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    Poor FL's dad, he had to wait for 20 years to start looking for them because of the magical contract :blob_teary:
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    Hello, I want spoilers
    1. Are the ML a bad person ?
    Someone wrote he's cunning (so I am hoping he's not playing with MC heart)
    2. What will happen to the ExLover ? Will he join the other duke or his part end after they took the title from him ?
    3. Are the novel completed ?
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    Just read the raws, I can't wait for the ex and his mother to go up in flames. With how he is he might as well just marry his mother =____=
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    Ooh this makes sense why she forgot he saved her from falling down the stairs

    Pro tips always be careful walking down stairs wearing high heels everyone lol

    Uh I don’t think the ML is a bad person.
    Don’t know the second question but I assume either either he just lives out his life or he does something stupid and gets killed

    novel is completed at 151 chapters. None of the KakaoTalk manhwas are from incomplete ongoing novels
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    omg, am I the only one who finds the FL's father is kinda hawt? ehem- he kinda:blobsmirk: hot , I know I'm being weird but- he's the duke of the north and lookin hawt:blobhyperthink: I wish I was the FLs mother:blobmelt: to be carried like that?! >///< yesss another hot father!:blobcat_hyper: (forgive me my lord for I have sin)
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    I can't believe MC's dad is Sephiroth. Outstanding.
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    Ah.... Not another secret royal ml smh
    P.S: You mean 180, 360 means he's the same
    P.P.S: Thanks for the spoiler
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    The tl is uploading to bato first.
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    i like the manwha~
    i read the novel trans way back when it was still being translated, and i got kinda annoyed-confused with the mother.
    at least i'm guessing that Lysette, the mom, was a hire from the capital. so her body isn't fit for the cold, i mean everyone in the current story is fit. even Terryl.

    i wonder if the mom will die during the course of the story? or will she recover. cause i want her to have a redemption and more time with the duke. they seem to have good chemistry, despite her being a flighty woman.
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    You're not alone :blob_blush:
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    I really want to know how her ex and his mom will react to the truth? Even better, react to her picking his brother and essentially making him the heir? I hope she gives back the slaps she received. Ty for the spoilers guys!
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    Seriously, I don't like FL's father and mother, it's like for 20 years you guys have misunderstood and so quickly you can be intimate again even in front of your own children?
    The situation might even be confusing for FL, even her father or mother did not apologize to him for making her life very difficult, especially her father. After his daughter came, he immediately gave him hard training, sorry but I still can't understand it.
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    Not siding to any side. But based on the manhwa,

    1. They truly love each other. Only the way the duke used the words that make her mom ran away while being pregnant.
    2. Due to the magical contract which is in effect for 22 years, he cant touch her. So 2 years past only then the then duchess (Rashed's mother) died, and he had to wait for another 20 years for him to find and get him back.
    3. As for successor thing, her mother is physically weak, which was why the duke said such thing, though his wordings caused the misunderstanding. So they cant have another. She is the only one. As the successor of the largest duchy, she needs to learn fast.
    So there ;)
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    Yes, I know that, but even so the situation is still difficult for FL to accept, then she has to see that at first her mother hated her father suddenly became very affectionate in front of him.
    Uh sorry that sucks in my opinion.
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    Ngl I'm soooo excited to see that cunning personality with that soft (lol) face

    Honestly, the pacing is a mess. Still interested to read more spoilers though!
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    Skinny cheeks, the shade under the eyes that reached down to the cheekbones. The face is is like a fly and the limbs are like branches in winter. Monarch.

    The person who sat in the most noble seat in the world could not bear the weight of the coffin and was crushed.

    I took a deep breath as I faced the emperor as I far exceeded my expectations.

    “Welcome to the eternal sun of Temgria.

    This is Terryl Lache de Rihan.”

    “I am honored to be able to illuminate Rihan’s face as soon as he takes over the title.”

    It was a somewhat boney word, but he did not get angry because of his wretched demeanor.

    However, the conversation did not become long.

    The more we talked, the more she looked at Cecio as if begging for something, and his mood was getting worse and worse, and I also became uncomfortable with the time we had together.

    “Then we'll walk away.”

    “Thank you for coming, take a look. But wait.”

    The emperor, who gave me a warm greeting as if he was an uninvited guest, looked at three again.

    “Can you give me a moment, Duke Anobis?”

    "I'm sorry, but I have a next appointment."

    "If it's just for a moment, please."

    "Your Majesty."

    I think it's clear what the purpose is, I cut off the Emperor's words coldly.

    "This man has an important schedule."

    “…just for a moment.”

    “And it would be better to call me by another title than Duke of Anovis.”

    As Prince Cecio, not Duke of Anovis. Cecio didn't like being called 'A Novice'. The only thing that came with the Duke of Anovis was this reason that he really didn't want to put a burden on me.

    It seems that he did not know that the rumors circulated that it was her title that I had threatened her Anovis, but nevertheless, Monarch persisted and did not give up on her conversation with Sesio. Sprinkled and pressed her.

    The knights of the guards nearby opened their eyes, but nothing happened because they also held down their fingers so they couldn't lift a single finger.

