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    Title: BOSS穿成小可爱[快穿] by 光明在案
    (If someone has a better translation of the title pls tell me)

    Link: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3395598

    Summary: A ruthless mysophobic shou x a devoted dog but overturns in the bedroom gong

    The story's premise is that after mc defeats the 99th protag, the heavenly law decides to get rid of him (original cultivation world). Mc realises he's a villain and escapes into a lower world to recuperate his strength, strengthen his soul.

    A certain man with shiny eyes: Cutiepie, come into my arms
    Qing Yun (MC): Haha, I'll show you how to behave
    Ding, the world's cruelest cutiepie is online~

    Below are my personal summary notes for each world (because I have a goldfish memory)
    I don't think theres a translation of this (or a post in the pickup forum) so someone can do that??

    Mc avoids the protag so the heavenly law doesnt find
    out he's still alive. Protag is mc's half brother (same
    mum diff dad) who is well-known and respected in
    the martial arts world. So mc threatens ml to play along and
    pretend that they're currently 'busy'. Ml has blocked
    spiritual veins and mc offers to open them in return
    for ml playing along before. Ml in the original plot was
    protag's biggest ally, and mc plans to steal him to his
    side. Ml rejects him but ml's granpa arrives and they
    go to ml's house. Mc makes ml sit in a medicinal bath
    and proceeds to show off his powerful cultivation. Mc
    goes to school, confronts protag and their mum plus
    ml tags along too. Ml realises that mc was telling the
    truth about protag beating him up. Ml goes to mc's old
    house and finds it burning, goes home to find mc had
    just finished dealing with some assassins. Mc tells ml
    that ml's relationship with protag doesnt affect mc's
    deal with ml's grandpa. Which is to open up ml's veins
    in exchange for the resources and training to fight at
    the big martial arts competition in 3 years, after which mc will leave. During
    the 3 years ml tries to make advances towards mc
    and even secretly takes a bunch of photos. The competition comes up and mc wants ml to participate for him.
    Ml doesnt agree cause he doesnt want mc to leave.
    Mc violently kisses ml and they fuck and they start a
    relationship. Mc gets fed up with ml and shoos ml out
    until the competition. At the competition ml participates and
    the audience realise how powerful he now is except
    he keeps looking at the his family's box so everyone thinks
    his sweetheart is in the box. Mc fights the protag in
    the finals, he wins. Mc destroys the protag's cultivation
    and reveals the truth behind the protag's mum's
    'rape' (it was a lie, mc's dad never treated her badly).
    Protag tries to shoot mc but mc catches the bullets,
    reveals he's a xian tian (highest level of cultivation) which surprises everyone. Mc and
    ml get it on again. At the award ceremony ml proposes
    to mc. They live together for 2 hundred years before ml
    dies. Mc absorbs the world's energy.

    Mc arrives and his dad's secretary has plotted with
    his adopted older brother to frame him and ruin his
    reputation. Mc's bro was adopted cause his dad was
    mc's dad's business partner but tragically died, the bro
    blames mc's dad and wants revenge. Mc has been
    given some sort of drug. Mc leaves his dad and his
    bro after getting told to leave. Mc bumps into ml, ml is
    a ceo of illegal and legal business。Mc's like wrong person, chucks the
    name card ml gives him and goes off to find a starving
    researcher. He recruits the researcher. Ml drives up to
    him in the snow, they chat and ml introduces himself.
    By now ml has found out everything about mc and also
    has ppl following mc. Mc is still living away from home,
    mc's mum tries to convince him to go back home. So
    mc's older bro is buddies with ml's younger bro. Its
    mc's dads birthday party, the guests are surprised that
    ml has arrived, hes looking for mc. Ml's younger bro
    and mc's older bro plan to drug mc and have ml's bro
    get caught in a compromising situation. Mc has the
    bro eat some prawn, which he is allergic to. Hes about
    to close the door to a room when ml appears. They
    kiss and mc gets swept along when he realises that
    ml is the same soul as ml from the first world. Mc's bro
    along with a bunch of guests all walk in to a steamy
    scene, ml immediately gets angry and has everyone
    leave, mc is also angry and kicks ml in the abs. Mc gets
    kicked out of home by his dad. Ml meets mc again, mc
    says he'll let him try but itll depend on his abilities, and then mc goes
    overseas with his researcher for 3 years. Mc returns
    to his home country, his mum comes to pick him up.
    So does ml. Mc slips away by saying he wants to go
    look for a present for his grandma's birthday. When
    he gets home mc bumps into ml's bro, ml's bro like I'll
    give you money so dont try to seduce my bro. Mc ofc
    doesnt even react. Ml finds out mc brought back the
    knickknacks he had been sending to him. They do it.
    Ml's bro finds the place, he sees mc and tries to get
    him to sleep with him, then he sees ml in an apron. Mc
    is disappointed in ml, he tells ml he can spend his life
    with his beloved brother and leaves. Ml's bro finally
    realises hes in deep shit. Ml goes to mc's home, tells
    them he wants to see mc, referring to him by last name
    and his position as ceo. Everyone misunderstands
    until he says he's here to sign a contract with mc's
    company and they find out mc opened the really big
    pharmaceutical company. Mc and ml go to mc's room,
    mc tells ml he doesnt need him to help him slap ppl's faces. Mc kicks
    ml to the carpet and then sits down and plays around
    with ml's collar with his toes while ml tells his what he
    did wrong. Mc punishes ml by having ml follow him
    around but not allowing hik to do anything else. Shit
    goes down with mc's bro, mc's dad finds out why mc's
    bro tried to take the company etc. Ml complains that
    its been a week to mc. Mc lets ml kiss him but stops
    him before they go any further and gets ml to get him
    a strawberry condoms at a convenience store. Mc
    knows that his bro, the world's protag, is speeding his
    car heading for him. Mc's thinking like its the perf opportunity
    for him to both finish his mission of defeating
    the protag and leave thw world. He ends up not leaving
    and ml runs out but sees mc fine. They end up doing
    it for an entire week, mc cant even get out of bed and
    ml has bells and red rope bound to one of his ankles.
    Ml announces to mc that he cant leave, everything
    must be in his control. Mc starts getting irritated and
    ml relents and apologises on his knees. Protag gets
    completely dealt with, mc and ml HEA. Mc tells ml to
    come find him again before ml dies. Mc tries to find
    ml's soul in the first two worlds but comes up blank.

