Chinese Cangbi Book 苍壁书 by Qing Lin Zi Chu 青林之初

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    Name: Cangbi Book 苍壁书
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    This is gonna be adapted as a drama
    This looks a great novel of intrigues, politics, revenge and love
    Description :
    Nine years ago, the Eastern Kingdom and Northern Kingdom went to war. The stars of both dynasties fell at the same time, and both the Xi clan and the Dugu clan were caught in their ruin. Nine years later, the Eastern Kingdom Emperor Xiao Zhen suddenly fell into a coma. Nine years, Yao Shao, the daughter of the first branch of Xie clan of the Eastern Kingdom, had bonded with the national businessman of the Northern Kingdom. So she was surprised to discover that the the Yun clan's current young master was not the real Yun Jing, the young orphan of the Xi clan who shared a resemblance with Yun Jing, Chi Yan. The young heirs of the two clans survived, and returned after unspeakable hardships, but as devoted, charismatic, and unparallel strategists, or as cold-blooded, heartless, devils walking on a pile of bones ? Every strategy they plan, every step theyy makee, is it only to get revenge, settle debts, and restore their house, or to plan for an ever bigger war and a world-shattering storm?