes,
    " I'll be back tomorrow. Then your thoughts will be in order. "
    In fact, it was nothing more than a declaration of war that tomorrow would surely receive an answer.
    asked Laria that evening, lying on Evan's lap, (Aaaaaa :blobnosebleed: ) listening to his story.
    "Did you just come?"
    "To hear the answer tomorrow."
    “Hey, Evan,”
    she asked cautiously, rolling her eyes. "What kind of person is your father? I've never seen him, so I don't know...."
    "...on the bad side "
    "It's a bit like saying this, but... Still, I am grateful to my father. "
    Evan's indifferent words said Laria, hesitating
    "My parents passed away, and I really had nowhere to go. I was very weak, so I would have been a badass wherever I went, but I was really glad that father brought me."
    "... "
    “Send a doctor, give me a nice room, and give me a maid. To be honest, no matter where I went, I couldn’t have been as comfortable as this.”
    “Well, La Lia,”
    Evan hesitated, sighing. Calaudin's reaction earlier was to him also a bit shocking.
    Was it surprising that Evan and La Lia are so close?
    "To be honest, my father is not a person who moves for no reason. He might have brought you somewhere to use it."
    "It's a pity, though,"
    said Laria, raising her hand and fiddling with Evan's hair.
    “If I had been a little healthier, I would have somehow become friends with father.”
    "With father? My father isn't friends with anyone."
    "I don't know. I'm very good at flirting with other people like this. I'm confident."
    Evan whispered to her, taking her hand and bringing it to his own lips. (They are so cute :blobmelt: )
    “So, be strong and be healthy. "
    "Okay. By the way, I heard that there will be a prom tomorrow after the first time in 10 years, aren't you?"
    "I'm not going. Only my great aunt and my father will go."
    "Great aunt?"
    "Yeah, there's one bad guy who's not really joking around."
    "Huh? I like that kind of person. He's confident he'll look good on him."
    "That would be difficult."
    “No, if we go, we will be close enough to go to the prom.”
    “Why are you going there with your great aunt."
    The conversation continued, talking about things that couldn't be done.
    "I can only imagine. I want to see such a thing so much. I think it will be really spectacular."
    "Sit with me and watch until we're tired. I'll pick you up on the way back."

    And that night Laria was ill all night.
    She vomited up her blood, and the fever rose, and she even went crazy.
    It was the party that Evan overturned the Duke me while brushing up her doctor, Avery.
    softened And at dawn, Laria lost her consciousness.
    Calaudin quietly called Evan.
    His face was covered with indescribable anguish.
    He had already decided not to go to a masquerade or something like that.
    It was not polite for the imperial family to host a big event in 10 years that no one was going in Ikard, but it already didn't matter.

    That day, Carlaudin told Evan everything. ( :blobpopcorn_two::blob_teary: )
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    I think the duke asked Evan, "With that kid(Laria)....Do you like her?"
    Evan replied with, Well we have shared a room for 7 years of course I like her. That's why the Duke realized his mistake...he set Evan up with a tragic love story like himself. So he told Evan, to clear his mind before he hears the answers. Basically telling him the truth the next day!Sigh I hate the Duke in this timeline lol
    Maybe 2 more chapters of the 1st timeline?
    I'll translate next one ,Ty:blobphone::blobpopcorn:
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    Oh ty. I will correct it :blobpopcorn:
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    Laria didn't know about her illness until the end.

    "Don't like me too much.“
    But one day she told Evan seriously.
    “Just, let’s get along in moderation. I think that's better. "

    Evan's complexion was getting worse day by day than Laria, and Laria continued to cough.

    "Somehow….my body is getting worse and worse… I still want to live a little longer, but there are so many things I want to do."
    "What do you want to do?"
    Evan asked, stroking Laria's hair, she grinned.
    "I want to live until your birthday."
    "I want to tell you happy twenty-first birthday.”
    “Come to think of it, I never said happy birthday to you. You didn't do it to me either, but-”
    “Oh. Don't mind my birthday."
    Evan said lowly.
    "I've been directing myself since I was a kid not having anyone congratulating me on my birthday."
    "No. I want to congratulate you."
    Laria said sarcastically.
    "I'll gather all the vassals and invite the whole family to the music troupe, and then say Happy Birthday to you."
    “While saying something like that….”
    Evan buried her face in his body. “
    “How do you just sleep in moderation, idiot?”