    Mc gets dropped into a chase scene. Hes running
    away from space pirates with a very important old
    man. He manages to get the old man onto an escape
    pod and send him back to the alliance but gets caught
    in the process. The protag appears, the illegitimate
    child of the empire's princess and a high official of
    the alliance and leader of the flamingos aka space
    pirates. Ml also appears, he was supposed to be the
    next general marshal but betrayed his army and the
    alliance to join the flamingos. Protag has ml torture
    mc because they only have one vial of truth serum left.
    This is an omegaverse world, mc's energy was focused
    on optimising his ability to sing and have children. Anyway
    so protag has mc tortured by ml, its whipping aka
    corporal pupunishment. Mc faints but doesnt make
    a single sound except for calling ml a traitor once. Ml
    plans to make mc into a vegetable to keep him from
    confessing but stops himself. Next day protag brings
    in some newfangled psychological device that gets
    hooked up to mc and is v painful. Doesnt work and mc
    says the alliance wont be defeated. Ml gets ordered
    to whip mc again. After the torture, ml ends up in
    front of mc's cell and goes in. He heals some of mc's
    wounds, mc pretends to be asleep and is confused
    at ml's actions. Ml starts having feelings towards mc
    and is angry towards mc's ex fiance who broke up
    with him. Once he goes to battle he personally goes
    straight for the ex fiance. Ml notices things about mc,
    like how he llikes to be clean, he hums songs under his
    breath when hes in a lot of pain. Protag brings back
    some poison cocktail for mc. Ml manages to crack
    the code to the safety box for a dna chip. He finds the
    old man and has him check its authenticity. Protag is
    forced to find out where old man is so he has mc, heat
    accelerants brought to him. Mc gets stabbed with the
    accelerant. Ml arrives and sees protag maybe dead
    maybe not on the floor and mc under the showerhead
    with cold water all over him. They kiss and mc realises
    ml is ml. Old man arrives to the scene with paramedics
    and doctors. They help heal mc but cant do anything
    about his heat. Ml takes mc back to the alliance, was
    gonna give him back to the ex fiance but decided
    he was an asshole. Mc's pretty much healed except
    for his voice which is husky and will never go back
    to before. Ml asks mc if he'll let him be his alpha, mc
    answers him with a kiss. When ml's about to mark
    mc he hesitated before he knotted so it ended up
    hurting mc and mc bit him in revenge. They do it for
    about a week and all the while the media and the
    ppl of the alliance are badmouthing mc. Ml makes a
    public announcement where he tells the truth of what
    happened, shows videos of what happened. Mc sang
    the national anthem before his throat was injured and
    everyone who saw it was moved. Ml is rlly busy so he
    hasnt seen mc since mc's heat. Once when he went
    home he sees mc sitting on the window dangling his
    feet off it and when mc sees him he jumps down, and
    ml is terrified and rushes to catch him. Ml tells mc
    that he doesnt have to do this because he'll let mc go,
    let mc go find his ex fiance if that what he wants. Mc
    tells him hes an idiot because he wants him. They do
    it and while mc sleeps ml goes online and sees that
    mc said ml is his hero. Mc's ex is watching the videos
    and regretting v hard. Ex tries to get mc back, ml ofc
    kicks him out. Ex's omega general also tries to court
    mc, gets kicked out. Ml and mc go to the funeral of the
    5 soldiers who sacrificed themselves, ml resigns from
    the military. Ml and mc go live the rest of their lives
    on a distant star. HEA. Mc returns to his space, now
    a room and decides to destroy the weird omegaverse
    world. But a warm energy snatches it from him and mc
    deduces its ml and his thirstiness. Esp cause even tho
    mc was an omega he isnt able to carry a soul of these
    worlds and so he spent a good part of his time in bed.

