Chinese Covering the Sky With One Hand, Fighting the Earth With The Other 一手遮天,一手捶地

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    Name : Covering the Sky With One Hand, Fighting the Earth With The Other 一手遮天,一手捶地
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    This is gonna be adapted as a drama
    Love triangle, ancient china, amnesia, mystery, political intrigues...
    Description :
    The orphan girl with amnesia was abandoned by her lover. When they met again, he was the heir of a prince, however she had become the great and powerful princess of the Jian kingdom.

    Everyone said that she used to be a very hateful princess. For a long time now she has been unable to get her memory back, she can't say if the open and secret fights of the imperial court are the most troublesome, or if it is the pile of male concubines in the princess' mansion.

    On one side, there is her official husband (*prince consort) who feels a mix of love and hatred towards her ; on the other side, there is the cold and indifferent prince's heir who falsely pretend that he does not remember her. It appeared that the both of them a deep attachment for her buried in their hearts, and it seemed that everyone was secretly involved in a powerful conspiracy with dark forces. How to guess who is an enemy, who's a friend?

    She wanted to do her best to know about her own past, but found out that the causes behind her amnesia were difficult and confusing. The person who gave her the "Dispersing Memories and Mind" drug in the past may be her naive and innocent-looking younger brother the crown prince, or even more probably her prince consort with whom she made an oath of love. No matter what kind of truth it is, it is enough to hurt people deeply. Moreover, behind this deception, there seems to hide even greater treasons and conspiracies against the country.

    Her prince consort, the prince's heir, her older brother, the crown prince, who's the true blooded heir to the emperor ? Who offers a sincere help, and who hides murder intentions ?

    The love of youngster seems to be insignificant in front of the country's power. As the princess of the kingdom of Jian, her efforts to protect this peaceful and prosperous world finally succeeded, but she doesn't know what to do to to hold on to her love.
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    The description seems interesting.

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