    Laria lived only two more months after that.
    Meanwhile, his office burned down due to a sudden terrorist attack.
    Also, a man named Seymour found the book of Lord Icard(first Duke), the first head of state, and took a gold mine that had just been discovered.
    Evan was not impressed with all of that. However, he was always by her side.
    He had no interest in following the terrorists. None.
    Every day with Laria was more important.
    And it was the day of the royal banquet. Laria's condition deteriorated sharply.
    Although she was unaware of her own condition, Laria seemed to have sensed that her body was not so bad today.
    "I'm sorry," said Laria, looking at Evan's earth-colored face and timidly.
    She said,
    “If I were healthy, I would go with you and have my first dance.”
    “….Then who are you going to dance with for the second dance?”
    "What, anyone?"
    "You're definitely not going. Hey."
    “…..You're a bit obsessive. You can't do that. Are you going to stop your wife's social life?"
    "Then I'll kill them inside."
    "A hundred times?"
    Laria was about to say something, but after coughing, she laughed helplessly and lost consciousness.
    And after hours of trying to wake her up, she called out Evan's name, standing next to her in the same position as before.
    Evan grabbed her hand.
    "Thank you for that time."
    "...don't say that." Evan's voice was hoarse.
    Laria took a few breaths, wiping the blood from her lips.
    "I…I've been indifferent to you for so long. I don't deserve to be saying that,"
    she said sadly as Evan snorted, Laria shaking her head.
    "So was I."
    She rolled up Evan's sleeve and touched his deep scar.
    “Really, really, I should have stopped this much…..”
    “If only you could live one more time, Laria,”
    Evan said quietly.
    "Don't date a guy like me."
    "Meet a guy who takes good care of your illness from a young age and likes you all the time."
    "Is that okay?"
    "And I'll kill him in Hell."
    Laria looked at him as if embarrassed, and then smiled.
    “If I can live one more time, you can’t do that.”
    "I don't need another man."
    And she fell into another deep sleep.
    At dawn that day, she managed to leave the world with only one word, ‘How are you?’ and passed away as if falling asleep.

    Evan didn't shed a single tear. Because he didn't want to live long without her anyway.

    Elani was the first in line for the throne, but the emperor was so young that she was a beautiful princess who did not know when she would inherit the throne.
    Kalaudin had originally planned to persuade the emperor to release the black magic seal but he would most likely refuse.
    This is because the emperor did not wish for anything other than his own small power.
    So, it was a plan 7 years ago to connect Elani and Evan by marriage and somehow get the seal of the imperial family.
    So time passed and Elani also came of age.
    And after hearing everything from Kalaudin, Evan frantically clings to something after Laria fell asleep(died).
    The night after Laria's funeral, Evan went straight to Kalaudin and said lowly.
    “It seems that I can get permission even if I do not dare to marry.”
    “…. What? "
    Kalaudin saw his son with the same face as the one he had when he was young.
    After marrying her, he somehow seduced Elani, whether in face or body, and then obtained permission for black magic.
    She couldn't say stop.
    However, Evan came with a completely different solution.
    "Princess Elani was more eager for the divorce law than expected. Our cooperation is essential to pass the law."
    Now the Duke of Icard was the de facto head of the aristocratic family.
    After hearing all the facts from Kalaudin, Evan was spurring himself to practice black magic on his own initiative. Kalaudin couldn't help but watch his son, who had become more and more walled-up.
    But every time he saw his son grow weaker, he regretted his choice.

    In the end, it was because Evan would be feeling the same pain she felt.
    "But Princess Elani is not the kind of person who will permit black magic on condition that the law passes.”

    "I have decided to remove the right of succession to Prince Ronald. They say it is terrible to please the Emperor because of him."
    "....What? Evan, that's not something you can do..."
    “I decided to make it ineligible for succession. Whether it makes them unable to act as human beings, or kills them if it is difficult.”
    Evan, who was young and far more intelligent than himself, ended up arguing with Elani.
    They had come to compromise with the release of the black magic seal, allowing the summoning of demons, the seat of the emperor, and the passage of the divorce law.
    Kalaudin, who had not expected Elani's aspirations to be that great, was deeply surprised. She said,
    'Of course, I thought he hated black magic like an imperial family.'
    Besides, she knew that she was a daughter who satisfies the emperor, so he didn't know that her aspiration for the throne was so great.