    Mc arrives with a glass of water being thrown on him.
    The protag is telling the 6 guys who have been infatuated
    with mc that this is mc's true self. Protag has
    been reborn and used his past memories to gain and
    advantage in the entertainment circle. Mc says that he
    didnt seduce the 6 dudes, it was them going up to him. Mc's
    manager gets him to try for a role, mc decides to try
    for another role. The characters a celestial in the story
    with a tragic fate and the master of the protag. Mc
    goes to the bathroom, bumps into ml who got drugged
    and ml violently pushes him away. Mc's like wow, you got balls now? Protag arrives, thinking he'll help ml and get into
    his good graces. Protag thinks that mc will be ruined
    by ml socially after they do it. Mc manages to get ml
    into a room, makes sure to lock the door so there isnt a
    repeat of the second world. They do it, ml thinks its all
    a dream until he wakes up the next day and mistakes
    mc for the random who drugged him. Ml says terrible
    things and threatens mc, mc's angry cause ml from thr
    previous worlds pretty much adored him from the get
    go. Mc kicks him to the ground and slams the door as
    he leaves. Ml is angry and feels wronged, like he just
    got slept with and abandoned. Mc goes to film his part,
    he empathises a lot with his character, as someone
    who was rejected from their world. Ml is in his office
    feeling conflicted, his manager comes in like i got the
    files on what happened, ml tells him to throw it away,
    manager puts it in the shredder, ml is like why. Mc gets
    blackened online by fans of the novel who are like this
    vase is not good enough. A video of him acting gets
    released, the fans attitudes immediately do a 180. Ml
    also sees it and likes it, manager wants to sign mc on.
    Ml gets mc's files and decides to go see mc filming. Ml
    is a retired famous actor and a ceo and fans think hes proud
    and cold except hes actually an egotistical brat inside.
    Because ml had a lot of emperor roles his fans call
    him sire. Ml goes to see mc, but mc ignores him
    and gives water to a puppy, until ml corners him in the
    changing rooms, mc gets huffy that in the original plot
    ml was confessing love and devotion to protag but he
    gets an invitation to be a kept lover. Mc also makes
    fun of ml, saying hes fast and short and small. Ml
    says some bad stuff in the heat of the moment, takes
    the puppy home cause hes like rival. Protag calls one
    of the 6 guys, 5 of them ask for appointments with
    mc. Ml is v distubed that there're 5 other guys trying
    to steal mc from him so he has mc meet him in his
    office. Ml tries to get mc to accept him, reads out his
    prepared lines. Mc rejects him. Ml goes overseas to
    meet an old director friend. Director asks ml if he can
    have mc act in his new film, a sequel to a film ml did.
    Ml doesnt want to cause there're a lot of racy scenes.
    Ml ends up getting the role for the same character and
    comes out of retirment. Right as ml lands and exits the
    airport, mc's manager calls him sobbing ans tells him
    mc got taken away by the 5 guys to a club. Ml grabs
    his manager out the drivers seat and speeds away. Mc
    has already beaten the 5 guys by rhe time ml arrives
    on the scene. Ml goes back and talks to his manager,
    manager tells him the truth about mc not being the
    one who drugged him. Manager swears at him like
    how dare you bully mc. Ml finally realises and kicks
    the manager out, drives home to be a cowardly turtle. Ml and mc start filming the next film, the first
    scene has ml unwillingly kneeling in front of mc but
    cause of ml's emotions he's like pls forgive me。They finally
    grt the scene when mc dares ml to try and ng again,
    mc was tired of standing for so long. Ml apologises to
    mc in the changing room, mc has ml teach him acting
    as compensation. Mc's social media goes through
    some drama where the 5 guys like his account and
    ml also makes a second account to like mc. Ml gets
    mc to act with him, things get steamy and they do it.
    When ml wakes up again mcs gone. Mc flies back
    early and his fans notice the marks and bites that
    ml left on him. New film, mc is a cross dressing thief
    and ml is the bodyguard of his mark. Ml's character
    finds out about mc's true gender as he falls from the
    suspended bridge lamenting his first love. The other
    film, sequel, gets released, the fans see the blooper
    reel with ml kneeling 20 times and start shipping
    them. Protag releases some pics of mc before, when
    his character was supposed to be weak and fragile.
    Fans react badly. Ml helps clear it up, mc posts an 爱
    过 when asked about his relationship with the 6th guy
    aka the one protag is after. 6th guy clears it up as well
    and releases a racy video of protag. Protag has pretty
    much been defeated. Ml and mc continue in filming
    stuff, whichever film mc is in ml will at least do a
    cameo if not a supporting character. They like to post
    pictures of their dog, fans think its two different dogs
    but its the same dog. Mc posts a pic of his loyal dog,
    ml in an apron making a meal. And then a while later
    ml posts on mc's account that he's happy about it, and
    a pic of two red marriage books. They get married. Mc
    leaves the world, stays in his space for a while but no
    ml so he goes into the next world.

    Pov is from ml and omniscient. Zombie apocalypse.
    Because of the nature of mc's ability and the strength
    of mc's soul, mc ends up having to seal himself and regresses
    to his 5 yo self. Mc was an experiment with a
    psychological ability where he can influence the world
    around him, if he wants water it'll appear at will etc. Ml
    is the protag of this world, find mc and gradually starts
    to be protective and possessive. Ml catches a pigeon
    for mc, gives him the love and care that mc never got
    in his original world and sqsquirrels himself into mc's
    heart. First world where mc and ml start truly falling in
    love with each other rather than ml onesidedly trying
    to pander to mc. Ml initially was supposed to take
    back the son of someone who saved him back to his
    base but because that son tried to plot against mc, mc
    hypnotized him and ml almost strangled him. Ml leaves
    the wayside base stop and takes mc along with a 5
    other ability users to found a new base, mc's pigeon
    brings back normal seeds and they plant food. Things
    go to shit when mc gets discovered by the scientists
    from the capital. They reveal to everyone that mc can
    save the entire world. Ml takes mc and leaves, which
    breaks the protag's storyline. Mc by then was switching
    between 5 yo version and regular version and had
    gotten over ml appearing in his childhood memories as
    a larger than life parent figure. 5 yo mc knocks ml out
    and goes to the scientists to save the world because
    he doesnt want ml to die. He uses his ability and
    changes the world, ml fights radiation to be with mc
    and climbs up the tower. Mc and ml end up surviving,
    something about the power of the world healing them,
    but mc's body cant take his soul until after 2 years.
    Mc screws around with ml a bit switching back and
    forth, HEA. When mc goes back to his space, ml's
    energy comes round and wants to enter his space
    but mc doesnt let him cause its very tiring for ml and
    he doesnt want ml to get into bad habits, besides he
    figures theyll see each other soon in the next world.

