Chinese [BL] Survival Qualification Test

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    Name: Survival Qualification Test

    NU link :

    Novel raw link : › onebook Web results 《生存资格测试》Aegis_【原创小说|纯爱小说】_晋江文学城

    Why it should get picked up -

    The premise of the story sounds so cool ! And this is definitely
    darker than your usual survival/horror game where you can't survive if you dont want to take risks. The whole novel is portrayed very realistically and the ml actually has a reason for why he felt attracted to the mc in the first place. This novel does mostly have group/team oriented play so much so that instead of creepy instances it's more often than not finding out who is the traitor in the team ( which is honestly exhilarating) however the novel itself can be very confusing at times , so you sometimes don't know what is happening.
    The stages are great tho , they're a good mixture of slight horror and mystery, its engaging and makes you want to keep on reading to find out what is actually happening and why is it happening

    Description :

    The world regained consciousness.

    It was surprised to find ‘little animals’ doing a lot of ‘unauthorised’ things on its body.

    At midnight, on the first hour of 2018, a voice appeared in the minds of all citizens: “Hello, parasites.”

    A reaper gong, who doesn’t like to talk and strikes once to hit ten VS a fake white lotus and river god shou, who pits to kill.


    It sounds soooo interesting and I love these kinds of novels and manga's i hope someone is interested and can translate this ! I would translate it but idk the language lolol.
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