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    Registration | OOC Room | Free RP | Mission Board | Reports

    In this thread, players post their reports so that others can appraise them. A normal player can only appraise reports 1 level above theirs and gains 5 contribution per level of the report for appraising a report.

    Please stick to the following format when posting your quests here:

    Taken Quest:
    Mission name:
    Required level: X
    Estimated time: X days
    Reward: X pounds and X contribution

    What your character did in the quest is written here. The report is either written or narrated by your character.

    When a character has reached full digestion, they can advance to the next level. To do this, one needs the ingredients required to concoct the potion for the next level as well as the formula documenting which ingredients are required, and how to concoct the potion.

    Ingredients and formulas can be bought from the faction through contribution at the following rate:

    1: 40 contribution - Irrelevant, unless your characters want to buy a formula for someone else.
    2: 80 contribution
    3: 160 contribution
    4: 400 contribution
    5: 1000 contribution
    6: 3000 contribution

    1: 40 contribution (20 per) - Irrelevant, unless your characters want to buy ingredients for someone else.
    2: 70 contribution (35 per)
    3: 120 contribution (60 per)
    4: 400 contribution (200 per)
    5: 800 contribution (400 per)
    6: 2000 contribution in total

    Alternatively, one can buy the whole potion to the next level for the price of the required ingredients.
    This roleplay features a voluntary health system. Players may add the following to their character sheet to use it:

    Total Loss of Control: X%
    Passive Influences: Mental issues/Emotional turmoil/Exhaustion/Corruption
    Active Influences: X%
    External Influence: X%
    Physical Body: 100%
    Spirit Body: 100%
    Mind: 100%
    Soul: 100%

    A character’s health in this system is determined by the following 5 values:
    • Total Loss of Control
    • Physical Body
    • Spirit Body
    • Mind
    • Soul

    Total Loss of Control
    This is the total of how close your character is to losing control. Depending on how much Loss of Control your character has, he is in one of the following stages:
    1 - Healthy (0%)
    No symptoms or abnormal signs.

    2 - Warning stage (1% - 66%)
    Auditory and visual hallucinations.

    3 - Loss of Control (67% - 99%)
    Mind and body are out of control, displaying strange or terrifying states at times (mental or physical). While in this stage, all Loss of Control gain is doubled.

    4 - Rampager (100%)
    Complete breakdown, transforming into a terrifying monster

    Loss of Control is gained through the following ways:

    Passive Influence:
    Passive influences increase LoC directly until they are resolved. Each of them increases the general amount of LoC gained by half and adds 1% of Active Influence Loss of Control per day in addition to their passive increase of Loss of Control.

    Mental issues increase LoC by 25% until resolved.
    Emotional turmoil increases LoC by 25% until resolved.
    Exhaustion increases LoC by 25% until resolved.
    Corruption increases LoC by 25% until resolved.

    Treating these, especially mental issues and corruption, tends to require help from professionals. This requires a certain amount of money or contribution, depending on the character’s level.

    Active Influence:
    Active influences increase Loss of Control by a certain amount that can be reduced through active treatment.

    It is gained through the following:
    Actively doing the opposite of the acting for the current level increases LoC by 10%. This can only happen when a potion is not fully digested.
    Doing things in conflict with one’s personality increases LoC by 5%. To properly track this, you may add certain rules in a “personality” section in your character sheet.
    Advancing in level adds 50% of LoC that lowers by 5% per ingame day.
    A side-effect of having passive influences.

    To treat these, one requires special treatment and/or rituals to fix. This requires a certain amount of money or contribution depending on the character’s level.

    External Influence:
    Damage to body, mind or soul reduces the amount of control one can exhibit over one’s powers, increasing Loss of Control. This application is not instant, usually happening over a few minutes.

    It is applied in the following:
    20% of Damage to Body gets applied to Loss of Control
    20% of Damage to Mind gets applied to Loss of Control
    20% of Damage to Soul gets applied to Loss of Control

    And lowers as body, mind, and soul heal.

    Damage to the Physical Body, Spirit Body, Mind and Soul are injuries. Should damage to Physical Body or Spirit Body reach 100%, a character dies.

    The Spirit Body of a character is 50% made up of Mind, and 50% of Soul.