    Mc is the heir of a huge business but a distant relative,
    protag, pretty much took his position and inheritance
    away from him. Protag is in love with the ml's son, an
    accident when ml was young. Protag and ml's son
    have a mutual using each other sort of thing. Mc is
    supposed to be very much in love with protag, the
    main plot is around protag's love life. Ml is some scary
    bigshot who has retired from the scene, leaves all the
    day to day stuff to his son. Ml transmigrates into mc's
    robot housekeeper. Ml after transmigrating into this
    world kept drawing pictures of a young man whose
    face he could never see, its mc. Ml looks after mc as
    the robot housekeeper and gets super jealous about
    mc liking protag, mc once stayed up all night to wait
    for protag on mc's birthday and got a fever. Mc figures
    out fairly fast that his housekeeper got transmigrated
    by someone, originally it was supposed to be ml's
    son, but it ended up being ml. Protag wants the thing,
    a ring, that lets him be recognised as the legitimate
    heir and only mc knows except mc cant remember
    because he was spoiled and protected by his parents.
    Ml ends up writing a code for the thing, which is being
    kept by a shadow organisation, ml's. Mc ends up trying
    to sell his play to a perverted director to pay off the
    late fee for storing the item. Ml arrives to the rescue to
    stop untoward things happening to mc, ml is forced to
    reveal who he is and mc calls him uncle. Mc goes to an
    auction where the organisation with the thing will be,
    gets taken to ml, ml tries to convince him to sleep with
    him to get the ring. Mc manages to get to protag, give
    him the ring. Breaks the plot, both protag and ml's son
    who was mc's fiance regret not cherishing mc's love.
    Ml swoops in and takes mc away, mc screws around
    with ml by saying ml is a stranger and a pervert, that
    he wants his housekeeper. Ml finally admits that he
    was the housekeeper, first by trying to transmigrate
    which doesnt work, then cooking except he cant cook
    in his actual body, but finally ends up reciting a love
    poem that only mc and housekeeper know. They do
    it, mc tries to help ml remember his memories from
    previous worlds by showing him a movie of the last
    world but it doesnt work. HEA. Mc hopes that they
    dont have such a weird setup next time, the social
    and generation positions.

    Mc is the first prince, not favoured by the emperor
    and has the emperor under house arrest. Emperor
    sent a decree to the northern border general aka
    ml so ml can help the third prince be crown prince.
    Emperor loved the empress, mc's mother but because
    of third prince's mother's plots the empress died and
    mc had a weak body. Third prince also caused mc's
    disability and bullied him etc. Ml escorts third prince
    back to the capital, tries to assassinate mc, mistakes
    mc a court advisor to the first prince. Ml's military
    advisor is very shocked and cant do anything about
    ml's weird behaviour and fixation of mc. Poor guy.
    Mc acts as regent as the emperor is still under house
    arrest, mc sends daily medicine to the emperor which
    temporarily keeps his life. Mc does a perfect job of
    managing the empire, and the officials, he appoints a
    new important official and gives him a recipe for meds
    for his sick wife. A flood happens in the south because
    of corruption, mc personally goes to deal with it. Mc
    is also angry when he finds out that ml has a fiancee,
    ml doesnt know about this. On the way to the south
    mc meets ml, who still thinks he's a loyal advisor to the
    first prince, slanders the first prince which mc is salty
    about, tries to convince mc to leave the first prince.
    Mc fires the corrupt official, helps the people of the
    south, ml helps too. Emperor finds out the truth at
    the capital, when third prince fights his way into the
    capital to legitimately take the throne, emperor reveals
    his evils and takes away his position as crown prince.
    Before mc goes back to the capital to take over the
    throne, he does it with ml because of some drugged
    fragrance. Ml chases mc back to the capital, prepared
    to stage a rebellion with 2/3s of his troops and give
    the throne to mc, the advisor he thinks he is. Mc is
    about to officially ascend, ml sees mc and realises who
    he is, immediately kneels and 万岁s mc, the rest of
    the court officials were nervous when ml walked with violence
    as his purpose, his troops also thought for sure he'd
    rebel. Military advisor completely understands why
    and just lies flat on the ground. Poor guy. Mc still
    hasnt forgotten ml saying bad things about the first
    prince, mc, and has ml stay at the northern border
    for 3 years. Ml breaks into mc's palace and acts like
    a pitiful dog, mc still has his go because the border
    soon gets invaded by a neighbouring people. Within
    2 years ml comes back becuase he utterly defeated
    the enemy nations. Mc's top court official mentions
    that he should be filling the back palace with concubines
    etc. Ml immediately gets jealous and has a killer
    atmosphere, ml's personal eunuch and the military
    advisor immediately have a bad reaction, both think
    that if mc does that then theyll have a rebellion on their
    hands. Mc says that he only needs ml and ml's attitude
    immediately does a 180. HEA. Mc feels that his soul
    has collected quite a lot of energy, he's suspicious as
    to why the heavely law hasnt done anything, he thinks
    it might have something to do with ml.