    "I heard that Princess Elani had a grudge against Prince Ronald. They said that they put up the relics of the Previous Empress at their own will. But how do you plan to directly assassinate the imperial family.…"
    "It's a promise that you won't have to keep if time goes back anyway."
    In other words, Evan had hit the line of multiples.
    He walked to the Duke of Icard to compromise on what he could not do anyway.
    In fact, after much thought, Elani promised the permission of black magic.
    " To me, my beliefs are more important than authority or anything like that. It is a great harm to the empire it won't work. "
    "I'm going to show my mother's face only once, to my father. It won't confuse the world at all."
    " Is there such a black magic? Well, you know what the Duke of Icard is pure. I believe."

    Evan knew it before Kalaudin. He could understand his heart.

    If Laria had left a will, Evan would have turned the empire upside down and listened to it.
    "It was said to Princess Elani that it was simply the black magic to see her mother again.”
    He did not dare to say that time could go back, in a word, it was a story that completely deceived Elani.
    Consent of the noble family and approval of the royal family.
    The former is Kalaudin based on 20 years of planning the latter was accomplished by Evan through negotiations and fraud.
    Only very few people knew that it was possible to turn back time and bring people back to life, so even Elani couldn't have imagined it.
    Finally, the very deep underground of the Imperial Palace, the Altar of Darkness, was opened for the first time in hundreds of years.
    Evan and Kalaudin climbed the altar alone.
    As the old old books studied by Kalaudin, Evan calmly recalls all he memorized and cut the holy relics in half in the middle of the magic circle.
    - Coming to the human world after a very long time. Has it been over a thousand years?
    There was no demonic substance, only a majestic voice resounded on the altar
    - You who dare summon the devil, what contract do you want to make with me
    "I want to turn back time and change causality to bring the dead back to life."
    -Huh.... If we turn back time, even you, without knowing the fact of the return, will be living a new life again.
    "It doesn't matter."
    - And black magic is unique to humans. It's not a Rihan’s magic, so you have to pay a pretty high price.
    "Save my wife, and in return take my life or my soul."
    Evan said quietly, as Kalaudin immediately grabbed his arm.
    “What are you talking about?”
    The demonic voice cut off the bewildered words of Kalaudin.

    -Hong, the head is a bit worn, but the devil doesn't trade like that, unconditionally causation and one life.
    Evan had a look of disappointment. It was because he thought that Matilda could come back to life if he didn't exist in the first place.
    But the devil seemed to have noticed Evan's calculations right away.

    -Matilda or Laria. The way to resurrect is to be born first. Have no choice but to not In the first place, there is no other way because the body is supposed to have children. (??)
    The devil's voice continued
    - So it's not right for both of them to be saved. Your life depends on the cause of saving your mother anyway
    The person who cut off his word immediately was Kalaudin.
    "No, Devil. I'm not here to bring Matilda back to life."
    Evan's furrowed his brows at the unexpected words.
    So far, of course, Evan has never doubted that Kalaudin would choose Matilda over him.
    To Kalaudin, Evan was always the culprit in the death of Matilda, an ill-born child.
    If he could disappear from the world and bring Matilda back to life, of course, he thought it would be a good ending for everyone.
    Kalaudin looked at Evan silently and, to his surprise, grabbed his hand.
    It was the first physical contact between the father and son.
    “Evan, I messed up your childhood with the desire to bring Matilda back to life. And I didn’t stop to get it all back."
    "That doesn't mean I didn't love you. I just wanted to give you complete love. Thinking I messed it up once, I became obsessed with black magic as if I was driven to a dead end.”
    So, Kalaudin opted to somehow do his best to restore the already broken father-son relationship rather than restore it halfway through.
    The more he regretted it, the more he wanted to start over and the more he tried to work, the vicious cycle repeated.
    And he added gloomily.
    "If I had to choose between you and Matilda, we have already chosen."
    “Because when you were born....Matilda said she would give birth to you no matter what, and I agreed to respect her.”

