Chinese Clear Water Long Stream 碧水长流 by 破脑袋/破破 Po Nao Dai / Po Po

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    Name: Clear Water Long Stream 碧水长流
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    This is from the same author than Fleeting Midsummer
    It looks like a cute, fluffy, funny love story.
    Description :
    When talking about the immortal's companions, this deity is tens of thousands of years old, yet still didn't find a good husband!

    So what if one has the most noble lineage? The young fairy turned into a mother-in-law! QAQ

    In love with the warm and handsome God Zi Wei, she was beaten with a stick!

    In love with the handsome and handsome crown prince of the wolf clan, she was beaten by a stick!

    No matter whether you are an old man in the sky, or a little demon in the mountains, all the obstacles that block the path of this immortal love are out of the way !