    Mc is the fake princess, a replacement sacrifice to
    the dragon of this territory. Mc has boobs which are a
    mage's magical item or whatever. Mc has to wear
    dresses and travels with a bunch of guards who think
    hes the princess. Ml is the black dragon who
    mc is supposed to be sacrificed to so that ml will
    protect the mainland from the demons。Ml has slept for
    thousands of years and seeks his treasure, mc. Ml
    turns into a human, takes on his human identity of an
    earl and meets mc when mc's being attacked by some
    kidnappers who want to use mc to command the black
    dragon. Ml helps mc get rid of a magical net by using
    dragon magic, mc asks ml to teach him how to use it
    because his magical boobs restrict his soul. Ml agrees
    but is conflicted because mc feels familiar to him but
    he knows that his treasure is a man. They arrive at the
    capital, mc tries to find the magician, ends up chasing
    someone who turns out not to be the magician's
    people, bumps into a bunch of ruffians, ml arrives and
    burns the ruffians into nothingness. Ml has accepted
    that mc is his treasure but is scared that mc wont like
    him, mc has a very bad impression of the black dragon.
    Thw demons attack the capital, ml doesnt want to reveal
    his true identity so makes a dragon roar to intimidate
    the demons. The real princess is hiding out with the
    forest spirits, and has the king of forest spirits and the
    demon king convinced that shes the dragon's treasure.
    Mc rallies the ppl in the capital instead of going to the
    dragon but he still ends up going. On the way mc does
    some thinking about ml's behaviour, ml is usually the
    most powerful existence in the world so mc connects
    the dots and figures out ml must be the dragon. Mc
    calls mc over to his carriage and grabs him by the
    collar, asks ml what his relationship with the dragon
    is. Ml thinks his treasure is smart and knows mc has
    figured out who he is. Mc then teases him asking if
    the dragon has two tintins and ml turns bright red.
    They make a stop and ml answers the mc, dragons
    do have two tintins. Ml tells mc that he needs to go
    for a few days, mc finds this unusual cause ml would
    usually hate being apart from him. Ml has a condition
    from when he was young that he would be very violent
    every so often and he didnt want to hurt mc. Mc goes
    to the spirit forest and meets the real princess, theres
    some debate and fighting ober whos the real princess.
    All the kings were ordered to protect the dragons
    treasure by ml but only the beast king figured out that
    mc is the dragons treasure. Mc is about to die when
    he calls for ml. Ml immediately pops out of his cave
    in the mountain and flies over, he gets enraged after
    he sees mc's blood and starts going beserk. Everyone
    realises that mc is ml's treasure after the dragon roars
    back to mc calling his name again. Mc goes to the ml,
    worried, turns out ml's soul has a deep wound. Ml also
    arrived to this world 10 thousand years before mc,
    which is strange because ml usually arrives around
    the same time as mc. Mc figured that ml mustve hurt
    himself after hed left the last world. Mc gets deified, as
    a goddess ironically, and HEAs with ml while searching
    for something to help the wound on ml's soul, he
    doesnt end up finding a cure but does relieve some of
    the pain. His space gets turned into the dragon nest
    and he tries to find ml by sending out his soul, turns
    out ml made a protective shell around mc's space.
    Mc wasnt about to feel the heavenly law even when
    he made obvious movements. Ml goes into the next
    world and mc follows him.