    Attacks done by others can target Physical Body, Spirit Body, Mind, or Soul - and at times multiple of them.

    Gaining Damage:
    As a rough guideline for estimating damage, 3 direct attacks of a physical offense-focussed pathway can kill a physical defense-focussed of the same level, while the average pathway of the same level can’t survive a single direct hit of a physical offense-focussed pathway.

    Damage can be roughly halved or doubled for each difference of level between the two characters.

    Injuries in Reports:
    A character that completes a mission adds “estimated damages” to the report, which then gets checked by the receptionist. The receptionist can decide to adjust the actual damage the player gets “rewarded”.

    Each level requires a different amount of digestion. The amounts are the following:
    Level 1: 70 digestion.
    Level 2: 290 digestion.
    Level 3: 420 digestion.
    Level 4: 420 digestion.
    Level 5: 5520 digestion.
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    "Hmm so there is a hit out on senior Phillipe because he is a hindrance to the plans of the guild somehow hmm? Well I have been looking for a new test subject recently and Phillipe has the muscles to withstand the testing from the looks of him." I quickly take the sheet and walk over to the lady to tell her I'll get it done after annoying her I disappear quickly into the real world to get changed for my meeting with Phillipe.

    I arrive at work just on time picking up a request from the guild drop point is an exhausting process, luckily for me Phillipe should be here at my work at this moment in time. "Emma I'm in for work now you can go have a nap!" Working at an inn was not something that I expected to be doing in the new world but you have to earn money to eat whilst staying around a major population centre. The reaction between a human body and Mercury that was the current test that I'd be doing after all I know it's poisonous but what exactly does it shut down?
    "Okay Melusine I'll be off then make sure to take care of everything properly today Alison is going to be pissed if anything goes wrong whilst you are on shift!"
    "It'll be fine I assure you there isn't any wanted posters in town I checked that's why I am almost late!" I yell back at her whilst getting behind the counter Emma would probably come out from the kitchen soon with whatever she'd been working on. The inn was a large place in the small town that I was currently staying in and incorporated the main bar and the best restaurant in the town within it.
    "Okay I'll trust that you did but make doubly sure when anyone new comes in okay!" Emma says as she comes out from the kitchen a plate in her hand and heads over to the table of Proctor John with a meal in her hand.
    "I will make sure to wake you if someone new comes in okay don't worry about it!" Phillipe comes towards the bar a mug in his hand it seems he has started drinking early today since he is already here. Actually is something special going on today lots of regular people are here early today?
    "Did you hear that 20 people in the Rafasa Liberation Movement where captured nearby they are to be executed in the square tomorrow?" I shake my head at that no wonder they had been celebrating this tavern was full of people with a strong sense of connection to their homelands for the most part none of them would ever join the Movement like I had.
    "Oh that's why everyone is in so early celebrations for capturing scum is it?" I hope that's the reason behind the meeting early but this is good if they are in the mood for celebration it will be lots of drinking from them right? Which means I can give a lot Mercury to Phillipe without him noticing it today.
    "Yeah it was a good thing they were caught too they had a level 4 with them! Can you believe what would have happened if they entered this town with a level 4?"
    "Yes I can I've seen what a level 4 can do in New Cyteria." As I say that Anne slaps herself forgetting that I'd been past a town that had been attacked by a level 4 in that town I'd joined the RLM to save myself from his attacks though also for the resources to kill people.
    "I forgot sorry anyway I'll be off for now then." Anne puts the food down on the table and quickly disappears away from here to the room that she stays in.

    A few hours pass by and I slowly feed the Mercury that I have acquired to Phillipe making him more and more ill looking after a few more drinks he will likely keel over and he's at that state of being drunk where all he wants is more drink. Maybe I will have a new corpse by the end of the day if this keeps up? Alison enters the bar with a grumpy look on her face not a surprise she had to go and see the town police department just now because of some disturbance in here yesterday I believe but it seems I am going to have slow down on Phillipe since she is here now a shame but this will clearly have to be a longer process than I'd have thought.