    Monarch licked his lips in a cold sweat, and said in a trembling voice, "Okay, let's go," we turned without hesitation.

    The door of the audience rang loudly.

    “I just wanted to see you. “

    He was probably trying to tell me to come down from the throne.”

    “Thani Tar would be very upset to hear that.”

    “Well, in that situation, it would have been the same for Thani Tar. What I asked for was a flawless Songun.”

    “Perfect Songun?”

    “Everything in the world It's not easy to exclude yourself and put the country first. Especially if you don't want it.”

    Human, what about erasing the Monarch altogether?

    It's something I know, but I don't know.

    It's hard to understand properly unless you've experienced it yourself.

    Recalling the emperor's gloom I had seen a while ago, I could have guessed a little bit.

    Even so.

    “If you wanted to be treated like a human being, you must have given up when I abandoned you.”

    Seshio suddenly stopped walking at my words.

    Then, puzzled by the way he looked at me, I also stopped.



    He smirked, pulling the corners of his mouth.

    It was a completely different expression from the face he had struggled to hide his displeasure from a while ago.

    “I was relieved.”


    “I was worried that I might look too cruel.”

    “…Don't worry, all I can see is Roe, a frightened rabbit.”

    As he uttered the truth like a joke in shock, Seshio made a small laugh and made fun of his steps again.

    But we couldn't walk a few more steps.

    Because I ran into someone approaching from the other side.

    The gentle-looking priest, dressed in white, stiff clothes, was Anathanyx.

    Seeing you after a long time, you two.

    Unlike us, who were stunned, she wasn't surprised in the slightest.

    After she said congratulations on becoming a duke, she said hello to her a few words, and then with a sarcastic smile said: “She came hastily when she heard that she was actually headed for the Imperial Palace. I have something to give you.”

    Ah, Nata Nix handed me something.

    It was the flowerpot she kept holding in her arms.

    A light green plant with a few leaves spread out about half an inch high on the flat soil. Why are you giving me this?

    “This is…?”

    “Those who have mastered mana do not have confidence. It's more like a Master, and even more so if it's Rihan."

    What's it got to do with that giant plant?

    "Even the body is stronger than the average person, so even if she conceives a life, it's too late to notice."


    “It is a sacred plant called nuntium. Just plant mana in plants. It will take care of itself without watering.”

    “Then why…”

    “When a child is born in Your Majesty's womb, this plant will bear fruit and let you know.”

    What happened?

    At the end of the day, I almost heard Sare.

    Swallowing her cough a few times and looking at her in dismay, her high priest looked a little embarrassed, so he averted her gaze.

    “I couldn't think of any other gifts. His Majesty Rihan will have almost everything.”

    How should I answer this?

    It's vague to say thank you, and I can't even say anything else.

    When he looked at Cecio, he was also usually embarrassed, and the nape of his neck was ripened red.

    “Do you have any plans to have children?”

    “No…It's not like that. I will be grateful.”

    Once I received the potted plant.

    The sincerity of the High Priest cannot be ignored, and it will be useful.

    Reflecting on when she was embarrassed, she instructed me to blow mana into the soil, and I followed her instructions.

    And I was skeptical of what it was doing, but.

    “Then are you here to tell me?”

    “Honestly, plants are just excuses.”

    Oh, right?
    If the purpose was to deliver this, it would have been a bit scary.

    As she swept her chest in relief, her face gradually turned serious.

    Her High Priest's eyes turned to Cecio.

    "I heard the word, but I didn't think I would ever see you."

    She came to meet Sesi Orl, the master of the spirits.

    Upon noticing this, the high priest bowed deeply toward Seshio.

    Cecio's lips were very firm.

    "Thank you, Prince Cecio."

    “I did nothing to thank the High Priest.”

    “I remember that day too. A time when there is a storm and the world is about to fall.”

    The moment Sesio was about to destroy the empire.

    You say thank you, but it's an act that doesn't look nice to the high priest.

    His eyes narrowed and I tensed my body without a word.

    Because I had no idea what Anataniks would be doing next.

    "Is that something to be thankful for?"

    “I know that the reason why you are demonstrating that level of ability is because you have acquired good deeds in addition to your innate abilities. Because the records of the first emperor, Saint Lady, remain in the shrine.”

    “You seem to know what I was trying to do with the power I created.”

    “You didn’t do anything,” said the high priest calmly, despite the fact that what Cecio was about to do was nothing but the destruction of the empire.

    The smile that was revealed was bright and bright without any discomfort.

    "And this empire has become a more livable land. Although there have been some sacrifices."

    He said.

    “Being born with power is not the end, it is the beginning.”


    “I know that Prince Seshio has had a hard life. And yet, that he has lived a good life so that his power can grow strong.”

    Unable to answer, Cecio's eyes trembled slightly.

    “I can't even imagine how many good deeds you've done. Because it is unknown. That is why I wanted to thank you for your undisclosed goodwill.”

    “It is not the strength I have because I want it, it is not the good I did because I wanted to.”

    “I don't even like God very much.”

    Saying that out loud in front of the high priest?

    Perhaps he made a speech mistake in embarrassment, and Seshio pressed the back of his hand to my mouth.