    Mc is an orphan with a gift for playing violin and got
    adopted by protag's parents. He was neglected and
    abused as a child, lost hearing on one side which
    made it difficult for him to play violin. Mc arrives when
    hes about to enter a competition and playing running
    water, which touches the hearts of the audience.
    Including ml who is the patriarch of a very powerful
    family, and has bipolar disorder which makes him
    shift between complete apathy and rage and clarity.
    Ml's bodyguards try to convince ml to send for mc
    because he reacted to mc's music, ml refuses because
    he doesnt want to hurt mc, the bodyguards end up
    inviting mc to comr anyway. Mc realises ml is ml pretty
    fast, ml's soul is still heavily wounded. Mc stays at ml's
    place for almost a week as ml wanted, but ml decides
    he wants to go get treatment for his condition, mc
    confesses to him but ml rejects mc because he doesnt
    want to hurt mc. Mc is angry about it, leaves ml's place
    and goes to school where he gets bullied, ml is about
    to go overseas to see a specialist when he hears his
    bodyguard has lost mc. Ml arrives when mc's original
    music piece is being cruelly shown and made fun of
    on the school bulletin board, protag's plot. Ml gets
    angry, has many of the instigators expelled from the
    school. A random old guy took photos of mc's music
    and said that it was stupendous, mc let him keep the
    photos. Mc attends the second round, plays another
    amazing piece and wins, and mc's adopted father gets
    into money trouble, hes a gambler, and convinces
    mc to help him, adopted father plans on selling mc.
    The third and final round is to play a piece of the
    contestants creation. Mc's prepared piece was stolen
    half completed by protag, they both perform it at the
    competition. Protag claims its his, has his father back
    it up and his teacher. The random old man from before
    turns to be a famous musician and ends up helping mc
    by making public the pics of his music, and said that it
    was before the day that protag claimed he started it.
    Things clear up and mc's fans and the rest of the music
    circle find out the truth, support and encourage mc.
    Mc gets taken to a casino by his adopted father but
    ml appears, instead of the boss, mc figured out that
    even tho ml promised not to intervene he still ended up
    working behind the scenes. Mc's adopted father and
    the protag get send to jail, mc and ml make public their
    relationship, they've got the date planned and stuff
    when protab returns, out of jail as a rich guy's kept
    violinist. Mc gets an important piece of energy that is
    a part of the heavenly law and goes to ml to have him
    absorb it to heal his injury. Ml rejects it, his soul appears
    and tells mc that its mc's, then he shatters and
    mc almost destroys everything. Mc leaves the world,
    has deep thoughts about ml's identity, he's not the
    heavenly law but somehow connected, and hes very
    familiar to mc. Mc tries to enter a world, gets rejected
    and attacked by the world's rules. Mc figures ml has
    been doing this, looking for a sign of his soul in every
    world. Mc is pretty sure that he wasnt affected by this
    rejection before cause each host he was was a part of
    him. Mc finds a clue at the root of a tree, his original
    world and another world, he enters the other world.

    Sci fi world, many worlds combined into one. Mc takes
    over the body of a dead official's son. In this world ppl
    make contracts with half beasts and those without half
    beasts are looked down upon. Mc's original host never
    had a half beast. Mc finds out that ml is most likely
    the emperor of the entire empire that spans the world,
    ml's the sole space beast and has slept for hundreds
    of years. There's a thing where every 3 years they will
    send a person to try and contract ml, and wake him
    up. Ml's existence is pretty much a legend because
    he created the whole empire and even managed to
    protect the world against destruction. Mc has some
    drama with his fam, and his younger brother who is
    lovers with the protag. Protag this time was manipulated
    by the heavenly laws system. Mc feels the signs
    of ml on one of his old scales, each space hub has
    one of his scales as protection and a symbol of ml. Mc
    goes through a competition to be eligible as a potential
    contractor, protag plots and releases a 3s red boa
    snake beast, mc kills it and eats it. Protag also gives
    mc's younger bro a bracelet that interferes with ml's
    energy, when ml's scale tried to go to mc it was forced
    to the younger bro's direction. Mc ends up destroying
    the bracelet and enters the palace, he sees more
    holding the scale. Mc also figures that the world's law
    was rejecting him because it was protecting ml. Mc
    sees a pic of ml, his true face, and gets sucked into the
    portrait into ml's space. Which has 2 layers, the other
    candidates were relegated to the outside for 3 years
    before having their memories wiped and sent back. Mc
    easilt enters the inner layer, when he touches ml a tear
    rolls down his cheek and ml's shattered soul which had
    been inside his soul goes back to his body. Ml wakes
    up but looks at mc like a stranger, asks him who he is.
    Mc is relieved but also angry that ml lost his memory
    again. Turns out ml was just lying to mc, he remembers
    everything but felt guilty and responsibly for mc's
    heartbreak and loneliness so let mc punish him. After
    mc has finished being angry and asks ml about his
    real identity, ml throws mc over his shoulder and goes
    out of his space and into his palace, ready to to mc.
    They do it and mc gets his answer. So ml was originally
    from this world, the heavenly law recruited him as a
    protagonist to wreck worlds and collect energy for the
    heavenly law. Things went bad when ml realised the
    heavenly law wanted to consume him, he fought the
    heavenly law and both sides left with wounds. Ml noticed
    the heavenly law seemed to have its eye on mc,
    taking away his soul energy and putting it into different
    worlds, so he protected mc as his sword. Which is
    why ml is so familiar and knows how to get mc to like
    him and he sealed his memories. Ml used to treat mc
    like a child, he did watch mc grow up. Even after the
    first world, ml was very guilty and conflicted about his
    relationship with mc, but after the abo world he finally
    accepted it. Ml gets told by one of his subjects that the
    protag is about to be coronated as king. Mc tells ml
    to go get his throne back. They arrive when protag is
    about to get crowned, protag had spread rumours that
    ml had disappeared and ppl were very nervous and
    afraid. Ml appears in his original form, the half beasts
    come to welcome him with fanfare and respect.
    Things get cleared up and they HEA.

