Chinese (BL TG into Book) 万人迷穿成作死炮灰后

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    Name: 万人迷穿成作死炮灰后
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: Interstellar genre, Comedy/?, Romance, Shounen-ai.
    MC traveled into dog blood danmei to be a vicious cannon fooder,
    ML has a strange bloodline that make him can't leave the person that he falls in love with, or his sea consciousness will devastated & die.
    Both are good-looking&strong , Please pick it up. It's a good one.

    Ye Qingyun traveled through and into a book of dog-blooded and sloppy danmei, and became the vicious cannon fodder inside.
      In the novel, the protagonist Gu Shenyuan is ruthless and has never had a heart for anyone. Even if the people in the whole book have tried every means to attack him, he is still indifferent.
      Ye Qingyun remembered the ending of the book, Gu Chenyuan stood on the tall building, looking at the intimate couple downstairs, with a mocking sneer at the corner of his mouth.
      Ye Qingyun believes that he is not that great at attacking the protagonist. He intends to work diligently to complete the task and get rid of it as soon as possible.
      However, the way the protagonist looked at him seemed to be getting more and more wrong?
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