    "I'm sorry, Evan. It's my first time being a parent too, so I didn't know what to do. I'm going to pay this back like this."
    Evan is confused. He had no other answer. It was an unexpected situation.
    “So, Devil.”
    Kalaudin said lowly.
    "Take my life."
    There was not the slightest hesitation in his voice, as he had thought for a long time.
    "I want my daughter-in-law, Laria Rose Icard, to come back to life."

    Wow what a ride! I think that's the end of the past.
    This chapter was pretty long the author added 10 extra pages to this xD. I was half right~I totally thought he had a hand in bringing her back to life. The past was just full of tears :blobsob: poor babies. Still hate the Duke in this timeline jeez communication is key!:blobcat_rawr:
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    Tysm :blob_teary:

    " I'm sorry, Evan,"
    Carla Udin said briefly, putting her forehead on the shoulder of her taller son.
    And there were all the regrets in that one word.
    "This is all my karma that I tried to use as a means of human death. Don't let the one you love go away."
    Kalaudin knew little about La Lia. Therefore, he called Laria
    It was a decision for Evan wholly to keep alive.
    “No. All of these things were done by my father, so why not for me?”
    Evan, who couldn’t help but ask to save Laria instead of Matilda, frowned, but Calaudin’s words were firm.
    "I'll never give up on you. Matilda wouldn't want that either."
    ". .. "
    "Because you're not as good as having a father like me, so be happy with La Lia without me. Because I'm garbage that doesn't deserve to exist."

    - It's ridiculous.

    The devil's voice intervened

    - you're right, you're trash ( :blobrofl: ), but why do you think the devil only takes your life in return?

    Calla Udin replied with a tilted head.
    "Because it's a contract, it's unfavorable to humans... "

    - In the case of Evan Icarde, there is nothing we can do about causality, but if there is no need to take a human life, we do not ask for such a price.

    the devil angrily said

    -As long as the contractor is alive, I can stay in the human world, but I'd rather have a fun spectacle. We prefer to eat unhappiness over people's lives.


    - twisting the situation and seeing the contractor get unhappy.

    "No, what kind of bad taste is that...?"

    -I'm a devil, so of course I have to have bad hobbies, so should I have a hobby of volunteering?

    The devil was laughing and talking

    -Unlike Matilda Ikard, who is not supposed to have children in the first place, it is easy to revive La Lia Icarde. Because I can teach you a cure that humans don't know yet.

    The devil spoke cheerfully, then hesitated for a moment, then added
    - the problem is that Laria has already been reincarnated in a different time in another world...

    A vision unfolded in the middle of the altar. A strange woman was dying alone, pitifully.

    -Well, life is hard in the world over there. I must have played the reincarnation roulette wrong. Just to see for a moment, Matilda was living happily with a good family.

    Evan bit his lower lip, looking at the back of the crouched woman.
    Even when she was reincarnated, she was suffering like that and wanted to save her somehow.
    Calla Udin asked lowly.
    "Then what price should I pay for her life?"

    - You said it. I'm going to tweak the situation a bit, and I'll take your misfortune, not your life.

    The devil's voice mixed with a bit of excitement

    - let me turn back time and buy Laria. You'll probably have to go back until you're just married to be fully healed, though.

    Originally, the really important words came from 'but'.

    - The main character in La Lia's life this time must be another man.

    "·..what? “

    -I think that would be the most painful day for you.

    The devil was correct. Evan's face began to grow with great embarrassment.

    -Even since she is already married to you, I'm at a disadvantage if this continues. So I'm going to make her believe you will get married to another woman

    "That's too cruel."
    Calaudin frowned and intervened.
    "Then doesn't it mean, that even if Laria is revived, she won't be connected to Evan."

    -Perhaps it is. Laria will think that she's in a book.

    The devil continued to giggle.

    - In the book she will remember, the male protagonist is a different person, and you, Evan, you are a supporting actor in a supporting role, so she may not even know you properly.
    The content of the book is a bunch of twists and turns, so she will think that you're going to marry another woman.

    He added that the devil has a limit to his power, so he cannot change it from reality at all.
    He said that the situation so far can be changed and recognized by changing only the events that have not yet happened, so the ending of the novel.
    He said that it cannot be completely changed and that a certain degree of probability must be taken into account.
    -Laria will come back to life, but the two of you will repeat this shovel without forgetting (i think there should be 'remember') the memory now, and everything may become even more miserable.

