Recommendations BL with murder mystery

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    yaoi + murder mystery exists? yes it does. most notable examples: Po Yun/Break the clouds and Mo Du/Silent Reading.
    that's why i'm looking for more. can someone give me more recommendations? it doesn't have to be translated, for danmei/BL. but for others..... eh at least there exists the translations.
    things that i want:
    1. classic 'whodunit', you know... finding the killer(s) in murders.
    2. male protagonist(s).
    3. can be in any era. ancient or modern.
    4. (optional) can give more shocks. eh i mean things are unpredictable. mysteries with predictable plot are not fun. and give many references.
    if there's nothing, recommendations can be normal/hetero novels. as long as there's no heroine, i'm okay :blobokhand::blobsalute:
    if there's no murder but mainly things are mysterious, i'm okay too :cookie::cookie:
    like Daomu Biji.
    novels that i had read (other than mentioned above):
    BL: Flowers Reflecting The Sky, Peerless, Fourteen Years of Chenghua (kinda still MTL-ing)
    nonBL: Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo 1-2 (VN), any of Natsuhiko Kyougoku's translated works i can find (Mouryou no Hako, Ubume no Natsu, Ky┼Źkotsu no Yume), Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou, psychic detective yakumo (tho tbh the last two are kinda stale), devotion of suspect X, tokyo zodiac murders, goth (by otsuichi).
    please gimme~
    i'm waiting~ :aww::aww: