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    신데렐라 오빠, Cinderella's Brother, The Brother Of Cinderella
    Official Raws:
    Author: 냥이와향신료/ Spice&Kitty ( Same author who write ''A Stepmother's Märchen'', ''Fairy Tale For The Villains" and ''How To Get On My Husband Side")
    Artist: Spoon
    Year: 2017
    Status: 4 Volumes and 123 Chapters Complete
    Summary (MTL):
    One day, a half-sister suddenly appeared.
    Because of her presence, the father became a daughter fool and the
    the older brother became a siscon.

    Having become a non-existent member of his family, he went to the
    battlefield with honor, but in the end,
    he met a bitter death.

    But when he opened his eyes again,
    he had returned to the past when he was thirteen.


    'I'm a eunuch... ''

    Not as a man, but as a woman.

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    ooh camp!
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    so I read the link in the post above and currently i'm so confused
    her name is rei after the returning, before was ray (i think? they are spelled the same 레이) she is hidden princess, the twin sister of the crown prince ryun. she has red hair from her mother and red eyes from her father
    in the past, twins are ominous, then the former high priest found out that FL is the destined purifier (called "secreta" or sth) so he changed the oracle and inform the emperor that she is the seed of devil. the emperor didn't believe this but the empress was afraid that her husband will kill her daughter so she asked her cousin - the duchess of tidis - to take her child. the duchess beatrice pitied her so she took in the child and persuaded her husband that she was the twin of the child she would give birth to (sorry, the translation is soooooo:blobconfused::blobconfused:)
    she was isolated by leviana - duke's illegimate daughter from a one-night stand (he was said to be a loving husband you know:blobhero:) so after returning she acted smarter and tried to stay with eugene as much as possible, later she entered the palace as a princess
    surprise~~it's the brother eugene. silver hair and blue eyes, just like his father. a cold man who rarely expressed his emotions due to his father's education
    he actually loved ray but because of his father (he hated rei because his wife died not long after she brought her back :blobneutral: that's so typical) so he couldn't protect him that much. after ray died in the battlefield, eugene committed suicide. after returning, he didn't push rei away and later obtained the position of prime minister and teacher of the crown prince, so his status in the tidis family became more than an original heir. he fought against his father and tried to protect rei.
    in truth, he had known that ray wasn't his younger brother. he read his mother's will after her death, telling him to protect ray from his father. at 11 he know that ray wasn't his brother and at 16 learned about rei's birth and the oracle. unlike his father, he believed in it. at some point he began to love rei as a woman, not as a younger brother.
    after that he took over his father's position and imprisoned him (sorry not so sure)
    so emperor whisho :bloblove: empress rotesia
    = crown prince ryun and rei/ray
    duke albert tidis:bloblove: duchess beatrice tidis
    = eugene
    the point is, rotesia and beatrice are COUSINS. didn't that make ML and FL related by blood????:blobdizzy::blobfearful:
    beatrice, ml's mom has red hair and dark green eyes while ml's father albert has silver hair and blue eyes.
    how come no one even noticed or suspected that FL isn't their child??she has red eyes :blobneutral:
    if someone can translate the post in the link above, please correct me if there is any mistake.
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    Well, marriage between cousins among nobility isn't very rare, and their blood links are probably already somewhat far off considering the parents were cousins(however its bot stated what degree they are).
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    The first thing I thought when seeing the cover:
    'Hey, this looks like Spoon's illustrations.. Hmm... :hmm::hmm:
    *sees top left corner* Oh wait, I'm right:blobsweat_2:'
    I'm kinda confused by the synopsis tho.. Anyways, I'm gonna camp here for more spoilers :blobcozy::blob_plusone:
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    This seems like a really interesting premise