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    They are Chasing Me!他们对我紧追不舍[快穿]
    Author: 望三山 /Looking at the Three Mountains/ Wàng sānshān
    Total Chapters: 171 Chapter (9 arcs + rl arc) Complete

    Description :
    Su An was thrown into a world of quick transmigration by his suitor, who attempts to approach him with a different identity.

    Hidden dangers can not be prevented, but fortunately, with sweet words and beauty, Su An has won the love of the big bosses from each world.

    An indifferent painter suffering from mental illness, a flirtatious bandit young master from a wealthy family, a demon monk with powerful martial arts skills…

    To Su An’s surprise: Every big boss is poking my appetite!

    The big bosses who got hooked up: …

    They all gave a meaningful smile.

    • 1v1, cp Jiang Sheng (Gong’s real name) all the world’s gong is only one person.

    so it seems like the ML is also a transmigrator, but can anyone elaborate more about him? and do spoil the arcs :blobReach: does MC & ML know that they are both transmigrators? how is the ending??
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