    Mc goes back to his world, turns himself into a child
    with his soul energy and becomes a disciple to this old
    man who loves his alcohol too much. Ml tags along
    as a dagger, hiding his real sword appearance. Mc's
    home peak gets opened by him, he kicks everyone out
    and puts up strong barriers, he also revives an old sect,
    everyone sees that hes returned. Mc gets sent to break
    and enter into his old home as part of the heavenly law
    sect's scheme to get ml's sword body and find mc. Mc
    plays along, has ml lead the cultivators on a wild goose
    chase and helps a female cultivator with a frail baby.
    Turns out he gave magival medicine to the female
    cultivator's mother and saved her life but becayse of
    that he got mistaken for the murderer of their sect.
    Mc goes back to his sect, his master makes him go
    to a fellow cultivstor's home, mc's ancestral home.
    He visits the ancestral hall, doesnt find his father who
    locked him up in the same ancestral hall where he
    met ml, finds him fathers plaque at a dusty corner. His
    father actually died protecting him, hid him away as
    a baby when he was told to kill mc and pretended to
    have animosity with him. Mc's blood reacts to a seal
    on his fathers plaque and he sees the past. Heavenly
    law sect comes to extinguish mc's family but mc stops them
    with some hand magic which is signature to his family.
    Mc goes back to his sect, respectfully says goodbye
    to his master who figured out mc's identity becuase
    the alcohol he made has the same taste. Mc goes to
    the heavenly law sect, goes to the peak and reveals
    his true identity. The heavenly law controls the 100th
    protag's body and reveals the mc that to get the root
    of his soul he must destroy his parents souls. Ml also
    gets chained as a sword because he has an outsider
    and cant interfere. Mc chooses to instead to 连⼼ and
    manages to get the root of his soul back. Mc takes
    out the heavenly law's little sphere, the heavenlt law
    thinks he wants to double suicide with it. Mc destroys
    the heavenly laws soul. Ml thought ml didnt want him
    anymore, afraid hed left him but mc is fine, the whole
    world gets renewed and mc opens up an ascension
    world for the cultivators. Last scene has mc's master
    drunk and telling a waiter that his disciple is mc.
    Before walking off into the distance and disappearing.
    Mc makes his master one of tje enforcers of the world.

    Ml's in the middle of his rut/season and is nagging mc to
    go on a honeymoon with him all thw time. Mc agrees,
    kicks him into a world. He figured he'll fix the world
    while having a honeymoon. The female protag got
    adopted into mc's family, she felt very insecure and
    forcibly got engaged to mc, but mc's father had her
    go overseas to widen her horizons. She ended up
    getting close to another powerful guy, ml's second
    uncle and the one who tried to kidnap ml when he was
    nine. In the original plot protag defames mc's father by
    claiming that he raised her to be his son's wife, and the
    abuse and corruption in one of the orphanages mc's
    father donated to was revealed. Mc goes to clean up
    the corrupt orphanage first, meets ml there for the first
    time and ml bites him on the hand. Mc calls the popo
    and overhauls the orphanage, ends up adopting the
    ml planning yo raise him as his son and successor, or
    letting him go back and succeed his own house. Ml's
    second uncle aka male protag had him kidnapped to
    become the patriarch of the family, ml escaped from
    him kidnappers and got himself into an orphanage
    since he didnt want to go home, hed be pushed aside
    by his uncle anyway. Mc starts raising ml, spoiling him.
    10 years later ml is 19 and living at a dorm after discovering
    his fixation and lust for mc. Mc still hasnt figured
    out who ml is. Female protag returns, ml gets very
    irritated and affected by her. Ml's fam also find mc ans
    tell him about ml's identity, mc has ml go bavk home.
    Ml reacts badly to it, thinking that mc doesnt want
    him anymore so thrws caution to the wind and tries to
    rape mc since hes got nothing to lose. Mc finally feels
    ml's ⽓息, embarrased and surprised. Ml stops himself
    because he cant bring himself to hurt mc and starts
    crying. Mc kisses him on the forehead, they do it.
    Also mc breaks yhe engagement with female protag.
    Female protag starts rumours about mc's orphanage, a
    reporter goes and it gets broadcast that mc's actually
    a very good person and the children really like him.
    Female protag also posts a thing about mc's father
    raising her as a bride for his son, ml clears that up with
    a public announcement showing photos of female
    protag and male protag at a hotel being very intimate.
    Ml also shows him, their actual son, being moved off the
    family register and being put onto a separate register
    instead of female protag, adopted, so that they could
    get engaged. Ml returns to his family, pretending to be
    an ungrateful whelp, saying bad things about mc and
    leaking some 'secrets' about mc's company. Ml ends
    up taking over his family business, asks mc when he'll
    annex his company, mc tells him is he gonna 吃西北⻛ (eat wind aka nothing/starve),
    ml acts like a child and wants mc to raise him. HEA.
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    Sounds interesting, and I love how you did the summaries for each arc. Calling the Danmei Sect~ :blobhero:
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    TY for the spoilers. Wow, wonder how long you took typing all that.
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    Wow thanks for doing a spoiler thread with actual spoilers haha. Looks interesting!
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    Thanks for the spoiler
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    What’s with the “cutie pie” in the synopsis?
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    Was doing them as I was reading so i have no idea
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    My bad translation orz
    The original is 小可爱
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    Ohhhh, xiao ke ai
    I got it!
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    Omg so many spoilers I feel blessed :aww: thanks a lot!
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    So I'm here once again feeling like an absolute idiot:sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely:, but what does HEA stand for? I get that HE probably stands for happy ending(BE=bad ending) but I can't can't figure out what the "A" stands for.

    Great job on the spoiler summaries btw, thx a whole bunch!(y):aww::blobparty:
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    Happily ever after~
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    Thx so much for the explantion!(y):aww:
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    I think is Happy Ever After
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    Checked out Arc 3, I blame Small Mushroom and God Xi for my reawakened love for Showbiz stories. Here to share some cute moments.