    I too was perplexed, but Anathanyx laughed out loud:

    “I am a servant to God, but I do not serve him because I like him who has no form. They only uphold good will and will.”


    “So, what I am giving thanks is not the strength, but the good will of Prince Seshio.”

    asked all When I grabbed his hand in a confused look, his clasped hands were full of strength.

    He could not release his strength from his hands until the High Priest left with a blessing.

    It was as if he were going to lose his way at any moment if he didn't.

    Returning to the carriage, we, no matter who we were, floundered in our chairs.

    I haven't done much, but I've run out of gin.

    It was like that for a while after the wagon started to depart.

    I leaned back against the backrest and stared blankly at the ceiling.

    "then…I didn't know you could hear me."

    I heard Cecio's voice, and I bowed his head towards him.

    Confusion still remained on his face.

    Even so, it looked better than before.

    “Are you in a bad mood?”

    ”…I don't know."

    "It felt good then." "What?" "You always said that you didn't know what was good."

    Seshio smiled wryly and straightened up his disorganized posture.

    “You talk about good things right away.”

    Then, before I could say anything, he touched the side of my face and traced my back.

    Their lips touched and their breaths mixed. After a brief kiss, he parted his lips and smiled.

    “I like things like this.”

    “…That's natural.”

    He said he didn't want to lose, and he smiled and sat down next to me.

    The car was bigger than what I rode when I was a cow duke, so there was still room for a little bit.

    It was a pity rather than a good thing.

    “Then I've done all I have to do.”

    “Are you going to go back?”



    “Count, do I really come to the capital to work?”

    Cecio blinked slowly, as if he didn’t understand.

    “Now that I’ve got my title, I’ll just work like an ant when I get back, play when I can rest.”

    “Obviously I wanted to own the land.”

    “I said I wanted to, I didn’t say I wanted to work.”

    It was sophistry, but I believed that many people in the world would sympathize with me.

    Originally, humans are contradictory animals.

    He made a subtle expression and then chuckled.

    "Yeah, it'll be fine if your predecessor is there anyway."

    "I don't plan on holding on for long either. I'm just going to rest until the house gets dusty and go back."

    "Honestly, this is good news for me. After returning to the North, you've been busy." .”

    “I know you came here to rest. I just didn't know that he would remain in the capital after work.”

    “Cesio, why did I bring up the child in the first place?”

    It was meant as a joke, but Cecio's eyes narrowed slightly. From hundreds of experiences over the past few hundred times, I knew the meaning of that expression.

    “You can go into the mansion and say that.”

    “Well, it’s not far away, it’ll be nice soon.”


    Before I could even ask what he meant, I heard the driver's scream.

    And the real identity of the scream was soon revealed.

    Apparently he was running through the square, and immediately after that, he saw the duke out the window.

    “…what did you do.”

    “I made a portal to the Duke right in front of the wagon."

    “Wow, how much patience....”

    He got up from his seat at three o'clock and opened the door of the carriage.

    The place he saw was not in front of the duke, but in the mansion's bedroom.

    You are really doing a great job.

    I almost would have applauded.

    He turned to me at the wagon's door and asked.



    I smiled and stepped out of the carriage.

    * * *

    The coachman blinked with a pale face like a haunted man.

    He was just driving the wagon quickly and safely, as always.

    But suddenly, a portal appeared in front of him and he became the duke, and when he looked inside to ask if the duke and his wife were okay, the person was gone.

    Only after hearing the butler's words that the two had entered the mansion did he finally feel relieved.

    He looked around to see that no one was there, and the coachman murmured carefully: “The power of Prince Cecio is bad for the heart.”

    They didn't even know what that power really was, but the people of the North had something unusual about Rihan.

    I knew I had power.

    At first, he pretended to be hiding, and then he overtly used his abilities more and more, so he couldn't be ignorant.

    I've never been this rough.

    I don't know if there will be an accident, so next time I'd like to give you a frozen vagina.

    As the coachman was about to get out of the wagon, repeating the rustic wind.


    Something caught his eye.

    A small flowerpot in the corner of the chair.

    “Have you left it? I have to bring it to you, yes.”

    He reached out and took the flowerpot in his arms.

    He brought it with him on his way to the Imperial Palace, so it must have been a valuable item.

    I looked around here and there, just in case, but luckily the soil didn't spill and the pot didn't break.

    The coachman was relieved and went outside with the plant in his arms.

    There were two round fruits under the light green leaves in the flowerpot.

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    At least her parents' situation is way better compared to her relationship with that trash ex.

    But i do get what you mean :)


    Will we see them though? :blobpensive:
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    Wow, FL's relationship with former trash can't be saved anymore:blob_grin:
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    I wanna know more about the father since in the manhwa he didn’t look like he treated fl as a daughter but more as a successor. It’s great that her mother and father are happily in love but personally the manhwa didn’t really portray to me their reunion like it just felt bland, like it was just BOOM u broke up with ur lover BOOM here’s ur dad BOOM ur mom wasted her life for a misunderstanding BOOM ur the successor take these lessons! I just want a simp father for his daughter