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    Love nonhuman protagonists?
    Love bl fluff?

    Check out these CN bl from author Xiao Xiao Tang/Small Sugar/壹小糖.
    This is the same author that wrote The Birth of 1, 2, 3, etc. 7.:blobicecreamlove:

    @alexfilia This includes the one I told you about with the hairball and mud couple. I didn't even know it was the same writer until today.:blobjoy:
    juvenile Xu Tianxuan very distressed.
    He breeds ginseng, it is not withered, it is turned into human form; he cultivates jade, not broken, it is transformed into human form;
    he tamed the bird and the beast, either dead or human form...
    He owes a high debt that he cannot look directly at. There are several humanoids waiting to be fed.
    Life is difficult, Xu Tianxuan smashes his teeth and makes a rush to the six communities in Tongtian. He asks for help: he drags his family and sells his life to seek support.
    Later, a mysterious person bought Xu Tianxuan.
    Later, it was said that the mysterious man who was rich in the six kingdoms, he was... bankrupt... The
    above content is purely a rumor, and any similarity is purely coincidental.
    Link: www.danmeila.com/xuanhuanlingyi/16965.html
    had a small hair ball, he picked up a handsome little mud in the dream.
    In spring, the small bulbs planted themselves in the mud. In autumn, small hairballs have many tiny balls and tiny mud.
    Xiaoni Ba VS hairball attack by the
    Gold Editors:
    distant Mo village, living with a group of sunrise and sunset dream tapir. During the day, they cultivated in the fields. At night, they entered the dream world and swallowed nightmares and planted dream grass. One day, a small nightmare who didn't know how to get married, he unexpectedly found a handsome wife in the world of dreams. Who knows, the handsome wife-in-law splits into a wayward little mud, and the small nightmare has lived a joyful life to care for amnesia.However, as the outsiders enter the village and acquire Mengguo at a high price, the unknown danger is step by step closer to the peaceful and peaceful Mojia Village. Little nightmare and muddy face shoulder to shoulder the strong enemy, does not surrender, two people had the deep feelings, hand in hand for a lifetime, finally has their lovely child.
    This article constructs a conspiracy-approaching real world and a nightmare world in which dreams spread. There is a small ball of blood that has a special vein of blood and a single heart to the sweetheart. There is also a small mud that is bad-tempered but hard-hearted. With the development of the story, the sleeping gods, the great nightmares of great talents, and the mystical devils have successively appeared, and they staged a story of guarding their native land and never giving up.
    Link: www.danmeila.com/gudaijiakong/31472.html
    the Big Dipper total of nine stars, which, now seven, Award hidden.
    The Eighth Star Star is a blessing star.
    The ninth star hidden star, he sneezed and blown off a star, he crashed into a flying star, the meteor shower. The house where he lived is always falling. The hills he passed by are often confused. The rivers, lakes, and seas where he drank water have been devastated.
    Thus, the star lord of the star owners entrusted the hidden star with special duties.
    "Hidden yuan, a country is full of vitality but dead but not stiff, you quickly went to the palace a moment, do not miss the time of the change of the dynasty."
    "Hidden yuan, the country's Wu Guogong strong rob male, oppress people, you go to him The
    government has lived for two days." "Hidden yuan, the north of country C is flowing, making Li Min miserable. You look for where the rogues are."
    "Hidden yuan, you wait, there is the direction of Ding. Ding. The monarchs are wise and honoured. When you are in prosperity, you can't go.” The
    evil catastrophe has three treasures, Lu Ji , beautiful and unlucky .
    Link: www.danmeila.com/xuanhuanlingyi/15710.html
    of summer, no copy of the most refreshing fruit ran o (∩_∩) o
    Well, this is actually a thousand faces NPC, threw himself to be a big star, stripped, eat dry wipe without leaving any residue Hi Skin Story> ///
    Link: www.danmeila.com/wangyoujingji/5983.html
    is the only dragon in Long Lake, and Teng Yuan has three daily routines.
    Third: see if there are no people collecting seven dragon pills to summon him;
    secondly: operating the brilliance of their own homes;
    first: hook up the squid who intends to leap into the Longmen.
    In the world where this rule is broken, dragons can only co-exist with dragons, and one-stop days are playing singles.
    The story of a fishing dragon being thrown by a fish o (∩_∩) o.
    Silver Editor's Recommendation:
    As the most noble existence of Longhu Lake, Teng Yuan is a great dragon who satisfies the wishes of the people of the world, but in reality he is a hard-pressed one. Dragon, because he has X life.
    A blind Taoist priest shook the secret, and the marriage of Shenlong Tengyuan was originally in the water and turned out to be a squid in the Yellow River.
    Since then, Dragon Dragon Teng Yuan has started a "fishing" life, and you know ... fish are also dignified!
    This is a world where the law is broken. The dragon can only cohabit with the dragon. Being the only dragon in the dragon lake, Teng Yuan's days are in the single game. If you
    want to dissatisfied the dragon adults, you will embark on the squid who hooked Yuemen. The long road.
    The author's writing is humorous and natural. The protagonist, Dragon Dragon Pool, is a dragon at Dragon Lake, and he has to go “fishing” on the high-end atmosphere. The
    story is novel and humorous, and hilarious and repetitive is very attractive.
    Link: www.danmeila.com/xuanhuanlingyi/2228.html

    time travel agent registration form
    Name: Xi Gender: Male Date of Birth: forgot
    Height: Weight uncertain: I do not know Photos: See Cover
    Account Location: demon world race: the beast Marital Status: unrequited love demon Wang
    home address: deep forests Contact: basically rely roar
    Hobbies: New year
    salary requirements: Baochibaozhu
    New year's Eve, the year, the only animal in the front stage of the day.
    In addition to the more than 300 days, he diligently dressed in his robes and went around trying to make a small money.
    Because every year, the demon king only sent him the cost of living on New Year's Eve.
    Silver Editor's Recommendation:
    On the eve of the original year, the beast of the year was living in the sparsely populated forests of the mountains and mountains. It was a poverty-stricken household known as a demon community.
    However, such an overbearing monster is more than enough to have a crush on the demon prince, who is in the demon community is the beauty of the king to reverse the sentient beings.
    In order to express love to the unrequited
    lover , he worked around the clock to earn money. From entering this ancient town, he took over the first pit father task. The protagonist fully understood that even a demon family, romance needs capital.
    This article sets the protagonist as the beast that few people pay attention to in ancient mythology.
    The author uses skillful ideas to shape the fierce and evilcreatures that blew into the world on the night of the New Year's Eve.
    Through a natural and fresh writing style, a unique and beautiful world is displayed. The appearance of the spirits and spirits of the spirits is full of emotions, and the emotional processing between characters is delicate and profound.

    Link: www.danmeila.com/xuanhuanlingyi/1191.html

    Di Jiang personal image as follows:
    Shan Hai Jing, Emperor Jiang six foot four wings, no face.
    (See face to eat in this world, he actually has a wood face
    Mystic by, Di Jiang likes to bite his little tail, sky giggle.
    (This year, no point deep ice, he was embarrassed to go out
    he is not a duck egg, also Not stupid, he is the egg of angels who can sing and dance, Di Jiang.
    (Author's out, I promise not to kill you.
    Anonymous: This little hero, I don't write Shan Hai Jing, I am writing a small yellow book next door. .
    Royal River: ......
    Link: www.danmeila.com/xuanhuanlingyi/790.html
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