Chinese Blessings In Front of A Vine 阿门阿前一棵葡萄树 by Zi Yu Er 紫鱼儿

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    Name : Blessings In Front of A Vine 阿门阿前一棵葡萄树
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    I love a good Love triangle
    Three novels from this author were already adapted in dramas : Sm:)e, Hi, Flower ! and Mountains and Oceans
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    Xiao Dandan is a naughty girl. Mu Hang is a big idealistic boy. Because of Xiao Dandan's parents, she spent her childhood with her grandmother, and her grandmother was Mu Hang's old nanny, so Xiao Dandan has always lived in the Mu's house. The appearance of Gu Yu broke their quiet life. Gu Yu's parents were all workers, and their arms were broken by the factory's machinery front and back. The life of the family is very difficult. The difficulties in life has cultivated Gu Yu's complex character that is domineering, stubborn, calm, and precocious. After Gu Yu became Xiao Dandan’s deskmate, he was gradually attracted by her kindness. He did not intend to give up. Even if he knew about the relationship between Mu Hang and Xiao Dandan, the combativeness in his bones still determined that he wouldn't let go and grab it. Win your own warmth.