    The next day Phillipe comes in a bit late looking ill as all hell. "Are you sure that you are okay Phillipe you really don't look okay at all."
    "I'm fine I just need some alcohol could you give me a beer."
    "Sure, sure just make sure to drink it slowly don't want you throwing it up." You really are not alright you have Mercury poisoning you fool and I'm the one who made you like this now hurry up and keel over I want to take a deep look into your internals so I can improve upon your body and my own and become immune to this.
    "Just give me a drink hurry up." I quickly hand the beer over him with the Mercury laced into it before he second guesses himself. As he finishes the drink he collapses to the floor. "Anne get your ass out here Phillipe just collapsed!"
    "What, WHAT!" Anne quickly runs out from the room she was in and then runs out the door probably to get a doctor or something though I hope she takes some time. I quickly begin to perform anything I can think of to keep him alive but none of it seems to work as his pulse disappears. That's good but have to keep up appearances for now after all these guys like their homes unlike me I'll crush it beneath my feet one of these days but first is crushing my family.
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    Mission name: Procurement
    Required level: 1
    Estimated time: 2 days
    Reward: 2 pound and 15 contribution
    Description: Use your newly gained powers to gather ingredients required for low-level rituals or potions in the wild.

    Location: Southside of Thelema City - Rollow River
    Word Count: 1120
    For once, Cooper was able to sleep in. He only worked during the week and no one required much from him over the weekend, so he could go out and spend his money. But after learning about the rituals, he knew he would need a lot of resources to practice. After asking the Dandy, Cooper was given the mission to procure those very materials. Not only would he get contribution to the movement, but Cooper could also grab his own ingredients.

    And yet, just like always, Cooper woke up early to work at the docks before heading back home and grabbing his gear for travel. Looking the same as he arrived, Cooper left through the southern gate to head down and find some materials. He passed the barracks and the military training grounds, as well as passing the shanty town. The kid from the other day was even able to show up and wave him off.

    Surprisingly, it only took several hours before he arrived at the little unnamed village by the river. Rather, the local villagers just referred to it by the same name as the river. Rollow River was named by one of the first nobles from Iha to come and explore Rafasa, so he took the liberty to name it. And so the villagers called their village Rollow Village.


    It was a small and quaint village with a few small shops since it was so close to the city, but it was ultimately unable to provide a reliable source of income for a Beyonder. But it was a good halfway point for the area beyond the river, which was still rather untouched by the people living nearby. There were many beasts and monsters that had strange powers and normal people were unable to contend against the beasts.

    For that reason, there was a small dispatch of bored looking soldiers standing guard at the roads leading away from the village and alongside the river. After all, several dangerous creatures lived in the water, too.

    But Cooper had a secret way to find these items. He sat on a rock near the riverbed and flipped a single gold coin. As it spun in the air, Cooper asked,

    “Should I head further south to find the materials?”

    But before the coin landed on his outstretched hand, a shadow whipped out of the water and grabbed a hold of the coin, immediately bringing it back into the dark waters. Cooper nearly followed it in, wanting to get his money back, but a pair of red eyes seemed to glare at him from the shadows in the reeds. Gulping down his saliva, Cooper headed back to the village and attempted the divination once more.

    “Don’t head south…huh? Okay, I guess I will just stay nearby.”

    And so Cooper went outside of the village and foraged around. Thankfully, with the information obtained from the movement, he dug up what looked like weeds and carefully wrapped them in a protective cloth sack. Blue weeds with fluorescent green flowers shaped like upside raindrops, or Water Weed. Red flowers born from a dead and withered vine wrapped around an equally dead and withered tree known as Drain Vine Flowers. An oblong pink fruit that was the size of a melon growing in a small tree the size of a bush known as a Warp Fruit.

    When Cooper dug up the water weeds, a pool of water filled the gap in the ground left behind. When he plucked the flowers from the vines, the vine turned to dust and the bark of the tree flaked off. When the fruit was plucked, the tree closed into a pole shape, like a fly trap. Unsure of what exactly these plants could do, Cooper gave them no mind and gathered some of the less bizarre materials. Then, it was time for bed.


    DAY 2

    The next day, Cooper woke to the sound of villagers yelling loudly. He got up from his sleeping bag and packed things up as fast as he could. And yet, even fifteen minutes later, people were still screaming. No one was running away, in fact, they were all running to the river. Cooper saw a couple of the soldiers attempting to catch a shiny yellow frog bouncing from riverbank to riverbank.