    The ML is very prideful and arrogant in this arc. When his assistant came in with the information he dug about the person who drugged/slept with him (he thought it was MC), he was still in a bad mood because MC pushed him away and stormed off the morning after. When the assistant was about to give the info, he coldly rejected it. He told the assistant to "Throw it" so the assistant, used to his unreasonable demands, took it to a shredder and left the office. As soon as the door closed, ML jumped off his office chair to the shredder trying to salvage the document complaining he told the assistant to throw it, why go and shred it!
    ML who got rejected at the set, came home dejected sitting at the front of his house with the dog love rival. The assistant came to see him like this, and got told to upgrade MC's contract to top priority.

    With the privileges from this contract, ML intercepted 5 invites from the guys who was pursuing the original host at the start of this arc. 5 because 1 already got hooked to world protagonist. ML was worrying, if he can climb my bed, what if he climbed others. Not just one but there's another 5 rivals. He recited his prepared lines, something long the line of "I can block these kind of requests for you, so just climb my bed" before MC came in. Of course, it all went wrong with how he spoke to MC and his overbearing CEO attitude.
    ML got called by his director friend to look at a script. When he arrived, the friend was watching MC's video and praising him a lot. ML directly said MC is his. The friend got a moment to mourn his broken love. The friend wanted MC to act in his movie, as a supporting actor to the protagonist. The film is a sequel where the first was shot with ML as the protagonist. Seeing there's some risque scenes between MC's character and the protagonist, ML is conflicted to ask the friend to remove them because it is vital to the plot. When he suddenly said he would take the protagonist part, the friend still thought he was joking until he was ML is serious. ML was the Film Emperor (that's the most famous actor) 5 years ago before he retired to become a company president. The assistant (his agent) who got a call notifying his comeback threw a fit but his professionalism still let him do all the proper procedures.
    The 5 young masters' cars surrounded MC's nanny car either by instigation of the world protagonist or by their own dirty desires, forcing him to get off the car and get in as they took off leaving his agent and the nanny car. The agent called ML who just got off the plane from the previous film talk, found out MC got coerced, forced his way into his car to the shock of his agent, and drove off to find MC. When he found MC and the young masters though, the MC had already beaten them up until they're so terrified of him.
    When ML was questioned by his agent why he always bothered MC, he retorted with mC can climb his bed but he can't go and see him? ML's agent felt it was a joke, MC is always busy all day. When does he have the time to go climb ML's bed. The agent already rose to become MC's No.1 fan. ML said how the agent should know since he already checked out the information on how MC was the one who drugged him. The agent cursed out here, lol he really did curse ML out loud, and told him that The Star who drugged him was another small talent. ML replied how he woke up the next day with MC in his bed. The agent called him beast to treat his family's MC like this lololol That's when ML realized he got it all wrong. MC wasn't the one who drugged him but he was the one who forced himself on MC. Even worse, the next day he degraded MC calling him "bed climber". So that's why he had always been so indifferent and cold to his pursuits.
    The first scene of ML's comeback film is with MC. It's a scene where the protagonist had to bow to MC's character for the safety of the Druids. This scene filmef by the Film Emperor who had gone to retire for 5 years had 20 NG lol
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    @LaDyViL what did ML do to get the NGs?
  17. LaDyViL

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    In the scene, ML is supposed to be forced to kneel to MC for the survival of the Druid. However, ML had been guilt ridden after the misunderstanding cleared up. When he finally meet MC on set, and got this as his first scene with MC, rather than being reluctant and unwilling to kneel, he plopped down willingly to kneel with a gaze asking for MC's forgiveness. Even the director friend was surprised, this is the arrogant and cold Film Emperor but what he sees is a whipped lover. MC almost laughed when he saw ML like this. By the 20th time, his legs are already sore and dared ML to NG again.
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    Here's some last bits of spoilers for this novel before I return to writing more spoilers for "God, Shine Bright!". It's about World 6 where ML has a son older than MC. I was curious about what happened and how he confront the MC about it.
    The arc has Protagonist and ML's son as lovers while MC transmigrated into the body of the guy in love with Protagonist but have a marriage agreement with ML's son. This and that happened, and while MC told the son that he wants to cancel their marriage, the son told ML. The first time, ML rejected this notion but later on when he kept transmigrating into MC's robot housekeeper, he didn't have the chance to approve the cancellation.

    So when the ML saved MC when he met with a perverted director, MC directly told him about wanting to terminate the marriage agreement. He was surprised at first because ML is so young but has already fathered a son and so he asked. That's when ML hastily explained that son is a result of an accident when he was young, he definitely has been in abstinence, definitely is not married.... MC did not know whether to laugh, he did not ask if ML is married. ML proposed that instead of with his son, the marriage agreement could be MC and him. Insert some dubcon kissing scenes (coz MC is definitely willing but for it to not be OOC he has to be unwilling). ML explained how son was someone he had to check with paternity test. Either MTL is confusing here (when does it not) or it's been left vague by the author, the son was a result of theft. It wasn't stated what theft, could be line theft by some girl ML hooked up poked holes in his rubbers, could be he got drugged and some girl slept with him, or could be his seed at the bank got stolen. Reminder, the son was an accident when ML was young and now ML is old but look young (even got the stamina of youngsters as proven tragically by MC) and the son is apparently older than MC. But that's that, nothing else is mentioned about it and MC and ML left it at that.
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    Thank you for the each arc summary hope you do more
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