    "... "

    -Probably Laria will try to leave you.
    Of course, you may not like Laria either. Because things will be very different from now.

    So now this world is destroyed, and the world where Laria has distorted memories starts over 7 years ago, the demon explained.

    -Now, what should we do.

    The devil said it was funny

    - in the meantime you will be very unhappy. Are you going to try to save La Lia while dealing with these bad conditions?

    It meant that even if he saved Laria, he (evan) couldn't remember all of this.
    Carla Udin will also repeat the wasted time trying to bring Matilda back to life by neglecting Evan.
    Evan will also be marginalized from the academy and horribly abused by Rudvarr. Evan and Laria may not love each other. There can even be an important man in Laria's life who is more important than Evan

    Nevertheless.. . .

    “Even if her body was a little bit fine, La Lia said there were many things she wanted to do."
    Evan muttered quietly.
    “Even if she leave me, even if I become nothing in her life, and even if I will become very unhappy....”
    So it was not a choice for him, but a choice for Laria.
    "I want you to do everything Laria wants to do without getting sick."
    said Evan, putting his forehead on Kalawdin's shoulder for the first time.
    “Thank you for letting me meet La Lia.”
    It was also a word with many meanings. They were both reticent and clumsy in relationships. So, the sincerity that I had never shared before was now shared in front of the devil.
    “...I hate your misfortune, but I also loved Matilda a lot, so I can respect your choice.” Like a silent rich man, long conversations did not come and go.
    "I'll live a life full of defilements again, and I'll leave you the same, but that's what you want..."
    Carla Udin tapped Evan's shoulder.
    "In one more lifetime, you may become close to La Lia, because she is the child you love."
    "Laria was pretty confident."
    Well, I don't know how she'll behave once she's healthy.
    The devil taunted him, but Evan grinned and muttered.
    "Anyway, I think I'm going to like her no matter what."

    - Hmm... So you're signing a contract?

    Evan and Carla Udin looked into each other's eyes at the devil's last question.
    Calaudin decided to do something for Evan's sake, and Evan's for Laria's sake.
    They will also be frustrated by repeating a similar life over and over again. This is because even if he struggled to save Matilda anyway, if the cost was Evan's life, Carla Udin would give up. Only Laria lives and lives a completely different life, with a high probability that Evan will be very unhappy...
    Evan nodded without hesitation.
    "I'll make a deal."

    - Roughly the scenario, then I'll have to bring the soul over there and turn back time.

    It would be a flagship thing to know if Ellanie, who was excited about the only thing left to do for the divorce law to be passed, was to know.
    -I've come to the human world after a long time, so I'll have to find a suitable slave and be treated like a beautiful person! ( :blobjoy::blobjoy: )

    At the end of the angry devil's voice, everything began to spin.

    -Laria? Seeing the kid I saved feels like meeting a pet.

    Whether the devil was talking or not, Evan closed his eyes and muttered quietly.
    "Laria, if only you can live, it's fine."
    Tears streamed down his cheeks. ( :blobsleepless::blob_teary::blob_teary: )
    "If you still have one desire... "
    Tears that did not shed even when Laria died.
    "Now that you will be healthy, I wish you could say those words." (Im rly crying here.. :blob_teary::blobsneeze::blobflag: )

    So a world was destroyed. And one soul, who has already been reincarnated, has gone back in time and returned to this world.
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    :blob_teary:Thank you for translating!!!
    When I first read the title i ignored it because like ah, the title is too cliche so I ignored it for a while. Then i became curios and finally pressed it and became drawn to the novel. Reading the available english chapters, i thought that it was just a normal isekai nobel but turns out theres more. I thought this was a light romance novel but why am i crying? This is literally very sad. Its very sad but its also heartwarming.
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    can someone spoil the ending?
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    Im tearing up that my eyes become dry lol. Thanks for the mtl! The mtl is very understandable ❤ this story started with cliches but the plot forward feels original
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    Baby FL is just so cute and funny, I laugh out loud when she said "I'm good at being a parasite" and tried to copy ML's moves in order to pave her way out of the dukedom by earning as much money as possible before they wanted to get rid of her, it's funny af