Feature Request "Custom entries" (Novels) and "short notes" for the Reading List

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Would you like to have custom entries in the reading list? Whats about a third column for notes?

  1. Yes, it would be nice to have everything i read in one list

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  2. No, I can use other sides for other kinds of novels and NU should only allow Asian novels

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  3. A third column for short notes would be nice

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  4. A third column would only be complicated and you should use the "hidden" notes instead

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  1. LegionUnderground

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    Dec 12, 2017
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    Even if i use this forum already for 2 years I just recently started to use the reading list. I had all my stuff on an excel sheet before, but it’s just more convenient to have everything together online and a huge database linked to the novels.

    But one thing really bothers me: I can't add ALL my "Asian-like" novels. There are some novels on RR etc. that are hard to distinguish from the style of the normal Asian stories, but are original English. Because of that they aren't listed here. I totally get why and I don't mind it at all, but why can't I add custom entries to add those to my personal list as well? I really wish that I could have all my reading together at one place :x I saw some lists that worked around it with adding all the other novels into the "notes" section of the first title in their reading list, but that’s soo... unpleased.
    So I was wondering; Is it just me who would love to have everything I’ve read together in one list, even if it’s not an entry on NU? Or is it just too complicated to add custom entries to the reading list?

    Oh, on a second note: What’s about a third column in the reading list for short notes? You could add short notes that you wanna see at first sight to get a better overview and if you add numbers before your note you could use them as personalised sortation as well (alphabetical sortation is already implanted, so you could use this to have custom sortation based on the numbers).

    I'm really curious if I’m the only one who wished for some more options in the reading list or if others have similar thoughts as well ^^
  2. DragonMage18

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    Dec 29, 2016
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    :blobexpressionless: Looks like this thred died before it even began.
  3. MangoGuy

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    Apr 15, 2016
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    I don't read from any other online sources, so I guess my opinion isn't really holding a lot of soup over here.
    However, NU cannot track the websites or the domains if they don't have translated stuff. That is the basic policy of NU.

    So you want to instead track it all by yourself... Essentially, keep maintaining that Excel sheet of yours. In which case, there really ain't much NU should do. You simply want to list novels. List them in a note. While it is not...fancy, it is the best solution from NU pov.

    Cuz even if NU brings this feature, it will not be popular. Anyone who wants to do this list will have to hand enter n number of novels with n specifications. Most people won't go to such lengths when there is a better way to record this data visually, in an Excel sheet.