Chinese BL - 不做人后我爆红了 After become inhuman, i got popular

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    Name: 不做人后我爆红了 (After become inhuman, i got popular)
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    Genre : Comedy, Romance, Shounen-ai, Mystery. (Revenge)
    Why It Should Get Picked Up: It has Modern-Supernatural-Cultivation vibe. I like that MC&ML IQ is pretty much Online. There's a lot of hidden mystery that going to get unravel along the chapter, but it's not rigid because MC keep pissing his enemy off was so funny and when MC keep teasing ML hahaa. There's a Fake-Real Young Master plot too. (I haven't read till the end, but i think it's promising.)

    Description: The incomparably rich Young Master Guan was trapped in a plane crash with no survivors by the scum and slag, and there was no bones left.
    After confirming that Young Master Guan was too dead to die again, in order to express their condolences (celebration), the overjoyed scumbags were overwhelmed with grief (joy) and held a prosperous funeral, which was broadcast live on the entire network and widely announced.

    But at the funeral in front of everyone, Young Master Guan, who had officially stamped his death stamp, returned elegantly and smiled at them brightly and viciously. "Surprise, surprise."

    Suddenly, the whole network exploded.

    The scumbags were so terrified, "Are you a human or a ghost?!"
    Young Master Guan
    smiled, "You guess?"

    Guan Ju didn't know where he came from until after his death, but the way of heaven couldn't tolerate him, a lonely soul in another world, and insisted on killing him, knock him out of his wits.
    In desperation, he had no choice but to find a someone with strong aura of great luck to borrow some of his aura, so as to deceive the sky. It's just that the other party doesn't seem to be happy, so he decided to change someone else.

    He Zhou, whose life was maliciously tampered with, grew up in the mud from a young age. With tenacity, he became the cold, hard, ruthless and fierce criminal police captain.
    It is so fierce that ordinary people shy away from it, and it can stop children from crying.

    Only the young master Guan who came back from the dead came to tease him from time to time, but not responsible of it.
    He got a little angry, so he left the person fiercely.

    But when he turned around and saw him flirting with others, he became even angrier.
    I had no choice but to take him back: You should just scum me, don't harm others.

    Young Master Guan smiled: Not angry?
    He Zhou: It is my responsibility to eliminate harm for the people.