    As in, it could jump nearly 20 feet over. Its size was about the size of his rucksack, meaning it was about half the size of a normal human person. The yellow was actually a golden luster, and that was what caught everyone’s attention.

    ‘Wait, isn’t that…that is the frog that stole my coin! But it wasn’t like that before…’

    Surely, if it could jump that far, it would easily just hop onto land and attack people. So why wasn’t it doing that now?

    “You little shit! Gimme back my money!”

    A Money Frog! Cooper had seen this in the book, but it was not that important later on in the Merchant Sequence. Instead, it was mainly used for the beginner Level 1 Potion or for a special tool.

    A tool that would help Cooper get money! Heavily motivated to get this creature, Cooper strode up to the river. The frog’s eyes darted over, but immediately looked away to jump from another soldier. Not wanting to get harassed by the soldiers after catching the thing, Cooper attempted to offer some assistance.

    “Hey, want me to get it?”

    “Grr…I just want my money back!”

    “So I grab that frog and give you the money it swallowed? I can keep the frog then.”

    “Whatever! Just get it!”

    Nodding, Cooper picked up a rather large rock and calculated where the frog would land after jumping. Taking aim, he threw the rock and knocked it on its head. Stunned, it fell into the river and flowed over to where he stood on the riverbank. The soldiers that looked like clowns glared at him for making it look so easy, but Cooper wasn’t done. He knocked it on the head and made the frog unconscious. Opening up its large mouth, he had ample time to grab what looked like a tattered money bag soaked in gastric juices.

    He tossed the bag over the soldier, but he couldn’t find the coin the frog stole from him. Was it already digested? Is that why it turned into a money frog?!

    Thinking that this would be a good way to farm money in the future, Cooper was satisfied. He then made sure the frog was dead. He waved goodbye to the villagers and spent his time on the way back to Thelema hunting down small animals to sell for a quick soli and even spotted some rarer animals on the ingredient list.
    Spoils: Assortment of necessary materials
    Extras: +12 DP, 5 Water Weed Sprouts, 3 Drain Vine Flowers, 1 Warp Fruit, 1 Money Frog Skin, Money Frog Meat, 3 soli
    Losses: -1 Gold Coin
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    Mission name: Crafting
    Required level: 1
    Estimated time: 1 days
    Reward: 2 pound and 10 contribution
    Description: Use your newly gained powers to imbue charms with blessings and powers.

    Location: Thelema City - The Dandy's Hideout
    Word Count: 1287
    Cooper felt invigorated after finding the strange new plants and animals of this continent. But he didn’t know what to do with what he had. So after another day working around the docks, he paid a visit to the movement’s underground hideaway beneath the Dandy’s café. He had noticed it recently, but it felt like he was just going back to boring old Cooper with the repetitive schedule.

    Work, sweat, make money, rinse repeat. It was toiling away into nothing, is what it was. Hunting some animals or picking some plants wasn’t going to make him a powerhouse or an undefeatable force of destruction. How was he supposed to influence Iha like this?

    No, this must be the agitation brought forth by the Potion. The murmurs sounded so sweet, like a fine wine for Cooper’s ears. A sultry voice beckoned him with riches and power, but that wasn’t what he wanted! He needed to help his friends!

    Using the focusing technique to reduce the onset of insanity, Cooper was calm by the time he found his way to Father Prosper.

    “Welcome, Child. The Goddess is happy to see you.”

    ‘What does that mean? Does it have anything to do with the voice I hear from time to time?’

    Throwing this problematic thought to the back of his head, Cooper took a seat in front of the worktable filled with an assortment of items. Some were even the materials he helped gather yesterday.

    “Today I will teach you some simple things you can help the movement with. One would be Luck Charms. Rather than holding a ritual or prayer every time, with these tools filled with the grace of Her love, we can feel Her power and guidance at all times.”

    And just like what a Goddess of Wealth would need, the basic Luck Charm required pound notes! Just like a sacrifice, one must waste money in order to find more! No, that isn’t how it goes…

    Cooper sighed internally, but since all of the materials were supplied by the movement, he didn’t need to pay out of pocket for these.

    “You will need to crush these dried Harlow Petals into a fine powder. Next, water blessed by the Goddess Herself, and we can’t forget this.”

    Taking a vial of golden liquid out of his clerical robes, Cooper groaned in an audible manner, causing the priest to chuckle softly. Combining the powder and water into a sticky paste, Father Prosper coated both sides of the legal tender, turning it a sickly green, like some sort of plant from the ocean floor.

    But when the priest pulled out a fine tip brush, things got more intense. While reciting an incantation to the Goddess, he drew the symbol of wealth onto one side of the note with the golden mixture. A coin featuring the symbols used in rituals Cooper had learned earlier this week. On the other side was also a coin, but it had strange and slightly disturbing images etched into the paste.

    Eyes, veins, and even bones were depicted on this side, revealing a far more sinister side of this archaic religion.

    After all, the so-called Church of Lady Luck only existed after the new world was discovered. How did it grow so much? Why was there this creepy ritual? How did that strange potion come into existence?

    “You have many questions, young one. But do not doubt Her Majesty. We are graced with Her favor by Her own whim. What She gives, She can take away.”

    A trepidation built up inside Cooper, causing him to just let the father be. Moving from the concealable Charms, Father Prosper then stood up and dusted off his robes.

    “Okay, that is all I am teaching you for this. Beyonder weapons cannot be made by you and me. Only a dedicated path like the Weapon Master or Machinery Specialist. There are others, such as the Lurker path, but that is a different denomination.”

    Cooper just stared at the priest with confusion until he left, leaving Cooper to finish off the next three. It took all he had not to just walk out right then and there. That was it!? What if he messed up!?

    Thankfully, everything was all there that he needed, even the words to the incantations and the strange golden mixture. But while working on the first Charm, Cooper felt an indescribable feeling. He was actually using his spirituality much faster than requesting a divination!


    Father Prosper propped himself up against the wall just outside the enchanting room. Sweat dripped down his forehead as he clenched his fist. His face was contorted in pain as he actually cried. His skin even took on a golden luster before fading back to normal. After catching his breath and stabilizing his mind, Father Prosper made a prayer gesture and whispered softly with agony,

    “Forgive me, My Lady, for I am too weak for your gifts…”


    He barely squeezed out the first Charm before toppling over like a heap of dirty clothes. Thankfully by this time, Father Prosper brought some small snacks for him to consume and help him finish up the last two. It took him all day! It was late at night when he was done, causing Cooper to wonder why he even decided to do this. The day was already over!

    Cooper left the café and even the castle walls, heading to the docks to get a nice cool breeze against his sweaty and sticky skin. While he was chilling and relaxing, he could hear screams coming from the shantytown.

    Walking over wasn’t that troublesome, so he went to take a look, only to be swamped by the little urchins of the slums.

    “Oh hush! Our friend was taken by bandits, mister! You need to save them! You saved them the other day, remember?!”

    Indeed, weren’t these the children that were there with the previous fiasco with the silver knife?

    ‘Did it get him in trouble even after I told him to be careful? Damn, this might be my fault at this point. I need to do something!’

    Rushing over to the docks to see if the Dock Lord was there, Cooper was out of breath when he knocked on the outside door next to the welcome counter. However, the guards were packing up for the evening and were about to lock the gate.

    With fatigue exacerbated and feeling the wear and tear on his body and mind, Cooper once again hightailed it over to the next person that could help him. He went down to the hideout to find the Dandy.

    “Whoa, you don’t look so good. You need to rest.”

    “I got a kid kidnapped. I need to save him.”

    “Hey, hold on! Not like that! You are just going to get yourself killed! Here, let us put up a quick mission. You take a day to rest and prepare for your trip over there to take care of the bastards. Also, do you even know where they are?”


    Cooper was caught by surprise before crunching his eyebrows together. The headache and whispers were getting to him, so he knew he needed to rest and relax.

    “Here, take my advice and rest. Don’t worry about work tomorrow, I will let them know. You rest up and spend tomorrow preparing for the trip. I will do some research and request for other members to aid you. Use this as a chance to earn the hearts of the people. Only with them will we come out on top.”


    The Dandy patted Cooper on his shoulder, but when the Merchant didn’t respond, he got surprised and requested his assistant to escort him back to his apartment.
    Spoils: Required Charms
    Extras: +6 DP, Luck Charm Crafting
    Losses: Accumulated Stress (+3% Mind LOC)